Colors Are Scary, Blondes Are Best

Post-punchtervention, Hannah wants to yell at Mamoru, so he goes to her place with Kunzite-ghost in tow to meet her and Haruna, and he gives her the job of 'Fix Koji & Tyrfing' and there is chicken-fried steak he doesn't eat and Usagi makes everyone not die when she shows up and is the calm sunshine of life in general while Mamoru is a flailing mess over having accidentally broken Hannah after accidentally breaking Kunzite's dad earlier.

Date: 2017-06-22
Pose Count: 24
Mamoru Chiba 2017-06-22 00:40:36 79250
    <PHONE> You text Hannah Sharpe: on the road to your place now. be certain you want to
    talk to me before kunzite is okay. if you are unsure, i am going to go work on fixing him and we
    can talk after i am not made of knives and poison.

    <PHONE> A text from Hannah Sharpe at Wed Jun 21 18:10:42 2017: You're the last person I'm back
    down from. Ever.

    <PHONE> You text Hannah Sharpe: you did yesterday

    <PHONE> A text from Hannah Sharpe at Wed Jun 21 18:12:07 2017: Jerk. I'll have coffee.

    <PHONE> You text Hannah Sharpe: good

Presumably, one can imagine Mamoru driving grimfacedly in his Tesla with a rock in his pocket. The way he drives, it won't take long between the texts, Mitakihara General, and Hannah's dorm.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-06-22 00:46:52 79252
Haruna Kurosawa has been working on cleaning, which is done. Fast Food Bags that are still full of food now fill Hannah's fridge and the empties are trash and clogging the trash can. She has run a vaccum through without Boris here to be afraid of the ONE THING ALL DOGS ARE AFRAID OF. She has swept the floor. She sprayed a can of air freshener.

She then got to cooking and frying chicken fried steak and gravy and Potatoes and a Can of Corn and Seagull shapped Corn Breads she bought a mold for the last time she cooked with Hannah proper.

Her cooking is not A class like Hannah's is- but it is /edible/.

Haruna has her cowboy hat by the hanger on the door and is wearing pretty much the same stuff she was the night of the fight- white tank top and shorts.

Mamoru will be here tonight. And she doesn't know who may be coming in tow. She at least slept a little so she doesn't look like a completely tired mess, but she does have that getting sleepy candor.

AT LEAST the place smells like Southern Cooking for a small bit.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-06-22 00:50:38 79254
Hannah Sharpe is a woman of her word. In the immaculate, orderly apartment, the smells of both coffee and freshly baked food can be smelled. Between furious texts, occasional outbursts of angry yelling, and some very grumpy showering, Hannah's back with the percolator on. Tonight is Haruna's time to cook.

She's been ranting for about half an hour. "And I swear to god, Haruna, if he prods me about crying last night I will strangle him, magic or no magic!"


Boris is taking a walk in the park after his fourth bar drained of all booze. A sound hits him, a phantom one. A horrible eldritch sound! That of...THE VACUUME!

Boris shudders, picking up his two extra kegs one in each hand, two-fisting them. One of the local yakuza watches in mixed horror and admiration.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-06-22 01:22:36 79260
There's finally a knock on the door. When it's answered, there is, in fact, a Mamoru Chiba standing on the other side of it, strangely lacking in street-appeal 2006 hipster-nerd attire: he's legit just wearing a plain white t-shirt and jeans, and ratty sneakers it looks like he does gardening in. His glasses are smudged, and one of his hands is closed in a fist, and he looks tiredly angry and bone-deep out-of-sorts and there are myriad other unsortable emotions contained in the faint brow-furrow and slightly downturned corners of his mouth-- at least as far as Haruna can see.

And then he starts glowing. And he puts his finger in front of his mouth at Haruna-- and keeps it there as he turns to the figure forming in the air next to him.

