Broken Lockets

Lacrima asks for help from Ami Mizuno to try to figure out what's in her locket Alexis-niisan gave her for her Birthday. Apparently vital information!

Date: 2017-11-07
Pose Count: 17
Lacrima 2017-11-07 00:47:23 86219
Lacrima sends Ami Mizuno a text.

Rashmi-chan says there's something going on with the gift that Alexis-niisan gave me the night he disappeared on my Birthday. Her device doesn't have the sensor resolution to detect what it is. Can we please meet?

There would probably be a small back and forth where Lacrima tells Ami to meet her in the Botanical Gardens. Not the Northern Portions. But one of the side passages on the East side. Quiet, among trees and plants that do well in shade.

Lacrima is there sitting reading a book, dressed in her usual ostentatious period dress. The Book appears to be some sort of trashy vampire romance that came out in the last month.

She seems entirely engrossed in it as she waits.
Ami Mizuno 2017-11-07 01:07:58 86220
Ami appears shortly after Lacrima, wearing a blue skirt and a lighter blue top. She walks over, and clears her throat. "Hello, Lacchan." She carries a small purse--otsensibly to hide the Mercury Computer. "Please tell me the whole story of what you've learned." She settles in beside Lacrima and looks over, curious. "Where is the gift, please?" And she gets comfortable, unafraid of grass stains.
Lacrima 2017-11-07 01:17:10 86221
Lacrima is blushing. Why is she blushing? Why it's a trashy romance novel and obviously she got to the good part where the immortal vampire graces the mortal princess with a forbidden romantic kiss and promises her to carry her away to the moon or something.

She startles a moment because Ami clears her throat and she shuts the book suddenly and nearly slams it to the grass. As she blinks. "O--oh. Ami-chan." she says quietly.

She reaches around her neck and removes the pendant. It's a simple necklace. Not flashy. But it's a simple silver necklace with a small locket pendant on the end. The Locket has been welded shut, purposefully it seems.

"Alexis-niisan gave this to me. Because the last time I bought a necklace...." she says quietly. "It turned me into this thing." she says quietly. "So he bought me this." she says.

"I.... mean. I could. Break it open. But I would rather not..." she says quietly. It's clear why. Sentimental value of the necklace. It's all she has right now Alexis had any hand in.

"Rashmi-chan scanned it for a trace of Alexis." she says.

"But she said that it hit more than a 'trace'. But she couldn't determine what." she says quietly.

"So I want you to scan it and see what it is. What it may be. If you can..." she says gently, offering it. Though. VERY Hesitantly.

"Please be careful with it..." she asks, as if pleading.
Ami Mizuno 2017-11-07 01:21:00 86222
Ami Mizuno takes the necklace with gentle hands. "I will," she says, leaving it in her left hand--chain dangling between index and middle fingers--as she pulls out the Mercury Computer. Then, looking at Lacrima's face and her need, she hands the necklace back. "Hold it out on your palm so the computer can scan it, maybe? So I can use both hands." She waves the micro-computer around some.
Lacrima 2017-11-07 01:27:37 86223
Lacrima holds the necklace a little. She feels comfortable holding it herself anyways as she lets Ami scan. She's also hoping her ambient dark energy will skew results. It shouldn't. It's contained right now. She's pretty sure of that at least in her head as she thinks about this. She side eyes her book.

"That book is about a vampiric count that falls in love with a mortal princess and promises her things like the moon and stuff." a pause. "Fictional book of course. Mind you." because oh lord-- she doesn't want that to be a real thing. SOMEONE ALREADY HAS A CLAIM ON THE MOON.

"It's good so far." she says quietly.

"I dunno what's sillier." she says. "That I liked reading that stuff before I became this.... or that some of that stuff is real and happens." she says with a snort.
Ami Mizuno 2017-11-07 01:31:01 86224
Ami Mizuno smiles at Lacrima as the computer scans the necklace. She types away, then frowns a little. Frowning, frowning. Then a half-smile. "Still scanning, but initial results are--promising, Lacchan. You won't like it but if it gets Alexis-san back, that's probably better than the necklace, ne?"
Lacrima 2017-11-07 01:39:48 86225
Lacrima is nervously babbling about a romance novel. Yeah she knows she's a mess on some level. It's why she's been monitoring her condition. Her brows arc a bit when she hears it looks promising. Hope is never long lived though as she frowns a little as Ami-chan continues.

