Open Heart Surgery

Date: 2016-04-07
Pose Count: 30
Mamoru Chiba 2016-04-07 00:42:24 37349
It's late-ish in the day, and the sunlight paints everything a hazy gold and the shadows are long. Last night, Usagi was staying with one of the girls and Mamoru was staying at Zoisite's place; today, Mamoru literally did not come out of the pocket dimension housing the boys' domains until it was time to pick Usagi up-- all with warnings and explanations to Usagi-- and he picked her up, with Kunzite, in his spaceship car with the amazing suspension that would be exponentially less jarring to her injury than taking the rooftop route.

It's a reasonably short walk from the parking lot to the Royal Garden, but even so, Mamoru's jittery and trying really hard not to be, lest the empathic feedback make things even worse for Usagi.

He opens the greenhouse door and ushers Usagi in, not remotely protesting at Kunzite being rear guard.
Amu Hinamori 2016-04-07 00:49:12 37351
School is not in session, which means Amu Hinamori is free to dress in whatever the heck she likes. Of course, with a fashion conscious mom and an image as a Cheerleader to maintain, Amu goes for goth chic: a bluejean skirt over red-and-white striped stockings, with a sporty pullover hoodie to complete the outfit.

She's seated at the Guardians' table, near the back of the garden, reading a magazine. Nearby, Su, Miki, and Ran are busy nibbling on little cookies and sipping at tea. There's tea enough for everyone, ready on the table, and cookies, too; Su went to work for this meeting! Just because she likes to.

Amu looks up at the sound of people entering through the door, then glances at Tadase. "I don't think I've really met these people," she notes quietly. "These are the ones we helped up at the North Pole, right?"
Usagi Tsukino 2016-04-07 01:03:04 37352
Mamoru's spaceship of a car actually does more than offer a smooth ride for the bunny. It offers a bit of long forgotten familiarity. She asks if he can defeat the Borg in it now, and is overall a fidgety mass of nerves and restless anger and paranoia she's trying hard to ignore.

Because Mamoru is driving and Usagi is a ball of restless, Luna is curled on Kunzite's lap, decidedly not purring at the solemn pettings. And she's not dozing because she likes him, nope, not at all, she's still stubbornly neutral to the oldest Shite---ohhh yeah, that's the spot, purr purr.

Outside the car, Usagi is feeling Mamoru's nerves. Or maybe they're hers. Or maybe there's a loop going on. Either way, she's clinging to his arm. She leans up on her tiptoes to whisper in his ear. "What if it really, really hurts? Will it hurt you, too?"

Luna is perched on Kunzite's shoulder, tail curled around his neck and idly flicking against his jaw. She still doesn't like him, nope nope nope, it's just the best perch to keep an eye out. "Do you really think this Amu girl can help?"

She's not seeking comfort, nope nope, they are two guardian type people watching out for their charges, yep yep.
Tadase Hotori 2016-04-07 01:05:26 37353
Tadase turns to Amu and nods, before calling it what it is (with only a slightly large hint of Virtue Pride). "Yeah, they're the ones we and all the others helped save the world." he says, grinning a bit as they walk up. His hand shoots up in the air and he waves emphatically. "Tsukino-san, Chiba-sempai - oh, and..." he stonefaces for a moment before that falters and he's smiling again.

"Come on in, there's cookies and tea!" he calls, ushering to the chairs sitting around the Guardian's table. "You said you needed help with something?" he asks. Kiseki is also seated in a little throne just in front of Tadase, eating a cookie as big as he is.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-04-07 01:14:12 37356
"I don't know her," is the murmur the cat receives back, "but he thinks so. And the company she keeps speaks well for her ability." Kunzite's shoulder -- Kazuo's shoulder -- is indeed the best perch to keep an eye out. Rear guard, for one; highest accessible place, for another. (Granted, technically that would be the top of his head, but sensible cats know how far to push and how far not to.) He's a stranger to Amu entirely, aside from maybe a glimpse out of the corner of her eye at a dance -- but her focus was definitely elsewhere then. Tadase ... well. That moment of stoneface is warranted. Particularly since Tadase has no way of knowing that Kunzite's wary alertness is not aimed at him.

