First Flowers

Xenians descend upon an unsuspecting Tokyo.

Date: 2016-03-30
Pose Count: 28
Fiore 2016-03-30 01:22:02 36342
For reasons experts can't pinpoint, the flowers of Tokyo are blooming especially early this year. Even as the wind shakes off the chill of winter, sleeping blossoms open themselves to the sun and announce that spring has come at long last.

Naturally, this makes Penguin Park the place to be right now. While the eponymous King Penguin draws visits from children year round, the vibrant array of colors and scents from the flowers have begun to attract adults as well, whether they wish to have a romantic evening or a simple escape from the stresses of the real world.

The gardeners are baffled -- this *really* shouldn't be happening at this time of year -- but the park is getting business and they're getting compliments, so they shrug it off. Climate change has done weirder things than making flowers bloom.

Around the park, hidden among trees or cultivated floral displays, are five-petaled pink flowers that don't look especially abnormal, except for the fact that they don't match any plant species on record. As scattered as they are, however, no one has seemed to take much notice of them.
Takashi Agera 2016-03-30 01:36:34 36344
Takashi Agera has heard about the unusually blooming flowers in Penguin Park, and being the capital S Scientist that he is, he's come to investigate. And, frankly, out of an abundance of curiosity. Which means that there's a tall boy, still in his Infinity University uniform (despite school being out of session) looking at the sets of flowers with a general look of curiosity more than admiration, and calculation rather than wonder.

But, on the other hand, as he's so recently shared, Tokyo is a place where magic runs more freely than the rest of the planet, so is it any wonder it would extend to the flowers in this park? Certainly, early blooming flowers are far less strange than things he's seen going on here - and participated in, some part of him notes. Subconsciously, he looks down at his hand and the scarring there before resting it in his jacket pocket.
Kukai Souma 2016-03-30 01:38:35 36346
Kukai Souma looks at the beautiful, blooming flowers as he jogs through King Penguin Park, winding a route through the wooded paths. It's close enough to home that he passes through almost every day, and he knows it reasonably well. He's no botanist, though, so all he really knows is that 'flowers are bloom, spring is coming'.

Daichi is riding his shoulder today, hanging onto him and looking at the passing couples. "Hey, Kukai? Can we get a muffin from that cafe when we get to the north end?" Kukai thinks. Muffins. Cookies. Coffee? There's a frown, but it passes. "Yeah, sure."

A warm breeze blows through, and Kukai whews. "Gonna need to stop bringing this jacket soon if this keeps up." He slows for a moment, looking at the patterns of trees and flowers, the scene lovely to the eye, even if he is constantly maneuvering around couples on his run.
Hinote Kagari 2016-03-30 01:39:21 36347
Hinote Kagari had not particularly noticed flowers blooming any earlier than usual. He didn't really pay attention to that. He knew it was spring- so it made sense flowers would start appearing.

He had other things on his mind anyways. First and foremost was what appeared to be Runealy's priority: Figuring out weird going ons- and Fate apparently was making similar mistakes the Waldians had--- what he interperted as 'using dark magic as a shortcut to power.'

Third was Shinobu. He'd not seen her for a bit. Did something horrible happen? Did she need time? If she was going to Witch... she made a promise to let him know. That hadn't happened yet. He was still worried like crazy. How long could that box of White Day chocolate sit in the fridge anyways?

He'd place a hand into his suit jacket's pocket as he turned to one of the flora displays.

A red bird sat on his shoulder today. It seemed to be all huddled up and currently asleep or resting. It yawned.
Rei Hino 2016-03-30 01:40:14 36348
    Rei Hino walks right past the park, ignoring it completely. She has places to go, shopping to do... she's busy darnit! She doesn't have time for frivolities like frollicing in the sun.

    Something in the back of her mind tells her to stop. Against her better judgement, she pauses, mid-stride with the tip of her high heels resting against the ground. She turns aside and looks at the park itself, walking up to and leaning against a fence, violet eyes studying the flowers and the trees. Looks like spring has come a bit early this year.

