Earth, Moon, Crown

'Sailor Earth' arrives at the Crown and engages in a short conversation with 'Bunny'.

Date: 2016-12-23
Pose Count: 26
Takashi Agera 2016-12-23 00:53:25 64493
It's a calm, quiet day in Tokyo when a girl in her late teens walks through the doors of the Game Center Crown. She strolls with her head up high, and other people seem to subconsciously shift out of her way, without her saying anything. Those that don't, seem to think better of it when she turns those blue eyes on them, blue like the ocean water in a storm.

But she turns and spies a pair of odangos sitting in one of the booths, facing away from her - that very unique hairstyle. And so, she makes her way down to the booth, putting her hand just behind the girl's head on the top of the booth.

"Hey, it's my Bunny. Are your friends not around today?" The words are said more curiously than threateningly, but it might be easy to misconstrue. "Mind if I sit?"
Sailor Moon 2016-12-23 01:07:09 64495
Usagi had taken to the Crown shortly after school. With no detention, she had about an hour or so before people started expecting her places. This includes her parents.

(After all, days she doesn't have detention warrant an hour of free time in their eyes. A sort of reward for not getting in trouble.)

Of course, this does mean her face is busy eating food.

She jumps at the new voice, a bit startled, and looks up at the girl with full cheeks and a few fries poking out of her mouth. Saved from speaking right away, she nods, twintails bobbing up and down as she gestures across from her.

It's weird. She hasn't really forgotten about Sailor Earth. That staticky buzz of a store brand bond is still there, of course, it just became sort of background noise, especially in comparrison to the real thing.

"Mff mmof mmph mmoomph?"

Where have you been, for those who don't speak Usagi With Her Mouth Full. Or it could be How have you been? Usagi's not really sure herself, truth be told.
Takashi Agera 2016-12-23 01:18:17 64496
'Mamoru' or is it 'Minori' or is it 'Off-Brandoru?' shrugs her shoulders a bit. "I don't know if that's a yes or a no or what, but I'm going to take it as one?" she says. She almost moves to sit directly next to Usagi but thinks better of it, stopping midway and sliding herself around to sit across from her.

"You haven't changed much from what I remember." She traces one of her long, thin fingers on the table in a circle. "Once you get that chewed and swallowed, tell me what's good here so I can order something, otherwise I'm gonna steal yours."

She leans back a bit. "Then we'll talk. I've got questions, I'm sure you've got questions."
Sailor Moon 2016-12-23 01:24:06 64497
Usagi nods again and feels a brief flair of discomfort when the girl moves to sit by her, then relaxes when the opposite booth is chosen. She blinks, though, because aside from the past, when has she supposedly known the girl?

She swallows a bit too soon and has to tap her chest to help the food down and then she's glugging down on her soda. (Ice cream smoothies later!)

After panting a bit, she pulls out the menu and points at things. "If you lke burgers, this one's yummy! So is this one! If you want fries, the plain ones are good, but I like these, the loaded ones. If you like salad, I hear this one is good, but it has carrot shreds in it, yuck."

She flips the page and circles the entirety of the 'ice cream smoothie' portion of the menu. "And all of these have their own merit."

And then she shifts a bit. "And, um, yes. Questions." Hopefully she'll remember those questions by the time food's been eaten.
Takashi Agera 2016-12-23 01:34:15 64498
The black-haired girl waves over a waiter and somewhat emphatically orders the burger Usagi indicated. And a double chocolate 'ice cream smoothie'.

Then she leans over and looks... probably a little bit too intently into Usagi's eyes for the other girls' real comfort. "So... do you not remember me at all? Because I remember you. Intently. And I feel a connection to you, a really... strong one. Powerful. I know you must feel it too."
Sailor Moon 2016-12-23 01:38:44 64499
She leans back a bit in shock by the sudden intensity. "Um...huh?"

She'd thought it would come after eating food, not after ordering it!

She shakes her head to clear it and relaxes, leaning her elbows a bit on the table.

She shrugs. "I don't. I mean, there's a bunch of stuff I don't remember. What I do is kinda like I'm a bit disconnected from it. Like, I know it happened, but it doesn't feel like me."

