Visits, Jelly Beans, Owls, Swords

Runealy and Gaofele pay a visit to an old ally: Mamoru Chiba. Tsubasa drops in, literally. Normal conversations are just not a thing that happens, but hey, party plans come out of it anyway.

Date: 2016-11-12
Pose Count: 30
Runealy Waldia 2016-11-12 05:01:47 60221
After school, Rune opted to visit a part of the city she hasn't spent much time in aside from brief - usually violent - visits since moving out of the abandoned convenience store she and her friends once lived in. Her limo driver pulls up to a stop near an apartment complex, and she steps out with a 'thank you' once the door is opened.

Once underway, she looks back to Gaofele and offers a little more explanation for this sudden trip, voice soft and fairly calm. "It's been bothering me... ever since we got back on Salvation Day," nearly a year ago at this point, "we haven't had much of a chance to talk to people who came with us. We had plenty of good reasons for that, but... I'm hoping we can fix that. And..."

She makes a brief topic hop, "...By the way? I never really, /really/ got what you do as a Guardian Knight, until the other day. Having those shadows start making walls around us... now I see why that's such a big thing. Sometime, I'd love to work with you on really taking advantage of your plants."
Gaofele Doiru 2016-11-12 05:09:49 60225
Gaofele Doiru nods. "Between getting things calmed down after Salvation Day and working on our local house, it's been a relatively busy time," he agrees as they walk along. "And it would be good to have a casual chat when we're not meeting while fighting off monsters."

He gives her a wry smile at the mention of the shadowy maze. "I'm just glad we were able to deal with it without too much problem," he remarks somberly. "But teamwork practice would be a good thing; we're stronger together, after all."
Tsubasa Kazanari 2016-11-12 05:22:13 60228
Singing. Someone's singing as they fall from the heavens, and then there's a loud noise and a giant sword that sticks out of the roof before it tips over and falls to the side. The singing girl standing on top of that sword seems quite surprised, but recovers quickly, landing on the roof and picking up that sword as it reduces in size to be merely as big as something a final fantasy protagonist might wield.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-11-12 05:27:50 60229
Most people who visit the apartment don't use the indoor entrance. Getting checked against a list and then either called up about or keyed in to an elevator that has to go up forty-seven floors until it reaches its destination is off-putting when one is capable of landing on the balcony and opening the door, or knocking if feeling exceptionally polite and/or awkward. But-- the method of access does still exist, and Mamoru has endeavoured to make the list of 'auto-okay' as inclusive as possible.

Having visited by this method before is a wonderful means of streamlining the process. There are a number of reasons the proprietors of the tower complex prefer to hire people with exceptional memories as concierges. Runealy and Gaofele, in Runealy's company, are let in with no fuss and keyed up to the ultimate floor, and the door with the note tacked on it that says 'USE THIS DOOR' is right in plain view, and also is the only one not locked. And in fact it's standing wide open. Inside, Mamoru is distinctly audible. "I did NOT mix the animal memorybeans in with the jelly belly jar!" he's saying overly loudly. "The jelly beans are SAFE. If you just don't like them you're allowed to SAY so without casting aspersions on my eth--"


A loud crashy clangy thump from overhead.

"Yes fine fine you can go first GOD I'll take the stairs--" he's saying, then, undoubtedly responding to an expression instead of unheard words, and then he appears in front of Rune and Gao in the open apartment door, and he's barefoot and wearing jeans and a t-shirt that says '!ISM' and his hair's sticking up and his glasses are smudged and he looks put out.

Until he sees them, at which point it brightens considerably. "Oh good! I hope you're not hurt-- want to come see what just landed on the roof? It was singing. It might be on fire for all I know. The important thing is that it's not an essay!"

Then he hands Gao a huge plastic jar of jelly beans and runs for the stairs to the roof, henshining overly cheerfully as he goes.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-11-12 05:34:52 60233
Mamoru -- that is, Tuxedo Mask -- is, indeed, not the first reaction to the giant sword hitting the roof.

