Steak, Melon Tea, and Pretending

Minako asks Ami about VAMPIRES! And being research help! Ami takes preemptive revenge for the latter.

Date: 2017-03-26
Pose Count: 22
Ami Mizuno 2017-03-26 08:46:12 74135
Today was the last day of school. Last night, Ami spent the night with Makoto, and tomorrow she's planning to drag her off to Paris. But for today, Ami is busy up late doing research on the pllanned trip. Her mother is, of course, working tonight, which means Ami has the apartment to herself. Not that this is abnormal.

And so, it's well past midnight, and Ami has changed out her school clothes for a comfortable yellow tanktop and a pair of soft heather shorts. The bluenette is curled up in one of the papasans, her tablet in her lap, but the display projected up onto the massive television.

She's deep into catacomb diver websites, with five up at once (in three languages at once) that she's flipping between to cross-check all of the information she's finding. Thin-rimmed glasses on, a bottle of coke in the chair with her, and a box full of hand-made chocolates beside her.
Minako Aino 2017-03-26 08:57:41 74139
    Sailor Venus jumps onto the balcony without much of an effort. She has her Sailor V mask on. She IS Sailor Venus, just Sailor Venus but with the V-mask. She's considering this an important transition period and it's important people know! Sailor Venus is Sailor V! The V has always been short for Venus!
TShe does this silently, like a cat. Talking of cats, Artemis isn't with her. Artemis is busy sleeping off a double deluxe pizza with bacon and shrimp and hot dogs on it. She is here to ask Ami-chan about things.
    Ami seems busy with a projection from a laptop, so the room is darkish, probably, which makes for a good enviroment to slide right up next to Ami.
    "Hi Ami-chan! Whatcha doing!?" she asks suddenly in what was once a very quiet and lonely night in this household and now is suddenly not. Venus likes to call this the V-Effect.
Minako Aino 2017-03-26 08:58:33 74140
    Sailor Venus jumps onto the balcony without much of an effort. She has her Sailor V mask on. She IS Sailor Venus, just Sailor Venus but with the V-mask. She's considering this an important transition period and it's important people know! Sailor Venus is Sailor V! The V has always been short for Venus!
    She does this silently, like a cat. Talking of cats, Artemis isn't with her. Artemis is busy sleeping off a double deluxe pizza with bacon and shrimp and hot dogs on it. She is here to ask Ami-chan about things.
    Ami seems busy with a projection from a laptop, so the room is darkish, probably, which makes for a good enviroment to slide right up next to Ami.
    "Hi Ami-chan! Whatcha doing!?" she asks suddenly in what was once a very quiet and lonely night in this household and now is suddenly not. Venus likes to call this the V-Effect.
Ami Mizuno 2017-03-26 09:06:09 74141
Technically, it's a television screen and a tablet. But who's counting? Not Minako! She's busy scaring. And Ami does not disappoint. She shrieks and tumbles irght over backwards in her chair, sending the papasan over as well. In moments, Ami is on the floor, and the chair is upended over her head, and she is busy panting in confusion.

But it's short-lived confusion.

"Mina-chan," she says, voice half a whine, "that was mean!" Ami sets down the Mercury tablet so she can flip the chair back off of herself and onto its stand.

Next, she collects her bottle and eyes it: it's now very, very fizzy inside. Probably best not to open it again for a little bit.

She makes a face, then glances towards the Soldier of Love curiously. "Hi."
Minako Aino 2017-03-26 09:13:01 74144
    Sailor Venus removes the V mask, like this was the problem. "Hey! It's only me, see!" she says. Then she just kind of lets Venus blink off in a golden orange flash and now she's just kinda 'Minako Aino' holding a V mask that she puts on her face. Because why not.
    This just looks like Minako with a V mask on.
    "It's okay! You're okay!" she says. "Hi!"
    "I was speaking to Kunzite about things." she says. "-and he mentioned some vampires. It's okay. I have a steak now for the heart if I meet any of them." she asides. "-BUT!"
    "He mentioned that you were looking into the boy vampire and he was different than the other girl vampire who is the master vampire apparently?" she asks.
    This is how Minako understands it. "So what do you know?" she asks. "About that? The vampires." she says as she puts two fingers up to her mouth and mimics fangs.
Ami Mizuno 2017-03-26 09:25:27 74148
Minako's antics earn a roll of Ami's eyes, but she puts all of her collection in the papasan, then rises. "They're the wrong kind of vampire for a stake to the heart," she notes as she heads towards the kitchen. "But yes, I've been looking into Raskoph's case. I'm afraid I can't tell you a lot about it; he's asked for effectively doctor patient confidentiality, and I need to respect that."

