CONTENT WARNING: Character death, oceans of tears. The final epic battle against Queen Beryl over the fate of the world.

Date: 2016-03-13
Pose Count: 64
Queen Beryl 2016-03-13 18:12:12 33502
It's been a long, exhausting, bloody trek here. An experience at the heights of loss, requiring some of the most extreme sacrifices to make it all doable. And now, various disparate groups, arriving alone, in sets, battered exhausted and bruised, at once they open the doors.

To the throne room of the Dark Kingdom - the corrupted palace of the old Golden Kingdom. While there are, as usual, waves and waves of youma courtiers in the room, none of them seem to do more than turn and stare at the new arrivals. Down the center of the throne room, the red carpet the color of blood is stretched from the front doors to the corrupted and twisted throne itself, skull motif above it.

In that throne, setting with her legs crossed, leaning back, and raising her eyes slowly from the crystal ball in front of her to regard her intruders in the flesh now, is the object of the invasion. Queen Beryl, leader of the Dark Kingdom, and the one responsible for so much misery and strife.

As the group slowly makes their way down the massive room towards her, her voice echoes out from around them. "It took you longer than I expected to get here. Dissapointing. Especially with help from so many traitors. I suppose you weaklings relied even more on the ones I isolated than I expected." she says, coldly.

"And Endymion, it appears you learned something from your time here - throwing someone else under the bus so you could return to your dear princess. How terrible ignoble of you." she adds. "And all of you, throwing so many friends and allies away heedlessly, all so you could arrive here... only to die." she finishes, with a sneer. "Pathetic." she adds, and then she reaches down with one of her hands, picking something up off the floor.

Queen Beryl finishes off the milkshake in her hands with a sucking sound as she slurps down the last of it, placing the empty glass of purple crystal back on the floor to the right of her throne.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-13 18:20:07 33503
    Kyouko and Sayaka managed to link back up with the main group not long ago. The pair had re-united after the battle outside the caves, in the midst of the unnatural blizzard, and then had caught up with the pack, only to be separated again for much of the journey downward. They had encountered youma on the way, but the pair of them had managed to make it this far relatively unscathed.

    'Relatively' being the operative word, considering what had happened to some of the other groups. Some of their luck had to do with Kyouko's memories of this place, from her time serving Queen Beryl as Apatite. Although those memories are imperfect and the place is stubbornly mutable, she was able to guide them around some of the dangers. Even so, both girls look ragged. Kyouko is sporting several wounds, though none crippling, her henshin outfit torn in several places and the flesh beneath bloody.

    Sayaka looks better at a glance, as her magic is healing-based, and the blue-haired girl is not toting any visible wounds. However, a quick glance at either Puella's Soul Gem will reveal both are swirling with darkness- not critically yet, but it's clear they've had to use significant magic just to make it this far and either have no Grief Seeds left, or have been saving them.

    Kyouko has also been enduring another type of assault- by this point, her susceptibility to Dark Energy is well-known by those close to her, and this place is positively rife with it. Although it isn't leaving any physical marks on her, she has a faintly distracted look, and from time to time she'll shake her head as if trying to banish a buzzing insect or annoying voice.

    When they enter the throne room, though... this is a place Kyouko remembers. She looks around briefly, fingers tightening on her spear.. and then her eyes narrow on Beryl. The Queen has no words for her, which is to be expected- despite what she might wish, she isn't the main threat, the leader of this force. But that doesn't stop Kyouko from baring her fangs and almost surging forward- only to be restrained by Sayaka grabbing her arm and giving her a look and a quick shake of her head.

    Kyouko pauses, letting the other girl hold her back.. but her posture is tense, ready, her eyes focused on her enemy, and her lip continues to curl back at one corner of her mouth, little fang on threatening display.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-13 18:37:44 33504
Jadeite's heart has been broken too often in so short a time.

And each time, Mamoru's presence and support has patched the broken pieces together. Kintsugi's never looked more beautiful.

His lip tries to curl into a sneer but he holds it back.

He does, however, shudder violently at the disgusting sound of the slurping milkshake and the memories associated with it.

Sailor Moon is, of course, standing beside Tuxedo Kamen. She's a really good Sailor Moon, too, except she seems to have some sudden difficulty with her hair.

As for Jadeite, he looks like he's used to being shorter.

The Luna Pen is a beautiful thing.

So is the innate gift to assume someone else's appearance.
Runealy Waldia 2016-03-13 18:50:35 33505
Rune is among those who arrived alone. She is somewhat 'late' in a sense, having received the text message alerts about the situation. It took some rapid, creative problem-solving to figure out how to even /get/ there to help her new friends. Seeing a cargo plane fly overhead in Tokyo gave her an interesting option, though. A little asking around lead her to this marvelous thing called an 'airport', and from there she happened upon a plane slated to bring a scientific expedition to the North Pole. Stowing away seemed reasonable given the circumstances. There had simply been no time to wait for her Knights to arrive.

Dropping into the arctic in mid-flight, transformed, quickly stopped seeming reasonable. Fighting her way into the caves and braving the extreme weather took a toll on her. So when she joins those gathering at the doors to Beryl's throne room, she arrives exhausted and with a few open cuts, among unseen injuries. They do not rival the losses others have faced making it here, but she is only vaguely aware of what happened to them.

Beryl makes it more clear with a speech that cuts deep, worrying the alien princess; the figure before them speaks down on them so openly, even with what appears to be a small army gathered here? It's either an amazing bluff, or entirely justified confidence.

So even as Beryl finishes a drink, Rune cautiously takes aim. She's not firing yet, but has the wand raised while surveying the room to see who else is here, who else still stands after what appears to have been an ordeal for everyone on so many levels. Startled by Beryl's presentation, she has no 'witty' retort, no defiance to voice; just tension and staying very, very on-guard. Her eyes are wide, breath sharp with something bordering that fine line between resolve to see this through, and doubt mixed with fear.
Zoisite 2016-03-13 18:54:32 33506
After crawling and fighting and sobbing her way through the Dark Kingdom, it's no surprise that Sailor Moon might be having a little trouble with her hair. Or that she might've been unwilling to smooth all of the static out, after a certain fight. People hold memories in the strangest places.

There are no Senshi left, here, to guard her. Mars lies in the chamber where Melanite set her trap; Jupiter is gone in storm and stars and flowers. Mercury may or may not wait. And Venus is --

She hasn't known where Venus is.

There's Tuxedo Kamen, though, there beside her. There's one last of the Shitennou standing. There's Kyouko and Sakura -- she turns her head and finds a smile for them somewhere, forced and determined, with a bright flash of blue eyes. There's Runealy, whom she turns that smile on a moment later. There's ... not many others. Not compared to what they started with.

She doesn't let herself think about that. She steps forward instead, a breath ahead of the others on that long blood-colored carpet, lifting her tiny chin defiantly and striking a pose. "Trashy women who steal boyfriends and milkshakes, drain life from innocent people to fuel hate and destruction, gloat too much, and don't look anywhere near as beautiful as my Rei-chan in red and purple, are more unforgivable than Stargate Universe! For Love and Justice, I am the pretty soldier in a sailor suit, Sailor Moon!" One gloved finger points directly up at Beryl. "In the name of the Moon, I'll punish you!"

Moon lifts a hand to take her tiara from her forehead; it bursts into light, glowing bright as flame, as she flings it directly toward the woman -- the used-to-be-a-woman -- on the throne. "MOON TIARA AcTION!"
Mamoru Chiba 2016-03-13 18:54:53 33507
Allies giving their all, sacrificing themselves to make sure that Moon gets there in one piece and has as much support as she can get-- and Beryl's calling it 'throwing people under the bus'. It still wasn't too long ago that Mamoru let go of everything that's happened -- everything -- and reoriented purely on the goal, not letting himself think about their losses. 'Let them help you get to the place where those miracles need to happen,' he'd told Usagi.

Now isn't any different.

With Jadeite to one side of him, Moon to the other, a pocket of rocks, and their surviving friends and allies gathering around them in this hideous place, Tuxedo Kamen smiles a little crookedly. He doesn't even bother addressing Beryl herself-- just lends the two at his sides his strength as Sailor Moon reacts. After all, what would he say? 'You suck?' She just did that. To a milkshake.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-03-13 19:02:11 33508
Miss White continued her journey alone. Her love dead, and the youma that killed her long gone. But it's of little consequence to Hannah right now. The youma was just a tool, not the one that drove the dagger into Gull's heart, all aimed for her instead.

The walk had been a blurr. Youma after youma had fallen to her blade, the darkness, anger, and hatred only growing. Faceless creatures cut asunder, her wounds unfelt and uncared for. Her eyes burn red, barrier jacket blackened and in tatters. Her short hair unkempt, a wild animal or demon compared to her usual looks.

Worst of all, her mind had found a twisted kind of clarity. All of her drive, her ambition was locked away in a small corner of her mind. It all meant nothing while Haruna's murderer, the true killer, still drew breath.

The throne room is grand, but the woman sitting upon it vile. And her words worst still. Miss White lurks at the edge of the entrance amidst shadows. It's almost entirely unlike her to sit back this way.

And true to form, she doesn't. There's the briefest flash of dark magic from the sword-holding Device User. A swift teleport behind the throne.

No justice speeches, no greetings, not even a snarl. Instead, Miss White simply plunges the corrupted sword, dripping in hatred and a cold fury in her eyes, straight into the back of the throne to try to shove the entirety of the man-sized blade through Beryl's spine in one vicious strike.

The burst of tornado-force slicing winds that erupts from the blade is entirely meant to be overkill. And more than that, painful, like a blender of wind magic.

"...You know, I was thinking that I'd leave your throat in so I can hear you beg. But starting off a greeting by disrespecting the people who died to get us here? The people we love? The people YOU KILLED!" She snarls, then twists the blade slowly.

"Your words are empty, and grating. I think I'll rip out your tongue next." Spits Miss White, words full of nothing but venom and malice.
Ariel Theodore 2016-03-13 19:13:30 33509
    To call the trip through the north an ordeal would quite possibly be an understatement. Especially for one wholly new and untested. Witnessing pain, misery, misfortune, and death can take it's toll There is another figure, by Tuxedo Kamen. Two, technically. Though one is mounted upon the other.
    Ariel sits mostly silent on her steed. Armor dented in places, sticky with spots of liquid silver, and looking haggard. Her mount appears just as battered; the massive hound padding after the masked man with a slight limp to one of his forelegs. The unicorn is silent for a long moment, fingers clutching into the glowing dog's shaggy fur.
    "... Why?" It's a fairly simple question, for how heavily she asks it. "N-no... No one was thrown away to get here. That's... Not how it happened I think. But. It shouldn't have had to." Though she's mumbling more to herself than actually attempting to regale Beryl with her opinion.
Queen Beryl 2016-03-13 19:30:43 33510
Beryl's calm facade breaks when Hannah engages her, and the blade slams through the throne - though like everything else in the Dark Kingdom, it's been enhanced, strengthened by dark magic and stolen souls. And a lot of the danger has been taken away by the strength needed to shove through the throne.

And so Beryl reaches back with her long-fingered, clawed hand and grabs the blade. The wind energy surges around her, cutting away bits of flesh and revealing the ichorous twisted creature under the skin for moments before the energy heels her. And she grabs Hannah and throws her back across the room to the rest of the group, savagely. "Have you no respect for decorum, girl? You don't approach a Queen's throne until you're called." she snarls.

And then she takes the stand that her crystal ball is on in one hand, picking it up. And dark energy swirls around the room, from her crystal ball, and into all of the youma courtiers around her. And suddenly, it pulls all of the energy away from them, into the orb, which turns blood red, becoming the crystal-tip of a bone-white staff. And only now, after absorbing the energy of her entire court at once to empower herself, does Beryl stand to her full monstrous height.

