Let The Right One In~

Lacrima holds a Halloween Party to try to make herself feel better. Poderoso shows up but gets decked hard. Kukai crossdresses as Lacrima for Halloween. Lacrima laughs for the first time since she was human.

Date: 2017-10-31
Pose Count: 58
Lacrima 2017-10-31 22:00:44 85752
Lacrima has invited you to her Manor for a Spooky Halloween Mansion Party claims the invitation. Maybe you heard from a friend who would had been invited and are along with them or in their stead. Or maybe. You saw a group of people headed to a party.

Basically, Invitations arent being checked.

The furniture in the large vestibule have been removed to a side room that Lacrima uses for storage of much of the older original furniture that could be fixed or refurbished she found in the manor originally for the time being.

Instead, the Vestibule has had ballroom flooring installed into the center of the room. The Piano is still there in front of the fireplace. Various Black and Orange streamers have been setup and tied to the chandelier in the center of the room.

What is a smoking room-- rarely used for obvious reasons-- off the vestibule seems to be re-purposed with some tables and a spread of a buffet of foods that Lacrima had prepared by chefs at the Hotel Augusta- making the fare very expensive and great smelling-- From various finely cooked meats from baked tuna, to finely spiced green beans- to various fine pastries whose illusion of being fine cuisine is probably destroyed on the party, Halloween-themed plates on the side.

Both rooms are dimly lit to give a spooky vibe, but not so dark that you cant see.

Speakers that have been setup in the far corners of the room are playing a mix of music from what is probably some ipod plugged in somewhere-- the music seems to shuffle from peppy dance, to classical- and spooky ballroom- to more modern slow dance music.

There isnt any cordons or signs stopping people from going into other parts of the manor or up the stairs.

Lacrima is dressed in her usual pretty dress, but is wearing some sort of half-mask- that is a light purple and seems to have half of a sinister grin bedazzled onto it. The mask seems to be some weird period masquerade mask that Lacrima made alterations to to be a half mask. Basically. She is dressed spooky but not as anything or anyone specific. She is greeting people at the door as politely as she can, as long as she can before she wants to join in the fun herself.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-10-31 22:16:25 85753
    Clunk clunk clunk. Armor sure does make a noise when someone walks in it. And it definitely makes whoever's wearing it look bulkier. Even moreso with that maginficent pheasant-tail headdress - just a pair of large, faux crimson feathers is enough to somehow increase one's perceived size and presence still further. It's a fitting outfit for the renowned mightiest warrior of the Three Kingdoms.

    If Kokoro had bothered to brush the hair out of her face, it would probably be perfect.

    But no, it's still hanging down in front of her face, obscuring fully half of her visage; probably a good thing, because as she steps into the vestibule for the party, the visible half of her face is already an interesting shade of pink. Despite her imposing (and seemingly expensive) costume, Kokoro Fengxian - or Kokoro Housen, if you prefer - looks like she's about as awkward and bashful as it's possible to be, far surpassing her usual surly, withdrawn demeanor. "Y... yo," she greets Lacrima.
Rashmi Terios 2017-10-31 22:18:22 85754
And standing next to Kokoro, a tattered set of gray-black robes, its face hooded and veiled somehow to make it seem as if it has no face, lifts a hand covered in extremely plastic-looking clawed gauntlet, and wiggles fingers. "Hi Lacchan~!" Says Rashmi, the Cheeriest Ringwraith. "Happy Halloween!"
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-10-31 22:28:04 85755
On Halloween, the gap between magical and mundane is a bit thinner than usual. For the most part, this doesn't change what people can see; it just means that there's more out there to see.

In Ikiko's case, however, the thinner gap means that her lupine ears and tail are more visible than usual -- at least to other magical people, anyway. Her wolf features are plain to see in any mirror or peripheral vision, and in dim light they appear to direct observation as phantom shapes. Even the shadows around her seem to shift oddly, as if 7-15 dim lights were floating around in her presence; once again, indirect observation is clearer, revealing the source(s) to be her wolfmotes, who currently match Ikiko's darker hair color instead of the tan they usually are around Tsukiko.

More mundanely, Ikiko is wearing a deelie-bopper headband and a silvery vest, with a small flying saucer sitting on her shoulder. "Hi, Lacrima!" she beams. "Thanks for hosting this party!"
Lacrima 2017-10-31 22:36:17 85757
Lacrima eyes Kokoro and takes in her costume. How much work did she put into that? Did she buy fake armor somewhere? Is it hard plastic? She doesn't try to pry too hard at first, but there is one, simple question that Kokoro needs to answer for Lacrima.

"Hello Kokoro-chan. Who are you dressed as?" she asks. Because she does not play many video games that have Japanese historical pretexts. As she waits for Kokoro to explain her costume or debuff the question,

She looks to Rashmi and she has to squint to try to peek past the hood---oh! "Hello Rashmi-chan." she says. "That's a nice costume. Are you... one of those... Ring Wraiths? From. The Tolkien Movies?" she asks curiously.

She motions to the smoking room. "Food, and seating is there." she motions to the main room, which has been setup as a dance room. There's also the occasional folding chair here or there in the vestibule too.

She eyes Ikiko. "I believe she is the ambassador from the planet 'Woof.'." she insists deadpan. "In the Bark Galaxy." she says as she looks back to the others.

Kokoro seems blushed- which she takes for uncomfortable. Which is making her sort of self conscious in turn. She also wonders if anyone told Kokoro about the Alexis situation.

