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Date: 2018-05-18
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Kazuo Takeba 2018-05-18 00:18:41 91349
It's the kind of day when school is the most infuriating thing ever. It was beautiful all day. Sunny and bright and clear and warm. And the second school got out?

Yes. Yes, that is when the rain started.

Even Kazuo might have been irritated by it. Because there is someone baking in the boys' apartment, and it is neither Naru nor Makoto. Possibly, in lieu of being solar-powered today, Kazuo is secretly trying to absorb extra heat from the oven.
Usagi Tsukino 2018-05-18 00:23:43 91350
The day had held such promise! So much possible glory! But no! The moment she tastes freedom is the moment she tastes a torrential downpour.

Well, okay, maybe not a downpour. But it might as well be!

So it's a woefully trudging bunny who enters the kitchen and stares up at Kunzite with large doleful eyes as her odango droop down with the added rain water.

A large, heaving sigh! Full of woe! Full of sadness!

"Kunzi-kun! I umbrella."
Kazuo Takeba 2018-05-18 00:42:23 91351
Kazuo straightens from checking something in the oven, and regards Usagi steadily for a moment. Possibly that moment is spent in thanking providence that the floor will deal handily with the water content of Usagi's twintails right now. Then he says simply, "Let me get you a towel."

He actually brings her six. All in one stack. Alas, they are not warm from the dryer, but they are fluffy, and Kazuo is more than willing to take direction. Even if that direction is 'stand there and hold towels.' If Usagi doesn't have directions for him?

Well. That's when he starts the cocoa.

"It's the least we can do," he says, "to help keep you from catching a cold. Especially now; Mamoru can't take care of it for you, and I'm not sure what Daisuke can do with colds."
Usagi Tsukino 2018-05-18 00:59:52 91352
Fluffy towels are indeed the best sort of towels! Well, after dryer-warmed towels. But she isn't complaining at all!

And of course, since she's given six towels, she tries to use them all. One around her waist, one around her torso (and so...still sort of around her waist as well), one as a cape, and three for her hair. There's a flurry of hairpins and terrycloth and soon all of her hair is up in towels.

Feeling much more cozy, she shuffles toward Kunzite as he prepares the cocoa, nose twitching and she sniffs the air. "Mmmmmmmm!"

She shakes her head, very serious. "Getting sick now would probably make him feel worse. But it'd also mean Mama would let me nap on the couch and watch TV all day." She narrows her eyes as she thinks hard, humming a little. "No, it's best not to get sick right now. Couch naps and TV privelidges can wait."

She perks up again and hops up onto the counter, bunny slippers kicking against the cupboards. "But it didn't thunder today! Otherwise I'd still be hiding somewhere and trying not to cry! While probably crying!" She blinks. "And I probably would have thought to call someone."
Kazuo Takeba 2018-05-18 01:22:20 91353
"Summer vacation isn't that far away," Kazuo assures Usagi gravely. ... months. It is MONTHS away. Clearly Kazuo has no understanding of time.

(He does not ask why Usagi had hairpins. For all he knows, she didn't, Jadeite had left them in there for some unknowable reason.)

"Clearly thunder is only acceptable when it's Makoto's. Or possibly that other electric girl's." Kokoro's self-chosen name will amuse Kazuo for a long, long time. It's granted hard to tell for anyone who doesn't know him well, but by now odds are that Usagi can read the particular flavor of deadpan. Even when he's stirring dairy-rich cocoa. "If you call, one of us will pick you up as soon as we can. Not quite as instantly as usual, I'm afraid. We're keeping Mamoru with an active guard these days, with the degree the power loss has gotten to. He's more likely to attract trouble than Naru used to be."
Usagi Tsukino 2018-05-18 01:38:05 91354
Usagi gapes at him! "Not far? Not far?! Kunzite, it might as well be an eternity away!" Really! "I could have a hundred summer vacations in the time it will take to get to summer vacation! Well, maybe not that many, but it's still more than two!"

(The hairpins had once held up her odango. Having drippy wet hair scrunched up in balls just won't do!)

