GTLK: Punchervention

Hannah goes on a camping trip! Straight into the jaws of loving intervention. Punching happens and someone gets shot.

Date: 2017-06-18
Pose Count: 42
Hannah Sharpe 2017-06-19 00:01:38 78928
Camping! That is a thing. One that Hannah Sharpe quite likes. She's packed a tent, a fishing pole, and her best camping attire: shorts and a t-shirt. She positively looks like an outdoorsgirl right about now.

There's a cooler too with drinks! Hannah Sharpe doesn't do camping lightly it seems. For now though? It's time to meet up with a certain Haruna-chan. Going to pieces or not, this is something she wouldn't miss for the world.

Little does she know, grilled corn is not on the menu tonight.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-06-19 00:14:47 78929
Haruna Kurosawa only feels a little guilty about beating up her girlfriend in a sinister date trap, if only because Haruna herself, two years ago, needed to be punched straight herself on this same month. She has made a good attempt at this being an earnest camping trip because she's even hauling around the tent and some camp goods and Corvus is helping by perching as a seagull on her backpack! WAIT THAT ISN'T HELPING AT ALLLLLLLLLL!

Here they are! The campsite! A clearing that Minako had PROBABLY picked out for her as the start point because it was dense tree cover around an open area to make Hannah a clear target for starters or some other reason like that.

She places her bag down and then sort of looks around and then makes a sharp turn at Hannah.

"Ya know Hannah-chan..." she says silently. "It's been like. Two years. Since the Scorn thing." she says quietly. "Do you remember that?" she asks as she bites her lip. "I guess that's why I wanted to do this." she says. "Not like. This. I feel really bad about /this/." she says softly.

"Because I love you... and that's why I'm doing this outing tonight with you!" she says.

"Because what I do remember about the whole... end of the Scorn stuff..."

"Was that everyone had to punch me a lot before I got better..." she says as with a spark of green energy splaying down from her hand. The best part about the Super Happiness form is that it isn't a Precard shift. It DOES eminate from her Prechan mirror. But she can just pull it out.

"Happiness influx, charged with hope! Super Happiness Gull!" exclaims Haruna as she gets just straight into the angelic form. It's strong. And powerful. But not super long burning. But this fight SHOULD NOT last all night. That's BAD if it does.

" a bunch of people are gonna punch you. So YOU can get better." she says with a slightly bit teeth. She does feel bad. But just a little.

Kyouko Sakura 2017-06-19 00:23:45 78931
    "You can help, but I need you to promise me you won't lose control and try to kill Hannah."

    "I'm sorry, I can't make that promise."

    That exchange is why Kyouko is not involved in this plan. She doesn't feel bad about it, though- she was honest, and she's more than happy to leave Hannah to the others. Because where Hannah is concerned, she really isn't confident in her ability to control her anger, and while she'd shed no tears over gutting Hannah in a berzerk rage, people she cares about would. And that's reason enough for her to absent herself.

    But that doesn't mean she's sitting at home. She's nearby, leaning against her motorcycle which is parked on the edge of the nearest road to the campsite. Far enough away to be out of sight, but close enough to be there in moments if she gets called. She's already in henshin, her spear propped up against the bike beside her, and her eyes on the Shitennou communicator locked around her wrist.

    Her brothers and her girlfriend are in there. If shit gets out of control, she will show Hannah just how much she's grown since the last time they fought, almost two years ago.
Takara Himura 2017-06-19 00:29:00 78932
Takara is going to be completely honest, here. She has no idea what the heck is going on. All she knows is that Rashmi almost begged her to come with them becuase another blind Mahou is in trouble, and she could bring a helpful perspective to the whole thing (so to speak.)

This, of course, piqued Takara's interest greatly. Help somebody in need? Check. Help a fellow Mahou in need? Check, check! Help a fellow blind Mahou in need? Check, check, check! Help a fellow blind Mahou in need by beating up on her? Check, check, ch...wait, what?

"Can somebody explain to me how this is going to help?" she asks. It may be a bit late for clarification, but she's ready for the punchings. She's shifted in her waking Henshin state, old school blue uniform, whose skirt comes to her feet, looking more reminiscent of of the Keikogi and Hakama of a kendo uniform than an actual schoolgirl. Gripped in her left hand is a walking cane that she uses to navigate her way around (and hidden inside is her sword). Wrapped around her left arm and chest is a red ribbon, the end of which on her wrist, hangs an ancient bell.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-06-19 00:32:51 78933
"Dammit," Tuxedo Kamen says under his breath, for the moment hanging back where Rashmi and Mercury and Koji are at, along with whoever else; he'd planned on staying there for a while, just feeding energy over where needed to help-- "I thought more heavy hitters were going to be showing up. I'm gonna have to fake it and hope I don't have to call Apatite in." He pulls off a glove and places a hand over Rashmi's; it glows gold, and she'll feel an incredible inrush of mana, basically. If she can store it, great. If she can't, she can use it first before she taps her own reserves.

"Change of plans: I'm an active combatant from the get-go. Sorry," he says, and he says it like he means it. Just because he's used to speed chess and seat-of-pants field tactics doesn't necessarily mean other people are. And then he's pulled his glove back on and his hat out of thin air, and he's on the move.

Today is apparently shoot-first-speech-after day, because the first indication Hannah's got that he's there is the wind bringing her a whisper from among the trees:

"...tuxedo la smoking bomber."

And then Mamoru's voice, louder, even as white-gold light erupts from his gloved palm and jet-fuel-burns its way through the air at the white-haired mage, "HI HANNERS! You had to know this was coming, right?"
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-19 00:35:23 78934
Kunzite has some points in common with his Prince. Among them is a fondness for high places, and the ability to stand on things that should not actually be able to hold his weight. That height advantage helped him stay unnoticed ... but he sacrifices it now, leaping down with a flare of his cape that shows clearly the blade sheathed at his side. It's not a sword, this time. It's a certain knife.

He lands on Mamoru's word 'know,' and brings his own hands up. And his speech, just after Mamoru's:

"We talked about this."

That's all. And then lightning the pinkish-gold color of dawn clouds lashes out at Hannah, attacking from another angle.
A Siberian cat 2017-06-19 00:38:52 78935
From where the group handling the Shield is waiting in the wings, Koji has kept himself in Conservation Mode in order to minimize his mana signature until the first signs of combat begin. Which means that for the most part there's been a 15lb feline lump sleeping on a branch on a tree from where people have gathered. But when Haruna decides to power up, and then Mamoru right after her... that causes the young man to henshin right back up towards Tyrfing.

Looking back at Ami, and Rashmi... he reaches back towards his sheathed sword and unhooks it. He pushes the grip into the Device's Combat Form, and then twists it from the center, so that they separate into two shorter grips. Both the open ends ignite into blue-haloed silver energy blades as he says, "I'll keep an eye on them. Just do your thing Rashmi... Miss Ami."

