A Not So Friendly Visit

A Corrupted Hannah tries to visit Usagi. Her friends old and new are there to prevent too much suffering. The sword has other plans.

Date: 2016-03-17
Pose Count: 39
Hannah Sharpe 2016-03-17 01:28:24 34063
Miss White has spent the last few days wandering the alleyways and streets of Tokyo. With her tattered clothes, disheveled hair, and generally fogged look to her eyes, most denizens of Tokyo had simply dismissed her as a homeless girl, or just a drug addict.

At night, when she drew her blade from the darkness, youma and magical girl alike paid for their ill luck in running into the red-eyed young woman.

Tonight, however, is different. Unlike her random attacks, driven purely by anger with no focused outlet, she's looking for someone in particular. Someone, that even in her addled mind, she knows she owes so much. Usagi Tsukino.

At midnight, a swirling vortex of magic tosses Miss White out onto the street. She lands roughly, the tip of her greatsword scraping along concrete. She turns, stumbling forward after slamming the blade of the weapon into the sidewalk. Feeling for the front door of Usagi's home, she's greeted with nothing but ruin and rubble.

Sadness hits her, hard and heavy. She needs to find her. Needs to thank her. An animalistic growl exits her mouth, and in a burst of black wind magic, she takes out her frustrations on the nearby street with one slash. A gas-main ignites, and an explosion touches off, water spilling from the destruction she's wrough.

"...Where are you?" She mutters, shivering, as she collapses against what remains of Usagi's front door. Her bloodshot eyes stream tears of sadness, fear, and frustration. As she sinks closer and closer to despair, the dark magic around her grows all the thicker in a miasma.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-03-17 01:48:49 34065
There are a limited number of people Mamoru's willing to drop somewhat personal problems on and ask for help. Obviously the Shitennou, the Senshi (sometimes), Homura, Kyouko, Hannah... and increasingly, Tadase and Kukai. Since this problem is Hannah, and since she has such a sketchy damn history with his Puella-friends, that strikes them off the list -- and most of the Senshi are watching over about a million other projects interrupted by D-Point. They are, of course, on call, but it's Hannah.

So it is that once Usagi showed Mamoru the creepypasta texts Hannah sent her, and Mamoru texted Hannah and got even more creepypasta, he decided that he'd follow Hannah's advice and protect his princess. Of course, that means watching her back while she deals damage, generally, but it still counts. He's got a couple of people watching his apartment since that's usually the SUPER LIKELIEST PLACE for attacks and manifestations of crazy to go down, and then the other address Hannah has -- he's there with Moon, Nephrite, and Zoisite, and they're up on a still-semi-solid rooftop across the street and down a couple of houses from Usagi's wrecked home.

Until Hannah dragged herself to the door, he'd been pointing out the main structural issues of the house and what would actually need to be replaced entirely, and what could actually stay in place, and explaining that yes, it was good honest work and they'd be paid in room and board and booze and Mario Kart and new clothes and whatever so stop complaining--

--but the second Hannah does appear, Tuxedo Kamen gets out his Virtue phone and starts texting Tadase and Cure Gull furiously. 'Location B! Location B!' And a second later, 'Ugh, you guys she just blew a gas main in a fit of pique I hope you're not far'

"Think we should wait until backup arrives?" he whispers.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-17 01:59:35 34067
Usagi herself has been desperately hoping the texts were send from a girl seriously sleep deprived and nothing more. Because as creepy as the texts were for her to read, she cannot imagine how creepy they are for Hannah to send them.

So she busies herself in a bit of guilt as the guys go over house plans, chewing on her lip and not really looking at them. She doesn't want to know where the money comes from, will firmly tell herself its from the government, always, because she doesn't want to be that girlfriend. (Not that being that girlfriend is inherently bad, or what she's even doing. Upbringing and all brings a wonderful sense of guilt to things that are just a touch more than a milkshake or a pretty bauble.)

The complaints don't help the guilt, either, but she understands it.

And Hannah's arrival is not a welcome distraction.

If Sailor Moon weren't still tired from D-Point, even with extra energy humming along her skin through the henshin, she'd be down there in a moment, trying to talk to her friend.

Instead, she hugs Mamoru's arm, which she had clung to during the explosion, discretely wiping her eyes against his sleeves, and nods.

"But...can I go down there and try to talk to her? She looks so..." She gives a sniffle, of course, because it's her friend down there.
Nephrite 2016-03-17 02:09:18 34068
Nephrite draws close to the pair, both out of protection and the simple need for silence. "Never a moment's rest, eh? This is your call," he mutters. "You're the ones who know her. But if it were me, I wouldn't let her get close."

