Barriers to Entry

Rashmi is a clever girl, and helps Ami devise a strategy to prevent Hannah from escaping a barrier.

Date: 2017-05-26
Pose Count: 38
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-26 14:49:09 77206
School is out, although it hasn't been for long. There are still teens and younger rushing to greet their parents, walking home, or hanging around for after-school clubs. So when one of the higher profile high schoolers does something entirely out of the ordinary, there are plenty of students around to witness it.

Ami Mizuno--reportedly the smartest girl at Seishou--makes her way towards the middle-school playground, still dressed in the typical Seishou high schooler's dress and oxford tee. That her tie is a light shade of blue instead of the typical red doesn't seem to draw much attention. It's that she's heading to the middle-school playground that's causing rumours!

Ami slows when she nears the playground, then glances around curiously as if searching for someone. When she doesn't find Rashmi immediately, she smiles at one of the awe-struck students nearby, then takes a seat on a bench and pulls out a tablet--sky blue with the golden symbol of Mercury on the back--and begins perusing it while she waits. No, she's not playing video games; anyone who bothered to look over her shoulder would see a dizzying array of graphs and charts all labeled in a language utterly foreign to anyone on Earth. Most of them just haven't mastered Moon Speak yet.
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-26 14:56:18 77207
"Sorry, sorry!" Rashmi is heard calling, hurried footsteps thudding toward Ami's location. "I had to smooth things over with Debate Club, it'll be the first time I've missed a club meeting in forever, but it's okay!" By the time she finishes speaking, she's standing in front of Ami, panting slightly, and dips into a low bow of gratitude. "Thank you *so much* for helping me with this, Mizuno-senpai!"

If she herself sounds a little starstruck? Well, she is; in this setting, in the 'good student' circles, Ami is the closest thing to a celebrity, and there's still enough disconnect between mahou life and student life that Rashmi can *be* starstruck.

What this'll grind into after a turn through the rumor mill, however, is anyone's guess.
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-26 15:04:12 77208
Ami looks up at Rashmi with a little blink of surprise. "What?" she asks, then arches her brows, "Oh, bother, you didn't have to miss debate club," she notes with a frown. Nevertheless, Ami's tablet is whisked back away into her leather satchel probably, and she bows a little greeting to Rashmi as she stands.

"Anyways, you're here now, so we shouldn't waste the time fixing it," Ami notes with a faint smile. "Hello, kohai," she says by way of greeting. "Come on, let's go find a quiet place to study." Might as well keep up appearances in front of the gawkers.

Leading Rashmi away from the playground, Ami heads back towards the school grounds, as if she means to find an open classroom to use. And indeed, an open classroom is exactly what she finds; class H1-2. Here, Rashmi will find that high school classrooms don't look that different from the middle-school rooms.

She will also find that Ami has no intention of staying on campus. Once they are in and the door is closed, Ami glances towards the window to ensure no one can see, then extends her palm outwards. A small bead of subspace forms there almost instantly and without any preamble or preparation; it's pure applied magimathematics. Somehow, she manipulates it without having to henshin or use a device of any kind.

Moments later, that bead expands outwards until it is a tunnel leading into nowhere, vanishing beyond view. "Let's hurry through," Ami says to Rashmi with a smile. "We've got two more jumps to make before we reach our destination, and the faster we move the less chance w'ell be noticed."
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-26 15:09:30 77209
"It's okay!" Rashmi chirps as she falls into step with Ami, "I just had to promise it'd be the first and last time I ever missed a meeting, which is pretty easy, and I didn't want to keep you waiting longer than I had to, so..."

The redhead falls silent as she's guided into the hallowed halls of the high-school set, playing silent tourist for all that there's not much difference to be had. This is, after all, where she'll end up next term.

