Post-apocolyptic Open House, with pizza.

The Frat House is once again, Grand Central Station with pizza and coffee (and 'special' coffee) and laughter and panic and people and yet more food. Now with more random napping!

Date: 2016-06-27
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Naru Osaka 2016-06-27 18:08:47 46605
The apartment could, by rights, be renamed the Sloth Mines at the moment. There is a lot of quiet. A lot of people sleeping in their rooms. A few napping on couches and in chairs. A lot of mess and destruction and not a lot of food in the fridge. Not a lot of natural light either, what with the cardboard still covering the patio doors.

At least the electricity is back on.

There's also a sense of lightness that has been missing. Of potential. Of restful sleep of healing, rather than the painful sleep of sick getting sicker. A corner has been turned, and the whole energy in the apartment reflects it.

Naru has made it to the couch at least, and considering she wasn't on the asteroid, she should look in better shape than the zombie-state she's in. The apartment might be comfortably warm, but Naru's still wrapped up in two blankets, trying to keep a chill at bay, curled up in a corner of the couch watching a spot on the wall.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-06-27 18:16:20 46606
When Usagi wakes up, she has to inch her way out of a vice-like hug. Not that she blames him, really, after all yesterday was pretty intense, and normally she'd be happy to just snuggle down and doze on and off and vice-like hug him back.

But she reallyhastopee.

It's slow going, because most of her energy had gone into healing the planet. To be honest, she feels a bit like death warmed over but isn't overly sure why. Maybe that's what happens when you use up all of your energy?

Who knows.

After a ridiculously long time getting to, using, and leaving the bathroom, Usagi leans against the door frame as she contemplates just sleeping right there.

And then she debates between water and back to bed.

She whines, because water wins out. Her mouth feels thick with cotton and tastes kinda gross, because apparently she's been asleep for a long time.

Stagger stagger.

Water. Drink. Glug glug.

She sees Naru on her way back. Which is surprising, because normally Usagi's Naru-sense is stronger than this!

"Naru-chan." It's a soft, quiet exclamation as she staggers toward the couch. She plops next to her oldest friend and snuggles in. "How are you..."

She may have just lightly dozed off.
Naru Osaka 2016-06-27 18:27:50 46607
Naru startles as Usagi plunks down next to her and there's the softest little noise of discomfort, cut off after only a moment. She smiles, digging out of blankets just enough to wrap Usagi in amongst them too, starting to shiver a little as she does, actively stealing warm from her bestie. Mmmm. Warm.

"Fine." She answers, utterly lying, and badly too. "I'm glad you're okay." She murmurs softly, leaning in against the other girl and closing her eyes.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-06-27 18:38:58 46608
Usagi unknowingly leaks her warmth to Naru. If she did know, she'd of course still do it. And maybe focus on giving more.

Still, even half dozing, she's listening to Naru.

"Liar." There's a couple seconds of slow, even breathing, long enough that maybe it seems she's fallen back asleep. "I died. But I got better."
Naru Osaka 2016-06-27 18:43:53 46609
Naru wriggles a little, finding a slightly more comfortable position to puppy pile amongst the blankets. Her own breathing is slowly relaxing, not asleep, but calming.

There might have been a retort to the entirely accurate declaration of her being a liar if that follow up hadn't come.

Naru stills, which considering how little she's moving is a bit of a trick, but she manages it. Her voice is quiet and entirely calm when she notes. "That's not normally a 'get better' situation."
Usagi Tsukino 2016-06-27 18:46:11 46610
"Nope." For a moment, she burrows closer to Naru, revealing just a little that it bothers her more than her tone implies. But then she relaxes because she's just too tired to really worry about it right now. "But I did. Fiore helped."
Naru Osaka 2016-06-27 18:52:07 46611
"Real Fiore?" Naru asks, to distinguish between the Fiore that was being controlled by a being that was really not exactly keen on Usagi staying alive, let alone bring her back to life. "Is he okay? Everyone else is okay too, right?"

Naru snuggles close, not just for the warm, but the closeness too. Slowly, the shivering is easing too, letting her relax all the more.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-06-27 18:53:37 46612
    Kyouko has been meaning to stop by all day, to get the Full Story about what happened on the asteroid while she was chopping up plants on Earth. But, believe it or not, it can be kinda hard to get away from her other responsibilities. The day after an apocalypse (or near-apocalypse, anyway) there's a lotta stuff to do. She had to make sure Momo was okay. She had to help the old lady clean up the conbenie (a lotta stuff fell on the floor what with all the shaking!) And she had to make sure her own apartment was livable, since Momo and also Dog are staying there so she can't just let it stay a wreck.

    She had exchanged some texts with Kunzite, enough to let her know that nobody was permenantly dead and that the danger was passed, for the moment, but she still wanted to come herself. Knowing and seeing are two separate things, and anyway, these are her friends- expressing her feelings in person is important. So it is that finally, in the afternoon, she makes her way into the apartment building.

    Kunzite had warned her about the balcony, so today its up the elevator. She wouldn't want to disturb anyone who is sleeping, but she doesn't need to- she has a key. The door clicks as she opens it, cracking it and peering around the doorframe. Seeing the mostly-quiet-looking apartment, she slips inside and shuts the door behind her, pausing to tug off her sneakers.

    At first, she doesn't notice that Naru and Usagi, curled up under blankets on the couch, are awake, and so she just starts to pad around and peek in various rooms (if the doors are open) to see who is around and make sure for herself that everybody is breathing.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-06-27 18:59:26 46613
"Yeah. Real Fiore."

And here, her lips do tremble, and she does sniffle. "No." Another sniff and she breathes again so she can talk without squeaking. "I mean, everyone else is...fine? But Fiore..."

She sniffles again and shrugs.

A touch of feeling guilty here.

After that, until Kyouko comes, Usagi just snuggles against Naru, keeping her warm, and just happy she's able to be here to do it.

And feeling guilty for it.

She sees Kyouko, but it takes a moment for her to be able to find enough voice beyond a whisper. By that time, Kyouko's already meandering around.



Dang that was exhausting.
Naru Osaka 2016-06-27 19:07:02 46614
A gentle squeeze from Naru to Usagi at the sniffling and she sighs softly. "I know you tried everything." She has no clue what happened on the asteroid, but she's confident in saying that.

Naru is slow to note Kyouko arriving and padding about, peering into rooms to see who is awake, oh so very slow to open her eyes. She lets Usagi be the greeter of the blanketed pair, closing her eyes against the louder voice that echos nicely in the headache that's getting its own party started. Breathing is a check, at least.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-06-27 19:09:42 46615
    Kyouko has just finished her inspection of available rooms, which had a happy result in that everyone she could see was actually alive, and is heading back towards the living room when she hears the faint tell-tale call of an Usagi. She tilts her head, glancing around until she traces it back to the couch.

    She approaches on quiet feet (Kyouko can move very quietly when she wants to, though usually this ends with a stabbing and not a hug). Luckily this is one of the unusual times, because she drops to her knees next to the couch so she can hug Usagi!

    "Hey hon.. damn, you look like the walking dead." She jokes, not realizing how close to the truth this is. She then seems to realize she has caught Naru in her hug by accident, and blinks before sitting back on her heels. "Oh.. hello Naru-chan. You don't look so good either."
Usagi Tsukino 2016-06-27 19:18:50 46616
Poor Naru-chan. Poor, poor Naru-chan!

And what's even worse, Usagi hadn't been as loud as she could have been.

Okay, as loud as she can now.

Either way, poor Naru-chan!

However, they are rewarded with a KyouHug. Usagi hums into it, happy, happy.

She breathes out a snort of a laugh. "Only for like, five minutes. And there was no walking." Her eyebrows crease in a touch of worry. "At least I don't think I did. That would be creepy."

Poor Naru again, because wiggle, wiggle, wiggle.

But there's a good reason for it!


Depends on how badly Naru's brain explodes because of the wiggles.

"But I got a new shiny. Well, an upgraded shiny." She holds out her compact for them both to see, and the top flips open to reveal the silver crystal embedded in and surrounded by a protective golden ribbon.

The magically inclined could probably tell how weak it is at the moment.

"I promise to freak out when I'm not so tired."
Kazuo Takeba 2016-06-27 19:22:21 46617
"There was no walking." Kunzite does not immediately shadow Kyouko in the door. That would probably be because he does not in fact want to die, and he's already gotten stabbed once this week. Well. Five times. Well. Five times not counting the thorns.

He doesn't actually enter the room, preferring to take a moment to lean against the doorframe. The problem with white shirts is that they don't do the best of jobs of hiding bandages, so at least he has an excuse.
Naru Osaka 2016-06-27 19:26:16 46618
"That would be creepy." Naru agrees on the walking dead notion, little winces of discomfort as she hugs and then she frees Usagi from the blankets, willing to give up the warmth for the moment to not get elbowed. Ow.

"Oooh!" Naru leans in a little to look at the compact and the freshly all the more pretty shiny within. "How did it get upgraded?" She asks before she very gingerly turns at the sound of Kunzite's voice, and watching him loom in the doorway.

Naru curls back up into her blankets, closing her eyes again, even while waiting for answers on the why of things.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-06-27 19:32:42 46620
    Kyouko quirks a brow at the 'no walking' part.. she still doesn't have the whole story, after all, so she's unable to tell how much of that is Usagi being jokey and how much is unfortunate, though happily-ended, reality. She peers at the shiny jewel in the compact, though again her knowledge of exactly what makes said jewel special is spotty at best. She probably assumes its some kind of fancy Senshi Soul gem. "Very shiny." She compliments, because it's true.

    She hears Kunzite speak behind her, and turns to look over her shoulder. A moment later she rises to her feet and pads over to where he stands in the doorway. An examining look, up and down, and then hands go to hips as she scowls up at him with brows drawn close over red eyes. "Nii-chan. You're not allowed to get stabbed by other people." She says, posessively.

    And then she hugs him, too. Gingerly.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-06-27 19:36:45 46621
"Because it broke. Um..." She tries to think more, how to explain things better, but her brain just isn't working! Kunzite, help!

She looks up at Kunzite. "Don't tell her how Hannah stabbed me. Unless it's only you she's grumpy about. Then you can."

There is a yawn, a stretch, and for a moment she almost dozes off...

Then she jerks herself awake.

"I'mma go check on Mamo-chan."

It takes a moment for her to actually get up, a moment longer for her to stagger forward. She leans her forehead against Kunzite's arm. "I'mma go check..."

She jerks herself awake again!

"Right, right! Okay, I'll be like...five minutes."

She staggers back toward where Mamoru is and basically climbs back on top of him.

Yeah, she's gonna be longer than ten minutes.

That means you get to explain everything, Kunzite!

You're welcome! 8D
Kazuo Takeba 2016-06-27 19:49:51 46622
"I don't think evil hive-mind flowers count as 'other people,'" Kunzite replies to Kyouko, and straightens back upright so that the unwounded side is available for hugging. Which he returns, briefly, before taking a closer look over the Puella. She looks ... remarkably undamaged, comparatively.

Usagi leans herself on his arm in the middle of this, which hampers him only mildly. "Go check on him before I have to carry you," he tells the half-dozing princess. The prospects of future guilt usually prod her into moving a bit faster. Sometimes.

"Also," he adds, "the stabbing Usagi is worried about is not recent news. That sword Riventon's been waving around, back a couple of months ago." As opposed to everything else that's happened more recently. Speaking of. "Osaka-san. Are you injured, or just exhausted?"
Naru Osaka 2016-06-27 19:52:27 46623
Naru opens her eyes as Usagi answers without answering and she reaches an arm out of her blanket cocoon to ensure that Usagi doesn't fall. Especially not on her, but generally not falling would be good. She settles silent as she's left to her own devices on the couch, pulling the blanket up over her head to leave just her face visible, drawing herself up into a little Naru ball in the corner of the couch. Her eyes close again, but she's not asleep. She's listening. And shivering a little, but mostly listening.

"Both." Naru admits at Kunzite's pointed question, not opening her eyes. "One star draining, do not recommend."
Kyouko Sakura 2016-06-27 19:58:44 46624
    Kyouko steps back after Kunzite returns her hug. She does indeed seem undamage, but he should know as well as anyone that Puella often do not show damage on the outside- their bodies heal remarkably quickly. It's her Soul Gem he should be inspecting- and luckily, should he do so, he'll see it clear and red. For the time being, she still has Grief Seeds.. though her reserve gets smaller and smaller each time she has to do something like what she did Friday. The time when that worry takes center stage is approaching with disconcerting rapidity due to life not cooperating with her intent to preserve her supply.

    Usagi passes by, and Kyouko tsks softly at her retreating back, not out of disapproval but just out of general concern... and perhaps a little disapproval that Usagi was up and walking about in the first place when in that sort of condition.

    Her eyes return to Kunzite as he speaks, and she nods. "I had heard somethin' about that. S'alright, she seems pretty out of it." The redhead hovers around Kunzite a little bit, surreptitiously attempting to gauge the extent of his injuries without seeming like she is trying to, with mixed results. A glance is given back to Naru when she responds, but then return to Kunzite.

    "You're okay though, right?" She asks, softly, and there's real concern and a real need for reassurance in her tone. She isn't one to break down or obsess over worries, but she demands a straightforward answer to put those worries to bed.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-06-27 20:07:31 46626
"I'll be fine. Thorns didn't go past superficial this time." Much. "Gut wounds are bad and hands are tricky, but Mamoru was right behind me and took care of infection risk and some of the bleeding before Fiore took him, and Asclepius patched the rest of it together. Most of the rest is just exhaustion." Kunzite's definition of 'fine,' as usual, needs some work. But he's standing, and answering the question, and meeting Kyouko's eyes while he does it; by some standards that qualifies.