She bites back a giggle at his amused 'deadpan' yes her nod is grave. "Oh yes. But Mako-chan's is the best thunder. Even if sometimes I don't know she's gonna do it, and it scares me." She watches him stir the cocoa, wondering if she can find out his beverage making secrets. Her own attempts usually ends up with clumpy bits at the bottom of the mug or floating about. "That's okay. I'd probably text him to let him know where I was and all that to distract me from being scared. Oh!!"

She pulls out her phone and fires off a quick text to Mamoru, complete with heart and bunny and rose emojis, letting him know where he is and neenering at how she is getting Kunzite's cocoa while wrapped in towels. "Usually it isn't a fuss, walking places. And even walking here wasn't so bad. My hair's just gonna be tangly and annoying to put back up."
Kazuo Takeba 2018-05-18 01:50:43 91355
Kazuo's beverage-making secrets generally involve 'start with milk, on the stovetop.' There may also be a whisk involved. It takes longer, but it is almost as good as Mako's. Almost.

"Did you text him?" Kazuo inquires. "Should I make more cocoa?" Silly question. Usagi is here. Therefore he should /already/ be making more cocoa. For Usagi. "I'd inquire whether I should try to find a comb, but I suspect I am none of the three people who might be able to help untangle your hair competently." Mamoru, Zoisite, Naru, counting only the three likeliest to be present. Or, for that matter, any of the other Senshi. Even Ami would probably have the necessary patience.
Usagi Tsukino 2018-05-18 02:10:46 91356
"I just did, yep! I like letting him know where I am." She had gotten used to him knowing. It feels weird that he doesn't, knows it's even more so for him, so she just...lets him know.

Not long after that she gets a response and opens it, snort giggles, and holds up the phone for Kunzite to see a picture of a bunny wrapped in a towel. "I'm accusing you of taking a picture of me and sending it to him. And asking about the cocoa." She looks up at Kunzite and tilts her head. "Though I will answer for him. Yes. Even if he doesn't come get it, I will willingly do the right thing and make sure not a drop of your cocoa gets wasted."

Her cheeks turn pink and she blushes a little. "I do like it when Mamo-chan brushes my hair." She looks up at Kunzite and her eyes sparkle. "I had to tell him how. though. When my spleen was kabobbed? He came to visit me and I couldn't brush my hair so he did it, and I gave him a whole Mako-chan cookie."
Kazuo Takeba 2018-05-18 02:16:56 91357
"We'll see how much we need, then." Kazuo's mouth has actually gotten a little crooked at the corner. Maybe it's the bunny wrapped in the towel. Maybe it's the cookie sacrifice. Probably it's the embrace of the doom of cocoa. He reaches down mugs, pours one -- considers the next. Adds cinnamon before pouring it, and stirs, then offers Usagi her choice between the two.

"Brushing hair is a fine art, I'm given to understand, and well worth an entire cookie. I've lent Zoisite a hand a time or two, but I doubt I live up to his standards." Not a word is said about Nephrite's hair. Not one. Nephrite's hair is a vast and powerful mystery.

Kazuo hesitates for a moment then, and Usagi might expect some dire pronouncement or grim warning to follow. After all, when he pauses like that, it usually does. But what he says is, "Speaking of letting people know where we are. I'm not sure you've heard yet. Homura and Madoka found their way home."
Usagi Tsukino 2018-05-18 02:36:59 91358
Her eyes go wide at the cinnamoned mug. "Ooooooo!" She bites her lip for a moment before reaching for that one. She takes a sip and hums as she wiggles in place. Her tummy gets cozy and that cozy spreads. She sets the mug down next to her, slides off, readjusts towels, and picks up the mug again.

"It really is. Although--" She purses her lips and hums. "I'm not sure if the cookie came before or after. I was a bit fuzzy."

Her phone dings and her shoulders sags and she aughs at the message. "Doesn't Neil know the sitting is done..." A pause, a thought. "Figuratively?" Another sigh! And she types back, assuring the love of her life that she will do the honorable thing by him and drink his cocoa. She looks up at Kunzite and continues the conversation about hair, jumping back and forth between topics as many teens her age can. "It is! And there's ways to hold it so it doesn't pull. Like if you put your hand over the hair, against the person's back, it easily cuts down those little scalp tugs by like... a billion percent."

