Breakfast Wars

After staying over, Koji cooks a stunning array of breakfast foods for essentially an army. Then there are various traumas and politics and crises and explanations and... people falling asleep on other people. Then eating. And dad jokes.

Date: 2017-05-28
Pose Count: 40
A Siberian cat 2017-05-28 16:55:16 77365
There's something in the air at about just an hour after dawn here in the Earth Court Frat House.

It's not danger.

It's not apprenhension...


The kitchen is currently lit and occupied by a single person... at least for the moment... in the form of one Koji Silvoa. Dressed in a borrowed Yukata that has a waves-to-clouds motif to it, and still with his feet stuffed into the teal house-shoes he borrowed from the front door, you would think the boy was more of a water-element than anything else, but the colors just go with his eyes. Though there is also an old but servicable Iron Chef apron on to cover most of it and keep it from getting dirty.

Oddly enough, his glasses are off, and sitting on one of the coffee tables in the living room.

The offerings in the kitchen though are possibly staggering, but only when you consider how many people are SUPPOSED to be here. So there's a pile of pancakes sitting next to an equally large pile of cinnamon french toast. There's some fish grilling on the stovetop for those wanting a more traditional breakfast next to a steaming pot of miso soup that bubbles happily at a chance at being used for something other than reheating. It's practically buffet-style as whipped eggs are being carefully made into omelettes at the moment so they can be folded and cut into strips. And of course... the rice cooker is being used. While there's no expectation for anyone else to he UP at this hour, he still works away at it studiously, the energy around him a sort of exhuberance that hasn't been seen in him ever before... it's enough to make any less-than-morning-person want to throw something at him.
Nephrite 2017-05-28 17:27:29 77366
Nephrite wakes in confusion. There are distinct baking smells wafting through the apartment, but he knows very well that Mako is not due to be here just now, and Kunzite is enduring a dad-breakfast. His confusion is further amplified when he wanders into the shared side of the apartment--after quickly pulling on a pair of jeans and the nearest shirt, because strange things are afoot and it's best not to be without pants at such times--and finds some kinda water spirit cooking up a storm. He ambles over to the counter, laid out with a bounty of breakfast goods. "Heyyyyyy. Did I miss a restaurant opening in our place? And is there a cover price for this buffet?"
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-05-28 17:39:22 77367
There's a mirror somewhere in the living one. One of those fancy stand up ones. It glows brilliant blue for a moment before Haruna Kurosawa jumps out of it with a soft landing and then yells. "Hellloooo~ I have Coff---FEEEEEPPP!" coffeep!? Yeah because a lanky hand in a fancy frilly white sleeve pulled her back through it.

The mirror remains that glowing blue before Haruna pops back in and huffs as she crosses her arms. She is one coffee short in the two cup carriers she's brought now, and then there's two bags of baked goods around her wrists and a seagull on her shoulder who's playing a phone game.

"Stupid. Kami-sama demanding coffee tax." she mutters to herself for no particular reason. "ANYWAYS COFFFEOOOOOO!" Coffeeeooooo? Oh. She's smelled the food.

"What is that? I smell food. IS MAKOTO-CHAN HERE!?" she sings as she peeks into the kitchen passageway and down through it.

"Oh. Right. Coffee." yes Coffee. She places it onto a nearby counter. Then she turns around. "Hiiiii Neph!" she says. "Hiiii...." A pause.

"Koji-kun!" she says. "So tell me. Eleventy /was/ the answer, right?" she asks with a bated breath.
A Siberian cat 2017-05-28 17:51:40 77368
It's almost a grateful thing that Koji's weirdness gauge BURIED in the last couple of days, or else seeing Haruna... with a Seagull on her shoulder... PLAYING A PHONE GAME... probably would have severely freaked him out. But there's the welcome distraction of the long-haired and handsome Nephrite, who's timely entrance from before that is enough to snap his head back to realize once more and get his brain running back on the functional parts.

He then bows to both, and smiles pleasantly, "Good morning, Miss Haruna. Good morning, Sir. Sorry about the surprise. Mister Chiba was kind enough to let me stay the night after something that happened yesterday. I wanted to make him and his friends breakfast as a thank you. I've got Japanese and western fixing for anyone who wants them. If you'll give me a few moments, I'll have some whipped creme ready for the french toast."

Haruna might notice he's not wearing his glasses, which just adds to the girlish looks around the boy, his hair not braided up, instead just work in a loose ponytail behind him in order to keep it away from the food.

Nephrite's question does catch up with him, and he goes a bit flush, "Oh no no... please... serve yourself. I was told there were about a dozen people here at any given time, and everything can be packed for later if people need to go! It may be Sunday, but that doesn't mean there's things we shouldn't be doing, yes?"

And true to his word, he swipes MORE of Makoto's things from the fridge, getting the heavy whipping creme, the vanilla, the powdered sugar, and finds the mixer, "No Miss Haruna, it wasn't Eleventy. Your sister's answer helped a lot though."

...And the boy's even been doing the dishes as he's been using too, having read the rules OBVIOUSLY...
Mamoru Chiba 2017-05-28 18:03:33 77369
Kunzite left at oh god o'clock to do his run before going to suffer grimly through Sunday breakfast with his father, so Mamoru overslept and did not beat Koji to making breakfast--

--when he wakes up, it is therefore to the scents of a Metric Buttload of Complicated Breakfast. He is mildly chagrined because guests don't have to cook, guiltily ecstatic because breakfast smells amazing, and smug because of what he asked Zoisite to do after Koji went to bed last night. He also knows that the smell of bacon brings all the Nephrites to the yard, and that if he doesn't get up, there might not be any left.

