The Cat is Mightier Than the Pen

Mamoru gets the details ironed out with Minako and Luna and Artemis re: getting a Luna Pen for Unmei.

Date: 2017-03-12
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Mamoru Chiba 2017-03-12 00:41:03 73128
The steps down from behind one of the Sailor V games in the Crown are, in fact, as unnerving for Mamoru as they've ever been. They look like glass rectangles suspended in midair with no railings. It's not as bad as the lucite bridge across the Grand Canyon -- one of the idiot things he did to keep him sane in the Dark Kingdom was squander energy on being a tourist -- and it's not so much that he's afraid of falling off or through them because he can just heal it. It's that they're disconnected see-through stairs with no railings and that's just unnerving on a really deep level.

He precedes whoever else is joining Luna down there, just because if he does fall or break the delicate-looking stairs, he'd rather not fall on top of anyone. And he precedes them gingerly.

"Got a DNA sample," he calls over to Luna. "And some information, but I think Minako-chan has more."
Usagi Tsukino 2017-03-12 00:49:54 73129
Luna looks up from the tuna sandwhich she's been snacking on. There's a benefit to having your base below an arcade and restaraunt.

She doesn't really find the stairs that weird. She at least had the forethought not to make the flooring the same glass. Because, well, an infinity of nothing under one's feet is enough to make even a cat shudder.

She finishes her bite and stands up. "Oh, good! It's almost ready. Sorry it's taken so long, but I pretty much had to rebuild it."

She trots over and does some kitty parkour until she's perching on his shoulder, rubbing her fuzzy little head against one side of his jaw while her tail tickles the other. "I'm not saying it was hard, just more time consuming than I thought it would be."

She peers back toward the interest. "Is she far behind you?"
Minako Aino 2017-03-12 01:01:59 73131
    Artemis is getting a shoulder ride. Minako Aino says to Artemis. "I should run a meter for you, you know! Pay by the mile!"
    "Look, my tiny little feet can't keep up all the time." he says. "Ugh, I know!" says Minako Aino.
    She walks down the stairs with probably more ease than Mamoru. "You know, Kunzite was right when he said that girl was jumpy!" she says. "I did get her out of the bathroom!" she smiles. She waves to Mamoru and Luna. "Hiiii Mamo-kun, Hiii Luna-chan!"
    Artemis waves to Luna. "Hi Luna." he says as he jumps off the shoulder.
    "Alright. So I got her to agree to me telling Usagi... well, Sailor Moon things to pass onto Luna but Luna is right there anyways." she says. "But she said that it is secret and she wants nobody to know because she feels embarassed." she says with empathy.
    "So if you can keep a secret, then I can tell you what needs to be done. Also."
    "Artemis is going to help you so it can get done faster."
    "Say What?" says Artemis as he shoots a glare back to Minako.
    "I said you're helping Luna help Unemi-chan!" she says.
    It seems Minako did not actually discuss this with her cat. "If you do it. I'll buy you another pound of swedish fish." she bribes.
    Artemis goes from glaring to introspective fairly quickly.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-03-12 01:07:50 73132
"Yeah, she's just up--" Mamoru starts, tilting his head to enable face-cat-nuzzle, smiling slightly, and then Mina and Artemis are on their way down behind him. He turns, then glances past, face not quite... falling, visibly, but a certain 'expecting to see girlfriend's face' expression has vanished and there is a tiny, barely perceptible sad that gets buried when they get down to business.

Ish. Businessish. "She's jumpy for sure, but she has a lot of reasons to be. She's not used to thinking she can be safe."

And then he hears the rest of that conversation -- with Artemis -- and he bites his lip to keep from smirking.

What the prince finally says is a completely mild, not amused at all, "Anything you can do to help, Artemis, if we can get this finished today then we can get it to her today, and she can stop being so afraid for her life and stop hating herself so much, and we can get her reintegrated into school and set up to have her own real life. I know it's not a permanent solution, she can't just stay changed like that all the time -- so we're starting other options that don't require magic -- but... really, it would be-- it would be a really good thing you'd be doing, helping." A beat. "And, um. I am also willing to bribe. Potentially with some of Nephrite's good whiskey."
Usagi Tsukino 2017-03-12 01:20:09 73133
Luna tilts up her nose and gives an indignant little snort. "Artemis. You have to be bribed to work with me, now?"


She stands on Mamoru's shoulder and looks at Minako. "Well, I wouldn't go babbling about. Who would I tell? The caracal?"

She looks up at Mamoru because of course she noticed. "I sent her out a little bit ago. She was being fidgety. She'll be back in a few."