Then he turns in Hannah's direction and says in this voice, it's not quite matter-of-fact because it's got a cloud of aggravation around it and an edge of 'so completely done' to it, "Yeah so you know that kid who almost killed you? His name is Koji Silvia. He's partnered-- and inextricably merged-- with a broken Belkan Device named Tyrfing. A Unison Device. Which is how Tyrfing subsumed Koji and merged with me. Problem is, he lost his shit when you shot Kunzite with that thing and pulled out that spell that was gonna kill you? And it broke Tyrfing a lot more. So Tyrfing shut down to preserve both their Linker Cores. Kunzite tanked your shit because we didn't know if your shitty gun would actually kill them instead of just popping out a Linker Core. And now Koji's all fucked up because Tyrfing is shut down. Kind of how I get all fucked up when I can't feel Usako, or can't feel Kunzite or the other Shitennou. So I need you to help Koji fix Tyrfing."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-22 01:22:45 79261
Apparently, glowing translucent ghost Kunzites manifest, factory default, already in the act of giving Mamoru a resigned look. Haruna knows this for a certain fact, now. Still: he does not, yet, make any sound.
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-06-22 01:32:43 79263
Haruna Kurosawa moves across the from the kitchen from finishing up to get the door and she answers it. She does give a small half smile, but there's no bright hellos and hugs. That's about the best she can give right now herself. She makes sure they're in and... Kunzite. Is a ghost. Apparently. She squints a little at this. "I'm going to assume you can't eat and it'd just get the floor messy." she says silently as she slides back into the kitchen to start making plates.

She frowns as she listens to Koji-kuns trouble. She shifts a little bit.

She comes back bringing in plates two at a time until enough are set out. Chicken Friend Steak, Gravy, Mashed Potatoes. Canned Corn. Seagull shaped Cornbreads.

"Ah... hehehe. Usually. I use fresh corn? But we didn't have any and I was too tired and didn't have enough time to make it to a store- s-sorry." she says off-handedly.

She gives Hannah a glance with a frown to see what she has to say. She makes sure Hannah can see the worry if at all possible.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-06-22 01:46:23 79265
It might be partly because of just how much a bundle of guilt, anger, and physical and spiritual emptiness she's feeling, but Mamoru's arrival catches her off guard. As soon as he's in, her hearing is on full alert. She's managed to wrench herself away from the coffee pot. There's a cup on the table, she's filled it, and her free hand rises.

The accusing, aggressive point is stopped mid-air as Mamoru Chiba cuts right down to business. Later, she'll respect him for that. Hannah Sharpe is at her best when she's on a project she's invested in. Especially when that project involves people and Devices.

Her free hand goes limp. Blind eyes widen, and then she goes over to the couch. A wave of the hand to indicate Mamoru has free range of the apartment, and then she goes down to the couch like a sack of potatoes. Thud. She sprawls out, devouring space like a dog.

"...You don't say?" All of that anger is gone, roiling emotions a background note to sudden, pure interest. This is a Problem. WitchHunter Professional Services exists to solve problems involving magical girls through any means necessary. And not just Puella Magi.

Haruna's worry can't be seen right now, but Hannah can surely feel it by now. It goes unquestioned. That worry is something she loves about Haruna, even if Hannah wouldn't admit it.

Silent Kunzghosts go unnoticed for now. You are safe!

"I always wanted to be a Meister when I grew up. Alright! I'll do it. Not that I might be too much help, after certain parties decided it'd be a great idea to sever my Linker Core." Her voice gains an edge, but not for long. She sounds emotionally exhausted, almost deadpan. And Hannah runs on emotions.

Even she has her limits. One leg over the other, she rubs her chin in thought.

"So, that means you're going to have to give me resources and a partner to work with. If I stepped into my lab now, Bob would probably try to eat me. What we need to do first, is examine both his Linker Core and Tyrfing. The bond between a Mage and a Device is both strong, and delicate. Break one, you break the other. That's why that spell he used was so effective."

Her face curls into a bloody-minded grin. "Oh. And tell little samurai girl that she might want to avoid me, if she doesn't want to get broken in half once I recover my power. ...I really want to punch each and every one of you, but she was beyond the pale. Anyone who hurts R.T. is my enemy!"
Mamoru Chiba 2017-06-22 02:07:13 79266
Mamoru Chiba: psychological dodge tank since 2004.

"You've got whatever you need from me to fix his problem," Mamoru says, coming in as directed, and then half-folding into a chair at the table where Haruna's setting food out. "Koji's got a friend who's also a mage; she's a beginner at what she calls 'unphysics', but she's a very quick study. She's expressed a willingness to help. There's also Ms. Snowe, who may also be willing to help, but I'm under the impression there's already quite a lot on her plate. I'll make enquiries."