At least he managed to sneak a box of Mako-made rose-honey treats into Kunzite's running stuff the night before, clearly labeled with his dad's name.

So it is that not too long after Neph and Cure Gull and Corvus enter the living room that a very messy-haired Endymion, blinking sleepily behind his glasses and wearing a yukata over just pajama pants, appears in the door from the bedroom hallway and looks confused. Not at all displeased. Just confused. "'Morning... oh right hey Silvia-kun, this is Cure Gull and Corvus, and that's Nephrite, he lives here too. Kunzite went out for a run and he's-- having breakfast with his dad--"

There's a mildly guilty grimace, there.

"--and you might meet Zoisite in a bit, he was out pretty late last night. I dunno where Jadeite went but he was building something when you came over and he's out somewhere so he's probably testing it..." He blinks again, as having wandered closer, he sees the vast array of food. And Gull-chan's coffee. That, and a strip of bacon, are what he beelines for first.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-05-28 18:28:00 77370
Haruna Kurosawa nods matter of factly. "That's the other name I go by!" she says to Koji. She gently makes grabby hands for a strip of bacon and then begins nibbling on it to make an attempt at eating like a reasonable facsimile of a normal human being. Corvus looks up from his phone and waves at Mamoru. "Hey." he says as the seagull puts the phone away into his tail feathers like this is a perfectly normal place to keep things. He hops down onto the counter and then dips his beak into the bag to pull out a bagel and then he hops on over to the other side to enjoy it.

A pause and a siiighhh. "I'd brought Aki but Aki-chan and I are just having a small sister fight because she went out and called Hannah out on her stupidity and they destroyed an old abandoned dock down in the warehouse district." she rolls her eyes and sighs.

Then she grabs two pieces of bacon and begins to just shove them into her mouth at this news.

She then looks at Koji. She makes this face. "Elevently is totally the right answer." she says with a huff.

"So what brings you here, Koji-kun?" she asks as she looks back over to Nephrite. "OH! Neph! You need to come to the coffee shop soon!" she says. "..or I can just keep bringing free stuff here. Either or." she says coyly.
Nephrite 2017-05-28 18:29:56 77371
Somebody is making breakfast for the entire frat house and they're being ultra-polite and Very Grateful about it. Nephrite grins, reaching for a slice of French toast and immediately eating it out of his hand like a regular piece of toast. "You know what, I just met you, but you're officially my new favorite person. But nobody calls me sir except business clients. I'm just Nephrite." He pauses and inspects the French toast. "But you know, you can call me whatever the heck you want, if you're making stuff like this."

And of course there is a magical mirror entrance, because nothing around here is normal ever. "Hey Haruna! Ooh, coffee? Does one of those have my name on it?" He nods at her invitation. "I do need to check your place out. How is business, by the way?"

And a rogue Endy appears! He makes a point of further ruffling Mamoru's already-ruffled hair as he reaches for the bacon.
A Siberian cat 2017-05-28 18:42:47 77372
Seeing as how bacon seems to be the more popular of the offerings, Koji takes more strips and puts them on a broiler pan, and puts that back into the oven to get some more of the mildly chewy masterpiece ready for others. To Nephrite he gives another bow, and his smile turns up by several degrees as he replies, "Oh, I don't have a kitchen like this at home, Mister Nephrite. It's just a little apartment..." The last words said with a little catch in his voice.

To Mamoru though, he says, "Oh, I already met Miss Haruna. I go to Gullwing Coffee on Thursday nights to do my homework. She insists on helping me with my math homework... but thank you for introducing me again, Mister Chiba." Getting almost a nervous chuckle and rubbing the back of his head for a long moment, and then back to perfecting the whipped creme. Just in time for him to take a teaspoon of it, and then get it on the end of Nephrite's cinnamon french toast so he has it for a bit of extra flavor.

Coming around from his part of the kitchen for the moment, he does say, "He's... still not talking."
Zoisite 2017-05-28 19:02:18 77373
There's a very quiet strawberry blond padding into the kitchen, looking sleepy and ruffled (at least in the clothing department). He grabs a plate, methodically loading it with food and muttering a small thanks to the cook before settling himself firmly on the couch. He's not quite up to conversation yet, but Mamoru gets a small, fond smile as he digs in.

Late night means breakfast and coffee first. In that order. Then conversation. Zoisite at least doesn't seem grumpy, just quiet, tired, and not quite ready to start conversation. He may or may not be ticking off who is present and trying to figure out why they're here.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-05-28 19:07:06 77374
Hair ruffled, and cheerfully corrected over Koji knowing Haruna, Mamoru cuddles his coffee like he wishes it were Usagi, bacon in his mouth. Chew chew chew. He's really not entirely awake yet, so he sends a text with a bunch of heartbubbles and a wide variety of breakfast emojis and also a :D? to a certain blonde.

After a moment, he reluctantly puts the coffee down so it can cool off a bit, and he starts piling a plate high with some of everything. He also does not appear to care when fish and rice are touching french toast and omelette and pancakes and also a dollop of hastily-stolen whipped cream.

