Mina Stay Out Of It!

Minako runs into Ami at the Crown and they talk about Takashi and Schools but mostly Takashi and Minako's mom saves the day via a chore phone call from Ami having to answer any more awkward questions!

Date: 2017-10-23
Pose Count: 22
Minako Aino 2017-10-23 23:45:39 85351
    Minako Aino is busily playing the Sailor V Arcade game like she always is because there isn't enough 'MINA's in the scoreboard and she's playing percision scores right to the point of edging out people then dying, and doing it again. MINA. MINA. MINA.
    Artemis is perched on her shoulder watching her play. She's whispering to the cat and the cat is whispering back. Not that anyone notices. "I think we should add Ace to the game." she says to Artemis. Artemis scoffs. "Why? He's doing good on his own. He doesn't need training.". Minako grins. "Nah I just want him to get a kick outta being famous." she grins like an idiot. "He'd HATE it."
    Artemis rolls his eyes forlornly as he watches Minako beat another score off the high score table.
    "Another one bites the dust!" she exclaims.
Ami Mizuno 2017-10-23 23:49:14 85352
Ami Mizuno walks into the Crown Arcade and spots a familiar white cat. Oh and a blonde beside him. "Hi, Mina-chan," she says brightly, before gently scritching Artemis on the head. "How are you doing today?" She settles in on the next game over--blissfully empty--and watches for a moment. "You're really good at this," she says with a wry grin. Because of course she would be.
Minako Aino 2017-10-23 23:58:43 85353
    The Sailor V game came into existence because Artemis needed to train Sailor Venus how to fight and be a crime fighter or something. She's the expert at it! --- and she knows all the cheats and you'll never beat her high score ever.
    "Hi, Mizuno-san!" says Artemis. "Hi Ami-chan!" she says Minako.
    "Of course I am! I am the best at the Sailor V game." she says. Of course, under the game rests the entrance into the weird Senshi Command Center. But they're here in the Crown right now. She leans against the machine as she turns to face Ami, sitting on that stool in front of the game.
    "So. Taka-baka try to talk to you again in all this time yet?" she asks with wide eyes. Because of course the Senshi of LOoooooovveEEE would want to know things like that.
Ami Mizuno 2017-10-24 00:01:06 85354
Ami Mizuno smiles at Artemis. "Hello, Artemis-san," she says. Scritchscritch again. Then she smiles at Minako, a but shyly. "...I actually ran into him Saturday. It was.... awkward. Weird. But... kind of nice, when we weren't talking about the elephant in the room." A sigh, before she curls up on the stool she's sitting on and watches Mina-chan with Artemis.
Minako Aino 2017-10-24 00:13:51 85355
    Artemis enjoys scritches because he's a cat but a mooncat but mooncats still like cat things being done at them. Scritches. He gets the base of his ears into it he can. Mrow, rrrr, purrrr!
    "Elephant in the room being how he's a big dumb jerk, right?" she asks leaning forward. "I can get that. At least you managed to talk about other things."
    "--and more importantly it's a start!" she grins.
    "If you need help with him let me know!" she smiles even wider.
    "Mina stay out of it." whispers Artemis.
    "Awwww..." mutters Minako.
Ami Mizuno 2017-10-24 00:16:16 85356
Laughing, Ami keeps scritching Artemis. She loves the moonkitties! She scritches wherever he wants her to because she's a sucker for a kitty. "Yes. Elephant in the room as to how he's being a big dumb jerk," she agrees, sighing softly. She's about to reply to the rest but Artemis beats her to it, and she lets out the tiniest of sighs of relief.
Minako Aino 2017-10-24 00:24:01 85357
    Some cats are herded. Artemis is a cat that herds. Figure that one out, Mizuno. Artemis gives Ami a wink because he saw that one from a mile away.
    "Well. Still!" she huffs at Ami. "You should talk to him more. I understand a little about that stuff. But I don't know Taka-baka well enough to make suggestions. I should change that."
    "Mina. No." says Artemis.
    "Mina, yes!" insists Minako. "Besides I've been meaning to talk to him anyways. I hear a lot about him but haven't met him. And any good detective gets to know people." she narrows her eyes.
    Minako thinks a moment. "So no major emergencies right now? I mean besides that Pumpkin Spice thing." she makes a face. "No people threating to explode into dark energy beings or anything now right?" she asks cautiously.
Ami Mizuno 2017-10-24 00:26:46 85358
Ami blanches when Minako says she's going to talk to Takashi. "Don't," she begs. "Oh, please, especially if you're calling him 'Taka-baka'. I can only see it going badly." She bites her lip and frets, visibly, wringing her hands softly.

After a moment, she calms down enough to say, "Not that I've heard." She swallows a little, eyes still big, a little panicked, but her voice sounds normal. She scritches Artemis in silence for a moment.
Minako Aino 2017-10-24 00:32:16 85359
    Minako Aino leans forward. "Well I won't call him Taka-baka to his face! Only Usa-chan gets away with that." she says. "-but she's Usagi and I think guys feel ashamed when she gets angry at them. I think it's a super power....." she whispers over to Artemis. "Need to test that fact." she says.
    Artemis rolls his eyes but takes the note. Because maybe Artemis notices that took.
    "Besides I bet I'll stun and amaze him with my brilliance! He'll be speechless!"
    "He'll be speechless alright." says Artemis.
    "Don't worry! It's not like I'll be wearing my 'Personal Ambassador of Ami Mizuno' T-shirt. I don't even have a shirt like that!" she says. "He won't be upset at you. He'll be upset at me!"

