Bishoujo Bike Gang Birthday

Usagi is 16! It's time for her surprise birthday present.

Date: 2017-06-30
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Mamoru Chiba 2017-08-20 00:16:19 81585

Usagi's Birthday.

She's sweet sixteen and well okay she's been kissed a lot, but that's definitely as it should be.

It's a little after lunchtime, and Mamoru already gave Usagi a little silver-and-gold sun-and-moon charm and a silver enamel rose charm for her bracelet, neither expensive enough to get Kenji mad, as per usual-- and now they're pulling into the parking garage under the building the Frat House is in. Later on, Mamoru will have to participate in Birthday Party Dinner at Usa's house, since Kenji insisted last year, but for all Usagi knows, the afternoon is free. Maybe the charms were a disappointment.

He pulls the Tesla into the parking space next to where he parks his motorcycle.

Instead of one black-shrouded vehicle, it looks like there are... four?

Maybe someone's trying to use his parking space.

He starts to hand Usagi his keys to boop the doors unlocked, then frowns. "Wait, no. Wrong keys."

He boops the car open himself as he fishes in his jacket pocket, then pulls out a keyring with a bunny and stars and a single key on it, and hands her that instead.

Are there people waiting behind the garage's support columns? MUGGERS? There's a shifting shadow--
Usagi Tsukino 2017-08-20 00:27:33 81587
It's her birthday! And she's with Mamoru! It's a birthday with Mamoru! Such a happy day!

(She's sweet sixteen, has been kissed a lot, and plans on more smooches in the years to come!)

Usagi is very much pleased with her new bracelet baubles. The added charms add just a little more clinkety clank when she turns her wrist just so and she's been doing 'just so' for the majority of the car ride.

(Plus they're from Mamo-chan, and silver and gold moon and sun and a rose and just how perfect are those?!)

(Did the other Frat House members get bikes, too?)

She's a little dissapointed when she doesn't get to boop the doors unlocked. She likes the noise that makes, too. But it's quickly replaced by confusion when she's handed another key instead.

It's obviously for her, because it isn't a keyring she got for him. She looks up at him with a great amount of sceptisism. "You're not...gonna try to get me to drive your space ship, are you?"

As much as the idea of driving his car thrills her, even she realizes putting it into practice is...not a good idea.

She'd wreck the car. He would be sad. It would be bad all around.

But then! Gasp! Shadows! "Eep!" Mamoru's arm is a very convenient place to hide behind!
Kyouko Sakura 2017-08-20 00:33:20 81589
    "Gimme your money and nobody gets hurt!"

    The threat is delivered in a very bad 'gangster' accent. By a voice that is, if one takes a moment to process it, undeniably Kyouko. But she wasn't planning on continuing the ruse for more than a second anyway, so by the time Usagi us done 'eeping', Kyouko is emerging from the shadows, laughing. The female Shitennou is today dressed in a fairly standard outfit- jeans and a black t-shirt, though perhaps perplexingly, she has a red motorcycle helmet dangling from the fingers of one hand.

    "Naaaah, it's cool. You probably blew your allowance on snacks, Usa-chan, and I already have access to Mamoru's money." She grins, giving the taller young man her most 'love me, or else' smile, and then throwing her arms around Usagi. "Happy birthday, hun! Sorry I didn't get to say it earlier. I got a little somethin' for ya later but it's upstairs so.." A handwave as she backs off. "Well. Later."
Makoto Kino 2017-08-20 00:43:20 81591
"Rude." If Kyouko's voice weren't quite immediately recognizable through the affected accent, the laughing reproach that follows it would immediately take any remaining gravity out of the threat. The other lurking figure proves to be Makoto, shaking her head and grinning as she follows Kyouko into clear view.

"Happy birthday~!" she says, sing-song. Usagi has already gotten her present from Makoto, which is (as always) cake - a large and elaborately decorate strawberry swirl cake with fluffy pink icing for sharing, plus a smaller cake adorned with sugar-sparkling multicolored cake pops for Usagi's consumption alone.

Which does rather raise the question of what she's doing here in the parking garage of Mamoru's building, dressed in jeans and a battered jacket in the middle of summer.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-08-20 00:57:18 81593
Mamoru's grinning, which isn't very nice when Usagi's spooked, but when the source of the spooking is Kyouko and Makoto, it's understandable. There's so much ~mystery~ here right now! He kisses the top of Usagi's head. "No, no driving my spaceship. Now, okay," he says, trailing away from her and pocketing his keys, then pulling the cover off his motorcycle and popping open the compartment on back, "your dad doesn't know about this. Your mom doesn't know about this. I figure you can figure out if you want to tell them and if they freak out then I'll take the heat..."

He hands Usagi her helmet, the pink decals on it familiar; she's worn it riding on the back of Mamoru's bike before.

