Convenience & Secrets

The Waldians discover an actor using the abandoned store.

Date: 2015-05-24
Pose Count: 46
Hinote Kagari 2015-05-24 04:36:47 479
"Ugh!" says Hinote as he walks down the back alley along the rundown convience store. "It's been such a week, I haven't had time to practice..." he says, carrying a thick binder, most likely filled with a script. "I need to start memorizing these lines..." he says as he hefts the backpack he's carring with his other arm.

Hinote is a boy with red hair and seems a little tall for his age. He's currently wearing a blue jacket, with a white under shirt and simple jeans and boots.

"Right then..." he says as he grabs the handle to the door, putting the backpack down, and grabbing the knob at the back of the store. He gives the right lower section a small 'kick'! and enters the darkened store.

He's not aware of any changes, as he's in the backroom right now, as he slips past an empty cardboard box, and walks into the main front area to see--- Furniture? What the heck?

"What's been going on here?" he asks to himself as he eyes the Furniture. "Aww Man, someone musta found my secret spot and turned it into a silly clubhouse!" he says with a huff. "At least they have style.. but still!" he says as he puts his bag down onto a chair and opens his binder. "WHELP. I'll make this quick then." he says as he opens his binder and begins thumbing through pages to a bookmark. "Probably just some kids anyways..." he murmurs.

"I'm sure they won't mind." he says to himself.
Runealy Waldia 2015-05-24 04:50:40 483
A clubhouse would be a fun way to use this place. The furniture - much of it salvaged from trash around the city - means this is a 'squatting home' with chairs in a few places, and improvised beds built even in back areas that one would normally put refrigerated goods in. This is a 'home' lit by candles rather than modern lighting. Other than Hinote, nobody is currently inside.

The new residents are approaching, however. Runealy walks down the streets with Gaofele, a little better rested than she was a few days ago. Her mood is still very low, but between the passage of time and his help she is at least reasonably calm. Calm enough to share some news with him. "Should have told you sooner, but I ran into the security chief again... she says I saved her friend, and told me this long list of numbers and to call upon her for a favor. Not sure how that works, but it's something. And... I saw you brought some things in the other day. Thank you." She refers to the futon he managed to salvage and haul back, among other little odds and ends the pair have found lately. She did help bring some of it back, but it's fair to say /he/ did much of the heavier work on this task.

Rune is so caught up in relating recent news that as she walks toward the front door of the store, she's unaware anyone is inside or making noise within.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-05-24 04:59:33 484
Gaofele nods. "I'm still trying to decide if it would be a good idea to talk with that scholar I met," he admits. "On the one hand, it'd be a way of getting more information; on the other, I'm not sure I'd want to try to outwit a scholar in keeping certain things a secret."

The thought of the now-empty bento box comes to mind. "Of course, if he invites us to stay for dinner, that would be /very/ tempting," he chuckles as he approaches the door. Glancing around, he slides the door open slightly--

And freezes at a faint sound coming from within. "I think I hear something," he whispers to Rune.
Hinote Kagari 2015-05-24 05:03:03 485
Hinote Kagari flips through his binder as he ahs, and finds the spot he's supposed to be at. "So the King says... 'Foul Knave, you shall never have my daughter!'.... and I say...

He deepens his voice a bit. "I shall have what I seek! I will have your precious daughter in my grasp, and then your kingdom will be /mine/." he says as to himself.

"Then the King says....'This Kingdom shall Never Give In to the Likes of a Heart Such as yours, Dalmor!" he then murmurs a bit reading the next line... "Ugh... I wish I could be the king..." he flumps in one of the chairs as he looks over to his backpack and grabs out a granola bar. He opens the wrapper and takes a bite, obvious to the entering duo.

"Eh.. I'll still knock em dead playing the bad guy." he says inbetween bites.
Runealy Waldia 2015-05-24 05:05:13 486

"Do what you think is right. We have to keep doing things and pushing forward! So if you think the risk is worth it, do it..." Rune nods firmly, a single deep gesture to Gaofele, "...I trust you."

She might say more, but she stops when Gaofele does. She has seen this before, back home. When he /abruptly/ stops and goes really quiet, the appropriate response is to likewise stop and not make much noise. Indeed, she doesn't even ask him 'what?' or anything else. She knows better. Runealy becomes tense and on-guard, attention split from looking to Gaofele for prompting and looking around to see if she can pick up on what the noise is too.

