We Will Never Be Royals

Shira attacks Naru Osaka in an attempt to get at Runealy and her Guardians. Which is a bit strange, becauase Naru is hardly attached to them at all.

Date: 2016-06-25
Pose Count: 32
Shira 2016-06-25 23:16:25 46345
Most villains would wait until nightfall to do their awful deeds, with the exception of a few. Luckily, Hannah Sharpe is at the spa today, so the world is safe from punching.

But Nightshade Serpent /is/ very much active. There's been a string of Drainings of civilians and even a few magical girls. Most worrisome, one or two have been a Puella. No one's died, miraculously, but it's been very close.

It's nearly noon, and the cloaked young woman sits atop a watertower, gazing below. Her mask in place, emotionless eyes track those below as she waits for the right victim. All the while, she twirls a dagger coated in the black poisonous magic she's been gifted. The demon's magic runs strong through her. It's time to put it all to use.
Naru Osaka 2016-06-25 23:24:48 46346
Ahh, out by the harbour. Away from plants, by and large, which is a distinct feature these days. Naru has a satchel looped across her, banging slightly at her hip as she treats herself to an ice cream on the warm sunny day, holding the cone as she walks along the boardwalk.

Naru walks alone this afternoon, doing a wee bit of window shopping while she tries to keep her ice cream cone from dripping onto her hand and lose any of the tasty goodness.
Runealy Waldia 2016-06-25 23:34:41 46348
Rune is largely unaware of the Serpent's activities; unless anyone has specifically brought her this news, Tokyo is large enough that it's entirely possible to simply not know about these incidents or at least not know of the underlying pattern and cause.

So she is in this part of the city for another reason: Reflection.

She's not immediately aware of Naru - or her significance - at the moment due to this. Instead, Rune is lingering near where a concert from a bit over a year ago was held. Her first encounter with a wholly new society, one far different from anything she knew. "...You know... it started raining real quickly after we got here. Had to run from it. Wasn't sunny like it is today." she observes. It's mostly for her own benefit, but it's in easy hearing volume of anyone nearby; her gaze wanders to those who may be here, and to the general area after that.
Gaofele Doiru 2016-06-25 23:40:20 46349
Gaofele Doiru nods back at Rune. "Fair amount has changed since then," he agrees, being the one who was with Rune at the time. "Several new friends made, and now we're more a part of magical society instead of lurking on the edges."

The forester is idly flipping through the pages of a notebook he has, with several sketches of various outdoor shelters in it. He's still in the design phase of the eventual patio-type space that the Waldians will be making, and getting ideas from other locations helps him figure out what might be interesting to include in the final design.
Fate T. Waldia 2016-06-25 23:41:22 46350
    A year ago. Fate was just arriving here then, starting her ill-fated quest to find the Jewel Seeds. She didn't even know Runealy, back then, and she certainly didn't go to any concert. She would've considered it a waste of time.

    Fate wonders to herself if going after the Jewel Seeds wasn't the bigger waste of time after all.

    "It's a nice day," says Fate, walking near Runealy. She doesn't recognize Naru from any particular place, but she does spend a small amount of time looking at her ice cream.
Hinote Kagari 2016-06-25 23:41:58 46351
Hinote Kagari has come along for the walk. Reflection is generally a good thing, he figures. It's been about a year give or take in either direction, right?

He ehs? "You arrived here on Earth on a rainy day?" he asks a little. He purses his lips. He nods a bit. "...yeah. Around this time last year I was studying for the play..." he says. "Ugh. This year's gonna be tougher." he admits a little. "Yeah know..."

"I still use that place where I met you guys to practice." he laughs a bit as he scratches the back of his head. "It's funny how much cleaner it was still when I started using it." he says.

"No magical visitors this year though." he says coyly as he peeks around a bit then over at Gao's notebook over his shoulder.
Shira 2016-06-26 00:02:49 46352
As the magical types converge near our poor, defenseless Naru, Shira perks up. Serpent-like eyes stare down at the young woman, narrowing just a hair. The poor girl has that /look/. Like a victim waiting to happen. Shira's used to seeing people like that, both in and out of henshin.

Which might explain why one moment, Naru is devouring ice cream and window shopping, and the next?

Just as she gets a little too close to an alleyway, Shira drops down silently to the shadows of the slightly dirty place. Not the most well kept, near this particular store. She peers from behind a dumpster, and then she /moves/.

