What is she even thinking!?

Haruna comes to talk to Ami abou Hannah. Mamoru and Kunzite gang up with additional information. Ami does a very good job of not devolving into ragemonster /or/ crybaby. But Hannah gonna get it.

Date: 2017-05-13
Pose Count: 19
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-13 02:20:19 76367
It's been a long time since Haruna and Ami have talked. Long enough that Ami almost doesn't recognize the incoming number when it hits her phone. A quick read, however, reveals the identity, and she is quick to hammer out a quick agreement: Where to meet, when to meet.

Ami is, therefore, huddled up on the couch in the livingroom, a pair of zebra-striped shorts on along with a red vest over a simple white blouse. In her hands, she's got a very old book written in French, which she's slowly reading through. There's a notepad beside her on which she's scrawled a number of notes in Japanese. She may not notice Haruna coming in. This is not due to not caring about Haruna, it is because she is lost in her studies. Woops.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-05-13 02:29:08 76368
Haruna Kurosawa cheats. This is how it happens.

Haruna hops through a mirror into the cross mirror room. "Hi Kami-sami, Bye Kami-sama." says Haruna to a confused Blue as he sits on that chair in the middle of the room. She mis-aims and stumbles out of a /bathroom/ mirror. Luckily. No one was in there and she quickly scurries out and looks around. Okay. Right place.

She takes a quick sigh and pads on over and then notices how engrossed Ami is in work. Now. Haruna kinda wants mischief. So she ponders scaring the bejeebus out of Ami. However.

Haruna also kinda really needs to talk to Ami about Hannah's problem and if she wants help that probably isn't going to come with startling Ami. So she waves. "Hi Ami-chan!" she sings out.

She crawls over the top of the couch and comes to a thud right next to her.

"Thanks for making time!" she says.

"Basically." she says. "It's about Hannah-chan. Do you know about what's going on there already? Or do I need to fill you in?" she asks.

Corvus flops out of the mirror finally, lagging behind and flaps into the living room and plops right down on Haruna's head. He wing waves. "Hey."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-05-13 02:33:45 76369
Ami is not the only person in the room when Haruna and Corvus come in. Well. Sort of in the room. Kazuo Takeba is in the kitchen, unpacking groceries and shifting them into cabinets and refrigerator. Kitchen is technically a separate room, but there's an open space above the counter that connects them. "I'd thought I'd use that topic for an excuse to stop by for coffee," he notes. "I may have to use the coffee for an excuse to stop by for coffee, instead."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-05-13 02:42:54 76371
"Coffee is always an excuse for coffee," Mamoru's voice floats in through the door at the other end of the kitchen, the one leading out to another apartment.

Kunzite is unpacking groceries. Mamoru may or may not have just arrived and is being an opportunist, film at 11.

He comes into the kitchen and looks over Kazuo's shoulder and out the counter-window, then blinks. "Oh, hey, you three." A beat, and he eyes Haruna and Corvus speculatively. "Did you, in fact, bring coffee?"

He's in a yukata and board shorts and bare feet, and he still may have just arrived. Henshin is a thing. It is, however, more likely that he literally just woke up. Especially since he reaches past Kunzite into a grocery bag, fishes around, doesn't find what he wants, continues fishing into another bag, and pulls out a chocolate bar.
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-13 02:47:59 76372
Despite Gull's intentions, she manages to startle Ami anyways. The bluenette starts just a little, and looks up at Gull through wide eyes, then smiles and reaches up to pull the glasses off her face. "Hi," she says, then startles again when Corvus appears out of nowhere. Being used to magic does not mean she's used to wing-flappy-birds inside a house!

"Ah, hi," Ami repeats to Corvus, then glances over her shoulder at Mamoru and Kunzite. Curling her legs up beneath her, Ami sits up more properly and leans towards Haruna. "Mamo-kun, can you get me a coke?" Ami asks hopefully. Sure, he's the prince, but maybe if she put son a cute enough face he'll be a servant for just a moment, too.

