Penultimate Frisbee

Kyouko, Naru, Kunzite, Makoto, Mamoru, and Usagi practice frisbee in the park. There is violence against man and nature.

Date: 2017-09-04
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Kyouko Sakura 2017-09-04 13:43:04 82266
    Prior to this past weekend, Kyouko hadn't known what 'ultimate frisbee' even was. But it got mentioned, several times, as a possible team-building excercise for.. well, her team. So she figured it behooved her to at least get in some practice. If there was anything that Kyouko hates, it's looking like an idiot. Thankfully, she's dating Naru, who never looks like an idiot, due to not being one, and Naru had done some pretty competant googling. The result is that Kyouko now knows at least the basic idea of ultimate frisbee.

    The further result is that a sunnt afternoon finds her out on the grass at the park, with several plastic discs procured from a store in the city. It's a nice day, still warm in late summer, and she's wearing shorts and a tanktop, with her blue hoodie tied around her waist by the sleeves. "These things fly pretty good!" She comments, as a powerful flick of her wrist sends a plastice frisbee buzzing through the air with enough force that when it smacks into a tree a good fifty yards off the branches tremble.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-09-04 13:52:54 82267
There are places and times it's generally possible to find Kazuo outside. The thing is, most of them are things like ... evenings. Very early mornings. Nights. Cloudy days. If he's out on a sunny afternoon, it's generally with his shadows spread out over a high rooftop with no good views from neighboring buildings, soaking up sunlight as a slow but reliable form of recharging his internal batteries.

The park is a terrible place for this.

Out on the grass is also a terrible place for hiding in the shade of trees.

He is, therefore, spending a remarkable amount of time not doing much more than shading his eyes. Not quite balking at practice the way they joke about Zoisite balking at doing anything that might chip a nail. But coming pretty close to it.

Right now, he's squinting down toward the targeted tree. "I wasn't aware you were applying for a logging permit," he observes aloud. "Do they issue those within city limits?"
Kyouko Sakura 2017-09-04 14:01:40 82268
    Kyouko does most of her 'work' at night, as well. More out of habit than necessity, though it's also true that Witches and Wraiths tend to be more prevalent when the sun is gone. That said, unlike her eldest brother, she thrives in the sunlight. It can be seen in her smile and the way her scarlet hair glimmers with other, more orangey shades as the bright light sparkles off of it as she moves. She sticks her tongue out at Kunzite as he quips at her. "You're just worried that I'll say you throw like a girl." She grins.

    She jogs over to retrieve the fallen frisbee, which seems to have survived the impact more-or-less intact. Turning about, she wings it back towards Kazuo, though with significantly less english on it this time, which should make it easier to catch without losing a finger. "C'mon, use those long spindly arms of yours for once!" The teasing call accompanying the throw.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-09-04 14:08:57 82269
"Don't be ridiculous. My aim isn't nearly that good." Crescent Boomerangs and Moon Tiaras, to the point. Running, on the other hand, Kazuo can do, and he moves to catch the thing's path -- efficient movement, he'd call it; Neil would call it lazy. It's partway through that he uses those long spindly arms to make an amiably impolite gesture Kyouko's direction. Possibly because nobody they know has a phone out right now.

Catching is doable, albeit without the grace one might hope for. Tossing it back Kyouko's way is doable. At least, it starts out going Kyouko's way. Maybe the sunlight drains his ability with physics to feed Kyouko's color. Maybe he just gripes about chessplayers thinking in straight lines because there are conditions where he's better with those himself... and no lines, in this, are actually straight.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-09-04 14:19:41 82270
    Kyouko grins as Kazuo manages to actually catch the thing... grinning even more at his impolite gesture, if only because it's so out of character, and yet so appropriate. "Nice catch!" She calls, with just enough edge to the words that it's hard to tell if she's being genuine, or busting his chops. It's entirely possible that both are happening at once.

    When he tosses the frisbee back towards her, yet it veers to one side, she turns, sprinting towards it. Displaying the kind of casual athleticism that can only be achieved through years of life-or-death struggle and rigirous training, she actually steps up onto a park bench without breaking stride, launching herself from the back of it to gain height and snagging the frisbee out of the air before falling back to the grass, rolling into a tumble which lands with her on her knees. This in turn displays her careless disregard of potential injury, and the grass-stained knees that result are barely acknowledged as she hops back up to her feet. "Well, right direction, at least.." She laughs.

    One might say she has the physical aspects of the game quite in hand. Of course, one might also say that the physical aspects of the game were never the point of this training.
Naru Osaka 2017-09-04 14:21:32 82271
Naru knew of the plan to toss frisbees in the park. After all, one of the main requirements of this game is the ability to both throw and catch a frisbee. Which, considering the need to acquire said discs and the googling, is not something most of this group has a lot of prior experience with.

How hard can it be? Right?

Someone is later than the other two, the take out cup of coffee in her hand being a good clue on why she was late, but she's dressed in atheletic gear, capris and a tank top, even if she's got her satchel over one shoulder. She slows a little as she comes up to the pair playing, sipping coffee and watching. Two of her favourite people, goofing off in the park on a glorious late summer day. This is one of those Moments.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-09-04 14:37:08 82272
The park-bench launch turned catch turned tumble wins casual applause from Kazuo. "Better catch," he calls back. Better catch than either his catch or his throw, honestly. When his hands separate the last time, he lifts one in Naru's direction. Silent greeting. At least, he's probably greeting her rather than greeting the coffee.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-09-04 14:43:50 82273
    Kyouko is still grinning in triumphant posession of the frisbee when she notes Kazuo's wave, which directs her attention towards the arriving Naru. She beams a smile- the combination of sunlight, good company, and non-life-threatening physical exertion brewing an almost uncharacteristic exuberance in her which sees her darting across the intervening distance to throw her arms around her girlfriend with enough enthusiasm to nearly result in the death of Naru's coffee (but luckily, not quite). "Naru! You're gonna show this old dude how to throw, right?" She grins, gives a big 'muah' of a smooch, and then is away again, turning back towards Kunzite as she trots onto the grass.

    "C'mon, let's see you hit me this time!" She taunts, as she launches the frisbee back towards Kazuo across the grass with a flick of her wrist, still keeping the 'whirr' of spin under control, at least compared to her attempt to bring down a tree from earlier.
Naru Osaka 2017-09-04 14:56:05 82274
SAVE THE COFFEE! Naru has just enough skill at dodge to accept a tacklesmooch from her best beloved without losing any coffee. She laughs, leaning in to that smooch before Kyouko's gone again.