    Really, it's nothing of interest to her. She turns to walk away... but that feeling in her gut tells her 'no'. She should just ignore it. She's got a lot to do today! This is really not the time to stop and smell the flowers!

    Yet that feeling has never been wrong before.

    With a deep, annoyed sigh, she walks into the park to figure out just what the deal is.
Ami Mizuno 2016-03-30 01:47:28 36349
"It's really quite odd," Ami says to Makoto as she's reading through a newspaper. The pair are walking towards King Penguin Park in no particular hurry, on their way to see the early-blooming flowers. "I know they're just chocking it up to climate change, but ... these flowers really shouldn't be blooming at this point, even with the climate change."

The bluenette pauses and glances at her friend, then grins. "But it probably will be pretty. I'm surprised you wanted to go with me, instead of Sanjouin-san," she says, slightly teasing.

"Oh, speaking of," Ami adds, "Agera-san and I were thinking we would like to go ice skating with you sometime soon. He needs to learn to pair skate like you do. Would you be willing to come with us and teach him? I think it'd be fun."
Makoto Kino 2016-03-30 01:59:25 36354
Mako, strolling along unhurriedly beside Ami with her hands laced loosely behind her head, makes an interesting series of faces at her friend's suggestion. Mostly along the lines of trying not to look like she's just bitten into a lemon, although there's a lingering trace of pink that rose in her cheeks at the teasing. "Well," she says, temporizing while she tries to find a way to be diplomatic, "there's a year-round rink that wouldn't take too long to get to by train. I don't really know how good I'd be at teaching, though. I haven't even taken a class in years."

There's also the small problem that Takashi no doubt still thinks she's an idiot. But Makoto doesn't say that part outloud.

" know that's not actually his real name as far as we can tell," she says instead, shifting the subject to someone much more pleasant to think about than Takashi Agera. Actually, there's a thought that might make this whole idea of Ami's more enjoyable. Suddenly Mako's expression is brightening. "Hey, if we're going to go skating, would you mind if I invited Nephrite? That is, if he wants to go."
Fiore 2016-03-30 02:23:51 36361
A little ways from Earth, on an asteroid sitting camouflaged in the belt between Mars and Jupiter, a figure stands alone in a sole patch of pink against barren grey rock.

"They aren't blooming fast enough," he says, distraught. "I thought they were going to be ready for Mamoru-kun --"

A voice, manifold and unseen, hushes him like a mother would hush a petulant child.

*/ They will be ready, Fiore. But you must begin to act. You can no longer afford to be patient. Not if you want our home to be covered in flowers for your Mamoru. /*

Fiore's eyes glimmer red as all emotion vanishes from his face, anxiety fading into emptiness.

"You're right," he responds, monotone. "The time has come to put our plan in motion."

The alien waves his hand, and thousands of miles away, something stirs inside a five-petaled pink flower.

The scream shatters the idyllic peace that had settled over Penguin Park. Near a small thicket of bushes, a pallid reptilian hand has wrapped itself fully around the head of a little girl, one who had trotted over to look at the pretty pink flower she saw. It's only a few seconds until the misty wisps of light dry to a trickle -- disappointing.

The Xenian Blossom requested much more than that pitiful amount.

Tossing the unconscious body aside, the Xenian Drone leaps from her cover, propelling herself high into the air on insectoid wings. She narrows her eyes at the little life forms, scattering and screaming like so much vermin beneath her. Their panic is no good -- they'll use up their precious energy before she and her sisters can put it to its proper use.

The drone charges up a cluster attack and lets it fly, then smiles as the vital energy of those hit rises up to her like petals on the wind.
Kukai Souma 2016-03-30 02:49:36 36368
Screaming. There is screaming nearby. There should never be screaming. Kukai looks up at the sound, but it's still so far in the distance that he can't see anything. Daichi, however, stands straight up on his shoulder, pointing. "Kukai! There's some kind of magic happening over there! " Kukai nods, all the other thoughts dismissed from his mind. "OK!"

