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Date: 2016-10-30
Pose Count: 167
Tadase Hotori 2016-10-30 23:07:07 59176
Seiyou's auditorium is, once again, decked out with foam skeletons and jack-o-lanterns carved by the kids of various grades, orange and black streamers, and adults and students in halloween costumes.

Tsukasa Amagawa is standing at the front, in a Headless Horseman costume (read: he's got a cloak and he's wearing a pumpkin on his head) taking the modest entry charge from people there, and welcoming them to the festivities.

Far from a traditional 'dance' the floor has a light fog from a fog machine going, and the auditorium speakers are playing 'Thriller' right now. There's Punch - but as has become the standard for these sort of things, there's a TSAB agent (in a Sentai Squad uniform) standing guard over it.
Amu Hinamori 2016-10-30 23:12:14 59177
Amu Hinamori came walking in, actually on time. She uhhh... well, she looked...

The costume was dark and had lots of little frills on the edge. It was shaped like a one piece bathing suit, showing off her curves and that she had not developed at all in the last four years(usagi she was not), but the poofyness and the great glittery black wings on her back made her look adorable, at least. The skirt was short, but the leggings went all the way up, hiding all of her. The only coverings on her arms were the black gloves which went to her elbows, leaving her upper arms and shoulders bare.

She looked like crap. Her cheeks were red and it was obvious by how she was hanging onto Nade's, the bags under her eyes and her heavy breathing that she was sick. One touch to her forehead would reveal this. But she. Was. Not. Missing it. But she'd be following nades for now until she found someone else to hang off of.
Jiaying Maki 2016-10-30 23:19:20 59179
Jiaying Maki has cheated with her costume, using illusion to get the majority of it to work. Wearing a big red hat with two straps hanging down just before her ears, or at least where her ears would be. Matching this is a red outfit with baggy pants, looping belts and a white undershirt. Around her wrist is a chunky looking bracelet and she has a pair of fake daggers hanging from the belt. She's not entirely sure if it was too obscure, but he had green hair so it was easy!

Stepping into the dance area, she checks behind her for someone else, waiting at the door, fidgeting from foot to foot while idly wondering who all is actally showing up to the dance!
Sayaka Miki 2016-10-30 23:19:47 59180
    Sayaka's been a slacker lately with school work and witch hunting (although not entirely her fault), and while she was behind in her studies and had even failed her last exam - much to the delight of some nearby wraiths - she was determined not to miss the biggest halloween party of the city!

    With her somewhat wry sense of humour today, she also decided to go with a more villainous attire and perhaps a bit ironic, given she is a Puella Magi and all. She is dressed like The Wicked Witch of the West, in her more modern and somewhat chic attire, complete with the green makeup from head to toe, a long black wig, black leggings and ragged tulle half skirt, paired with a black leather top and badass belt. Oh yeah, and a really snazzy looking broom.

    With an evil cackle, she makes her appearance, making her way through the creepy fog and dancing to the thriller music like she was one of the zombies.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2016-10-30 23:21:37 59182
Nagihiko is actually Naihiko, but that he's dressed as a woman, sort of, he hadn't really seen the need to differentiate. Because tecnically, wasn't he also Nadeshiko? Sort of?

After all, the character he's dressed as is a guy who grew up dressing as a woman. Different reasons, but right now, who's he to complain.

Right now, 'Nuriko' is looking very much like a member of, well, an emporer's 'court.'


The outfit isn't too far from what he would wear in a show. Slightly more Chinese, a touch less restricting, and he's made sure that the neckline is low enough to sow that he is Nagihiko and not his sister while also showing off the 'temporary' celectial warrior character.

Fushigi Yuugi. It's a mysterious play.

Right now, he's holding up the wobbly Amu, looking around for Tadase and Kukai both, worrying his lip between his teeth.

He pulls out the thermos from his purse, because how else is he supposed to carry money, and hands it to her. "Drink this. Tea. Good, fever reducing tea."
Naomi Yomada 2016-10-30 23:22:50 59183
"M-m-Magician, Time to Change!" As the pair of cards flip onto the image of Naomi, The young girl is suddenly dressed in a rather cute half tuxedo, complete with a top hat! She looks dressed to impress. She quickly heads out and makes her way towards Seiyou.

The walk to the school is quiet. A few times she's stopped by a few kids who are just looking to dress up for their own parties. They ask her to do a trick and she doesn't disappoint! She stops and pulls a rabbit out of her hat as though she's done it a thousand times. Gotta love those Precards!

Finally though she makes it to the school and the dance. The lights go down and a pair of spotlights draw onto a spot on the floor. Up from the fog, a black cloth rises from seemingly nothing. Finally the lights come back on and the cape is flourished to reveal the Magician, Naomi! She poses with a wink. "Hiya!"
Lacrima 2016-10-30 23:29:02 59184
Lacrima enters after Jiaying. She is dressed in what appears to be an super elaborate deep purple colored tuxedo outfit with a cravat and everything. It has a lighter purple cape with a blood red interior/inside. Her makeup must be really good because she got the 'vampire' look down. Pale skin, teeth. Really authentic! They are. She's not telling you that.

She looks over to Jiaying and purses her lips. "Amu.....-chan." ugh. -chan. ugh.

"Invited me here." she says. "So we should look for her. So she can't accuse me of not coming later." she says.

She looks around as she pads in.

"...why do they have someone watching the snack table?" she asks.
Kukai Souma 2016-10-30 23:29:12 59185
Kukai walks towards the door of the Seiyou auditorium, looking over his costume one last time. He seems to have everything in place - brown undershirt with long arms, grey tunic with dark grey collar and inner lining, trimmed with gold. A tight blue cinch around his waist, and a green shoulder wrap with yellow circles along it. Long grey pants, and a pair of brown sneakers that could pass as shoes at a distance. It's not exactly right, but it's close. He had rejected the idea of dyeing his hair, even for Nagihiko.

Kukai had never watched Fushigi Yuugi, but Nagi had and wanted to dress up as a character from it for Halloween so Kukai had agreed to do the same. It's not a bad outfit - it's actually pretty good - and it's better than the last Halloween party he had been to, where he went as a hockey goalie.

Kukai waves to Master Amagawa as he enters, bobbing his head and grinning as he hands over the entry charge, and then steps inside the party, looking around and waving at the other students he knew and the ones he didn't who waved at him as well, trying to spot his date for the evening in the press.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-10-30 23:30:22 59186
The next pair of girls to enter aren't, precisely, twins. Those who can look past the costumes to their faces will recognize Mikoto and her 'sister', Hikari. But they've gone all out this year. They're both sporting shoulder-length light-brown hair in a somewhat ragged pageboy - hair dye, or wigs, could be either. The costumes are similar, but not identical.

Of the pair, Mikoto has stuck close to the 'canon' of her character, with patent leather flats and a grey pleated miniskirt, white blouse, and a tan sweater-vest with red trim and a matching red ribbon-tie. She waves casually to all, and pauses to say "Hey, looking good there," to Sayaka-witch.

Hikari has taken the 'twist' option, with yellow eyes, a mischevious smirk, and a 'dark' version of the same outfit. The white silk blouse is replaced with black, the flats by knee-high leather boots, and she's added a velvet choker with an engraved silver buckle. "I like the witch look," she agrees, "but pinky over there is -rocking- the Dark Pixie. You should've picked something like that, sis."

Mikoto shrugs. "It's still better than your idea. That would've just been in the worst taste, especially if any of them were actually here."

It's Hikari's turn to smirk a little wider. "Well, I don't see any of them... yet. The night is young, though."
Naomi Yomada 2016-10-30 23:35:41 59187
Naomi Yomada smiles and walks her way over to the snack table. She gets herself a few things and takes a look at one of the smoke machines. It of course fascinates her. A machine designed to make smoke?! YAY! Its something she can't mess up." She kneels down and looks it over. Next thing she knows she's getting a face full of smoke!

"EEP! Oh... Okay I can make one of these!" She states to herself as she looks over the machine. "I wanna make one! Okay thats on my todo list!" She giggles as it releases more smoke.
Tadase Hotori 2016-10-30 23:37:20 59188
Tadase is, now that everything's up and running and no emergencies seem to have come up, taken a break to sit down at a table. He's wearing a very simple costume - the kind of costume one comes up with when one has spent all of the time prpearing for a party to happen but none of it planning on what to wear to said party. It's a white toga with a red wrap, and a golden cord tied around the midsection.

Tadase has come as Julius Ceasar. Because why wouldn't he? Especially when he's not planned for this at all. And he looks like a very tired but pleased Julius Cesar.
Naru Osaka 2016-10-30 23:39:21 59190
Naru has clearly not embraced the 'sexy' costume trend for young women. In fact, really rather the opposite. She has gone for utter comfort, in a dinosaur kigurami, completed with clawed feet and the hood pulled up to give her a toothy snout. Her hands have clawed mittens, flapped so that she can still actually do things.

Naru arrives alone, pausing not so far inside the door to glance around through the ambient fog and people to see who she both knows and recgonizes before she heads to get herself a drink. Ideally before the punch gets spiked.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2016-10-30 23:40:44 59191
Nagihiko spots Tadase. "Amu-chan, I thiiiiiink you need your boyfriend to spoil you right now."

Gently, he guides the less than well girl toward Tadase. "You have a very much stubborn girlfriend. Don't be too upset, I'd probably come if I were sicker."

An appraising eye, and then a wink. "You look good, boss."

A few minutes later, he spots Kukai from across the room. Making sure Amu is securely propped, he darts nimbly through the crowd and nearly barrels him over. "Hi! I got your fan!" He hikes up his skirt and unstraps the large 'weapon' and holds it up. From a distance it looks like heavy metal, but in reality it's probably closer to soft rock..

"There's a strap, or I could just hold it, or Amu kissed me and I kinda liked it I'm sorry, she's sick and fevery so it's not her fault."

The last part is very mumbled, and he's very much not looking at Kukai.
Amu Hinamori 2016-10-30 23:43:43 59192
Amu Hinamori was dragged along, drank a little bit of the tea. Then there was Tadase. She stared at him. "And I almost went as Cleopatra, too," she mumbled softly. "Do... you think I'm a pretty fairy?" Her face was so red and she was lightly panting. "I-I'm fine, really. Just... just a bit of a cold. I couldn't miss this..." She kind of fell against him. Panting into his chest, her eyes closed, leaning on him. "C-come on. Let's dance, okay?"

The weird thing was, even her charas seemed to be out of it, sleeping inside their little eggs on the pouches. "Just... just you and me..." The only thing stopping her from falling would be using him as a support.
Jiaying Maki 2016-10-30 23:44:51 59193
Jiaying Maki nods to Norie and says, "Sure sure, she's around here somewhere right?" She stands on her toes, still too short to see over the crowd, but getting taller. Slowly. Landing back on her heels, she points in a random direction and asks, "That way?" hoping that maybe Norie could see the girl. She offers Kukai and Naru a wave, recognizing them off-hand before she starts to make her way along.

At Norie's question she shrugs and says, "I don't know, Sora's not here to try and spike it this time, I don't know if it was her that did it any other times though." She says that last bit with just a touch of edge to her voice
Kyouko Sakura 2016-10-30 23:46:48 59194
    Kyouko saunters into the party a little bit after Naru. She doesn't go to this school (or any other school), and her tolerance for parties varies from day to day, but she knew some of her friends were gonna be here. She's eschewed a 'costume', as such, but has embraced the spirit of halloween, dying her newly-short hair bright orange with temporary dye and wearing dark eyemakeup and lipstick (thanks to some last-minute help from Naru-chan.)

    Her oufit is black, a tanktop with a sparkly orange jack-o-lantern on the front and a black zip-up hoodie (open), some jeans and black lace-up boots. Very faux-goth, definitely halloweeny.

    She pauses at the door to make a donation. She doesn't have any particular connection to the school or the garden, but.. well, it kinda makes her feel good that she has enough money to donate to things these days. It's as much for her as it is for the charity.

    Hands tucking into pockets, she gravitates almost at once towards the food. Because of course she does.
Sayaka Miki 2016-10-30 23:48:38 59195
    Sayaka continues to dance lively to the music, although she's not totally blind to the people around her. In particular, she spies Mikoto and Naomi and grins, heading towards them, waving cheerfully. "Miko-chan! Love the twin act! Are you guys real twins?" glancing around, she waves towards Naomi who is still far enough away that she cant shout to her over the music.

    Sayaka does however, spy Naru and her fabulous dino-costume and grins. "Wow, that's awesome, Naru-chan! Did you make it yourself?" glancing around, she notices how a lot of the girls today are dressed in more villainous costumes.

    "That's sooo weird.." she murmurs, although there is a certain red head in particular that she's keeping an eye out for..Was Kyouko able to make it tonight? She feels like she hasnt seen her in forever..
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-10-30 23:52:43 59196
Hikari gives Mikoto's hand a tug, pulling her over towards the food. Catgirl gets hungry. Then again, so do Mikotos, and this one hasn't eaten since breakfast. Girl gets lost in her work.

"You really need to get some food into you," the catgirl-slash-Dark-Mikoto says. "You can't subsist on power bars and gatorade all the time."

'Light' Mikoto isn't listening, though she is letting herself be dragged over to the buffet. "It takes a lot of effort to look this good," she calls back to Sayaka. "Some people should try it!" She either is determined to have a good time despite whatever self-sbuse she's been up to, or she just doesn't care.

