Ends of the Earth

Date: 2017-11-07
Pose Count: 112
Sailor Earth 2018-08-12 22:13:01 94264
The world steadily deteriorates, leaving the erstwhile heroes standing atop various chunks of scenery and destroyed buildings as the float in this labryinthine hellscape. The sky is a patchwork of watercolors and fingerpaint, with large chunks of liquid metal swimming like living eels throughout. Below them, the sky is mirrored onto the void below.

And in front of them is the vaguely humanoid Archwitch once known as Mirrai Terra, but now something very different. A strange amalgation of trappings of royalty - decrees and crowns and scepters and gems - pressed into a towering female form. And it holds out its hand and creates a much larger version of her golden blade - she sweeps it sideways first to try to behead the group as a whole, like being attacked with a skyscraper size weapon before she slices downwards at the group of senshi - and in the blade's gleaming wake, her golden-armor wearing familars form and fall to the ground, attacking as golden knights... which each look like Mirai Terra, wearing Shitennou or Senshi uniforms, with the spectral armor over that.

And as the Familiars attack, the Archwitch screeches out an otherworldly, soul shivering cry of anger.
Rei Hino 2018-08-12 22:19:47 94265
All of Rei's fury, all of Rei's outrage seems, briefly, to pale in the sheer wake of a wide eyed horror at what's happening around her; what their enemy has become; the shattered world that could never exist.
    This a nightmare.
    For a split second, The Senshi of War forgets to fight. But that moment passes when that endless blade begins to move, and Sailor Mars whips around to face Usagi from where she had stood to put herself between her and a monster. "Usagi!" She shouts and hurls herself forward, putting her arms around Serenity and leaping off of her floating perch of wreckage; falling, WAY to far, and onto another, landing in a crouch with a pained grimace on her face.
    Breathing heavily, she looks back over her shoulder... and the blade's coming *down*, and all she can do is roll the both of them as far to the side of the swings arch as the limited landmass will allow, keeping herself over Usagi protectively, as if a single body could stop it from tearing through both of them if it hit.
Rashmi Terios 2018-08-12 22:22:40 94266
Rashmi watches the despairing Empress grow, and grow, clothing herself in the trappings of longed-for nobility like an Escherian security blanket. "Nico.... I think we're going to need to go all out for this one..."

*bing!* << SEALING MODE >>

Rashmi's armored book glows, shattering into its constituent parts for the briefest moment, before reassembling into something like a dual-cover folio... complete with exhaust-release valves on each spine. The folio opens of its own accord, and dozens of holographic 'screens' blip into existence in a semicircle around the Mage. At least three of them bear kitten videos.

This is how dire the situation has become.

"Okay I think we're reaOH GOD." Wings of golden light blink into existence as the blade begins to sweep across, and Rashmi flits up and away from the terrible strike. But she only gets a moment to breathe, for now the sword is coming down, forcing Rashmi to fly to one side and just hope against hope that the others can get out of the way.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-08-12 22:23:32 94267
    The world starts to fall apart around her, the floor cracking and walls disintegrating into chunks that float in a multi-colored, inky space. Apatite keeps her balance, even as the chunk of floor she's standing on comes detatched from the whole and starts spinning as it does. But she doesn't panic, doesn't even flinch. Because this is a Labyrinth, and to Apatite, formerly one of the most veteran Puella in Japan, it feels rather like home.

    She straightens from the half-feral crouch she had assumed in her moment of instinctual panic, spinning her spear in a blurring circle before slamming the butt into the ground by her feet with a ringing 'clack'. "Figures. I was looking forward to stabbing you right in the dumb face, but I guess this works too!" She calls up to the giant Witch-empress. "But I gotta say, it's a bad move on your part. Because I may be a relative newbie at being Shitennou, but if there's one thing Kyouko Godamn Sakura knows how to do, it's kill Witches!"

    Then that huge sword is swinging down, and Apatite half-ducks to one side to avoid the blow, before coming face-to-face with several of the gold-and-spectral-armored knights falling in its wake. Her lip twists in disdain, and she pulls her spear back under her arm before dashing forward, whirling it in a spinning arc to cut through two of them at once. At the same time she looks around, trying to gaugee the situation, to check on the status of the other Shitennou, as well as Serenity and the Senshi and.. well, anybody she can see, really.
Nephrite 2018-08-12 22:24:50 94268
This is Nephrite's nightmare. It's always his nightmare, to be trapped in an infinite labyrinth of physical impossibility. No logic, no exits, just the monster and its minions slowly hunting him down. He wanted to forget those three months he spent in the hellscape that was a labyrinth he opened in his own sub-dimension, and he was not allowed to. Now the sicking, twisting colors rise up around him, and he is back there all over again. The golden sword descends and Nephrite is rooted to the spot.
Kukai Souma 2018-08-12 22:30:11 94269
Kukai Souma grew up in a world where there was sports and his brothers and his family. When that world expanded to his friends, and further, the Guardians at school, and the Guardian Charas, he had made a promise to his best friend, Tadase Hotori, that he would end up making him the King of Earth. Now, in the current state of the world, Kukai had made his thoughts known to Mamoru about this whole 'previous world where he ruled the world' and how it wasn't going to go the same way this time, and the two of them were friends and allies in a world that they defended together.

But Mirai? When reality changed and she found out there was another King of Earth, and someone who was defending him?

While the party had swung and danced above the castle, one of the representatives of the True Earth Kings had been dragged in by the secret police. Kukai wasn't sure where Tadase or Amu had been - as far as he knew, they'd escaped, thankfully - but the abuse he'd suffered under Mirai's reality bending was enough to break anyone.

And then the world splintered, breaking into pieces. Both sets of memories flooded back into Kukai, and there was a searing, screaming noise, the sound of a young man yelling in mindless rage and pain, as through one of the cracks in the ground a green blaze shot into the sky - Sky Jack, enveloped in Heart Power and magic, infuriated at Mirai's corruption of the world and now her attempt to kill everyone in her way, but most of all at the memory of the torture under her rule.

The screaming green fire launches itself into the sky, and blasts of lightning echo down onto the dropping golden knights and copies of Sailor Earth, Golden Victory Shots pouring out like raindrops. If Jack had ever been holding back before, the anger and pain and desperate fight for survival had driven him past the edge, and now the girl - no, the Witch - he had tried to make a place for in the world was going to be destroyed utterly if he had anything to say about it.
Miho Kagami 2018-08-12 22:31:12 94270
Life Mahou Joy flails, blown back by Empress Endymion's sudden transformation and the apparent destruction of ... well, the entire world around them, really. The bravado of her earlier threat has dissolved with it. "Crap crap crap --" She launches straight up into the air at high speeds to avoid the blade, then dodges to the side even though it wasn't directly swinging towards her. "-- CRAP CRAP CRAP!"

She looks around. There's Rashmi! As she flies over towards her, she transfers her wand to her left hand, and then grabs her left arm in her right as wisps of shadow start leaking from it and a minty green glow emits from her hand. As the Familiar-rush begins, she straightens up and thrusts her wands out at them and calls out, "MINTY BARRAGE!" She sweeps her wand back and forth as it begins firing pellets of purification power which vaguely resemble mint-leaves -- but none of her attacks are that powerful. "HI, RASHMI-CHAN!" she says, glancing over Rashmi's shoulder at the kitten-videos.
Unmei Tama 2018-08-12 22:32:00 94271
Unmei Tama stared up at this... thing. This massive. Powerful. Destructive thing. Her hands shook. Her entire BODY shook. She had NEVER even SEEN anything this big. It was so, so, so, so, so, soooooo beyond anything she had even considered. This was final battle epi-- NO!

This wasn't final battle mode. This was that thing where the anime stops before the final fight and then the fight comes out in a two long movie that is freaking awesome.

She was so not ready for it. She gulped. "Pin? Win?"

"Yeah?" they asked.

"Err... Can wrath....?"

"Not alone."

She let out a sigh of relief. "Good thing I'm not alone!" She glanced around, taking sight of the situation. She was standing on a chunk of wall, no. Stained glass window. Fun. She shrieked and ducked, falling on her knees, letting it go over her head. Deep breath. "Kun!" she yelled out. "If I lose myself to the gem during this... ummmm... Please take it after for a bit?" she yelled. The blade went over head and she took a deep breath. Think of what it had done. Everything they'd been through. the last week where sheh ad been too afraid to go near the shittenou because she didn't want to intrude. Let all that anger build...

One of the knights landed in front of her, sword out, raised... Ad she stepped forward. "No." She said coldly. The flames of fire erupted from her hand, fueled by her anger. It burned to ash within moments. Her hands then reached up and long, razor sharp claws appeared across her hands as she charged in, leaping towards another piece of rubble to slash through the two on it, heading towards the big boss!
Ikiko Hisakata 2018-08-12 22:32:14 94272
Cute Wolf Tsukiko hits the deck, dropping to the local ground with her miniwolves to duck the massive blade as the wolfmotes dart skyward for a similar dodge in the opposite direction. "Oh great, one of these things," she groans as she watches the Familiars spawn.

Rolling to her feet, the wolfgirl darts forward, bodychecking one of the Miraispawn in the chest. There are echoing thumps as the miniwolves, with additional velocity boosts from their mote bretheren, follow in her wake and also slam into the targeted Familiar.

"Guess you have a bit more mass now, huh?" Tsukiko grins to the miniwolves, who 'roo back in agreement. Risking a quick glance around, the wolfgirl tries to get a sense of who is where, recognizing most of those present to various degrees.
Makoto Kino 2018-08-12 22:37:14 94273
Sometimes, there's simply no time for conscious thought. Reality is thoroughly out to lunch and Jupiter's body acts with no input from the higher parts of her brain - she lunges, throwing herself full-force into Nephrite and body-checking him off his feet the barest instant before the giant sword comes crashing down. The shimmering princess gown dissolves into crackling threads of electricity as she moves, re-forming around her into the familiar green-and-white fuku.

The two go tumbling together over what's left of the chunk of ballroom floor they were standing on, coming to rest in a sprawled heap. With the most immediate danger past, Jupiter braces a hand against the shattered floor and props herself up off Nephrite's chest enough to look worriedly down at him.

"Hey," she says, breathless. "So that went to crap really fast, but I've got you."
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-08-12 22:37:35 94274


    "Tch... lookin' down on us like that... on me like that..."

    Fzzzzzztsnap. Zzzzzapcrackle.

    "I been through too much to accept some naive pretendy-game dream. The world ain't that kind."

    Dengeki Shoujo's fingers curl around the grip of her hammer, a steady electric buzz filling the air as tiny arcs dance along her arms and legs for a moment. "And the worst part is, you had to go and turn yourself into some freaking monster, we can't even chew your ass out anymore!" With a frustrated roar, Kokoro hurls herself off her piece of land just as the first strike whips over her head, completely out of range of the second.

    By the time she comes down on another floating landmass, though, there's golden knights. She doesn't even skip a beat; the first one to come within arm's reach is grabbed by the face, slammed to the ground, and then swung around to smash aside another. THEN, the hammer starts swinging, claps of thunder snapping off every time she makes contact. But already, she's looking past the hordes, trying to plan a path that'll get her closer to that colossal... thing. "OI RASHMI! YOU GOT ANYTHING TO AMP ME UP, NOW'S THE TIME FOR IT!"
Sora Hisakata 2018-08-12 22:38:21 94275
"You know, it's folk like you who give us honest witches a bad name." Kazeko has calmed down some since the last time she faced Earth, and she's fought witches before; freelancing for Miss White's WPS. Sure, this is a bigger and far scarier witch but there's a lot of good people here. A lot of strong people. They can do this.

They have to do this.

Kazeko for her part is a stranger to righteous fury but no stranger to self-righteous wrath. In cases like this, is there really much of a distinction? While she would love to go straight for the jugular this has got to be a group effort, so she begins by spinnings winds around her and those allies she can reach with her magic, the winds forming a temporary protective barrier, turning into a deflective gust of wind upon interacting with a single incoming attack.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-08-12 22:38:31 94276
It's as Mirai grows into the Archwitch and the world breaks apart that the projected psyche of Mamoru Chiba blinks off like a circuit breaker tripped somewhere. He was there yelling, then everything was breaking and horror was growing and he's just gone. He's just gone.

It could just be that he can't get out of the inside of the Witch. It could be that having shattered the Jewel Seed, the Witch-that-was-Sailor-Earth is just using him up for raw energy to fuel the three manifested grief seeds, and her attacks against everyone. She's certainly using enough power.

It might be a while in all the chaos before anyone realizes he's cut off. Then again, considering he is cut off, certain people with always-on connections to him can't feel him anymore.
Usagi Tsukino 2018-08-12 22:48:59 94277
Everything is wrong. So very wrong.

The words Mirai yell, the accusations.

Memories flood back in. Despite how it had ended, the Golden Kingdom had never been like this. The facade of pure happiness, all the time, had been a pale shadow to even the sometimes sweet pang of heartache.

And then there, in the chest of a girl she'd once tried to sympathize with, is something that is so very not hers. For a moment the landscape around her is dusted in snow as long red hair snakes through the air--

And then Mars is leaping her away, using her own body to shield a princess who had died so long ago--

She'd been Serenity for...however long they'd been here. And yet, Serenity wouldn't have asked Mars to save her a dance.

And while Serenity surely would have barreled a busboy over with questions just to get him to talk to her for a little longer, Usagi had done that on more than one occasion to an annoying jerkity jerk-faced jerk.

Who is currently a ghost.

She will not let him be taken from her again.

She will not let her senshi, her friends, fight for her while she just stands helplessly by, will not just watch as Endymion--

It's then she realizes the complete lack of him.

There's a rage, one she couldn't let herself feel in another life and one she's only felt this deeply very rarely in this one.

Earth will not take him.

And Serenity Usagi Moon Princess Highschool Student will not let her take any more of those she loves.

Her hand grips the back of Mars, fingers clutching at the material as she jumps them out of the way again. When she lands, she's already henshined. Only this time.

There's a lot more pearls and a lot more frills. There's less red and a lot more pink, from the shields of her odango to the bows at her chest and lower back, and the tiara is...new. But more than this, the long trails of hair are still silver, her skin still glows with the moon.

