Must Be Tuesday

Mamoru gets the cool-dad version of the grounded talk from Neph, and then people come back from fighting a witch with a lot of pieces missing and everything gets Very Emergency.

Date: 2017-01-08
Pose Count: 46
Mamoru Chiba 2017-01-08 04:00:36 66496
The totally grounded Prince of the Earth has been trying not to overtly look like anything is amiss. He's mostly been succeeding, as far as visitors go, but those who see him all the time -- see interactions, see the subtle differences in how he moves, in how he looks -- yeah no, there's definitely Stuff. Which is why Nephrite went to ask Zoisite what the hell happened. And it's not just 'Zoisite is steadfastly ignoring Mamoru or leaving the room when he enters it and then Mamoru looks sad and then stoic'.

It's also Mamoru being unusually quiet when he's around and not many other people are. It's also Mamoru being more tactile and in reach of Kunzite than normal even when other people are around. It's also Kunzite being more tactile with him when other people are around, which is much more unusual, and Mamoru watching Kunzite with concern when Kunzite happens to be looking elsewhere.

Right now? When, if alone, Mamoru would normally be reading, or reading and listening to music, he's not doing either. He's not doing anything. He's curled up in a corner of Nephrite's living room, not his own or Jadeite's, and not the fancy fancy living room of Kunzite and Zoisite's. He has a book, but it's closed and held in one hand on his knee, and his glasses are dangling from the hand that's propping up his face, elbow on the arm of the couch.

He's just looking out at the overcast sky.

He's wearing the ugly brown hoodie again, too.
Nephrite 2017-01-08 04:28:15 66504
The presence of anybody unbidden in Nephrite's living room is unusual, and not only because the mishmash of expensive gothic-style furniture and half-assed shelving made of crates puts some people off. Mostly, nobody wants to stumble across him naked.

When he becomes aware of the prince's proximity, Nephrite makes a detour for his kitchen. He's got a stash of chocolate chip Mako-cookies hidden away in a sealed container, and he did not really plan to share them. He plops the open container down on the coffee table. "So." He grabs a cookie off the pile and gestures with it. "Good book?"
Mamoru Chiba 2017-01-08 04:33:21 66506
Mamoru glances up at Neph, automatically putting the book aside, then realizing his glasses are in his hand, and unfolding from the corner of the couch with a smile so he can put book and glasses down on the coffee table (and also snake a couple of cookies). "Eh. I liked it in the beginning but it slowed down and I think the writer lost track of where he was going. I'm probably not going to finish it," he says, then crams a cookie and a half in his mouth and gets blissy for a second, it's easy to tell. "Can't concentrate anyway, Kunzite's in a fight in a Labyrinth."
Nephrite 2017-01-08 04:51:23 66510
Nephrite visibly shudders at the mention of a labyrinth. "Gross. No wonder you can't concentrate." Good thing he thought to bring out the cookies, then.

He shoves an entire cookie into his mouth. "Sho," he asks around cookie, "Zoi filled me in on why he's pissed off. You're like, super grounded." His tone is still casual, not at all accusatory. "I take it you and Kunzite worked things out."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-01-08 05:00:10 66512
It's kind of fascinating; Nephrite can see Mamoru shut down a little more. Not shut down as in 'shut Neph out', but just 'stop pretending everything is fine'. He does look away a little, chewing the cookie more slowly, then swallowing, and hanging out with half a delicious cookie in his hand; he also draws himself up into the corner of the couch again. "Yeah. And yeah. I'm not sure how long Zoi is going to be pissed at me, but he gets as long as he wants because I really deserve it this time."