She leaps down and trots back toward the computer, giving her sandwhich a longing look as she passes. "Now, the easy part was keeping the timeframe the same. She'll need to let the henshin stay off for a few hours. As with when you used it, it will automaticall wear off at midnight. She can remove it before. My advice would be to leave it off when she's asleep."
Minako Aino 2017-03-12 01:40:28 73134
    Artemis crosses his paws across his chest and hrmphs!
    Minako Aino nods. "Yeah. I get that." she says a little more seriously and less smiley. "I'm positive that this pen will help a lot in the meantime." she looks to Luna and takes a deep breath.
    "So Unmei is biologically a boy, but Unmei is a girl as far as I'm concerned and everyone else is." she says. "-and she had magic that did make her a girl but she gave that up pretty bravely so she didn't have to do bad things. This however has a side effect of 'the actual reality settling in regardless of how much it sucks!'."
    "So. What this pen should do is just allow her to be a girl again. What others think of her is very important and she was such a mess and I had to give a justice speech about boobs and Luna please make the pen." she practically begs.
    Artemis head tilts and listens as he looks over to Luna and hops down. "Well then, the last bit would be the turning into a girl part that needs work. That should be easy enough with Luna's help." he says.
    "Also Arty you keep silent about this too." she sas pointing a finger and tapping his nose, which causes whiskers to twitch.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-03-12 01:50:06 73135
Mamoru coughs into his hand and exchanges a look with Luna. "Uhh-- Artemis. You know how last year I went into hiding for a while? To keep the Dark Kingdom from finding me?" He shifts and jams his hands in his pockets. "Luna's actually already done improvements on the pens, I guess. Or maybe they were always able to do that even if you didn't know it'd work for biological males... I'm told I was a very cute girl." A beat. "By multiple sources."

He takes a hand out and waves it around. "The actual important part is that it only be usable for her turning into herself. We know it's something that can do that, but since I was able to use the pen for other disguises in addition to just-- me as a girl-- that's the part that should be limited. And don't worry, we'll tell her all the limitations. I've got her set up with doctors that well help her to transition without needing magic, it's only a stopgap and she knows that... but it's still, she doesn't have a lot of self-control so I don't especially trust her be able to keep herself from using it to turn her into, say, a princess hacker rogue Sith Lord."

Then he takes a hand out of his pocket and takes out... a toothbrush travel case? He didn't steal Unmei's toothbrush, did he? That'd be kind of-- oh no he's opening it--

--he pulls out a strand of hair. "This is the sample you wanted."
Usagi Tsukino 2017-03-12 02:01:39 73136
Luna looks over her shoulder to give Artemis a sly look. "Hear that? He basically said I'm smarter than you." She sticks out her kitty tongue at him!

Luna turns around in the chair to look at the two as they speak. She blinks for a moment before sort of gaping at Artemis, forgetting for a moment that she's feeling salty toward him. (Bribery indeed... Feh!)

"So basically what you're saying is you want me to encode this pen with her DNA only to switch a chromosome..."

She holds out a slide for Mamoru to put the hair on. Then she sets that on a tray that the mainframe pulls in to analyze. Her paws work over the console.

At this moment, a much more calm Usagi descends the steps, yawning.

And of course, somehow, she manages to tackle Mamoru without dropping the drink carrier full of coffee.
Minako Aino 2017-03-12 02:04:43 73137
    Minako Aino pulls out a notepad and taps it with her pencil she also has and writes 'Princess... Hacker... Rogue... Sith Lord." in it. She does not explain this as she puts the notepad away. Artemis gives a worried look.
    "Well yeah. So basically it just does the one thing." Minako Aino says. "Or should. She just wants to be herself. She also doesn't need to be anyone else!"
    Artemis blinks. Wait, Mamoru was a girl? Part of this he frames in his mind as 'Mamoru-in-drag' and he bats at the thought bubble that doesn't actually exist as he tries to imagine it more properly. Oh! Okay. He nods a little, matter of factly.
    Artemis says. "I'll start making sure the other parts set while you do that." he says. Artemis gets to work, with- whatever he's helping with.
    He glares back at Luna. He's gonna make this pen better! Faster! Stronger! and also he's gonna put a white paw print symbol somewhere on it just to be a jerk.
    Minako Aino beams and raises her arms. "Usagi-chan!" she says. She eyes the drink carrier. She licks her lips, just a little.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-03-12 02:14:02 73138
Mamoru sets up the slide for Luna, then steps back out of the way-- and before Usagi even comes in, he turns around and smiles up at the door, waiting for her to come through it and down the stairs. He's sort of lost the thread of conversation, so it's a good thing he's really not necessary for the rest, as Usagi starts descending-- and then mildly concerned when he sees the drink tray; his eyes may quickly flicker to the complicated lunar technology, and before Usagi gets to the floor he's moved aside from where spilled drinks might cause actual damage.

So he's definitely braced for that tackle, and he looks like he's about to start a rollercoaster drop -- fun but terrifying fake-risk-taking -- when somehow Usagi's predicted tackle literally does not spill a single drop.