Once into the empty classroom, Rashmi can't help but *stare* at Ami's effortless use of magic, eyes the size of dinner plates. "Oh wow.... Um... Yes! Hurrying!"
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-26 15:15:17 77210
Stepping through the portal is a bit like walking down a short hallway. It ends much quicker than it appears like it should, in a small back-alley between a convenience store and a magazine shop. There, Ami opens a second portal almost identical to the first. This one ends between a hotel and a restaurant.

The third portal is different only in that the walk is a few steps longer. When they step out, however, Rashmi may be surprised to find not an external set, nor even the inside of a building, but rather that they are in a strange place altogether. The walls seem infinitely far away, with the pair of girls standing on a platform suspended in nothing and over nothing. There is a strange and alien-looking computer system not far away, upon which a dark-furred cat is busy sleeping. The cat has a little crescent moon symbol carved into the fur on her forehead.

Luna, hard at work.

Ami puts a finger to her lips at the sight of Luna, then winks at Rashmi and beckons her along the walkway. There's a stair ascending up into nothing as well, but Ami goes behind that staircase and into another 'room' of the suspended platform. It wasn't visible from the previous; like folding space, this room simply appears to be there only when the pair step into it. It is no larger than the previous (which is to say it similarly has no obviously defined dimensions), but rather than a computer system, this room has a ball of dark energy suspended inanimate in the air, along with what look to be instruments used for examination. Here, Ami turns and smiles at Rashmi. "There, now we're alone. Welcome to the Senshi command center," Ami introduces Rashmi. "I'm sorry for the awkward travel, but this was the fastest way I could get us here, to minimize the time wasted."
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-26 15:20:35 77211
If Rashmi was managing to tourist in the halls of the high school, there aren't even *words* for the way she's trying to see everything inside the command center all at once. The sight of Luna very nearly activates Rashmi's pet-the-cute-animal reflex, but Ami's cautioning gesture helps her throttle that urge down. Instead, she follows Ami behind the stairway to heaven, pinches the bridge of her nost upon discovering another room there, and takes a moment to regain her mental bearings.

"I.... wow, Mizuno-senpai, this is... well I guess 'stunning' applies really well, and I can't think of a better word, so... And no need to apologize! I've never seen anyone use magic *quite* like that, that was pretty amazing!"
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-26 15:26:59 77212
"Hnh?" Ami asks, confused at Rashmi's observations on her magic. It takes her a moment to realise Rashmi is talking about her teleportation, and Ami's eyes widen. "No one's ever really commented on it, before," she notes quietly in thought. "The Shitennou can go farther than I can. Real mages, like you, can teleport globally, as I understand it. Although the calculations for it are immense, and made all the worse here on Earth. I can only go a few kilometers at a time, before I risk a dangerous exit.

"Ah .." Ami blushes a little, then says, "Anyways, it's kind of related to what we're here to discuss and work on. Subspace," Ami explains, "is how we just traveled here. It's where we are, as well. But subspace is a finicky word. Most people think of it as a specific place, but it's really just a word for alternative dimensions. How well do you understand String Theory?"
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-26 15:31:09 77213
"I, um..." Rashmi tugs her plait over her shoulder, pursing her lips and blushing. "I know *of* it? And that it has to do with quantum nonsense -- 'nonsense' being a stand-in word for all the really arcane stuff that I don't even have a surface-level understanding of -- but beyond that..." A helpless shrug.
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-26 15:49:17 77215
Ami nods her head just faintly and sets her bookbag down on the ground next to a short table in the nothing. Out of the way. "Go ahead and get comfortable," she says. "I'm going to try and make this all very simple for you, but if you have questions please do ask. Understanding how we interact with subspace is important if you're going to help me design and implement an impenetrable barrier."

Taking a step back, Ami reaches up to loosen her tie, then draws out her tablet--it apparently wasn't in her bookbag, but nowhere? Tapping the tablet, Ami brings up the holographic control interface. "Imagine a room," Ami says, clearly making up her words on the fly rather than going through something rehearsed. "And .. imagine that room as height and depth and width, but also imagine it is potential, as well. Today, the room might have a table and chairs in it," Ami explains, and a little hologram shows up in the air in front of Rashmi: a cutaway of a room with a table and chairs. "But it doesn't have to have a table and chairs. It could have a series of scientific instruments, a counter full of candy, or um ... video games." Ami shakes her head at herself. Silly analogy.