His hashi are halfway to his mouth when Koji calls him Mister Chiba again and then says the thing about Tyrfing, and he sighs a little. "Well, Neph is really good at giving dressings-down to cranky broken stoic soldiers with unhealthy coping mechanisms, so maybe once there has been more breakfast ingested, we can do some introductions." He glances over to where Zoisite's padding in and smiles with a quick (probably too cute) affectionate look, then looks back to Koji, eyebrows up. "And I really don't know why you keep calling me Mister Chiba. I'm not even an adult yet. I can cope with Chiba and Mamoru and Endymion and Endy, and I can cope with san and kun and senpai, and the only really formal honorific I'm willing to entertain is nokimi. But Kyouko has not let me hear the end of Mister Chiba yet, and she probably won't until you start calling me something else..."

His voice raises a little bit as he walks away from the counter, talking over his shoulder, and he trails off when he leans down over the back of the couch to kiss the top of Zoisite's fiery strawberry-blond head.
Usagi Tsukino 2017-05-28 19:09:39 77375
Usagi got a text from Mamoru. There were many heart emojis and smiley faces and food emojis. And, well, it's been an eternity since she's last seen him. At least two or three days!

So it's this reason why a staggering Zombie Usagi ambles toward Mamoru first and not the food. And she's not quite awake yet, because she's perfected the art of sleep-texting some years ago, but at least she had enough of an awake brain to put on shorts. And the top she slept in, but hey, it's opaque! And her odango are askew and...okay, they're half undone but she'd been sleeping really good.

She mumbles something as she climbs up him to wrap him in sleepy hugs and dangly feet that translates to something like: "Mamo-chan hi I missed you cuddle snuggle I want smooches I smell bacon."

And this, probably, ruins any and all 'Mister Chiba' notions people may have. Well, let's face it, it probably won't.

Her nose twitches the air. "Zoi-kun get new shampoo?"
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-05-28 19:14:24 77376
Haruna Kurosawa beams at Nephrite. "OH very good! The whole private beach front thing is nice too though." she asides. "Me and another local shop, a curry shop? Called the 'Korma Chameleon' are holding a summer event next month." she grins. "All the schools are invited. It'll be great! Also It's a tax writeoff." she winnnnnnks.

"Anyways...." Zoisite comes in and she waves at him, but doesn't say anything because she knows THAT kind of morning where she just eats cereal until she feels like a human being.

"Who's not talking?" she asks. "Oh. Is it your space german friend?" she asks with wide eyes. Yeah she still saw that in the shop that one day.

"USA-CHAN!" she sings. "Hiii Usagi! There's bacon! and coffee! and stuff from my shop!" she says. "But the home cooked stuff is better!" she says as she shoves a piece of french toast between two halves of a bagel and then adds bacon because French toast bagel bacon sammich. Nomnomnomnom.

"I mean. You do have a space german friend, right? I'm familiar with that text. Storm-chan has something like that!" she says.
Nephrite 2017-05-28 19:28:54 77378
Nephrite is bestowed with whipped cream, and he happily shoves the rest of the French toast in his mouth before responding. "Mako uses us for our kitchen too. If she weren't already Mamoru's sister, I'd wonder if she's only dating me for that sweet counter space." He says this with the absolute gravity of somebody who would not actually blame her if that were the case.

He swings his head back and forth between Koji and Mamoru. "Uh, cranky broken stoic soldiers? Who needs dressing down? Do they like bacon and hugs, 'cause we got both."

He grins at Haruna's wink. "Nice. I am so down for a coffee and curry beach party."

Breakfast is quickly turning into a breakfast party. "Usa! Did you smell the bacon all the way across town? Your bunny skills are truly remarkable."
Zoisite 2017-05-28 19:29:23 77379
Zoisite smiles, face full of drowsy fondness at Mamoru's forehead kiss. He retaliates by gently brushing his hand against the back of Mamoru's, mind sleep-foggy but overwhelmingly full of fondness for his Prince. It lasts but a moment, and he laughs softly at Usagi's sudden invasion, and question. "Yeah, I use a different shampoo in the summer than I do in the winter. Different weather, different things my hair needs." He waves at Haruna a little as well, before switching to a 'give' motion with a quiet please added to soften the demand.

Coffee, please. He's still not human yet.
A Siberian cat 2017-05-28 19:32:10 77380
The arrival of Usagi causes Koji go to back into the kitchen for a few moments, and some nascent recognition of who this is and what she is percolates into his mind. So instead of the standard pancakes or french toast, he begins to quickly mix and stir... until there is a second and entirely new set of pancakes being made. Unlike the standard ones that were made for general consumption... these are red velvet pancakes mixed with the old batter so that they come out pink. These are skillfully shaped like teddy bear heads, complete with pink-ified whipped creme eyes, mouth, and ear-insides. Syrup is poured around the sides until the plate is artfully completed, and then it is all presented to the zom-blond-ie.

Now that that is over, and his thoughts are organized, the young man looks to Nephrite... and then away while tapping his fingers together a moment, and then back, "Tyrfing doesn't eat... well... he does, and he can... but sometimes he forgets. We share a body. He's... over there... sort of." Motioning to where his glasses are sitting, "I don't actually NEED glasses since we merged... but... I always wore them growing up, I didn't want to worry my parents."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-05-28 19:46:37 77381
There's abruptly a Usagi attached to him in the middle of Neph asking a question and Zoisite being adorable and Haruna talking about a coffee curry beach party with Rashmi's family's restaurant, and all of a sudden Mamoru is awash in a pleasantly foggy affection. He sleepily nuzzles his head against hers, where she is glommed to his back like a baby monkey, and he does not care that it sets his glasses askew.