"I will throw after I finish my coffee." Naru points out, as she drops her satchel next to the bench to sip and watch for the moment.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-09-04 15:18:30 82275
THE COFFEE MUST SURVIVE -- oh good. Kazuo relaxes a trifle as Naru is not scalded, and returns his attention to Kyouko. "An arbitrarily long time, I see," he comments. "Useful in many --" Respects is not going to be spoken, because he needs to figure out what the thrice-damned spinning disc is going to do again. He dodges sideward into the line, puts out hands to absorb some of the speed, damn near loses the thing sideways, recovers, and whips it back Kyouko's way in a gesture fed by rather more irritation than calculation. Possibly his secret nemesis has been discovered. Hint: it is not actually Kyouko.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-09-04 16:00:24 82276
    Kyouko grins as she watches Kazuo have to move quickly to catch the frisbee, and is starting to applaud his catch when he unexpectedly whips it back towards her without pause, causing her eyes to widen fractionally as she has to stumble to one side and throw her hand out to catch it. It smacks into her fingers loud enough to cause her to wince slightly. "Ow! Now that's more like it.." She says, grinning ruefully as she transfers the disc to her other hand so she can shake out the one that just got used to catch.

    "Careful nii-chan, or you might work up a sweat." She teases, as she almost lazily tosses it back towards him, much slower and with a gentler arc this time that should be much more managable to take-hold of. She turns to watch Naru out of the corner of her eye, a smile playing at her lips which just speaks of her enjoyment at seeing the other girl.
Naru Osaka 2017-09-04 16:04:34 82277
Naru might still have a coffee in one hand, but now that there's no satchel holding down her shoulder, she collects up one of the spare discs and makes this game more interesting.

Kyouko might have an eye on her to notice a second frisbee coming into play, but Naru's heading it off towards Kunzite. Not a brutal throw, and not all THAT well aimed.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-09-04 16:17:08 82278
"It's after noon. No longer allowed." Exertion is a morning thing. Never mind who carried boxes where for whose move this summer, that one wasn't one of Kyouko's problems. A gentler arc makes for an easier catch, yes, and Kazuo's turning to return it when he catches sight of the second.

He might even have caught the second. It's just that for just a moment he stops paying attention to the game to give an ever-so-slightly unnerved check for Usagi. Which means that the frisbee skims riiiight by him, embarrassingly within arm's reach.

A moment later he lifts the one he is holding and taps himself on the forehead with it, letting it rest there and hide his expression for a moment, before he tosses that one back toward Naru (lazily, yes, because coffee) and goes to retrieve the new one and rearm Kyouko with it.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-09-04 16:24:58 82279
    "C'mon, nii-chan," Kyouko calls across the sun-dappled grass, her tone gratingly cheerful. "You need to do a little better than that." This as the second frisee flies past him within easy catching distance. Nevermind that she has yet to attempt to snag two of them at once. She turns her eyes to Naru and grins at her, though, as if to somehow congratulate the other girl for her deviousness in tossing the second frisbee.

    Then another one is heading back her way, courtesy of Kazuo, and she takes a few half-running steps to lazily snag it out of the air. "C'mon, at least challenge me a little." She teases, tossing it up and catching it in her other hand. She looks at Naru for a moment, consideration clear, but given that the other girl is both still holding coffee and already has one (gently thrown) frisbee heading towards her, Kyouko seems to decide that whipping a second one at her would be unwise. At least if she wants to avoid having that coffee cup thrown at her head.

    So she throws it back towards Kazuo instead.
Naru Osaka 2017-09-04 16:47:29 82280
If Naru did chuck this coffee cup, it's at least paper and would be empty!

The coffee is clearly done, based on how Naru moves to retrieve the frisbee heading in her direction, with no consideration for the cup still in her hand. She tosses that one over to Kyouko as the girl is currently frisbee-free. It's a better throw than the one she sent Kazuo at least and gives her a moment to take a few steps back and set her cup down.

No sense littering, after all, she'll throw it out properly when they're done.

"Considering that you bounce like a Tigger, challenging you is a challenge, Kyouko." Naru comments with a little laugh.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-09-04 16:52:27 82281
This time the key is timing. Kazuo does not fling the return throw back at Kyouko. The trick is to pick the moment so that both his and Naru's will intersect at Kyouko at once. Absolutely ideal timing would be for Zoisite to flicker out of invisibility and pile a third on her, but Kazuo is resigned to that not happening today.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-09-04 16:58:51 82283
And yet -- and yet -- there might be an itch at the back of Kyouko's awareness that someone else has arrived; there certainly is in Kunzite's. A third disc does, in fact, come winging Kyouko's way in a graceful, silent arc.

Mamoru, in cargo shorts and sneakers and his favorite NASA t-shirt, steps out of the trees following the appearance of the obnoxious black frisbee. It may not be in time for the pile-up. It is certainly in time to be insulting.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-09-04 17:01:09 82284
    Kyouko catches the frisbee that Naru throws at her, pretty easily. She makes a playful face at her girlfriend. "Didn't hear you complaining about that last-" At about this moment, perhaps fortunately, Kazuo's frisbee smacks her square in the nose with a hollow 'thunk', causing her to reel back a step and snap her hand up-the one holding the other frisbee, which she hits herself in the face with.

    "OW! You lanky piece of shit!" She spits at Kunzite, blinking tears out of her eyes and still holding a hand up to her face (now sans frisbee, which has joined its mate on the ground). The hit was not hard enough to do any actual damage, but it obviously stings quite a bit as she works her way through a stream of invective while wiping at her face, the tears less 'bursting into' and more an involuntary reaction to getting hit in the face.

    And then a third frisbee hits her in the back of the head, with another 'thunk'. Kyouko actually squeals, although the sound is more of frustration than of pain or fright, spinning around to glare at Mamoru as he approaches. "You assholes planned that, didn't you?!"

    Finally she recovers enough to pick up both frisbees, looking grim. "So that's the way you wanna play, huh?" She grunts, snuffling slightly. She pulls both hands back.. and whips both frisbees towards Kazuo as hard as she can, at the same time. They arc out away from each other before both curving back towards him, almost mirror-images of each other (although even she isn't good enough to have them both spot-on target, so at least one is likely easy to dodge). The third she picks up and gritting her teeth, she hurls it back towards Mamoru with as much vinegar as one can put onto a thin plastic disc.
Naru Osaka 2017-09-04 17:03:56 82285
"Are you alright?" Naru is double checking that three frisbees to the face is not /actually/ a problem, no matter that it doesnt seem to be. SO obligation and all that.

The vigour with which frisbees go back out, and not in her direction, confirms to Naru that Kyouko is FINE and she waves a greeting with a snicker to Mamoru, the flicker of concern given way to amusement at /that/ bit of exceptional timing. Planned or otherwise. "Hey Endy."
Usagi Tsukino 2017-09-04 17:27:36 82286

It isn't her first time solo on the dirt bike, but that's normally been on pavement and definitely not in a hurry.

Now she is in a hurry and it's definitely not pavement she's riding on.

But hey, practice makes perfect!


And there is, of course, a handy copse of trees to brake in and dehinshin.

At least...that is the plan.


Turf flies everywhere. Grass and sod are not her friends.

And braking is...well.

Also because tree roots.

She overestimates how much she needs to brake and flies over the handlebars.