And her free hand comes up and the Tiara's flight is arrested. It spins in the air before falling to the ground, where it meets Beryl's heel crushing it under her. "Weaklings have no place amongst nobility, girl. Your words and insults won't change your weakness."

"The last time we had this fight, I won." she says, sneering at Sailor Moon(?). "That was an entire history ago. But now you have no mother to cheat and give you a second chance after I win again. I'm more than happy to oblige your foolishness and finish what I started so long ago."

And her eyes turn to Mamoru. "And it's all your fault, that it ends this way." she says, momentarily almost cradling her staff. "I will kill you and revive you as many times as it takes, though." she adds.

And the she slams the opposite end of her staff against the floor, where it rips cracks in the floor of the Dark Kingdom's throne room, and surges of purest, most foul negative energy blasts up in eruptions like volcanoes under the assembled heroes.

"I am the Queen of this Kingdom. Of this planet. Of this universe! And I will destroy anything that stands in the way of my power! Now, give me the Silver Crystal, and I will give you and your friends the mercy of a swift death."
Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-13 19:39:14 33511
    Kyouko's eyes widen as Hannah just teleports behind the throne and jams a sword through it to try and get to Beryl.. and for a moment her heart is in her throat, wondering if one of her old enemies has just taken out the other. But no.. of course it's not that easy. And Kyouko can't help but feel a little ashamed at the tiny bit of relief she feels- god, to owe her life to Miss White? She'd rather die.

    Beryl sucks in all the energy from her whole court, and Kyouko shudders visibly as it swirls past her.. but, as an unintended positive side effect, Beryl absorbing it all means that it's no longer swirling in the room as much, and Kyouko's head clears more than it has been since they first entered this place.

    She glances over at Sayaka, meeting the other girl's eyes and giving a nod.. only to suddenl curse as she feels the sudden surge of energy forming beneath them. "Move!" She cries suddenly, looking at Sayaka but her warning intended for everyone as she turns and hurls herself into a dive away from the area where the power is even now erupting up through the floor. She skids behind a random block of stone which has been thrown up by the eruption, and Sayaka lands beside her. Kyouko peeks over, scowling. She wants to attack, but she doesn't see an opening, not yet. Her eyes skim to Moon, Mamoru, and the others, hoping to judge their movements and find an opening she can exploit in Beryl's attention.
Runealy Waldia 2016-03-13 19:50:48 33512
Runealy gets a lot of context very quickly. Now she understands more fully what is going on; friends, allies, enemies(?), and even people wholly unknown to her have died all in the pursuit of this matter, of dealing with a threat before them clad in royalty and authority. ...And apparently no bluffing; she watches as Beryl shows no great difficulty in fighting Hannah thus far. Or in stopping any other attack sent her way... establishing her threat in mere moments.

She doesn't understand everything Beryl is talking about, but is able to pick up enough of the key points: This is apparently something of an ancient grudge, and Beryl is a Queen. To Runealy, the title of 'Queen' is absolutely synonymous with tremendous magical power that entitles the bearer to equally vast social power. Queens are among the very strongest things she can imagine, and Beryl is demonstrating that she has legitimate claim to that rank.

"Ch...!" A startled, pressured shout as Rune's boot-wings light up. The silver glow hurls her aside from the first set of dark-energy blasts, and she even manages to redirect her descent to avoid another set...

...And then finds herself glanced on the side by the very edges of one more, unable to evade it. It barely touches her...

...Yet immediately sends Rune's 'world' into one of burning sensations of pain and deep 'wrongness', landing in a heap on the fractured ground with a hurt scream! Chilled anxiety courses through her body, fear taking hold.

"Not yet...!" This defiance is not clever, and it is barely even confident; Rune's voice shakes as she picks herself up. While the alien princess can't bring herself to think that Beryl might be more powerful than the late Queen of Waldia - this notion verges on heresy given the princess' hero-worship of her mother - she is willing to appraise Beryl as an equal to her.

This is a problem, as 'equal to' in this case means Rune views Beryl as likely impossible to defeat. She will try nonetheless, wand aimed to launch a pair of green orbs at the dark queen. They seek to explode on impact into emerald glitter, like magical rockets in a sense. Yet they are fired with dread, as Rune fully expects these will be avoided or casually negated as every other attack thus far has been.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-03-13 19:54:10 33513
This is the point at which Mamoru deigns to speak.

"It's really not," he tells Beryl, and his tone is kind, and his expression is rueful. "I'm sorry you let your crush on me lead you to throwing away your humanity-- twice. I'm sorry you believed Metalia. But you know-- you have to know-- that even if you manage to kill us all, somehow, and win this fight, Metalia is going to eat your energy the same as everyone else's."

His hand tightens on Jadeite's shoulder, and he shifts his position so that his cape is blocking as much of Ariel from Beryl's sight as possible, so Lucky can get the unicorn-girl the hell away from behind them. "I did the math. I was even going to tell you, but you had other plans."

It's at the moment when the dark energy explodes from the floor that Tuxedo Kamen grabs Sailor Moon's arm as well, and yanks them both back and yells, "SCATTER AND ATTACK!" in case anyone doesn't actually get the message.

With Ariel out of the way, he jerks both his Shitennou and his girlfriend under his arms and up with him into the air, jumping the three of them away from Beryl and trying to dodge the dark energy geysers. When the floor is lava, you wall-run and pillar-jump until there's someplace clear to fire from.
Nephrite 2016-03-13 19:59:39 33514
In Tuxedo Kamen's ear, a voice only he can hear mutters ruefully, "Shame you didn't get to punch her just once.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-13 20:03:22 33515
Were Jadeite any other shittenou, his lean against his prince would likely seem a bit much. But, well, he's the cuddliest of the heavenly kings.

And to be fair, all of the prince's boys like to snuggle him.

There's an eruption beneath their feet, and Jadeite feels it trying to clog his very soul. It claws at his throat and he almost can't breathe through it, but then they're in the air.

Jadeite has a stick in his hand. Mentally and unknowingly, calculations are made as trajectories and angles are taken into account. He throws the stick, not toward Beryl, but toward the stalactites above. It bounces between them, finding weak points, and each one that falls is conveniently close to an ally.

Hopping platforms, go!

The stick slaps back against the palm of his hand and it just...disappears.

"I'm pretty sure we'd rather have a bit of pain than see the crystal fall into your boss's hand."
Zoisite 2016-03-13 20:04:50 33516
-- somebody else had better be catching Hannah, because Moon putting herself in the way would just get that tiny body tossed back right along with her. Sailor Moon(?) sets her jaw instead, hand on hip for a moment. "I think her decorum's just fine! There's no Queen in here anyway!" She might be about to follow up, but that dark energy curls through the room, and she pales instead --

-- and steadies again a moment later. Even while she's looking slowly up at Beryl's full height, eyes widening. She pulls herself up to her full height in turn, now a fraction of Beryl's, and challenges the Queen, "The last time you had this fight, I wasn't me. You stole and you lied and you cheated. The last time you had this fight, we were alone -- and we're not now! You're the one who's lost all your friends this time. Ours -- ours are still with us --"

Bright blue eyes are filling with tears, spilling over. Small hands make angry little fists. The blur might have stolen a moment from her, left her in the path of the cracks and the energy roaring out of them; but Tuxedo Kamen's sight is clear, even if his grab of her makes her break off in an undignified squeak.

"You're not the Queen of anything!" she shouts, between trying to get her breath back. "You'll never get the Crystal! And you won't ever touch him again! Jupiter, help me --"

Blossoms grow in her hands, complex and pure; in his hold, the gesture is cramped, restricted, limiting the power she can bear, but she brings her hands with a little gasp all the same. A burst of wind to echo Hannah's, bearing a flurry of rose petals to confuse Beryl's sight for a moment, giving those scattering and trying to find safety a little more chance. "FLOWER HURRIcANE!"
Makoto Kino 2016-03-13 20:11:58 33517
Not just rose petals. Amidst that flurry of pink tumble a scattering of smaller blue petals, caught up in the burst of wind that drives them into Beryl's face. Or maybe it's a trick of the uncertain light in this place.

The Dark Queen might be the only one truly in a position to be sure, and she's got other concerns.
Ariel Theodore 2016-03-13 20:15:59 33519
    Ariel wilts. The child sags where she sits atop the shaggy star hound. This is not how she imagined she would meet a queen one day. Her lone knowledge of queens comes from stories and fables. Beautiful, just and righteous women who uphold virtue and stand as exemplar to what all girls should aspire to be, just a step above a princess.
    Queen Beryl is none of these things. Perhaps she was at one point; Ariel can only quietly pray that she was.
    Topaz eyes look to Tuxedo- and then Sailor Moon as Beryl addresses them. There's so much more to this story she's missed, but right now she understands...
    This is the chapter where people get hurt.
    There's a bleat of alarm as Hanna lunges for an assassin's strike and is soundly, violently, callously thwarted. The child reacts on pure instinct as the Mage is brutally flung. Her horn shimmers...
    Flickering with a glimmering light all its own, the blunt little horn gleams, much akin to a flash of sunlight over a seashell. Several panicked motions of her hands begin to weave the fabric of her own dreams. It's a hasty job, multiple shimmering layes of of corded silvery light forming multiple Cat's Cradle 'nets' to try and at least arrest Hannah's violent levels of speed.
    But that's the best she can do from behind Tuxedo Kamen- especially when the floor erupts with so much dark energy. She bleats. Shock and surprise throwing her concentration off as she takes a desperate hold of her dog's neck scruff, Lucky already leaping and trying to maneuver the chaos as best he can, making for a wild ride, as soon as Tux says to scatter.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-03-13 20:17:52 33520
"Respect? For you? The only thing I see in front of me is a rotting corpse in the making." Retorts Miss White, even as she's hucked across the room by the nape. But a newly minted unicorn-magical-girl is to the rescue! Silvery nets arrest her fall, and she's hardly one to not use the opportunity. Especially as there are stalagtites fallen thanks to a certain heavenly knight!

"...Knew I should've just cut her head off." She mutters to herself, spitting out some blood.

And then that burst of foul energy breaks, slamming into her. She manages to ward off the worst of it by a quick raising of her blade, spinning it and knocking aside the power with a flick of her wrist. She comes out of it battered and bruised, the far superior wielder of dark magic winning out.

It doesn't help that her arm's horrifically bleeding already. Is that bone!? Not having a Device's defenses is already costing her, especially against the Queen's power! She leaps up, a pillar or two behind Mamoru and Moon to avoid the rest of the damage. She falls to a knee, cursing. Already, she can feel her magic running dry. Her body is battered from so many fights.

But Tuxedo Kamen calls out, and she doesn't disagree. She leaps up to the ceiling, slicing into the stone before kicking the pieces at Beryl, infused wiht wind magic. And a whole lot of spite and vinegar. One of them is aimed at her incredably punchable face.
Queen Beryl 2016-03-13 20:45:34 33522
"Yes. Scatter. Run and hide, like the insects you are." she says, taking a few steps forward, but having to put up a shield, black and purple and inky, to protect herself from a series of attacks. The ward eats up a lot of incoming attacks - Runealy's orbs, some of the red and strangely blue-tinged petals, and Hannah's attack of peieces of rock. Each attack makes the shield fade a bit, but there's not yet enough strength to compete with all the energy Beryl just absorbed from her court.

And from behind the shield, she continues her angry conversation. "So what if she does? I've already given up everything to lose what I wanted." she snarls. "So I'm going to do to you what you keep doing to me. For a SECOND TIME I'm going to take everything that matters away from you." She's having trouble seeing past the petals and the glitter and the way people are moving around.

"You can't win. You don't have the numbers. You let me bleed you too much coming in. All of that sacrifice." she says with a twisted smile as she puts her other hand on top of the red crystal, and it beats with an evil light. And then there's a shockwave of energy that finally clears the air, so she can continue her attack.