"Silvia-san, a new friend of ours, needed to crash here last night after Madison Perry roughed him up-- he made so much breakfast, all kinds of breakfast, I want some of everything but soup next because it doesn't go on a plate, it's a bowl thing..." is his explanation to Usagi.

And then he turns to carefully put his plate and cup down on the coffee table, then sit on the couch next to Zoisite and facilitate Usagi migrating from his back to his lap. "Um-- yeah Kunzite mentioned he should talk to Storm-chan, last night," he says vaguely in Haruna's direction, "I agree." And then he picks up his plate and puts it on the couch next to him and his chin on Usagi's shoulder. He thinks.

"Tyrfing's Silvia-kun's space german friend, yeah," he agrees with Haruna but toward Nephrite, "and I don't know if he likes hugs. But he's in Silvia-kun's head, except right now he's not on speaking terms with him." Then to Koji as he comes over with pink teddybear pancakes for Usagi, "Usako gets to call me Mamo-chan, but only her and talking cats. Does that mean your glasses are your Device? I mean. Like how he hides, I mean. And you said stuff about him... can Neph talk to him without you having to leave if he puts your glasses on?"
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-05-28 19:47:27 77382
Haruna Kurosawa smiles and picks up one of those grande cups from the cup holders and walks it over to Zoisite with a smile. "Here you go, Zoi~" she sings. "It got here via Mirror Travel so like seconds only passed after I made them, it should still be hot so be carefullll." she warns. "I mean. Coffee is hot. You know what I mean." she says. "It has cream and sugar, but I have at least a couple blacks in there. I HAD THREE but it turns out kami-sama kinda likes his coffee super black." she says.

Pause. "And demands coffee tax apparently now." she huffs.

She looks over at Koji. Then at the glasses and waves at the glasses. "Hiiiiii Tyrfing if you're over there, you're welcome to coffee tooooo." she says. She looks over to Corvus. "Corvus knows ALLLLL about being grumpy. Trust me on this." she says as she pats the seagull on the head. pat pat!

Corvus huffs as he eats his bagel. He's too bagel filled to reply proper at the moment.

She looks at Mamoru and then narrows her eyes. "Mamoru." she says. "I Know it's early morning. But I need a few people. To either go talk sense into Rivenbutt or kick him in the shins and steal back those cards he gets before Sakura-chan does." she says. "Because whatever he's doing to them is hurting her pretty damn bad now AND her guardian. Also. Her guardian, Kero-chan? He got his true form back since the Flame card was unsealed and he's like this AWESOME huge winged tiger that Sakura can practically ride around now instead of this little teddy bear thing." she says.

"I mean. Aki'll help." she says. "But I obviously can't ask Hannah for obvious reasons besides the terrible state she's in." she says. "AND I FEELLLL REALLY BAD because you're all helping me with Hannah and her linker core stuff but this is also a big problem." she says.
Usagi Tsukino 2017-05-28 19:59:48 77383
Usagi hears Haruna and pulls back a little, and it's mostly assumed she's at least looking at Haruna's general direction with how sleepy and barely open her eyes are. "Haru-chan owns a coffee shop? Corvu-kunnnn~."

THUNK a bunny head on a Mamoru shoulder.

But more people talking!

She nods at Nephrite. "Mmm-hmm! And Mamo-chan text. He went 'text' and I went 'zooooom' because snuggles and food. And good, I should try that! New smell is pretty!"

That last was for Zoisite!

And then she's couched, but it doesn't interfere with snuggles so she is happy with that! She does lean back a little for a plate full of adorable pancakes, though. She gasps and looks up at Koji, still a little asleep. "Ohhhhh they're so cuuuute! Thank you! I could just gobble them up! Which I will! Mweeheehee!" Devious Usagi! She's tap her fingertips together if her hands weren't full of a plate!

Wait...intelligent glasses? Are all glasses intelligent? Usagi blinks at Mamoru for a moment before quickly stealing his and trying them on. She blinks some more. "My conjecture that all glasses contain intelligent life has been unilaterally disproven."

Then she hisses and pulls them off, leaning back and holding them out toward him again. "But they made me see twelve of you and made me talk weird!"

No, that's just eons of storing words Ami and Mamoru use into her subconcious.

She blinks her vision back to normal.
Nephrite 2017-05-28 20:03:20 77384
Nephrite pauses in the process of creating a sort of pancake-french toast-rice-bacon-omelette tower on his plate to wince. "You share a body and you're not speaking to each other? Talk about an awkward roommate situation." He contemplates the miso soup. No way to incorporate it without making for soggy pancakes. Alas, it will have to be relegated to side dish territory. Instead the tower will be topped with syrup and whipped cream.

His ears perk up at Haruna's news. "Did I hear that right? The town jerkface is going after little kids now? Ughhhhh can we drop a meteor on his head or something?"