Not until Mamoru and Usagi are inside, and the door's closed behind them, and he lets the wariness ease off a little, inclining his head gravely to Tadase, then Amu (and, yes, when he can see the little throne and not-so-little cookie, Kiseki). Not where just anyone can walk up. And three possible defenders to two targets is much better a ratio than one to two.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-04-07 01:27:31 37359
"It'll be fine," the black-haired prince murmurs to the nervous princess, kissing the side of her head as she clings to his arm. "And it won't hurt." And he doesn't know he's not lying. Then they're in and greeted and offered hospitality--

"Thanks," Mamoru says, and while it's not at all short -- there's real pleasure in there somewhere -- it's clear that being inside the greenhouse has actually only ramped up his tension. It shouldn't; there's literally grass like everywhere outside, and trees and landscaping... maybe it's being in an enclosed space made of glass with a wide variety of flora. His smile's a little tight. He realizes it after a second, too, and looks apologetic. "Sorry, not nervous at you. It's the stalker I posted to HeartNET about. He's already hurt Usa once, and can find me, and has an affinity for plant life." Helpless little shrug. "So, high alert."

He gestures for Amu's benefit. "Usagi Tsukino, Kazuo Takeba, Luna--" and then a short bow, "and I'm Mamoru Chiba. Thank you for seeing us. If it wouldn't be too much of an imposition, we'd be further in your debt if you'd be willing to purify Usagi: she's taken an injury which has left dark energy lingering in her system, and can't purify it herself."

Usually he's down for tea and cookies. Right now his stomach is in knots.
Tadase Hotori 2016-04-07 01:33:38 37362
Tadase smiles. "Don't worry, I'm pretty sure this is the worst possible place for anyone to stage an attack on anyone. Not only are we all here, but one text and I think all of Virtue would come running." he says, trying to assure the obviously concerned arrivals. "This is probably the safest place in Tokyo, or at least one of them." he continues, and seems to exude the confidence and bearing to sell it.

Tadase doesn't say anything about Mamoru's request - because he can't give that sort of permission - but he does smile at her, in that soft sort of way that lets her know his opinion on the matter. Plus, he can use it to remind her she /can/ do special things later.
Amu Hinamori 2016-04-07 01:40:06 37365
Amu sets her magazine aside and stands, then blinks at the sudden formality from Mamoru. The trio of charas float up excitedly, because it's not every day Tadase calls someone senpai. "H..hello," Amu greets, a bit wall-eyed as she stares at Mamoru.

Holy crap he's hot, she thinks to herself. Augh! No! I can't think these things! No no no!

"I'm Amu," she manages to introduce herself, while Su, Ran, and Miki all turn slowly to stare at Amu. Seriously? They're going through this again?!

"Ah .." Amu says, then clears her throat. "Sorry. Amu Hinamori. Err. Purify? Yeah, I can ... I can try. I don't know if it will do any good," she notes uncertainly. "But I can try. What happened, anyways? Can you describe it?"
Usagi Tsukino 2016-04-07 01:49:48 37368
Usagi just clings tighter and maybe even hides behind Mamoru a little. Shy. A little afraid. Definitely not her normal bunny self. She winces and nearly burrow into Mamoru as he mentions Fiore, and gets angry at herself.

She gives a shy wave of the fingers to Tadase, she knows him a little more than she knows Amu, though of them all she thinks she knows Kukai better. (The other one...Nadesomething? Nagicookie? Something! She's never even met her before.)

She notices Amu's attention on Mamoru and growls a little under her breath, then gets angry at herself again because she's being so stupid!

Then she's asked what happened, and all of her bubbling angries and frustrateds et al bubble to the surface.

"My friend got possessed and stabbed me in the back -- literally -- and a bit of the sword broke off and each time I try to purify myself I have to stop before I'm done because it hurts too much and now all I wanna do is be mean and I hate being mean!"

Luna sighs and flicks her tail against Kunzite's jaw before she jumps to Usagi's shoulder. "Breathe, Usagi."

Luna squeaks as she's suddenly being cuddled like a plushie. "This is not dignified!"
Kazuo Takeba 2016-04-07 02:00:38 37373
Given that the white-haired teenager already relaxed a little once the door was closed -- it seems likely that he agrees with Tadase's estimation. On the other hand, 'a little' is an important phrase, there. Because space aliens don't know local politics, and don't know that it might be a terrible idea to attack this particular place. Less worried, overall. But still on quiet watch.