He lets out an abbreviated sigh, puffing his hair up out of his eyes at the end, and glances sidelong at Neph from under where it falls back. "Kunzite's not mad at me anymore. I promised never to do it again. And I meant it." Then Mamoru starts fussing with the end of his sleeve, one-handed, because there's chocolate chip melting on his other hand; he looks down at it absently. "Zoisite told me it wouldn't just hurt me. And I figured I could block out the sensations and avoid that. But it wasn't the actual pain. Kunzite's not mad but he's still hurt, and I can't fix it."
Nephrite 2017-01-08 05:21:32 66516
"Well," Nephrite looks at him, still not a hard look, not angry, and he still wears a bit of a smile. "You know why they got freaked out, right? They already worry, all the time, about your safety. And then things like that happen, and it's like... " he contemplates the cookie pile for a moment, "it feels a bit like you aren't as concerned about your own safety. And that scares them to death."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-01-08 05:23:57 66517
'Them'. Mamoru glances up again, expression wry. 'Them', yeah right. "I'm sorry," he says quietly. "And I figured that out, yeah. But there's not a lot I can do about that part except show you guys I'm actually sorry and mean it when I say I won't do it again, then wait for you all to see it proven true."
Nephrite 2017-01-08 05:44:49 66518
Of course them. Of course Nephrite isn't on the list of people scared to death by the idea of Mamoru putting himself in danger. Of course he did not bring him cookies just to talk about this very thing. That was just a coincidence, obviously.

"Good," he says lightly. "Apology accepted." He leans forward and gives Mamoru a punch on the arm. "Just stop forgetting that people need you. And eat that Makocookie before it melts all over your hand."

He swipes up another one for himself. "Zoi will come around. Give him some time. And space. And maybe some flowers."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-01-08 06:09:12 66520
Neph leans forward and punches his arm, and Mamoru huffs out an amused-annoyed laugh. He jams the cookie-half in his mouth and licks his fingers off, then hauls himself sideways all of a sudden, sprawling messily on Nephrite in a big stupid hug. He chews fast and swallows, then props himself up on Nephrite like he's a cat that thinks it's not heavy. "I don't forget people need me. I did honestly think it would be okay, that safety measures were in place, that it would be fine. Then Kunzite told me what the effects could have been, and... yeah. I'll actually maybe listen?? when multiple people tell me a thing is a terrible idea??? Maybe. In the future. Probably a good idea, right?"

His gaze slides sideways, and then he looks Resolved at Nephrite and rolls away from him, splatted in the corner of the couch again, looking less norose than he did when Neph called him out on it all. "I'll do my best instead of my worst." Another puff of breath to get his hair out of his face, and he reaches over to get his glasses and put them back on. "So hey what kind of flowers do you think...? From me roses are probably pretty cheap..."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-01-09 00:40:03 66573
(Kunzite is in the labyrinth, that faint background connection distorted and strange.)

(Kunzite is out of the labyrinth, settled into the real world. Perhaps two minutes pass like that. A minute and a half.)

(Kunzite is, abruptly, close by.)

He manifests in the renovated living room, where the carpet that soaked up so much of Fiore's alien blood has been replaced by flooring designed for moments like this. He lays Mercury down, tucking her knees up and positioning her by a couch to keep them that way, doing what little he can to help her body stem the bleeding. Then he's moving -- a communicator would technically be faster still, but it requires fine manipulation, and there's only so much more of that he's going to be able to do just now. Checking one room after another, letting his voice carry ahead of him. "ENDY!"

That is not a form of Mamoru's older name that he has used in this lifetime, at least not where Nephrite could ever hear.

But it's faster than three syllables, much faster than four.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-01-09 00:48:57 66578
(Mamoru's lingering tension resolved that minute and a half ago, while he was being obnoxiously huggy at Nephrite--)

(--and they're talking what kind of flowers he should get Zoisite--)

And then Kunzite's very close and there's something he literally never expected to hear reverberating through the apartments like that. He scrambles to his feet and goes running, and even faster than words, Kunzite can feel the prince shouldering his way into their connection and demanding an image of 'how bad' but he's already running for the tiles, if Kunzite's voice sounds like that.

Of course he doesn't do anything useful like yell out loud, but obviously Kunzite sounds like that so anyone who's home will probably go running in the same direction.
Nephrite 2017-01-09 00:57:24 66581
It's a study in contrasts, that Nephrite is interrupted from talk of flowers by shout. "Purple hyacinths are really better if you want to apologize, but since it's Zoi, pink is--"

Kunzite's shout. Mamoru is running. Nephrite scrambles after him. Flowers can wait.
Ami Mizuno 2017-01-09 01:04:28 66583
As she's laid near the couch, the fuku'd figure of Sailor Mercury lets out a soft croak of pain--the first sound she's made since crumpling to the ground in the midst of calling on her powers. She's slightly less dead weight than she was earlier, but the croak turns into a groan, and it's clear that consciousness is near, and her pain level is high.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-01-09 01:05:52 66584
-- that's running. Kunzite turns toward the sound, and steps sideways out of the direct line. As Mamoru makes it to the hall, Nephrite on his heels: "The damned Witch put a claw through Mercury." (It's on his internal checklist, now: always pre-warn their Prince about gut wounds.) "I'm going back for Kyouko and Naru. They'll be fine."