And she does. She can't hear it clearly, but she hears noise and realizes she would have blundered right on into it if her friend hadn't noticed this. So she waits to see how he wants to handle this, her gaze going to him with an unspoken understanding.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-05-24 05:11:52 487
As Gao listens, he fishes his compactable staff out and extends it to full length. "Two, maybe three voices," he murmurs. "Sounds like they're coming from the back. Might be an argument, but seems to lack heat."

With a careful deliberateness, he quietly slides one of the doors open, stepping inside and out of the doorway. When he sees that no-one else is in this room, he waves Rune in, then quietly closes the door after her.
Hinote Kagari 2015-05-24 05:27:38 488
Hinote Kagari finishes up his Granola bar as he sighs and repicks up the binder and begins flipping pages again.

"You Don't Understand, Fair King!" he says in the deep voice. "I hold all the power! Soon, Soon I will rule the lands and burn everything you hold /dear/!"

Then he flips another page. "And then the King says... "No, No such thing shall happen! The brave Champion, Balrex, will see to that!"

He sighs. "And then Balrex walks in off stage right, flourish his cape...." he ughs and rolls his eyes. "I want to Florish a cape!" he says.

"Ugh, that heavy costume armor for this role is going to suck..." he says. "Everyone will only be able to see my mouth." he laughs to himself.

He blinks a bit. "Uh... Hello?" he calls out. he could had sworn he maybe heard something.
Runealy Waldia 2015-05-24 05:30:36 489
Two or three people? Runealy's mind races with possibilities as to why that many people might be here. Even as Gaofele readies his staff, Rune can't do much; she needs her magic. Transforming right now would be possible, but it would also be loud and obvious... and she'd rather not give their arrival away if she can help it.

So she follows her friend's lead, softly stepping in and looking around with held breath and nerves on edge. Again, no words; she trusts Gaofele. She trusts that he has a good idea how to handle this, and that things will become clear in time.

...Well, she trusts that he has a good idea. Things just became far /less/ clear, as she listens to an unknown voice - multiple voices? - begin discussing the fate of a nation? The deeper voice's first words sting, hitting very close to home and drawing an uncomfortable wince, then she becomes very confused as dramatics give way to complaints about capes and costumes.

...Then they seem to have been noticed. Even as a voice calls out in confused greeting, she makes a tiny gasp and looks to Gaofele once more. Rune's wide eyes ask, 'what now?'
Gaofele Doiru 2015-05-24 05:41:30 490
Gao narrows his eyes as he looks towards the back room. Not from fear, or anger; no, it seems to be... puzzlement? Talk of danger to lands, yes, but was there something about a cape? And was that a /laugh/ he heard??

Staying ducked below shelving level, he stalks down the aisle, waving Rune closer once he can see around the corner. He moves up to the doorway, standing next to it so he can hopefully hear the conversation more clearly. Gao's staff is held with a waiting grip, ready to be used to block someone's movement.
Hinote Kagari 2015-05-24 05:50:56 491
Hinote Kagari keeps his pause for a moment when he hears nothing more... "Eh, probably a rat or something..." he murmurs as he looks back to his binder. "Let's see, so... he comes off the stage.. flourishing his cape.... also.. the Princess does too. And she says "Balrex, no, you can't fight him here, you'll die!" he says in a high pitched voice. And Balrex says. A deep voice, but not as deep as the villian voice. "I cannot stand idly by as people are in danger of dying!" he rolls his eyes and sighs. "And then I say. "Balrex, you are a FOOL! I will destroy you here, and now!" in the deep villian voice. "... and then I lift my sword off my back and get ready for a battle, there's a battle sequence here. Ugh. I actually need the other guy here to practice that...." he bemoans as he sits back down. "Okay I think I got the lines down so far...." he murmurs to himself again.
Runealy Waldia 2015-05-24 05:54:50 492
Huddled near the shelves, crouched by Gaofele, Runealy can't /see/ much. But she is listening and hears very odd things. So she dares to whisper to Gaofele, leaning in close to be as quiet as possible, "'Just a rat'? Practice? Getting lines? It doesn't sound like they're here looking for us? Should we just go talk to them?" That last question is asked with an edge of fear. Secrecy has been their ally so far, and she worries they're in danger of losing it.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-05-24 06:07:52 493
Gao frowns slightly. Something just seems off about the voices,but he can't place what -- and the odd comments aren't helping, either. He holds up a hand in a 'wait' gesture, then quickly peeks around the corner for just a moment in an attempt to see how the others are arranged in the back room. There's one person, and...

