Just Business

Takashi's been given another assignment by Eclipse. Of course Lacrima comes to help. Of course several other people come to stop him. Like Rashmi Terios and her familiar Chandra. Like Sakura Kinomoto. Like his maybe-ex-girlfriend...

Date: 2017-05-02
Pose Count: 51
Takashi Agera 2017-05-02 00:23:28 75561
Sometimes when you work for an international spiderweb of corporate interests that toil in dark energy, you get sent on fun jobs like robbing a bank or commit a jewel heist.

But not everything is quite so flashy and glamorous. Tonight, Takashi Agera and Lacrima have stepped out of a portal, exiting the dusk zone in a big warehouse where a skeleton crew of men in hardhats fail to even notice thier entrance.

Takashi turns to Lacrima. "Welp, time to make this business a losing venture." He passes a couple thin, needle like shards of glimmering dark crystal to his kohai, and then channels energy into the handful he kept for himself. They rise into the air and find homes in several of the workers, who go from mild manered blue collar workers to dark-energy emitting rage machines in seconds. The workers who don't get stung by the lances start exiting the building in an anything but orderly fashion.

"Another day at the office. Or something." Takashi muses, watching the goings-on.
Lacrima 2017-05-02 00:29:29 75562
Lacrima arrives with Takashi. Lacrima is in her well kept, ironed lavender bussiness suit because this is bussiness and she wants to look the part as she looks over to Riventon and accepts the shards. She muses. "Right, Riven-sama." she says softly as she gently channels dark energy into the crystals and likewise, they hover upwards, and find thier own targets, she's aiming for some that are fleeing, to try not to let them get away, while others just go for the other side of the area opposite of the area Riventon's targeted, a nice spread- of course.

"Just another day at the office." she says straight faced.

"What did these people do anyways?" she asks. "Step out of line. Or just. Narrowing the competition since we can't buy them out?" she asks curiously.


"I wonder who'll come to stop us..." she says quietly.

"People always /do/." she says with a loud siiiiiigh.
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-02 00:29:47 75563
Elsewhere, in an area of subspace connected to the Game Center Crown, Ami Mizuno is busy pouring over research notes from her recent foray into vampiric surgery. She'd probably miss the alert on the giant monitors if she was alone; she's not exactly known for paying attention to those sorts of things.

Lucky for her there is a cat near by. "Ami-chan!" Luna calls, and the bluenette looks up at the tension in Luna's voice. "Ami-chan, there's a huge spike in dark energy ... somewhere in Mitakihara!"

Ami slides her chair over to investigate, then squints as she studies it. "Right," she says, then puts out an alert on Virtue's HeartNet before double checking she has both the Mercury Pen and her glaive on hand. "I'll check it out," she promises Luna. "Stay here and coordinate getting me backup if I need it."

Then, Ami stands and steps away from the big screens. Raising her hand, she forms a bead of subspace within it which expands outwards until it is a doorway.

Moments later, Ami steps out of nowhere onto a rooftop in Mitakihara and reaches up to activate her visor. Might as well get some closer readings before deciding how to deal with this problem. "Interesting," Ami murmurs as the workers continue pouring out of the building, screaming and yelling in fear and panic.
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-02 00:31:58 75564
When you're a newbie magical girl...

You're almost always late for something. Fought a particularly nasty youma at oh-dark-hundred? Late for the alarm. Setting the alarm early so you're up in time to be human for breakfast? Shut off the alarm because body memory, and late for school. Studying extra hard to catch up on schoolwork? Late for dinner.

Today is just *not Rashmi's day.*

Happily, she is at least getting an impromptu jogging session in along Infinity Drive, a rhesus monkey in her arms, but is brought up short by a chirping, male voice from the pocket of her bookbag. < DARK ENERGY LEVELS RISING. >

Looking down at the monkey in her arms, Rashmi heaves a deep, put-upon sigh. "Papi is going to be *furious,* Chandra..."

"Let's go see what's happening."
Sakura Kinomoto 2017-05-02 00:33:48 75565
Sakura Kinomoto had been asleep. Key word is -had-. But then another nightmare had woken her, making her more tired, hard to sleep and--

And then she felt it. Magic. There was magic! The tired card captor moved to the window, then glaced to the door. "Ngggg..." She looked nervous, then drew a card. "Jump," she whispered, before leaping out the window. In her little pink pajamas. Oh, truly she would send fear into the hearts of their enemies.