Either way, the pair is headed for the food, where Hikari starts filling a plate with, well, a little of everything, but mostly avoiding the candy. "Cleopatra, huh?" the catgirl muses. "I sorta wish she had, we could've just come as black cats. Fit the theme and all."
Naru Osaka 2016-10-30 23:53:47 59197
"Hey Sayaka." Naru waves to the witchy-dressed Puella and shakes her head quickly. "Oh goodness, no. I can draw, but sewing? Nope, not in my skillset. Fortunately I am very capable of shopping. You look great!" She smiles brightly and pads her way over closer to the food, waving a dino claw in Kyouko's direction. Because of course Kyouko is by the food, and offering a 'RAWR!' in her best dino voice to Kyouko.

"How are you doing, Sayaka?" Naru asks, using actual words and syllables and something beyond dino sounds as she picks up a plate.
Naomi Yomada 2016-10-30 23:54:32 59198
Naomi Yomada finally abandons the smoke machine. She had pulled out a tablet and written on it. Where did the tablet come from? She didn't exactly have pockets for it! MAGIC! Muahaha! She puts the tablet away and then leaves the smoke machine alone. Its onto the snack table as originally planned. She grabs a drink of punch and nibbles on a few cookies.

Its about that point that she spies Julius Ceasar and a Fairy. "Hello, King's Chair and Joker!" She smiles and gives a little wave. "Lovely Dance!" She smiles and pulls out a handkerchief and draps it over her hand. "I hope it remains... Peaceful!" She flourishes the handkerchief and a dove goes flying! It does come back and she makes it vanish with just the same flare!
Kukai Souma 2016-10-30 23:55:45 59199
Kukai raises his hand and waves at the slumped but still regal looking Tadase at one of the tables, grinning at him. He looks more tired than usual. Kukai makes a mental note to go talk to him later.

But then there's a 'Nuriko' running up to him and wow. Nagihiko looks a: amazing and b: almost totally unlike himself. Herself. Whatever. He reaches out, taking the large fan and grinning. "Thank you!" He examines the fan, not really listening to Nagi babble as he examines it, snapping it open and then closing it with one hand before putting it over one shoulder, sticking it between his sash and waist cinch securely. "Wait. What?"

Kukai looks over at Nagi for a moment, then sighs and rolls his eyes. "Getting the dance started early tonight, huh? Well... let's not tell Tadase just yet. The last thing we need is you and him outside rolling around in the grass punching one another. Even if he does look tired enough to not want to fight."

Kukai sighs, waving at a few people he knows or thinks he knows, then looks back to Nagi. "...You look incredible. Straight off the TV screen and into real life."
Kyouko Sakura 2016-10-30 23:56:35 59200
    Kyouko casts an eye over the snacks on offer.. quirking her black-colored lips to the side in consideration before snagging a caramel apple. Because of course she does.

    She's biting into it as she looks up and catches Naru's dino-mitten wave.. her eyes widening slightly, before she lets out a snorted laugh. "Oh man, Naru-chan, no wonder you didn't wear your costume earlier. That's uh.. pretty amazing."

    Then she spies Sayaka standing next to Naru, and she smiles a lopsided smile. "Hiya, Saya-chan! Nice costume." Then she bites into the apple, taking a chunk out of one side.
Hoshi Kogane 2016-10-31 00:00:18 59201
There's a teenage blonde girl coming in, wearing a yellow suit with white trim, a dark yellow belt wrapped around her waist. Attached to her shoulder by little yellow gems is a massive cape that's white on the outside and a deep yellow on the inside. There's a series of stars on her forehead that form into a tiara, and overall this looks to be a costume Yellow put on on top of her henshin.

Perhaps because being costumed as Kunzite while being as small as she normally is just seems wrong.
Lacrima 2016-10-31 00:01:10 59202
Lacrima frowns at bit at Jiaying. Jiaying frowning is nothing new. Her eyes laydown on... Amu and Tadase and Amu seems involved with Tadase at the moment. She frowns at this a little, if only because it means it'd be impolite to go butt in. She glides over to the food table and begins to do her usual party routine.

'Shove an entire plate with food and drink and go sulk in a corner.' Maybe Jiaying will join her in her sulking! Maybe Natsumi-chan will find a costume in time to come! She warned she might not. But that's okay!

When her plate is piled with food she finds a seat to go dour in.

"Ah..." she says.

"I think that might had actually been her at the time." she says.

Something bright and yellow appears through the door.

She frowns a little harder, shoving an entire cookie sideways into her mouth.
Tadase Hotori 2016-10-31 00:01:28 59203
The level of the sigh that Tadase heaves at all of this is pretty excessive. He looks down at the not-very-well Amu and, perhaps as per usual, stows some of his less positive feelings away for now, because he's been around Nadeshiko long enough to understand a lot of the rapidly-unloaded words. But, Amu's sick, so his protectiveness beats his jealousy back.

"You'd be a very pretty anything Amu-chan. You're pretty when you dress up and pretty when you don't." he says, firmly. "But are you sure you're OK to dance?"

Kiseki pops up in a Roman Senator costume to match Tadase's. "She doesn't look too great."
Sayaka Miki 2016-10-31 00:02:04 59204
    "Ehh?" Sayaka scratches her head, staring blankly at Mikoto a moment longer. "So, are you two sisters? I dont think I've ever met your double before.." Although she's no doubt heard of her from time to time. Saya really needs to research more on WPS.

    Mikoto's comment warrants another amused smirk from her. "Heeey, I look pretty good too, I eat so much broccoli my skin's turned green!" she chuckles but starts to head over towards the food table herself. Hey, all that dancing made her hungry.

    As Naru speaks, she pauses briefly and grins, "Heh, I'm not much of a seamstress myself. I mostly just grabbed a bunch of random clothes from various thrift stores and tossed 'em together. But heey, cant you like, draw a costume too? Because that'd be really cool.."

    She yawns a bit, waving a dismissive hand, "I'm alright. At least I didnt fail my last test, but I really need to join a study group or something...Heeey, you're pretty smart, arent' you, Naru-chan..?"

    Finally she spies Kyouko....With short hair? She just stares at her blankly for a few moments, before it registers. "Kyou....Chan? Is that really you? What happened to your hair!?"
Amu Hinamori 2016-10-31 00:05:37 59205
Amu Hinamori actually smacks Kiseki out of the air. "I'm fine, I'm fine!" It's a sign of how tired she is that she doesn't even apologize for it. "Everything looks good. "Come on, let's go-- wooo!" She tried to drag him off. Her knees were not having it. She fell on her butt and just kind of sat there for a moment, her eyes wobbly.

She then kind of... crawled back up Tadase. "Y-you lead. Please." Her eyes were drifting slightly as well. She laid her head against him and followed him, slowly. "You look amazing... I am surprised every girl here hasn't fallen in love with you. I know I have. Again and again," she said softly, before suddenly hugging him around the neck, tightly. "I'm so sorry I... I know I keep making you sad and I... and I..." Aaaand now she was crying on his neck. "C-c-can we just... dance and... and have fun tonight and... forget everything else... for now... please?"
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2016-10-31 00:07:00 59206
Wow. Nagihiko is more worried than even he realized he would be. Heart thumping, and not in that pleasant way, palms itchy, andthere's a touch of flight or flight that comes with fear.

"Well, shedid compare me to a brother about thirty seconds later, so..."

Kukai's words are reassuring, at least taking the 'worst case scenario' off the table.

For a moment, though, he decides to return much deserved compliments. His hand trails down the grey collar and he grins. "And you look, well." Hopefully the dreamy sgh is enough.

Then he's next to Kukai, linking his arm through his. "I hadn't really planned on telling you tonight, either, but it just came out. I mean, sure, I liked it, but it wasn't lightning. Still, the thought of ending tonight single hadn't really sounded appealing."

His tone his light, maybe, but there's a slight tremble in his fingers as he picks off imaginary lint from Kukai's sleeve.
Naru Osaka 2016-10-31 00:10:09 59207
"It's /super/ comfortable." Naru tells Kyouko with a grin on the topic of her costume. "But not the most /convenient/ for helping with make up, but seriously, I practically get to come in my pjs."

Naru laughs softly and nods to Sayaka. "In theory, I could draw something and pull it out, but it doesn't last all that long, generally. And when I'm tired enough to come to a party in my pjs, as like.. half the people here look to be tired.. then I'm happy enough to not be drawing."

On the topic of not failing tests, Naru ers softly. "Not failing is good! I.. well.. I'm alright. Ami has me beat, of course, but I do alright. I could help you study, if you wanted." She pauses, reaching over to grab herself some tasty snacks. "Hey! I like Kyouko's hair short. I think it looks awesome."
Kyouko Sakura 2016-10-31 00:11:57 59208
    Kyouko takes another chomp out of the apple. Whether or not the caramel coating that has been applied to this particular apple makes it any better for her is unclear. Kyouko enjoys pretty much all food with equal relish.

    She grins again at Sayaka's reaction to her haircut, shrugging her shoulders slightly and trying not to look pleased, although she doesn't quite manage it. "'Course it's really me, ain't nobody in this town that can pull off a good Kyouko impression, 'least not that I've seen."

    As for her hair, she says, "I decided to cut it. Y'know, I felt like it was time for a change. You like it?" She twists her heads lightly, showing off the artfully mussed, chin-length haircut Zoisite created for her.

    Then she grins at Naru, too. "Aww, thanks Naru-chan. Nice rawr, by the way, have you been practicing?"
Jiaying Maki 2016-10-31 00:15:21 59209
Jiaying Maki doesn't get a wave back and figures she's too short to get noticed, so instead she turns to Norie, then back to where she's glaring. Pointing, she asks, "Over there right?" Though it looks like she's going to go for food instead. Which is never a bad option because it's also a good distraction from annoyances and personal problems with evil. She takes a plate of food, not quite as much as Norie, but a healthy amount and makes her way over to sit with Norie- though after a moment, she reaches out and tugs on Norie's cloak and instead points closer to the crowds. "Come on, over there. Let's meet some people."

Hoshi's given a wave on her way by, whether Norie follows or not. Taking her seat, she settles in and begins devouring her food. Quickly. It's been a long day and she has an aggressive metabolism.
Naomi Yomada 2016-10-31 00:16:35 59210
Naomi moves over to the where Sayaka and Naru are as well as Kyouko. She gives them a smile and takes a bite out of some candy. She gives a smile to them and a little wave. "Hiya all. Tonight is really cool isn't it?" She beams. She is starting to feel slightly awkward here.

"So did you all see that magical girl youtube channel!? The person on there is really cool and he sorta mentioned that a Precure was calling out some bad guys! Talk about awesome!" She giggles a little bit. It doesn't hurt that she's the one that Masuko-san was talking about.
Tadase Hotori 2016-10-31 00:16:41 59211
Tadase looks at Amu with concern - and Kiseki gets a grumpy look and flies off that the concern isn't for him. "Amu-chan..." he says, with a heart full of equal parts love, concern, and sourness. " dance, okay? You came here and I'm really glad, but I would've understood. So one dance, but then we need to seriously talk about getting you home and to bed."

He takes her hand and ever-so-gently pulls her up and lets her put all of her weight against him, hugging around his neck. "Even if every girl had fallen in love with me there's only one I want to dance with." he says, and there's just that momentary lapse - but then he's pulling her off to the dance floor as gently as can be. He takes a discreet corner - one does not usually slow dance to the Monster Mash, but Amu can't really do much more than that right now.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-10-31 00:16:55 59212
While Hikari keeps filling up the plate with food, Mikoto feels comfortable enough to continue chatting with Sayaka. And hopes that the Puella-Witch will stick close to them so she doesn't have to shout.

"That depends on your definition of twins, Saya-chan. It's a bit yes and no, to be honest." She shrugs. Then Hikari hands her a - who brought falafel to a Japanese halloween party? - well, it's wrapped in flatbread and drizzled with spicy peanut sauce, and Mikoto chows down on it. And she doesn't have to turn away from her conversation or find a place to sit down to eat it, either.
Sayaka Miki 2016-10-31 00:20:40 59213
    "Ami Mizuno? I've heard that name before. She's supposed to be some kinda super genius, right?" Sayaka grins, "I'd like to meet her some time too. But I appreciate the offer to help me study. I really dont need to fail anymore tests. It's pretty sucky..."

    She looks over at Kyouko, smiling softly although she seems somewhat stressed about something. Still, Sayaka does her best to shrug it off as she walks around Kyouko once, examining her new hair cut with renewed interest now. "No, it's great! When did this happen? I feel like I havent' seen you in ages.."

    Glancing over at Naomi out of the corner of her eyes, she chuckles lightly, shaking her head. "Magical girl youtube channel? I gotta check that out..I'm sure you're getting pretty famous too, huh?" still, her primary focus is on Kyouko. She has a lot of questions for her, and she really did miss her...

Lacrima 2016-10-31 00:21:19 59214
She frowns a little as her eyes rest down at Jiaying and she's tugging on her cape and ughhhhh finnnne fox-girl, she'll go 'mingle' and surrounds herself with people she hates that somehow still care for her despite wishing she could burn their heads off with stinging glares.

She does, however, bring her plate for food as another cookie gets shoved into her mouth, um nom.

What she's gonna do? Choke. Look, she's already dead and stuff.

She huffs a bit, and sips some of fruit punch after. Some of which drips down her right cheek. This does a good impression of blood- so she doesn't go to clean it right away.
Amu Hinamori 2016-10-31 00:21:52 59215
Amu Hinamori shakes her head. "N-no. No. I'm going to have fun tonight. I... I earned that," she said firmly, closing her eyes and laying against him. "Tonight, I'm going to have fun with my boyfriend and enjoy our romantic evening because I get to be with you. I'm not even going to feed Lacrima-chan later, it's just going to be you and me today."