Mamoru's eyes are really wide behind his glasses. "Holy--"

Except he's got an Usagi glued to him now, so he just marvels and hugs her close, kissing the top of her head. "Why don't you put those down and give Mina-p hers so she stops looking like she's plotting to stage a coup."
Usagi Tsukino 2017-03-12 02:23:19 73140
Luna shakes her paw at Artemis! "Hah! I bet I'll be fixing your mistakes soon enough! So you'd better do your best!"

HAH! There will definitely be a black paw print somewhere on it!

Usagi takes a moment for snuggles. "Mmmm!" Then she perks up a bit. "Oh, right!" She pulls out his coffee and hands it to him. "Here you go. It's as black and bitter as you are cute and sweet! A perfect balance! Heehee!" She leans up and gives his chin a kiss.


Then she pulls back and holds a cup out for Minako, kinda looking like a shy first grader asking the cool kid to her birthday party. "I wasn't sure what you wanted, so I got you what I got. It's...the opposite of Mamo-chan's."

Luna leans back as she turns a dial. On the screen is an image of Unmei after she altered the DNA code. "This looks like her, right? I would assume the magic would have worked the same way. Usually it tries to be lazily effective."
Minako Aino 2017-03-12 02:38:33 73143
Artemis sticks his tounge out. There will be a white and black pawprint both on it somewhere probably far apart from one another then. A tool sparks as he works.
    Minako Aino beams and smiles. "That's fine! Coffee is coffee! But I like mine with a lot of sugar and lots of cream. I guess you could say I like coffee with my cream and sugar!" she smiles.
    She looks over Luna's shoulder and nods. "Oh! Pretty! I dunno what she'd look like. Mamoru might. But she's pretty and I'm sure she'll like it!" she says.
    Artemis leans into his work. Minako Aino watches Luna work over her shoulder.
    "I felt bad because I brought cookies over the other day for you guys?" and Kunzite but she helpfully doesn't mention that. HELPFULLY. "-and she said food made her sick because of the stuff she went though. I'm gonna try to bring something non-food for her next time." she says. She taps her bottom lip.
    "Maybe some pretty clothes and Usagi we still need to go shop anyways soon!" she says. "-and I need to get Artemis's swedish fish."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-03-12 02:52:03 73147
"Swedish fish aren't killing your teeth, man?" Mamoru asks as he reluctantly lets go of Usagi -- chin kisses are adorable but he's always a little concerned it's going to somehow end up in tragedy if he looks down while she's going on tiptoes. He eyes Artemis. And then he takes his coffee and smiles, tiny and crooked, at his princess.

Finally he glances over Luna's shoulder at the display and considers. "Yeah, I think so. She already looks pretty girly... that would probably do it."

Straightening and sipping his bitter and jaded coffee with relish -- no relish in the coffee that would be gross -- with relish, he glances back at Minako and grins. "Something non-food for her would be lovely -- Kunzite's also been trying to help her find things she can eat that she won't associate with the gluttony experience. He's been so patient," he says, the grin softening into a smile, wry and admiring and affectionate all at once. "But he's got a lot of experience dealing with recalcitrant and unreasonable kids, soooo..."

Yeah, that last one gets his coffee hiding his smirk.
Usagi Tsukino 2017-03-12 03:00:47 73149
Luna sighs. "He'll get cavities all over the place. His cavities are going to get cavities." She looks at Artemis. "The only solution is I eat some of them for you."

Usagi grins wide at Minako. "That's about what it is! There's also vanilla and hazlenut to make it a bit froofroo."

She wrinkles her nose. "Not eating is bad, though...what about vegetables? No carrots, the good vegetables. You know, everything else."

Coffee delivered, and even saucers of milk places on the consile next to kitties (and an ear scritch for Artemis) her hand becomes about glued to Mamoru's elbow as she sips. "She's probably no worse than chasing after a certain someone who kept getting lured away by an alien princess."

She tilts her head and looks at the screen. "The pen is for Unmei-chan?"
Minako Aino 2017-03-12 03:18:28 73154
    Artemis warns. "If you eat all my fish I'm going to be so upset! Also no they don't. But I've been on a sweets kick recently since we got back." he says. Tick, spark, tap! He's going to get this done tonight!
    Minako Aino sips her coffee. It is totally delicious and she isn't complaining because it's free coffee.
    "I'm sure she'll be fine. Also she's totally a Sailor V Fan? I like that."
    "Of course you do." says Artemis idly.
    Minako huffs and crosses her arms. "I'm a good role model!"
    "And I'm Queen of England." says Artemis.
    Minako Aino huffs and crosses her arms and looks to Mamoru. She tries to sneakily scooch over and whispers. "Did Kunzite get his cookies?" she asks.
    Her voice isn't super whisper low. Usagi can probably hear it.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-03-12 03:35:07 73158
"--yeah, Usa. She didn't want me to tell anyone. But Mina got her to agree it was okay to let Sailor Moon know, finally," Mamoru says quietly, not interrupting moon cat flirting or Minako-castigation. And then he sits down on the bizarrely comfy moon couch and pulls Usagi gently with him, so she can perch on his lap or next to him or wherever she wants. He leans his head in (okay so on the other side of where Minako can see) and bites Usagi's ear very lightly. "She's worse in different ways. But easier in others, I'm sure."