There's a blurr of blue and gold, a hand reaching out, and she practically drags Naru into the alleyway by the back of the neck. Rather roughly too, as the poor girl would soon find her be shoved against a brick wall. The masked woman looks like she could be in high school, at most. She practically hisses as she leans down to peer at Naru with her serpentine eyes. The dull look swiftly turns to absolute hate.

"You..." She starts, voice almost monotone.

"You and the rest of these people. You're all guilty. Guilty! Disgusting, Royalist trash!" Hisses the young woman as pulsating, purple-energy forms in her right hand.

And then she grabs for Naru's face, starting to suck down every ounce of energy she can get. Bad news? This feels roughly like being dipped in lava and then frozen solid as the heat seem sto leave the body. Worst still, the only things that would transfer in such an emotional theft is Shira's hatred...and a deeper, hidden sorrow that only a keen person such as Naru might notice.

She might even hear someone crying almost as if in a memory.

The good news is that Shira isn't /good/ at draining just yet, and the sudden burst of dark magic is obvious to those with magical senses. Most of the mundanes are already passing out, too!
Naru Osaka 2016-06-26 00:10:34 46353
So much for her ice cream.

Naru is yanked and the ice cream goes flying and she is left just with the cone, and some pathetic drips left in that cone. Which would be irritating enough, but then she's being shoved up roughly up against a wall.

"Seriously!?" Naru sounds entirely more indignant and irritated than the usual degree of panic that most mundanes exhibit when they've just been yanked into an alleyway by a masked person, hissing hate at them. "Seriously? AGAIN!?"

"What other people? I'm here by my..."

Naru had more to say, she really did, and the hand that comes up to try and block Shira from grabbing at her face is armed only with an empty ice cream cone, and that is not cutting it for defensive purposes. She's not normally a screamer, usually she's quite calm through this sort of thing, conversational even.

Yep. So far, the verdict is that quick is worse than slow. Naru screams.
Runealy Waldia 2016-06-26 00:17:17 46354
"/Really/ rainy," Rune confirms to Hinote. "The storm was big enough that you could kind of see it coming, and we had to run from it. Grabbed a few things along the way we'd left in places in case we needed them, then we found that store and Gao got us inside before the worst of it caught up to us."

She picks up something interesting from Gaofele's remarks, too. "Not just 'magical society', but society in general. We're going places, seeing things, and..." Her voice trails off, wondering about something in the distance.

Then she's looking over to what Fate sees, and turns a little more optimistic. "...Oh, hey, I see it! We should get some while we're here, maybe we can ask her where she got that one?"

Unfortunately, Naru is far enough out that walking that way is going to take several moments and shouting would be absurd... if it would even be heard.

This means she's in no position to immediately intervene when Naru is yanked toward an alley. It's too far away, and obscured by a wall, for Rune to tell precisely who just did that. Nonetheless, it's enough to alarm the princess. "Let's go check that ou--"

People begin falling over, and Naru's scream means that checking it out in normal guise has just been ruled out. "Summoning Princess' Tiara!" Rune corrects her stance on the matter with that shout, jeweled headwear appearing in hand as it hums with an energy-pulsing noise. "The Line of Succession..." It's brought from one hand to the other, then to her head in the same motion. "Transform!"

A flash of red light engulfs her, and when it fades she's in magical dress with wand in hand. "Be careful, don't get so close that whoever or whatever it was can hit us all at once... but let's be around to back each other up!" Then she's sprinting for the alley, taking the direct approach to pursuing Naru and the unknown attacker.
Gaofele Doiru 2016-06-26 00:29:56 46355
Gao's notebook has several sketches of locations from across town, often with brief notes or near-cryptic comments. It seems to mostly be remarks that the forester would understand, in an otherwise vague shorthand.

Gao nods to Rune, tucking his notebook into a pocket and pulling his bracer out of the same pocket. "To protect the lands, I am Guardian Gao!" he calls out, and in a flash of green he changes into his Guardian outfit. There's a burst of plants under his feet, propelling him in a forward arc to get an overhead view of the alley, a circle of oversized maple seeds slowing his fall once he reaches the apex.