Later, when she thinks about how she slices down the small sword in her hands and sends a concussive force toward the other, much larger sword, she'll wonder at the universe's odd choice of weapons and who will bootleg its appearance, just as they had her likeness on Mamoru's shirt.

"The engagement is off!"
Ariel Theodore 2018-08-12 22:56:05 94278
    The party is over. Princess Ariel of Atlantis no longer gets to mingle or cavort with dignitaries, princes, princesses, nobles and royals...
    Instead, the world all around her shatters, and once again, Ariel the unicorn finds herself thrust into chaos. The littlest unicorn knight in her gleaming armor of silver dreamsteel readies herself, clutching at the neck of her canine steed; Lucky's own golden barding twinkling gently.
    At that cold place at the north end of the world, she had been young and new. She was hesitant and afraid.
    It is a testament to everything she has been through in the waking world, that she is even able to look at the grand form of the Archwitch and not be frozen in place with abject terror. Though her heart skips a beat, gripped in a sudden quailing fright, others are already in action, and that is enough to help her shake it, a renewed determination in topaz eyes.
    Even from where she remains behind Kunzite- a place where she knows there is comfort and safety, she does not simply make herself a target. She does not make herself a liability for the kindly silver-haired King who has always been nothing but gentle and protective towards her. As that great blade comes swinging, even though she puts her trust fully in the leader of the Four Heavenly Kings, if she makes herself harder to hit, it also makes it easier on him to protect, and both the girl and her dog drop to the cracked flooring as that sword goes sailing overhead.
    In an instant they are back up, the unicorn reacting purely on instinct as she does what comes best to her.
    Ariel was born in a dream... Even in this terrible dark place, she will always be a dreamer. It is how she was born and it is what she does. And, so, her horn glows with a faint shimmer- a gentle seashell light; standing out against the bleakness of the Archwitch's Labyrinth.
    And Ariel dreams...
    She dreams of victory.
    She dreams of hope.
    She dreams of determination.
    She dreams Mirai Terra is defeated.
    She dreams the Achwitch falls under the combined strength of so many magical warriors of hope.
    Again and again, in the span of several seconds, she dreams hundreds of possibilities, each of them ending with nothing but an assured victory... And with the gentlest touch upon Kunzite's back, she passes all of those hopes and dreams on to him. A flood of visions, countless possibiities of how the gentle heart of the unicorn believes the battle could fare, hundreds upon hundreds of possible incoming attacks and how to avoid them or swiftly reply.
    It is these dreams that she passes unto the Knight of Purity and Affection.
Jadeite 2018-08-12 22:57:30 94279
He'd gone and found Zoisite, to be sure. And then everything was clean and full of truth, and everything was coming into balance--

--and then everything went to hell, and Jadeite immediately lost track of everyone, and then the floor was islands in a sea of not-lava and there was a GIANT SWORD and a METRIC BUTTLOAD OF FAMILIARS.

Needing time to figure out where his leaders were, the golden-haired Shitennou threw up a big crystal-clear ice shield and knocked an igloo door out the side, then swiftly wove an illusion of Somebody Else's Problem around it.

That's when he realizes that he can't-- find-- Mamoru.

Wildly, he looks out the sides of the ice shield, turning to try and find anyone-- anyone who needs shielded, anyone who needs help, or anyone who can tell him what to do, he's so far out of his element this time.

"NEPHRITE!" he yells, "Kunzite! Apatite! Zoisite!" And then it's a mantra, spoken over and over, bringing him some measure of steadiness. Nephrite, Kunzite, Apatite, Zoisite, Mamoru. Not Endymion, but Mamoru, the boy he met who befriended and healed him while he was still hunting him-- the boy who forgave him so easily for his complicitness in the kidnapping, the torture, the second betrayal. Hell, the boy who forgave him for the first.

And then. THEN. He sees Usagi's reaction to Mamoru being cut off, and his eyes widen, and he shatters the illusion and the ice shield both, then jumps to sail through the air and join his romcom-and-ice-cream buddy who's ABSOLUTELY TERRIFyING but, you know, a terrifying that's on *their side*.

And then the light fades and he sees that Rei's still there, too, and he suddenly gets awkward. "Uh," he says, "hi."

Without looking, he flips up a hand to make a quick and dirty ice shield, letting a Chibi Dark Zoisite Mirai familiar smack into it like a bug on a windscreen. "Need a hand or nah?"
Lacrima 2018-08-12 23:01:02 94281
Lacrima is furious. Angry. This thing hurts the brothers of the one guy who can say 'I know how you feel' and can mean it. It hurts someone who's helped her a lot and invited her into his home to hang out when she needed and felt alone. Then it made a fake life for her, and dragged Ariel into it too and that was the finalest of every final straw leading up to this.

"I HAVE HAD. QUITE ENOUGH." she yells. She knows this thing can't understand her. At least not how a rational mind can. She still yells. She still yells because when you're a slightly emotionally stunted dark energy being you sometimes don't handle the things the right way. At least yelling isn't bad here. Not right now.

She just lets her form morph into a black puddle of awful ichor as the blade comes. Before she rises back up in her horrible awful weird wispy monster form.

Then she's just racing through the air into golden armored soldiers. Slice and dice with awful claws.

She's trying to keep track of her friends. Trying to keep them in her minds eye around here.

"I'm going to get up there. I'm going pluck that stupid crown off your head then I'm going to shove it up your a------" she has to dodge a sudden swing she wasn't quite paying attention to when she started yelling.
Rei Hino 2018-08-12 23:01:37 94282
All of a sudden, Sailor Mars is picking herself off the ground, her charge moved out from under her. And when she looks up...
    "Us-..." Sailor Mars wide eyes sparkle in the warm glow of a bygone era, and its terrifying power, stopping a nightmare with a gesture. "Usa-..."
    Rei's exression settles into a warm focus, her fear forgotten.
    "Sailor Moon."
    Rei rises and takes her place, *behind* Soldier of Justice, and to the side where she can see her enemy, gazing up at them. "... Tell me what you need from me, Princess." Sailor Moon, at this moment, certainly doesn't need Rei Hino's protection. But if she needs a path... there are many faces flying their way that Sailor Mars is all too ready to burn.
    Not the one that lands near them, though, a grimly bemused expression on her face. "Hello there. How good are you at mass destruction?"
Kunzite 2018-08-12 23:08:35 94283
Apatite had glanced toward Kunzite, while things had not yet come so completely apart. Now he's the one glancing to her; but the slight, grim smile he shows is telling. He doesn't have instructions for her. Of course he doesn't. When the time comes, against this one, that'll be the other way around.

And then there's the blade, and perhaps he catches the motion from Lucky behind him as he drops as well; his hands lift, and the dome of darkness above himself and Lucky and Ariel is shallow -- its apex is so low that the impossibly large golden sword does not intersect with it. Instead, it provides shelter against a maddened golden shadow of Mirai, armored and with a cape like his own, bringing its-her sword down into a spray of strangely silver sparks when it strikes the curve of Kunzite's shield. And a second. And a third, an instant before a strangely sports-flavored meteorite obliterates it, giving Kunzite room to lift the bubble, to give Ariel and Lucky room to rise again. Nephrite -- he trusts that Jupiter has Nephrite. He can't do anything but trust that.

Especially when, for an instant, he can see nothing about the battle at all. Nothing but a web of possibilities --

That's how he thinks anyhow. Which means that he can integrate the visions Ariel is showing him, read patterns in them, relate them back to reality. Return to usefulness in an eyeblink and a breath. "Understood," he calls back to Unmei. "Rashmi! Any luck with what we talked about? Or any chance you can modify your plans to handle it?" Not that he's going to say what that is, not in front of the Thing. Especially not when a certain Girl is calling for backup from the same person. And he draws his own sword, stepping out from his shield to slash through a false-Senshi, silver and pink energy cutting through a golden spray -- keeping his shield at his back, because there are too many for someone like him.

Ariel gave him a gift of dreams. That is the only reason he doesn't stare at the blade he draws. Too long. Damascene-patterned. Endymion's sword, not his own.
Sailor Earth 2018-08-12 23:11:01 94284
The Mirai-Familiars don't last long under the attacks, wolf and chain and Wrath and others ripping through them, causing them to detonate into bursts of sparkles with screams of anguish. At least for everyone who wanted to kill Mirai, they're getting the chance to erase multiples. But it seems like there are always more, each of the witch's sword swings allowing more to enter.

But those sword swimgs are somehow not finding purchase, clanging off a much smaller girl's blade, not connecting, like either her strength is very limited - or the Princess' is now limitless.

And the Archwitch SCREAMS again, and intensifies her swings... as her other hand floats behind her sword and an epcot-space-mountain sized ball of brilliant bright energy formed. But then two more arms erupted from her back, each wielding giant battle standards with the Earth symbol on them... which she started to swing like polearms at the others while the sword clanged against Sailor Moon's.

Impacts from the various attacks slam the witch's body - but it's hard to judge their effect since she was already rage screaming the entire time, mixed with the sound of Mirai-familiars being removed...
Kyouko Sakura 2018-08-12 23:11:54 94285
    Apatite dispatches another of the golden knight familiars, driving her spear straight through it's chest with a snarl, causing the body to disinitegrate into the goo of the Labyrinth. Just as she does, she feels her awareness of Mamoru... vanish. And it actually causes her to stagger, missing a step at the sudden lack. She turns in place, almost as if looking around for him, even though that shouldn't matter at all, a momentary look of panic on her face.

    But a moment later than look of panic solidifies. She's been angry. She's been looking to end Earth for months and months. But now that anger has tamped down into something cold and firm, the stony look on her face a reflection of being denied that connection to her Prince, her friend, again.

    She catches sight of Nephrite and Jupiter after they have gone sprawling, and is about to leap in their direction when she hears/feels Serenity's transformation into.. something. Something pretty scary. But she also sees that Mars and Jadeite are there, so she alters her aim and leaps in that direction instead, landing in a crouch of billowing cape next to Jadeite and near to Moon and Mars. "You good?" This is to Jadeite, before she glances back at Princess Sailor Moon. "Nice sword, hun. You want we should stab the big bitch now?" Echoing Mars' question, in effect. As she talks she turns and guts another Familiar that's gotten a bit too close.
Rashmi Terios 2018-08-12 23:19:02 94286
"I think so!" Rashmi calls back.... but then scowls, looking down at her book. "Nico, can we...?"


Rashmi dives to one side, sun-colored Barrets blasting out at th incoming Familiars as Nico does the calculations. During a gap in the rain she halts in the air, a wide magical circle spreading out beneath her feet.

*bong~!* << BATTLE NET >>

The circle explodes in tiny points of light that streak out among her allies, each landing like a spot of warm sunlight right between the eyebrows, as the screens arrayed before her blink, shifting to show the faces of all who stand together in this battle.

<< Okay, >> all can hear as if Rashmi stands right behind their shoulder. << Nico's set this up so you can talk between each other and coordinate. Kun-kun, I think I can do what I said before, just I'll need the right time. For now, we need to weaken her, so, here goes... >>

Silently thanking the fact that her Device has a high-output mode for times like this, she activates a second circle.

*bing!* << ACCEL BLESS -- BOOST UP >>

This time when the circle shatters, bright yellow rune-ribbons streak downward, wrapping around her allies' ankles, and lending the power of Midchildan magic to their own speed. For some, this will be a considerable boost. For those whose speed is their gift?

Well... Go, Greased Lightning.
Nephrite 2018-08-12 23:21:10 94287
The ballroom floor feels real enough when Nephrite slams into it, jarring him out of his stupor. He stares up at Jupiter, eyes wide in panic. But he sees her face and hears her words and it pulls him back from the labyrinth of his memories. "Always," he answers her huskily, with a brief squeeze of her hand before he releases her to let her focus on the fight. An armored knight tries to get too close to them, and he kicks out, knocking it back to buy them enough time to get back to their feet. "I'll be right behind you, whatever you do!"

He scans the battlefield, searching for others. Touch points of reality to keep him in the moment. There is Kunzite, Apatite, Jadeite... what happened to Serenity? He looks for a golden ghost, and only then does he feel Mamoru's absence. No time to panic over that, with the knight lunging at them again. He swings his glaive for the fake Shitennou's throat mercilessly. Familiars. He can kill familiars.
Unmei Tama 2018-08-12 23:22:55 94288
Unmei Tama squeaked as more arms were released. Oh you got to be careful to...

"Unleash it..." Pin egged her on. "Feel it. Harness the full power of wrath."


"Not to lose control! But feel that anger. That rage. Not just from you... from everyone. From all of those around you. Use it..."

Clotho paused and then... Felt it. That WAS a lot of anger. Hatred. And... Kun was there. Everyone was pulling out their stops. Everyone HAD to pull out the stops... So she fully let it out. She let out her war cry as the claws grew longer and glimmered shinier... A polearm came at her.

She dove to the right, narrowly avoiding it... Before lifting both hands up and slamming the claws down on it with both hands.

Fire erupted from the strike and her claws... Shattered. And she stumbled back, rolling off the piece of cement she was riding on, dazed and... owie. Her hands were throbbing now as she yelped and shrieked, clawing out at the ground and trying to catch herself.
Miho Kagami 2018-08-12 23:29:35 94289
Life Mahou Joy looks over at Princess Sailor Moon, and gulps. Then she looks up at Empress Mirai's bonus arms, and lets out a high-pitched shriek as she ducks under a swing! She twirls her wand in a circle, leaving behind a glowing trail of minty-green light, then thrusts her wand through the circle. "JOY SHINING RAY!" The circle collapses, firing a beam of intense purifying power at Mirai.

When Rashmi puts up her battle net, she throws up her hands. "Life Blessing, CORAGEOUS STRIKE!" Minty-green energy begins emanating from her hands; she trusts Nicomachea to know how to distribute the power she puts into it, adding just a little bit of purifying Life-energy to everyone's attacks.

