Like a Kicked Beehive With Lasers

Mamoru asks Koji and Rashmi over to ask for their help in curbstomping Hannah to fix her linker core.

Date: 2017-05-22
Pose Count: 29
Mamoru Chiba 2017-05-22 02:30:11 76924
Evening, around 6, as promised! The sun still won't go down for hours yet, so they won't have the benefit of a sunset from the balcony, not unless they stay a while-- which Mamoru's not opposed to; he liked what he saw of the two mages. Maybe half an hour ago, he'd group-texted them again to let them know if they wanted to use the balcony or roof entrances that that was fine too; any balcony on the top floor but the east and west facing ones were the ones most often in use for the purpose-- and if they wanted to avoid using flying or jumping or whatever in the daylight, he'd added them to the concierge's list to key the elevator for them.

Because yes-- the locks on the four apartment doors in the elevator lobby on the top floor aren't usually in use, but that's because the top floor needs an actual key used in the elevator to get to.

Helpfully, there's also a taped-up sign on one of the inside doors that says 'USE THIS ONE'. (The laminated sign containing the apartment rules is actually inside the door, though. Inside the doors to all the apartments. And at the balconies. They're super important rules.)

The bottom floor of the luxury highrise actually contains a full gym, olympic-sized pool, and minimall, but the concierge's desk is in the lobby and easy to find.

Either way, whichever way they come in, balcony or roof or door, the scent of coffee is immediately present-- fresh coffee, probably freshly roasted as well as freshly ground and freshly brewed, strong as hell; the sound of a kettle thinking about boiling is mingled in with the sound of the Ninja Turtles soundtrack playing faintly in the background from one of the other apartments.

The floor is laminated mosaic tile in this particular apartment, and the walls are covered in a wraparound mural. It's colorful and bright, and the lamination treatment on the floor means that nobody needs to worry about bloodstains in the grout.

Mamoru's wearing a deep blue yukata with a starry-sky pattern on it and light blue borders of watered silk, and his feet are wearing... black house slippers with white masks on them. He looks genuinely delighted to see them. "Hi! Come in! Oh my god that smells amazing."
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-22 02:45:42 76926
Under any other circumstance, Rashmi would be practically tottering under the weight of the soft thermal delivery boxes; dinner and dessert enough for eight, after all, is a bulky prospect for any one worker to handle. But, she'd volunteered to do so, and while the walk to the luxury high-rise wasn't a long one, Koji's offer to help share the load was met with wide-eyed, sincere gratitude. Which melted into starry-eyed awe, once they gained entry into the apartment block itself.

Awe which quickly turned to trepidation, upon realizing that their destination is so high-class that the elevator *is* the door lock. Much nervous fidgeting of dress and hair and straightening of logo-bearing delivery boxes commenced, along with a stream of increasingly nervous chatter over the elevator.

And then they're greeted by the *amazingly* charming-but-slightly-manic young man from the takoyaki stand, in full yukata. ...So trepidation turns to speechlessness, and Mamoru's chivvying has her just.... sort of.... trailing along in his wake, as the pair are guided into the apartments proper. "Y-um..... hi..... I, uh......... delivery.....?"
A Siberian cat 2017-05-22 02:51:03 76927
The aforementioned Koji would be much more awed by it all if he was not only able to see to one side from trying to keep balance of his part of things, and the tupperware box with his own contribution to this endeavour. Inside it is a set of gingerbread cupcakes with lemon-line frosting. The best thing he could put together for several strangers on short notice. But he does turn himself enough to be able to get a view for it, and then have a moment of panic while reaching up to catch the container before it falls.

He's seen the building before, but only from the exterior, and then seeing the familiar guy in the yukata suddenly puts him into a fresh little blush as the final 4-piece block falls into place and his brain goes 'TETRIS!' "O-oh... h-hello... I... I didn't realize... I mean... that is..." And then he shuts up. Because well, if he tries to do more than keep balance and follow along while this much blush is rising from his cheeks, he might just drop the catering order!
Kazuo Takeba 2017-05-22 02:58:21 76930
One resident: in starry yukata. One resident: in blue jeans and a white shirt, sleeves rolled up. The fact that said resident is six-foot-six might be a little intimidating, too, except that Rashmi and Koji have also already met him. Granted, in slightly different circumstances.

