Oni-erous task

It takes a very unwise youma to get between Kyouko and Usagi and their lunch. Phantom Ace and Sakura help take it down, too!

Date: 2018-01-23
Pose Count: 27
Kyouko Sakura 2018-01-23 19:27:20 88369
    Kyouko is on a date with Usagi!

    Not the date date kind of date, of course (Kyouko steadfastly refuses to get entangled in the spiderweb, and several people might be put-out if she did!) but the friend kind of date, wherein one goes out with a friend one has been mildly neglecting recently in order to pig out on fast food and gossip about things. Well, 'neglecting' is probably the wrong word, it's just that between her job and her Shittenduties and Naru and Momo, and Usagi having her own life as well, Kyouko had felt like they seldom got to talk anymore, and when one has few friends, one tends to not want to lose them due to not putting in the effort!

    Where's a good world-threatening crisis when you need one, huh? That always seems to ensure Kyouko sees everybody regularly! But it's been quiet. So we must resort to fast food.

    This is why, on this particular afternoon, Kyouko is on the sidewalk with Usagi next to a Burger Joint. She is (quite proudly) wearing the coat that Usagi brought her back from Paris a few years ago, because it is Winter so she can do that without boiling. She is also mid-gossip. "...and so, she was all like "you're confusing me" and I was like, "I ain't confusing, you're just dumb", or something.. I don't remember exactly, but.."
Usagi Tsukino 2018-01-23 19:36:32 88370
Usagi is Very Happy to be on a date with Kyouko! It's the platonic sort, of course, her favorite kind when her datee isn't Mamoru!

Her arm is hooked through Kyouko's, because that's what is done on dates, platonic or otherwise, and she's rolling her eyes 'so hard' because 'ug.'

But her eyes are wide as she listens to the story. "'Then' what happened?"

Because that's how conversations go!
Daisuke Hansuke 2018-01-23 19:39:03 88371
Daisuke Hansuke was doing the rounds today. Check with soup kitchen, check. Collect coin boxes, check. Maybe a detour on checking on some sponsors. Check. And he's hungry. So thusly, he's heading to a burger joint that happens to be around the corner from his next stop when--- Oh! Is that Usagi and Kyouko? It is!

He doesn't speed up his walk, he'll get there eventually and it's not like the burger joint is exploding in awful goopy youmaness or anything. Ugh. Raw meat monster. He tries not to think about how that'd feel.

INSTEAD. Kyouko and Usagi get a wave. "Hey you two." he says. "Burgers good today?~" he asks, assuming the two are out getting food. He'll make to start inside unless he's stopped otherwise.
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-01-23 19:44:07 88372
Sakura Kinomoto Speaking of world ending(okay, not really), sakura came walking down the street! She had a small piece of paper clasped in her hands and was wearing the most poofy of jackets that threatened to swallow her whole. Why? Because it had been a gift from extended family and even if she felt like she was boiling alive in it, she didn't want to actually NOT wear something that had been a gift! Besides, it was so big even if she fell over she'd barely feel it.

"Three burgers, one with extra mayo, one add barbaque sauce, no mayo, no pickle, with extra salt on the fries. One with..." she mumbled to herself, reading the list, her face contorted in a look of pure concentration! She had been entrusted with the foods, she would not fail them!

She was so focused she almost walked riiiiight into Usagi. She yelped and stepped back. "S-sorry, I--" And then her words caught in her throat and a little red went in her cheeks. "Usagi-chan?" she said. Aaaand there was that warm, fuzzy, warm feeling she always got from the girl. "W-what are you doing here?" Then... "Kyouko-kun? Daisuke-kun?" she asked. Then eeped. "Oh, right! Um, getting burgers, too? I mean, o-of course you were..." Now she was in full on blush mode, her tummy doing its little jumps. What was it about usagi that did that? It reminded her of Yukito... sigh.... yukito...
Kyouko Sakura 2018-01-23 19:52:46 88373
    Kyouko takes a deep breath, "Wellllll, then she-" She begins to launch into the next phase of her story when she's interrupted by the appearance of Daisuke. She blinks at the greeting, not having expected to run into an acquaintance, but doesn't seem perturbed as she pauses her recounting to offer a lopsided smile, and a return wave of her not-Usagi-claimed hand. "Hey. Dunno, we ain't ate yet, though this is a good place, so.."