It's the sight of Tuxedo Mask still dragging Moon away that really enrages her, though. "She has nothing I don't." Beryl snarls, her jealousy still taking hold of her even now. "She's a twisted little sneak of a girl, and maybe you'll see that once she's dead!" Beryl thrusts out her staff, and the gem shades colors from red to purple to black before an utterly massive surge of black energy erupts out of it, a cutting beam of death, and she sweeps it across the room. It's aimed at Moon specifically, but there's a good chance it can catch anyone off guard by the sheer size of it.

It's behind the sweeping energy ray that the real attack comes, Beryl's free hand hurling a much smaller blade of energy at Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask - the little sabre hurtles through the room and almost seems to tear reality as it's thrown - even in this place, the foul energy Beryl has channeled into the lethal blade fights with the last vestiges of good, ripping a line of blackness in the air. "NOW, DIE AGAIN, MOON PRINCESS."
Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-13 20:52:36 33525
    All this going on, and Kyouko is still crouched behind a rock with Sayaka. She hasn't done a thing, hasn't attacked. But those who know her know that, when she's thinking clearly at least, she never charges right in. She waits until she can stab you in the back.

    And now she sees her chance, as Beryl clears the air around her, revealing herself, and then focuses on Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask. Perhaps that's to be expected. It suits Kyouko just fine.

    She glances to Sayaka, and then gives a very small nod, one which is returned by the blue-haired girl. They clasp hands briefly, squeeze, and then let go. No hugs, no kisses- this is all they need.

    And then Kyouko is moving. She leaps up over the rock, running at full speed but remarkably silently out towards Beryl. Just before she reaches the Queen, as the woman hurls that attack at the others, she shouts, "She gave me a sweet-as coat, you bitch!" before leaping into the air and slamming her spear down towards Beryl.

    She expects this attack to be rebuffed. Which is just as well, because that (predictably) is not the real Kyouko. The real Kyouko is currently darting in from an angle different from both Tux/Moon and the fake Kyouko.. and opposite Sayaka, who at the same time Kyouko shoots her spear out, fragmenting it into chain-linked, whip-like fragments, does the same with her sword, a two-pronged attack from opposite directions!
Hannah Sharpe 2016-03-13 21:05:54 33530
The inital Death Beam slams into Miss White, sending her crashing into the wall of the room! She's a bloody mess as she wrenches herself out of the now gaping hall. Her body aches, and that malicious dark magic only whispers harder into her ears as Beryl's own fills her body with pain. She can't feel her legs any more. Her hand is tingling and growing numb. A glance down, and she winces.

Even now, her body betrays her, far too weak. A frustrated growl exits her mouth. But she has work to do. She'll make Beryl pay.

But all thoughts of revenge slip her mind as she watches that saber of darkness being chucked at Moon and Mamoru. Her eyes go wide. And for a moment, she's entirely Hannah again. A friend, and a brother's lives are at stake. Somewhere, in her darkness-addled heart, she knows well what Cure Gull would do in this situation. Between vengence and the life of a friend?

Well, PreCure.

There's a flash of magic, and once more, Miss White is gone. Something warm and wet splatters across the Tuxedo-and-Moon pair as that tossed projectile finds home. The sword she's been carrying slams into the ground, barely keeping Miss White on her feet. Slowly, an agonized expression on her face, she turns to the pair. And smiles.

"...Jeeez. Even after everything, am I really this pathetic? Sorry...Moon...Tux. Just...avenge her for me, okay? And don't you dare die, you idiot! Kick her ass! Because you two are...stronger than she could ever hope to be." A bloody hand pulls from her pierced chest, and gently ruffles the hair of both Tux and Moon. She stumbles forward. One step. A cough, blood from her mouth. Another as she pulls herself closer to Beryl. Another. Another. Just close enough to raise her blade.

It slips from her hand. And she falls, quivering, and then still at Beryl's feet.

The hairclip, Gull's, falls from her hair to land in her bloody palm. There's no more movement from Miss White that most would notice.

Only when Beryl turns, looks away, does that hand grip the hairclip. A small emerald gem alights upon a pointed tip, sliding neatly in.

With the last of her strength, Miss White stands up, and wordlessly drives both her linker core and the tip of Gull's hair-clip straight towards Beryl. Right for the eyes, as she seeks to blind the woman!

"...I'll roll out the red carpet to hell for you, Beryl. THIS IS FOR GULL!"

Her linker core cracks, and the very essence of Miss White's magic and ambition burns, exploding in a brilliant hurricate of fury, ambition, all turned to wounding her love's killer and ripping away that shield protecting her. She reserves nothing, until finally, darkness takes her and she falls still for the last time.
Runealy Waldia 2016-03-13 21:08:48 33531
Runealy winces as Beryl talks about the 'strategy' behind this situation. It actually makes a lot of sense; they've been pushing and pushing through a lot of foes, and kept going anyway. It is too late to realistically back out now though, and where would she withdraw /to/? The perpetual blizzard outside? Perhaps coming here was a mistake.

Driven back by the 'shockwave', she stumbles before regaining footing. "I don't know what you're talking about, or who took away what, but if you're looking for restitution... this isn't the way to go about it. If you're looking for revenge," and that strikes her as rather likely, given what little context Rune has to process this whole situation with, "what are you going to have after that? Is anything going to really improve with her gone?"

Beryl prepares to attack. Rune is ready, and hops onto a stalactite - she noticed that bit of help being offered by Jadeite. For a moment, the alien princess is confident. She uses the stalactite to leap even higher than normal, aiming down on Beryl and hoping to slip a shot past her barrier. "Got you!" Another wand orb flies, and at first Runealy really does think she has managed a masterful maneuver that will land a telling blow.

She does not even get to see whether this is true or not, however. Right after she attacks, that black beam slices through her airspace. Rune's reflexes are good, and she manages to glide sideways in the air to try getting away from it... but it simply follows her movement, and makes clean, full contact through her midsection.

Rune's eyes shoot wide, consciousness exploding into an all-engulfing sense of pain, then chill as her vision completely goes dark. This time when she hits the ground, she does not rise.

Instead, Runealy only has enough time for her mind to flash back to her ongoing nightmares. Ones with no basis in reality, but pervasive and recurring at least once a week nonetheless. Ones where her mother, Waldia's Queen, is still alive... and deeply, utterly disappointed in her weak heir, an heir who is nowhere near her equal and never will be. One who the queen lashes out at, lamenting how 'worthless' Runealy is. Her mother never once acted like that... but deep-seated feelings of inadequacy play out in cruel ways in one's twisted dreams.

The last thoughts Rune has are an acknowledgement that this feeling was all too correct... and that with the royal line now ended, her world will face an inevitable demon apocalypse sooner or later. Then so will Earth. So will friends here who spent so much effort to prevent that; Tuxedo Kamen, Miss White - who even now has fallen as well, a regret that rips through Rune's final moments - Fate, Hinote, Gao, Sol, Valeria, and more.

"Sor--" Rune's attempt to mutter an apology to the world is cut off by a rasping choke, and then... nothing. It's up to others now, to Sailor Moon and her remaining friends.
Ariel Theodore 2016-03-13 21:35:52 33542
    Lucky doesn't need to be told twice to scatter. Though Ariel is left clinging desperately to her snarling canid mount. The hound ignores his own pain as he does everything in his power to keep the tiny unicorn on his back from coming to harm. It's not easy. The room is rife with that terrible energy, and then comes that dark ray right across the chamber. There's yelp, and the hound-shaped star tumbles in a sprawl. The result is much the same for Ariel, the child landing with a squawk of pain and a soft clank of her armor, as she lands hard on her side.
    For a moment she's seeing stars of her own, while staggering to her feet. "L-Lucky?" She squeaks. The look of relief on her face is immense, as the hound picks himself up. Though his limp if terribly more pronounced, golden light 'leaking' from his body in places. With a whine, he noses her on the chest, one paw pushing Ariel away. He's in no condition to continue. Climbing back on would just put both of the pair in danger, and it seems the hound just won't have it. "L-Lucky...?"
    But then... Everything gets worse. Everything gets so much more worse, in the fastest, bloodiest instant.
    First, she turns just in time to see Hannah... The sight of the mortal wound makes the unicorn cringe, but then she throws herself at Beryl with such finality. The unicorn is left standing, in a dumbstruck state of shellshock for a moment. Until another casualty of this terrible war is taken as well. No sooner than Runealy starts to fall, Ariel is back in motion, heedless of threat. There's another shimmer of her horn, those cat's cradle ropes of starlight easing the princess' descent until Ariel is kneeling atop Rune. "... Hey."
    No, that's a fatal wound. Ariel has had so very little experience with death, but the quality of what she has seen in this land of darkness has been enough to let her know that's a fatal wound. Still, she shakes the other girl, anyway. "... Wake up." Her voice is a whisper. "It's just a bad dream. ... Wake up." It's a hollow promise as that choked apology cuts off. The unicorn goes still.
    Still save for the quake of her shoulders as her horn glimmers.
    It should be at least one last moment of peace. To have those unsubstantiated nightmared wiped away for a brief instant. It's hasty and on the spot. Fumbled slightly with the heat of the moment. But maybe, just one disappointed scowl in Rune's last dreams turns into a warm and loving smile.
    "This is just a bad dream." She murmurs, now, to herself. "It's all just a bad dream. ... So why can't I wake up?"
Zoisite 2016-03-13 21:48:00 33544
Not pristine white, now. Those impossibly long tails of hair not purely golden. Moon's expression is horrified for an instant as White's hand finds her hair, as if somehow, this were gone even more terribly wrong than the rest of it; Jupiter and Mars almost destroyed her, but this is awful in an entirely different way --

There's no time. Miss White saved them from one, but there's no time. That sweep of energy is coming in.

"Mars," she says, twisting free of Tuxedo Mask's grasp, leaping up lightly to hover midair between Tuxedo Kamen and Jadeite on the one hand, the incoming energy beam on the other. She casts her arms out, brings them in to clasp her hands together; but the fire is in them already before they join. If she calls out the name, it's lost in the shattering of Hannah's linker core.

It doesn't matter anyway. The fire floods out against the death-black of Beryl's magic, countering it, being killed, vanishing in smoke but taking some of the darker power with it. The imposter Moon's pouring so much of herself into the fire that the other magic she's using falls away. Taller, hair not so brightly golden; the boy straightens into his true form, cat-green eyes full of laughter and spite, grief transmuted into mockery and rage. Twisted little sneak of a girl, no. But the little sneak part was always right.

Even with the strength Tuxedo Kamen gave her, even in this one small place, Zoisite can't match Beryl's power. But there's this much: when the black energy swarms over him, there's not enough to get past him.

He could still live through it. He could. He studied using that kind of energy, changing himself into it the way he changes his form. All he would have to do is choose that fate once more.

The best that can be said about this time is that keeping his oath hurts less than the last time he was in Beryl's throne room.

And in the wake of it, what's left is neither Moon's body nor Zoisite's, but a falling scrap of stone, blue as the twilight sky.
Minako Aino 2016-03-13 22:06:56 33546
She can still smell the ashes of Mars' fire and the remnants of Jupiters' thunder. She knows that they died defending the Princess.

It was supposed to be different this time. But they still weren't strong enough to defeat her without making the ultimate sacrifice. She'd already run from it once before, but there was no going back. It was childish to think things could go back to the way they were. So now, it was time to do her duty. It was time to fight.

It had taken time for her to focus long enough to summon the sword in her hands. Maybe if she hadn't been such a coward and stood with her sisters, she could have been here earlier, and at least been at their side when they met their end.

There were bodies of too many friends too dear to lose scatted about the floor, all fallen in the cause she had dedicated her young life to. It was time she did the same.

The Princess and her love were moving away, and Venus called out to them. "It's not too late! You can still beat her. I believe in you!"

Venus leapt with her sword drawn, plunging towards the witch. "I will not let you take the ones most precious to me! I fight for love and justice, and in the name of Love, I will defeat you!"

