This Spice Isn't Nice!

Eclipse has put dark energy in the city's Pumpkin Spice supply!

Date: 2017-10-24
Pose Count: 52
Takashi Agera 2017-10-24 23:11:31 85396
Approximately one hour ago, Mamoru Chiba recieved a text message from Takashi Agera, reading thus:

    Remember the Pumpkin Spice? They're going to start putting it in the Darkbucks drinks. The one just under Clover Tower. Tonight. You've got like... an hour before the tainted stuff starts getting used. Probably want to bring friends.

And, true enough, when the allotted time came, the *extremely busy* Darkbucks had shifted the flavorings around to the 'new special blend' and the drinks being passed over the countertops seemed a little bit... more darkly orange than before, to anyone who cared to look. A strange surge of energy radiated out, and while the people paid for the drinks, both the cashiers and patrons seem... a little out of it, dull eyed, going through motions more than focused.

Takashi Agera grumbled as he carted a box of the tainted spices into the serving area from the back, glaring at the tall woman. "This is still a stupid idea, you know. Out in public like this. I promise you, you're gonna get attention sooner or later."
Mamoru Chiba 2017-10-24 23:16:04 85397
It's entirely possible that everyone's already here, since as soon as he got that text, he copied the contents and texted it to every non-dark magical person he knew and also posted it on HeartNET.

And then he went in to Darkbucks himself and got a comfy chair in the secluded-ish corner with his back to the wall and a book to read while drinking burnt black unflavored coffee with a mask of supercilious superiority. After all, it's the best way for him to be inconspicuous in a coffee chain that has comfy chairs. It's entirely possible that he has in fact also set up his old phone in a potted plant, plugged in and recording.

He does nothing for the moment.
Sayaka Miki 2017-10-24 23:29:22 85398
Unfortunately, Sayaka had already headed to Darkbucks to grab one of 'em tasty 'Pumpkin Spice' lattes that were all the rave these days. And of course it's busy because, c'mon, pumpkin spice! Fortunately she had managed to obtain an untainted latte before the switch-over, and after finding a seat, only then did she peer at her phone and Mamoru's text message, and nearly choked on her latte, frantically typing in a response.

**Mamoru-san? Are you here? Looks like it's already started! People look kinda funny..What should we do??**

Peering carefully back at her drink and comparing it to those of some dull-eyed passers by, she is quite relieved to see that, in fact, her drink is quite 'normal' and she doesn't actually have to toss it out. Which is good, because it tastes pretty darn good too! However, the increasing number of people who seem affected has her worried and she peers around, pondering how to stop this..
Makoto Kino 2017-10-24 23:32:08 85399
It's not long after Mamoru has settled in before a response pops up on his phone from Mako's number, copied to the other Senshi: 'right outside. charge in now or wait for someone to youma??'

If anyone were to look out from inside the coffee shop, Makoto Kino is indeed loitering just outside, not yet transformed, fiddling with her cell phone and generally looking like your average mall rat while she watches the stream of people moving through the Darkbucks out of the corner of her eye.
Minako Aino 2017-10-24 23:34:24 85400
    When Minako Aino saw the Virtue post on the HeartNET the first thing she did was 'ewwwwww' and throw the coffee cup she was holding into the bushes. Then the second thing she did was call Daisuke and tell him to get the mask on because it's time to punch a coffee dispensing youma or stop a coffee infected crowd or punch the essence of Pumpkin Spice in the gut!
    Sailor Venus is hiding in some bushes because well- with a shop inside a tower the roof is ALL THE WAY UP THERE and doesn't immediatly lead into the coffee shop. Phantom Ace should be in there with her.
    Lord help if anyone normal catches them.
    She peeks up out of the bushes. "People are acting weird. Probably a sign of dark energy-like contamination if I had to guess." she says at Ace. She is using the serious voice and serious tone right now. Less Mina than usual.
    "I probably shouldn't have to go over the rules of enganment on infected humans that are still human, right? Nothing too deadly. Sticky to the flashbang cards. Use the sharps only if nessacry." she asides. "Just a reminder."
    "There's Makoto." she says. "I think that's Mamoru inside. Let's wait to see what happens." she does text Makoto though.

I'm in the bushes with Ace. We're looking out.
    Probably the fact she doesn't specify 'and we're not doing anything funny!' says all too much about her serious mood right now.
Ami Mizuno 2017-10-24 23:35:04 85401
Ami is with Mako, not yet transformed herself, leaning against a pole nearby. She casually cases the place, watching for a sign from Mako--the designated texter to Mamoru.

She fiddles with her phone as well, texting Mako: 'When you do, I will.' Meaning transform. Because otherwise... she'd jump the gun and charge in now, terrified and angry all at once.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-10-24 23:38:27 85402
Sometime later, when they all get out of this, Kazuo may be plotting to take vengeance on Mamoru for his particular method of 'gaining intelligence.' This will probably go nowhere as usual, because there's very little he can do to make Mamoru regret pretty much anything without also making himself regret it. This may have been sneaky planning on Mamoru's part when he talked the other guys into moving in with him.