He glances at the lump on the couch again. "Your turn," he says flatly to Naru.
Naru Osaka 2016-06-27 20:15:56 46627
"I'll be fine." Naru starts in a deliberate mimicry of Kunzite's own retelling of his wounds. "I am pretty sure I didn't break anything, or get a concussion getting slammed into a wall, and some girl in a tiara broke my fall when I got thrown at her. Scrapes and bruises aren't worth mentioning." Except that she did. "I have a headache from hell, I can't warm up and protein bars are mixed success. I didn't pass out on the metro." Much like Kunzite's definition of 'fine' is a touch suspect, Naru's definition of 'success', even mixed, is a little bit on the hazy side.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-06-27 20:21:31 46629
    Kyouko holds Kunzite's gaze as he talks, and though his list of injuries strains the definition of 'fine' by most legitimate standards, she's reassured by what she sees- or perhaps what she doesn't see- in his eyes. When he finishes speaking, she keeps that look for a few more moments.. then nods and turns back to face Naru. No more will be said of it, no more needs to be said. Kunzite will be fine.

    She listens to Naru's list of complaints, shaking her head slightly and making her ponytail sway in the process. "I almost got suffocated by vines and then got covered with gross plant goo. Again." She offers, for her own part, and then shrugs. "But it's hard to keep a Puella down, y'know." As long as they have Grief Seeds anyway, which she still does.. for now. A few more incidents like this, and she'll be a little less cavalier about the cost of her injuries.

    She turns in place to look at Kunzite again. "So, what happened up there? Short version is fine, I'm sure you dun need to be giving me a half-hour lecture at this point, but I wanna know. I had some stake in this, after all." She would have in anything Kunzite, Mamoru, and Usagi (along with the others) was involved in, but there was also her personal encounters with Fiore which made it even more significant to her.
Rei Hino 2016-06-27 20:27:14 46630
    The front door opens, and Rei Hino comes in. She's carrying, in her hands, a couple of pizza boxes. Hot and fresh, from the smell of them. There are a lot of coupons for buying pizza in bulk, presumably for parties, and apparently that is what she's done. When she walks in and looks around, she finds Kunzite, Kyouko, and Naru all in one room. She drops the pizza on the coffee table and sits down on a chair.

    She lets out long, drawn out yawn before saying, "Hey guys. How's it going?"

    She sees the looks on people's faces and starts to get the feeling that she's walked in on something. Curiously, she looks up at Kunzite.
Daisuke Hansuke 2016-06-27 20:30:53 46631
After all was said and done and they came back from space and all the horror and miracles that happened Daisuke Hansuke stirs awake... eyes opening to the stark cermaic white of some unfamilar tub as he shoots upwards and slowly lifts himself up- and out- of the bathroom finally.

He kind of looks like he slept in a tub, school uniform all ragged looking and his hair is a mess. He brushes it back in place as he griamces and looks around. "Yelp Review. Some Tub in Mamoru's Apartment. One Star. Don't recommend." he says matter of factly.

He cricks his back.

"Everyone okay?" he asks, eyes scanning around as his eyes track over to Rei who enters with pizza boxes.

A Pause.

"Did I miss something else?" he asks with a blink. Oh Pizza. He begins gravitating towards there.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-06-27 20:43:46 46633
Covered with gross plant goo. Mental note: bribe a plumber for Kyouko's birthday. Whenever that is. Possibly her un-Apatite day. "We'll see if we can have someone double-check that headache. Given the wall." Concussions don't always have the side effects people are looking for.

There's a moment taken to more closely examine Kyouko's ponytail, as if to check for goo or stray vine bits -- and then she's turning and catching him doing it. "Let me get at the kitchen first," he says. "We should have some instant soup left." Noodles, Naru. They're following you.

And then there is a Rei, and there is pizza, and Kunzite's eyebrows twitch upward. And there is also a Daisuke. Kunzite does not interrupt the healer's movement toward the pizza; let him recharge, then ask more favors. The kitchen trip is apparently cancelled, unless Naru recoils from the pizza. "Relatively," he answers Dai. "Thank you, Hino-san." It works as a hello, right?

... attention back to Kyouko. "The short version," he says, "is that the flowers reached whatever their critical mass was. Fiore kidnapped Mamoru." The stabbing happened. That's already implicit. "The girls went to the asteroid, and let Asclepius and myself go along. Fiore had baited a trap; Mamoru was able to turn it back on him, to block the flower from his mind long enough to let the girls get through to him about what was actually happening. He committed suicide to keep the flowers from using him. That gave Moon an opening to do -- much the same thing she did in the north. But there were fewer of us there, and we'd all been drained; even with our help, she didn't have the strength to survive it. Fiore was still close enough to alive to help her cross back."

He starts to shrug, stops without showing any regret for the motion. Visibly, anyway. "We're all various stages of wreck, but that'll improve."
Kyouko Sakura 2016-06-27 20:52:25 46635
    Kyouko's attention is drawn to the door at Rei's entrance. She's not close with the dark-haired Senshi, though they have met on several occasions, but come bearing Pizza and you instantly open the door to Kyouko's affection. She offers a smile with just enough fang to be considered friendly, though she doesn't move towards the pizza right away- this is a demonstration of her affection for the people in this room. They obviously need it more than she does, and so she willingly holds back from the food until the others have taken what they want.

    Her hair is, remarkably, goo-and-vine free, though she had to use an entire bottle of shampoo and (as Momo can attest if ever asked) there was about an hour when she was swearing up and down she was going to lop it all off so she'd never have to deal with this sort of crap again. That moment of madness passed, luckily, without her actually going through with it. She does give Kunzite a bit of a look as she turns around and catches his inspecting look, but.. well, turnabout is fair play, so she just offers him a bit of a wry smile.

    Daisuke's arrival catches her attention next, and she offers him a smile as well- more kindly disposed to him that she might otherwise be due to his helping of her and Momo only a few days past. As Kunzite explains the situation though, her eyes return to him and she frowns in a thoughtful way. "Wish I had been there to help, but sounds like it got handled. Poor Usa-chan.. so she wasn't kiddin' about the whole dead thing, then. Guess we should welcome her to the club."

    She sighs. "I won't shed no tears over Fiore, but I gotta respect him for doing the right thing in the end. Well.. at least that's done with now." One more apocalypse to cross off the list, though in a way she regrets it, because it means she is free to worry about other, less apocalyptic but more personally dangerous issues. She falls silent for a moment thinking about that, then walks over to sit on the couch by Naru's feet.. close enough to the pizza to scap some up. Once she's sure everyone else has some.
Naru Osaka 2016-06-27 21:01:08 46636
Noodles are, indeed, following her. Naru manages a touch of a wry look towards Kunzite, even willing to open her eyes for it before she uncurls enough and divests herself of enough blankets to reach an arm out towards pizza. "Save the noodles for later." She comments, a touch dryly.

Naru is quiet through the retelling of the asteroid excursion, nomming on pizza while she listens, offering Rei a murmur of thanks for the food she didn't have enough wherewithall to acquire for herself. She adds, at the end of it for Dai and Rei's benefit. "I managed to not get smacked around fighting plant zombies, but this morning's random energy drain was also a one star review."
Rei Hino 2016-06-27 21:08:23 46638
    Rei looks at the pizza boxes, senses maybe some hesitation in people and wonders if she should spell out 'yes this is for sharing', but people eventually begin to crowd around it and devour it so she guesses that the meaning is clear enough.

    Naru gets a smile that says 'you're welcome', and Sakura gets a respectful nod because Rei does recognize the Puella Magi, but Rei is obviously not in a very talky mood. She's in a very achy mood. Because she aches. All over.

    She rubs her forehead, listening to Kunzite's recounting of events and adding after, "Yeah that was basically it. I'm glad we were able to reach Fiore, and we did save the planet." May as well focus on the positives right?

    Rei blinks as Naru shares her own energy draining experience. "Oh geeze. After everything else? You sounded like you were sick of it when Fiore came after you, and that was... what, weeks ago?"

    Rei curls her arms around her stomach and just... sits. And aches. At least there's people here.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-06-27 21:15:24 46641
"Do you literally volunteer for them?" comes Mamoru's voice from -- well, the door to the room they've been using in lieu of his bedroom because hardwood floors... he's NOT asking Hannah to get Kunzite's blood out of it too. He's carrying Usagi dangling off his back, hanging on to her arms. "Because at one point, I was actually doing that, and then I stopped because it was a terrible idea. Tell me there's still pizza left for me."

He looks like a different person. Physically as well as he was before the Dark Kingdom, for one thing. As cheery as he'd gotten then, too, even if his face looks a little older in indefinable ways.

He's also eyeing Rei's body language like he's gonna address that in a minute.
Daisuke Hansuke 2016-06-27 21:16:07 46642
Daisuke Hansuke begins eating pizza. Quickly. "Thanks, Rei-san." he says politely just moments before he begins stuffing his face with it because he's hungry. You heal. You use a lot of energy to 'energy leafblow' plants away. You need to refuel somehow. "It's good." he says with a half filled mouth after a few bites.

He swallows as he nods to Kunzite and then smiles back at Kyouko. "Are you and your sister holding up?" he asks politely at her.

He looks back at Kunzite and nods. "That sounds like a good summary of events." he says. He looks over at Mamoru and then down at his pizza slice and then at the boxes.

"Oh! Um. I think so. Is there?" he asks.

Then Rei is holding her stomach. He stops all and frowns.

"Are you okay?" he asks Rei a moment. Holding your stomach. Never a good sign, right?
Kazuo Takeba 2016-06-27 21:21:09 46643
"If one of you two could check the lump of woe on the couch," which would be Naru rather than Rei, "it'd be appreciated. No hurry, but I don't trust self-diagnosis of lack of concussion." This counts as a hello for Mamoru and Sleeping Spider Monkey Usagi, which is a henshin she uses surprisingly often. The other of the two is presumably Daisuke.

Kunzite, for his own part, takes the opportunity to disappear into the kitchen. Because they are going to need an amazing amount of coffee today.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-06-27 21:27:18 46644
    No sooner has Kyouko sat down on the couch than Mamoru (along with Usagi-monkey) appears in the door way, and she's jumping back up to her feet again. She pads over to him and halts in front of where he stands, giving him a very similar inspection as she did to Kunzite, as if making sure all of his various parts are still intact. The results, seemingly, are more positive, because then she flashes a big, fangy smile at him. "You look good, dude." 'Much better than you have recently' is the implied subtext. She reaches out and punches him lightly in the arm (being careful not to disturb Usagi), and then, satisfied, turns to return to her seat on the couch.

    On the way, she inclines her head towards Daisuke. "I'm fine. Momo's good. She managed to avoid getting involved with the big hubbub the other day, thankfully. Thanks again for your help the other night." She flops back down on the couch near Naru (and the pizza), glancing at Rei as the other's concern draws her attention, her brow wrinkling again slightly.
Naru Osaka 2016-06-27 21:28:11 46645
"No volunteering." Naru shakes her head at Mamoru's question and then sighs a little. "It's getting to nearly one a week though, and other than Fiore, they're all random as best as I can tell. If I was volunteering, and I'm not, whoever today's was is so not on the list." She shivers again, as much from the recollection as anything else. "If anyone is willing to let me leech warm from them, I'd appreciate it." Apparently blankets are not cutting it for warming up. She curls herself back up into a little ball of Naru and rests her head on the back of the couch, closing her eyes again. The 'lump of woe' designation is fairly accurate. She's listening still, even if she looks as if she might doze off.
Rei Hino 2016-06-27 21:32:31 46646
    Rei holds up her hand and waves it as she starts feeling concerned looks and hearing questions. "It's nothing. Yesterday just sucked, and then I woke up and had to sweep the shrine grounds. I'm just sore. Go check on Osaka-san." Even with healing, she can't change the fact that she pushed herself hard yesterday. She's really hoping that the forces of evil will chill out enough for her to take a few days rest.

    She watches as Kunzite vanishes into the kitchen, wondering what he's going up to get, then looks up at Mamoru and the Usagi hanging off of him. She can't help but giggle at the sight of it. "Is she actually sleeping through that? I'm impressed."
Daisuke Hansuke 2016-06-27 21:41:42 46648
Daisuke Hansuke nods to Kyouko with a smile. "As I said then, it's no problem, Kyouko-san." he smiles. He looks to Rei and nods lightly, still concerned. "It's no problem for me to help." he says softly.

He looks over to Kunzite and then to the 'lump of woe'- Naru and purses his lips as he walks over and slips onto the couch next next to her. He sighs and summons up his staff from his ring-- and motions softly.

"This is happening too often, isn't it?" he asks as he starts to channel that purple aura into the staff. Then he goes about placing a hand on Naru's shoulder and channel that purple aura down into his hand and try to heal Naru's own problems.

"Can't we get something or someone to start protecting you or something?" he asks with a straight face. "What happened this time exactly?" he asks to Naru.

He looks over to Mamoru again and purses his lips a bit in thought. "You look a lot better." he asides. "Any lingering effects of all that at all?" he asks.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-06-27 21:46:45 46650
"For some ungodly reason, she's totally wiped out," Mamoru says with a twitch at one corner of his mouth. He glances down at Kyouko, and the mouth twitch turns into a toothily lopsided grin. "Yeah thanks, you don't look like leftover hamburger yourself." But then she's going to sit down, and Rei's saying no no no, and Kunzite's mentioned the lump of woe--

--and Daisuke's already moving to do so.

He comes around the couch and crouches, then unloads Usagi directly on top of Naru. She's warm, right? And Naru is cold. "If you want energy and warm, I'm probably a better bet? But whatever you want to do. Rei, I applaud your stoicism." He picks up a piece of pizza and shoves it in his mouth, then says to Daisuke, on his way into the kitchen, "I'm fine."
Kazuo Takeba 2016-06-27 21:50:53 46651
"Coffee shortly," is confirmed out loud as Mamoru is about two steps from the kitchen. One may presume that Kunzite did not bother to look up to confirm who was approaching. Most of the people actually still moving would've warranted the same response, after all.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-06-27 21:53:46 46652
    Kyouko observes the various goings-on around her without adding any comment, as Mamoru unloads Usagi on top of Naru and Daisuke moves over to help as well. Sitting on the couch by Naru's feet as she is, she idly reaches over and pushes Usagi's foot into what looks like a more comfortable position before looking back towards Mamoru as he heads to the kitchen, smirking slightly at Kunzite's pre-emptive call.