...that's it?

With his head back out of the doorway, Gao blinks. "Just one?" he breathes. A more sedate peek confirmsit: there's just one guy in there. That... certainly changes the odds.

Gao waves to Rune to step forward, and then he steps into the doorway, knocking on the frame with his staff and clearing his throat loudly. His stance is imposing, but not immediately threatening -- enough to discourage trouble, while still leaving diplomacy available.
Hinote Kagari 2015-05-24 06:14:19 494
Hinote Kagari swears he hears something again and he looks around, and.. there's Gao, in the back doorway, as he blinks... "OH! Uh... Hi! Don't worry, I have Granola Bars! I'll share!" he insists and smiles. "I'm not here to steal your stuff or anything, just that...I've been using this store to practice for yeaaaaaars, don't worry. I'm never around too long." he says as he forages in his bag and offers. "Want one?" he asks sheepishly. "Not here to ruin your clubhouse, or whatever..." he murmurs.
Runealy Waldia 2015-05-24 06:18:31 495
Just one? That's a relief. Runealy stands up once they have Hinote's attention, nodding to Gaofele in thanks before emerging from the shelves she was using to hide. She's about to say something, but the stranger (from her perspective) beats her to it.

He's apologizing and trying to share food. She's not sure what to make of this. In some ways, it almost would have been easier if he WAS here to cause trouble, if they could have just fought it out. Well, it would have made the /decisions/ easier. It would be a lot more scary, though. So she takes a second to think on how to respond to this.

"Umm... thank you, but... why are you here? What are you practicing, and why would you keep doing it /here/ of all places? This... this isn't a very good place, is it?" Runealy is very confused, not immediately reaching to take the offered food.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-05-24 06:25:38 496
Gao blinks, but does relax his stance slightly. Hinote's not being threatening or aggressive; that's a good sign. He nods at Rune's questions, while scanning the room -- nothing /seems/ to be out of place.

Well, other than the barely-ajar door. Huh. Gao had tried opening it once before,but it had seemed stuck; with the front doors unlocked, there hadn't seemed to be a need to open the back one as well. He does make a note to himself to add a bell-line to this door, as well; since it /can/ be opened, better to assume that someone /will/ open it.
Hinote Kagari 2015-05-24 06:30:25 497
Hinote Kagari shrugs. "Because it's quiet, and out of the way. No one bothered me here to asked me silly questions about different voices I do when I rehearse." he says. "I'm an actor!" he says. "In the local school drama club. I'm usually stuck playing the badguys on the stage, but, eh, *I'm* a good guy!" he insists.

He pauses. "Right my name's Hinote Kagari! You should know the back door opens if you tap the right lower corner really hard. That's how I usually get in. NEver.. occrued to me to try another way in." he says sheepishly. "Besides, no one can see me coming in the back." he says with a curt nod.

He continues to hold out the Granola Bar. "OH right.. um..." he grabs another Granola Bar, because two people. He holds them out. "I mean if you don't want them.. that's okay..." he says sheepishly. "But I got plenty of them, so...!"
Runealy Waldia 2015-05-24 06:38:54 498
Because it's quiet and out of the way. The same reasons Runealy finds it a distasteful but suitable home here on 'Planet Japan.' Still, she decides to go along with the conversation at hand. "An actor? What you were rehearsing sounded pretty rea--" She cuts herself off, changes the wording to: "...pretty convincing."

And despite her caution, she's willing to walk up to accept the offer this time. She does it with notable hesitation, as if worried Hinote might suddenly lash out and strike once she's close enough... but Runealy takes the chance that maybe Hinote is the good guy he says he is. "Thank you. I'm Runealy, and... um. ...We live here." Her head lowers as she admits that, a guilty gaze drifting aside to Gaofele.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-05-24 06:45:17 499
"And I'm Gaofele," Gao adds, walking up to accept the other offered bar. Glancing at Hinote's previously opened bar, Gao tugs at the wrapping for a bit, then shrugs and pulls out a knife. With a stab and a cut, he finally opens the wrapped bar, then resheathes his blade.