Turning back to face where the battle begins in the forest, his eyes seem to glow a bit as his Device puts it's efforts into scanning the conflict and keeping an eye on things as much as he can, tracking each person's energy signature and it's unique nature. Purple for Mamoru, White for Kunzite, Green for Cure Gull, and Red for Hannah.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-19 00:40:43 78937
With Nicomachea in Sealing Form, and Barrier Jacket at the ready, Rashmi looks supremely nervous. For all that the magical redhead intends to be out of the battle proper, her job is perhaps the most unnerving of all; keep Hannah from escaping. Which means that regardless of her actual combat ability, it's highly likely that she'll end up the primary target, one way or another. Which is why she's tucked herself under a particularly short, broad-branched tree, all the more difficult to see from above.

"Basically you're going to knock some sense into her with magic," she murmurs at Takara. "Gull-senpai gets the last hit, though... it's her girlfriend."

For Rashmi, there are no speeches when the people begin to step out and do their thing. Her job is difficult, and needs to start now.

*bing!* << COMMAND INPUT READY, >> chirps the large, armored, mana-winged book in her hands, as Tuxedo Freaking Kamen pauses to touch her hand! Sigh, flutter. But the inrush of mana perks her up, and the gift is spent immediately. Magical circle after circle spreads beneath her feet, lighting the forest canopy with a faint, dawn-colored radiance.

<< LABYRINTH BARRIER >> For a good, large stretch of forest around her, the sky becomes a half-dome of roiling yellow and red, its patterns ever-shifting, twisting this way and that in unpredictable directions and speeds, and never the same one of either twice. Glancing at Tyrfing, then Ami, Rashmi smiles, bobbing her head. "Okay.... I've got this. Now I just need to hold it."
Naru Osaka 2017-06-19 00:42:26 78938
"Because sometimes, that whole 'admitting you have a problem' thing doesn't immediately follow with 'come quietly and let people help you'." Hyalite comments quietly to Takara as she flips through her sketchbook waiting on the signal that The Plan has come together. "We've tried talking. Pleading. Threatening. We've moved on to making it not optional anymore before help isn't an option anymore. We're almost past that stage already. Sometimes this is the only language that gets through."

Hyalite is not a common sight, by and large, her white dress with streaks of brilliant colour isn't the most hidden in a forest setting, but it is what it is. She nods to Tux as he abruptly shifts from support to front lines, and she readjusts her own plans of who is likely to need boosts earlier rather than later.

Hyalite promised not to light the forest on fire. Or at least to TRY not to light the forest on fire, and she flips past the flamethrower in her sketchbook to get to a page of drawn out grenades. She chooses one, her hand dipping right into the page to scoop out the weapon from paper and ink and have it appear in her hand itself. She creeps closer to the fight itself, quite deliberately NOT high up in trees as others have been, but apparently she's decided to be back up damage or at least heartily irritating.

Hyalite doesn't keep the grenade in hand for long, that tends to end poorly in her experience, but she's a good throw at least. No fire, she promised, but sticky gluey webs attempt to become part of Hannah's outfit.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-06-19 00:56:45 78939
Hannah stops. There's utter silence for a while after Haruna speaks. If she were better composed, not falling apart? Well, she really wouldn't have much more self control. But as Gull instantly spills into that radiant glory that is Super Happiness Gull, Miss White is utterly livid.

The first thing that happens is her mage's crest appears, and in a flash of wind and motion, her suit appears on her body. She leaks Witch corruption like a siv. She's not even hiding it at this point. Kyouko might be able to feel Hannah's location from that alone.

"You...YOU LURED ME INTO A TRAP!? After I wanted to have ONE WEEKEND with you, without any of....of my constant /FAILURES/!? Graaaaaah! I can't believe you!" Howls Miss White, growling more like an animal than a person.

She's crying, even as her face is a mask of fury. "I...God, Gull. I know. You...hah hah really think punching me is going to fix all of this? Feh! FINE! FINE FINE FINE! All I have to do is beat you and everyone down, and then drag you off. Like I'd leave anyway after you using a TRAP against ME!? COME ON, CURE GULL!"

Which is exactly when a certain dapper tuxedoed jerk whispers in the air, and sends a very not-whispering stream of smoking light right into her side. She doesn't catch it, but her Device does, and a Shield springs up in that same emerald-black color. It shatters like a toothpick, right in the chest. Or it would, but Hannah quickly put up her dukes. Her sleeves disintigrate instantly, her wrists and hands are burning hot now, and she's gone through four or so big oaks.

"...Tuxedo Kamen, you are an absolute troll of a man. And I'm told you have a very punchable face. Which, by the way, I'm going to do over and OVER again tonight!" She should have seen that one coming. Cue Hannah picking up a good person-sized debris of wood. A bit of wind magic, and it's practically coated in rotating barbed wire wind. Then she tosses the whole thing at where that voice came from. Hard.

She doesn't get to stay still, though, dodging to the side as lightning streaks for her, dawn rays forcing her to keep on the move rather than engage up close. One very nearly catches her in the leg. Still, thanks to that, the sticky grenades of Hyalite's lands right on point, webbing up Hannah's legs. She's nice and still.

And then that Barrier pops into being. Scowl. "R.T., scan that thing." She mutters.

"Not bad, kids! You certainly planned this out! Sounds like we've got at least one mage on hand! Perfect! GREAT! One more jewel for the pile! If you want to run now, I won't blame you!" Taunts Hannah, as she raises her hands into the sky. Magic seeps into her hands. One of her knees threatens to give out, but she pushes through the pain.

Flick. The ball of wind magic splits, raining down upon the heads of Hyalite, Kunzite, Tuxedo Kamen, and Gull.

For now, Takara and Rashmi are spared, at least for now. She seems more intent on dealing with active attackers first.

And a certain Gull, of course, that seems to be getting the wind-rain moreso than everyone else.

"Don't give me that look, Kunzite, I can feel it!" Huffs Hannah in annoyance.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-19 01:03:57 78940
She can feel it? "Good." Kunzite lifts his own hands, and darkness shadows the air above, a second and much larger cocoon trapping -- not all of Hannah's wind-magic; wind is tricky stuff. But bottling part of it, and channeling that trapped bit, reflected over and over, right back down against Hannah. It means he's not moving, himself, and fragments of the barbed-wire wind slice at his cape and jacket and face: first blood goes to Hannah. But it's a lot less than he'd be bleeding if he hadn't caught the rest.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-06-19 01:11:13 78941
Haruna Kurosawa only recoils a little mentally at that. "I am WPS'S STAR EMPLOYEE. OF COURSE I LURED YOU INTO A TRAP. I BETTER GET A BIG BONUS FOR SHOWING INTIATIVE!" she exclaims! It's REALLY hard to tell if Gull is joking or not here, but she IS joking. She isn't evil. :I

Tuxedo Kamen decides he's not tanking and is instead firing off a brilliant beam of gold energy that flies past at some point and Hannah tanks it in and there's wind and rain pelting her and she braces a bit with her wings, folding them in front of her as she hovers upwards. NOW WHERE DID CORVUS GO!? Corvus is hanging out with a Lost Logia at the moment somewhere in the tree lines.