Eventually, she landed on a nearby roof and frowned. She had to do something! People could get really hurt. Her sluggish mind tried to focus and... "Create! Cage them up!" she yelled, before tapping the card.

A book would form above her head, before giant steel cages would form and descend on the creatures, binding them!

... Unfortunately... after a few quick hits to said cages, they'd crumble and Sakura would fall to her knees, panting as well. She was, obviously, not a hundred percent. She held her head and fell back onto the roof, groaning. No. She had to do this. She wasn't the weak, little magical girl she was before. She was strong and powerful now!
Chandra 2017-05-02 00:34:38 75566
The little monkey on Rashmi's shoulder peers down at her pocket uncertainly. I agree. Papi's going to be very unhappy. But evil must be thwarted and all that, he sends to her mentally. The monkey lets out a sigh and leans back up to give Rashmi's forehead a hug, then peers ahead at their destination. I think I can hear some people screaming, ahead. You should probably get your barrier jacket on. And maybe set up a wide barrier to protect the locals. Monkeys. Always telling you what to do.
Takashi Agera 2017-05-02 00:47:33 75567
Takashi turns to Lacrima and shrugs. "My understanding is the latter. Narrowing competition who doesn't feel the urge to take a generous offer. But the orders didn't get terribly specific, just to make trouble and ruin production."

Then the cages appear at about the same time Akion pings, and Takashi draws his copied Clow Key from the extradimensional space in his Device. "Looks like that's your answer." he says, drawing a card from the same extradimensional pocket, striking it with the key.

"Sand! Smash through the barriers! And remove her!" he calls, and from the card erutps the distinctly Arabian-styled clow card, before turning into a coiling serpent made of sand that slams through the cages, letting the 'workers' free, before the thing turns towards Sakura, it's head turning into a hooded cobra before it dives towards her!
Lacrima 2017-05-02 00:54:38 75568
Lacrima raises a hand. "Ah. Go easy on her for a moment Riven-sama. Please? Just a moment. Let me say something to her" she asks softly. It's a polite request. Not an order. She then calls out. "Sakura-chan!" she says. "If you really want to be allowed to talk later to Riven-sama like you wanted, it is probably in your best intrest to stand aside and wait for us to finish here." she says quietly. "I refuse to promise your safety or anything really, otherwise." she says.

She frowns. Her workers also get stuck in cages. She doesn't have a fancy card trick. She does fan her arm in the air and sends bolts of dark energy out along the fan, one towards each worker to blast the cage to let them continue thier rampage and trouble as she frowns as she looks to Riventon.

"She wanted to talk to you. For help." she offers to Riventon. "Talk in the sense of. Actually talk. Rather than a... 'meanginful dialouge' with 'magic'. Maybe she'll listen given that." she offers.
Sakura Kinomoto 2017-05-02 00:56:30 75569
Sakura Kinomoto went wide eyed. "I-I-- No! I... I don't know what you're doing, but I know it's wrong! You're hurting people and that's never, ever good! And... and if you're going to be a meany butt, I don't need your help!" She yelled as sand came streaming at her. "Jump!" she yelled, leaping into the air and leaping from wall to wall, making her way quickly to the ground.

The moment she was there, she drew another card. "Earthy! Bind up the sandy!" she called.

The ground around them shifted as dirt and rock formed up to bind the sand. Domain vs something it holds dominion over, normally it wouldn't be a challenge in the slightest.

Normally. However, as it started to bind up the sand, the rock began to crumble and fall away. A domain card took more magic than a normal card and, unfortunately, Sakura had very little to give. She wobbled slightly to the side, before falling forward, the earthy crumbling without her magic to support it and allowing herself to be a prime target for the sand. For a few moments it lookedl ike she'd be helpless... until one more card. "Shield," she called weakly. A dome of light formed around her, to protect her against the sand. But one blow to it would send cracks through it and it was readily apparent it wouldn't last long.
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-02 01:01:59 75570
Ami frowns when she spots the magic beginning to fly in the building. "Not good," she murmurs, then reaches up to the glaive dangling from her necklace. "Eiszapfen, you ready?"


"Set up!"

<Ruestung. Dreizack.>

Ami leaps from the wall, confident in her device's setup time as she heads towards the fray. With a brilliant flash of frost and light, she becomes Frost Knight Mercury, decked in a gleaming breastplate of ice. Her device expands out of its extradimensional space until it is a long and impressive trident, its tines sharpened like the blades of an axe.