Part of him wants to urge them both to just leave while they can, slip away in the night before they're detected. But that would be remarkably hypocritical of him, given recent events.
Tadase Hotori 2016-03-17 02:10:35 34069
Tadase looks down at his phone. Not only is this his business because it's related to Mamoru, but it's his business because it's related to Virtue. It doesn't take him long to grab Kiseki away from yet another ego-boosting stickfigure drawing and Chara Transform with him, becoming Platinum Royale, and superjumping from roof to roof until he reaches the right part of town.

Of course, the right part of town is still in various states of repair, so it gets a little harder from there, but eventually, he descends behind Mamoru and Usagi. "She does not exactly look okay." Platinum Royale says, pointing down at her. "Do you know what's going on? I've heard reports of someone like this assaulting... well, everything she can." he says, crossing his arms. He doesn't have his scepter out yet. He's all business for the moment, but breaks that long enough to smile. "It's good to see the both of you again, though."
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-03-17 02:13:09 34070
Cure Gull was in the air- having heard about this whole mess-- she knew about this whole mess. She's known about it since Hannah touch the fricken Lost Logia. She'd hope that- Hannah's coherency would had stuck around when everyone turned out to have lived- well- brought back from the dead.

She wasn't so lucky... Hannah wasn't so lucky.

She's hoping SOME Sort of hold was loosened though- as she spirals downwards- she looks over and sees Kamen, Moon, Zoisite and.... Nephrite... there. All she gives is a curt nod before she touches down on the ground--- the gas main being lit on fire being a good indicator of where she's landing.

"Hannah-chan..." she says softly from behind her.

"Hannah-chan... you need to fight this... please." she says sadly--- before the tone gets more determined. "That thing is in your head!" she says. "Are you going to let that stupid blade push you around like I let Corvus push me around!?" she spits out.

She raises her hands, she's not attacking yet but she's spitting things out.

"--or do I need to use what you've taught me, Hannah-chan..." she says more worriedly.

She knows, deep down-- this isn't going to fix things. There's only a few things that can but-- maybe. Just maybe...
Zoisite 2016-03-17 02:16:50 34071
Telling Zoisite to stop complaining is generally a lost cause, since even if (and, granted, Endymion can manage this much) he stops complaining out loud, his body language is ... eloquent.

The moment that vortex of magic drops Miss White into local reality, though, the posing stops.

"She's fast, and she has a lot of tricks," Zoisite sums up his agreement with Nephrite. And then adds to the latter, "But -- we owe her. She took on Beryl. Face to face." He elides the part about saving Zoisite's life in the process, particularly since that only lasted about three seconds; but the fact that his tone does not include an implicit 'was stupid enough to take on Beryl' suggests a great deal.

-- then it looks like someone else is taking on the job of getting close to White. Zoisite's attention flickers to Platinum Royale for just a moment, checking his reaction ... then stays on Moon. Who is the most likely one here to make Sudden Decisions.

By some small fraction of a percentage, admittedly.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-03-17 02:29:31 34072
Off in the distance, Tuxedo Kamen worries for his princess, as the vaguely lucid Hannah knew he would, and worried for.

Off in the distance, Usagi worries for her friend, and hesitates, tired and wondering. A warranted hesitation, given how oddly Hannah's acting.

Nephrite's logic might seem cold, but more than intelligent, given how violent she's been. No doubt, Hannah wouldn't want to hurt the senshi. Quite the opposite, by now.

Platinum Royale makes keen observations, not at all leaping in, and given the miasma of evil around her, who could say he's wrong?

Zoisite lays out reality: a fast woman, with more than one trick. And plainly deranged. But beneath the monster is still the magical girl who so helped them all.

Cure Gull leaps in, the first to take action, and the monster that is Miss White suddenly seems to return to reality. So many lights have come, but for the moment, there's a single person right in front of her. So much powerful, intoxicating magic.

Her wrist tightens, and that man-sized blade is being swung towards Gull without an ounce of remorse or hesitation. The dark magic in her veins begs for blood and death and destruction, and her body obeys. Then, at the last minute, some small part of Haruna's voice reaches her.


That blade stops, and Hannah slams to her knees. There's silence. Fight. Fight the darkness. Darkness she'd died fighting against, for the sake of those she cares for.

Her entire body quivers, and she lets out a howl of suffering. Her red-tinged glowing eyes burn, Darkness warring with her ambition and will.

Slowly, she stands, and bloody tears leak down her eyes like molassas. "...It burns! It hurts! No...NO GET OUT OF ME! YOU'RE JUST LIKE HER YOU DAMN BLADE! OUT!" Screams Miss White, stumbling backwards to her rear.

