DARE To Resist Drugs and Knight Violence

Sailor Earth's decided she wants her own Shitennou. There are a lot of objections, not least from one of the dudes she tried to recruit, then drafted.

Date: 2017-05-03
Pose Count: 69
Takashi Agera 2017-05-03 23:15:48 75721
It's a quiet, dusk night in Uminari City. But as the moon peeks just above the skyline, there's a strange feeling of unease. It's most clearly felt by the reborn Prince of the Earth and his direct court, then the Senshi of the Moon, but everyone can feel it if they're in a quiet enougb place and connected to the magical world.

It's not the clinging, cloying darkness of an incursion from the Dusk Zone itself, it's a smaller thing, a tugging, like the feeling that just one of the ingredients of a mixed meal is a little off. It's easy to ignore, and many will.

But for those that follow the feeling's pull, it'll lead them to the southern part of Juuban Avenue, in an alleyway behind a couple of businesses. And there, they'll find a strange sight.

There's a tall girl in a black fuku, with eyes the color of the deep ocean, standing in front of four rough-looking older teenage boys. Those boys are wrapped in a sort of shimmering golden light that takes the form of uniforms of a kingdom long lost - the same style as the Shitennou - but is transparent.

The girl in the fuku holds out a golden crystal in her palm to another boy, speaking slowly but with a sort of royal poise. "Take it. Become more than you are. Leave your pathetic worthlessness behind. Become one of my Knights."
Amu Hinamori 2017-05-03 23:22:50 75722
Amulet Heart had been doing paperwork. So much paperwork. She had no idea HOW Nade's had been able to do it. Was the girl a machine? Like, some kind of paperwork doing robot? It'd make too much sense. She was smart, talented, brilliant, beautiful, kind-- ANYWAY! She was so many things. Amu had some big shoes to step in. At least she didn't have to use the naginata.

So, after all the paperwork, she'd felt a bit of a pull. A frown and... "Amu!" Ran yelled. "There's--"

"I feel it. My heart! Unlock!" she called. After a moment, the cheer leader was leaping from roof, to roof, making her way towards the cause and...

What... the heck? Who was that? She landed on a nearby roof and just stared down at the girl. Then... "Hey! What do you think you're doing?" she called out. "Don't you know you shouldn't be playing with magical rocks?" she called out, but then stopped when she got a look at him. Then... "Mamoru-sempai?" she asked, stopping in place. Then her cheeks turned scarlet. Wait, no, not him! That was a girl! Right? She did a double take in confusion. What in the world was going on?
Reiko Touyama 2017-05-03 23:28:26 75723
Reiko Touyama got home, started her homework and then opened her text book to find it... was not in there. "OH NO!" goes Reiko! 'OH NO!' Mime a bunch of suddenly flailing spastic koi around her as they all bump into the walls as they rocket off in panic and poof into orange mist.

Reiko Touyama runs out the door JUST AS HOSHI was about to come visit, she grabs Hoshi's hand and she's booking it down to the road to Juuban. "OH MY GOD I FORGOT MY HOMEWORK!" she calls out.

Run run run run. That was a little under half an hour ago. She's arriving with Hoshi at the school when there's this odd stuff going down now. Some girl in a black Sailor Fuku she kinda recognizes as a Sailor Senshi outfit, but there's like four thugs there glowing gold and this makes her feel wrong. This is a bad thing.

She grabs Hoshi and ducks behind a tree. "Hoshi. Somethings going on." she says, as she grabs her Chroma Crystal, bright orange and filled with tiny swimming white shillouted koi. "Chroma, Prism Orange, transform!" she calls out.

There is a transformation sequence here, with koi and they tie a hair bow--- then a secondary flash as she enters the PRISM PRINCESS mode by defauly this time. Ha. No one can call her a stupid kid when she looks fourteen years old! Take that, evil!

She steps back out and levels the Chroma Staff at The boys and the shadowy benefactor. "Stop! I won't allow you to--- huh?" she gets stopped mid justice speech because boy does that girl look familiar....
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-05-03 23:36:14 75724
    The past week and a half has been rough for Kokoro. Not only is she dealing with that wonderful 'new school' out of place feeling, she's also dealing with the fact that apparently there's transforming weirdos here - and, more frustratingly, that she's one of them. It's resulted in spending a lot less time at her current home than even she'd been planning, and a lot more aimless, 'three-hour walk to clear my head' wandering through the city.

    Of course, she doesn't miss that nagging sensation in the back of her mind. Something feels... weird. Not right. It's almost subconscious, which probably explains why her feet start taking her in the general direction of southern Juuban Avenue without her even properly realizing it.
Hoshi Kogane 2017-05-03 23:37:43 75725
Hoshi just follows along without worry, she's used to Reiko doing stuff like this, and she's a good friend. So, she smiles and comes along until they come across the weird person. She stops and looks and agrees in her assessment this is wrong, though it's not Sailor Earth that draws her eye so much as her chosen minions. She does follow suit, feeling like this is something quite wrong.

"Chroma Prism Yellow, Transform! And thus, who comes out is an apparently fourteen year old girl dressed in something somewhere in between a miko outfit and a princess outfit, seven stars on her forehead glow and make up a tiara, while other stars lift her dress to ensure it won't touch the ground. Fairy wings lay dormant on her back, and in her hand countless tiny stars coalesce into something that could be either miniature galaxy or staff. "Explain yourself."
Sailor Moon 2017-05-03 23:40:52 75726
Oh, she is running late! She's supposed to meet Minako for some fun shopping times and maybe some fun milkshake times and maybe some fun times in general (or at least she hopes this is what will happen) and just fun in general but no she's late and it's not even because of deten--

Usagi stops mid step. And this isn't a slow-down from a walk. It's a screeching halt from a run. The person behind her isn't too happy...

But she ignores that and starts running down this alley here and that alley there and everything is just so wrong and what is even happening!

She skids to another stop and gasps. She recognizes that girl. She recognizes...well, the ghost uniforms. Are they really ghosts? Can clothing really haunt the living world? Oh, how scary...

"What...what are you even doing?!" She waves her arms and it's not clear if she's angry or frantic. Maybe both. "Do you know how long it took us to get the last round of these guys good again! And they were real! What--Why--"

And of course she isn't transformed. And of course her most powerful weapon right now probably isn't even effective.

She's brought out the Kicked Puppy Pout Sad Face of Doom.
Naru Osaka 2017-05-03 23:42:00 75727
High school has come with a bit of a learning curve. It's not that the material is all that much more difficult, certaintly not in these early days, but there's different expectations and new things and new subjects, and amongst everything else Naru does, she finds herself studying all the more. It'll settle, certainly, but it hasn't quite yet.

Headphones are connected to her phone, and Naru is /probably/ not playing pokeGo, but one would think that by this time, she'd of learned to pay more attention to her surroundings when walking home alone. She tugs an earphone out as she looks over, down the alley, drawn that direction, and listening to familiar voices.

She's Hyalite by the time she's a few steps down the alley, on the same level as Sailor Earth and her boys, lingering in the shadows as she watches. She turns her head as Usagi rushes past and follows that movement, and watches.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-05-03 23:43:30 75728
Someone from above above that alley takes a deep breath, and then a super familiar voice yells, "YOU--" yeah it's Mamoru Chiba in all his hipster glory, glasses and skinny jeans and space shirt and Mr Rogers sweater and all, and he has his hands cupped around his mouth "--are SUCH A COPYCAT!"

There's a crackling gold line that traverses the length of his body, leaving dark blue military-styled clothes and partial armor and a cape in place of his fashion plate everyday gear, and he pulls out his sword with a ringing SHINNNNG of Damascus steel. "I TOLD you to come talk to me, but no, you gotta go macking on my girlfriend and giving my medic sob stories and then going behind everyone's back to make Faketennou like a huge loser wannabe! Are you TRYING to look like a big dumb liar? Because if so, A+, gold star, would call you out on it again!"

Apparently when Mamoru's peeved enough he skips straight past the mask and justice speeches.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-05-03 23:43:59 75729
    Apatite crouches by Endymion's side on the roof, having dropped down beside him before he started his pissed-off yelling at Sailor Earth, although she doesn't look particularly pleased either- still, at least that pissed-off scowl appears more natural on her face than on his. Her spear is gripped in one hand, balanced across her knees as she glares downwards at Earth and her newly-minted 'knights.'