"Ready up here!" Gao calls to the others, his bow drawn.
Fate T. Waldia 2016-06-26 00:31:07 46356
    Fate didn't expect to be caught looking at ice cream, and looks sheepishly up at Runealy until it's mentioned that they could go get some for themselves. "Okay~!" agrees Fate, cheerfully.

    Then things start getting strange. Royalists? What? Fate is watching when Naru is dragged into an alley and drained. The first thought in her mind, and out of her mouth, after hearing Shira is, "... but... she's not with us..."

    Then the ice cream is sent flying, and Naru is screaming. Fate frowns, then looks up at Shira. She holds out her gloved hand, yellow triangle resting on the back of it. "I didn't leave Eclipse just so I could sit back and watch while people get hurt."

    The yellow icon reflects the light, and then shines. It rises from her hand, and she reaches up to grab it. Golden light rips out of her hands like arcs of lightning, shooting out and gathering into the shape of a long staff. The axe-like head forms with an arcane ping. Magical lighting surges around her. Black cape flies out from behind her. Black hair ribbons expand in size and puffiness. A pink skirt, held on by loose belt, forms over her black leotard.

    Fate spins Bardiche in one hand before her other hand stops it with a grab. Since Rune is approaching from the ground, Fate flies overhead and rapidly descends into the alleyway. "Stop that! She didn't do anything wrong!"
Hinote Kagari 2016-06-26 00:35:19 46357
Hinote Kagari looks to Fate, then over to Naru and her ice cream. "Yeah that sounds like a good idea." he says as he looks over to Runealy and smiles a bit. "Yikes." he says a bit with a soft frown. "Wait I think I remember that big storm. Huh. I was at home." he says. He strokes his chin a bit as he looks to Runealy-- as he looks back up in time to see--- the girl get yanked into an alley. "Huh?...." he asks.

He's also jogging along a moment when there's a scream. And other people falling over. Crap.

"To Protect Justice... I am Guardian Hino." he mutters as he transforms into an orange flash. He steps to the left of Runealy and frowns quite hard.

"Wait...." a pause.

"Isn't this the same girl from the last time.... watch out for poison." he mutters.
Shira 2016-06-26 00:56:03 46361
Shira's draining slacks off for just a moment. "This...isn't the first time?" A brow slightly rises.

Then she gets back to business. Out sucks that energy, painfully and quickly. The young woman ignores the screams as she enjoys the taste of so much energy. But this time, she isn't going to get away scott free.

No, several magical girls and boys show up, ready to rescue poor Naru! Fate's appearance gets Shira's attention first with that fancy lightning and polearm-like Device! "Sure she did. You people, this entire town...they're all guilty of supporting those murderers! I'll make sure you know all of our pain! I'll return it ten times over!"

And then Gao, Hino, and the Princess herself arrive, with the Princess at the fore.

"YOU!" She screams, and then picks up poor Naru. Hopefully she's unconscious, as she's now throwing the girl bodily at the Princess! Catch!

Then, as Gao rockets up, she seems to draw daggers from nowhere, tossing three at the young man's arms! Hino, too, gets a trio of daggers thrown at him, before Shira seems to dissappear!

She moves like lightning, already running up the side of a building!
Naru Osaka 2016-06-26 01:06:41 46366
It's hard to say if the momentary repireve in the painful draining is a mercy or not. Naru is half falling to her knees, just with the intensity of the drain.

"First. Time. You."

Somehow, Naru has barely enough wherewithall to actually /reply/ to Shira, no matter how strangled and barely coherent that thought might be, but reply she does.

Naru has often said that unconsciousness is often a mercy in many situations where terrible things are being done to her. She doesn't usually have a whole lot of choice in the matter, and she doesn't this time either, and her brain is being cruel.

Downright cruel in leaving her awake enough to register that the pain has mostly stopped, or the lava side of the equation at least, leaving her semi-conscious, starting to shiver and flying through the air.

The last bit, it too is new. So much new today!
Runealy Waldia 2016-06-26 01:08:30 46367
Rune hears some of Shira's remarks before she can /see/ their foe, rushing alongside Hinote even as others make their own moves from other angles. The voice is familiar enough to confirm what everyone else was saying, and that makes this situation a lot worse; "It's her," Rune joins the chorus of recognition.

Then she can /see/ the Serpent, and goes wide-eyed for two good reasons. First, "You!? What... ah!?" That sentence does not get finished, as Naru is being hurled her way.