"GULL WINDY PUNCH!" she suddenly cries out as she breaks that wing barrier shielding her from harm as she closes the distance fast with a sudden hard flare of teal seafoam green wind energy. She's fought with Hannah before. Hannah taught her how to kickbox. She knows what Hannah is likely to do and she's trying to do something ELSE at the last moment to try to catch her off guard by faking to the right at the lassssst moment at a magical speed level.

"Punching isn't gonna save you! It's the means to the end though!" she spits out.
Takara Himura 2017-06-19 01:14:03 78942
"Hah!" cries out Takara in amusement at Hyalite's explanation. "Yeah. I've had to go there before with somebody else I cared about." She scowls, and grips her cane and with a nod she says, "Let's make this happen."

At first it looks like the Samurai Girl is just standing there, gripping her cane with both hands, head bowed as in in prayer. But what she's really doing is concentrating. This is easier in the dream realm where stuff like this come so naturally, but her senses sharpen and she begins to get a picture of the battle in her minds eye. And she waits.

And waits.

And waits for for that perfect moment, the one opening where Miss White is too distracted by the other combatants that she leaves herself vulnerable, even if it's for just a fraction of a moment and suddenly it's there.

And in an instant she strikes. Inhumanly fast, she's suddenly right next to the other blind girl, sword already drawn and out, her strike so fast no human eye could possibly have caught the moment it lashed out save for a flash at silver. This is the kind of strike that has been the demise of many a nightmare and monster and, fortunately, Hannah herself is not the target. Rather. The device is.
A Siberian cat 2017-06-19 01:28:26 78945
Koji jerks a moment as Takara is there and then gone, just GONE like that... and he looks around for a moment, before checking on his scan once more. A new energy signature in the arena, this one marked in yellow by Tyrfing's detection abilities. Reflexively almost, he stands in front of Rashmi and shifts his right-hand Form into a Barrier Shield so keep any of the stray razor-winds from attempting to strike her. But that ends up just being a backwash breeze from the power's effect on the area inside the Labyrinth.

Taking a breath, he returns it to normal and then just remains on standby for now... tracking every movement that he can. However, he does say back to Rashmi in as reassuring a voice as he can, "It looks allright for now. The larger size of the dome is making it harder for Tyrfing to scan for anything. If you feel any of that corruption, let me know and tell me where."
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-19 01:34:57 78947
The scan reveals that the Barrier is new, after a fashion. It's still, at its core, an area of folded space slightly out of phase with normal dimensional space... but this one never stops folding. It's as if the creator is aware that Barriers have weak points, and set up the calculations such that the weak point shifts with every folding. Sometimes a handful of seconds later, sometimes multiple times a second, but it never stops.

"Thanks, Tyrfing-kun," Rashmi says as the wind picks up a bit in their vicinity. "Let me know if anyone else could use a little help?"
Mamoru Chiba 2017-06-19 01:39:24 78948
He's not entirely stupid: he knows talking gives his location away much more cleanly and clearly than the confused wind will. So he's already moving by the time Hannah's yelling at him, then throwing a windy buzzsaw his way. It misses him and cuts through part of a tree, which he clearly wasn't anticipating, because now he has to worry that she might accidentally cut down the tree with the concentrating Rashmi in it.

Instead of a witty rejoinder or some kind of defense or some kind of trying to remind her of who she is, again, still, for the fifty-seventh time, he flings his hat from where he lands... a tree. It caroms off like a superball and flies straight for Hannah!

Which means he's not paying attention when that wind-rain slices down at him. And his hat's gone, good job Tux. Cape up in front of his face but wind cutting at his head and neck, he moves again-- to the far side of the clearing from Rashmi and the others, where he holds a hand up (and his phone buzzes in his pocket) and lets energy gather. He finally calls out, "Hannah, when you're not basically leaking Witch corruption everywhere, you're going to be SO PROUD of Gull for thinking this up. You're always proud of ME when I pull a fast one on you. And you're not gonna take us down this time -- we respected the amount of strength you've--" (his voice is moving, HE'S moving, he's making himself a moving target) "--got, and called in all the tricks we could get our hands on, and brought enough firepower to take down an army. Because we know that's what you are even WITHOUT that crap in your soul."

Another part of the clearing entirely, then midair: "And you wouldn't be facing this much sum totality of agita if we didn't love you, dummy--!"

He jumps one more time, landing behind Hannah, fistful of white-gold light in his hand..
Naru Osaka 2017-06-19 01:45:52 78950
A good solid hit, and Hannah is hampered and covered in sticky goo. Hyalite looks pleased by this as she maneuvers herself to be able to keep an eye on the support team AND still keep herself in throwing range. Not up close punchy range, but throwing things, certainly.

The appearance of the wind prompts Hyalite to flip quickly through her sketchbook, lifting it instinctively to duck under and reach in to quickly pull out a shield. A full blown Knight's shield, as one might see upon a jousting field. Not the MOST help against razor wind, but better than nothing when she turtles down under the sheild. Hardly perfect, there's blood on that white dress, but it's most superficial cuts and scrapes, although those certainly add up after a while.

Hyalite flips pages quickly again, drawing out another grenade while still hiding behind her shield. A peek out lets her throw, landing it just in front of Hannah, with a crack of the casing. There's a pause, as if it's not going to do anything for half a heartbeat and then the white-striped grenade shatters in a haze of icy shards.

While they SHOULD go everywhere, instead they seem to be drawn like moths to a flame towards the sticky goo that Hannah is covered with, aiming them all at her.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-06-19 01:48:45 78951
Hyalite's ice grenade isn't too bad either, as they all race for her! With a martial yell, her fists fly! No shield magic, this is just fists smashing through ice. Her cheeks get cut up by the shards, but the damage is far less than it could've been!

Kunzite's magic trapping her own has Hannah gasping as it's sent right back to her. Half of the returned blast smashes into a Shield, forcing her to her knees in order to dodge the rest. Still, her legs are good and cut up now.

"You know Kunzite, that magic of yours is really annoying! Use your /hands/, not little tricks!" The trick that has her legs nice and smarting. Her ego is prime inflated right about now. Still, ripping off some of the webbing, she's forced to abandon her shoes to the pile. She's free, if all sticky and her movement of her legs hindered.

Pause. Gull gets a look that's half absolute angry glare, and one part incredulous. Pauuuuuse.

It's hard to hear, but there might be an actual laugh from Hannah. It's a weak little thing, that bit of happiness and cheer that's been draining from her. Her heart seems to beat a little faster. Maybe, just maybe, there's joy somewhere left in her.

"Getting presumptuous! You better seal the deal or no check! And no, you're not getting overtime for this, you're off the clock!"

Then, Gull's in her face with wind-speed, and a beautiful feint. So beautiful in fact that Hannah's would-be precluding punch goes over Gull's shoulder and in comes her attack.

