Hannah Sharpe Is An Idiot

Miss Snowe, a.k.a. Ami Mizuno, offers Hannah a solution to her problems. Hannah Sharpe is a stubborn idiot.

Date: 2017-05-20
Pose Count: 14
Hannah Sharpe 2017-05-20 20:03:36 76864
Even Hannah, with her recent obsessions, needs to wind down. It's been the end of a long day, with several promotions, firings, lambastings and praising of her various employees. The downturn of her health has been a concern and wild rumor amidst the company. If nothing else, she's engendered loyalty from the rank and file.

Thus it is that she's holed up in her lab just past eight, idly sipping a cup of coffee. She barely feels the seeping feeling of the Witch and familiars peppered through the space she operates in so much these days. Oddly, as her own corruption has increased, it's almost comforting to the young woman.

Worse still, at times, she might feel at one with the unholy crowd locked in various tubes, observing cells, and secured chambers for dissection. In front of her is a set of burners, and beside that, several small magical devices that have what look like Linker Cores floating upon them.

One or two are genuine, but most of the others have found their owners again. The rest are the husks, shells she's created through magical storage and manipulation. And therein lies the problem.

She has the form, but not the function. It might explain the thoughtful scowl on her face.
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-20 20:19:47 76866
A young woman arrives at the front desk, dressed in large moviestar sunglasses, bright pink lipstick, and a daringly cut blue summer dress. It reveals just a bit of cleavage, and a whole lot of thigh, over her tall heels. Strangely, that woman has a white lab coat on over the dress. The aesthetic clashes, but the lab coat reads, in block print on the left chest: SNOWE. "Hello," says the young woman as she greets the receptionist. "My name is Ms. Snowe. Would you please inform Ms. White that I am here to see her? She is not expecting me, but I think she will want to see me."
Hannah Sharpe 2017-05-20 20:34:37 76870
The receptionist, a green haired woman in her early twenties, looks up. She has a smile on her face. Almost creepily ever-present, really. But unlike the robo-guards in the facility, she's very much human.

Hannah prizes her receptionist on being both polite and firm. She gives a seated bow, types several things on her computer, and brings up records. Snowe. Clearance level Gamma.

"I will inform Sharpe-san that she has a visitor."

A tap to her headset, and Hannah's phone rings. A conversation, and then two robo-guards are suddenly beside 'Miss Snowe'.

"Please follow our security to the designated area."

Ami would be guided through two hallways, up an elevator, past a bathroom, down three floors, and into a storage closet. No doubt this sequence will change after today.

And then, heavy steel doors open, and Miss Snowe is alone with Hannah, in her henshin and a lab coat hap-hazardly thrown over her shoulders. Her Device, and the sound of doors, heralds her arrival.

She rises, and arms open in welcome. "Miss Snowe. It's been ages! How are you!?" She sounds honestly happy to see the other woman, even if her voice is a little hoarse, and she's way too pale to be healthy. Her breath is a little quick, too, for someone so fit.
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-20 20:42:19 76872
Ami--Ms. Snowe--inclines her head to the woman behind the desk, then stands aside to wait. When the guards appear beside her, she doesn't flinch. This is all expected routine. "Certainly," she agrees to be led, and follow she does, on through the hallways, up the elevator, past a bathroom, down three floors, and into a storage closet wiuth steel doors in the back.

All expected, if not in the exact sequence. Ami steps through the opened doors into the room with Hannah, then glances over her shoulder at the guards, almost derisively dismissing them with a look. But whether they go or not, she turns back to Hannah and arches her brows. "You look awful," she notes quietly, immediately taking steps towards the fistomancer.

Reaching up to her left earing, Ami activates the Mercury visor, allowing it to flood her with information on Hannah's condition. "What the hell, Hannah-chan. What have you done to yourself?"
Hannah Sharpe 2017-05-20 21:22:29 76877
Hannah's hands fall to her sides, and she frowns. Sightless eyes narrow expressively, and she falls back into her seat. Spinning around twice, she ends with her legs crossed. A close-cutting suit as always, her lab coat manages to flutter just a little in the motion.

"And people call americans rude!" Scowl! She holds that pose for an impressive amount of time.

"Not even an 'Hi Hannah-chan, been a while, how've you been killing yourself lately!?"

The mercury visor does it's job well. Her body is suffering hard under the strain of her linker core. Only the fact that she's in such good shape has she managed this long. The pressure from her corrupted linker core, pushing outward and anti-thetical to a human like Hannah, is putting undue stress that's leading to more than several potentially fatal health problems. Everything from heart attack to pure stress. Unlike Riventon, she's not meant for this kind of corruptive power.