...She suddenly tries to push that from her head. She's having this party to try to improve her mood afterall. Not ruin it further.

"Can I get anyone something to drink?" she asks.

She can busy herself with making guests more comfortable in the meantime.
Naru Osaka 2017-10-31 22:41:03 85758
The doorbell rings again, and Naru steps inside via whoever happens to be nearest the door to open it for her. She's gone for the classic witch costume, although wicked witch of the west flavour, rather than good witch Glenda. Striped stockings into heeled boots, long black dress and classic pointy hat. Her heels click on the foor of the house as she finds the room with people easily enough. "Evening. Happy Halloween."
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-10-31 22:41:08 85759
    "I-" Kokoro starts, then stops. She starts one more time, then stops. And then it comes out. "...I am she known as Lu Bu." Highfaloutin' ye olde Japanese and everything. The hushed, awkward tone almost seems to suggest she was obligated to say it like that. Her expression certainly bears that out. "...can I go get some food now." Not even a question, just a descent into irritable grump over her own embarrassment. She doesn't wait for an answer, just brushes past Rashmi and Ikiko to beeline straight for the food.
Rashmi Terios 2017-10-31 22:45:44 85760
"That's right!" Rashmi chirps -- honestly, Ringwraiths are like 1000x less intimidating when they're not even five and a half feet tall, and sound like they're always happy to talk to you -- and stifles a laugh, to the point of trying to shove a closed fist into her mouth through the veil for a moment, as Kokoro utterly fails to keep up the act. "Poor Koko-chan," she murmurs to Lacrima, when she can trust her voice. "But her foster-mom really loved that costume on he-- Naru-chan!" Turning at the voice of the Wicked Witch, the Ringwraith smiles so hard you can practically see it through the black veil blocking off the hood. "It's good to see you! And Ikiko-san... I... I remember meeting you somewhere. where was it..."
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-10-31 22:54:32 85761
"That's as good a description as any!" Ikiko giggles in response to Lacrima's description. "Hard to hide the wolf side on a day like today."

She grins back at Rashmi. "Ariel's birthday party," the wolfy-girl points out. "Not to mention the big incident with the Nightmare Prince; that's where these guys came from, after all." Holding her hand out, the wolfmotes gather together, making themselves somewhat more visible to direct sight. "Honestly, I wasn't expecting them to be even this visible, but given my ears and tail..."
Lacrima 2017-10-31 23:07:08 85762
Lacrima looks to Naru and she waves a bit. "Please mind any Munchkins. And Water." she says quietly. "Happy Halloween, Naru-chan. How are you?" she asks. "Food and Drink are in that room over there aswell as proper seating." she says.

There's still the folding seats setup around in the main vestibule room.

"Food is cooked by the chefs at the Augusta. I was lucky enough to get a reservation in for that." she says quietly.

She looks back to Kokoro. She eyes Kokoro and blinks and then nods. "I see." she says as she nods. "Food is over there, Kokoro-chan." she says.

She then politely turns the other direction just for a moment to type the name into Wikipedia into her phone. She does a quick skim before she looks back to Rashmi-chan. "It looks elaborate. Is she alright?" she does notice Rashmi's amusement, which suggests Kokoro may just be embarrassed to be in a costume. She can understand that. She remembers her first costumed dance recital back when things didn't suck because she wasn't a horrible vampire. She was pretty sure everyone was gonna point and laugh at her in the swan costume. No one did.

Then she eyes Ikiko's wolfmotes and purses her lips as she looks back to the smoking room. "Can only we see them?" meaning magical folk. "Or can other people? If you need to stay the night over because you can't go home with the phantom wolf stuff, there's some open guest rooms upstairs. But I'd need to make it up." --- then she tip toes in ther after Kokoro. Not nessacraily after Kokoro. Just. She went in before she did.

She eyes the punchbowl.

She wonders how long. If at all. Until someone tries the thing.

"Kokoro-chan." she says quietly, as she looks back and then leans over. "Are you okay?" she asks. "You shouldn't be embarrassed about your costume. Everyone else is dressed up." she says quietly.
Naru Osaka 2017-10-31 23:10:10 85763
Naru can't help but laugh at the happily excited RingWraith. "Good to see you as well, Rashmi." She turns towards Lacrima as the vampire greets her. "I am well enough to fake it. I'll do my best not to get drenched, nor kick any munchkins." She glances down, lifting a heeled ankle boot to consider it. "Although I expect these would kick just /fine/." There's a little flicker of a smile before she turns towards where the food is.

"Everyone looks great." Naru comments as she heads towards getting herself a snack.
Rashmi Terios 2017-10-31 23:14:16 85764
"Okay thanks I knew I knew you, good to see you again!" Rashmi says to Ikiko, gliding through the growing party, her body language speaking of someone having a grand old time. FInally, she sidles up to Kokoro, grabbing an empty plate and picking-and-choosing from among the fantastically expensive canapes on offer. "You look awesome, Koko-chan. Even if you don't want to stay in character."
Minako Aino 2017-10-31 23:14:39 85765
    Minako Aino is dressed in a black suit. A red cape. and some sort of ridicolous brimmed hat with a feather in it. She has some sort of bandolier on it that contains some pouches. At least one seems to damp and dripping and you can only probably kind of guess why.
    She's also wearing a Sailor V mask.
    "I am Vampire Hunter V! Protector of Love and Steaker of Vampires!" she insists as she looks down over to Naru and gives a long wave. "And Waver at Witches!" she says.
    "I have so many titles guys!" she states boldly.
    "I heard there was food here from this invitation with someone else's name on it at Mamoru's place!" she says excitedly. "and I had nothing better to do with my evening!"
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-10-31 23:16:14 85767
    Kokoryofu has been accosted in the side room at the punch bowl. She eyes Lacrima for a few seconds, then says, "...'m fine. Just never... I never wore a costume for Halloween before." She pauses again, staring into the punch bowl for lack of anywhere better to look. "...Momoko found out. That's, uh. Lady I'm staying with, Momoko. Her and her husband insisted. Any costume I wanted."