Then he sits back and sips his coffee nonchalantly. "The box of cookies labeled 'for Kunzite only'?" he whispers back to Minako. "Oh, I ate them all because they looked delicious."

It's literally only just long enough for him to be able to see the expression shift on Minako's face as she parses what he just said, before he stifles what would, if it were louder, actually be classified as a giggle. Possibly a sputtering laugh, if one were being kind. "He loved them. I'm-- I'm glad you remembered. The kind of thing he likes."
Usagi Tsukino 2017-03-12 03:42:14 73160
"Well, maybe you'd rather work with the fish than with me!" Snoot! Because yes, she's holding a grudge for something she misconstrued.

And excuse you, Mamoru, totally not flirting, it's not like she and Artemis are going to have a kitten together in the future or anything, pff pff pff, whatevs, pff. Pfff.

Usagi is pulled into a very comfy Mamo-Chair. But then she squeeks at the bite! Eep! She wips her head toward at him agape! He ate all--

Ooooo! "I can tickle him for you, Minako-chan."
Minako Aino 2017-03-12 04:04:49 73165
    Minako Aino listens and looks scandalized like she was about to punch him in the gut! Then Mamoru quickly corrects himself. She crosses her arms. "I keep meticolous notes! So of course I'd remember that." because for all the silliness she is, she's a pretty good detective.
    "Yes totally tickle him for me." she insists as she gives a hairflip, as if to say suffer!. How horrible a fate.
    Artemis huffs and sticks his tounge out as he holds the pen up. "There. It should work when you put the rest in." he says. White paw print on the very bottom.
    Minako Aino sips her coffee and then drinks it more, heavily guzzling because it's cooled enough to do that.
    "I need to figure out what's on everyone's plates business wise." she says. "I have noooo clue what's been going on." she says. "So I need to fix that." she nods!
Mamoru Chiba 2017-03-12 04:10:21 73167
"NO don't, hot coffee, tickle me later," says Mamoru in alarm, holding his coffee up and awaaay from them just in case Usagi doesn't listen. Then he glances up at Artemis and brightens considerably. "Excellent. Oh man, you two have no idea what life-savers you are." A beat.

"I think Sailor Moon and Sailor Venus should give her the pen, not me. I think it would mean even more to her coming from you two, since you're literally her heroes." He carefully brings his coffee back to sip it gingerly, then holds it away again. "Mina-- talk to Kazuo and Naru, they're tracking the most things."
Usagi Tsukino 2017-03-12 04:17:18 73168
Usagi purses her lips and tries to look both stern and suspicious, but it's obvious she's trying harder not to smile. And failing. "Mamo-chan, you're just saying that so I won't tickle you. Fine, raincheck accepted. I'll punish you later."

Luna grumbles at Artemis. Of course it would work after she put in the guts!

...And maybe her pawprint isn't on the otherside of the pen. Maybe it's right next to his and entwined as a sort of weird corporate logo. Add a crescent moon...

"Done!" She beams at Artemis! "Go us!"

She turns to Mamoru and gives him a face like :3 because happy praised kitty! Then slow eye blink!

Usagi blushes. Because, well! "Well, okay, sure--! We can do that!"

And she turns to Minako. "Well, Shingo has a crush on this girl in his class. She's a really famous dollmaker apparently, but he hasn't talked to her yet. I don't think she even knows he exists. Also, Mama and Papa have been talking second honeymoon and you meant Magical Girl business nevermind..."
Minako Aino 2017-03-12 04:25:45 73170
    Artemis smiles. Also like this. :3. Sushi-cat smile.
    "I can definitly deliver it but Sailor Moon should be there too!" she says. She looks to Usagi and nods. "I mean magical girl stuff! That's one of my jobs, right? Tracking this stuff? So I'm gonna start doing that for us." she says.

She looks to Mamoru. She squints. As if pondering alterior motives. She just finally nods. "I'll talk to Kazuo and Naru then!" she says. She salutes.
    "Come on Artemis, grab the pen and we'll deliver it very soon!" she smiles at Usagi.
    "See you both soon!" she says. "I'm gonna jet and do those things soon!" she says.
    She prances up the weird crystal stairs and away!