There is, of course, a moment during that pause where Usagi worries. Her eyes watches his, searching for any sign of impending doom. She's so intent on finding it she nearly spills her cocoa at his announcement. She doesn't, fortunately, but she does gasp. "Really?! Are they okay? Where have they been? Are they hurt? What did they do? If they went traveling did they bring back souvenires? Did they go to space? Did they get space cooties?"
Kazuo Takeba 2018-05-18 02:50:25 91359
"Neil?" Kazuo asks warily. "Sitting?" It is pretty obvious that he is wondering if they are going to have to reinflate a squashed Mamoru. Which is, granted, not the most terrifying possible interpretation of those two words.

That would be if Neil decided to take up portrait painting.

The hair tip is accepted with grave solemnity. Zoisite's hair is not quite so long as Usagi's, so likely he's better at pinching it off to avoid the tugs, but the hand-against-back variation is a welcome trick.

... and yes, Kunzite's hand starts to come up at the gasp, but he's not in henshin right now, so her not spilling her coffee also saves him a brief soaking in hot liquid. Yay! "Apparently, they went out for a week's vacation from their point of view. That it took a year from everyone else's is unnerving them considerably. They went somewhere. Somewhere that had a ruined Tokyo. Undoubtedly once their parents are breathing more normally again, they'll want to get in touch with you, just in case they find a way back. Though if they do, we'll want to find out how to keep the timelines more synchronized. Their parents were deeply upset. I'd prefer not to consider what your father would do if you were missing for a year and a half."

(Kazuo still likes Kenji.)
Usagi Tsukino 2018-05-18 03:09:41 91360
"Apparently Mamo-chan is working on a lab and Neil is 'helping.'" A chime. "Oh! Apparently its really helping!"

Not spilling anything on Kunzite is always a bonus! But she still has so many questions. "A different Tokyo? Ruined? Is it futurey? Or is it an alternate dimension thingy? I think you can tell if it's an alternate thingy if the other version of you has a goatee." Oh, no! A ruined Tokyo! If it was an alternate thing, did that mean Walpurgisnacht hadn't been stopped? Or that she hadn't defeated...D-Point? If it's a future Tokyo, does that mean she'll fail one day?

Usagi quickly shook her head. Nope! Focus on the now! Their poor parents! "I-I think if I went missing, you should hide Mamo-chan until Daddy's convinced he didn't have anything to do with it." She sets the mug down and grips Kunzite's shirt and gives him a Very Serious Look. "And you can't let him do what that guy in that movie did when his daughter got kidnapped. He isn't a secret agent body guard! He'll get smooshed in the car chases! And you can't let Mamo-chan become Batman!"

Oh dear! Usagi makes plans to never dissapear for a year!!

"I hope their parents are okay soon! And yes! We should talk to them!"
Kazuo Takeba 2018-05-18 03:21:16 91361
"I didn't know Mamoru was taking physics this year," Kazuo muses, faintly perplexed by the relaying of Usagi's texts. "Maybe he was running into a math problem." Maybe Mamoru's lab included a unit on commercializing the results. Okay, probably not. But Neil and biology is not a combination that Kazuo's brain is processing easily.

He pulls his attention firmly back to Usagi's questions. "They recognized it by Mount Fuji, apparently," he says. "Ruined. It seems to have been somewhat unpleasant. They seem to have encountered another version of Mamoru, and he did not have a goatee; they described his outfit in detail, I presume a goatee would have registered." He pauses again. "We aren't quite certain what it was; they thought it was future at first, but Mamoru might not have been much older, and he wore white and lavender for some inscrutable reason, so I lean toward alternate."

The unsettling image of that possibly being the universe that Sailor Earth might come from abruptly occurs to him. Fortunately, the little startled flinch is almost instantly wiped away by Usagi gripping Kunzite's shirt and taking his attention right back again.