"Anyways," Ami continues, "these other rooms probably exist. They are what we call 'folded space'. The room's dimensions are fixed; they are exactly what they are. But what if you could get to another possibilty for the room just by turning around widdershins?"

Ami touches a button, and the holographic room folds in on itself, then emerges another identical room, except that the table and chairs are gone. "Accessing folded space is kind of like that. You find an alternative version of the room you are in, and you can do whatever you want with it.

"When you create a barrier," Ami explains, "that's exactly what you're doing: creating an area of folded space, where all the physical properties of the area are the same as reality. You then choose to disclude non-magical people from entering, and attempt to drag magical people in with you. It's an exceptional feat of mathematics, which your device performs for you. Does this make sense so far?"
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-26 15:52:46 77216
Nodding, Rashmi finds a chair to settle into, hands clasped, very much the attentive student listening to a lecture. "...Okay so... There's the normal dimensions, but also a sort of... underlying *room-ness?* And if I knew how, I could shuffle things around so more than one room interacts with its other selves?" There's a pause, as the mental hamsters do their work.

"...Ow. I think I get it, though. So the barrier spell just sets the conditions for what changes and doesn't change inside the bubble of folded space it creates?"
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-26 16:11:03 77217
Ami considers Rashmi's restatement of the explanation, then nods her head. "Yes, in essence, exactly that. The bubble it creates will match the initial conditions you set, but it becomes its own temporary pocket of possibility until the spell ends. It takes very little energy to create one of these bubbles, but it does take a good deal of processing power to calculate them, so I've never seen a mage maintain more than one during a combat operation.

"But," Ami says with a faint grin, "that's exactly what I think we need to do." Her eyes glimmer with excitement at the idea as she explains, "Normal subspace is easy to break out of. Every mage who can create a barrier knows how to take it back down. You just have to find one of the many places where the new area of folded space connects back to real space and tear it open. Punching your way out is a very real possibility if you know what you're doing. And Ms. White knows exactly what she's doing."
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-26 16:15:10 77218
"So we need to change the way the space works enough that she can't find the connection points?" Rashmi muses, frowning down at her hands as she mulls this over. "So you're talking, like, layering the barriers? But like, make the boundaries close enough that if she punches her way out of one, she completely misses the connection points for the other? Others? ....Wow that would be confusing..."
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-26 16:34:17 77219
"Mmmm," Ami considers that idea for a moment, drawing up a seat for herself. The hologram vanishes almost instantly as the bluenette settles down in a seat opposite Rashmi. "Maybe," she says, squinting, "but the more I think on it, all that would mean is she has to redetermine the weak point and punch her way out again. Eventually, she'd make her way through all of the barriers and be free. It adds time, which may be enough, but I don't like banking on middling probabilities. What we need is to find a way to conceal the connection points from her entirely."
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-26 16:38:07 77220
"Well..." Rashmi pauses, and spends a good few moments twiddling her hair, frowning at her lap. "It wouldn't be perfect, but... Is there any way we could make decoys? So I mean, if she was looking for the weak points to punch through, she could waste a *lot of time* punching decoys. And if we go with your idea and layer the barriers, well... That's decoys times barriers, which is probably enough of a waste of time to do anything we need?"
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-26 17:19:01 77221
"And an immense mathematical model," Ami replies thoughtfully. She frowns a little, leaning back on her hands. "I know my device couldn't handle that, but ... my device is, bluntly, a little dumb. Takashi didn't design it to be intelligent, just powerful enough to fake a persona. Um," she mumbles, then shakes her head. "There needs to be some way to simplify all of this. Something that will prevent Ms. White from determining where those weak points are in the first place."
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-26 17:35:16 77222
"Okay, so," Rashmi says slowly, drawing Nicomachea's charm out of her bag and simply turning it over in her hands. "You said that folding space allows you to find another version of the room and overlay its room-ness with this one, right? But if you can reach back and rearrange the *contents* of the room, what's to say you can't rearrange where the *door* is, too?" Hopping off the chair, she starts to pace, still talking though her thought processes.