She gave a soft yawn, letting him guide her around. There were probably students staring and gaping and... probably lining up to ask him to dance if his girlfriend couldn't handle it. She held onto him as tight as she could handle. "I love you, Tadase-kun. More than anyone else." But not him and only him.
Naru Osaka 2016-10-31 00:23:25 59216
"There is basically a compulsion that comes over you when you put on a dinosaur costume that /requires/ you to practice going RAWR!" Naru holds up her clawed hands as she rawrs, to be all 'scary' and 'fierce'. Which is really hard as green plush dino.

One of those plush claws waves to Naomi as she comes up to chat with them as well. "Hi Naomi. Er.. There's a magical girl youtube channel?" She asks with a blink. "Really?"

"Ami is a super genius, yes." Naru confirms with a quirk of a smile. "I should be able to help, at least a little. Do you have my number? Text me before your next test, and we'll set something up."
Jiaying Maki 2016-10-31 00:28:54 59217
Jiaying Maki pokes at her plate of food and leans back, once again trying to wave to the people she recognizes, calling out, "Hey" to each of them in turn. What, she's feeling sociable after a month away.

Turning back to Norie, she leans forward and pokes at one of her own cookies, breaking a piece off to take a bite. "I think we should just go poke people in the back. See how many of them react, should be funny right?"

Another bite of food, pointing with her finger at the dripping red, "Catch that before it gets on your clothes at least"
Naomi Yomada 2016-10-31 00:33:48 59218
Naomi Yomada nods, "Yes there is! The person who runs it is enamoured with the Pretty Cures. Her name is Masuko Miyo! Put them together and you get Mass Media!" She quotes and winks playfully. "But yeah she is really cool. She gets reports from all over the world about the things Magical Girls are doing. Its a lot of fun to watch!"

She looks at Sayaka curiously. "Me?!" She blushes a little bit. Sayaka knows about who she is. "Why would anyone think I'm famous. I umm. I didn't blow anything up in a few weeks. I dunno if that is grounds for fame or not. I mean I'm just a normal girl. Not like those people that Masuko-san presents." She looks a little panicked.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-10-31 00:35:39 59219
One of the people who arrived with due donation fairly early is -- tall, yes. Tall and gaunt, with makeup-assisted chalk-white skin, a shock of wild black hair, glossy black eyes without iris or white. And 'tall' may or may not be his natural height, given that the robe he wears (black, with wild swirls of embroidered stars and clouds mock-threatening to escape the cloth and climb their way onto the purple trim and from there perhaps make an escape altogether) is long enough to pool on the floor around him; it might hide any kind of assistance. Platform shoes. Maybe even short stilts, though he makes his way through the gathering nimbly enough to put that one in doubt. He's been keeping to himself for the most part, a few words spoken here and there in politeness or in admiration of a costume.

That must be why he steps up beside the teenager in yellow and white, surely. "How do you keep from tripping over that cape?" he inquires. Never mind that he's been managing his own hem without a word.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-10-31 00:36:23 59220
    Kyouko gives Naomi a polite smile, then tilts her head as Sayaka walks around her to better examine her haircut. She gives a slight shrug to the question of when. "Not very long ago. A week or two, somethin' like that. It still feels new to me. And yeah.. guess we've both been busy with stuff. You should call me more often though, if you've gotten a new phone!"

    She laughs and rolls her eyes slightly at Naru. "I never needed no dinosaur costume to practice my rawr, Naru-chan." She says, with a wink, taking another bite out of the caramel apple.
Kukai Souma 2016-10-31 00:39:44 59221
Kukai puts an arm around 'Nuriko''s shoulder and grins. "Who knows what's running through Amu's mind from day to day. Especially when she looks sick. They both look tired, don't they?" He hmms and pats Nagihiko's back. "Well. I imagine if she kissed me I'd like it too once my head stopped spinning and Tadase stopped hitting me. But like you said." He looks down at the purple-haired courtier in his arm. "It's not lightning."

He notices that tremble but then just hugs Nagihiko's middle again. "It's ok. Really. C'mon. Wanna walk around and say hello to everybody? There's a lot of people here - some I don't even think you know." He sees a particular pale Dracula-looking figure and winces. "Yeesh. Or maybe we can join the others out on the dance floor. Whichever you prefer."
Lacrima 2016-10-31 00:40:44 59222
Lacrima looks at Jiaying. She purses her lips. "I don't know what purpose mischief like that would serve. Also. I'd rather not make contact with unknown people unless I know the reaction I'll get. I'd rather not touch someone who's a bastion of positive energy so it burns my finger off." she insists. She does this say this lowly, over the crowd.

She frowns a bit. "I" she says sniffing.

Her eyes glance over to Kyouko and she frownnnns a little harder and just looks back forward. She helpfully tries to guide Jiaying ----towards. Let's say. Naomi.

She raises a finger and gently pokes Naomi in the back. Poke.

Look, this is Jiaying's idea, she's innocent!
Usagi Tsukino 2016-10-31 00:41:36 59223
Some months ago, an American actress went to an awards show with a dress that lit up in the darkness.

Usagi had fallen in love, andthough it had been close to her birthday, she hadn't been able to come up with a plan on how to pull it off without buying, well, a designer dress that was probably worth more than her house.

And though she'd been hunting down a costume just the other day to no avail, she still had gotten an idea.

So it's Princess Serenity, technically, who is dressed in a costume. And it's the Luna pen that hides the crescent moon on her forehead, that dulls her glow just enough for the effect, and it's the Luna pen that gives the silvery dress a multicolored light show. From swirling pale pinks and purples at the bottom to darker blues that glitter and then immediatly cuts off to her glowing skin and silver hair.

She is the night sky, the aurora borealis, and the moon all at once.

But still, she's also very much Usagi.

After paying the entry fee and a bit more from Papa, who'd been a little confused at his daughter's costume but pleased that it hadn't cost him much, she skids into the ballroom on cute little ballet slippers. She's giggling and tugging on Rei's hand before she turns and sees Naru and Kyouko and others!


And then she's tugging some more on her girlfriend's hand, with no real direction on where she's tugging her.
Hoshi Kogane 2016-10-31 00:43:15 59224
When Lacrima shies away from Yellow, the latter shoots the former a confused smile, and a star pops out that holds a stake, which starts to float towards Norie. It's probably for the best that she doesn't realize that Lacrima is the girl who took Pink's friend away. The star seems to intend no harm, neither does Yellow, but intent doesn't make that star any less dangerous to darkness. And Lacrima poking people causes the star to respond in kind.

Meanwhile, Yellow gets approached by Kunzite, and she grants him a bow. "Why it's easy. You just have little stars keep the cape away from your feet." And indeed, more of her stars can be seen hiding below the cape to keep it floating.
Seth Locke 2016-10-31 00:45:12 59225
Into the party grounds, a tall figure, completely dressed in black leather from head to toe appears; combat boots, pants, leather trenchcoat buttoned once at the mid-section, and equipped with metal pauldrons over the coat. This figure sports long silver hair reaching past the waist, plus a sheathed sword - yes, a katana - that's considerably longer than the average, hanging at his side. The eyes: green, with slitted irises, gaze at the people assembled.

And also, to complete, this figure has but a right wing, black as his clothes.

This is Sephiroth. Well, no... More like /Seth/iroth! But I guess points for the effort to get into character...?
Naomi Yomada 2016-10-31 00:46:12 59226
Naomi Yomada blinks a few times and turns around to find... Lacrima! She gives a polite smile. It takes her a moment to remember that she isn't in her Precure outfit. Nope She's just a magician right now. Magical and a girl but not a magical girl! She gives a polite bow. "Hello! How are you tonight?" She asks curiously.

She smirks and giggles, "Would you like to see a trick! I can do all sorts of cool tricks! Its a lot of fun to be here. I love costumed dances!" She goes into a bit hyper mode. Did she have candy?
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2016-10-31 00:46:14 59227
Nagihiko's sigh is quiet but very relieved. lifting himself on his toes a little, he gives Kukai a soft kiss.

Yeah, being single very much wasn't on his wish list.

Adrenaline rush over, he leans his head against Kukai's sholder a little and hums. "Well. I probably should get to know more people. Or dance. Or--"

He cuts off and sorts at the man guarding the punch bowl. "Wow. They've...really upped security on the refreshments this time. Good thing I already got that off my bucket list."
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-10-31 00:49:50 59228
Mikoto and Dark-Mikoto (aka Hikari) end up at one of the side tables, rather than dancing. With Sayaka distracted, the first conversation seems abandoned. So Mikoto's just sitting there enjoying the falafel-with-peanut-sauce while she watches the dancers and enjoys the sight of the fancy costumes.

Hikari, meanwhile, is chowing down on some sushi, fresh tuna rolls. An excellent choice. She's also eyeing Amu and Tadase, for a while, worried about how sick the 'fairy' seems to look.

"Hey, sis," she asks of Mikoto, "Isn't that the pink chibi you ran into the other day?"

Mikoto nods. "That's her, alright. Nice costume, I saw her earlier. Looks like her boyfriend has things well in hand, though. Or will shortly."
Naru Osaka 2016-10-31 00:50:36 59229
"I'll keep that in mind, on the rawr practice." Naru quips to Kyouko with a laugh and then glances over to see Lacrima and Jiaying approaching and waves to them.

She's distracted by the Usagi-nado that is literally all sparkle and stars and she laughs, waving towards her and Rei both.

It's only a couple steps to where she can collect another snack, watching the swirl of people and costumes.
Tadase Hotori 2016-10-31 00:51:20 59230
Tadase does, however, say what Amu can't say as they're dancing around. "I love you too, Amu-chan. Not just more than anyone else. I don't love anyone like I love you." he says firmly. Kiskei might have had something to do with that, Brutus that he is, floating back around them - might have influenced Tadase to say things he doesn't think Amu can say. But Tadase himself isn't being hostile - he's too busy being concerned for Amu's illness.
Amu Hinamori 2016-10-31 00:52:14 59231
Amu Hinamori looked up as the princess joined the area.

Even in her exhausted, sick stupor her eyes fell on Usagi. She. Was. Beautiful. And then Amu looked down at herself. Then at Tadase. She closed her eyes and gave the saddest sigh. "You deserve so much better than me," she mumbled. "Here, how about I just rest for a while, you can dance with some of the others, okay? Just... go and have a good time. For me? Please?" she asked with that smile.

That please do what I ask even though I don't like it, smile. She even sparkled a little, and put a finger to his lips. "I know what you'll say. That you don't want to dance with anyone else but me. But please, just go have some fun? I'll be fine. You worked so hard on this, you deserve to enjoy it a little. I'll be here when you're done, I promise." She'd then manage to ,barely, make it to one of the chairs on the side if he didn't stop her. Seems the tea was helping.
Jiaying Maki 2016-10-31 00:52:50 59232
Jiaying Maki doesn't recognize the guy that looks like a Tim Burton's Batman extra, but she does recognize the little star floating towards Norie. When Norie goes to poke Naomi in the back, she waves from behind Norie and says, "Heya." Wondering idly why Norie picked her out of the crowd. She steps around behind the vampire dressed vampire with a twirl, her finger reaching out to gently twirl the star with her. Maybe she'll distract it, maybe she'll disorient it, either way she's not sure what happens when they poke darkness and she's not going to try and find out tonight.

To Naomi's antics, she looks at her sleeves, tight against her wrist and offers her hand out holding a deck of cards. Which shimmer and with a slightly embarassed look, she shakes her hand and makes it poof away while acting like nothing's happening.

The illusory deck of cards in the mean time just fades away behind her, though she did toss it a bit high in her hurry to dispell it, sort of forgetting to just remove it. She gives one more wave around though, still wanting to go and say hi to others, though it seems to be too crowded. "Sure, let's see the trick!" She offers, a few seconds too late after running a lot of things through her head mentally.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-10-31 00:56:26 59233
The tall figure beside Yellow, who is apparently leaving the role of 'towering white-haired individual' to someone else today, bows gravely to Yellow in return. "An admirable solution, if one that not many can use," he says. "More people should be so well acquainted with them as to keep their company." Fortunately, Jiaying is keeping Lacrima from becoming so well acquainted. Near-misses are sometimes the best.
Lacrima 2016-10-31 00:57:29 59234
Lacrima looks at Naomi. Lacrima definitely.. looks like Lacrima- the girl she's fought a few times- in a vampire/Dracula-like outfit. Lacrima of course, has no idea that Naomi is Cure Spark else she'd found someone else to poke.

She's still here of course. But she isn't attacking or anything. She looks at Jiaying and gently wipes just a little of the punch off. but keeps the rest for effect.

She looks back to Naomi. "My friend here said I should poke random people in the back. So I did." she insists.

"I guess." she says deadpan. She doesn't sound excited. Her usual deadpan self when she isn't angry and yelling and flinging dark energy around.

A yellow star with a stake comes for her. She frowns a bit-- and raises her fingers and tries to flick it away if it gets close enough and/or just shoo it away. She doesn't particularly want the thing near her.
Sayaka Miki 2016-10-31 00:58:05 59235
    "A whole week.." she murmurs, then laughs nervously, "I guess being a Shitenou keeps you pretty busy.." Sayaka idly picks at the food, adding a selection to her paper plate and begins munching on an iced pumpkin cake, pondering. "How about a patrol, this week sometime? I kinda missed those..."

    She's interrupted by the beautiful sight of princess Serenity, enough so that it causes her to smirk a bit. But she's seen this costume before. "Usagi..San? Is that you? That's a beautiful dress. You look like a real princess!"
Rei Hino 2016-10-31 00:58:43 59236
    Rei is very much being dragged along, not through any lack of enthusiasm on her part, but maybe an excess of enthusiasm on Usagi's. Her own costume is a bit less flashy, not having the Luna Pen to cheat (grumble grumble), but on the bright side at least she has a lovely dance partner!