Rune would probably not be able to catch her in the first place. Having one hand full with a wand makes it even more unlikely. What to do, though? Creating a forcefield is liable to just make Naru bounce off, and that might hurt someone who has just been attacked by a dangerous foe.

...And so all she can really do is throw one arm up, crying out as Naru plows into her! Rune lands on her back, wincing from the impact and hoping it was enough to at least soften the landing. "Agh...!" Rolling out from under Naru, Rune rises and tries to lift her up to be supported on one shoulder. "I'm getting her away from this before anything else!" There is one problem: This is not exactly the fastest method to do it.

Nonetheless, Rune is trying to get Naru out of here and looking aside to her to ask, "Can you move?"
Gaofele Doiru 2016-06-26 01:22:22 46370
One problem with Gao's maple seed slowfall is that it doesn't allow for much maneuverability. And dismissing them all at once isn't a good idea when you're several stories up in the air.

Still, when your main blocking tricks require not being in mid-air, sometimes you have to improvise. The forester Guardian dismisses the seeds floating to his right and does a rolling dive through the gap. The remaining seeds crack and vanish from the sudden surge of pressure (and one of Shira's knives), and Gao lands on the roof with a THUMP and an awkward roll.

No time to focus on the hard landing, though; he had seen the blur heading up the walls. "Nettle Barrage!" Gao calls out, firing an arrow that splits into a volley of narrow shafts that skim over the top of the alleyway. Anyone trying to get to the rooftops through there might have to think twice to avoid being hit!
Fate T. Waldia 2016-06-26 01:23:46 46371
    Fate watches as Naru is tossed through the air, and at Princess Runealy! "Watch out!" She winces as the impact happens. That couldn't be fun for either Runealy or Naru. Ouch.

    As Runealy starts to try to carry Naru away, Fate dives down from above, placing herself between the Serpent and Runealy, but turning her back to the enemy while she reaches out for Naru. "I can carry her. Let me," she asks. The poor princess doesn't look like she can move that fast right after that hit, and Fate knows that she can protect herself. Naru, while being sturdier than expected, is mostly normal as far as Fate can tell.

    It's probably a bit strange visually to see Fate pick Naru up and carry her off. After all, she's a ten year old girl, and much shorter than Naru, but Fate is a magical girl in henshin. She scoops one arm under Naru's back and another under her knees, flying upwards and carrying her away. Fate's movements are faster than most, having focused her training on speed over all else.

    She takes Naru to a nearby bench, dropping from above to gently set her down. "Are you okay? I'm sorry, I have to go help my friends, but you should be okay here."
Hinote Kagari 2016-06-26 01:25:45 46372
Guardian Hino watches daggers fly at him and /he moves out of the way as fast as his god damn magical speed will let him/. Only one hits him, straight in the arm and hitting home as he curses under his breath. That's better than all three. He hopes these aren't poisoned too.

He doesn't want to have to deal with that whole rukus again.

He'll worry about pulling it out later because right now he's taking off after Shira when it's clear Runealy is handling Naru--- dashing on past- his cape flowing after him.

He seems to be concentrating on running after her. He isn't as quick.. but the more time he dedicates to chasing, the less time he has to attack. He rather chase right now while he let's Gao try to slow her down with that Nettle Barrage.

He HOPES that work. She's quick. Maybe too quick for this to work.
Shira 2016-06-26 01:37:11 46375
Luckily for Fate and by extension, Naru, Shira doesn't seem in much of a hurry to stop the blonde magical girl from taking the young woman away. She does give another squint to Naru though.

"...This town is weird and I hate it."

But there's other things to worry about! First of all, her roof-run is interrupted by a blast of arrows rushing for her thanks to Gao! Pulling out a pair of larger, short-sword sized 'knives', she slashes out at the ones that are directly in her path! Most of them get cut to pieces or simply dissolved by the poison magic now coating them, but she does take several scrapes! Tatters of blue cloth and energy clashing go everywhere!

This of course does give Hino some time to catch up and possibly try to use his blade! But Gao seems to be her immediate target, as she makes a swift leap for the archer, aiming a hard kick and slash with her blades at him!

"Surrender, forsake the Royal Family, and maybe I'll let you all live!"
Naru Osaka 2016-06-26 01:39:23 46377
Nope. Naru doesn't bounce.