Bare seconds after the singing girl lands, she is abruptly not alone: a column of shadow swarms out of nowhere in the afternoon sun, shot through with a warm pink energy. It dissipates an instant after, leaving behind a figure dressed in a gray and white uniform and cape. Tall -- almost definitively too tall -- with a mane of bone-white hair, and with both hands raised in a warding gesture, he surveys the roof in a glance ... and finds a girl with not nearly enough metal apparent on her person to explain that sound.

"Is there some trouble?" he asks. Curt enough, but at least nominally polite.
Runealy Waldia 2016-11-12 05:37:07 60234
"Yeah... guess that's something I learned the hard way, but glad I did. You're right, we'll work on that really soon. Maybe even later today or tomorrow if you're up for it," Rune offers to Gao's talk of teamwork. "I had some ideAAH!?" Her sentence is cut off as a blade winds up striking the roof, eyes wide with alarm!

"Summoning Princess' Tiar--- ... no, maybe not?" Rune opts to not complete her transformation - or even truly begin it - as the blade vanishes from her view; she doesn't have the best look at it from below, after all. Especially while indoors, near Mamoru. That he just transformed instead leaves her rather confused, but she nods over to Gaofele and then jogs off to pursue Tuxedo Mask. "I don't think we even had a chance to be hurt, we just wanted to stop by and see you since... well, we'll talk later," there is the matter of heading upstairs to tend to, after all.
Gaofele Doiru 2016-11-12 05:45:37 60237
Gaofele Doiru looks at the jar of jelly beans, then looks in the direction Mamoru ran off in, then looks at Rune and then back to the jar of jelly beans. He blinks a few times, mouthing the words 'animal memorybeans?' with a look of bewilderment.

Well, there's something going on up on the roof to divert attention from jelly beans of uncertain effects. After a brief shake of his head to refocus, Gao heads up the stairs, jar tucked under one arm. If Tuxedo Mask needs backup, the Waldians will be there; if not, they can greet Mamoru as he comes back in.
Tsubasa Kazanari 2016-11-12 05:48:43 60238
Tsubasa points her sword at the indentation in the roof, and the pile of weird grey dust that surrounds it. "There was trouble." She answers Kunzite, keeping her sword in hand just to be sure that there's not going to be any further trouble. Then Mamoru comes up, and she sighs faintly, reducing the sword in size further, to the point where it's just a regularly sized katana, and sticks it down her boot where it disappears. "Some Noise, I took care of it." She keeps humming in between words.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-11-12 05:53:09 60240
And if Tuxedo Mask needs jellybeans, the Waldians currently have that covered as well.

The aforementioned masked boy wearing tails and white tie and a truly magnificent cape makes it to the top of the stairs, looking like a grimly pretty man of action, then sort of jogs to a halt in a mixture of confusion and disappointment. "Dammit," he tells Tsubasa wearily, "except I guess not-dammit. And also thanks. If you want coffee I was going to make a fresh pot in a minute and can just make it now, instead."

He calls back over his shoulder, "Emergency no longer emergent. Coffee is imminent. Cakes need to be thawed because Nephrite stuffed his big damn face with all the ones that weren't frozen because I made him eat a bean." Then he sidesteps, leans, and unceremoniously pulls on Kunzite's sleeve. "You can stop being spooky now."

That all said, he tromps back inside, down the stairs, possibly past the Waldians and possibly behind them instead, and somewhere along the way he loses the henshin.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-11-12 05:58:05 60242
That sword is watched calmly, along with the one wielding it, until Mamoru's appearance confirms Tsubasa's bona fides. It's the pull on his sleeve, though, that causes Kunzite to cast his eyes heavenward for a moment, then incline his head gravely to Tsubasa and turn away as if to follow Mamoru, or to escort her.