    Rei is wearing a solid black witch's dress, intentionally frayed at the hems of of the sleeve and bottom of the dress. Her pointy black hat sits on the top of her head at a jaunty angle, and when she walks it's with a small but noticeably amount of sass. Silver chains hang from her neck, and blood red gems hang from her ears. After all, what else would one find when looking at the night sky on Halloween night but a witch?

    "Hi Naru-chan!" says Rei cheerfully, waving as she's yanked along by her energetic girlfriend. Rei gives Usagi bemused and annoyed looks when her dear princess isn't looking, and keeps giving them when she is. Well, only so much. There is a noticeable sparkle whenever their eyes meet, and this is a rather romantic setting.

    "Well, this place is popular tonight," she comments. "I suppose this dance is a hit?"
Kukai Souma 2016-10-31 01:00:27 59237
There's a long moment where Kukai is very happy just to kiss. Mm. He'd never even considered that whole 'single' thing. He nods and then hugs Nagi close for the moment, then blinks. "....I guess they got tired of little kids getting sloppy drunk. It's bad business and probably got some people in trouble."

Kukai rubs his chin for a second. "Well, the one thing we should do is probably the one we want to do less. So let's walk around and talk to people!" He offers Nagihiko his arm, and then starts over towards the dinosaur with Naru's face.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-10-31 01:01:33 59238
    "Most things get easier with practice." Kyouko comments to Naru, laughing slightly in return. She finishes off the caramel apple and, just like with all other apples, bites the core in half before eating it. Well, at least she didn't eat the little stick it was on. This gets lodged firmly between her teeth, an inedible Pocky-standin.

    "Sure," She says to Sayaka, with regards to possible patrollin'. "Just text me, or whatever. I patrol with Momo-chan a lot of nights, so I'm sure we can find time, with or without her. Shitennou or not, I still need Grief Cubes, so the patrols can't stop."

    Hearing Usagi call out her name, Kyouko smiles, going up on tip-toes momentarily to wave to the modestly-glowing princess, before her wandering eyes alight on Kunzite and she blinks a few times. "Now, that's a sight both unexpected and welcome." She murmurs to herself, glad to see her adoptive elder brother feeling relaxed enough to don a costume.
Tadase Hotori 2016-10-31 01:06:14 59239
Tadase saw Usagi enter and he smiled. Not in the way that one might smile out of desire for a pretty girl, but in the sense that she was undeniably eye-catching and he knew her boyfriend. But there actually wasn't any jealousy over that. His jealousy was, at least, relatively isolated.

"I don't care about what I deserve, Amu-chan. We could probably both run out of voice talking about who deserves more for what reason. I know what I want and what makes me happy though and that..." he pokes her nose softly " you."

He does, however, gently help her to a chair. "Are you sure you wouldn't rather go home and rest instead of sit here sick? Most of my part is done, I'm sure the teachers can take it from here. And Nadeshiko's here. Nobody would dare make trouble."
Mamoru Chiba 2016-10-31 01:06:18 59240
This is, of course, when a towering white-haired individual -- who otherwise matches the tall figure beside Prism Shitennou Yellow in terms of creepy all-black eyes and paper-white complexion -- swans in with a dreamlike grace; his flowing robes look imperial in their formality and decor, and a large black raven flutters up from its perch on his forearm to settle itself on his shoulder. His own white hair's shortish, but it's long enough to cover his ears and be ruled by unruly wisps that trail weightlessly. He surveys the room with a grave expression.

"I really need to avoid getting any punch spilled on this getup," he confides to the bird on his shoulder, who answers him with an opinionated croaking chuckle.

"Well you don't have to be mean about it," he mutters, and glides across the floor, checking people's faces to see if anyone recognises who's under the makeup.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-10-31 01:07:48 59241
And of course, Rei's annoyed little looks are met with sticking out tongues.

And more giggles.

She waves agian to both Naru and Kyouko, then BUMP!

"Oh, sorry, I didn't--EEP!"

Usagi hides from the towering Morpheus behind her very pretty girlfriend. "S-sorry!" He looks scary!

But wait.

Curious eyes and a tilt of her head. Surely not.

But well, since she's here, she snuggles against Rei. "You look so prettyyyy!"

Her name is called and she turns and waves. "Sayaka-chan! Hi!" She blushes, but swishes her long skirt.
Naru Osaka 2016-10-31 01:08:20 59242
Naru waves a dino mittened hand towards Rei with a grin, as she's dragged along with the sparkling Usagi, relaxing casually with a drink and listening in on conversations nearby her. She leans against a conveniently table, watching and chuckling softly as she watches.
Naomi Yomada 2016-10-31 01:09:48 59243
Naomi Yomada looks at Lacrima and makes an Ohhhh look. She smiles to her. "Well, it's a pleasure to meet you Miss. My name is Naomi. I'm a Magician! At least I am tonight. Usually I am just a student at Infinity. I like making things. It's a lot of fun!"

She looks over to Jiaying and smiles. "Okay! It's on!" She takes off her hat and pulls out a wand. "Now take a look. There is nothing in this hat. Just a normal hat." She shows it then flips it a few times to show that its not weighted in anyway. "Now then, just a wave of the wand and...." She reaches in and pulls out... nothing? "Huh. Oh I know." She gives a soft smile to the woman, "Count down from 3 and point at the top hat. I forgot this one requires a little help from those around me." She winks.
Amu Hinamori 2016-10-31 01:09:50 59244
Amu Hinamori shakes her head. "No. I just need to rest for a few minutes. Go. Mingle. Have fun. Okay? I'll be fine. I just need like, ten minutes to catch my breath. Then I'll be back to hanging over my boyfriend. Okay? So just... go and give me some breathing space,"

She lied, though. She liked having him hanging over her. But she was feeling... not well. She felt crummy before. But seeing usagi there now, seeing her so pretty and beautiful... it reminded her of how plain she was. And how much Tadase had to put up with. And all her little failures. How much better he'd be without her and...

Wow, she got so melodramatic when she was sick. She poured herself a bit more of the tea. No, tongiht was a special night. They were going to have fun!
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2016-10-31 01:11:43 59245
A long, suffering sigh that really isn't serious. "Yes. Mingling."

He blinks over at the literal princess who just walked in. "Um...other side of the room to start? I don't know that I have the energy for..."

He tugs Kukai along, skirting away from princesses. "Come on, let's mingle and pretend we have magical powers and also try not to think about how our garden is ruined."
Seth Locke 2016-10-31 01:14:43 59246
The would-be Final Fantasy VII villain looks around for the possibility of familiar faces, eyes falling upon the sparkling princess for a moment - yes, the Moon Princess does attract the attention of the wicked -, and the other girl she's with, the mysterious miko from Hikawa Shrine, and then the eyes fall upon the girl that waved to them, and is now joining them - Naru. He recognizes her, a faint smile emerges, and decides to approach and be social.

"Kombanwa, Osaka-san... Usagi-chan... Hino-san." He smiles. "Are you enjoing the party?"
Hoshi Kogane 2016-10-31 01:14:47 59247
"So who might you two be?" Yellow asks with a smile, her star abandoning Lacrima when it's clear it's not wanted there, making a sad face before vanishing into a puff of yellow smoke. Meanwhile Yellow reaches out with her hand for a handshake, "I am Marialite." She smiles at the guy next to him as well, "I only have one hand, sadly."
Lacrima 2016-10-31 01:17:09 59248
Lacrima eyes across the way. Over to... the two tall fellows dressed weirdly. Over past Usagi. Which makes her frown a little. That radiance. She doesn't like it. It makes her feel itchy and uncomfortable just being in the same room.

Her eyes rest of Sethiroth and she blinks once. She looks to the magician and says. "A moment. Um..." "3...2...1..." she says and then points--- before only waiting a moment before she meanders over toward's Seth.

She head tilts a bit at him. "That's quite a costume." she says at Seth. "You are... Seth-kun... right?" she asks.

"Behind it?" she asks.

This has the side effect of getting her further away from sparkle princesses for the moment.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-10-31 01:18:04 59249
Mikoto hmms to herself, watching some of the newcomers, admiring Usagi and Rei's costumes. Very nice bit of work. And there's a cute vampire girl, too. Then, she sees Tadase seating Amu. Well, hmm.

"Stay here, sis," she mutters to the Dark Mirror beside her. Then she appropriates a plate of sushi (crunchy shrimp rolls, her favorite) and gets up to wander over towards the punchbowl, and the pink-haired Dark Fairy there.

She wends her way through the crowd, pausing to get a couple of cups of punch, and finally ends up at the table in question, offering a pleasant nod to Tadase. "Hey, neighbor. Thought I'd come over and say hi, see how everyone was doing."
Sayaka Miki 2016-10-31 01:19:08 59250
    Sayaka smirks at Kunzite's costume. "Morpheus, huh? That's a pretty cool costume, Kunzite-san!" she cant help but feel a little jealous looking at Usagi's beautiful costume, wishing she'd dressed as a princess herself, instead of a wicked witch. Siiigh. Oh well, maybe next time.

    She nibbles quietly, thoughtfully on her food some more before glancing around. "So...Did you want to maybe, dance soon? I dunno how much longer I can stay, as I have another test tomorrow. Kinda sucks, on Halloween of all days." She makes a face, not exactly thrilled. She'll have to cram again.
Rei Hino 2016-10-31 01:20:44 59251
    The sight of Usagi sticking out her tongue gets Rei to giggle, especially when she does it in such a fancy dress. She's very Usagi alright.

    Suddenly Usagi bumps into someone, and then Rei is being hidden behind, and Rei is looking up at Morpheus. She smiles a bit apologetically up at him, says, "Hey, Kunz-kun," and looks back at Usagi. "Come on, Usa-chan it's just a costume."

    Rei blushes slightly at the compliment, and the snuggle, looking over her shoulder at her girlfriend. She gestures towards herself and says, "I know! I look lovely tonight. I almost look as beautiful as you~!"

    She glances down at Usagi's very pretty dress when she says that, then looks back up to her eyes. Rei glances around and sees so many people greeting Usagi. Well, no one can ever say that she doesn't have enough friends.

    Rei glances over to a specific part of the crowd, not at the person in the strange costume, but at the crow on his shoulder. She smiles, giving the bird a little wave, before turning around to face Usagi.

    She wraps her arms around Usagi's waist and looks into her eyes. "Quite a nice place to dance, isn't it?"
Naru Osaka 2016-10-31 01:22:38 59252
"Evening, Seth." Naru waves a fuzzy dino paw in his direction and smiles at Lacrima as she comes closer too. "The party is lovely, plenty of people, that's for certain. Not much dancing yet, but plenty of snacking and socializing." She glances over to keep a general bit of attention upon Kyouko and Sayaka's conversation, but she doesn't seem inclined to inturrupt.
Naomi Yomada 2016-10-31 01:23:44 59253
Naomi Yomada smiles brightly. As soon as her hat is pointed at a trio of white doves go flying out of the hat. Its really a pretty thing. She takes the had and holds it to her chest then gives a rather cute stage bow. "Tadaaaa!" She giggles a little bit and watches for the birds.

"But now we've got birds in here. I guess we can't have that." She gives a quick sharp whistle and the birds come flying towards her. She collects them into her hand and draps a black handkerchief over them. Then waving a hand over the handkerchief with a quick motion she pulls the kerchief away revealing a small bouquet of mums. She hands them to Lacrima. "Here you go!" She winks playfully.
Kukai Souma 2016-10-31 01:24:36 59254
Kukai is still staring over at the super shiny princess when Nagihiko decides to start tugging his arm, leading to a faint stumble and stagger. "Whoop. Um. What? Oh, over here?" He looks up, then nods, heading towards Yellow and Lacrima and the others. That's away from Usagi, right?

"Hello! Enjoying the party, everybody? Tadase sure knows how to put on a bash, doesn't he?" He tries to put on a bright grin - not hard, but grinning at Lacrima is still hard. He's going to do his best not to start a fight tonight, though. "These are great costumes!"
Usagi Tsukino 2016-10-31 01:25:51 59256
Usagi blinks several times. "Kunzite?"

Usagi slumps in relief. "Oh thank goodness! Hi, Seth-kun! I am!"

Thne Usagi is all blushes and Rei Focused. She doesn't notice the raven or the boy whose shoulder said raven is perched on. She giggles a little and nods. "Oh yes. And fortunately for your toes, I brought my dancing shoes."

Then, just in case it isn't clear, she leans in and whispers. "Because I can dance as Serenity, remember?"
Mamoru Chiba 2016-10-31 01:32:29 59258
Dream -- the Daniel one, not the Morpheus one -- smiles faintly and arrives at the place where Morpheus and Marialite are standing, and Sayaka's nomming with Kyouko, and Usagi's passing with Rei-- and as Usagi hides from Morpheus behind Rei, the white-haired Daniel gives the passing princess a secretive smile as she completely fails to recognise or notice him. Instead, he places a plate of sushi on the closest surface and lifts his hand to allow the raven to hop instead of flap, then passes him down to where he can eat for a bit.

Wordlessly, the stately yet gentle ghostly personage smiles at Sayaka and Hoshi, then leans in to the black-haired and gaunt Morpheus in his starry robes, and whispers something to him, then holds out an impossibly graceful hand, unfolding it in invitation to the taller Dream.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2016-10-31 01:34:18 59259
"Tadase certainly does."

His smile isn't as bright as Kukai's, because it hardly ever is when it's not just them, but there is an almost pensive quality.

He leans over and places a light hand near Lacrima's elbow, voice low as he murmurs a request. When he pulls back, his eyes turn to Amu before looking back at her with a silent plea.