Frost Knight Mercury projects a ramp of ice before her, and plants her feet to it, sliding downwards at a slope. Using all of her speed, she holds her device in both hands and races towards Takashi Agera, intending to give him a good hard whallop as she passes. No shouting, no yelling, just a cool, calm attack from above.
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-02 01:05:10 75571
You get ready too, Rashmi thinks at the monkey on her shoulder. Slipping around a corner, she plucks the small charm from her bookbag, and holds it up. "Nicomachea! SET UP!"

One flurry of special effects later, she emerges dressed in her gold-trimmed green Barrier Jacket, toting an oversized, armored book, pelting toward the sound of people screaming and cages shattering.

Rounding a corner, she skids to a halt at the sight of the sand cobra, eyes wide. The book is flipped open, a large, golden magical circle spreading out before her outstretched hand. < AURORA SHIELD > The book chirps, as a ball of golden-colored mana begins to coalesce in front of the circle. Those creatures are going to break out soon, Rashmi thinks Chandra's way. Can you take care of them?

The spell finishes gathering energy right about then, and Rashmi's concentration returns to her work. "AURORA...SHIELD!"

The manaball explodes outwards into a storm of thick ribbons of rune-lettered golden light, winding their way through the crowd to interpose themselves between unaffected humans -- and Sakura -- and the most likely nearby threats. Not the most powerful of barriers, nor the most effective... but they will force an attacker to take something besides the most direct route.
Chandra 2017-05-02 01:07:50 75572
The little monkey nods his head, and as Rashmi instructs her book to armor up, he leaps from her shoulder and turns a front-flip, transforming from monkey to well-dressed young man in an instant. Silver hair and too-scruffy cheeks, a long silver tail, and big rounded ears give away the truth of his existence. There's no fooling anyone that he's truly a man. But he isn't trying to.

Reaching out his hand towards Nichomacheus, Chandra calls forth a staff of obsidian and silver, which comes into his hand readily. "Watch me work," he tells Rashmi at her instruction, then starts bounding forward suddenly, leaping towards t he creatures breaking out. "Come on!" he calls to them all. "Let's play!" And then he dives in staff-first.
Takashi Agera 2017-05-02 01:16:13 75573
And in a flash, chaos breaks out in the warehouse. There's a giant snake of sand, entangled and bound by stone, and then the stone loses it's grip. Part of it is Sakura's weakness, and part of it is Takashi's unfair strength - still channeling that dark energy and using it to empower his own set of cards.

The diving snake slams into Sakura's barrier - at the exact moment Takashi loses his own concentration due to the need to use his Clow Key to guard against Ami's sliding attack. The end result - the less incorporated sand-snake slams into the shield and then explodes, sending a choking, blinding swarm of sand through the warehouse.

"Well, it looks like she isn't feeling very talkative right now." Takashi says, covering his nose and mouth from the dust with part of his lab jacket.

The possessed workers are having a hell of a time fighting Chandra between the binds and the sand, most of them rendered blind or trying to fight through the binds. But then one erupts out of the blinding sand and swings a found iron pipe at Rashmi!

"Isn't tonight a school night?" is the only other comment, directed at one particular bluenette.
Lacrima 2017-05-02 01:29:02 75574
Lacrima isn't particularly bothered by the blinding sandstorm throughout the area now despite it interfering with her vision. she frowns a little. "Very well, Sakura-chan, if that's the way you want it, that is the way you shall have it." she says curtly.

Then... who. Is that? Bluenette? Takashi seems to know her? It's... oh it's...

Nrg. Ami.

She frowns and turns towards the.. Monkey? Attacking freed youma workers? She looks over to Rashmi and and waves her hand outwards. The youma try to begin to take after the monkey boy.

She however, dissapears into a Dusk Step, and steps out somewhere near Rashimi. "You. You're new." she says flatly and deadpan.

"You have one chance. Take your pet and leave. Or help us. Otherwise this goes bad for you."
Sakura Kinomoto 2017-05-02 01:29:25 75575
Sakura Kinomoto just laid there, panting with exertion. It really didn't help that she was against someone who just out classed her normally. Like this? She didn't stand a chance. She couldn't fight with them, she could only--

Support them. Her eyes went wide. Well, a direct attack wouldn't work. Buuuut... They had two enemies. Who had to coordinate themselves. And he had to give the cards directions, too. So there was a simple thing to do.