    Her eyes wander back to the pizza. She's been so good, not taking any, making sure all of the injured or worn-out got the food first. But.. it looks like everyone has a piece now. Another glance just to confirm. Then reeeeeeach towards the pizza, casual-like, as if she hasn't been dying to shove a piece into her maw from the moment Rei appeared at the door.
Naru Osaka 2016-06-27 21:54:26 46653
"I think Usagi can sleep through anything if she wants to." Naru points out as she gains both healing /and/ a warm Usagi, and possibly even a warm Daisuke too. "Thank you." She notes to Dai for the healing, and Mamoru for the Usagi delivery, as she squirms out of blankets to steal warm more directly, now that the edge of headache and bruises and scrapes and general abuse is taken off.

"It's getting a little annoying, mostly because it usually shatters my day, and a swack of the next day too when I sleep for that long. This one was different though. A lot more violent. I still don't know who it was, I still don't know who yanked me out of there." Naru explains a little bit about /her/ excitement. "I made it back here, and then couldn't fall asleep."
Rei Hino 2016-06-27 22:02:00 46656
    Rei laughs at the comment about her 'stoicism', waving her hand off. "I'm just being a baby. Usagi-chan is rubbing off on me."

    After hearing about how much Naru gets drained, she winces. "Maybe we should get you a panic button or something. I wonder if there's something about you that draws their attention to you."

    She leans forward to grab a slice of pizza. Between Usagi being asleep and Kyouko being patient it's actually lasting a bit longer than Rei originally suspected. She devours it a bit while watching the other people in the room. It's reassuring, really, just to see everyone alive and moving about. Sure, it's a lazy day, but that's needed after everything that's happened.

    She glances sideways at Mamoru. "You're looking healthy. I guess we were right about it being related to the planet more than anything happening to you physically."
Daisuke Hansuke 2016-06-27 22:09:36 46657
Daisuke Hansuke huhs. "At least someone was there to drag you out..." he says. He lets his aura settle and motions to Mamoru. "By all means give her a little more. I can only do so much right now." he says with a grimace of sorts. "If I continue to get everyone to 'full' I'm going to be sleeping in your bathtub for like a week." he insists to Mamoru.

"I've not clue how I ended up there." he also insists.

"Much of 'what happened after' seems to be this mass of blurry motions to me."

He sighs and bit and leans forward to make a grab for another slice of pizza. Yeah, look, when you have pizza, you eat it. It'll probably be his last slice though. Other people n' all. He keeps suddenly quiet a bit.

He seems to be thinking a moment as he taps his chin.

"A panic button might be best." he says. "I know I couldn't deal with someone over my shoulder watching me all the time for my own good or not."
Usagi Tsukino 2016-06-27 22:10:25 46658
Twitch twitch twitch.

Usagi is sitting up and sniffing the air before she's even awake.

She reaches out.

Mamoru Chiba 2016-06-27 22:12:03 46659
Caught up short. The rest of his pizza is gone in one bite, and with his mouth full, he tells Dai, "Will, then."

Then Mamoru lingers in the doorway for a moment, licking his fingers once he's devoured his slice of pizza, and gives Rei a crooked smile. "Yeah. Gotta figure out some kind of insulation or discipline for it so that doesn't happen every time stuff goes pear-shaped disaster-wise. 2011 was pretty rough, but at least I didn't have anyone depending on me to be useful. Can't get away with that anymore." He glances at Naru, then at Rei again. "Do you think you could do a fire reading on Naru? On her attacker? I mean if you don't think it'd come up with anything, we'll just stay on the lookout..."

He trails off as he goes into the kitchen despite Kunzite's statement about the coffee being almost ready. If Usagi has pizza, she'll want soda. If you give a mouse a cookie...
Kyouko Sakura 2016-06-27 22:15:48 46660
    Kyouko's slice of pizza has vanished between her fanged jaws with alarming rapidity, leaving her licking grease off her fingers as Usagi stirs on the couch next to her. She reaches for another piece, but not for herself, instead wordlessly passing the slice into Usagi's outstretched hand.

    As she does so, she glances to Naru as well. "I'll give you my phone number." She tells the girl, with a brief shrug. "Include me on your text-alert for 'help I'm being energy-drained'. I'll help if I can." Said help may be limited in the coming weeks, at least until the Grief Seed thing is resolved, but the offer is made regardless. "Hey, grab me somethin'?" She calls after Mamoru, anticipating his reason for going into the kitchen.
Naru Osaka 2016-06-27 22:21:46 46661
Naru is thoughtful on the notion of a panic button, reaching over to start to pick up a slide of pizza and pass it to Usagi, but Kyouko has it covered. "I think I'm getting better at coping with it?" She offers to Rei with a bit of a wry expression. "I mean, I held it together long enough to get myself here on my own steam. But if its awful, and no one /is/ there to extract me, it could be really awful. This one happened really really fast." She leaves the 'and it was pretty awful' bit out. "Thanks, Kyouko. I appreciate it. I hate thinking I need babysitting."

"It was female.. the one who grabbed me. Screaming about royalists and she kept calling the girl she threw me at a Princess." Naru does remember some bits. "It got a bit hazy after that, trying to stay conscious, but something about assassinations. I was trying to listen, but I wasn't in the alley anymore, so it was harder."

Daisuke and Usagi both get their personal space gently invaded by a Naru leeching warm off them by settling close. At least she's not actively shivering anymore. Progress!
Usagi Tsukino 2016-06-27 22:25:51 46662
Yay! Usagi has pizza! "Mmm, Kyou-kun."

And it's okay that Naru is invading her personal space. Usagi shifts and moves so that her head is resting against Naru's shoulder and her legs sprawl onto the couch.

Which, coincidentally, means Daisuke has a lap full of Usagi Leg.

Her toes squiggle against Rei's thigh.

At least she thinks it's Rei. Either way, who ever is on the other side of Daisuke is getting their thigh squiggled by toes.

She chews on her pizza.

"I beat up whoever it is, Naru."

Is it possible to sleep eat?

Well, more like dozing in and out while eating.
Rei Hino 2016-06-27 22:26:13 46663
    Rei considers. A fire reading? On Naru's attacker? She tilts her head. "Well I couldn't do it here obviously. I could try to find something out about it, but without a focus it's going to be fuzzy and vague at best." After all, Rei's most important readings usually had something for her to focus on.

    Usagi awakens, and Rei chastises, "Morning, you lazy bun."

    Rei listens. Royalists? Princess? "Who do we know other than Usagi-chan who's a princess? I can think of Rune-san but that's it." She looks up at Mamoru. "Weren't you friends with her? I recall hearing you mention something about them."
Daisuke Hansuke 2016-06-27 22:34:13 46664
Daisuke Hansuke is being leeched for warmth and has lap full of leg, but he seems okay with this. At least it doesn't seem to be bothering him. At least everyone is okay. He sighs a bit. Everyone is okay and that's all that matters right now and everything is right with the world again.

Well. Not everything. He still feels bad, but he keeps it to himself.

He purses his lips. "I don't know any princesses besides- well." he looks over at Usagi and then back at Rei.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-06-27 22:35:31 46665
There's a somewhat distracted 'sure' from the kitchen at Kyouko's request, and Mamoru doesn't come out for another moment, kitchen silent. But when he does, he's carrying a couple of cans of cola, one of which gets handed off to Kyouko, and the other which gets handed to Usagi apparently in exchange for a sleepy, pizzaful kiss. As he straightens, he's going back to steal coffee from the in-progress coffeepot if he has to because he wants it now. "Yeah, Runealy's the only other princess I know. And yeah, I'm friends with her, I just haven't seen her in a while... she definitely has demonic enemies, though. Actually, literal demons. So she's probably the princess in question? I'll get you in a sec, Naru, I coffee now need yes." Again vanish.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-06-27 22:36:55 46666
"You mentioned a tiara," Kunzite calls from the kitchen. "Pink hair? Red and white?" Apparently there have been meetings at some point.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-06-27 22:40:36 46667
    Kyouko's thigh is getting squiggled. She looks down at the source of the squiggle and finds it to be Usagi-toes. She pats them with her hand.

    Then she is given a cola by Mamoru upon his re-appearance into the room from the kitchen. "Thanks," She says, before popping the can open with a fang, even though there's a tab, because when you have those things you might as well use 'em, right? She takes a drink and settles back, listening to the talk of demons and possible princesses.

    "Princess Runealy is the only other princess in town I know of." She confirms, although it's not like she keeps a list of resident princesses. "I ain't seen her around recently either, though."
Naru Osaka 2016-06-27 22:42:57 46668
"Pink hair.. red and white. Yes. That sounds right." Naru nods at the descriptors and the likelyhood that it's Runealy as the person in question seems high. "Is there something that would help me distinguish a demon from anything else that's trying to beat me up? It was a tiny blonde who hefted me out of there, didnt' catch her name either, but I'd like to thank her." When Naru is calling someone tiny, they are likely particularly petite, or terribly young.
Rei Hino 2016-06-27 22:48:12 46669
    Tiny blonde girls? Rei doesn't know any of those. "Sorry, I don't know much about Rune-san's friends." The miko takes out her cellphone and looks at the time, and looks at several text messages before rolling her eyes.

    "I gotta go again. It's good to see you guys." She stands up from her chair, walks over to the sleepy Usagi, gives her a hug, and then starts heading for the door.
Makoto Kino 2016-06-27 22:51:05 46670
It is at roughly this point that Makoto comes shuffling out of whatever room she passed out in (or, equally possibly, whatever room Nephrite put her to bed in after she passed out on him). She clearly slept in that ponytail and her hair's a sight; pausing just into the room, she squints blearly at the goings-on, pushing the mess of her bangs back from her face.

"Somebody better have saved me some pizza or there's gonna be a murder," she says, before the fact that Rei is on her way out registers and Mako wanders over to hug her on her way to the door.
Rei Hino 2016-06-27 22:51:52 46671
    Makoto gets a brief, "Hey, good morning!" from Rei as she drive-by hugs her on the way out.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-06-27 22:56:15 46672
Yay! A soda for a smooch!

The cool can rests in her lap for the moment, though.

Her toes are pat (heehee that tickles!) and she snuggles into Rei's hug. "Bye, Rei-chan!"

Then there's a Makoto!

But eep!

Usagi looks at her half-eaten slice and holds it up. "If there's not, you can have the rest of mine."
Daisuke Hansuke 2016-06-27 23:06:18 46673
Daisuke Hansuke has stopped eating pizza and thinks a bit as he strokes his chin. "Sounds like you know who to ask then." he says to Naru. "I'm sure Mamoru can put you in touch with her if you're looking for questions." he says as he yawns a bit and sort of flexes his hands a bit.

"I'm gonna feel like trash for a bit probably."

Oh Makoto!

"Hi, Makoto-san!" he smiles. "How are you feeling?..." a pause. "Do you need anything?" he asks. "There's pizza. I stopped eating." he insists.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-06-27 23:08:17 46674
"I saw the other Princess a couple of weeks ago. Fought some kind of nightmare thing. She's active." Kunzite should probably extract himself from the kitchen if he's going to join the conversation, but that would involve leaving Mamoru alone with the coffee, and then he'd have to go back to make more coffee. Not a win-win situation.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-06-27 23:12:29 46675
    Kyouko has limited herself to a single slice of pizza, by some miracle, and Usagi is on her first as well, so the greatest threats to the pizza are for the moment occupied, meaning there should be a piece for the newly-arrived Makoto. Kyouko's eyes are drawn to the door by her entrance, and she smiles. "Mako-chan." She greets, more familiar with her than many of the other Senshi due to frequent if often brief encounters in this very apartment.

    She sips from her soda again, but, not having seen Runealy in quite some time, doesn't have much more to add to the conversation and so falls silent, her thoughts turning to other matters as Mamoru remains in the kitchen with Kunzite and the coffee and Usagi works on her pizza.
Naru Osaka 2016-06-27 23:13:42 46676
"Try the other box." Naru advises Makoto on the pizza front, gesturing a bit towards the two on the table, one of which has been inhaled in short order. She glances to the kitchen, probably checking on the progress of the coffee, and if she's going to have to fight Mamoru to get any of it.

Because Naru would lose.

"I'll see about getting in touch." Naru nods in agreement to Daisuke as it comes fairly clear that everyone else knows who she's talking about, even if she doesn't. "Not today, however. It didn't sound like she was having a great day either. I'm not all /that/ big, but I landed on her pretty hard."
Makoto Kino 2016-06-27 23:21:50 46677
Usagi offering her slice-remainder gets a brief, fond laugh out of Mako, and she shakes her head as she shuffles over to investigate the boxes. "It's okay, Usagi-chan. I'm not actually going to fight anybody for their pizza."

Fortunately, the point is moot: the second box pays off. "Thanks, Naru-chan!" Mako seizes a slice and demolishes half of it while still on her feet. Only then does she look up again, taking in the presence of the others as though only now properly seeing them.

"I kinda feel like I got hit by a truck," she tells Daisuke cheerfully, before she finds a place near Usagi to plop down. "Probably about the same as everybody else. I'm okay. Hey, Kyouko-chan." She salutes Kyouko amiably with the half-devoured slice of pizza as she says it, and then takes another healthy bite. Om nom nom.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-06-27 23:36:45 46678
Finally, Mamoru comes back out of the kitchen, holding his own coffee and a few empty mugs; it's up to Kunzite to bring the carafe and the cream and sugar, because obviously he has three hands. Obviously. Mamoru himself looks faintly flustered and overly dignified. "Are you going to let the one guy who feels fine see about that getting hit by a truck business?" he asks Makoto almost sternly, except that the color's a little high in his face and he's not very good at stern right now. The empty mugs get put down on the coffee table in the vicinity of Naru, and he moves behind the couch to drop his freed hand on top of the girl's red hair. Faint glow. He did say he would, once Dai was done.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-06-27 23:39:45 46679
When Makoto sits down, Usagi leans her head over and snuggles against her.

There's a sound from the hallway, close to the floor.