"Let me take some of those," Kazuo says -- a 'please' might have been nice, or actually waiting for permission, but instead he's threading his way past Mamoru and if necessary Rashmi to rescue Koji from part of his burden. The tupperware at the bottom is definitely left in Koji's custody, though.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-05-22 03:13:34 76934
"Oh hey, you're home--" Mamoru says a little sheepishly to the rapidly approaching Kunzite, as he turns to reach for Rashmi's boxes. "Sorry I forgot to tell you. You've all met though, right?"

They're acting weir-- oh. There is the uncomfortable realization that meeting new people means new people not being used to him yet, and sometimes finding his chosen surroundings intimidating. These are the times he really wishes he'd worked harder on the concept of 'acting like a normal person' as he worked on piecing his sanity back together. So he does what he's seen egregiously gregarious personalities (like Usagi and Nephrite) do: he steamrolls. He steamrolls right toward the kitchen, though he does gesture at the doorway with his head. "Guest slippers are on the right. House rules are next to the door. The one about me getting player one always, that's negotiable. Make yourselves at home! What would you like to drink?"
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-22 03:19:42 76935
"Once, sort of," Rashmi answers, clearing her throat and attempting to get her own mental footing back as she exchanges her fairly drab, sensible slip-ons for guest slippers, giving Kazuo a grateful bob of thanks as he helps with the packaging. "In the hospital.... um.... I wasn't sure what flavor of kulfi you all would like for dessert, so, I've got two each of mango, rose, saffron, and cardamom. One each with almonds and one without, is that all right? Oh and Mami wanted to complement you all on not asking for super-spicy food... The entire neighborhood would probably riot if she had to bring out the pickled ghost peppers again."

.....Right, a question was asked of her. Pause, clear throat. "Sorry... um... coffee's fine, thank you, Chiba-san?"
A Siberian cat 2017-05-22 03:25:38 76938
He manages three steps before the 'guest slippers' things re-registers in Koji's post-recovery and slightly upper-crust concussed brain. The glasses-wearing young man steps back, and then has to sit down a moment as he takes off a well-worn pair of hiking boots and exchanges them for a pair of... well... they're girl's slippers. But the blue really goes with his eyes. Honestly!

The last box is toddled along nicely then after Kazuo as the young man says, "Ummm... oh. Rashmi, I forgot you were bringing desserts. I..." He then ducks his head a moment, "I brought something I whipped up from what I had at home. It's gingerbread cupcakes with some Sprite frosting. I was originally going to make those for the nurses on my parents floor. But..."

He pauses to look out where Chiba-sama and Rashmi are, but then looks back to the other and more impactful man, "Since my parents have woken up, there's been so much going on... I forgot to make anything." After a few moments, he adds, "We never got to thank you, Sir. I... we... we'll always be in your debt."
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-22 03:36:57 76941
Amidst all these tall people, being young and impressionable can be intimidating. Luckily, the next person to arrive is not so tall. Not so intimidating.

Except for the fact that she arrives by stepping out of a long tunnel that was previously a kitchen wall! Also the fact that she's dressed in a blue and white fuku, with a bow on her back and at her chest, both massive in size.

Sailor Mercury emerges from her hyperspatial tunnel into the kitchen, the soles of her boots clacking gently on the floor. She starts to beeline for whatever sweets Makoto has left out today, but then pauses at the smell of, "Curry?" in the air.

"Mamo-kun, you didn't tell me there would be curry," Mercury says, a little excitement in her tone.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-05-22 03:43:42 76944
Kazuo's attention is visibly caught by the list of kulfi flavors, and he eyes Mamoru thoughtfully for a moment after; but Koji recaptures that attention a moment after that one. And Kazuo shakes his head slightly. "There is no debt," he says quietly. "I'll explain why later, if you like. I'm pleased to hear that they're doing better." He paces ahead to set out boxes --

-- and blink at Mercury, pausing for a moment before bowing to her. Then giving her as much space as politely possible while going to reach down dishes and utensils, mugs and cups. Some people are made for reaching high things.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-05-22 04:04:24 76948
"Coffee it is," says Mamoru with a smile over his shoulder, then sets the ones he's carrying down on the counter between kitchen and living room.

The prince pauses, fingertips on the counter, and watches. It's not that the kitchen's small, it's just that Mercury and Kunzite are now taking the entire space up with the white elephant between them. "Hi, Mercury-chan," he says with a crooked smile. "Surprise? There's also, like Terios-san said, a jillion kinds of kulfi, and as Silvia-san said, gingerbread cupcakes with Sprite frosting."