She shrugs. And then shifts a little. "Well, I mean, there's a static. It's not quite like Mamo-chan's, though."
Takashi Agera 2016-12-23 01:45:56 64500
It's at this that her eyes narrow and her look becomes a lot more hostile. She's certainly stolen that aggrieved nobility look from the 'other Mamoru', looking haughty and offended and mad. Her fist almost hits the table but she slows it down and it just makes a soft thud. "Bunny, can't you see? I'm your Mamo-chan. That other one is a fake. He's like a leech, I can feel him stealing from me to do his little performance."

"He's the reason you feel static in our bond, like somebody listening in on a conversation that doesn't belong to them!"

"I don't even know if you remember what happened. If you remember the past, and the way they came and took everything from us."
Sailor Moon 2016-12-23 01:54:09 64501
Usagi isn't so discreet with her emotions. She wears them on her sleeve.

She does, however, manage to keep her voice low.

She leans forward, eyes angry but also filled with tears. "Don't you talk about him that way. Don't you dare. At the end of the day, to me, it's this life that matters. And he loves me. He would have chosen me. And what I feel for him isn't fake. I killed him once, and even though it wasn't him, the heartbreak I felt is still real, even a year later."

Her eyes grow sad. "I don't know what you think or know is real. And I wouldn't dream of telling you that what you're feeling isn't. If he's doing this to you, I know for a fact he doesn't even know."
Takashi Agera 2016-12-23 01:59:47 64502
The continued scaling up of emotions is, perhaps luckily, interrupted by the arrival of food. The aggression that might've come out in her voice or tone is instead directed at the innocent hamburger, resulting in the girl turning those stormy blue eyes to the food, and attacking it with an aggression that wouldn't be out of place with her friend Kyouko.

Most of the hamburger is gone before she looks up. "Okay, what if there was some guy going around with your name, using your powers, acting all self-righteous even when you knew they were living a lie? How would you feel? Even staying away from all of the business of you and him, just look at it from my perspective."

"I went through so much only to have it stolen by someone who..." and the last of the hamburger vanishes in one shark-snap bite.
Sailor Moon 2016-12-23 02:06:05 64503
Watching the girl eat is probably like Usagi watching herself eat in a mirror. She sips on her own smoothie as the girl eats.

"I'd feel sad. Maybe even hurt. Angry, of course. That's why I didn't slap you."

Prim and proper, she sips at her smoothie some more.

"But to him, he's Mamoru Chiba. To everyone who knows him, he's Mamoru Chiba. To him, it's not a lie. To him, he's Endymion and Mamoru both."

She takes a breath. "What is it you remember?"

Her hand fiddles at her wrist a bit. After all, she's pretty sure this girl wouldn't be fun if she gets too cranky and Usagi's all alone.
Takashi Agera 2016-12-23 02:15:27 64504
"Well, maybe he hit his head and got the lie confused with the truth." It's a bit snappy, but she sighs. "I mean that seriously. I'll even buy that he might not know that he's wrong. But I would think that he'd at least FEEL it. If I feel him tugging on my spirit, he's gotta feel himself pulling?"

"I remember a kingdom. A kingdom I protected. And then it was ripped away from me by theives. And when I lost it, I lost the person I loved." Her fists clench tightly, and she's looking very intently at the fries. "That was a long time ago, though. Now I'm just trying to take back what's mine."
Sailor Moon 2016-12-23 02:25:40 64505
Usagi's a bit snappy back. "Gee, how dare he get in a car crash when he was six and lose both his memory and parents all in one go. How rude of him." But 'Minori' is giving a little leeway, so Usagi relents a little. "He may, I don't know. He may but not even realize it."

Is it okay to even think of her as Minori? That's Mamoru's girl name, after all...

"If it involves hurting Mamo-chan or other people, I'll have to stop you." There isn't a 'try' there. After all, the last two people who messed with Mamoru are now dead. Okay, she had help with Beryl, who was also trying to destroy the planet, and Fiore sacrificed himself so that she might live, right after realizing he was trying to destroy the planet... Still! It's a record of sorts! "If it doesn't, I can try to help."

She leans forward and places her hand over the girl's, a peace offering of sorts.
Takashi Agera 2016-12-23 02:39:56 64506
And then 'Minori's' hand comes and rests over Usagi's. "I'm sorry Bunny, I really am. I know how much you care for... well, anybody who crosses your path." she says with a half smile. "But he's suffocating me, and that's why I have to do things that you don't like, things you don't approve of."