He has not gone after coffee yet.

"You know goddamned well that your Linker Core as it was was both a danger to everyone around you-- including Haruna-chan-- and yourself. I watched you nearly turn into a Witch on the spot the other night, and you've been bleeding that corruption for well over a year. It's all well and good to experiment with liquid mercury and uranium, but when people love you and are fucking frustrated that you're killing yourself, you shouldn't be so surprised when you wind up the target of an intervention. It'll grow back. Hopefully without all the toxic waste." A beat. "And at least you're in your body."

The prince unfolds enough to spoon some canned corn and mashed potatoes onto a plate and grab a seagull-shaped cornbread, while glancing in Kunzite's direction. He holds up a finger to the ghostennou, like one sec. And he says, "I won't get in your way on that one. I couldn't stop her, but I would have, had I seen it in time. What she tried to do to Raging Tempest, what she did-- that's what I thought you did to Kunzite. But I do suggest that while you're kicking her ass, you explain to her that a Device isn't just a weapon or a tool. Most people don't know that."

A beat, and he lowers his finger and looks at Kunzite again. His face is turned away from Hannah, so it's clear-ish he's not talking to her: "What kind of lab access can we get for Hannah?"

Yes: the only things on his plate are the things he recognises.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-22 02:17:40 79267
Kunzite's entire interaction with the food seems to be a brief puzzled look at the chicken-fried steak, it's true. Whether or not he has a sense of smell at the moment is a good question. He nods his silent thanks to Haruna for the food existing, though.

And then, after that 'at least,' Mamoru gives him the all-clear.

"I'm not an expert on allied laboratories, unfortunately." The visible projection provides a source for Kunzite's quiet voice for Haruna. For Hannah ... well. It's not actually sound waves. Kunzite's entire ability to interact is a projection born of Mamoru's power. So it's entirely likely that his voice is simply there. "Offhand, I know of two entities that might have appropriate equipment, beyond WPS's own labs. One of them is not going to be willing to work with her at this juncture. Mercury tends to be somewhat more flexible, but her time is also in considerably more demand. Still. That arrangement would let her monitor Hannah's recovery."

There's no apparent emotional load in any of that. Clearly this is a perfectly normal conversation, with no particular context or consequence. Isn't it?
Usagi Tsukino 2017-06-22 02:19:20 79268
She fidgets nervously in the seat next to Kenji as he weaves the car through the evening. He casts her a curious and concerned look. "Are you okay?"

Usagi hums. Then nods. "Yeah. Just. It's weird."

He hums. He is also trying not to notice how, despite how fidgety she is, hands wringing at the curled top of the brown paper bag, she's still growing up. Yet, because of the fidgety, he can still see his sweet baby girl who is turning sixteen soon and is going to grow up and probably marry that boy who will never deserve her because he's a father and will think that of everyone. He covers his sniff with a cough and reminds himself there's a baby blanket he can cry into later. "Well. Here we are."

Usagi nods and leans over to kiss her father's cheek and ignores the sound he makes. "Thanks. Mamo-chan will probably give me a ride?"

"O-okay." Nope, not crying.

Usagi watches as he drives off and turns toward the building.

A stuffed bunny under one arm, to match the one she got the girl last time, and the paper bag now nearly in shreds that she's actually gotten yesterday but had been kept warm in a subspace pocket. (She knew there would probably be food here, but didn't Americans like the leftover thing? A very concientious endeavor!)

She takes a deep breath, in through the nose, holds it, thinks of Mama who was actually not awake for very long because of some powerful pain meds but had her eyes open long enough for Usagi to wail and cry like a five year old, out through the mouth. In through the nose, out through the mouth. Then the Granparents came, and too many cooks, and she'd asked Kenji for that ride.

She stomps into the building. Stomps up the stairs. She's gonna be angry, dang it, so there! Hannah! Of all the things! Why! Ug!


STOMP STOMP DOWN THE HALL! POUND ON DOOR!!!! open, sorry, Wall! Too angry to take off shoes!