Closing her book, Ami finally sets her research aside and focuses on Haruna fully. "I'm afraid you've caught me off guard with all of this. I haven't heard from Hannah-chan in almost a year, so I don't really know what you're talking about."
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-05-13 02:54:15 76374
Haruna Kurosawa huhs? She blinks. "Oh.. oh god , no I'm sorry. I came right here after a date with Hannah-chan and I didn't stop by the shop!" she winces. "Hold on. I have a minion."

Corvus immediately face faults at this. "You pronounced 'mascot' or 'partner' wrong!" he insists. She picks up Corvus and scoots him off back to the bathroom mirror. "Go! Go bird and bring back coffee!... and pastries!" she sings.

Corvus ughs. "Fine. Fine I'm going." he says as he flaps off. Mirror travel!

She looks back. "That'll be a moment. Not long though. I bet Blue-sama is confused as heck now." she giggles.

She looks back to Kunzite and waves. "Nah. You guys should know what's going on too." she says.

"Basically. I got Hannah to stop doing stupid stuff for the moment because she decided she was gonna heist on /White Day/ when I had this awesome night of pampering planned for her? And I think she felt kinda guilty about that. She actually forgot because you know. She's American and forgot that was a thing." she says. "Also the girlfriend is always right." she insists with a series of nods.

She looks to Ami. "Basically. Hannah did some stupid stuff with a Grief Seed a bit ago. Heck maybe a year and a half? two years? Ago. Sort of shoved part of herself in it. Now it's corrupted the heck out of her Linker Core in recent memory and she's been doing stuff like 'attacking people to steal their linker core' in an attempt to learn how to fix herself."

"Anyways. She's used that time not doing bad things to research. She has the data and plan she needs to create a new linker core. She thinks. But she can't make anything that sticks. She's having trouble- and the only direction to go she described as 'stupid even for her'. So. You know that's some very serious stuff." she says.

"Basically. I'm wondering if you take a look at her, and her research. See if you can't fill out what she's having problems with?

Haruna is also sporting this teal green cowboy hat now. (You won't see her without it from now on!)
Kazuo Takeba 2017-05-13 02:59:05 76376
"By 'corrupted the heck out of her linker core,'" Kazuo says, "the lady means 'it's crawling with Witch energies and the parts that aren't actually composed of them look worse than Riventon's does.' I suggested that she start by destroying the remaining Grief Seeds that she, as the lady puts it, shoved part of herself into, since there's a significant possibility that the condition is caused by sympathetic leakage from them. She refused, though she did make a note to send a Puella to check and make sure they weren't trying to hatch." He hunts through the vegetables he's just put away, retrieves a Coke, closes the fridge, and fetches that over to Ami. Chocolate-raiding goes unreprimanded. "I don't know for certain what the result of that was."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-05-13 03:09:31 76379
Mamoru, with his mouth already full of chocolate, automatically goes to get a Coke from the fridge, but Kunzite is already getting a Coke from the fridge. So he reaches to take the Coke from Kunzite, but Kunzite is already on his way out of the kitchen to fetch it to Ami. So Mamoru stands there for a second, then trails over to lean on the counter and watch and listen from there, and occasionally talk with his mouth full. Of chocolate.

"My minion is efficient. Coke by proxy. Thanks, Haruna-chan-- you didn't actually have to send him out! Can he carry all that?" he asks in mild concern, one hand lifted to act as a screen between his chocolate-mouth and his conversation partners.

Then he pauses. "I'm glad she's been doing more research instead of shooting out more linker cores," he says frankly. "Also, for the record, we've got a vested interest in solving this for more reasons than just constantly being caught between loving Hannah to pieces and wanting to throttle her." Oops, chocolate-drool. He goes to get a napkin to assist with talking with his mouth full. "She stuck bits of her linker core in more than grief seeds, and one of those places that we're worried about potential sympathetic resonance is in the magical soul of someone also very dear. So while yes, agree one hundred ten percent gold star on begging Ami here to look over Hannah's work, please-- Cure Gull, please-- she knows we want to help and doesn't want to ask for it ever, but if you get any more details on 'stupid even for her', please PLEASE tell us."
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-13 03:20:22 76381
Ami listens intently as Haruna explains what's going on. Some of the points are lost on her, immediately, but luckily Kazuo and Mamoru fill in quickly enough.