Fortunately, practicing in henshin has been a common thing, so as she flips she keeps hold of the bars, lands on her knees, the bike held over her head as the wheels spin in protest.

The coolness of this maneuver is completely murdered by the sheer look of exaggerated panic and heaving chest as she tries to catch her breath.

"I, ah, AHAHAHAHAHA!" She clears her throat and sets the bike down, turning it off, and leans against it.


"I, ah, meant to--" She clears her throat. "I mean, I heard the sounds of frisbees being hurled about! I am here to answer the song of my people!"

That or a certain someone may have texted her.

But wait!

Sharp eyes notice Danger, Danger hurtling toward Mamoru. Body suddenly alert and an action born of instinct, she pulls off her tiara.


Poor frisbee, you were so young!
Kazuo Takeba 2017-09-04 17:29:47 82287
"You did ask," is Kazuo's inevitable response to Kyouko's swearing. Sympathy. Always sympathy. Clearly. He bows silently to Mamoru as Kyouko's yelling at him, and comes back up in time to --

-- see Kyouko wreaking vengeance, whoops.

He does not go by 'fair is fair' and stand there to attempt to catch both, no. He darts two steps toward one, instead, catching it, fumbling it for real this time, and catching it a second time against his chest. That one gets automatically tossed back Naru's way rather more gently, and he starts to --

Turning to check where the one that sailed past his back went is cancelled, because MOON TIARA FRISBEE SHARDS. Kazuo just stands there for a moment, staring.
Makoto Kino 2017-09-04 17:31:25 82288
Usagi was not technically solo on the dirtbike... exactly. On the other hand, in her excitement she had rather outpaced her biking partner. As the tiara flies, the vrrrrrr of another dirtbike is audible, and a moment later Makoto (not in henshin) comes putt-putt-putting rather more sedately into view.

Just in time to see the chaos. She manages to stop her bike and plant a foot on the ground to prop it upright before she puts her hand over her face.

"...I'm pretty sure this was supposed to be not magical frisbee sports, wasn't it?" she wonders, though she can't help smiling behind the facepalm, somohow.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-09-04 17:36:07 82290
The prince has this huge shit-eating grin on his face at Kyouko's accusation. "It wasn't planned more than a couple seconds in advance-- I saw the opportunity and jumped on it, which is what I usually do. But it sure looked planned, didn't--" and the frisbee's winging his way again "--it?" and he's in motion, eyes on target. He sprints a couple of steps and leaps to meet it in the air part-way.

Which is when in the background, he hears Usagi! And then hears MOON TIARA ACTION! His face transforms into a look of dread as the black frisbee explodes in front of him, midair, and he instantly kneejerks himself into a tumbling ball in midair, henshining as he goes despite being in full public view.

The plastic shrapnel pings harmlessly off his magic cape and Tuxedo Kamen lands in a somersaulting sprawl on the springy turf, staring up at the bright sky. "...kuso..." he mutters dizzily, dropping henshin. " I still get the points for that or nah?"
Kyouko Sakura 2017-09-04 17:38:52 82291
    Kyouko waves at Naru in a way that says, 'I'm fine' even while somehow casting murderous glances at her girlfriend which promises retribution later for her part in the fiasco, unintentional as it was. Luckily they will not be terribly severe. Then she hears the 'vrooming' of Usagi's approach, and turns to regard the unintentional acrobatics of Sailor Moon on a dirt bike. She rolls her eyes, still feeling grumpy from her smarting nose.

    Which is when Usagi blows up her revenge-frisbee before it can hit its target! Nevermind that in doing so, she probably stood a better chance of injuring Mamoru than if the frisbee had just hit him like Kyouko had intended. She snarls. "Hey! I won't let you rob me of my revenge!" And then she's sprinting straight at Usagi.

    Assuming the other girl isn't quick enough to get out of the way, Kyouko straight-up tackles her. Luckily, Sailor Moon is in henshin and Kyouko isn't, the grass is soft, and Kyouko, while perhaps more rambunctious than appropriate, is not actually trying to hurt her, just pin her to the ground and exact revenge of a possibly tickling nature for ruining her throw.
Naru Osaka 2017-09-04 17:39:54 82292
Generally dirtbikes aren't SUPPOSED to be driven on the grassy part of the park, something about not tearing it up so that the grass is left for playing on and a lack of running down small children (and potentially not so small children). The sound of the dirtbike(s) arriving, especially in such a dramatic fashion and she takes a few steps back.

Away from bikes, from Tiara Actions, from tackling and from the utter and complete Chaos that has descended.

Seems like a good moment to retrieve her empty coffee cup and walk it just a little ways over towards the garbage can.
Usagi Tsukino 2017-09-04 17:46:47 82294
And here's a Makoto! Usagi waves excitedly as she threw her tiara. "Hi! Did you see my stop? I'm getting bett--"

And then, Sailor Moon, in true form and without an ounce of dramatics at all, nope, haha, clutches her hands over her heart. "Mamo-chan!!"

She races forward, going fast despite how slow it might appear to onlookers. A kyouko tackles her, but being in henshin, the poor girl is merely dragged along for the ride as she lands beside him. She cradles him to her, tears in her eyes, sparkles and fog surrounding them both

Mamo-chan! Have...have I killed you?! And...and...wouldn't the point go to me?"

She turns to Kyouko. "Sorry! I just saw a Thing and had to destroy the Thing!"

Poof! Usagi again! And Kyouko's heavier now.

The sudden break back into reality pops all the surrounding misty bubbles.
Makoto Kino 2017-09-04 17:52:19 82295
Makoto, watching all this play out from a more or less safe distance, can only blow out a breath and shake her head slowly. She's not going to try to got in the middle of that. Instead, she dismounts her bike and takes off her helmet, shaking her hair out before she secures the helmet to the handlebars. And, placidly - as though this kind of thing happens all the time, because it does - she walks her bike over to where Usagi abandoned hers.

Rather than try to wrangle it upright and walk both bikes at once, she simply hoists the pink dirtbike one-armed, bracing its unwieldy bulk against her shoulder. "Be right back," she calls to the others.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-09-04 17:52:30 82296
... Naru is dealing with the coffee cup, and is semi-custodian of the one frisbee still actively in play. Usagi and Mamoru and Kyouko are a tangled pile of henshin-or-no, but there doesn't seem to be any blood. Makoto is ... sensibly keeping her distance.

Kazuo checks ONCE MORE to make sure Nephrite has not suddenly manifested with a camera, and quietly, quietly, turns to hunt for the other frisbee.

... he has no idea which direction it actually went in. Or how far. This could be an embarrassing while.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-09-04 18:04:13 82297
    Kyouko does manage to hit Usagi, but apparently miscalculated exactly how much of a difference henshin vs. non would make, as she is dragged along in Sailor Moon's wake, squeaking in startlement and managing to maintain her grip through the few moments before Usagi falls down to her knees beside Mamoru and Kyouko, likewise, sprawls on the grass, panting.

