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Rashmi and Mercury have A Plan! Or a part of a plan, anyway. Koji and Kunzite's jobs: attempt to test it to destruction. Rashmi gets a deeply uncomfortable win. Also, Haruna introduces them to Unity Loop.

Date: 2017-06-15
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Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-15 18:24:34 78735
"Let me know when you've recovered, and we can do a proper stress testing."

It's a few days later -- long enough for energy supplies tp jave regenerated. And long enough for emotional stability to be a little better. The weather has stabilized for the day to merely 'hot, humid, and awful' instead of actually pouring rain --

-- which means that the frat-house roof is oddly welcome. Because Kunzite's shadows already overlie the portion of it they'll be using this afternoon, soaking in the excess heat and leaving it pleasantly cool. There are chairs and a table off to one side, in addition to open space. And yes, there are drinks and food on the table, because the mahou economy continues to run on takeout and baked goods. Also pens and paper, just in case, because sometimes it's easier to sketch than tell, and one or two of the people here can't just draw in midair. Ahem.
Ami Mizuno 2017-06-15 18:30:29 78736
It's a rare day that Ami Mizuno doesn't teleport to the Frat House. Since discovering the power, she's mostly used it to travel everywhere, since it's such an efficient use of her time.

The problem is, generating positive energy bags requires--well--energy, and Ami has been draining herself for the past few days to ensure she has enough.

Yes, she could (and should) ask help from others on that, but from her perspective, their energy is better directed towards actually subduing Hannah. After all, if that fails, then the energy bags will be for naught, anyways!

So Ami arrives not through the waypoint in the kitchen, but rather by knocking at--and being allowed in through--the front door.

She looks a little tired, dressed in overall shorts over a babydoll teeshirt. There's a picture of a cat on it shoving a mug of coffee off of words that read 'I DO WHAT I WANT'. Because she's fully expecting to get lectured for the energy problem.

Might as well get the protest out of the way now.

Just inside, Ami ditches her sandals in favor of house slippers with little bunny ears on them (Usagi's, no doubt), then makes her way up towards the roof.
A Siberian cat 2017-06-15 18:40:09 78737

Three precise and soft knocks.

That could only be one of a few people who still believe in politeness, despite Chiba-san's policy on open door-ness. Koji has a small cooler with him, some of the leftover panna cotta he didn't make from last night's beach party, and of course his usual offering in the constant war between calories and youma for the Mahou community in Tokyo. But this time, standing in his Knight Cloth outside of the apartments he says, "Tyrfing, scan and ping any active devices?"

<<JA WOHL.>> Comes the reply in his ear, while his eyes are adjusting to using the Device's suite of detection, looking up and down the hallway as information in Belkan scrolls by, things he sometimes only barely understands and still cannot make full use of... such as tensile strengths or wall densities.

As he waits for the scan to come back, he takes his smartphone out and dials Kunzite... to quite naturally ask for permission to come in if no one can answer the door!
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-15 18:40:52 78738
With the fight against the Nightmare Prince slipping inevitably into the past, and the wounds beginning to heal in earnest, Rashmi feels a good deal better about her efforts towards the Hannah Situation; certainly, enough to demonstrate the fruits of her studies, and Mizuno-senpai's teaching, to an audience.

Dressed in a light green shirt with her family's restaurant mascot and summerweight gray skirt, the redhead steps out of the elevator, and smiles upon seeing Koji waiting at the door. "Hi, Koji-kun! Good timing!"
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-06-15 18:47:01 78739
Haruna Kurosawa arrives on the roof as Cure Gull landing with a gentle touch down and then a flash back into regular ol Haruna Kurosawa. She crawls over to a chair and sits down at the food table and plops down... coffees. just coffees today. BUT IT'S AWESOME ICED COFFEE. "Hiii Kunzite. Hiii Ami-chan! Hiiii Koji and --- Rashmi! Hi! I didn't know you were involved with this stuff!" she beams.

"Hold on. I brought a friend today because lotsa devices." she says.

Haruna Kurosawa removes a tiny 'infinity symbol charm' from her pocket and places it on the table. It spins and expands and floats upwards and then spins on it's Axis.

< Yay! Friends! > expounds Unity Loop, A Lost Logia.

"She doesn't get out much." she asides. "But will probably be useful with this whole thing!"