He takes a bite of the bar and chews on it for a while -- hmm, not bad; somewhat more tolerable than your average trail rations. "Years, you say?" he inquires. "You must be an accomplished actor, then!"
Hinote Kagari 2015-05-24 06:47:16 500
Hinote Kagari blinks. "Live here? You guys aren't...homeless, are you?" he asks, suddenly seeming concern. He lets Runealy take the bar, he doesn't lash out at all. His head is running through some possibilities as Gao takes the other accepted bar. He watches as Gao just slices it open with a knife, he blinks. "You're supposed to...pull the wrapper open." he says as he blinks.

His eyes light up a little. "Yup, since I was 7 and able to get into the Drama Club." he says proudly. "My Dad's much better at this stuff though." he asides.

"So... why are you.. living here though?" he asks again with concern. "Is everything okay?" he asks, looking between the two.
Runealy Waldia 2015-05-24 06:52:15 501
"We're not homeless, but the ship let us off in the wrong place." A lie, one among many Runealy has told. "We haven't been able to find a better place, and we didn't want to get in anyone's way, so... here we are."

She's distracted for a moment as Gaofele works on his bar, and Hinote says there's an easier way. "...How?" She starts tugging at one end, to no success. "Everything's fine, but you need to forget that you saw us here, okay?" That's an odd topic jump, and she says it so abruptly. "You need to stop coming here. We need this place."
Gaofele Doiru 2015-05-24 07:04:48 502
Gao munches on his bar a bit more, letting Rune lead on the conversation. "Thank you for these... 'granola bars', though," he adds. Definitely not a bad taste, although the packaging will certainly take a bit of getting used to. Just another thing to get used to on Planet Japan...

An idea pops into his mind -- somewhat risky, but probably less so than a different option... "Rune," he whispers quietly. "What if we offer him a deal -- let him use this place, in exchange for information?"
Hinote Kagari 2015-05-24 07:06:33 503
Hinote Kagari ohs! "Well.. see how the back makes a tab? Just grab that. and an edge...." he grabs his own bar, and shows how, tugging it, the package opening and how he pulls it down on the flap on the back. "And pull down." he says.

He blinks. "I need to stop coming here!? That's silly. This is my favorite place to practice... I'll just use the area near where I entered instead from now on if you don't want me in your main room here....." he says. "Besides, it sounds like you guys are in a little bind. Don't you guys need help?" he asks curiously.

"Most of this furniture isn't great. Do you guys have food? water? I mean, refrigeration is off here. So's the electricity." he crosses his arms and taps his far shoulder.

He watches Gao whisper to Rune, but he can't quite hear what he's saying. He blinks a bit.
Runealy Waldia 2015-05-24 07:09:54 504
"We'll be fine, but I'm serious!" Rune speaks with hints of desperation in her tone, not anger or true 'demand', even as she moves to stand beside Gaofele - she feels a lot better next to him while facing the unknown, even an actor who isn't threatening them. "You need to stay away from here, period. It's important. We've got what we need, but..."

...Then she realizes what Hinote was asking about in more detail. Confusion takes hold again as she asks with meek confusion: "...What are those? Refriger-whatsit and what?" She's so puzzled by this that she hasn't immediately gotten around to learning how to unwrap modern food, despite Hinote just showing them how to do it.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-05-24 07:21:07 505
Gao gives Rune's free hand a discreet squeeze of encouragement. "I think we're not going to be able to bluff our way out of this," he murmurs ruefully. If a young actor can leave them stumped on trying to blend in, what hope would they have against a grown scholar?

He gives Hinote a firm stare. "Right," he sighs. The options they have are few, and while this isn't a good idea, it seems to be the least worst one available. "Hinote, was it? Do you swear by that which you hold dear that you can keep a confidence?"
Hinote Kagari 2015-05-24 07:23:11 506
Hinote Kagari blinks again! "Well, like... that big thing over there!" he says pointing to one of the old, glass windowed coolers that probably contained premade sandwhiches at one point in it's life. "If it was running on electrcity, it'd be cold inside, to keep food in, so it doesn't spoil. Electricty is kind of like a .. force that powers things in wires. Don't you know? It makes the whole world run, really. But this place has it's electricty cut off because it's closed down." he admits. "At least, I think it does. Pretty sure...." he says meekly.

He actually doesn't seem phased by these questions and seems happy to answer them.

He blinks. "Well, if you mean I can keep a secret, well yeah, that's easy enough." he says. "I keep em all the time. Can't tell you any though." he says wagging a finger.