    When Endy finishes yelling and transforms straight into armor and sword, she apparently feels the need to add her two cents, because on the heels of his statements she yells, "Yeah, d'you know had hard I had to work for this shit?!" She grips and pulls on the Shitennou-pattern on the front of her henshin outfit to indicate what she means. "Do you even know those assholes' names?!"

    "Friggin' unbelievable." She mutters, more quietly, rising from her crouch, stamping the butt of her spear on the rooftop with a solid 'thunk' and glancing over to Endymion. "Please tell me you're going to let me go down there and show these idiots the difference between a real Knight and a crappy knockoff."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-05-03 23:44:24 75730
Mamoru has shouting at Sailor Earth covered. With some decided help from Apatite. And Kunzite is close by him on his other side, ready to lend him cover if need be, right up until he changes. But while he's keeping an eye on the girl in the fuku, it's not her he focuses on to speak to.

"If someone starts out by calling you pathetic and worthless," he says, "what they are actually saying is 'I want to use you for cannon fodder.' And whatever deal they're offering isn't worth it. You can do better."
Minako Aino 2017-05-03 23:46:51 75731
    Minako Aino is supposed to meet Usagi for Milkshakes and fun and shopping and hey! She hasn't dissapeared yet! So that's a good start. She's kind of grasping some tetherball pole and spinnnnning around it with a weeee and getting dizzy and one spin and another and suddenly there are weird people in the distance and...
    Oh. It's that Sailor Earth and... The Diet Coke Shittenou as far as she can tell. She looks around and skips off into an alley. Yay for dark alleys between school buildings that trash cans tend to rest in.
    Out leaps Sailor Venus with an awesome flashy roll as she spreads her arms wide and--- oh Usagi! OH.. /USAGI/. She makes a beeline for Usagi quickly because oh god she hasn't become Sailor Moon yet!? She's going to need backup. And a body to stand in front of her. Kinda of her job, you know!
Takashi Agera 2017-05-03 23:57:25 75732
The girl turns her head, resting her free hand on her hip, and regards Amu first. "I'm not the friend you thought I was, which means I don't need your advice, so run along before I have my Knights arrest you for interfering with royalty."

Reiko comments, and she flips her hair a little bit. "You, too. Maybe I should schedule my meetings when all the annoying children are in bed." Then there's a specific, angry moment of slit-eyed glaring at Hoshi. "And YOU. Watch. Your. Tone."

She looks at Usagi - of course she noticed Usagi - and her look is totally different, almost apologetic, almost sorry - and then Mamoru opens his mouth and her demeanor drops several stories into the basement.

"Look, ever heard of a concept called projection? You're calling me everything you know you are. Take a hard look in the mirror, False Prince." Her look shifts to Kyouko. "Huh. Guess that means they have something in common with you, because I don't know your name either, but I know you don't deserve to wear that because you're in the service of a fraud, too."

The unknighted street tough looks around at all of the sparkly chaos and yelling and starts slowly backing away. "Man, I'm out." he mumbles and stuffs his hands into his pockets and starts to sulk away.

"Sorry, but this volunteer army just instituted a draft." Earth says with a half-smile, and hurls the golden crystal into him. It detonated and with a surge of bright golden light and fury he is enwrapped into a uniform too. It becomes clear, as the Diet Coke Knights turn to face the various arrayed forces, their eyes have been replaced with all golden pupils and they're not really controlling themselves.

While the street kid undergoes the transformation, Earth takes advantage of the distraction to draw out her own henshin pen and in that surge of ribbons, gold, and strange crackling blue energy, she steps out with her cape, and draws... of course... a cane from it. "Come on down, False Prince, and maybe I'll hit you on the head hard enough you'll recover from your amnesia and remember the you that isn't a fake."
Hoshi Kogane 2017-05-04 00:03:17 75733
"Sic semper evollo cladem tyrannis." Yellow quotes some old latin phrase, with a twist of her own. 'Thus always I bring destruction to tyrants' or less literally, defeat. And after that, she swings her staff, stars falling off it with the swing and growing in size. They scatter and go for the knights under Sailor Earth's control, whizzing about and dancing, blinking with faint purifying light and overall being rather distracting and obnoxious.
Amu Hinamori 2017-05-04 00:04:34 75734
Amulet Heart blinked, then cocked an eye. "Please. There's only one royal figure I follow. And his name is Platinum Royale. And he's kind and sweet and wonderful and..."

"Amu!" Miku interupted.

"Oh! Right! Err, yes! Um, in the name of justice! Stop this!" And then Mamo arrived and... Oh, wow. No justice speech. Just mad. She's NEVER seen him just mad before. Her mouth fell open and she stared. my gosh. She then shook her head. Then...

"Wait, she's a SCOUT?!" she said, going a little pale. Oh, she just realized she was a little over her pay grade here. But the good news was sailor moon, sailor... well, there were heavy hitters here. Which meant she could focus on the minions.

"Sailor mo-- Err... Mamoru-sempai! You and your knights and the scouts take care of the scout girl! I'll focus on purifying these kids!" she yelled, before leaping down. Her baton formed in her right hand and she sent it flying at the nearest one, before jumping back. "Hey, fake knights, your boss sucks and she has as much 'princess' in her as I have... ummm..."

"Restraint around boys?" Miku offered.

"Yeah! Wait... MIKU!" she scowled, before shaking her head. Good, prism girls. She smiled to them. "Come on, let's draw them away so Mamo and the others can handle the girl undisturbed.
Reiko Touyama 2017-05-04 00:07:49 75735
Orange frowns as she listens to Sailor Earth. "Oh, I see. You just **look** familiar...." her eyes look over to...Mamoru who.. isn't Tuxedo Kamen!? This is confusing. She's never seen 'Endymion', but he still feels the same as Kamen, doesn't he? So there are momentary sparkle eyes from the orange haired girl.

She shakes his off and lasts exactly a moment.

IS THAT SAILOR V!? She says with Sparkle eyes again. Ohhh god she wants autographs so baddddddd!

Once again she gets back to bussiness though as Hoshi makes a proper latin justice speech. "What Yellow said! Sic Semper Fi!" she insists. Reiko that isn't the same thing. Sgt. Fins appears next to her and facepalms. Too many war documentaries with grandpa.

She frowns and raises her staff wide and swings it in the air, koi flying out in a swarm towards the golden glowing and possibly mind controlled boys. They aim to explode into purifying orange mist that hurts a little.
Sailor Moon 2017-05-04 00:14:30 75736
The instant she hears his voice, her heart bubbles and glitters and sparkles up to her eyes as she turns toward him. And if heart eye lazer beams were actual physical entities he'd be bowled over by a bunch of eye hearts peppering his face with kisses and hugs. "Mamo-chan~!"

And then she hears what he says. And of course, she latches on to the most important thing. "Macking? I don't remember kissing her. But even if I did I like your kisses more! Honest! Even your liverwurst sandwich kisses are lots better!"

Oh there's a Venus! And when did Naru get here! And so many others, yay friends!

And Earth's eyes on her look so genuine, Usagi's heart aches and she wants to help and--

Whelp, that feeling died before it could be fully formed.

Strategies are made around her, which is a good thing because she's never been good at making those. She's fine with the idea of staying on Earth, though. Especially now.

"I TOLD YOU-- Venus, hold my flower, she doesn't get a meme newer than that." There is, surprisingly, a flower. It's a hair barette and is in Venus' palm before Moon is done transforming. "I TOLD YOU NOT TO TALK ABOUT HIM LIKE THAT! If you were any closer I'd...I'D SLAP YOU!"
Naru Osaka 2017-05-04 00:18:31 75737
A long suffering sigh from Hyalite as she listens. As she watches. There's a great deal of sympathy in her for mind controlled minions of any flavour. She reaches into her pocket to emerge out with her sketchbook as she watches Usagi have her moment of consideration and oh the threat. The THREAT of slapping. She quirks a half smile, keeping to the shadows as she flips pages, keeping a general eye upon just how and when the slapping is going to become more literal and less just talk.