There's a nearby half-closed flower stall, closed for the day. Kukai waits for a beat as several people flee the sound, then hops over the counter and slips into the back. "Daichi! Chara Transform!" Daichi cheers, his Egg appearing and closing around him, as light shines from inside the stall.


Kukai's Heart's Egg rejoins him, and the light goes to blinding white-green as his clothes shift and reform into the pilot's jacket, ruffled shirt, goggles, pants, and tall boots of Sky Jack! His board appears beside him, and as he reaches out and takes it, the light flashes and he drops the inch or two back to the ground he had risen.

Jack races out of the back of the stall, diving over the counter headfirst, pushing his hovering board out in front of him and pulling his legs in behind him to land on it. With a joyous yell, he shoots up into the sky, looking around for the ground zero of the screaming - which is beginning to multiply in sources and volume.
Rei Hino 2016-03-30 02:52:02 36369
    The horrors committed by the Xenian monsters are reflected in the glimmer of Rei's eyes. Mild impatient annoyance is replaced by unforgiving rage. Her hair swishes back and forth as she looks left, and then right, before finding a safe and mostly unobserved bush.

    The nice thing about scary monsters attacking outright is that they tend to distract people from henshining magical girls.

    Taking the time to hide, Rei looks into the palm of her hand, where her new Star Power Stick rests. It's not the pen she's used to, but it's supposed to be more powerful, right? She bites her lower lip. No time to think about it now. People are getting hurt.


    Fingernails change to red, the hand releases the stick and it hovers over her palm. A flash of sparks surround her, and her form is replaced by a prismatic silhouette. Streams of fire pour from the wand, washing over her and igniting the ground beneath. Rings of fire burn around her, merging into her to form high heels, gloves, sailor fuku and red earrings. On her forehead is the glowing brand of the symbol of Mars, flashing brightly before it becomes Sailor Mars's red gemmed tiara.

    In an instant, Mars is landing in front of the Xenian drone, pointing her accusing finger at the offending youma.

    "Stop right there!"

    "Spring is a time of life and new beginnings. The dead of winter fades, replaced by warm breezes and blooming flowers. I won't forgive anyone who turns this season to their own twisted ends! In the name of Mars, I'll chastise you!"
Hinote Kagari 2016-03-30 02:55:34 36370
Hinote Kagari is about to turn away and continue when--- he sort of watches this up ahead unfold. Eyes go a little wide. Dammit, he thinks. Of course a walk in the park just can never just be a walk in the park, it needs to be a walk in the park and also a youma.

He steps backwards behind a tree. He taps the phoenix on his shoulder. "Illume, wake up."

The bird ruffles and yawns. "Huh? What?" she says groggily. "Problem, get into the tree and watch out for me , okay?"

Indeed, the bird flaps up into the tree and blinks. "Oh- I see." she says.

Hinote pulls up the sleeve of his suit jacket and exposes the braclet on his right wrist. "To Protect Justice-- I am Guardian Hino!"

There's a flash of light, a transformation. It seems Hino is opting for the more fanfical outfit- silken noble pleated clothes- with the cape.

He hops into the tree. He hops into another tree- he movers through them before he lands out on the ground near the Xenian Drone.

Oh, Mars is here. Oh thank god-

"Hey. I'm here." he lets her know.

"Know what big blue is about there?" he asks when he can, as he begins to draw out his long sword from the scabbard on his belt.
Ami Mizuno 2016-03-30 03:00:34 36373
Ami shrugs faintly. "I know, but it's the one he was using for so long ... it's just habbit. Besides, Nephrite isn't Japanese, it's Greek, so Nephrite-san sounds weird." She wrinkles her nose. "Anyways, I think it'd be great if you bring him! After all, if I'm going to wind up skating with Takashi-kun, someone needs to let you throw them around."