"But seriously. It's okay to ask for help!" he says. "If that's what this is about!"
Runealy Waldia 2015-05-24 07:28:11 507
Bluffing might have been more likely if Rune hadn't revealed major issues right away. Regardless, in the heat of the moment she did just that and now they're faced with a problem of how to keep a vital secret. She can think of ways. Ones that scare her the moment they even briefly flash through her mind before being rejected.

Gaofele seems to arrive at the same idea she does, and beats her to it. She stays quiet as he speaks, squeezing his hand back in appreciation. Only afterward does she add her own words to this, pleading: "This isn't a joke, and it's more than 'a secret.' He's serious! So am I. You can't tell anyone we're here. Even someone you completely trust, even if it's someone you owe your life, someone you would never think of hiding anything from. It's that important. Important enough that we're here, in a place that doesn't have force wire power or cold rooms for food or anything like that even when you think that's weird." It's something of a rambling insistence, but one said with clear desperation in Runealy's voice.

"We need this place. Right now, that's the biggest help we could expect." Perhaps not the biggest help they could ask for. Or should ask for. But her wording in this case is very precise.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-05-24 07:36:38 508
Gao nods. Keeping this protected shelter, even with its lack of happiness, is vitally important. "The fact that we are here is a major secret," he agrees. "If you are willing to keep that a secret, then I would not be loath to sharing this space with you."

A small smile quirks across his face. "And as I recall, you mentioned something about not being able to practice a battle?" he continues. "I wouldn't mind having a sparring partner, if that would be helpful."
Hinote Kagari 2015-05-24 07:41:38 509
Hinote Kagari smiles and shrugs. "Sorry, I guess it's just my nature to joke, it's meant to ease people. I promise, no one will know you guys are here. I don't bring people here with me, this was kind my private spot. I didn't even tell me parents about it, so you guys are safe." he says. But he does frown. "But I /am/ going to be stocking up on snacks and stocking this place up! Making sure you guys have food at least. People shouldn't go hungry." he smiles again. "Right?"

He blinks. "Well.. I mean, it's an acting battle. The Hero and.. the Dark Knight in the story clash, and the heros supposed to drive his divine sword he quested for into the Dark Knight's stomach." he sighs. "I'm kinda...playing the Dark Knight" he says sheepishly. "I always want the lead hero, but I always end up with the villians. But, better than nothing!" he smiles.

"But yeah I can keep your secret. I just. Like... I can't leave you guys here cold and hungry. I'll figure something out....." he murmurs.
Runealy Waldia 2015-05-24 07:49:44 510
Rune blinks as Gaofele offers compromises she hadn't. It's an interesting show of initiative from her perspective, and... a welcome one. It suggests to her that he's going to keep an eye out for solutions and opportunities, even if she doesn't give some royal decree to insist he take specific actions. Once the surprise of it wears off, that's a welcome thing to think about her friend.

And she goes along with the diplomacy, easing up some of her rhetoric accordingly. "Okay... if..." She struggles for the words, feeling like a 'reasonable compromise' in this case is dangerous but trying to force herself past that, "If you'll really keep it to yourself, if you're careful that people don't see you show up here... I... ...I don't think we should take this place away from you?"

Forcing those words out helps a little. She's still nervous, but trying to be more constructive now. "We've been eating. We brought food, and we have money to buy more." She even walks over to a shelf to prove this, pulling out and holding up a few silver coins. "If you really want to help, okay, but we can pay for it. And... um." Curiousity takes hold as she looks Hinote over. "If you always end up with the part you don't want, then why? Why stick with it for so long?"
Hinote Kagari 2015-05-24 07:56:18 511
Hinote Kagari kind of smiles. " dad is an actor too. I mean, a professional one. He plays all sorts of heroic roles, like Knights and Kings and Princes, and.. I think I'd like to, too. If I stick around long enough, I'll get that role. I just need to work at it harder!" he smiles. "So if I do good with the villian roles, I'm sure my time will come." he nods.

"Like I said. Secret. Promise!" he says.

He eyes the coins and blinks. "Well. It'll be my treat." he smiles. "I mean anything I bring over. I don't wanna be paid back." he says waving an arm off.

"Um..." his eyes go wide. "I'm going to... be late if I don't leave though, then my parents will call me and get all worried." he smiles.