When Kazuo delivers the coke in the midst of the explanations, she blushes just a little and gives him a little bow of her head and a quiet, "Thank you," but resumes listening as she cracks the cap.

And when all explanations are done, she looks around the room in silence for a moment, then reaches up to rub at her forehead. "So ... I'm sorry, this is a bit much. Let me restate all of this to make sure I understand."

Ami takes a sip of coke, caps it, then says, "Hannah White has been slicing off portions of her linker core, and placing it in various artifacts of power such as Grief Seeds', what the heck, and as a result, what remains of her linker core is being slowly poisoned?"

There's a pause while Ami stares dumbfoundedly between all of them, then she murmurs, "What were you
thinking'' Hannah!?" Probably the question that's been on all of their minds.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-05-13 03:28:44 76383
Haruna Kurosawa nods. "The only thing I know is that she's calling in favors she's owed to get more information with the others she works with. I told her not to be too telling and stuff before when it comes to that." she says.

She grins to Mamoru. "Yeah. I had to beg her to please let Ami-- by which I mean. I said Mercury to /her/." she says. "To look her over." she says. "She knows I'm talking to you. She knows she's gonna be looked over and she knows she's gonna be sharing her notes with you."

There's another buzz from the bathroom. Out comes Corvus, all human-form and looking annoyed with the white hair, blue eyes and just being slightly shorter than Haruna. He has a bag and one of those cup carriers with coffee. "Coffee's here. Also. Pastries here." he says as she places them on the coffee table. "Go nuts." he says, as with another poooof he's back into seagull form and going back to nesting on Haruna's head for now. He has his wings crossed.

"Thanks Corvie~" she sings.

She nods to Kazuo. "That's a more detailed explanation of what's going on." she says. "That."

She takes a coffee cup and offers to Ami. Then to Mamoru and then to Kazuo before she takes hers. She sips.

"Shops doing good by the way." she says with a grin to the others. Then she looks back down to Ami.

She frowns a little. "Probably the same thing she did when she grabbed the sword about a year ago. 'Oh this is so awesome I'll be the most powerfulllenenest." she says. "At the time I don't think we knew about as much as we did now about. Well. Those."

"But yeah. I've been spending as much time as I can with Hannah. Making sure she isn't doing anything stupid and you know. The usual girlfriend stuff." she says with a blushed huff.

She opens the pastry bag. "Ohhhhhh! Turn overs." she steals one. Cherry! Nom.

".....My pastries are nothing to write home about. Come outta a box. We DO Bake them on site though!" she beams.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-05-13 03:38:30 76385
"I'm pleased she's at least paused in stealing other people's linker cores, though," Kazuo notes, in the largely-unemotional tone that suggests that 'what were you thinking Hannah!?' is what he's been thinking on this for quite a while. "Given the contagion to her own, she might potentially be putting at risk anyone whose core she involves in her experiments."

He bows slightly to Corvus' return, then to Haruna, and accepts coffee. "Thank you. Corvus, may we get you anything? Yourself as well, obviously, Gull, but you seem to have taken steps on your own behalf." Well, had Corvus take the steps. And wingbeats.