By certain standards of fine.

He vanishes from the hall and reappears in the alley, with the usual relatively subdued lightshow. Darkshow. "Do you have the Seed?" he asks, even as he's reorienting on the two girls, gathering himself. He may not be injured, but that fight took a good deal more out of him than was at first apparent.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-01-09 01:09:36 66586
    Apatite is right where she was when Kunzite teleported out, although she's managed to get to her feet in the interim, though obviously only with Naru's assistance. The two are leaning heavily on each other to remain upright, and Apatite's left arm is still hanging useless at her side (she has the other one around Naru's shoulders, because otherwise one or both of them would be back on the ground.)

    "Naru has it." She says, her voice still weak and tight with a fair amount of pain, though her injures are far from life-threatening, especially for a Puella. "Do you.. can you get us back? We can.. always take the long route if it'd stretch you too thin."

    I mean, riding the bus in henshin is kind of a Faux Pass, but she ain't gonna be super-leaping tonight and her bus pass is in her jeans pocket..
Naru Osaka 2017-01-09 01:13:24 66589
The pair really haven't gone far, and Hyalite nods at the mention of having the grief seed, even if it is not immediately visible. Her jacket has pockets. Mmmm. Pockets.

The degree of faking it required to appear to be /fine/ while being propped up and propping up Apatite is pretty much master level faking it, and there's cracks and ripples of not /quite/ managing it. The fact that she doens't actually look like she wishes to put any weight on her right leg is mostly hidden. Mostly.

"Please dont make yourself fall over, Kunzite, but I can give you energy if you need it." Hyalite's already reaching for her sketchbook and the drawings within.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-01-09 01:17:27 66591
Gut wound. Yes. Prewarnings are extremely useful. "Check," Mamoru calls back over his shoulder, seeing something in Kunzite's stance that matches what was in his yelling voice, and filing it away. Still running--

--and then there's bursting into the apartment, and Mamoru's rucking off his hoodie and overshirt, because there's no sense in more laundry. There's just an Eevee staring at Ami from Mamoru's t-shirt as he slides over to her on his knees. "Neph, blood loss. I know Zoi's not talking to me but maybe you can ask him--? Also can you get me some gravol, if they're injured too we might need to take this goat rodeo to the palaces."

And then hands, and at least the pain isn't too bad for Ami anymore: that healing of his handles the anesthesia first. And Mamoru swallows, but he's going to be okay, really, because Ami needs him to be. And he's been studying for entrance exams, so he's seen even more of this--

"Hey," he says softly, "quit moving around. Guts are serious business. There was this one episode of M*A*S*H with tea and peritonitis..." And it's carefully he's shifting things back where they go, putting in energy to do it, upping the energy, mending tissue and bone.
Nephrite 2017-01-09 01:26:52 66594
Gravol, check. Quick text to Zoi, check. Nephrite dashes off to grab the remarkably well-stocked first aid kit. He takes a detour to grab the ugliest towel in the bathroom, and seconds later he's kneeling beside Mamoru, pulling open the first aid kit. Gauze and towel for mopping up blood. The Gravol he pulls out first and dumps two pills into his hand, getting them ready to hand them off in a hurry. "Zoi's been notified, no idea if he'll answer. Ready to jump when you need it."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-01-09 01:29:00 66596
"I can manage," Kunzite answers Kyouko. Then amends, at Naru's offer, "But it would help."

(It would also hurt like hell, at the moment, but he doesn't add that part; that's insignificant compared to not increasing Mamoru's stress even further by arriving and instantly dropping out of henshin. The Witch breaking through his shield didn't look like anything impressive, from the outside. From the inside ... well.)
Ami Mizuno 2017-01-09 01:29:26 66597
Mercury's groan lessens significantly when Mamoru begins channeling energy into her. She winces, eyes flickering a little in uncertainty, then reaches up go gently grab his hands. Her grip is weak, and she lets go again almost immediately.