Certainly not when she ends up slamming into a Princess with a soft ooof and a whimper that she will probably not even realize that she uttered later. She doesn't particularly have words at the moment, but at Runealy's request for 'can you move', she really does make the attempt.

It's a pathetic attempt, it probably wasn't going to actually /get/ Naru anywhere, but mercifully, Fate is there to help.

Naru isn't in a position to critique the size or age of her rescuerers. She's not really in a position to do anything but get lifted and taken out of the way, over to a bench.

"Go.. go.." Naru waves vaguely towards the fight again at Fate's mention about helping her friends. "'M Fine."

There is very little that's actually FINE about Naru at the moment, but she's certainly not actually going anywhere. She's just going to lay on this bench here. It's the bestest bench, evah. Lovely bench.
Runealy Waldia 2016-06-26 01:43:44 46379
Rune has no real problem with trusting Fate to take care of Naru, and shifts the latter into the former's grasp before backing away. "I'll leave it to you!" Wand ready, she watches to see if the Serpent is going to attack Fate; Runealy plans to be ready to block such attempts, or fire on her to discourage immediate pursuit. It's a relief when that ends up not being particularly necessary, though.

With a final glance back to Naru and Fate, the princess makes her move. Boot wings glow with silvery light, hurling Rune toward a window-edge on a nearby building. Not the one Shira and Gao are on, but one across from it. She'd like to get higher, but for now being almost on the same height will have to do.

With Shira moving straight for Gao, Rune can't really risk using her wand-orb shots; a spray of pellets might hit him, and a direct hit with the orb exploding on Shira could possibly 'splash' him too... neither outcome is acceptable.

So she does something far less aggressive, firing a one-two volley of thin red rays at their foe; careful to aim from an angle that won't directly hit Gao if Shira dodges. "'Maybe' you'll let them live!? That's not much of an offer... and just who /are/ you, anyway!?" Rune is torn between anger and fright right now.

Her attack isn't ideal, and it's not as powerful as her preferred orb launching tactics, but it's what she can do in this immediate moment; waiting longer for a perfect shot would ignore her friend's situation, and she's not keen on simply abandoning Gao to fend for himself.
Gaofele Doiru 2016-06-26 01:54:50 46381
"Bramble Grapple!" Gao calls as he fires an arrow sideways across the roof. The shot splits into eight radially-connected vines, four wrapping around his arm and the other four grabbing the edge of the roof. When the vines contract, the forester is dragged along the roof -- not good for Gao, but it gets him clear of Shira in the nick of time, the poisoned blades slashing cloak instead of skin and the kick hitting his ankles instead of his chest.

Gao looks at the sizzling slashes in his cloak and winces. "We need to get her off-balance," he calls to the others as he pulls out his quarterstaff. He seems to be favoring his ankle; the kick might have been stronger than he's letting on. "This isn't going to go well for us if we're constantly having to scramble on the defense."
Fate T. Waldia 2016-06-26 01:55:15 46382
    Fate nods at Naru when she says she's fine, and then smiles at her. "Okay! If you're sure. Be careful" No one can say that Naru isn't brave.

    Fate lifts off and it doesn't take her long to catch back up with the fight, because she's fast and actually didn't go that far. "None of us are forsaking anyone, and we're not going to surrender!" shouts Fate, hovering over the alleyway. She holds her axe up high, as golden Midchildian magical circles appear at her feet.

    <Photon Lancer>

    Four yellow orbs, sparkling with electricity, fire from the tip of her staff one after another. Each of them spreads out and tries to get in Shira's way, either by ending up wherever she's going, or by trying to impact her directly. Fate is both trying to attack and trip up the opponent at once.
Hinote Kagari 2016-06-26 02:00:59 46383
Guardian Hino manages to get close enough thanks to Gao, as he runs after. He draws his sword-- and rather than a swipe--- he's actually attempting to stab forward--- drive his sword into the girl-- perhaps an attempt to pin her. That dagger is still stuck in his arm. It's causing him to bleed, but he can deal with it in a bit.

"That's a horrible deal. Let me give you a more fairer one. You surrender and maybe no one else has to get hurt over this garbage." he spits out.

He could make some remark about 'We're not the ones draining people' but um.

That used to be true. Maybe 'We're not draining people, currently.'.