Another long growl, she sobs, and slowly gets to her feet once more. Her knees bend, and then she's gone.

It's one single, powerful leap towards the massed, concerned glut of magical power that is Sailor Moon, Tuxedo Kamen, the Shittenou, and Platinum Royale. Her greatsword slams towards the group, filled with dark wind magic, in an act of pure rage and anger at the world. While it's hardly accurate, the strength and power behind it are undeniable.

Mamoru Chiba 2016-03-17 02:36:57 34073
"Something's got her half-possessed and hopped up on dark energy," Tuxedo Kamen says, sounding a little-- something. Tired, maybe. Faintly annoyed, but not at any of the people on the roof. Tadase gets a slight smile in return, even. "She's fighting it, but we all know how well that usually goes, especially when whatever it is is particularly strong. She's really strong, so for this to be such a fight, it must be really powerful."

He absently kisses the side of Moon's head as she clings to his arm and gets his sleeve wet, then glances down again as Gull lands.

There's a slight tightening of his shoulders and inclination of his head, and his next breath is quite measured. "Well. Looks like her girlfriend's volunteered to be mine canary. For reference, she's good with a sword, is a championship-level kickboxer, a Device user, and generally favors elemental wind attacks; she can also teleport and has highly developed spatial awareness. And, yes--"

A glance at Zoisite, then to Nephrite. "She intercepted a lethal attack on me and ZoOOOOOH SHIT--"

(is the sound one may be tempted to make when one is faced with an oncoming sword-train-ICBM)

Tuxedo Kamen grabs Sailor Moon and jumps, the tensing of his muscles to spring and countless iterations of exactly this action serving as the only warning to the other three boys on the roof of what he's doing. Up and up. And up. And then down, away on the other side of the street, down by the broken-branched but still standing tree on the side of Usagi's house.

"Try talking to her, sure," he tells Usagi.
Tadase Hotori 2016-03-17 02:54:58 34074
Platinum Royale is, luckily, somewhat used to fighting an opponent who's known for moving fast and hitting hard. One might even say his usual opponent possess catlike reflexes.

And so Tadase is reacting to the engagement, jumping back into the air just before the sword/windtunnel/Hannah itself can slam into and impact them. He holds out his hand and his scepter appears in it with a burst of gold sparkles. "She doesn't look very talkative, no." he says as he levels the scepter at her.

"But maybe I can convince her!" he adds. "ROYAL SEAL!" he calls as the ribbonlike burst of silverygold rays erupts from it, and surges forward through the air, seeking to bind up Miss White - or at least one of her arms, or her legs. Really at this point Tadase might well settle for anything.

He jumps down from the building he retreated to in order to land next to Mamoru and Usagi. "I take it this is at least somewhat abnormal behavior, so I'll chalk it up to the dark energy." he adds.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-17 02:57:19 34075
Usagi catches Zoisite's look and crosses her eyes when she looks at him. Tadase gets a little finger wave, and Nephrite just makes her feel that much safer, being here.

She leans into the kiss against her temple as she sniffles.

Sailor Moon prepares to add to Mamoru's defence of Hannah. Because she knows Hannah is a VERY grumpy teddy bear. Granted, not one she'd wave off and dismiss, but.

Of course, her words die in her throat as Hannah charges and Tuxedo Kamen leaps them to safety. She clings to him, a small wimper, because fighting friends sucks.

She looks up at Mamoru and nods as she works on swallowing that lump down her throat.

"This isn't our Hannah-chan, Tadase. She's grumpy, but not like this."

Then she clears her throat. "Hannah-chan? I'm sorry I didn't greet you properly!" She'd go over, but she doesn't really have the desire to shrug off a certain someone's hold on her. "A-are you okay? We've been worried about you!"
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-03-17 02:59:11 34076
Pain. Hurt. Sandness. Fear. These are all feelings Gull feels when Hannah seems to be doing all she can to fight this thing and she is /failing/. She doesn't think Hannah is weak for it. She needed help to kick Corvus out, too. Everyone needs a little help--- she goes to say something before----

"WATCH OUT!" she calls out.

Nrg-- it's all the warning she can give before she throws her hand back and calls out. "Gull Cutter!" and throws her hand out- throwing a rather large spinning feather wide- trying to intercept Hannah on her race toward's smashing into the group.

She takes to the air because she's going to be most mobile there-- her wings reforming from that bow on her back.

"Guys! Try to hold her down or pin her or /something/. That sword is controlling her. Nrg..."

She's worried because to break Hannah out of it the one time she managed she had to /die/ to accomplish that.