"I don't have a morphine addiction."

She speaks, and apparently she remembers the episode in question, at least somewhat. She coughs, then grimaces and tries to move less.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-01-09 01:34:50 66599
    "If you're sure." Apatite says, glancing sideways at Hyalite as she offers to lend Kunzite some energy. She doesn't protest though- if Hyalite thinks she has the energy to spare, Apatite trusts her to do so.

    With the other girl's help, she shuffle-limps over to Kunzite, nodding her head and sucking in a breath. "Ready when you are. Gonna need some Cubes when we get there." She gestures to the Soul Gem mounted prominantly on her chest- it's mostly black, with some red showing through around the outer rim- which is slowly decreasing as her body rebelliously attempts to heal her broken arm without her position. It's not critical-OMG depleted, but it will get there unless she gets some Cubes relatively soon. Hyalite has the Grief Seed, but Apatite has already told her that she'd rather save that for a greater emergency, if they're able to.
Naru Osaka 2017-01-09 01:36:06 66600
"You get the crappy drawings, or you can grab from me directly, whatever is easier." Naru comments as she offers her sketchbook out to Kunzite for his draining pleasure once they've made their way to him.

There's not really any crappy drawings, per se, but there's experimental doodles that don't benefit from being shoved /chock full/ of energy.

It's almost like Naru has possibly, just maybe, considered this scenario before this point. Possibly.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-01-09 01:50:19 66608
Mamoru laughs a little at Ami's comment, and-- hey. Hey. Her guts are actually both human guts and not fighting his energy. They're actively doing what he expects them to. It's still a lot of energy, but Mamoru's not wearing himself out, and he's staying right there with Ami and her lack of morphine addiction and Neph and his dependability and "Are those-- those are my towels. We're getting black towels for this bathroom," he says, glancing sidelong, then actually legit just opening his mouth and eyeing the pills in Neph's hand. After all, his own are bloody.

Whether or not Neph actually drops them in his mouth and he dry-swallows them, the next thing out of his mouth is to Ami. "You're going to have to hang out here until we can make sure you get replacement blood, okay? But that's fine, we have a zillion guest rooms and books." And she's already passing out again. "Actually Neph-- comm Kunzite, tell him to take them straight to the palaces, we'll go there in a second. If you carry Mercury I'll get there myself. Almost done enough for stability."
Nephrite 2017-01-09 02:02:05 66610
Nephrite grins. "I am doing you a favor by ridding you of these. Why do they even make lavender towels?"

Mamoru opens his mouth at Neph like a baby bird. Nephrite dutifully shoves two pills into his mouth. Don't expect him to do the same for Makocookies, Mamoru.

He nods at the new instructions and thumbs his communicator. "Yo Kunzite, we're relocating to the palaces. Head for Jadeite's. We're on our way." The more convenient option for anybody who feels like walking out later. He waits for Mamoru to indicate that Ami is actually stable before he scoops her up, along with the ugly towel, and teleports out.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-01-09 02:08:41 66612
"I'm not inclined to start looking at friends as takeout unless there's a good deal more urgency than this." The sketchbook, on the other hand. Kunzite pages through it quickly, and finds a spot where there are three pages in a row of experimental doodles not liable to find actual use; he separates those pages with his thumb, and uses his other hand to define a compact area of shadow around them.

By the time, a few seconds later, that he hands the sketchbook back to Naru, they might as well have been drawn by any other high-school student.

One of his hands settles on Naru's shoulder and the other low on Apatite's back, over the cape, and he begins to concentrate --

-- and the symbol on his left wrist flares for attention. He draws his hands back to activate it, listens, responds. "Bring something with you. Closest kitchen, cabinet over the fridge, right-hand side -- there should be date-labeled plastic containers. Bring the top one. Medical supplies." Of a sort.

Then he's laying a hand on each of the girls for the second time, and drawing them into the dark with them, and then into Naru's favorite garden. Where absolutely zero of the birds are carrying halberds. It's nice that way.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-01-09 02:12:28 66613
    Apatite watches with tired semi-interest as Kunzite drains some energy out of Naru's sketches. It's interesting, because she's never seen him do that before and it's another fact to file away for the future, but she's really too tired to do more than note as such in her mind.