He takes an angry bite of the breakfast tower. His mouth is still full when he points a fork at Usagi's Mamo-impression. "Accurate," he mumbles.
Zoisite 2017-05-28 20:33:23 77385
Zoisite takes the offered coffee with a small nod. Right now, he would take any coffee at all. Usagi's Mamoru-impression gets a soft snort of amusement as he wraps himself around the coffee, not drinking it quite yet. He's still determined to get through his breakfast, and it's a race to see if the coffee cools and he can drink it before he dozes back off.
A Siberian cat 2017-05-28 20:41:43 77386
The topic of Hannah is brought up once more, and Mamoru's breaking down of everything that's been going on is fairly concise... so there's nothing for Koji to say on that topic. So while all of this is going around, he takes a little bowl, puts a scoop of rice over it, and then fills the rest with miso soup. This is nibbled on in thought, before the young man exhales and walks over to where his glasses are.

Picking them up, he moves them over to a spot where the lenses are facing most of the crew and their food like some kind of odd projector. Stepping back from this, he picks up his food and haves a couple more bites before setting it to one side again. After that, he then says in a tone that gets a curious echo to it, <<Enable Merge Mode, Unity Knight.>>

And Koji just... vanishes.

Which for this crowd is probably the least surprising thing in the world. People here disappear all the time. They walk through mirrors, through walls, off balconies and rooftops. It's just a regular thing here by comparison.

The glasses shine, and an illusion is projected in front of them, appearing in a form that only the absent member of the Shittenou has seen. The six and a half feet tall, broad-shouldered Shutran snow leopard warrior, barechested and armored. His arms are crossed and the ghostly teal eyes that look almost dead like Koji's looks around at the group before he snorts once, and says after several moments of silence, "...and here I was hoping one of those damn dream-things was going to happen."
Nephrite 2017-05-28 20:47:21 77387
Nephrite eyes the godly half-naked snow leopard man while chewing amiably on his breakfast tower. Then he picks up a slice of bacon that is only slightly smeared in whipped cream and holds it out like a peace offering. "Welcome, bro. Breakfast?"
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-05-28 20:53:05 77388
Corvus answers with a nod at Usagi. "Yup! Opened up a few months back! Nephrite helped us out. So did Hannah-chan." he says. "It's by the beach and everything. Got a good deal on a place." he says.

She looks to Nephrite and rolls her eyes. "I wish it was that easy? Just drop a meteor on everything." she says. A pause. "I wonder if Kami-sama can make that happen...." she says. "Nrg. Probably but he probably also wouldn't do it." she mutters.

She sighs a bit and watches as all this goes down and then probably also the least surprising thing comes from Haruna's mouth.

Mamoru Chiba 2017-05-28 21:38:47 77391
Mamoru looks up at Haruna, Usagi on his lap and Zoi trying not to fall asleep in his food next to him, and he listens, and he just... the good cheer just drains right out of him, and he looks tired, and he sets his fork on his plate.

Nephrite chimes in and Mamoru can feel things getting more complicated with every breath he takes -- and not even Usagi stealing his glasses and saying a hilarious thing, and her reaction, and Neph's reaction... none of them help.

And then Koji puts his glasses where they can project Tyrfing and summarily vanishes, and there's the big cat-man, and Mamoru bites his lip and slides his arms around Usagi's waist and leans against Zoi a little bit. He wishes, probably less than Koji and Tyrfing do but pretty hard anyway, that it were possible to talk to them both. Hopefully no one will sit on his breakfast.

"I'll find out who can be deployed," he says to Haruna finally, quietly, in order to avoid stepping on any potential conversation between Tyrfing and Nephrite, "to deal with Riventon. I have nearly everyone working on Hannah right now, and Ariel's major problem's been building in the background and Kunzite's been spending a lot of effort dealing with it and it might be about to explode at any minute, at this point."

He curls into Zoisite and around Usagi a little further, voice low, and he continues over Usa's shoulder. "That's on top of trying to figure out where the hell Sailor Earth is holing up and what to do with her, AND on top of Madison Perry and the White Flower doing something else which Kunzite is point on, and Riventon is difficult because I'm never sure what his and Mercury's status is at any given time. Is it possible you can ask the Guardians for a hand? Or more Precures? Or at least wait until Usa's more awake, and you can talk with her about Senshi involvement? Because if he's not actively knowingly attacking someone in front of me or explicitly under my aegis, and not trying to topple us, then there's a chance I might be breaking our ceasefire-- and there's a not-insignificant part of Eclipse potentially mad at us over Unmei, and he might sic them on us, and we are doing too many things right now to be able to also defend against that."
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-05-28 21:41:17 77392
Haruna Kurosawa frowns. "Well. I'm prepared to do it myself if I am. It'll be hard because the cards he has he can use." she says. "Then he has that dark Sakura clone hanging around." she sighs. "Kero thinks he's corrupting them. But it's worse because Sakura actually wants to /go to Riventon for help/." she says.

"I made her promise not to do that but you know. She's Sakura." she sighs a bit.

She shakes her head. "Phantom is back in town- we think. It's dangerous for us to gather in one place in large groups at the moment. He decided to introduce himself by plowing me into the ground on top of a skyscraper out of the blue and Spark-chan was all freaked out by it because Phantom came for /her/ and she actually wanted to fight him and just ugh."

"Oh. What happened with Unmei-chan? I gave Yuzu-chan a copy of my book for tips!" she says with a matter of fact nod.