"Where is she?!"

Luna darts in and stops, poised to move at a second's notice!

Then she sees who she's looking for and bounces over and climbs across people to curl on Usagi's lap.

There may be some frantic purring and scent marking going on.

Then there's a Mamoru! While he's coping a feel on Naru's head, Usagi reaches up to just poke at him.

Why? Because she can.

Well, she could have before, but it wouldn't have felt very nice.

Her other arm is, of course, around a Luna who is trying to burrow into her neck. Which feels suspiciously damp.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-06-27 23:47:12 46680
Carafe and cream and sugar, check. Three hands, not actually necessary. Not tripping over feline streak across the floor, very necessary. Kunzite performs coffee transfer, pours a cup pointedly for Naru (though it may be less necessary now that she has a temporary halo), then returns to the kitchen. Next trip: teapot and water pitcher. All bases covered except for the 'more soda' one, which people can presumably use their own feet for.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-06-27 23:51:27 46681
    "That does seem to be the theme." Kyouko comments on Mako-chan's 'hit by a truck' remark. Actually she herself feels fine, despite having fought a bunch of plant youma- one of the benefits to the whole Puella deal. (If only it wasn't for those pesky significant drawbacks).

    After a few more minutes, though, she stands from the couch, letting Usagi squiggle at Makoto instead of her as she stretches an arm over her head. "Well.. I think I accomplished my mission. I saw that everybody was still alive, got the story from the asteroid.. and got bonus pizza on top of it." Another flash of fanged smile. "Sounds like 100% success to me."

    "I should get goin'. If I leave Momo along in the apartment for too long she cleans the entire place and then I can't find anything." A sigh. She walks over to give Mamoru a one-armed hug, then pats Usagi on the head, then heads for the door, calling towards the kitchen, "See you later, nii-chan!", before waving to Mako, Naru, Daisuke, and of course Luna as well.
Naru Osaka 2016-06-27 23:52:12 46682
Naru watches the arrival of the coffee with a degree of anticipation, especially the anticipation of the actual coffee, and not just a taunting teasing for it. She starts a little as Mamoru puts a hand on her head, but there's a soft little 'ahhh' of appreciation and Naru closes her eyes, having momentarily forgotten that she was on the schedule for more healing. Including a bit of energy healing.

"Thank you." Naru was about to say something else but then there's an ooof as she's part of the feline highway to let Luna get to Usagi.

How DO cats know where the least comfortable place to step is?

Healing AND coffee, and warm people and conversation. She sighs, a wholely contented sigh as she collects her coffee to cradle in both hands. "Later Kyouko. I'll try not to call you for anything but social."
Daisuke Hansuke 2016-06-27 23:53:38 46683
Daisuke Hansuke smiles a bit. "I'm sure we all feel hit by various large vehicles without liscene plates at the moment." he says as he closes his eyes and suddenly. Kitty! A very happy kitty who seems super glad to see Usagi and he laughs a bit. "Looks like someone missed you a lot Usagi." he says with a smirk. He looks over to Kyouko.

"Bye Kyouko-san." he says. He'd say 'call me if you need help' but...

Kyouko seems like the proud type.
Makoto Kino 2016-06-28 00:05:00 46684
"Yes, yes," Makoto answers Mamoru's attempt at being stern with a complete lack of much concern. "Whatever you say, o-ni-i-saaan~" She waves the remnants of her slice of pizza at him vaguely, before nomfing it down with gusto. Which means she has to hastily finish chewing and swallowing as Kyouko starts for the door. "See you 'round!"

The prospect of coffee and/or another slice are both tempting, but for now Mako stays where she is, reaching over to pet Luna soothingly. Poor Luna.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-06-28 00:10:53 46685
Mamoru gets a one-armed hug while he's simultaneously getting poked by Usagi, giving Naru energy (warm and gold and reassuring and safe), and holding a cup of scalding black coffee.

Only a little of it splishes onto the back of the couch and onto Usagi's hair, and only on one of her odangos, which means at least it doesn't hurt. He does say "Ack! Careful--!" while looking alarmed. "Uh-- yeah. Bye, Kyou-chan-- hi, Luna. Sorry we scared you."

Onii-san. Mamoru gives Makoto a Look, then starts laughing as he slips his hand from Naru's head and uses his shirt to wipe up coffee from the couch and squish Usagi's hair to absorb at least some of the coffee in it. Then his hand plops on top of Makoto's head instead, and he makes a show of it, lifting his coffee high in the air and tilting his head up. "Aches and pains from being hit by trucks and alien flower monsters," he intones as his hand glows, "are an abominably gross miscarriage of justice and should not be allowed to persist in constraining the unfettered movement of pretty soldiers! I, Mamoru Chiba, will not stand for it."
Kazuo Takeba 2016-06-28 00:14:45 46686
Kunzite doesn't try to intercept Kyouko on her way out; he lifts a hand to her instead. "Till later. Our turn to back you, remember." Since it's never that there's a lack of problems -- only that a different problem comes to the head of the line.

Like, for the moment, a very local problem indeed.

Kunzite eyes the justice-speeching Mamoru for a long moment, eyes narrowed, before saying aside to Usagi and Naru (and presumably Daisuke and Luna by proximity), "At least we know he's feeling better." Then he goes to fetch a towel that is not actually anyone's shirt.
Naru Osaka 2016-06-28 00:21:53 46687
"The upright is also a good clue." Naru comments to Kunzite with a soft little giggle as she finds a comfortable spot to lean in against Daisuke, getting away from the potential coffee drippage. Naru relaxes with her coffee to be able to watch the show of Mamoru overdramatically healing Makoto, reaching a hand out to offer Luna a little scritch. If she wants it, of course.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-06-28 00:33:24 46688
Miss White has been /busy/. Even her attendance at school has dropped, ostensibly for medical reasons. Not unusual for her, her mundane form often subjected to a litany of tests in vain hopes from her parents. Her GPA has been rock solid as ever, despite.

In truth, she's been splitting time between work, lab, and training in a gruelling schedule that's not left much time to herself. But even Hannah's energy can run out, and thus she's coming out to see the world once more. In this case, Mahou Central Station, aka Mamo's Flophouse. Thunk thunk thunk. That's the traditional (non-angry) Hannah-chan knock. It's loud and a little obnoxious.

"Mamo! Kunzite-kun! Bunny-chan! Anybody home? I come bearing gifts of the edible variety!" There's a big tupperware container in her arms. She knows just how much these people eat in this house.
Makoto Kino 2016-06-28 00:49:16 46691
Mamoru's hand on her head makes it very difficult for Mako to tilt her head back to look at him while he speechifies at her aches and pains. Which were many, considering she still had bruises from her Great Escape. The wash of golden energy through her is a welcome relief from a whole host of fatigue and achiness.

It doesn't stop her from making a good-natured face up at Mamo, or at least in his general direction. "That's too many big words while I have an energy-drain hangover," she says, even though the energy-drain hangover is in fact mostly gone now thanks to Mamoru's attention.

If his hand's still on her head when Hannah's voice calls out from the doorway, he'll feel the tension coiling in her like a wound-up spring. The only real outward sign is her shoulders hitching upwards and a sudden decision that, yes, a cup of coffee is a good idea right now.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-06-28 01:05:48 46692
House rules: no fighting, no factions, for the interim. Every so often it's time to test that. Kunzite drops the towel off with Usagi, who has perhaps been understandably distracted by coffeehair, nods gravely to Luna, and goes to get the door and let Hannah in.

It is probably not a coincidence that Kunzite is the one in the area who is fastest at restraining problems if they break out. It is also probably not a coincidence that that gives anyone particularly nervous about Hannah noticing their presence time to skitter out of the way if need be.

"Several people visiting," he replies to her. "I see you weren't actually eaten in the incident. Good to know."
Usagi Tsukino 2016-06-28 01:07:49 46693
She lets out a yeep at the coffee! Usagi goes 'oooo' at Mamoru's speech, and if she had score cards she'd give him a nine!

Luna, having made sure Usagi is still here, relaxes her deathgrip on the small girl.

And Naru Scritches are nice!

Usagi actually almost dozes off (after mopping up the coffee of course! Her hair!) until she hears Hannah's voice.

"Hannah-chan~!" She calls this out cheerfully, but also a bit sleepily still!
Mamoru Chiba 2016-06-28 01:11:02 46694
Mamoru literally scritches Makoto's head when she tenses up, and since he hasn't even sipped his coffee yet, he hands it down to her. The cream and sugar are, after all, on the coffeetable in front of her. "Hannah-chan," he calls over, "I'm glad you brought food, people have been eyeing the remaining pizza and each other, and I'm not sure if it's because they're considering fighting for the pizza or thinking about how each other would do as substitutes for pizza in a pinch."
Naru Osaka 2016-06-28 01:14:50 46695
Naru twists to be able to see who is at the door and waves towards Hannah in greeting. She laughs softly at Mamoru's speculation and notes into the mix. "I'm pretty sure I'd be stringy." She pre-emtively attempts to discourage Naru-nomming in lieu of pizza. Naru relaxes back into the couch, scritching Luna and drinking coffee. "Although I think most of us nearest the pizza are all sleepy enough that the pizza is pretty safe."
Hannah Sharpe 2016-06-28 01:16:37 46696
Grin! Kunzite gets a friendly swat on the back. "Nah, been busy. How are ya, Kunz-kun? Sorry I've been out of the loop. I take it by the lack of annoying flowers around, the issue's dealt with?" She leans in, worry cracking for just a moment on that confident face, voice low as she whispers to the man.

"...You guys all alive, right? Don't tell me I have to research necromancy again. That stuff's a pain."

She's grinning as she steps into the living room proper though, tapping around with a toe before finding a table to set her bundle down. Should one open it, there's leftover ribs, fries, sweet peas, and plenty of extremely unhealthy sausage gravy.

"Usa! Mamo! Hi kids. How is everybody? Sorry I didn't get to help out with of my employees mentioned zombies? /Tell/ me someone kept one! C'mon, don't hold out on me!" She lets out a laugh, both hands out. That chuckle is /far/ too mad-science like. If anyone bothers to sense, the 'stench' of Familiars and a Witch is still heavy on her. Almost as if she'd been Kiss'd, but she's not suicidal.

"Seriously though. You guys okay? We might fight every now and then, but I'd be sad if you guys bit it for real. Anything I can do?" Even Makoto gets a wave! She hasn't heard about Takashi yet, so no conflicts there, even if she /did/ know Jupes is Mako.

Oh, right, back to Usagi. "C'mere, bunny, I've had a long, really irritating week. I need hugs!" Over to the couch, time for Usagi hugs! Naru's likely to get caught up into them too! Squeeeze. Hannah knows her own strength, but gives not a care. "Yo. Naru, right? ...You okay, you seem kinda listless?"
Nephrite 2016-06-28 01:19:33 46697
It is a rare day that Nephrite does not immediately leap out of bed at the faintest scent of pizza in the apartment. But these are strange times, after all. It is not every day that one can say that the world has recently rebounded from an alien invasion. When he finally shuffles out of some far corner of the apartment, sporting some mighty bedhead and, certain people may be happy to note, prudently wearing clothes, everyone else has had ample opportunity to reach the pizza before he can begin devouring it.

"Gang's all here!" He exclaims sleepily. Hugs are happening, which is the perfect moment to not-very-stealthily slip past the fray and grab two slices of pizza, which he piles on top of each other and eats together like a pizza-sandwich.
Daisuke Hansuke 2016-06-28 01:24:21 46698
Daisuke Hansuke sort of shoots up. "Huh, wha!? I did my tests for th----"

He looks around and ahems. "No I didn't doze off don't mind me- um. Uh. Hi." he says to Hannah as he brushes a hand over his head as he sighs miserably and blinks the fuzz from his face.

"I smell more food." he says matter of factly. "Who brought the goodies?" he asks politely as he can.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-06-28 01:25:39 46699
"Neeeephy! Been a while. Good to see you're okay." A winning Hanners grin! Daisuke gets one too!

"Hey kiddo! That'd be me! Pack in, meat on your bones, et cetera!" Encourages the young woman, smirking.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-06-28 01:25:58 46700
Yaaaay Hannah hugs! And she doesn't almost doze off this time! So, it's a bit sleepy, but Hannah gets a reassuring cuddly bunny hug.

She lets out an apologetic sigh. "No, sorry, we smooshed the remaining ones."

She hums and thinks. "One of us got knocked out, one of us was really super duper strong, I died and got better, and apparently--Nephrite! Hi!"

Excited sleepy waves!

Then grabby hands!

Is it for food, Mamo-chan, or something else? The world may never know!
Makoto Kino 2016-06-28 01:29:11 46701
The head-scritching doesn't appreciably do a lot to relax Makoto, but she's not actually making a stinkface - and given her usual level of control over her expressions, she probably wouldn't be able to hide it. Mouth quirking up a little at one corner, she accepts the cup of coffee from Mamoru with a murmured "Thanks," that somehow sounds more like an apology, and studiously bends to begin drowning it in cream and sugar.

Nephrite wandering in to pounce on the pizza brings Mako's head back up again, and now her face does relax into more of a natural smile. "Good morning," she says, with pleasant disregard for the actual time of day. "There's coffee too, if you want some."
Naru Osaka 2016-06-28 01:31:25 46702
"Today, dozing off is pretty much normal. You didn't doze off mid-sentance at least." Naru points out with a smile to Daisuke as he wakes up, still with a Naru half leaning on him, still stealing warm. She has her coffee, and she offers to share it with him. "Or you can get your own, but that requires sitting up. Then again, more food requires sitting up too."

She waves the hand that's scritching Luna, pausing in that scritching, towards Nephrite. Naru nods to Hannah at the guessing remembrance of her name. "Good memory."
Kazuo Takeba 2016-06-28 01:32:47 46703
Hannah's swat is blocked, but with no particular hostile intent; she can probably feel the bandage on Kunzite's right hand, which likely provides her with enough to figure out the cause. Her whisper is answered with a casual, "Everyone came back." Necromancy -- well. He's not about to make any comments one way or another on necromancy right now. Given what Mamoru's carrying in his shirt pocket.