Ami nudges Makoto amusedly with an elbow, but her mirth is short-lived. The drone's erruption from the garden draws a yelp of surprise. But Ami recovers quickly and grabs Makoto's hand. "Come on," she says, pulling her friend to a place out of sight. There, she pulls out her new Mercury wand.


Ami propels the wand into the air, and flashes her fingers. Her nails flash blue as the transformation sequence begins. Water rushes to surround her, engulfing all but her silhouette as she is engulfed in the flow. That water draws itself down onto Ami's figure until it solidifies into the form of her fuku, boots, gloves, and on her forehead the symbol of Mercury glows with a subtle brilliance before it forms into the blue-gemmed Tiara of Sailor Mercury.

Mercury rushes forward to stand next to Mars--because honestly, is anyone surprised that the Senshi found one another? "Hey!" she calls to the Xenian drone. "I don't know who's been poisoning your plantfood, but it's time to wash out the gross! Douse yourself with water and repent!"
Takashi Agera 2016-03-30 03:05:20 36375
Takashi moves around towards the screaming. Unlike some people, Takashi does not necessarily believe there should never be screaming - but he's not the one causing it, so it still bears a degree of curious investigation.

As he moves towards it, and begins to consider turning into Riventon, both Axion and Eiszapfen ping in complaint. Because, of course, they both noticed the senshi before he did. And, well... giant plant youma fights are actually not in Riventon's wheelhouse as much as they are Frost Knights, anyways. For a moment, though, his dreams come back to the forefront of his mind, to haunt him.

"To hell with that. I can be good at both." he says, to nobody in particular, and grasps Eiszapfen in his left hand. There's a triangular belkan magic circle underneath him, and a rush of chilly air around him as ice forms around him, then that ice breaks up into peices of light armor that form his Knight's Armor, as the charm-sized Esizapfen becomes a full halberd, blade and spear made of unmelting ice.

It's not long before he lands near the flower youma, pointing the blade at it as the others make their speeches. Should he make a speech? "Hey! Stop that!" ...He probably should not have tried.
Makoto Kino 2016-03-30 03:15:39 36379
"Hey," Makoto begins to protest, laughing, "why do I have to--"

Whatever else she was going to say is lost when the drone bursts out of the greenery and the screaming begins. In an instant, all of Mako's mirth has died away. When Ami pulls at her hand, there's no resistance. "--Right!"

Her new henshin stick is already in her hand by the time they're out of easy public view.


Green glitters over her nails as she snatches the pen back out of the air, and then lightning is blazing from the star-shaped cap until the tall girl is silhouetted within the rings of crackling energy. When it's gone, Makoto Kino is nowhere to be seen - instead, there's Sailor Jupiter, poised and ready for action.

Mars and Mercury has the speeches covered. Jupiter doesn't bother. She just throws her hand outward toward the hovering drone, releasing a swirl of tumbling petals into what quickly becomes a wild rush of air battering at and around the creature. Fighting flowers with flowers?
Fiore 2016-03-30 03:30:59 36381
Ah, yes. This is satisfactory indeed.

The drone -- a Campanula, as one of her species is called -- surveys her work with pride, marvelling at the patterns of fallen bodies and the sounds of screams echoed through the park. What an honor it is that *she* is the one chosen to spearhead the mission. It matters not that her body will naturally wither and die within hours of her reaching maturity. The Xenians think and feel as one. She will find another life, perhaps planted on a windowsill, or burrowed deep beneath the ground to tear the planet apart with her roots --

Several bursts of magic light up for multifacted gaze, and she manages to turn her head briefly to their sources before a swarm of *something* surrounds her, obscuring her view and cutting into her skin like thousands of paper-thin razors.

(Campanula might appreciate the irony of the flower hurricane better if she had any concept of what a real flower was.)