And it's very exhausting to be so ANGRY so with the last bit of RAGE she has, she throws the stuffed bunny at Hannah, satisfied as it bounces off her head, then the brown paper bag which is a bit heavier so its aimed chestial instead of cranial. "THOSE ARE FOR YOU, YOU JERK!"

Then she wibbles and is crying and ignoring everyone else because she's crying on Hannah! "You idiot are you okay!"

For those with the American nose, the scent wafting from the bag is, indeed, that of a whopper and fries. (Daddy was on the Tokyo base yesterday.)
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-06-22 02:23:56 79269
Mamoru talks and she listens. She gently sits and begins to eat as she gently stirs her plate. "It's out of you now." she says softly. "The Linker Core. It'll grow back. Mercury-chan said it would." she offers. She sighs. "And Like I said. Aki's watching Ao-chan for you." she says lightly. "And I trust her to keep that promise because she's just gonna water hammer anything that gets even a little too close that she doesn't like." she says.

"Oh. That samurai girl. I dunno who she is. I think she was one of Rashmi-chan's friends." she says softly.

"If she needs lab equipment I can always have workers haul out stuff from the main building to another one. That's easy." she says.

"But I would be worried about Bob acting up, yeah." she says.

"Right. Mercury-chan would be the best partner and help work equipment better. I'm not. Well. Look. I do accounting and office orders and occasionally field work. Not my bag~" she sings.

Then Hurricane Usagi comes in and there's a brown paper bag of 'More Junk Food, except this one may actually have a temperate beyond room temperature' feel to it.

"Hii Usa-chan! She's okay. She's okay. Just. Angry and upset." she sighs as she eats more food. "Oh!" then she puts the plate down and escapes to the kitchen and comes back with a plate of food with twice what everyone else had because she may know Usagi by now. :-I
Hannah Sharpe 2017-06-22 02:53:01 79270
"Good. Miss Snowe is in. I'll pick up some of her projects myself if I have to. If there's anyone besides Ta-kun that I'd work on this whole thing with, it's her. And Ta-kun would just use the opportunity to create some kind of murderweapon if he was helping."

Not that Hannah isn't planning on profiting off of this whole thing, but at least hers don't involve Evil Clones.

What's Hannah's witty response to the obvious conclusion that she was poisoning herself? Well, she's well aware of that, but way too stubborn. In lieu of words, there's an obscene gesture made in Mamoru's direction.

At least, until he mentions 'in her body'. "In my...wait. What...what are you talking about, Mamo-kun?" Half interest, half dread lurks in her voice.

Pause. Thankfully, distractions. "And this is why I'm half convinced you're the brother I always wanted but never had. Even if you help engineer a trap using my girlfriend dragging me out camping." There's a glare in her voice, and it's laser-focused on the feathery one of the group.

"...Eh. I'll do it if I'm feeling generous. Okay, fine, I'll do it when she's on the ground underneath my shoe as I'm rubbing her face into the cold, wet pavement!" Her voice has that animalistic snarl, but at least not that Witching horrible Despair one.

And then there's a pair of voices that cause Hannah to freeze like a statue. First, she gets beaned by a bunny. It's caught as it bounces, and hugged. Then a greasy bag of...

BURGER KING! The speed with which it's ripped open and devoured is legendary. Down goes the whopper in about twenty seconds. The fries follow a minute after.

Gulp. A glare to Gull again! "Yeah. It will. And then I'm going to shove whoever did it off of a balcony! There's very, very few people with the kind of knowledge and skill to do that kind of thing. And I have a good idea of just /who/ did it!" Sorry Mercury, you're getting punched.

"U...Usagi. Hey, No I am not okay! You're all bastards and I hate you right now but I love you all, okay!? N...I, no, I don't hate you, but I'm just really, really angry with everyone! And..." Gulp.

"...And mostly with myself. So..."

That's when she's up, and she's just reaching out towards her to try to hug Usagi tightly!

But not for long, as when Kunzite's voice finally registers? There's a running Hannah missile trying to leap at him and hug. With non-directional sounds? She's basically turning to the right and leaping right for a kitchen counter. Someone might want to catch her!
Hannah Sharpe 2017-06-22 02:54:07 79271
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-06-22 03:01:09 79272
Haruna Kurosawa sort of face faults. "Hannah. I said Kunzite was okay. But hes kind of. Like a force ghost. You can't hug him and stuff right now." she says meekly. "I mean. It's cute. Watching you try to hug air." she says meekly as she stuffs food into her face to try to avoid saying anything else.