<<Rashmi-chan, want to try the combo-move we did at the not-Raskoph base?>> she says. This isn't her first rodeo with Nicomachea's telepathy. <<... We miiiiight need someone to cover us while we're setting it up, though.>> She also makes a mental note to try to figure out how to use the Life Blessing to boost other peoples' speed on her own, for future reference.
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-08-12 23:30:43 94291
    Smash, spin and swing, leap from one landmass to the next; despite being a powerhouse type, Kokoro is surprisingly mobile, fighting not just fiercely but smartly. She's careful not to let herself get surrounded, and while she takes a hit here and there, none of them are enough to even slow the iron girl down. The polearms, on the other hand-


    Straight to the abdomen, powerful enough that Dengeki Shoujo can't just shrug it off. "Hrk-!" But even in the midst of sudden pain from an impact vicious enough to make even her ache, Kokoro's reflexes and self-control are superb. Arms close around the polearm, holding it still, keeping that point directed at the ground for just a moment with her prodigious strength-


    -and shunting a burst of magical lightning up through the weapon to its owner before letting go. That's when Rashmi's speed boost hits her, and her link goes live. "Rashmi! Tell me where you need me, you got a better view!"
Ariel Theodore 2018-08-12 23:32:18 94292
    That scream...
    The Royal Archwitch's cry of unbridled fury is utterly soul chilling.
    Ariel hunkers down, buring her face against Lucky's neck, floppy ears pinning back as she tries to drive that terrible sound from her mind and now let it shake her. She remains motionless for a beat, sticking not so much as a single toe out of the bubble Kunzite forms for the sake of protection. She's given him her dreams and it's the best she can do, and she puts her trust in him for the moment. And her trust is rewarded by the King and his stalwart protection.
    It would be nice if she could just stay where she was and hide. But what sort of Dream Defender would she be if she did that.
    "Thank you," She says. "But I'm needed elsewhere now. Do your best?"
    A nudge at Lucky's side with her knee and the giant hound barks once. He bolts. Just as Rashmi's ribbons of light wrap his ankles and the fallen star breaks into a champion's sprint.
    Topaz eyes frantically dart about, Ariel letting Lucky handle the task of avoiding familiars while she tries to determine where she'll be needed the most, the two working like a well-oiled machine in the heat of battle, one acting as body and the other as brains.
    "--That way!"
    Lucky jinks in Ariel's intended direction, breaking into a full tilt run, stopping...
    Just short of Unmei. A small, gauntlet-clad, hand is thrust down as Clotho struggles- a hand to help. An small offer of succour amid the violence.
Makoto Kino 2018-08-12 23:34:03 94293
Sailor Jupiter flashes Nephrite a smile as she's scrambling onto her feet, quick but dazzling, and then it's time to get to work. He takes down the familiar coming their way from that side - whirling in place, she puts herself back-to-back with him and drives a fist into another golden figure when it swoops in from the other direction. As it goes spiraling away in a trail of glittering fragments, she follows up with a double handful of lightning bolts that lance out from her fingertips and arc upwards toward the Archwitch, tangling together in a bright and sizzling barrage.

Not enough. They can beat up Familiars to the end of time, but if they're going to end this, they need to do more. The glowing yello ribbons that twine around her wrists and ankles from Rashmi's spell give her the beginnings of inspiration.

"I'm pretty sure I remember you promising me first punch in her face, a while back," Jupiter calls to Nephrite over her shoulder. "'First' might've sailed, but - wanna give me a boost?"
Kunzite 2018-08-12 23:35:47 94294
<<It looked like the Jewel Seed shattered; Nicomachea would know better than I whether it did, and whether the remnants need to be contained. If we can pull the stolen soul gem out of her, it should remove one of her power sources; the purifiers won't have as much effect on witch energies as they do on some, but it should still make them stronger against her than if she can use Earth's energy to blunt their attacks.>>

Somehow, Kunzite has the time and focus to tell people this while keeping out of the way of the weaponized stolen symbols. While banishing his shield, for the moment, moving instead to distract the golden-armored familiars, to help keep them clear of Lucky and Ariel for the instant it takes for Lucky simply to be able to outrun them.

And then moving, himself. Starting to work his way from shattered piece of flooring to shattered fragment of wall. It's a long way to try to put himself on the far side of the Archwitch from Serenity. He may as well start now. Even if he's as likely as not to need to change plans midway.
Jadeite 2018-08-12 23:36:54 94295
"You know," says Jadeite conversationally, keeping the shield up on his arm and batting away another familiar, then letting an ice blade form in his other hand and stabbing one through with it, "how if you get something really really hot, then immediately really really cold right afterwards? Or if you're taking a dish out of the dishwasher when it's done heat-drying them, and then pour cold water into it for someone to drink? Pretty sure we should try that." He gives Mars a quick, lopsided little grin, then stabs another familiar, then turns and throws his ice blade at one that's swooping in toward Princess Sailor Moon.

"Princess? You good with us keeping this stuff off your back while you charge your lasers?" he yells loud enough for Usagi to hear over the clanging of her sword and the freaking giant gold one. "Or you want us to combo--" Apatite! :D "--hit with you?"

He turns to the newly-arrived Apatite and gives her a grin, fierce and wild. "Big Witch. Stick around to see if the Princess wants a combo? If she's good, we're good here, I think! See if Neph and Jupes need a hand, or Kunzite if they look fine--"

And then he can hear everyone in his head, and immediately puts ice up in his mind between him and everyone else, shutting the voices out. He doesn't need voices right now. He'll let it melt slowly so he can acclimate it and his own emotions. As it's going up, he thinks regretfully, <<I can't deal with telepathy right now. I'll watch Kunzite for cues, but otherwise focus on Moon.>>
Kukai Souma 2018-08-12 23:37:08 94296
Sky Jack sees red. It is everything he can do to avoid grabbing one of the Mirai familiars with both hands and slamming her apart. But as the swords and polearms swing back and forth past the group, the flying Guardian finds some level of control, just as another polearm banner's tip curves and swells towards him. He grabs the hovering skateboard and launchs himself to one side, feeling the tree trunk of a haft sailing past him. It's not enough, though, and the cloth of the banner slaps into the underside of the skateboard, sending Jack on a mad race down the symbol's slope as he focuses on keeping his feet for the moment.
Ikiko Hisakata 2018-08-12 23:37:22 94297
Well, there's plenty of targets available, including a pair of Familiars that tried converging on Tsukiko from behind. The wind-block soaks one attack, and while the wolfgirl spins to face the new attackers her miniwolves are already launching a counterattack, their glowing auras forming beartrap-like oversized jaws to take destabilizing bites out of the Miraispawn. "Nice!" she grins to the miniwolves, who grin in response.

The wolfgirl goes crosseyed for a moment when the commdot lands, then she nods at the message. Communication assist? Excellent.

Then the yellow ribbons of magic connect to her ankles, with threads spooling off to touch the wolfmotes and the feets of the miniwolves. Superspeed?


"Pack Rush!" she calls out, dashing forward with her glowing pack in tow. The miniwolves careen like pinballs off of Familiars in the wake of Tsukiko as she dashes past, while the wolfmotes blaze like shooting stars as they form a contrail to the wolfgirl. Comparisons to Tron lightcycles would only be partially accurate, as the light is nowhere near as solid as the wall formed by the bikes... but to the Familiars, the effects of contact are just as deadly.
Rei Hino 2018-08-12 23:41:02 94298
Despite herself, Sailor Mars smirks wryly, as a False Senshi hurls itself toward her, and incinerates in front of her outstretched arm and open hand. "Don't talk *too* much chemistry right here, you'll hurt the Princess' head." She says, and sweeps her hair away from her eyes as it whips in the chaotic winds of this nonsense hellscape. "... But I like it." Her smile turns grim, peering at the ever growing number of Mirai's dopplegangers. "... I know just how to spread it out, too."
    "Gggn!" Mars suddenly flinches, and grits her teeth, putting one hand to her head as she finds herself needing to try to tune out a chaotic din of voices. Luckily she's no stranger to dealing with the intrusive thoughts and emotions of outside influences, but... there's a lot on her plate right now. She nods in agreement as Jadeite addresses Apatite. "Help the others."
Sora Hisakata 2018-08-12 23:45:11 94300
Taking advantage of the speed boost Kazeko takes to the air, taking a cut to the shoulder from one of the archwitch's blades. She tries to get herself to land on Mirai's back, somewhere where she's hopefully a tad difficult to reach, at least, a tad difficult to reach without giving Kazeko some advance warning. Then, she begins to cover her hand in a miniature tornado and starts punching with it. It's not fancy, but it might help. Either way, it's cathartic.

Soon she realizes there's a minisun in one of those arms that should probably be taken care of, and Kazeko starts to carefully move towards the matching shoulder, turning up the energy in that miniature tornado and this time she doesn't punch. She aims for the armpit with fingers into a point and tries to jam that tornado into the armpit.
Usagi Tsukino 2018-08-12 23:47:49 94301
The princessy Sailor Moon, who is made of beautiful wrath and elegant grace, keeps her focus on keeping that blade at bay. Even when others come out to play from the large witch, her focus stays on that one, hoping and knowing that the others would be stopped by those around her.

After a parry, she turns to Apatite, looking at her and Mars and Jaedite, and admits something that instills as much confidence as a rickety bridge five centuries old. "I don't know how to use a sword!"

Fortunately, this is admitted before the ability to broadcast is given to them all.

She swallows and gulps, thinking she's very much playing Whack A Mole right now.

It may seem silly, brief little outbursts of insecurity, but the part of her that isn't in henshin whispers that it's needed.

The same way smiling at Mars' question does. This henshin is...scary.

"Be you, Rei-chan. That's all I've ever needed from you." A reminder, too, that there's more outside of this farce of a world.

She would pause to give a gasp if, you know, her ex-fauxance wasn't trying to murder her, at Jaedite's suggestion. "Oh, I love combos!" But there's a problem with that suggestion. "You might...need to throw it in here, though. If anyone wants to. After all, I might not understand the chemical makeup of the move, Rei-chan!" There's a 'blee' of her tongue, that or she's just sticking it out in concentration. "No, really, I think I'm fine."

The sudden lurch of telepathy should be a distraction. But it really, really isn't. Oddly enough, it helps her focus. Then again, she's always done so much better in a crowd of people than not.

Then, suddenly, a gleeful little voice in the back of her mind whispers to her. "Hey...can we make this thing shoot fireballs?"
Nephrite 2018-08-12 23:53:45 94302
The cacophony of voices in Nephrite's head is new. Kunzite giving orders is not. He latches onto that voice alone as yet another familiar evaporates on his glaive. As long as Kunzite's yelling at him to do stuff, everything still makes sense.

Jupiter calls out her request behind him, and he grins. "I do believe I did make you that promise, didn't I? Anything for you, darling!" They've never done this before, but what can possibly go wrong? Nephrite waits for an opening before he shifts a few meters ahead of her to give her a running start. He clasps his hands together, ready to catch her boot, and gathers white starlight energy in his palms. When she steps into his hands, he is ready to launch her with all of his strength. "Whenever you're ready!"
Lacrima 2018-08-12 23:58:08 94303
< ---IP AND TEAR. > screams Lacrima over the telepathic link, as she uses the speed to avoid more attempts to attack her, or otherwise. A pause. < Oh. This is on now. > she mutters. as she takes skyward. Ugh these things are small fry. They're not the big event, and these things are not strong-- the danger is in their numbers and being caught unaware, she figures.

Then she's fast. Very fast. Good. This lets her close the distance, trying to get within a better range in the air as she watches Kazeko try to hit the armpit? Oh!

She'll charge up a bolt of dark energy-- and she's capable of generating a lot in her currently angry and wrathful state--- and fires off at the opposite armpit. This is a good idea, she figures.

Though Lacrima raises her other arm, as a large slice of dark energy flows through the dark energy beam like a wire guided rocket as she stops throwing it then.

She may be trying to lop an arm off.
Sailor Earth 2018-08-13 00:19:45 94307
There's a torrent of rage that everyone can feel as simultainously, and two things happen - Wrath trades her claws and maybe hand to break one of the banner-poles, and Dengeki Shoujo gets control of the other one, and surges energy through it. In rage, the Archwitch tries to pull her remaining whole banner back through the pain.

But behind the swings of the sword, that giant ball of energy achieves critical mass... and everyone can feel the call out. Not in their minds like telepathy, but distorted and wrong and in their spirit.


And the orb of energy surges outwards in a cone like the most unwelcome stairwell, threatening to erase Usagi, those defending her, and the shaky ground they stand on... and might succeed if not for Kazeko's torndic surge of energu slamming into the arm socket at that moment, causing it to recoil and throwing the Archwitch's aim off enough that there is an escape vector.

A shriek echoed as the witch had to stop trying to pull the pinned banner free, and instead the arm went to try to recover the damaghe dealt... until Lacrima's energy surge slammed into that arm too, and the whole Witch reared back in angrony. And a few moments later the witch Howls, and in a moment of pure stomach flopping strangeness, the world flips - and what was formerly safe footing becomes a ceiling to fall from, and everyone from the Princess to the familiars must find new footing... unless they can fly... or are already in the air when the world flips. And worry about the Familiars trying to gut them in the middle of that...

But at least the Witch is injured and only still holds that sword, now...
Kyouko Sakura 2018-08-13 00:20:17 94308
    Apatite scowls upwards at the Archwitch as it produces yet more arms, glancing back to Jadeite and Mars, her expression grim.. and then becoming momentarily grimmer as Moon quietly admits she doesn't know how to use a sword. "You are going to start coming to my and Mako-chan's training sessions when this is over." She tells the girl firmly, but then smirks. "Still, I feel like you'll figure it out."

    She winces at the sudden influx of voices in her head as Rashmi's telepathy link comes active. Still, she's somewhat used to telepathy, even if not on this scale, and she tamps it down while still trying to listen for anything really vital. Then her eyes grow wide as she senses the incoming blast from the Witch's attack. "Duck!" She screams, turning and tackling Jadeite to the side, trying to carry them both out of the path of the beam, only possible because Lacrima managesd to knock the arm ever-so-slightly askew. She has to trust that Mars was able to do the same for Moon, as she was closer to the Princess.