"The original blade chained itself to its host with dark energy," Kazuo says, in supplement to Usagi's slightly less directed explanation. "It seems wise to prevent the fragment from trying the same trick."
Mamoru Chiba 2016-04-07 02:15:55 37381
Mamoru just nods to Tadase, at the 'safest place' assertion-- it's not that he disagrees, because he doesn't-- it's just not worth spending the time explaining why he can't easily drop the tension for however long it takes Amu. So okay, maybe the nod comes with another restrained smile.

Also Usagi practically exploding in his empathy's face isn't especially helping.

It's actually not until Usagi's spike of angry jealousy that Mamoru even interprets Amu's staring at him and tripping over her words for what it is, and that doesn't help anything, either: he has to steamroll on through the faint blush darkening his face, and clears his throat before he nods again. "What they said. We can get it out once it's purified, but..." He gestures vaguely, indicating a sentence that doesn't need finishing. But then he smiles a little lopsidedly. "I'm sure you can do it. I just wasn't sure how much of an effort it might be."
Tadase Hotori 2016-04-07 02:22:02 37384
Tadase makes two of the people noticing that smile. This time, at least, he doesn't suddenly don a crown and try to fight Mamoru IRL. He does, however, subconsciously shift a little bit closer to Amu around the table. But then he continues on.

"Well, I'm sure Amu can do it. She's incredibly powerful." he says, unable to resist talking her up a bit, complimenting her a bit. Especially since she's smiling at someone else, right?

The cat does get a bit of pause, and Tadase tilts his head at it. "...You know some part of me feels like I should be a lot more surprised than I am about the talking cat." he says.
Amu Hinamori 2016-04-07 02:35:39 37392
Amu blushes even more when Mamoru does, and it only gets worse when he gives her that smile. "Oh God he's so hot," she whispers aloud. Wait, that was aloud!? That wasn't supposed to be aloud! Amu lets out a soft squeaking noise of terror and takes a step back--right into Tadase.

Miki just starts laughing uproariously, while just looks somewhat horrified at her chara bearer. Sure, she wants Amu to be bold, but even Ran has learned that sometimes it's the wrong time.

"Amu-chi," Su suggests. "Maybe we should transform?" Su, always the collected helper.

"Right," Amu squeaks out, then flahses a picture-box over the heart-shaped lock she wears around her chest. "Atashi no Kokoro: Unlock!"

Brilliant light engulfs the teen, searing away all the shame of what she's just said and leaving behind only a pink-eyed silhouette. Su beams happily and twirls once before ducking into her egg. That egg flies towards Amu, who stretches out her arms to receive it. As Su sinks into her chest, the light around Amu transforms into ribbons of green, which quickly enfold her in a green and white maid's outfit with tall white stockings and a ruffled hairpiece.

"Chara Nari: Amulet Clover"

Amulet Clover steadies herself a moment, then takes a breath. "I don't know if it will hurt," Clover notes quietly. "I've never asked. It probably does if yours does," she notes. Oh so oblivious. "Ah ... Takeba-san, would you mind stepping aside? Chiba-san, maybe ... you too. Just her. I don't want to make a mistake and hit one of you and I don't know what will happen if I do." She's just never tried it.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-04-07 02:46:44 37398
The growl returns and continues to grow. What did she just say?!?!?!

And then she suggests Mamo-chan move away?! That is the last straw!

She lunges forward, but is caught by strong arms. Her hands still claw the air as she snarls!

"You should worry about me hurting you! I'll claw your face off and feed it to my cat!"

She hiccups and settles at the shock of her words, but she doesn't stop growling.

Luna gasps, afronted. "I will not be eating anyone's face!" She's lept over to the relative safety of a Mamoru Shoulder, but with him holding a struggling Usagi, she leaps back to Kunzite's shoulder. "I apologize for her. Without the dark energy, she would be readily agreeing with your assessment, Amu-chan. And possibly waxing poetic about his brain."
Kazuo Takeba 2016-04-07 02:54:10 37402
Amu's transformation gains her an interested glance from the white-haired teenager, but as clearly the Least Hot of the three boys present in her estimation, that's likely to go unnoticed. It does mean that he's in a good position to clear the line of fire, as requested ... because the odds that Mamoru is going to are incredibly low, and at least one of them should be unaffected. Also, the possibility of unanticipated power interactions is a good deal higher with his.