"And I've simply been trying to not die, these days." She finally amdmits with a blush.
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-20 21:38:50 76880
"Oh, Hannah," Ami says with a faint sigh. She reaches up to banish the goggles, then shakes her head and steps towards the girl, removing her garish sunglasses in the process. She sighs, and then motions towards her. "At least you've figured out how dangerous this is," she mumbles. "Is this power? Did you get it? Does it feel the way you hoped it would?"
Hannah Sharpe 2017-05-20 21:50:07 76884
Hannah shudders, and then slumps back into her seat. She grumbles a little to her Device. The motion is lost on her, but not on her Device. Her Device pings. Hannah pointedly ignores R.T.

"Quit scolding me. NO, okay!? No, it doesn't feel like what I was looking for when I was getting on this road! I wasn't...do you really think this was all about me? It just wasn't about power for /ME/ okay!? I..."

Teeth grit. "I wanted to learn how Witches and Puella worked on a fundamental level. How else do you do that, but by experience what being one is yourself? So I could /fix/ them, Snowe-san! I know what people say about me. It's true, I want power, and I work towards that...but it's not /just/ about me. Okay?"

Her words are a little bit desperate, almost as if she's trying to justify her actions to herself.
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-20 21:51:52 76885
At least it isn't what she wanted. "There are better ways to study them," Ami notes quietly. She reaches up to rub at her face, then says, "Kurosawa-san said you'd let me review your notes. Will you?"
Hannah Sharpe 2017-05-20 22:00:56 76888
The young woman huffs, looking away, and crossing her arms indignantly. "I'd love to hear some ideas." She gruffs in response, Hannah clearly annoyed. Raging Tempest would bonk her if she could. Boris will probably extra-lick her on the cheek in vengeance!

The secure sd card is more or less just tossed at Snowe. There's a sticky note with the password on it.

The contents are informative, if nothing else, as Hannah sucks down coffee and generally grumps in a corner. When one familiar in a tube gets uppity, she punches /through/ the thing. It dissolves. There's robo-guards cleaning up the mess. It seems this isn't an uncommon thing to happen, given the young woman's temper.

The notes, for all her inner fury, are meticulous. Hannah has studied the form of a linker core in obscene detail. And so too has she studied her own. A small gallery of magic-producing objects from her 'hunts' are similarly dissected, but at the end of it all, they all are missing one thing.

Spark. Soul. /Love/. Hannah has been taking a biological approach to improving herself. That she can fix defects she was born with, from a weak offshoot of a mage family as she is.

It could well be an impossible task on it's own.
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-20 22:06:21 76889
Ami catches the thrown card with a hand up, then sighs at Hannah. "Sorry," she says quietly to the white-haired mage. "But there are people who care about you, Hannah. People who are worried sick to see you like this. And I'm one of them."

She shakes her head, then pulls out the Mercury computer and feeds the card to it, heedless of concerns that Hannah might virus her. Good thing Hannah isn't that kind of girl. Quickly, Ami skims through the contents of the card, even as the device copies it over to local storage. After a few minutes, she looks up at Hannah and says, "I know a process that will remove this corruption. Probably. It worked for Alexis Raskoph, just recently. But ... Hannah, I have to be honest with you: it's dangerous, and it's got some possible side-effects."
Hannah Sharpe 2017-05-20 22:44:34 76897
There's plenty of encryption, but not a single virus. Hannah is way too prideful to stoop that low. Even her I.T. team are a bunch of grey hats at worse. Unlike most of Eclipse, she expects a certain amount of honor amongst her employees.

Preferably, the flexible kind.

Her eyes close. She shudders a bit. Hannah then opens them to the ceiling.

"...Heh. And here I thought I started this job with the idea that I'd end up as everyone's enemy. I really thought I could accept that. But you know?"

Her throat tightens. She chokes back a sob.

"Eh. I guess I'm starting to miss a few people." She whispers, more to herself than Ami.

A deep breath. She steels herself, and draws herself to standing. Her hands go behind her back.

"You're probably wasting your time, you know? I just want this world to be safe. And sometimes...sometimes that takes sacrifices, you know?" A low chuckle of a woman on the edge of despair. She walks around towards Ami.

And then she hears her. Sightless eyes go wide, and suddenly there's an onrushing storm. Not of wind, but of loving, hugging arms. Whatever the corruption seeping from her, her love for the people around her, that care, can't be muted by her own self-lies and denials.

She'll try to pick up 'Miss Snowe' bodily, and spin her around with what strength she can devote. Her body strains, but it's possible. A deep hug of exhuberant affection, the warm young woman beneath all of her apocalyptic junk.