She sighs a bit and stands back up to take her empty dish finally to the kitchen and then back as she sighs.

"Sorry, about that, Kunzite." she says miserably. "I had to keep up the whole. Super henshin. That thing wasn't made to last that long. Kind of like this really weak super battery? Yeah." she says.

"I couldn't give you a shield or anything or I would had. I'm glad you're. Okay and stuff." she says.

She sighs.

Yeah she still feels like a guilty Gull. She'll get over it.

"Is the food good?" she asks the room.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-06-22 03:15:50 79273
"Usa--" starts Mamoru when his girlfriend bursts in, but... he stops right there, and stays the hell out of the way of the Cute-Bun Missile Crisis, and starts quietly eating what's on his plate with the hand not holding a gem with a deathgrip.

"Also, pretty sure from what I've seen of her that she doesn't suck, so I don't even have to worry about you accidentally killing her. But if you do actually leave her bleeding on the pavement, do me a favor and scrape her into a bucket and drop her off at the ECFH? I'll probably end up giving her the nice version of your talk and claiming I'm magical Switzerland again," he says completely matter-of-factly after he finishes the corn and potatoes. Then he starts eating the cornbread and finally actually needs coffee because holy snap does that stuff cause dry mouth otherwise. Cue mildly dismayed expression and helpless-face at Gull; where coffee cups at? He missed them. He mimes coffee because if he tried saying it, cornbread would fall out of his mouth.

He makes, additionally, a thumbs-up at the 'is it good' question.

But then oh god Hannah goes from trying to hug the air to about to hug the counter and that really might hurt and former track star Chiba-senpai is on his chair in a hot second and vaulting over the table to literally tank the counter for the white-haired girl. He is not a very soft person, but he is softer about the whole 'impact' thing than particle board, plywood, and Formica. Or wood and marble, god knows, it is an Infinity dorm.

Thing is, short sleeves.

Other thing is, active channelling going on from Mr. Medium. Result: psychic shields down by necessity. Unextrapolated reality: while Hannah might initially think she's hugging Kunzite, the fact that she can perceive the room through Mamoru's senses once in contact with his skin is undoubtedly EXtREMELY UNEXPECTED.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-22 03:35:05 79274
That's an impressive doorslam; Kunzite glances that way, and ... no. No. Angry Usagi. Must not smile. He maintains expression instead, nodding to her solemnly as she charges in. Hannah's gulping down the Burger Sacrifice like a dolphin downing a tossed fish is impressive in its very own way, granted. And then, hastily but not quick enough: "Don't -- thank you, Mamoru." That last is sighed. Thou shalt not complain at the healer about his abusing his kidneys, because he will mock you for hypocrisy while repairing them.

The glowing image of Kunzite makes the completely pointless gesture of running his hand through his hair, pushing it back out of his face when it was already back out of his face and in fact falls into exactly the same where-it's-expected-to-be location when he's done that it was in when he started. "Please don't apologize," he says to Haruna. "You were doing what you were supposed to be doing. And we've already seen that standard shields don't work well against that effect in the first place. Thank you for staying effective." ... Mamoru should have air back now. Unless Usagi's gotten hold of him, in which case all bets are off. "Hannah, Mamoru, are both of you all right?"
Usagi Tsukino 2017-06-22 03:37:23 79275
Her eyes widen at the large plate of food given to her, eyes wide and starry eyed, but she's quick to look back up at Hannah. She droops a bit at the beginning of the rant then perks back up as it continues. Yay! Angry words of hate, not actual hate!

And then she's tackling toward Kunzite but the moment Hannah's attention is elsewhere, Usagi's vacuuming such yummy food into her mouth. She's starving! (So what if she had pizza less than an hour ago?)

Poor Haruna! Usagi plasters herself against her, plate behind the girls back and ready to be eaten from again. "It's so tasty, thank you!"

Chom nom nom. Chew! Swallow!

Still hugging Haruna unless the other girl pulls away, she jerks up to watch Mamoru dart across the room. She gasps and squeals at the sudden realization. "Mamo-chan's a bunny!" And she pauses and lowers her voice. "And hugging your girlfriend but don't be too jealous I'm not."