" it depends." she stutters. Because she really doesn't want to break the necklace open. She really doesn't. She could had done that in the manor if she felt like it....
Ami Mizuno 2017-11-07 01:42:26 86226
"According to the Mercury computer," Ami says slowly, "there is a microSD card inside your locket. With Alexis-san's blood on the non-copper-exposed side." She looks into Lacrima's eyes. "Things can be replaced," she says gently. "Alexises--brothers--can't."
Lacrima 2017-11-07 01:50:48 86227
Lacrima blinks a moment. "Wait. /What/?" she asks. Lacrima's mind went wild about what could be in there. She ASSUMED that Alexis put something in there like... a lock of hair. Or even yes- blood. Maybe a tiny picture. But she didn't really think that... there would be something there. Like an SD card. Like something that holds information.

Something that could hold a clue. For all she knows. It was added during one of Alexis's blackouts. Maybe he gave her something without thinking about it.

"I...." she seems stuck in a mental loop now. She really doesn't want to destroy the pendant. But it also contains something that could TELL them things.

She grits her teeth. "Nrg..." the answer is neither no or yes right now. She seems loss for a decision.

She probably needs a moment.
Ami Mizuno 2017-11-07 01:51:58 86228
For her part, Ami just sits back, taking her time putting the Mercury Computer away. She lets Lacrima have her space, take her time deciding.

The trees really are beautiful this time of year.
Lacrima 2017-11-07 02:02:36 86229
Lacrima makes a face like she's teetering on upset and sadness as she clutches the necklace protectively. It's literarily the only thing she has of Alexis-niisan's right now. She seems lost. Let it be broken open or keep it closed. But...

She wishes she had some of that honey Mamoru made with Makoto around right now. But she doesn't. So it's hard.

"N--nrg. Fine. Take it. B--before I change my mind..." she mutters as she tries to shove it at Ami. Probably to try to stop herself from being unable to nab it back so quick.

This is too hard for her.
Ami Mizuno 2017-11-07 02:30:19 86230
Ami takes the necklace from Lacrima, and before she can object, pulls the Mercury Computer back out. Then she quickly and quietly applies a tiny amount of subzero temperatures on not the weld, but the hinge. "Weakest point," she murmurs to herself. Flipping it open with a fingernail, she extracts the tiny SD card and pops it into the Mercury Computer. And stares.
Lacrima 2017-11-07 02:35:13 86231
Lacrima is keeping her eyes closed this whole time. If she can't see it. She won't feel compelled. When Ami says 'weakest point' she finally... "Nrg...No! Don't!" she says as she shoves herself forward!---- at a tree. Ow.

Yes, closing her eyes was a good idea in the long run in so far as letting the locket be open.

She shakes her head and opens her eyes to turn to see Ami staring.

"Wha?..." she asks.
Ami Mizuno 2017-11-07 02:38:06 86232
Turning the Mercury Computer so Lacrima can see, Ami shows a very blurry picture of a very, very grey and dark hallway. It was probablytaken while in motion. But the metadata--that's the important part.

It has GPS coordinates.

Which lead, according to the Mercury Computer, to a logistics company warehouse in the industrial part of the city. "Gotta do some digging on THAT info," she murmurs, about the corporate name.
Lacrima 2017-11-07 02:44:47 86234
Lacrima blinks and head tilts. Part of her expected some sort of sentimental photos. Then she realized that Alexis never /took/ any of him or them together. She opens her mouth. She has a reflection? Does she show up in pictures? Wait. NOWS NOT THE TIME BE CONSIDERING THINGS LIKE THAT LACRIMA.

"....That doesn't make sense." she says quietly. "Why?...." she mutters.

"That HAD to be put there during one of his black outs or something. I mean...."

"He'd TELL me if there was something in a gift like that. Especially what it meant to him giving it to me.." she says quietly as she makes to retrieve the broken necklace with a softer frown.
Ami Mizuno 2017-11-07 02:48:20 86235
Ami hands the necklace over with a soft, "I'm sorry I had to break it, Lacchan," before nodding. "I don't know if he knew what was inside when he gifted it to you, yes. But. It might be enough to get him back." She begins typing away on the Mercury Computer, and pauses. "It's, really, well..." Sighing, she rubs a hand through her hair. "The logistics company, after detangling its involvement with many other companies, is ultimately owned by the Raskoph Conglomerate."
Lacrima 2017-11-07 02:50:57 86236
Lacrima frowns. "Of course it does." she says quietly. This seems less to surprise her rather than cement some things. "He has to be there. If he isn't at her home. Tell Rashmi-chan this. But we should keep it close to our chests. Don't try to recon that. Let her think we don't know." she says quietly.

"Maybe make a few fake recons at her house to throw her off maybe. I wonder if we could get someone to try that." she says quietly.

"...Not my call. On that. I'd make the bad decision." she says quietly.

"But. I will. Have him back." she says quietly as she begins to stand up. "Thank you, Ami-chan." she says quietly as she sighs down at the necklace. She's gonna take this to a jewelers now to see if it can't be fixed...