She drew a card. "Voice! Steal their voices!" A little pink fairy, with wing like arms, flew out and... past Taka/Lacrima, as it whooshed by, they'd feel a tingle in their throats as the card attempting to steal their voices. Hey, losing communication in a fight could be difficult and, on top of that, it was a low power card, win win for her current state. She slowly got to her feet, using her wand to help support herself.
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-02 01:33:54 75576
Frost Knight Mercury skids to a stop just past Takashi and turns to face him. The ice she's left behind all melts away to nothing, leaving her standing in her very own cloud of mist, like some idol in a mist-maker. The bluenette bears her trident towards him with a confident, certain demeanour, but she doesn't rush straight to another attack. Not yet.

"I guess I've figured out my highest priority," Mercury tells him calmly. "Stopping you from decisions you will regret in the future always comes first when it involves protecting the innocent. Let them go, and I won't get in your way," she promises. "But if you keep hurting people, I will show up to put logic and reason back into your addled-mind; by force if necessary!"
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-02 01:34:43 75577
A smaller magic circle flashes out at the end of Rashmi's hand as she intercepts the chunk of piping swung at her head. "Hey! *Stop tha-*AACK!" Skittering back a couple steps, she stares owlishly at Lacrima for a moment, quite visibly startled at sudden new person in her conversational space.

"Are you responsible for this?" she asks Lacrima, waving her hand at the youma that tried to brain her, and beyond him the general panic. "Assuming you are... uh, no? Stop this *now,* and go home, or it'll end badly for *you!*"

It's not quite a justice speech, but she's starting to get the hang of things.
Chandra 2017-05-02 01:38:53 75578
Chandra whacks left and whacks right with his staff, bonking youma on the head as he bounds through them like a parkour master on the loose. He reaches the far wall and turns to look back, and he shrieks a little in surprise as a pipe swings towards Rashmi.

Then he smiles when she deftly blocks it on her own. "I don't know why I was worried," he says, then dives back into the fray before Lacrima shows up next to her.

A few moments later, Chandra bounds out to attack the creature with the pipe, "Hey ugly!" he says as he dives towards him. "Attacking Rashmi's just a pipe dream! How about you face someone your own size." Then he slams his staff into the creature's back.
Takashi Agera 2017-05-02 01:57:46 75579
Takashi turns to respond to Ami, but even though his mouth moves and his expression is fierce, no sound comes out. "Stupid card" he clearly mouths. He stops for a moment to figure it out, before a smile crosses his face - he draws a card, a different one, and strikes it with his Key - and Axion calls out "Sword" from a recorded clip. Always think on your feet.

His key turns into a rapier like blade, and he levels it at Frost Knight Mercury with one hand, while motioning for her to leave with the other. The lack of his voice seems to have done nothing for his attitude.

The once-worker drops the pipe and groans out as he hits the ground, the dark energy that cloaked him wasting away and leaving him a normal, if unconscious, worker. Looks like you can just beat them back to normal - at least.
Lacrima 2017-05-02 02:00:21 75580
Lacrima frowns and is about to respond to Rashimi when she opens her mouth to talk and ... nothing. Comes out of it. She frowns a little and snaps a hard GLARE at Sakura as she frowns and faces Rashimi. She can't rapport back, but then she figures. Why does she need to? This girl is like all the others. She won't listen to /reason/ and /logic/.

Not that there's any of those two things here at the moment.

She throws her hand upwards and calls out "...." in Span---wait. She stands there, as she frowns and makes an 'I'm an idiot face', before she just throws out her hand and throws a more powerful basic dark bolt of energy at Rashimi, which doesn't require calling out something in any voice at least as she frowns quite hard!
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-02 02:06:04 75581
Ami blinks as Takashi's voice is taken from him. She rolls her eyes and turns to glare at Sakura as well, then looks back to her (ex-)boyfriend with an uncertain expression. "No, I'm not leaving," she informs him bluntly. "Not until you let all of these people go. And yes," she says, "I am prepared to fight you over it."
Sakura Kinomoto 2017-05-02 02:06:39 75582
Sakura Kinomoto is the grand master of trolling. She grinned wide and moved away from the others, backing up against the wall and holding her wand up like a shield. Voice came back to her, a smug grin on its face as it held up two little orbs of light.

She then called out. "You... you can have these back when you stop being naughty!" she called out to them. Oh dear, she was scolding them. And letting Ami handle it because even if she could troll, she couldn't fight too well at the moment.
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-02 02:09:24 75583
....Chandra *that was horrible* you should be ashamed. Lacrima certainly can't hear the mahou's thoughts, but the expression is clear as day.

The dark magician's momentary lapse of awareness, at least, gives Rashmi time to prepare and throw up another basic shield... But forgets the key factor about one-directional protection magic -- BRACE.