< Yay! I'm Useful! >
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-15 18:55:10 78740
The information scrolling by on Koji's display is ... not what one would expect in an apartment building. This floor is not built of the same stuff as the rest of the building; it was originally, but there have been ... changes. Renovations that permit some cosmetic damage, but underneath are considerably stronger than any residence in Tokyo in theory ought to be. Hidden underlying magics that react to the scan. Quiet wards waiting to react and combat whatever it is they're set against -- it isn't Tyrfing. The nature of that magic is not Belkan or Mid-Childan at all, so it'd require analysis, and it's not any kind of strong or violent presence. But it's there.

Also, that rosebush on the one balcony? That thing's just weird.

And above them -- the roof is an utter blank. The scan simply vanishes.

Kunzite does not answer the phone; the call drops straight to voicemail. But it is entirely possible that Ami just going in without waiting for someone to answer the door, and heading upstairs without concern, may serve as a suggestion to Koji and Rashmi of what they're expected to do at this point, and that what's usually a violation of etiquette was intended to be implied by the 'on the roof' part of the meeting arrangement. Undoubtedly if someone other than Kunzite had put it together, they'd have been more clear.

Upstairs, Kunzite bows to Ami on her arrival, then to Gull. Unity Loop does not get a bow. Unity Loop gets eyed silently for a moment, before he allows, "You must be."
Ami Mizuno 2017-06-15 19:00:57 78741
Ami is not generally a coffee drinker, but today she is all too happy to take one from the offered selection and claim a section of wall to lean against. "Kunzite," she greets him, vaguely amused, before putting the coffee to her lips. She takes a drink--a long drink that probably drains half the cup--then lowers it again th glance towards the others arriving. "Sorry if I'm a little tired. Doing too much, as usual," she explains.

That she doesn't even bother pulling out her visor to scan the unity loop is probably more telling than any words she uses.

"So," Ami says to Rashmi, "Think you're ready?"
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-15 19:09:30 78742
Opening the door and exchanging her shoes for house-slippers, Rashmi leads Koji through the apartment, and eventually to the roof. Smiling brightly at Kunzite and Ami, the redhead nods hurriedly. "We've been working really hard to make as many variables as possible, and I hope it'll turn out all right."

Anything more she might be about to say is brought sharply to a halt as Haruna brings out a Lost Logia. "Oh wow," she breathes, extracting Nicomachea from her bookbag, and setting the bag aside. "It's, um... it's great to meet you. Uh.... Unity Loop?"
A Siberian cat 2017-06-15 19:10:29 78743
"Hi Miss Rashmi. Are you well?" Koji replies and bows, checking his phone after, "Not responding... he must be up on the roof."

Caught in the juxtaposition of not wanting to be rude, and also wanting to expedite things, Koji makes a rather odd decision.

Rashmi gets to watch as small Belkan tri-grams appear in the air, some kind of strange little hybrid of an anti-gravity spell that Tyrfing uses to compensate for not being able to generate enough mana to properly fly.

Reaching down, Koji picks up the house-shoes, and carries them as he steps on the gravity steps, working his way across the room so the Knight Cloth boots don't scuff or leave marks on the carpet, until he can reach the stairs to head up.

"Hello everyone." He says, with the kind of cheery tiredness of someone trying to not let the fatigue get to them, and then holds up the cooler, "I brought some leftovers from the party."

Above and behind him, the sheathed sword chimes in, <<What, no pole girl?>>
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-06-15 19:12:19 78744
Haruna Kurosawa grins at Kunzite. "Unity Loop's job is 'take a thing. Boost with others help'." she says. "I'm gonna use her to power up a purification spell if it comes own to it. Hit Hannah with something powerful." she says. "I dunno, maybe she can help your stuff too. Regardless I wanted her to know what's going on." she says.

< Yup Yup! >

Then that word. 'pole girl'. She narrows her eyes.

"Was. Was there a stripper expected or something?"

"Why!?" she asks exasperated! "Besides there's no precard for THAT so don't look at ME." she asides.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-15 19:19:47 78745
"Good afternoon, Terios, Silvia, Tyrfing." Honorifics are dropped in as appropriate, as usual. "You've all met, I take it? And no, Apatite won't be joining us today. Technical discussions aren't exactly her forte." Kunzite pauses for a moment. "She's not a stripper," he says more directly to Haruna. "Tyrfing takes exception to her calling him 'kitty,' so he pretends her spear doesn't have a pointy end."