    Kunzite can feel just how worn out she is, because she leans into the hand on her back a little more than he might expect, especially considering Naru is also supporting her from the other side. Then.. darkness. She hasn't been teleported often, but often enough to not be alarmed by it. And then they are in a rather nice garden.

    And she collapses into the grass, banishing her henshin at the same time in a red flash, laying in a heap. "Nnngh. Naptime?"
Ami Mizuno 2017-01-09 02:14:46 66614
Ami makes a soft mewling noise as Nephrite picks her up. "Stop, I'm studying," she mumbles quietly. A pause, then, "Oh, hi Neph." Her eyes are open, now; half-lidded. "Sorry for bleeding on your pretty shirt."
Naru Osaka 2017-01-09 02:17:29 66618
"I think it's delivery when we come to you." Naru notes dryly to Kunzite as she accepts her notebook back and tucks it back into the pocket on the inside of her jacket. Energy that she doesnt have to pull out of her reserves from right now, but from some other time? Made of win.

Naru has the wherewithall to listen to Kunzite's directions as he gives them before she takes a deep breath to go into the teleportation.. She's tokenly familiar, but not /quite/ knowing where they are going, Naru closes her eyes pre-emptively.

On opening them again, the sigh of pleased at where they've arrived is almost palapable and Naru pretty much falls as Kyouko collpases onto the grass, managing to put her arms out to make it a somewhat controlled fall. Mostly. Kinda at least. She leans over to brush Kyouko's hair out of her face as she lays in the grass. "Naptime soon, not quite yet."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-01-09 02:32:54 66622
And moments later, there's a barefoot prince with bottled water, another towel, and the first aid kit and tupperware landing in a heap on the grass nearby, then getting unsteadily to his feet and looking a little grey. He does not comment, and his expression discourages comment from any other quarters. The tupperware gets tossed immediately to Kyouko and Naru. "Ami's stable. Just didn't want to leave her there," he informs Kunzite, then looks down at his freshly washed hands -- no, didn't miss anything, though there's blood on the Eevee t-shirt -- and looks up at Kyouko and Naru, zeroing in on Kyouko's soul gem first.

It's notable probably the most to Kunzite that he's currently drawing directly on the palaces for energy, but it's actually noticeable to the others, since it's inefficient, and there's a fair amount of glowing going on, especially flickering behind the blue of his eyes. At least he already doesn't look grey.

The towel and bottled water and first aid kit all get deposited on or by Neph and Ami, and then Mamoru drops to his knees next to Kyouko and puts a hand on her face, then moves it to where she's hurt the worst. "You guys need to be more careful," he says, distracted. "Pains in the ass."
Nephrite 2017-01-09 02:38:16 66624
Nephrite has taken up residence beside Ami until otherwise directed. "Hey," he greets the others as they come in. "You all look like hell," he adds cheerfully.

He scrutinizes each of them, but not being the resident medic around here, that's about all he can do. Mamoru can assign him to whatever he needs done.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-01-09 02:45:38 66626
Kunzite is the one who actually catches the tupperware, rather than letting it bounce off of one of the girls. They both have broken parts to some degree. He opens it and tips the contents into Kyouko's left hand. Unsurprisingly, there are right angles involved. Then he retreats back out of Mamoru's way.

"Apparently hell is made out of line drawings," he says to Nephrite. "Naru should have told us what we were condemning her to back when the mural was at the sketch stage." He runs a hand over his face without thinking about it. There is less blood than there would have been if some of it had not come off on Kyouko's cape, but the Eevee is certainly no longer alone. "Had to keep an eye on one of Miss White's more ill-advised employees. Threw us off a bit."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-01-09 02:46:07 66629
    Kyouko continues to lay on the grass, although she raises her head slightly as Mamoru and Nephrite arrive.. her eyes narrowing slightly as Mamoru takes on a faint glow. It's not that bright but her head kinda hurts.

    Her most serious actual injury is the broken arm, which her own magic has already started to heal, though at the expense of her Soul Gem, which should be taken care of shortly thanks to the Cubes that get tossed over. Kyouko manifests said gem on her palm, and with Kunzite's assistance, pulls out some of the cubes and holds them in her hand with it where they can suck out the darkness clouding the red crystal.