Her blade was true and she could feel it pierce Beryl's stomach, and the moment it did, she could feel the dark energy surge out from her. It burned her from the inside out, but she did not release the sword. She was going to end it here and now.

For the ones most precious to me, all of them. The sisters fallen in this very battlefield. Artemis, who always believed in her. The stone in Mamoru's pocket, all that was left of the man she loved. And her princess, for whom she stood.

At least this time, even if she couldn't survive, maybe her Princess could stand a chance.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-03-13 22:19:42 33549
He knew it would eventually go like this. He came to the realization and accepted it, finally, when Mars and Sky Jack sacrificed themselves. When he and Sky Jack found Prism Keeper Yellow and the girl whose name no one knew, he was on his way to shattering -- but the promise that as long as they were together, they already had a miracle, was able to keep him going a little longer.

When Makoto and Nephrite went, he was broken and hadn't rallied yet. When he felt Jadeite really go, it cracked him just a little more. At the beginning, after Takashi tanked for him but not really on purpose, he got primed for Homura and Madoka sacrificing themselves to get in.

When Tadase rehashed the plan so commandingly and and ran off, he knew he wouldn't be seeing his kohai again, but their way to the throne room was as clear as he'd promised. When Runealy's wasted, his heart hurts for her and her entire world, for a Princess who was afraid she'd never be as good as a Queen and for the dance she did when everyone lent her their power-- and he prays, because all this power given for Moon has to count for something, doesn't it?

When Hannah takes a lethal shot meant for him, his heart clenches and her fury begins to fill him, and his eyes are too-bright behind that mask. He clutches "Jadeite's" sleeve and breathes through his teeth, focusing, focusing--

--just because he knows what's coming, that doesn't make it any easier when Zoisite starts dropping the disguise piece by piece, when Zoisite flies up in front of them and calls out Rei's other name before using his own attack with her memory on his lips, for the Princess he's adopted, accepted as his Lady...

When Zoisite's small, quick body takes that hit for Sailor Moon, Endymion's borrowed, infectious rage grows, and it's only the clear silver thread between himself and Usagi, and the endurance and harmony and healing and purification and intelligence and comfort and purity and affection linked by strings of gold to his heart that allow him to calm that rage and still his mind, clearing his heart of the frailties that might make them fail at the last second.

And then Minako-- precious, heartbroken Minako, who lashed out at her sisters and her Princess with the thought it would keep them safe, who didn't want to kill Kunzite, who was told her sword would be picked up if she decided to lay it down--

She picked that sword up, and used it in defense of her Princess, her Most Important Person. And she believes in Sailor Moon. She believes in Usagi Tsukino.

So does Endymion.

He holds tighter to "Jadeite's" sleeve for a second, and then there's no sleeve there anymore, because Sailor Moon has bare arms-- so his hand shifts to the small of her back, and she can feel his power and love being given to her freely again, without restriction, without reservation.

His voice is quiet, his voice is firm. "May all beings have happiness, and be the causes of happiness. May all be free from sorrow, and the causes of sorrow. May all be never separated from the sacred happiness which is sorrowless, and may all live in equanimity, without too much attachment, and too much aversion, and live believing in the equality of all that lives..."
Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-13 22:29:57 33552
A moment of hesitation costs Jadeite dearly.

Not with his own life, of course. Despite what people say, death is rarely the ultimate price.

Watching other people die?

People you love and care about?

That's a price no one should have to pay.

But Jadeite shrieks, twice, once for Hannah, again for Rune. And he's frozen in horror, which is ridiculous because he's already seen so much.

Then Sailor Moon is in front of him, taking a hit meant for him and--

Jadeite's crying when he dives forward, catching the twinkling blue stone in his hands. Her voice is hoarse as short blonde hair lengthens and grows and Sailor Moon clutches the tiny rock to her chest. "I got you. You're safe now."

There's a voice, so familiar and yet this time, it causes a flood of hope and joy to surge through her. Not enough to shove away the gruesome day, but doing so much more for her than anything could at this moment.

"V-Venus? You came?"

It's a stupid question, because of course Venus came.

I believe in you!

For this one, brilliant moment, Usagi has no doubts about how the senshi of love and justice feels for her.

She feels Mamoru's tumultuous emotions, and even after he hides them away, she's sharing with him her new found footing.

And of course she screams as Venus--

As Mamoru offers his prayer, Usagi thinks that this... is enough. This is the end.

"Beryl." The name is foreign on her tongue, but her voice is loud, clear and determined. "Your reign of terror is at an end." She closes her eyes for a moment.

"You're wrong. I am never alone. No matter who you take away, they're always with me. The strength of love is infinite!"

She moves her hand from her chest and slides it into Tuxedo Kamen's pocket. A glittering blue rock joins his brothers.

Her other hand is on her tiara, and she flings it forward, aiming for the skull while Venus' blade goes for the gut.
Queen Beryl 2016-03-13 22:34:53 33553
"Another one down." Beryl says heartlessly as the lancing beam picks off Runealy. "You just keep showing up like an infestation." she snarls, watching now the arc of her blackblade.

It doesn't strike out at either of her intended targets, but it does hit someone who, in their short interactions, has earned a fair bit of ire from Beryl, enough so that she doesn't have words for her. "Defiant little girl. And with such ambition. You could've made something of yourself other than a corpse, if you'd sided with the right person. Instead, you protect a weak, false princess." she says, turning away for a moment. In that moment, she's assaulted by multiple things in close succession.

Hannah's sacrificial attack slams against her black ward, surging power and energy colliding from the two women. Hannah's sacrifice allows her to win out, though, and she breaks through - but without enough power left over to make contact. By the time Beryl catches her first, there's no strength behind it - because it belongs to a corpse. A leg is raised a a heel kicks Hannah's corpse over. "Trash. Nothing more than garba-"

And Beryl is interrupted by Sayaka and Kyouko. As Kyouko expected, this attack is warded against - with her bigger defense shattered, Beryl places a momentary shield to absorb the clones attack. And, at once, she gets both speared and stabbed by the two girls. Anpage d, with black ichor dripping out of her body, she snarls... and smiles at Kyouko.

"I remember you. Such potential, wasted." she says to the girl. "You made a fine weapon to wield against my foes." And then, Beryl begins to melt, in a way, small drops and globs of 'Beryl' as an attack slipping through the air, slamming into Kyouko and passing through her, sharing immense amounts of dark energy with the other redhead as Beryl reforms on the other side, with substnatially less metal sticking out of her.

And she turns to Kyouko. "I would love to turn you loose on your friends again, but at this point, you're just another liability." she says, creating another one of those purple-black energy cutters, and launching it at Kyouko. She turns away from her before she notices the result of this attack

"Wherever we fight, whenever we fight, whoever you bring, it doesn't matter! The end will be the same! You will lose, and I will win!" she shouts, looking onto the now-fallen Zoicite, and everything coming together quickly. "This is the power I have traded my soul to Metallia for. I will not be denied!" she says, outstretching her hand towards the other imposter, an orb of crackling redblack energy generating into it, and it will soon be surging forward as a lightning storm.

Before that attack can be unleashed, though, Sailor Venus arrives and once again Beryl finds herself impaled - because her hand moves to block that Tiara again, leaving her body unprotected. And now, run through, she howls, surging black energy through her body, through the sword, into Sailor Venus. "You again?" is the first thing she says... But unlike Sayaka's sword, this sword is holy and full of it's own energy, and Beryl screams out too. "Haven't you learned anything from your own experiences, so-called Soldier of Love? I have! Love is worthless! Love will lose!" It takes all of her energy to force Minako back and herself off the sword, and by the time she does, she's on the ground, gasping, black, ichor like energy that makes up her 'body'.

"I won't lose. I can't lose." she says, gasping and struggling. And then she looks up at the still-standing Kyouko. Who is less Kyouko than she was moments ago. And she laughs. "This is far from over. I have a pawn on the board yet, it appears. Apatite, kill them!" she says, staggering to her feet, somehow, though obviously vastly weakened - she outstretches her hand to generate a bolt of energy too, and it fizzles, her power wracked and drained from Venus' last sacrifical strike.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-13 22:41:57 33555
     Ever since they entered the heart of the Dark Kingdom, Kyouko has been acting... distant. Distracted. As if something is pecking at her consciousness, drawing her attention away from the here-and-now. Like a gnat buzzing around her ear- but the buzzing has been growing louder and louder. Now, as Beryl moves to escape Minakos attack by surging through Kyouko as Dark Energy incarnate, it overwhelms her.

    She drops to one knee, sucking in a sharp breath, her eyes widening as dark energy swirls around her, seeming to try and flow into her from the very fabric of this place. The white borders on the edges of her costume start to swell and expand, sending fracture-like protrusions of white up through the red of the fabric.

    She's hyperventilating, gritting her teeth, as she fights back against the intrusion. "I won't.. let you have me.. again!" She grates out as she pushes all of her willpower towards fighting off that assault- enough so that she's seemingly unaware of the attack coming her way.

    Sayaka gasps in the wake all the combined attacks, which seemed to accomplish nothing, eyes darting over to Kyouko, noticing with wide-eyed horror that Kyouko is changing - transforming back into.."Apatite!? No! What's the meaning of this!?" she darts across the intervening space in the moments after the Dark Energy surge. heedless of the danger, to clutch Kyouko's arm, "Don't do this, Kyou-chan! You're stronger than this! Please...Dont give into despair again..!"

    But even as she tries to help Kyouko, she does not miss sight of Beryl loosing that energy bolt to finish the job. Eyes narrow, stepping in front of Kyouko protectively, the attack moving too fast for her to bring up her sword or any other defenses. "No! I wont let you take her!"

    Kyouko still kneels, trying to fight off the tide of dark energy attempting to overpower her will. But she can feel herself losing. Even so, her head snaps up at Sayaka's cry, and her eyes widen. "Saya-chan, no!" She grates out, her voice full of pain both physical and emotional.

    Sayaka cries out in pain as the attack slices into her stomach, tearing at her soulgem which is seated there. Normally, her soulgem is tough enough to withstand more powerful strikes. But this is Beryl, after all, and the attack is particularly powerful. Having exhausted a good deal of her power trying to fight off so many Youma on the way here, as well as her attempts in the last few moments to suppress the darkness in Kyouko, Sayaka weakens, crumpling to the ground.

    Kyouko sees the Queen strike Sayaka down, and cries out again at that moment even as it closes in. The white is continuing to creep up her outfit, to crawl through the red and slowly overpower it. Her eyes have a sickly, unhealthy red glow behind them. She bares her fangs, a helpless snarl of rage.. and her hand raises up to clasp the Soul Gem on her chest, dark lines now swirling through it. Fingers close around it, pulling it free from its seat in her outfit.

    In those few moments, her other hand reaches out to clasp Sayaka's, finding it, twining fingers together with the blue haired girl.

    What comes next is a brief flash, mere seconds of telepathic exchange, but time seems to slow for Kyouko and Sayaka alone. <<Saya-chan. I'm sorry to have dragged you into this. This was my fight.. I had nothing to lose but you. You had so much.>>

    "S-sorry....Kyou..chan. I couldn't let them...Take you. Not again.." Sayaka smiles weakly, grasping Kyoukos hands, interlocking her fingers with the red head's. She flinches against the pain, blood streaking down her body now, torn flesh clinging to her outfit. She's too weak to heal herself even, and her soulgem's almost completely covered in darkness by this time.

    With trembling hands, she has just enough strength to pull Kyouko into a tight warm hug, resting her head against her shoulder as her eyes close tiredly, too weak to speak either way then telepathically. <<Kyou-chan..Dont be sorry for anything! This was the path I chose, choosing to risk my life to protect you, and to protect this world no matter what! Even if this is how it ends, I have no regrets because I got to see you one last time..>>

    She smiles faintly, <<Dont..Ever forget me, Kyou-chan.>>
Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-13 22:47:47 33558
    Kyouko feels numb inside- because of the encroaching Dark Energy, and because her love is dying in her arms. Shes seen death enough times to know it well. Theyre old friends, Kyouko Sakura and that specter. Under normal circumstances, Sayaka is nigh-unkillable- but these are hardly normal circumstances, and the attack slashed through the girls already-weakened Soul Gem. She knows Sayaka wont be able to come back from this.