Once Hannah's descended on the room, he finds a bit of reasonably unscorched wall to hold up. It keeps him away from the descent upon the pizza. And on the coffee. And away from the typically-cleared path between Nephrite and Makoto -- and, for that matter, away from any possibility of Nephrite's hair trying to consume him. Other people can take their chances. "If I understand correctly, the zombies were possession victims. Nothing left to research."
Mamoru Chiba 2016-06-28 01:45:02 46704
Hereabouts is where Mamoru sneaks himself a new cup of coffee, driveby kisses Usagi on top of her head, driveby pulls Nephrite's hair, driveby hugs Hannah around the shoulders, and pads back into the kitchen. It seems as though the introvert, as much as he has buckets more energy than everyone else today, has just reached his cope limit and used up his limit breakers over the weekend.
Nephrite 2016-06-28 01:46:55 46706
Hannah and Usagi are greeted with a full-mouthed "mmph" and a wave while the two slices rapidly vanish into Nephrite's maw. Hunger momentarily sated, he gravitates over to Makoto to plant a kiss on her temple. "Morning. Feel any better?"

The mention of coffee completes the order of needs: food, then Mako, then caffeine. He looks thoughtfully down at her mug and then starts up. "Wait, no, this is a celebration, right? Let's do this proper." He dashes--not into the kitchen, which is a high-traffic area and therefore not a good place to keep valuable things, but into one of the other apartments. A few moments later, Nephrite returns with a very old bottle of whisky and slams it down next to the cream and sugar. "Who needs a shot in their coffee?"
Mamoru Chiba 2016-06-28 01:53:20 46707
Mamoru sticks his head out the kitchen door. "ME." Pause. "In a minute." He ducks back out.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-06-28 01:58:45 46708
For a few moments, she just relaxes into Usa hugs. They are...well, second best, but that's out of girlfriend faction upkeep. A bunny hug is a very, very close second.

Of course, both Kunzite /and/ Usagi manage to crush her dreams of zombies. "...Really? Man. Okay, now I kinda feel like a jerk. I mean, I /am/ in a lot of ways, but, uh..yeah, too soon, and all." Pause.

"Though I really would've like to at least dissect one if it was already a lost cause." No, Hannah can only stay on the ethical side for about one minute before veering off.

Leeeean. Ruffle ruffle Naru. "It's one of my talents! Stick with this crew. They'll be with you through thick, thin, and world-ending apocalypse number...hey Mamo, what are we up to? At least three by now?"

But Kunzite's answer has an honest, open sigh of relief. "I swear, you guys are going to give me a heart attack one day. Glad to hear." Then, she dominates a couch of her own, crossing a leg with all of the hubris of any new money type businesswoman.

A glance back to Usagi. "...Huh. Welcome to the 'dead and back again' club. I'll send you a membership badge. How'd that work out? You, uh, anybody get any data on that? Readings? Anything?" Yup, fishing for potential immortality, is Hannah. Utterly shameless, she is.

She does sense Mako's discomfort. She 'eyes' the other punch-oriented woman. Sightless eyes all but scream, 'Well, What Is It!?'. The standoff of the fighting inclined. A wordless battle of wills, and in Hannah's case, extreme hubris.

Drive by Mamo hugs! Squeeeeeze! Truly, Hannah intends to test the integrity of the ribs of everyone she can.

She doesn't miss the vague greeting or the sound of a kiss. Cue that attempted battle of wills won by 'adorable'. A hand goes up.

"One cream, one sugar...make it like George Thorogood, Neph-kun!"
Naru Osaka 2016-06-28 01:59:51 46709
Naru is ruffled! There's a little laugh and a half shrug from Naru in reply to Hannah. "Usagi's already been stuck with me basically all of our lives so far, by extension at this point, the whole pack of them are fairly well stuck with me. So far, they do seem to be coping."

There's a little err from Naru as she considers the bottle of whiskey that Nephrite has brought to the table and she considers her coffee cup. "I've never had whiskey before."
Usagi Tsukino 2016-06-28 02:00:58 46710
Usagi blinks at Hannah. "Um...I don't know. But if you were scanning when the plants all died?"

She clings to a Naru! "Like glue! Yay!"

Then Nephrite! "I do! ...but I have no coffee..." Large, large, large eyes at Nephrite.

Though one must wonder...given how limited her tolerance is normally, would it even be a good idea?
Daisuke Hansuke 2016-06-28 02:07:58 46711
Daisuke Hansuke softly looks at Nephrite. Looks at the whiskey. Looks back at Nephire. Back at the Whiskey. Sort of places a hand to his head and leans back a moment as he takes a deep breath. "I'm pretty sure I have enough of a hangover from not-alcholol' to have any." he insists as he looks down at Naru with a blink.

"I dunno if you want a hangover on top of the energy drain." he offers.
Makoto Kino 2016-06-28 02:08:11 46712
Makoto's smile warms, and she reaches up to brush fingertips over Nephrite's cheek when he bends to kiss her temple. "Much better," she confirms with a nod. "Sleep helped a lot, and Mamoru-niisan did the rest."

Hannah's eyeballing doesn't entirely escape her notice, and some of that tension coils back up again, tightening the set of Mako's jaw. After only a moment, though, Mako breathes out and... carefully looks away. Battle of wills declined, or at least evaded.

When Nephrite comes back with the whiskey she smiles again, ruefully, and holds up her cup of coffee in request. "Hit me?"
Kazuo Takeba 2016-06-28 02:10:11 46713
"Someone might have," Kunzite comments to Hannah's barrage of queries about data. "Then again, the person who might have might also be irked with where some things previously in your possession have wound up lately." No particular edge to his tone; he's abiding by Mamoru's rules.

... generally. "Usagi. That is a terrible idea." A pause. "Naru, kindly don't let her take yours, either, if you decide to experiment."

Somebody apparently remembers a certain incident he was only present for as a sparkly rock.

Even if his attention is on none of the people he's speaking to, and not on Daisuke's advice to Naru, either. He doesn't visibly relax when Makoto does. But he lets himself start watching the rest of the group again.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-06-28 02:13:07 46714
Finally Mamoru comes out. "Hannah, don't. Please? Not this time. There's stuff I need to talk to you about that you won't be happy about at all, so it won't be today, but I'm pretty sure you're going to tell me 'no way' when I ask questions -- so I'm preemptively telling you 'no way' on looking into what happened regarding the resurrection on the asteroid."

He glances at Usagi. "What Kunzite said. Also, flat no. But you can have regular coffee."

Then his meandering out with his own coffee takes him closer to Nephrite and coincidentally places him blocking line of sight between Makoto and Hannah; his expression is rueful. "Also, talking about things like that when everyone is really tetchy and still jumpy from months of agita culminating in explosions in the sky is a bad idea anyway. No tempting anyone into breaking the apartment rules." He holds out his mug to Nephrite solemnly.
Naru Osaka 2016-06-28 02:15:50 46715
"Isn't the hangover tomorrow's miserable?" Naru points out on the notion of not mixing energy drain and alcohol.

Which is, to be fair, probably the wise course of action.

"Athough I suppose if I'm hoping the whiskey will make me sleep, mixing it with coffee is probably not the wisest course of action." Naru considers and then adds. "I don't suppose they just cancel each other out, do they?" She's clearly willing to experiement, and her mug also gets offered in Nephrite's direction.
Homura Akemi 2016-06-28 02:19:57 46716
    No one here has probably seen Homura's new car. She's come into some money recently, (through various means) and she isn't afraid to indulge in a brand new sleek black Corvette. If someone was looking out the window, they'd see that car pull up to the apartment's driveway.

    The girl who steps out of the driver's side is a vision of beauty, probably some kind of model or something, or at least one would think that with the confident and almost-perfect way she carries herself. Though most people who know her will know her as Homura Akemi. She looks up, takes one glance at the balcony, frowns, and then leans into the car to say, "Madoka-chan... let's go the normal way today. Not the usual way."

    Some time later, there's a knock on the door before Homura lets herself in. She's carrying with her a colorful box of one dozen doughnuts of various kinds: glazed, with frosting, with sprinkles, some filled with cream and without. There's only one thing peculiar about these donuts: They are all in the shape of bunny heads. Cute bunny-shaped faces with long bunny ears.

    She holds the door open for her companion and makes her presence known. "Congratulations on saving the world! How're you all doing?"

    Homura smiles, and yes she actually smiles these days, as she looks over the room's occupants and notes which ones are awake.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-06-28 02:21:00 46717
Usagi sticks her tongue out at Mamoru but doesn't really argue the point.

Because, well.

And it's not that she hasn't noticed the tension in the room. She's Usagi, of course she had. She just wasn't sure if it was her being over tired or emotional or what.

Lip tremble!

But she doesn't cry.

She does, however, slide off the couch and stagger toward Mamoru.

The side with no coffee in hand, arms around his neck, a bit of a hop...

"If people fight, I'mma cry on them." Serious Words.

Then bunny donuts!

This time she does start crying, but not because she's sad!

"They are just so cute!"
Nephrite 2016-06-28 02:27:50 46718
Makoto gets first dibs on the whisky. He holds the back of her hand, ostensibly to steady her cup, while pouring a generous amount into the already creamy, sugary mixture. Usagi's hint is accepted with a laugh. "We can fix that, pigtails. Cream and sugar, I'm guessing? And one George Thorogood, coming up." He begins pouring out multiple mugs of coffee with a few splashes of whisky in each, adding condiments as requested. Usagi does not get a splash, as per doctor's orders.

"I'm no expert, Naru, but I say whisky and coffee solve most problems, so." She gets a splash.

He is distributing mugs around the room when Homura makes an entrance. "Puella! Welcome! Coffee? Boozy coffee?"
Madoka Akemi 2016-06-28 02:32:00 46719
    The girl that gets out of the passenger side of Homura's shiny black corvette is a vision of cuteness, probably some kind of angel with the earnest and innocent way she carries herself; or at least Homura might think so. Madoka tilts her head up to see what the dark haired beauty is looking at before looking back to Homura, "The usual way isn't the normal way?"

    It might be a sad note, that the time Mamoru's apartment has been safe and with him in residence and the time Madoka has been a Magical Girl don't have very much overlap at all.

    A little while later, upstairs, Madoka walks through the door carrying a second box of doughnuts, "Hello, everyone! We heard you were all very brave and heroic, so we brought you sugar!" Ah, sugar. Magical heroes practically run off of the stuff, right? The box is set down and opened and the pink-haired girl wanders over to Usagi and Mamoru, giving them with big sparkly eyes. "I knew I could trust you to take care of things without us. If the time comes that you do, please let us know!"

    An expressive 'I would like to hug you both right now' look is given to them both.

    "No thank you," she comments cheerily while looking back over her shoulder to Nephrite, only to pause in consideration. "Well... doughnuts are supposed to be good in coffee actually, aren't they?" Hmmmmm.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-06-28 02:34:13 46720
Naru gets a wink. "Worst packs to get stuck with."

Wince. Wince. "Let's just say I was too busy with some internal projects to think to do that. Yeeesh, this is embarrassing. Either Usagi here has a talent for science, or I'm an absolute idiot. Possibly both."

Also, Usagi plus whiskey? Smirk. Loooong smiiiirk. She can't /wait/ to see this one!

At first, there's confusion on Hannah's face, then dawning realization. A head falls into her hands.

"...I don't even want to know right now. Alright. You guys win. Free reign to pick a fight kids if you catch me outside of here."

And then Mamoru piles on. Both hands finally go into the air in surrender. "Alright, alright! Sorry, sorry everybody, I'm just kinda riding a wind of victory and my sensitivity is kinda low right now." She'll even offer a full japanese bow. By god, she actually sounds sincere. Even Hannah (sometimes) knows when she's gone too far.

And then, Usagi offers the worst threat that anyone could ever make.

"....That's just freaking cruel, bunny."

Just then, in comes Homura and Madoka! Right while Hannah's in a self-defacing japanese bow.

She immediatly urks, blushes, stumbles back and falls into a couch. All of that victory on her face melts away as she outright blushes.

"Dangit, people, I've got a reputation to keep! Making me be humble in front of Homu and Pinkball! You're going to sink me, you jerks!" She half-heartedly exclaims. Then a biiiig, if awkward, wave to Homura and Madoka.

"Get on in here, you two. Eat up, we've got plenty of food!" Awkward, but warm smile. "Proper heroes, the bunch! Gime 'em a hero's...brunch? Ah, screw it, not sure where I was going with that one." A helpless shrug.

An aside to Mamoru! "Stop by the office...nah, make it the lab soon. Seriously, the Higher Ups have me working like a dog these days. May as well get one annoyance on top of another."

Also, booze-coffee. It's downed with utterly indecent haste. Nephrite gets a thumbs up!
Naru Osaka 2016-06-28 02:40:45 46721
Naru snuggles into her corner of the couch, now with boozy coffee and blankets and still half leaning on Daisuke. She has slid comfortably into general silence, watching and listening and sipping at coffee. She might not have any alcohol experience, and it might have been a draining day, even offset with healing.

Sooner rather than later, someone is probably going to have to rescue Naru's coffee cup when she finally dozes off, lest the poor couch get splashed with /more/ coffee.
Homura Akemi 2016-06-28 02:43:00 46722
    Yes, Madoka that is exactly how Homura sees it.

    "Hi, Usa-chan!" says Homura with a sort of reserved cheer, opening up her box of donuts outward, so that Usagi (and others) can reach in. "Want some?"

    At the offer of coffee, Homura nods at Nephrite. "I'd like that. Not boozy, please. Not today." Not that Homura's never had a drink before, as everyone here well knows, just... not today. Between her and Madoka, she's the only one who can drive.

    After Usagi or whoever takes whatever doughnuts they want, Homura finds a place to put them that's within easy reach. Madoka's comments bring a giggle from Homura. "They tend to go well together, yeah." At least, in Homura's opinion. She got used to the taste of coffee a long time ago.