By the time he reaches the stairs, the uniform is gone, and he's wearing jeans and a white shirt instead. The top button's undone, and the sleeves rolled up. Presumably he thinks this counts as not spooky.
Runealy Waldia 2016-11-12 05:59:20 60244
Once the group gets to the rooftop, Rune becomes alarmed again. Not because of Tsubasa's shifting blade, but because of Tsubasa herself. "You!?" The princess goes tense, hands and feet shifting into her transformation stance though she doesn't call in her jeweled headwear just yet. "Tell me something... are you still Fate's enemy?" Mamoru's ease about this seems to be stalling her from picking a fight here and now, but Rune is very on guard and worry shows plainly in her eyes.

Enough so that Kunzite is only noticed in her peripheral vision, and does get a tiny nod in acknowledgement. Interestingly, /he/ doesn't bother her; the princess has had mostly positive encounters with him, and may not be wholly aware of his past. With the group heading back inside, she cautiously follows... and looks back to Tsubasa quite often.
Gaofele Doiru 2016-11-12 06:06:53 60247
Well, no immediate threats here, although Gao does watch Tsubasa cautiously... and eyes the jelly beans warily after Mamoru mentions what Nephrite did after eating one. Could be a coincidence, but with questions not yet asked (much less answered), he's going to refrain from eating any of the jelly beans.

(Although, come to think of it, eating a lot of cake isn't that bad of a side effect... well, other than the stomach ache afterwards. But it's usually worth it!)

As they walk back to the apartment proper, the forester glances back towards Tsubasa occasionally, but mostly he keeps his eyes open for anything trying to make a sudden appearance underfoot in Rune's path.
Tsubasa Kazanari 2016-11-12 06:11:20 60248
"I suppose coffee is fine." Tsubasa answers Mamoru as she walks down with the others, notable is that unlike them she's not dropping her henshin, nor has she made any efforts to introduce herself. She keeps a mildly wary eye on the others as well, sudden magically aware people are kind of a warning sign.

"Whose enemy?" Tsubasa asks Rune, seemingly to have no real recollection of the girl. She moves to take a seat, and clarifies, "If it's someone I fought ones, I assume I thought I had good reasons, but it wasn't important enough to stick in my mind, so I can't really call her my enemy."
Mamoru Chiba 2016-11-12 06:26:32 60254
"Fate's a little girl with long blond twintails and a really huge Intelligent Device," Mamoru says over his shoulder on his way into the kitchen -- which, handily, has one of those counter/window jobs that lets people converse while in different rooms. He does, indeed, start making coffee. "Oh, sorry, Gao-san-- you can put the jelly beans down if you want to. Or have some. I swear to god they're storebought and not magic at all. By the way, Rune-chan, everyone in here right now is in Virtue, so you can calm down. I mean, all house rules aside. Which have been formalized. I mean, the neutral ground thing."

Apparently, Mamoru's had too much coffee already, if he's this staccato. Either that or it's in reaction to the essays. "Which! Also! Symphogirl who hasn't given me a name to call her! Rules for the apartment are over there, posted by the door. Do you want cakes? Because I've decided cakes are also better than essays and I'm thawing a batch after all."

Kazuo is acceptably less spooky, since Mamoru has no further comment, only a little sideeye which may or may not be comment.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-11-12 06:31:50 60257
Sideeye from Mamoru is always comment. "I will accept your statement about the candy if and only if you had that jar in your hands or in your sight at all times since it arrived here," Kazuo notes. Solemn. Possibly slightly overly solemn. "Otherwise, I observe that we have three housemates with interesting senses of humor."

All the same, he does not try to retrieve the jar from Gaofele. Or identify himself to Gaofele or Tsubasa, for that matter. He does pace into the kitchen, somehow managing not to get in Mamoru's way, and reach down mugs preemptively. Because coffee.
Runealy Waldia 2016-11-12 06:33:12 60258
"Fate," Rune repeats as if saying the name again would clarify everything. Realizing it might not, she adds: "About ten years old, mostly w--" Mamoru helpfully finishes the description, so Rune ust adds: "She's staying with us," a nod over to Gao to indicate him as the other part of that group, "so this matters. And... wait."