Stepping back and closer to Kukai, he agrees with him. "I love looking at costumes. There's at least five witches here, yet every single one looks different."
Jiaying Maki 2016-10-31 01:36:11 59260
Jiaying Maki watches the miniature stage act curiously, wanting to reach out and see if the birds are real, but that's probably rude. And trying to eat birds used to get her yelled at a lot. She cooks them now alright!

As Norie wanders over towards Sephiroth, she gives both a wave, even if she does want to send a ghost to mess with Seth. What, old habits die hard, even if they're new old habits.

She scowls at that thought, maybe she should let her ghosts run around for a bit, it's halloween right? Would be funny. She's even sure two of them would actually behave! She shakes that off for now though as she gives Naomi a playful clap and says, "Very good, how long have you been doing sleight of hand?" while turning her head to look at the sparkly stuff. She calls out, "Hey!" two Usagi, recognizing her too, not that she's had much luck with that corner before turning back to Naomi while watching Norie from the corner of her eyes.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-10-31 01:37:47 59261
    Kyouko glances up as Dream wanders by on his way over to Morpheus and the yellow girl, her eyes narrowing slightly. Whether or not she recognizes him will remain forever a mystery although how many guys that tall can there honestly be in Tokyo?

    Her attention is drawn back to Sayaka as the other girl asks her if she wants to dance before Sayaka will have to run. She fidgets slightly, not because the idea is unappealing in and of itself, but because nobody else seems to be dancing, and she's no great dancer and/or seeker of attention.

    "Um.. yeah sure, I mean, if people are dancing, and stuff.." She says, looking over at where there is presumably a dance floor.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-10-31 01:38:16 59262
The Morpheus in question isn't all that close to Sayaka and Kyouko, so their discussion about his costume goes unheard for the moment. That might possibly be a good thing, given the way that Rei's naming him causes his eyes to narrow for an instant ... but only one; by the time he's turned far enough for her or Usagi to see his expression, it's steady again (who can't Rei recognize in passing, after all?), and he bows to her without a hitch. With the same half-retiring grace he's used to make his way through the crowd till now without tripping up either himself or someone else. "Good evening, night and night's traveler."

He turns, after, to take Yellow's offered hand; the contacts hide the spark of amusement in his eyes, but not the twitch of his eyebrows that goes with it at her name. "Dream," he says to her. "With whom I need to consult; I trust you'll pardon my absence for a moment." He trades hers for the paler Dream's, then, with a brief nod toward the raven in passing.

Hopefully the raven is not itself someone in costume.
Rei Hino 2016-10-31 01:39:42 59263
    Oh? The night sky is blushing? Focusing her attention on little Rei-chan? Is this wicked witch casting a spell?

    "Oh, my toes will be quite grateful," says Rei with a small amount of mirth. Slowly she starts to sway back and forth, holding onto Usagi and smiling sweetly. "I think the rest of me would be grateful too, if you'd dance with me."

    Rei knows that Morpheus and Dream are nearby, but she doesn't pay much attention to them. She's sure that Mamo and Kunzite would understand if she had her focus on other things.

    Rei pulls away from Usagi, but not far. Her hand reaches up to Usagi's shoulder, brushing down her arm and taking her hand. Rei's other hand stays behind Usagi's back. "So, do you lead, or follow? You might be the better dancer, as you are now."
Seth Locke 2016-10-31 01:42:43 59264
Sethiroth nods to Naru and Usagi on accounts of socializing, and them having fun. "Well, good; this is a party, after all."

His attention is caught by vampire cosplaying as a vampire, and he shows a faint smile. "Ohaio, Norie-chan." Smiling at the compliment of his outfit, he smiles, "Thank you, I made it from a few pieces I had laying around, and put some handcrafting into it." As for behind, "What, you mean the wing?" He shrugs, "Well... I do have the advantage of being in the electronics club..." Wait, does he mean the wing can move?

Jia's wave does not go unnoticed to the silver-wigged american boy, returning the wave with an added smile.
Naru Osaka 2016-10-31 01:42:48 59265
"I suspect the dancing just needs /someone/ to get it started." Naru points out to Kyouko and Sayaka and then gestures them towards the dance floor wiht a bacon wrapped appitizer. "Shoo. Go be those someones." Clearly, the wee dino has no plans for it to be /her/. "See? There ya go. Usagi and Rei are starting it off, so you guys won't even be the first ones out there."

Naru is helping! She grins, a bright toothy grin under her dino tooth hood. Helping!
Amu Hinamori 2016-10-31 01:45:33 59266
Amu Hinamori nodded, looking to Mikoto. Then grinned. "I'm just taking a little bit of a break. How about you go and dance with Tadase-kun? He's worked so hard and he deserves a chance to have fun." She pointed towards Tadase. "Over there, okay? Tell him I said it was okay." She then looked around and leaned back. And then... she saw Lacrema.

She gave a little wave. "Heyyyyyy... youuuuuu..." she said in a voice of someoe who desperately needed a good nap.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-10-31 01:46:07 59267
There is, of course, a guilt-inducing sharp little 'ba-dump' thump in her chest as she finally catches sight of the Daniel character.

Oh geeze, heart, really?! You're here with your girlfriend and your poor boyfriend is studying his cute buns off for a billion test?! REALLY?!

But there's more important things right now!

Like dancing. And yes, she's totally under Rei's spell. Which is fine with her!

She giggles a little. "Well, actually...I've never actually lead before. I mean tromp on your toes if I tried, even like this!"

She blows a kiss to Naru and all, and pulls Rei further away, and yay dancing!
Mamoru Chiba 2016-10-31 01:50:09 59268
The raven eyes Morpheus cannily, puffing up her feathers for a moment, then -- just like a real raven -- sees to tearing into some raw fish with abandon. (Hint: she's a real raven.) (Ish.) (Spoilers.)

Daniel, on the other hand, leads Morpheus unerringly toward the dance floor even as Kyouko and Sayaka go, and as Usagi and Rei go. It's with a very small smile that he glances back on the way, visible more around his night-black eyes than around his mouth...

...and then they're on the floor itself, and the music's just right: something with a measured beat that's not fast but isn't mushingly slow, something that can afford the steps of a dance last seen on this earth hundreds of millennia ago. Daniel reaches to put his other slender hand up on Morpheus' shoulder, and something glitters gold in the inky depths of his featureless eyes, gold to match the traceries on his robes.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-10-31 01:53:47 59269
Mikoto hmmms softly and sets the plate of sushi on the table next to Amu. "Might be fun," she agrees, taking a moment to look Tadase over more closely. She's never really considered him as a dance partner before. "Are you not sleeping well, or something? This is, like, three days in a row you've been lumbering around like a wraith."

Hikari, meanwhile, has finished her own sushi, and gets up to wander around and find someone else to dance with.

With Tadase off mingling, however, Mikoto's potential dance partner is unavailable, so she sits down next to Amu. "Eat something, pinky. You look like you need it."
Sayaka Miki 2016-10-31 01:55:06 59270
    "Oh..." Sayaka frowns, looking a bit disappointed, perhaps getting the wrong message here."I guess...Later then, maybe..." She's briefly distracted by the sight of Dream, staring at his costume with quiet amazement as he passes by. "Wow..." she sighs aloud, "Your costume is amazing.." Why, Sayaka would almost like to ask him to dance..But then suddenly he's got the attention of Morpheus.

    Sayaka frowns a bit, and decides to grab some punch, hoping it's at least spiked this time. She doesnt look terribly hungry however. Well, this is a bummer..

    "Maybe I should have worn a more appealing costume.." she murmurs aloud..
Lacrima 2016-10-31 01:56:46 59271
Looking to Naomi--- Lacrima seems non-pulsed at the magic. She does accept the mums and then looks around for a place to keep them. She blinks-- and frowns when she doesn't find a place. She offers them back. "I have no place to keep these. I'm sorry." she says.

She looks back to Seth.

"Ah so it is. Hello, Seth. The wing looks interesting." she says.

Nagihiko comes by and whispers something into her ear. She frowns and looks back. She whispers something back, a little longer- and continues to frown.

She looks back toward's Naomi and Jiaying and purses her lips as she walks away back toward's her group. Her nerves are still on edge. nrg. She looks agitated.
Rei Hino 2016-10-31 02:00:47 59272
    Rei lets out a soft 'aww' as Usagi says she's never led before, her gaze never leaving Usagi's eyes. If she picks up on the guilt or the heart-thump, she doesn't say it. The only thing here is the magic and the romance. Or at least Rei would like to think so.

    "Well it's rather simple..." Her hand moves from Usagi's back to her waist, Rei's hips swaying in time with the music as she's pulled away. Her touches are light, slight indications of movement. "... you just... move."

    Rei and Usagi make their way to the dance floor around the same time as others. The witch smiles, glad that Usagi and herself aren't the only ones getting to have this kind of fun.

    Her steps are slow, and unless Usagi objects, Rei does take the lead, gliding across the floor with her beautiful date.

    "That really is a lovely dress, Usagi-chan. You look so pretty in it."
Amu Hinamori 2016-10-31 02:01:58 59273
Amu Hinamori sighed and then nibbled some cheese puffs. 'Mmmm. Delicious," she muttered emptily. "I'm fine. Just... a lot of bad nightmares and... I'm getting a cold. I'll be fine. It's all going to be fine. Probably."

She found her eyes drawn back to usagi, before she popped one of the bites into her mouth. "Why do I keep ruining everything? Why don't you stop me?" she asked her little guardian pouch. "I think I need to go get some fresh air. Do... you want to join me?" she asked the girl.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-10-31 02:02:18 59274
    Kyouko's brows bunch slightly as Sayaka seems to take her hesitance the wrong way and wanders off to get some punch. "Saya-chan, it's not cuz I don't wanna dance, it's just.. well.." She sighs a little bit. "Maybe I just ain't in the right frame of mind for this whole 'relationship' thing right now." But this is said to the air because Sayaka has already wandered off, and nobody else is close enough to hear it- well, except maybe Naru, but it clearly isn't said to her.

    Quirking her lips in a bit of a disgruntled manner, because now she kinda feels like a jerk even though she didn't mean to, she turns and offers a smile to Naru who is still nearby. "Eh, s'alright Naru-chan, thanks though." This regarding Naru's encouragement, to let the girl know it's appreciated even if it was in vain.

    She turns and walks over to where there's some cookies, because cookies make everything better, grabbing a few and stuffing 'em in her mouth.
Hoshi Kogane 2016-10-31 02:02:35 59275
Marialite bows towards the departing Morpheus, and turns towards the other dream. "I hope when you awaken, that you will find you have had much joy." She jokes, and then starts looking around for something, "Do you happen to know where the drinks are?"
Kukai Souma 2016-10-31 02:05:19 59276
Kukai hmms and then nods to Lacrima. "Hello. How are you doing lately? Good, I hope?" He at least sounds polite and cheerful, and hey, it's better than kicking energy balls at her. "And..." He stares at Dream and Morpheous for a moment as they walk past. "...I have no idea who that was." He rubs the back of his head, then looks back down to Yellow after a moment. "Hey down there. How're you, too? Also, the drinks are over there." He points towards where black!Kyouko is guarding the buffet. "Never mind the goth."
Naru Osaka 2016-10-31 02:05:41 59277
Naru pushes up from the table she's been leaning on and pads the few steps over where Kyouko has gotten cookies, giving the other girl a touch on the arm. "Good luck. A dance isn't a whole relationship though, it can be just a dance." She reaches for a cookie.

"I'm heading out, though, before I decided to just crawl under a table and start either snoring or grabbing ankles." Naru pauses a moment, as if this actually sounds pretty good and then there's a twitch of a smile as she shakes her head. "Good night."
Usagi Tsukino 2016-10-31 02:08:02 59278
Usagi very much isn't opposed to Rei leading. And she blushes at the compliment, a small tiny smile on her face.

(She's also studiously avoiding looking at Daniel and Morpheous. She wonders how Kunzite knows him! No, shutup.)

"Thanks...I kinda cheated. But do I look radioactive?" She chews her lip in worry. And then she's blushing again and giggling as she ruins the steps of the dance and hugs Rei.

"Sorry, sorry, you just look too pretty not to hug! Eeee!"
Naomi Yomada 2016-10-31 02:09:21 59279
Naomi Yomada accepts the mums back and makes them disappear again. She gives a little wave and slips over to a wall and just watches things as they happen. She does feel a little young to be here. She simply noms on a caramel apple while she watches people dancing and talking.
Sayaka Miki 2016-10-31 02:09:56 59280
    Sayaka is busy chugging down the punch, although she's not too far off to hear what Kyouko says, or at least part of it..Wait, what? It causes her frown to deepen as she finishes the last of her drink, "What...Do you mean by that?" her heart pumps a little faster, a little bothered by something she cant quite describe.

    "Is something..The matter?" though she glances awkardly around as she ponders..
Kazuo Takeba 2016-10-31 02:14:22 59281
People are, in fact, dancing and stuff, even if misinterpretation is getting in some others' way. The pair of Dreams, dark senior and pale junior, are not moving in steps Naru would recognize from her ballroom classes, nor in any traditional pattern. There are places where patterns need to be improvised, where a temporary exchange of partners might have been expected, but nothing they can't work through. (It's not that Kunzite couldn't dance at all when he promised Yellow one, later. It's only that he knew nothing about any dance she might recognize.)

Morpheus can't match Daniel's grace. He has his own of a lesser sort, and he doesn't try to move beyond it. For all that dances like this one were made, in part, to be a way to snatch a minute or two of quiet, private conversation ... he leaves that to Usagi and Rei. And whether eyes meet, well. No-one else will ever know.
Seth Locke 2016-10-31 02:14:45 59282
"Thank you", Sethiroth replies to Lacrima. "Your costume looks great, too!"