That's for later, though, when he has time to be Kazuo. For the moment, Kunzite is lurking quietly, covering the mundane back entrance. Any supernatural portals will have to fend for themselves. What he's planning on doing -- well. Following the girls' lead sounds like a plan. They've certainly got more of their team here than he does of his.
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-10-24 23:41:30 85403
Mikoto, on the other hand, is just on her way to grab a coffee. She honestly has no idea that anything unusual is up, she's just getting away from lab and homework and family drama for a bit. So she's walking down the street towards the Darkbucks with a cheerful smile on her face.

Then she spots Makoto and Ami lingering around, just sort of hanging out. "Evening," she offers to the pair. "Gorgeous day out, isn't it?" She smiles a warm and pleasant smile, pleased enough to see some faces she knows, even if they're not the closest of acquaintances.
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-10-24 23:44:29 85404
Phantom Ace is indeed hiding in the bushes with Venus, also trying to peek in. He's having a harder time trying to keep himself hiding. Some Phantom he is. He'll get used to it. He grimaces a bit. "Yeah." he says to Venus. "I know. That's common sense. But thanks for the primer." he mutters lowly.

"I think we'll know when to move in. You want me first or you want me watching your back this time?" he asks.

"Or you want me watching someone else's back?" he asides.

He has his own statements he can make about this situation but he's keeping them to himself. They're not important right now and he never drinks flavored coffee anyway. Save for cream and sugar.
Takashi Agera 2017-10-24 23:58:37 85405
Takashi doesn't notice anyone out of the ordinary - or at least he doesn't make it clear that he does. He just sits the box down next to the workers, who, like mindless drones, go on about fixing drinks. Adding Pumpkin Spice to everything - people come in, order vanilla shakes? Too bad, pumpkin spice. Some of them look like they're going to voice a concern before their eyes go dim and hollow.

And then people start getting back into the line. The manager with those glowing eyes turns to Takashi. "You are being far too overdramatic. By the time anyone knows what's going on, it's too late for them." She outright hisses and a flash of her tongue reveals the fork in it.

Takashi shrugs. "So you've proven that you can control the mindless masses. What, is this a dry run for a future in politics?"

Before she can respond, though - someone who's on their second trip through the line drops their drink. It hits the floor, spilling some sort of frosty-pumpkin-spice concotion on the floor - and the others lean down to try to drink it from there.

But as for the original owner of the drink? There's an unearthly howl as the Dark Energy builds up and with a burst of foul energy he's standing there - with a pumpkin for a head - and dark energy claws crackling with orange energy. That's probably bad.

Takashi just -looks- at the reptile-manager-lady.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-10-25 00:06:34 85406
Mamoru starts getting texts back, and blinks, and sort of ignores most of the goings-on inside to group-text back:

    TXT: idk? come in in henshin i guess? im getting out of everyones way its a little cramped in here. *text picture of interior of coffeeshop* *text pan shot* vee, ball's in your court

He leaves his old phone filming, then picks up his black coffee and yawns, closing his book. He stands up and starts to leave. There are, in fact, literally no tall things /inside/ that he can actually /stand on/-- and besides, he's dead set on getting to enjoy everyone else's outrage. So, out the door he starts-- and then there's an unearthly howl and he bolts out of the way a lot faster.

I mean that's a cue. He doesn't want to get flattened by either incoming wrath or outgoing panic.
Sayaka Miki 2017-10-25 00:12:10 85407
Sayaka Miki sighs and continues to take slow sips of her drink, carefully watching people milling in and out of the cafe. She's not sure where to start with fixing this problem, and rushing in with guns blazing will solve nothing. Eyes narrow as she continues to scan the area for whoever might be the boss of this operation..Wait, was that a fork-tongue from the manager..? Is she a...?

Saya frowns deeply and climbs quickly to her feet as liquid pumpkin spills to the floor and people stoop and try to drink it. "Ewww!" she wrinkes her nose and climbs to her feet. But it's when the GIANT PUMPKIN HEAD YOUMA emerges, that she's truly disgusted and nearly knocks over her chair as she rushes towards it, fingertips brushing her soulgem ring as she quickly transforms into Puella Saya!

"Hold it right there, Youma! I wont allow you take advantage of any more of these patrons! You're going down...Scherzo!" she yells as she rushes at the youma, summoning her sword which lengthens into a long chain sword, whipping it at the youma several times, sending off silver sparks of energy with each slice.
Makoto Kino 2017-10-25 00:15:44 85408
Just outside, Makoto is mildly distracted by Mikoto's greeting, and looks up from her phone with a blink of faint surprise. "Hey," she says, friendly enough but still seeming kind of distracted by trying to halfway watch the Darkbucks. "Yeah, I guess it--"

This is around when the guy drops his drink, and even before pandemonium breaks out Mako's already giving up any pretense of not watching the coffee shop, staring with an increasingly appalled expression at the customers who are stooping down towards the spill. "--okay there's no way that's sanitary."