    She's once again interrupted as Sakura runs straight into Usagi, the impact making Kyouko sway slightly from secondary inertia. "Hey kid. Getting burgers, yes, although it's beginning to look like we're never going to actually get inside to-"

    And then she's interrupted again, but it's a big less minor this time, because it comes in the form of shattering glass and somebody screaming. A look down the road shows the window of a nearby store, some kind of appliance-repair shop, has exploded outwards sending shards of glass into the street, and people are backing away looking frightened.

    Kyouko sighs. "Ugh. I guess we should go check that out." She looks wistfully in at the people enjoying burgers just a few feet away.
Usagi Tsukino 2018-01-23 19:59:17 88375
"Daisuke!" A big wave for Snake Staff! She opens her mouth to say more, but there's a Sakura bumping into her. "Eep!"

Fortunately, Kyouko's there so she doesn't fall! Victory! Sakura gets a hug! SQUISH! "Hi, guys! Yep! Oh, they smell so good I just wanna eat them all up!"

But of course, despite Usagi starving to death, there's nothing to be done for it now.

She nearly sobs at the injustice of it. "We...should...yes..."

A very, very half-starved Usagi drags her feet into an alley way and practically cries as she raises her hand.

"MoOn PrIsM pOwEr MaKeUp sob."
Daisuke Hansuke 2018-01-23 20:05:02 88376
Daisuke Hansuke grins a little. "Oh, well I guess I'll let you know if it's any good then." he says as he begins to make his way inside when ooff. That's a collision. "Woah. Hey. You two alright?" he asks. He's about to double check to make sure when....

"What the...." he looks to the others. "Um. You guys go ahead." he says. "I'm no good in a fight like that. I'll hang back to make sure everyone's safe." he says, as he... runs into the alley opposite the other ones are using. He's making for the Ace of Hearts in his jacket. "Alright..." he says taking a deep breath. "Let's do this." he says flipping the card around. Becoming Phantom Ace, he'll do a small jump to the rooftop. Mainly to try to get a better view of what's going on down the way. And also. No one will see him easily up here. Maybe it's just a robbery.

But he doubts it. It's gonna be like. A blender youma or something with like cord spindly tendrils and stuff he bets. Or an eggbeater youma or.. some. Stupid monster. Ugh.
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-01-23 20:06:20 88377
Sakura Kinomoto flushed even more when she got the hug, the other things said completely lost on her. Oh my gosh it was like a Yukito hug! ... Man she missed Yukito. She wondered where he had gone to... Huh? Explosions!

She yelped and old instincts turned in. To kind of... hide behind Sailor moon! She's an adult, she--

Wait. No. She... she was a fighter too. Sorta. Maybe. A bit. She'd spent months training for when she got back! She could help to! She didn't HAVE to stand on the side lines.

But... the others were all a lot older and... adultier than her. And mature. Much more mature. All of them just bastions of maturity. She shook her head and drew out her key. No. She was one of them now. Too. Sorta.

"Key that holds the power of darkness. Reveal your true form to me. I, Sakura, command thee under convert! Release!" she yelled. Her wand formed in her hand, spinning in her hands as she moved to stand... BY sailor moon... if a bit back. Hey, she didn't have the whole 'immune/resistant to damage' thing the others had. even she knew getting too close to... whatever that was, was a bad idea.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-01-23 20:11:43 88378
    Kyouko commiserates with Usagi on a fundamental level. Her soul cries out for burgers. But sometimes you just gotta do some stabbin' first. The burgers will still be there.

    Unless the shop gets destroyed, of course.

    She hardly even bothers to step into the alley, although she does perhaps for propriety sake. A flash of bright red light envelopes her, and a moment later, Apatite is there, spear in hand and cape fluttering around the small of her back. She glances behind her, briefly noting Daisuke's departure, making sure that Sailor Moon is ready. A glance takes in Sakura transforming as well, but then she is leaping up to the nearest rooftop, much as Phantom Ace does though not having yet noticed him, dashing along to stand above the damaged shop and peer down.

