Coming Home

An otherworldly expedition returns to Tokyo, only to find their home away from home is almost perfectly intact... and an unexpected but welcome guest has arrived!

Date: 2018-08-20
Pose Count: 16
Runealy Waldia 2018-08-20 04:45:09 95050
    For the last few years, the portal between Waldia and Earth had been inaccessible; it was a tiny speck of blue light, impossible to get anything - even sound or vision - through. This was a problem, because the 'sudden emergency' calling the whole team back home had turned out to be serious but not a long-term threat: A pair of marauding demons were indeed attacking, but they were dealt with in short order and no further attacks were forthcoming.

This left the group stuck on their homeworld, only able to speculate why the portal had closed. Nonetheless, earlier in the day a guard posted by the Waldian side of it had returned and announced that the portal had opened back to its usual size; large enough to see through, speak through, and walk through.

While some of the team had been asked to remain on guard on Waldia itself, Rune called for volunteers to go with her... to go back to Earth. Hasty bag-packing ensued, as did saying good-byes to family, to the public, and to friends.


One problem with being off Earth for a few years is that the team had no way to recharge their cell phones. That meant no way to call their usual limo driver to come pick them up. That meant walking to Tokyo. On foot. With luggage. Just as they had done when they first came to this world.

However, this time they know where to go. Their home is still standing, and still in good repair. Their keys still work. The front door unlocks, and Rune slides her bags in with an audible 'Ahh' of relief. Shoes set aside, she looks around in the darkness of their living room...

...And admits to some confusion. "Wait, isn't there some way to get the lights on in here? It's been a while... but I know they had electricity for lighting."
Hinote Kagari 2018-08-20 04:54:30 95052
Hinote Kagari had gone with them. He felt obligated. It was a duty both to the world he promised to help fight for. It was only going to be a short while, right? Well it was nearly two years. That was okay by Hinote. He got lots of time to take in Waldian culture. When there is news of the portal being open wide enough?

He'll go with the Princess. It is so weird being back on Earth. The air smells different. The world feels different. He'll walk into the home and smiles. "....I really am going to need to call mom and dad like, soon, and let them know I'm back from 'Europe'." he says. Some cheeky nod to where the Waldians said they we're from so long ago. He thought it was funny at the time.

When Runealy asks how to get the lights on....

For all the guff he gave the Waldians about technology. And calling everything 'Cell phones' it actually takes him about thirty seconds of bewildered thinking before he slaps his forehead. "Switch. There's a switch by the door most likely. Flip it up." he says. "How could I forget what a switch is, yeech." he says.
Gaofele Doiru 2018-08-20 05:07:11 95056
Knowing where you're going helps when it comes to packing for the trip, as you don't have to plan for as many contingencies. As a result, Gaofele packed noticeably lighter than he did the first time he and Rune arrived on Earth, making the journey somewhat easier than it would have been.

Mind you, the weight saved was rather offset by the muscularly athletic gray cat riding on his shoulder. The time in Waldia had been very good for little Mistpaw, and she had grown up from her runty days into a hale and healthy feline hunter.

Leaping off of the forester's shoulder, Mistpaw starts to prowl around the house as Gaofele puts his luggage down. "A switch? Let's see..." he says, placing a hand on the wall and waving it back and forth to find the switch.

It takes a moment or two to find the switch and turn it on, followed by a quarter-moment of accidentally turning it off due to not stopping in time before actually keeping the light on.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-20 05:08:21 95058
Fate Testarossa is thinking about the fight last night. How Nanoha sent her out in her stead, to help Kokoro-chan. It felt good to return the favor that she had done for her. She wonders if Nanoha had done that on purpose or if Nanoha geniunely had to stay at that catering event the family was working. She doesn't know. Nanoha just smiled when she asked her before bed.