Only quick, repeated reactions keep her from tottering off her feet entirely, though she *does* fetch up pretty hard against the factory's chainlink fence, and takes a moment to shake off the impact. "Time to go on the attack," she murmurs. And the large book still in her hand *ping*s obediently. < SOLAR BULLET > Three small circles fade into view around her head, each one sprouting a sun-colored ball of mana. Leveling a glare at Lacrima, Rashmi sweeps a hand out, sending one of the trio to lance out at the dark mage, like an arrow made from pure sunlight.
Chandra 2017-05-02 02:13:47 75584
Hey, pipe down, Chandra replies to his master with a grin, as the pipe-wielding youma turns back into a worker. ''I've got this.'"

He giggles at himself for his own pun, then turns to dive towards another group of workers. While Rashmi prepares to go on the offensive, Chandra draws just a little bit of her magic to twist to his own effect:

"Lotus Rush!"

The monkey-boy splits into three, quickly dashing in to whack at three targets at once with the full force of his nichomacheus-enhanced blow. As he passes by, two of them turn into little lotus flowers, clearly revealing them for the clones they were, and the last--the real Chandra--turns back to continue the attack.
Takashi Agera 2017-05-02 02:26:51 75585
Takashi watches Ami, but if she's keeping an eye on him, the clever senshi-knight might notice his attention is somewhat divided, and his eyes are watching something in the shadows. It's not Lacrima, and it's not one of the corrupted people.

And then from the shadows, another girl of Sakura's size jumps at her. And she's not just Sakura's size - she's Sakura, in an elegant black dress and wielding a rather large scythe! The moment of surprise works well as the scythe's bar connects with Sakura, and she drops the stolen voices, which go shooting back to their owner.

"Ah. Aaaa. Aooo. Good, remind me to steal that card next." Takashi notes to Lacrima after getting his voice back, then turns to Ami. "I guess you're not quite done making dumb choices." Takashi notes before suddenly turning on his heel and diving at Ami, the magic of The Sword flowing as the blade whistles through the air.

The souind of Chandra's weapon echoes through the warehouse as he keeps the possessed workers from posing too much of a threat to the rest of the group, leaving Rashmi clear to deal with Lacrima.
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-02 02:35:23 75586
Noticing Takashi's distraction isn't difficult. She literally had no other human companion for nearly four months, and for all that the trip to Peru broke their relationship, Ami learned an awful lot about her (ex!-)boyfriend's mannerisms.

So she turns to glance over her shoulder after a moment, and then calls out a warning, "Sakura-chan! Watch out!" But it's too late; the dark Sakura attacks, and Ami curses and turns back to Takashi.

She'd be angry, except now he's making the most adorable noises while he tests his voice out, and it's hard to stay angry at him when he does that. Instead she just watches, a bemused quirk on her face. That smile falters when he says he's going to steal another card, and turns to surprise when he rushes towards her.

Luckily, Eiszapfen also knows many of Takashi's tricks, and isn't caught nearly as off-guard by his cuteness.


A shield of ice forms in front of Ami, catching Takashi's attack and redirectin git aside. The ice shatters instantly, but Frost Knight Mercury has plenty of time to dive aside.

"Like hell," she retorts, now that she's got her bearings again. "You're the one making dumb choices! Eiszapfen," she calls to her device.


A rush of snow hurtles out from Ami's outstretched device towards Takashi, like an avalanche pouring down off the mountain.
Lacrima 2017-05-02 02:41:37 75587
Lacrima nrgs and gently 'ahems' "Do Ri Mi, There we go." she says deadpan. She frowns at Rashimi. She crosses her arms and head tilts as her eyes go wide. Sunlight!? Well. Good thing she isn't weak to sunlight. She does decide to Dusk Zone step out of the way to be sure however, rather quickly-- and she dissapears---- before she appears somewhere overhead to Rashimi's upper right as she rears her hand back--- and she spouts something out in spanish , to try again. "Oscuro Prisa!" she calls out as a more purple-style of dark energy forms out from her flourish--- a powerful rush of dark energy much like wind- but also not wind- trying to pick up Rashimi and send her flying upwards towards the ceiling to try to slam her into it.

Her workers aren't fearing too well again Chandra's assault. She is barely paying attention. They can operate on thier own.
Sakura Kinomoto 2017-05-02 02:43:26 75588
Sakura Kinomoto visibly freezes at the sight of herself. Her eyes then go to the scythe and... oh. Oh dear. She pales slightly. Yeah, she knows when she's a bit out of her league and-- BAM! She's sent flying back by a blow, barely able to keep her wand between her and the blade, but it still sends her flying and tumbling back. "A-ah... ahhhh..." She stares up at the bladed woman and gulps.