    Daisuke's guesses are pretty good, but it's none of those things! What actually stomps out of the broken door is an Oni! You know, like a big Japanese Ogre! It looks more or less like a person, but is about 9 feet tall, super muscly, and has red skin. And a single horn jutting out of its forehead. "Raaar! He said my toaster would be fixed by today!" The Oni roars, raising its fists to the sky. "But it's not ready! So now I'm going to eat him instead!"

    The 'him' in question becomes apparent when the Oni lifts its arm, a struggling, scrawny balding man held by the back of his shirt, looking terrified.

    People flee in all directions.
Usagi Tsukino 2018-01-23 20:18:37 88379
Usagi just stares at the oni! Seriously?! That's what this is about?!

Fury! Rage! A tiny ball of angry bunny!

She leaps to stand on a mail box.

"Hunger is indeed a worthy cause to be angry! But not enough to eat that man and certainly not enough to interupt growing girls' lunches! Those are unforgivable! Unhand him so I can punish you in the name of the moon and get a burger!"
Daisuke Hansuke 2018-01-23 20:36:26 88380
Oh my god it's an Oni and something about a toaster. Something something... stupid. Dark energy and emotions he's sure on this one.

So Phantom Ace takes to skipping rooftops as Sailor Moon gives it a proper speech. He's still no good at Justice Speechs. Minako says he's better at smooth speeches. He doesn't know what that means exactly.

He'll wait till Sailor Moon finishes her speech, politely, before he throws an Ace of Spades card at the arm carrying the man in hopes he can cause enough of a sharp pain for him to drop him before he tries shoving him into his mouth or something.

No quip. Maybe it won't know where it came from if he keeps his mouth shut just for a moment!
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-01-23 20:45:25 88381
Sakura Kinomoto squeaked and barrrrrely avoided hiding behind Usagi again. An ONI?! Oh gosh she heard about these! And then there were all the times her brother called her an Oni! Oni were terrifying monsters who ate little kids, who--

Then Sailor Moon leaped up and-- Oh my gosh she was so cooool! She was like, so brave and awesome and wasn't afraid of anything! She could probably take on the oni by herself. So... so if she wanted to fight by her, she had to try too. She couldn't just give up because it was scary or she was out of practice. Besides, Riventon wasn't here to hit her with lightning again. She just had to try and imagine the oni as not some big, scary monster.

She blinked. And imagined the oni as Toya.

Oh yeah. She was ready. Time to give a rousing speech of her own! "Y-yeah! My dad says you shouldn't go back on something when you say you'll do it, but he also says you should never be violent, use your words!" She drew two cards. That left the hostage though. She was sure sailor moon had the oni all by her own(cause she was super awesome like that), but there was still a captive who they needed to get out of its grasp. And...

Yes! Magic card man of awesome! As the card flew at the monster, she ran forward and... "Dash card, give me speed, dash card! Release and dispel!" She'd race at the man as the card sped at him and, as she came closer... "Little card!" she'd call.

Intent? Shrink the(hopefully) falling man so she can catch him(dampening his fall in the world's most poofy of oversized jackets) and then get out of there before Oni can squash her...

Basically just leave fighting the monster to the adults. They're probably better at it. Beside,s did you HEAR Sailor Moon's speech? Oh my gosh she was SO COOL! She was like a super hero! But real! A real hero!
Kyouko Sakura 2018-01-23 20:53:13 88382
    Kyouko was standing on the rooftop above the Oni, with a single brow raised. Seriously? It's as if reality is mocking her, she feels. However, the situation is certainly more serious for the man who is in danger of being eaten, at least once the Oni is finished informing the fleeing public as to why he has the right to devour the fellow.

    Before he can get to that stage, however, several things happen. Sailor Moon arrives, and delivers a Justice Speech which is, if nothing else, heartfelt. The Oni turns to look at her somewhat blankly, but then a playing card flies out of (seemingly) nowhere and hits its arm! The Oni roars at the sharp prick of pain, the card slicing its arm although the damage appears slight. It is enough to get him to drop the man though.