She is flying over the area the Waldians 'used' to live. She knows they had to go home. It was probably for the better. They didn't need to see what she had to do. How she had to go back to her mother in shame, or be party to her mother's demise like everyone else was. They deserved better than that. Other friends sullied themselves for her. She'll never forget that.

< Sir! I am detecting familiar ground targets, RUNEALY WALDIA, HINTOE KAGARI, GAOFELE DOIRU. >. Fate blinks at this.... "Rune-chan?"

She'll sweep downwards fast and come to a stop out in front. The door seems open, but she can only see figures in shiloutte with the lights off. It could be a trap, the tactical part of her mind, the one her mother honed is thinking. She approaches cautiosly at first, though Bardiche isn't raised. "Runealy-chan?..." she asks out. "Is that you?" from outside. "Are you... home?" she asks. Her tone doesn't sound as stern most likely, from when she last spoke to the group. This is how Fate, the person- not Fate, Precia's tool, talks.
Runealy Waldia 2018-08-20 05:29:03 95061
Earth technology was likely also kept under tight wraps; Rune would have been hesitant to share it with the Waldian public, noting that their society simply wasn't ready to jump that far ahead. She is nonetheless sympathetic to resuming its use now that they're back on Earth, nodding to Hinote. "Yes! Call them! If not now, then in the morning and go see them!"

With Hinote's reminder, she starts fumbling for the light switch... but fails to find it before hearing someone descend. "Hnn? Were we followed?" Rune spins, tense and expecting a potential fight. It's just as well that Gao at least briefly got the lights on, as this gives her just a flicker of illumination to confirm what she's seeing. "Fate? ...Fate! By the Barrier," Tension immediately fades, replaced by wide-eyed apology.

"I'm so sorry! There was an emergency back home, I tried to call you but couldn't get through! We're... yes, we're here now! Please, come in!"

"And, thanks," A quick aside to Gaofele since he was the one to basically remember where the light-switch was. "That helped."
Hinote Kagari 2018-08-20 05:37:44 95063
The lights probably eventually get turned on and he whews. "Yup. But I think I need a rest after that long walk. In the morning, first thing." and pause. "And hopefully I remember how a phone works." he says almost dejectedly. Someone is approaching he turns around. /We're/ they followed? He idly rubs a thumb and pointer finger together until...

"Oh! It's Fate-chan!" he says. "Whew. Hey, Fate! Yea we're back." he says with a smile as he walks into the kitchen and begins checking things out. Making note of what's there. Non-perishables. Everything seems clean. No sign of forced entry here... he'll move onto other rooms bit by bit entering and exiting and catching conversation in between.
Gaofele Doiru 2018-08-20 05:43:34 95064
Gaofele Doiru blinks owlishly when the light comes on; the walk into Tokyo helped remind him how bright the lights on Earth can be, but there's a difference between approaching a mostly-steady glow and a sudden bright light in the immediate area. "Oh, hello Fate!" he smiles, shading his eyes while they adapt to the new brightness. "Glad to see that you're doing okay."
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-20 05:54:47 95066
Fate Testarossa's eyes light up in a way that is rare. "Rune-chan! Hino and Gao-kun!" she says as she runs forward, her barrier jacket fading out of existence, to appear in a black button up blouse and simple jeans and sneakers. She hugs each and every single one of the Waldians, Rune gets the first hug. It's tight. She was missed. Hintoe and Gaofele also get hugs. They are shorter, but just as tight. She is rarely physical. For reasons. Best mother reasons.

But Nanoha's been working on that with her and it shows here, right now at least. She was also caught up in the moment. The blonde, twintailed girl is smiling. It's not bright and strong but it's more than she ever did before.

"It's... it is okay, Rune-chan." she says. She looks over to Hinote as he asks if anything happened. She seems to shrink at this. Almost taking on a 'before' candor. "...I. Am. Was. A clone. My mother made me in the image of her dead daughter. I wasn't enough of that for her. She was trying to use the Jewel Seeds to bring her back from the dead. It threatend the world. We couldn't save her." she says.