    Usagi apologizes to her as she de-henshins, but Kyouko is still in roughhouse-mode, spurred on by the beautiful day and the excercise and also the faux-but-also-sort-of-real anger at getting smacked in the head by multiple frisbees. After laying there for a few moments to catch her breath, she gathers herself.. and pounces again. But this time, past Usagi and onto the now-henshined Tuxedo Mask. "Ha! You transported me to my real target!" She crows, as she attempts (probably futilely, since he is in henshin) to wrestle Mamoru back to the ground and sit on him.

    Naru and Kazuo and Makoto are probably wise to maintain a safe distance.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-09-04 18:06:20 82298
In a tiny voice, Mamoru just sort of says 'aaaaaaaa' as Usagi-and-Kyouko-pile does the cradling-shoujo-bubbles-sparkly-mist thing, and he ineffectually bats at either Usagi's arm or the bubbles, maybe like a cat. "I'm fine," he protests, "and we're not clay shooting, I don't think you get the point for exploding the frisbee. If anything, Kyouko gets it because of a foul. Maybe. Sometimes I think Ultimate should have a referee. Or at least," he says, starting to try to extricate himself from Usagi--

"KAZUO! MAKO-CHAN! HELP!" he screeches with the most amazing lack of dignity.
Naru Osaka 2017-09-04 18:06:48 82299
While Naru might have a frisbee over by the random collection of bags and blanket and somehow it seems like throwing a frisbee into that mix would be redundant. It's far more like a pile of puppies than something approximating an organized sport, with or without frisbees.

Blanket spread out, Naru stretches out on it, digging out a notebook and her pencil case and settling down to capture some of the scenes going on.
Usagi Tsukino 2017-09-04 18:12:16 82300
Usagi pouts. No point! And Kyouko's climbing over her like a cat.

Out of the corner of her eye she spots something amazing.

She drops Mamoru and scuttles out of the pile to get a better look.

"Mako-chan!" Her eyes are large hearts firing away at the tall girl. She's...carrying her bike! Out of henshin! "Mako-chan is amazing!"

So amazing, in fact, that the sound of undignified screeches and a tussle not far behind her is more of a muddled background noise.
Makoto Kino 2017-09-04 18:15:16 82301
The cry for help does draw Mako's attention, enough for her to glance back over the shoulder that isn't currently supporting a dirtbike and see Kyouko sitting on Mamoru.

It's not enough, apparently, to actually stop her. "Sorry, niisan!" she calls back. "I've gotta get these off the grass before we get in trouble!"

Mamoru, it seems, is on his own. Well, there's still Kunzite?
Kazuo Takeba 2017-09-04 18:19:26 82302
"Can't help," Kazuo calls back. "Too far away to hear. Also buried in branches." By which he means trying to extricate the frisbee from the bush he thinks it went into. There's something bright-plastic back there, anyway. Fortunately? Long spindly arms. He emerges a few seconds later, broad little almost-needles lurking among silver strands on one side of his head, and saunters back toward the slightly smaller pile and the hearts-in-eyes Usagi. Whose stare he glances after, and blinks. Then blinks again. ... no. No, Makoto is not in henshin. She's just doing that.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-09-04 18:27:48 82304
    Kyouko, triumphant, sits on Mamoru. At least she (comparitively) doesn't weigh much. Her mood markedly improved, she looks like the cat who got the cream, and smirks in a self-satisfied way. "So you see, when you ambush people, you lose the respect of your warriors!" She proclaims, despite the fact that 'ambushing people' is pretty much her entire MO in actual combat.

    She eyes Makoto carrying the bike, while not in henshin. "Nephrite is a lucky man." She mutters, to no one in particular, and it's impossible to tell exactly what she means by that. Then she looks down at Mamoru. "I'll let you up in exchange for the promise of ice cream later."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-09-04 18:39:11 82305
Mamoru looks more indignant than anything else at the sound betrayal of everyone in his moment of whiny baby. He glares up at Kyouko, then sulks. "You're all JERKS!" he yells, then glares at Kyouko some more. "You do not lose the respect of your warriors! Also I'm proud of you guys when you ambush people. It's seriously awesome. And I do not negotiate with terrorists."

He yells again, "I'm missing whatever Mako's doing that's amazing because Kyouko is sitting on me SOMEONE GET A GODDAMN PICTURE--"

--and reaches up to start tickling Kyouko with vicious glee. "This is not cricket! Or frisbee!"
Usagi Tsukino 2017-09-04 18:42:28 82306
There's very little that can drag Usagi out of adoring one of her friends being amazing.

Apparently, Kyouko knows the magical words.

"Ice cream?" She jerks her attention back to the tangled mess. Jealousy roils deep in the pit of her stomach. could this...why would it...

Oh, no, false alarm! Ice cream won't be had without her!

"Oh! Pictures!" Usagi pulls out her phone and snaps several before she just decides to take video.


He must see the amazingness that is Makoto!
Naru Osaka 2017-09-04 18:43:53 82307
Naru is not (generally) a horseplay kinda gal. She follows the gaze of everyone else in watching Mako haul a dirtbike singlehandedly (literally), quietly watching a moment before turning back to the collection of friends. Twigs in Kazuo's hair, ice cream extortion from Kyouko, gawking Usagi, Mamoru's protests.

Naru reaches into her satchel to collect out her phone, snapping a photo of Mako being awesome and texting it to Mamoru. Because clearly he can get to his phone just as well as he can look for himself.

Mamoru should have a wide selection when he gets to his phone.

Naru tosses her phone to the blanket lightly, landing next to the abandoned frisbee and picks up a pencil to settle in to a different sort of picture.
Makoto Kino 2017-09-04 18:52:59 82308
She can hear the fuss behind her, but frankly Makoto is focused on getting the bikes to a paved area suitable to park them on. She might be making it look mostly effortless, but the damn bike really is heavy.

So her only response to the general kerfuffle of admiration and, more immediately, Usagi's promise/threat of sending pictures to Mako's boyfriend is to call back, "KNOCK YOURSELF OUT!" She might be blushing a little, but it's not like anybody can see it from here.

Once the bikes are safely on pavement and out of trouble, she comes wandering back, absently working her aching shoulder. "So," she says breezily, "it looks like the frisbee practice escalated faster than I thought it would."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-09-04 18:57:06 82309
Kazuo offers Makoto the surviving frisbee he's still holding solemnly. Because offering it to Usagi even out of henshin just means the rest of them are already defeated. "Escalated," he says. "Fragmented. One of those things." He works his way behind Usagi, temporarily safe from the video, and gives her a one-armed hug. Even he is not immune to the bunny aura.

... and yes, he's still not rescuing Mamoru from Kyouko. Shame upon him. Shaaaaaame.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-09-04 19:02:56 82310
    As it turns out, Mamoru is not very much in need of rescuring anymore. This is because, as Naru and probably nobody else knows (prior to right now), Kyouko is extremely ticklish. The fact that this has not been general knowledge is largely due to the fact that she generally does not allow people close enough to tickle her. But now, she's made the mistake of dropping her guard.