"Um.. here..." he says opening his backpack and taking out a handful of the Granola bars. "These are for you for later.." he says placing them on a nearby counter-top. "They don't go bad, so... if you don't want them now, you can have them later." he smiles.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-05-24 07:58:25 512
Gao tilts his head in a shrug-nod. Having a sparring partner would be nice, and teaching Hinote some combat basics might be one way of repaying Hinote's kindness, but if the actor isn't currently interested in that, he won't push the matter.

"We do appreciate the concern, and thank you for the food," Gao smiles. "And if you need to return home, then do so, by all means."
Runealy Waldia 2015-05-24 08:07:13 513
"...I'll trust you to that," Runealy finally relents, her body relaxing as she decides to risk accepting that Hinote might be trustworthy. "Thank you. For this," She takes the offered food, this time with far less hesitation. "For keeping a secret, and trying to help. Listen... I hope you get it."

She quickly clarifies. "The roles you're working for, I mean. It sounds like you've got them coming to you, and then some." And then a nod aside to Gaofele. She hasn't said much to him in the last several moments, but he's on her mind in a good way, and she's definitely thinking about what to say when the air clears a little more.
Hinote Kagari 2015-05-24 08:09:40 514
Hinote Kagari smiles. "Well, I'll be around tommrow then, if you guys are here, We'll chat some more." he says with a nod. "And if you're not, I'll just drop off a couple bags!" he grins. "But still, I know if I'll work I get it." he says with a wink.

"And don't worry, no one will know you're here, I promise!" he says with a curt nod.

and with a wave and a smile, off he goes out the back, taking his binder and backpack with him!
Gaofele Doiru 2015-05-24 08:18:17 515
Gao watches Hinote leave, paying attention to the door as the actor closes it behind him. "That... was a surprising bit of good fortune," he admits, picking up another granola bar. Hold the bar there, pull that tab like so... ah, /that's/ how you open these!

"I think we might try asking him for more information about this world," he continues. "He already knows that we're unfamiliar with things here, and he appears to be trustworthy." A shrug. "It might not be the best option; but of the options we do have, it certainly sounds feasible."
Runealy Waldia 2015-05-24 08:22:35 516
Runealy watches Gaofele, and in turn figures out how to open one of her bars. She takes a bite, making a 'mm...' as she likes the taste after a moment's consideration. "It might still turn out pretty bad, but... you handled that better than I was about to. I was going to try to scare him off and make sure he never came back. That..."

Her head lowers. "Wasn't the worst option I could think of, but I don't think I could have gone any further than scaring him. Still, you probably did the right thing." Another bite, then she walks over to slump against what used to be the store's check-out counter. "We made our choice, and now just have to hope it turns out good instead of bad. I'm not going to second guess you on it." Rune nods to him. "You probably did the best thing that could be done on the spot."
Gaofele Doiru 2015-05-24 08:37:16 517
"Considering his first reaction to seeing us was to offer us food, and that he was showing concern, I guessed that it would be safe enough to share the space with him," Gao explains, leaning against a wall. "He already values the secrecy of this place; if it leads to a better understanding of this world, why not let him keep using it?"

He walks over and gives Rune a hug. "It's hard, trying to decide on the right reaction on the spot," he admits. "If you're lucky, you might get a few extra moments to improve your options, but you always have to be ready to be decisive... and to work with whatever happens afterwards."
Runealy Waldia 2015-05-24 08:40:55 518
"Yeah..." Runealy is in quiet, subdued agreement. "You got it." She's calmer tonight, and might not particularly need the encouragement Gaofele's offering but she certainly doesn't decline it and leans in to his embrace. "I'm just glad we went with /your/ reaction. I would have chased off someone who could really give us a hand. Though..."

She looks aside to the office room, the room they've decided to use for storing crystals holding any energy they drain once they make their move. "What do we do about that? We have to figure he'll find out sooner or later, right? What then?"
Gaofele Doiru 2015-05-24 08:54:09 519
Gao's mouth closes to a thin line as he contemplates this. "It's not the best option, but... if he asks -- and only /if/ he asks, mind you -- we'll tell him the most basic truth: we're here to acquire something to help save our home," he sighs. "That should be enough of an answer to suffice, as well as being a token of good faith."