    The Oni is big, but not that big- the man only has a few feet to fall. Nonetheless, he doesn't even get to do that, as Sakura is there to catch him via speedy shrinkage. This all seems to be going well, aside from the fact that the Oni, not knowing where the playing card came from, focuses on Sakura who is quite obviously trying to steal his revenge-meal. "Hey!" it bellows. "That's mine!" He starts to reach one huge, clawed hand towards the no-doubt retreating girl..

    But doesn't get the chance, because it is at this point that Kyouko leaps down from the rooftop overhead, cape fluttering behind her. She drops down right behind the ogre, her spear flashing in a bright arc of silver and crimson. There's a pause, then a spray of blackish, inhuman blood. This is because she just cut the Oni's hand off before it could grab Sakura.

    MY HAND!" The monster screams, waving the stump around. Kyouko, for her part, stands from the crouch she landed in, spear dripping Oni-blood, and smirks like the biggest a-hole as she says, "Un-HAND that girl, monster! Heh heh-"

    Her chuckle is interrupted as the Oni swings its other very intact hand around and smashes her. Kyouko flies back into a nearby brick wall with a hurk rebounding off to land in a momentary heap at the base of the wall. Lesson learned- witty lines should be delivered in a timely fashion.
Usagi Tsukino 2018-01-23 21:03:55 88383
Sakura's speech addendum is Very Good! She believes she might drive home the point of nonviolence in a very violent manner!

She wishes to join in on the throwing of things. Sadly, she has no cards. For a moment, she considers the mailbox, but Government Property and how could Sailor Moon get a job with a felony on her record??

Sailor Moon giggles, because Bad Pun, and ews, because of the source of the bad pun.

But then!

"Hey! No one throws my friends around like that, you hear me?!"

HRK. The mail box is considerably bolted.

But the tables outside the burger joint aren't!

Daisuke Hansuke 2018-01-23 21:24:21 88384
Phantom Ace distracted the monster long enough so that's good. He'll let the others move in as he hunkers down a bit as he fans out some cards and... picks out the Ace of Spades, before the other cards fan back and sort of mysteriously and magically disappear.

The card gets flung towards the monster's face. The Ace of Spades explodes with a powerful and painful small blast. It is famously the death card after all.

He jump down to street level after.

"Woah woah."

"Leave the Table magic to the guy with the cards." he says with a rougish smile. He's kidding of course.
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-01-23 21:26:04 88385
Sakura Kinomoto was running, running, had a guy, eeep eep eep! Oh gosh she could almost FEEL its hands. She was going to--

The flutter from above drew her gaze as Kyouko flew by. Oh my gosh SO COOL! That was an entrance, almost as awesome as as Sailor Moon's speech! And then she heard a sound behind her! Wow. She didn't know WHAT was going on behind her, but she was certain it looked awesome. And probably involved a hand judging by that clever pun of Kyouko's. Justice speeches, rapid throwing cards, amazing entrances and totally bad bottom one liners! Yup, they were the grown ups here and it showed. they had this completely under--

Smash. Her gaze was drawn to Kyouko when the girl hit the wall and dropped. Okay, maybe they didn't ENTIRELY have this.

She dropped the man off as both the dash and little card wore off. "Um, just wait here! And... or run, actually. Yes. Running would be smart," she said, before heading back to join the others.

As Sailor moon THREW a table. Oh. My gosh. SHE WAS SO COOL! She, fortunately for her young adoration, missed the mail box part. And while TECHNICALLY she had always been told its not very nice to throw other people's things, she could definitely understand Sailor Moon making an exception this time. After all, she was a hero. She'd never, ever destroy other people's property except it was absolutely needed.

She ran to Kyouko's side, bending down to make sure she was okay. "Ummm... Kyouko-kun... I have an idea. You're super strong, right? Well, of course you are. I mean, you fought the power card!" she said, before drawing the card. "Trust me! Big card!"

And Kyouko was suddenly mario mushroomed. Then she looked over to the scene and... Turned a little green. Oh. That was blood. That was DEFINITELY blood. She quickly looked away. Kyouko got this. Grk...