He is, yes, the only one who isn't wearing his civilian face. This may explain why his cellphone didn't answer; it may not exist in this space at the moment.

He adds, still mostly to Haruna as Mercury takes point, "Terios, with Mercury's guidance, has been working on a method to keep Hannah from simply teleporting out of the fight. We're going to be checking it today; I also want to confirm whether it's hardened against the methods I used to hijack Hannah's and Riventon's barriers some time ago. I don't know whether she dissected them enough to make use of them, but I'm certain Riventon will have, and he might have shared."
Ami Mizuno 2017-06-15 19:23:03 78746
Ami grimaces just a little at Kunzite's question, then shakes her head. "If it is, it will be a side-effect more than an intended cause. I still don't fully understand how you did what you did. That said, it should at least make the attempt harder, since randomization is one of the key ingredients to this new barrier spell. But ... rather than argue theoretics, perhaps I should put my visor on and we should simply make the attempt?" she asks, looking betweent he pair.

Yes, that is Ami wanting to skip a discussion about theory.
A Siberian cat 2017-06-15 19:30:50 78748
<<I suppose this is where we come in, right?>> Tyrfing says, while Koji steps forwards, resting the houseshoes and the cooler on a chair.

Looking over at Kunzite, the young man's eyes glimmer a moment, and then he gets this almost resigned look on his face, "We're guessing the reason we're here is for you to put this new barrier around us, so we can see how it interferes with communications in and out, and if it'll cause any other issues for Device users?"

From the hilted sword, which seems to twitch on Koji's back when it gets closer to Unity Loop, Tyrfing's voice continues on, <<We cannot teleport. That's outside of my power range, and was never in my grimoire or design philosophy. Believe me... and shut up Nicomachea. I can hear you being smug in there.>>

That last part does make Koji a touch annoyed as he says, "Tyrfing, will you stop trying to antagonize every other Device you meet? It's rude."

<<...as I was saying. While we cannot teleport, we can try and pinpoint the weak spots and assault them before the randomization happens. Or, as someone else might put it. Cat chasing a laser pointer.>> The last words said with some grudging annoyance to them.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-15 19:39:27 78749
"Well the barrier's going to be around all of us," Rashmi says, as Nicomachea assembles himself into his standard configuration -- an armor-plated book, with a round red cabochon set in a sunburst design on the cover -- and takes a deep breath. "But yeah, basically I'm hoping this'll be a good stress test. If everybody's ready...?"

Once she receives her assent, she nods, taking a step back and positioning herself as near to the rooftop's center as she can judge offhand. "Okay, Nicomachea... let's go."

*bing!* << Sealing Mode -- Command Input Ready, >> The book chirps back, somehow managing to sound cheerful *and* old-and-wise. The book glows, then seems to fly apart, reassembling itself into something a good deal more ornate and sturdily built, with a spine on each side of the book and a mana-release valve at the top end of each spine. The book opens in either direction, and bright yellow fans of magical energy in the shape of wings extend from the corners of the cover.

<< LABYRINTH BARRIER. >> A wide magical circle spreads out beneath Rashmi's feet, revolving in place for a heartbeat, before a half-dome of roiling, red-and-yellow energy in shifting fractal patterns closes over the rooftop. All light that passes through the barrier seems to red-shift, and Rashmi's face pales faintly, at the amount of her personal reserves being occupied by the spell. "O-okay," she says after a moment. It's set... try and break it?"
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-15 19:45:19 78750
Kunzite's mouth twitches at one corner. "The reason you're here," he says to Koji, "is that Tyrfing was curious. But Tyrfing's also right; if this effect is breakable, he's more likely to spot how than I am."

When Rashmi's barrier takes effect, Kunzite retunes his own shadows -- no longer absorbing excess heat with them. Still, the cooler air is contained. It'll take a while before it gets as miserable on the roof as it is everywhere else in Tokyo.