Then the tall be-yukata'd freshman rolls himself sideways against the counter and puts his elbows up on it behind him, cocking his head a little and smiling a little self-consciously, a little honestly. "Unless you want to give them to the nurses on your floor, instead," he tells Koji with a hint of embarrassment. "I don't want to take dessert from deserving mouths-- I'm in medical school. I know they deserve it."

There's a quick grin at Rashmi. "I," Mamoru tells her, "would like to keep use of my tastebuds. And lips. And digestive system generally. Also my olfactory sense. So no worries; tell your Mami that the only person here who's a Tough Guy--" the capital letters are audible "--can usually get guilted out of it. Incidentally, the soundtrack is him but I doubt he's dressed so he's staying in his apartment. I'll get your coffee in a minute, sorry. Also--"

Here's where he glances toward Kazuo, though his is less subtle because it's over his shoulder, "--unless you're more partial to them, Kunzite has first dibs on the rose and cardamom."

Finally, Mamoru grimaces, sudden and brief. "Sorry! Introductions: Sailor Mercury, this is Silvia Koji and Terios Rashmi; Silvia-san, Terios-san, this is Takeba Kazuo and, well, Sailor Mercury. And you can call me Mamoru if you want. I also answer to Endymion. Or just Endy. Whatever you prefer."
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-22 04:15:33 76952
"Well the order was for enough to feed eight, so, there's plenty for everyone," Rashmi says somewhat weakly, still shoring herself up with the 'perky waitress' persona, quite obviously concussed at the confluence of OBVIOUS WEALTH and CELEBRITY SHOCK. One hand drops onto Koji's shoulder, as much to support herself as him, and she clears her throat. "It's, um.... very nice to meet you all, Chiba-san, Takeba-san.... Mercury-senpai...... but um...... Why......"

Her eyes sweep around the room, then down her her light, plain, faded gray ankle-skirt and logo-less baseball-style green tee, plucks at an invisible speck of dust, and just gives up, looking back up at Mamoru with the 'I have no idea what is going on here please help me' look that says more than any three sets of ellipses ever could.
A Siberian cat 2017-05-22 04:23:30 76955
There's a woman who just walked out of wall dressed like a girl right from anime.

I repeat... there is a woman who just walked out of a wall dressed like a girl from anime.

This is what Koji's brain is still trying to commit to processing power under the weight of handsome guys, well-dressed, huge complexes with wealth all over, and then THIS. Unfortunately, that means that STILL the request for his preferred drink is forgotten. Kazuo's words are a forgotten echo in his ears. The hand is there, and it shocks him just a bit back into reality, looking over at Rashmi and then back moving slowly like he's actually gone into shock.

Default social behaviors snap into place, and he just then bows, and the only thing that comes out is, "Sumimasen."

Turning, he sort of shambles out of the kitchen, turning to bow once more, "Thank you for the kind greeting, Miss. Sirs." And then he goes out into the living room and rather dumbly sits down on the furniture that somehow looks to be either the least used or at least is in a position that makes it inconvenient to watch TV or play games. He's already eaten, looks chastised because Mamoru's little half-humorous jab makes it stick that he was so busy doing so many things, he SHOULD have taken those cupcakes... the thoughts play out in his expression as his glasses glimmer reflection, and he hears his friend say...

<<Koji, willst du mich ubernehmen?>>

Not even stopping to think, he says back, "If you think it'd help?"
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-22 04:30:34 76958
"Terios Rashmi," Mercury repeats the name thoughtfully. "I think we've met," she notes, then grins, "Although I had a different face that day. You helped when my idiot ex-boyfriend and his new girlfriend attacked that factory, right?" she asks, squinting a little. "I think that was you anyways."

Mercury bows before Rashmi in greeting, then says, "It's a pleasure to meet you under less unfortunate circumstances."

Mercury doesn't even look towards Kazuo. That would be acknowledging it, and right now there are new people to meet. This is much higher priority than dealing with the elephant.