Even the awesome explosion couldn't make her look back at blood.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-01-23 21:34:19 88386
    Being thrown into a brick wall at speed isn't enough to seriously injure somebody like Kyouko, but it is certainly enough to stun her for a few moments. As the redhead rises up to her elbows, groggily shaking her head, the Oni stomps towards her. Although the stump of its hand continues to leak black, obviously inhuman blood, it doesn't seem inconvinienced by the loss, focused more on getting revenge. "Maybe I'll just eat you instead!" It roars as it moves towards the still-dazed Shitennou.

    It's about this time that a table hits it in the back, which causes it to stagger several steps. "What-" It bellows in pain, turning to face its new tormentor- just in time to get an exploding playing card in the face. This causes it to stagger again, raising both hands (well, hand and stump) up to its singed face. "My eyes!" The Oni roars, staggering about, momentarily blinded.

    During this time, Sakura has run over to Kyouko, who is only now getting back to her feet, shaking her head a bit to clear it. "Damn, that smarts. I.. huh?" This is all she has time for before Sakura applies the Big Card to her.

    Kyouko blinks as she finds herself suddenly about the same size as the Oni. Not giant, by any means, but certainly a lot taller than a Japanese teenage girl should be. She looks down at herself, then at the Oni. Then over at Sailor Moon. "Hey, check it out! I'm at least as tall as Mamoru now!"

    Then she snarls. "Alright, buddy, it's time to put an end to your tantrum so we can go have burgers!" She dashes over to the Oni, who is blinking as its sight returns. Her spear (which is just an illusion construct anyway) has grown to match her newly inflated size, and she brings it around in a sweep to knock the monster's leg's out. However, the Oni is recovered enough to dodge, jumping over the spear and attempting to punch Kyouko again. A brief exchange of blows follows as each tries to better the other, now more or less eye-to-eye. The Oni once more has its very target-like back to both Sailor Moon and Phantom Ace!
Usagi Tsukino 2018-01-23 21:47:34 88387
Sailor Moon tilts her nose up at Phantom Ace with a smirk. "Unless you're going to be pulling me out of a hat!"

Oh, good! Sakura managed to get the would-be lunch guy to safety! "Wooo! Good job!"

And then! Big Kyouko!

"Wooooooah!" Starry Eyes for Sailor Moon! Quickly she takes out her phone and several flashes go off! "I bet you're even taller!"

Flash flash flash! More pictures! And soon there's an opening. "Oh! Right! I'm aiming for the tushy!"

Off comes the tiara! "Moon Tiara Magic!!!"
Daisuke Hansuke 2018-01-23 21:56:44 88388
Sakura gets to work with her cards and Kyouko is taller and huh.

You know what. He's going to jump back once and let the taller Kyouko and Sailor Moon handle the finishing touches on this thing.

"Show that thing it should consider a vegetarian diet." he says. "Better yet, Vegan." he asides.

He'll keep an eye. Get ready to evac just in case!
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-01-23 22:01:54 88389
Sakura Kinomoto glanced over and... for a moment... well... "Wow..." she whispered. Kyouko was so cool when she-- Wait. Sakura grew her. No gushing over her own stuff. She watched her and just... well. Watched. She was using the big card to give kyouko power and, while using two was something she could do, she couldn't maintain it as long. And she realllllly didn't want to accidentally shrink Kyouko at a bad time. So... she hid behind a pole and watched the grown up's handled it. OH MY GOSH!

Sailor moon tiara magic! YESSSS! Best monster fight EVER!
Kyouko Sakura 2018-01-23 22:22:28 88390
    Kyouko probably would have had the Oni in hand- although the two were fighting furiously, it was just an Oni! Surely she could beat an Oni. But the world may never know, because before there is a clear victor in their struggle, Sailor Moon hits the monster in the butt with her Tiara.

    Oni are a form of youma! And not a particularly powerful one. So when it gets hit by the Tiara, there's a big flash, and the monster roars in pain as it is purified! Kyouko takes this opportunity to ram her spear through its chest, but it's a moot point- even as she does so, the Oni evaporates into black mist around the weapon, leaving her standing there, facing nothing but a tiara clinking to the ground.