What else he's doing with them is invisible, subtle. A faint shifting pressure against the magic of the barrier, as if rather than analyzing it the way Tyrfing might, he were feeling for patterns with his fingertips. "Your privilege," he says unnecessarily in Koji's direction. Tyrfing gets first try.
Ami Mizuno 2017-06-15 19:55:43 78751
Ami doesn't have to transform to bring up her visor. She does, however, have to reach up and squeeze an earing, accessing the semi-permanent subspace pocket where it's located. The visor winks into existence over her eyes, and Ami begins analyzing almost immediately--Rashmi's barrier, Kunzite's shadows, Tyrfing's magical signature. "I'm ready," she informs the group at large. Because the analyst is just as important as the test subjects.
A Siberian cat 2017-06-15 20:07:03 78752
For the sake of the other Devices, the first thing that Tyrfing does is ping and establish a communications link with them, providing the Barrier's subspace distortion frequency does not interfere with it. In the meantime, Koji's eyes glow as at least himself and Rashmi hear, <<Auskoppeln von interaktiven Unterprogrammen. Scannen...>>

<<Wird bearbeitet...>>

Koji murmurs out, "We're kind of limited in scanning zone by zone because of his current functional level."

<<Wird bearbeitet.>>

The young man frowns a moment, "Either it's already shifted, or he's having problems trying to adjust to what he calls... the dimensional frequenc-" In midsentence he stops, and then spins, pulling his Device's combat form from his back and shifting it into Bow Mode, calling out almost immediately, "Rustungsbrecher Barret"

A spear like bolt of azure-haloed silver flies out to strike a point on the barrier, trying to pierce it, but ends up just dissipating along the border.

"Tch. We caught where it was, not where it is."
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-15 20:17:57 78753
"We've set it to re-fold no more than every three seconds," Rashmi says, smiling a bit as she watches the bolt splash against the barrier's edge. "I didn't give Nicomachea a lower end, but I'm pretty sure there's a point where it's just not feasible to re-fold more quickly without more energy, though."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-15 20:21:58 78754
"The scanning limitation seems like a reasonable equivalent to the amount of distraction that Hannah's other priorities will be causing during the incident itself. At a guess. The gentlecat will have a better idea when there's time to consider that." Kunzite doesn't invoke Tyrfing's name, on the off chance that might cause a distraction. He remains an observer, like Ami, for the moment. Not an active participant. "Tell me when you'd like us to trade places."
Ami Mizuno 2017-06-15 20:23:48 78755
"More pointedly," Ami chimes in quietly, "You've managed to reduce the energy usage by almost ten percent over when you first attempted this spell. I think you might have managed to bring it down to sustainable levels, now. Or at least semi-sustainable. I still would not risk attempting too many spells while you're doing this, but you should be able to mount a basic defense if it becomes necessary."
A Siberian cat 2017-06-15 20:41:10 78756
"Three seconds?" Koji asks as he looks around, "Glad she won't know that. Those kinds of intervals are forever in computer time."

Four more times, he intones the same <<Rustungsbrecher Barret.>> but in all four cases he comes up short of actually hitting the barrier's weak point. But each time is getting closer and closer to hitting the mark, but never quite getting there.

There's a tilt of his head as he seems to be regarding something else, and then the young man points his bow 'skywards' to the apex of the shield done, and does something different...

<<Splitter Barret.>>

This time as the solid beam-arrow strikes, instead of attempting to pierce, it shatters into dozen of small tracers of magical energy, each one hitting and splashing against Rashmi's barrier rather uselessly... <<Ziel gesperrt.>>

This time Koji moves swiftly, kneeling down, and firing his bow sideways at a low-point on the barrier, close by where by the plants are, calling out a fresh <<Rustungsbrecher Barret.>> that lances into a spot and begins to linger there... drilling at the barrier's weakpoint for about 0.15 seconds, before splashing finally and sending a brief ripple against the entire construct.

Panting a bit, Koji straightens up, "Almost had it. This is taking almost all of his processing power. I actually had to do that Splinter Arrow myself..."
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-15 20:50:34 78757
"Every three seconds at most," Rashmi reiterates, grinning at Ami under the praise. "We've randomized the time too, I just don't know the minimum amount of time needed to fold the space like we're doing."
A Siberian cat 2017-06-15 21:00:56 78758
Repeating his previous process from before, Koji saturates the dome with low-mana splinters of energy, the stuff spattering like rain on a puddle against the barrier's dimensional distortion, and seems to be using this to locate the weak point within the initial time parameters, using that three second minimum as his time to track the topography of the Barrier itself.

There's almost something bright in the boy's eyes are twice more he puts one of those piercing arrows into a weakspot, but those times he finds it is just shy of enough energy recollected by Tyrfing into the shot to do any serious damage to it.

For the others watching, they can almost see the subtle changes, when Koji is dominant, and then when Tyrfing takes over, something in the crispness and speed of how the body moves in comparison to normal, and the momentary jerks or twitches that come with one ceding control to the other. But the pair's power and the erratic behavior in Tyrfing's Linker Core means that by themselves they would not be able to locate it and tear a way out themselves.