    Another pause. "...only condition was, I gotta introduce myself like that."

    Somewhere, Momoko Nogami sneezes. And then has to fight back the urge to snicker quietly. She has no clue why.

    Without thinking further on the subject, Kokoro starts piling herself up a plate, and also pours (ladles?) herself a glass of punch.
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-10-31 23:27:02 85768
Ikiko Hisakata nods to Lacrima as the vampire goes to check on Kokoro. The ears and tail weren't a problem last year, and there hadn't been any odd reactions from mundane people today... but then, the lighting had been brighter than it was right now.

Definitely something to consider.

She giggles at Minako's arrival. "Wooden, or prime rib?" the wolfy-girl asks the Bearer of Titles while en route to the buffet tables.
Lacrima 2017-10-31 23:27:47 85769
Lacrima looks between Kokoro and Rashmi and nods. "Well. It's a good costume. Just relax. And try to enjoy yourself...?" she asks. "Dance floor in the main room. If there's a specific piece of music you want on, just ask." she offers. She goes to grab her own plate to pile food on when she hears the words 'Vampire Hunter' from the other room and she twitches as she retracts her arm. "A moment." she says as she walks away.

Eyes trace the room. So does her senses. Okay. New arrival. Not anyone she invited. Dressed in a way that makes her senses tingle and think of things that aren't her own memories. Is that someone's idea of a joke?

"...Hello?" she asks to the blonde haired arrival. She has met Sailor Venus. She has no idea who Minako Aino is. "...ah. Welcome. Did you... need. Anything...?" she asks. She looks over to Naru, since Minako seems friendlier at her. Maybe Naru can vouch for the stranger, as she looks back. Or Maybe Naru can warn her if the girl is actually some sort of vampire hunter. She eyes Ikiko's joke though as she turns back to the 'Vampire Hunter'.
Naru Osaka 2017-10-31 23:32:27 85770
Naru seems relaxed enough to wave back at Minako and laugh softly. "Great outfit, Mina. Perhaps leave the hostess out of the staking if we're talking wood, hmm? Prime rib, I expect she'd be fine with that."

Naru takes a few more steps towards the buffet table, considering her options. "How're things with you, Ikiko?"
Rashmi Terios 2017-10-31 23:38:01 85771
Rashmi pats Kokoro's shoulder, providing all the encouragement the redhead can possibly give to the nearly-permabarrassed taller girl. "Seriously it looks awesome," she murmurs, and cannot help but laugh at Mina's entrance. "I know I probably don't count," she calls, "but make mine top round, okay?"

Because it's direly important that with a costume like that, you assume beef, not stabbing.
Minako Aino 2017-10-31 23:40:21 85772
    Vampire Hunter V turns around to face Lacrima. "My immortal enemy! The vampire! Hunter of man! Done up in peril purple!" she calls out. She opens that dripping damp pouch and pulls out. Yes that's a steak! It's an expensive cut. From Mamoru's fridge. Again. It is also just lightly defrosted. Again. "Now crawl back into the abyss!" she calls out theactricalll.
    As she then tries to shove the steak, wider side at Lacrima's chest. Again and again and starts pushing her backwards back into the area everyone is eating from.
    "Ha! Hiya! Off! Take that! and that!---- I didn't need to marinate this first right? AND THAT! and THIS."
    Those statements everyone is making probably would be funnier if she wasn't actually looking like she was seriously trying.
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-10-31 23:43:01 85773
"Been checking to make sure the strays are in good shape for the colder weather," Ikiko smiles at Naru while gathering a small sampler of the delectables. "They seem to be doing alright."

She pauses and stares toward Minako as the 'steaking' begins. "I thought steaks were supposed to be beef, not ham?" the wolfy-girl whispers to Naru.
Lacrima 2017-10-31 23:47:35 85774
Lacrima eyes Minako and she narrows her eyes. "Oh for the love of...." she mutters. Because she knows who this girl is now. She is Sailor Venus. And she has another steak. Then she shoves it into her chest. And she backs up. "Quit it." another shove. Backwards. "Stop it!" she says. Another shove- past the door into the Smoking Room area where food is setup. "I SAID STOP!" she more frustratedly yells out.

"I TOLD YOU ONCE ALREADY THAT STEAKS AREN'T A CURE. WHY ARE YOU PERSISTING!? DO YOU LIKE EMBARASSING ME AND RUINING MY DRESSES!?" she says out. Because indeed, there's a big ol' stain on the front of her shirt that is mostly defrosted ice and steak juices.


It is very hard to be sad about Alexis-niisan when she is so, so angry at Minako Aino right now.

Also, she's mostly upset enough to forget there's other people here so someone might wanna clear their throat really hard at least unless she says something stupid.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-10-31 23:48:57 85775
    Mutter mutter. "Yeah, sure, I'll try," Kokoro replies. "...but I ain't dancing." She takes her plate of food and glass of punch, and turns to head back out into the Vestibule, glancing briefly Rashmi's way. "That's terri-"

    Did that girl actually just pull out a steak?