    Then, as if that isn't enough, the world flips, and suddenly she's falling. She snarls, her rage igniting hotly again, as the Witch sees fit to undo all their best efforts at coordination. Well, two can play at that game. "Do your thing! I'll try and hold her still!" She shouts to both Jadeite and Mars/Moon- but since the telepathy is active, it goes out to everyone. Which is all for the better.

    And then suddenly, the gem on Apatite's chest ignites, flaring with a crimson-orange light.. and she's going up instead of down. And that's because she is now crouched upon the gleaming blade of an enormous spear that has risen up from the murky depths of the Labyrinth space, it's triangular head the size of a car, it's 'body' a haft of linked wood and chain in huge segments that are coiled like a viper. This is not something she can do often, or lightly.. but this is not the time for half-measures. Gritting her teeth, Apatite rides the head of the enormous spear upwards, gaining speed as it hurtles back towards the Archwitch.

    Then at the last moment, she leaps off of it, letting it continue on as the giant spear uncoils like a striking serpent, aiming to stab straight through the giant Witch..

    And Apatite's gem flares even brighter, and just as the first spear would hit, a second spear of the same size materializes out of the Labyrinth behind the Archwitch, snapping forward. If both find their mark, the two enormous spears will cross through the Archwitch diagonally, pinning her on a huge X of crossed, building-sized spears. It won't be enough to destroy her, not something this powerful. But maybe it will be enough to stagger her, keep her in place, long enough for everyone else to hit her as hard as they can.

    <<NOW! HIT HER WITH EVERYTHING YOU GOT!>> She screams into the telepathic link even as the gem on her chest flickers and goes dim again and she begins to drift back downwards towards the abyss.
Rashmi Terios 2018-08-13 00:20:40 94309
*bing!* << SOLAR SHELL >>

For all that Rashmi is flying hellbent toward the edge of the attack, Nicomachea recognizes the danger with just enough forewarning to wrap his Mage in a thick shell of magical energy... Just as the edge of the attack clips it, sending the redhead flying toward the side of a ruined building. The sheer coruscating energy of the Bomber spiderwebbed her shield, and the impact against the building shatters it entirely; thankfully, Barrier Jackets are made of sterner stuff when they're not the only defense between a Mage and their destruction.

Shaking her head to clear it, Rashmi flies -- a touch woozily -- out of the crater... just in time for reality to flip itself. And knowing very well that not everyone can fly, her first instinct is to fix that.

*bong!* << WING ROAD >>

If Ikiko's path wasn't entirely like the Tron lightcycle trails, the effects of this spell is much more like it; wide ribbond of yellow light, etched with semi-meaningless runes, spray and wind out from her location, looping back and forth to either catch those who can't fly, or provide a good aiming point for a landing... As well, when the spell runs its course, the ribbons all converge in one spot.

The center of the Royal Archwitch's chest.

<< GET HER, >> comes Rashmi's voice in the minds of her allies.
Unmei Tama 2018-08-13 00:24:28 94310
Unmei Tama was falling, falling, falling. And then... Hand! <Tear it off! Wait, no! Bad! Control, control!> And she snatched the hand and... <Good dog. Wow. This feels weird. Ack! Wait, sorry, I've never, sorry, hard to--> And she just shut up because she had no real restraint.

She did ride on dog as... <Oh my gosh, look o... oh. Ohhhhh. Nice! Good job Lacrima! Wow I'm happy she's on our side... Huh? OH, I'll co-- Mother blazing on a toothbrust!> What? Others could hear and that hurt. she gripped her right hand. The hand was beginning to bruise. Ow ow ow ow. <I'll come cover you!> It took a moment before she could see them and... Even longer to find a good vantage point. Finally... <Good unicorn,> she said, ish, before leaping off towards Joy and Rashmi. A longsword of red threads formed in her left hand, which she drove down on one of the mirai clones. Using it to drive the creature back. Her right hand, however... Well...

It was burnt and a little... lot damaged. She'd need a bit to use it. So she kept it behind her, putting the lessons that Kunzite had taught her to good use. Even if it was her off hand, sweeping low strikes. Parry, parry, KICK, drive back...

And then she remembered. Oh. Right. She has MAGIC! That's a THING! She pulled her hand back and thrusts her left hand out, fire erupting from her hand to incinerate those who attempted to get near joy. <BURN! BURN YOU PESKY MONSTERS! BURN IN THE FIRES OF WRATH! Ack, sorry! I got carried away! Again!>
Rei Hino 2018-08-13 00:27:23 94312
Sailor Mars tilts sharply at Usagi's admission, with a strangled "GECK!" Another reminder of a world worth saving,in its own way. But a deep breath isn't followed by chastisement, but a little smile and a nod, her eyes twinkling at Usagi's 'command;, though at her question, she looks surprised for a moment... then thoughtful...
    ... Then a bit scary.
    "I can make the *world* a fire ball." She says with a bit of a mad gleam in her eye. Confidence turns to horror, however, as that terrible light is fired that way. Can Usagi stop it? Maybe? She doesn't know! There is *no* part of her that wants to find out, however, and once again, she grabs Usagi and hauls her out of the way, wether it's needed or not.
    But a leap to one surface suddenly becomes a free fall as the infinite sky and the infinite space beneath them switch places. It may not be a *miracle* that they land on another platform - Rei gripping Usagi's hand tightly to stay with her - but it certainly wasn't of Rei's doing. Lucky. Too *lucky*. She can't give this thing time to do something like that again.
    Bringing Usagi to her feet, Rei's eyes are set in look of intense focus. "Stay right behind me, Usagi, do NOT fall behind! Jadeite!" She glances to the blond Shitenou "I'm counting on you to be in place!"
     Sailor Mars leaps forward, hopping rapidly from platform to platform, head up and towards the abomination filling the sky, as swarms of her dopplegangers rush to meet her.
    Normally Rei has to worry about collateral damage.
    But there's plenty of space.
    Her arms outstretched to either side, Mars cries, "Fire... SOUL!!" and a rolling curtain of fire roars outwards from her splayed fingers, looking like nothing so much as an eagle's wings before she swings her her arms forward, sweeping those waves of fire over the oncoming Mirais who begin to drop through the abyss like flaming meteorites.
    "Soul! SOUL! FIRE *SOUL*!" As she runs, arms lash out, blasting, and sniping and - when they get close enough - practically *punching* the monsters with fire, before glaring at one blocking her way between her and a higher ledge and leaping towards it. "Akuryo TAISAN!" She reaches out and SMACKS what looks for all the world like a paper charp onto the enemy's forehead, who proceeds to hover there, motionless, as Rei and Usagi fly past it.
    As more enemies chase closely behind them passing the frozen enemy, the tag ERUPTS, and the exlosion incinerates most, and propels the rest away in flames.
    Finally at their destination, Rei, panting heavily, reaches out to Sailor Moon. "Here! I'm ready! Jadeite!" She calls out, hoping he's in sync with them as she stands behind Usagi, and reaches around her with both arms to grasp the hilt above Usagi's hands, waiting for Usagi's call, and joining with her with a cry of BURNING!!! MANDALA!!!" Causing a circle of fire to erupt around the both of them, marked at several degrees by floating red orbs, that then erupt into streams of flames that all focus on Sailor Moon's blade.
Zoisite 2018-08-13 00:32:16 94313
The remaining Shitennou has not been idle, though apparently invisible and lurking on the sidelines. The amount of fire on this battlefield is satisfying, but there can always be more fire.

Can, and will be. The green-eyed Shitennou appears, treating the air for all the world as if it was a solid surface. There's no vocal announcement of his contributions, but he flings his wrists wide, fire joining with Mars's own. The stress and fear of the past months seems to have found an outlet, the normally refined and controlled manner on his face gone entirely in favor of raw emotion, a wide-eyed stare that says everything. He may not be able to stand after this, but it will definitely be worth it.

Zoisite is done holding back.
Kukai Souma 2018-08-13 00:32:29 94314
Sky Jack sails off the lower end of the polearm's banner as Dengeki launches it away and gets his balance, reaching down to hang onto the board just as he hears those words. "Earth Radiant Bomber." Whatever it is, the giant beast is saying it and he knows it's time to get out of the way. But where to? The blast looks almost too big to dodge until Lacrima's blast of energy knocks it to one side. Jack grits his teeth and crouches, the board rocketing forward through dark power and angry Familiars alike.

The fact that he's hanging onto his board is the only thing that saves him as the world flip turns upside down. It's like a jump, really, and he almost subconsiously pulls the board back under (above?) him, looking around to see what's going on around him, the craziness of the fight almost overwhelming. But that is the nature of fighting a Witch, at least.

Telepathy is new to Jack, and for a moment there's a raw sense of the memory of the pain he'd felt across the line, but Jack quickly drags it back to himself. <Blast her? ''Happily.'> It only takes a second for the green streak in the sky to orient himself, and electrically charged balls begin launching at the tower-sized Archwitch with the force of shotgun shells attached to live batteries...
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-08-13 00:32:47 94315
    A torrent of energy. A solar blast that Kokoro has no way to stop. It's only Kazeko that makes it possible to dodge. That split-second opportunity, the 'gap' in the attack, is taken before she even realizes she's moving.

    And then while she's in mid-air, gravity inverts.

    Dengeki Shoujo lets out an alarmed yelp. She's got no way to fly, no way to catch herself out of the air - but Rashmi does. Landing on a Wing Road is more of a relief than the redhead cares to admit. Already, she's on her feet and starting to run - but she's already looking over the battlefield with a deep scowl. Apatite's trying to pin the witch in place. Rashmi's giving them a route to hit the reality-twisting monster. Others are attacking the familiars. But there's always more, always more, and as long as Mirai can keep swinging that sword, being on the Wing Roads will be a risk-

    Still riding that burst of speed, Kokoro leaps and darts from one glowing magical ribbon to another. She's got a specific goal in mind. Aiming for a specific spot. The way it's swinging that sword, she can almost- "THERE!" There's a clap of thunder as Dengeki Shoujo sets the entirety of her herculean strength to work, trying to grab whatever passes for a wrist on the Archwitch and hold that sword from moving.
Miho Kagami 2018-08-13 00:36:42 94316
There's just something about the tone of Kunzite's telepathic voice which actually reassures Life Mahou Joy. She actually smiles; she has a purpose now, rather than panicked flailing. There's a plan of action, there's --

And then Mirai does her thing.

Miho boosts in the same direction as Rashmi except faster, overtaking her and overshooting the chunk of building the redhead had landed on. She quickly reorients herself when gravity reverses, winces when she sees the cracking shield, and quickly rushes back over to Rashmi and places her hands on the outside. "Life Blessing, STAND FIRM!" she shouts, filling the damaged shield with Life-energy, bolstering the defenses.

She grins at Apatite's solution, and then nods to Clotho as she approaches. <<Okay!>> she says. <<We need to get through that shell, right?>> She frowns, peering at the Archwitch ... and then grins, gathering energy into her left hand.

And then she boosts towards the Empress, fist first, accelerated even beyond her usual speed by Rashmi's battle net. "Minty PUNCH!"
Ariel Theodore 2018-08-13 00:38:33 94317
    As soon as Unmei takes her hand, Ariel pulls her up. Though the unicorn furrows her brow at the flux of mental messages.
    She'll just accept 'good unicorn' with a little bit of a flummoxed smile. But then she gives Lucky another nudge with her knee.
    <<Um. Inside voice when projecting into people's minds, Lacrima.>> She gently nudges, while hunting for where she can be most useful next.
    She sees it, then.
    Sailor Jupiter, readying. Nephrite bracing to launch her.
    She knows that senshi.
    The incredibly strong but wonderfully kind and gentle girl that she had met at Mamoru's house one morning a long time ago. The girl who's fist could sunder evil, as she had seen against a Cardian. In an instant Ariel understands. And she shuts her eyes.
    Though she is not a lover of violence, Ariel is no longer stranger to it. She has seen conflict in the streets. She has seen the barbarous sports involving strong men and women hurting each other back and forth for the amusment of others. Ariel dreams... And her horn glows that shimmering seashell green color once again.
    She dreams of boxers tapping gloves together and exchanging blows.
    She dreams of professional wrestlers swaggering toward the ring.
    She dreams of black belts masterfully parrying one another's blows.
    In her mind each flashing vision is a crushing strike, devastating hooks and monstrous uppercuts- punches that all follow the martial artist's philosophy...
    Ikken Hissatsu.
    To annihilate in one blow.
    The glimmering silver knuckle duster that appears in her hand then and there is instantly ready. A single set of brass knuckles formed from the gossamer stuff that dreams are made up of and forged into Dreamsteel; a material the likes of which can never be found nore replicated in the waking world. For it is made only of the dreams of the innocent.
    "Jupiter!" Ariel calls, just as the world flips out from under her. There is a bleat of panic and a sharp bark of surprise as Lucky loses the ground out from under him and gravity pulls both hound and rider down with deadly intent. But even as she falls, if it will be the last thing she does, Ariel HUCKS the knuckle duster as hard as she can, sending it arcing through the air for its intended recipient.
    Before dog and rider bark and bleat again with relieved surprise as they land on a projected path of magic, with some pretty intense relief.
Ikiko Hisakata 2018-08-13 00:39:44 94318
While Tsukiko might lack actual flight, her glowwolves can at least give her a momentary "platform" to air-jump from, and mid-air Miraispawn work well for goomba-stomping to further postpone falling.

Still, Wing Road is a much more elegant solution, and the wolfgirl sends a quick <Thanks!> to Rashmi before dashing forward towards the archwitch at what's normally Silver Wolf Tackle speeds.

And accelerating.

The glowwolves narrow their path into a solid silver-and-yellow beam behind Tsukiko, who doesn't break stride when she reaches Mirai but just alters her path slightly, running laps across and around the surface of the archwitch, punctuated with darting jinks to keep the Empress off-balance, burning a trail of silvery fire in the footsteps of the wolfgirl.