Right in the gutt, making her stumble back and ptchu out a blob of spittle. She wipes her mouth. "You've learned, Haruna." Pride, even now, is in her voice.

And of course, Hannah marches right back in with a series of jukes, jabs, punches and wind-enhanced fists. It's a brutal combo aimed for Gull's chest and face, hands all a blurr. Less technical skill, this is an angry kickboxer trying to pound her opponent to feathery, adorable dust.

But that's all cut short as Takara is in, and down comes that blade right on her Device. Hannah's reaction is instinctive, pulling back her hand as if she'd been lit on fire. Hannah Sharpe is liquid fast and slippery when she wants to be. But even that isn't enough, one of the spikes from Raging Tempest going flying, and Hannah's arm bit into in turn. Her feet flash, and she's back ten feet in an instant. Cradling the Device, blind eyes wide, her other hand points as the rage builds, an explosion about to be let loose.

At least three dozen symbols appear in the air. Then more, and more, and more. They start to glow.

"HOW DARE YOU TOUCH RAGING TEMPEST! I DON'T KNOW WHO YOU ARE, BUT I'M GOING TO ERASE YOU!" Screams Hannah, with the sort of volume and pure venom that would put a wrathful Witch to shame. Pure bloody-minded murder is in her voice.

Takara might have hit a nerve. Those symbols pulse once, and unless stopped, they explode in a chorus of wind blasts hard enough to leave a crater in the ground and simply turn trees to less than sawdust. Koji gets a few explosive wind symbols of his own, too, trying to force him away from the mage he's guarding.

HAT! That is the sound of a beautiful hat smashing right into the back of Hannah's skull. Her furious howling is interrupted as she's sent stumbling, her hand wildly gesturing at the moving spirit that is one Tuxedo Kamen, wind bursts tearing up trees. She reaches over, grabs the hat. And then? She throws it down and /stomps/ on it. Hard.

"Quit acting like you know what I'm thinking you arrogant jerk!" Screams out Hannah, but her voice is defensive. And that little lilt returns. Some small part of her feels oh-so-stroked. They brought all this for her. Because they respect what she's accomplished with her own power. Despite her flaws, her anger, her weakness.

A tear runs down her cheek.

Down behind her, and he's a good distraction. No fancy magic tricks this time. She instead wheels around, and aims to kick Tuxedo Kamen right in the face. Her feet even land nail-side-in if she can get away with it, for extra insult to injury.

But that proximity might let him hear the choke in her voice. Part of her wavers. "I...I love you guys." Is her whisper to herself. She's crying. She can't contain the rage or the sadness.

"I miss you guys..."

That said, her kick is spitefully strong as she tries to crack his skull.

And then she too is moving. Not towards any of her erstwhile opponets, but for the source of the barrier. That changing, shifting mass would be hard to break even for her. But she knows another way of ending a barrier.

"I don't know how you did that, but it's genius! Too bad you forgot the weakness of a barrier. THE USER! NIGHT NIGHT!" She reaches into her suit, and pulls out a long shotgun-like weapon, warped with magical piping. She holds it sideways, and then Raging Tempest takes care of the aiming.

Click-click. BLAM! A burst of magical energy goes flying for RAshmi's chest!
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-19 01:53:39 78952
"Ah. Yes. The way you're not using your wind at all." Kunzite doesn't mention that using his magic is using his hands; no need to encourage her to break his arms. next time. Gull's close, Takara's close; he searches for an opening ... and then Hannah draws out that warped shotgun-like weapon. He's seen that one before. He knows what it does, and that it must not hit Rashmi. Tyrfing has her covered --

-- but the way Koji and Tyrfing interrelate, right down to their dreams, Kunzite isn't certain that something designed to pull out a Linker Core might not actually kill Koji. And Tuxedo Kamen just moved too far to intercept --

So Kunzite moves, bringing his cape up in a hand to shield himself even as he puts himself between the weapon and where Koji and Rashmi stand.

Problem is, of course, that he tried shielding one of Hannah's previous victims with his power. It didn't work then, either.

His shadows above them vanish as that burst of magical energy tears his cape aside. A jewel appears at his forehead, shafts of pink light flaring from it -- cooler in tone, this time, without the overtones of gold to warn them. It's what happens when he henshins. Only this time, it lasts for more than a flicker of an instant. The light remains, radiating from the gem, fading a little more slowly.

Kazuo Takeba's empty-eyed, slack-faced body collapses to its knees, and the light cuts out altogether as the jewel is jolted free of his skin. It falls beside him, skittering and rolling a couple of feet over the leaf litter, more or less downhill-bound before it's too dull to see clearly from any distance. His body, much less elaborately, just falls and stays where it falls, arms and legs about as animate as the broken sticks that Hannah's buzzsaw and barbed-wire winds have scattered.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-19 01:59:34 78953
...That was one of the 'solutions' Rashmi was worried Hannah would pull. One hand comes up by reflex, to interpose a barrier between herself and Koji, and the bullet, but Kunzite gets there first.

For a long moment, all she can do is stare in wide-eyed, horrified shock, as the gem is blasted out of Kunzite, and the body falls boneless to earth.

Then, all at once, the silence is shattered. "TAKEBA-SAN!!"

Oh that is not a 'can you walk it off' pitch in that cry of fear and worry. Oh dear.
Takara Himura 2017-06-19 01:59:39 78954
In the center of the crater there is a dome of woven red ribbon, about the right size to cover a crouching Takara, smoking and slightly charred from the explosion. Slowly the ribbon retracts, wrapping itself again around the blind Samurai, who looks a bit shaken and drained.

"Whoah," she says, putting her right hand up to her forehead, and stumbling like she suddenly has a migraine, the sword sheathed again. "I think I hit a nerve."
A Siberian cat 2017-06-19 02:10:02 78955
When someone does something like that before you... it does things.

When you watch something like that right before your eyes, when there's a moment that you meet their eyes as they lost their emotion and become like they just did... it does more things inside.

It's almost deceptively calm in the demeanor when Koji begins to move, the two ends of the sheathed Sword Form re-merging, and then extend out and up, reshaping itself into the mech-bow that is the unique form of Tyrfing in Koji's hands. Moving himself two steps forwards and then around to stand in front of Kunzite's still form, once more in a protective post but now covering both as he brings his Device to bear.

As he draws back, gravity begins to DISTORT around the arrow-tip point as a shaft of pure white light that instead of being blue in the core, it's gone to the point of almost begin negative.


And anyone close suddenly hears Tyrfing's voice come out of nowhere to say, <<KOJI! NEIN!>>

"SINGU-!" And the distortion grows around the point where the 'arrowhead' would be. His Knight Cloth begins to sputter and static, vanishing in places as his Device's artificial Linker Core begins to pulse erratically, to throw up and off excess Mana at a level that is dangerous even to those close... as evidenced by a whipcrack shattering of a couple trees behind Rashmi...


And the arrow looses.

Right at Hannah.

This is the Mage-killer spell designed late in the Belkan War... made to either crush a MidChildian Device User's Device and Barrier Cloth to render them useless... or to just crush that Mage to nothingness.