    "O-Oi, cut that out, that's- that ain't sanitary," the tall girl starts, taking a few steps forward. "You're gonna make someone sick swingin' that thing around, go cook it or somethin'."
Rashmi Terios 2017-10-31 23:50:55 85777
"Lacchan," Rashmi says gently. "C'mon over here, and let's get that stain out, okay?" Smoothly plucking up a bottle of fancy mineral water, she makes a beeline for Lacrima, all set to take the vampire's hand and lead her into another room. "We won't be long, Mami taught me the fix for this a while back!" she chirps to the rest of the crowd.
Naru Osaka 2017-10-31 23:51:28 85778
"Totally ham. So much ham." Naru replies in not anything even approximating a whisper back to Ikiko.

"Hey hey.. stop making a mess everywhere, I'm likely going to kill myself in heels, I dont need to slip on blood to help it along." Naru is brave and/or stupid enough to head closer to Mina and Lacrima.

The look from Naru to Rashmi, and Kokoro both is a grateful one for extra distractions.
Ami Mizuno 2017-10-31 23:51:46 85779
The Blue Sentai Ranger walks in! Original flavor, so reaching waaaay back. She nods to Naru, and facepalms when she hears Minako yelling about steaks. Because, of course. And then Lacrima... so she walks over to watch, leaning against the doorframe. Her entire head is encased in the helmet so it's not obvious who she is. I mean. It's obvious she's a girl, but it's not obvious -who- she is. She watches Rashmi usher Lacrima away, and then goes to wander the party, in silence.
Minako Aino 2017-11-01 00:03:29 85780
    Minako Aino is completely taken a-back. Like she isn't the one doing wrong here. "Hey! I'm only trying to help! I was sure a steak would help so I used a different cut! I swear! Or- maybe I didn't!" she sticks her tounge out at both Lacrima and Rashmi and Kokoro as she hrmphs!
    "I'm still the best vampire hunter." she says as she marches to go get food after disposing of her steak in the trash. Who actually wants to eat pouch steak anyways?


TMeanwhile. Someone new walks through the door, perhaps just on Ami's heels. Even though Ami was sure no one was behind her a second ago. The man is dressed in clothes that look extravegant in the 1800s- with a black cloak, with a red lining. He looks like he could be doing an attempt at a Dracula or a vampire himself, with a pale skin tone- and bright red eyes and hair. Something seems off here. Like at least part of this may not be pure costume.
    Probably more disconcerting is that he's the spitting image of the man in the portrait that hangs in the vestibule. Probably maybe even a little more worrying, is that he's apparetly wearing what appears to be the other half of Lacrima's half-mask- on the opposite side of his face. Weird gem grin and all. His eyes trace the room, and he perhaps. Just smiles a little. No words. Not yet.
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-11-01 00:12:57 85781
With the steak situation resolved, Ikiko takes a moment to actually munch on some of the snacks. Man, these are really good!

She nods to the Blue Ranger, then frowns slightly at the newest arrival. With a subtle move of the hand as she brings another snack towards her mouth, the wolfy-girl tucks her wolfmotes into her vest. This arrival seems somewhat off, but on two levels -- the magic-wariness of magical folk, and the instinctual caution of her (diluted) werewolf heritage. Not drawing attention seems to be the wisest move right now...
Lacrima 2017-11-01 00:14:02 85782
Lacrima frowns as Rashmi leads her away as she eyes Minako with a death glare and watches the Blue Power Ranger walk in just as she passes the threshold into one of the side rooms. She sighs a bit as Rashmi gets to work as she mutters. "Sorry I got mad..." she says quietly.

"That had to be Sailor Venus." she mutters. "She tried something stupid like that before but it was in an alley as I was hunting. I think she thinks it's helping me but it really isn't." she says quietly.

She lets Rashmi work as she seems to take the occasional weird glance back to the door for some reason she can't figure out. Maybe she's just being self conscious about the whole outburst she made.

"Hope no one's upset over that." she sulks. "Trying to get my mind off Alexis-niisan." she says quietly. "For a small bit." she says.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-11-01 00:18:20 85783
    "Kill the vampire, die of food poisoning right after," is all Kokoryofu seems to have to say about 'the best vampire hunter'. She goes about the task of 'eating' after that, starting in on her food at a steady, hungry clip, and only slows down when- ...huh. That's... who is that? He's got a mask like Lacrima's. Weird. She decides to watch him warily, but only for the fact that 'new person Lacrima seems to know but she's never introduced'.
Naru Osaka 2017-11-01 00:22:18 85784
Naru considers the newest arrival and, with drink in hand, moves a little closer. "Good evening." She greets, heels making her still relatively short comparatively. There's a nod for the Blue Ranger, but her attention is back upon the man. "Welcome to the party?" She offers, with a note of questioning to her tone as she considers him.
Rashmi Terios 2017-11-01 00:24:47 85785
"You don't take unpleasant surprises well," Rashmi chuckles, busily scrubbing at the stain. "And at least it was mostly frozen, so there isn't actually that much stain."

After a few moments, she looks up, tilting her head. "He's going to be okay, Lacchan," she says gently. "I mean if nothing else, most of the people in the house now have a vested interest in making sure he's all right, y'know?" With an encouraging smile, she gets back to work.
Minako Aino 2017-11-01 00:31:43 85786
    Minako Aino is off piling a plate with so much cooked meat and tuna that it's kind of ridicolous. Maybe she has a Usagi level hunger. She looks back to the group and huh. Strange Man she doesn't know! She shoves a piece of tuna into her mouth. Well if it's a vampire, she's a Vampire Hunter! In theory.