"What are you even hoping to accomplish hurting people like that!?" he calls out.
Shira 2016-06-26 02:22:16 46388
Naru's bench is an awesome bench. It's warm and comfy! And no one's throwing or draining her any more!

Shira's attack is a glancing one in the end, and she too slides to land on the rooftop!

Gao gets away, as Hino takes the opportunity to stab her right in the back! Wham! There's a splatter of blood and seeping magical energy. A monotone grunt, and the young woman shivers for a moment.

Rather than just fall over, she taps her left foot, and then rams a hidden blade right for Hino's kneecap before trying to shove him off!

Which ends in first a barrage of thin laser fire, followed up by four orbs of electricity slamming into Shira and sending her straight into a water tower! Water starts to flood out everywhere!

There's a flicker of movement, and the bleeding-but-alive Shira lands on a lightpole. She stares down at the group. Gathering magic around herself, the air near her turns foul with the sense of decay and seeping poison. The buildings near her almost seem to start to rot.

"What am I doing? Anyone who supports the royal family is guilty! For killing so many people! Until every single member of the royal family and their supporters is dead, I'll keep fighting until my last breath! I /will/ have vengeance!"

And then she leaps into the air, flipping up into a spin mid-air! Waves of poisonous knives rain down for the group of magical persons, several of the knives seeming to home in when one dodges! And they're fast!
Naru Osaka 2016-06-26 02:26:28 46391
If Naru was thinking straight, she'd be getting out her phone to text someone. Or perhaps doing basically anything.

Insteady, Naru shivers on her bench, curling up around her satchel, letting her eyes close as she listens to the fight going on in the alley. The accusations thrown, the retorts sent back, the sounds of laser fire and electricity.

Is it raining in the alleyway now? Sure sounds like it when one is laying still with their eyes closed, attempting to gather up enough strength to do dramatic things.

Like possibly sit up. Eventually.
Runealy Waldia 2016-06-26 02:36:28 46393
The resulting mini-flood encourages Rune to keep her distance. Shira's accusations even more so. "What are you talking about? What..."

...Something dawns on her, very suddenly. Whoever this individual attacking them is...

...The thought is briefly interrupted, as a knife-rain heads her way! Rune encases herself in a red energy bubble, letting the blades bounce off; she winces as they clatter against the barrier, but it holds.

Then her mind 'replays' Shira's voice, echoing in her head... 'until every single member of the royal family is dead.'

Every single member.

One is already dead. She doesn't think Shira is the one who struck the fatal blow, as knives are not demon claws, but... what little she heard of the investigation into her mother's death - her father was the one who directly received that report, not the princess - suggested there may have been others involved in setting up circumstances that allowed a demon to strike that day.

And suddenly, Rune has a possible answer to 'who are you?'. It might not be the correct one, it might have no basis in truth... but Shira's attitude seems to fit the notion the princess has settled on.

This urges her to rocket up to a rooftop, sprinting toward the edge nearest Shira's general direction, shouting in a mix of despair and anger: "Is that what this is!? You're just out to assassinate us!?" 'Assassinate.' It's a word she has picked up in studying bits and pieces of Earth's more chaotic politics. They happen back home sometimes as well, but it's rare and she was shielded from even knowing the very concept of it.

Wand aiming to follow Shira's movements, Rune makes a forceful shout and unleashes a wand-orb! This one is aiming for a direct hit, meant to explode into sparkles only upon contact with something - be it her target or something else - and there is no 'particle spray' to it this time.
Hinote Kagari 2016-06-26 02:44:08 46395
Shira explodes into a poisionus Aura. He gets ready and holds his sword out as he frowns a bit. "Until every one is dead, huh?" he asks. "I have a strong opinion about that." he calls out as he moves--- these daggers. He hasn't been affected by poison from the other one so that one wasn't poison.

But these ones clearly are and he moves quicker--- daggers slice by his cape-- he evades being stuck this time as he frowns.

"The opinion is 'You'll have to go through all of us first.'." he says as he throws his hand out.

"Ignition!" he calls out--- aiming a blast of fire at the lamppost perch she's using as a roost.
Gaofele Doiru 2016-06-26 02:47:06 46396
On the solidness of the roof and with quarterstaff in hand, Gao is in better shape to defend against attacks than he had been. "Forest Wall!" he shouts, stamping the end of the staff into the rooftop. A half-dome of plants erupts, blocking the knives volleyed at him. The poison starts causing the plants to rot, but the barrier lasted long enough to shield Gao.