This is a micro-black hole that is attempting to form right where Hannah is.



Haruna Kurosawa 2017-06-19 02:12:40 78957
Cure Gull screams out. "OH I'M SEALING IT ALL RIGHT." she calls out. She yells out. Tuxedo Kamen espouses more, and he gets a wrrrrry grin. It's momentary though. She then frowns so hard. "DID YOU KNOW SAKURA HAS BEEN HAVING PREMENITIONS ABOUT HER DEATH?" she calls out. "LIL SIS. AND I CAN'T EVEN GO TO YOU FOR HELP BECAUSE YOU'RE A GOD DAMN /MESS/." she screams out.

Uh oh, Takara there hit Raging Tempest. That's like hitting someone's best friend. She winces a bit. But Hannah's getting angry and there's enough tank there to stop them from getting through the users. "BUT THAT'S OKAY."

"THAT'S OKAY!" she calls out.

"GULL FEATHER TEMPEST!" she calls out as she tries to summon up a whirlwind of magical feathers up around her and then guide them towards Hannah to also try to catch her in the magical spinning wind tunnel, as she huffs, wings flaring a bit.

She's starting to burn on reserves now. That's okay. She can keep this up for juuuuust a little longer.

< OKAY CORVUS-KUN! > says Unity Loop ultra cheerfully. < THROW ME DOWN THERE NOW! > then. < Also, YAY! >.

Corvus is MORE THAN HAPPY to get more than an inch away from Unity Loop as he shoves UL off the side of the branch of the tree he's hiding in.

Unity Loop, which appears to be a spinny Infinity Shape device giving off an aura.

< HI-AYLITE! > says Unity Loop in both a greeting and a name at once. < Feed me the Initial Input Now! > it commands.

Corvus is watching with bated breath and also a corn corb in his mouth. He's a stress eater.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-06-19 02:27:27 78958
Tuxedo Kamen is only waiting for the right opportunity-- though Hannah's 'I miss you guys' makes him frown hard in the way that's accompanied by a crumpled chin. No, he can't be distracted. He can't. But Hannah's stomped his hat and that's hilarious. He-- is abruptly ducking, eyes wide behind his mask, and he's not fast enough. He's stupidly fast, but DEFINITELY not fast enough. He dodges, but that just means a hella forceful toes-in kick sideswipes his head, sending it to the side and cutting his scalp and leaving him dazed and possibly concussed. The fistful of energy's let go, which means it snaps back into place.

That bright flickering light goes out, and all of a sudden Hannah's shouting something else that he can't quite put together as he tries to stay on his feet.

Then something in him cracks, blinding and deafening, a roaring echoing shard of a SNAP, burning and slicing at a connection in his soul. Instantly, there's a burst of light and Prince Endymion, eyes unfocused and broadcasting rage, whips across the clearing and shoves Koji (he's in the way, nevermind that he's cracking his Linker Core and actually legitimately trying to kill Hannah) hard, to get at Kunzite's gem all the faster.

Swiping it up from the ground as he crouches next to the body, one hand grips it hard, while the other reaches to touch the side of that face, then close his eyes.

Abruptly he's on his feet, gem in his fist, eyes glowing. "APATITE! KUNZITE'S DOWN! GET HIM AWAY--!" he bellows, words ringing off the trees, and he stalks toward Hannah, tone entirely unstable. His non-gem hand hauls back in a fist, glowing again.

(The concussed Prince is going to melee smoking bomber versus a kickboxing champion. Unless there's intervention, this might not be the best tactical idea today. But there's this raw wound--)

Endymion's face is twisted in a mask of unadulturated fury, hot and bright, as he swings with an Earth-powered fist:


THere may be a bit of tunnel vision here.
Naru Osaka 2017-06-19 02:29:43 78959
Hyalite watches Kunzite move, and she reaches to send energy to boost his shields. She figures he's going to need it..

The shadows don't even have a chance for her energy to start to shift their colour before cape is torn aside and there's a disconnect between body and jewel.

That just cannot be good. Endymion's reaction illustrates the many layers of Not Good that's going on here.

Hyalite doesn't scream. She frowns. A deep frown. That is a Displeased sort of expression. Exceptionally displeased.

Hyalite is automatically flipping through her sketchbook towards the flamethrower when there's an unreasonably chipper and happy sound of Unity Loop. The frown is directed up at the spinning device and there's a distinct amount of reluctance in not pulling out a flamethrower but instead holding up her hand, and sending colourful energy to boost Unity. Happy cyan blue is being fed a white hot stream of energy, the edges full of orange and red, aiming to shift some of Unity's colour. The shield is still up, protecting her, and Unity if he hides behind it with her.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-06-19 02:49:27 78960
    Nearby, Apatite is still leaning on her bike. She knows stuff has kicked off.. she can sense the magic being expended, can feel Mamoru's emotions in the back of her head. It might as well be a firework's show, even if she can't see any actual light from where she is.

    But then suddenly- Endymion's rage, white hot. It makes her instantly tense, her teeth gritted. Because when her Prince is angry, this sort of angry, it means something is very Not Right. A moment later, she hears his words- whether through the communicator or directly into her mind isn't clear, even to her. But it hardly matters. She had been waiting for just such a call, though it's form might have been different. She's moving before it's even finished, so quickly she seems to vanish from where her bike waits.

    She arrives at the scene of the battle like a thunderbolt from the sky, hurtling down out of the trees and landing next to Kunzite's prone body with an impact that blows dust away from her and sends her cape fluttering behind her. Red lightning crackles briefly around her form and in the same instant, she whirls her spear, then releases it, and it explodes outwards, forming a dome around herself and Kunzite's body, a rotating series if seemingly-infinite sections of spear-haft linked by chain.

    Red eyes flick to Endymion. She can feel his anger, even stronger now at this close range, and it makes her angry too- something she hardly needs help with, considering Hannah is right there too. Part of her responds to that anger, demands that she go to his aide- to protect him, as she is sworn to do. And to visit pain upon Miss White for all the pain she's caused Apatite. In times past, she might have done just that.

    But she made promises. Promises that are stronger than her anger- which is, in and of itself, somewhat of a miracle. Not only that, but she could never abandon Kunzite. He was there for her when she was helpless, and she'd not repay that kidness with neglect. She can tell he isn't dead, but he's also in no state to defend himself.

    A brief glance passes over the other combatants, but settles on Hyalite. A quick study, split-second, making sure she's still there, and unhurt. Confirming this is the case, Apatite shifts her attention back to Kunzite's body. She flicks her hand, and a section of the animate spear detatches from the dome, snaking down to wrap around him. He's far too much taller than her for her to carry by conventional means.

    Then, in an instant, the dome collapses again, leaving Apatite standing beside a snake-like spear supporting Kunzite's motionless body. "I've got him." She calls, mentally and aloud, towards the enraged Endymion, though whether he'll take note just at the moment isn't clear. Then, she adds, with a sneering snarl towards Hannah, "You better pray they finish you before I get back, Miss White."