    Hannah's bow didn't escape her notice, but Homura pretends it did anyways. She tilts her head at the mention of lab work, only to shake her head and say, "Hey, Hannah-chan. Long time no see. Keeping busy?" If she has anything to say regarding work, she doesn't say it. Neutral ground, and all that.

    Homura moves further in and finds a seat on a couch, intentionally next to an empty spot. She adjusts her hair so that it falls over her shoulders and doesn't really get in the way of people moving about.
Makoto Kino 2016-06-28 02:49:24 46723
Mamoru is social-tanking. It feels like a strange reversal! But the deliberate barrier between herself and Hannah is a welcome one; it means that Makoto can start to relax again, and smile gratefully up at Nephrite as he doctors her coffee. "Thank you," she says, curling both hands around the mug; taking a sip, she makes a pleased sound. Yes, just right.

As the spiked coffee warms its way through her, she turns a brief apologetic smile towards Usagi - see, no fighting. House rules and all.

The new arrivals draw some interest, and a polite nod. Mako knows Homura a bit in passing and Madoka only glancingly via Homura, but hey, doughnuts. Cute doughnuts. When the box is presented to Usagi, Mako takes the chance to snag one to go with her coffee, salutes both puella magi with it by way of thanks.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-06-28 02:50:52 46724
Once upon a time, Nephrite made a comment about a Crystallized Wet Blanket. That might have something to do with why Kunzite's set himself back against one of the walls -- close enough against it that he's not blocking Homura's and Madoka's entrance, because who exactly is going to try to keep bunny doughnuts from Usagi? He's already taken enough hits in the last couple of days.

He's certainly tracking the conversation. There's a nod to the entering Puella, a glance flicked aside to Mamoru when Hannah suggests stopping by her lab (at this point, at least three people in the room can read the 'I'm certain I don't have to remind you not to go alone' look), an absent eye kept on the half-asleep girl who isn't Usagi.

But the closest he's coming to actually participating, just now, is that as Naru's eyes start to close, he comes forward to take the cup out of her hand and set it down close by Dai. And, when she doesn't twitch back awake at her drink being stolen, he removes teenager and her blankets from Daisuke's side and carries them out of the room.

(He will undoubtedly regret this decision when Ami hears about it.)
Mamoru Chiba 2016-06-28 02:51:54 46725
With a Usagi hanging off him, Mamoru beams at Homura and Madoka, then briefly leans to ruffle Hannah's snowy hair. "It's okay," he tells her. "Just try and be slightly less caffeinated and fightsome for a little while? And yeah, Kunzite and I'll come see you." Then he turns again to pull the two Puella into a group hug with his crying-with-joy bunny. "I stopped being able to think roughly thirty seconds ago, but I think I'm being told that someone needs to cuddle with doughnuts in her face? And I need a minute of quiet-- but I can have both at the same time, right? We'll be back shortly."

With that-- and a Usagi and a doughnut for himself-- Mamoru slips off to the sliding-cardboard door of the balcony and opens it.

There is a sound of dismay.

Then he steps out, doughnut-free hand holding Usagi's, to survey the damage better. "What did you guys DO to the BALCONY? I swear to GOD no more parties when I'm not awake--!" he yells back over his shoulder as the two of them, the prince and princess for godsake, go outside.But it should be okay, right? Only two of them, and together they probably weigh less than 115 kilos.

There is almost no warning.

Just a deafening crack and the whole thing gives way.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-06-28 02:57:06 46726
Usagi's pretty much supporting herself against Mamoru with her legs. Her hands are full of cute bunny donuts.

"Look, Mamo-chan!" The donut bunnies smooch! Complete with sound effects!

They're still busy giving each other frosting smooches as she's carted out to the balcony whe---

Oh no wait--!


"It wasn't their fault, honest! It was Ta---KAAA-YAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA-HAHA-HOOOOOOEY!"

Bunny donuts fly in the air and hover a bit before falling.

Usagi's gut instinct?

Death Grip her thighs around Mamoru.
Nephrite 2016-06-28 02:59:00 46727
More coffee is passed around, but Kunzite seems to be very deliberately ignoring Nephrite's offer of booze. He will have to intercept him when he returns, and shove some spiked coffee in his hand whether he wants it or not. Nephrite is in the middle of preparing that particular cup when he hears the sound.

"Endy--!" The mug drops, coffee spilling on a carpet that they definitely do not care about staining anymore, and Nephrite races for what passes as a door now, throwing it open.

He can't do much about gravity, though.
Homura Akemi 2016-06-28 03:05:07 46728
    Homura joins in with the Madoka-Usagi-Mamoru group hug. "It's been a while. Good to see you're alright, Mamo-kun."

    When Mamoru starts heading towards the balcony, Homura opens her mouth to try to give warning, "Umm... I'm not sure that's---"

    Oh my god oh my god. Homura's henshin appears around her. Time stops. By the time it does, the balcony is probably halfway down.

    Homura cringes, reaching out to grab Usagi and Mamoru, bringing her into the frozen time just long enough to pull them to safety. She even manages to salvage the two donuts. She looks down at the balcony, wincing, and says, "I can't afford to spend magic on that... and even if I could..."

    Homura looks around, finds Hannah, reaches out for her hand to take her into the timestop. "So. You look like you have a plan."
Hannah Sharpe 2016-06-28 03:13:29 46729
A deep, deep sigh. "You have no idea Homura. Seriously. Be glad for your independence, sometimes I think you made the right choice." Is this a rare introspective Hannah moment? God yes it is. Working with a certain Rat makes her skin crawl.

Hannah shares one thing at least with Usagi, and that's a love for touch. She quite literally leans happily into the hair ruffle! A long, happy relaxation into it.

"The second one won't ever happen. One of the things I love about magic, lets me fight strong people like the ones in this room! But I'll try to tone it down a little. Really, I'm too arrogant to not want to share, and it gets reeeal annoying when I can't!" She looks utterly dejected right now. Why is she 'looking' at the two Puella in the room so hard suddenly?

Two lovebirds out the door, and a sudden crack gets Hannah's attention. Being blind has it's advantages. She's already up thanks to her keen hearing, and something small and gold goes flicking into the air. She doesn't bother trying to run. Instead, there's a sudden burst of magic as Hannah's magical sigil appears under her, and she catches her Device.

"Raging Tempest, Set up!" Suddenly, she's in Henshin, and gives Homura a very meaningful look. She trusts her former head of security, maybe too much given right now.

Mid-way through her teleport spell, Homura stops time, and grabs her by the hand. She doesn't waste time. There's a wind-chain connecting the pair, and a confident grin.

"As expected of you, Homura. I've got a plan alright." They're time-stopped. A furtive glance for those small and rat-like. Suddenly, a brief, hard look.

"...I'll be counting on you, Homura." She adds cryptically, before bending space and time around her like a veteran Device User.

A silly salute, and she's on the ground directly below the falling balcony. She sucks in a breath, and with force of will, magic, and her Device, she calls out.

"Obey my will! Tempest's Merciful Wind!" Her Device pings, and suddenly her magic flares, sucking in a vortex of wind from around the apartment! Hurricane-like winds draw close around the falling debris. Hannah strains with the effort of such a complex Spell, as each individual broken bit of balcony is suddnely drawn together with the pure force of air. Slowly, back in one relative piece, it's set down very gently away from Mamoru's home. Who knows if it will stay in once piece when time resumes, but Miss White is doing her best to use wind magic to fuse the balcony into once hunk of wood, metal, and concrete!

Face red from the effort, grinning, she calls out to Neph-kun! "G...gimme a double on that last order, Neph-bartender!"
Makoto Kino 2016-06-28 03:17:23 46730
Too late, as Mamoru calls in exasperation and dismay from the balcony, Makoto remembers just what kind of condition she and her dark energy doppelganger left it in the other night. Eyes widening in alarm, she shoves her coffee and doughnut hastily aside onto the coffee table and lurches to her feet. "Niisan, wait, don't--"

Too late. Even as she bolts towards the balcony doors, the CRACK and the scream from outside tell her that she did not move soon enough.

And then, from her perspective, it's like a video glitching ahead a couple of seconds. It's not clear quite what happened, except that Mamoru and Usagi are safely back inside and there's a distinct lack of crashing sounds and car alarms from the street below the window.

White-faced, Makoto blinks for a second or two. Then she ducks her head and slinks off in the direction of the kitchen to hunt up something with which to clean up the spilled coffee.
Madoka Akemi 2016-06-28 03:23:45 46731
    Makoto gets a bright smile in response to the doughnut salute. Hannah gets a playful tongue stuck out at her and her dark reputation. Madoka knows her evil has well-meaning behind it! Usually.

    Mamoru and Usagi are gratefully given warm and happy, excited bouncy hugs, though the pink haired Puella makes sure not to squeeze them too much because saving the world usually entails bruises. The blonde is then the recipient of a bright, pearly white smile as the two doughnut bunnies kiss with sound effects, only to get cut off short and replace with a shocked, "Ohmygosh!" as the balcony gives way. She heads towards the door to Mamoru's new pitfall with wide eyes, only to see Homura henshin and-

    Everything seems to turn out fine in a freeze frame instant that tells her most of what happened. The gale outside along with missing Hannah fills in the blanks. "Thank goodness! Are you two okay? Do you need anything? More doughnuts? More hugs? Lots of space and cozy alone time?" She's not quite mother henning the two, but close.
Homura Akemi 2016-06-28 03:26:24 46732
    Maybe it'd be too trusting to rely on Homura's help in most situations, but Homura has no incentive to see anything bad happen to Mamoru's house, so Hannah can trust in that. She can also trust in the fact that Homura has no grudge against her.

    When she's satisfied that everything has worked out, Homura resumes time, and calls out to Hannah.

    "Yeah, nothing personal?" says Homura, "I really don't envy you right now." Homura makes a note to inform Hannah in detail about the various ways in which Kyubey can be killed, which won't do any good in the long run, but it might be cathartic.

    Turning to Mamoru, Homura says, "You know... I could probably get you a good deal on repairs. I do run a construction company now."

    Madoka gets a warm smile from Homura as she starts almost-mother-henning the two.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-06-28 03:49:19 46733
In that split second, Usagi's wailing in the middle of the living room and clinging very tight onto Mamoru, and Mamoru's already in henshin and also already starting to look like he's going from confused to relieved, and the bunny doughnuts are saved and that is also a relief, and then the relief just goes straight to Mamoru's standard blank smile of input overload. "Um," he says, but it's probably hard to hear over the yell that is probably only just now starting to wind down, "I... I think we're okay? Thanks-- guys thanks-- jeez I'm glad that happened while everyone was here... it would have fallen on like, everything..."

And then he wide-eyes at Homura. "Um-- okay sounds good. Can you fireproof the walls too?"

Much more faintly, "...can I have a new coffee?"
Daisuke Hansuke 2016-06-28 03:50:33 46734
Daisuke Hansuke immediatly shoots up and begins to move to teleport because he has a feeling of what just happened--- Naru probably falls over--- and then he's suddenly flailing about to catch her coffee cup and before he can actually do anything about it---

Everyone is safe again. He takes a deep hard breath.

"Holy shit." he says. "Is everyone okay?" he asks.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-06-28 03:52:19 46735
Usagi's scream dies out long before she's done squeazing the life out of Mamoru.

When she finally relaxes her muscles enough so he can breathe, she is very much decidedly not letting go.

"Mamo-chan?" It's a small whisper. "I forgot to tell you your balcony's broken."

It's a stilted head turn toward Madoka, and then to everyone.

"We're fine...! I'm awake...!"
Hannah Sharpe 2016-06-28 03:53:04 46736
"...Quit getting hit on the head. No clue what you're on about, Homura." Comes Hannah entirely shamelessly to Homura. The exchange might seem odd, as the woman instantly recognizes the implications.

And does absolutely nothing to hide the utter relief in her eyes. She can work with this. Inside, she's giddy. It might just /work/.

She then notes a Pinkball! There's a loud voice down below as she sets down the balcony.

"Still alive down here! You kids okay? Uhhh. Dumb question, where am I putting this balcony? Seriously! Manipulating wind to try to fuse together this many components isn't easy people! I'm not a one woman construction company, do you guys even know how much rebar goes into Japanese buildings! Jeeeez, gimme a good old american one any day!" Hannah's showing her cultural biases here with absolutely zero shame.

For the moment, she's setting that balcony in one piece down somewhat near a dumpster.

Usa kills it though. "G..good to hear, Bunny-chan!" Hrrrgh. Hannah's grinning. This too is training!
Nephrite 2016-06-28 03:56:47 46737
One second the prince and princess are literally falling away from Nephrite, the next they are gone. And behind him. And screaming.

It's a good thing Usagi's screams drown out his own fading down to a confused silence.

Mamoru calls for more coffee. "--Right. I'll get that." The brunette returns to the designated coffee station. Hannah may have called for a double from down below. Before he prepares anyone else's, he casually pours himself a shot and throws it back. "Somebody save me a doughnut," he calls. "I need some sugar to replace the five years that have just been shaved off my life."
Kazuo Takeba 2016-06-28 03:59:37 46738
Naru does not fall over, but only because Naru was already carried out of the room.

The one who carried Naru out of the room is now back in the room, at speed; but when it's clear that the screaming is in fact coming from inside the apartment, Kunzite lets himself start breathing again.

(Fifteen seconds. He was gone for fifteen seconds. That has to be a new record.)

Once he's counted heads and made sure that the only one missing is the one he can hear shouting, he comes back over to the table, still in uniform -- cape and all -- and hands Nephrite an absurdly cheerful rabbit. Without. One. Word.
Makoto Kino 2016-06-28 04:02:43 46739
Eventually, Makoto comes out of the kitchen again with a few distowels tucked under her arm. She doesn't really look at anyone, just gets busy bending her attention single-mindedly towards mopping up the coffee that spilled in the panic of just previous.
Homura Akemi 2016-06-28 04:07:36 46740
    Homura considers Mamoru's question and starts nodding as she thinks about it. "Yeah... yeah I could do that. No problem. I'll have to talk to my crews but I'm sure we can work something out."