    She can feel the Dark Energy inside her, rising up to steal her will. The Queen commanders her to turn on her allies. The most horrible part is she feels some part of her, that rabid, wild thing that wants only to survive, wanting to do it. Shes been holding off the ambient effects of the Dark Energy for hours by her own determination and with Sayakas help- but now Sayaka is leaving her, and her reserves are almost exhausted, and that attack is intensifying, coming straight from the source.

    But even now, Kyouko Sakura doesnt despair. To despair, to give up- its just not in her. Instead, as always, she gets mad.

    Her life had been turning around. A worthless life, a life of misery and loneliness, had been turning into a life worth living. And the people responsible for that were all here. Sayaka might be beyond her help, but the others.. They still needed her help. Without them her life would have been nothing. So she doesnt feel bad about returning it to nothing in order to make sure those people can live on.

    She tightens her grip on Sayakas hand, shifting the dead weight of the girl against her as she clutches at the Soul Gem. The Dark Energy is swirling around her, the white spreading rapidly through her red costume. With her other hand, she reaches out and grabs Sayakas Soul Gem as well, cracked and rapidly fading, but still with a faint spark within.

    Faintly glowing red eyes turn back towards where Mamoru and Usagi (thats who theyll always be to her) and any remaining others stand at the rear of the room. Her voice cracks out, her voice steady despite whats happening. "Get back! And finish this bitch off for me, godammit!"

    Then she snarls one last time at Beryl. "You took me once, but this time I came of my own free will. I came just to spit in your eye one last time! Im Kyouko Godamned Sakura, and nobody tells me what to do!"

    And then she surges the last of her magic into both her and Sayakas Soul Gems, held in her fist- pushing them well beyond their limit. And they explode.

    A Puella Soul Gems detonation is a terrible conflagration. Two at once is outright terrifying. The detonation shakes the throne room like an earthquake, fire and magical chaos swirling around the spot where the two Puella had lain, completely obscuring everything in rushing blue and red and an unbelievably brilliant flare of light. Kyoukos mad, triumphant snarl persists until the last moment.

    She can almost see her family waiting for her. She wont ever have to be alone again.

    When the fire and chaos finally clears, theres nothing left of the two girls but a smoking crater in the center of the room.
Queen Beryl 2016-03-13 22:50:08 33559
Instead of turning on Beryl's enemies, Apatite once again proves to be too dangerous to control, too prideful to command. And the wave of energy from her shattered soul gem overwhelms the injured Beryl,throwing her through the room and the remants of her throne, slamming her against the doors hidden behind it, which open slightly.

Beryl should be dead. Beryl should be dead perhaps many times over. But she manages to crawl through the great doors behind her throne, to the room where her own mistress, Queen Metallia, resides. One little bit at a time, oblivious to what's going on outside... she makes it to the altar of the demon to whom she sold her soul.

"Queen Metallia. Please. Give me the power to destroy that wretched girl and her frends. Lend me your strength..."

"Do you understand now? Do you understand that everything must be destroyed? Do you understand the hopelessness of this world?" Metallia asks, beating like a twisted heart within her protective shell.

"Yes, Metallia-sama. I will destroy everything, if only I can destroy her along with it?"

"Very well. Now that you understand that, you are truly ready to become the vessel for my true power... The time has come to bestow hatred and suffering to all living creatures in the universe. Queen Beryl, with my power, you will kill everything and everyone, and you will turn the universe pitch black! Hope, Love, Kidness, and good itself will end!"

And with that, Metallia breaks free of her shell, and finds a new vessel - in Queen Beryl. A half-laughing, half-tortured scream echoes through the Dark Kingdom, and a quake begins to rumble through it, tearing and shattering the ruins of Endymion's old world as the column of black energy surges upwards into the sky.

It corrupts and polutes the world itself - as Beryl pulls life energy from everything her twisted power can reach, tearing her way upwards through the Dark Kingdom and back to Earth as she seeks to bring about the end of the world, heart finally blackened utterly - only hatred and destruction left to fill it.
Runealy Waldia 2016-03-13 22:55:32 33561
Someone she didn't even know gave Rune's absolute last moment of consciousness and life... a little something to it beyond crushing despair and defeat. All that shaking and pleading isn't enough to revive her, but it does bring Rune's consciousness back for just a moment, for Ariel's influence to take hold.

It is incredibly fleeting; perhaps a quarter of a second with some peace, barely long enough to parse that it was happening and that Ariel was affecting it... but not long enough to quite manage a 'thank you' or ask questions.

All she manages is that her final gasp at breath is a tiny bit less hurt and labored; Ariel got something through in that incredibly tiny window of opportunity. The alien princess is nonetheless gone, and this battle ultimately falls to Sailor Moon.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-13 23:25:30 33567
Barely without her thinking about it, Sailor Moon's wand is out. The silver crystal's power shields the best it passively can against the sudden surge of dark energy.

It's everywhere.

And Kyou-kun... Saya-chan... More names added to her ever growing list that she will never forget.

But no. She meant what she said. The strength of love is infinite. Not just the others for her, whose love radiates even beyond the mortal coil, but hers for them.

And also, her love of this planet.

There is a reason why she's been the happiest of those reincarnated. Her greatest wish at the end of another lifetime was to be of her beloved's planet. To have that planet be belovedly hers. The trees, the oceans, the people.

Usagi had been born with her greatest wish granted, even before she knew what it was.

If you had to choose between saving Mamoru-san or punishing Beryl, you'd definitely choose Mamoru-san, right?

Mako-chan was, of course, right.

And it's not just Mamoru she feels this way for. Her love for even the tiniest of frogs is a torrential tsunami compared to her hate of Beryl.

Determined, she grasps Mamoru's hand. She turns to him, and her fingers draw down his cheek as her eyes reflect everything she feels for him.

She raises up on her tiptoes and brushes her lips against his before deepening the contact. It's all too brief, of course, but the feel of his lips on hers is her courage. "You've always been my greatest wish."

Before he can respond, she's running forward, toward Kaiju Beryl, her hand still tight in his and her wand held high.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-03-13 23:32:59 33568
Everyone-- everyone. Sayaka. Kyouko--


...kyouko yes

Tuxedo Kamen-- no, Endymion... no. For all the people who died in this place, he's been Mamoru Chiba as well as the other names, but this is this life, a life lived in pursuit of everything they've all given everything for.

It's Mamoru who's been broken, and Mamoru who's been helped along by the strength of the people he loves, to be everything he needs to be for Usagi in this final fight.

"I'm sorry. It'll get worse before it gets better, but it'll get better. I promise."

Keeping promises-- his brothers held close to him, the tiny girl's yellow star wand in his pocket, Homura's birthday beer still waiting for someone who'll never get to--

No. Miracles. He looks down at the most precious person in all the world, and he sees her determination set in, and his heart finally soars and flies as she turns to look up at him, too. His eyes are brimming, and he kisses her back as her fingertips trail down his face, and he doesn't have to respond. She can feel every drop in the oceans filled entirely with love and trust and hope.

He follows after her, keeping promises with every tap of dress shoes on stone, falling into step beside her as she runs.
Queen Beryl 2016-03-13 23:40:31 33569
In the distance, towering over everything, even the peaks of the twisted and cracked North Pole, is a massive Queen Beryl, tinged green and soul and body visibly twisted by the monster she's allowed to inhabit herself, green hair flaired out above her head, turning slowly to face the Princess and Prince.

"Make no mistake, little girl. This time you will die. And he will watch you. And that will be the last memory he sees before he watches me destroy the universe. I will bring suffering to all. The pain I feel seeing you together will pale in comparison to the despair I will bring to this entire universe."

"Now, Princess of the Moon, my hated enemy, who I have followed through the millenia... now, once and for all, you will die." she says, outstretching her hands, a torrent of black energy rushing between them before she brings her hands forward, a twisted razor line of black energy carving up the ground and slamming into the two.

"I will end both now, for depriving me of everything I deserve! I have the true power of darkness now, and even the Silver Crystal cannot withstand the strength of my hatred for you!"
Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-14 00:06:13 33571
Sailor Moon slows as Kaiju Beryl starts talking, eyes growing angry at her words and she steps in front of Mamoru.

We will never let that woman get you back.

Her hands shake a little. "Part of me thinks I should thank you. If it wasn't for your petty jealousy, I wouldn't have had another lifetime to fall in love with him all over again!"

She's no longer shaking, but that's only through sheer will. "MOON TIARA A--"

Before she can finish, the wall of dark energy slams Sailor Moon against Mamoru. And she screams.


A brilliant flash of light fights against the beam of darkness, pushing back, gaining small ground but still gaining.

The tiara is gone. A brilliant crescent beam glows instead, and the skirt of her dress whips around her legs, as though it can further shield the boy behind her.

This is Princess Serenity.

This is the girl that the twisted being before them hates more than anyone else.

And this time, she'll protect him.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-03-14 00:10:37 33572
In the snow and ice, now roughly the size of a couple of Ayer's Rocks stacked on end, Beryl is still insulting Usagi and threatening him. All this death. All this death! And Metalia doesn't even give a damn about either of them, just about the power in Usagi's soul, in the Silver Crystal, and only for more to eat, more to use to conquer and kill and cause pain and destruction throughout the universe. It's Beryl who's still trying to make it about the two of them, and it's so insultingly ridiculous that Mamoru's mouth twists in disbelief, letting go Sailor Moon's hand to put his own on her shoulders, full of confidence and belief, determination and faith.

May all be free from sorrow.

The attack comes, and as Moon's henshin gives way to the flowing and ethereal gowns of Serenity, as his love's form begins to glow with silvery light--

--the answering change in him is swift, a line drawn and pulled, and it's a beautiful dark-skinned prince standing as her shadow, cape whipping in the wind from the force of the fight. She glows silver; his hands glow gold on her shoulders as he leans in to pour every iota of his life and power into her heart.

I would give my life to give you more power.

But-- it isn't enough, it can't be enough. His power comes from this earth they stand on, this pretty blue marble in the skies of the Moon, its life and its soul and its people, and though his feet stand on its surface, Metalia is already absorbing that energy.

Already taking his planet.


"Sailor Moon," he gasps, breathless and horrified. "It-- it's not enough--"

They're going to lose. All of this-- all of this, all the trust placed in them-- and they're alone. He's not enough to help her.

They're going to lose.
Queen Beryl 2016-03-14 00:16:33 33573
To say that the sight of Sailor Moon as Princess Serenity drives Beryl to further heights of madness is an understatement, at best. This girl, that gown, that crescent wand - that symbol on her forehead - these are all the things Beryl hates more than anything else in the universe.

And much like her enemy is drawing her strength from love, Beryl draws hers now from Hate. From hate, from stolen energy, from the demon from the sun. Beryl's strength is simply earth-shattering, obliterating, the energy she wields seeking to flay the Princess and Prince alive in its power, to finish them all off, to win.

"Why do you continue to resist? Can't you feel my power? Can't you see it's over? What are you even still protecting?" she roars out, her voice shaking the foundations of the planet. "Why must you go to such lengths to defy me? To protect an ugly, filthy world? To protect a love that doesn't exist? There is nothing left to believe in now, you little fool - I'm going to end it all!" she says, as much Metallia as Beryl now.