Finally, Koji returns the Device back into it's sheathed Sword Form on his back, and goes for some water, saying to Kunzite, "Please, go ahead, Kunzite-sama."

As he rests back, Tyrfing comes back up from doing all that heavy work, and says to his partner, <<Good work. I wouldn't have thought to use your mana as a tracing point along the barrier's inner perimeter.>>
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-15 21:12:35 78759
Kunzite inclines his head gravely to Koji, and picks up where he left off. More or less. "This will not be strong enough to affect your magic," he says to Rashmi. "It's a demonstration, no more. Hannah, however, if she's worked out something like this, may be able to charge it with the Witch energy she's carrying -- which will both be stronger by its own nature, and inherently adapted to manipulating spaces like this one."

And what he does, does not target the barrier itself at all. His shadows fold themselves around energy and the fabric of the barrier's semispace; he targets the magic in the instant it lies between Nicomachea's shaping of it and its effect on reality. Pushing at it, nudging it, trying to replace one command with another -- trying to take control of her extant barrier. His power is, as he said, not strong enough to have an actual effect. Just enough to introduce a little noise. But for any of them looking in the right place, it's reasonably evident what he's doing.

Which is essentially attempting a man-in-the-middle attack on her spell.
Ami Mizuno 2017-06-15 21:21:31 78760
Mercury's eyes widen just a little as Kunzite's power takes over. If he hadn't warned it would be weaker than Hannah, she'd be very confused; as is, she simply admires the level of control he must be evincing to keep his power this much lower than she's used to from him.

That or he's truly weakened much farther than she expected. But that's unlikely.

Instead, she marvels at the direction of his magic, then clucks her tongue. "I don't think we can defend against that with the spell itself," Ami notes thoughtfully. "If Nichomachea can keep up with this I will be very, very surprised. Even at this low power level, the way you are affecting the barrier is ..." a pause, then she shakes her head, "If Hannah knows how to do this, then someone needs to be standing by to actively counter this effect. No change to the Labyrinth Barrier will protect against this."
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-15 21:24:06 78761
"Gah!" Rashmi sputters, as the mana 'wings' extending from either side of the book begin to flicker. Flipping through the pages, she looks down at the writing scribbling its way across, then up at the barrier, then wide-eyed at Kunzite and Mercury. "....What the what? What are you even doing Takeba-san, it's like bees in my sinuses!"
A Siberian cat 2017-06-15 21:39:50 78762
Watching all of this from his spot, Koji blinks as he can catch some of the frayed edges of this effect, and then looks over at Rashmi for a moment as she begins sputtering and faltering. His eyes close for a moment and then nods once, "Allright... then let's try this."

Moving to the center of the barrier's circumference, Koji holds out his hands in both directions, and the air around him starts to crackle a bit, his Knight Cloth going into a severe glitch as he ramps up more power than he usually channels, even going out for a quarter-second before resolving once more.


A pattern grid of tea-cup sized Belkan diagrams appears along the line of the Labyrinth Barrier, each of them projection a small and localized gravitic field outwards... the kind of field used for flight, but in this case, is being done for a specific purpose... to distort any signal penetrating the barrier itself! It's only for about three second burst before the spells all cut out, and he slumps in exhaustion... but he looks over at Kunzite to see if his attempt had any effect.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-15 21:46:42 78763
What Kunzite is doing is, apparently, taking the by far greater part of his attention; both his hands are half-lifted, and a cold, pale violet energy crackles around them, flickering outward now and then -- sometimes manifesting at random almost anywhere within his shadows. Within the barrier. The alert concentration he's displaying is not quite enough to keep him from being able to parse the others' words and reply, though his syllables are slowed, his pacing off. "I don't know that Hannah knows how to do this. But I can't guarantee that she doesn't -- I used this against her barrier at the orphanage, and I used it against Riventon when he decided I'd make an interesting research subject. So there are two potential routes for her having learned it --"

And then Koji's pattern of smaller effects appears.

It doesn't disrupt Kunzite's attempt to break into the spell directly. But one of the things he needs to be doing in order to try to make that attempt is keeping himself directly aware of the spatial effect of the barrier. Which, when the tiny gravitic fields go off, is about the effect of ... oh ... staring unshielded into the sun.