"That's right!" she calls out to Platinum Royale. "That thing is bad bad bad stuff, Corvus said. The thing almost made him fainted when it flared!" she calls out over the Chaos.

She looks at Sailor Moon--- and then begins making her way closer over there. She knows Tux is on the job here- so Moon /should'nt/ need the help but--- right now, Gull doesn't know what to think of a lot of things.
Zoisite 2016-03-17 03:06:01 34077
Zoisite is also fast, fortunately for him; he darts out of the path of Hannah's blade --

Zoisite is also light. Dark wind energy sends him tumbling; he rolls to a halt still barely on the 'solid' part of that rooftop, up on his feet again in an instant. His hair's a little more wild, that's all, and his own grin widening slowly. "Well," he says brightly. "If the sword's the problem." Fire brightens in his hands, and he takes advantage of the angle he's at, flinging that flame in a path designed to miss Miss White altogether (unless she throws herself into it), but intersect with her sword blade.

And possibly counting on that fire being bright, to give her something else to pay attention to aside from trying to impale the Tux-Usa-Tadase cluster.
Nephrite 2016-03-17 03:16:35 34078
Nephrite dives blindly out of the way as the greatsword swings for them, more rolling than leaping across the roof. "So I was right on one count, then. Don't let her get close."

So he can't get near the sword. He's not as fast as Zoisite. Stars it is. He summons small, sharp beams of light, aiming only for the sword. This, too, might hope to at least distract her with its brightness.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-03-17 03:28:41 34079
Her blade swipes air, just as Tuxedo Kamen grabs Moon and lifts her up-up-UP! Miss White lands on a water tower, which swiftly erupts into shards of metal and pour water, that sends the briefly confused-possessed woman down towards the rooftop they'd all been standing on. She's drenched in water, utterly soak, and yet those burning red eyes sightlessly glare at those who'd just escaped her blade. The blade wants blood, vengeance, power and magic.

It doesn't help that Miss White wants two of those things.

She drags that massive blade around to her shoulder casually. The building beneath her erupts in an unintended slice that has her growling and lifting up into the air from the pure force. Animalistic power leaves little grace, and in some small part of her mind, Hannah is utterly furious at the pure brute force on display.

She'd like a little more skill in it all, and it's perhaps telling that Platinum Royale's ribbons utterly wrap around her legs, dragging her through the rubble and to the street below. There's a plume of debris, and for a moment, strange calm ensues. Not stillness. Platinum can feel blade and body struggling against one another fiercely. That sword is stabbed into the ground again and again, and Miss White falls face-first several times. One might think it intentional, as unintelligable curses meet the air.

Flying Gull-related feathers slam into her, pinning her down longer. Cloth at first rips. Then those sharp feathers tear into skin as the unnaturally enrage Hannah refuses to stop. Her arm bleeds, her side bleeds, and she takes a cut on her cheek as she simply rips her way with a burst of dark magic that creates a bus-shaped crater with pure power. Her bleeding form slowly halts its wounds, as the magic of the blade wraps around her limbs, stopping the injury, but not at all the pain. It only adds to her fury.

But Zoisite offers a sudden lashing out of pure fiery will, that bolt of flame slamming into the sword as she takes it up, raising it high! For a man like him, it's an entirely obvious target, and the tip glows red-hot as if it had just been formed. Even with all of that ancient, lost metal, Zoisite's power is enough to give the metal underlying it pause through pure magical physics.

And then the Dark Kingdom's former astrologer slams pure starlight right onto the tip of that sword. The blind girl doesn't even flinch at Nephrite's blazing light. But her corrupted blade definitely glows all the way to pure white at the tip. Right to the breaking point.

Miss White's face seems to light up at the damage done to the blade. For a brief, brief moment, she pauses. She holds it higher, as if begging the others to hit the blade further. Then, the blade itself seems to suck magic from its wielder, her linker core utterly visible in her body as the corrupted blade seeks sustenance.

Black wind leaps to her legs, and Miss White leaps. Right for the woman she had hoped to meet this day, that she had so desperately sought. Right for Usagi.

There's no thought for defense. It's almost blatantly so, as one eye dims to its normal red. A tear leaks down that single, seemingly sane blind gaze.

She whispers. "...You saved....her. Usagi. You SAVED HER! I...I...oh God, thank you Usagi! I...I..." Mutters Hannah, caught between the darkness consuming her, and pure emotional upheaval from dying and being saved, and having the Pretty Cure so near saved from this girl so near.

"...Run. RUN! I'M SORRY I CAN'T STOP! RUN YOU IDIOT! G...Gu...Tux...KILL ME JUST GET HER OUT OF HERE!" She howls, and then that blazing sword's tip twists, aiming right down for Sailor Moon's back.