"I mean it would need a lot of math, and if we can come up with something I'm sure Nicomachea can optimize it while we're waiting, but like... If she's good at hunting down the weak point in the barrier, why don't we just keep refolding the space so that weak point constantly changes, y'know? I'm pretty sure we could set it up to be sufficiently random and at a short enough interval, that she wouldn't even have *time* to get from one edge to another if she could see it immediately."

Realizing that she's been rambling and pacing and gesticulating, Rashmi slows to a halt, clearly growing self-conscious. "I, um... I mean does that make sense, Mizuno-senpai?"
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-26 17:38:56 77223
Ami, too, is busy making models on her tablet while Rashmi speaks and paces and thinks aloud. It takes a few moments for Ami to register what Rashmi said. When her name is called out, Ami looks up and blinks at Rashmi twice, like a computer still processing buffered input.

Then her eyes widen and she stands up, wrapping her arms around Rashmi very suddenly. "You're a genius," declares the school genius, before twirling away and grabbing her computer again. Only this time, Ami's fingers aren't thoughtfully tapping out ideas; instead, she's hastily assembling a model of what Rashmi's spoken of, putting words to mathematical theory.

When it's done, Ami pushes a button, and another hologram appears in the air demonstrating Rashmi's concept. Little green hotspots form and disappear on the sphere, as the connection points are redrawn over and over again.

"I don't think Eiszapfen could do these calculations," Ami admits thoughtfully, "nor could I do them quick enough mentally, myself." Handing the tablet to Rashmi, Ami asks, "Feed this information to your device; let's see if Nichomachea can make your idea into a reality."
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-26 17:49:58 77224
Hugs are nice! Compliments from a double-celebrity in the field being complimented are, are frankly stunning. So the redhead ends up just standing there for a moment, blinking at nothing, before waking up to accept the tablet. "Erm.... one sec..." Accepting the tablet, she holds up the charm to face the screen. "Nicomachea? Could you take a look at this, and tell us if you can make it happen?"

The charm almost immediately pops out into book form, the clasps holding its cover closed popping free. Rashmi opens the book to a page bearing little more than a complex diagram with an eye-shaped symbol in its center, and the redhead simply sets the tablet down, screen-first, atop the book. << INPUT PROCESS BUFFERING, >> murmurs the wise-sounding voice. << READING... CALCULATING... SPLINE RETICULATION COMMENCE.... CALCULATING.... VERIFY.... >>

Ami Mizuno 2017-05-26 22:06:46 77227
Ami watches as the device processes her notes and calculations on the discussion. This isn't the first device she's worked with, so putting magical theory into something an intelligent device can understand is fairly old hat for the bluenette, at this point.

When it advises caution, Ami smirks just a little, then reaches for her device again. "Mmm, caution indeed. It's going to drain your mana far more than a typical barrier, but you should still be able to defend yourself. Just don't expect to do too much flashy stuff."

She hesitates a moment, then reaches up for the little halberd dangling form her necklace. "So, want to give it a try?"
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-26 22:19:48 77228
The redhead looks inordinately pleased, as she passes the tablet back, that her Device is able to do the sort of arcane math required for such a strange and specialized task, and chuckles at Ami's further caution. "Oh it's all right, Mizuno-senpai, I tend to leave the 'flashy' stuff for Chandra or others to do anyway. I wonder what it means by optimized configuration, though...?"