Because that's the issue right now.

"I think it's time to go," she tells Ami, very seriously, and then she's plunging forward into the chaos, taking advantage of the crush of people and the diversion of Sayaka's entrance to duck right in against the wall off to the side of the entrance and yank out her henshin pen.

"Jupiter Power - MAKE UP!"

By the time the dazzle of electricity clears, Sailor Jupiter is standing on a table in full righteous outrage mode. "Food and drinks should only be made with good feelings," she declares, "so ''oh my god stop putting dark energy in things people are going to eat what is wrong with you?!"
Minako Aino 2017-10-25 00:21:20 85409
    Venus looks down to her phone with a terse expression. "Alright. So I want you in there helping. Don't worry about watching backs. If someone goes down, you evacuate. Remember. The others don't know who you are- so don't take offense at brush offs" she adds less terse and more teasingly at the end.
    She leaps out of the bush in a perfect spin, somewhere near Ami and Mako and grins at the both of them. Wink. Wink. "Ready when you two are. The guy in the purple mask is a friend." she insists.
    "I'M NOT GIVING A SPEECH ABOUT THE HABITS OF EATING MILKSHAKES OFF FLOORS!" she calls out. "THAT SHOULD BE COMMON SENSE." she yells out as she jumps up onto one of the tables.
    "But tainting the food we eat!? The very thing that sustains us so we can spend all day playing video games!? YOU'RE GOING DOWN!"
    She winks again at Jupiter.
Ami Mizuno 2017-10-25 00:23:49 85411
Sailor Mercury smiles at Mikoto politely, letting Makoto take the lead. She's about to say something when the weirdness happens, and after a brief smile at Venus, transforms, yelling her henshin phrase. She follows Mako, water surrounding the bluenette as she transforms. It's quick, but by the time she's done, she's inside. She hops up beside Jupiter and declares, "Tainting food with dark energy is unsanitary, and drinking off the floor moreso! I am Sailor Mercury! Douse yourself in water and repent!"
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-10-25 00:26:08 85412
I honestly wasn't paying attention, is what Mikoto would say later when asked why she was so thoroughly surprised when Jupiter and Mercury henshin'ed right in front of her. Okay, maybe she did sort of know the girls, but they weren't exactly close.

Still, she has to agree with Jupiter's sentiment. Or maybe she's just sort of dragged along in their wake.

"Carnwennan! Set up!" As the spell-glyph washes over her, transforming her casual clothes into a rather fancier bit of semi-formal-wear, she follows after the two Senshi without hesitation. "Respect the nectar of wakefulness!" she demands of the youma, brandishing her sword. "Coffee demands to be free!"

Somewhere deep inside her, the frequently-serious Belkan Knight is face-palming.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-10-25 00:26:13 85413
Ah. Unearthly howling and indignant shouting. That's better than a text message. Kunzite tests the back entrance, checking quite mundanely to find out if it's locked or not. If it isn't: the door is, again quite mundanely, opened, using a sleeve to avoid prints to confuse any policemen due for a headache tonight. If it is, well. He drops a smooth arc of a shield over and around it to confine any escaping employees.

He can always walk around to the front if he has to. Or run, but it sounds like the situation already has enough cooks.
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-10-25 00:30:30 85414
Phantom Ace does something else. He lets himself teleport into the establishment and appear on a table. A flurry of playing cards accompany this effect. He eyes the situation. Wait. This... He's been in the middle of a large altercation. Usually. He's the one hanging back.

What does he say. Oh god he has heroic stage fright.

"Uhm.. yeah!" he says.

"I mean!..."

"Coffee should be a conveyance of caffeine and cream and sugar! Not for the tool of evil!" Phantom Ace says. "Looks like it just isn't your lucky day." he calls out towards the back towards the back area. "This hand stinks for you."

He only steals a momentary glance at Venus for approval before looking towards the others.
Takashi Agera 2017-10-25 00:50:53 85415
Takashi is still looking at the manager - though he's watching the goings on out of the corner of his eye. And when the pumpkin-youma gets the attention of the Senshi and their allies, well... Takashi deadpans, loudly enough that probably the others can hear it. "Oh look, putting Dark Energy into normal humans caused them to youma out and now there are magical-hero-types here. I wonder who could have possibly predicted this."

She just snarled, and jumped up on the serving counter. "Don't just stand there, Riventon. Henshin and help me!" And she grabbed one of the canisters of Pumpkin Spice. But Takashi just laughed. "Sorry, that's not part of my orders. I don't have to do anything but provide the stuff, and I'm not going to. And by the way? This idea's still stupid."

Meanwhile, there are justice speeches! And Sayaka has Justice Swording, which does a good job of pushing it into a corner as she presses the advantage!