Artemis sighs. "Like that's a stretch."
Ami Mizuno 2017-10-24 00:33:37 85360
Ami watches Minako and--well--she sighs. "I appreciate it, Minako," she says hesitantly, "and I love that you're sticking up for me, I guess. But I got this." She nods, once, firmly. "I promise. Gotta save him before I unleash your brilliance on him." And then she grins.
Minako Aino 2017-10-24 00:38:20 85361
    Artemis eyes Minako. Then looks back to Ami. "Ya know, if Mina is gonna insist to help you, you should help her with Kunzite and talk to him and stuff for no good reason but to meddle."
    Minako eyes go wide a moment like she's caught in headlights. "Hey! No. Bad kitty! No sending anyone to mess!" she says wagging a finger at Artemis.
    "What you wanna meddle, people get to meddle back!" he says, shrugging his tiny arms attached to those tiny adorable paws.
    Minako Aino huffs and crosses her arms on the stool and looks sour now. "She better not mess things up." she says.
    "She hasn't even said she's going to. I'm just showing you how it feels." Artemis says flatly.
    "HE LIKES CARADMON COOKIES." she exclaims.
    Artemis facepaws. Yup.
    "F-fine. If you got it, fine Ami-chan but if I run into him on happen stance I'm asking questions!" she wags a finger again.
Ami Mizuno 2017-10-24 00:39:57 85362
Ami Mizuno nods. "Fair compromise," Ami says, cheering up immensely. "Just don't attack him. He hates that."
Minako Aino 2017-10-24 00:51:10 85363
    Minako Aino crosses her arms. "I'm not attacking him unless he's doing something attack worthy like draining energy or trying to rule the world or something evil like that because I think Mamoru-kun has dibs on the Earth first." she says.
    She stands up and brushes her school uniform out. "Let's walk upstairs." she says as Artemis follows along, riding Minako's shoulder.
    "I want a strawberry milkshake." she says. "Do you want something Ami-chan? My treat." she sings.
Ami Mizuno 2017-10-24 00:52:16 85364
Ami Mizuno stands and follows Minako. "I'd love a chocolate milkshake. Thank you, Mina-chan, that's very generous of you!" she praises her friend. "I'll meet you at the booth over there, or would you like company in line?"
Minako Aino 2017-10-24 01:02:38 85365
    Minako raises her finger. "Go sit, just a second!~" she says. She escapes into line and, at least five minutes later with a chocolate milkshake and a strawberry milkshake. She takes a hard sip, but not so fast as to give herself a brainfreeze.
    Though Artemis would claim her brain is probably always frozen.
    "How's school going?" she asks. "I don't go to your guys schools so I dunno how it is other there in Seiyou." she says. "Seishou is always just Seishou and it's big damn castle self." she grins.
Ami Mizuno 2017-10-24 01:05:29 85366
Ami Mizuno grins. "Things at Seiyou are going pretty well." Ami would think so, being super-smart. "I like school." Obviously. "I'd love to spend a day at the various schools around, though," she says dreamily. "I bet there's a better school than Seiyou."
Minako Aino 2017-10-24 01:09:18 85367
    Minako grins that cheesy wide grin. "You should enroll into the school Takashi's in. I bet you're get in easy." she says with a sparkle in her eye.
    "-and you'd be able to see him more often." she says sipping her shake. "Except that means leaving the others behind. Not like they're following you there probably." she says. "I mean I doubt Usagi would even make it past the testing exames for Infinity." she says with a giggle.
Ami Mizuno 2017-10-24 01:11:26 85368
Ami Mizuno sips her milkshake more quietly, thoughtfully. "I don't think I want to change schools just for a boy. I like Seiyou; I just have a bit of curiosity, is all." She smiles at Minako then. "Tell me about what it's like at Seishou."
Minako Aino 2017-10-24 01:21:00 85369
    Minako listens and shakes her head. "But Infinity is for really smart people too." she says softly. She smirks a little. She likes to tease! She can do that at least. Then she sighs.
    "Seiyou only LOOKS awesome because it's in the big castle building?" she asks. "But it's a fairly normal school really. Modern facilities but lots of them." she says.
    "No special classes or events though." she says.
Ami Mizuno 2017-10-24 01:23:08 85370
Ami Mizuno laughs softly. "That's fair. I know. But I like where I'm at," she says. "Being curious doesn't mean I'm ready to upset my entire routine. Besides, if Takashi and I... well, if things go bad, it'd be.. ugly. So I don't want to do that," she explains.

"Oh, that's probably frustrating." Ami has no idea what a normal student would like. "I'd love some new classes."
Minako Aino 2017-10-24 01:39:54 85371
    Minako purses her lips. "Hard to add new classes in public school like where I and you go to." she says. "Goverment circulium and all." she says. "It's important but boring!" she insists.
    Minako only acts dumb after all. It's a cover for a nearly genius level stragetist and detective! School is important! She sipppps more of her shake.
    "Aren't things already bad kinda there?" she asks. "I mean. Do you guys still consider yourself... things...?" she asks.
    BEFORE Ami can answer that. (Fortunately for her!) her phone rings. "Huh?" she answers. "NRg Mommmmm dad was supposed to do the dishes." a pause. Tiny voice on the phone. "Yessss I know he's a deadbeat. Yessss I know I don't wanna end up like dad. But Mo---" tiny voice. Huff from Minako. "Finnnne. I'll be home soon."
    "Mom is having company over and needs stuff cleaned. I'm sorry Ami-chan!" she says.
    "We'll talk another time soon, okies?" she asks.
Ami Mizuno 2017-10-24 01:41:23 85372
Ami Mizuno waves to Minako. "Have a good night," she says cheerfully, if in mildly confused fashion.