With a howl like a fox's intercut with cicada chatter, the Xenian drone fires a barrage of white orbs in all directions, only caring that these painful things get *offoffoff*. She was not built to be a long range attacker, nor one that relies heavily on magic, so contact with the translucent blasts will only result in a mild energy drain for the magical warriors.

But, good news: she cleared away enough of those blasted petals to be able to see.

Bleeding sap from innumerable tiny wounds, Campanula turns herself in the sky and launches bodily toward Sailor Jupiter, nails like talons bared to gore her.
Rei Hino 2016-03-30 03:45:28 36386
    Mars watches as the plant monster is pelted by petals, and her eyes go towards her recently-found senshi allies. "Glad to see I'm not the only one who showed up." Hinote and other magical heroes get a nod from her, but mostly her attention is focused on the monster.

    The white orb comes at her, and she braces her arms in front of her to take the hit... but it only drains a bit of energy? Huh. The enemy must be underestimating her! That's a mistake.

    Mars holds fire in her hand, tracing it in a circle around her, an arc of fire trailing behind. The arc becomes a ring, and Mars feels the fire, commanding it to become eight distinct globes of flame. This isn't like it was before, fire going everywhere like water from a partially-blocked hose... she's controlling these now. Tightly, even. She hesitates for a moment... what should she do with this change?

    Well, obviously.


    Each flame, one after another in rapid fire, flies from its orbit around Sailor Mars and at the Campanula monster.
Kukai Souma 2016-03-30 03:45:38 36387
Sky Jack lets out a low whistle as he sees the source of the nearest screams - a rather pretty girl with blue skin and brown armor. It's a shame 'lovely' so often means 'evil and deadly' these days. A wind of petals kicks up to one side - multiple razor petals, all flying the same direction, that means another hero is here to fight - and Jack looks to both sides. "Hey, it's the Senshi! And the Frost Knight! And... you!" He has no idea who Guardian Hino is, but hey, he's sitting on top of a tree and he's got a sword and he's talking to Mars, so yeah.

Suddenly there is a blast of power from the drone, and a wild pattern of magical blasts spray out from her. Jack grabs the tip of his board, getting some altitude to dodge one shot, then 'hopping' in midair to bounce over another. "Stupid youma! This is going to be a short day for you!"

Sky Jack spins to one side, staying at range and moving around Campanula in his normal attack pattern, soccer balls appearing and hovering in midair as he moves. He rears back and boots the first one at her, the ball suddenly charging with electricity and energy, catapulted towards her at speed, with more thumping out as he continues to careen around her flank!
Takashi Agera 2016-03-30 03:52:40 36390
Frost Knight's too busy posing at the thing, but luckily his device is more on-tap than he is, and the energy draining orb slams into a triangular shield created by Eiszapfen. This does server as a handy wakeup call, though, and as Frost Knight starts to run towards the flower, the damned thing leaps - so he begins to create a slick of ice under himself and he's chasing it now, skating on the ice slick, brandishing the halberd like the most deadly hockey stick. No fancy attack names - he's gonna stab it.
Hinote Kagari 2016-03-30 03:52:57 36391
Guardian Hino watches as white orbs fire off in all directions- he backs off a bit and watches as those orbs fly past him- aiming to get out of the way as quickly as possible. "Incoming." he calls out. But that's obvious.

"Burning Ignition!" calls out Hino as he raises his right palm out and a wave of fire ignites from his hand- arcing out toward's the youma in an attempt to help bath it in flame.

Mars is also trying to light it on fire. Great minds think alike!?

He keeps his sword hefted in his other hand- preparing for his next strike it seems- while waiting to see how the youma responds to this.
Ami Mizuno 2016-03-30 03:56:00 36392
Sailor Mercury ducks behind Jupiter, using the taller senshi as a shield while she analyzes the problem. "That thing looks kinda ..." she trails off, frowning. "I dunno, it's reacting to things almost on instinct, rather than planning. I don't think it's very bright," she notes.