    The man eyes the room. He knows none of these people. He seems to be looking at each face. Like he was looking for someone particular. He seems taken aback by Kokoro's prescene before he speaks.
    It is entirely in Spanish. When this gets him odd looks, or only one person speaks it. He tries again.
    "You are very tall!" he asides. His tone and speech in Japanese is heavily Spanish accented aswell. He seems to smile at this. His eyes look over to Naru. "A party?" he asks. "Oh! A party! Is this what this is?" he asks. He looks over to Ikiko though and she gets a weird stare. Was that a moment of dislike, Ikiko!? It's hard to read from short glances.
    "Ah. I am. Looking for the one who uhm..." he hrms. "Would call herself 'Teardrop' or 'Tears' in my home langauge. She has something of mine, and I will need it back within the next few hours." he asides. He seems to be in thought.
    "Norie. I think. In the home langauge? Do I have the names right? Certainly they both mean the same person. You understand." he asides with another, weird and offputting smile that seems to almost sync with the sinister smile on the mask.
Ami Mizuno 2017-11-01 00:32:59 85787
The Blue Power Ranger turns toward the man speaking in heavily accented Japanese. She crosses her arms and leans against the nearest wall, just observing. Can't see her face, and her body language is too relaxed, almost.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-11-01 00:38:15 85788
    Of all the greetings Kokoro might have expected, 'stream of Spanish' was not one of them. Neither was 'you are tall'. It takes the dynastic warrior a few blinks of confusion before she's able to process it. "...yeah, yeah I am." She folds her armors over that demon-faced chestplate, the 'street tough' in her demeanor coming to the fore. "That a problem?"

    Frown. Teardrop? What... oh. Norie. Kokoro's expression and body language both grow more tense, a hint of defensiveness slipping in. "Who are you, and what does she have that belongs to you?"
Lacrima 2017-11-01 00:49:27 85789
Lacrima is letting Rashmi-chan work as she sighs a bit. "I know." she says quietly. "Ugh. I bet Kazuo gave her the invitation. Or maybe she was just nosey and peeked in the envelope I left it in at Mamoru's place." she says. "And invited herself. Because I bet she'd /do/ that." she says, correctly, not that she knows that. She sighs and looks down at her dress. "That's good enough." she says quietly.

"I don't wanna leave everyone alone for too long. It's my party. I don't want to mope at it. I'm probably just going to ignore that girl for the rest of the night. I don't think it can get much worse than this." she says as she opens the door and walks back down into the main room to look around. "Sorry about that." she says quietly. To the room at large. Maybe also Minako. "I---"

Then she lays her eyes on the man. And then she just freezes. No words. No expression. She just freezes.

"De ninguna manera..." she mutters. 'No Way'.

".....I don't know what you are. But you can't be who I think you are." she says quietly. The tone is VERY worried. Bordering on panic. Like she's barely able to hold it together.

"Poderoso is dead. I have his power. Ergo. You don't exist because you can't exist." she says silently.

She isn't calling for everyone to pig pile the guy. Also. Some people have heard that name from her. Mainly 'as the vampire badass enough it took a weird way to kill him that involved trapping his power in the gem that sits on the necklace around her neck--- that then leaked into her and that's why she is the way she is.' some of you probably don't and are probably confused. Then again. You might be confused anyway! This guy is supposed to be dead after all.

...Then again. It is Halloween.
Naru Osaka 2017-11-01 00:53:57 85791
Naru listens to the man, politely even, waiting as he tries Spanish, a little tick up of her brow at /that/ detail.

His comments in Japanese don't cause that brow to untick, but instead for her to quite calmly, and just as politely shake her head. "No. I do not think that is possible."

Naru doesn't turn as Lacrima emerges and her tone is .. about what Naru might expect in the situation. The whole 'should be dead' thing isn't even a blip on the radar. Basically just about everyone she knows has been dead at least once (save herself). Death certainly ain't the handicap it used to be.
Rashmi Terios 2017-11-01 01:02:17 85793
Rashmi Terios trails after Lacrima, the cheeriest little Ringwraith. As the vampire starts to address the room, Rashmi detaches, going back to Kokoro's side -- and her plate of nibbles, oh god so good -- but doesn't even get a single miniquiche under the veil before Lacchan's words make her freeze. ".....Oh dear," she sighs, and sets the plate aside again. Crumbs are brushed off her hands, and she moves to turn her seemingly-empty hood up at the Spaniard. "Sir," she says evenly, "Lacchan is the reason we're all here, and even the 'vampire hunter' is nice enough that she won't appreciate actual threats to our friend. So, much as I hate to be the rude-sounding one.... maybe you want to make an appointment for a better time to visit than 'when it will definitely ruin a party'?"
Ami Mizuno 2017-11-01 01:06:06 85794
The Blue Power Ranger drops all pretense and looks to Lacchan. She doesn't lift her mask, but she does say, clearly; "Hey, Lacchan, you okay?" And takes a slightly defensive posture in front of her friend, before looking at the Spaniard. "It is Halloween, good sir, and a good day for fright--but this isn't the kind of fright we like!"
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-11-01 01:06:47 85795
    So that's 'what she has' that the dude wants back. And moreover, he's someone who should not be here. Those two facts dovetail into a single realization - this man, who or whatever he is, is a clear threat to Lacrima.