She blinks a few times. "Rules?" A quick glance to the posted sign follows. "...Oh. Well, my question still stands. I need to know." The shoes nonetheless come off once they get closer to the door.

"And... 'jelly beans', huh?" She did wonder what the jar Gaofele had was, and now her gaze wanders over to him. "Why would they even /possibly/ be magic, that it had to be pointed out?" Her tone is one of confusion, not anger; the concept is weird to her.

She also mentions as an aside to Kazuo, "We worked together a while back, didn't we? Tried to help me with the cold...?"
Gaofele Doiru 2016-11-12 06:41:51 60261
Gaofele Doiru sheds his shoes at the doorway, then opens the jar and takes a small handful of jelly beans. He's about to eat one when Kazuo points out the potential for pranks from the housemates. There's a pause...

...which is quickly resolved with a shrug and a munch of a couple of the jelly beans. Hmmm... strawberry, pear, and licorice? Eh, could be worse.

"Well, if science and apothecaries can make medicine that you can eat, why not have magical candy that can also help with things?" the forester points out as he snacks on a more color coordinated trio of jelly beans. Raspberry, grape, and... guess that one was caramel apple. Not quite as dissonant as the last batch!
Tsubasa Kazanari 2016-11-12 06:50:07 60262
"I think I recall her, vaguely. She was assisting someone else, and didn't want to get out of my way, so I did what I had to." Tsubasa answers about Fate vaguely, trying to recall, "Sorry. I've been at this for a while, encounters like that kind of blur together. She's not my enemy, as far as I know." She shrugs mildly, seeming to think of that encounter as no big deal.

"You can call me Sword girl or wielder of Ame no Habakiri. Either works." She answers Mamoru about the identification things, it doesn't seem to be something she's given much thought about. "Or anything really, as long as it doesn't tell people who I really am."
Mamoru Chiba 2016-11-12 07:10:46 60265
"You can be Snake-Sword. We've got a Snake-Staff," suggests Mamoru, casually getting in Kunzite's way as his arms come down, bearing mugs for the coffee. Just as casually, he moves to open the freezer and take out a tray of little cakes-- but it's not in there, and he frowns. So he opens the fridge, and looks at once delighted and contrite. He holds up a finger, then sticks his head out the door on the other end of he kitchen and yells, "I'm sorry I called your face big, Neph, thank you for thawing more cakes!"

Then the new tray comes out and so does cream, and then out of a cupboard comes sugar. "Jelly beans aren't generally magic, and these wouldn't necessarily be to help-- sometime in like April I think? We went after a youma that'd wandered off while D-Point was exploding; it was one that ate memories to sustain itself, and it'd eaten a bunch belonging to Sayaka-- one of the Puella Magi. When we killed it it turned into basically jellybeans. Or marbles that taste like jellybeans. Roughly the same size. You'd be able to tell. They're round. If you look in them you can see flashes of the memory it's made of, and if you eat it, the memory lodges in your head as your own. At some point we're going to go looking for the people that the unidentified memories belong to and return them, but there are a bunch that actually belonged to wild animals of the vast Canadian subarctic."

The coffee, meanwhile, brews altogether too slowly.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-11-12 07:18:18 60267
"We fought together beside Akashimaru, yes," Kazuo answers Runealy. "And earlier, at the department store." He opts not to use the term 'food court' in front of a princess who is not Usagi. The potential for miscommunication seems nonzero.

To Gaofele, he adds, "I trust our housemates not to do anything with memories that would actually belong to a person. I do not trust them not to hunt through the other ones to find stray moments in the lives of aggressively cranky geese. Apparently I am alone in this opinion."

Tsubasa receives a momentary narrow-eyed glance as she names the sword, but Kazuo certainly does not either protest or inquire. Probably 'busy not clocking Mamoru in the head with a mug' is not in fact the reason.
Runealy Waldia 2016-11-12 07:27:34 60269
"Then," Rune finally relaxes, "You're not my enemy either. Calling you 'sword girl' is kind of sad, though. That would be like if I called him," a nod over to Gaofele, "'arrow guy.' He's way more than that. And, Gao? Are those," a point at the jar he's eating from, "any good?"