She remembers this girl. She was there that night, she... was an enemy. She gulped and then drew a card. "Windy!" She cast, sending powerful gales of winds knock out, trying to send the girl flying. She then looks around and... "H-hey, you big faker! Is that really all you can do? Um, you... you're not half the me I am!" She is soooo bad at the trash talk. And then ran. Trying to lure the girl off from the main assault as she ran, drawing the dash and jump card.
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-02 02:48:49 75589
Uuuuuuuuuuughhhhhhhhhh... resonates in Chandra's head. Boy's *really* sliding into the Big Brother act well...

Losing track of Lacrima, Rashmi hurriedly looks left, right, left again.... but not up, and is thus too slow to keep the dark wind from picking her up. Slamming hard into the ceiling, then the ground, the newbie mahou climbs back to her feet, shaking her head. Chandra, are you almost done? I might need a little help here soon...

Lunging away from the spot in case a follow-up in on the way, she turns, reorienting on her target, raising a hand to point at the dark magician.

< RIBBON BIND! > the book chirps. Not *all* of Rashmi's basic spells have been customized, it seems. But the spell activates, another pair of rune-covered golden ribbons snaking outward, with the eventual goal of binding Lacrima's arms to her body. As a follow-up of her own, she looses her final two Solar Bullets, one after the other, and takes off running for the nearest handy bit of cover.
Chandra 2017-05-02 02:53:08 75590
The pained groans of disapproval put a smile on Chandra's face. He whaps another of the youma-possessed workers with his staff, sending them flying into the wall, then looks back over his shoulder in time to see Rashmi slam into the ceiling.

That stops his fun instantly in its tracks.

As does the sound of her calling for his help.

"Hold this," Chandra says, turning to drop a lotus in the hands of one of the remaining youma. The lotus expands outward instantly, twisting, growing, expanding to try and hold the remaining youma-workers similar to how Sakura's 'cage' did, earlier. It probably won't hold long, but it buys Chandra time to disengage.


He bounds to Rashmi's side and then vaults into the air. "Calming Root!" he declares, as he fixes his legs into a lotus posture. There he floats, glowing with a subtle solar light, one hand before him, staff in the other. The perfect picture of the Buddha at meditation. But this is no meditating monkey; Chandra has gone fully defensive, ready to deflect any and all attacks aimed at Rashmi.
Takashi Agera 2017-05-02 02:59:19 75591
Sakura's gambit works, and Black Sakura follows her, scythe glinting in the moonlight. Sakura's got a lead because of her cards, and the surges of Dark Energy at Black Sakura's feet show the only way she can keep up, the two of them moving off to continue their brawl elsewhere.

Takashi and Ami move through the warehouse still, The Sword's supernaturally sharp blade cleaving the shield in twain and giving far less kinetic resistance than it should - the blade severs magic as easily as air. But there's a snowstorm that explodes out, and their half of the warehouse is obscured by that whiteout.

Takashi chooses not to shield or fight through the show, backstepping into the Dusk Zone and appearing behind her, blade leading the way. "I don't think you can win." he warns, almost casually. A little overconfidently. "You might be just as smart - but I'm much stronger. Who built the weapon you're using?"

The youma blindly takes the lotus, before it explodes in its hand, and binds it. There's only a few youma workers left, and they're coming at Rashmi to support Lacrima, regardless of any monkey defensive stances - they aren't exactly known for long-term planning, only blind, savage aggression.
Lacrima 2017-05-02 03:09:29 75592
Lacrima frowns there is now a meditating monkey here with weird defensive stances. Oh he wants to absorb or deflect things. Okay. She just raises her hands skyward and calls out another attack.

"TORMENTA OSCURA!". Dark Storm. It begins to random rain dark bolts of energy in the general vincinity of both Rashimi and Chandra-- and sometimes one of the youma gets hit occasionally, though the elemental darkness doesn't hurt it too much at least.

It kinda feels good to fight something you're not empowering with your attacks because your friends make bad life choices. Not like she's anything to talk about regarding bad life choices.
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-02 03:21:28 75593
Ami has been studying tactics for millenia. As the whiteout washes over Takashi, she's already turning around of the expected teleport. Takashi may be as smart as she is, but what he's got in power over her, she has in experience over him. Or at least, she used to have it. Her muscle memory is still busy catching up. The ring of blade on blade clashes outwards, as Eiszapfen catches and deflects the magic-piercing sword. There's a flash of power as the sword attempts to cut through the Belkan device, but Takashi doesn't make poor weapons, and Eiszapfen is no simple spell. It holds up, for now.