There's a glance up, to the Prince and shitennou looming up above and Hyalite just nods.
Minako Aino 2017-05-04 00:18:44 75738
    Sailor Venus holds the flower, dutily like this is a VERY IMPORTANT JOB and it is. She holds it and looks down at it and then around and then stands besides Sailor Moon as she's done transforming.
    "You know I'm going to shoot you in the face right?" she asks at Sailor Earth. "Just so we're clear and there's no hard feelings when I do!~" she sings out teasingly.
    "But seriously, you're so so so so wrong." she says. "On what you think. That guys the genuine article and you?"
    "You're not even a diet coke copy. You're Diet PEPSI." she says with narrowed eyes.
    Shots fired.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-05-04 00:20:09 75739
    The more Kokoro walks, the more that faint sense of unease grows, until she rounds a corner to start heading down an alley, and... hears some noise. Lots of it. There's a little frown, as the tall girl makes her way down the alley a biiiit more slowly... and catches sight of what appears to be some sort of magical girl gang fight. "W-what the..." she murmurs in quiet, bewildered surprise; self-preservation instincts kick in, and the brunette starts to quietly back down the alleyway, hoping not to get caught... then gets a good look at one of the faux Shitennou. Something about that look in his eyes just... doesn't feel right.

    Kokoro tears herself away and turns to leave. "...it's not my problem. Not my problem, not my problem, I don't want anything to do with this, no way am I getting involved, not my problem..."

    We all know how this is going to turn out.

    Less than a minute later, there's a tall girl with crimson hair and violet eyes hurling herself down the alleyway, hauling a huge silver warhammer with her, and hurling herself into the nearest Diet Coke Shitennou shoulder-first. "Somebody give me the short version of 'what the crap am I fighting and why'!"
Mamoru Chiba 2017-05-04 00:33:39 75741
"Usa~!" calls Endymion cheerfully, and for a second the two-way laser heartbubble stream is liable to actually flood the alley, but the Prince manages to wrench his focus back on the task at hand. Mostly. "No no, just the hitting on you super hard business--"

--and then there's Earth's speech, and his eyes widen almost comically, and he glances at Usagi again, then at Hyalite down the alley, then to his sides at his Actual Shitennou, like 'can you believe this girl??', and then he GRINS at Usagi's threat and meme as she henshins into Sailor Moon--

--and Earth's gone all black-and-white and he suddenly feels somewhat overdressed, but rallies quickly. "I think you'll find," he says smugly, drawing himself up, "that a FIFTH Knight is completely my original idea, so even IF what you say were the truth instead of a whole web of badly-stitched lies, you'd STILL be copying me."

Then he looks down at the kid asking questions while Earth starts brandishing her cane, and he shrugs. "We actually still don't know what the hell her problem is, other than claiming to be 'the real version' of me. But she just mindcontrolled Five Guys Burgers and Fries over there, completely unconnected-to-magic-nonsense dudes off the street, and is going to make them fight us for giggles. So I'm pretty sure that puts her clear on the side of 'needs the evil curbstomped out of her'." A beat. "NICE hammer!"

Finally he looks back at Sailor Earth again and tilts his head a little. "I really wanted to believe maybe you were from another timeline or mind-controlled or something, and weren't deliberately lying-- I really didn't want to have to fight you. But you keep screwing civilians up, and you keep making my friends mad by trashtalking me, so--"

A nod to Apatite and Kunzite. "Go for it."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-05-04 00:39:03 75742
    Apatite has been scanning the alleyway the whole time- in combat mode, her instincts are in command, instincts finely honed by being a magical girl longer than (almost) anyone else in the city. She almost subconsciously notes and tracks those present.. Hoshi and Reiko and some chick with a hammer and Usagi and Venus, and hey, it's Hyalite! She blows a kiss at Hyalite while Endymion is talking again.

    But then he says go for it, and her scowl flashes to a feral grin, baring fang at one corner of her mouth. "Then lemme show you why a fifth Knight was a good idea, huh boss?" She laughs.. then throws herself over the edge of the building, plummeting down into the alleyway with her white-and-red cape fluttering out behind her.

    She doesn't even arrest the speed of her fall, but slams into the ground as fast as gravity will take her, a crack of fragmenting pavement accompanying her arrival, along with a flash of crimson light. In that same instant, her spear explodes apart, transforming into a cloud of wooden haft and chain with a very pointy blade somewhere mixed in, rotating around her like a small tornado.

    She notes the distractions provided by the Prism Keepers and Amu, but her scowl is back as she straightens up amidst the whirling weaponry. "No offense.. but this is kinda personal." She says, to no one in particular.. before the chain-spear snakes out with a seeming life of its own, shooting towards the nearest of the Fauxtennou, blade-first.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-05-04 00:40:53 75743
Mamoru covered the mind-control for the ... new crimson-haired arrival. Kunzite makes a mental note to avoid presuming someone is Kyouko out of the corner of his eye, and adds, "Careful about the energy she throws." 'Don't get hit' is presumably an unnecessary addition. "Don't know what her puppets there can do, but whatever they do, they're victims --"

And then Endymion gives them license to move, and Kunzite does: leaping down from the rooftop to --

-- not go after Sailor Earth. He lands by Amulet Heart instead, moving with her, lending her cover. Keeping an eye on all the while. "Don't underestimate them," he warns. Five-to-one isn't good odds for anyone to start with, but -- "The energy she uses is destructive and unstable, and there's a good chance they're charged with it."

The three days or so he spent in isolation after he absorbed some of it might be why he's keeping Amu company instead of Kyouko ... but only half the people here know that. Apatite. Endymion. Moon. Venus. Hyalite.
Takashi Agera 2017-05-04 00:43:40 75744
Unsurprisingly, a degree of chaos breaks out quick, and the mind-controlled Knights are quick to engage. Hoshi's stars and orange's koi move in, and the knights unclump. The first one moves towards the two keepers, generating shields of golden energy out of the air and using them to protect itself as it pushes towards the girls, swinging them like heavy weapons. "Alea iacta est." Earth comments also in latin.

Amu gets one of the Knight's attentions, for better or worse, and he dives at her. Forming two longswords out of the same golden energy, he moves to skewer her. At least this thug-looking older boy is probably not Amu's type under the shimmering armor. Probably.

"Bunny..." she begins, her English pet name for the girl in the long odangos. "I'm not going to let him get away with it. The Moon has to orbit the Earth." But for Venus, there's no sympathy. "You can try, but I always was the strongest." And then she flips her cape at Sailor Venus. "And the prettiest."

Kokoro's silver hammer slams loudly and metallicly against the newly-formed shield of another Pyrite Knight, as he winds up a flail in his other hand and moves to counter strike her!

"Oh come on. If the best you got is a number argument you're looking pretty limited. And I'm not screwing them up. They have a purpose now. Now they're part of something greater. Before they were blights on soceity, parasites, weaklings, and they would not be remembered when they die. Now they have a purpose."

"I gave you more time than you deserved, and explained my position. I have no choice but to assume you are either an misguided idiot or a malicious idiot. I'm sure I can find some clerking job for you once you stop stealing my energy."

Kyouko's blade is only narrowly dodged by the target knight, but suddenly from another direction the last knight comes in - by far the biggest, he's just charging towards Kyouko like he's intent on running her down like a freight train, and he's moving pretty fast. The other Pyrite Knight, smaller and faster, tries to follow him up with two smaller thinner blades.

And this leaves Earth standing alone. "You've all left me no choice, but I think you'll find when it comes to the magical realm? Earth IS the center of the universe."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-05-04 00:54:01 75745
    Apatite hisses as the knight she had aimed for dodges her blade by the merest fraction. The spear snaps backwards as if in rewind, the fragments rejoining in an instant and whirling in her hand-

    Just in time for her to side-step the charging large knight, who is easily two or three times her size. She actually spins around as he whooshes past her (no doubt simply to stop and come at her again), as if the wind of his passage turned her about-

    But that puts her in the perfect place to parry the two blades of the follow-up knight as he slashes at her. She catches them both on her spear with a dull clang, the haft stretched between the blades, then twists it to separate them and throw his arms apart before leaping back and stabbing out towards him in the same motion (like that annoying attack the Samurai spear chick does in For Honor).

    She then begins a complicated dance, attempting to parry the swords of the smaller knight while also dodging the blows of the larger should he turn back towards her. Part of her is pleased that Earth felt she needed two opponents. Girl must be smarter than she looked. On the other hand.. it's clearly straining her ability to keep both of them at bay, her whirling spear and quick dodges managed to avoid blows but leaving her precious little time to strike out at her attackers. If this goes on too long, she'll start to tire, which would be dangerous.