Grabbing an electric kettle, Ami fills it with water, then turns it on to heat up. "Long story short, they are energy vampires. I believe Raskoph-san is ... only reflecting the powers of one, rather than being one. But that's hard to prove."

Ami takes a breath, then finally pulls her glasses off and sets them on the counter. "Actually, that's what I was doing when you came in. Tomorrow, I'm planning to ask Mako-chan to go with me to Paris for a few hours. I've found a few clues that sorta lead me to believe there might be ... some ancient texts on the topic, in the catacombs. That, at least, is what I've been finding hints of. The veracity of the claims has yet to be proven, but ... that's why I'm taking Makoto. Just in case it's a trap, or something."
Minako Aino 2017-03-26 09:47:04 74151
    Minako crosses her arms. "Ugh, stupid ... medical rules hampering the cause of justice." she says frustratingly. Like it was actual medical rules stopping Ami from sharing this information with her.
    "Fine. How about the one that wasn't Naru's ex-boyfriend. What can you tell me about her?" she asks. "Kunzite says she's uh. 'stable' and an oblong energy vampire? (Obligate. Minako can't remember hard words.) but I dunno what that means, but I may track her down and ask her questions too and also try to put a steak through her heart."
    "Oh right. I mean. A steak. You know. From a cow? I think that's what that really means and why stakes don't normally work because they're not steaks." she says.
    "Ohhh doing detective work!~" she says. "If you need pointers lemme know." she says. "But I'm sure if there's anything there, you'll find it!" she says.
Ami Mizuno 2017-03-26 09:55:09 74153
"Ob...l--" Ami cuts off. There's really no cause for attempting to make sense of Minako. None at all. "Stable, yes. She's much like Kunzite was, during Beryl's attempt on Earth. She has no physical form; only a soul attached to a phylactery, and the ability to manifest a human body in the form of a construct made of dark energy."

So by 'much like' she means 'exactly like'.

"I don't know the fully story," Ami says apologetically, "but from what I have been able to gather, she's also not fully in control of her powers. There is some sort of ... second conscience, perhaps? Partially controlling her. Despite that, she actually wishes to not allow the dark energy to control her. In many ways, I think she's less afflicted by it than Agera-san. Where he allows the dark energy to control him, Norie simply seems incapable of accessing a range of emotions while influenced by it. This doesn't affect her judgement, except that she can't experience joy and thus is in no way inspired to act in a manner which would bring her such an experience. Instead, she seems to operate on a principle of long-term survival instincts. She's aware that draining others is required, but she is also aware that draining with abandon will result in the likes of Usagi-chan purifying her. So she is cautious in avoiding anything which would arouse our ire."

The kettle pops, and Ami turns for a mug. "What kind of tea do you like?" she asks, as she sets the mug out, then digs into her stash of teas. It's mostly green teas, but she has a few black teas, as well. "Anyways, Souma Kukai--also known as SKy Jack--spent a little time in her body, and she in his, thanks to the Change card. His explanation of the experience was very enlightening."
Minako Aino 2017-03-26 10:13:17 74155
    When Ami makes a connection to Kunzite, Minako sort of grows a bit somber. She remembers that. Boy does she remember that. "Kunzite said it was some cursed item that did that? So it wasn't even on purpose? That kind of makes me sad. Something tells me that if what you did with Kunzite would work, you'd had already tried it." she says.
    "Well yeah she's a Dark Energy being? Most of those types don't have control. That's what I've learned my whole time doing this. I think I'll find her and ask my own questions too. If she's stable, she'll probably talk if I promise to not steak her. It sounds like she's playing it smart at least. This doesn't exactly sound like someone trying to plunge the world into forever darky dank dark anyways."
    She narrows her eyes. "She hasn't shown a penchant for making goo-goo eyes and princes yet, right?" she asks cautiously.
    "Oh, Sky Jack! Okay. What did you learn from him?"
Ami Mizuno 2017-03-27 05:04:46 74243
Lacking direction, Ami pulls out the most bitter tea she has: bitter melon. This gets placed in an infuser, and then into a mug, which she finally adds boiling water to from the kettle. She doesn't add sugar, nor place any out. She also doesn't provide candies.