And she feels the pressure of her energy beginging to break through, and screams, and forces still more power through it, thrusting her arms further, eyes glowing red with pure hostility, true hatred, a blackened heart. "This time, when you die, stay DEAD!"
Ariel Theodore 2016-03-14 00:18:14 33574
    Left and right everyone is dying all around her. The unicorn's loppy ears flit, twitching and pricking, dimly aware of the last gasps and final goodbyes even more warriors of life, justice, and love. Soul Gems erupt in a brilliant, beautiful, and final rebellious display, another Sailor lays down her life for her cherished princess. Too many final goodbyes have been said over the brief span of the past few days. Which leaves just one question...
    Is Beryl unstoppable?
    It is against Ariel's nature, to give up hope, even in these terrible, painful circumstances. Beryl- no, Metallia is now grown to utter titanic proportions, and begins to drain the very life from everything.
    Amid the explosions and dead, the unicorn gently lays Rune's head down. Her head swims, as color drains from her vision. The last of her stamina is finally tapped. She can't go further. What is a girl to do when hope is dwindling so desperately?
    Entrust it so someone else, of course.
    On his last legs, Lucky tucks his neck under Ariel's arms, the two trudging to Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Kamen, even as they march right into the jaws of death itself. Only to stand herself before Princess Serenity and Prince Endymion."Wait." Her voice is feeble and exhausted as she tilts her head. For all the death that's happened in the last few days. For all the despair and misery, she's only thinking of what the moon princess had said not moments before.
    The strength of love is infinite.
    It takes a great deal to move a unicorn to tears. Even one that is young and new to the world. But Ariel quietly does so. A single glimmering and crystalline tear travels its way down a pale, dirt-streaked cheek, remaining perfect and pure in spite of its path. She catches it in trembling palm, holding out the last of her strength and the physical embodiment of all the love she has to give, heedless of Beryl's demands for death.
    "Take it. Please."
    There are no words, beyond that. The child and her dog collapse in a heap without a sound, as the glimmering tear floats to join with the Silver Crystal.
Makoto Kino 2016-03-14 00:18:56 33575
"Don't be afraid." A voice they know so well speaks over the roar of dark power, ringing with absolute conviction. "You're not in this alone. We're here."

Strength wells up around Serenity and Endymion, tingling on the skin like an electric charge. It feels like a reassuring hand on the shoulder; it smells like ozone and tastes like roses. It's new and achingly familiar all at once, steady and deeply rooted in the earth, reaching unfailingly towards the sky. It feels like Makoto.

Her voice is soft, no more than a whisper in their ears, but it resounds with assurance, with so much love. "I never told you, but you saved me, you know? Usagi-chan, Mamoru-niisan. Because of you, I got to have a family again. I couldn't even start to tell you how much it meant to me."

Jupiter's power joins with her princess's and it's like she's right there, just like always, sheltering and supporting, a warm hand over Serenity's to help her steady the wand. "So I don't regret a thing. No matter what, I'll give you all I've got, as many times as you need - for this world we all love--"

--for this world of trees and flowers and summer storms--

--this world of cherry pie and hugs and secret slumber party talks--

--for this shining blue and green world, this world of miracles, the world where we were born to meet and love again--

It rushes in, pushing back against the overwhelming flood of darkness: the power that took control of the hurricane, that lit up the sky with lightning, the strength that has faithfully stood between Usagi and danger so many times.

Kyouko Sakura 2016-03-14 00:19:27 33576
    Kyouko's voice whispers in Sailor Moon's ear.

    "Hey, thanks again for that coat. It was really awesome. I left it in the apartment since I teleported in henshin, so you can have it back if you want. Find a good home for it, huh?"

    "Oh, and do me a favor and smash that bitch good for me. I hate havin' others do my work for me, but in this case it can't be helped, so do me that one last favor."

    "And.. thanks. For everything. I love you Usagi Tsukino, because you helped me find love- love I was able to take with me."

    "Girls like me.. we don't get happy endings. But I was still happy at the end. This was the best I could ever hope for, and it's more than I deserved. So don't take it too hard. Girls like you, you deserve a happy ending. So make sure you get it, for the both of us."

    "Oh, and tell Mamoru to pour one out for me. None of that cheap vending machine crap though, cuz honestly, dead-me deserves something classier than that."

    "Now get out there and kick her ass, hon. I'll be seein' you."

    And she says no more.
Phish Food 2016-03-14 00:19:46 33577
Sailor Mars:

    A white gloved right hand reaches out to touch Usagi's, and the rest of Sailor Mars fades into view. She looks at Usagi with soft, violet eyes and a warm smile. "No more tears, Moon-chan!"

    She looks ahead, standing beside her princess, and her friend. Her ghostly form glows with a red aura. Her left hand rests on Usagi's shoulder, offering up both her power as the Sailor Guardian of Mars and her support as a friend.

    "You've come so far, Sailor Moon. Just a little further now. You've made us all proud, Moon-chan!"
Hannah Sharpe 2016-03-14 00:21:04 33578
A familiar weight settles on Usagi's shoulder, and a hand reaches up to ruffle that amazing hair. Hannah's ghost smiles, free of the anger and anguish and corruption she'd been so soaked in. Instead, it's the girl at her best: warm, cocky, confident and friendly.

"...You know, Usa. I think I've finally figured you out. At first, I thought you were weak. As Moon. As Usagi. But that's the thing. Sure, you couldn't fight. You still don't hold a candle to me kiddo, HAH!" A grin, and a one-armed hug.

She lets go, and sobers just a bit. "But I was wrong. You have very, very rare kind of strength, kiddo. It's not in your fists. Sailor Moon? Princess Serenity? Please. Those are just trappings. Side effects. Armor. Boxing gloves. They're just tools. They're not what makes you strong."

She taps the girl on the chest with a finger.

"Right here. Usagi Tsukino, your strength is that you love people without restraint. You can take people, whether they're saints or sinners, and bring out the best in them. You love them for the best parts of themselves. Heh. Even me! That takes a lot, you know? Really, I'm almost jealous."

Hannah kneels down just a bit to be on level with her. Her red eyes meets Usagi's.

"Well guess what. That street you're walking? Two ways, kiddo. You have the love of a good guy, right beside you. Your senshi? Amazing. Damn good friends. The kind you don't get these days. Through everything, thick and thin. Look at all the people that came to help. Anybody else? No way. Too many complications. But you? You cut right through that. You love us, and we love you right back, Usagi."

She stands up, stretches, and winks. "That's amazing power. And right now, you need all of it that you can get. Back straight. Don't flinch, no matter what that overdone crone over there thinks she's going to do with /OUR PLANET/! You and Mamoru have one shot at this. Don't overextend yourself, but don't you dare back down either! This is the last round, your opponent's on the ropes! We're all cheering for you! We're right here! Give her the old one-two!" Punch punch!

"Right in the jaw! I know you two can do it. Mamoru. Usagi. I'm counting on you two. Now finish this for everyone down there, okay?" A smack to the back of both as she fades away.

"No pressure~" Even as her words fade away, all of her magic, her confidence, her ambition and a simple, insane dream of a world free of pain and conflict are left in the hands of the two. A torch to light the way, and a little push to stop the monster looming before them.
Phish Food 2016-03-14 00:21:06 33579
Prism Keeper Yellow:

A little yellow star of hope shines bright, and then another. And one more. Following them is a little girl, dressed in a yellow miko outfit, holding a little telescope-shaped wand, looking around, smiling brightly as she looks at everyone around. "I know this isn't how I thought it'd go." Prism Keeper Yellow says softly.

Then, the girl points her wand forwards, "But I know you can do it. Good luck, Sailor Moon, Everyone!"
Phish Food 2016-03-14 00:21:19 33580

A soft breeze ruffles Sailormoon's hair as a familiar voice calls at her side. Sayaka Miki never knew Sailormoon for very long, but their brief encounters had left a lasting impression on the young Puella. "Sailormoon.." She says, smiling softly at her, sapphire eyes alight with the usual respect and admiration for her long time idol.

"I'm so sorry we didn't get to know each other a little better. But I want you to know, I was always your number one fan! Whenever I was scared, whenever I felt alone, I'd look up at the moon and know you were doing your best to protect everyone.."

She seems sad, what remains of her soulgem glowing brightly even in her ghostly form. "I never did get to thank you and Tuxedo Kamen for protecting me those times against youma, or for bringing Kyou-chan back to me whenever I thought I'd lost her. But maybe this one last time I can thank you, even if we'll never get to experience friendship like I once hoped."

She then pulls out her ghostly soulgem, holding it over Sailormoon's hand. "I believe in you, Sailormoon..I know you can do it! And remember..You're never alone!"
Phish Food 2016-03-14 00:21:38 33581

There's a shimmer in the air, and a bit of blue gleams, fading to grey as it spreads out into a familiar figure. The (once) azure-suited form of Hagane regards Sailor Moon with a faint smile. Behind her, a rune-glyph rotates slowly around a grey rose, as she lifts her blade in salute. "It was an honor to fight for you, your highness. Make us proud. We have faith in your heart."
Phish Food 2016-03-14 00:21:46 33582

Firebird smiles as she extends her hand toward Sailor Moon, a black hole behind her. Swirling Vortex, her Device, is in flail mode, the spiked head lazily swinging. "Crush her good, Sailor Moon. Crush her under your boot - an evil such as her does not deserve to survive." She glances at the section of the Dark Kingdom she collapsed with her dying breath. "Anyway. I did my part in weakening her defenses - now you have to push through and finish the job - for all of mankind."
Runealy Waldia 2016-03-14 00:21:49 33583
Earlier, just before Rune's life faded, Ariel had managed to give her a little tiny measure of some peace. Now as spirits rise, their numbers are one greater in large part due to this intervention.

The fallen princess' essence manifests to join them, spectral form rushing toward Serenity with wide eyes, recalling aloud something important: "You're incredible. Even when I was hurting your friends, as soon as I showed I was willing to stop... you asked to go out for ice cream. Just like that. No revenge, no shouting; you wanted to turn things around with me right then and there. Maybe you... /you/, can stop all of this from ending in disaster!"

Then her 'form' super-imposes itself beside Serenity, joining the crowd forming around her to offer a spectral 'hand', to offer support.
Phish Food 2016-03-14 00:22:09 33584
Sky Jack:

In physics, and in magic, and in dreams, time is a relative concept. What seems like it takes minutes or hours can pass in the blink of an eye. So it is with Usagi. As she stands upon the precipice, she can feel a warm arm around her shoulder, full of energy and support and love. It's Kukai, Daichi sitting on his shoulder and waving at her. At least, nothing's physically there, but magic allows for more senses than the eyes to see. "Hey dance partner. I've got you, just for a second."

She can feel him, pouring his energy into her, everything that's left of what he is. "I'm not sure if this is Heaven, but it sure feels like it. ...Look. I've only got a moment, but I have to tell you something. You're not alone. Everyone's here with you. Not just your Senshi, not just the other heroes and heroines that almost made it here. Everyone. I see all of my friends here. I see my grandmother here. I see -your- grandmother. I see my family, and our friends, and their family, and everyone who ever meant anything to everyone here. All of us and more are here with you. We know you can see this through."