    She shrieks as Mamoru starts tickling her, flailing and falling off of him onto the grass as she tries to scrabble away, laughing helplessly and kicking with her feet, though thankfully even in her spastic reaction to the tickles, not hard enough to really hurt, more trying to backpeddle away from him. Tears trickle down her cheeks within moments. "S-s-stop! Stop! Somebody stop him!" She says, between panted giggles.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-09-04 19:11:39 82311
That is a straight-up evil cackle, worthy of Professor Tomoe in a couple of story arcs, that erupts from Endymion as he discovers Kyouko's massive weak spot. "THANKS!" he yells to Naru and Usagi-- and only yanks Kyouko back toward him once, to make sure she gets the point, before letting her scramble away. It may have something to do with the kick that nearly gets him in the chin, but it probably has more to do with the fact that he really was just trying to get her off him.

Finally, he drags himself to his feet, laughing and panting, and brushes himself off. "Moon Frisbee Escalation," he chuffs out Mako-wards, then breezily gives Kunzite the finger and lets him wander around with needles and leaf-bits in his hair. "Are we gonna go back to playing Ultimate? Because I think... Usako just illustrated why we really should *all* be practicing together."
Usagi Tsukino 2017-09-04 19:16:22 82312
Usagi stops recording shortly after Makoto's affirmation that she could send them along. The text messages began with variations of look at how amazing she is! followed by heart eye emojis.

And then there's a Kunzite one-armed hug! She cares not about the frisbee being passed to someone other than herself, because hug! She leans back against it and snuggled the best she can with her back, the back of her hair likely getting messy as she makes happy little noises.

"I only fragmented the one!"

She turns toward Mamoru, eyes wide and large and sparkly. "I did? How did I do that? Are there teams? Am I on the evil team? I've been practicing my evil laugh. Mweeheeheee! Cower before me and give me ice cream! Everyone else has to do Mamo-chan's homework while Mamo-chan doesn't get to do any! Mweeheehee!"

More large eyes, eager and happy because progress! "See! I've been practicing!"
Makoto Kino 2017-09-04 19:18:01 82313
Mako accepts the frisbee from Kazuo almost as solemnly as he offered it, then ruins it by turning her head to make a face at Mamoru for his pun. "I was hoping to join in the practice," she agrees, flipping the plastic disc in her hands by way of illustration. "But if you guys need a break..." Side-eye towards Mamo and Kyouko.

To Usagi, she only raises her eyebrows a little. "Were we doing teams today?" she wonders. "I mean, I figured that was the plan eventually, but if today's an unofficial practice thing..."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-09-04 19:28:34 82314
"Today was more along the lines of Kyouko wanting someone to experiment against," Kazuo says, yielding Usagi to her evil-laugh practice and Mamosparkling. "Or at least, that was what it started out as. No telling what it is now."

He is pretending very hard that he did not see Kyouko shrieking a moment ago. Maybe if he protects the shards of her dignity, she won't publicize the demise of his.

(Hint: Naru saw it. It's already too late.)
Naru Osaka 2017-09-04 19:32:34 82315
Not only has Naru seen all, she's taking notes. And sketches. And is quietly being left to her own devices on a blanket on the sidelines.

"Based on the fairly widely varying frisbee skills all around, teams seems premature." Naru points out, although quietly enough that it might well not be heard over evil laughs demanding that other people do someone's homework.

That has not, historically, required compulsion to have happen.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-09-04 19:37:15 82316
    Kyouko is pursued until Mamoru decides to leave her be, and left gasping and giggling in the grass with tears streaming down her face for several long seconds after he finally relents and moves away from her. She sniffles a few times, still giggling, then drags herself up to hands and knees on the grass, head hanging. "You all are jerks!" She declares, loudly, the impact of her statement somewhat undermined by the fact that she's still giggling.

    She crawls her way over to where Naru sits on the blanket, flops down next to her girlfriend, and plops her head on Naru's lap, only half in the way of the sketchbook. "Everybody's mean to me." She sulks, while giving the girl her absolute best puppydog eyes. The fact that she's still flushed and breathless and her cheeks wet from the laughter-tears probably helps the image considerably.

    She leaves everyone else to figure out frisbree practice rules while she seeks consolation. She'll be better soon, though.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-09-04 19:48:13 82317
Mamoru shifts his weight. "Do we even have enough frisbees anymore?" he asks the group at large, then eyes Usagi nervously. "No no don't be evil please don't be evil I really really don't want anyone else touching my homework..."

Another shift, maybe a little more uncomfortable, and he reaches up to rub the back of his neck. There are grass-stains on him, too, but he kind of doesn't care because they're proof he's been Participating. A glance from Usagi to Kazuo, then to Kyouko with her head on Naru's lap, then a sort of half-apologetic half-pleading look at Makoto when he finally answers Usagi's actual question.

"Um-- well-- we need to practice stuff together because of not wanting to get busted by friendly fire when actually involved in fighting. And we don't have a lot of that. So Kazuo got Neil to suggest some team sports. It's like training, but no-powers, and friendlier. Just, you know, getting some experience working together and learning how everyone moves..." He pauses and coughs into his hand. "And some of that has to do with not applying the full force of deadly attack reflex to things that surprise us."
Usagi Tsukino 2017-09-04 20:00:06 82318
She shrugs at Makoto. "I don't know. I only paid attention long enough to have heard 'frisbee.'"

Usagi blinks at Mamoru. "I wasn't really! Don't worry!" Then, because she's such a giving and loving girlfriend. "If it makes you feel better, you can do my homework as well as yours! Fear not, Mamo-chan!"

And she has her phone out still, so she takes a couple of pictures of Kyouko and Naru being cute and quickly texts them along!

She absently plucks foliage from Kunzite's hair as she listens to Mamoru. At the end she gasps, affronted! "I was on the adrenaline thingy of my landing! Er, I mean, landing? Pfff, no, braking. I braked perfectly. The wheels didn't leave the ground! Hah!" She shakes bits of foliage at Mamoru. "Something was flying at you, Mamo-chan, you just got in the way of my dashing rescue!"
Makoto Kino 2017-09-04 20:04:26 82319
"Ohhhhhh," says Makoto, sudden understanding sweeping over her expression. "Neil just mentioned 'non-magical training,' but that makes a lot of sense."

A beat, then another, as Usagi defends her actions, and then Mako is raising her eyebrows again. Lifting the frisbee that's still in her hands, she waggles it a little. "Not exactly a deadly weapon," she comments. "Tiara-ing it was probably overkill, I think is Mamoru-niisan's point."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-09-04 20:08:38 82320
Kazuo tugs lightly at one of Usagi's tails -- lightly enough, and there's enough hair in those things, that while it's technically a hairpull, it's not going to actually hurt. "After all," he says, "occasionally when things are flying at Mamoru, they turn out to be Zoisite. So we all need the practice. Besides. It'll make your rescues even more dashing."
Naru Osaka 2017-09-04 20:11:41 82321
"Yes, love." Naru lifts her sketchbook to let Kyouko settle upon her, and sets it back down on the other knee to be able to brush Kyouko's hair with her fingers. "We'll all jerks. Totally." Her tone is dry, vaguely amused, but dry.