And with every sharp corner, Tsukiko continues to accelerate...
Kunzite 2018-08-13 00:44:20 94319
There is no question. Kunzite launches himself an instant before the world inverts; gravity will play tricks for him, too, as long as he's the one asking it to, not the helpless victim. And Ariel's gift lets him have enough notice to ensure that. Which means that he can find another piece of safe footing, can keep moving without slowing, without wasting his shielding on himself.

After all. Nephrite spent far too long in a labyrinth whose Witch played tricks with gravity on a regular basis. So while he knows Nephrite can cope with this -- a black bubble springs up around Nephrite, catching him, letting him reorient on his own terms instead of the Witch's. Sparing his all-too-frayed-already nerves a little more.

And then Kunzite does the best he can do to contribute to the attack on the Witch, at this instant. A second curve of darkness curls up to protect someone who doesn't need Kunzite's help to deal with gravity. But if Kunzite can keep the literal rain of golden-armored Familiars off of Zoisite --

-- why, then, Zoisite won't need to think of anything at all but fire.
Makoto Kino 2018-08-13 00:48:09 94320
"You're the best," Sailor Jupiter tells Nephrite solemnly. "Absolutely."

The silvery gleam of dreamsteel weaving itself around her fingers gives her a moment's startled pause, before she understands what it is, and what it means. She wants to look for Ariel, to thank her - but the battle keeps raging, and nobody can afford to be standing still. So instead, Jupiter kisses her new knuckle-duster, then tosses the kiss toward Nephrite with a flick of her hand. "Be right back, hopefully--"

With Rashmi's magic boosting her, a few strides is more than enough for a good running start. As she reaches Nephrite and the boost he has ready and waiting for her, she springs, planting a foot in his cupped hands--

--and then she's a rocket, a meteor shealthed in lightning and starlight, tipped with the stuff of dreams and hurtling fist-first towards Archwitch Mirai and the target that Rashmi so helpfully marked upon her.
Sora Hisakata 2018-08-13 00:48:53 94321
The redirection of gravity cases Kazeko by surprise, and she needs several moments of flailing in the wind to hang onto Mirai, but when she's stable again she doesn't hesitate. << Guys, I'm going to set up some wind flows, if you're throwing or shooting anything at her, try to get them into those flows for added effect. >> Kazeko informs the others.

And as promised, lanes of wind start to form, by themselves going fast enough when they reach the archwitch to be badgering from sheer wind pressure alone, the lanes narrow as they approach and even no-one throws any attacks into them specifically, they pick up whatever debris gets caught within them.
Jadeite 2018-08-13 00:49:44 94322
"You got it, Princess, Sailor Mars--" says Jadeite cheerfully, heart loud in his ears as he starts focusing his energy into his hands, preparing to blast arctic cold at whatever they set on purification-fireball fire and turn it into purification-firebombs-- because hey-o, "We really got some good chemistr--" he starts to say incredibly cheekily, when the world literally turns upside down and Apatite flying-tackles him out of the way of OH GOD THAT'S A MILLIONx SMOKING BOMBER OH HELL

he gets clipped

he's hanging on to Apatite

and she spear-rides and he falls onto one of Rashmi's ribbons and bounces off, fending off familiars with flung arms and getting bitten and stabbed, too much input too much going on too much can't concentrate, and falls to another ribbon, and rolls off it onto a floating upside-down island.

Breathing heavily, he yells, "I'M GOOD!" and then stabs his regular sword into the rock he's bleeding on and ties himself to it with his annoying extraneous belts as fast as he can.

'In place,' she'd said. He feels like he's a half mile away.

So when he flings his bloody arms up to follow Mars and Princess Sailor Moon's attack of purifying fireball path of destruction with a seriously carefully-aimed series of blasts the cold of liquid nitrogen, he yell-sings, "I CAN SEE FOR MIIILES AND MIIIIILES! I can see for miiiiles and MIIILES!"

And every fiery bomb of inferno-hot purification-strike ignites into a wild explosion-- and then he holds the last of it to wait on Usagi's final strike. Only after she calls it out and throws the supercharged attack does he send the biggest freeze he's got at the target point of her ire.

That's when he sees Zoisite's fire join that of Mars, and his heart sings because he's literally watching the healing fire of purification in action, and everyone around him is giving their all, and then Princess Sailor Moon's laser is fully charged and he yells, "COLD FRONT!" and lets loose a blast of zero kelvin at Moon's point of impact. Except, you know, avoiding Jupiter too. No one wants a Jupecicle.
Lacrima 2018-08-13 00:52:56 94323
Lacrima watches as the Witch shudders as she flexes the claw that she slashed earlier. < Okay good. It's down a limb. > she says. <I'm going to---am I suddenly upside down is that just you guys?> she asks, the vampiric shadow sort of hanging in the air as the world seems to flip flop. Then it starts raining familiars. She makes a face.

Ariel is off helping people. She can't do things like that. Horrible shadow creatures don't give help. They scare. And frighten. That's just the nature of the world. She looks back over to the thing.

She Hit the chest? Hit the chest.

"Furioso Tormenta Oscura!" she screams out as a bolt of dark energy towards the center.

Before she then calls out "Muchas Explosiones!" in response to Kazeko, many balls of dark, purple energy coming into existence before being carried by that wind towards their target, where they'll explode into a good sized blast each.
Nephrite 2018-08-13 01:03:49 94325
Nephrite is braced against what is left of the marble floor, the better to be Jupiter's springboard. He cannot help the grin that spreads across his face as he watches her turn to a human meteor. All the blazing white starlight he held goes with her, accelerating her speed and buffing the strike she is about to land. "Give her hell, baby!"

And then the shift happens. The labyrinth he survived so long in liked to do that too. The moment the floor moves beneath him, his glaive is back in his hands again. He slams it into the marble, letting the blade sink deep into it, deep enough to hold his weight as floor becomes wall. His eyes are darting around, looking for a way to get to another surface before his one hand-hold is entirely above him. Before panic can set in, a familiar dark bubble materializes around him. Nephrite shakily pulls his glaive free. <Thanks Kunzite.> No longer worrying about plummeting to his death, he can focus on maintaining the energy he gave to Jupiter. And swooning a little as he watches her.
Usagi Tsukino 2018-08-13 01:05:18 94326
"Ooo, yes, that will be something to se--HRK!!" And there's the safety of footing again until there isn't.

"YAAAAHAAHAAHOOOOEY!" A part of her is tempted to climb the princess of Mars, panting and gasping at the sudden safety of solid earth, not quite ready to trust the ground beneath her feet.

But there really isn't time to be afraid.

At Mars' order, she stays as close as she can. Unfortunately there's no battle cries to go with the sword, at least not yet. But habit is strong. "Slash, slash! Swoosh!"

And then it's Time.

Only, there's a Jupiter hurtling through the air, and there's a split second where her eyes gets full of hearts and stars because Jupiter is amazing!

And her sword is...destructive.

And she's used to weapons that don't harm unless the energy is negative.

Nope, no, abort, abort--

The sword in her hand changes into a harp-- sort of. Are hearts oddly heart shaped? With no strings? Either way, she can hear a haunting melody that hurts her soul.

Mentally, she imagines the sound of maracas instead. She's always enjoyed the first few bars of a good tango.

And besides, she's as musically talented as she is at sports. So, instead of holding it properly, she grabs hold of both sides and holds it in front of her.

And she still has no ingraned cry for this, but there are other attacks in the mix to help with that.


It's almost like her normal purification, only it flies out in beats and rhythm instead of one steady pulse. It gathers with the fire to create something deadly and Jadeite's move explodes the hit on contact, causing it to literally exoplode in pulsing waves of burning ice purification glitter.

Pat Benatar, eat your heart out.
Rashmi Terios 2018-08-13 01:15:24 94327
With everyone reoriented and firing away, Rashmi takes in a long, deep breath. Bobbing her head in thanks at Unmei as Joy speeds off, Rashmi sighs. "Okay, Nico.... Time to end this."


Juking and weaving between the raining Familiars, Rashmi closes the distance as the others begin their final assault. "YOU HAVE SOMETHING THAT DOESN'T BELONG TO YOU, MIRAI!" she calls into the howling, despairing void. "TIME TO GIVE IT BACK! NICOMACHEA! REGISTER... GOLDEN KINGDOM CRYSTAL!"


One circle spreads out beneath her feet, then another, then another, as Rashmi bends all the power at her disposal to what will sourely be a macigal tug-of-war. "SEAL IT!!!"

Deep within the 'flesh' of the monster, a sun-colored glow can be seen, as the target point bulges outward, further and further.... and then the wrap of decrees and crowns splits, as a flickering golden crystal is pulled firther and further away from the monster. An impossible number of black arms grasp greedily at the boject, falling away in ones and twos under the inexorable draw of Nicomachea's Seal. Finally, there's one last surge of power, and the crystal bursts away from the Archwitch, slapping into Rashmi's outstretched hand.

The moment the crystal is safe, a burst of brilliant golden light washes over the battlefield, shining upon all the assembled magical warriors and filling them with the blessing of the Rightful King Endymion.
Sailor Earth 2018-08-13 01:30:22 94329
The Archwitch roars again, but with so much of her weapons harmed, her actual direct strength is limited. And then... Apatite's spears connect, first one then the other. The witch is wounded; but very much alive and angry.

Ribbons follow, holding her tighter, and perhaps the gravity shift was a mistake, as not all the familiars make it to ground, with many falling into the void below.

A truly tremendous amount of fire follows, whipped up by the wind... a raging inferno that envelops the witch. Soccerballs, follow, the storm rages... and Rashmi begins to seal. And the Witch shrieks again, resisting... until Usagi's song is unleashed, and then both Joy's fist t the lower witch and suddenly and with violent, slow motion impact Jupiter's punch strikes the Witch squarely in it's strange jaw... it slumps foward.

And Rashmi's device begins to pull the stolen Golden Crystal from the witch... who reaches for it, only to be denied by more attacks - bursts of cold, still more fire, the surging darkness of La Vampira, all keeping her grasping arm at bay.

And now full Witch and only rage, what is left of Mirai screams until she breaks her bonds, creating four new arms, each with a blade in hand. But without the Golden Crystal, these are not brillant gold, instead they are like liquid bronze, dripping with witch energy. Weakened, but the creature will not, can not give in... Not the Witch and not the woman beneath it all. But she is tattered, burned, frozen, crumpled, wounded all over. And now lacks the Golden Crystal...
Kunzite 2018-08-13 01:32:00 94330
There is something Mirai has done over and over again.

Every time, when attacks are thrown at her, she has put something or someone else between herself and them. She has shielded herself with mind-controlled innocents. With friends' unconscious bodies. With energies immune or resistant to the energies being thrown at her.

That is why Kunzite has been moving. Placing himself as near to opposite Princess Serenity as he can, with all the speed Rashmi granted them, with all the hope and all the possible outcomes Ariel showed him. Never attacking with anything but his -- rather, Prince Endymion's -- sword.

If Mirai shields against Serenity's attacks, there will be something from another angle, one that might not be defended. If they are luckier than that ... Kunzite hopes he might be able to draw her Witch-unthinking reflex defenses against him, leaving her for an instant wide-open for the others.

It's this that he's been holding onto something for. A gift that was given him, fueled by grief and hope and love. A gift that he can channel to its fullest in only one way. He lifts Endymion's sword in something like a salute; enters a brief, complex sequence of turns and flourishes, drawing out the power that's been filling and overfilling him for a week now, focusing it steadily into and through the blade till it sparks and glitters with silver, then spirals outward, amplified by the pink of his own living energy.


... it's only afterward that he can spare the concentration to pray, briefly, to whatever Powers there may or may not be, that the body of the Archwitch keeps Nephrite from seeing any of this.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-08-13 01:34:20 94331
    Apatite continues to fall down, the glow of her magic reduced to a dim ember in the aftermath of the vast expenditure she had to make in order to produce the two giant spears which transfix the Archwitch in order to let everyone else take their best shot. She sees the flash of flames and the flicker of magic of all colors, and she feels fiercely proud of her friends in her heart even as she plummets.

    And then Rashmi's magic flight-ribbon finds her, catching her as she slumps onto it and depositing her on a small chunk of floating rock. Her legs feel watery, so she flumps down against a rock, looking up.. and then suddenly she can feel Mamoru again, as Rashmi pulls him out, and she smiles.

    Then she passes out, still smiling. Oh dear.
Rei Hino 2018-08-13 01:38:27 94333
Rei's focus isn't broken when the weapon changes shape, moving her hands above Sailor Moon's on either side of the harp. But it IS shaken when the Prince of Earth materializes beside them. "Endymion!" She gasps, the ghost of this fantasy world - a habit born in mere hours of a false lifetime - bringing the wrong name to her lips. Surprise turns into relief and she again says. "Mamoru..."
    No time for pleasantires, no time to tell him she's glad he's all right. But she DOES lower her hand on his side as he reaches for Serenity, putting her grasp on the harp beneath Usagi's hands. Beneath their hands.
    As it ought to be.
    "Don't let up! Keep... pushing! Pour light into this monster until there's no where left for a shadow to hide!" She cries, pouring all of her energy into the sustained attack. She doesn't know if Sailor Moon needed her before; she doubts Sailor Moon needs her now that Endymion has joined her... but she knows she wouldn't be a Guardian worth her salt if she stopped trying.
    She is distracted only momentarily, giving a gasp of surprise as Kunzite joins them.
    There is *no* part of Rei that has the mental bandwidth to react to what she just saw...
    But if they survive this, she will laugh about it for a hundred years.
Rashmi Terios 2018-08-13 01:44:03 94335
As filled with Earth's blessing as she is, Rashmi cannot help but sag in midair, loosing a tired, panting breath. Then *yelps* as a falling minion pings off her shield, forcing her to take a moment to right herself. "Nico," she huffs, "we got enough left in us for one more?"

*bing!* << AFFIRMATIVE, MASTER. >>

"Okay..." She holds her book out in front of her, turning its pages to face the void left behind by her reclamation of the Golden Crystal, and a wide circle spreads out in front of her. "Solar Storm..."