He'll point out that 'slicing off portions of linker core and putting them in things' appears to be SOP for Riventon, Too, sometime when it's less likely for Ami to actually implode.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-05-13 03:49:42 76387
"Well, from what I understamd, linker cores grow back. But Hannah's has been," Mamoru finally swallowed at some point in there, and the entire chocolate bar is gone, which means there's room for coffee and pastry and "Thanks man!" to Corvus and a cheery smile at Gull, "and thanks--"

Sentence completion, right. Coffee sip first. "Hannah's has been screwed up for a long time. She doesn't just inject bits of it into power items-- magical hearts-- grief seeds, other linker cores, soul gems, god knows what else magical people have, et cetera-- she also sticks stuff into hers. That whole business a couple years ago where she lost her mind a few times while building up power greater and greater? What she was doing with the grief seeds and her linker core was basically, uh-- making them compatible with her soul as power boosts. Like cartridges for Devices. And then she was legit jamming them into her skin and going sort of part-witch. At one point she did four at once and very nearly ate us all with a labyrinth. I still don't remember most of what happened that time, I blacked out after freeing her from some giant ice sculpture or something. But I've dug around in there a few times when healing her from various stuff, and it's a royal mess, and it's hungry. Her linker core, I mean. And it looks like a 40-year four-pack-a-day smoker's lungs with a bunch of cracks oozing despair and a gooey sick miasma of corruption. The last time she maxed out and ended up in the hospital, I only fixed her enough that she wouldn't die and her soul wouldn't crumble because I was really mad at her."

He has the grace to look sheepish. "Sorry, Gull-chan. I know she cried on you after we were mean to her. But there's a goddamn limit."
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-13 03:55:29 76388

There is a point where even Ami finds herself faced with an overwhelming problem that makes her want to cry. This is that point. But she doesn't cry. Instead, she just stares at the trio before her uncertainly, without interrupting their mutual frustrations at Hannah.

It's good, because she needs this time to get control of her own irrational feelings right now.

Taking another sip of coke, Ami uncurls from the couch and drops her fuzzy-socked feet to the carpet, then stands to pace away quietly, hands on her hips as she dwells in thought.

A few moments of pacing and the bluenette comes to stand by Haruna, then kneels down in front of her. "I'll be honest," Ami mumbles quietly, "I have only just recently gained enough understanding of Linker Cores to even attempt to help with a problem of this magnitude. I ran an experiment on a friend recently, and it worked, to cure a ... I hesitate to call it a similar problem.

"Runa-chan," Ami says quietly, "you have to understand: Mamoru spent a lot of energy to help him survive that procedure. There was a lot of preexisting damage, as well, but this wasn't a simple process. What she's doing isn't gaining power: it's destroying herself. I will try to help ... I'll try to talk to her. But there is a very real possibility that all of this is having a profound impact on her mental health, as well. She may be incapable of the humility and courage it will take to face the kinds of treatments this may require. And if that happens, I don't know if I will be able to help."
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-05-13 04:08:24 76390
Haruna Kurosawa shakes her head. "No. No. Don't worry about that. Don't be sorry. Hannah sometimes needs to step back and learn she's doing bad and sometimes that's the only way to do it." she says meekly. "I mean. Would I had preferred otherwise? Sure. But can't always get whatcha want. I'm not upset or angry. At least not at you." she says.

She frowns. "She's showed it to me before. I keep wanting to just.... go all 'super duper form' and shove 'all the purification' into her, but I don't think that'd actually work." she says. "Or try shoving my Love Seed in there." she says. "But you know. I'm not that rash. I don't think."

She looks to Ami. "That's what I'm there for. I'll try to get her to do what she needs to do. It may help if you guys are there too. Because really. I'm at the point I'm gonna punch her until she agrees." she says straight faced.

Corvus nods and waves. "You're welcome." he says.

"Also nah. I'm fine." she beams to the offer of 'stuff'.

Corvus waves a wing. "Actually can I get a coke too?" he asks. "It's been a long day of being heckled for liking trash fries."

"He /totally/ ate like day old fries out of a trash can."

"Ugh they were so good." he admits.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-05-13 04:14:02 76392
"Mn. There's some indication that that experiment may not be applicable in its current form," Kazuo says to Ami. "I suspect that she's tried something somewhat analogous to it; the problem may be currently inherent, rather than an external influence, if that makes sense. Not guaranteed, but something to consider."