... also, a rampaging Usagi is very definitely Mamoru's problem, not his. He puts a hand up to help stabilize Luna on her landing. And forces himself not, given the circumstances, to say anything resembling 'clearly, she was actually talking about my cat.'
Mamoru Chiba 2016-04-07 03:01:16 37406
At Amu's latest addition to the blushpile, Mamoru's mouth opens and shuts, and then he grimaces a split-second before Usagi lunges, and indeed, catches her. While Luna's apologizing for Usagi, Mamoru's very quietly (and very firmly) lecturing her. If it's audible, it's because the quietness is a token attempt at face-saving, but the upperclassman thinks it should be heard anyway.

"Cut it out," he murmurs, "not only are you going to aggravate the wound, but we're trying to minimize the number of apologies you have to make after you're purified, remember? And the girl you're trying to attack is the one who's graciously agreed to take care of your little mind-altering evil energy infection problem; don't piss off the doctor."

His voice lowers further still, and whisperwhisperwhisper.

Then he straightens up and smiles tightly, holding Usagi's shoulders. "I actually already promised her I'd ride it out with her to prevent it hurting her, if it does. I wouldn't worry about the effects of purifying someone who doesn't need it, really. It should ignore me; hers has when I've been in the way before."

He is viscerally aware of Tolerant Kunzite Judging that may or may not be going on behind and to the side of him.
Tadase Hotori 2016-04-07 03:48:20 37420
Tadase doesn't know what to do. The last time something like this happened, he reacted so poorly. But why is Kiseki so relaxed this time? He's got no idea. Is everything he's feeling this time... just his? Rather than his charas?

And so he just moves over and puts a hand around Amu - just before she henshins - and just asks. "Was that really necessary?" And then there's a burst of color, a burst of light, and Amu becomes Amulet Clover.

Tadase steps away from her, but not before a hand squeezes her shoulder. He opens his mouth to say a little bit more, but closes it, because he doesn't want to dishearten her right before she's needed to help. Instead, though, he says. "I know if anyone can help them, you can."

Those other words can wait.
Amu Hinamori 2016-04-07 03:59:34 37424
Amulet Clover's eyes widen with genuine fear as she tries to back away from the jealous wrath of Usagi Tsukino. She practically hides behind Tadase, using her boyfriend as a shield. "Sorry," she squeaks out, though whether it's to Tadase, Mamoru, Usagi, Kazuo, or Luna is entirely unclear. Maybe it's to all of them.

Then she swallows and grabs Tadase's hand, entwining her fingers with his for a moment as she tries to will herself to believe that Usagi isn't going to try and kill her. That Mamoru won't be hurt by the open-heart. That Tadase isn't going to leave her because she couldn't keep her big dumb mouth shut.

"Amu-chan," Ran says from the sideline. "You can do it."

Miki is still too busy laughing.

Amulet Clover squeezes her eyes shut and squeezes Tadase's hand hard. "I love you," she whispers to him quietly, then lets go and takes a step forward.

When she opens her eyes, Clover has banished all those worries aside. She has to do this. They're relying on her. This is her job, as the Joker. She agreed to it, and even if she's not sure she's the right girl for it, it's hers now.

Framing the locket with her fingers, Amu makes a Heart, thumbs for the round parts, and raises her chin to stare at Usagi. "Negative Heart: Lock On," she says, and a brilliant green-golden glow begins to form in the negative space formed by her fingers. She takes one breath, then two, then thrusts her fingers forward. That light turns into a beam of brilliance: a laser of loving radiance into Usagi and Mamoru's souls as she calls out, "OPEN HEART!"