Kunzite breaks off the attempt with a low, sharp snarl, recoiling toward the center of the barrier -- toward the point farthest from any of those little confusing fields. His shadows drop entirely from around them. A moment later, he straightens, and laughs quietly. "Well done."
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-15 21:50:14 78764
By the time Kunzite and Koji are done stress-testing her barrier, Rashmi's cheeks have gone rather ashen. When the boys stop their work, the Barrier snaps out of existense a second later, the redhead swaying on her feet, momentarily lightheaded. "....Ow," she declares, squinting one eye shut. "....Okay! So now I know not to let two smart and determined people try and fiddle with my magic..."

Her nose twitches, and for a moment all is ignored as Rashmi rubs frantically at the side of her nose. "Waugh."
Ami Mizuno 2017-06-15 21:51:55 78765
"That ... was an unnecessary overpower," Ami notes gently to Koji as she watches his magic coalesce and then dissipate seconds later. "Because you know the source of the disruption, you can cut the magic off at the source. Affect Kunzite, not the entire barrier. This will work against Hannah, as well, unless she has allies--and even then we just need to cut off Hannah and her allies."
A Siberian cat 2017-06-15 21:56:32 78766

Aaaand Koji's back in cat-form, sitting in the middle of this as those feline eyes stare up at Ami for a moment, "I'd considered that." Koji's voice says, coming from the cat's muzzle.

And then he goes on, "Those are limited flight effects, not powerful projections. We can't sustain mana long enough for serious movement, but I knew I needed to do something. If that effect stayed in the barrier, past him creating it... it'd be like a computer virus. Eventually it'd infect and shut it down, or show them the pattern in the weak points. Debilitating Damage over Time effects, like in an MMO."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-15 22:00:14 78767
"Which is a definite concern where Hannah is concerned," Kunzite says, one hand lifted again. To the side of his head. "Witches have familiars, too. We need to remember the possibility of some of her effects getting loose, if she's degenerated far enough." He glances at Rashmi, and without a word moves to pick up one of Haruna's donated iced coffees and offer it to her.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-15 22:01:46 78768
"Pthblflaugh," Rashmi opines, reaching for the coffee with one hand, snatching off her glasses and knuckling frantically over her sinus cavities with the other.
Ami Mizuno 2017-06-15 22:01:56 78769
"Familiars tend to be localized in effect, however," Ami observes to Kunzite. "They don't tend to cast spells on their own, and certainly not ones as complicated as what you just did. That said, your concern is noted. I think I can manage countering any attempts like this personally. We'd already anticipated Rashmi and I working together to bar her ability to leave; this only solidifies the need for it to be both of us."
A Siberian cat 2017-06-15 22:10:10 78770
The feline form scampers over, and rubs against Rashmi's legs, twining that huge and fluffy tail against her before pawing at her calf in comfort... clawlessly of course. Then sitting down, he looks up at the older two, and once more Koji speaks up, "I'm sorry if I did too much. Tyrfing said that had a very low chance of succeeding. I mean... we know gravity can change the direction that energy like light and radio waves travel... but I didn't know if it could effect mana or magic."

Without the presence of mind to realize it himself, he grooms his fur a moment before asking Kunzite directly, "We saw Miss Hannah at the beach party. She seemed... normal. Happy even. Maybe it was because Miss Haruna was there. Tyrfing didn't do any scans... we were asked not to... but I thought of something. Do we have people ready to stay on the outside of the barrier in case the people she works for send someone to get her?"

Another tailflick, "She came in an expensive car, but she didn't drive. Usually only companies have cars that nice."
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-15 22:14:53 78771
"Well the thing about Barriers is," Rashmi says after sipping at the coffee, "once they're set up they can be accessed from the outside, but when the space is folded anything that isn't excluded gets shunted back to the real world. So as often as this is happening, it wouldn't be hard to set up a list of people who are allowed to stay in each time it's folded."

The heel of her hand is pressed against the side of her nose for a moment, and with a sigh that seems to be enough. Glasses are put on, and all the other occupants of the rooftop smiled at.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-15 22:19:22 78772
"No reason to apologize," Kazuo says to Koji. "You had a good idea. It worked in a way that was other than you expected, that means there's room for increased efficiency. That a good idea can be made better doesn't keep it from being a good idea to begin with."

