Thank You All For Coming To My Dead Talk

Date: 2018-08-05
Pose Count: 16
Zoisite 2018-08-05 02:45:22 93544
Zoisite's Palace, while ordinarily vibrant with life, is not a place to be right now. For now, the raven is agitated and hopping around, croaking in utter disgust at the way certain bushes are literally catching fire. The Palace in question reflects the buried rage that Zoisite is shoving down, hiding in favor of doing something more practical.

Speaking of practicality, Kunzite's Palace is infinitely more practical at the moment, sitting near the fountain. He's silent, now, and has treated his Prince's empty body and Joy with care, but the barely-hidden rage is evident in the excess of white around his irises, the hands curled into fists at his sides, and the way he cannot stop pacing. "Apologies," he says, voice clipped and formal, to Joy. "I... am not okay." And if he doesn't want to start being paralyzed by grief, and loss, and fear, he must be angry.

He's aware that this state might be intimidating, at least.
Miho Kagami 2018-08-05 02:53:36 93545
Joy just ... nods in reaction to Zoisite's state. This time yesterday, she would have been easily intimidated; Empress Sailor Earth has blown her standards for that out of the water. "Yeah, that's perfectly understandable," she says; normally, her voice is clear and bright in henshin, but right now there's a heaviness to it. "I don't think anyone who was there is okay." She looks down at Mamoru's prone body next to the silver-running fountain. There's almost something comical about his bootleg Sailor Moon shirt. "I'm Life Mahou Joy, by the way," she adds. "Um. Real name is Kagami Miho. Sakura-san, Mamoru-kun, and Kukai-kun and Rashmi-chan know me."

She concentrates on Mamoru's body, holding her hands over him. "This ... I have absolutely no idea how long it'll take," she says. She takes a few deep breaths to steady herself, doing her best to relax and calm herself, fighting against the vision of Sailor Earth ripping out Mamoru's soul flashing through her mind.

It takes nearly two and a half minutes before the minty glow of the Life Blessing starts emanating from her hands and suffusing Mamoru's body. If his soul were anywhere near his body right now, he might feel the pain fade instantly, but ...

Yeah, even now that she's gotten it going, this might take a few minutes.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-08-05 02:56:37 93546
    Apatite lets Kunzite transport both herself and Usagi to his Palace. A familiar place of safety, even if nothing feels particularly safe at the moment. Once there, she starts to step away from Usagi, only to have her knees almost give out on her. Apparently, teleporting by instinct when she had no idea she could even do that has taken a lot out of her, on top of everything else.

    So she stays with Usagi for the moment, although she says, "Sit down someplace, maybe?" A suggestion for herself, more than for Usagi, though surely both of them would be better off for it. She looks over to where Joy is attempting to heal Mamoru, her forehead creasing with a worried frown. But she still doesn't ask questions. There will be time for that, and what would it help right this second?
Usagi Tsukino 2018-08-05 03:03:44 93547
She reaches out when Kyouko nearly collapses but says nothing of it when the other girl's righted herself again. She lets out a long and exaggerated breath. "That is probably the best suggestion I've heard all night."

She's fidgety and anxious and studiously avoiding looking in a certain direction but...she didn't think Kyouko would sit unless she did. She nearly drags her to the fountain, to sit on the edge, far enough away that healing could be done.

Luna pokes her nose out from the curtain of silver hair on a tall shoulder. The palaces are good, yes, very. But...this place still smells very much of large cat.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-08-05 03:04:33 93548
A Presence enters the courtyard, fading silently into the shape of a desert cat the size of a draft horse as it pads closer. He comes up abreast of Luna, Usagi and Kyouko and sits on his haunches, watching Zoisite pace and watching Life Mahou Joy work on his Prince.

There's no sarcasm today, only a warm giant cat. After a long moment, he says in a voice that, no matter how quiet it is, can be felt in one's bones, "There is a fifth genius loci. A fifth Palace. If you cannot find the Prince, perhaps you can find that and look for him there."
Jiaying Maki 2018-08-05 03:12:02 93549
Jiaying Maki sits down against a convenient wall, looking around. She presses her palms to her eyes, takes a few breaths and sits up again. Gingerly touching over her head, checking for injuries. Then over her ribs, then back. Looking to Miho, she shrugs and settles back down to watch. She's quiet and slightly out of it.
Zoisite 2018-08-05 03:12:38 93550
Zoisite watches Joy. Watches Apatite and Usagi. Watches Kunzite, and Luna, and the caracal. The acknowledgement that there is a fifth Palace gets a terse nod from Zoisite.

"I don't think we'll find him there." Zoisite knows, generally, where his Prince is. Stuck with that bitch, that absolute stain of a creation. Not that he has anything against beings whose origins are other than a live womb, but in this case, her actions have earned more than a few toxic slurs.