He then reaches for the buffet, more specifically the part where the cookies are, on occasion glancing at the dance floor, and showing a faint smile. Yeah, he's not much of a dancing dude.

Eventually, he finds himself by Kyouko-side, to who he replies a friendly 'Ohaio', and takes a cookie for himself.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2016-10-31 02:15:02 59283
Nagihiko gives a soft sigh and rolls his eyes with a small shrug. "I'll talk to her."

It's murmured, because really, she can keep secrets.

And...Nadeshiko is good at mingling, but it's still something Nagihiko very much isn't good at. There are differences, subtle nuances at the very least, when mingling as one or the other. Hugs, for example, are more accepted from females than they are males. Though, truth be told, Nadeshiko hadn't been much of a hugger until Amu. (Maybe that's why people at school thought she was stuck up?)

Still, this isn't a bad time to learn. The subjetc matter is interesting, and the unknowing teacher is definitly pleasant to watch.

He looks over at the buffet table. Then leans up and whispers in Kukai's ear. "Do I know that girl?"

Kukai seems to recognize her, at least!
Rei Hino 2016-10-31 02:17:58 59284
    Radioactive? Rei shakes her head. "Not at all. My dear, you look positively glowing." Hasn't she used that pun before? Eh, here it is again.

    Her steps fumble slightly as Usagi hugs her, and suddenly the fiery senshi is blushing right along with her.

    Rei giggles at the reason, and her arms slide around Usagi's back, and her feet brush closely against her date's. "Well, if you'd rather hug, we can do that too."

    Rei leans against Usagi, closing her eyes as she leans her forehead against her girlfriend's.

    "I certainly don't mind hugging such a beautiful princess."
Kyouko Sakura 2016-10-31 02:20:11 59285
    Kyouko wiggles her fingers at Naru as the girl decides to head out. "Night, Naru-chan. I'll probably not be here much longer myself. Momo's home alone and she's probably watching all those scary movies I told her not to watch, because they give her nightmares and my bed is not big enough for two people on a regular basis."

    Then she blinks as Sayaka speaks, because she clearly thought she had been too far away to hear her pensive muttering. She frowns a bit herself, her eyes darting away. "Nothin's the matter, Saya-chan, don't worry about it. Let's patrol later in the week, okay? Like we talked about. For now, I think that's enough."

    Then she smiles. "I think I'm gonna take off, too. Like I said to Naru, Momo-chan's home alone and stuff. It was nice seeing you again! Text me, alright?" And then she's turning to walk back towards the doors of the gym.. after snagging a few cookies and offering an absent wave to Seth on the way.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-10-31 02:21:50 59286
Mikoto hmmms softly as she chats with Amu. It's been an interesting evening, but she never does well at these big parties. Too much just being seen being there by the Right People. "Mmm, it's worth a shot," she mutters, then nods to Amu. "Sure, let's go for a walk... get a little air. My Evil Twin will keep herself busy, she's good at that."

Said Evil Twin has gotten herself another plate of sushi, but notices Sayaka sitting alone as Kyouko walks away from her, so goes over to greet her. "Hey, witch-girl. Casting any evil spells tonight?" She sets down the plate of sushi in between them and takes a piece to munch on.
Amu Hinamori 2016-10-31 02:24:50 59287
Amu Hinamori nods and then gets to her feet. She doesn't fall on her butt, so that's a start! She starts to walk off, however...

When she passes Lacrema, she gives her a hug. "I'm happy you came today! Have fun!"

And then walked off towards outside. Once she was outside though, she had to lean against the garden, her face bright red and panting, before sliding down to the ground there. She gave a smile to Mikoto and chuckled. "Heh. I bet if this had been the first time we'd met, you'd probably have never worried about us being enemies, right?" she asked in a joking tone. "Now'd be the easiest time to finish me off. Hee hee."
Kukai Souma 2016-10-31 02:27:15 59288
Kukai looks over at Nagi for a moment, blinking. "Talk to who? ...I guess it doesn't matter." He grins and then follows his eyes, watching whatever he's watching.

Nagihiko mentions a girl and Kukai huhs. "Um. Which one? Oh, her?" He peers at goth Kyouko for a moment and then nods. "Well I don't think you've ever met her but that's Kyouko. She's usually all in red. C'mon, wanna go talk to her?" He pulls Nagi across the floor towards Kyouko, then grins. "And I just realized why we're not dancing, too. I don't want you to embarrass everybody here by how good you are, including Galaxy Girl over there." He nods at Usagi and Rei.

It's a short walk to the buffet table and Kukai grins at Kyouko and Seth and the others. "Hello! How's the party? And the food? It's nice to see you all again - this is Nagihiko Fujisaki." He motions to Nagi, introducing the purple-haired costumed courtesan/dancer/high school student. "Nagi, this is Kyouko, and..." He stares at Seth for a moment. "Saito? No. American. ...I forget! I'm so sorry."
Usagi Tsukino 2016-10-31 02:27:21 59289
Usagi may have heard it before, but that doesn't stop her from giggling again.

And then there's hugs, and Usagi is all happy sighs.

"And I don't mind hugging a beautiful priestess. And we can always hug-dance."

Which is, to say, just hug and sway.

And now her eyes are on Morpheous and Dnaiel for another reason.

If there's moret here than just a dance, does Mamo-chan know about this?
Lacrima 2016-10-31 02:29:55 59291
Lacrima gets hugged, and there's the tingling from that energy glow and---

She decides to look towards Jiaying. "I'm... needing some... air..."

A pause over to Amu. "Thanks." She says. "I said I'd come so I did." she says flatly.

She begins to take off toward's a side door- not a proper exit but she doesn't want to go out the main entrance.

She'll plop herself down on the stairs right outside it.
Sayaka Miki 2016-10-31 02:31:03 59292
    Sayaka just nods slowly, silently. Was she just looking into things too much, as always? Or perhaps she was just so stressed lately with her failed studies and the wraiths' increased interest in her. The pensive, avoidant glance is noticed however, but she tries not to think about it too much. Perhaps later, 'on patrol', they can talk about..Whatever it is.

    Whatever the case, she feels just a little less troubled by Kyouko's response, the smallest of smiles creeping up her face. "Alright. I'll text you then. I promise. You should probably check up on your little sister right? She has a habit of getting into trouble. I hope she's alright though. I should probably leave soon myself."

    Of course, Saya's hoping for at least a short dance with anyone, because dance parties are no fun unless you dance. For now, she continues to hover by the food table, idly sipping her punch as she watches various people dance, and silently wishing she'd dressed as something nicer, like a princess or something.

    "Hey witch girl!" calls out someone, and she blinks slowly, glancing around. "Witch? Who's a witch?" Oh right. She is..Saya chuckles nervously, turning around to focus on the girl that looks like Mikoto's evil..Twin? "Hey, Miko's evil twin? Sorry, I forget if we've met before. That's a great costume though. Are you two real twins?"
Mamoru Chiba 2016-10-31 02:33:12 59293
Even with Morpheus's grace not matching Daniel's, it's still a sight on this dancefloor: the moves of the dance are flawlessly executed, unfamiliar as it is, and who but the two Dreams can tell, here, what's improvised and what's been rehearsed and practiced countless times, in countless courts, countless years ago?

The contrast between the two dancers is striking, in appearance and carriage both: the blinding white with glittering gold and the black as night with stars and planets and life contained therein. The costumes they wear, the robes, whirl with them a fraction of a second behind, momentum carrying the sway until a motion in counterpoint causes the fabric to crease as it turns, scintillating.

In the golden glitter contained in the depths of Daniel's eyes, there is something very like the smirk of someone accustomed to getting what he wants, even if it's eventual, even if it takes contrivance and complicated machinations mixed with opportunity and slices of stolen time. There's victory in the touch of painted hand holding painted hand, though not as much as there is love and pride and mischief.

There's no speech on the part of the younger Dream, either: his voice would give him away to anyone within earshot, for there's no magic in this transformation. That's the excuse. The other side of it is that his heart's in his throat, keeping any words from escaping-- but the smile growing slow and real and transfiguring his eerily handsome face says everything he needs to. Secrets in plain sight.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-10-31 02:33:38 59294
"Eh, if I wanted to 'finish you off', I'd have just spiked your punch. You look like one drink would leave you out for the night." Mikoto shrugs as she walks along with Amu. "Besides, you're not bothering Ikuto-kun right now, so I've got no motivation to." It's not like she ever wanted to hurt Amu. She was just... unimpressed by the girl, at first.

Hikari - or 'Dark Misaka Mikoto', judging by her costume, flashes Sayaka a little grin. "I could be a witch, if you wanted. And no, not real twins, it took a lot of work to get us this close. There's a reason I'm in boots and she's in flats, after all."

Outside, Mikoto offers Amu her arm for support. "How long have you been feeling poorly, pinky? Do your parents know?"
Naomi Yomada 2016-10-31 02:34:17 59295
Naomi Yomada walks over to pay her yen. Then she gives a little smile and waves. With a puff of smoke she vanishes, exiting the dance.

It was a fun night but She didn't really fit in so well. Now though. Now is the time to go do something else. Something exciting. Something... Dangerous! It's time to patrol!
Jiaying Maki 2016-10-31 02:37:07 59296
Jiaying Maki has been tied up with the crowd of people, someone even managed to step on her tail. She didn't react too badly at least, but she's definitely feeling the need to get out of there too. She gives Naomi one last wave as she leaves, calling out, "Have a great night!" while hurrying after Norie. Anyone else she recognizes is given one last parting wave too, along with a, "Seeeeyaaa"
Rei Hino 2016-10-31 02:37:29 59297
    Is Usagi watching something over Rei's shoulder? Rei sticks out her tongue as she sees Usagi's eyes wander.

    She doesn't yet suspect what Usagi is thinking.

    "We can hug-dance if you want." Rei does keep swaying, back and forth in time with the music, wrapping her arms tighter around Usagi.

    If Usagi's going to be looking over her shoulder anyways, Rei may as well make use of it, leaning forward to press her cheek against Usagi's and rest her chin on her date's shoulder.

    "You seem a bit preoccupied."
Seth Locke 2016-10-31 02:38:17 59298
Sethiroth looks at Kukai, struggling to remember where he met the guy at. Ah, yes! The Barbecue party. "No, not Saito, for sure. More like Seth." He straightnes up, and bowing his head, he presents himself to Kukai and those who're with him. "I'm am Seth Katsumoto Locke. Please to meet you."
Amu Hinamori 2016-10-31 02:38:56 59299
Amu Hinamori shook her head. "Few days... week... I don't know." She leans into the arm a bit and sighs. "I just... I couldn't tell my parents until after the dance. They wouldn't have let me come. Then Tadase would have spent the whole time being upset because i wasn't there, he'd feel guilty for having fun. At least this way I can make him have fun."

She closed her eyes. "I'll tell them tomorrow. I just... need to get over this hump. Just rest a bit. That's all... Lots of rest. As long as there aren't any more... any more... any more... any more..." She was stuck in a loop. "Huh? Oh. As long as... there aren't any more x-eggs, I'll be fine. Just need to calm for a bit. To rest." She sighed softly.

"Don't tell the others? I just... I can't... sleep. Every time I try... I... I have these horrible nightmares. And... and I just... I think it's because..." She trailed off again.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2016-10-31 02:40:30 59300
Nagihiko is lead to the table, and ooo, since he's here...

He steps just enough away to gather up some finger food, piling a plate and expecting to share.

He does this while conversing, of course.

He inclines his head to Seth and Kyouko.

"Hello!" He grins at Kyouko. "Pretty sure I've seen you around, just haven't gotten the chance."

He tiltshis head in curiosity at Seth. If he's met the boy before, he can't remember if it was as Nagihiko or Nadeshiko.
Kyouko Sakura 2016-10-31 02:41:18 59301
    Kyouko was on her way out the door, but before she can manage it Kukai has stepped over with Nagihiko, and though she's not close friends with Kukai she's also not quite rude enough (these days) to just keep on walkin', so she pauses long enough to flash a brief smile and incline her head. "Heya.. nice ta meetcha, though I was just on my way out. Let's chat another time, huh?"

    And then she does keep walking, although she shoots a last glance back at the dancing dream-dudes. Both because it's a nice image, and because she's half-convinced that, given her track record, she's going to leave and then some giant crisis is going to break out. She's developing a complex.

    But she wasn't kidding about Momo and those damned movies, so after a moment, with a mild sigh, she turns and vanishes into the night. Sure hope this makeup Naru put on her washes off easily..
Tadase Hotori 2016-10-31 02:44:28 59302
Tadase has, in fact, already been feeling guilty the whole time. He only stepped away from Amu because she asked him to and he felt like not doing so would've been a losing fight. But even when she's not looking ill, there's nowhere he'd rather be than by her side.

This is why he'd done a curosry loop, waved to a few people, and had then found Amu very much not where she was just a moment ago. Thankfully, Brutus Kiseki was on the job and found her pretty quick, and he comes out onto the balcony, with Tadase in tow. Tadase stops, looking at Amu, and then Mikoto.

"Nakajima-san." he says, with a slight bow. "Are you enjoying the party?" he asks, but is moving steadily closer to Amu. He's doing a terrible job of faking the fact that he's just mingling out here on the balcony with Amu.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-10-31 02:44:40 59303
And Usagi is trying really hard not to be preoccupied. But, well, even if she was looking at Takashi dancing with someone not Ami looking all--

Okay, that may be a bad example, being angry at Takashi's easy these days.

But still!

