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Date: 2018-04-25
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Mamoru Chiba 2018-04-25 04:04:24 90698
It's not a knock on the window, it's a knock on the front door in broad daylight after school, and Mamoru is apparently alone, which undoubtedly means Zoisite is invisible. Mamoru also going 'ssh' when he thinks no one is looking is a good indicator of that as well. Of course Ikuko lets him in, and of course she's delighted he's there, and of COURSE he has a present for her (chocolates!) and of COURSE she teases him that she sees so much more of him when he visits in the daytime...

When Usagi finally rescues him, he's beet red and sort of mumbles into her hair, "Can we go upstairs now?"
Usagi Tsukino 2018-04-25 04:13:00 90699
Usagi had been finishing up in the shower, otherwise she would have rescued him sooner. However, running through the house with only a towel on was something her mother didn't approve of when boys *weren't* visiting.

So she hurried, thankful that this wasn't hair washing day, and of course the first clue that she was presentable was the sound of a herd of elephants tromping down the stairs. The second was a blonde missile landing against Mamoru's chest for some happy greeting snuggles.

Fortunately she's more sympathetic to Mamoru's plight rather than amused by it. So she nods and calls out. "Mama, I'm stealing Mamo-chan! He's gonna help me with math!"

Ikuko gave her a Look. "Mmm-hmm. Your father won't be home for a few hours. I need to run to the market for supper. Behave."

There were kisses for her daughter and a squish for Mamoru. Then the Tsukino matriarch was gone.

Usagi cleared her throat. "I don't really have math." She did. "It was just an excuse." And she really just wanted some snuggle time. "Come on!" She grabbed his hand and tugged him up the stairs. At the top of the stairs, she remembered something and called back down. "Oh. Zoisite, don't go through Mama's closet! She gets really confused! And don't eat all the sweets! If I'm gonna get blamed for that, I wanna *earn* it!"
Mamoru Chiba 2018-04-25 13:14:31 90700
Mamoru exhales when Ikuko says she's going shopping, and he gives her a somewhat sheepish look, arms around her daughter. "Of course we will, Tsuk--" And cue blush. "Ikuko-mama." Years, now, and he still gets flustered. Years and a heart-to-heart, no less, and he still gets flustered. There's something exfoliant about Usagi's mother's personality.

Then they're going upstairs, and Mamoru laughs, dragged by the hand. When Usagi stops, he lets her go through the whole thing to an empty house before stifling another vaguely laugh-sounding noise. "He's gone. I mean, if Sailor Moon can't protect me, who can?" he teases-- but there's something fragile in his tone as he says it. It's been a while since he was this vulnerable. Fiore, and then before that, when the Dark Kingdom was after him. It messed with his head then, too. Not only not being able to protect others, but obliging his friends to put themselves in danger because he can't even protect himself.

Mamoru squeezes Usagi's hand as they go into her room, managing a smile that's warm and full of affection, despite the strain behind it.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-04-28 16:14:32 90889
Mamoru's lucky he doesn't get his face peppered with kisses. Ikuko adores it when he calls her 'mama.' But she also knows him so his face is safe save for a warm pat on the cheek. "Such a sweet boy. There will be enough if you wish to stay for dinner."

Usagi gasps and mock glares at him. "Rude, letting me yell at no one!" She doesn't miss that note in his tone, so she sticks out her tongue. It's normal, she thinks, to tease him. And she thinks he might need all the bits of normalcy to make up for that big, gaping abnormality hovering over him.

This isn't why she peppers his face with kisses when they're in her room and he smiles like that, though. That's for her. Because even when his life is sucking some major butt, he can still look at her like that.

After a cuddling hug, simply because that's what one does when a cuddly boyfriend is in one's room, she drags him toward her bed so she can plop down, bouncing a little as she looks up at him. She hums in thought a little, head tilting to one side. "Do we want to pretend everything's fine for a bit, or do you need to vent? Either option comes with more free cuddles!"
Mamoru Chiba 2018-04-28 16:15:07 90890
Thusly dragged, Mamoru's smile gets a little less stressy, a little more distracted, and he leans his legs against her knees and reaches to run long fingers through her bangs. "Rant a bit, maybe. Mostly just to be real. I don't want to pretend anything, there's too much pretending going on right now."