    Where Rashmi speaks evenly, however, Kokoro... doesn't. She stands up straighter. Her shoulders square. Her expression hardens. With the armor and headdress adding bulk to a girl that's already 5'7" at the tender age of 13, it's suddenly a rather more imposing sight than she'd been when she arrived. She sets herself just slightly behind and to Rashmi's side, sending a clear message that she is the 'way' to Rashmi's 'will'. "This ain't a party you wanna be makin' trouble at. It'll be way more than you can chew, even with fangs."
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-11-01 01:16:53 85797
Ikiko Hisakata narrows her eyes at Poderoso. The vampire of Norie's necklace? Well, that certainly explains why she feels like she should be growling at him with her fur on end; vampires and werewolves have never gotten along, even before a certain glitter-crusted fanfic became a worldwide best-seller.

She walks over to Lacrima's side, then faces the Spaniard with her arms crossed, a silent snarl on her face. The wolfmotes dart out of her vest, forming a defensive arc in front of the wolfy-girl and the hostess, their glow brightening slightly as they join the quiet snarling.
Minako Aino 2017-11-01 01:23:34 85798
    Vampire Hunter V was standing there a moment ago. She isn't anymore. Where did she go!?
    Maybe she's sensing trouble. Those tingling V-senses.

    Podersos eyes Naru then over to Rashmi. "I'm not here to hurt anyone." he says. He's still smiling.
    He eyes Lacrima and then he grows a little less pleasent. "But yet. Here I am." he says. "Just because my power was stripped away from me. And my body turned to ash. Doesn't mean the mind persisted. Little Teardop." he says.
    "You clearly don't want that power. It named you Teardrop. Tears." he says, trying to be sympathetic. "I can take it back. You can rest in peace."
    "You can stop worrying about the thoughts you have." he says. Suddenly growing a toothy smile. "The ones you should be acting on..." then a dissapointed frown. "But don't." he says.
    There is an outpouring of support and he raises a brow. "You let these people make you weak? So dissapointing." he says. "Is this the idiocy my power has been used for?" he asks like he is then suddenly disgusted.
Lacrima 2017-11-01 01:41:38 85801
Lacrima is eerily quiet. No butt ins. No snapping. She is just deadpan staring. Her eyes do trace action. They look to Ikiko and Rashmi and Kokoro appreciatively. Eyes do look to Naru worriedly. But Naru probably has faith in no one getting hurt considering all who's here. Where did that strange girl go? Oh god. MINAKO. DO NOT TRY TO STEAK THE LORD VAMPIRE UNTIL WE KNOW MORE GODS.

She blinks at the Blue Ranger. Ami-chan? Oh! She came! She purses her lips as she looks back to the man.

"....absolutely not." she suddenly says. "Regardless." she says quietly. "About how I feel. Or about urges I can barely control sometimes. Or dark thoughts I have..." she says.

"...and regardless. How much I don't like this power. And how much I don't want it."

"You're asking me to effectively give you the thing that's keeping me alive- back to you so you can... what?"

"Send a reign of darkness over Tokyo like you did Vados? Go back to that village where they no longer remember your name or that you even existed?" she asks.

"The power named me such because it knew I didn't want it. You're right...." she says.

"But it named you for power because that's all you cared about." she says quietly. "I think it's better where it is right now." she says.

"....and speaking of power." she says coldly.

"You have none..."

"Impotente." Powerless. Helpless.

But then. There's a smile after that. No one here has ever seen her actually smile. Maybe get close. Maybe seen the sides of her lips twitch. But there's a smile there. And she holds it- at least for longer than a few seconds.

"I sense nothing inside you. Tell me why I should not have my friends here just pick you up and throw you outside and merely just lock the door." she says. "-because I'm certain one of them will do that if I just ask really, really nicely instead of say. Brainwashing them. Or Hypnotizing them." she says more icily. Still with that smile. "But that's what was always easiest for you. Wasn't it. In the dreams I have." she says more coldly.

That smile is not long lasted through, she goes back to her usual straight frown. Easily enough. Then her eyes seem to search her thoughts and then her eyes go a little wider in an internal realization.

"Kokoro-chan, punch him as hard as you can in the head please!" she suddenly blurts out.

Oh god please just do it, she begs internally and quickly.
Rashmi Terios 2017-11-01 01:45:19 85802
Rashmi very nearly held her breath as Poderoso spoke, recognizing this for an Important Moment in Lacrima's Life. And being like Tokyo's Just the Worst Ever Poker Player, she couldn't help but grin as Lacrima landed her verbal sallies and stings.

But at that last blurt, Rashmi's eyes widened, and the Ringwraith just ducked right out of the way, not even looking back bahind her.

Because when there's every possibility of Kokoro swinging on a face, you want to be out of the way.
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-11-01 01:51:36 85804

    No questions. No hesitation. Kokoro has stood, listening silently, to this shade of an evil man, and to someone who might just count as her second friend. It's plain enough that what he's asking for is something he should never have. It's just as plain that handing it over would be fatal for Norie, and that he just plain doesn't care. So when Lacrima makes that one, simple request, she's moving in the very next heartbeat.

    Clunk, clunk. One gauntlet slides off, then the other. Step, step, step, Kokoro walks forward. Her arms come up, a brawler's ready; she's not stupid enough to assume he'll have no fight training whatsoever. So she comes at him fast but wary, her left fist lifting up and darting out-

    -in a feint, that paves the way for her to bring her right around with all the strength she can muster. Not nearly as much as she'd have if she transformed, but for a human she's still pretty darned strong.
Naru Osaka 2017-11-01 01:54:06 85805
Naru is quietly confident about no one getting hurt because.. it's a damn fine question as to why she is quite so utterly calm in the face of this entirely not nice gentleman.