Usagi and Mamoru both are overwhelmed with feelings of happiness and love. This isn't merely purification, it is reaffirmation. It is Serenity and Endymion's first meeting, and the way their hearts both went doki doki. It is Usagi and Mamoru's first meeting; how she threw that waded up paper in his face, and even htough they both were irritated, the contact between them was something electrical. It is a reminder of the confidence Sailor Moon was graced with when most of the world's magical girls joined together in one voice to say, 'I Support You' against Beryl's evil. How could anything dark stand in the way of that light? It blasts straight to the core, cleansing evil and wiping it away, replacing it with nothing but feelings of goodness.

When the light fades, Amu Hinamori remains, staring at the pair worriedly. Su floats over her shoulder, equally worried.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-04-07 04:31:26 37436
She stills as soon as he starts talking, very much properly chastised. Her lower lip trembles and her eyes water. She didn't mean it! She turns to Mamoru with her large tear filled eyes and there's no doubt he can feel her shame.

And then he's whispering, and she gasps, and he whispers again, and she giggles, sniffling a bit as she does.

"If you do can I watch?" It's a small voice, almost afraid to be making comments like that because of how she had been just then.

Then she snuggles a quick bit, letting herself wallow for just a moment before turning large, sulky, apologetic eyes on Amu.

There's a yelp and cringe in that moment just after the words are spoken and just before being struck. She's been purified herself by her own hand, and it takes a moment to realize there's no pain.

Memories flood, nice calm loving ones like a big hug of glorious doom, but that's not what she focuses on.

At first it's the lack of pain and the longing that her purification could work like that.

And then.

The thing about it is, when you're always buried in negative emotions, whether caused by depression or dark energy or something else, you almost forget what it's like to be happy. There's an almost physical lifting weight from your chest, and instead of being just below the surface, you're suddenly above it. And there's more energy, and that combined with the sudden burst of joy is very similar to a manic episode.

When Amu's purification is done, Usagi just stares at her for a moment.

The only warning is a sudden brilliant, beaming grin and then Amu is thoroughly pounced with a very giddy squeal.

When she pulls back from the hug, her eyes are practically covered in hearts. "Wow, that didn't hurt at all! That was amazing! I wish I could do it that way! Ahhh, so jealous!" Despite that last words, her expression is more amazed than anything else.

Then she gasps! "I'm so sorry! I wouldn't really feed your face to my cat! Honest! And not just because it's a very pretty face!" She lowers her voice. "And you're so right, he is, and he's even smarter than he is gorgeous! But don't tell him I told you, his face turns all pink and red, it's adorable! OH! I have to tell Mamo-chan something!"

She pulls back and pounces Mamoru. Whisper whisper whisper! She pulls back with a small 'Mweeheehee' and a kiss that pretty much goes to his toes and then she gasps again!

Kunzite is her next target! POUNCE!! Her arms around around his shoulders and her legs around his waist, and if anyone could make that not be a come on, it's Usagi!

"I never got to properly pounce you before! Yay! I'm so happy you're back! I woulda done it sooner but--" Her voice lowers. "I was very grumpy." A firm nod.

Luna had managed to leap away moments before the Usagi Missile landed. She's on a table between Amu and Mamoru, licking her paw. "I'm pretty sure if she's allowed to go on like this, she'll have an emotional sugar crash in about five minutes. Usagi, stop bouncing about like a spider monkey, there's still shrapnel in your back."
Kazuo Takeba 2016-04-07 04:38:10 37438
It's a little disturbing, how often Luna and Kunzite seem to agree on things. In this case, Kazuo is already echoing Luna's words. Not aloud, no. But he knows exactly where that piece of metal is in Usagi's back, and when he catches at her to support her weight -- and to keep her from rebounding instantly off of him to assault Tadase at a like speed -- he wraps his arms around her with that awareness. No more pressure on anything that might be trying to cause internal bleeding, thank you.

This is not to say he'd stop her from trying to attach to Tadase. Only that Usagi would have to be moving at a reasonably sane rate for him to let her go. Or be in immediate transfer from him back to Mamoru, which is at least equally likely.

"It's good to have you back, too," he tells Usagi, in a calm attempt to assert whatever her request to watch was out of his personal universe for the moment; he turns his head to Amu, then, after. "Thank you, Hinamori-san. And company." Su, after all, wasn't introduced.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-04-07 04:51:48 37442
The whisper Usagi gave Mamoru in response makes him blush bright red, compounding the one that renewed its committment to communicating his embarrassment when Usa asked to watch. Then, eyes widening slightly at Tadase, Mamoru's glance flickers to Amu for a second before she transforms, and his hands tighten on Usagi's shoulders. The instant he feels anything start to hurt her, he's ready to lift it away and take it on himself, all assurances to Usagi earlier belied--

--but there is no pain, no fear no doubt--

--and they're not pulled out of heaven.