    Still, she finds the breath to shout over towards Sailor Earth, "Honestly it doesn't matter to me whether you or him are the 'real' royalty. Royalty is more than just who you were born as- you have to be worthy of it! He taught me that, and all I'm getting from you is 'spoiled brat throwing a tantrum'. If, by some ridiculous chance, that's the real royalty, I'll proudly stick with the one who earned my loyalty!"
Kazuo Takeba 2017-05-04 00:56:52 75746
One of the golden knights is diving for Amulet Heart. And this is why Kunzite is there. He does not call up a blade formed from his own energy; instead, his hand closes on the air, and a sword is suddenly in it. Problem: it's not magical. But fighting Hannah and a certain cursed blade taught him a few new tricks; he calls up his own power, and blackness swarms along the blade, strengthening and reinforcing it, reflecting the likely-destructive golden energy away.

His other hand clasps the edge of his cape and pulls it forward: the other focus for his power, when those domes and spheres of shadow aren't suited. More to shield himself than to entangle his opponent's blade, given that he can likely just manifest a new one.

The question is how well his opponent can use that blade. And that is anyone's guess. But he doesn't have to, or want to, defeat the other knight. Just to keep him busy until they can see whether Amulet Heart, or Sailor Moon, or the Prism Princesses, can clear the taint and the mind-control from Sailor Earth's victims.

Because stabbing the innocent is one of those things that, no matter how practical, Endymion always disapproves of.
Reiko Touyama 2017-05-04 00:57:33 75747
Prism Princess Orange watches the boy guide off towards them, using shields to block hers and Yellow's attacks. She looks towards Hoshi and frowns as she raises her left hand and out blasts a pure beam of Orange color energy, trying to smash and crash onto those shields.

She hears Mamoru's explanation and blinks. "WHAT?" she asks. "That's.... Ugh!" she snaps. "HEY! That's not nice you jerk!" she says loudly towards Sailor Earth. She looks back down the boy. "I'm really, really REALLLLLY Sorry for the butt kicking you're about to get!" she says. "Don't worry! I'm sure you'll get over it real fast when you can run away of your own free will!" Reiko helpfully explains.

She frowns as she keeps the beam up as long as she can. Let's see if Hoshi and Her can't make him flinch with those shields before he gets too close!
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-05-04 01:01:12 75748
    Kokoro's hammer slams hard into a shield, and she's wise enough to back off for just a heartbeat. Endymion's appraisal draws her attention; she stares at him for all of a heartbeat, and then growls, "Mind control, magical girls guys in capes, what the hell have I gotten myself into..." There's a brief pause, and the she mutters an almost embarrassed. "...t-thanks, I guess?" And Kunzite is saying something about unstable energy, and- "Gh, I don't get any of that stuff, but I'll figure something out!"

    And here comes the flail.


    The spiked head of the flail is knocked up in the air by a fast swing of the hammer, and Kokoro shifts it to her right hand alone with the same follow-through movement. Her left, then, shoots out to snag hold of the chain during that split second where the head is completely under the control of momentum-

    -and then she yanks. Hard. And it turns out, transformed Kokoro is strong. Freakishly strong. Tiny little crackles of lightning dance over her arms as she hauls the Pyrite Knight straight at herself, using her free hand to drive her hammer straight forward like a battering ram, straight at the guy's abdomen. It crackles with lightning the whole way.
Amu Hinamori 2017-05-04 01:02:03 75749
Amulet Heart looked around and then frowned. Kun had her helped, which meant she could redirect her attentions. Two batons formed in her hands, which she then twirled and sent flying at the backs of the two attacking apatite. It probably wouldn't hurt them much, but it would hopefully distract them enough to give the girl an edge.

Then she turned towards the one Kunzite had. She formed a heart with her fingers, before thrusting it out. She didn't have any big story to tell, the others already had the snappy come backs handled, anyway. What she brought, though, was the purification(Gotta love them support mains). "Open heart!" she yelled, thrusting her hand out towards the one Kunzite had distracted. "Kunzite-kun, jump!" she yelled, the beam of magical light shooting out to try to capture the knight and, hopefully, free him from his binds.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-05-04 01:03:33 75750
Endymion looks at Moon and Venus, eyebrows up as his own Knights go either rampaging or protecting, at their preference, and then he puts one foot up on the ledge and leans, forearm to knee, gesturing broadly with his sword. He is, it seems, perfectly willing to trade insults with her while other people are fighting, if it means her attention's on him and she's not actively fighting anyone else.

"They're people. People deserve choices. They deserve informed consent. You took away their agency, and are literally no better than Beryl-- and she thought she had a right to rule this planet, too. Newsflash: NOBODY has a right to rule a planet," he explains, looking a lot less angry and a lot more pedantic. There are plenty of people being angry already. He'd rather be annoying.

Gesturing casually at Kyouko with his sword and inclining his head, he adds, "What she said. And honestly, this energy? I'm sorry, it can't possibly be yours, because you're alive without it. I'm fairly certain I wouldn't be." Then he smiles, small and slight and cold. "'You're a fake and everyone forgot I'm real' isn't an explanation. I gave you plenty of time to come to me and talk, like a reasonable person with a reasonable grievance. You didn't. Are you going to come up here and fight me or are you going to keep desperately repeating yourself?"
Naru Osaka 2017-05-04 01:07:57 75751
Hyalite used to be a lot better at lurking and hiding, before people started recognizing her in henshin. Still, she has her sketchbook in one hand, flipped open to a few pages, but its her free hand that's drawing forth energy. She's quiet, still largely watching as she steps back to be able to watch primarily Kunzite and Apatite, evaluating who needs boosts to energy sooner rather than later.
Sailor Moon 2017-05-04 01:11:12 75752
"Oh, okay! But I still like your kisses better love you snuggle you after the fight!" A little wave because there's always time to flirt with Mamo-chan.

Sailor Moon squawks! Has to revolve around the Earth? So presumptuous! "I don't have to, it just hurts really really bad when I don't, thankyouverymuch!" Duh! That's how she knew for one-thousand percent Mamoru was the real one! Yay for past evicserating agony to come in handy!

Ohhh, another person! And her ears are still ringing from the sound the hammer made! And she may have shrieked and ducked behind Venus at the sound of it! But whether or not she actually did can't be proven as she clears her throat and dusts off her fuku.

More heart eyes for Mamoru! And winces and crincges as Apatite and Kunzite and Amu and omg so many people she can't keep up with them all -- ahem -- fights around her.

While Earth was distracted by her amazing wonderful for really real boyfriend, Moon turned to Venus and whispered. Probably not as quietly as she should, but she wasn't yelling it, at least. "Can you lasso her? Is that how it works? I mean, should I throw my tiara while you lasso her? I'm gonna throw my tiara, okay? And you do the lasso? Yeah? That should work. Right?"

Minako Aino 2017-05-04 01:16:11 75753
    Sailor Venus is already to start pewpewing at Sailor Earth by now when Sailor Moon whispers in her ear and she grows this devious grin. Oh that's a better idea. She grabs the chain around her waist and thwips it out immediatly after as she grins. "I'm sure she'd like keep snarking at you Endy-kun, but she's gonna be a little tied up for a while...." she says.
    A little thwip, and she's throwing her Love-Me-Chain out like a lasso, which has somehow connected to itself during that little motion, towards Sailor Earth to try to contain her to one singular location just for a second just ahead of that Moon Tiara action!
    "Venuse Love-Me-Lasso!" she calls out. That's not even an actual attack, BUT OH WELL. Princess gets what princess wants! And right now that's Earth tied up for a second.
Takashi Agera 2017-05-04 01:25:27 75756
Earth begins to work on Kyouko - she's the one singled out and to insert doubt might do the trick with her being dogpiled. "Really? He's earned your loyalty by lying? Your entire Knighthood is built on a lie, a farce, a falsehood. The False Knight of a False Prince. And if he's not an idiot, then he's been lying to you. He probably knows in his heart and he's lying in front of you all. He's using you. You're the one getting a raw deal." And all the while, the two Pyrite Knights are doing their level mind-controlled best to either skewer Kyouko or put her into a wall.

Kunzite and the longsword-wielding Pyrite Knight trade blows, keeping Amulet Heart safe so that she can attempt to assist Kyouko - the two batons taking the smaller Knight out of the fight momentarily. The one near Amu is mid swing when Kunzite clears the way for Open Heart - and the pyrite knight's golden armor crackles with blue energy as it tries to resist being removed. Amu can do it, but it'll either take a lot of her energy, or a little outside assist.