There was fire everywhere, and she knew who had come for her. "Face it, Mercury," Zoisite's voice rang out with a smug satisfaction, "You were never going to win this. You're too nice."

The Princess of Mercury cried out as the fire overwhelmed her, and she dodged aside, drawing forth her power. She knew her only chance was to kill him, but could she bring herself to do it? To take that final action?!

Ami shudders and tries to push the flashback aside, but the momentary distraction gives Takashi an opening. His blade pierces her defense, slicing neatly into and through her magical barrier jacket, drawing blood beneath.

"You're right about the power difference," she hisses at him, "but you just activated my trap card."


Ami drops the card at Takashi's feet, and it expands outwards briefly, attmepting to drag Takashi into a warped subspace.
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-02 03:31:15 75594
With a startled squeak, Rashmi slams her free hand against the ground. < SUMMERTIDE SHIELD, > the book chirps, as a magical circle spreads out wide beneath the two, sprouting a dome of golden light to shield them both from the assault. Repeated impacts rock the shield, sprouting cracks that widen with each hit.

Glancing up at Chandra, Rashmi draws in a deep breath. Chandra, how d'you feel about letting me launch you on the end of a spell? As if to illustrate her meaning, a very particular seal grows in front of her hands, bordered by three specific mana-gathering symbols.
Chandra 2017-05-02 03:36:47 75595
Chandra's defensive posture does the job a little too well! As the dark bolts come down, he catches the first with his staff acting as a lightning rod. He twitches in pain, but grounds the energy away from Rashmi and the nearby workers.

Rashmi's summertime shield spares him taking more than a second of those attacks, and then he opens his eyes and drops back to the ground. "Ow," he groans out a little. "That was shockingly cruel of her."

No, he's not going to stop punning just because he's in pain.

When Rashmi starts drawing seals into her hand, the monkey glances at them, then grins and nods his head to her. Let's do it, he agrees, whirling his staff one time. Just call it. I'll be in the right place, he says, then crouches low and starts concentrating on timing his jump. He doesn't draw mana from Rashmi--not yet. She's going to need all she's got to do something like this. He can take the energy she gives him and direct it to the right place when she's ready. So instead he concentrates on making himself less of a burden while she prepares the spell.
Takashi Agera 2017-05-02 03:47:04 75596
Takashi is too focused on actually connecting to notice Mercury's gambit untul - well - it's too late and the swarming maze explodes upwards, and then pulls Takashi into it, before he can finish the stream of profanity he's about to make.

But at least he's off-board now, leaving Lacrima alone with a only a few remaining half-aware youma, and may head towards scuttling the plan as Chandra and Rashmi begin to work together.
Lacrima 2017-05-02 03:54:01 75597
Lacrima watches as Takashi is sucked away into the Maze Card's interdimensional Maze and her eyes go wide. "RIV-SAMA!" she calls out as she looks to Rashimi and Cahndra and scowls. "Another time." she says as she looks to the other youma and then just leaves them to be handled by the rest of the heroes as she decides to go take off into the Dusk Zone. She doesn't reappear nearby this time. She's gone.

She needs to find some way to help Riventon-sama out of a stupid big maze.

Rashmi Terios 2017-05-02 04:02:46 75600
".....Awwwww..." For all that she doesn't enjoy combat... Rashmi *really* wanted to see what would happen when Chandra hopped on the end of her super-spell.

Letting the spell dissipate, she banishes the shield with a sigh. "You mind cleaning up, Chandra? Looks like they're almost all handled."
Chandra 2017-05-02 04:04:04 75601
Chandra opens his eyes in confusion when the storm just ends. He looks around, then looks to Rashmi. "Awwww," he whines, then holds out his hand. The staff disappears back into Nichomacheus' extradimensional space, and Chandra moves to take care of the cleanup duties. Only a few youma left to beat up, and he can do that without draining her magic.
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-02 04:06:04 75602
Frost Knight Mercury takes a breath, then lets it out. Reaching down, she picks up the card, and her henshin banishes with that simple act. Once again, the trident is nothing more than a halberd on a necklace. "Good job," she says to Maze with a smile. "You've learned well." She slips the maze in her pocket, rather than putting it in her extradimensional space.