"It's like a vine wrapping around a tree or another plant. Slowly draining it of life, of nutrients, squeezing me to death like a coiled snake. Stealing my energy just like a monster, only over time and more persistently. That's why I have to take it from others. I mean, these are my people, the people of the Earth, but I can't protect them if I let him squeeze the life out of me."

"I think he's invested too much into his energy, into the energy of his bodyguards, that I can't keep moving on my own without stealing too. His actions have made me into a monster just like the ones I, we - used to fight together..."

"I wish you could see him for what he is. And see me for what I am."
Sailor Moon 2016-12-23 02:47:06 64507
As Earth talks, Usagi's eyes grow wider. At the end, she jerks her hand away. "I see him perfectly. Sometimes he's the only thing I can see clearly."

She studies Earth, eyes darting here and there, trying to find visible proof that this woman is a fake. "If you truly feel that way, that these are your people, you'd find another way."

Usagi very much does not recall fighting monsters in her past life. That isn't what she did. Curious. And suspicious.
Takashi Agera 2016-12-23 03:11:31 64508
Earth's face screws up in a distinctly disgusted way when Usagi jerks her hand away. It sticks for a moment, but slowly fades away. "Usagi - Bunny - Princess... whatever name I call you by, there's so much more meaning in it than just the name." She sighs.

"If there was another way..." she starts polishing off her french fries in between phrases "...I'd have found it. If not for them, or for me, than for you. I know how you feel about seeing people suffer."

"And I try to make it gentle, and make sure the only people who I pull from are the kinds who deserve it. Punks, thugs, the kind of people who could use a week of bed rest to think about the way they act."

"But I'm not going to let him usurp my name, my powers... think about it. Do any of the other planets have a BOY defending them? I saw the other girls, I know you know he's literally the odd man out."

"I'm... it's hard to say. Because... it's so obvious to me. And so frustrating that I seem so far from you, even sitting right here - that there is that static." She clenches her hand again and a sort of energy radiates out from her for just a moment. But it's distinctly not dark energy - it's a strange energy, blue, distinct, and gone just as fast as it appeared.
Sailor Moon 2016-12-23 03:26:00 64510
Usagi shifts in her seat. She supposes that, really, whatever name it is is okay so long as it's not Usako. She scratches behind her ear. "What kind of meaning? You hint a lot at things, but how do I know what they are?"

"But when we first met, there were cops..." She huffs and sighs. "And just because they got in the way doesn't mean that's a good excuse! It's their job, you know!"

She rolls her eyes a bit. "And I already suggested an alternative." It's much better than normal people being drained. "Nobody likes the idea. I think they're afraid you'd drain me all up."

An offended gasp escapes her! "He's not usurping anyone! Mamo-chan's a boy because the girls were chosen because they were also princesses! If they were boys, it would have been awkward! For an advanced society, they weren't completely forward thinking!" It makes sense to her.

She shrugs at the girl. "I'm still right here. Sometimes the distance between people is imagined."
Takashi Agera 2016-12-23 03:36:57 64511
Another slap of her palms on the table and another little sparkle of that blue energy, this time tinged with a very familiar gold. "I was dying at the time, Usagi!" she hisses out, like she's trying so hard not to yell, before she quickly leans back and suddenly it's like a switch was flipped and all of her emotions are now under her control again.

"I don't even like the idea. You shouldn't have to be drained just because of him. I mean... the people of Earth shoulder more responsibility than you do, Rabbit of the Moon - they are my people and can protect me perhaps until I can properly protect you."

"He's a boy because he's not the proper guardian of the Earth. Maybe you've grown attached to him, but that much is true. That's why I'm Sailor Earth and he still can't use THAT name at least."

"You're right here, but you said it yourself. There's that static in our bond. We should be so much closer than mere physical proximity can ever be."
Sailor Moon 2016-12-23 03:49:14 64512
She jumps a bit at the slap. Her eyes are angry and hurt at being yelled at. There may even be a little lip wibble. "That still doesn't excuse using them as shields!"

Still a bit sulky, she slumps down and crosses her arms over her chest. "Yeah, well, I like the idea of it better than innocent people being drained. They don't have a choice, I do."

Although at the moment, she's being more stubborn about holding her ground than actually wanting to do it...