But then her gaze tightens and she looks a little more confident. "I know I'm more than a clone. I'm Fate Testarossa." she nods. "But I'm still trying to figure out what that means. All my memories. They we're just Alica's. Alica was her name. Her daughter's name." she says.

"I'm staying with the Takamachis. They're very nice. Nanoha has helped me a lot. Lots of people have helped me a lot." she says. "I'm making my own memories now." she says.

"...It's really good to see you back." she finally surmises. "Was everything okay in Waldia?" she asks. They did say it was an emergency after all.
Runealy Waldia 2018-08-20 06:03:40 95067
Any further apologies on Rune's part are cut off as Fate lunges in for an embrace, one the princess accepts as soon as she realizes Fate doesn't seem to be all that upset about the situation; the transformation's dismissal confirms that quite well. Rune also lets Fate break it off as soon as Fate wants to, having a very small understanding of what her friend has gone through...

...And discovering said understanding was tinier than the princess realized, eyes wide as Fate shares this quick summary of things. "What? You... then that means..." Lots of sudden thoughts, most of which Rune fails to work into a complete sentence. In the end, she decides this can be figured out later; the key point is Fate is here.

"I'll have to thank Nanoha for that... just glad you're still here! As for how things went?" Her enthusiasm dims somewhat, but Rune is relatively calm and confident. "I think so. There were demon attacks, but something didn't add up. We ran into two separate demons, two separate attacks on different days, and each time they seemed surprised a few minutes after we arrived. Not as we we arrived, but afterward. I still don't understand why, but the attacks stopped after that, so..."

She looks back in Hinote's general direction. "Hinote! If you're checking on things, can you make sure Fate's room is still in order, please? The Safe Room," as if this needed specifying.

Then to Gaofele, "I didn't get a good look at it since it's dark, but... the things you were working on right outside here, did you see if they're still okay?"
Hinote Kagari 2018-08-20 06:16:35 95070
Hinote gives a nod. "Yup." he says as he makes to check that out. He opens the door. Walks in, and looks around. Tests door. Any windows if it has any. Checks under the bed for traps and or monsters. Checks the closet for the same. Walks back out. "Room is still secure and bed's still made." he says.

He arrives in time to hear Fate's story and he frowns a little, as his eyes search his thoughts. "...I'm sorry." he says gravely. "I know you're always welcomed here, Fate." he says. "If you need anyone to talk to or even just hide." he says with a smile. "-and if anyone is messing with you, let us know." he winks.

He'll look to Gao. "Oh! Right, the trees and plants!" he says.

"I'm going to get some fresher food in the morning I think too. All there is , is the non-perishables and things in cans. We won't starve but I'd do silly things for like the fattest Earth cheeseburger I can make." he says.
Gaofele Doiru 2018-08-20 06:18:48 95071
Gao's slightly surprised by the hug, but he does manage to get a return hug in before Fate lets go. Mistpaw even wanders back over and rubs against Fate's ankles, purring in recognition.

The forester shakes his head sadly as Fate mentions her story. He doesn't say anything to it, but instead just pats Fate on the shoulder: a simple gesture of support and comfort as needed.

When Rune asks about the pergola, Gao pauses for a moment. "Didn't take a close look, but I think it's still standing," he recalls, thinking about what he saw in the moderate moonlight. "Hard to tell with how the plants grew up around it; those seem to be doing just fine!"
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-20 06:34:42 95073
Fate nods at Runealy. "Huh. So. I imagine you we're stuck there for a bit. I know the way you use isn't always open." she says. "Was it nice to be home for a little while at least?" she asks. She looks to Hinote. He's.. an Earth human right? She wonders how he found life there, but she keeps the question internally for another time.

She smiles at Gao at the pat, and nods to Hinote's words. "I know." she says.