"I'll take a little of whatever you guys don't eat, if that's alright," Mercury says to Mamoru. "I don't think I had lunch today. I uh ... kinda forgot." Busy researching. "Let me grab a coke, though," because that goes well with spicy food?
Kazuo Takeba 2017-05-22 04:35:45 76960
Coke is sugar. Sugar helps with spice. There are admittedly better options, but hey, sugar. Kazuo extricates himself from the kitchen after appropriate stacks and piles of Things To Eat And Drink With And From are situated on the counter; he does not attempt to steal coffee-providing from Endy this time. Possibly because he also feels called upon to point out, with the faintest note of amusement, "Mamoru, when you're conspiring in people's favor, it's usually a wise idea to explain how and what and why before their eyes glaze over. If only because afterward they have more trouble understanding it."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-05-22 04:57:41 76962
"Oh--" starts Mamoru at the 'sumimasen', eyes going wide; he sees Rashmi's haplessness and then Koji going to sit down and-- he doesn't understand German, nevermind Space German--

And a thing is spiraling way out of his control that makes him feel like a terrible host and he gets the faintly overwhelmed look he gets when he can't hide it behind being distant, aloof, and reserved, which he does not want to do here, and then-- he is rescued by both mundanity and Kunzite.

He nods slightly at Mercury's question, and then blushes fiercely at Kazuo's reminder, and clears his throat, adjusting his own glasses. "Right. Sorry. In general I want you to know this place is open to you if you run into problems or get hurt; I can text you the other numbers you can try calling if I don't pick up and you have a medical emergency-- usually someone here can be there in under a minute if you give an accurate location. There's also a loose network of backup for justice-and-mercy types called Virtue, and if you're interested in that, we can talk about it later. I'll remind you. Probably when I remember tomorrow."

Then he pushes himself up off the counter and continues, hooking his thumbs over the top of his obi and making his shoulders relax (though business stance is hardly helpful for social ease; he carries casual authority in his bearing when he's neither self-conscious nor projecting an image). "What I asked you here to discuss is whether you'd be willing to help incapacitate, and heal the linker core of, a mage who's gotten hers terribly corrupted by a kind of negative energy dissimilar to Norie's. She's... actually stolen the linker cores of other mages in the process of trying to fix it herself-- they grew back!!-- and we need to stop her, but she's really strong, and we definitely don't want her dead or injured beyond repair." A beat.

Some of the confidence and energy drains away slightly, and Mamoru's awful and reaches back to grab a piece of mango kulfi (without almonds) and takes a bite before mumbling around it, "She's a friend. She's really messed up. I'm sorry."
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-22 05:19:54 76965
Rashmi's eyes sort of flicker around the room, taking in all the introverts and their clear coccooning in personal insecurities. Mamoru -- Authoritative, but blaming self for her confusion and Koji's withdrawal. Mercury and Kazuo -- Tension between the two, not even her business but an elephant they have to dance around. Koji -- .....Koji. Poor kid. This is barely a meeting, much less a gathering, and certainly not a hanging-out among friends.


"So okay!" Rashmi says, clearing her throat. "Could you give us a few more details, then? Silvia-kun, I need your help dishing up please?" And like that, she switches her mindset back into Waitress Mode, subclass Dinner Hostess, and makes for the stack of plates with purpose, shooing the kitchen's occupants toward the living room with purpose, and hopefully enough brazenness that it'll startle them into complying. "I didn't see one from here, but you have a dining table, right?"
A Siberian cat 2017-05-22 05:23:56 76966
So Koji looks up at hearing 'Silvia-san'. And then the request is made. So, quite naturally, the boy who's the first to be asked to help out with things like festivals and events, to clean up with other club people, and is that 'reliable guy' from school that everyone knows but nobody 'knows'... gets up and goes into the kitchen and he just says politely, "Yes, Miss Rashmi."

With that, he's back in the kitchen, subtly dancing around the elephant in the room and proceeds to organize the dishes to be laid out. But in the middle of it all he stops, and then turns around to face the others. Reaching up, he actually takes off his glasses, and his clothes ripple and shift before everyone as the spectacles turns into the hilted sword that is the physical manifestation of Tyrfing. The girlish-looking warrior henshin in black allows for the silver-blue light settle around him... save for the fact that a few times there seems like a literal 'glitch' in the form of him, twitches in Knight Cloth like seeing a bad render in a video game. But then it settles, and when he speaks... it's a voice that only Rashmi has heard... and in a dream.