She doesn't comment as Lacrima says her piece, she merely takes a half step back, probably such that she is out of the way when Kokoro gets to the punching. Because that is the other thing that Naru seems to be utterly confident upon, the fact that Kokoro is going to be doing some punching.

Punching isn't her job anyhow.
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-11-01 01:58:20 85806
Ikiko's voiceless snarl doesn't break as Lacrima lambastes Poderoso, but the corners of her mouth do move upward in a reflection of fierce joy. Even the wolfmotes drift back and slightly apart, making Lacrima the keystone of their arc instead of the protectee of it.

Kokoro is the one throwing the first real punch. If it comes to it, Ikiko will help throw the second one.
Ami Mizuno 2017-11-01 01:59:00 85807
Ami Mizuno makes sure her costumed boots are out of the way of Kokoro's punch, even as she keeps leaning against the wall. No real reason to move, yet... People seem to have it in hand (heh) so far.
Minako Aino 2017-11-01 02:03:36 85809
    Vampire Hunter V is still nowhere to be seen!? Where did she go!?
    Where in, this scene, we cut to V searching the fridge for steaks. Why is there no steaks in this freezer!?

    Poderoso gets angry. "Pathetic. Friends are worthless. They will grow old and die. You should use them while you can." he says. "To unders..." he was going to continue his statement about why he's right, when Lacrima just blurts out he needs punched and he turns to Kokoro to try to do something about it but he gets slugged. Right in the face and he goes spinning around from the sheer force!
    But on the first spin there seems to have suddenly been a change. This is not the Red haired, well dressed pale form of Podersos! It's the shorter form of Ryo Okana that immediatly falls to the floor in an unconcious heap from the haymaker paid to his face.

    "AHA!" jumps Vampire Hunter V from the hallway with a piece of chicken. "There were no steaks just chicken. Sorry. Will this be enough?"
Rashmi Terios 2017-11-01 02:07:21 85810
"....Oh for...." Rashmi sighs, dropping her face into her hands. "Lacchan he possessed your brother. This is going to be........"

And y'know, after a few moments, not even Rashmi can find the word to adequately sum up what a glorious trainwreck dumpster fire made of bees this is going to be.
Kukai Souma 2017-11-01 02:11:42 85811
There is a massive problem for people who haven't gotten a Halloween costume before Halloween Day. That is, everyone else who hasn't gotten one either wants one. There's another problem for someone who doesn't watch much TV or current movies or play video games - the vast amount of costumes are geared towards that. This becomes the problem when Kukai visits the mall earlier in the day with Nadeshiko. A late start after classes for the day drag on longer than they should, combined with Kukai having no emotional connection to any of the outfits in the mall, are what lead to an emergency situation.

That being said, Nadeshiko sees it first. It takes some real talking to Kukai to get him to agree to it - it makes him feel a little weird, but it also makes him laugh in that sort of 'this will either make people want to choke me or they'll fall out in the street laughing' manner. The outfit is agreed upon, purchased (much to the confusion of the clerk), and mentioned that once Halloween passes it will probably go to Nadeshiko.

It's a little help that Norie's mansion is in a darker, less visited part of the city, and that she keeps it fairly closed off. It doesn't help that Nadeshiko has her own party to go to so Kukai is visiting this one both late and alone. So when he enters the vestibule and smoking room dressed in something that can only be described as 'Lacrima's dress and jewelry and makeup and a wig matching her hair' he is a little less panicked. He's pretty sure he's hunting for a disembowling now, but it will at least be a funny disembowling.

The last thing he expected is to see Kokoro and Lacrima facing off against some other .... person in a Very Serious Stance. He didn't come built for a fight - this dress goes all the way down to the ankles and confuses the hell out of his legs.
Lacrima 2017-11-01 02:15:37 85812
Lacrima winces when she hears the punch hit home. She frowns and... doesn't even call out 'Ryo!?' in surprise. She does immediately sulk. "....he doesn't have a body. Everything was separated. He was talking like he knew things." she says softly.

"....I was kind of hoping it was gonna be Alexis-niisan." she says. "As if that'd explain things. But... it was the other guess." she sighs.

She rubs her face. "I think it's gone. I don't feel the other thing anymore. Just my stupid brother and his stupid self." yeah this is more like normal Lacrima now.

"I'm going to have him go visit a friend and she's going to hit him with a purification ability she has just to make sure." she says quietly. Yeah she has to call Amu-chan.

She then looks to Minako with a dumb look. "Chicken...? T..that's not even a little close to----"

Her eyes trace to the door opening with confusion. Another body? Did he just go out and pick a new one to walk back in with!?

No it's...


It takes her a long moment for her brain to process this when she finally realizes who it is....

Then she 'huffs' and she 'huffs' again. And then she just starts giggling insanely as she falls backwards on the dance floor.

And she actually begins laughing. Which is another first for the night apparently.

"If...!" she sputters. "If he only came in. And hour earlier." she sputters out.

"Can you imagine!?" she manages out before it devolves into untilligentable giggling.
Naru Osaka 2017-11-01 02:18:32 85813
"Well that's irritating." Naru comments as she watches Ryo collapse and she shakes her head a little before taking a step or two back even further. She glances to Kukai's arrival, and there's just a hint of a smile. "Looks good on ya." She notes to him before Lacrima's comments about 'purification' give her just a moment's pause.