    Then she vanishes again, and Kunzite's body goes with her. Back to the very edge of the barrier, screened from the battle by distance and trees. It will take her at least a few minutes to get there and back.
Ami Mizuno 2017-06-19 02:54:12 78961
Sailor Mercury has been staying in the back lines. Hers is not the power to contend strength-on-strength with others, but rather in the planning and execution of it all. But now, as they near the end of this confrontation, she sees a need to take slightly more direct (or indirect, as the case may be) action than to simply stand aside and watch.

As Kunzite falls, Mercury rushes forward, placing herself now as the barrier between Hannah and Rashmi. But she's not there to be a barrier; that is merely a side-effect of the more important task. Drawing forth her magic, Mercury directs it towards the Unity Loop with a whirl of energy. "Shine Aqua Mirage!" she calls, and directs a whirl of watery energy towards the thing, adding her own power to the mix. It's meager compared to some of those present, but that's the point of Unity Loop: to amplify.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-06-19 02:56:56 78962
"Jerk." Is Hannah's super-witty response to one Kunzite-kun.

But the results of Kunzite's intervention has Hannah freezing. She knows he's moving, her jaw is practically to the floor. Her gut churns and her heart skips several beats.

"KUNZITE YOU IDIOT!!!" This isn't a howl of anger. It's one of pure fear. She knows how the gun works. But even she can't stop the irrational fear. Did she kill him? Did she kill someone she considers a dear friend. She almost drops the gun. Into her barrier jacket it goes with trembling hands tears naked on her face.

Not that she has time for regrets, as something she's never seen before erupts from that horrible bow of Tyrfing. That singularity erupts, trying to draw her into it's baleful maw. Three Shields, magic weaved on magic, are instantly devoured by the growing malestrom. Her coat is half torn off of her body, ripped away and rent to nothingness.

The enormity of it all hits her at once. Do or die.

Miss White can't escape. Her hand, not holding R.T., raises high. A tornado bursts into existance, massive and reaching high to the roof of the barrier, only to form into a murky ball. Then, she slams her hand down as hard as she can.

It explodes back out again. Massively destructive on it's own, concentrated? It's even worse. But the back draft isn't even aimed for the black hole, or at it's firer. Rather, it blows Hannah back through two more trees.

Her arm is ripped open at the part. Instead of bone, sizzling wiring and strange magical gears whirr and click. The results of her sins for her own selfish gain exposed. Her arm goes limp, useless. It could've been much worse.

Breathing hard, it's takng everythig to stay on her feet.

And then Gull's storm of feather bowls her straight down to her back. A crater forms from the pure impact. Hannah is entirely a mess, just as Gull said. Her Barrier Jacket is in tatters. She's battered, bruised, magic running low. Her eyes...they're slowly turning black. The corruption inside grows as she weakens.

"Wh...what are you...talking about?" Mutters Hannah, barely able to make words.

Very rarely does Hannah Sharpe show fear. She's a reckless sort, even in the face of her own mortality and the horrors she uses and fights against. Not even against the greatest of all Witches did she flinch.

But it's the raw fury that brings utter terror into those sightless eyes as Tuxedo Kamen raises his fist in wrathful justice. She can't defend herself. No, not right now. The melee Bomber impacts her right in the face, sending her flying. She might have a broken jaw, she can't tell. She's thrust into a crater, a skidding grave as she impacts into the barrier itself, bouncing off and landing on her face.

"I...I didn't mean to! was...that idiot. YOU STUPID, STUPID GIVING BASTARD KUNZITE! I wouldn't, I swear it! On my parents' souls! DO YOU THINK I'D DO THAT TO A DEAR FRIEND ON PURPOSE!?!?" Outright sobs Hannah. Unity Loop, gathering so much energy, is forgotten. The power of those here have brought Hannah to her knees. Her heart and her soul are in pieces. Something inside snaps, as Apatite's sneered hatred hits her. There's the sound of something breaking as she pushes herself to her feet. She wobbles, practically writhes as she half-stands.

"....Hah. Maybe, Kyouko. But it doesn't matter anyway. You're right. I think...I'm done with this little camping trip. No, no, it doesn't matter." Her laugh is a twisted thing. Her hand raises. She falls to her knees, unable to even move. She's in the perfect position.

The air inside of the Barrier begins to suck in towards Hannah. More and more magic, more air, all flowing into something thrice again as tall as herself. It's wild, barely controlled.

"Violent Raging Tempest EX."

The explosion of wind is outwards, racing, stabbing barbs of wind that tears away at trees and turns everything inside of the barrier into shrapnel. Raging Tempest desperately tries to shield her Master, Shields arriving and shattering. Hannah laughs, and bleeds as she unleashes the horrible, black fury of the corruption within her.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-19 03:00:06 78963
"What is the matter with you?!" Rashmi shouts, from behind the barrier that is Ami. "He cared about you! That's the only reason I'm even here is because everyone cared about you so much thay needed to make sure you couldn't run away again!"

Scrubbing at her eyes, Rashmi holds her free hand out toward Unity Loop. "WHY CAN'T YOU JUST APOLOGIZE AND TRY TO FIX IT?!"
Takara Himura 2017-06-19 03:05:48 78964
Takara is at a loss as to what to do, as she recovers from the first explosion, only to bring up her arm, letting the red ribbon twist and weave into another shield to absorb the shrapnel and wind that's pouring out of the other girl.

"Um guys?" she says, desperately. "I think I'm out of my depth, here!" She grits her teeth, pouring all of her energy and concentration into keeping up her barrier against the brunt of the force being so close to it. She doesn't know it, however, but there's a cone of calm behind her, one where others could take refuge.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-06-19 03:12:16 78965
Wait. /WHAT JUST HAPPENED!?/ oh god. Kunzite better not be /dead/. It doesn't sound like he's dead. Just. Very very very not moving and very very very a stone. So she tries VERY hard not to think about it too much at all right now because really, she's teetering on now or never and she didn't properly transform. If she falls out of this, she's back to Haruna for at least a moment.

Torrent of wind and weather rockets around as Hannah just unleashed what she assumes is all she's got. She's at least never HEARD that spell before called out.

So she keeps her wings around her as she makes a back dash to the trees--- which are working JUST like Minako intended. They're buffeting. Which is good right now.

Unity Loop lets out a 'woah!' a moment at the wind, but it holds fast mostly on it's own power. IT MIGHT also be drawing in some of that to help power itself more- though it isn't energy being given freely and therefore the draw is neglible at best.


She closes her eyes okay, she makes a dive upwards as far as the barrier will let her before she comes down somewhere behind Unity Loop and grabs it.

"MIRACLE..." calls out Haruna as she spins around and holds her wings out. "HOPE..."

A glow of teal green engulfs her and Unity Loop, and aswell, makes the streams of energy being fed to UL more evident.


It's a bright green flash and blinding for all of a moment and it takes all the sound of the combat with it in the barrier for a moment.