She finishes her bagel , french toast and bacon sandwhich. Mmmmmm. Carbs.

"Anyone who you feel might want to help who isn't too busy, really." she sighs. "I can try the Guardians but... um... you know why. I'm not in Virtue anymore right?"

"Because Tadase pointed to Hannah and said 'her or us' and well. The last person who tried to do that to me disowned me so I didn't feel good about it anymore." she mutters. "I don't think those guys'll help me after that."
Usagi Tsukino 2017-05-28 21:53:45 77394
She makes a mental note to get the address of the coffee shop later. She must try it out!

Usagi slides Mamoru's glasses back into place before petting his hair. She beams at Nephrite. While her shoulder is used as a chin rest, she pulls up her knees to use as a makeshift table and noms away at the delicious pancakes. They're so yummy they almost make her forget Mamoru's upset! (Almost, but not even food!)

Anything and everything pretty much just...flies out of her head, though, as she just gapes. And Mamoru's talking logistics, and her name is brought up, but really, she can only find words that sound utterly ridiclous and totally not similar to something someone slash-yells in Uldum in World of Warcraft everytime they level through that zone. "Um...yeah. I mean. We'll save you, half-naked kitty man..."

Her ears are warm! Because he's half naked! And she's confused! She thought for sure there was an unwritten rule that Nephrite was the only one allowed to wander topless around the ECFH.

But still! Help! She chirps. "I should be fully awake around noon!"

She looks at Haruna and tilts her head. "Why wouldn't they? I mean, I try to help Hannah-chan when I can, and she's stabbed me! Accidentally totally my fault, but still!"
A Siberian cat 2017-05-28 22:03:33 77395
Looking back at Nephrite, the form of Tyrfing leans his hand in and over to wriggle his fingers inside of Nephrite's skull... which does nothing, "I'm not SUPPOSED to be able to eat. I'm a machine." And the tone used is rather sarcastic.

Leaning back and away, the form of Tyrfing crosses his arms and then looks away and outside for a moment, "You all need to find a way to separate me from Koji, and you need to get him the hell out of all this. He's nothing like Sera, my first Lord. He's not trained... he's not a soldier. He can't even cast his own spells now, and we don't even merge well. None of us are doing him any favors right now."

Sighing once, the big feline form rubs at the bridge of his muzzle like someone who wore glasses for too long, "The stupid kid ran right into danger, and I couldn't stop him... I was afraid. I shouldn't be able to feel fear. My place is to serve my Lord, to defend them. And so he ran right into the arms of that madwoman. I'm DREAMING. This is all so beyond me... and I can't protect him from it. Even when we were fighting that hag in the black armor... she hurt Koji. He was unconscious afterwards."

The Belkan Device's form shakes his head, grumbling under his breath 'I am NOT a kitty'... and then adds a bit more loudly, "I can't let him go into danger anymore! Can't you see it?"
Mamoru Chiba 2017-05-28 22:15:11 77396
"So Precures can't gather in large groups because Phantom; sounds like you're under the same kind of 'do something for someone and your sword of Damocles will fall' pressure we are," observes the prince, using Usagi's ear to adjust his glasses. "People who deliberately do the most dangerous thing when provided with workable alternative options are basically my most debilitating allergy. What does Sakura want HIS help for?"

Then he lifts a hand to wave it around irritably. "Unmei quit Eclipse and we sheltered her while she dark energy detoxed, and she still had her henshin device from them at the time, so they're pissy because we were hiding her. I don't know if they're still pissy, because they do have the item back, but it's definitely a tick in their red column against us-- and being able to be a place people can come to recover, can be at least as safe as we can make them while they're here, that's--"

Endymion sighs, and it might possibly be into Usagi's neck. "Haru-chan, that's our main job. We're not frontline fighters. If you think talking to Riventon might help, I can try. If you need an army, it's going to have to wait until we curbstomp Hannah into letting us fix her linker core, or you're going to have to raise that army yourself instead of asking me to do it. My limit is one army every three weeks."

He listens to her Virtue reasoning, and then nods at Usagi's question, and he looks up at Haruna again. "I thought it was because you were handling an Eclipse subdivision-- Hannah's company-- not because you were dating her. He was probably mad when he said it, but that is a conflict of interest because of the Virtue secrets you had access to. That doesn't mean the Guardians won't help. Especially since you'd be asking on behalf of Sakura. I recommend asking Nagihiko or Nadeshiko or Kukai or Amu instead of Tadase, though. I can also post on HeartNET for you if you want to write something up."

And then Tyrfing's explaining things-- and Endymion looks... chagrined? Sheepish, definitely. Actually, he's turned a little red. "Okay, I think I'm eminently unqualified to address that particular problem. But yeah. Neph here, and Zoi if he didn't actually fall asleep, and Kunzite when he gets back, and Jadeite if he ever comes back from Narnia, and oh my god Luna and Artemis and Vee and Jupiter and Mars and Mercury-- they are so qualified to talk to you about how to cope with charges you're supposed to protect who run headfirst into danger because they're bound and determined to Do The Right Thing."
Nephrite 2017-05-28 22:17:54 77397
Nephrite shrugs. "Your loss, man." He shoves the whipped cream-covered bacon into his mouth. Over on the couch, he hears Mamoru going Endy on the group, diplomatically explaining why they can't go to war with the guy that once kidnapped his girlfriend. Nope, listening too closely to that is just going to make Neph angry, and breakfast is no place for anger. He focuses back on the large cat-man.