"I promise," he says gravely, "never to let Mamoru become Batman." He lays his hands gently on Usagi's shoulders to seal the deal. "Not least because the only one of us who could make a convincing Alfred is Artemis, and Venus would never forgive any of us if that happened."
Usagi Tsukino 2018-05-18 03:34:29 91362
Usagi gives a big shrug. She doesn't know, either. "But don't worry. I threatened him with hair braiding and mismatches nail colors if he sits too hard."

Her eyes widen and her eyebrows drawn together in concern. "Another Mamo-chan? Did they say how he was? Was he okay?" She pictures those colors on him. "Oh, he'd look pretty in that." She tries to think. If he'd had red eyes, that probably would have been in the description, too, so probably not D-Point. She chews her lip. "Do you think it could have been Walpurgisnacht? I mean, Woppletin-- Wait, that was right." No time for victory!

So many possibilities! And again, it's safer to think about car chase movies and weird superheroes that hadn't even gotten bitten by a radioactive bat. She sighs in relief. "Oh, good! Plus, his voice is too pretty for that deep growly 'I'm Batman' voice." She giggles a little, though, because she pictures Venus dragging Artemis away from a batcave. "Luna would look good in a butler's outfit, though."
Kazuo Takeba 2018-05-18 03:41:49 91363
"They seem only to have encountered a projection of him -- a hologram of sorts, with no material form. So it's difficult to say how he was. He might have been perfectly all right." Kazuo shrugs a little, as if to downplay the concern, and pours Usagi more cocoa. Clearly this one is Mamoru's. The cooling one he claims for himself at last. And comes nearer to choking on than he'd like to admit, even if the only outward sign is suddenly needing to clear his throat. Usagi said that word right. Wait what. "I ... don't know if it was that thing." The Witch whose name Kazuo is suddenly uncertain of himself. "Homura most likely would have mentioned if it seemed familiar."

Then there are giggles. Thankfully. "Luna might look good in a butler's outfit, but I'm not certain that she'd deign to lower herself to wear masculine costume. Perhaps we can use next Halloween as an excuse to find out."
Usagi Tsukino 2018-05-18 04:11:51 91364
Her eyebrows furrow and she looks at Kunzite, trying to read him. A hologram? Why not...him? What had kept him? Maybe he'd...been on the moon? She accepted more cocoa.

She is still surprised at the correct way she'd said the word. She makes a note to text Mamoru with her victory! A part of her feels relieved that it wasn't that witch. Yet a part of her fears the unknown.

He has a point. "And I don't think she'd lower herself to wear a maid's costume. At least not the ones I've seen when shopping at Halloween." She perks up a little at the thought. "Oh! I hope she agrees! Maybe we can bribe her with tuna!"
Kazuo Takeba 2018-05-18 04:17:08 91365
"I am absolutely certain that Luna would not wear a maid's costume," Kazuo confirms. He is not using the Voice, no matter how much he wants not to be in the room if someone ever tries. Usagi does not get the Voice, ever. Not the one that implies that, if someone tries to wriggle around what he's saying, it'll be three generations before their cousins' offspring stop telling the story of their fate in shuddering little huddles at night.

(It is not as useful for intimidation as one might think. It doesn't work on Neil, see. Unless making him cackle and declare victory counts as working.)
Usagi Tsukino 2018-05-18 04:27:11 91366
Usagi laughs, oblivious to the Voice and its lack of being used. (In truth, it might make her cry!) "I think if I even suggested it, she'd make me sleep outside for a month. And my bed is warm, so." And there's no reason to use the Voice, of course, because Usagi knows the cat.

She thinks for a moment. "I wonder if she'd let me put wings on her, and she could be Toothless."
Kazuo Takeba 2018-05-18 04:31:35 91367
"Your bed also doesn't get rained on." Kazuo glances at the odango-towels. "Best indeed not to upset Luna too much."

And then he pauses, and this time Usagi is the recipient of a clearly perplexed glance. "Toothless?"

And that is how Kazuo lost the rest of that day. Even cupcakes and cocoa are not enough for him to be able to outmaneuver Usagi.