THEN there's a rocketing burst of purifying energy blasting forth along the ground and air. It's a /good/ feeling when it wizzes by. Something that talks of hope and happiness and friendship all that once, the kind that assures worry. If only for fleeting seconds when it comes to downed guardians. It also causes things to bloom in it's path, outlying exactly where that blast hits--- which should be directly into Hannah Sharpe--- trying to just decimate that corruption as much as she can. Trying to cause her to fall unconscious with just the pure strength of the blast which it does also have at it's target. It won't fix it. They need Ami for that. BUT it should cause Hannah to finally hit dirt and let Ami /do/ that without Hannah exactly being able to do much about it.
Ami Mizuno 2017-06-19 03:13:32 78966
As the wind draws towards Hannah, Mercury's eyes widen. "No," she breathes, but even that is ripped away from her. She turns, at the last instant before Hannah unleashes all of that power, and rushes to Rashmi's side. Wrapping her arms around the girl she says, "Don't lose the spell."

And then she simply holds on, taking the worst of the wind's damage for Rashmi, preventing the youn ger magus from being affected as much as she can.

She hisses in pain, but holds on, not letting go until the worst of the wind has died down, or she herself fades. Mamoru can heal her if she passes out. But all of this is for nothing if Rashmi loses the barrier.
A Siberian cat 2017-06-19 03:18:12 78967
The blankness that was freezing everything that was Koji's own sanity about what happened before him is knocked back out of him when he hits the ground, at Ami's feet as she begins to feed the happy and chirpy-cheering Unity Loop. Almost by the heart-beat his Knight Cloth is flickering and manifesting, and then the backlash of that strike by Hannah sends him flying through the air like an errant branch.

Hitting the first tree causes the Knight Cloth to fail entirely.

The second one? There's a sound that cannot be good for anyone as Koji's forearm cracks hard on a tree, causing him to open his mouth in a scream of silence agony.

As the third tree comes with enough force to do something more permanent, Tyrfing the Device takes over as he intones, <<Gastmodus fur Benutzer Mamoru Chiba aktiviert>>

And before something happens to Koji Silvia that would make this situation even worse, he vanished, sucked into a piece of Subspace that only exists in part of Unison Device Tyrfing.

Around Prince Endymion, his typical light armor CHANGES. The breastplate and shoulders change into an tiered-plate vest of deep blue metal that wraps around behind his back to show the image of silver snarling leopard's head. The normally rounded shoulderplates shrink down and turn into smaller but squared-off styles that are normally seen on mecha shows, and both his arms are completely encased on blockier mecha-style armoring. For his legs it's the same kind of setup, almost like armored chaps, and a straight shield-shaped plate over his groin while the tatters of his cape become the typical Device User-style robe-skirt that keeps the front exposed.

And the sword at his hip? It shifts to his back, transformed from watered steel into a massive two-hander pulsing pure blue energy along the blade. At the center of the design on the sword that just floats a half-inch off his back? A rose.

As the Merge settles, a voice in Mamoru's head says to him, <<He wasn't the target. She was aiming for Rashmi. We were getting ready to block it... but we wouldn't have stood a chance. He... he did it to save her.>>

Tyrfing can tell that the mind of the Prince is completely awash in fury and grief and frustration, and that his faculties still aren't entirely present. That was, after all, a mighty blow to the head. And something slowly losing the fire in his soul: the rock in his hand is warm and alive, and the connection is still there, and that, that helps him listen. It just leaves him confused, still, that rage bleeding off-- and he can sense Apatite closer now, and she's-- she'll protect him. <<What do you-- oh we're supposed to attack the-- the thing-->>

But with Endymion's mana to bolster and begin to repair some of the damage Koji did in his own admittedly small but cold rage, Tyrfing temporarily stabilizes himself long enough to reply, <<Use me as a focus. Do not harm her, that was not the mission goal, My Lord. Remember why you are here, or else all is lost. Remember yourself, My Lord. Prince.>>

Say hello to Unity Knight Endymion. And his new partner, a very BIG sword.
Naru Osaka 2017-06-19 03:28:16 78968
Wind and debris and screaming and chaos and punches and there's just SO MUCH happening. Mahou pile up is absolutely right. Hyalite is thrown back by the waves of corruption, landing hard into a tree. The trees ARE helpful, better a toss only that far, rather than oh so much further, the shield is yanked out of her hands, becoming shrapnel of it's own as it's whisked away into the winds.

Hyalite pries herself back up, ignoring the slices and pricks of things caught on that wind. She's given energy to Unity Loop, to fuel and augment there. Her obligation is done on that side of things. She reaches up, hands into that wind to lose skin, but also to set her abilites to shift and mutate others powers into the corruption there. To shift some of that colour in the winds, to try and pull at the blackness within, forcing some of her white hot upon the black, changing the shades and shifts of that power. She knows how to augment others powers, how to strengthen them, surely one can do exactly that in reverse to mitigate them, right? Perfect time for an experiment.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-06-19 03:43:29 78970
<<--thank you, Tyrfing,>> says Unity Knight Endymion in the back of his mind, the damage healing itself for both of them, more slowly for the Prince. His mental voice is slightly faint, but grave; the last of the fury vanished, replaced by a cold knot in the pit of his stomach. The rock, once warm in his hand, is suddenly warm against his chest, beneath the armor and over his head. <<Yes. Yes, you're right. Of course you're right.>>

Hannah's words finally process, too, and his mind wrenches around to catch back up with the situation, at Hannah down on the ground-- and it's just in time to see her start to pull up that blast. It hits and he tanks it as best he can -- much better with Tyrfing's help -- and then Gull's starting her attack and Mercury's holding the barrier with Rashmi, and Hylalite is too, and Kyouko has Kunzite safe, and--

--he has a honkin' big sword as a focus. A sword with a ROSE on it :D :D.

Abruptly the sword's drawn, glowing bright, and he shoves all his pained negative emotions down because their goal-- Hannah's witching out-- and lets the cool blue of the Device and the bright gold of his own energy mingle to gather a well of spring green raw power within it. He looses that power not at Hannah, but at the Unity Loop, with a firmly authoritative voice--

"Unity Tuxedo Barrier Bomber."

The sword burns brighter and brighter as he adds layers of new jackets to the best attack in his garden shed, and the attack rams through the air at the little energy gatherer.

(He's crying. He can't let himself think about the sick fear and the fury and the why does it always come to this. He can't let himself feel anything but determination and the hope that Gull is slinging around like candy. He can't let any hint of despair get into the energy he's sending through to help power the purification. Not against a Witch's magic.)
Hannah Sharpe 2017-06-19 03:55:47 78971
Rashmi gets some of Hannah's vitriol even as it's suffering to speak. "I'M NOT RUNNING!" She knows she is. The denial in her voice is almost naked.

"I wouldn't...I'd never do that!" Protests Hannah way too much.

The change to Mamoru has, if not Hannah, Raging Tempest working. She tries for a scan of that new form, and more importantly, Tyrfing. A mystery she'll have to solve later. The form Endymion in gives her shivers, and not in a good way.