Instead, she moves to offer the mug to Minako. "Let it steep five minutes," she instructs, then smiles and passes beyond the blonde towards her papasan once more.

"I don't think what I did for Kunzite will work for her," she agrees at length, as she collects her coke bottle and curls back up in the chair. "But I also didn't think it was going to work for him, either. Still, she lacks a number of symbology connections to him, and I don't think I could get the Shitennou to all work together on that project with the same affection as they did for Kunzite. We also lack a working model of her real body, which we did not lack--at least mentally--for Kunzite."

Goo goo eyes for princes? Ami glances at Minako on that point, then shakes her head and looks back to the television. "Sky Jack mostly just told me what it was like to be her. It was all highly subjective information, but it might be useful at some point. I'll give you a copy of the recording, if you like."
Minako Aino 2017-03-27 05:17:57 74244
    Minako Aino adds 'might become Queen Beryl Mark II' to the backburner list of this particularly worry. She watches Ami make the tea and she accepts the tea and lets it steep as she listens. "Yeah, I don't think those guys could do it based on the stuff I heard from Kunzite." she says as she dips the tea bag up and down up and down up and down... hurrrrry. Water become tea now! Noooow!
    "Sure! I'm gonna go find this girl and that boy and I'm gonna steak them." she says again. "I bet Artemis has stuff to say about that but when else am I gonna be Van Venusing!?" she exclaims. "So basically you're going to try to dig up more information on vampires then on the trip tommrow?" she asks as she casually takes a sip of her tea.
    Then she makes a pucker face and swallows the tea and places it down on the floor. "Is there any sugar I think this tea is like super off it's date." she says as she gets up and walks into the corridor. Then walks back in. "Wheres the kitchen?" she asks.
Ami Mizuno 2017-03-27 05:23:31 74245
It's hard to keep a straight face when Minako hates the tea enough to set it down. It's hard, but somehow Ami manages it. She smiles as the girl wanders off down the hall, then motions to the small little kitchenette just off the livingroom. No halls needed!

Not that any amount of sugar is likely able to save that tea, but she'll let Mina figure that out herself.

"That's the idea," Ami says of her upcoming trip. "It's entirely possible I'm chasing a red herring, but I think eight hours of two Senshi's time is worth the effort. Maybe, if we're very lucky, one of the boys will come, too."
Minako Aino 2017-03-27 05:39:23 74246
    Minako Aino loads up on sugar, milk and cream and a bottle of coke. She comes back and dumps two heaping teaspoons of sugar in, then a little milk and way more cream and then opens the bottle of coke and splashes a little in and recaps it. She brings it up to her mouth and takes another sip. "Mmmmmmm. Travestyty." she says.
    She begins to actually drink it. Maybe she is now playing a bizzare game of chicken to see who breaks first.
    "Have you asked the vampire if she knows anything about her condition?" she asks. "Besides she has a necklace that did the thing to her?". Then she makes another face. She loses the game of chicken. "Ugh fine this is gross. WHAT did you give me!?" she asks with a sour face as she picks up all the things and takes them over to the kitchenette. She then comes back with only the Coke she opened and begins to chug it to wash the taste of awful out of her mouth.
Ami Mizuno 2017-03-27 05:49:08 74247
Ami almost breaks first. Watching Minako attempt to doctor her tea is downright hilarious, and the bluenette barely contains her giggles. Her face is turning red with amusement as she watches it all.

When Minako breaks, Ami breaks with her, falling into laughter. She covers her face to try to hold it in, but she fails utterly. Eventually, she admits, "Bitter melon tea. You should have told me what you liked!" she says, giggling. "Just drink the coke, instead. I'm sure it'll taste better."