*bing!* To answer Rashmi's question, the book floats up a few inches from her hands, its armored cover shimmering, then flying apart in a flash of hex-grid forcefielding, flying apart and reassembling with a few, chunkier, additions; the front cover now overlaps with a spine on either side and the display jewel mounted on the back, an exhause valve jutting out from the top of each spine. Part of the top cover pops up and away, loosing fans of golen mana that resemble bird's wings, and as it lowers back into Rashmi's wondering hands, it gives a final, satisfied chirp. << SEALING MODE >>

"......... Yeah um....... I..... guess I am ready, Mizuno-senpai?"
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-26 22:26:37 77229
Ami narrows her eyes just a little to explain something, but then the book starts transforming itself into sealing mode, and the senshi grins as she watches. When it's finished, Ami motions towards it, then says, "Intelligent devices have configurations they can swap to, like this one. Apparently you just found one that you hadn't known of beofre. You should ask your device what modes it supports, later.

"As for flashy stuff," Ami notes, returning to the conversation, "if Chandra is your familiar, he will be limited, as well. He draws on your mana, not his own; it would be dangerous for him to push hard to do something really flashy while you're performing this spell, Your spell might falter."

Gripping the device around her neck, Ami asks, "Eiszapfen, you ready?"


"Ready armor."

<"Bereit. Kampfkonfiguration.">

In moments, Ami transforms from a high schooler to a magical girl, encased in the armor and fuku of her barrier jacket. Her device has similarly grown from the tiny little symbol of a halberd into a full-grown trident. "Right," says Frost Knight Mercury. "Set up a barrier here, the usual style, and let's see if I can break it. Then we'll do the new one and try again."
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-26 22:31:54 77230
Rashmi Terios bobs her head, drawing in a breath and stepping back. "All right, Nicomachea... Let's start with the regular one, like she said."


A yellow-tinted circle spreads out rom beneath Rashmi's feet, followerd by the familiar, color-warping burst of the spell shunting the area away from local space-time. Blinking away the mild disorientation usually felt at the sudden shift in light frequencies, and the roiling green-black of the barrier's boundaries, the redhead looks satisfied at Ami. "Okay! Your turn, senpai!"
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-26 23:26:26 77232
Frost Kniight Mercury whirls the trident in her hand once, then grips it tightly. "Right," she says, concentrating on the device. She hasn't actually done this before, but she understands the principal of it. "Eiszapfen," she instructs the deivce, "Breaker mode."


The device expands outwards, breaking into multiple pieces as it reconfigures itself. The two outer tines of the trident arch backwards, and a line of power crackles into place betwen them. The central tine slots upwards and back, becoming a bolt steadied to fire. The long hilt shortens and strengthens into the butt of a crossbow. A very, very large crossbow.

Frost Knight mercury levels the massive arbalest against her shoulder and takes aim, steadying herself for a moment before she calls, "Shoot!"


A bolt of pure ice streaks out from the device, crossing the distance until it hits a point high in Rashmi's barrier. That point fractures and expands outwards, until a massive hole forms in the barrier, connecting this space to the reality it came from.
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-26 23:33:39 77233
Despite the wince as her barrier is pierced, Rashmi looks inordinately pleased, saved from clapping only by the fact that one hand holds a fairly massive book. "Awesome, senpai! Okay, so.... Now's the time to try the next barrier, right? Nicomachea?"


The previous barrier flakes away rapidly from around the hole made in it by Mercury's powerful arbalest, and a new circle forms beneath the redhead. Then another, around its circumference, then a third, as the energy-fans bordering the book flash outward. Now a new barrier forms within the room, this bounded by a seething cloud of yellow and orange dotted with black, that casts a warm glow over all objects within.

Once the barrier is set up, Rashmi staggers a bit, as though light-headed. "....Oh wow," she murmurs, pressing her free hand to her head. "....Okay, try and break it!"
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-26 23:47:48 77235
"One moment," Ami replies, before twisting the device in her hand. "Eiszapfen, analysis?" she asks.

"<"Die Wand aendert sich schnell. Suche nach mustern.

    ... Suche
        ... Suche

Kein Muster gefunden.