And maybe she's being stupid.

You know, she probably is.

"I'm sorry!" She lowers her voice. "It's just Kunzite is dancing with someone and has eyes, and if Mmao-chan doesn't know about it, I'm gonna slap both those boys."
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-10-31 02:48:08 59304
"In my experience," Mikoto mentions to Amu, from her lofty position of maybe a few days' superiority, "These sorts of things never wait for you to be well-rested. Or even completely dressed." She takes hold of the girl's hand to help her stay up, while she finds a bench or something for them to sit on.

"Nightmares..." She sighs. "I've had my own share of that. A few months back... well, some stuff happened." Amu would know, she was there for D-Point as well.

And then Tadase joins them. "Hotori-san," she offers. "I rarely enjoy parties, but this one seems to have been well-prepared. The food is acceptable, the music danceable, and the punch un-spiked."
Rei Hino 2016-10-31 02:50:20 59305
    Rei sighs as Usagi apologizes, and then she hears what she actually says and stares at her like...


    Rei pulls away from Usagi to look behind her, seeing... Kunzite with a boy who could only ever be one person because only one person should be hanging out with that bird.

It actually takes her a moment to realize that Usagi might not realize...

    Rei blinks, holding close to Usagi, resting her head on the cuddly senshi's shoulder. "I think you're overthinking it. It's just a dance, Usagi-chan."
Amu Hinamori 2016-10-31 02:53:35 59306
Amu Hinamori blinked and looked up. She sighed and smiled at him. "Tadase-kun. I wanted you to stay inside and have fun! You aren't... you don't need to come out here and take care of me," she said sheepishly. "I just needed some fresh air, that's--" She then had to look away, lifting her hands up and having a coughing fit. "Ughhhhh... I never wanted you to... see me like this..." she mumbled softly.

But she knew she couldn't NOT come to be with him. IT was the dance! The dance HE prepared! She had to be here!
Tadase Hotori 2016-10-31 02:57:29 59307
Tadase half-bows again to Mikoto. "Thank you for your kind words, and thank you for showing up and helping us repair the vandalism."

But, it's Amu who does command the vast majority of his attention - sick or not. "Look, silly. I care about you. I would be a terrible boyfriend if I was able to just leave you alone all pale and not feel bad. That wouldn't be very noble, would it?" he asks, crouching down a bit to be eye level with her. "If you love me for who I am, worrying about you when you're sick is part of who I am, okay?"
Kukai Souma 2016-10-31 02:57:50 59308
Kukai grins. "Kukai Souma. It's nice to meet you again, Seth. I know I met you once before, but I can never remember names." He smiles back at Kyouko as well as she's heading for the door. "Aww. OK. See you around, huh? Take care, and say hey to Momo."

He looks over at the plate Nagihiko is putting together and oohs. "Food. Awesome." He looks back at the room, then over at Nagihiko. "Well. It doesn't seem like a big party, but at least there were no fights yet. What're your thoughts? Wanna go harass Tadase and Amu now?"
Kazuo Takeba 2016-10-31 02:58:10 59309
There are plenty of nice images. Light and sun with night and stars, for the boys. Light and stars with night and shadow, for the girls. Contrasts that mirror each other just enough to set up a resonance, that are different enough to keep their identities wholly separate.

With the contacts making it impossible to tell where Morpheus is looking, with the whites and greys and blacks of his shadowed makeup concealing his expression, it's hard to sort whether he's aware of the daggers that Usagi in her gown of light is glaring at him. Directly. Indirectly -- perhaps it's just the necessity of accounting for the other dancers that shifts the pattern of the Dreams' movement into an arc around Usagi and Rei. That, when the song comes to a close, draws the one pair to a halt neatly at the side of the other.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2016-10-31 03:01:27 59310
Nagihiko waves at them both, and when he's sure Kukai has hold of the plate, he grabs them some punch. "Isn't that our job? To harass those two? But not about things that happened earlier? Heh..."

He looks at the plate and hums. "Is that enough for the two or us or should I get another plate?"
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-10-31 03:02:09 59311
"It's no problem," Mikoto assures Tadase. "Just doing my part... for the school, and for my friends." Amu isn't exactly a friend, given their occasional clashes. Or maybe she is. Sometimes friendship is complicated.

She gives Amu's hand a gentle squeeze, to reassure the girl, as they chat with the princeling. "Maybe you can help her... sounds to me like she's having some Issues, something she doesn't want to talk to me about. You're closer to her..."
Amu Hinamori 2016-10-31 03:03:24 59312
Amu Hinamori stared into his eyes. Maybe it was the sickness. Maybe it was the nightmares. The lack of sleep. Maybe it was the trust in those beautiful eyes of his. Or Mikoto OUTTING HER THE MOMENT THE PRINCE WAS HERE!

But she couldn't lie anymore. She reached forward and tightly hugged him, shaking against him. "I-I'm sorry... I'm so, so sorry. I... I've been... I've been l-lying to you... and... and hiding some... something from you..." she whispered sadly. "I-I just... I just didn't want you to be... mad.... not after our last fight. I... I didn't want to... upset you again..." Oh dear. Mikoto was going to be in the middle of something, it seemed.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-10-31 03:07:43 59313
Right about then is when Phobos-- I mean Matthew the Raven-- finishes not only eating the one plate of sushi (that was gone a bit ago) but also the plates of several other people who left them unattended, and takes off into the air in a rustling of wings and feathers. The bird sails up, circles over the pair of contrasts, and -- as the music ends -- alights gently on Rei's shoulder and preens. This is just enough of a distraction for Daniel-Dream to lean up on tiptoes and steal a kiss from Morpheus-Dream, mischievous look on his face as he pulls back and reaches for Usagi's hand.

"I promise your girlfriend can have you back after," he murmurs, his voice a low thing that the people surrounding them can't hear, but familiar for all that. "But this dance-- will you let me have it? Isn't it right that the Queen of the Night and the Lord of Dreams should dance..?"

The smile-- that smile's even more recognisable than the voice, low as it is. It's only ever been given to one girl, even if blue is obscured, and gold dances in the depths of the black.
Seth Locke 2016-10-31 03:10:57 59314
And the Son of Genova - well, the cosplay dude, that is -, grabs a plate, and he too starts collecting some food: some pastries, sushi, even a glass of punch. On occasion, he looks at the dance going on there, and the exchange between costumed individuals.

He looks back to Kukai and Nagihiko. "So, how do you find the dance so far?"
Kukai Souma 2016-10-31 03:14:20 59316
Kukai grins and nods. "Well, it's what we're here for. Let's go see what they're up to." He eyes the plate for a moment, then nods. "Should be plenty. We'll come back for more if it isn't." He grins at Seth. "We're doing fine - going to go say hello to some other friends. You should come too, meet more people. C'mon."

He nods towards the door Tadase and Amu had taken and walks over it, following them. At least partially to make sure Tadase doesn't flip out again.

"Hail Caesar!" Kukai even pronounces it properly, like kai-sar. "And hail witchgirl! How're you two doing tonight? Also, hello. Um. Mikoto, isn't it?" He pulls out a chair for Nagihiko with his feet (agile, yay.) and looks back and forth at the two of them before staring at Mikoto. "I think I know you but I don't remember."
Usagi Tsukino 2016-10-31 03:17:25 59317
Usagi sighs and snuggles against Rei. "Maybe you're right."

Afterall, she's a touch over protective.

Then her eyebrows furrow. "Phobos? What are you--ACK!"

Oh yes, she saw the smooch. And her ears feel like teakettles with steam coming out and she's about to march the two steps over there and sla--

Wait, what?

For a moment, the daggers she'd been glaring at Kunzite with redirect to...

Blink, blink.

Blink. "That explains the heart thumps."

Speaking of thump, there goes one right on his shoulder as her voice comes out in a hiss. "You jerk! I was about to slap the both of you because you were at home studying!"

Oh, now she feels bad! She worries her lip with her teeth as she shoots apologetic cuddle eyes at Kunzite.

Hey, wait!

Suddenly she's beaming at Mamoru (her Happy Beaming at Mamoru Face, which is slightly different from Happy Beaming at Rei Face). "I thought you were at home studying?"
Kazuo Takeba 2016-10-31 03:20:50 59318
Was it said that the cosmetics concealed Morpheus' reactions? The contrast of white and black highlights his eyes widening, rather than hiding it. That last gesture from Daniel was not, apparently, expected. Not pushed away, but not expected, either. (They're in public. Usagi probably won't annihilate him on the spot. He hopes.)

(-- that expression does not look good for lack of annihilation --)

(-- oh, good. Apologetic cuddle eyes are mildly embarrassing, but mildly embarrassing he can cope with.)

Morpheus takes a step back in turn; bows slightly to Daniel and Usagi, and then turns to add a second bow to Rei and Phobos-Matthew. And then retreats toward the edge of the dance floor. Quietly.

Somewhere in the gathering may still be a Marialite, and he owes her something.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2016-10-31 03:21:22 59319
Nagihiko resists so hard.

For two seconds.

"Oh, we usually know where they are, but if we don't we look it up on a map."

Dead pan. Only the slight twitch of his lip.

He accepts the chair Kukai pulls out for him and leans against the taller boy, maybe scooting it tha much closer. Her face shines with amusement. "Amu-chan, weren't you almost Cleopatra instead of a dark fairy?"

This last bit was added for Kukai, because sometimes its hard to tell!
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-10-31 03:24:19 59320
Mikoto doesn't believe in half measures. Getting Amu the help she needs, from Tadase or from her parents or from someone else, will satisfy her conscience. So she just smiles and releases Amu's hand to let the girl go to Tadase.

"Hello, Souma-san. And yes, we've met once or twice." Her tone might be a little flat, finding the intrusion less than welcome.

She rises to her feet and steps away a bit, over by Kukai and Nagihiko, leaving Amu and Tadase the illusion of privacy. "I think they have some things to talk about that are nobody else's business, hmm?"
Tadase Hotori 2016-10-31 03:24:44 59321
Tadase almost reflexively turns to make a far over dramatic 'who me' at Kukai with a true dirtbag level grin on his face that he probably learned from the older boy.

Then he turns to Amu. "Whatever it is you want to tell me - or need to tell me, which may not be the same" he says knowingly " can probably wait until you're not fighting death." he says, nodding. He is upset - and maybe it shows on his face - because he's thinking of all sorts of terrible possibilities. But nobility and honor first, discussion and maybe jealousy later. "Let's just have a good night. The last dance didn't go well."
Rei Hino 2016-10-31 03:27:46 59322
    Rei relinquishes Usagi to the mysterious, dashing suitor. Since, after all, she knows full well who he is. She winks in her mysterious, witchy way and starts to scritch the bottom of Phobos's chin.

    As she watches Usagi and Mamoru dance, she prepares and then lifts up a plate of snacks, leaving them in easy reach of Phobos.
Seth Locke 2016-10-31 03:28:41 59323
"Why, sure thing."

Sethiroth follows Kukai and Nagihiko, eventually meeting up with Tadase and Amu. But, the way the two of them are talking... Well... Maybe interrupting is not the best course of action, right now?

So, he reaches for his glass of punch, and sips some of it...
Amu Hinamori 2016-10-31 03:31:03 59325
Amu Hinamori leaned in a little closer. Then nodded. "Y-yeah. I almost was cleopatra and i... and i... no. If I don't tell you now... I... won't tell you..." Then... she sighed. "Since... I broke my arm. I've been letting Lacrima-chan feed on me. Whenever she needed it. Almost... daily." ... That explained why she was always so tired. And why she'd been willing to wear the cape. And why she was suddenly willing to listen and do what she was told and let the others fight for her. And why she was failing so bad and kept falling asleep.

In retrospect, kinda obvious. She gulped. "And... it's not her fault. She tried to stop but... I knew if she... if she stopped, she'd have to feed on others and I.... I know I'm not like the other magical girls out there. I don't have all the... I'm not like sailor moon, I'm not that strong. I can just kind of... jump around a bit." She could do more than that!

"But... but I thought... if I could do this I might... make a difference and... and now..." She shuddered. "I haven't slept in the last week. It's not just... I just keep... having these horrible nightmares and I-I just get so scared whenever I close my eyes a-and I don't want to go home because I know if I-I go home and t-tell mom and dad they'll try to get me to go to bed a-and I just... I can't handle that right now. I just... I just can't..."
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-10-31 03:45:50 59326
Mikoto may have stepped away. But she's still close enough to hear what Amu has to say. She won't say so out loud, but she does want the girl to get better. And hearing that she's been 'feeding' someone... well, heck.

She casts a questioning look down at Kukai, "Maybe she should have done Cleopatra," she murmurs, "She could use a confidence boost right now."
Tadase Hotori 2016-10-31 03:48:47 59327
Tadase winces. "Amu-chan. You can't just go and sacrifice yourself like that." he says, suddenly shifting closer, hand reaching out almost grapsing at her costume. "You should've stopped a long time ago, you look like you've been dancong with death."

" shouldn't be alone." he says, quietly, turning to Nagihiko. "Na-chan, can you arrange for her to stay a night with you? I don't know who else to turn to and it'd be... strange if I asked." Well, stranger than if Nadeshiko asked. Nagi probably shouldn't.

But, notably, for the time being, any potential jealousy is overshadowed by concern for Amu. "If it's as bad as she says it is. Or we can take her to the Garden but that'll require some good cover stories."
Mamoru Chiba 2016-10-31 03:54:06 59328
"You were busy," whispers Dream to Serenity with a smile, leaning down so she can hear him. "And I'm only here for two dances before I get back to work. As far as anyone beyond the three of you knows, though, I was never here."