It might be a purely fatal strike, even with such powerful magical persons gathered, if she didn't aim that blade down slightly for her own leg, using the last of her will to shove Usagi away from her even as that blade falls from behind.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-17 03:41:22 34081
Running would be wise. It would be logical.

But Usagi's never been logical, and hearing her friend scream like that is worse than a bunch of youma attacking at once.

Still, she knows her boyfriend is stupidly protective at times, and, well, this time she's gonna be a complete moron.

Even as Hannah is shoving at her, she's shoving at Mamoru.

Like I said. Moron.

The blow isn't fatal, but it still pierces her back. A few inches to the left and it would have struck spine.

Fortunately, Usagi's usually a lucky moron, at least.

She jerks away, spinning to fall on her butt and she just looks up at Hannah.

There should be more going through her mind other than ow.

Maybe a pithy quip about being stabbed in the back.

Or how all the friends who really love her stab her at one point or another.

But really.


If she were more aware of her own self than others, part of her would have felt a small shard of that sword break off inside her.

But, well, she's not.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-03-17 03:46:10 34082
"No get back you guys, get her from the back, she's--!!" starts Tuxedo Kamen, eyes widening, and then Hannah's coming at them again, tortured and hesitant as she is, and Usagi's looking the other way; he moves to grab her and jump again, but gets shoved back with Usa-Henshin-Strength and trips over a bare root, sticking up from the ground. He lands hard, and a choked sound comes out of his throat as he sees the blade come down, too far for him to stop it, too quick for anyone to stop it but Hannah--

--and as Hannah does, he just gut-reacts, hands jerking up to point palms-out at her. "TuxedolasmokingBOMBER!" (KHFFWOOOSH)
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-03-17 03:50:40 34083
"I'LL KILL YOU OVER MY DEAD BODY!" screams Gull-- it's what's in her heart right now and her heart isn't making too much sense right now. The overall tone is 'yeah killing you is not a solution that is applicible yet. She can't gather her thoughts---- if she could. Maybe something else would happen---

But for now...

"HANNAH, NO!" she cries out-----

Nrrrrrg--- she was about to throw a 'Hopeful Feather Shoot' but that act knocks the wind out of her and instead she calls on something else.

She doesn't even need to yell or say anything about getting Sailor Moon out of there because she's pretty sure Tuxedo Kamen is already scooting her away by the time she'd bother to look back.

Then there's a bright gold burst and she has to shield her eyes----

Then she has to dive in and she tries to sock Hannah AS HARD AS SHE CAN with a very familar right hook that Hannah taught her herself to the face--because maybe...

If she hits Hannah hard enough...

She can finish knocking her out.
Tadase Hotori 2016-03-17 03:56:09 34084
Tadase isn't sure what to do here, and he's moving fast, and Usagi's been stabbed - and there's Kamen, and he's got her. And he knows he needs to do something... but quickly he assesses the situation.

Tuxedo Kamen has Usagi.

Nephrite and Zoisite will likely have Tuxedo Kamen, in return.

Platinum Royale is fine - but then there's - yep.

There's Gull going into melee with the crazy lady with the corrupting negative energy blacksword.

That's who he needs to keep an eye out for. Tadase makes a couple short hops, his scepter vanishing, behind Gull as she goes in for the slug, while Hannah's still recovering from Smoking Bomber. Tadase doesn't plan to try to deck her, though. All he's planning to do is scoop Gull out right when that punch connects, if Hannah does anything other than go down like a sack of lead potatoes.
Zoisite 2016-03-17 04:04:43 34085
"Definitely right!" Zoisite is already flinging himself down from the rooftop as he calls that to Nephrite -- because that is too close. That is much, much too close. It's a controlled fall; he somersaults midair, coming out of it with both hands burning. But Gull's in close, so he doesn't fling the fire, only lands neat and ready in case the combination isn't enough to either put her down or drive the sword back. (The sword. The sword is definitely the part doing the driving.)

He is not about to admit whether he's about to dart between Hannah and Moon-and-Mask, if need be. Of course he is. But he's not going to admit it, because Tuxedo Kamen's had enough defense-related trauma in the last few days.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-03-17 04:15:07 34086
There's a slow, dawning horror on Hannah's face. It would be one thing if she was fighting Usagi and her friends for loyalty. For her allies in Eclipse. Even maybe for what she desires in the end. She could accept that, even if it would absolutely hurt and rend her soul.

That sword slamming into Usagi's back violates every she's ever stood for, in so many ways, and even as that blade snaps off, Miss White is caught between the dark blade warping her thoughts, and pure self-hatred for hurting the girl.