Zoisite continues pacing, swearing fluently under his breath in Italian and gesturing with fury behind it as he does so. Ranting, or planning. Whatever else he is, he is simply furious, and not likely to settle at any point in the near future without outside intervention.
Miho Kagami 2018-08-05 03:15:26 93551
Life Mahou Joy doesn't even notice the huge cat! She just keeps working, focusing 100% on the process of healing, not wanting to let anything break her concentration.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-08-05 03:17:39 93552
    Kyouko lets Usagi guide her over to the edge of the fountain, and sinks down gratefully onto it. She loosens her hold on the other girl somewhat, but stays beside her to offer whatever comfort she might be able to, as her own eyes glance once more over to where Joy is working on Mamoru, then away. She can feel that Mamoru is.. well, not dead. But that doesn't offer much in the way of clarification of what the situation actually is.

    She blinks, hazily glancing to the large cat. She reaches out to give it a pet, then frowns slightly at its words. "A fifth..?" She echoes, thoughts sluggish.
Usagi Tsukino 2018-08-05 03:27:08 93553
She wants to hug the caracal's face and smooch the bridge of his large nose. But sadly, there are people around and he might not like that, and she is just too tired. Still, this is the caracal. She reaches over and scritches lightly behind his ear. "Hello, Mr. Kitty."

Her eyebrows screw together. "A fifth...?" Her eyes narrow a little. "Did Mamo-chan get himself an oasis and not tell me?"
Miho Kagami 2018-08-05 03:31:23 93556
Finally, the minty glow fades. Joy steps away from Mamoru, looking like her legs are bout to give out. "... okay," she says, breathing heavily. "There's ... a hint of ... of life now. Mamoru-kun's body is ... it's 'working' now ... instead of just ..."

She turns to the others, and just ... leans heavily against the fountain. "... that is a big cat," she says flatly. Wow she looks like she needs a hug. She shakes her head. "Well, uh, anyway ... I dunno why Mamoru-kun's body is 'alive' now. Probably something to do with the fact that Her Worshipfulness Empress Princess Queen Nullheart Sailor Earth --" Her voice is dripping sarcasm. "-- just stole his soul and shoved it into herself instead of killing him."

She looks around at those present. "... I ... can't even remember who was there for Lacrima-chan's outburst, but that woman was created by Riventon." Pointedly not using honorifics for him, and going back to not even dignifying Sailor Earth with a name either.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-08-05 03:32:43 93557
The caracal's low rumble of a voice asks Zoisite, "Do you not think it odd she found a way to siphon his essence all these many months? And I did not become aware of this fifth domain and the existence of its guardian until now, now that the woman-thing has stolen him away. It is not connected to these, but should be. I only know that it exists. If you seek her, seek it."

The rumble of his purr starts, not quite an earthquake because he's trying to be quiet for Joy, when Kyouko pets him. He nods to her, and then leans his head slightly to giant-lick the side of Usagi's head, purr-rumbling a 'no' as he does, and then turns his attention back to Life Mahou Joy. "I thank you, Mage with the Blessing of Life. I could not restart his heart or his lungs, but I can maintain him from here, now that you have brought his body back." That is the cat version of a deep bow. It looks like a giant stretch without a yawn, which is good, because his mouth is huge and has a lot of sharp teeth.

As he straightens, he says with dignity, "I owe you greatly. It will not lighten the debt, but if you should wish to take a nap here, you may nap on me."

And then he literally curls around on the patio stones next to Mamoru's form and turns into the biggest Q-shaped-catball in the history of ever.
Kyouko Sakura 2018-08-05 03:43:50 93558
    Kyouko glances over as Joy speaks, talking about how Earth stole Mamoru's soul. She has an arm around Usagi still, and her other hand resting on the Caracal's neck, and both can feel her tense, because she's had quite enough experience in her life with people ripping souls out and putting them in other things where they don't belong.

    "Well we're gonna get it fucking back, right?" She says, quietly, but with slow-burn anger below her words. "We find this fifth locus, or whatever, and we go get it back. At least we know where to look."
Zoisite 2018-08-05 03:44:24 93559
Zoisite pauses and then scowls at the caracal. "Of course it is." Great. Something to puzzle over while he's practically Hades from the Disney Hercules movie. He paces aggressively, gesticulating and ranting in further Italian. He knows he's definitely not in a state to mull this statement over.

"Exactly," Zoisite says to Apatite.
Miho Kagami 2018-08-05 03:45:15 93560
For some reason, the caracal using the word "Mage" gives Joy pause. Another stray memory from the Death Curse, which showed her a vision of the Shadow Jade shattering before? Or from the Life Blessing?

"Um ... okay," she says. "I'm going to check up on Maki-san first, though. Uh, Sakura-san, you can give my real name to the, the latecomers," she adds, before she heads over to Jiaying.
Usagi Tsukino 2018-08-05 03:52:36 93561
Luna hops down from Kunzite's shoulder and slinks toward Mamoru, careful of the large cat curled about. She could take their word for it, but...

She perches on the boy's chest and sniffs at his nose. After a long moment, she feels what she was looking for. Satisfied, she curls on his chest and fwips her tail over her nose. One eye is barely open. One must keep an eye on all the other cats.

Usagi watches Mr. Kitty curl up in a large ball of comfortable fluff. To sleep! Preferably until this was all over.

But Kyouko next to her halts any nap plots. She turns to her, dead serious. "I will destroy her new world if I have to."

She turns to watch the pacing Zoisite, her eyes large. "Zoi-kun will help, I think?"