Storming the Gates

Saint George storms the ECFH to kill his sister. He gets superbanned via multiple heroes and learns why people don't really storm that place.

Date: 2018-08-24
Pose Count: 66
Ryo Okana 2018-08-24 00:29:28 95658
The thing wearing Ryo's dead sister's skin is not in the residence she should be. She has been staying out of the park. She is getting sly to his stalking. He catches her out, however. He follows her to a swanky apartment building of some sort. So that's where she is....

He comes back sometime around dusk. Ryo Okana still has some life things to take care of. Wholesome human activities, such as being slapped in the face for hitting on a guy.

Saint George arrives via a jump on top of the ECFH just as night begins to fall. He is silent in this. He is the hunter. There is something down there, he figures.

He'll need to introduce himself. He lifts his spear and THRUSTS it down with mighty force, aiming to drive it into the cement of the top of the roof and blow himself an entrance. The tip of Ascalon touches the cement....

There is a thunderous sound as he's pushed backwards suddenly with such force that he is sent over the edge of the rooftop. He grabs onto the edge quickly. He has no trouble hanging on. He wears a sour expression. It's not the first time in recent memory he's encountred something that has been able to withstand the inate abilities of his legendary weapon.

It is no matter, he rocks back once and leaps onto the balcony nearby. He grips the frame around the balcony's glass door.

He suddenly zips through it. Not just sending glass everywhere but suddenly ripping the frame directly out of the wall and suddenly trying to slam the entire thing down onto the silhouette of a figure he'd seen beyond the frame.

"THERE SHALL BE NO SAFE HARBOR FOR CREATURES." he bellows out in the process.


Well. Mamoru wanted to draw him here for a trap. Guess he got his wish. He's here and in your house. Is it everything he ever wanted!?
Mamoru Chiba 2018-08-24 00:34:19 95659
A silhouette who was just beyond the frame, starting to turn around in order to get to the door to open it, because you know, there's an explosive thump on the roof, and he kind of wants to know who the hell just drunk-flew into the rooftop and whether they need a hand. He was expecting someone to try and ride mecha-gojira into the side of the building, you know? Because that figure's Mamoru Chiba, in the process of henshining. "Someone else take the stairs," he calls over, "I'll be good and not make myself a targ--"

And then the door freaking explodes in, mid-henshin-crackle--
Kyouko Sakura 2018-08-24 00:41:18 95660
    Kyouko was, as is very often the case, upstairs in the ECFH. She had been playing Mario Kart with Mamoru, as is also very often the case, wearing PJ pants and a tanktop and generally not expecting any form of trouble. Which is always the first mistake. She had just been about to hit Mamoru with the blue spiky shell when that thunderous thump comes from up above, and her eyes dart upwards, an instant frown on her face. "What the hell-"

    As Mamoru turns towards the door, she gets to her feet, nodding to him. "Alright, I'll check the roof-" Which is when the door literally explodes inwards, sending shards of glass everywhere, and causing her to flinch back. But it's more than that, it's the actual metal doorframe itself, being wielded by somebody like a bludgeon and slammed right down towards Mamoru who is only feet away.

    And Kyouko acts, because acting on instinct is what she does and how she has managed to do the seemingly-impossible so many times before. Mamoru is going to get hit. He's not in henshin. She isn't in henshin either but he's the Prince of the Earth and she's one of his guardians so there's no hesitation.

    She dives forward, only a few feet away to begin with, and shoulder-checks Mamoru out of the way, sending him stumbling hopefully far enough to avoid the down-swung doorframe. And putting herself directly in its path instead. She takes the blow right in the head, crushing her to the floor instantly.

    In henshin, Kyouko could get hit by a truck and shrug it off with a wince and a grimace. Out of henshin.. well, she's tough. But she's only human(ish). When the dust clears she is crumpled in a heap under the debris of the attack, limp, with blood streaming down one side of her face from under her hair.
Dragon Lamya 2018-08-24 00:43:36 95661
Lamya has been asleep for nearly 48 hours, now, by the time her adversary arrives. Being so near death put her in a state of torpor while she recovered and while this was usually done in the cute mini-dragon form, this time she's asleep while human. Perhaps this is another sign of change in the dragon, that Miho's healing helped heal the half a human soul she'd possessed into something closer to full human.

The sound of St. George trying to explode the roof is enough to startle her awake swimming in pajamas that are three sizes too big. "What the...." and then *CRASH* comes the balcony door. Her eyes go wide in fear as she hears the sound of the boy who nearly killed her twice. A hand reflexively clutches the collar that's still around her neck as she scrambles to a corner away from him. "Don't let him get me!" she squeaks.
Rei Hino 2018-08-24 00:48:39 95663
"ARE YOU ALREADY A TARGET?!" Rei's voice comes over the comlink. It's hard to tell if she's exasperated, or just worked up. It sounds like she's running. "Mars Power Make-Up!" is the first thing of her voice on hears in person before she dashes into the room, flustered and still sparkly with transformation. Eyes cast about. Mamoru: Check. Lamya: Frightened. Kyouko: *Jesus*.
    That split second assessment out of the way, she brings her hands together, and draws in a sharp hiss of breath. "Fire SOUL!" She cries and throws out a sharp BLAST of fire that's meant - miore than anything, to hopefully push Ryo back away from the wounded.
    Stepping in front of them to that effect, Rei plants her feet. "The Pretty Guardian ina Sailor Suit; Guardian of Passion and Fire...!" She glares at Ryo intently. "Sailor Mars! How *dare* you invade this sanctuary and seek to do harm! In the name Mars...!" She points at Ryo sharply, "I will chastise you!"
    She gets like this.
Homura Akemi 2018-08-24 00:49:57 95664
    Homura has no idea what's actually happening here. She's just showing up completely at random at this exact time because this is Mamoru's apartment and sometimes onee-chan just likes to drop in.