"Sorry, the kid's kinda checked out. This will be easier for what you want. First off, I'm Unity Knight Tyrfing. And what you're talking about is damned tough depending on what kind of Device we're dealing with. And even then? We're in no shape to fight on that level. I can't put up a proper Barrier to contain the fight, and to be honest? I can barely use my second best technique without dropping into Conservation mode."

The form locks the blade onto his back and crosses his arms, acting like a man much larger and broader of shoulder than he is, the body language of a tough... a scarred fighter... rather than the boy everyone has seen, "The truth is? My Linker Core is damaged and wouldn't repair until long-hair over there severed the link that was stealing my juice. Even then, not sure I -can- repair it. The other problem is?" And he sighs, "My bond with the kid's not all that strong. Frankly, I've met a dozen people I'd be better off with, but, I dragged him into this, it's my duty to protect him. So for better or worse, we're stuck."
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-22 05:25:14 76967
Sailor Mercury grabs her coke from the refridgerator, then moves towards the livingroom to join the others--and get out of the way of anyone using the kitchen. "Details are sparse, for the moment," she says, shifting from the casual food-conversation to the serious business conversation like the flip of a switch.

"The subject's name is 'Miss White', and she is a mage with access to a standard combat device. She is blind, but has the assistance of a large dog who serves as her familiar and provides visual assistance--along with her device.

"She has an obsession with gaining power, by any means necessary, in the hopes that she can save the world from destruction. Unfortunately, that obsession has led her to performing several highly questionable and unethical experiments--primarily on herself, but on others as well, and without permission."

Mercury finally cracks the top on her coke, but she doesn't stop to drink it. While the fizzies work their way out, she continues, "I have developed a procedure which can safely sever someone from the Dusk Zone--the area from whence dark energy seems to flow--and then remove their linker core. It is a dangerous and lengthy surgery, and leaves the affected person without their magic for more than a day while a new core grows. However, it has already proven effective at removing the taint of darkness introduced by too much time spent in the Dusk Zone. I am confident it will also work for Miss White.

"Unfortunately, the time involved for the procedure means that Miss White must either be complicit, or unconscious," Mercury continues. "She has declined the operation, and while I am normally loathe to force such a thing on someone, in her case, Miss White's decisionmaking is impaired, and I believe that it is appropriate to make this decision for her before she harms herself and likely many others."

Mercury pauses to consider her own words--those just spoken--for a moment. At the same time, she's busy studying hte Unison Device with an all-too curious glint in her eyes. That is a problem for another day, unless it is a threat, but it is a problem she is very interested in. Right. Back to the subject at hand.

"I hate telling people what they can or cannot do, or must or must not do," Mercury says quietly. "But in Miss White's case, she's really left us no choice. Too many people care about her to left her self-destruct, and she would rather see the world burn than to accept help when it might weaken her for even a short period."

A sigh escapes the bluenette, and she finally removes the lid from her bottle of coke entirely. "The procedure that I performed on Raskoph will work on her," she notes, "but she is of a higher risk for complications. I've spent the weekend trying to understand all the readings and scans I've got of her, to minimize those complications, but there's still a lot of work I could do to improve her chances."

This is what she calls 'sparse' details.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-05-22 05:38:54 76968
"I confirm that Miss White is on some level aware that her decisionmaking is impaired, and implicitly encouraging others to make that decision for her," Kazuo says to Mercury. "I can display physical evidence if necessary."

He might be about to say something else, but whatever it is, he lets the breath he might have said it with go, and turns to consider Tyrfing instead. The shadow of expression in his own regard is not Mercury's curiosity, but is a more neutral evaluation. Interested. But not in the 'have you considered letting me do exploratory surgery as an option?' way, which is what curiosity all too often comes across as on him.

"Miss White is a difficult opponent," he says, "but vulnerable to swarm tactics; her emphasis on being able to take on all comers in person means that she's not an efficient fighter against larger groups. I've helped take her down that way before, more than once. And therefore Mercury is attempting to arrange a larger group -- preferably ahead of time, so that all concerned can be aware of each other's likely tactics, and avoid friendly-fire problems. Your own condition, and the condition of your bond, are more valid concerns."

(He's already retreated back to the living room, which is half-open to the kitchen and vice versa via the sizable 'window' in the wall over the kitchen counter.)
Mamoru Chiba 2017-05-22 05:54:36 76969
Mamoru very nearly cringes at Koji's reaction, and he retreats a little, and then Rashmi takes over being an Actual Honest To God Extrovert instead of someone doing it from a fakebook and his shoulders relax and he gets the hell out of the way. And then Koji's Device takes over and Mamoru looks really... is regretful even the right word? Chagrined. He did that to Koji. Or helped. He's been checked out himself, and in the past year, at least, he's had people willing and able to take over for him-- but they don't talk about him like Tyrfing is talking about Koji.