Orange's beam crashes against the Pyrite Knight's shield, and it starts to arrest his forward progress.

Kokoro deflects the flail and the knight lets go of it, just to manifest a new one and begin to swing it in time for - nothing, because the hammer slams into him and he goes back, hard, down to one knee and grunting - before the shimmering outfit moves and seems to drag his body with it, like a puppet, and tries to just body bash her with his shield in front, and then bring the mace down again behind it.

Earth shrugs, and looks up at Endymion. "We're talking now, we talked last time, and we aren't getting anywhere because you're an intractable jerk who came into this convinced he's right." Pot, kettle. "So yeah, lets get down to it!" She leaps up into the air, cane in her right hand - and she has an amazing hangtime, much like a certain tuxedo'd man - and her right hand is extended out as energy gathers into it.

    "Earth LaSmoking.."

And then suddenly she puts her left hand under her right pointing to the side, at Venus!"


The surging blast of energy in corsucating blue and gold erupts from her hand and surges at Venus, though the lasso connects and binds her from any further action, and the Tiara slams into her from the side, knocking her out of the sky - and letting her hit the ground with a thud before she can break the bonds. All of the golden armor on the various Pyrite Knights flickers briefly.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-05-04 01:33:00 75757
    Kyouko, panting and with a sheen of sweat on her forehead from her continued attempts to fend off two opponents simultaneously (which are succeeding, but barely, and by a slimmer margin with every passing moment) snarls back at Earth as she is taunted. "No, douchebag, he earned my loyalty by saving my life, not to mention the lives of a bunch of people I care about and, oh yeah, the entire planet" Well, in truth it was really Usagi but Mamoru was pretty important and it makes a better argument when phrased that way, so sorry Usagi! "He's allowed to use me. I want him to use me, because that's what I effing signed up for, because I know he'll figure out how to use me better than I ever could on my own. You say it's a raw deal.. from where I'm standing, I've already been paid in full and I'm happily working off the debt!"

    Amu's batons take out the smaller of her opponents. She flashes a grin to the girl behind Kunzite, but that's all the thanks she has time for as she's now able to concentrate fully on the big guy, which means for the first time since her initial attack she's able to try and get a hit in. Taking advantage of the momentary swing in pace, she whips her spear around low as he charges at her again, and the spear again fragments into chin segments to try and wrap around his ankles and send him sprawling to the alley floor.

    Regardless of whether that succeeds or not, she then flinches down at the huge blast of energy flying by overhead. "Holy hell.." She mutters as she takes a cautious step backwards.
Minako Aino 2017-05-04 01:33:19 75758
    Venus is all smarm about this, and she's about to try to knock Earth off kilter before she can launch something at Mamoru- except. She blindsides. She aims it at her at the last second and her eyes go wide. She can't just... jump out of the way. THAT might leave it open to hit Moon so!....
    She raises her arms and she takes a brilliant, and powerful hit hard, being driven down into the dirt and backwards through it, leaving a Minako-width trench in the dirt for at least six feet as she nrrrrgs and lays there for a moment. She's going to need a moment, but she's alive. Just out of breath. A lot of breath.

T"J..Just a moment!" she says sputteringly. "I'm fine! Really! Standard Wednesday night!" she insists. This is anything but standard.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-05-04 01:35:46 75759
    Kokoro pulls her hammer back as the knight staggers, resuming her two-handed grip on the weapon. Okay, so he can just conjure up new ones, using his own attack against him isn't an option. Aaand here comes THE WALL. There is a brief moment where the red-haired thundergirl finds herself bewildered; she's never even /seen/ this kind of weaponry in person, let alone had any training on how to deal with them. So why does she seem to know just what to do?

    Well, whatever.

    Those instincts seem to be right. So she's going with it. And this time, Kokoro's instincts are screaming to move in. To take the hit. So she does, stepping right in, swinging her hammer to one side, and taking the shield bash right on her torso. "Gh-!" She grunts in pain... but at the same time, it's like hitting a solid wall. The girl doesn't so much as budge. And in this close of range, she can let go of her hammer entirely, reach one hand around to grab the wrist holding the shield, and reach her other hand up to snag his weapon wrist.

    That's when the golden armor flickers.

    Kokoro's lips pull into a faint smirk. And then...

Mamoru Chiba 2017-05-04 01:37:27 75760
"Tuxedo," says Endymion softly, flinching as the attack hits Venus, but staying on course -- he has to trust everyone, and honestly, these days? That's not hard. He has to trust everyone not to get hurt badly enough he can't fix it, and to take care of themselves and each other. "la Smoking," he whispers, thinking only about filling in for people who aren't here right now and making sure that this brouhaha doesn't spill out the alley and hurt any other civilians.

And then Moon's tiara's action completes itself and Earth craters the earth below, and Mamoru finishes the jacket mantra. "Bomber."

He's straightened up again, somewhere in the middle of that, and with the last word coinciding with the crash, his sword-free hand flips out to point directly at the false Senshi. Kicking her while she's down. Making up for last time.

"STICKING EARTH IN FRONT OF IT DOESN'T MAKE IT BETTER, ASSHOLE, IT MAKES IT STUPID! IT'S THREE KINDS OF JACKET, NOT PLANET-JACKET-JACKET! READ A BOOK!" is what he finishes with, proving that he's an eighteen-year-old academic with a temper and basically nothing else.
Naru Osaka 2017-05-04 01:43:00 75761
It isn't the one that Hyalite expected to have to boost, and there's a quiet frown of concentration as she lets her attention slide away from Kunzite and Apatite and onto Amulet Heart and her attempts to purify.

There's a soft little hunh, and Hyalite waits for her next attempt. The magical light from the girl changes colour, as Hyalite focuses upon it, her fingers manipulating, shoving extra energy into that colour, deepening it, making the colour more luminous.
Reiko Touyama 2017-05-04 01:43:40 75762
Prism Princess Orange is pushing back the shield Pyrite with her beam, or at least stopping him. She hrmphs as she then stops and suddenly and spins her staff and slams it's tip to the ground and a giant, giant koi the size of a small truck pops into existence. This is one chubby koi.

She huffs and swings the staff into it's rear and it's eyes open wide and it begins speeding forward to try to crash into the shield Pyrite with a glorious purifying explosion. Not that the purifiying part may be important here. The important part is, it hurts no matter what really. Regardless.

"Try that one for size!" she huffs. "SNAP OUT OF IT!" she calls out.
Amu Hinamori 2017-05-04 01:45:45 75763
Amulet Heart held out her hand, trying to push through the light. She wasn't sure she could do it, at first. It was usually a quick flash and she didn't want to burn herself out from just one. But...

And then she got a boost! Her hearts grew more and, with a burst of powered up energy, she'd be able to burst through the shield and take it down! She grinned and smiled.

"Okay, girls, if you can damage the shields, I can purify them," she said, wiping a bit of sweat from her brow as her batons came back. She sent them flying out at the smaller of the two attacking Kyouko, just to make sure he stayed distracted.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-05-04 01:57:42 75764
Kunzite hasn't seen any of the Amulet forms in action often. Just often enough that when she calls for him to jump, he does -- one of those high leaps, placing himself on a balcony above that, thankfully, has only a minimum of laundry hung over the railing to dry. Which means that he's in position to see Venus take that blast of energy that he knows all too well.

Gray eyes grow cold as stone.

He doesn't dart to her defense. He takes up her position instead, leaving Amu and Hyalite to their own devices, ready to shield or intercept any attack on Usagi ...

Well. Ready to intercept.

Because his energy is occupied with something other than shielding. Something that he was given to help rescue a Senshi who isn't here tonight, but he doubts that Mercury would begrudge it, if she even knew. Something that he's been carrying for weeks and months since them, something with a quiet and controlled rage that sings in perfect harmony with his own emotions right now. And the words he speaks as he lifts a hand are timed with their being spoken elsewhere, and with the same target. Quiet. Angry. Colder than their proper owner.

"Tuxedo la Smoking Bomber."

It's been living in him long enough that it drags a good deal of his own energy with it, white-gold laced through with that unlikely pink lightning. It might be what Earth wants out of all of this. Energy not as unstable as her own. But Venus is down, and just for this moment, he doesn't care.
Sailor Moon 2017-05-04 02:00:47 75765
That's okay, Apatite! Usagi totally gets what you--

"VENUS!!!" There's that one second where everything is still and Usagi's worst nightmare is almost here, losing someone she loves and--

Oh thank god. For a moment, she sinks to the ground, needing to catch her bearings because there's a very brief flash of a very charred Mars in her arms. A moment later, when it's clear Earth is on the ground, she scuttles over to Venus and hugs her close.