So the manager-reptile-lady on the counter abadons all pretense. "Fine, then today will be the day Azami does what you cannot, Riventon!" She holds the canister in her hands, charges it with more Dark Energy, and opens it - coating the room in sparling purple-and-orange dust. And suddenly, there's not just one pumpkin-headed claw-youma... but an entire coffee shop full. There's more than enough that pile on to turn the tide on Sayaka Miki, but the rest... charge full tilt at anyone who just made a Justice Speech, blades glinting in the sparkly halloween glitterstorm.
Sayaka Miki 2017-10-25 00:55:13 85416
Puella Magi Sayaka snarls. "Takashi-kun..I should have known you were behind this!" she glares at him, glancing back and forth between him and pumpkin-youma, pondering who to focus on. Pumpkin youma seems the bigger threat right now, however, and even after she pushes the youma back, suddenly she gets sprayed with some of that sparkly purple and orange dust. Eyes widen in surprise as a number of them appear around her and on top of her, dogpiling her and keeping her quite busy duking it out with them. She vanishes for several minutes beneath the pile of youma and it'll be a while before she emerges from the pile. Darrn, shouldn't have stood so close!
Minako Aino 2017-10-25 01:03:33 85417
    Sailor Venus is sure 'who made a justice speech' is anyone that exists here that isn't some youma'ed out person. then eyes Sayaka. Wait. TAKASHI is behind this!? Where!? Where!? She can't stay out of Ami-chan's bussiness if he's here. No fair, existing Taka-baka!
    "Crescent Beam!" she calls out firing a shot into the youma'ed out person in front of her, as she leaps into the air. Where she sort of almost 'double jumps' off one of the lights to another table in the limited height of the coffee shop.
    She eyes the ceiling. Sprinklers. She eyes Mercury and Jupiter.
    "Mercury, can you burst the ceiling pipes? Get the floor nice and wet? Then I want Jupiter to tazer it. That should wipe a few good many of these jerks in one spark!"
    "Unless any of you have a better idea!" she eyes Sayaka. Oh dear.
    "Someone needs to get into that mess and get her out!" she calls out.
Makoto Kino 2017-10-25 01:07:55 85418
Fighting youmafied bystanders is the actual worst, especially when your combat repertoire revolves around lightning bolts and smashing things. From her vantage standing on the table, Sailor Jupiter scowls across the pandemonium at Azami. "That's cowardly, making these people fight for you! And get your filthy feet off the counter! Flower Hurricane!"

Those last shouted words are accompanied by a sweep of her hand and a swirl of wind that rolls into the massing pumpkin-heads, buffeting at them in a cloud of petals. Even with that, there are enough of them that her perch quickly turns precarious and she has to make a quick leap to another table before the one she was on gets overturned.

She's really hoping Venus or somebody has a more coherent plan - but for right now, Jupiter's focus is on Azami. From her subspace pocket she palms one of the emergency batch she'd thrown together when she first got Mamoru's message earlier in the week, stashed in case someone (Usagi) should happen to get an overpowering craving for pumpkin spice at the worst possible time. Cookies, made with real homemade pumpkin puree, spiced with ginger and nutmeg and cinnamon, and sweetened with a touch of rose honey, home-baked and delicious.

With both feet planted on the tabletop, Sailor Jupiter winds up like she's pitching at Koshien and the batter just insulted her mother - and hurls the cookie with all the strength her guardian planet has given her, trailing sparks of electricity, straight at Azami's face.

"--Roger!" she calls back to Venus, just a little belatedly.
Ami Mizuno 2017-10-25 01:10:19 85419
Sailor Mercury looks around. "Yes, Venus, I can," she says. She looks up at the ceiling and yells, "Mercury Aqua Mirage!" and prepares herself for the inevitable deluge of water to sluice down from above. Even as she does so, her perch with Jupiter becomes much more dangerous, and she double-leaps to end up near Takashi. "Venus," she says warningly, eyes on her friend. "It's not going to be a good time for that!"
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-10-25 01:17:30 85420
Phantom Ace eyes the lizard manager and just responds by just throwing an Ace of Diamonds at her face that explodes into a bright flash bang when it reaches about a centimeter from it's intended target. No quip.

"Hey lizard lips. You're not exactly Godzilla right now. I don't know how you expect to stomp all over us." he says as he throws out a fan of three more Diamond Suit cards and throws them into the group coming for him, trying to knock them to thier feet with more flashbang-style of cards.

He jumps to the next table though. Then to another.

He doesn't want to be on the floor when that plan goes through if it does.
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-10-25 01:18:56 85421
Tessen's blade flickers with light as she leaps into the fray. She isn't quite sure why she felt the need to give a speech like that, but it certainly felt good. She did manage to spot Sayaka just as the bluenette got swarmed by youma, however, and she yells out the girl's name. "Get off of her, you lunks!"

She doesn't know about anyone else's plans, so she's just improvising, now. And all she really wants to do is get to Sayaka and get the kid out of that mess.

"Saaa, well! You've annoyed the wrong knight this time!" The flat of her blade lashes out at the posessed customers, charged with energy to empower each strike, the young knight unwilling to resort to lethal measures against potential innocents... so far. The harder it becomes to reach Sayaka, however, the less she starts to care...
Kazuo Takeba 2017-10-25 01:21:11 85422
Back door: unlocked. Kunzite: inside, and closing it behind him, and ... regarding Takashi and the reptile-manager blandly.