The next song progresses rhythmically and melodically from the last, as an expert DJ is manning the table; it seems like it slows down for a second, but then it's obvious why: it's a waltz. Just a voice and a classical guitar, making more steps in the time it took to make fewer with more notes--

--and the tall pale boy all in white with white hair sweeps the Princess of the Moon into another perfectly choreographed dance, their steps quick even as their grace is fluid and pours through the music. Her hair and dress flare out with every turn; his robes with their stiff gold-embroidered shoulders, reaching to points, cut a figure both sharp and flowing, and the weightless silky white hair looks for all the world like the air it moves through is thick.

Without breaking stride or line of motion, he bends to murmur next to her face, "You always look amazing, but you always look really amazing at these things-- I had to see you. I wanted to see you anyway, but I wanted to see how you'd decided to dazzle them tonight..."
Kukai Souma 2016-10-31 04:03:52 59329
It wasn't exactly what Kukai wanted to stand back and let Amu and Tadase have some space but after hearing that Amu was doing the thing that was basically the entire reason Kukai had tried to outright kill Lacrima over before, not to mention the thing he'd expressly warned her against, he suddenly wasn't feeling exactly friendly. "....Well. Dammit." He sighs and rubs his face, looking at Tadase and Nagihiko talk. "I suppose it wasn't going to be a good night anyway. Oh well."

He looks over at Mikoto and shakes his head. "I dunno. Cleopatra killed herself when she saw her reign ending, didn't she?"
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-10-31 04:06:41 59330
"Mmm, point," Mikoto concedes to Kukai. "Still, Queen and all. Something she could learn from." She shrugs and looks back into the hall, trying to pick Hikari out of the crowd. Apparently the familiar's wandered off with someone, probably Sayaka.

"If you need a secure place, I can offer one. Amu already knows the location, and she's welcome to spend the night."
Usagi Tsukino 2016-10-31 04:07:55 59332
Usagi blushes and smiles a little. "Well...yes, but you can't blame me. She's just so pretty!"

The hand on his shoulder zips over her lips as her eyes twinkle at him. Heck, she's willing to keep it a secret if it meant he'd be able to sneak away again in the future.

Her feet fall into the dance as though they've done it every day. And maybe they have, in those millenia between death and rebirth.

And maybe they are the night sky and dreams.

His voice is warm against her ear and she blushes again, pleased and a touch shy. Dazzle people?

She shrugs a little and the plucking on his shoulder at lint that isn't there. "I just wanted to be the night sky. You know. Because..." And her voice is mumbled and if blush were a tone of voice hers would be it. "You know. Even when the planets are lonely, the sky is always there to hug them."

And it's a simple and childish view of the universe, but for her, it's a very apt analogy of the people dear to her.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2016-10-31 04:16:22 59333
His eyebrows furrow a bit at Kukai. Not in annoyance, but maybe a bit of guilt, sympathy, and the urge to make it feel better.

Oka, a lot of guilt.

After all, he knew about Lacrima.

"Aunty would be more than happy to coddle her, Tadase-kun. Remember when I had pnemonia? She's the reason I didn't miss more than a couple of weeks."

He stands from the chair and slips his hand into Kukai's.

"C'mon. Dance with me."

There's really no room for argument.

But if one were hinted, of course, who is he to resist?
Amu Hinamori 2016-10-31 04:16:56 59334
Amu Hinamori urked. crap. Kukai. "W-wait, I-I just, I got sick, that's all, I just--" And fell into another coughing fit. "I j-just got sick. It's not her fault. It's mine. I-I should have b-been more careful, that's all. If i hadn't gotten sick, I-I'd be all fine. I-I've been t-trying to f-find others who could feed her, b-but I haven't had a-any luck yet and I--" She started coughing again, the panic rising in her voice. She could hear the anger in his.

"I just mess up everything, don't I? This is why I just... if I just stopped... please... d-don't be mad at her. She wanted to stop. But I... I was being selfish and told her to keep doing it." She glanced to Mikoto, then to Tadase. "I... I don't want to be alone. Let's... let's just go inside and... and have fun, right? I mean... I-I can't ruin everyone's night, can I?" But she already had. Kukai's words were proof of that. She coughed into her hands again. Her eyes lowered, all misty eyed. "I... I should just go home. Y-you guys should stay here a-and have fun. It's my fault I-I got sick and... and I shouldn't bring all you down with it..."
Seth Locke 2016-10-31 04:29:13 59335
"Yes, Norie-chan... Or Lacrima, whatever name she goes by... I honestly have no idea what to make of her.", the until then quiet Sethiroth replies. "She identified herself as what she is, and has caused some ruckus I've been a witness of." He points to Amu. "She was there, to boot. Hound of hell, and all that jazz."

He seems alarmed, now. "So, she actually feeds on people she knows?" This raises her 'watch-out-for' score, in his mind; who can say she won't try to go for someone, if she's desperate enough?

Someone like him?
Tadase Hotori 2016-10-31 04:31:29 59336
Tadase grabs Amu's shoulders, suddenly. And looks her in the eyes. "No more of that. No more feeling sorry for yourself. No more throwing yourself in the path of the train." he says, firmly. That's not Kiseki talking at all. That's the leader Tadase wants to be, dredged up from under his pile of problems by extreme circumstances.

"I won't stand for it. You're trying to do what's right and help people, but you're trying to carry everyone's burdens alone. Stop. You have friends, and allies, and a huge group of people who want to help you help others."

"But right now YOU need help so you need to accept it." he says. "I'd shake you if you weren't sick. I'm taking you somewhere that isn't this dance. Somewhere you can rest. And I'm going to stay there and make sure that you can rest, because my heart can't take you running off and hurting yourself more."
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-10-31 04:33:09 59337
Mikoto nods, as she sees at least one offer of shelter from one of Amu's comrades. It's enough that she no longer feels obligated to stay to escort her to the warehouse-lab. Still...

"Actually, I should go and see what kind of mischief my sister's gotten up to. You know cats... they get into everything." She reaches up to squeeze Amu's shoulder briefly. "There's nothing wrong with being selfish, so long as you don't let it control you and make you hurt people. Go in, dance, eat, have fun. Get some life into you, it's the best counter to that sort of thing I know of. And later... If you need me, you know where to find me."
Kukai Souma 2016-10-31 04:35:12 59338
Kukai looks back at Amu for a moment. "You're not..." He sighs. "It's ok Amu. Really. Just.. get better." He looks back to Nagihiko, then nods, smiling, being pulled back in to the dance floor. "Sure, if you insist." He puts his arms around him, looking down into those lovely eyes..
Amu Hinamori 2016-10-31 04:36:51 59339
Amu Hinamori stared up at Tadase, her cheeks going so red. "I... I just... I..." Her heart was pounding in her chest as she looked up at Tadase. She didn't think she had it in him.

"Okay... whatever... whatever you say..." she said softly. there were practically hearts in her eyes as she looked up at him. Falling in love alllll over again. "I-I need to call my parents... let them know I won't be... coming home for a bit..."
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2016-10-31 04:39:55 59340
"You're fine, Amu-chan. Go with Tadase and just get better." She looks at Tadase. "Aunty will let you in, if you're still going there. Either way, feel free to say she's staying the night at my house."

Being a cover patsy helped a little with the guilt.

"Feel better, Amu-chan!"

And then, eyes for Kukai. Soft eyes that are a touch tired and other such things, but mostly very much affectionate.

His eyebrows wiggle. "I'll even let you lead."
Mamoru Chiba 2016-10-31 04:41:09 59341
"So you are already the night sky, then," laughs Daniel with Mamoru's laugh, bright and clear, before he muffles it in Usagi's hair. Once he can be quiet again, he whispers, "I just wanted to be nerdy and unrecognisable and therefore impressively mysterious, and also still nerdy. That's another secret."

But still there's the dance -- it's a bubble of reality cut off from the rest of the world, moving only in time to the music: the world is impossibly still, and a matter of moments until the dancing ends... but they're moments that can last and last. One slender white hand comes up and brushes against Usagi's cheek, cupping the side of her face, and he stops in the steps of their motion to kiss her. All the things he hasn't been able to say are in that kiss: I'm all right, things are awkward but it's going to be okay, I'm not trying to hide I'm just trying to succeed farther and faster than anyone expects me to, I'm here though-- here if you need me, if you all need me-- not pulling away, not withdrawing, but here. It's still safe to rely on me. It is. It's still safe. It always will be, for as long as I live.

And all the love, all the concentrated contact from the weeks he's been mostly inaccessible-- it's a heady storm of reassurance and love and determination, and it's all for Usagi.
Mikoto Nakajima 2016-10-31 04:41:12 59342
With all settled, and her excuses made, Mikoto slips casually away, sidling through the crowd to pick up a plate of sushi, tuck it away in a box, and go looking for Hikari. She's got to be around somewhere.
Seth Locke 2016-10-31 04:49:45 59343
And now, it's time for Sethiroth to go; when he answers the phone, he gets a message from his sister, and soon enough he's discussing where they should meet so they can get home together.

Those arrangements completed, he's off, waving out to those he met at the party.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-10-31 04:52:03 59344
Her blush deepens and she hides her bright smile against his shoulder.

The dance stops, and there's a hitch in her throat and her eyes sting, because however small a part of her had been worried about all that. Her fingers curl into his clothes and when it's over, one hand is gone. It's back, and she's taken a page from his book.

"Here." It's a small rose, even full bloom it's no where near as large as his normaly are. "It's not the same bush you gave me, but the moon remembered what was precious to us."

And then she blushes, because it had just slipped out, 'yous' and 'mes.' "I'm not...I'm closer than I was. Serenity drew on the walls, I have the Queen's brush, a-and." She shrugs a little. "Staring at the sky's always been natural. I think I figured out why, if nothing else."
Tadase Hotori 2016-10-31 04:53:55 59345
Tadase slowly helps Amu to a better walking position - which means she's largely draped over him - as he helps her out of the dance. Thankfully he knows Tsukasa and all, or there might be strange questions asked. A short explanation of what is really going on lets them leave out the front door, and some texts from Na-chan explain the matter to his family.

It's a long night of cover stories for Tadase, but an even longer one of keeping watch over Amu. Partly to protect her from the outside world, and partly to protect her from her own altruism.
Kukai Souma 2016-10-31 04:59:42 59346
Kukai looks back into those soft eyes and smiles, reaching up to stroke Nagihiko's cheek, his own filled with just as much love and affection. "Oh yeah? I'm not as good as you at this, but ok." His arms go around Nagihiko, his hands moving up into position, and he begins moving, following the sound of the waltz as it plays, slow and gentle.
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2016-10-31 05:10:33 59347
There is a brief moment where his fingers fly overt he keyboard, both to his family and Amu's, the latter with a far more feminine tone and, you know, those emojis Nagihiko never sends to anyone by Kukai when he's feeling cheeky.

Hearts and stuff. Only less so.

Speaking of, quick fingers send Kukai a text full of all the other emojis. When his phone chirps, Nagihiko blinks with exaggerated innocence.

"Well." He puts his phone away and moves their arms. "Even if you aren't, you're still the best dance partner I've had."

And his smile is brilliant as they move, because tomorrow, he can think about all the recent events that have made him a terrible person.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-10-31 05:23:03 59348
The bright blush and brighter smile earn Usagi a rush of warm affection and amusement from her ghostly-white dance partner-- and then his jet-black eyes open wide in surprise at the rose-from-nowhere. He makes himself stop trying to analyze how she did it-- it was, after all, magic and he knows it-- and instead lets himself get consumed with a burning nostalgia as soon as its scent reaches him. And the sight of it-- no, yes, no. From Earth? No-- it's been touched by--

His hand falls to close around Usagi's, holding the rose in her hand in his, and the glittering flare of gold in his inky eyes recognises the pronouns Usagi uses even before she blushes over them. His smile is radiant.

He knows exactly where that rose is from.

He leans to kiss her again, this time more briefly, and then he leans his forehead against hers. "Maybe someday soon you can bring me to visit. I'd like to. My sneaking off these days isn't nearly as far as it used to be," he murmurs. And then he pulls back a bit, not letting go that one hand-- he leads them doorward. A glance in Rei's direction (it's only for a moment, promise!) and in Morpheus' direction (yes I am going back to work like a proper overachiever) as they go, and just as they're disappearing into the shadowed recesses past the faculty chaperone, he can be seen tucking Usagi's rose into his hair.
Kukai Souma 2016-10-31 05:29:44 59349
Kukai waits for Nagihiko to finish his communications, then blinks as his phone chirps. He hmms, pulling it out and reading it, and has to do everything he can not to drop it, juggling it for a second before hanging onto it with both hands and looking at Nagi. "....Well ok, if you want to." He can't wipe the grin off his face.

It takes him a moment to put the phone away and then wraps his arms around Nagi as well, smiling widely. "Well we do the most fun dances." Including the waltz. Which is what he's doing tonight with Nagi, and that's wonderful.
Usagi Tsukino 2016-10-31 05:45:17 59350
Usagi isn't gone too long. Her cheeks are pink and she's slightly breathless and other usch things, but nothing's amis.

She gives Morpheous a quick and tight hug and her murmuring can't be heard by others around them, but she definitly says, "I'm sorry I thought you cheating on Mamo-chan and that my eyes would have burned you up if they could sorry sorry sorry!"

And then she's racing back over to Rei with a hug and a happy squeal.

And then she blinked at he crow. "Heeeeey, you knew!"
Nagihiko Fujisaki 2016-10-31 05:49:21 59351
The innocent look turns devious. "Heeheehee."

He stretches his neck just enough to kiss Kukai's chin, and then waltzing they are.

And yes, all the fun dances. Even ones he himself had never tried before.