    Then she hears Hannah calling out from below, and she peeks out of the window. "Yeah actually I do! Hey, Hannah-chan. If you can just set it down somewhere out of the way I can have a crew look it over. Maybe by a dumpster?"

    Homura dehenshins and takes out her cellphone, and starts exchanging texts. "Any preference on keeping that balcony versus getting a new one? Even if we do the former we're going to need to reinforce it a bit." She glances around at current company. "I wonder if we can use magic to make it a little tougher."

    She slips the cell phone back into her pocket. "I've told them that it's a high-priority job, because I'm the boss and I said so. Most of these people are um... non-magical, so try not to shock them too much." 'Too much' she says. "We can get started within the week if you want. When would be a good day?"
Madoka Akemi 2016-06-28 04:09:30 46741
    Relief sets in on Madoka's face as both Mamoru and Usagi seem to be fine, and when the tall boy responds to Homura a sudden bright smile appears on her face. "We can!" We? "Actually, we might even be able to see about fortifying the entire floor, if you didn't mind." Her hand lifts to her chin, and she pinches it lightly, "Though that might take a while, and it's been so long since you were able to stay here... that might want to wait. If we had more Grief Seeds we could probably speed things along, but now's a bad time for that. Keep it in mind, though! It's your apartment and your decision, after all."

    Business taken care of (with a toothping smile!) she walks over to the coffee pot and pours out a very large mug. She dunks a doughnut into it and takes a bite with an appreciative sound, "This is good!" before walking over to the open 'balcony' door. "I've got your coffee, Hannah-chan! Open up!" With that she inverts the cup out over the ledge.
Hannah Sharpe 2016-06-28 04:14:56 46742
There's audible relief, as Homura shouts and Hannah deposits one whole balcony riiiight by that dumpster.

"Got it! Eh. Not my specialty on non-biological work, but you could probably find a Mage to do something like that! I'm obviously biased though! If you've got a Puella service, take 'em!" Thumbs up to Homu! She'll never turn down giving her a good rep boost if she can get away with it!

And then, Pinkball!

"What are you..." She's suddenly moving, and catches that upturned booze-coffee. Glug glug glug glug glug! Sluuuuurp!

Then, wind magic ends abruptly with one proper fused balcony nearby.

Hannah gives an absolute wave after devouring all of that fed delicious coffee. "Right, I'm out kids! Got some lab work to finish! Quit trying to die everybody!" An absolute jerk-like grin, a wave, and Miss White teleports out!
Hannah Sharpe 2016-06-28 04:16:07 46743
Thanks to Pinkball, Hannah ends up tele-faceplanting into her building. In an overnight sleeping bed. She's just that southern, people.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-06-28 04:16:34 46744
Mamoru is literally not able to track everything going on right now. One too many shocks. He slowly looks around the room at everyone decompressing from augh, and hears Hannah's voice calling from down below, somehow, and he chuffs out a sound somewhere between a sigh and a laugh and an almost-sob and shakes his head, putting both arms around Usagi and literally forgetting to de-henshin. So cape and mask yes. Nephrite is coffeeing, Makoto's on the floor??, Daisuke's all like ?! D:, Kunzite's like :E, Hannah's... yeah okay a concrete question he can deal with.

(A concrete question ha ha ha.)

"I don't care. New is fine. Reinforced is yes. One apartment at a time. This one first. It's a mess already. Naru is murals so walls primer. Mosaic tile floors, sealant so no blood in grout. Normal is apparently hard. Tell them we're a circus."
Nephrite 2016-06-28 04:19:22 46745
Nephrite guitily steps out of Makoto's way as she goes to clean up the spill. "Sorry," he mutters. "Panicked." He silently accepts the rabbit donut, sticks it in his mouth, and presses a heavily spiked coffee mug into Kunzite's hand in exchange. He then picks up a second mug and delivers it to Mamoru with equally silent insistence, cheerful pink bunny still sticking out of his mouth.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-06-28 04:23:44 46746
Usagi decides that if there's ever a time for coffee...

"Hold still?"

It's all the warning she gives Mamoru...

Leaning down, she picks up the cup of coffee she'd put on the coffee table. Somehow she's able to find herself upright.

Sip. Glug. Ohhhhhhh so good. "Mmmm, just a dash of coffee!"

There's talk of redesigning! Yay! "Will there be more colors?"

She lightly peppers kisses against an overwhelmed Mamoru's temple before resting her head against his shoulder, looking down at Makoto. "Mako-chan~."
Tadase Hotori 2016-06-28 04:25:11 46747
There's a knock at the door that's likely well, far softer than a lot of the knocks that have been heard today. The reason it's soft is because Tadase's got his arms full of a big basket of fruit, caffinated goodies, and pain medications. Because even when you've got magic to back it up, aches and pains are a thing. He's sure they have some, but they might need replacing if everything he's heard is true.
Homura Akemi 2016-06-28 04:27:24 46748
    Homura nods eagerly as Madoka speaks. "That's right! We'll hook you up. We don't normally do the magic thing but we have some mahou talent working for us." Hearing Hannah's words, Homura grins in a sort of wincing way. "Honestly... using a Mage would be smarter than using a Puella, current circumstances considering, but we'll see what we can do."

    Mamoru starts talking specifics, and Homura's cellphone is out again. She's noting this down, and sending the message out. "Circus, got it. Sure, why not. Fits, and it'd at least give some explanation if someone sees the costumes."

    Mamoru could change his mind at some point in the future, but with an answer like that Homura wonders if he hasn't been thinking about this for a while.

    Usagi mentions more colors. "Well, there could be, but if you've got someone painting murals then it might be better to leave it white for them."

    There's a knock at the door. Who could that be...? She walks over to open the door, blinking. "Oh hey, come in!" She knows Tadase is one of Mamoru's friends. She also knows that Tadase gets really jealous, but she doesn't point that out.
Madoka Akemi 2016-06-28 04:36:39 46749
    Madoka doesn't lean out over the edge because she doesn't want to give Homura a heart attack, but she does give a great big wave to Hannah. She has some beefs to iron out with the Mage, sure, but she did just help save two of her favorite people and this is neutral ground so instead she gets nothing but friendliness. "Bye, Hannah-chan!"

    And then Mamoru is talking about things and Madoka reaches a hand into her pocket--

    Darn! She's not wearing her suit or her secretary outfit, her notepad isn't there. But wait! She quickly whips out her phone and navigates to an appropriate app, "Balcony doesn't matter. Reinforced," double underlined, "Mamoru's apartment first, and others in turn. Thick primer instead of paint. Mosaic floors, blood resistant everything, and trusted workers only. Got it!" She looks up from her phone, ready to give Homura a bright smile- only to see her partner holding her own cell phone and giving a bright blush instead.

    Tadase arrives and Madoka is quickly over near him, "Oh, that all looks great, thank you! Here, let me help." Assuming he actually wants the help she'll help clear his arms of fruit and baskets and fruits baskets-- okay maybe not those.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-06-28 04:39:25 46750
Not five minutes ago, Kunzite implicitly turned down alcohol. Now? The mug Nephrite just pressed into his hand is probably in his top five favorite things in the room. Which, considering who's in the room, says something. Part of his attention stays on drinking that. Part of it on the conversation Mamoru's having with Homura, internally noting items that are going to need follow-up. Part on Tadase's arrival at the door, which warrants a silent bow in his direction.

And part on starting for the balcony doors, pausing, eyeing Madoka, and deciding not to tempt fate by putting two people near the border of anything that just collapsed. Instead, once Madoka turns away from her Hannah-feeding, he sets down his mug and lifts his hands. Shadows quietly black out the doors, in the interest of avoiding any more falls this evening. Just in case.
Tadase Hotori 2016-06-28 04:49:54 46751
Tadase bows his head a little bit to Madoka. "Kanme-san!" he says with a big smile on his face. Of course Tadase knows Madoka, or at least, he knows of Madoka. It's kinda his business to know things like that.

As he walks in, his voice perhaps carries more than some people would like, because he's excited. "So that's another big world-ending menace down, then?" he says, smiling. "I heard everybody made it back okay and that's great." he says, setting the basket down on the table. Wide eyed, he looks around the room at the assembled people. He might be less kind if he hadn't juuuust missed Hannah.

"So do you guys need anything?"
Mamoru Chiba 2016-06-28 05:06:00 46752
"Tadase-kun," Tuxedo Kamen calls over from where Usagi's so awake that as she finished her coffee she nearly dropped the cup as she fell asleep leaning on him. He hadn't got his coffee from Neph yet, so he could catch her cup-- and on the table it goes, and he scoops her up and takes the four steps necessary to go deposit the both of them on the couch and bravely hide behind his sleeping girlfriend from being very social. "Everyone's okay, for values of okay that include Fiore living in a rock, but I'm going to try planting him. It worked once, right?"
Kazuo Takeba 2016-06-28 05:20:07 46754
Voices carrying is just fine. Mamoru owns the entire floor for a reason. As for whether they need anything. Time? Rest? A lack of disasters? All not so susceptible to being delivered, except by Homura, and Homura's already done too much tonight. Kunzite reclaims his there's-some-coffee-involved, and ... pauses to eye Mamoru again. This time it comes with actual words attached. "Wait," he says. "That actually worked?"

Presumably he means 'in a rock,' since planting him actually did work. And rather than try to clarify that, he resorts to caffeinated alcohol again.
Homura Akemi 2016-06-28 05:21:03 46755
    Homura closes the door behind Tadase and starts walking back to the main room. "I'm fine. Don't need anything that I don't already have."

    She tilts her head at Mamoru's comment. Fiore's fate is news to her. "A rock? So... huh." She bites her lip, looking out at the darkened wall where the balcony used to be. "He's not still mad about the kidnapping, is he?"
Tadase Hotori 2016-06-28 05:23:04 46756
Tadase smiles a bit. "Well, hopefully he's living in or on a much smaller, less destroy my planet rock." The 'my' planet slips out a bit and he coughs. "Ours. The one we live on." He's really comfortable with Mamoru but some things are just still just... a little awkward with their two varying thoughts on some things.

"I tried to help out down here, cause I knew you guys had it covered up there." he says, giving a little thumbs up as he pours himself some coffee. (He doesn't make anyone else provide it because Nadeshiko isn't here.)

"It looked a bit touchy for a second but a lot of us came together and we protected... a whole lot of people. Sometimes this stuff is still overwhelming, but it makes me really happy we have such brave friends."

He turns to nod at Homura, then smiling at Kunzite. He remembers Kunzite. But Tadase isn't one to hold past greivances against people - unless they're catpeople, anyways. "Well, if you guys do need anything you just ask for it. You're heroes, again." Then he turns, because rock.

"Wait, you mean like the others were?"
Madoka Akemi 2016-06-28 05:25:25 46757
    Madoka doesn't need anything but is full of cheerful greetings, "It is!" She finds herself in the awkward position of wanting to be more welcoming but not actually being in the position to do so since, well, this isn't her house. Instead she tries to be warm and friendly by motioning to Nephrite, "Would you like some coffee," stage whisper, "(alcoholic or non!)," motion to the boxes, "Or some doughnuts, Tadase-kun?" It'd be impossible for her to not have at least heard of the Seiyou Guardians, and Mamoru's naming confirmed her suspicions!"

    Mamoru is looked at with giggles as he scoops up and lapholds the sleeping blonde bunny. Her expression is a romantic one- a vicariously romantic one, that is. She's nice enough to withhold her squeals though she does sneak over to Homura and give the dark haired girl a warm hug.

    Fiore is in a rock? This is news to Madoka! "So there's a chance he can be saved? He put us through a lot of trouble, but that wasn't really his fault at all. It'd be nice if he could have the chance of a better life."

    To Tadase's comments she looks down a little, "I wish I could have done more to help myself." She doesn't like feeling powerless. Several people here might know exactly how much she doesn't like it. But her tone isn't utterly dejected, only a little sad. Holding back and looking out for herself is protecting people right now. She gives a small peek to the others in the room as she thinks about that, wondering how many know, and what they might think of her if they knew the threat she posed.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-06-28 05:33:32 46758
Mamoru politely takes no notice of the 'my planet' business; it's not like he's going to argue over whose planet it is. "I don't think he's really that aware," he tells Homura uncertainly. "Or awake. But right before he died, he was-- he was himself. He tore it out of his heart to kill it, even thought it killed him. And then he gave the rest of himself to save Usa. But--"

He nods to Kunzite. "Ish? I can't see him, but Rei can probably feel he's there if she looks. He was-- a lot younger than you. In a lot of ways."

Tiniest little shrug to Tadase, then. "Not exactly. I don't understand how he works in the first place, or how that worked, or... much of anything, really. There was a lot going on. Hopefully it doesn't mean everyone I love turns into rocks when they die. That would be awkward."

Brief smile at Madoka, affectionate and warm, if a little sad. "He was already saved. But-- he was a plant anyway. Can't lose anything by putting the rock in some dirt and feeding it miracle gro, right?"
Homura Akemi 2016-06-28 05:38:11 46759
    Homura refrains from saying much to Tadase because the last she saw him he was having a fight with Nagihiko and also having an emotional breakdown.

    Mamoru and (sleepy) Usagi start to get cuddly, and Homura is happy for them... then a warm arm is put around her, and Homura can't help but smile. She knows Madoka's embrace by touch, by now.

    She leans against her girlfriend, closing her eyes and enjoying the closeness. Things seem to have settled down from the excitement earlier, and Homura welcomes the relaxation.

    "It wasn't his fault, no. The Xenian blooms are to blame, but at least they've been handled." That huge beam from Usagi purifying the planet was hard to miss. Then Homura hears the rest of the story and for once her jaw hangs open. "Seriously? Wow, that's hardcore."

    Homura doesn't say anything about Madoka's secret, or the threat she poses. That's a line she'll cross when it happens. If it happens. Homura's still holding on to the hope that it's somehow avoidable this time around.
Tadase Hotori 2016-06-28 05:47:36 46761
Tadase shakes his head. "Nobody can be around for every catastrophe. That's part of why Virtue's so large. There's enough problems, but if you tried to solve them all yourself, you'd just burn yourself out like a candle with no more wax." he says, carefully. "I know how you feel. I wanted to be up there on that asteroid at the same time I wanted to be down there saving the hosptial and the same time I wanted to be out patroling the city."