Somehow, the realization of what's happening as Endymion too shoves his energy into the Unity Loop hits her. The raw emotions...she hadn't been thinking. "You crafty little /WORMS/! " Howls out Hannah. Her voice, already, is distorting oddly. Her eyes are black pools of nothingness.

Too little, too late for Hannah Sharpe. She simply doesn't have anything else to give, in her soul or in her magic. Hannah can't see the miracle in front of her. But she can feel it. Something in her heart beats again, battering down the corruption for that crucial moment.

This is Haruna at her best. This is Cure Gull at her mighties, most radiant. In that single moment, Hannah falls in love once again. Raging Tempest is slipped into her pocket.

Hannah smiles as that apocalyptic blast of teal hope and love smashes through her. She's brought low, consciousness fading in the erupting blast as the light and foliage of hope grows around her. There's no fear, no pain, and slowly, that Despair bleeds away. Black tears fall, turned clear. On a bed of the softest flowers she lands.

Hannah Sharpe almost looks peaceful, down as she is. Her dreams are pleasant, joyful even, of days with all of those she loves. Better times, before she foolishly delved into these acts of theft and self destruction.


Her words fade on her lips.
Ami Mizuno 2017-06-19 03:58:05 78972
As the winds die down--as the threat dies down--Mercury steps away from Rashmi, and glances down at her with a faint smile. "Good job," she tells her, then turns to stagger away. Her skirt is ripped, her bodysuit torn, her hair (short though it is) a mess, and she generally looks defeated ... except for that look of triumph in her eyes.

Hannah is down. Their task is nearly complete.

"Gull, hold her still," Mercury instructs, as she draws forth a globe of pure golden from nowhere. She pulls a single slender bead of that light as if it were paint, and it stretches, forming a cord, until she connects it to Hannah's chest.

Magic begins flowing, there; magic full of life and energy and positivity and goodness.

"I told you this was the only way," Mercury whispers quietly to Hannah. "I prefer never to use absolutes, but in this case it was warranted. I am sorry, my friend."

Then, Sailor Mercury forms a lattice of energy between the fingers of each hand; blue lines crackling and arcing with power. She reaches down into Hannah, deep into the mage's core, and begins severing the connections between her linker core and her body.

Minutes pass, while Mercury hunches over Hannah's still form. This is no ordinary power removal; she isn't merely stealing Hannah's power, she is also severing all connection she ever had to this linker core, fully and completely with surgical precision.

Hannah's going to have to grow a new one, if she's ever going to work magic of any kind again.

Several minutes later, and the whole of it comes free, contained still in that lattice of energy. Unlike with Alexis, it is not a simple roiling darkness of evil and hunger. This is a far more living, terrifying thing. There is light in Hannah's linker core, in equal measure with darkness, but then there are things still other to all of that: a twisting labyrinth, a power unfathomable, and all the other many different ways Hannah has tried to boost her linker core. They're all there, all consuming both the light and the darkness within her.

Sailor Mercury grimaces at the horrible thing she holds in her hands, then mutters, "Maze, take it." There is a moment where the world around her's hands shifts and twists ... and then the linker core disappears, along with the crackling energy. Mercury picks up the Maze card from the ground once more, then leans back and looks around.

"It's done," she whispers quietly, as the golden energy still pulses into Hannah's body, still sustaining her. "She needs food, drink, rest, and time to recover. I don't know how long it will be before she can use her magic, again. But it is done."
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-06-19 04:02:27 78973
Cure Gull can't keep that form up after that. it shifts off and she gently lands back to the ground as 'just Haruna' for the moment. She's not tired and out yet though and she makes a mad run dash as Ami demands she holds Hannah down. WHICH SHE DOES and still because Haruna still kickboxes and she's plenty strong on her own.

She makes sure Hannah is held still while Ami does that delicate work as Hannah is out cold, and then... Ami says it's done and that's when she carefully stops holding Hannah down and she just sort of collapses into a pile and then finally goes.


Yeah that about sums this entire evening up in one simple expression. Then.

"WAIT. IS KUNZITE OKAY!?" she calls out. "WHERE ARE WE TAKING HER NOW!?" she calls out.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-19 04:03:59 78974
"It's done, Himura-san," Rashmi says, letting the barrier collapse with a long, shaky sigh, wavering on her feet as she smiles Ami's way. "Thank you, Mizuno-senpai..."
Takara Himura 2017-06-19 04:05:15 78975
The wind dies down, and all sounds of fighting stops and there's a certain stillness to the air, now. The woven ribbon shield retreats back to Takara's arm, her clothes looking like they've seen better days, her face dirty and scratched. She blinks and stands, cocking her head and she asks a simple question: "Um. Did we win?"
Mamoru Chiba 2017-06-19 04:24:03 78976
Hannah's falling, and she's howling, and he's watching what he desperately hopes hasn't happened to his other best friend-- again-- and Endymion's silent, arm falling to his side as Hannah says she loves them. He stands there while Mercury works, and he watches.

In Endymion's mind, he hears, <<My Lord. Please tell Koji that I am not quiet because I am angry. I am... damaged. If it was not for the work that your friends Kunzite and Lacrima did to help us, what Koji did might have destroyed me... or worse. I am shutting down everything to preserve our integrity. But I cannot allow him to activate me or use any more mana filtered through me. It's too dangerous now. We need help. I am sorry to put this there with everything else.>>

There's a pause, and Endy looks up, calling up Koji's condition in his mind's eye (later, he'll really want the better version of Google Glass, holy shit). A concussion and a broken arm.

People are asking questions. The second the barrier's down, he glances in the direction that Apatite left, then to Hyalite. "Go after Apatite. Tell her to bring Kunzite home," he says, tone a little strange, like he's trying not to let it sound empty. But fake emotions from an empath are stupid.

"No, he's not okay. I don't know if his body is dead yet. But his stone is safe, it's safe--" He sheathes the sword in the air at his back and holds an armored hand over his heart unconsciously as he continues, "Everyone injured back to my place unless you'd rather go elsewhere. Yes we won. It would probably be best if you took Hannah home after I've made sure she's not bleeding internally-- but let me know when she's awake, because she has a job to do, with or without her magic."

He steps back, cold all over. <<I understand. Don't worry. We'll get you help. And if I haven't got it in me to reassure him after he's informed, I'll find someone who can.>> And with that step backward, the mecha-armor dematerializes from around him, and Prince Endymion is holding an unconscious Koji, broken arm cradled carefully over his stomach-- and Koji is wearing his glasses. But one lens is now cracked. Energy begins to gather around him, pure gold again, welling up from the Earth.

"Everyone to my place," he repeats, finally, face expressionless, and then he vanishes with a light sigh from reality and a shimmer.
Rashmi Terios 2017-06-19 04:33:23 78977
"We won, Himura-san," Rashmi says wearily, but with a smile evident in her voice. "C'mon... I'll take you to where he's talking about. Ever wanted to fly?"