She nods. "Staying with Nanoha is nice. And the Takamachis are really kind." she says. "But they're only acting as my legal guardians. It would be odd, even if they did adopt me for um...." there is a blush here. "Reasons." she says prim and proper.

"....I think I will stay the night though, with you?" she says. "It would be nice." she says with a light smile. "I'll call Nanoha up and let her know. She'll tell her parents that I'm staying overnight at a friends, so no one is worried about me."

Bardiche pings. < Done, Sir! > says Bardiche. She nods. "Thank you, Bardiche!" she says. He probably sent a message to Nanoha's device. Sometimes it's neat having a little magical helper on a necklace around your neck when it also isn't an archaic axe or scythe.
Runealy Waldia 2018-08-20 06:42:17 95075
"Everything's fine?" Rune asks as she outright watches Hinote verify precisely that. "Now, wait a minute... the lights are still on, everything's okay... none of us were here. And I know they turn those things off if you don't pay the bill." She knows this because she forgot to pay it the first month (princesses do not normally pay bills, they have assistants for that, so this was new to her), and received a notice threatening disconnection if payment was not promptly forthcoming. "Which would mean someone has been taking care of this for us. We'll have to figure that out in the morning."

Gaofele's update gets a tiny laugh, "Well, that's a start at least! We can check that out once it's daylight. Really glad you added that to the yard, it was a great idea."

Fate's remarks draw an intrigued "Huh..." as Rune thinks about what all of that means, but she decides it's not worth pondering on too hard right now. Not when Fate is asking to stay here and has, rightly, presumed the request will be granted. "Yes! Your room is apparently pretty ready," A glance over to Hinote, "Thank you for checking on that, by the way,"

Then her gaze returns to Fate, "So you can settle in as soon as you'd like! We can figure the rest out in a little bit, I'm just glad you're still here and thought to come here."
Hinote Kagari 2018-08-20 06:55:12 95076
Hinote Kagari nods. "Yup. Nothing's wrong. Checked nooks and crannies. No surprises except a bed that looks mighty comfy." he says. He pauses when Runealy observes that tidbit. He purses his lips. "I can make a few guesses on that, but they're all guesses." he says. "But my gut says Maybe Chiba-kun had something to do with it." he says.

He crosses his arms and thinks. "OH! Right. Phones." he says. "Give me the phones--- you remembered to bring them? We need to plug them in and charge them- maybe fix any service issues. Can't exactly make payments from another world~ But maybe that was taken care of too for all I know." he shrugs.

"I mean if you forgot them, phones are easy to reobtain." he adds.

He does go about plugging his in, the green battery is charging image coming up on the screen, as he rests it on the counter the phone charger is kept on.

"No problem, Runealy~" he says. "If you need anything, Fate-chan, lemme know. Or really anyone here know." he says. "I'll try to get up early enough to get some basic breakfast things. Eggs primarily. Milk." he says. "Bread. Bacon. Any special requests?" he asks of the group.
Gaofele Doiru 2018-08-20 07:01:10 95078
There's a firm meow from Mistpaw, and Gaofele chuckles. "Cat food," he points out, rummaging through his pack to locate both phone and charger. "Beyond that...well, we can always go for a larger shopping run after breakfast; it's been a while since we've browsed the options here on Earth."
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-20 07:02:46 95079
Fate Testarossa smiles. "Thank you. I mean for keeping my room here--" then this is followed by a yawn. "I was about to head home from some flying, but Bardiche said it detected your signatures, so I had to come see if it was true and not some weird energy trace of you guys." she nods to the group.

"I'm going to go to bed then. I think I'm sleepy. We'll talk more in the morning!" she says. "Nanoha's good at picking up my slack at the Midori-ya. I'm still not very good at many things, but apparently I make a to die for peanutbutter milkshake." she shrugs.

She pauses and gives Runealy another hug. Once again, she was missed. But only Runealy gets the hug this time as she moves for the room, opening the door and closing it behind her.

She's basically out cold in five seconds upon laying down.