He glances toward Haruna. "I think that the question of whether she might be followed is better pursued by someone else," and bows to her. When he straightens, though, he's frowning again, and his attention flickers down to his hands. "It may not be worth setting up an access list. Barriers are by nature vulnerable to entry from the Dusk Zone."
Ami Mizuno 2017-06-15 22:27:54 78773
"And exit," Ami replies, "but if my asshole ex-boyfriend shows up, I will deal with it," she promises. "I don't expect him to, though." Yeah, that is more than a little bit of wishful thinking, on her part.
A Siberian cat 2017-06-15 22:36:36 78774
The cat does the ubiquitous cat-stretch, and then arches up with the kind of grace that makes yoga practitioners mutter under their breath as he winds between Rashmi's legs once more, and then moves to find a better spot for the sun to get into his fur, "It might have been a good idea, but it was a stupid one. If I drop to Conservation Mode in the middle of this, I won't even have enough power to Unison with another person. I have to at least be in my basic Merged form."

Koji's cattail thumps on the ground, "Tyrfing gives some grudging respect to Nichomachea, and some real respect to both you Rashmi and you Miss Ami. He won't say it out loud, but you did something that his people never saw before."
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-15 22:41:43 78775
<< ACKNOWLEDGED, >> Nicomachea chirps, and Rashmi chuckles, cheeks flushing. "Honestly if it wasn't for Mizuno-senpai's knowledge of weirdspace, I wouldn't even know I could do something like this. Thank you so much for teaching me, Mizuno-senpai, seriously."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-15 22:47:40 78776
"So you turned into a cat." Kunzite doesn't sound dismissive in the slightest. Amused, yes, but not dismissive. "We came here to experiment. Us as much as Terios. You learned things. You may be able to improve the technique so that using it will not be a risk. You didn't explode, give yourself a stroke, stab anyone, or fall off the roof. Therefore it was not in fact stupid. Not under controlled conditions; that's what things like this are for."

When he spreads his hands to reestablish the shade and more pleasant temperature on the rooftop, he leaves Koji's sunbeam alone.

"Ex-boyfriends are your privilege, then," he says to Ami. "Is there anything you need more data on?"
Ami Mizuno 2017-06-15 22:50:12 78777
Ami blushes just a little at the cat's familiarity with her name, but she doesn't comment on it directly. Not worth arguing over, and she's already gotten past the worst of her lack of people-skills. Reaching up, she banishes her visor, then shakes her head at Kunzite. "No, I think we've learned all we can."

Ami takes the time to finish drinking her iced coffee, then turns to the younger mage. "Rashmi-san," she says to her kohai, "you should rest. This entire operation hinges on you and Nichomachea. I will support you directly as much as I am able, and counter any attempts like Kunzite's to manipulate Nichomachea's spell. Please do your best to avoid Miss White knowing what you are doing. If she discovers that you are blocking her ability to escape, she will no doubt attempt to attack you directly, and you will be sorely limited in your ability to defend yourself. You are very brave for agreeing to do this."
A Siberian cat 2017-06-15 22:58:13 78778
Koji's catform pipes up, "If it comes down to it, and she goes directly for Rashmi, Tyrfing says he'll initiate a Guest User Merge with her. It may not be more than a few seconds extra protection and mana boost, but she's more powerful than I am."
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-15 23:00:59 78779
Rashmi blushes heavily, first at Ami's praise of her bravery, then Koji's relay of Tyrfing's vow to help her stay safe. "I... um... well... It's like I was saying to Nicomachea before... We're it, y'know? There's no other Device User that can do Barriers that nyone knows of, and you really realy need a good, twisty kind of Barrier, so... Yeah. I'm not going to stop helping just because it's scary."
Ami Mizuno 2017-06-15 23:02:22 78780
"Let's do something simpler," Ami says to Koji quietly. "How about you just promise to act as bodyguard for Rashmi, and do whatever it takes to keep Miss White away from her." A smile for him, then she reaches up to rub her forehead, "As for me, I think I need a nap, food, and then back to my lab for the night. Note to self: beg Makoto to come by in the morning and make sure I've slept and had breakfast." With that, she turns for the staircase. "Good work, Rashmi-chan," she calls over her shoulder as she departs.
A Siberian cat 2017-06-15 23:12:12 78781
The feline Koji flattens his ears a moment, but then moves to hop up on the table, and begin nosing at the different iced coffees that are left, checking to see if any appeal to him, "She's right, you did good. I just hope I can hold up my end when it all happens."