"I don't fully get your situation, my guy, but that sounds like a conversation you should be having with Koji. But if you're that worried about him, why not, like, teach him? He wouldn't be the first non-warrior to get stuck with powers way beyond their training. That describes most of the folks around here. Inexperience is really a very curable condition."
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-05-28 22:35:53 77398
Haruna Kurosawa sighs and crosses her arms. "Alright. I'll do it myself then." she says. "And she wants to go to Rivenbutt for help because she thinks he's 'a fellow cardcaptor'." she says. "But we all know he'll just like. Clonk her upside the head."

"OH! Also. She's having kinda a repetivte, prophetic dream about her death so, you know. There's that." she sighs and finally flips down into a chair. "But I have Rei-chan working on that one for me. To figure out if it's a legit showing or events or something like a metaphor or something." she says.

She looks over to Koji. "It may be better to train him and teach him how to do those things. And if you can't do it yourself, there's other device users who might." she says. She sighs.

"I'll try them but meh." she says, deflating a bit on the couch.
Usagi Tsukino 2017-05-28 22:43:57 77399
Mamoru's stressed. People are stressed. And Usagi has a full tummy.

She sighs and snuggles down, shifting and turning until she's warming her toes under Zoisite's butt and curled under her head is under Mamoru's chin.

This is the danger of just, you know, going someplace before one is fully awake.

Dozey bunny, radiating fluffiness to those who need it.
A Siberian cat 2017-05-28 22:56:08 77400
Tyrfing blurts out in a tone of pure irritation, "Why, so I can watch him go out and die like Seraphim did?!" In a huff he walks away from the group, only to vanish once outside of the minor projection range the Device's ability provides, and reconstitutes in the central spot he was in before. His fists are clenched, eyes are viced shut, and his tail is lashing hard while his teeth are bared in a snarl, "I can't DO that. Not again."
Nephrite 2017-05-28 23:13:34 77401
This is getting heavy. On like, every side of the room. Nephrite steadfastly maintains his position of casually devouring breakfast while the cat-man prowls angrily. "Yeah, that sucks. It really does. It's not really something that gets easier over time, either." He is pointedly not looking at Mamoru over this. "But, you know, sometimes the best you can do is give people all the tools you can and then trust them to do their best with it. And also maybe talk them out of the throwing themselves at danger thing. At least get them to do it with lower frequency."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-05-28 23:22:34 77402
Aaaand Zoisite's asleep. And Usagi's falling asleep on his chest, and Zoi curled into his side and Usa curled under his chin-- they combine to actually actively calm Mamoru down, even though Nephrite is having to try not to get mad and Haruna is definitely making him feel guilty for not being superhuman enough.

He gives Haruna a sidelong glance over Usagi's head. "Maybe bring her to Akashimaru or Ariel about the repetitive nightmare. Probably Akashimaru. I mean, in addition to Rei."

The only place Endymion can actually move, with two people on him, is slouched further down in the couch. He does shift Usagi a little so she's on the side of his chest, with her head closer to being on his shoulder, and definitely closer to Zoisite so they can conspire to create a warm cuddlefluff inferno on exactly half of him.

(He's regained his appetite. He needs one hand to eat from the plate next to him, and he definitely doesn't want to drop food on odangos.)

"Listen," he finally says to Tyrfing after he's had a giant chunk of fish and Nephrite's concisely said what he's probably going to repeat in a minute, "lay down rules for training that involve calling help in on everything until you judge he's good enough to handle some things with just you. Maybe work something out with him that means if you judge he's in over his head and backup won't get there fast enough, you take over and do what you judge is necessary -- even if that's running you both away from there. Because yeah, okay, he fought Ariel's mom with you but I saw in that clip, you were looking at the possibility of following her. That was you deciding that, not him. He was hurt after that fight even though it was you fighting-- so don't think in terms of the limits you remember. Think in terms of his limits."

He opens and shuts his hand in Nephrite's direction, then in the direction of his coffee, which he can't reach because it's on the coffeetable and he's underneath two people, and he makes puppy eyes. "Please can you hand me my coffee?" he asks piteously.

Then a sidelong glance at Tyrfing again. "And nobody knows how to separate you two. And not talking to him is damaging him. And if you don't train him, he's going to get into all kinds of shit anyway, and it'll be untrained, and you'll still have to watch. And -- most importantly -- that will eventually happen with anyone you fight alongside. Every human dies. I'm sorry you're functionally immortal."

He glances at Neph again. "Dude. I'm better than I was, right? I've been trying really hard not to do that shit this year."
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-05-28 23:28:17 77403
Haruna Kurosawa sighs and just shakes her head and Koji. "Okay." she says. "I'mms gonna tell you a story." she says.

"So. Once upon a time I thought my sister was dead and I wasn't really a nice person to deal with at the time. I dressed kinda gothy and stuff, all that." she says. "And so I run into this crow tablet and the crow comes out. Tells me if I start stealing souls I can wish my sister back. I let him in. I'm this terrible dark witch."

"Anyways. We managed to seal the crow back into his tablet the first time, but that still left me connected to his magic so I was still the witch. And I had no one to help me or teach me that kind of stuff." she says. "I ended up having to go to some bad people for help with that because well. 'This place' wasn't a thing yet and Virtue isn't really setup to help darkness incarnate powered types."