"Well, I can tell you I haven't picked out a stone name for myself, so I guess that'll fall to you." he says. Then he tilts his head. "Still, it says something you'd be willing to carry him with you after all that. If you need any help we're working on building a sort of archives under the Royal Garden. It looks like this is gonna be a long term deal, this fight against negative energy. Eclipse is bad enough, but the threats from outside our Solar System, too? We'll need to make sure we can access things. On that note, I'd actually like to speak with Ami at some point. But I imagine she's a bit exhausted like you all are. So when she's ready, pass that on."

He sits down a bit. "I hope things calm down at least a little though." he says, knocking on the wooden table.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-06-28 05:49:12 46762
Kunzite does not point out that Moon did not turn into a rock when she died. That would be even more awkward. "Not spontaneous," he says. "Once we knew the difference between him and what the flower was telling him, and learned how badly it had damaged his body..." He shakes his head. "We were short on options, by that point, and there wasn't much time left. I tried to do some reverse-engineering based on what I could remember; but that was little enough, and the situation was different. If he's holding on, it's more to his credit than mine. And it may not be stable. However you're planning to try to help him, I'd do it soon."

Because Madoka's right, and it'd be nice if he could have the chance of a better life. Even if that life winds up having roots and spreading leaves.

(And for Madoka's reference? She knows that Kunzite knows at least partof it, though not the sheer extent. And when the crack and the screams happened, and Kunzite bolted back into the room ... he wasn't looking at either of the Puella.)

When Tadase offers him that smile, Kunzite inclines his head to the young king. "I do have something to ask for," he says. "But nothing more than a conversation, later. At your convenience; there's no hurry." Not now there isn't, anyhow.
Madoka Akemi 2016-06-28 05:58:20 46766
    The idea of someone ripping out their own heart draws widened eyes and then a wince from Madoka. Though... actually she can understand it, if the alternative was destroying everything they hold dear. She can actually understand it quite well. "So you think the rock might be a seed?" she asks when it's mentioned, giving a smile along with a nod to Mamoru's assessment. "It couldn't hurt. It's a good place to start if you think there's any chance for him."

    Madoka counterleans against Homura, enjoying being close while for once having the politeness not to go overboard. Sure, she could cling to Homura, among other things, but this isn't her home, Mamoru is an introvert, and stresses have been so high it might require cope rather than inspire grins and elbow nudgings. She's here to cheer them on and thank them, not be a burden on their mental reserves!

    Tadase's words have a calming and soothing effect on her. She could pipe up and say she really did very little on the ground, and nothing on the asteroid, but she isn't going to dwell on the recent past so hard as that. She nods, though, at the mention of things calming down. "That would be nice. I haven't been incredibly active myself, but all of you could use a break."
Mamoru Chiba 2016-06-28 06:05:56 46767
Honestly Mamoru has been trying his best to participate, and sitting down after the balcony incident, finally, helped; so, oddly enough, does wearing a mask-- but there's also a heavily asleep Usagi on him and he's been dumping energy into people all day, so it's probably to no one's surprise that even though he's being commented to, asked things, included...

...there's definitely a sleeping prince on the couch. In a cape. And a tuxedo.
Homura Akemi 2016-06-28 06:08:05 46768
    "It would've been nice to do more," agrees Homura. "... but we do have our own problems. Like you said, there's no gain in burning ourselves out."

    In fact, that'd actually be a really big problem.

    A long term deal. Homura would count herself lucky to even see another year. Well, maybe it's not that bad. She does have a lot of experience, and she does have at least one person she relies upon. Several, actually, considering that she consciously chose to let the senshi handle the Fiore problem. Having faith in people is nice, but it's even better when they live up to it.

    "I'd be okay with things calming down, but Eclipse still has their plots and things are going to happen. I really have to wonder how many near apocalypses this world can take, honestly."

    Madoka asks if the rock is like a seed. Well, that's something Homura hadn't actually considered. She supports Madoka well enough, but doesn't go much further than that if Madoka doesn't. Homura actually did want to spend time with their friends, as much as she enjoys being alone with Madoka.

    Then Tuxedo Kamen is asleep, and Homura lets out a low chuckle, soft enough to not awake him. "Well... looks like you guys have had quite a day."
Tadase Hotori 2016-06-28 06:24:07 46771
Tadase looks around. "You guys look exhausted, though." he says, as though that's not obvious as Mamoru drops off mid-conversation. Then he looks at the room - really looks at it - for the first time. "I... damn, you guys either have amazing parties or you get attacked here a lot. Maybe both." Tadase says, running a hand through his hair.

The he looks to Kunzite. "Hey, I know this might be odd, but... you look a little bit like you've all been through the ringer. Would it be too much if I asked to help keep watch here, for a little bit?" he says.

"You're all way too important for me to worry about something else happening and kicking your butts."
Kazuo Takeba 2016-06-28 06:34:50 46774
Sometimes, the best thing to do really is to do nothing, yes. Kunzite glances aside at Madoka at her assertion that she hasn't been incredibly active, but opts not to comment; Puella business is Puella business, and he doesn't know what they've let out to Virtue as a whole.

'Quite a day' makes his expression shift toward the wry, but it's not till Tadase's estimation of the room as a whole that he gestures outward with his coffee mug and says, "Riventon decided to do science again."

Presumably that did not qualify as an amazing party.

(It's also not why there's a large patch of carpet missing, but really, that one is best not to go into.)

Tadase's offer, on the other hand, prompts Kunzite's eyebrows to lift. "That would be appreciated," he says. "It's been a week. I'll let the others know." Odds of Jadeite being surprised at yet someone else in the apartments: low. Odds of Zoisite being surprised and overreacting: not so low. Also, leaving a note will let Ami decide whether she wants to take advantage of Tadase's presence, or whether she wants more time before talking with him about whatever it is. Plus: Tadase is likely to be a beneficiary of Makoto's kitchen. Winning situation all around.
Madoka Akemi 2016-06-28 06:40:44 46775
    It's true. Being a Puella Magi is sometimes a full time job. Being a responsible one that also doesn't let familiars grow into full sized Witches is even harder. Madoka squeezes Homura when she mentions Eclipse doing their dark business. About apocalypses she makes an embarrassed expression and comments, "One more than is coming, I hope."

    She then lets out a soft, "Aww," as Mamoru falls asleep on the couch, resisting the urge to throw a blanket over him and Usagi purely because she has no blankets on her to do so with.

    And then Riventon is mentioned, and Madoka's face loses a lot of it's cheer, her eyes turning downwards as her shoes become rather interesting. Homura can probably feel her tense as well. It's a bit of a sore subject, and for multiple reasons. None of which anyone presence should have to deal with... not right now, anyway. Kunzite might recognize the slightest bit of aggravation in a look she briefly takes in his direction, only to lean on Homura much more heavily.

    Soft pink eyes seek purple, and the pink haired Puella glances towards Mamoru, Usagi, the other sleepyheads, and then tilts her head slightly towards the door. The look she gives is an open question though, rather than a request.
Homura Akemi 2016-06-28 06:55:29 46779
    Homura's face sinks when she hears that it was Riventon who did all of this. She frowns, and buries her head in Madoka's shoulder.

    She knows what that means. It means that Takashi Agera did it. Something about those two jerks being in fact the same jerk makes her stomach tighten.

    When she extracts her face, she's wearing a scowl.

    "Seriously? Agera-san? I can't believe him." Homura would have, at some point, asked if Mamoru and his kin knew about Riventon's identity, now that he wasn't hiding it, and probably gotten an answer that they already did. She could say so much more, but... she'd rather not upset a certain someone.

    She continues her comfortable lean against Madoka, deciding not to say much else. The door is looked at, and Homura wraps an arm around Madoka and gives her a tight squeeze.

    "I think we should go. I need to get her home." She stands up long enough to politely bow to Kunzite, and then Tadase, before heading towards the door, looking back at Madoka to see if she's coming.
Tadase Hotori 2016-06-28 07:00:10 46781
Tadase's face screws up a bit. "I've never had the misfortune of meeting him, but I've heard stories, from Amu and others. Whatever he's trying to do isn't science, that's just a cover for getting whatever he wants. I know the kind of people that Eclipse works through." he says, taking that a little more than personally.

Tadase nods. "Thanks. It'll help me too. I've been worried, but also busy. It's... not easy dividing time between running Virtue and dealing with X-eggs and worrying about my friends - and then the actual mundane Guardians require a lot of time too." Tadase says, though he manages to smile. "So I can probably get some paperwork done here while I keep an eye out."
Kazuo Takeba 2016-06-28 07:02:59 46782
Speaking of getting what Riventon wants. And of worrying about friends, for that matter... "This is not an intentional attempt to irritate you further," Kunzite says to Madoka, "but you should know." He rises to escort Homura, and hence Madoka, to the door. "The girl who picked Agera up --" they'll call appearing out of nowhere with enough power to teleport that, "-- Lacrima, if you know her -- was carrying something on her shoulders. White. Vaguely weasel-ish. Long ears."

Because that was all they needed confirmation of, wasn't it.
Madoka Akemi 2016-06-28 07:10:53 46784
    When Homura buries her head in Madoka's shoulder the pink-haired girl leans her head to the side and nuzzles against her gently. She almost slumps as Homura says Takashi's last name. Her eyes close and her expression neutralizes, changing to a look of quiet endurance. She wants to hold her tongue. This isn't the time or place to air grievances, especially ones against allies.

    The mention of Kyubey with Takashi, a known Eclipse member is... actually a relief, in an odd way. "At least that settles who the 'suits' he was referring to are. I don't like hearing that two sets of enemies are working together, but I can't help but feel at least this way it's the 'devils we know'." A small shake of her head, "Taka-" She frowns. She has no idea what honorfic to give him. This annoys Madoka. "He was working with a new Puella that Homura hadn't met before," at least not in this timeline, or as a Puella, "so I thought it might be the case." She gives a look to Tadase and Kunzite, "You should be careful, if there are Puella Magi working for Eclipse. I'd rather not any of us come to harm, but I understand if you need to protect yourselves. You might know how dangerous we can be." She knows Kunzite has more than met Kyouko, at the very least.

    Madoka then looks over to Homura and gives her a gentle kiss on the cheek as taking her home is mentioned, bowing in her own time to those still present and awake, "It was good seeing you all. Thank you again for everything you've done keeping us all safe." Then she's following Homura to the door.
Homura Akemi 2016-06-28 07:24:00 46786
    White, weaselish, long ears...?

    Homura stops in her exit, pauses, and then turns on one foot to look up at Kunzite.

    "Kyubey... We've known for a while that he's been working for them. He's the one who we made the contract with. He seeks out potential Puella Magi like us, gives us roughly half the story, then... well..." She glances towards Tadase, then back to Kunzite. "He's tricky. Nothing he says is actually false, but that doesn't mean he isn't trying to deceive you."

    Homura subconsciously fingers her Soul Gem ring. "This entire famine is his fault."

    What more can she say? There really isn't much. When Madoka kisses her on the cheek, Homura looks at her, smiles somewhat apologetically, and then leaves. Might not be the best note to leave on, but important information was transferred, she hopes.

    Though no one mentioned that Kyubey has red eyes, not gray.
Tadase Hotori 2016-06-28 07:41:34 46789
Tadase goes to gritting his teeth. "I don't think they know what they're getting involved with, Eclipse. But that doesn't surprise me at all." he says. Then he sighs. "I'll let Tsukasa know. Just like I told you two... nobody can put out every fire. I think these guys here need me so they can get a little rest without looking over their shoulder. But... I'll be on tap for this, too. Puella Magi working with Eclipse is bad news."
Kazuo Takeba 2016-06-28 07:51:29 46790
"And you know we are, if you could use us. The more now that we have fewer distractions." And now that they aren't constantly running down two at every moment. Kunzite returns Madoka's bow, and one to Homura, answering hers from earlier. "We'll be as careful with them as we can," he adds to the Lady of Pink. And adds nothing aloud to Homura; only a nod.

The question of what Kyubey's trying to deceive whom about with the famine and with Eclipse is left lying in the open between them, untouched. That's the Puella's question to ask, not his.

He closes the door behind the girls when they go. And doesn't lock it till the elevator is descending.

Then glances back over the room -- Hannah's meat-heavy food, the remnants of the pizza, the improbable doughnuts and the not-so-entirely coffee; the sleeping tuxedo and blonde, the waking Nephrite and Tadase, the scorch marks and juryrigged repairs and not-repaired-at-all and the wonder that nobody got tagged by a lingering glass splinter -- and says to Tadase, "Paperwork, is it."

Somehow, his tone implies that he never thought he would miss paperwork.
Tadase Hotori 2016-06-28 08:12:11 46792
Tadase nods. "Yeah. Now is the time where we ask all the younger grades to do their reports on what their hopes and dreams are. We have to go over them and try to give notes on how we can help steer their learning and their extracurriculars in the right direction. It might sound pretty simple, but there's more to it than that..."

"Doing this helps to give their heart's eggs strength. It helps to keep them from falling into darkness, despair, into Muri. So just because it looks simple on the outside doesn't mean it's something the Guardians can really put off."
Kazuo Takeba 2016-06-28 08:23:59 46794
There's a brief pause while Kunzite considers this -- very brief -- and then his mouth tugs up, just slightly, at one corner. "So that's why it's you and your people who run Virtue," he says. "Same principle, different application."

Not to mention why there are so many Guardian Characters awake in one school. If they have any success at all, then they gain people who can help them to have more. Which also means that, in the long run, there may be more and more Bearers in Virtue...

"Is the right direction the obvious route?" he asks, suddenly a little more intent, coming back to join Tadase. "Or are there other considerations besides supporting their dreams directly?"

He's careful not to ask what those considerations might be, if there are. Secrets can turn up anywhere.