Muffins and school notes

Naru and Ami chat over fresh baked muffins.

Date: 2017-11-06
Pose Count: 9
Naru Osaka 2017-11-06 16:37:23 86210
The apartment is filled with the smell of fresh baked orange and ginger, and the smell of still brewing coffee. Because of course what one needs with fresh baked muffins is a fresh cup of coffee. Duh. The coffee table holds what is clearly Naru's things. A larger sized sketchbook than she usually drags around, a pencil box, a couple of her smaller sketchbooks.

Naru herself is in the kitchen, watching coffee drip and waiting with an already doctored up mug for it to finish. Even if you CAN take a cup mid pot, it's worth waiting. Usually.
Ami Mizuno 2017-11-06 16:40:59 86211
Ami Mizuno walks into the ECFH the mundane way and spots Naru's things right after the wave of good smells hits her. "Naru-chan?" She calls. "That you? Everything smells so good," she says, and finds her way into the kitchen. She smiles at her friend. "Is there a special occasion or is it baking for baking's sake today?"
Naru Osaka 2017-11-06 16:44:50 86212
"Baking for the sake of being tasty." Naru gives a wave to Ami and reaches for the coffee pot as the sputtery sounds make it clear that her patience is being rewarded. "Makoto bakes beautiful fancy things, I just make muffins. Sometimes cake but usually muffins. The boys don't seem to mind some boring baking in with the good stuff." She collects up coffee and muffin. "How're you?"
Ami Mizuno 2017-11-06 16:48:29 86213
"Good!" Ami says cheerfully. "I'm doing well. How are you?" she asks as she, too, doctors a mug and pours coffee, moving around Naru carefully. It's not a small kitchen, but she's still very delicate about it. "Orange and ginger?" she guesses as to what's in the muffins, sniffing the air lightly before grabbing one.
Naru Osaka 2017-11-06 17:04:31 86214
"Got it in one. Although both are pretty distinctive. It's a new recipe I'm trying, so critiques welcome." Naru nods to Ami as she takes her treats back out to the living room. "I'm alright, all in all. Mostly caught up on school, vaguely paranoid about my own emotional state, but I think about the right level of paranoid."
Ami Mizuno 2017-11-06 17:05:44 86215
Ami Mizuno nods and follows. "I will," she says of the muffin, before settling in at the table. "It's sometimes healthy to be paranoid." She shrugs. "Did you get everything you needed from me, notes-wise?"
Naru Osaka 2017-11-06 17:08:37 86216
"I think so?" Naru mmms as she settles on the couch. "I suppose I'll know for sure when we get tested on it, but I think so. You got the pages back alright, right?"

Left in Ami's desk, there really wasn't too far they could go.

"Well there's paranoid, and then there's PARANOID.. finding that balance between wary and a constant state of freaked out is a good thing." Naru sips from her coffee, setting the mug down to be able to break off a chunk of muffin.
Ami Mizuno 2017-11-06 17:10:14 86217
"Good," Ami says, and nods. "Yes, I found them. Thank you." A pause. "There's a difference between properly wary, like you are, and outright, actually paranoid. Which you aren't, because you know the stakes." She takes a sip of coffee before biting into a muffin. "Oh, Naru, these are good. A little sweet, but very good."
Naru Osaka 2017-11-06 17:20:43 86218
"I think the juice added more sweet than I really gave it credit for." Naru agrees around a bite of muffin. "Although with an orange frosting? These would be kick ass cupcakes." She brushes off her fingers, leaving the rest of her muffin to wait on the plate for her as she starts spreading out her drawing stuff. A smaller sketchbook, flipped through to find the relevant page. A picture of a husky dog, just a sketch really. And in the other? Same dog, different position.

"Well not every crisis is an end of the world level crisis." Naru muses and then shrugs. "Just some of them."