A deep breath, then she gets to the question, "Ah, actually, no. I don't know her very well, and she's Takashi's ... assistant? Friend? I'm not sure. She works for him, but she also seems to care about him. If I were the jealous type, I'd probably think she was his girl on the side, the way she talks about him. I don't think she is, though."
Minako Aino 2017-03-27 06:03:53 74248
    Ohhhh! Scandlous romance story immediatly makes her forget about the tea for a moment. "Well being a busy evil scientist is stressful and sometimes you just need arms randomly to fall into~" she says as she fallllls backwards a moment. Then she pushes herself back up. That V mask on her face is askew now.
    "Ohhohhh! A vampire, who can feel no love, feels it for her handsome boss, who instead loves this blue haired and smart beauty." her eyes sparkle as she imagines the romance story already.
    "Well, I'm sure the guy probably wasn't sneaking on you. Probably." she says confidently. Despite the probablys.
    She then puckers her lips again because she still tastes the awful. "I meant to say Earl Grey but I got side tracked. I had that a lot in London!" she says blissfully.
Ami Mizuno 2017-03-27 06:18:21 74249
Ami affixes Minako with a flat stare, while she goes through all the various scenarios. If only Minako knew about that tumblr account Ami keeps for her writing. But she says nothing, until they're well past that conversation.

"Early Gray I have," Ami replies with a smile, "although I think the coke will be more than you need." Because Minako really doesn't need caffeine. "So other than vampires in need of ... staking ... is there any other reason you're here?"
Minako Aino 2017-03-27 06:49:34 74250
    Minako probably reads that tumblr and comments rapidly and probably is the first poster. Or not. Her username is 'TheRealSailorV' so it's really easy to pick out. She sips her Coke. "Actually." she says. "My original intention was to stop by anyways and say hello! Because I made a promise and I am going to keep it." she says.
    She leans forward and smiles. "Besides I can help you research! I bet! Somehow. Like. If I was a vampire where would I be...." she seems to be thinking hard.
    "Probably chasing... hot boys..."
    "I really don't see how that's any different from normal." she shrugs.
Ami Mizuno 2017-03-27 06:52:03 74251
Oh god, help with research from Minako!? That's like asking for an excuse to shoot yourself in the head. "Uhhh," Ami replies, eyes widening just a little, "well, I appreciate the offer, but mostly I'm just finishing recording my sources for tomorrow. The research is done, really."

Did it work?

"But you're welcome to come by any time," Ami observes honestly. "My mom knows about us, at this point, so it's not going to really be a problem if Sailor Venus shows up at my window."
Minako Aino 2017-03-27 07:05:44 74253
    Minako blinks a moment. "Your mom knows!? I could never tell my mom she would just berate me about how it's not ladylike and I'm becoming my daaaaad." she asides as she falls over to her back again.
    "Well, I can stay here... and...."
    " and... I can....."
    "Snnnnr Snnnnrrrrr"
    Snnnr Snnnnnrrr!?
    Oh, she's fallen asleep on her back right there.
Ami Mizuno 2017-03-27 07:08:59 74254
Ami opens her mouth to explain why that's not a good idea, only to find that Minako has fallen asleep. On the floor. In her livingroom. With a faint sigh, the bluenette glances up at her television, then shuts it off.

"Right," she mumbles quietly, then sets the Mercury computer aside as well. Last, she gets up and leans over to gently touch Minako on the shoulder. "Mina-chan," she murmurs quietly, "Come on, why don't we go curl up in my bed, instead of sleeping on the hard floor."
Minako Aino 2017-03-27 07:12:16 74255
    Minako shoots awake suddenly when she's nudged and she looks around. "Okay. I'm tired. I admit it!" she confidently explains as she crosses her arms. She gets up and wavers a bit. "That sounds good! You should sleep anyways for tommorow!"
    She begins to march to said bed before she jogs backwards. "You should probably lead the way because I dunno where your room is." she slyly explains.
Ami Mizuno 2017-03-27 07:15:39 74256
Ami sniffs amusedly at Minako's 'mistake', then rolls her eyes and grabs the blonde by the hand. "Come on," she says, dragging her back towards the bedroom. She'll let Minako pretend to be oblivious.