"Basically." she says. "You don't want him having to make a choice like that, right? Relying on whoever is there for help or training?" she asks. "You train him. He'll learn. I learned!"

"AND IF I CAN LEARN..." she says with wide eyes. "I'm pretty sure like. A rock could? Geeeeeze." she says as she flops back down.

"I dunno if that would help here because it seems more like a message dream but I'll try talking to either of them." she says.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-05-28 23:30:49 77404
"In fact, a bunch of rocks trained me," says Mamoru, utterly deadpan.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-05-28 23:31:48 77405
Haruna Kurosawa nods matter of factly at this. "See!" she says with a smarmy look.

Then she loses the smarmy look because the JOKE just hits her. She huffs. "That was awful. You're awful!"
A Siberian cat 2017-05-28 23:46:06 77406
Tyrfing sighs heavily, or at least the image seems to, and he just looks down at his hands, "I... apologize. I must seem cowardly. I... I hear what you're all saying. I do... I just..."

And now the beastman looks at Haruna, "We first came here seven decades ago, we were chasing something that part I can't fully remember. Some of my memory is still damaged. We fought it to a standstill, but then... Sera... she sent me away. She severed our bond, and maintained the spell that held it in place when the bomb detonated. It was a human-made bomb... something powerful. It damaged me, and left me buried."

If there was room for him to do so, the image would sit down, but he just keeps standing there, hands flexing and gripping hard, "Before I connected with Koji, it was what it was. I had lost my Lord, so I had to remain on standby. She'd ordered me to keep watch in case she hadn't fully destroyed what we were hunting. Then, we Merged, and everything changed. I started remembering what she did... and it hurt inside."

The joke finally penetrates his thick head though, and he looks up again, "Oh..." And then his ears perk hard, "OH." Looking back at Mamoru, the big beastman snorts, "That was HORRIBLE. Koji's father loves stuff like that. Usually Motoko will belt him on the head for a pun of THAT caliber." But he actually chuckles a little, "Heh... Nephrite... why didn't I see that one before..."
Nephrite 2017-05-28 23:55:09 77408
Nephrite nods as he picks at his pancakes. "I'm sorry about your friend. Your Lord. You can't be faulted for caring too much about your partner, especially not after losing someone like that. But taking it out on him isn't gonna help either. He's not going to get better with you yelling at him." And then the ethereal cat-beast is laughing. "Oh man, if you like puns, you really came to the right place."

Nephrite is not Kunzite. Obviously. He does not come equipped with an internal sensor that allows him to react to the faintest eyebrow twitch that Mamoru exudes. But the 'hand me my coffee because two whole people are sleeping on me' gesture is clear enough even to him. He crosses the room and scoops up Mamoru's coffee, takes a sip of it, and places it in his hand with a grimace. "Ugh, black. How do you live like this." Meanwhile, he takes that moment to remove the lid from his own coffee and scoop whipped cream into it from his plate. "And yes, you're better than you were. Because you know you're not fighting alone, and you know you can rely on the people here who care about you, and also the list of people who will line up to personally kick your ass if you are reckless with your life keeps growing longer."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-05-29 00:22:32 77410
"Yeah sorry," Mamoru mumbles Haruna-wards when she says 'this place wasn't a thing yet', as if it were his fault he didn't have a lot of friends yet and they were still dealing with getting his guys out of the Dark Kingdom.

Then she gets his joke and he grins at her, and he has to pause in his attempt to consume food because then Tyrfing's lost steam and it'd be rude to be listening to trauma with food in his mouth.

He's about to say something, but then Tyrfing gets his joke and he just beams at the cat-guy, and then Nephrite's sipping his coffee and giving it to him and all is much closer to 'right with the world'. "I am surrounded by so much sugar and fluff all the time, black coffee is a defense mechanism. It helps to maintain both equilibrium and my ever-important presentation as aloof tough guy who judges people in coffee shops," he tells Nephrite solemnly. And then promptly grins into said coffee as Neph explains the list of people who'd kick his ass-- and the fact that he never has to fight alone again.

Finally, he looks up at Tyrfing once more, and his face is--

Endymion's got an affectionate look for the big guy, like the one he had for Koji before. He's not judging him anymore, that much is clear. Caring too much, apparently, is a perfectly understandable reason to be a dick.

"Nobody here thinks you're a coward," he says gently. "You're in a situation you're not equipped to deal with, at least on your own. So is Silvia-san. You can help each other-- and if you tell him why you feel the way you do, he's actually much more likely to want to cooperate with your ideas, your strategies, your worries, than he is if you just stop talking to him. If he knows you care about him, and not just the person he knows he can't replace-- he thinks he's temporary, he's a placeholder, you don't like him or think he's any good-- if he knows this is all because you're worried about him and want to keep him safe, and you can make compromises with him--? It'll be a lot easier. Communication makes everything so much easier. People make fun of me sometimes for how I think talking stuff out will work-- but keeping secrets and shutting people out has only ever hurt everyone involved."

He pauses and looks uncertain. "Uh, has he been listening? Also even if you're not hungry, he made all this food and we have to eat the stuff that doesn't survive reheating before it gets cold and he needs to help because my girlfriend, the bottomless stomach, fell asleep on my lap."