So Mamoru just-- keeps his mouth shut, looking faintly uncomfortable for a moment before he can hide that behind a mask of cool reserve. And then as Mercury begins talking, he slips into the kitchen, dessert eaten first, and dances gracefully around everyone (including the elephant) actually in it in order to get coffee poured.

At the very end of Mercury's explanation, he lifts a finger. "She doesn't teleport using the Dusk Zone. It's a spell. I don't know if that means she's not connected to the Dusk Zone at all, but I'm under the impression she's not; that's one of the things I meant to bring up when talking over your notes with you."

Then he gestures toward the low coffeetable visible from the kitchen, and the couches and cushions around it. "There's that, and then further back, closer to the projector screen, there's a bigger table, but it's mostly covered with textbooks and something weird of Jadeite's right now, sorry," he tells Rashmi as he puts her coffee near her and slips around to get cream and sugar and put them on the counter as well. THEN he gets out of her way, taking two cups of coffee out of the kitchen with him, following Kunzite.

"Notably, not everyone we're looking to help with this is intended for combat: I'm probably not going to be fighting her myself, unless things go pear-shaped in a different way from usual. There are significant timing and technical elements. Our strategist on this operation is Sailor Venus, and -- if you're willing to help in any capacity that won't needlessly endanger you and that plays to your strengths -- I'll be helping her fit strengths to tasks, since I'm generally a tactician. Mercury and I will also be on medical. One option I'd considered was whether any mages could work with Mercury on strengthening or modifying a barrier to prevent outgoing teleportation..."
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-22 06:09:32 76970
Pausing in her busywork, Rashmi reaches up to *flick* a finger against 'Tyrfing's' head. "First off, Tyrfing, you *be nice* to Sylvia-kun. We'll talk more about that later, but for right now it is A Rule when you're around me. Okay? So."

Bowls are found, and lovely-smelling and colorful curry deposited therein, each given a serving spoon. Tyrfing gets the stack of plates and tableware, and she arranges the entrees and their jasmine-scented basmati on the coffee table with a definite air of 'take what you want from where you want, it's all for everyone.'

"If it comes to a fight, I'll be on the tactical end too. Takeba-san and Mercury-senpai have an okayish idea of what I generally do; I'm a lot more comfortable helping *other* people do better than really *fighting.* Fortunately, Nicomachea *did* teach me how to do a Time-Space Barrier that can cover a couple of blocks, so collateral damage won't be a problem. I'll probably call Chandra in to help too, he's *really* good at getting in close and being a distracting punch in the face. ...Um. Chandra's my Familiar, I guess? Kind of. Anyway. I'm still learning.... pretty much anything at all about magic, I know you *can* fiddle with spells like they were programs, but it's *literally* backwards Pig-Martian to me right now, and I still haven't found a good spell to keep me from having to take the train all over the city."

As she talks, the table gradually fills up, the rest of the kulfi popped back into its thermal delivery box, and that into the fridge. The coffee is sipped, and Mamoru rewarded with a smile as bright as the sun her magic resembles. "This is *really* good, Chiba-san, thank you! Okay... Have what you like everyone, there's enough for leftovers for *everyone* so don't be shy."
A Siberian cat 2017-05-22 06:25:08 76971
Tyrfing almost duck-dodges Rashmi's flick, but then scowls at her as he bats at the air, huffing a bit, "Nice? I'm nice. I can't help it if he melts under stuff like this. But the kid's got backbone in spades... you watch. Dependable."

At least the Unity Knight knows what Koji would do, and proceeds to take the stack of plates and things over to the coffee table before beginning to clean space off for everyone to eat off of, "You people don't do easy. Seriously... would it kill you to hire a maid?"

There's the gruff sigh of an old soldier off of him before he looks back at the others, "Apologies. That was rude."

Getting everything into place for Rashmi's dinner service, he goes on, "Allright then... I'm a mid-range combat model. The whole idea I was platformed on was a general purpose combat model with a very low rejection rate. I lack the kinds of binding and enhancement spells that Spice Princess' little friend there loves to play with, but Mid-Childian's never had a sense of honor to them. Why bother with fair play when you can use mass-fire tactics."