    "Hey, look," She protests weakly with a half-smile to Mamoru's grousing, "That was a big damn Witch. I was as careful as I could be if I wanted to still have a girlfriend, a brother and a Sailor Mercury at the end of the night."
Naru Osaka 2017-01-09 02:57:15 66633
Naru slid quietly out of henshin at some point in this, probably good for the white of her dress and she snorts softly at Nephrite's helpful commentary about how they all look. He's not wrong.

"They were terrible drawings." Naru notes to Kunzite. "If mine ever look like that, just put me out of my misery. Seriously."

Naru is doing an excellent impression of being some variation on 'fine' as she watches Mamoru glow and settle to heal up Kyouko's arm, watching the grief cubes work on her soul gem. 'Fine' is a lie, but Naru is a pretty good liar, provided she doesn't have to actually stand or move anywhere.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-01-09 03:08:56 66638
"You're good, Neph. I mean if you want to go get lots of chocolate and some more bottled water that'd be cool too, but not necessary yet..." says Mamoru absently to a question that didn't get asked, and Mamoru prods Kyouko irritably where she's not hurt at her return grousing. "I can complain. I'm allowed." Mostly he's focusing on her arm, and god damn, he gets this LOOK on his face. "I take it back. Need a splint. Gross, Apa. Seriously gross. Going to have to handle that in installments."

He's still holding her arm, wrist in one hand-- and more or less just holding it steady and immobile with the other. She leans up to whisper something to him and he nods. And then he eyes Kunzite, and then Naru. "Did you literally draw a witch and it came to life? Because seriously don't fucking do that. All right, hooray grief seeds from witches that have no baggage, but if you're going to draw witches, maybe make them not so powerful? Also if you broke your leg, say so now, before Neph goes off to get more stuff."

It's a lot of work. It's even more energy. At least Kyouko's headache isn't there while he's working on her arm. And glowing eyes aren't all that creepy, are they? As long as they're not glowing red--?
Nephrite 2017-01-09 03:12:02 66639
Nephrite steadfastly ignores what they are all talking about. Not gonna ask what was in that labyrinth. Doesn't want to know anything about the internal workings of any labyrinth. Had enough of that for one lifetime, thanks. Better to focus on babysitting the unconscious Mercury. Luckily he was lounging at home before, and he's wearing an Iron Man t-shirt instead of say, one of his nice Italian button-ups. The red just kind of matches.

He smirks at Mamoru's answer to his unasked question. "I'll wait until everyone's fixed up first. I'll bring you all a three-course dinner if that's gonna help."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-01-09 03:16:54 66643
And wouldn't it be wonderful if Kunzite could let Nephrite stay in Nopeland for the rest of however long this lifetime lasts? He backs off for a moment, at least, more or less; all he does is glance aside at Mamoru, and assure him, "She didn't draw it."

Then he falls back to half-watching, with that characteristic little frown. At some point, he lapses back to civilian clothes. Given the white shirt, there might have been better ideas.

(It may, perhaps, be a minor but interesting data-point that that half-watching is more than half Nephrite.)
Kyouko Sakura 2017-01-09 03:21:13 66644
    "Three-course dinner, yes please, definitely help." This from Kyouko, towards Nephrite, hearing his offer. "I'll take fast food, at this point.. Sukiyaki has those amazing beef bowls for like, 400 yen.."

    She makes a face at Mamoru as he complains about the state of her arm. "Look dude, it'll be better by morning. I know my own healin' rate, and now that I got Cubes it's no big deal.." Although ,of course, every bit of healing Mamoru does is less her own magic has to do, which means saving more Cubes for future emergencies. She knows this, but still adds, "You can save your energy for the people who still heal at the normal human rate, now that you've taken the edge off."

    "Yeah, Naru didn't draw the Witch, it just happened to be vaugely art-themed. You know how they are. Remember the paint-whale?" Kyouko says to Mamoru. "Although I am curious as to where she did come from. Been a while since we seen a Witch of that caliber in Tokyo. They don' get that powerful overnight."

    Sometime amidst the healing, her free hand has sought and found Naru's.
Naru Osaka 2017-01-09 03:23:45 66645
"I.. woah.." Naru blinks a moment at the mention of the very /idea/ of drawing a witch and having it come to life and she is just going to think on that a moment. A brief moment. "No. I didn't draw a witch and have it come to life. The witch, however, also used art. Crappy stick figure art. That.."