He inclines his head quietly to Gull, at the 'if you guys are there too,' but doesn't say anything out loud. Not to that. Only to Corvus. "I don't know how to serve drinks for beaks; would a glass or a bowl be more useful?"

That as he's already headed back to the kitchen, coffee still in hand. The mention of trash fries is something he's just as glad to have his back to the girls for.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-05-13 04:26:40 76394
Mamoru still looks sheepish, but a little relieved, when Haruna tells him she's not mad at him. But then his attention's on Ami, and Ami's addressing of Haruna, and he sets his coffee down and crosses his arms, leaning them elbows against the counter, shoulders a little hunched. He frowns slightly, then glances aside and back at Kunzite's caveat, then lets out a little sigh. "I think at this point she's been asking for an intervention with a lot of shooting for a while. She just-- the problem is that she doesn't want to be weak and actively ask for help, and she doesn't want to lose when starting fights to force people to take her down and give her help ostensibly against her will. She's strong enough. She's stubborn enough. She's even strong and stubborn enough to know when she's in so far over her head that she can't survive without help, and that's when she starts fights."

He ducks his head and rubs tiredly at one eye with the heel of one hand. "We've already come awfully close a number of times over the past few years. Part of it will have to involve allowing her to save face in front of herself by being overpowered by basically a mob using really clever tactics and probable ambush, part of it will have to involve convincing her that you actually get more power and more ability to fix the world when you do the right thing and do it with allies instead of becoming a one-woman nuclear military installation, and part of it will have to involve breaking her worse so she can heal right. I know a lot more of what's in her head than I have any right to. I also know she's too stubborn to die. I also know that Boris has her actual best interests in mind and doesn't follow her lead blindly, so we're going to have to conspire with him."
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-13 04:35:48 76396
Ami gives an accepting nod to Kunzite at his addendum, but until she has the research and the subject in front of her she can't begin to address his concerns. Every case is unique, even when they're the same.

Gull's easy acceptance, though, earns a sigh and a nod of agreement from Ami. She straightens again, then looks to Mamoru and offers a faint shrug. She clearly wants to say something ... but she doesn't. Instead, she smiles down at Haruna and offers, "We'll do our best. All of us care about her. Just keep talking her down from the crazy things for now. I'll tr y and find time to come take some scans of her, and to review her notes, and share some of my own with her. But as Mamoru-kun has pointed out, I don't think this is going to be solved by research alone. I won't let them pull the trigger on this until I'm positive I can fix her, but it's going to have to be that way."
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-05-13 04:54:00 76399
Haruna Kurosawa ohs! "I'll tell him you wanna talk to him privately, then? I mean there's days it's just me and him in the apartment sometimes." she says. She leans forward and whispers conspiratorially. "Don't tell Hannah I've still been feeding him burgers on the sly." she winks and sits back up.

Corvus says. "Bowl is best actually. Thanks." he says.

She looks to Mamoru and nods. "Yeah. That's what it comes down to with her." she sighs. "I know WHY she is. I mean. I understand it?"

"I mean I more or less stole fricken souls because I'd had done anything to have my sister back." she says glumly. "We do stupid stuff when we believe we're weak and helpless and can't fix stuff."

"But. Yeah. This is gonna suck. But it needs to happen." she nods.

"Oh right. 10 percent hero discount at Gullwing Coffee usually." she offers. "If we know you~ You can pass that around."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-05-13 05:26:59 76403
Coke is fetched out from fridge, bowl is retrieved from cabinet, both are brought out and poured in the living room. Minions gonna minion.

"When we already believe everything important is lost," he says quietly, "then it is easy to believe that no other potential losses matter. Risk-reward calculations skew even before one enters the death spiral that dark energy encourages." He shrugs slightly, and glances to Haruna. "But we'll catch her, if we possibly can. Some of us owe her that, or you, or her father."

... or, in some cases, maybe the ten percent discount is enough to encourage help. Weirder things have happened.