Mamoru's offered nickname draws some protest; "That's still pretty impersonal, isn't it? If it's a case of hiding who she is, maybe we should figure out a 'real, fake name' for her?"

His explanation about magic jellybeans draws a raised eye, with Rune torn somewhere between impressed, curious, and... once Kazuo chimes in about geese, she might be just confused. "Wow... that's... that's really something. I hope you can get that all figured out."

Now that things have settled down, she nods over to Kazuo once more. "That's right. You tried to help me with how cold it was?" It's toned as a question, but it seems to be recollection in effect.

More helpfully, she decides to fill in a detail: "So, the reason we came by was we wanted to visit. It's not really right that you," she's facing Mamoru, "helped us so much and we haven't even seen you since then, even if we've been busy."
Gaofele Doiru 2016-11-12 07:35:55 60271
Gaofele Doiru pauses at the explanation, then takes a careful look at the jelly beans in his hands. Nope, no spherical ones! "They're tasty, with flavors that seem to be related to the colors they are," he nods to Rune as he offers the jar to her. "Haven't figured out all of the flavors, though."

He looks towards Mamoru as Rune explains the reason for their visit. "Relaxed socializing is always a good idea," Gao adds. "It's late in the fall, but we do have a pergola for having outdoor parties; it's a nice balance between being outside and having a semi-private area to hang out."
Tsubasa Kazanari 2016-11-12 07:39:35 60272
Tsubasa takes one of the cakes and then takes a bite. Rune's objections cause a shrug, "Sword-girl is fine. After all, I am a Sentinel and thus I am nothing but a sword." She doesn't really seem to care one way or the other. The other things that are brought up seem to go a little past her, maybe socializing is not her strong suit? Kunzite's eye-narrowing causes her to return the favour.
Mamoru Chiba 2016-11-12 07:53:05 60274
"Look," Mamoru tells Kazuo, tilting his head down to give the taller boy frontal side-eye, or, the effect of an irritated librarian on the hush prowl. "You can tell which ones are somebody else's marbles and which ones are jelly beans, okay. It's not like when you were a rock."

Then he glares at the coffee as though irritated librarians could cause cofffee to brew faster. Then he can't help it, he smiles a little bit, more reserved than he's been this entire encounter but no less full for all its subtlety; the smile's turned Runealy's way. He's quiet for a moment, then, listening. The smile occasionally twitches, betraying various flavors of amusement at different things she says.

Finally, with smile gone faintly crooked and infinitely affectionate, "I've had a similar conversation with another friend recently. Just because we see each other less doesn't mean we're lesser friends for it. We both know if we need the other, we'll be there, and you are always welcome here." Then his eyes twinkle. "You've been following the house rules since long before they were posted, after all. But," the prince adds, holding up a hand, then moving it to start to pour coffee into mugs. Coincidentally, he is entirely in the way of anyone who might want to access the counter from behind him, and he's left the coffee condiments on the other counter.

"I've been busy too," he finishes. Doesn't quite finish. "College entrance exams are coming up in January, and I want to test out of as much as possible above and beyond the course credits I have. Plus there's a Sailor Earth running around in a fuku that looks like my tuxedo, causing trouble. If you run into her, by the way, and she calls herself Chiba, that's fine, I let her. But don't let her get away with anything shady, she doesn't have a pass to be evil."

Mamoru starts pushing the mugs to the far side, and grins at Gaofele. "You can have all the licorice ones. They're why those can't be eaten in moonlight. All the other darker colors look the same as them. And-- that sounds great! Invite away. Meanwhile, any time we have a roof party, you've also got a standing invitation.