Snorting, he chuckles just a touch more at his own words before going on, "Since there's very little chance I can be fixed anytime soon... Koji and I can merge with a more powerful fighter and give them access to my combat spell Database and arsenal modes."
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-22 06:29:50 76972
"Eh," Mercury says, thoughtfully, "Miss White has already shown her ability to take down simple time-space barriers," she notes. "Which I think is part of why Mamo-kun suggested we work together on this." She taps her foot on the floor in thought, has a sip of her drink, then asks, "Terios-san, I am sure you will have a lot of homework this week, but do you think you can spare about four hours this week to help me? Not necessarily all at once, but at least in one hour increments. I think we can come up with a way to keep her at least in a confined area, if we use your boost device and my knowledge of subspace. Mazes are becoming something of a specialty of mine."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-05-22 06:38:55 76973
"If it would be of assistance," Kazuo says, addressing Mercury for the first few words and Rashmi for the next, "I have interacted with Miss White and her barriers in the past. If you permit, I can show you what I did at the time, relevant to stopping outgoing teleports, and therefore what she may be expecting and have taken precaution against."

He regards Tyrfing gravely. "Also, having gotten a few minutes' sample of what goings-on in this household are like, I suspect that with reflection you'll agree that any such thing would be unfair to the maid. It's degraded over the past few weeks, true, now that I need to attend school rather than putting the time into riding herd on our other housemates and resident guests."

There may be a hint of a gleam in gray eyes over 'why bother with fair play,' but Kazuo turns instead to claim one of the cups Mamoru is carrying.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-05-22 06:53:55 76974
The prince, over by Kunzite, looks considerably less uncomfortable when Rashmi takes Tyrfing to task. He clears his throat and lifts his coffee. "It's a rule around me too, for the record," he adds, then sips his coffee with fingertips briefly on Kunzite's shoulder. He sets his coffee down and comes over toward the counter again when Rashmi basically says it's all up for grabs now, gives her a tremendous grin at the compliment, and starts filling up a plate. "Backwards Pig-Martian is an amazing description," he notes as an aside, getting more comfortable again by inches. "Unsure of whether sending Chandra in is the best idea -- if he's your Familiar and he gets hurt, does that give you feedback issues? Because you'll need to be concentrating and I'm not sure if that's a problem, or if it is, if it's one you're used to dealing with yet."

Then he abruptly stiffens at Tyrfing's maid comment, but Kunzite has it in hand-- and is decidedly on his side of the 'fair play' argument instead of Tyrfing's. He pauses to consider 'merge with a more powerful fighter', running through the lists of his allies in his head, then says firmly, "Itadakimasu!" and goes to deposit himself and his plate on a cushion in front of the couch and on the coffeetable, respectively. But before he actually digs in, he asks, "You'd need to merge with another mage, then, right? And they would, or wouldn't, also be using their Device? I mean..."

He's thinking about the level of chaos Kyouko could cause with Koji and Tyrfing, and being half-wistful and half-horrified, so he stuffs food in his mouth and then melts with appreciation.
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-22 07:10:21 76975
"I.... don't really know? I don't *think* so, and given how protective he is of me I think he'd be the first to tell me if him getting hurt did more than just upset me," Rashmi says hesitantly, toying with a bright-yellow piece of chicken; turmeric and saffron providing colors to meat that probably should not exist...

At Mercury's question, the redhead perks up visibly. "Really? Oh I'd *love* some tutoring, Mercury-senpai, four hours won't be a rpoblem at all. Thank you *so much!*"

....Yes, Rashmi has just displayed *pleasure at the idea of new and interesting homework.*

Mamoru's compliment of her phrasing earns him a bright smile and a wink. "It's really the best analogy I can find, honestly.... anyway. So. To sum everything up, there's a girl who's messing herself up hard because she thinks she needs to, and needs to be strong *so much* she'll lose it at the idea of even being hampered a little -- but wants someone to decide for her, it sounds like because she's terrified of what'll happen if she says yes and it doesn't work -- and you need Nicomachea and I and Silvia-san and Tyrfing because out of all the people you know, we're the ones most likely to be able to keep her hemmed in while the rest of you act like a kicked beehive armed with lasers."