The flow of energy slows and stops. "That's all I have. There'll be more coming, but I gotta go. My friends are waiting on me, just up the road." As he steps away, Usagi can see three other figures near him, the outlines of where people should be. Kukai gives her one last smile, then turns and stops. "Oh. I know you two. What were your names? ...Laisa. Anshi." As he reaches up and puts his arms around the shoulder area of the three figures, his body begins to vanish, going indistinct as well. "And you gave up your name. OK. ..I saw you two, just before. I'm sorry I couldn't help. I wanna tell you about my friend Usagi..." He winks out, along with the others, and time for Usagi moves on.
Phish Food 2016-03-14 00:22:19 33585
Ano Onna:

    As Kukai tags out, one of the figures that had appeared with him tags in. A silent presence at first, for the span of a few poignant beats, The Girl with no name sets a hand on Sailor Moon's shoulder. Though not there in the physical realm, the girl's vivid scarlet gaze settles on the Sailor just as firmly as that hand would, if she were more than an incorporeal form and force of will and memory.
    "I'd like to say I died without regrets, but I can't." Ano Onna admits with a blunt and forthright honesty. Though honest as she is, there's no direct sense of regret nor sorrow to her voice. Her tone Is rather level as that hand squeezes, a warm presence, infusing the Sailor scout with a portion of the fighting spirit that had carried the Nameless Hero on even into the last moments of her life. "That's why I look to you, Sailor Moon. Though a lot of us fell on the way here, we're all still right behind you. The Path of your Fist has yet to end, Sailor Moon. So I entrust what little strength I have left in your care. Use it." She says, firm and determined.
    "But the last thing I saw were little yellow stars of hope. So that's reason enough for me to believe. If you can put my strength to use however you see the need. Then do it. Use it so that you can strike down evil and uplift those who can't uplift those who can't uplift themselves. Then, I think I can be at peace." She lingers for a beat, before there's nothing left to give, "I'm tapped. The rest's in your hands." The nameless girl says, patting the blonde on the shoulder once before turning and wandering back into the aether from whence she came, waving one hand lazily over her shoulder. "Whatever you're gonna do, make sure you do it in one shot. I'll be watching from the sidelines with all our friends."
Madoka Akemi 2016-03-14 00:22:30 33586
    With a sudden pop a tiny angel appears on Usagi's right shoulder in the form of Madoka Kaname. She's wearing a long flowing layered white dress with a deep V-neck, a white shawl covering her shoulders and her upper chest, a pink teardrop gem synching it together with a pair of smaller ones on either side for decoration. Short white gloves adorn her hands and she wears a pair of tall pink boots with wings sprouting from the ankles.

    The underside of her dress sparkles with a field of stars as viewed from deep space. Her usual magical wings have been replaced with a pair of feathery white ones, and a golden halo sits above her head. The observant might notice it's being held in place by a thinner golden wire that's strategically hidden within the long, flowing locks of her pink hair that defy gravity and float all around her.

    On Sailor Moon's left shoulder, a tiny little devil appears. It's Homura Akemi, recognizably... except she's had a few wardrobe changes. A pair of black feathery wings, held up by white peaks. A large red bow adorns her hair. Elbow-length purple gloves cover her arms, and a long black dress with a sweetheart cut covers most of the rest of her. The hem of the dress looks like a tuft of raven feathers, and it parts in the middle showing off thigh-high stockings covered in a black and purple diamond pattern. There's an open spot in the middle of the chest, cut into the shape of a broken heart. The underside of the dress looks like a black abyss.

    She's also wearing a pair of purple horns, complete with a black pitchfork. The smile on her face plots mischief, and her eyes are mostly on Moon. For the moment. Or maybe she's looking through Usagi at the Madoka angel. One can never be too sure.

    "Oh, how disgusting. Are those..." Homura gestures with her finger towards the long, viney, suspicious-looking, plant stamen flanking Beryl. "... are those what I think they are? Ugh! As if Beryl didn't have the word 'restraining order' written all over her already!" She sighs overdramatically, flipping her hand in the air for emphasis. "At this point I think you should stop dragging this out and just put her out of her misery."

    Homura leans in to playfully poke Usagi on the cheek. "She's clearly suffering, Moon-chan. Do what you know is best." 'What you know is best' is, of course, implied to be the complete and total obliteration of the enemy.

    Madoka's legs dangle off the edge of Usagi's shoulder, kicking back and forth a little as she sits there. After a few moments she pushes herself up to her feet before giving a kind smile and a tiny pink gaze into Usagi's blue eyes. "Girlfriend-chan, you can do it! Her body might be huge but her heart is tiny, shriveled and rotten, and yours is even bigger than she looks to me!"

    The little Angel gasps a moment later when she hears the Devil's comment about the flower parts surrounding Beryl, lifting a tiny gloved hand to cover her mouth and blushing as if scandalized, "Homura-chan, don't be so vulgar!"

    Homura crosses her arms and pouts at Madoka. "I can't be the only one who sees it! That woman has been the reigning champion for the Queen Creepy award since the Silver Millennium! And then she shows up with... with...!" She throws her hands up, giving up on that line of conversation. Perhaps naughtily, Homura reaches out to grab one of Usagi's twintails. She squishes the hair in her tiny shoulder-devil hands and hmms out loud. "Hmm... to fluff or not to fluff?"

    "You should behave yourself!" the small angel huffs as Homura toys with Usagi's hair, stepping inward closer to the side of her head and reaching up to pat the blonde comfortingly on the cheek, "Don't listen to her, your hair is beautiful just the way it is. I'm sure Mamoru-kun wouldn't have it any other way." She puffs out her cheeks afterwards, sending a childish glare off towards the towering Beryl in the distance, "She is right about one thing, that awful woman needs to be stopped. And you're the one who should do it!

    Angel Madoka gives Usagi a gentle smile and seems to sparkle with purity and goodness, "Just think, once you're done with her you can set everything right again. This is it, your last obstacle, so destroy her. Destroy her and save your friends!"

    Homura pouts harder at Madoka. "Hmph!" With a wagging finger, she declares, "If you keep that up I'm gonna start chasing you!". She stands on Usagi's shoulder, leaning against her cheek and examining her nails as she talks into Usagi's ear. "I don't know about saving your friends, but you should destroy her now and get your revenge! Give this woman what she deserves! After what she did to Mamo-kun... and what she did to you... this is justice!"
Homura Akemi 2016-03-14 00:22:32 33587
    Madoka shakes her tiny head and sends waves slowly propagating through her long, floating hair. "No, revenge isn't justice! Justice is doing what's must be done because it's the right thing, no matter how difficult." Her tone softens again and she speaks soothingly into Usagi's ear, "Destroy her for Mamoru-kun and the love you share. Do it to protect that love and for the future you will share together." After making that profound point, when she thinks no one else is looking, she leans behind Usagi's neck and sticks her little tongue out at Homura.

    Homura notices the tongue stuck out at her, and gasps! She looks at Madoka with devilish eyes, and makes grabby hand motions at her. "I warned you!" Homura flies around behind Usagi, hands first, chasing after the angelic Madoka. While chasing, she talks to Usagi. "Remember the past, and everything she ruined? That woman has always been jealous of you. She's always coveted what you had, everything from your kingdom to Mamo-kun's love! She never cared about your people, and she never truly cared for your beloved. All she wanted was to take it for herself! Destroy her now, and make her feel the pain of the destruction she brought upon you!"

    With a surprised squeak the little Angel takes off from Usagi's shoulder, leaping into the air. Her feathery wings begin to flutter quickly and she holds her arms out ahead of herself as if in a panic as she flies around Usagi's head while fleeing from the chasing Devil. "No! That isn't the right way at all! You don't want to strike with anger and hatred in your heart, you want to use all your hope and love instead!" Madoka starts circling higher as she flies away from Homura, wings flapping all the quicker as she looks behind herself and notices the Devil catching up to her, "You're a pure soul, Girlfriend-chan, I can feel the goodness inside of you. That's why you're going to win! Love and Hope will always prevail in the end. I'll always say that's true, no matter how bleak things seem. If you remember the past then remember all the wonderful times you've had! Remember how your heart beat fast when you first realized you were in love, remember how wonderful it is to be around your friends!" The Angel's cheeks take on a pink, modest blush, "If you want to destroy her for a memory, destroy her for the memory of all the wonderful times you've spent snuggling and cuddling with your friends and loved ones! ...and all the times you'll spend cuddling in the future, too!" The blushing Angel peeks back at the Devil behind her one last time. She may have just slowed down a tiny bit.

    Homura's little black wings carry her after the pink-haired angel. "I know exactly what I'm going to do with my hope and love!!" She flies after the Angel, arms extended in front of her. What happens when they intersect isn't a rough tackle but actually a soft gentle catch, devil wrapping her arms around angel and pulling her down between Usagi's odangos. Where else did you think this was going? "That's right. Think of all the cuddles you've had, and all the cuddles you will have, once this miserable creature is out of your way. She tried to steal those from you, but you don't have to let her. You have a wonderful life and love ahead of you. Don't give that up for anything!" Homura nuzzles against Madoka's pink hair, giving off a soft purple glow as she does so. She mumbles something about fluffy.

    Madoka is caught! Her angelwings flutter but she's completely unable to free herself from Homura's grasp, landing down in a soft bounce atop Usagi's head. Her hair is nuzzled against and as if by some spell gravity suddenly seems to start mattering to it again and it all begins to drift downward and settle, practically covering the two of them like a fluffy, stringy blanket. She squirms and wiggles, and after a bit of struggling she manages to break free! ...only to flip over onto her back so she can wrap her stubby chibi arms around the devilish Homura and hug onto her, pink heart-shaped sparkles glittering into existence around her while her face turns into a blissfully silly expression. "See? Love and cuddles always win in the end~. Even the heart of a Devil is moved; if love and cuddles can't save someone they really do deserve to be destroyed!"

    Then, both angel and devil speak in unison. "Mostly just destroy her!" Homura's purple glow rises out of her, becoming a cloud of purple that floats over the pair. Madoka's pink heart sparkles float up into the cloud, the angel's power mixing with the devil's as they start to pulsate and beat. Both offerings of energy are swept up in the gathering power that Usagi has gained from her friends. They have a stake in this fight too, and they have some much-needed cuddling to get back to!
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-03-14 00:35:15 33588
Another voice joins the ensuing chorus of others. "...they sure have an aversion to love. Don't they. 'It doesn't exist', 'It's an illusion!', 'Give in to misfortune...'" says Cure Gull. "But that isn't true! I know because... I used to feel that way! When I was alone! W-when I was Scorn! I felt like no one cared..."

"...but then a bunch of people found me. The Senshi! And others! Who did all this stuff I didn't know about. Who figured out the truth I was just being used. Who didn't just want to stop the things I was foolishly doing but---- save me too! Do you remember that Sailor Moon!? You said... you knew I could do it... because... "Scorn-chan loves her sister!""

Cure Gull's translucent, slightly green image joins the others holding her hand out.

"Love does exist and happiness isn't an illusion! And--- you can show her that Moon-chan! I know you can because... Moon-chan loves her world! And Moon-chan loves everybody!"
Nephrite 2016-03-14 00:40:17 33589
From Nephrite, a vision of a million dazzling lights shining through the darkness springs to the Princess's and Prince's minds. Patterns woven in the sky, planets aligning with the sunrise, the Full Moon in Leo. "Everything that has gone before has led you here. Your fate has always been to return here together, to the kingdom of your ancestors, Endymion. To purge this evil for good."

If two components are entangled--

the culmination of everything you've started--

transitions and transformation and regeneration and alignment with fate--

I'm so glad I could find you again--

I'm glad you've got things figured out in this life--


Nephrite is there. Tall and grinning, dark brown hair, clad in a caped uniform from ancient times. "It was worth it, you know. You both gave me back my heart and soul. I became what I was meant for." He looks only at Prince Endymion now, dark eyes bright and fierce. "I got to be with you again. That was worth it. Every second."

His hand claps down on Endymion's shoulder, bright and hot with the power of starlight. "It's been an honor, my prince. Now do what you were meant to do and kick her purple ass!"
Phish Food 2016-03-14 00:44:38 33590
As friends lend their strength and hearts and wills, the Princess wrenches more energy away from Metalia with her fight, still more ghosts join to stand with the people who were all already here to help. Only those once held by the Dark Kingdom themselves will recognise most of these--

--the shades of people who have been missing, some of them for years; people who have vanished from all over the globe, from all walks of life and of all ages...

...the people that Beryl or her minions stole for Metalia, using them to build the halls of horror below their feet, to furnish the space and the energy, fuel and raw materials. All the innocent civilians who never knew what they did to deserve such a fate, who have been locked in a hell not of their own making--

All the people that Metalia stole aeons ago, to invade the Moon at Beryl's behest, to oppose the Prince they called traitor. All the people who were corrupted slowly or swiftly and died once for their sins or their helplessness, all the people who, when reborn, were marked once more by the powers of darkness, choiceless and powerless.