"Really?" he says to the latter, resignedly. "Really? You decide to illustrate the reptoid conspiracy theory by taking over a coffee shop? I did better than that." He shakes his head, and adds aside to Takashi, "It really is true. You just can't get good help these days."

Then Venus is planning and Mercury's enabling, and Kunzite stops the 'distract the manager by irritating her' plan in favor of moving, rather suddenly. Past the serving counter, because the manager is momentarily a lesser problem after all. Not over the counter, because he doesn't want Jupiter angry at him. Not when she's already angry enough to WEAPONIZE COOKIES. "On it!" he calls back to Venus, also.

On what is demonstrated when he takes on the first of the mass around Sayaka, an energy blade materializing in one hand. Not something he calls on too often. But easier to match up with the sword-wielding Puella that way, to work into the crowd with her and Tessen --

-- To let a black dome blossom around them, pushing back the youma. And to deflect any wide-area electric attacks around them.

(Maybe to eat just a little of the bleedover, too. That's an old phone Mamoru left behind to film. Who knows when it'll need a recharge.)
Takashi Agera 2017-10-25 01:40:27 85423
Takashi shrugs at Kunzite - but then turns to look at Ami. He doesn't... actually say anything to her, but he does respond to Sayaka and everyone mentioning me. "Hey, this dumb-ass decision was made way over my head. Middle management, what can you do?" he says, shrugging and stepping away, and even making a hand wringing motion. "I wash my hands of this boneheaded idea."

Kunzite's dome, and Tessen's efforts, keep Sayaka free of the beatdown - but the girl is unconscious, at least for the moment until her enhanced Puella healing kicks in.

"One down!" hisses 'Azami' and she goes for another canister! And some of the youma go for Sayaka...

Thankfully, Azami's plan to hurl another canister and excaserbate the fray are stopped by ELECTRIC COOKIE TO THE FACE. And a subsequent flashbang knocks her backwards off the counter, perhaps to Jupiter's joy.

When she comes back up, she looks decidedly less human, and decidedly more like humanoid reptile raided Junko Kaname's closet. "NOW I'M GETTING KINDA PISSED OFF. GET OUT OF MY STORE. YOU ARE BANNED FROM MY STORE!" she snarls with the sort of anger that can truly only be born of being a store manager for a large chain.

Some of the pumpkin-headed youma are out, in various degrees of more-or-less still youma based on who'd been fighting them back, and it looks like the heroes are winning the tide - but there's absolutely still a crazy lizard lady there on the counter, and "GET OUT GET OUT GET OUT!" she shrieks before unleashing a shockwave of Dark Energy down the center of the store, a surging breath weapon of Bad Feelings.
Makoto Kino 2017-10-25 01:53:33 85424
Sailor Jupiter indeed looks quite satisfied when Ace's flashbang bowls the reptile woman off the counter. Alas, it doesn't last, but by this point Jupiter's too occupied in watching for her opening to take much personal affront.

When Kunzite's dark dome goes up, shielding Sayaka, Tessen, and himself from any risk of electrocution, that opening is now. "Floor's going live!" she calls out, a warning to any friendlies - and then she throws out both hands and unleashes a bright, crackling webwork of lightning threads that race down from her fingertips to the floor that's now awash with water thanks to Mercury's efforts.

This means, of course, that Jupiter is pretty much wide open when Azami lets loose with that blast of dark energy. The shock of it nearly knocks her off the table she's standing on. It does send her reeling back with a choked-off cry, one arm coming up reflexively in a pointless attempt to shield herself.
Minako Aino 2017-10-25 01:55:05 85425
    "Oh Man! Did a youma woman just try to ban us from the store!" That's the funniest thing she's heard all day! "Ahaha!" she calls out.
    "That's funny. You're fu---"
    She drops the dumb act though because she's flinging a spray of dark energy into the center of the place and she raises her arm to try to brace against the force because it's all she can do with such sudden a movement. Better to brace than attempt to jump or dodge and get the full force.
    It washes over her. Oh that's horrible and tingly and makes her think of bad things she doesn't like thinking about. She braces through it though as she's heaving a bit after.
    Well. There's Kunzite. That helps a little bit. Okay it helps a lot. "Thank's Kunzite-kun!" she calls out.
    She fires off more Crescent Beams into the crowd. She's waiting for Mercury and Jupiter to do thier magic as she fires off a beam into the reptile lady finally. "CRESCENT BEAM!" she calls out.
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-10-25 02:10:44 85426
Tessen crouches over Sayaka's fallen form, a sweep of her sword knocking several youma away. She looks up at the tightening ring, and hefts her blade. Energy crackles along its length, sparking and arcing like some sort of electrical overload. She's ready to fight, here, ready to take on all of them at once if she has to. She lifts her free hand, beckoning them closer...