Ami has no doubt Takashi will find a way out soon enough, and when he does she'd rather he not wind up in the same place as all her other trinkets and experiments. It'll be awkward enough having him appear next to her.

Glancing towards Rashmi, Ami Mizuno tilts her head curiously and calls, "You okay?"
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-02 04:08:42 75603
"Little sore," Rashmi calls, rubbing at aching ribs. "I'll be fine, though, thanks. Are you all right? Is that other girl?" Leaning against a pillar, she watches Chandra slap the Dark out of the youma, privately pleased that they revert with a minimum of fuss.
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-02 04:14:02 75604
Ami rubs at her sore side, where Takashi pierced her. "I'll heal," she calls back, as she heads towards Rashmi. She grimaces a little, then rubs her hand on her skirt before bowing to Rashmi. "Mizuno Ami," she introduces herself. "Also ... Frost Knight Mercury. The jerk with the edgy clothes is my boyfr--ex-boyfriend," she hastily corrects herself. "And the vampire girl is his lackey. I'm sorry for the trouble they've caused you, but thank you very much for your help. The other girl should be okay, I think. She's been through worse."
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-02 04:20:38 75605
"Terios Rashmi," the redhead answers, bowing in reply. "Just that.... um... *should* I have a name or something like? Only I've only been doing this for a few weeks now and-- wait she was a vampire?!" Blinking, Rashmi turns her eyes to the rooftop, head tilting to one side. "...Huh... Well I guess I shouldn't be *that* surprised... Anyway, it's no trou-- okay no it *is,* but, it's not your fault, they didn't try to screw up a factory *at* you. ... .....Did they? Oh hang on a sec HEY, CHANDRA! IF YOU'RE DONE YOU NEED TO COME SAY HELLO."
Chandra 2017-05-02 04:23:04 75606
Chandra picks up his lotus from the ground--it's shrunk again--and sniffs it. He's doing this as Rashmi calls, and he flails in surprise and nearly drops the thing. Suddenly, he's bounding back towards her, once more a little monkey. When he gets near, Chandra lets out a soft cooing noise and leaps up to her arm, then climbs the rest of the way back to her shoulder.
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-02 04:24:13 75607
"This is Chandra," Rashmi chuckles as the monkey's tail settles around her neck. "He's my big brother, kinda."
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-02 04:24:48 75608
"Nice to meet you," Ami says with a smile. She glances at the monkey, amused, but then focuses on Rashmi again. "It's really up to you if you want to take another name. Not all magical girls do. Some keep their identities a secret. Honestly, my real identity I do keep a secret. But others don't have any sort of secret identity at all. More importantly," Ami says, "is that you should never try to fight alone." Beat. "Rather, you and your familiar should know you have friends, if you need them. If you don't mind, may I see your device? I don't need to touch it, but I'd like to transfer some information to you."
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-02 04:26:50 75609
"I, um..." Again with the wide-eyed blinking, followed up with a hurried scramble to present Nicomachea, front-cover-first. "This is Nicomachea, he calls himself my Support Device?"
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-02 04:30:28 75611
"Support device?" Ami asks curiously, arching her brow. Reaching up, she takes the chain bearing Eiszapfen (along with a little Mercury symbol) from around her neck, and holds it out towards Rashmi. "Eiszapfen, transfer my HeartNet contact information to Nichmacheus."


There's a brief glow, and then Ami takes her device and puts the chain back around her neck. "There," she says with a smile. "Now if you ever need help, you can contact me. I may not come myself, but ... I'm part of a wide network of magical girls who all agree with the same general principals of defending the weak and stopping evil. Someone will come if you need help. I promise."
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-02 04:35:36 75612
"I.... huh! I didn't know there were so many of us!" Rashmi sounds pleased by this, as though a weight has been taken off her shoulders. Holding the armored book against her chest, she beams up at the older mahou. "Thank you *so much!* I don't really have anything to give in return, but um... Well if you ever feel like curry, look for the Korma Chameleon in Ogikubo, Suginami Ward?"
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-02 04:38:20 75613
"Curry?" Ami asks, eyes sparkling with excitement. "I'll definitely come by some time," she promises with a smile. "But for now, my boyfr--ex-boyfriend is right. It's a school night. I need to get home. Nice meeting you, Terios-san!" she calls, waving, before she steps away and starts opening her subspace portal.
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-02 04:39:29 75614
"You too, Mizuno-san!" Rashmi calls, lifting her hand in a wave, before turning and.... jogging on down the road.

She's *really* gotta learn that flight spell...