"I think there's at least two frisbees.. possibly three if there's another over here somewhere." Naru replies to Mamoru's query. "Although truthfully, once you've established who is playing the game, there's no surprise left.. or shouldn't be. Having an innate sense of how everyone moves together is still super helpful if you ask me. It's those moments before you've established that it is a game, and who is playing that provides the practice in not freaking out at every frisbee or passing leaf."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-09-04 20:14:28 82322
    "You're not a jerk." Kyouko clarifies to Naru, seeming to have her sulks cured rapidly enough by comisseration and hair-petting. She listens in silence as Naru opines on the value of learning to deal with surprises, but doesn't comment- she can see the value in both types of practice, but one is easier to arrange than the other.

    After a few moments, she rolls over, keeping her head on Naru's lap but moving so she can eye the collected 'jerks' as they seek out the frisbees. Her vigor is already returning, and she's just milking her victimhood for a few more moments of Naru-attention before she gets back up to rejoin the fun.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-09-04 20:38:49 82323
Mamoru starts looking unimpressed when Usagi tries to shove her homework off on him, though he grudgingly has to acknowledge that that was pretty smooth. And then she starts trying to defend her reaction, and his pleading look to Makoto pays off infinitely as she explains 'overkill' to Usagi. And then he gives Kunzite a rueful, crooked kind of smile. "Or they're small children with guns and Zoisite is the one with the disproportionate response-- even if it arguably wasn't-- which is why he really does need to participate even if he doesn't want to.

A glance at Kyouko, and he considers -- briefly -- the merits of manpain and how he could have responded to Usagi cradling him with tears in his eyes, then rapidly discards the consideration and shakes his head. Naru gets a grin. "That should be true. But a lot of us do actually have the distraction-and-surprise tactic in our wheelhouses, so I wouldn't discount someone accidentally getting stabbed or rosed or escalated even if everyone's accounted for."

He spreads his hands out. "So-- let's start over! I mean if you guys want to."
Usagi Tsukino 2017-09-04 20:45:02 82324
She pouts at Mamoru when her clever ploy of homework foisting doesn't work.

Usagi looks at Makoto as though she just suggested studying over the weekend. "Et tu, Mako-chan? After I just platonically swooned and sent along even more evidence of how amazing you are even though it wasn't necessary because duh you're Mako-chan and Mako-chan and amazing are synothingies?"

And then! Kunzite! Oh, but no, wait! She preens a little, chest puffy and all. "The dashingest of rescues!"

She gets her Determined Face on. "Yes. We must avoid projectile Zoi-kuns and all sorts of things! For dashing rescues and teamwork!"

She pauses and strokes her chin. "How do you catch a frisbee, anyway? Is it the same as catching a tiara?" She cringes at the thought. "Will it bruise?"
Makoto Kino 2017-09-04 20:57:35 82326
Makoto pretends to hide behind the frisbee at Usagi's chiding. Possibly to hide her silent laughter. At that last question, though, she lowers it again and shakes her head with a smile. "It's just plastic," she assures - and, by way of demonstration, reaches out with the plastic disc to tap Usagi lightly on the shoulder. Bop. "Your tiara's a lot heavier... and, you know, magic. Somebody'd have to throw it really hard, and even then it'd probably only sting a little, unless you caught it with your face."

Then she's grinning brightly over at Mamoru. "Anyway, I'm definitely game!" And, putting her proverbial money where her mouth is, she takes off running, long strides quickly putting distance between herself and the others.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-09-04 21:06:47 82327
"We mere mortals frequently have to use two hands to catch one, though," Kazuo notes solemnly to Usagi. Or, in his case, two hands and his chest. No comment on Kyouko's ... incident. Usagi missed that one, Kyouko can continue to keep her dignity for a few moments longer. He stretches for a moment, rolling his shoulders, then starts after Mako: longer strides, but slower, almost sedate. "Come find out. Just watch out for Kyouko; I think she's decided today that she's secretly descended from Xena, Warrior Princess, and also lumberjacks. No surprise, Neil's impressed her lately."
Kyouko Sakura 2017-09-04 21:14:22 82328
    Kyouko remains on Narulap for several more minutes, enjoying the attention even despite her normal aversion to PDA, and despite Usagi not-so-stealthily taking pictures. When people start to spread out for more frisbeeing, though, she slowly sits up. Mostly recovered from her various 'injuries' of the past little while, she shakes her head as she pushes hair back from her face. "What do you mean secretly?" She calls to Kazuo, snorting. "I'll practice more.. just gimme a minute. You guys go ahead and get some throws in before I come and wreck you all." For the moment, she remains seated near Naru, and just watches.
Naru Osaka 2017-09-04 21:21:36 82329
Naru gives Kyouko a little nudge as she sits up, leaning in to steal a kiss upon the other girl's cheek.

"I think it's just safe to say that most of you are, for good reason, jumpy as cats." Naru points out to Mamoru at his comment about distraction and ambush tactics.

Sketchbook down, Naru's got the other frisbee to hand, and she pushes herself to her feet and sends frisbee #2 in a solid throw down Kazuo's way. Let's see how this one does for him managing to catch things.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-09-04 21:29:05 82330
Okay, action again and with maybe less magic, fiiiinally! "Yes good--" calls Mamoru, grinning, then jogging over to scrabble in the stuff by Naru's blanket for more bright plastic. With this many showoff players, two frisbees just isn't enough. He produces a searing red one and looks pleased for a second, then bounces to his feet and takes off running with it.

He limits his showing-off this time to doing a spin before loosing the disc in Usagi's direction, like he's throwing a discus in his track and field days. It's a nonstandard way to throw a frisbee, but it's also not unheard-of. "Usako! Heads up!"
Usagi Tsukino 2017-09-04 21:31:51 82331
Usagi slumps a little in relief. "Phew! You're right. Just plastic. And getting hit in the face with that has got to hurt less than getting hit in the face with a tiara!" She jerks a little as a single drop of sweat rolls down her forehead. "Not that, ah, that's ever me..."

She takes note of two hands! "Right! I probably couldn't catch it with--"

Usagi turns and gapes at Kunzite before an inhuman noise escapes her mouth.

Did he just...

"Did you just..."

He did! He did!

Usagi squeals and nearly glomps Kunzite's arm in a hug as he is walking! "You made a pop culture reference I am so proud of yooooou!"

She holds onto the arm and pokes one of the plastic disks. "I will use you to annihalate my enemies, for I know how to throw you!"

This is said just loud enough for Kyouko to hear! (Of course, whether she has the yen to go with those words...)

But then a shriek, because hurtling plastic disk!

It is much scarier when not in henshin!

She runs around in a circle for a moment, both away and toward it.