And they never make it, because all of a sudden there's a dome of blackness covering the Knight and the Puella. And a few youma, too, but they hardly matter. Those who fail to notice the altered circumstances and continue their charge quickly discover what a bad idea it is to enter close combat with a Belkan Knight, her blade laying them out with swift, curt strikes.

"Well," she says, straightening as she takes in the dome of darkness. "That was rather timely of you, old boy." She offers Kunzite a toothy grin. "Good to see you again."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-10-25 02:17:29 85427
Lightning: deflected and absorbed, part and part, making sure he doesn't swallow any that could be sent off into the youma. Dark energy -- no thank you to THAT part. Kunzite focuses hard, trying to keep the shockwave off of Sayaka, off of Tessen if she's still within the shield when the breath strikes. It drives him back a step and a second, till he nearly trips over the fallen Puella, distorts his shield and leaves it uncomfortably small for three people and multiple swords. But it stays up.

Exactly how close he is to running out of energy to sustain the shield and his blade ... well, that's a good question.

"Thank Venus," he says to Tessen when he's breathing again. "Her plan. Good timing on your part, too." Since being eaten by spice youma while trying to keep that shield up would have been ... unfortunate.
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-10-25 02:22:20 85428
Phantom Ace is off the floor when Jupiter livewires it. He's glad for this, and he takes the chaos to let himself take the slow teleport he has as the Ace towards a new location. Mainly, behind the counter suddenly the woman was standing off of to act as a shield from the dark energy blast he saw just leave the woman's location a moment ago.

He draws out another card tough as he pops from behind the counter and tries to slap another hard flashbang into the back of the reptile's head.--- except.

Oh. Did Mercury just go down? That's /bad/. He leaps from behind the counter. "SORRYEXCUSEMETHANKYOU." he says rapidly as he makes a skidding leap to make a touch for Mercury against the wet floor like some sort of dangerous slip and slide. When he has contact. There's another slower teleport. He may take some shots in the back while this happening or clawing from any potentially remaining Youma. But well. Mercury needs evac'ed. To wherever Mamoru is for the moment.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-10-25 02:41:46 85429
'Wherever Mamoru happens to be for the moment' is actually on his way back after dealing with something he's going to have to admit to his Shitennou shortly, just... not... in the middle of a fight. Phantom Ace actually runs into him on the rooftop right before he gets a chance to call Mamoru and find out where the hell he is-- there's Kamen, landing in a flutter of red and black silk in the color-leaching moonlight, and his eyes widen behind the mask.

"Dammit," he bites out, taking Mercury in his arms and then glancing up at Phantom Ace, eyes narrowing a little and then expression resolving into one of determined 'your secret's safe with me, Agera-san' resolve. "Anyone else down?" he asks, biting off his glove and letting it fall, then laying his hand against Mercury's bare arm; there's a faint golden glow. "If so, bring them up here, I'll be down as soon as I'm done. I think-- I'm not sure-- I think Kunzite's having some difficulty, a little. Then after the fight maybe-- if it's not too much trouble-- maybe you could help Kunzite give them a lift to the frat house."

Fast and decisive at first, uncertain and slowing toward the end. Maybe it's just because he's not sure where he stands.
Takashi Agera 2017-10-25 02:58:51 85431
Sailor Jupiter's power crackles outward - and so does the combined senshi electrical storm, doing a good job of wiping out the majority of the remaining pumpkin-spice fiends - even as the surging burst of Dark Energy collides harshly with serveral of the senshi. But there's no time for Azami to gloat - because the crescent beams likewise strike her, and - once again - knocks her from her perch.

Tessen cleans out the last of the youma that threaten Sayaka, leaving the three of them (including Kunzite) clear of threats.

Before Takashi can even react - perhaps he's too busy trying to keep his own feet off the electrified floor - Phantom Ace swoops in and saves Ami! This annoys him to no end - but scanning the room, Takashi can't immediately find him to yell at.

Azami is having the worse of it, though - knocked from her perch, she then hit the electrified water - and suffice it to say it's a good thing she's unable to make words. What she is able to make is a second angry blast of energy, aimed right for the two rescuers and the downed Puella Magi- like the monster she is she goes for what she percieves to be the easiest, weakest target to remove.
Minako Aino 2017-10-25 03:08:37 85432
    "Jupiter! Are you okay?" she calls out. She isn't worried about Jupiter going down in a hit. Jupiter is WAY tougher than that. Mercury, well, Ace is on that before she even has to ask. That makes her smile a little. She looks back down to the Lizard Lady.
    No more words though. KUNZITE is there and she isn't gonna let anything happen to him while he's helping others.
    She jumps down to the floor when the electricity has stopped pulsing, and pulls back her arm- it's time to whip it. (whip it good.)
    "Venus Love-Me-Chain!" she calls out as she lashes the chain whip out that's suddenly manifested in her hand aiming to try to help finsih this mess up and make the lizard a lounger!
Makoto Kino 2017-10-25 03:14:47 85433
"I'm fine!" Jupiter's voice is maybe a little gritty as she calls back to Venus, but she's already straightening back up and it's clear that uncomfortable though the onslaught of dark energy might have been, it hasn't taken her out of the fight.