    She grins at Usagi. "Nice throw." Then she adds, "And you too uh.. guy." She eyes Phantom Ace, whom she has never actually met (at least, not knowing it is Daisuke. "You're a pretty good shot with those cards." Then she turns to Sakura. "And uh.. thanks for the boost but.. how long is this gonna last? Naru won't be pleased if I'm too big to fit through the apartment door.."
Usagi Tsukino 2018-01-23 22:33:02 88391
AUUuuuuuuUUUUUUUGH!!!!! Sailor Moon hates' when her tiara clinks to the ground! It means she has to go get it ug uh exertion so not fair.

Tromp, tromp, trudge!

She picks it up with a
huff and a sigh and life is so hard.

She puts the tiara back on and all is well again!

"Thanks!" She beams at Kyouko. "And you! With the big!" She turns to Sakura. "And you with
making her big! Oh goodness. I want to try! I want to be taller than Mamo-chan! Oh, but wait!" Sulk! "Then I couldn't snuggle him as easily..."

Snake Staff! She turns to him, eyes wide and large. "
Can'' you pull a bunny out of a hat?"
Daisuke Hansuke 2018-01-23 22:41:23 88392
Oh, it's done. And nothing is left. He stands up more straight and brushes his sleeves off. No one here knows who he actually is and he tries to remember that. "Phantom Ace. That's my name." he says. He leaves it at that. He stares at Sailor Moon. Uh. "I don't even have a hat." he says.

"That's probably more uh. Tux's wheelhouse. Hey! I gotta go okaybye." he says suddenly as he makes a leap for the rooftops. MAYBE DESPERATLY before he makes a run away and when out of sight, does a quick teleport to a place to change back into Daisuke Hansuke.

Time to find someplace else to eat.
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-01-23 22:48:41 88393
Sakura Kinomoto flushed and squirmed and... "Oh oh! If you want, I can do it! It doesn't last long, though. It's kind of like... I have to maintain it." Already Kyouko was shrinking. "So it won't last long. And... well, I try not to use it unless I'm fighting something big. It's kind of... well, a bit tiring. But... but I could make you tall for a l-little bit if you wanted," she said, staring up at Sailor Moon with stary eyes.

Oh my gosh. She was so. Incredibly. Cool. She remembered the first time they met. Sailor moon CAUGHT her. And it was soooo cooooool! And she was just as cool and amazing as she remembered! Like a girl Yukito! But... um. Not looking the same.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-01-23 22:54:27 88394
    Kyouko glances over at Sakura, noticing how she is already returning to a more Kyouko-ish size. "Oh.. alright then. Cool. Thanks, that helped. Well, it was fun, at least." She grins a bit, then eyes Usagi... grinning even more at the blonde girl's whinging about picking up her tiara. She blinks as Phantom Ace all but flees the scene.. then shrugs. "Anyway."

    She de-henshins back into Kyouko. All that's left of the monster is a broken window and a bunch of confused looking people. "We were just about to get some burgers, weren't we? I dunno about you, but fighting always works up an appetite.. and I was already hungry so.. how 'bout we do that?" She re-offers her arm to Usagi, as if to resume where they left off.
Usagi Tsukino 2018-01-23 23:01:56 88395
Sailor Moon blinks. "Not even a random baseball cap?" But then he is off! Oh noes, did she scare him away with talks of bunnies? Did he have a bunny phobia?

Sailor Moon has some starry eyes for Sakura in return! "Gosh. That sounds amazing! Is it hard? And don't worry, I don't need to be tall! I fit just right in cuddles."

It's Sailor Moon who lunges for the offered arm and Usagi who snuggles it with a giggle. "Yep! I haven't eaten in ages! At least two hours! My stomach might start trying to eat itself soon!" She beams at Sakura. "You wanna come, too?"
Sakura Kinomoto 2018-01-23 23:09:53 88396
Sakura Kinomoto gasped. OH MY GOSH! Sailor moon was inviting HER TO EAT WITH THEM! She got to eat with the big kids! She-- Eeped. "Um, I can, but not long. I need to take food to everyone and..." Glanced at her watch. "Oh... I actually have some time. But I can later. And..." She looked at the card. "Actually... it's really not hard. I mean, it used to be hard. But now it actually wasn't that bad when i just used one of them. Maybe I'm getting used to it..." she mumbled.

Inside, her magic beat gently. Slowly growing stronger with every usage of her magic. Hopefully preparing her for what was to come.