"I'm so glad you're okay, you're okay, right, you're not really dead, right." Sniffles and tears and so many kisses peppered on Venus' face!

Her tiara comes back just as she sets Venus back down with promices to come back honest for real she loves Venus stay safe!

"How dare you." Sailor Moon stands and turns toward Earth. And of course there's a moment where her hand is on Kunzite's elbow because of course, she's frikkin' Usagi and a friend is upset. "HOW DARE YOU!" Her face is full of anger and hurt and betrayal.

There's a showy swirl of moonlight and chiffon as gold turns to silver and hello, your Highness, Princess Serenity, very nice of you to join us.

"You attack my friends! You hurt people I love and just now, you try to kill one of my best friends?! One of my Guardians?! You may have one of the prettiest faces in the world but you have the ugliest heart and you will never be him and I will NEVER forgive you! And in the name of the moon, I! Will! Punish you!"

The crystal is out, nestled in the wand, and it's set to Omnidirectional. "MOON HEALING ESCALATION!"

It may not have a concentrated hit on Earth herself, but, well, there's a lot of Bombers to go around.
Takashi Agera 2017-05-04 02:12:28 75766
Kyouko's strike hits home and so does her chain - bringing him to the floor with a loud crash. Giving her a breather. The twin-blades knight is nowhere to be seen, for the moment...

Kokoro's headbutt slams into the knight - the possessed tough's fighting style is instinctual and proper but not intellectual, so the hit comes as a surprise - and it slams to the ground too, and there are hairline 'cracks' in the shimmering energy that cloaks it.

Amu's already had the other Pyrite Knight held by the power of her Open Heart, and by the combined efforts of herself and Hylate, the armor begins to crack and then shatter, peices tearing off and dissapearing, eventually leaving the person beneath unconcious, but normal.

A massive Koi follows up the beams of orange, and the twin shield Pyrite looks over as the beam stops just in time to see the giant bright orange fish a moment from his face before it bowls him over, sending him rolling, cracks appearing in his light-clothes, as well.

The impact of the twin real Smoking Bomber leaves a cloud of dust and energy for a moment, obscuring the effect. But then as it clears, Sailor Earth is standing there. Her fuku shows only a limited amount of battle damage. And the reason is clear - there are the remaining two Pyrite Knights on the ground, unconscious as well - one facing each direction of the blast. She'd called them back to shield her.

But the Escalation was still coming. And suddenly, looking at Usagi, at Princess Serenity, at her hostility, Sailor Earth's eyes flare golden, too.

"You've taken EVERYTHING FROM ME!" she shouts as a surge of strange power erupts from her and it holds the escalation back for a moment, her hands generating orbs of strength. And she's going... more than a little insane. "MY POWERS. MY WORLD. MY LOVE. MY PAST. MY FUTURE! DON'T YOU UNDERSTAND?!". As she radiates that strange energy - distinctly neither positive nor negative energy - the bodies of the unconscious Pyrite Knights start to float as gravity itself seems to lose control.

"I WON'T LET YOU TAKE IT ALL!" The world shudders, colors invert, and a second surge of energy forces the heroes back as the astrological symbol for the Earth, the one on her rod, burns its way into the concrete floor of the alleyway in brilliant gold.

    Somewhere, a boy in a lab coat stops what he's doing and moves at a rapid pace into another room.

Then the burning symbol turns blue, and then black, and Earth clutches at the left side of her chest, at her heart, heaving, tears flowing down her face. "THIEVES. MONSTERS. ONE AND ALL!!" And then just as the energy vanishes (freeing up the space for the escalation to connect) so does Earth, surging away in a bolt of golden energy, and leaving that symbol burned a good inch into the ground.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-05-04 02:20:11 75767
    Apatite manages to trip up the larger knight, sending him crashing to the ground, whereupon she smartly brings the heel of her spear around and smacks him on the back of the head. Hopefully that will keep him down, at least for a few moments..

    Which may be more than enough as suddenly the alleyway is awash with ridiculous attacks flying in every direction. There's one fake-Bomber overhead striking Venus.. then two more real ones and an Escalation, and Apatite comes as close to cowering as she ever does, which is to say crouching low to the ground and muttering things that any sane TV show would bleep and probably has her Priestly father rolling in his grave (if he'd had one).

    Darting eyes take in the fact that the Knights are all down following the twin Bombers, and she still sees most people on their feet. But Earth is starting to go crazy.. that strange energy building up as the girl screams and begins to force everyone away from her.

    Apatite has no idea what the fake Senshi is about to do, but her brain tells her there's a good chance it's going to be an attack. So she does the only thing that makes sense to her in the moment- in a flash, she leaps up the side of the building again and interposes herself directly between Sailor Earth and Prince Endymion, her spear coming up and a lacey black-and-red barrier snapping into being in front of her (and by extension, Endymion), her teeth gritted in a way that says she does not anticipate it being enough..

    Except no attack actually comes, and she's left hanging there for just a moment before she overbalances and topples backwards onto the roof on her butt, the barrier vanishing. "Oof."
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-05-04 02:24:05 75769
    Kokoro has the awareness to let go, releasing her grip on the knight; she takes a step back and grabs her hammer, then swings the weapon up onto her shoulder. She's not foolhardy enough to assume the fight's over just yet. But in truth, she's only half-minding the entire rest of the fight, assuming those weirdos all know what they're doing in what... frankly sounds like some kind of magical domestic spat.

    Then there's a surge of energy, and the tall girl's opponent starts to float, "What-" She's nearly blow off her feet by a second surge of power, and her hammer comes around, held up in a defensive posture. But it proves to be of little concern. Something... something strange happens. She's got no clue what. But the screaming girl disappears, the Pyrite Knights are healed, and...

    ...and there's Kokoro, standing there awkwardly, surrounded by magical people she doesn't know, in the aftermath of a fight she's not even sure she understands. "So... so, uh..." Headscratch. "...I think I'm leaving now."
Reiko Touyama 2017-05-04 02:26:47 75770
Prism Princess Orange blinks, well. That's that, isn't it! She gently looks around and lowers her scepter as she frowns. "Well, that's that." she says. She looks at Kokoro and blinks. "Um! I dunno really. I just got here and found out about this right now!" she smiles. "But those guys are okay now and that's all that matters!" says Orange as she looks around again and lets the transformation flash out. Leaving just Reiko.

"So what was exactly happening...?" she asks as she looks between Endymion and Sailor Moon.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-05-04 02:28:37 75771
Kyouko shields Endymion. Kunzite turns to shield Serenity, and Venus behind her, reaching to keep the Princess covered by his cape and his body in lieu of anything more -- trying to begin to pull up a dome of shadows as the strange energy forces them back --

-- and then Sailor Earth is gone.

And it is suddenly quiet.

"Venus," he says aloud as he lets go of Serenity's arm, glancing her direction to be sure she's still conscious and stirring; but he turns to look Kokoro's way as well, speaking more directly to her. "Are you hurt?"

(It is, after all, deeply obvious that Venus is hurt. The girl he doesn't know is more of a question.)
Amu Hinamori 2017-05-04 02:30:15 75772
Amulet Heart sees the writing on the wall. Sees a bunch of big, mega blasts. Realizes, well, her powers are 'purify, jump and throw stick'. She is a tad out of her league. She takes cover behind the nearest dumpster! Boom, boom, boom! Once all the mess was done with, she came out from cover and just... stared.

Finally... "Sooo... err, who exactly was that?" she asked, mimicking Orange. She was confused. For obvious reasons. "And what was that about you stealing stuff from her?" she looked around, ready to purify any of the knights that remained, but... nope.