Tears flow. There's the feeling of a familiar light from Mamoru. She 'glances' to the young man. The blade urges her to run. She knows just how powerful Tuxedo Kamen can be when truly pushed. In an instant of lucidity, she uses the opportunity, fighting against the thing wriggling around in her brain and veins. Sorrow turns to manic glee, as her face turns to regard the blade in her hand.

"...H...hope he...BREAKS YOU TO PIECES YOU SCUM! DIE DIE DIE!" Even as that white flame devours her, she chomps down on the partially broken blade hatefully. For once, this is all Hannah, doing what little she can to lash out at something that made her hurt a friend.

Another shard of the blade breaks, even as what little of her barrier jacket remains is rent by that point-blanket Smoking bomber.

Even for her, the pure power is blinding, and it leaves her nice and vulnerable. Her flesh might be scorched, but even that is healing over, the blade offering its berserk power to her. Gull socks her right in the jaw, in an almost shameful display that even in the moment Miss White might be rueing. For all her strength and power in this form, there's nothing in the way of defence, and the tightening muscles and spitting curses might give just a bit of evidence. She's sent into a building...and then through one, and then another. She lands in a heap.

But Miss White hasn't lost her kickboxing skills. In the same instant she's socked in the jaw, her leg has lashed out on pure instinct. One single, wind-powered brutal blow for gull's ribs. At the last second, the power cuts out, her eventual landing all the harder for the attempt to not kill the woman she loves.

By now, MIss White is a bleeding, wounded, growling and vaguely on fire heap of a magical girl. Stubborn, she rises anyway, and pauses.

"Urk....told you...run or...KILL ME...just...get...get...OUT! No no no no friends friends SHUT UP!"

Her head slams repeatedly into the blunt of the blade, and she snarls at it hatefully. Then, she's gone. She all but flies for Usagi. Her arm rises once again...

And then Hannah twists, and with what little of her strenght she has, she twists and lands hard enough to break her own arm. Tumbling, coughing, it seems the group has hurt her enough to bring her down for the moment.

Her single arm lays useless at her side, and she slumps against the girl she wounded.

"Us...agi...Gull...Mamo....all...of you I'm...I LOVE YOU ALL!" She grits her teeth, and the blade itself glows with dark magic as it draws her in. She tricks to shove Usagi towards Mamoru, even as blade and girl at once are sucked away to places unknown.

But it's just enough, that certain swift magical girls might just offer an important piece of the puzzle.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-17 04:23:09 34087
Mercury is a stickler for information.

She's almost greedy for it.

In the best of ways, of course.

Especially now.

Sailor Moon clutches at the bow on her chest as she watches Hannah, waiting, praying for a chance.

And then Hannah is against her, and as her hand roams where they can, she offers what comfort she's able.

"I know, Hannah-chan. We love you, too, okay? It wasn't your fault."

Other such platitudes before Hannah's ripped away.

After a moment, she staggers to her feet, a trickle of blood trailing down her thigh.

Her chest is heaving and she's just staring where Hannah was.

"Remind me to tell Mercury she needs to give me another bug, okay?"
Tadase Hotori 2016-03-17 04:26:18 34088
It's all that time spent playing cat-and-dog with Ikuto that comes to Gull's rescue, now, as Platinum Royale jerks her back away from Hannah, and the timing is so close to the kickboxer's honed, championship level instincts that Hannah's foot makes contact with the trails of Cure Guill's skirt before she's pulled away by the chara-bearer.

"I know you're worried but she's dangerous." Tadase admonishes, but with a caring tone, before setting Gull back to her feet. "I know you care, but if she injures you it'll be even harder for her to find the forgiveness she needs in herself to beat this thing." he says, staying close to her as Hannah crumples.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-03-17 04:36:34 34089
Cure Gull is pushed out of the way before Hannah's kick can connect.. 'Hannah..." is all she can say to those words as she dissapers-- then she sort of just kneels there a moment and looks up at Tadase and closes her eyes. "I died for her. That's how I died in the Dark Kingdom. They wer--were just going to kill her-- she couldn't even see straight at the time---I mean-- she just... wanted to /eat/ those youma----"

"Then she snapped back. and I think it's the only reason she's able to talk through that thing now..." she says as she's helped back up.

She manages a soft sigh. "S--she's able to talk..though that thing now. I dunno. She still can't shake it. But I get why." she says with a sigh.

She looks towards Sailor Moon and Tuxedo Mask.

"I'm really sorry, you two, is Sailor Moon going to be okay!?" she asks. "I--if there's anything I can do..." she says looking down.