She's still giddy (and maybe on the ends of an Emotional Roaller Coaster High because being angry, even those few flights of stairs, is exhausting!) and quietly squeals and hisses loud enough for KunziteGhost to hear now. "Kunzite! Mamo-chan's a bunny!"
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-06-22 03:45:41 79276
Haruna Kurosawa blinks. OH Coffee. "I'll go. Make some. Sorry. Corvus is running the shop until I can go back." she says as she escapes to the kitchen. The coffee maker starts. "And I didn't get to grab any there." she says gently.

She'll get creamer and sugar out and then lets the coffee maker drip drip drip.

Then a blink, and a series of blinks. "It's just hugs Usagi~" she sings.

She returns finally with a mug of coffee. "Here!" she says. A pause.

"It's the same stuff I use at Gullwing. Because. Well. Owner privilege. FREE COFFEE." she insists.

She then sits back down and just remains quiet for a long moment as she bites her lip. Quiet.
Hannah Sharpe 2017-06-22 03:49:25 79277
A huff to Usagi! "I'd better get two more hugs from Haruna that you did! And two more from you! ...Screw it, I demand group hugs!"

Airhug! Aiiiirhug! Stumble wobble stumble!

"He's a...wuh. HEY! R.T.!"

"Mistress, I am not scanning Kunzite-san for your own safety."

"Go eat rocks, R.T."

Even her Device is mad at Hannah at this point.

Hannah does pause though, and cross her arms. "It's Haruna's cooking! It's made with love! So you'd all better enjoy it! AND YOU'D BETTER TRY THE FRIED STEAK!" Threatens Hannah with a renewed burst of grumpangrish.

"Yeah, yeah. Believe it or not, I'm trying to do this whole thing without any blood on my hands. I'm teaching her a lesson." Adds Hannah off-handedly. Then she's fleeing to where she thinks is one Kunz-kun. Only to ram straight into Mamoru. Luckily, they're both tough.

Unluckily, Hannah Sharpe is pulled into a world she's never known, with senses she's only ever used once. And of course, through the very man who bodytanks the kickboxer. But unlike the sadness that the last piece of the past she saw, this doesn't bring her melancholy and a simple shock.

The pink nothingness-form of energy that is Kunzite, the blinding brilliance of Usagi, even merely being able to see what she and Haruna looks like for the first time...

The fear of the unknown is in everyone, and Hannah is no exception. She screams once. It pales in comparison as she feels the very breath of the earth and all it's joys and chaos all slamming into her head all at once. Her brain simply can't process it.

Her second scream can only be described as horrified joy, as she mentally shorts out and just goes limp and unresponsive from the sheer mental overload.

But the single stray thought that she can manage, is that every one of them looks beautiful. Later, she'll hug Mamoru for letting her see all of her friends and her girlfriend. A rare blessing for a blind girl.

For now, she's shivering and threatening to tip over onto her back dangerously.

No, Kunzghost, Hannah isn't all right.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-06-22 04:06:08 79278
Mamoru instantly flails in alarm and tries to talk with drymouth full of cornbread, which means there is a hand clapped over his mouth and simultaneously trying to back away from Hannah but there's nowhere to back off to; he flails at Gull and Usagi and Kunzite for a second, stops glowing (which means Kunzite will vanish), tries to get Haruna to Hannah to steady her where she is?? on the floor?? and realizes she's been offering him the coffee he puppy-eyed at her for, then hastily takes the coffee to wash down the mouthful and ends up scalding his mouth, and his face turns interesting colors and wow is that ever an expression, but he's a healer, and then he remembers nobody can see Kunzite, and he backpedals away from Hannah and exerts power again so he can heal his stupid mouth and go back to pouring energy into Kunzite's stone so everyone can see him again, and he sags against the wall and tries to keep from hyperventilating.