She turns her fork over in her hand, then beams about the table. "I'd love to help, sure!"
A Siberian cat 2017-05-22 07:21:06 76977
The comments and reactions made by Mamoru cause Tyrfing to move back, and actually turn his back from the others in thought, closing his eyes as he has to listen to his 'inner voice'... mainly a Koji telling him to be NICER to people who are asking for his help. So after another breath, he turns around, and says, "I have something that can help."

Since 'magic' is just technology, he waves and says in the echo that is so familiar to any casters of their disciplines, causing a tri-gram formula to appear in the air.

<<Taktische Anzeige.>>

A moment later an image appears of a weirdly chibified version of what looks like an anthromorph snow leopard with shoulder armor, gauntlets, and the familiar robe-skirt of so many Barrier Jackets and Knight Cloth seen. The form is holding an almost adorable little bow, and aiming at a target.

"This is Sternschnuppe Singulariaet - The technique designed to either completly disable a mage, or to... be rid of them." Sparing the comment on what it might really mean, "Essentially? It's a spatial implosion. The spell strikes, infuses into the target's magic, and then forces an implosion, rather than explosion. The whole idea by my designers is that it'll either crush a Mage's barrier and Barrier Jacket, or... well... I'm sure you can figure the rest out."

The display goes through the whole thing... chibi-Tyrfing firing an arrow-shaped energy bolt, the target glowing, and the *POP* it vanishes. The little form hops up and down in cheer.

"Anyways..." he goes on, "With the right kind of... enhancement? You could use the implosion effect to push her into a pocket subspace where her teleports won't matter. But there's where the problem comes up. I can't generate enough mana between myself and Koji to do it. Not without putting him in more danger than is fair."
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-22 07:24:36 76978
Sailor Mercury smiles at Rashmi's acceptance, then says, "Great. I think you go to the same school as me, so I'll find you after school on the middle-school playground each day this week, okay?" she offers. "We'll go from there, and then I can get you home afterwards." Her method of travel is, notedly, far more efficient than any busses, trains, or cars Rashmi might take.

Then, there's a chibi-display, and Mercury looks up to watch it. She lets it play out entirely before her eyes narrow just a little and she notes, "Tyrfing-san, please forgive me for pointing this out, but that is incredibly risky, and given the instabilities in subspace here on Earth, involves the very real possibility of losing the target permanently. I know that where you are from--Belka, I believe--subspace is stable and used as a transport medium for things as large as massive colony ships. However, subspace here on Earth is actually incredibly dangerous. The Arthra is still breaking up, more than two years after its initial collision with our shifting subspace.

"I appreciate the suggestion," Mercury says to him gently, "but I've been studying the specifics of Earth subspace, with the assistance of notes from a multi-milennia old version of myself, as well as a Belkan device, for over a year now. I would be glad to have you join Terios-san and I in enhancing her own time-space barrier, if you believe you have ideas which can be offered, but please let avoid any approach to subspace which resembles heavy artillery while you are here on Earth.

"The results could be disastrous for all of us."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-05-22 07:43:33 76979
Mamoru blinks at Rashmi, then bursts out laughing. "Yes. That. Thank you very much -- for the summary and the agreement." He glances at Tyrfing, then watches the display while he eats, carefully suppressing his reactions to 'be rid of them' and all the implications in the display itself-- and then he glances at Mercury, and then at Kazuo, before he swallows his mouthful and says calmly, "If, on the other hand, what you're suggesting could be modified to enhance the properties of Terios-san's barrier, then I might be able to help with the energy problem, as long as we're on the ground. I've been able to temporarily restore the power of a different mage multiple times, and I'd certainly be able to channel energy into you for the duration." A pause. "But I haven't tried lending energy to multiple people at once, I also don't know if that's the best use--"

Mamoru's phone rings, and he fishes in his obi's hidden pocket and takes it out, looking at the screen--

--and his whole demeanor changes. His face gets this really gently pleased affectionate expression, and he stands up and bows. "If you'll please excuse me, I need to take this call," he says as politely as he can, and then briefly trails his hand over Kunzite's before leaning to scoop up his plate with it, and answer the phone with the other as he walks away. "Usako~! ... sure, for a bit, but I'm in a meeting so only a bit ... yeah, what V-chan's putting together-- no, *you* are, believe me, I'm the boring one--"

Do his ears turn red? Funny lighting. Maybe. The world will never know.