"Look...I really wanna talk to you two soon anyways, okay...?" she asks.

"I need to figure something out." she says before she merely collapses back down to the ground.

"Need a minute." she says with a sigh.

"...thanks Royale-kun." she says softly with a short smile up at him. "For.. getting me out of the way. and the advice." she says.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-03-17 04:39:36 34090
"Remind me to tell you not to shove away the guy who was trying to keep you out of the way of that blade," Tuxedo Kamen says irritably, picking himself up and pulling off his gloves, throwing them into the darkness. He comes over to Usagi, glancing up to see if everyone else is all right-- and Tadase has Gull, is looking after her. His guys are-- "Neph, can you go tell Jadeite he can go back to bed? She's not gonna go there now," he calls up toward the star guardian, then gestures Zoisite closer.

Then he's right there, and he turns Usagi around, looking over her back and putting fingertips to it. "Next time try escalating instead of tanking a freaking sword. Swords aimed at you are one of my least favorite things." He sighs, starting to work on the injury. "She'll be okay once we can get that thing away from her."

A glance at Gull which houses the world's most unreadably mild expression, and Mamoru glances at Zosite again, even as his hand glows a warm gold against Usagi's back. "Maybe you can talk to Royale about what the hell that sword is. I don't want anyone else being in the path the next time the ebony blade decides to say hello."
Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-17 04:44:32 34091
His irritable voice isn't helping.

As Nephrite heads off for Jadeite, Usagi snaps at her boyfriend. "Well it's not exactly something I like seeing coming your way, either!"

She stubbornly looks off to the side as he works. There's something a bit off, but his hands are still warm and soothing and comforting.

She doesn't sniffle, at all, because her boyfriend's a jerk.

(She does, and he isn't, even though he kind of is.)

She offers Gull a small, tiny smile. "It's --"

Then she shifts and twists. "Ug, that itches."
Zoisite 2016-03-17 04:49:44 34092
Zoisite lets the fire in his hands flicker out, but only after a few moments of watching to be certain the sword's taken Hannah elsewhere, not merely across the street or up on yet another rooftop. He glances back to Mamoru in acknowledgment, starts to pace toward Royale ... and pauses a few steps away. To look at Gull collapsing. "Maybe in a few minutes."
Tadase Hotori 2016-03-17 04:50:33 34093
Tadase, as Platinum Royale, nods down at Gull. "I'm not sure this is one problem you can punch away, Pretty Cure." he says, in a half teasing, and yet also half serious way. "Or at least, not soley. I don't think this is an issue of strength. I haven't spent much time knowing her, but from what I do know... I'm pretty sure if you could pummel this problem, she would have." he says, turning to Kamen.

"Yeah, I think.. we need to approach this from a different direction." Platinum Royale says. "And... soon, or she's going to hurt more people." he says, a bit solemnly. "But I know that if Gull-chan's willing to help us, and if we work together, we'll be able to get her friend back to the right way. Or at least, however she was before."
Mamoru Chiba 2016-03-17 04:59:46 34094
"I've learned how to get you and me both the hell out of the way in the intervening hundred thousand years," Tuxedo Kamen says grumpily, then removes his hands when Usagi shifts and twists. "It shouldn't. Better have Mercury take a look at that; if the blade had some kind of venom in it, I can't do a lot about it." Another glance toward Zoisite, and Tadase and Gull, and one corner of his mouth turns up a little as he brings his hand up to settle on Usagi's arm instead. "Yeah. Let us know, okay? She's our friend, too, but I don't know much about this. I've been out of the loop."

He leans down to try to kiss her, slightly turned so it's not an egregious PDA if she lets him-- and whether or not she does, he murmurs, "Will you let Zoi take you over there? I want her to look it over as soon as possible."
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-03-17 05:02:50 34095
Cure Gull smiles at Royale with a soft smile. "Hannah's very rough around the ridges and she said herself that--- 'we're not diamonds' but... she's as close as one to me!" she says softly.

She looks over to Tuxedo Kamen and then over to Royale. "Well I can be more specific than my report was, but It won't change much. I don't know much about it except the word 'Lost Logia'." she says.

"Um... hrm... actually..."

"Maybe I can take someone to where we found it..." she taps her chin.

She sighs and begins to slowly get up.

"Yeah. I'm okay for now I think. Physically at least." she smiles best she can!

She has to be strong as best she can!
Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-17 05:10:01 34096
"That doesn't mean I don't still see it." It's a hiss to counter his grump, and maybe a bit unfair, but she's just tired and everything's just a touch too bright. Still, she relents and nods at his suggestion to go to Ami. That sounds like a good idea.