Nevertheless, when its defensive baubbles pass, Mercury leaps out from behind Jupiter and raises her arms up, pressed together before her face like she's preparing a mask.

"Shine Aqua Illusion!"

A waterfall forms around Ami, splashing and whorling until she spreads both hands forward, and the spray of water is directed to splash around the Campanula to confuse and control it, buying her allies an opening for their more powerful, more deadly attacks to land.
Makoto Kino 2016-03-30 04:15:42 36396
Sailor Jupiter crosses her forearms in front of her like a shield as those white orbs spray outwards, bracing herself to cover Mercury behind her. Her mouth curls in a scowl as one of them wings her and she feels the drain on her energy - it'll take a lot more than this to put her down.

"Think it's a Dark Kingdom leftover?" she asks Mercury over her shoulder. "Or something else?"

Ami may have some idea, but there won't be time for Mako to hear it right now - before the Senshi of Wisdom can answer her, Campanula is diving at her with claws extended, out for blood. Reflexively Jupiter shifts her stance, reaching--

--a little too slow. Maybe the energy drain dulled her reaction time; it takes a fraction of a second longer than it should've for Jupiter's hand to close on the drone's outstretched arm as Campanula plunges in. In the next instant she's moving, turning the creature's momentum against her, but it's too late to keep those claws from grazing her upper arm deep enough to draw blood.

With a sharp hiss of breath through her teeth, Jupiter twists in place and slams Campanula hard to the ground, just in time for the barrage of magical attacks from her allies to start finding home.
Fiore 2016-03-30 04:31:22 36399
Truth be told, Campanula is a scout and a gatherer, not a combat unit. Oh, the Xenians have those in droves: flowers that grow to swarm and smother, flowers that can control sentient minds, flowers that hit so hard and so quickly that entire city blocks disappear within hours. But those were not what the master had called upon today.

No -- seeing how bland and underdeveloped Earth was in comparison to the other planets he'd seen, Fiore had assumed there would be no resistance to his incursion. It seems he was mistaken.

Campanula's more than simply outmatched. She might as well already be defeated.

Perhaps if she'd picked a less skilled brawler than Sailor Jupiter for her attack, she would have had a chance for success, but apart from a little blood drawn, her attempted charge accomplishes nothing. Worse than nothing. In a moment's time, the drone is flipped through the air and slammed on her back, crushing the fragile wings that define her purpose as a Xenian. Another scream -- a wildcat's shriek cut with the hissing of cockroaches -- and the full fury of Earth's defenders hits its mark.

Both tightly controlled balls of flame and wildfire scorch her first, and being a plant, she can do little to stop the heat from dissolving her skin and exposing the spongy tissue underneath. Her natural defense activates: when one of her species takes sufficient damage, a wave of spores releases to dull an attacker's senses and allow for a quick getaway, but it's likely to do her little good here. The magic soccer balls already pound away at her, bruising that which hasn't yet been eaten by flame.

Mercury's water does nothing only because there is not much left of the monster to control.

Spying the oncoming sword blow from a frost knight that would end her life, Campanula summons the last of her strength to kick the boy squarely in the chest, allowing her a second's window to rise in the air on the remains of her wings. She's trying to run -- not to preserve her life, for creatures of a horde have no need for self-preservation, but to secure the bounty of energy within her that her master will need.

But she's bobbing and sinking, practically crawling along in the air. The question now is not if she will be finished. It is only when, and by whom.
Rei Hino 2016-03-30 04:47:44 36400
    Sailor Mars watches as the evil plant lady gets pummeled and wounded by several magical forces at once. "Good job, everyone. Keep at it!" The monster is trying to get away with the precious gathered energy, but if Mars knows anything about energy-stealers it's that you generally don't want to let them actually use whatever it is that they steal. It tends to be apocalyptically bad for the environment.