Then... If Kun looked, he might notice Miki was staring at him and Venus. She was totally not planning ships(she was. And he likely knew she was if he knew Miki at all.) She couldn't heal, just purify, so she instead moved to start helping the wounded, gather them up, assuming they weren't too hurt.
Minako Aino 2017-05-04 02:32:05 75774
    Oh, Sailor Venus is okay! And she gets face kisses and everyone seems really upset she took a hit so Usagi didn't have to and she sighs and begins to crawl herself upwards. She raises a 'finger gun' at Earth while she's tirading but as she gets it off, it flashes off and hits the alleys wall. She frowns.
    "She got away..." she huffs a little. "Owwwww. My everything hurts." she complains.
    "M-- Endymion if that girl hits as hard as you do I'm not making fun of your cooking ever again!" she calls out in response to her sticking around. "Yeah.... yeah." she sighs as she rubs her shoulder. She looks over to Kunzite and blinks.
    OH GOD that was being totally not cool and awesome in front of Kunzite. She looks away and whistles. Try to look cool. BE COOL Venus. Then she winces again.
    She's actually in pain, yes. She'll need a moment.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-05-04 02:38:32 75775
Endymion watches (suddenly over Apatite's shorty mcshorterson head), face set for a moment-- expression shifting toward regretful as Sailor Earth obviously loses her mind; even if she's not real, her feelings are-- and then lets out a breath as she leaves. His eyes flicker to Serenity for a second, and a slight smile tugs at the corner of his mouth, and he reaches down to mash his hand briefly into Kyouko's fluffy hair. It's a silent 'you did awesome', and a brief flaring minor restoration of energy.

"Primary!" he calls out, then, and steps to the ledge, "making sure those guys are gonna be okay. Anyone who got hurt-- looking at you, Venus, especially, and yes I do-- stick around and I'll fix it too. Sorry about the mess."

Then Endymion's leaping off the roof to land in the etched alchemical symbol for Earth, close to the first of the thugs to go down. He crouches and puts one hand in the rut, past the asphalt to the dirt beneath it, and the other hand on the thug; there's a golden glow around his hand, behind his eyes, and he works the first of the healings he's going to be administering this afternoon.

More quietly, he says with a glance toward Orange, "That girl claims she's me and goes around hurting people and wrecking stuff, basically." Then to Kokoro, "Don't go yet-- you're new, right? Stick around for Virtue contact info. In fact-- Hyalite! You up? Newbie over here!"
Sailor Moon 2017-05-04 02:40:20 75776
Well, her plan to run forward and do whatever it was she was going to do gets derailed by a shielding Kunzite. Which is smart on his part, because she really would have just run forward. Whether to stop Earth or comfort her is anyone's guess. And that little sob she she gives into Kunzite's shirt as she hugs against him at the crazed voice? Totally didn't happen.

At the end, though, everyone is okay, even if they're unconcious, and she may cling for a moment longer than necessary to Kunzite, because he is very tol and strong and she feels very smol and weak. Which more or less dissipates at the small smile Mamoru gives her. She returns it the best she can.

And then there's a voice! "VENUS!"

Barelling, crashing bear hugs probably aren't good for injured Venuses... "Oh I'm so sorry, I'm just so happy you're okay!"

And then she obliterates any cool Venus may have had left by peppering her face in friendly kisses. "So so so so happyyyyy!" Sniff sniff! "I wasn't worried you were worried!" Sniff! "I lied I was so worried!"

Then she pulls back with a startled gasp. "Oh! I should go check on the goons!"

Hiking up her dress, she goes to check on the goons Mamoru hasn't seen to yet. There may be attempts at soothing them. There may also be future dreams one or two of them have about a near death experience and a silvery angel, but that's for their psychiatrists to figure out.
Naru Osaka 2017-05-04 02:44:24 75777
Chaos. It's always Chaos and screaming and big booms and lights and Hyalite moves towards the unconscious goons as soon as Sailor Earth goes boompoof, her sketchbook going away as she does. There's plenty who think to look to the (vaguely) innocents in all of this.

At the call of her name, Hyalite turns towards Endymion and there's a nod and she turns towards Kokoro. "Hi. Welcome to the weird. I'm Hyalite, as Endymion has just made amply clear."
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-05-04 02:50:02 75778
    "Yeah, I... I guess." That's about all Kokoro can think to say to Orange, still a bit awkward. It's true, though; whatever the screaming girl did to these guys, at least they'll be fine. ...More or less. ...Sorry about that headbutt, guy.

    But Kunzite's asking after something she can actually answer. Kokoro looks down at herself, twists her body here and there a little, grunts in pain... then shrugs. "I'm fine." From him, her eyes next track over to Endymion, who gets a confused look. "What- huh? What the heck's a..." That look darts between Endymion and Hyalite both, before a coin apparently drops. "-whoa, no no no. I'm not in for some sort of magical club or whatever. I got enough problems to deal with." It comes out as an irritated grumble, with an expression to match, and the next thing she does is to leap to the nearest rooftop, probably to go right by whoever's still up there.
Misa Sakagami 2017-05-04 02:50:07 75779
     Something major had happened here. A mixture of darkness and light, as well as ... an odd neutrality. And there was... despair? Of a sort, at any rate. Curious! Very curious. What was also likely curious was the darkness that seemed to creep out of a nearby alleyway.

     The pulsing sounds of darkness and that chill down one's back as something 'evil' gazes upon them can be felt, as a small head with light pink hair peeking around the corner. Lightly glowing, deep red eyes staring around that corner. "...What...?"

     "... Strange..." Comes ...Misa's voice? Maeko's..? It's hard to tell. Maeko doesn't /seem/ to be there. There's not the usual sense of malice there. More an almost dark... curiosity? Misa's head comes more around the corner, as she takes a couple of steps out of the alleyway.

     "......" One... two... three of them... maybe four seemed familiar. Misa's eyes trailed to Endymion, Kunzite, and Prism Princess Orange in particular. "...Hi..." ... And then she retreats back into the alleyway, the darkness that had been clinging to the alley leaving with her.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-05-04 02:53:30 75780
    Apatite blinks a few times as quiet descends, and it becomes apparent that Earth did not unleash some major attack, but instead just stormed off in a huff. She looks up as Endy ruffles her, giving him a crooked, if pleased smile before climbing back to her feet and dusting herself off. "Well. Guess that coulda gone worse.."

    And then he's dropping down to see to the wounded, of course. Kyouko follows suit a moment later, hitting the ground in his wake but instead of moving towards anybody who's hurt, turning to walk over towards Hyalite.

    "Hey babe. In one piece?" She leans over for a smooch on the cheek as she delivers this greeting, though a quick once-over of eyes reassures her that the other girl is indeed still in posession of all her limbs.

    Then Endy is calling for Hyalite to do envoy-duty, and Apatite heaves a small sigh. "Ah well, go do your thing with the newbie. I'll pick up a pizza and meet you at home, huh?" She turns then, and surveys Endymion working on healing everybody and Kunzite and Usagi looking frazzled and injured Venus.

    "I'll pick up five.. eh, maybe seven pizzas, and bring them upstairs." She amends, making sure she's speaking loudly enough for at least some of the others to hear.

    A brief grin. "Just don't-" But then Kokoro, the newbie in question, seems to reject the offered enoying. "Well, nevermind. Still. Pizza."

    Her henshin dissolves in a flash of red, and she's moving towards the alley mouth, confident the situation is well in hand, and will only be improved by food waiting when people get back.
Reiko Touyama 2017-05-04 02:53:31 75781
Prism Princess Orange doesn't wait for an answer to her things or if there was some, she doesn't hear them because /MISA-CHAN!/... /MAEKO-CHAN!?/ she doesn't know but her eyes go wide. "Maeko-chan....?"

She looks between all the group and frowns. "Sorry. I need to chase her." she says as she begins to race after Misa, transforming again along the way as tiny fairy wings help her in her chase. A koi comes back, waves to the group and then scoots back after the two!

"Misa! Maeko! W..wait!" she calls out in the distance.

Yeah this'll be a small fruitless chase.
Minako Aino 2017-05-04 02:59:03 75782
    Venus's remaining cool factor us ruined by her princess peppering her with friendfly kisses and she huffs and blushes and keeps her arms crossed and continues to try to look cool. It's failing. Luckily Kunzite probably doesn't actually care.
    "I want an anchovy one!" she calls out to Kyouko. "Please and thank you!~".
    "Also. Extra Chese! Wait. No. DOUBLE EXTRA CHEESE!" she calls out.
    She huffs at Serentity. "I'-m fine!" she insists super not cooly. "Really! I mean. I'm hurt but I'm fine! Endymion will make it all better." she insists.
    "But I couldn't let that hurt you if I moved out of the way... and she kind of blindsided me. I was SURE she was going for Endy." she huffs.
Amu Hinamori 2017-05-04 03:02:20 75783
Amulet Heart cocked her head to the side and sighed. She crossed her arms and brushed her hair back. A pizza party? That sounded like it'd be so much fun! "You guys all have fun with that," she said before de-henshioning. "I think my job here is done. It was great seeing all of you again."