She leans against him when he touches her again, because even if it still itches it's better than when she's not leaning.

And she forgets it completely as her fingers curl around his jaw and--

Normally, she would not have that flash of hurt play across her face when he suggests Zoisite taking her.

Her lip wouldn't tremble, either.

And the look she gives him when she spins around and stomps toward Zoisite, who she adores don't doubt that, wouldn't normally be angry.

But they are.

"Of course." It's a snip in her tone and she hooks her hand through Zoisite's elbow, steadfastly ignoring Mamoru altogether now.
Tadase Hotori 2016-03-17 05:11:43 34097
Tadase turns to Kamen and Moon. He opens his mouth for a moment, but he's really not sure what to say. Kamen's beaten him to a lot of his own points, and instead, all he ends up saying is "Kamen-sempai, let me know if we can do anything for you or her. She's got a whole lot of gratitude from me and a whole lot of favors with Virtue." he says with a grin. "Both of you do."

Then, he turns back to Gull. "Look, if whatever was there did that to her, I'd like to see where she pulled it out from... actually, not me. I'd like to send someone who'll understand it. Another device user." he muses. "That would probably be best. Can we work that out, Gull-chan?" he asks.
Zoisite 2016-03-17 05:18:03 34098
"Oh, I am not getting involved in this one," Zoisite muses not quite under his breath, right before Usagi's hand hooks in his elbow and it's too late to escape. He covers her hand lightly with his own, and proceeds to pretend that nothing whatsoever just happened. Politeness dial is promptly turned up; he even manages a little bow without dislodging her hand or elbowing her in anything. "And where may I have the privilege of taking you?" ... it's not like he knows where to find Mercury.

Not only does he not quite know who Mercury is, after all, but that was only almost an internship application. Ahem.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-03-17 05:25:13 34099
Cure Gull crosses her arms. "I'll try to grab someone I can trust." she says softly. "Firebird's too new and doesn't know how to process data." she says with a sigh as she taps her chin. "Suzu-chan doesn't know how to do it either." she says.

"But both can read information so I can give that to others." she says. "So I'll drag them both down there."

"One or two others to tag along might help." she says. "There was like an undead spider down there the first time."

"I'll figure it out."

"I'm gonna head home. I'll keep you guys updated, okay Tuxedo Kamen, Sailor Moon, Royale-kun and Ite-kun." she says.


That's what you four are now. Deal with it.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-03-17 05:29:06 34100
Mamoru looks, abruptly, completely stymied. "Will do," he tells Tadase distractedly, then gives him kind of a helpless look, like-- did you see that, did that just happen, what the hell did I do. Then he looks toward Zoisite, and since Usagi's totally ignoring him now, he just makes this gesture. Like 'I am so sorry but at least she thinks you're less hellspawn than I am, pretty sure she won't bite you'--

And then he stares after Gull. "Rude," he says incredulously. "He has a name. I'm going to study for my calculus exam before I actively hate everything. Bye."

He does not try teleporting. He just takes off like a cranky rocket into the night sky.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-17 05:33:55 34101
Her eyes are as sharp as daggers when she looks at Zoisite. "Away from here, or I could always go myself."

She tilts her nose up.

She knows she's not being herself at the moment, but it's more in the way someone knows they got a papercut. It's there, but it's an annoyance more than anything.

...before I actively hate everything...

Sheesh, what is wrong with her?

And then she's crying and tries to hide it in Zoisite's shoulder.

"I don't know!"

Well, hey, that's almost an answer to both questions!
Zoisite 2016-03-17 05:41:53 34102
Armful of crying Moon. At least Endymion already knows he is paying for this later, somehow. 'Ite-kun' is something Zoisite will parse later, which is probably good for the survivability of burnables in the area. He's a little distracted right now, mostly by trying to figure out whether it's possible to ruffle Usagi's hair without Odango Issues.

... apparently, no.

"You can text her," Zoisite offers. "And then I can take you wherever the two of you decide." Which will be duly away. And quickly. Oh please quickly. Flailing like that in front of the little king -- even without knowing him, Zoisite is pretty sure that's not the best tactic right now.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-03-17 05:47:38 34103
She's nodding and crying still and hiding and if possible kind of climbing him.

"Take me hoooooome.

Technically she's home already, but she kind of means one that isn't here.
Haruna Kurosawa 2016-03-17 05:47:43 34104
Cure Gull puts her hands on her hips as she floats skyward. "I think ite-kun is a cute nickname!" she insists. "You know, no hard feelings and all that! Remember?" she asks.

"...I also don't really know his name." she says tapping her bottom lip sheepishly.

"But still!" she crosses her arms!

And awaaaay she goes!