*bing!*<< SOLAR STORM >>

Golden Barrets fade into view, six of them taking up their place on the outer edge of the revolving circle... And then a circle spreads out from each, as a series of rune-rings extend from the circle's center. More Barrets dot the outer edges of the smaller circles, counter-revolving until the entire works begins to look like some magical clockwork nightmare.


*bing!*<< BLUE SHIFT >>

What follows is nearly a ballet of implosion, as Barrets collapse and merge in on each other, circles shattering like spun sugar, until it all collects in the center... and the accelerator rings collapse in sequence.

It's a frightening amount of power unleased by Rashmi -- relatively speaking, as she remains a B class Mage at best -- And it all is forced into a magical 'slug' the size of a Thermos and accelerated nearly at a single-digit percentage of the speed of light.

After which, naturally, Rashmi finds her own bit of the Wing Road to collapse upon.
Kukai Souma 2018-08-13 01:48:58 94336
Sky Jack can practically see the energy go out of the Witch as Rashmi's sealing spells yank the golden core out of it, and a moment later Endymion's ghostly form appears, supporting Princess Moon. Sky Jack lets out a cheer and points towards the remains of the Archwitch. "LET 'ER HAVE IT!"

The lights around Sky Jack begin to darken and dim, as a singular, painfully bright ball appears in front of him, sparking and throwing off about the same amount of electricity as a good sized thunderstorm. "GOLDEN! VICTORY! SHOOT!"

By the time Jack punts the ball, the lights around him have darkened considerably - or maybe the ball's just too bright to see anything else. There is a crack of thunder as a lightning bolt blasts out, the charged tip ending up inside the Archwitch's body where the Golden Core had come from, a meteor alive with burning power slamming into the beast too fast for the eye to see....
Lacrima 2018-08-13 01:52:00 94337
Everyone is feeding attacks into this thing, Lacrima needs to... back off. She has NEVRER fought a Witch before. She does not want to accidently empower this thing further with a powerful surge of dark energy-- now that the Golden Crystal is no longer integrated into it. It's just raw horrid energy.

She looks down to her hand and just frustrated turns the black clawed hand into a fist. Dammit. She's useless again. Everyone throwing their best and all she can do is nothing because she might make it worse..

Then she focuses on something in the background with a blink. She looks to her hands, she looks to that thing. What's the thing?

It's basically a large broken pillar floating in the void-- and it just happens to be pointed up at an angle vaguely in the direction of the monstrosity.

"Lateral thinking...." she mutters. "Can't hit with this dark... junk.." she says as she floats rapidly down to it, zipping through the air. "But I can hit something else with it..." she says as she raises her hand upwards and just charges a high blast of energy that she winces and braces for as she turns her head--- the blast being let loose directly at the point of formation in her hand, rather than lancing out-- shooting the pillar forward with amazing force and sending her flying backwards with the recoil, and scorching part of the shadowy claw apart.
Ikiko Hisakata 2018-08-13 01:53:01 94338
Cute Wolf Tsukiko might be lacking in ranged attacks to use against the archwitch, but her cousin's assisting gusts of wind can still be used to propel the wolfgirl even faster, to eye-watering speeds where the only things keeping her footing stable are her instincts and her glowwolves.

The wolfgirl corners one last time, tensing to launch like a laserbolt into the hideous form of the archwitch--

    --just as Endymion's blessing washes over her.

There's a flash of silver and more, and a moment later all that can be seen of Tsukiko is a beam of light, formed of a gridlike interlacing of silver/yellow/gold, stretching off into the horizon... and lancing through Mirai with an impact shockwave similar to a sonic boom.

Several moments later, there's a call of <I'm alright!> from Tsukiko. <I don't think my brakes scaled as much as my acceleration did, though. Hopefully this Labyrinth lets me out a lot closer to you guys than I currently am!>

    (smashcut to the wolfgirl sitting on a floating rock, with the archwitch a thumb-sized figure in the distance)
Unmei Tama 2018-08-13 01:53:13 94339
Unmei Tama just... stared. She stared at Kun for a moment. She had so many, many questions. That she was fairly certain even if she asked, he'd never tell her. So instead she decided to just use her imagination on that one.

It uhhh... Was probably best no one looked into her mind. Ever, honestly.

But... "Mamo!" she called out, her heart soaring at that. Oh my gosh, he was here! Well, his ghost was... you know what, close enough! She shook her head to clear it, instead focusing on the fire. And then Joy takes a selfie. And she's thrown for another loop. "Why....? Wait, no!"

Everyone was doing their best moves. Kunzite was even throwing out sailor moon's dance AND SHE REALLY WANTED TO ASK ALL THE QUESTIONS! Then her eyes fell on Kyoko. She hadn't noticed but... the other girl had given her all. And yeah, she was definitely wayyyy stronger than Unmei. But... That meant she just had to try harder. Had to give her all, because everyone was. And well Unmei was pissed.

She didn't really have an ultimate attack. So she did the only thing she could think to do. She held out both hands and the threads began to form out from her hand, forming a fire ball. Small at first, then getting bigger and bigger, threat after thread after thread forming more forms which grew and flourished under a massive orb of flame many times her size was in her hand. She shook, the heat of her attack making her want to look away as she stared past it at the witch. "Take it..." she yelled, before pushing her hands forward. The orb moved... slowly... "TAKE EVERYONE'S WRATH!" she screamed. Pushing with all her might she felt a sudden pain shoot through her damaged hand, but didn't relent. Instead, she pushed more into it, her hands sinking into it. "Take it! TAKE IT!" she screamed. The threads of her own armor formed fire, enshrouding her body and then joining the orb... then the orb shot forward, sailing at the witch to join the attacks of the others.

<Mother biting of a bucked horse and the paint of a horse fly!> she mentally cursed. THERE WERE UNICORNS PRESENT! She couldn't go full curse mode no matter HOW hard she wanted to and ow ow ow ow owwwwww pain ow... She fell to her knees and held her hand, watching the mass of just... magic and destruction launching at the witch. Then she realized she de-henshioned. Had she really just...

She reached up a hand to her own gem, holding it with her left hand... "It's not... broken... is--"

"No, it's drained. It's fine." Pin said. "You're just going to be a ummm... not..."

"... I'm gonna be a girl regardless. Even if I am a boy." She said softly. But well... she was gonna just sit her for a little bit. Until most of her body just stopped... hurting. Ow.
Sora Hisakata 2018-08-13 01:55:47 94340
It is time, with her wounded arm holding her book, Kazeko floats into the sky, and she begins the rushed version, the theoretically weaker version. Just before she opens her mouth she notices Endymion's presence and quickly makes a slight alteration to the incantation, "Prince Endymion, grant me your strength to demolish this enemy of Earth." She chants in measured calm words, "Shatter her strength and scatter her power."

She's falling now, unable to hold on to the furious archwitch while she chants, regardless she points towards what's left of Mirai Terra, what's left of Sailor Earth, what's left of Nullheart Mamoru. "I call forth your divine wind." And her wind magic rather than incorporating the distant but no less divine protection of the deities of wind and storm incorporates the very close magic of the planet. A typhoon of energy-infused wind that's centered on the Archwitch, trying to tear away at her very being.
Miho Kagami 2018-08-13 01:56:28 94341
Joy wails on the Witch. "DORARARARARARA --" As soon as she hears Rashmi call out, Joy turns around and boosts away from Mirai as fast as she can.

She suddenly realizes that she's facing away from the Witch at this point. Wait, I'm missing seeing all the explosions! she suddenly thinks to herself. ... Also I miiiight want to remember this!

So she whips out her Virtue phone, holds it out to the side, and sets it to selfie-mode so that she can clearly see the excitement, the explosions, Kunzite dancing, and Mamoru's soul-crystal getting pulled out. She does the peace-sign with the hand that is holding her wand, and then she snaps a photo.

She looks around. She doesn't have anything in the way of overpowered attacks; all she can do is boost other people's attack power. Right now, Princess Sailor Moon and Prince Endymion seem to be just about right for that.

She hurries over, and focuses. "Life Blessing, COURAGEOUS STRIKE!" She unleashes as much Life Energy as she can, formed to increase the potency of their attacks and add extra purification ...
Nephrite 2018-08-13 01:57:32 94342
It is Kunzite's own undoing that he bubbled Nephrite, giving him the breathing room needed to look around the battlefield, just in time to see that. The sound of Sailor Moon's attack being called out in Kunzite's voice is one that Nephrite will cherish for years to come. If anyone is still listening to their psychic connection, all they can hear from Nephrite's corner is incoherent laughter. He can laugh now, because their light has returned to them. He can feel Mamoru's golden glow buffering all of them, assuring them that they are okay, they are together, and they will get through this.

Surveying the battlefield also means he sees Kyouko collapse. Nephrite shoves off the chunk of marble he is closest to and floats down to her, taking her up in his arms and getting Kunzite's shield over her. "Got ya, sis!"

Everything is happening fast, but a golden ghost has appeared alongside Princess Sailor Moon, and that's where his target is. Nephrite pours all his reserves into a stream of starlight and sends it sailing toward the Princess and the true Prince of Earth, to finally obliterate the imitation one.
Zoisite 2018-08-13 01:57:33 94343
Zoisite focuses, hard, on adding fire to the song Princess Sailor Moon is sending out. It's a straight channel of his energy in focused and condensed form, white-hot anger and protectiveness taking appropriate form. The Shitennou exerting all of his power in an overpowered overexertion of his own power relaxes his fury considerably at the feeling of his Prince's presence, and in that moment, he is lost. The desperate rage and desire for the Prince who had made his life whole and worth living had been sustaining him.

There was a faint noise in the back of his throat, before his eyes roll back. He's definitely overdone it, and he can only hope that someone catches him before his consciousness fades out entirely.

Kunzite is, however, never going to live down doing Sailor Moon's dance, with Endymion's sword, and using one of her attacks.
Makoto Kino 2018-08-13 02:03:45 94344
The trouble with making yourself into a projectile on this scale is, you know, Newton's laws. Specifically the one about equal and opposite reactions. In the wake of the epic kraTHOOM!! of impact, Sailor Jupiter goes tumbling through the air in a long arc of rebound, trailing smoke and fragments of lingering stardust.

Perhaps it's just as well that there's not a lot of ground for her to smash into. It takes a little before her mind clears enough that she can call up enough wind to slow herself and, wobbling in the air amidst a swirl of petals, turn more or less upright.

Totally worth it, though.

As she gets her bearings, she looks for the others - Sailor Moon's taken on a form Makoto doesn't recognize, but Mars is with her, and the rush of golden energy and the translucent shape of Endymion is enough to let her know things will be all right in that quarter. Nephrite - is fine, and she'll owe Kunzite her thanks later.

She'll owe no few people things later, probably. But there will be a later, and that's enough. For right now, she lets the wind bear her to where she can clearly see the others, to where she can be a little nearer Nephrite - even though he's got things handled just fine, she did promise to have his back.

"Time to finish this," she says, already gathering electricity between her hands. "Supreme Thunder--"

--a BOOM of thunder and the lightning flares out all around her, a great uncoiling sinuous shape and an unfurling of huge blazing wings. The dragon of raw white-hot energy takes flight, diving towards the looming Archwitch, its thunderous roar melding into Princess Sailor Moon's song like god's own bass--

Jadeite 2018-08-13 02:10:01 94346
The Golden Crystal in Rashmi's hand keeps sending out that glow to everyone, keeps buffing-- until everything comes to a head, and he's called on with one voice on the one hand, and six souls reflexively on the other, and Mamoru's heart is connected with everyone's for a moment of brief fierce joy and pride in all of them. And then he answers Kazeko's plea as best he can, and then his entire being is focused on pouring his energy into Princess Sailor Moon's attack. It's a feeling she's oh, so familiar with, from embraces to healing to combined attacks. Warmth encircles her purification and weaves with it, into it, strength and confidence and belief, and joins all the other energies and intent in lending power to Sailor Moon. The earth with its starkness and the sea with its deepness, the rocks with their steepness-- they whirl in to combine with everyone else: the snow with its whiteness, the sun with its brightness, the fire with all the strength it hath, the lightning with its rapid wrath, the winds with their swiftness along their path, the pillar shoved by the darkness that can't help but be light and hope at her core--
Mamoru Chiba 2018-08-13 02:10:49 94347
The Golden Crystal in Rashmi's hand keeps sending out that glow to everyone, keeps buffing-- until everything comes to a head, and he's called on with one voice on the one hand, and six souls reflexively on the other, and Mamoru's heart is connected with everyone's for a moment of brief fierce joy and pride in all of them. And then he answers Kazeko's plea as best he can, and then his entire being is focused on pouring his energy into Princess Sailor Moon's attack. It's a feeling she's oh, so familiar with, from embraces to healing to combined attacks. Warmth encircles her purification and weaves with it, into it, strength and confidence and belief, and joins all the other energies and intent in lending power to Sailor Moon. The earth with its starkness and the sea with its deepness, the rocks with their steepness-- they whirl in to combine with everyone else: the snow with its whiteness, the sun with its brightness, the fire with all the strength it hath, the lightning with its rapid wrath, the winds with their swiftness along their path, the pillar shoved by the darkness that can't help but be light and hope at her core--
Jadeite 2018-08-13 02:19:04 94348
Jadeite just stares at Kunzite for a split second, then rapidly looks around to make sure literally everyone else SAW THAT because WOW, KUNZITE, NICE DANCING, and then he returns his attention to Kunzite so he can catch every last moment of that incredible display of /did Usagi somehow possess him what is even happening/-- and then there's loud and strong buildup everywhere, and everyone's lending strength to Sailor Moon, and people are dropping like flies, and bloody and half-burnt as he is, Jadeite JUMPS to catch Zoisite and lands in a crashing heap on another floating rock.

Then he rolls onto his back, wincing, and lifts his tatter-sleeved arms to-- instead of shooting ice at the attack because that would literally be more of a hindrance than anything else in this particular case-- create an illusion.