As Venus jumps into action, Jupiter lifts her head with a look of determination settling over her face. "Let's just take out this trash already!"

She presses her hands together in front of her, gathering energy that tingles over the skin, until once more she can haul back to pitch a fastball at Azami. This time, though it's no cookie, but a tightly-coiled sphere of brilliant ball lightning.

Daisuke Hansuke 2017-10-25 03:14:53 85434
Phantom Ace is hit with this awkward moment of 'oh right, Tuxedo Kamen also doesn't know who I am.'. "There's one more who's down." he says. He teleports away and--- well he's grabbing Sayaka next. "I got her." he says as--he moves her to the rooftop too for Tuxedo Kamen to triage and heal. He moves back to the fight to see Venus trying to whip the lizard. "No one gets away...." he says coyly. "Until they whip it." he says.

A pause. Was that too much?

Nrg, two cards in each hand. An Ace of Each Suit.

"FOUR CARD SHOT!" he calls out as he launches the barrage of terribly explosive cards towards the Lizard Lady.
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-10-25 03:20:28 85435
Pausing to check on Sayaka - the fallen Puella seems to be healing, if slowly - Tessen is right in the path of Azami's blast. This may be lucky for Sayaka. If perhaps not quite so much for Tessen.

<"Round Shield"> speaks a mechanical voice, and a swirling pane of force appears directly in the path of the blast.

The shield strains and starts to crack under the force of it, but Tessen rises and turns to face it. She places her free hand on the shield, and rune-circles swirl around her arm as she channels more power into the defensive spell. "You've lost this one, youma-chan. You might as well just surrender."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-10-25 03:30:05 85437
Mercury's clear. That's good. Riventon's not smoking. That's also good, after a manner of speaking. Sayaka's suddenly clear; apparently Kunzite's shield is not designed to keep teleports out. Manager's down. Maybe they'll have a moment to breathe --

-- no. No, of course not.

Tessen's shield, you see, went up inside Kunzite's.

He braces for the impact of the dark energy a second time; but this time his shield fragments, the edges crackling with fragments of Jupiter's lightning, not yet completely converted. Tessen's shield takes the rest of the blast proper, but Kunzite's still left dazed. There's a sharp gleam of light at his forehead as his gem manifests for a moment -- at the edge of falling back out of henshin.

Fortunately, Venus and Jupiter and the Ace are very definitely pulling attention off of him.
Mamoru Chiba 2017-10-25 03:31:35 85438
"Okay, thanks!" Mamoru tells Phantom Ace with relief, finishing up with Ami--

--and then Ace brings him Sayaka and blips out again, just as Ami's starting to come around. Tuxedo Kamen looks even more relieved. He's got a hand on Sayaka's, bringing her out of the 'will need to use soul gem to heal self' zone, and he tells Mercury, "Quick, just back downstairs-- stairwell's right there, or you could jump; we're right on top of it--"

--and then leaving Sayaka carefully propped against the roof of a different part of Clover Tower, he heads back down himself. He'll arrive a few seconds after her, but beelines basically straight for Kunzite, one glove off and one on. His eyes widen as he sees what's going on, on the way, and then there is absolutely nothing subtle about practically crashing into him from the back in order to clamp his hands down on the white-haired man's shoulders.

As the glow at the points of contact grows while he shoves energy at his guardian, he leans in and says quietly and breathlessly near Kazuo's ear, "Sorry!"
Ami Mizuno 2017-10-25 03:37:30 85440
Sailor Mercury wakes up on the roof, blinking. "Oh, no." She glances to Tuxedo Kamen, then, and says, "I'm going back down. Thanks. Owe you one," she says, nodding at him about the stairwell before heading for it and and dashing down to the floor level--

--To see Kunzite go down. She winces, but gets out of the way, feeling Tuxedo Kamen behind her. She dashes in, looks around for Takashi--and, seeing him uninjured and untransformed, then looks for the manager.

"MERCURY BLIZZARD SPRAY!" she yells, directing the force of a full bathtub's worth of freezing rain on the 'manager' of Darkbucks. Hope they have a big mop!
Takashi Agera 2017-10-25 03:49:09 85441
Venus' chain snakes forward, glinting and gold, interlocking hearts wrapping around Azami's midsection. There's the pain of the lash, sure, but it's the entanglement that proves the most dangerous, as she's so busy trying to detach herself she fails to put up any resistance against the rest of what's coming.

For just a moment, the area of Azami glows with the brightness of Sailor Jupiter's electrical fury - and Takashi gives Jupiter's attack a wide, wide bearth, causing him to subconsciously go for his Device and then put his hand down.

The last vestiges of her breathweapon blast dissapate against Tessen's shield, leaving the Mage more or less unharmed. There's no more offense coming from Azami as she still sizzles a bit - then the Four Card Shot and Blizzard Spray do the rest of the work, freezing her and then shattering it - the form left behind slowly pouring down like sand from an hour glass... and starting to fade away.