"But I can't teach you to ride."

He grins at Makoto and Kyouko, then, and whips the cover off the bike in the middle. It's for motocross-- it's a dirtbike, it's...'s really pink.

"There's one big caveat. While you're learning you absolutely have to be in henshin. So probably learning in the middle of the night might be a good plan."
Usagi Tsukino 2017-08-20 01:16:10 81594
"Oh, thank goodness. I was beginning to imagine it in one of those crunched up cubes from that one movie with the closet monster and the litte kid."

Mamoru was about two seconds away from having a very frightened moon bunny using him as a means to escape to higher ground when Usagi finally catches on of who her would-be assailant is. (It doesn't help that the crime drama Papa had been watching yesterday started out just like this! Needless to say, by the end of the episode, Papa had also been the victim of a very frightened moon bunny seeking higher ground.)

"Kyou-kun, so mean!" Despite the whine she snuggled happily into the girl's hug with a hum. "Oh, that's not true! I got extra allowance today so I won't be out until tomorrow!" A prideful beam! And then wide eyes! "Something for me?"

But wait! Her would-be assailant hadn't come alone! "Mako-chan!" Kyouko is all but used as a launching pad as the taller girl finds herself in a similar attack of limbs belonging to a happy snuggly moon princess. "Psst, Mako-chan, I shared some of the smaller cake with Mamo-chan!" Chest poof. Pride! It may have only been a bite, but she still shared!

When Mamoru hands her a helmet she is once again confused. Mama and Papa both know she rides with Mamoru on his bike sometimes, so--

Wait, what?


The sound of her jaw crashing to the ground is echoed through the parking garage.

It it it it!

So pink!

So shiny!

So vroomy!


So that's what keyboard smashing sounds like when spoken!


Augh, where's her voice words!

She smooches Mamoru as a thank you and a vocabulary reboot. "It's so pink and shiny and vroomy!!"

But then, wait! "But what if I turn it into one of those crunched up cubes from that one movie with the closet monster and the litte kid?"
Kyouko Sakura 2017-08-20 01:23:23 81595
    Kyouko snorts in amusement at the comment about extra allowance.. then gives a faint 'ack' as she is used as a platform for an Usagi Missile aimed straight at Mako-chan. She's still grinning though, shaking her head slightly, using her free hand to push some red locks of hair back off of her forehead. It's getting a little long again- not even shoulder-length yet, but she might be due for a cut again soon.

    She ambles over to stand next to Mamoru, getting a good vantage point of Usagi attempting to invent new words while simultaneously flinching slightly at how pink the bike is when the cover is pulled off. Good lord, that thing won't even need reflectors, it'll probably paint the streets pink at night when the street lights shine on it.

    She hefts her own scarlet helmet as Usagi expresses her concerns re: cubage. "That's why we're gonna teach you, hun. It ain't that hard anyway, but we'll make sure neither you or the bike end up in a junkyard. Plus, that's why henshin."
Makoto Kino 2017-08-20 01:33:31 81598
Makoto has enough warning to catch Usagi securely when the smaller girl launches at her, grinning. "Very generous of you," she tells Usagi in a confidental tone, before flicking an amused look over the blonde head towards Mamoru. "Good job!"

Once hugs are appropriately dispensed, Mako sets Usagi back onto her feet so that Mamoru can present her with the rest of her birthday gift. She looks on with an indulgent smile as Usagi goes nonverbal in her excitement.

"What Kyouko said," she agrees with a nod. "That's why we're both here, to make sure there are absolutely no crunched up cubes and everybody stays safe."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-08-20 01:49:11 81599
"...I actually got two bites," Mamoru confides. "She got distracted. I wanted to see how edible the edible glitter was."

Apparently he thinks he has immunity from the consequences of bite-stealing because he just got his girlfriend a motorbike. He reaches up to run a hand through his hair from the back, ducking his head a little and offering the girls a crooked little smile. He is absolutely not admitting at this stage that he'd give a lot to eventually see this turn into a Love And Justice Bike Gang.

"Anyway, yeah, uh. So, Kyou and Mako have the same model as you so it'll be easier to learn, and-- we'll get you bike leathers once you've graduated from Have To Henshin." There's a pause and he frowns a little. "Actually, you know, maybe you don't necessarily have to wait for nighttime... no, what am I saying, ahh--"

Apparently the wordy guy has lost his words. He's turned a little red, too. "If you cube it against all odds I'll get you another one, but I don't think you will. I mean, you're Sailor Moon."
Usagi Tsukino 2017-08-20 02:02:10 81600
She beams at Makoto's praise and pufferfish-faces at Mamoru's admittance of additional cake theft. (She isn't really angry, but she has to pretend she is!)

Determined Face! "I will learn!"