For a moment, it almost is heaven; the only sorrow is that it's not something they're sharing with everyone else they love, but the feeling is so overwhelmingly bright that that sorrow is a shadow quickly banished.

Memories flood, out of order and all so clear, moments brought to the fore with all their associated emotions: a tiny girl giving him a rose in his redoubled loneliness, Usagi sharing her milkshake and her friendship with him on her birthday when they were still antagonists, her protective love of him when he was in the hospital, a few minutes of shared connection out of the fury of a thunderstorm...

The moment she awoke and he took off his mask, in the stillness of the afternoon sunlight, and he promised her that she was the one he chose to be with, not a dream he might never meet, and she told him that their hearts were the same.

All the stress that's been on him since October, in waves and floods and increments and avalanches, all the horror and sadness and fear, even the current misery that Fiore's brought from the furthest reaches of space-- for the moment, it's all gone, and Mamoru's blinking really hard and lifting an arm to rub at his eyes with the cuff of his sleeve when the light fades. He doesn't have to force anything. He doesn't have to make himself believe everything will be okay.

Once again, he's a rock in Usagi's bubbling, rushing brook; once again, he's a dolmen in her hurricane. She's moving and talking at a thousand miles per hour, everywhere all at once, and he's still orienting on surfacing from the experience when she clamps on to him and kisses him breathless.

Even by the time Luna's telling Usagi off and Kunzite's trying to keep her from rocketing around, the tall black-haired teenager's just sort of standing there dazed. But Kunzite's thanks snap him to, at least most of the way. It's an even better smile he gives Amu this time. "Yes," he affirms, gentle and possessed of an immense affection, "thank you so very much."
Tadase Hotori 2016-04-07 05:11:06 37451
Tadase's still there, just behind Amu, and he leans in. "See, I told you you're amazing. Even Tsukino-san there thinks so, and she saved the world. So she'd know." he says, with a grin. But there's something a bit there behind that grin - wether anyone could NOTICE it or not is another question.

But it's there for a moment only before he turns to Usagi. "It's good to have you back. I was kinda worried the few times I'd run into you before." he says, still looking absolutly pleased with the outcome. "I was going to ask how you're feeling... but I'm just gonna go ahead and assume 'pretty good'.
Amu Hinamori 2016-04-07 05:19:57 37453
"Hrrk!" Amu lets out a noise of uncertain discomfort when Usagi squeezes her so close. Unlike the Senshi, this one is not used to being pounced on quite so violently. Not even Yaya is quite that bad. Nevertheless, Amu makes a soft, "ahehhh," noise, and pats Usagi on the back, gently.

"'re welcome," she says to the flood of thanks, but it's Tadase's words that bring a blush to her cheeks. She glances at him, then steps away from Usagi and Mamoru and grabs Tadase's hand tightly in her own.

"Holy crap," she whispers, as the sight of Mamoru without all that sorrow really sinks in. Nope, she's not going to say it aloud again. Nope nope nope. La la la, this boy right here is hers. She squeezes Tadase's hand all the harder. He may wind up with white knuckles in a moment.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-04-07 05:28:53 37454
Kunzite has her in a hold of sorts, and for the moment, Usagi is content to just hug and snuggle against him!

She slides down after a moment, done being a spider monkey for a moment.

She grins at Tadase. "Yup! Much better!"

And then Amu's whisper catches her attention and after a moment, she mentally repeats the sentiment!

Mamoru's always pretty in her very much unbiased opinion, but right now he's the prettiest!

She mouths to Amu, 'Right?!' and she has to hug him. So she does!

She doesn't pounce him, though. He'll get worried eyebrows if she did!