They have power now that they're free, joining the growing legion one by one. What power they have, they, too, give willingly to the girl they once were led to despise-- the girl they now know is responsible for the dramatic and increasing doom of their jailer.

At least a score of them cluster around little Prism Keeper Yellow's ghost and follow Ano's, some of them crying, all of them thanking them-- these ones they freed directly, these ones they were able to save while they sacrificed everything.
Zoisite 2016-03-14 00:53:16 33591
Zoisite's laughter is enough of a token. Fire in the dark; the promise that nights end, that springs come, that ice melts and flowers wake from their sleep. "Come on, deathray girl," he teases Serenity. "This is what you've been practicing for, isn't it? Let's do it right this time."

He blows her a kiss; then his smaller hand finds Nephrite's arm, rather than competing for space with his larger brothers. Forming a chain. That smile flares bright enough to be felt. "Don't worry so much,' is all he says to Mamoru. "You're not alone. You'll never have to be."

He doesn't have to echo it was worth it. That's in the way his hand tightens on Nephrite's arm, in the way his chin lifts, in all the earthly fire Mamoru can feel mingling itself with the stars.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-03-14 00:58:06 33592
"The Dark Kingdom is dying," Kunzite's ghost says to Sailor Moon, calm and matter-of-fact as always as the shades of the missing come forward. "Much of it is destroyed already. The rest? Everything that Beryl built to feed Metalia is coming apart. All their prisoners freed by a child's hope. This is their last resort; if you stop them here, it's the end." And perhaps he's aware of Ano, of Prism Keeper Yellow; his gray eyes seem to follow them and their entourage for a moment, and he bows his head gravely toward them.

To Tuxedo Kamen, Kunzite says nothing. He's never needed to. When his hand settles on Mamoru's other shoulder, mirroring Nephrite, what he offers isn't words; it's everything in him that Beryl tried to destroy, when she tore out his soul, when she chained his memory, when she buried him in a body created from and flooding him with despair and corruption and pain. Everything in him that was rescued by Serenity's grief, by Venus' offering a chance when she had no reason, by Mars' vision and Jupiter's trust in it. By Mamoru's own reaching out to him even in the last seconds when all sane hope seemed gone. By Kyouko Sakura, of all unlikely people. Everything in him that was ever worth having; everything that refused, all that time, to let go.

Beryl kept it from them for a while; but only for a while. It was always theirs.
Minako Aino 2016-03-14 01:10:16 33593
She had known death before, and she wasn't afraid. The only thing she regretted was not having anything more to give.

And then she heard Jupiter. And Mars. And everyone else who was still finding some way to give everything they had left.

She couldn't give anything less than them. Not when she had sworn an oath.

"I believe in you Usagi-chan! Don't give up!"
Mamoru Chiba 2016-03-14 01:15:45 33595
... not enough?

That's because Mamoru's so used to doing everything alone, even after this past year, that he forgot the most important thing. The thing he even told Usagi only hours earlier.

They'll never be alone.

As voice after voice join them, as all of their fallen friends come to lend their strength and love to Sailor Moon, it's not just reminders. It's not just power.

It's everything.

The Prince isn't afraid anymore, and if he's crying, it's because even in the midst of everything being horribly wrong, all of their friends are reminding them that miracles are real and everything can be right again, for this planet, for all life everywhere--

May all be never separated from the sacred happiness which is sorrowless.

And-- and his brothers--

Crying in earnest now, but laughing through it; their hands on his shoulders, their voices in his ears. The men all his friends helped save, for love of him, for the desire to be sure he knew he wasn't alone anymore--

Smiling so brightly through the tears, Endymion lets his hands drop from Serenity's small glowing shoulders to her waist again, and he's like a stone behind her, kept steady and able to help her because of all the people who love them both, who were and are willing to stand with them against the darkness and keep the world in the light.

And-- the more energy that Usagi frees from Metalia's clutches-- the more of the Earth will be able to give her strength as well.

"Everyone's here with you, Usako," he whispers in the shelter of the people who love them, voice catching and wavery, heart too full, laughter at the edge of it. "You can do this. With all that help, it's easy, isn't it? You're the first one who taught me that I didn't have to be alone. All the people you've brought into your life, all the loneliness you've eased-- is it any wonder no one will let go? You'll never be alone."

Closer still, and he whispers even more quietly, the hands of the Shitennou on his shoulders, completing the circle, "You've always had me. Make a new wish, Usako. Make it for everyone."
Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-14 01:24:04 33596
Princess Serenity realizes what her earlier deja vu in a broken house was about. The juxtoposition of her pale glowing skin against dusky cinnamon is still so very beautiful.

Beryl's words, and Mamoru's, for a moment, she almost loses hope--

And then a unicorn girl sheds a tear.

The power joins with her own.

After all, if unicorns exist in the world, surely there's still hope to be had.

And then she feels Mako-chan. It's not the wishful hope of a grieving friend, it's as though Jupiter is right there, touching her, lending her power, and her eyes burn as she hears her friend's voice once more.


Another's strength is added to her own.

Kyou-kun, no one will wear your coat. No one else can.

A tear spills over.

And then...Rei! A choking laugh because the girl still teases. Her warmth, her strength, as strong and
here as Makoto's.

I'm not crying, Rei, you're crying.

A lie, of course, but Rei knows that.

And the tears keep falling.

Why wouldn't I love you, Hannah-chan? You're amazing. Because Hannah-chan, for all her blindness, sees. And she holds that conviction of hers, that Usagi is the one with power, close to her chest.

Stars align - literally - and she grins at Prism Keeper Yellow.


Can I be your second biggest fan? And you never have to thank me for protecting a friend.

And she feels the power of that soulgem tingling on her hand.

And Hagane.
It's an honor to fight for you, as well. I'll beat her, just you watch!

By now, the crystal is slowly building borrowed power, the luminance nearing blinding.

You did so good. I'll make you proud.

Runeally's hand is on hers.
Of course I did. Why wouldn't I? A pause. I'll eat a pint for you.

And...Sky Jack. A boy she danced with during a time she thought she'd never want to dance again. She chokes back a sob at his words, and at the end, there's only one thing she can ask of him.

Save me a dance, okay? I'll make good on it one day. Many, many days from now. I promise.

And then the girl with no name.
I'll use your strength, I promise. Right now, I'll be your name.

True to her word, the crystal flares.

And she laughs. She laughs and laughs because HomuDevil and MadoAngel.
You two fight like an old married couple, you know.

More strength to add to the crystal. More belief. More

She grins at Haruna.
I love everybody, and I save the people I love.

Nephrite! She watches his astrological artwork paint the sky in a masterpiece meant for two.
Our one meeting? After you got back? It was worth all the times before.

And Zoisite. She laughs again at his words.
I'll make sure he's never alone again. I promise.

And then there's Kunzite. For a moment, time slows even more. For a moment, her mouth opens and closes until she can think what to say.


Sir Kunzite. I'll make sure I was worth it.

And there's
more. People she's never even known, souls that were saved.

And finally.

One last familiar face.

Minako. A hard sniff. I'll always love you.

And Endymion, her Mamo-chan, so warm and solid behind her. She'll always have him.

She raises her wand, the crystal now so brimming and blinding by love and strength.

A new wish?

Her smile is warm.

Right now, her greatest wish is to be surrounded by everyone she loves.


The shaft of the wand lengthens until its a staff.

"Beryl." Her voice is serene. Almost forgiving. "I release you from the hell of life."

She raises the wand and the crystal grows even more bright as she adds all she has to it.


"Metallia, you will never get this planet."

A strange calm fills her.

Everything she has.

But her Mamo-chan will never be alone.

that is now her greatest wish.

She's gotten hers already.


The crystal's bright light, its power, everything others have given and everything she has, fires toward Kaiju Beryl in one,
blindingly'' beautiful arc of love and silver and gold.
Queen Beryl 2016-03-14 01:36:41 33597
From Queen Beryl's mind, all she can see is betrayal. Betrayal of all of those lost souls she brought back to 'her' kingdom. Betrayal of generals new and old. Betrayal of a boyfriend who was never even a friend. Betrayal of, what seems like to her, the very order of the universe, that the strong should triumph. That someone like her, who gave so very much to achieve her happiness, should acquire it.

"I will tear down hope itself! I will destroy anything that stands in my way! If the universe refuses me what I am owed, I will destroy it too!" she screams, black tendrils of energy trying to force their way through Usagi's power. And for a moment, it seems as though it's working.

Those bolts, shocks, crackling across the world, inching closer to their goal. A single touch, lethal, winning Beryl the fight, dooming the world. A single touch is all it would take as her strength lashes against Serenity and Endymion's.

But that touch never comes. The strength of many flows into one. The power of the Silver Crystal takes in all of the hopes and dreams of everyone around, channeling them through Usagi's pure heart, focusing, the crystal itself vibrating to hold in all of that phenomenal power.

And then, in one fantastic moment, the tide changes. The multicolored rainbow energy does not merely push back against Beryl, it overtakes her energy instantly, a shattering blast of brightness to intense to look at but too beautiful to turn away from, and it engulfs Queen Beryl.

And slowly, but surely, that burst of energy tears at Beryl - tears at Metallia within her - and under its withering, amazing burst, she begins to disolve, back slowly, particles of 'Beryl' burning off into the atmosphere, cleansed - and therefore obliterated, with nothing left to save within her. "No!" she shouts. "I am hatred itself! You cannot overcome me! I will exist as long as there is hate within someone's heart!" she shouts. Reality seems to have other opinons.

As she is finally wiped from existence, her hand stretches out, forwards, trying as if to reach through the blast, as though she can touch him one last time. "Endymion... I was always... always... watching you... I finally had you... within... my grasp. You were all... I ever... really... wanted."
Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-14 01:49:43 33598

Finally, it doesn't taste bitter.

There's still things to do. Still a wish to make.

And she has a Unicorn's tear to help.

"Silver Glow," she whispers, her voice faint. "Bring them back. Send them home. Make sure the ones I love are never alone."

The crystal blossoms and blooms to a lotus, accepting and welcoming the Unicorn's Tear.

Purity attracts Purity.

The crystal focuses the power of the tear, sending light in pinpricks off in so many directions.

So many.

And she keeps it up until she can't keep it up. But she still does.

"You'll never be alone, Mamo-chan." Her promise is slow, slurred.

He's always been her greatest wish.

A crystal breaks and Usagi Tsukino falls, eyes dimming.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-03-14 02:01:59 33599
Without even thinking about it -- after all, Serenity is watching, all of their friends are watching -- Endymion doesn't look at Beryl as she reaches out, says her last words. He's too busy.

Too busy smiling down at the glowing Princess, Usagi Tsukino -- his Princess -- and standing with her, just like everyone they love.

His eyes widen as she declares the final miracle to come, the one he held as a hope in his deepest heart, all along, and only got through all of this by believing it with all his might. The one that despite all the belief, he was putting off thinking it might not happen--

All those pinpricks of light sail away from Usagi's blossoming crystal soul, and she's...

As Usagi's henshin fades and the Ginzuishou fades, Mamoru catches her, eases her down, and this time? This time he believes it will work. After all, this is the moment of miracles.

With the soft glow of the Earth surrounding them, filling in the ragged tatters of Usagi's fading energy, he leans on the faith of all their friends and bends to kiss her.

Once more, his own power restored with the resurrection of this beautiful planet, he prays.

As the warmth returns to her cold skin, Mamoru draws back just far enough to say, tears glittering in his eyes, "I won't let you go, either, Odango Atama."
Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-14 02:06:48 33600
For a moment, there's nothing.

Then her finger twitches in his hand.

She's still so very weak, probably will be for awhile, but she's alive.

Her smile is faint, a hint of teasing. "I told you I'd save everyone, you jerk."

The promise was made to four shittenou, but that didn't matter.

She doesn't have to ask.