How to catch! One hand, two hands, she doesn't know!

"Usagi frisbee tackle!"

So of course she just pounces it.

"VICTORY IS MINE!!!" She holds up the disk before hurtling it through the air once more!

Up, up. up!
Makoto Kino 2017-09-04 21:34:02 82332
Glancing back over her shoulder as she jogs, Mako spots Kazuo in her wake and grins, lengthening her stride a little. Only when there's a good bit of distance between herself and most of the rest of the group does she pull up enough to turn towards them, winding up the frisbee for a throw.

"Niisan!" she calls as she lets the disc fly with... probably more vigor than was really called for.

It's not a Kyouko-style tree-killer, at least, but it's definitely caught more air than Mako actually intended, sailing well over Kazuo's head on its arc. "...Oops," Mako murmurs as her eyes track its path. Somebody might have to chase after that one.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-09-04 21:45:16 82333
"All talk and hair," Kazuo calls back to Kyouko, but does not challenge Naru's summary of their reactions. Mostly because Usagi has his arm; he cannot go anywhere without trailing a blonde. For a few seconds. Then she releases just in time, because Naru throwing the (stupid) (despicable) plastic disc makes him actually have to break into a run.

... and duck. Because it never looks like a frisbee is going to go over one's head, and MAKOTO JUST CARRIED A DIRTBIKE.

He catches his -- yes, two-handed -- but drops to one knee, half-skidding on the grass, to keep himself from going over completely. And it's from that pose that he tosses his back to Makoto. This may qualify as reloading.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-09-04 21:48:14 82334
    "Hey, not that much hair anymore!" Kyouko calls back to Kazuo, grinning, and grinning also at Naru as she steals a cheek-smooch. She watches the frisbees getting tossed about for a few moments, rolling her eyes (though playfully) at the various attempts to both throw and catch effectively. It's not like she's some kind of expert or anything. She's just naturally pretty good at hurling things at people.

    After a moment she gets up to her feet, though she doesn't move too far from where she is, on the grass nearby Naru. She bounces on her toes and holds her arms up in the air. "Hey! I'm open! Somebody hit me!" Possibly not the wisest choice of words, under the circumstances.
Naru Osaka 2017-09-04 22:02:48 82335
Clearly that comment from Kyouko just begs for Naru to take a step over closer to Kyouko and reach over to give her an utterly token punch on the shoulder. "Sorry, I don't have a frisbee to hit you with." She grins, and then takes a few more steps back.

If a plastic disc comes in this direction, it's a good bet that the bouncy and freshly enthusiastic Kyouko will snag it long before it gets anywhere near Naru. No running required.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-09-04 22:10:56 82337
"So you're literally all talk? Maybe you shouldn't've cut your hair--" Mamoru sasses Kyouko-wards--

--and then his head snaps toward Makoto at her call and he starts running full-tilt.

Kazuo, looking up, is directly in his path.

This could be terrible, this could be a crash to end all human-on-human crashes--!

But! No: Mamoru is already running, so he's got enough speed (and enough leg strength, even out of henshin) to pull off a running leap. "BRACE!" he yells at Kazuo, and jumps. If Chris Pratt can clear six feet with one leap, Mamoru can, and does, actually pull off a videogame move and land on Kazuo's shoulders with both feet, then push off instantly to get the air involved in grabbing Makoto's frisbee out of its arc.

He twists while still in flight, and lands in a one-handed backflip which puts him back on his feet, and keeps spinning--

--then releases Mako's yellow frisbee in Kyouko's direction.

He only looks smug for a split second before his eyes widen and he cups his hands around his mouth and yells towards Kunzite, "ARE YOU OKAY?"

Unfortunately, this involves not actually looking up anymore, since his eyes are on his white-haired guardian. The red frisbee, gone straight up with Usagi's throw, finally finishes its graceful arc by landing square on Mamoru's head.

That is a MOST undignified squawk.
Usagi Tsukino 2017-09-04 22:16:57 82338
Usagi winces as her frisbee goes up some more, and up, and...

She really should have taken into account the whole difference in weight thing.

But then she is distracted and she just...

Stares at Mamoru.

Being agile and graceful.

And so pretty.

"I want to kiss you right now."

Of course, she is too distracted by him to notice her thrown projectile and then it lands. She squeaks!

"Sorry, Mamo-chan!" But oh, she catches it!

"I got it!" And then, Kyouko wants frisbees! She hurls it toward her!
Makoto Kino 2017-09-04 22:20:30 82339
Makoto hasn't played frisbee in longer than she can remember, but her general physical aptitude always serves her well, and Kunzite's aim is good. When the white frisbee comes at her, she snatches it out of the air one-handed without missing a beat.

She's taking a step back, eyes sweeping the field in search of another likely target, when Mamoru's stunt brings her thought processes screeching to a halt. Even after he's landed, for a moment or two all she can do is stare.

It's only when the red frisbee lands on his head and he yelps that the moment is broken. Then - after a half a beat to be satisfied that Kunzite is in fact okay - she cocks back her arm and wings the white frisbee at the back of Mamoru's head. "Showoff."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-09-04 22:38:00 82340
Kazuo is alas prevented from giving Naru an approving nod, because he's ducking his head down and, well, bracing: both forearms crossed just above his knee to give his shoulders more than one point of support, and give Mamoru a steadier platform. The takeoff is marked by a quiet grunt, not from Mamoru; he's lifting his head after, glancing around warily for a --

He'd tell Mamoru 'fine' right there, but the word gets eaten by the indelicate snort he gives at Mamoru's sudden acquisition of a new hat.

His only comment at Makoto's turn for vengeance is to duck his head again. Around these people, sometimes it's safer on the ground.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-09-04 22:41:17 82341
    Kyouko grins as Naru throws her frisbee.. and then laughs, clapping her hands together, as Mamoru performs a rather acrobatic manuver with the aid of human-furniture-Kunzite. "Nice hustle, boss!" She calls out to him, only for her eyes to widen slightly as she processes the fact that not one, but two frisbees are suddenly heading back in her direction.

    The hesitation only lasts for a moment. Her hand snaps out, and she snatches the yellow frisbee out of the air with a deft hand. Turning, she whips her arm out and hits the incoming red frisbee with the yellow frisbee, knocking it straight up in the air. Then, while it's above her, she deftly tosses the yellow frisbee from one hand to the other before whipping it across towards Mako-chan.

    She then deftly snags the now-descending red frisbee and in the same motion, spins and tosses it out towards Kunzite. "Think fast, nii-chan!" She calls, laughing. Mamoru isn't the only one who gets to show off!
Naru Osaka 2017-09-04 22:48:27 82342
As predicted, Kyouko takes care of frisbees that are headed in her (and by extension Naru's) direction.

There's a little shake of her head and a snicker at the climbing and bouncing all over each other, not generally part of most frisbee games, but most games aren't this crew.

The temptation to settle back on the blanket with her sketchbook is there, visible in the glance to the abandoned notebook, and the pause. No frisbees, it would be easy.