    "You won't get away that easy!" Not if Mars has anything to say about it, anyways.

    Mars calls upon the fire once again, flames dancing around her fingertips and rising around her feet, casting an orange glow across her features. She leaps into the air, arms extended, fingers spread out. A Column of fire races down her arms and into the monster. When she lands on her feet again, she turns her head around to keep an eye on the Campanula.
Ami Mizuno 2016-03-30 04:55:35 36401
With the Campanula surely down for destruction, Sailor Mercury reaches up to touch the trio of studs in her left ear. "Mercury Goggles: Activate," she says, and the augmented reality visor flickers into existence over her eyes.

Mercury quickly begins to scan the lingering energy from the creature's attacks, as well as studies the energies in the area.

Then she turns to Jupiter to investigate the injuries it caused, all in the name of Science!
Kukai Souma 2016-03-30 04:57:40 36402
Sky Jack pauses in mid-shot. It's sad, in a way, to see the insect-plant youma girl crawling, climbing away from the relentless attacks, seeing her trying to escape instead of die. But then from the corner of Jack's eye he sees a small, collapsed figure - a young girl - lying amongst the grass and flowers. His eyes narrow, and another soccer ball appears in front of him. It is launched out towards Campanula's figure - and another - and another.

"If you wanted to live in peace you should've never done this awful thing!" In the back of his mind he sees purple eyes, and with a yell boots his last shot extra-hard, fast enough to where it and the previous one land at the same time, vanishing into the column of flame Mars has summoned!
Takashi Agera 2016-03-30 05:00:50 36403
Taking the kick backwards, Frost Knight stumbles backwards a bit, but it's as much out of shock as actual damage, given the degree of defense the light-looking armor actually provides, due to the magical nature of Knight Armor. But now he's upset because the youma had the rudeness to dodge.

"You don't get to get away that easily, not with just a kick!" he shouts, making a wide swipe with his halberd.


Though the swipe is nowhere near the floweryouma, the shockwave of frozen energy it unleashes is!
Makoto Kino 2016-03-30 05:06:28 36404
"Oh no you don't!" Sailor Jupiter's voice grits out as Campanula makes her last desperate bid to escape. In a minute, Jupiter will hold still and let Mercury look at her arm, but first things first--

Time to take a page out of Sky Jack's book. "Haa--!"

Threads of electricity crawl over and around her as she presses her hands together palm to palm. When they part, the energy collects between them, gathering into a single brilliant sphere of searing ball lightning.

"SPARKLING WIDE PRESSURE!" With this shout, Jupiter hauls back and fastballs the sphere of lightning at the fleeing drone.
Fiore 2016-03-30 05:23:05 36405
Running away at this point was a bit of a futile gesture. Perhaps if Campanula had been one of her more capable sisters, or not overtaken by so many at once, or even sentient like her master --

But no, she isn't, and it's she who pays the final price for that grievous tactical error.

In the great collision of powers, it's difficult to say whose attack lands first. If Mars's column of fire turns the would-be flower to ash, or if Sky Jack's final shot tore through her like a canon ball. If the Frost Knight's slash of hoarfrost neatly bisected her, or if Sailor Jupiter's thunder superheated her flesh until it crumbled into nothing.

What is easy to tell is that, when the burst of blinding light clears, there's a billow of scentless magenta smoke rising up from the crushed remains of a flower, and the motionless bodies fallen throughout the park appear to be stirring once more.

Mercury's goggles will note the waves of negative energy the foreign plant emits, though given that it's an effective youma corpse, she can probably deduce that on her own.

(On an asteroid somewhere between Mars and Jupiter, a man with green skin and pointed ears tenses noticeably, eyes trained to the speck of blue in the distance.

"It appears I underestimated that wretched planet," he says. "To think that such a backwater world would have such defenders..."

*/ You will not repeat that mistake, Fiore. /*

Still locked onto Earth, his eyes flash crimson once again.

"No. I will not.")