The forester Knight swap back to his bow, letting the wall of plants fade away. With Rune shouting at Shira, Gao draws an arrow and aims it at the knife-throwing assailant. "Pinecone Spiker!" he shouts as he looses the shot.

As the arrow flies, it shortens and widens into a softball-sized pinecone, covered in spikes and heavily sealed with sap. The pinecone catches on fire as it flies alongside Hino's Ignition, and starts sizzling menacingly. It'll undoubtedly explode into burning fragments -- after it hits Shira, of course!
Fate T. Waldia 2016-06-26 02:50:43 46397
    Fate hears Shira's words, and then Runealy's. Her mouth hangs open. She heard, already, about the death of Runealy's mother. The idea of the same happening to Runealy is horrifying, and 'assassinate' gives a name to that horror. "I won't let you! Whatever you're talking about, Rune-chan isn't a bad person!"

    Fate does remember a time when Runealy went around draining people... but... it wasn't that bad. Is she really mad about that? No... there must be something else. None of this is making sense.

    Either way, it doesn't matter who is accused of what. Fate has already picked her side in this conflict. Her feet touch down on the roof, and the head of Bardiche rotates 90 degrees. A bright golden blade of electric mana extends from the axehead, and Fate raises her weapon high.

    <Scythe Mode>

    She dashes forward, propelled more by magic than by her own feet, darting behind Shira and swinging her blade down at Shira's back. "Stop it!"
Shira 2016-06-26 03:13:00 46401
Soon enough, it's not just Shira that's angry.

Shira glares right back at the furious Princess, hissing at her! "Isn't that obvious!? You'd do, and you've /DONE/ no less to us! If it's kill or be killed, I'll slaughter all of you to keep what we have left safe! DIE!"

This time, it's her large knives that she goes for as those massive orbs of energy race for her! She throws the first knife, setting the explosion off early. She catches some of the blast radius and one of her armor's arms is ruined, but the ninja-like magical girl makes a quick landing to avoid the rest!

Of course, then Hino goes out and blows up her lamp-perch, sending her tumbling down. In response, she uses her other dagger to slice apart parts of it, and kick shards of light-pole at the Guardian!

Gao's burning sap-arrow ignites, blowing the woman away! Right for Fate to baseball whack her straight into a building!

There's silence for some time, before an almost animalistic scream. The supports on the building get cut by the angered magical girl, and she appears again on a nearby rooftop.

"...It seems I can't hold back against this many of you at once. Next time, Princess, knights, her allies, you're not leaving alive." She dives back behind the building, and just as quickly, she's gone.

"I'd be careful where you sleep at night..." Comes her voice, a whisper on the wind.
Runealy Waldia 2016-06-26 03:22:05 46402
Normally, Rune should be inquisitive enough to ask more about what she allegedly 'did' to Shira. Instead, Shira appears to be confirming the princess' theory and this causes her to pursue the Serpent with some zeal, wand-orbs flying one after another as Runealy vaults off the roof to chase her! "So you were there! You're part of how he... how he...!" This sentence cuts off with more blasts as Rune continues to sprint after Shira with almost single-minded dediction.

'Almost' is the operative term. Shira manages to cut structural support, and it verges on falling on top of Rune! This could be fatal if she doesn't react, and the princess is forced to break off her pursuit to blast at the wall segment heading her way. Instead getting showered in dust-debris rather than an entire solid chunk of construction means she's okay, but she has lost several seconds in the process.

Seconds that, by the time she reaches the alley she last saw Shira at... there is no trace of where their foe went. "Where are you!? Get back here!" All she gets in response is that taunt-slash-threat.

After several more moments of frustrated and futile searching... she does not report back to the others. She doesn't immediately go back to check on them. Instead, having been confronted with someone that seems to be connected to her mother's murder and been denied any sort of closure to it...

...The princess falls into a sitting posture in the alley, slamming a fist against the concrete! It hurts, it immediately stings and discourages her from doing it again, but she has no other way to vent how she feels about it right now. A hurt, frustrated shout rings out from the 'concrete ravine' she now rests in, and a flash of red light dismisses her transformation.