In the giggling and laughter and hubub, Naru slipped away, ostensibly to find a drink.. or something.. but somehow, she doesn't seem to make her way back to the group.
Ikiko Hisakata 2017-11-01 02:29:42 85814
"Good riddance," Ikiko snorts. Whether that's aimed at Poderoso's ghost being banished or Norie's brother getting punched is hard to tell, but her stance does become more relaxed.

She then eyes Kukai with raised eyebrows, then snerks and turns her head to keep from totally laughing at the situation. Her wolfmotes, dimmed back down, briefly circle around him inquisitively, then float over to Lacrima to gently nuzzle the vampire's cheek.

"I think you needed that," the wolfy-girl says to Lacrima while sitting down. "The smile looked good on you, and it's good to hear you giggling happily."
Kokoro Akakuma 2017-11-01 02:30:28 85816
    Having delivered the requested blow, Kokoro steps back, just in case - but not only does it prove unnecessary, it turns out the first one was probably a bad idea to begin with. Kokoro shakes her hand out and frowns, turning back around to look at Lacrima with concern. "Uh... I, uh..."

    She gives Lacrima a chagrined look. "...sorry. I..."

    What. Is. He. Wearing.

    The long, baffled stare from Kokoro only ends when Lacrima starts laughing. And then it's directed at her instead.
Rashmi Terios 2017-11-01 02:35:19 85817
"It's okay, Koko-chan," Rashmi says, patting the bigger girl's shoulder. "It was probably the best exorcism we could have hoped for... imagine if it took more than a couple punches!"

Which is when Jiaying and Kukai show up, and Rashmi's eyes bug out as Lacrima collapses into giggles.

....Yeah, that's a funny tought all right. And Rashmi's self-control when it comes to laughter? Awful. So, now there's a Ringwraith laid out on the floor next to Lacrima, just destroyed by the giggles.
Jiaying Maki 2017-11-01 02:49:22 85818
Jiaying Maki Is running late, is a little frustrated and she's running along rooftops to try and avoid any foot traffic. That's about when she gets side tracked helping out elsewhere, then another thing, then she's back on track and... she's missed most of the party hasn't she. She's pretty sure she has at least. Still, she is trying to show up. Dressed in what looks like a fantasy take on an old style Chinese officer's uniform, she's got her hair, ears and tail purple with dye, magic or both. When she slips through the front door, closing it behind her, it's clear she's wearing some makeup as well and has pulled the hair back into a bun with a hair cover.

There's a weird image of yen store Kukai, Norie and others standing around laughing. This gets a confused look from the fox. A slow head tilt, then a tilt the other way. Stepping in proper, boots clicking on the floor, she asks, "What did I miss?" Sounding out of breath.
Kukai Souma 2017-11-01 02:53:26 85821
Kukai eyes Naru as she makes her way out of the room, then coughs. "It's not too much, is it?"

Then there's an explosion of laughter across the room. Kukai crosses his arms and does his best possible imitation of Lacrima's grumpy pout. "You lot are not making this any easier to wear, none of you. If it wasn't for private cars I wouldn't be here. I told Na-chan I wasn't riding the bus in this although she tried to get me to."

He walks over, making one concession to his own needs by wearing only slightly lifted shoes instead of heels, and stares down at Lacrima and Rashmi. ".... At least you're getting a good laugh out of it." One corner of his mouth quirks up as he eyes her, then he chuckles. "It's awful, isn't it?"

He looks up as Jiaying enters behind him and waves. "Hi Jiaying. Me, I think."
Lacrima 2017-11-01 02:54:42 85822
Lacrima shakes her head and she's being nuzzled tiny tiny wolfmotes. She takes a deep breath and then tries to stop laughing but she can't. She's just giggling and laughing and now Rashmi is there giggling with her and for a split second. She feels /normal/. She feels /silly/ and she feels /happy/ and she doesn't want this to end.

But like all things. They normalize. That includes Lacrima's usually dark energy powered self because she begins to calm down. She doesn't want to. She's clinging. She's grabbing all mentally but eventually she calms down and takes a deep breath. Despite not needing to breathe. "Oh my." she huffs. "A..ah I'm out of gas for that I guess." she mutters with a sigh and some annoyance.

She frowns at Kokoro and shakes her head. "You did nothing wrong. That's... Ryo-niisan." she sighs. "My brother. My. Actual..blood brother. That is." she says quietly. "He thinks I'm dead even though he knows that's not the truth and thinks I'm just some puppet using her likeness." she says quietly. "He's been quite a jerk recently. I'm sure he deserved that. But. No more for now." she says quietly.

"I'll take him upstairs." she says quietly. "So he can get up and blame whatever on me." she says quietly as she picks him up and takes him upstairs to the bedroom. She sighs and comes back and waves at Jiaying. "Jia-chan. You missed. Something. It's okay now." she says quietly.

"Podoeroso's spirit. Or whatever. Possessed my brother apparently- and wanted my power back. I'm going to have you charm him before the night is done." she says quietly. "Okay?" she asks.

She gently takes a deep breath.

"Thank you Kokoro. We're okay I promise. I haven't... I haven't laughed. Since I was human." she says quietly.

She then looks back to Kukai and leans up a phone to snap a picture. "That's to remind me life doesn't always suck. Tell me. Did you not get enough of being me when you were me?" she asks coyly.