There's just a hint of a pause and Naru changes topic to admit. "I don't know if its broken or not, but I know my knee isn't supposed to bend in that direction and I can't put any weight on it." It probably hurts, based on that description. She takes a slow breath, held a moment and then let out carefully controlled, keeping a solid grip upon herself. "I don't heal quite that slowly anymore." Just not all /that/ much faster.

Naru gives Kyouko's hand a squeeze as she finds it in hers, closing her eyes a moment.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-01-09 03:43:08 66650
"Yeah well if it heals lumpy and stupid-looking let me know so I can break it again and fix it right," Mamoru says to Kyouko with a scowl, staying on the job for a moment longer-- "don't move it. You almost actually shattered it. Bits everywhere. I think I got them all back in place but they're not knitted together." A beat, and then he finally actually gives Kyouko a massively wry look. "How could I possibly forget the paint whale?"

He drops his hand then regards Naru. "Think maybe you dislocated something?" He reaches for her knee matter-of-factly, and again, as soon as he touches it, it doesn't hurt (though Kyouko's arm is undoubtedly screaming again). Glowwww-- and if she did, then at least he can pop it back while she's anaesthetized... "Oh! Oh, good." But it's not even that bad-- Mamoru actively looks relieved that Naru's injury isn't as severe or complicated as Ami's or Kyouko's. "Nobody here heals slowly. Just nobody heals fast enough for me."

Sidelong Neph-viewing. "Three course dinner plus crappy beer."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-01-09 03:44:00 66651
    "Aww, you do care." Kyouko interjects, at the mention of crappy beer.
Nephrite 2017-01-09 03:46:44 66652
(Nephrite may also be watching Kunzite. He may have actually caught his eye once or twice.)

He grins at Kyouko's request. "So chocolate, beef bowls, cheap beer, any other highly specific orders?" He can afford to be generous when he is the only one present without any kind of ailment, and when restaurant orders are definitely a better topic to think about than the alternative.

Aaaaand then they are back to talking about stick figure witches. Time to sort through the first aid kit.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-01-09 03:52:38 66653
Mamoru is back to adding commentary into the event; Kazuo drifts forward a few steps, laying a hand on the shoulder of the Eevee shirt. If he's talking, he won't be distracted too badly by the contact. "You might need a couple of extra hands, at this rate," Kazuo says aside to Nephrite.

Which set of extra hands is a different question, granted.
Naru Osaka 2017-01-09 03:57:10 66654
Naru's expression relaxes as her knee stops hurting /and/ is kind enough to not be all that difficult to heal. It didn't feel like it was terribly happy, but there was few enough pieces that needed putting back, they were just fairly important pieces to the function of a knee.

Knees are fussy obnoxious beasts.

"Do I want to even ask about paint whales?" Naru puts out there and then looks to Kyouko at the admonishments to /not move/ her arm. "Rebreaking it sounds awful, for the record."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-01-09 03:58:22 66656
    "It's not gonna heal lumpy and stupid-looking," Kyouko mutters at Mamoru, "The Wish may be a bum deal but crippled Puella aren't any good to Kyubey so in this department, at least, it does a good job." Then he takes his hand away and she hisses in pain as the magical anesthesia stops working. "Jesus. Still hurts like hell though." She takes his advice seriously about not moving it though, keeping it close to her chest.

    She watches then as Mamoru moves over to take care of Naru's leg. Despite the pain in her arm, her eyes are starting to droop again. Expending that much magic that quickly is exhausting, not to mention the still-in-progress healing continually draining more of her energy. "Uggh. Naptime." She grumbles, once Naru appears to be mostly taken care of. "Your place? Momo can take care of herself for one night, I'll text her."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-01-09 04:01:29 66657
Mamoru sits back on his heels once he's done with Naru, then glances back at Ami, asleep and definitely still needing a transfusion. He sighs, briefly leaning his head against the wrist of the hand on his shoulder. "If you ask Zoi to set her up with an IV he might do it. Are you okay taking small groups back upstairs, Nephs?"
Nephrite 2017-01-09 04:09:31 66661
"Hey, I'm already on fetch duty. Ferrying people back home isn't a big deal." Nephrite shrugs. "You just tell me who and where and I'm on it." The Iron Man shirt isn't just for show, you know.