It's gotta be easier than homework and pi!

"I will practice now!" Poof, where did Usagi go, and how did Sailor Moon come to be here? "I shall get in the headspace of indestructable magical girl before we ride! And I will tell myself I will protect my bike!"

And of course, the assurances of her friends mean a lot, but it's to Mamoru she turns sudden heart eyes toward, dozens of little cartoon hearts pew-pewing out to hug along his face. "Oh, Mamo-chan, do you truly believe that?"

With such faith and belief in her, she is certain she could save the world!

...Oh, wait, she's already done that.

With such faith and belief in her, she is certain she won't crunch a bike!
Kyouko Sakura 2017-08-20 02:09:56 81601
    Kyouko, for her part, does not henshin. She doesn't need to- she's perfectly capable of riding her bike without doing so, and honestly, it's probably a bad idea for her to try and teach Usagi while she herself is in henshin also. This is because Kyouko' sense of indestructibility goes up about a hundred-fold when she's in henshin. To be fair, that's because her actual indestructibility goes up about that far too, but by not being in henshin it removes the temptation to drive like a maniac while trying to set an example.

    "It'll be fine." She tells Kyouko, the phrase clearly one she's picked up from Naru, and worryingly, one which is usually delivered when there's a chance things will not be fine at all. In this case, though, it probably actually will be fine. She raises the red helmet, then plops it down on her head, opening the faceshield in order to push her hair up out of her eyes again and then grin. "So, uh.. well, we should probably have you drive around the garage a little before you actually try to go out on the street.." I mean, it is Tokyo. Streets are busy. Making sure Usagi doesn't immidiately fall off the bike is step #1.
Makoto Kino 2017-08-20 02:22:49 81602
"Definitely wanna start in the garage," Makoto agrees in a tone of authority. She doesn't henshin, either... but she does step over to pull the cover off one of the other bike-shaped lumps, which proves to be the same model as Usagi's, except green with pink accents. There's also a green helmet, which Mako picks up.

"I need to get more used to it, too," she says, smiling. "We'll learn together, like niisan said. But I think you should get the first spin, birthday girl."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-08-20 02:33:26 81603
"Of course I believe you can do this, Usako," is the birthday girl's boyfriend's honestly pretty sappy answer. Sincere and sincerely schmoopy. He gets a little distracted with the admiring gaze, then realizes she's gonna actually get on the bike right now.

This is the part where Mamoru takes a careful step back, then pulls out his camera to get a shot of Sailor Moon on a motorcycle because jeez and also :D :D.

Then he lifts a hand and edges toward the elevators. "I'm going to go upstairs and take care of some stuff and get myself zen for dinner with your family later. I'm not going anywhere, so whenever you guys are done, uh-- that's where I'll be..."

Frankly, he doesn't want to get hit. Belief is great, healing is better, but getting run into still sucks.
Usagi Tsukino 2017-08-20 02:45:21 81604
An even more Determined Face! Driving around the garage feels like a good first step! "Oh yes. I don't want to hit moving cars."

She nearly gasps at Makoto's admission. This time her Determined Face isn't one of telling herself she can do something, but one of the complete belief that her friend can. "Mako-chan will be amazing at this just like she is everything else!" She gets heart eyes again, more platonic, and the six that fly at Makoto snuggles and pets her hair.

Then Mamoru is inching away! "Wait, Mamo-chan!" She's actually careful about getting off the bike (because with her luck it would get cubed before she's even started the thing) before tackling the best she could while aware-of-her-sudden-brick-wall status and his still-squishy-cuddly-mortal status. Peppered face smooches (because they have company) and thank yous and I love yous and 'you may have a piece of birthday cake but save me some.'

Then she shoos him along and spins back around, skipping toward her bike while putting on her helmet.

As Sailor Moon.

Because Safety First, apparently, even one is nearly indestructable.

She strikes a pose and gives her friends a Serious Face as she says something she saw in a movie once and has always wanted to say it since. "Let's ride."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-08-20 02:53:01 81605
    Kyouko rolls her eyes at Mamoru's retreating back as he skeedaddles (after Usa-pounce) to the elevators. "You coward," She calls after him, though she's grinning. "I didn't realize being your bodyguard would mean getting run over by your girlfriend's bike in your place!"

    She then clears her throat and turns to glance at Usagi. "Not, uh, that I actually think you're gonna hit me. Or anybody else." She assures her friend, adding, "I just have to give him a hard time. It's part of the whole deal, y'know? Contractual obligation." She winks, then puts the faceshield down on her helmet.

    She starts the engine, then revvs it with a rrrRRrrrr.. then pauses. She lifts the faceshield again because she can't exactly talk while it's down, "Also, you start it with the kick pedal thingy there." Point. "While the key's in the 'on' position."