Actually, create a giant illusion right in front of the Archwitch and not actually intersecting with anyone real: the image of Princess Sailor Moon growing to super kaiju size and waving an illusory Golden Crystal at the Witch tauntingly. A Maboroshi no Kinzuishou, as it were.
Ariel Theodore 2018-08-13 02:28:22 94349
    Ariel and Lucky have gotten off... Well fairly lucky so far. Between the gift of Rashmi's speed, and sheer quick thinking, the pair have managed to avoid anything worse than a few scrapes. But that luck can't quite last forever can it?
    The great hound is already bounding down the Wing Road while Ariel tries to figure out their next move. It's when her canine steed stops that Ariel realizes something is wrong.
    Familiars. There are still Familiars around, and several are closing in on her. "Oh..."
    Lucky backs up, hackles raised, teeth bared and snarling as they approach. And the familiars fall upon the littlest unicorn knight and her mount. Or at least that's how it looks as they dogpile on.
    Before many are sent FLYING.
    Ariel may be a pacifist, but Lucky is NOT, and this leaves the girl squeaking and squealing, holding on to her dog's neck for dear life as Lucky begins violently ripping familiars apart limb from limb. But then.
    Lucky heaves.
    Ariel is flung, launched through the air as the great star hurls her free of the whirling duscloud of ensuing carnage and keeps the focus of the frenzying Familiars on himself.
    But there's no time to stop, he hurled her for a reason as Rashmi's sealing spell pulls the Golden Crystal from the Witch. That crystal radiating a light and warmth that reminds her of...
    In an instant, Ariel is on her feet, holding her side and ignoring the slight trickle of liquid silver that flows from between several plates of her armor. She has to find... She has to find...
    Ariel's legs carry her at a breakneck pace as she leaps from wing road to chunks of stone, probably skids under one or two people's legs, before she reaches her goal.
    There's a sharp bleat and a rough CLANK of armor as she topples flat on her face in front of...
    Princess Sailor Moon.
    She picks herself up, panting and breathless, but rallies. Topaz eyes stare. It is only a handful of seconds, as she looks to the moon princess in silence. Then it happens.
    Unicorns are creatures that are not easily moved to cry. The purity and healing qualities of a unicorn's tears are often only whispered of in legends and fairy tales.
    And yet, in that moment the gentle glimmer of a single crystal-perfect tear wells in the unicorn-child's eye, a wordless outpuring of love in a legendarily distilled physical form..
    Cupping her hands under her chin, she lets that single, delicate, perfect, tear roll down her cheek before she catches it.
    "It's a thing of dreams..." She whispers. "When a unicorn sheds a tear. Most people would be hard pressed to see it even once in a lifetime..."
    Gently, reverently, as though she were offering something so inherently sacred and fragile... The unicorn offers that tear to the Moon Princess, to do with as she wishes.
    "This makes twice for you, though. Because I know you won't disappoint any of us."
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-08-13 02:30:16 94350
    There have been very few moments where Kokoro Akakuma has exerted her full, unbridled strength. And of those, none of them have lasted more than a few scant moments. Now? Now she's heaving. Now, she's set her feet, clenched her jaw, and put her back into the most monumental wrestling match of her life. "Ghhh... no more... no more of those things...! Ain't... gonna...!" Arcs of lightning leap between her arms and her legs, her body and the ground, dancing around her fingertips, even arcing to the hammer beside her. And there's a colossal tearing noise as her strength proves greater than even she'd realized - and for a sudden, lurching moment, she's off-balance and bringing the arm with her. "Whoa-!"

    She manages to get her boot under her, to recover her balance, but now she's bearing a massive weight; a Witch's arm, and a massive blade clutched in it. Dengeki gives another heave of effort, carefully turning herself to look- and down comes a new set of arms.

    The thunderous magical girl is moving before she realizes it.

    More of that crackling lightning dances along her muscles as she heaves the arm around, slamming the still-clutched blade into a strike meant for her. The massive recoil nearly knocks her over, but she plants her feet, roars, shifts her weight - shifts the arm's weight - and then brings it back around, dumping all her electricity into her improvised weapon. "ORYAAAAAAAAAA!"

    It's a single vicious overhead strike, swung with a weapon several times Kokoro Akakuma's own size and all the voltage of her signature Tenha Jinrai. If it's blunt from losing Mirai's power, then she'll just dump in her own.
Usagi Tsukino 2018-08-13 02:48:28 94351
It's almost like there's an inaudible pop all around. One second he isn't there and then he is. If he were anyone or anything else she might question the heat of his incoporial hand on hers, but he is who he is and so instead he just gets heart eyes. (He'd get more if they weren't, you know, trying to stop the world from ending. Or trying to end this one so they can go back to the real one.)

Then she hears an all too familiar attack cry -- but the voice is -- stars enter her eyes as she watches Kunzite for a moment. "Ohhhh, so pretty!" Mars' voice brings her back to focus. (Silly Rei. Of course she does.) "Right!"

She focuses harder, channeling more of the more familiar purification through the harp. She jolts a little at Joy's buff and it's certainly cause for a shiver. "Oh, tingly!"

Starlight comes to dance with moonlight, a different sort of fire harmonizes with Mars', and then boom!! Jupiter drops her dragony bass, no treble. And then--

Usagi once learned in school that the waves of the ocean were affected by the moon. Speaking from experience, she's fairly certain it's really just water and moonlight dancing.

She blinks and her hands jerk a little at the sudden arrival of short armor clanking unicorn girl. She nearly flails when she sees what's happening, instinctually prepared to let the girl know that it'll be okay, they'll get through this!

And then she remembers.

On the outside she's gentle as she takes the tear. On the inside, she's running around and screaming at herself DO NOT DROP IT OMG DON'T YOU DARE DROP THIS, TSUKINO, THE PRESSURE IS ON! "Thank you." She beams at Ariel, confident now she won't drop it. "I'd give you a bucket of mine later, but those are pretty easy to come by."

Tear in the palm of her hand, she slams it in the center opening of the harp, sending it out into the stream of everyone's power combined.

In this case, she's pretty sure she's still on her feet only because Mars is there to keep her from falling on her butt from the force of all this love, harmony, teamwork, Kunzite dances, and unicorn tear.
Sailor Earth 2018-08-13 03:15:38 94352
Mirai has ripped herself free of her bonds. She has four terrible swords, radiating the distinctly wrong energy of a witch.

But she's stopped in her attack by another one of her own swords, wielded by Dengeki, with all her might behind it. It stops her for a monent before all hell breaks loose. A skyscraper shot by Lacrima hits her in the back, the structure embedded in her back like a dagger, causing her to drop a swords to reach for it.

But instead of swinging with her other weapons at a real enemy, she swings them frantically at the massive illusion - Until Kuzite';s interpretive dance pays off and the stored energy of the Halation hits her in thr back and makes her very confused.

Another blade is ripped from its hand by Kazeko's empowered tornado, the hand held at bay and slowly pulled apart.

Unmei's fire roars into the Witch's side, burning white-hot, melting crowns and scepters away from the Witch's body.

Tsukiko's attack follows, hitting the same spot, leaving a ginourmous hole the crackles and detonates as the silver sonic boom erupts, causing the witch to lean to one side.

And Kukai's multibuffed ball of energy roars out, hitting Lacrima's skyscraper as well as the witch, forcing it fully through.

Rashmi's also buffed attack, with the power of Joy's buff bursts out, and the witch brings up two blades in an X to hold it back... but then the attack is followed up by a terrible thuderous dragon, and the combination knocks the blades - and arms - clear off. Leaving her open.

For Sailor Moon's attack. For everything she has, empowered by her friends, her allies, the legendary tear of a Unicorn, and her truest love. And with the path cleared it hits, a shining beacon of hope, of love, a song of victory... and bit by bit, it erases the Archwitch, causing slices to dsintegrate...

    In a laboratory far away, a much more intact Takashi Agera watches as several large screens cease pulling data, showing zeroes across the board. He leans back in his chair. "It's done." he notes, and pulls out a cell phone. "Yeah. Agera. I'm going to take my vacation days now... You know. Watch TV. Play video games. See the world... I hear Ireland is lovely... Yeah, starting today..."

Back in the battlefield, there' nothing but peace as the fake Pyrite Kingdom fades away, leaving them all safely within the ruins - D point, but once something much happier, much nicer, and very real.

But in the center, three grief seeds, only... turned white instead of black... and a fourth orb. It was gold, but faded white, peaceful and pure... the grief seeds likewise burst into soft white orbs, and all four orbs rushed around the room, doing a small circle arouns Usagi and Mamoru before rushing up the exit stairs and into the sky, bouncing softly.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-08-13 03:21:27 94354
    Finally, Earth is done, and this whole painful chapter can be left behind. Well, once Mamoru is back in his body, anyway. Apatite is still being carried in Nephrite's arms, insensate due to the expenditure of her power, but as the Pyrite Kingdom fades and they are left in the ruins of D Point, her eyelids flutter open and she looks blearily up to see a strong, handsome man carrying her, princess-style.

    And she blushes just a little because c'mon.

    And then she says, "Dude.. you're so not my type.." And adds, in a whisper, "and I really don't want Mako-chan to punch me."

    Then she says, "Thanks, bro, really. But I'm good-ish now. Put me down? Mamoru gave me another mission I gotta do while we're here.."
Miho Kagami 2018-08-13 03:25:30 94355
Life Mahou Joy settles to the ground, completely exhausted. It's over. They're safe. Nobody died. Miho herself didn't die.

And then she staggers over to Ariel. "Okay, sit still for a minute, Ariel-chan!" she says. She sinks to her knees, and concentrates. It takes her a couple of minutes for her to bring out her power to heal her. But when it finally does ... the Life Blessing comes out, easing the unicorn-girl's pain almost instantly, healing her wounds over the course of just another minute.
Rei Hino 2018-08-13 03:26:25 94356
As the world finally returns to some kind of sense - even if in a place Rei would rather not have returned to, Rei's arms fall limply to her sides, twitching and numb, wobbling on unsteady legs, feeling about as close as she's ever come to regretting the red heels of her Senshi garb. "Is it... done...? Everyone... you're all...? Nnn..."
    Rei Swallows hard and looks around. D-point. She wishes she could summon the appropriate amount of disgust, but she's... burnt out, so to speak. She steps back, and manages a weak smile. "That was... amazing. Usagi. Mamoru-kun."
    She's trying... REAL hard not to fall. She's already died in this place once, and her friends have been through enough without another scare.
Rashmi Terios 2018-08-13 03:26:45 94357
"Woooo, go Dengeki!" Rashmi calls, exhaustedly lifting a fist from the pile she's collapsed into above a yawning abyss. The call is kind of muffled, given that her head is mooshed against hard light, but the feeling is evident.
Nephrite 2018-08-13 03:27:22 94358
Nephrite smirks down at his fellow Shitennou. "Oh buddy, don't worry. I also don't want to get punched by your girlfriend. This just means you get to be the one to princess carry me next time."

He sets Apatite down gently anyway. "You need any help? This witchy stuff gives me the heebies."
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-08-13 03:30:25 94359
    The maelstrom of electricity that is Dengeki Shoujo finally relents, releasing that arm and letting it drop away into the void as the rest of the crowd utterly obliterates the thing that was Mirai in a maelstrom of magical onslaught. And true to her nature, the tower of a girl reaches over to snag her hammer, taking it up again just in case; but that just-in-case proves unnecessary. Everything culminates in a blast from that princess girl... or is it a blast? She's not sure. But it's empowered further by Ariel's tears. And it's enough to bring things to a close, dissolving that weird other-space.

    "Oh... oh hey, good. That's... that's good."

    She's tried so hard to at least maintain some vague semblance of privacy about who she is behind the hammer, but hey, a hefty bruise to her entire abdomen (and possible cracked rib) and a deep case of exhaustion from exerting a level of strength she didn't even know she had? Yeah that's a good excuse. The hammerlass leans over and plants that hammer head-first on the ground, then leans all her weight on it, practically slumping. Her transformation gives way, eyes and hair fading to brown, the latter drooping down to sag in front of her face as it always does. Kokoro's in a tanktop and shorts; it's rather fortunate this place is warm.

    About a tenth of a second before it happens, Kokoro remembers that her hammer shrinks when she ends her transformation.


Kunzite 2018-08-13 03:31:17 94360
Kunzite picks his way quietly through the wreckage, moving to rejoin the others. Well. More accurately. Moving to find Zoisi-- ah. Jadeite has him. Joy has Ariel. Mars hasn't fallen over yet. Neither has Moon. Rashmi's still moving. Dengeki he has faith in, especially after borrowing the skyscraper sword... well. All right. 'Ow' is a good sign. He scans for the others: Kazeko, Sky Jack, Lacrima, Clotho. Trying to keep track of everyone --

And firmly pretending that Nothing Ever Happened. Clearly.
Unmei Tama 2018-08-13 03:32:07 94361
Unmei Tama stared and just... looked around. And... "Oh my gosh. OH MY GOSH WE DID IT!" she yelled, before jumping up and...

"Oh gosh ow ow ow ow owwww bad idea, ow!" And held her most definitely broken hand. Waving it around like she just don't care at a time she should DEFINITELY care isn't the best idea. "We won, though! We should like... Go get... sushi or something..." She made a mental note to head to the hospital later and then...

Paled as she realized ummm... Most of them... likely didn't... Had never Seen her without the clotho gem. She reached up to pull her gem from her top. Oh yeah. It was fried. The normally white gem was almost completely black. And honestly burned a bit to the touch.

"... I think I'm gonna go home and take the longest shower... Err... ummm... where... are we?" she mumbled, looking around. she'd never actually been to d-point. And well... without the clotho gem, she was having a lot of trouble looking anyone in the face now. It was harder, she had to admit. At least all the help with hormones definitely made it not as horrifying for her. She made a mental note to thank Mamoru... well... forever when all this was over. But she was already doing that.

"So... err... this does mean Mamoru is going to be okay... right?" she mumbled.
Ikiko Hisakata 2018-08-13 03:32:13 94362
Cute Wolf Tsukiko sits in the ruined gatehouse, petting her miniwolves while the wolfmotes roost on her shoulders. "We're definitely going to get some burgers once we're back in Tokyo," she notes, as much for her sake as it is for the glowwolves. "Just need to rest up, get my sense of speed dialed back down to normal..."