She hums happily as she snuggles against him, flooding him with her rediscovered happiness and joy!
Kazuo Takeba 2016-04-07 05:36:21 37455
Kazuo leans to deposit Usagi securely on the ground, on both feet, rather than letting her slide haphazardly. Because shrapnel. Sigh. ... Or no sigh, because Usagi is wrapping herself up against Mamoru on one side, and Amu and Tadase seem to be weathering the storm on the other. This isn't a surprise to Kazuo -- he's never seen Tadase lose composure without sufficient reason, and never seen him make a poor decision. And he's seen Tadase a good deal more than Tadase's seen him. Not a surprise, no. But seeing things work, even when they were expected to, is still a quiet pleasure for him.

He glances to Luna, once, since her perch is free again; but she's as likely to wind up anywhere as not. Cat.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-04-07 05:53:16 37457
This time Mamoru most assuredly does not notice Amu's re-reaction to him, nor Tadase's micro-reaction to Amu's re-reaction; he just envelops Usagi in a giant, gentle, protective hug and holds her there for a long, quiet moment.

When he lifts his head, it's to look at Kunzite, and his eyes are shining, and he's silent, and there's everything he doesn't need to say.

Finally he straightens up and says with a smile that's all in his eyes and the crinkles around them, "Okay, let's get that shrapnel taken care of so I can pick you up and swing you around, right?" Another glance up-- at Amu, at Tadase, at Su and Miki and Ran. "Thank you again. All of you," he says with solemn gratitude, quiet and-- there's a kind of joy that's too big, really, to express properly. It's a thing that suffuses the bearer's countenance and every motion, it radiates. And then one corner of his mouth quirks up; the solemnity's gone, but the cheeriness of this last holds a very serious undertone of promise. "Definitely call in a huge favor whenever you need it!"

He slides his grip on Usagi around so his hand's at the small of her back, and that hand maaaay be glowing slightly; as they turn he holds his arm out to Luna so she can jump up and join them on him or on Kunzite or on Usagi, then slings that arm through Kunzite's an instant before they pass him, laughing. "Come on, Dr. Shelby's definitely up. See you guys later!"
Tadase Hotori 2016-04-07 06:02:15 37458
Tadase smiles at Mamoru and Usagi - and eventually, at Kazuo. Though the smile stops being so polite when it comes to Kazuo. But it's also not his fault. It's because Amu is crushing his hand a little bit. "You can let go now, Amu-chan." he says, tugging backward on it.

"I'm glad to hear it, Tsukino-chan. Both of you two always seem to be wrecks when anything's wrong with the other. It looks like you're two entirely different people than the ones that walked in here!" he says as Usagi hugs him. "I might actually have a favor in mind already." he admits. "Good luck with the rest of your plan."
Usagi Tsukino 2016-04-07 06:16:31 37459
AIEEEEEEEEE!!!! Amu may have gotten that half grin smile thing, but Usagi gets this smile! All for her! Mweeheehee! Her eyebrows raise at the swinging around. Oh hoooooh! Tally ho let's go!

Oh wait, right! "Thank you guys, so so so much! And sorry for the glomp, Amu-chan, I usually don't pounce you unless I know you but I was just so happy again! Still! Yay!"

And then they're leaving!

"Bye! Bye!" She blows kisses! "I'll do my best to help with whatever you need! Bye! Have fun!"

She leans up as they walk, voice low. "Swing me around how?" A purely innocent question!

Luna looks at Amu and Tadase for a moment before she leaves. Her eyes narrow in suspicion. Then she bows her head. "Thank you. Don't be too hard on each other." Then she accepts Mamoru's arm but oh, look at that, Kunzite's shoulder is just a better vantage point!
Amu Hinamori 2016-04-07 06:16:38 37460
"I dun wanna," Amu says uncertainly as she continues to cling to Tadase. But she does let up, just a little. "It's not because I'm upset," she says, frowning, "I just like holding your hand. Can't I hold your hand when I want to?"
Kazuo Takeba 2016-04-07 06:20:54 37461
When Mamoru mentions that huge favor -- that's when Kazuo inclines his head silently to Tadase again. A separate emphasis, independent of the favor Mamoru's talking about. He knows exactly how much he and his brothers owe to Virtue, to the Guardians, to the young king himself.

And then his shoulder's claimed by a talking cat, and his arm's claimed by a reborn prince, and he is pretending very hard that Usagi is not saying anything as the four go thataway.