It's a half second later that he processes what Tsubasa said, and he blinks, then looks at Rune with wide eyes. "Yeah get on that fake-real-name thing, stat. We don't know each other nearly enough for me to give her what for, over that." So rude! Talking about Tsubasa in front of her.
Kazuo Takeba 2016-11-12 08:04:36 60275
He tried to help Rune with how cold it was? "Yes." Kazuo does not elaborate on why any such help might have been necessary in the last six months or so. Rune knows; that's apparently enough. Tsubasa doesn't even collect a 'yes' out loud, so much as a nod of his head in her direction. Someone here sides with her on name requirements. And probably on skill at socializing, given that he lapses into quiet marred only by such details as frowning slightly at the mention of this Sailor Earth, and lending a hand if useful on the distribution of thawed cakes and coffee-related items. Occasionally around Mamoru.

(Argument with Mamoru is also postponed temporarily. That or Mamoru actually won. Odds of postponement, high.)
Runealy Waldia 2016-11-12 08:06:51 60276
"What!?" Rune stares at Tsubasa, voice high and near-gasping at that self-description. "Nothing but a sword!? Where would you get that idea?" She does idly reach over to try out the snack Gao just offered, managing a "thanks" to him, but she's clearly rattled by what Tsubasa just said.

Mamoru then dumps a lot of information on her. Some of it is touching, and met with: "Never thought you were 'less of a friend.' You're part of why I'm standing here, you know. An entrance exam, though? That sounds like a pretty big deal," though her understanding of the concept of 'exam' is rather skewed, "so I hope you do good on it. If I can help...?" Her voice trails off, leaving the offer implied. "And what do you mean about someone having your name and outfit, but not allowed to... what?" That last word is just sheer confusion on her part."

Finally, she pops a few jelly beans in to try them out, chewing, gaze lowering in consideration... and as she does, she adds a quick "well, thank you," to Kazuo's confirmation he helped back then.
Gaofele Doiru 2016-11-12 08:19:41 60277
Gaofele Doiru munches on a few jelly beans (chocolate, mango, popcorn?) as he considers what Mamoru said. "Maybe I should go on a few more patrols so I can meet this 'Sailor Earth'," he murmurs with a thoughtful expression. "Because I'm pretty sure that this will make much more sense if I see her myself."

He grins at the confirmation of mutual party invites. A party would be a good way to invite people over; all that's needed is a good reason to have a party! Other than just 'hey, we felt like having a party'; a first party should have a more notable cause for celebration. Hmmm, party planning...

And naming the insistently unnamed sword-wielding girl. Priorities, priorities.
Tsubasa Kazanari 2016-11-12 08:26:38 60278
"I've been doing this for a long time, people die when I don't take this seriously." Tsubasa defends her own words, and doesn't seem remotely interested in being given 'what for' Instead, she takes a sip out of her coffee and looks down, "Don't let me distract you from your discussions of mutual friendship."
Runealy Waldia 2016-11-12 08:41:58 60279
"At least one world, and possibly world/s/, plural," she stressed that last syllable, "die if I don't take it seriously. I still call my friends by their names, not 'arrow' or 'sword' or 'thing to use for my benefit'," Rune comments to Tsubasa in a sudden show of seriousness. "So it's fine if you have a name. A real name, even if it's a 'fake' name to protect your secrets."

Then she consciously steps over to be as close-to-beside Gao as possible, nodding to the party offer. "I'm in. We can figure out the 'why' pretty easily, anyway." This thought has her easing up some, despite the sudden remark to Tsubasa.
Gaofele Doiru 2016-11-12 08:46:39 60280
Gaofele Doiru nods, his thoughts focusing on the probable upcoming party. He snags a few more jelly beans from the jar and pops them into his mouth, chewing on them as he chews on ideas. Root beer, sour apple, coconut, lemon-flavored nighttime flight on silent wings leading to a triumphant stoop onto an unsuspecting rodent, and banana...

He halts for a moment, distracted by a mental double-take. " that's what it's like to be an owl," he finally says as he swallows the 'beans.