A sigh, and Naru turns back, to head further into the game, coming to lift a hand, and see if she ends up with a plastic disc to try and catch.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-09-04 22:57:34 82343
Usagi manages to catch the red one as it bounces off Mamoru's head, which he's still rubbing a moment later as Makoto exacts her revenge. He does see Kunzite straightening up, and Kunzite's ducking is the only warning he actually has (because Mako saying 'showoff' doesn't count) before he gets clocked in the head again, this time with the white frisbee.

He winces and flinches away a second late, managing only to fumblingly catch the thing with both hands before it hits the ground--

--and a second later, he's squinting around the field, picking out where everyone is. Hey! Naru's barely moved. Needs to be fixed, clearly. In a moment.

White disc in hand, he turns it over and shakes it out, and his top hat accordions out of it.

Then, "Naru!" he calls out, and deliberately throws the white frisbee at an angle so if she wants to catch it, she will have to run. At least a bit. Disc disposed of, he jams his top hat on his head, pulling it down a little further than is stylish and cocking it backwards, so that at least the top and part of the back of his head are protected.
Usagi Tsukino 2017-09-04 23:03:52 82344
With no flying death coming her way, Usagi is able to just admire everything around her.

She cups her hands around her mouth and calls out. "Yay Mako-chan! Don't kill him too much! Hey, Kyou-kun! If we were smooch buddies, I'd totally want to smooch you just now, too!"

Cheers for all!

There is a top hat.

She wants to wear the hat.

She has a Goal now.
Makoto Kino 2017-09-04 23:11:04 82345
Mako is still kind of shaking her head when the yellow disc comes at her, not that it stops her from lunging to intercept it. Once the frisbee is safely in hand, she plants her other hand on her hip and stands, watching the others move and the other frisbees fly and - contemplating.

Her head tilts a little, then, and if anyone's watching her particularly it may seem very much like Makoto's attention is no longer on the game. Whatever the distraction is, though, it doesn't last long; in the next moment she smiles, slow and broad, and her stance shifts in preparation to draw back and throw.

...just who the heck she's throwing to may be less clear. It looks, at first, like she's aiming for Kyouko - except midway through the frisbee's arc the wind picks up and catches under the rim of the spinning plastic disc, curving its trajectory until it's sailing in towards Kazuo from the side.

Makoto stands and watches it go, looking undeniably satisfied with herself.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-09-04 23:19:38 82346
Kunzite's entire job is being human furniture. Well, some of it. Well, at least one part in ten. Maybe twenty.

His job right now is also getting to his feet fast, because he needs to lunge and catch the red frisbee Kyouko tossed; a quick turn lofts it back toward the Most Distracted Player. Specifically, Usagi and her designs on the top hat. Whether this is to test Usagi's situational awareness or to guard Mamoru's possessions, or because Kazuo thinks somebody else needs a Moon Surprise, is anyone's guess.

Maybe he just thinks the red is officially Usagi's now.

Good. Good, he should be safe for a moment. Mako's tossing to --

oh that's not Kyouko --

That comment about catching two-handed is great when people actually have the time to turn. Kazuo tries for a one-handed catch. This would have been better if the wind were not actually lifting the disc. At least he doesn't catch it with his face, just under his chin.

When he actually has the thing in his hand, he pauses to give it a glare as if it were the subject of personal vendetta before whipping it back in Naru's direction. Not too fast. Not bruising fast. Just ... cranky.

Plastic 3, Kazuo 1.
Naru Osaka 2017-09-04 23:36:37 82347
Barely left the safety of the blanket and the 'out of game' section where Naru can hide and just watch. Watch all the antics and Watch.

Still, there's a frisbee coming her direction and some unspoken implication that Naru doesn't run or something. She might hate doing sprints, but they are completely different when it's a sprint to be able to get to the first of the ... wait.. two? Two discs coming her direction?

Naru puts on an extra bit of speed, and her diminuative stature means that she needs to jump to stag the white one. It can't stay in her hand long, and she sends it off towards Makoto, attempting to pull off a move that's half cat as she tries to change direction in the air.

That first landing is best categorized as awkward, but by how Naru takes off after the yellow frisbee next, she's been watching Luna as she lunges for it.

Naru gets fingertips onto the yelow frisbee, and then scrabbles to yank it closer to her as she tries to yank it against her. The second landing is really more Naru curling around a yellow frisbee as she tries for something in a landing that looks as if she meant to do that. There's a summersault and a really /pathetic/ wobbly throw of a frisbee that sort of skitters vaguely towards Kyouko.
Kyouko Sakura 2017-09-05 00:03:48 82348
    Kyouko does her best cheerleader impression when she watches Naru do her best to catch two frisbees at once, even if she does it with less flair than Kyouko herself had a few minutes ago. "Yay! Nice catch, Naru!" She shouts, throwing a fist in the air and bouncing on her toes.

    Of course, that second frisbee is then sent wobbling towards her at a very sedate pace. Kyouko steps forward a bit, then casually hooks a foot under it, kicking it up to hand-level so she can snag it out of the air and spin it on her fingertip. "We'll work on your throwing." She sticks her tongue out playfully, then laughs, before turning and tossing the yellow frisbee back towards Mamoru. "Although, I'm getting kinda hungry.. is it almost suppertime?"
Mamoru Chiba 2017-09-05 00:11:22 82349
It's hard for Usagi to sneak up on Mamoru. Mamoru totally knows she's on her way--

--until he catches sight of the yellow frisbee headed his way out of the corner of his eye and forgets he's being stalked because he does NOT want to get hit in the head again. Even with hat.

He whirls to catch it, and is just holding it up in triumph and about to spin it off toward Kazuo when...
Usagi Tsukino 2017-09-05 00:15:28 82351
That hat. That glorious beautiful hat. It taunts her dreams and she realizes now she has never worn it before.

It's possible she had, of course, but in this instance she is absolutely certain she hasn't.

This crime against fashion must be rectified.

Who cares if it isn't smaller with a twin so that both her odango could enjoy one for themselves. This is Mamo-chan's hat and it must be girlfriend stolen.

It is law, decreed by the ancient gods themselves that girlfriends can totally--


YAY! With Mamoru distracted, she perches the tophat on her head, one odango poking out and looking completely adorable and--


Dazed, Usagi holds out her hand in the exact spot she knows the frisbee would fall after having struck against her head.

What mortal dared.

(That a vehicle with its windows rolled down blasting the beginnings of 'O Fortuna' happens to be passing at that moment is, of course, completely unrelated to the state of the universe.)

Who did this.

Her eyes scan the gathered players.

A quick bit of unconcious calculation, take in account wind resistance, calibrate for weight...


It's out of her hands before she realizes what she's done!

"Oh, shoot! Duck, duck! Everyone! Aieee! The red death is upon you all!"

Or it would be, if the 'red death' was actually a moon tiara and not a floppy piece of plastic.

And this is really how chaos descends on a group of unpowered superheroes.