With an arch of her brows, Frost Knight Mercury banishes the arbalest. "Well that won't work," she says with a faint grimace.

Almost immediately, she banishes her henshin as well, returning to the very vaguely disheveled highschool uniform.

"Let's try this my way," Ami says, then draws out a wand capped with a Mercurial crest. Tossing the wand in the air like a majorette's baton, Ami declares, "Mercury Star Power: Make Up!"

This time, the transformation is far more flashy and beautiful, with Ami's nails receiving a paintover first before she fully transforms into the long-bowed fuku of Sailor Mercury.

Gripping her left earings, Sailor Mercury activates her visor, which immediately begins analyzing the shifting patterns with a far more critical attention to detail. Mercury studies Rashmi's barrier for several moments, then raises her finger like a gun and steadies it with her off-hand. For several moments she holds this posture, as a bead of subspace begins to form at her fingertip. Then, suddenly, she looses it, and the bead fires forth like a bullet of ice. It strikes the barrier, and it begins to crack--not enough to truly escape, but a few more hits and Ami would probably be able to do just that.

Mercury lowers her arm and looks to Rashmi. "It's better," she says. "But Ms. White is stronger than I am. If I can find the pattern, she might be able to as well. Go ahead and bring the barrier down, for now. Let's spend the next few days practicing this. Work with Nichomachea to make sure the randomization is truly random so that I can't find a pattern. Once we've got that, I think you're ready to hold her off."
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-26 23:50:56 77236
Bobbing her head in agreement, Rashmi dispels the barrier with a wave of the hand, and staggers faintly as the sudden inrush of available mana makes itself known. "Yikes... I've got to get used to that too, I think. I don't want to worry about passing out just when the fight starts."
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-26 23:57:43 77238
Mercury banishes her own henshin once more, returning instead to the high schooler. Except she still has that visor on. Ami steps towards Rashmi almost immediately and puts a hand behind her back, steadying her. "Sit back down," she suggests gently, easing Rashmi onto the seat again.

"Let me get you something to eat and drink. That was a lot more energy than you're used to channeling," Ami turns away to go fetch a plate of nachos and a drink of water. Both she returns with and places on a floating table which she draws nearer to Rashmi. "Here," she says. "Have this. Carbs and protein will do you good. Sorry, I shouldn't have pushed you so hard without making sure you were ready for it."
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-26 23:59:41 77239
"No no, it's fine," Rashmi chuckles, tugging the bowl and glass closer to her, blinking rapidly for a moment. "Just, um..... Well Chandra got a dunking he wasn't ready for, but that's about it. And he might have been a little scared because he didn't have any warning. Anyway."

Nachos are dutifully consumed, water drunk, and it's not long before the middle-schooler looks much steadier. "So okay, fill up some before the fight and practice lots in between."
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-27 00:39:40 77240
Ami arches her brows at the comment on the dunking, but she doesn't question it. Instead, she settles down on her own seat and pulls her tablet back out of nowhere, then starts tapping in notes. "Yeah, basically. With practice, you'll refine the formula, and be able to use a little less mana and concentration creating it. Probably not a lot, though; this is an immensely difficult spell. I don't advise relying on it for more than very specific cases like this one."

Looking up from her tablet, Ami considers Rashmi a moment, then smiles. "You did really well, though. A lot of magical girls couldn't have pulled off creating that spell their first try. Some could never figure it out at all. If you'd like, I'd be happy to continue teaching you what I know about subspace and magiphysics, once we're done dealing with Ms. White."
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-27 00:44:52 77241
Rashmi Terios beams brightly at the compliment. "That'd be wonderful, actually... I still haven't quite figured out how to reprogram these spells, and I'd *really* appreciate learning the basics that'll help me figure that out, senpai. And don't worry; I don't think I'll want to use the spell unless I really, really need to, and *definitely* only if I'm in a group. Chandra may have been scared, but honestly knowing I won't be able to let him protect me is kinda scarier."
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-27 00:51:13 77242
Ami inclines her head at the understanding Rashmi has come to. "Right," she agrees. "I'll do what I can to teach you the basics, but honestly my experience with your kind of device is slightly limited. You might be better off contacting someone like Nanoha Takamachi, or even just asking your device to teach you. Still, Belkan and Midchildaan devices aren't that different; I can teach a few things. And I'd welcome a bright mind to help me check my own ideas."