Keeping Hinote in the dark doesn't sit well with Gao, but telling his straight up what the Waldian plan is? That might turn the young actor against them. Even the basic truth, if offered unsolicited, might sour their interaction. No, keeping it on a 'Need To Ask' basis is the least worst option.
Runealy Waldia 2015-05-24 08:58:35 520
"I'm not sure I'm okay with saying 'world.'" Rune shakes her hehad a few times, though it's a slight movement since she's still so close to Gao. "If he tells someone about it, if someone hears from him, secret or not, that a /world/ is at stake... they might attack. This world already has someone doing that." Her thoughts flash back to Ail at the concert, announcing himself as a conqueror. 'Planet Japan' had a dozen people ready to blast him down on the spot. Their own home doesn't have that luxury.

"If we have to say anything, can we say 'friend' instead? Save our friend. It's still true." A look to his eyes, "Right?"
Gaofele Doiru 2015-05-24 09:08:51 521
The corners of Gao's mouth quirk upward into a gentle smile. "In that case, 'friend' it is," he agrees. If Rune is concerned enough that even a word close to revealing where they came from is enough to cause worry, then he can ease her mind by being extra-cautious about his word choice.

"All in all, a good day, right?" he smiles. Some extra supplies of food with the possibility of more later, a person who might be able to tell them more about 'Planet Japan'... definitely a showing of good fortune!
Runealy Waldia 2015-05-24 09:13:50 522
"Yeah... this..." Rune's words are hesitant at first, still jittery over the risk she thinks they took in offering any sort of trust to an utter stranger. Then she slips away enough to take another bite from her bar, and starts speaking more steadily.

"This worked. It's one extra way to keep eating, and we don't go making a huge mess either." For the first time since they've arrived on this bizarre, seemingly impossible world, Runealy smiles back. It's a tiny thing, but it's something. "Maybe we have a chance of making this work." Another nod to him. "Thanks. You made the right call."
Gaofele Doiru 2015-05-24 09:33:50 523
Gao takes another bite of his bar, his smile widening. "I do what I can," he demurrs. Being able to get Rune to smile makes the day just a bit brighter.

Since there were no forays planned for tonight, he starts setting up the bell-lines, one set on each door. As he does so, a thought percolates through his mind. "It might be nothing, but I'm starting to see a pattern," he remarks. "First a scholarly teacher, and now a scholarly actor -- and from different parts of town! Perhaps schools are more common here on Planet Japan?"
Runealy Waldia 2015-05-24 09:39:02 524
"Schools?" Rune follows over to help with the bells... or, more likely in this case, lean in to watch what Gao's doing so she can handle it on her own later if need be. "I wouldn't know. I mean, we /do/ have them back home!" She sounds defensive. Not angry, but trying to defend against criticism; it might not have even been meant that way. "What I do know is people have been talking about it here. I'll walk through crowds, and sometimes anyone our age will start saying things about when it's starting back up." Confusion grips her, mixed with curiosity. "...Why do you think about that, though?"
Gaofele Doiru 2015-05-24 09:49:42 525
Gao nods slightly at Rune's observation. "If schools are common enough that practically everyone our age attends them... then won't we stand out if we aren't?" he points out with a slightly worried look. "At the very least, we'd have to restrict our activities during school sessions, or run the risk of attracting more attention than we want." Sometimes camouflage is less a matter of how you look and more an issue of how you act, after all.

"At the very least, it should be one of the things we ask Hinote about," Gao shrugs. "Once we have more information about this, we can make a better-informed decision on what to do."
Runealy Waldia 2015-05-24 09:56:39 526
Rune ends up taking implied meanings that Gaofele may or may not actually intend, continuing to defend their home's educational standards. "I wouldn't know how common it is here or not, but people learn just fine back home, you know that." While patriotism is urging her to counter possible slights against their world, she's not arguing or disagreeing with everything.

"You may be right, though." She's able to go along with the overall point Gao raises, finishing off her bar in the meantime. "We'll talk to him and figure it out. Besides, it might be a chance to watch people and figure out what's going on. Whehter it's school, that electra-wire refriger-whatever," She's still stumbling on the terms Hinote used, having only briefly heard them, "or anything else. It looks like we're starting to get some real leads, huh?"
Gaofele Doiru 2015-05-24 10:11:24 527
"Indeed," agrees Gao as he finishes rigging the bell-lines. "And the more leads we gain, the sooner we can adapt to this world, and the sooner we can work on saving ours." It's not an easy thought, for all it happens to be true.

"But for now -- rest. With good food and good sleep--" both of which have been in mostly suboptimal quality for several of the past few days "--we should be able to face whatever tomorrow brings." And with that, he lays down on the futon, closing his eyes in preparation for sleep.