"Amu's just being difficult," Ran said.

"She wants to come join in the after party, too," Miki adds.

"She's just embarrassed because she wants to seem too cool for a pizza party."

"RAN! MIKI! SU!" she shrieked, her cheeks burning and flaailing. Why? WHY?! It wasn't fair! The other magical girls didn't have to put up with thissssss!
Sailor Moon 2017-05-04 03:04:48 75784
Serenity has done what she can!

She feels good! She feels great! She is not already repressing sad memories just recently made! She--

She SHRIEKS! at a sudden set of red eyes! There's! A! Ghost!

"Don't let her see your belly button!" She scampers over to Venus snugs against her side. Because there's a ghost. Or was. And she may be shaking. Yes, the girl who just filled the alleyway with purifying light is shaking in her ballet flats over even the possibility of having just seen a ghost. "C-can I have some p-pizza?" Again. Priorities.
Naru Osaka 2017-05-04 03:05:12 75785
"Yeah, we generally don't get quite buddy buddy enough to call it a club." Hyalite doesn't seem offended as Kokoro jumps past, eschewing attempts to network, her voice raising to follow the unfamiliar girl. "I'm generally easy to find if you want more information. More of a collective than a club."

Hyalite leans into the greeting from Apatite, and a quick kiss on the cheek. "Not a scratch, and I want pizza too. Veggie, please. See you at home."

Hyalite peers up to where Kokoro, her attention darting away at the whisper of a familiar voice, and then watching Orange go running off, a frown, thoughtful.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-05-04 03:06:15 75786
Endymion rolls his eyes; 'magic club'. Eh. "She'll eventually figure out sometimes it's nice to have backup," he observes, then glances back down at Thug One, who's-- okay now, more or less. He claps him on the arm and smiles. "All set. Don't make any more deals with compelling and powerful people until you get a copy of the fine print. Go home."

He gets up and offers a hand to the guy if it's needed, then just moves on to the next one. "Definitely seven!" he calls to Kyouko.

For a half-second, he thinks he hears someone-- and he glances, but Misa's already gone into the shadows, and he shakes his head. One down, four to go, and then Venus, and then anyone else-- oh, that was Misa? He glances to Reiko. "Tell her I said hi and I hope she's doing okay!"

Three down and extra apologies to the guy who rejected the deal and got drafted; the two who got smoking-bombered get winces with their heals. Yes: this means there are civilian thugs who might have questions, but he's also definitely suggesting to all of them that they go home. They might listen. They might form a boy band. They might become vigilantes, dangerous to mostly themselves. They might, given silver cleansing and Elysion's golden peace for a moment, stop being jerks. Probably not, but maybe.

Finally, he's next to Venus and Serenity, and he offers his hands and a crooked smile. "Thanks. And you were, of course, amazing as always. Both of you," he adds, and leans to nose-kiss Serenity, even as his hands glow on Minako's, and the pain lifts away first, and she can feel the injuries fixing themselves, flesh unbruising and de-abrading and fractures and burns healing. "And I know I'm not responsible for her, but I still feel a little bad about the whole thing. I'll get over it."

A beat. He looks over his shoulder. "Oh, come up for pizza. Even if it's a favor to your sidekicks. They want pizza too. We can get more if seven's not enough."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-05-04 03:08:21 75787
"That's a pity," Kunzite remarks in the direction of the charas. "Even the young king stopped by for one, after that business with the flowers."

Yes. He does mean Tadase.

He doesn't try to stop Orange, or Kokoro; he doesn't divert even to Misa's voice. What he does do is keep an eye on the ex-Pyrites. (And add a nod to Mamoru's comment about a favor to her sidekicks.) He is ... completely not keeping an eye on the ex-Pyrites because someone to herd them means Endymion will get to Venus sooner. Yes. Again, yes.
Amu Hinamori 2017-05-04 03:15:29 75788
Amulet Heart blinked a few times, then blushed as she thought about her prince. Then humphs and crosses her arms. "W-well. F-fine. I-I guess I can come for one slice or something. And maybe grab some for the other guardians. Or something." All mentally 'yayyyyyyy'.

The charas snickered, of course and Miki still gave Kun a look, then shrugged. Nahhhhhh. Probably just another ship. But still, that's what fan fiction is for!
Minako Aino 2017-05-04 03:23:50 75789
    Venus gets healing and she sighs a bit as the pain subsides and what may had been at least a broken elbow, lower calf and twisted wrist and probably a small concusion. "Thanks Endy!" she says helpfully. Oh. There's a Serenity glued to her again! She eyes Misa, and then watches her leave. Then watches that orange girl leave after her. She blinks and looks to Serenity. "She's gone now." she says. "Whatever that was about." she shrugs. "Who was the tiny Orange girl anyways?" she asks, looking back to the others. "That was kinda fishy." she squints. Yes she's making a fish pun about the orange fish. She eyes Kunzite.
    "Are you okay?" she finally talks to him besides try to look cool. She kind of drops the cool act.
Sailor Moon 2017-05-04 03:28:15 75790
Serenity relaxes at the departure of the ghost. Oh phew! And Venus was there to save her!

She hums and scrunches her nose at the nose kiss, giggling as she smooches his chin. Her eyes look up at him, large and worried, as Venus and Kunzite don't-flirt with each other. "And you're okay okay? You weren't pretending with the stuff you said, right? I'll smooch you until you believe it if I gotta!" Determined little princess fists!
Mamoru Chiba 2017-05-04 03:33:15 75791
"'Course," says Endymion affectionately, letting go Minako's hands. "Sorry it took so long." Then he blinks down at Serenity, and laughs. "I'm okay okay, I promise. I'm not going to pass up a chance for kisses-- um, after we're out of the alley and out of henshin-- but I'm fine. No doubts." He leans to give her a proper kiss this time, but cuts it a little short, because of the aforementioned reasons.

"So hey-- I'm going back to the frat house, that other girl was hurt but left, so... see you both there soon!"

And then he takes a half-step to one side and goes up on his tiptoes to kiss Kunzite with literally no shame, though it's not a Proper Kiss because the other man's attention is on Venus and he doesn't want to be a boor, he just wants to get out of his armor, elsewhere.

Exit Endymion, Prince of Earth.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-05-04 03:35:21 75792
"Fine." Kunzite's answer might be literally true, or might be that variety of 'fine' that translates into 'I won't pass out from blood loss until everyone's gotten pizza.' Though Endymion hasn't started scolding him, so it's more likely the former. Particularly when he adds, "She wasn't aiming at me. Which is interesting; did she correctly identify which of us was more dangerous, or was she intentionally trying to get Moon angry?"

He glances after Reiko, now, and answers Venus's other question. "Prism Princess Orange. The Prism Keepers have grown up a little since the last time you encountered them." He doesn't say 'met.' He has no idea whether she ever met them, as opposed to just fighting alongside.

Then he's intercepted by Endymion, to his surprise but not displeasure. Well. Unless Miki celebrates too much.
Minako Aino 2017-05-04 03:41:20 75793
    Minako would TOTALLY flirt. But Kunzite is kind of the type that may not appreciate it. "Okay. Good! I'll see you later for pizza then!" she insists. That's KIND of a flirt that isn't quite, right? Downlooooooow. There. Happy Usagi!?
    "I'm fine fine. I promise! I'm not even going to dissapear into the night right now. Come on. We still have to go out for milkshakes and it isn't too late yet!" she says with wide eyes. "Right?" she asks. Then she pats around a moment. "Oh! That flower thing!" she says. "Where is it..."
    "Eh I'm sure it just went wheever things go when I transform. Hopefully." she says.
    "OH! Here it is!" she says, bringing it up from around her back.
Sailor Moon 2017-05-04 03:46:03 75794
For a moment Serenity turns into a monochromatic drawing because how to deal with pretty boys smooching even briefly.

And she is totally fine with Venus' nonflirting!

And there's a moment of uh wait what but then she's distracted by flower! "What, no, not my barette! You lost it? Oh noes! Oh! Phew!" She takes it and pins it back in her hair as she shifts down from Princess to Usagi. And then she's looking up at Venus with large, large bunny-doe eyes. "Milkshakes then pizzaaaaaa?"