Those fingers trace down the sides of the pretty face looking up at him, then brush back at Usagi's temples, and he finally moves to just kneel in front of her, still leaning against her knees. "I don't know what her game is, and that bothers the hell out of me. It's a distinct possibility that she's powered by some kind of lost logia, and also that Agera has something to do with it. Rashmi and I staged a fight to get Earth to trust her, and it worked. She actually got Earth to consent to a full magic scan, which is up on HeartNET now, and Ami's already working on it. It's just..."

His smile gets slightly brittle, and he bends his head down to rest his forehead against that of his princess. "She had to pretend to be looking at it from the point of view of helping Earth finish cutting me off from my planet. She was very careful about wording, so that nothing she said was actually lying, but it was the implications that Earth bought. I trust Rashmi so much, Usa, but it still hurt, it still makes me feel defensive, like I have to justify myself. And I spent so much time doing that when I was younger-- justifying myself, my existence-- it's tiresome. And it's something I signed up for, which means I can't let Rashmi or the guys see how tired it makes me, because she'd feel worse and they'd get mad. I hate that whole level of pretending, too."
Mamoru Chiba 2018-04-28 16:15:46 90891
She leans into those little touches not unlike a blossom seeking sunlight. She could handle his ranting. He deserves a good rant every now and then, though she still saw benefits in some sort of pretend. Still, it's hard to do that all the time. So she just leans and listens.

It hurts thinking about Earth. Not just for what she's doing to Mamoru, though that is a large part of it. There's also that part of her that she knows is wrong, the part that's drawn to the girl. She knows that part is false, doesn't like the slimy creep along her spine that realization brings, and it just...hurts. And she knows he's being hurt all the more about all of it, and that makes this all even worse.

She hadn't known about the scan, or the fake fight, but even before he says it she feels a trickle of worry along her spine. And it's an accurate feeling, one that has her fingers petting along his jaw when he leans into her forehead, wanting to just wrap him up in all the hugs and keep him tucked away until this mess is dealt with. (But if they locked each other up each time they worried, they'd never leave their rooms.)

And her protective side, that defender of love and justice, isn't who he needs right now. He doesn't need Sailor Moon, he needs Usako. "I'd probably cry! Even If I knew it's just pretend, a part of me would be afraid it isn't as pretend as they said it is." She pet his face some more. "So whenever you get too tired, you can come over here for a nap." She didn't know if that counted as a metaphor or a simile.

She pulled back a little to beam at him. "And hey! I have a comfy bed and no justification is needed! Because Mamo-chan existing is my favorite thing in the world. Even more than Mako-chan's baking, but don't tell her I said that."
Mamoru Chiba 2018-04-28 16:16:19 90892
When Usagi pulls back, beaming, Mamoru pulls closer, his midsection settling between her legs. If she wanted to, she could easily wrap around him like a monkey, but she might find it an undesirable option with his hands dropping to her waist and sliding around it, warm fingers slipping just under the bottom of her blouse and making skin contact.

The only problem with that skin contact is that it no longer comes with the brilliant warm golden feeling of his presence, the steadying and calm bedrock of his empathy. She can see his love, she can see his frustration with the greater situation writ large on his face, but she can't feel it like she should.

(Would she feel these things if she let the impostor calling herself Mirai touch her? She might. After all, Earth has Mamoru's abilities now. Then again, all she might get is the warm gold, because those feelings -- that calm and that love -- are uniquely Mamoru's. And without Mamoru's years of practice controlling his powers as a touch-based psychic, she might let anything slip.)

He smiles wryly at Usagi's commentary, head tilting a little to one side, that expression pulling up one corner of his mouth and crinkling the corners of his eyes. "It was Rashmi I asked to do it because I knew I wouldn't doubt her, and I knew she's a good enough actress that she could get me to pull out the old feelings I used to have, before I met you. When I doubted myself all the time, when sometimes I thought I wasn't real. These days, oh I know I'm real, and I know I'm me, no matter what she says. I just hate being so helpless, so unable to help, or protect anyone. That's part of the tired, too. But the really worst part..."

Here, Mamoru's fingers trace warm patterns against her skin at her back, and he lets out a sigh. "It's the flying blind. You know how connected to everything I should be. How I should be able to tell by touch how someone feels, or where you or my Shitennou are, just by existing. It scares me not being able to find you with my heart, even when I'm right here with you, on your comfy bed, taking a nap."