"She'll be okay! She'll be okay! Just sensory overload! I'm sorry! It wasn't on purpose! Oh shit I'm so sorry-- this happened two years ago but it was just-- it was just psychometric feedback-- I'm sorry-- shit--"

Hand deathgripping gem, clutched to chest. "Usa-- Usa can you help them-- I can't touch them right now it's a really bad idea I had no idea how bad an idea--" And absurdly, he really wants to gulp down the coffee Haruna just made for him, but it's too hot, and Kunzite could fix that, and he looks at Kunzite, and Kunzite can't fix that, and Mamoru's face just... visibly loses all cope all over again. "Usako I-- do you need a ride? or-- I'll be in my car, I'm parked-- oh hell you can find me, whatever, who cares where I'm parked-- Haruna-chan thank you for dinner it's lovely I'm so sorry she'll be okay I promise, I'll-- text with lab and partner details-- I have to go, now, immediately--"

Coffee mug on table, inward-turned defensive body language, beeline for door. If Usagi intercepts, even briefly, she'll get the scattered and the 'today has been too fucking much' and the 'I need to fix this straightaway and the 'how goddamn fast can I get to Kunzite's palace without teleporting, maybe I will teleport, no I have to give ride home, Usako I'm sorry I love you forgive me' spiral into 'holy shit need to be in seclusion right now.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-06-22 04:11:30 79279
Kunzite is about to answer Usagi's bunny assertion, and he would probably do so in a way that would have Mamoru taking revenge on him for the next nine hundred years, but then Hannah is screaming and he pivots toward her hard, ghost or not, alarm rather than attack --

And then he's about to say someone with hands please catch her except that Mamoru stops glowing and where Kunzite was there's only a hint of fuzzy glow, and then nothing.

When he comes back, even with Mamoru's panic, he's not saying anything. Not speaking. Just placing himself where Mamoru has him in peripheral vision. It's not a firm not-speaking -- he'll catch and field any questions that Mamoru's too busy stammering to address -- but he volunteers nothing, not for now.
Usagi Tsukino 2017-06-22 04:28:41 79280
Of course she goes after Mamoru. She lightly grabs his wrist and her eyebrows raise at his panic. Tippy toes, kiss to the chin. "Mamo-chan, I can get home. Hug Mr. Kitty for me." She tilts her head and smiles, and maybe it's a bit teasing. "Or scratch his ears and tell him I send hugs."

And he has to go because still panic but hopefully not as much, and she can't exactly just ignore Hannah and Haruna because that's not what she does. (Plus, she's pretty sure he'd vibrate right into a teleport if she did, and then, well, he's gotten better at that but he'd probably still have indepths conversations with a trashcan when he lands.)

Still, her touch on him lingers, sliding his wrist and hand through her fingers as she walks toward the kitchen. "Now, shoo!"

She skips back into the kitchen and kneels before Hannah. Up close, in space. "So, Hannah-chan. Did you see flashes, or did you get to see how hot your girlfriend is?"
Haruna Kurosawa 2017-06-22 04:30:40 79281
Haruna Kurosawa blinks at Mamoru. "Be well Mamoru." she manages to say on her way out, and yeah. Haruna catches Hannah with a sigh and she drags her back to the couch. "Laydown. We'll get back into bed proper for someone resembling 'a sleep' soon." she says with a sigh.

She begins cleaning up plates and silver ware into the kitchen in the meantime. She can clean up in the morning. Nothing that won't clean off later.

Then Usagi says. 'So did you get to see how hot your girlfriend is' and there's a clatter of the things she was holding in her heads clattering to the ground.

"What!?" because she's sure she just heard Usagi call her hot to Hannah. :I
Hannah Sharpe 2017-06-22 04:31:56 79282
Hannah manages a stumble despite being essentially a mental circuit breaker with all of it's switches tripped. Her physical training from a lifetime of sports and being a moving type of girl is just that much. Still, she finally ends up about as limp as a descaled fish once Mamoru passes her into Haruna's arms.

The exunt of her friend, enemy, brother, and soothsayer goes totally unnoticed, due to her being a pile of dead-weight Hannah. She does physically twitch though.

Even in her current state, the realization that Mamoru didn't try any of the fried steak remains with her. There shall be vengeance. Delicious, fatty, sausage-gravy flavored vengeance!

A certain bunny voice does get her vaguely awake. Her eyes unlid a fraction. She's dragged over to the couch and is laid out utterly.

"C...colors are scary!" Mutters Hannah. Pause.

"B...blondes are best!" Shudder. Thud. Back to the land of the unconscious goes the wind mage.