"You cured him!? Miss Snowe, you AMAZING GENIUS! How did...no, no, you said you're going to try it on me, no surprises damnit! Just...that kid! Good job, you amazing, amazing person!" Hannah almost sounds like her old self.

Then she deposits Snowe right back in her former seat.

Leaning down, she grins. A little happy. A little wolfish excitement.

"Quit acting like side effects ever deterred me. So? What's it involve?'
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-20 22:54:14 76900
"It does," Ami starts to agree to Hannah's claim of sacrifice. "It really d--" she cuts off, though, as there is very suddenly a much larger blind girl squeezing her tight and lifting her bodily from the ground.

She can't help it; Ami actually squeaks as she's spun round. "Hannah-chan!" she whines, until she's put right back down.

Smoothing out her too-short skirt subconsciously, Ami gives Hannah a sheepish glare. "You know, no one's watching. You can call me by my real name, here," she mumbles. "Anyways, yes, I cured him, for better or worse. ANd I learned a lot inthe process. But ..." she trails off, then sighs.

Looking back to Hannah once more, Ami lays it out simply. "It involves removing your linker core completely. Not just taking part of it so it will regrow the same; it involves severing you entirely from the dusk zone, which is partly manipulating your soul, right now. And then severing your linker core. It should regrow after, but ... you're going to lose your magic for a little while. A day. Two. I don't know how long. And I don't know if you'll be as strong afterwards. And ... on top of that, there's a chance the operation could kill you. It's like magical surgery. It's risky, Hannah. But it's less dangerous than what you have going on right now."
Hannah Sharpe 2017-05-20 23:22:00 76905
Whump! Down goes the Ami-chan! Thankfully the seat is comfy, and R.T. offers light wind blow-back to stabilize the whole maneuver. Hannah is doing little spins of joy in place. She still has some acrobatic prowess left in her.

"But Snowe is just so /adorable/ for you! Fiiine. Ami-chan it is!" Reach. She'll gently poke the other girl on the nose, and stick her tongue out playfully. She's walking back towards the table, and alights upon one corner and crosses her legs.

Her eyes go wide, and not with happiness the more Ami explains. Her back goes straight, and suddenly, she stands up. All around her, wind kicks up as her wrath fuels the darkness in her linker core. Black winds howl, and even the Familiars contained in the series of rooms shrink back. That barrier around her Linker Core may as well be cheese paper at this point when she whirls around to face Ami.

"DID YOU COME HERE JUST TO INSULT ME!?" Growls out Hannah, beastly and furious.

Hands clash together, clenching, and one foot smashes through the table. Magic and honed muscles crush wood, and sightless eyes are all at once filled with anger and hunger. The lab coat behind her rips and shudders from the burst of Witch-like corruption that fills the entire area, unfiltered.

"Death, I could accept! Cutting me off from whatever these /things/ feed from, fine! But...but HOW DARE YOU!?" Her fury dies into something more personal. She falls to her knees, hands on the ruins of her table, barely hold her up. Tears slip from her eyes.

"'Should' regrow!? 'Might not be as strong!?'?"

She sucks in a breath. "Ami-chan. You...your heart is in the right place." Offers Hannah, for one second, pure and loving for the other young woman. A dear friend.

And then a pair of black-tinged eyes seem to peer at her for just a moment. They don't focus. But whatever has wormed it's way into her soul stares out moreso than she does.

"But if you can't even realize that 'getting weaker' is even worse than death to me, THEN GET OUT OF MY LAB!" Howls the young woman, hard enough that more than a bit of security glass breaks.

That miasma of corruption in the room grows.

"Because they're the same thing. If...if I can't make this world fit for the people I care about...then there's no point in this world existing at all." Whispers the young woman, teetering on the edge of a conclusion that her extremist views might well end at. Salvation or destruction.

Hannah's dark world is so very black and white.
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-20 23:27:01 76906
Ami's eyes cross at that little nose-boop. She wrinkles her nose, then peers past Hannah's finger to the girl. She waits for Hannah to listen to the drawbacks. And Hannah in no way disappoints her with her answer.

Ami weathers the yelling, the anger, and the tears; she sits, afraid but unmoved by Hannah's anger. And when she's told to leave, the bluenette rolls forward quietly back up onto those heels and bows quietly. "I do it because I care for you, Hannah White," Ami says quietly. "Haruna Kurosawa feels the same as I do. I'm sorry," she says, then turns back towards the doors, prepared to be led out. And quietly, she says to the security, "But I cannot let this world cease to exist. And I don't want to lose you from it."

Even as she hits the hallway, Ami is pulling out her phone to text certain people who were prepared for t his answer from Hannah.

Because Ami's world is so very many shades of grey.