A pause, then Ami explains, "Lately, I've started thinking I'm following along in my own footsteps, which is really freaky. It'd be nice to know I have someone who can at least make sure I'm not doing something really obviously stupid." A wrinkle of her nose, then Ami rises and offers, "Anyways, I promised to get you home quickly so that you wouldn't miss work tonight. It's been about an hour since we got here; or would you rather go back to school and walk from there? It's up to you. I'm sure I have a waypoint no more than a block or two from your parents' restaurant."
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-27 00:55:24 77243
"What d'you mean, following in your own footsteps?" Rashmi asks, tilting her head. "But I mean I'm always happy to help out, certainly!" Finishing her ater, she slips out of her chair as Nicomachea returns to his small, sun-shaped charm, which is stowed in her nigh-omnipresent bookbag.

"A block or two away sounds fine, I told my parents I'd be getting some extra pointers in math from you. They're *really* happy, by the way, they wanted me to thank you for them."
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-27 01:12:24 77244
Ami opens her mouth, then closes it. "Uh, well," Ami mumbles, "Do you want some extra pointers in math while we're here, so the cover isn't wasted? If you're struggling with it, math is one of my best subjects." Not that she has worst subjects.

As for the footsteps, she doesn't explain it, for now. Maybe a conversation for another time.
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-27 01:16:43 77245
"Well you sort of *have* already," Rashmi points out. "Just, different kinds of math than we've got at school. And it's okay, I'm doing pretty well. .....Maybe not Mizuno Ami well, but... Honestly the only real issue is I haven't figured out yet how to balance the whole school, work, *and* throwing my pet monkey at hideous monsters to save people thing." The redhead lifts one shoulder in an easy shrug. "I think once I figure that out, I'll have a decent handle on things."
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-27 01:19:25 77246
"Ah," Ami replies to that with a faint frown. "Yeah, it's ... sometimes I still wonder what life would be like if I were normal," she admits with a sigh. Shaking her head, Ami banishes the thought, then says, "Anyways, meet me at the playground again tomorrow and every day this week, and we'll practice an hour each day. Hopefully it will be enough. Once Ms. White's surgery is complete, we can start working on basics. Ready to go home?"
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-27 01:23:31 77247
"I don't know," Rashmi answers, lifting a shoulder. "I mean, do I *want* to be normal? It'd be nice to have less busy time, but... I'd probably be dead by now if I were, and I wouldn't have an *actual* big brother anymore, so... I'll just make the best of it, and hope that means I can do some real good in the process, y'know?"

The younger redhead smiles up at the blueneete, tucking a lock of hair behind her ear. "Anyway yeah, let's go."
Ami Mizuno 2017-05-27 01:25:44 77248
Ami considers Rashmi's answer seriously, as if it's a new perspective she hadn't considered beofre. After a few moment, she shakes her head and picks up Rashmi's bag, offering it to the girl before stepping away. She leaves her own bag behind as she forms another bead of subspace in her hand.

Three jumps and they're standing in an alley three blocks from the Korma Chameleon. "Walk safe from here," Ami says quietly. "And if you need me, you've got my number. Don't hesitate to use it; either I will come or I will send someone who can help you. I promise."
Rashmi Terios 2017-05-27 01:33:23 77249
"I'll use it," Rashmi says, bobbing her head and accepting her bag gratefully, "I promise And again, thank you *so much* senpai, seriously." With a final bow, and a cheery wave, the redhead turns to hurry off back home, and her half-shift for the evening.