"Shoulda listened to me." is all Takashi says, before looking around at the assembled heroes. "No threat." he says plainly, picking the canister she'd opened off the floor and - starting to use his energy to pull the pumpkin-spice bioweapon flecks back towards it like a tubular vaccum.
Minako Aino 2017-10-25 04:02:07 85442
    Sailor Venus lets the chain whip dissapear when the Lizard is now lounging in non-existence. She eyes Ace. Just eyes him. "Okay that might had been a little much. Stick to card puns!" she says with a slightly teasing smile. She looks back to Takashi who says, No threat.
    "I disagree. You are a threat. Just not right now." she says tersely in a more direct and serious manner.
    Serious Venus right now. At least he's cleaning up the mess.
    So he's the mystery warner mentioned in the post to Virtue? Why? He's never done that before? She needs to update her file now on Takashi/Riventon.
    Good Detectives keep files. Duh!
    "Are you okay Mercury-chan?" she asks as the re-arriving Mercury.
Ami Mizuno 2017-10-25 04:08:01 85443
Sailor Mercury nods, once, to Venus. "Yes, Venus-chan, I'm fine. Thank you," she says as her eyes drift to Takashi, take him in--he's unhurt. She lets out a little breath she didn't know she was holding. Then she looks to her friends. "I don't...." She begins, before pausing. "Today, Agera-san was a big help." She won't speak to the rest. "Please leave him unharmed for now, until he proves he is a threat again." Until she can prove to herself he hasn't changed, not really--he's still working for Eclipse, after all. "I need to go study. I have a test coming up." Oh, Ami. There's always a test coming up. But hiding behind books helps no one.
Makoto Kino 2017-10-25 04:13:25 85444
Sailor Jupiter elects to... not comment on the subject of Takashi Agera right now. Instead, she very deliberately turns her attention towards her friends. "We should probably be getting out of here anyway," she says. "I don't think there's much else we can do to help at this point."
Daisuke Hansuke 2017-10-25 04:14:25 85445
Phantom Ace eyes Venus. "Tsks. I guess a compliment wasn't in the cards." he says, perhaps just a wry smile there as he looks over to Kunzite and Tuxedo Kamen and... rubs the back of his head. He does give a longer eye at Kunzite because he knows Venus told him now.

"Right. V, I'll text you soon." he says tersely as he lets himself... vanish into another flurry of cards. He needs to go relax now that Pumpkin Spice isn't going to rule the world.
Kazuo Takeba 2017-10-25 04:16:52 85446
"Right." Kunzite's a little steadier, under the influence of the gold; as the gem fades again, leaving him still in uniform, he reaches up and puts one hand over Tuxedo Kamen's ungloved one. Soaking up a little more of the offered energy. He glances toward Venus. "We can take Sayaka back for recovery, if she's not on her feet again already." Then to Tessen: "You all right?"

No comment about Takashi. No comment about Phantom Ace. Maybe these things balance out. Jupiter and Mercury ... obviously they'll be all right. Clearly.
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-10-25 04:18:45 85447
Tessen is breathing heavily, at the very least, after taking that blast. There might even be a drop of blood under her nose. "Just winded," she assures Kunzite. "Wasn't so much the power of it as the suddenness." She straightens, slowly, then seems to relax at last. "I take it from your lack of concern that it was a friendly who retrieved Sayaka?"
Mamoru Chiba 2017-10-25 04:23:55 85448
...and Tuxedo Kamen looks between Takashi and Phantom Ace in confusion, eventually getting a look on his face that basically amounts to :T and shaking his head. "Sorry-not-sorry you got a dumb assignment today." As soon as Kunzite's hand drops, the remaining mask in the room lets go the white-haired Shitennou's shoulders and heads across the room to pick up his phone. "If Sayaka's still on the roof I'm just gonna take her back to the frat house, she's woken up on the couch enough times before," he says absently. "Thanks for being a-maz-ing, you guys."

He heads toward the door again, distractedly fussing with the settings on his phone, but definitely squishes Makoto's shoulder on the way and gives Venus a crooked, quick little smile. "I'll be there if anyone needs me."
Kazuo Takeba 2017-10-25 04:26:38 85449
"He's turned up before," Kunzite answers Tessen. "On our side so far. And -- well." He tilts his head to indicate Tuxedo Kamen's roofward exit: apparently someone saw what happened to Sayaka.
Mikoto Nakajima 2017-10-25 04:27:54 85450
Tessen nods to Kunzite. "I'll be by to check up on her, if you don't mind." She genuinely does worry about what few friends she has...
Takashi Agera 2017-10-25 04:31:22 85451
Takashi doesn't comment on himself either, for what it's worth. "Yeah, it's probably a good idea for you guys to get moving. I'll call cleanup and... decontamination." he notes, putting the cap back on the pumpkin spice tube. "Better all run off before the people here rememeber you as like a schoolgirl and kamen robber gang. Magic does wierd stuff to normal people's memory."