She stands up, but wobbles and has to lean on the wall to avoid falling down. "Okay, I'm going to need to rest more than I though," the wolfgirl giggles weakly before steadying herself. "Probably should stick to calm walking for a while."

Tsukiko takes a deep breath to replenish some of her energy, then walks deeper into the ruins, following the sounds (and scents) of the others to join back up with them.
Sora Hisakata 2018-08-13 03:32:32 94363
Kunzite doesn't find Kazeko. He'll find Sora easy enough though, crashed down on the ground with a deep cut in her shoulder and a few broken bones from the fall. She's unconscious.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-08-13 03:32:51 94364
There's a gently amused voice in the back of Rashmi's head, where Nicomachea can also hear it: it's Mamoru's, most assuredly. "Hey, since you've got me literally in the palm of your hand-- can you do me a favor? Either let go or yell something really stupid that combines 'tuxedo', 'earth', and 'healing'? I mean just make stuff up. People are dropping like flies, and are gonna need teleports back to the land of normal people who don't live at the north pole, and I can't do that right now-- but I can fix everyone so the Shitennou can do it."

Meanwhile, Mamoru's ghost ruffles Usagi's odangos, then leans to give her a ghostly butterfly kiss. "Going to focus on fixing everyone. Then you and the guys just take me back to Kunzite's palace and we'll sort me out, okay?"
Rashmi Terios 2018-08-13 03:34:20 94365
To be fair, Rashmi's juuuuust a touch woozy, now that the adrenaline crash and low blood-sugar are kicking in, and while she's not exactly *drunk,* it's a near thing. Her fist lowers, then shoots back up with Mamoru clutched inside. "~Woo, Tuxedo Earth Healing Go!~"
Rei Hino 2018-08-13 03:34:55 94366
Rei's eyes turn towards Rashimi, and she just flatly says, "Really?"
Rashmi Terios 2018-08-13 03:35:28 94367
The puddle of pleated ruffled skirts and red hair that is Rashmi has no answer for Rei.
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-08-13 03:35:35 94368
    Kokoro turns her head where she lies on the ground. The eye not hidden by brown hair? Just stares at Rashmi.
Kukai Souma 2018-08-13 03:36:38 94369
Sky Jack lands, watching the lights of Sailor Earth fly up into the distance. "... Huh. Did.." He looks back over at Sailor Moon, then scratches the back of his head. "Knew she was strong, but she just keeps doing... stuff." He sighs, then kicks off on his skateboard, rolling around to see if everyone's in one piece. "Anyone too unconscious to say anything? Hello? We missing anyone?"

Jack hears Rashmi, but he's trying to just.. ignore it. With the amount of people using other people's abilities someone's going to be kicking electrical soccer balls around soon.
Lacrima 2018-08-13 03:39:18 94370
Lacrima watches as the Labyrinth fades away, but she doesn't loose her guard. She watches that golden sphere fade though. The grief seeds are white though. This raises a brow from her, as she taps the side of her head. "MMph..." she goes. But then she suddenly "Ohs!" she goes.

She spirals downwards and reforms as she goes on a run towards.... well who else

She doesn't lap but she soft tackles Ariel (not even hard enough to mess with Joy's healing.) and there is the most biggest, strongest hug she can manage without actually suffocating her. Glomp.

"Oh, Ari-chan that was so awful, and strange, and I'm sorry you got hurt and it was awful near the end because I was too afraid to use anything because I might empower it and and----" she cries, cutting herself off into a cry- like her namesake.

Because after pretty much weaponizing pure anger and wrath, the 'sugar crash' from that is sudden worry and depression for her.

She sniffs, and finally looks up. "H--hey is everyone else alright?" she finally thinks to ask as she looks around. Then she suddenly calls out.

"I'm not crying, you're crying!" even though no one probably said anything to that effect yet.

(She is also totally crying.)
Usagi Tsukino 2018-08-13 03:41:38 94371
Princess Sailor Moon, still a bit wound up on the energy of total annihalation through healing and a bit vibratey, decides that she won't have to sleep for the next MONTH!!! WOO! One thing she often forgets about all that positive energy flowing through her is just how...energizing it is!

She giggles at the ghostly ruffle and butterfly kisses. "Alright. And when you're sorted, I'm gonna smooch your face a LOT."

Whether she senses Mars' internal struggle or not, her arm sneaks around the other girl. For cuddles and discrete keeping upness.

She nearly bounces as she waves toward Sky Jack, happy and enthusiastically. "I'M AWAKE!!! YOO HOO HI!!!"

She whispers to Mars. "She's totally crying. I would be too if I weren't so tingly!"
Mamoru Chiba 2018-08-13 03:44:49 94372
Somehow, that incredibly lackluster callout has Mamoru fading in embarrassment after the butterfly kisses-- or maybe just fading because he's pulling his energy out of being visible and into shoving healing-- HEALING-- into every life he can find glowing within the halls of what, before it was the Dark Kingdom, was an honest and real part of the Golden Kingdom, connected to Elysion.

That connection flares to life as hard as it stands true with the Palaces of the other Shitennou, and reverberates with the magic of the Golden Crystal, Elysion's beating magical heart.

Abruptly, every ache, every bruise, every cut and broken bone and burn and abrasion and torn muscle, every small misery-- the pain vanishes, supplanted by a warm peace possessed of the stillness of mountain caves, the deep darkness of ocean trenches, the balmy mild breezes of spring meadows, the quiet sun-dappled beauty of a private glade in the forest primeval--

--and bones mend and flesh knits and bruises disappear.

Though the crystal dims after this, to the faint pulsing living warmth it holds even when sleeping, those who can feel Mamoru's presence can tell he's still there.
Ikiko Hisakata 2018-08-13 03:48:12 94373
"I feel like I ran a marathon at a sprint, but otherwise I'm okay," Tsukiko calls to Sky Jack. The wolfgirl wanders around the assorted magical folk, smiling at the various happy meetings.

Her smile drops when she sees her cousin, though. The healing surge helps with the injuries, but Tsukiko knows that even healing boosts like that still leave the body short on energy.

"I'll help get her home," the wolfgirl says to Kunzite. "As well as pick up a burger and fries for her along the way."
Rashmi Terios 2018-08-13 03:48:32 94374
Jolted back to normality by the power of Endymion's healing, Rashmi at least has the good grace to look abashed as she picks herself off the ground, then flies to land in front of Usagi. "Um... sorry 'bout that back there, Usagi-chan, but um... I've got something I think you should hang onto until we get back." And without another word, she offers the crystal up to the Moon Princess.
Jadeite 2018-08-13 03:50:18 94375
"Thanks, Endy!" yells Jadeite from where he's no longer bleeding, but still clutching Zoisite, and then he yells Kunzite-wards, "I'm taking Zoi home okay? I DON'T WANT TO BE HERE ANYMORE!"

With a fassh he vanishes in a flurry of snowflakes, carrying his strawberry-blond teammate.
Rei Hino 2018-08-13 03:51:05 94376
"Oof." Rei grunts lamely as she's pulled closer to Usagi, grateful and a little embarrassed for the support. "... Yeah. No surprise there." She says with a little smile. "But I guess you get... one crybaby pass after this." She says slowly, her breathing labored. She watches Mamoru fade away, with some concern, only for the next breath she takes to feel like all the air she'd every breathed was rushing into her lungs at once, overwhelmed by a staggering sense of *life*... and all of a sudden, her arms are fine, and heels are practical! "... *Wow*..."
    Rei peers around to look at the gently pulsing crystal and frowns, her eyes moving to the gathered (conscious) Shittenou, who certainly know more about this than she does. "He's... going to be okay, right?" What does she know about making bodies for crytals? Nothin, that's what.
Miho Kagami 2018-08-13 03:51:23 94377
Miho ... does not look over at Rashmi or let her outburst interrupt the healing. She does hurriedly stop when she sees Lacrima coming so that she doesn't get hit in the face with purification-power --

Then she blinks as the area is filled with sudden healing-energy. She exhales, looking around; she briefly watches Rashmi bringing the crystal over to Usagi. "... and that's shown me up," she says dryly.
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-08-13 03:54:48 94378
    Kokoro is exhausted, and aching, and bruised, and lying on the ground.

    Then Endymion's healing magic passes over her, and she is exhausted, and warm, and comfortable, and at peace, and lying on the ground.

    It's not hard to guess what comes next.

    "Snrrr... snrrrrrrrr..."
Kunzite 2018-08-13 03:55:20 94379
"He'll be all right," Kunzite says to Mars, as bodies get checked off and reshaped and teleported out. "The lady," he gestures to Life Mahou Joy, "put him on life support, and we have some experience by now with settling soul gems back in place."

... an unspoken percentage of which involved Kunzite's soul gem.

... okay, yes, that's one hundred.

He pauses and glances at Tsukiko. "Ah. Do you have long-distance teleportation powers I was previously unaware of, or would the two of you like a lift? I wouldn't want you to have to carry her a few thousand kilometers."
Usagi Tsukino 2018-08-13 03:55:43 94380
She blinks at Rashmi for a moment and looks at the crystal. Her eyes light up and she takes it. "Oh, I'm definitely not dropping this!" Crystal secure in her hand, she lunges at the girl for a quick but very enthusiastic hug. "Thank you thank you thank you!"

Then she's back at Rei, and might be a lightle misty eyed. "He's the prettiest rock ever."

Sniffling, so as not to use up her Get Out of Crybaby Teasing Free Card so soon, she pops open her compac. "Here. You can ride along in here, next to mine."
Unmei Tama 2018-08-13 03:57:38 94381
Unmei Tama just... stared at lacrima. Stared.

LAcrima was a terrifying monster. A creature of darkness and cruelty and, for the girl, fear. Something of just... raw... destruction and tower and power.

And now she was quiet, crying, scared. Upset. She was a PERSON. And Unmei... felt a little bad. Then the healing light washed over her and her own aches and pains washed away. She let out a sigh of relief. "Oh thank you, Mamo, you're the best..." she mumbled. Still though, she just stared at Lacrima. Was she too hard on her all this time? I mean, she helped...

Maybe after... all of this she should ask her to dinner or something. Get to know her. Just a bit. Maybe she'd be LESS terrified of her. A little... She could bring her some toilet paper or something.

Then kunzite said he was going to be okay! Woo! Yes! She almost considered offering to help but... well. If there was one thing she'd learned in her time around them, when it came to shittenou and sailor moon stuff it was usually best for her to just stay out of their way.
Rei Hino 2018-08-13 03:57:51 94382
Rei just sighs, and pat-pats Usagi's head, looking down at the crystal with her, allowing herself a wry little smile. "... Caused a lot of trouble, you dork. Hold on to this better, next time."
    All the love in the world, of course!
Rashmi Terios 2018-08-13 03:58:43 94383
Being yanked into a hug pulls a startled "Squeep!" out of Rashmi's throat, but she returns it just as enthusiastically.... and then snores are heard. The redhead chuckles, and shakes her head, flitting to Kokoro's side, kneeling down and hauling her up in.... well, a princess carry.

I mean, it was either that or the sack-of-potatoes treatment, and that's just mean. "C'mon, Koko-chan. We're about to get going home."
Ikiko Hisakata 2018-08-13 04:01:21 94384
"...a lift would definitely be appreciated, yes," Tsukiko admits sheepishly. "Probably to the ECFH, then I'll go on the burger run and we can see if she's up for sneaking back home once I'm back with the food."
Ariel Theodore 2018-08-13 04:02:39 94385
    That is it, then.
    The Archwitch is no more.
    This is all well and good because Ariel has nothing left in her, and promptly collapses to her knees, breathless once Sailor Moon unleashes everything she has and Mirai disintigrates.
    Ariel just remains right where she is, a little breathless, but breathing calmly. Until she sees where they are. Even if it has changed, seeing the ruins of D-Point brings a quiet tension to the unicorn, golden eyes losing focus and going distant.
    She is suspiciously wordless and silent as Joy reaches her, the normally incredibly polite unicorn just not responding in the least as Joy tends to her.
    She knows this place.
    And she remembers.
    It's only when Lacrima bounds to her that she snaps out of her state. "A-ah..."
    "Thank you." First and foremost to Joy, before the unicorn's response is almost automatic. One hand rises, brushing the vampire's tears away gently. "It's fine. Everything is fine now. I'm fine. You're fine. We're all fine." Murmured gently, as Lucky pads over, as well, and the warmth of Mamoru's healing spreads to all.
    So she's content to just put her arms around Lacrima for a long moment and breathe. But... Unfortunately... All of the adrenaline is wearing off. But that doesn't stop Ariel from guiding Lacrima's head to rest on her lap. Though shortly afterwards her head nods as...
    Oh. She's out like a light, right then and there, nose twitching as a butterfly lands on it in her dreams.
Miho Kagami 2018-08-13 04:09:13 94386
Life Mahou Joy nods, standing up and stretching. "A lift is definitely going to be a good thing," she says. "... I have absolutely no idea what kind of cover story I'm gonna give my parents this time. Were we ... even 'gone' for a nonzero amount of time? What time is it in JST now, anyway?"

She looks over at Unmei, does a double-take -- oh, that was Unmei!? Wordlessly, walks over to her, grimaces as she reverts her transformation, and then gives Unmei a big hug. She knows exactly what's going on here.
Unmei Tama 2018-08-13 04:15:41 94387
Unmei Tama glanced up at joy and then... "O-oh. Err... h--" And then hug. She blinked and then... closed her eyes. She rested her head on the other girl's shoulders. Ah, that felt good. She really needed a hug around now. "It's... not so bad. Once the gem is fixed, I'll be normal. And I'm still on hormones, so it's okay..." she said softly to the other girl. It honestly wasn't, but it was okay enough. And the hug helped. And hey, someone understand...

"I'm ummmm... I'll just hide in my room for a bit. Or something. I don't know. It's summer break now... so it's cool..."
Miho Kagami 2018-08-13 04:17:42 94388
Miho nods slowly. "Okay," she says; her voice is back to being scratchy and fairly androgynous. "... I've got half a mind to do that, too." She laughs nervously. "This has been the worst week of my life."