And more frustration! Her arms come from her chest so she can throw her hands up in the air. "Who cares why he's a boy? He's always been there, even when we didn't know each other!" She taps to her chest. "If you're who you say you are, where was your static last year? Where have you been? And my parents don't need an actual bond!"
Takashi Agera 2016-12-23 04:01:06 64513
"Agh!" she says, in a moment of sheer frustration echoing usagi's. In fact, her hands go up in the air too. It doesn't look like she's mocking Usagi so much as just sharing some mannerisms. "It's not about him being a boy, it's about..." she pauses and then sings "one of these things is not like the others! There is a pattern here!"

"I only just figured out who I am recently, I spent most of my life lying in a friggin' hospital bed with doctors swarming around me trying to figure out what's wrong!" she snaps, that storm in the ocean of her eyes again.

"And then when I finally get my head on straight something's still choking the damn life out of me! So yeah, I do things I wish I didn't have to do." Then her voice becomes small. "Maybe it would've been better if I was still in that hospital not knowing, but that's not the case anymore."
Sailor Moon 2016-12-23 04:08:02 64514
"But it's okay that one of these things is not like the others! And all the Shitennou are boys! Maybe Earth is just weird, I don't know!"

Well, this does explain why the girl's not the best people person ever...

And why she's so angry and bitter...

Watery eyes, meet wibbling lips. Crying Princess: Activate. "T-that's n-not w-what I-I-I meeeeeeant!"


"I'm s-s-s-sorry!"

Takashi Agera 2016-12-23 04:17:05 64515
And 'Mamoru' or 'Sailor Earth' or whatever she actually is promptly goes into a bit of spazz on her own. "No, no, please don't cry, Bunny!" she says, her hands kind of flailing out. Like she doesn't know what to do. "I just want to make you understand but I don't know how because I'm still trying to figure it out myself and it's been hard for me but I didn't mean to make you cry I'm just frustrated." she tries to explain in one long run-on sentence.

Then she gets up and looks down, some of her long hair falling in front of her face as she grips the edge of the table with both hands. "I'm sorry. I thought this would help but it isn't helping anything at all, is it. I didn't want to make you cry. That's the last thing I wanted. I just wanted you to understand. I wanted you back."
Sailor Moon 2016-12-23 04:24:02 64516
Sniffle, sniffle, crying still!

But this is Usagi, and real or not, the girl does remind her of Mamoru. (If she tilts her head and squints sometimes, but still.)

And a distressed Mamoru, real or not, is one to be hugged.

So, scoot scoot out of the booth, scurry, cling hug.

And even a girl, not!Mamoru's still tall...

"I d-don't know what to do. But Mamo-chan is Mamo-chan, you can't get me to stop loving him!"
Takashi Agera 2016-12-23 04:32:33 64517
"But he's not..." she says as she leans into the hug, putting her chin on Usagi's shoulders. (She's very tall!) And keeping her face away from the girl, and her cameras, allowing her to drop the facade for a moment and have a more sinister grin. But it doesn't change her sad sounding voice. "I'm Mamo-chan. I should be your Mamo-chan. I don't know who that guy is and maybe he doesn't know either but I know he's not me!"

She hugs Usagi into a tight squeeze for just a moment before stepping away. "I'm sorry I made you upset. I guess it isn't time for this yet. You don't understand yet." she says as she's back to her sad face and heading for the door.
Sailor Moon 2016-12-23 04:36:25 64518
More sniffling. A bit of frustration sneaks into her sniffle. "I don't even know what it is I'm supposed to get! I already told you my thoughts on things, but you just leave me more confused than before!"
Takashi Agera 2016-12-23 04:39:46 64519
"I hope it'll make sense for you sooner than later, Bunny, but I'll understand if it doesn't. Just try not to hate me too much." she says, before suddenly and sharply walking out of the Crown, turning towards an alley, and vaulting to a rooftop out of sight.
Sailor Moon 2016-12-23 04:44:09 64520
Usagi blinks. Then blinks some more.

Finally, she holds up the communicator. "Well, she left, and I'm confused."

There is a soft snort over the line.

"I's just...I mean, I was..."

Luna sighs again over the thing. "I don't even know if I shouldn't just summarize things and tell them what I heard, or let them listen to it."

Usagi blinks again. "What? Why? Nothing happened, we just talked."

Usagi can almost hear her feline companion facepaw.