    That said, Homura's company put a lot of work into making Mamoru's apartment nice and well fortified, so seeing someone attack it directly makes her feel simultaneously proud and annoyed. Proud because it's holding up about as well as one could expect, and annoyed because how could anyone tarnish such hard work?!

    She's standing on the sidewalk on the opposite side of the street, looking up at the balcony, when she notices the rather forceful entry. Unlike Kyouko, Homura is very much still a Puella, and as she leaps up to the balcony her henshin appears around her in a series of purple pings. She lands, shield held up in front of her chest, and a shotgun is pointed at St. George's back. "I don't know who the hell you are, but lay off my brother."

    Kyouko is on the ground, Homura notices. That shouldn't be a problem. Kyouko's a Puella righ--- oh.


    "Mamo-kun, are you alright?"

    Mars's Fire Soul happens, and Homura is just... completely not there when it lands. Now she's inside the apartment, using a couch as cover.
Naru Osaka 2018-08-24 00:51:22 95665
Downstairs, it /had/ been a relaxing introvert afternoon for Naru. Kyouko upstairs with the boys, Momo not home doing Momo things. Just Naru and Dog. And the kitchen. And dishes, at this point, truthfully, to return the kitchen to tidy.. when there's enough of a thunk that probably those who live here think it was a terribly small earthquake. Or something.

Magical those who live here rather know better. It doesn't /feel/ right, and then she can /hear/ the crash of a sudden lack of balcony door, and well.. Hyalite. Who can go up a few flights of stairs faster than is sane (cause even this isn't enough to get her to jump, oh hell no), and burst into the apartment, her sketchbook already out and basically almost tripping on Kyouko. Unconcious Kyouko. Not Apatite. Erk.

She crouches next to Kyouko, to shield her from any errant heat and to check and make sure she's at least some level of alright. Priorities here.
Usagi Tsukino 2018-08-24 00:54:35 95666
Usagi isn't far behind Mars. How dare someone make Lacrima feel uncomfortable! Usagi felt bad enough for doing that herself!

She's annoyed right now! One minute, they're having a break from the LAST apocalypse, and now?!

"And also, excuse you!? We just had a life altering battle last week! Don't you know it's just plain rude to host another so soon?!"

And everything happens around her! She gasps and stomps her foot. "I am sorry, but you are very much not my friend!" She stomps over toward Lacrima, protective arm around her and nose in the air. "In fact, you aren't even invited to my engagement party, and almost everyone else is, so there."

(There isn't one of those planned that she knows of, but if there is, he won't be allowed in!)
Kazuo Takeba 2018-08-24 00:55:09 95667
There are certain things that Kunzite has been practicing, lately, especially after the largely unlamented passing of Sailor Earth. For instance, 'not hovering over Mamoru.' Apatite is perfectly capable of taking care of him. Usagi is even more perfectly capable of taking care of him. Letting Mamoru out of his sight is ... not perfectly safe, but an absolutely reasonable risk. He's been telling himself this firmly on a regular basis. Mamoru's even been out alone, by himself, without Kunzite ghosting around at a distance to make sure of it.

It still needs practice. And Kunzite still needs energy; Mirai's demise hasn't done anything about his ever-since-the-Dark-Kingdom inability to recharge without an external source, no more than it did about his henshin problems. And there have been such storms, of late. All of which means that Kunzite is out hunting the wild lightning strike when St George makes his entrance.

Fortunately for him, the column of darkness that signals his teleport, this time shot with what looks like actual lightning for once, appears on the balcony only with its usual lag time after Rei's call over the comlink ... which means after Homura's vanished from it, and after Rei's Fire Soul lands. Mamoru would have his hide if he got his hair burned off again.
Lacrima 2018-08-24 00:58:19 95668
Lacrima was still in a better mood than she had been earlier. Mainly because texting Ariel always kind of makes her feel better. Then Ariel's mom got her phone and started being silly for a second and she brought out into a giggle fit in the confines of her coffin. She managed to crawl out of her coffin and wanted to go tell someone.

"Ahahaa... g.. guys. Ariel's Mom got ahold of her phone and-- and---" she walks into the main room to hear things going on. "Huh? What's going on?" she asks as she looks concerned. Was that a thump of some kind she heard earlier?...

Then the door explodes in front of Mamoru and her eyes go wide, she starts to move but she's way across the room. She wouldn't get there in time. Kyouko does though and she opens her eyes wide. "K..Kyouko-san!" she calls out. It's probably one of the first time she's just called out Kyouko's name in a politer manner than she usually does.

There's Mars, launching fire. There's Homura Akemi coming in. She doesn't think she knows her, but she has a shotgun apparently.

There's Naru. There's... Lamya-chan!? Lamya what are you doing here!? She suddenly looks to the assailant..

Oh. Oh no.

"RYO!" she screams out. "Ryo stop this!" she says. "STOP this right now!" she calls out. Wait--is Usagi trouncing over to her what!? Marriage? She's too confused to worry about it right now.

"Ryo...please...." she begs. It's all she feel she can do right now. She doesn't feel like she can raise her hands against him. She can't. He's her /brother/.
Nephrite 2018-08-24 01:03:07 95669
Protecting their home is something they all do, and protecting its occupants, including guests, is a job everyone at the ECFH takes seriously. But Neil is a particularly territorial creature. So much so that his last home tried to eat a person. Break-ins are not to be treated lightly. The first crash gets him out of his seat immediately. "Who's punching my roof?!" he bellows to the ECFH at large as he storms down the hall to the door connecting his apartment to the shared one. He throws the door open just in time to hear the crash of a breaking window. And to see Kyouko fall into a heap. "Kyou!" The appearance of his uniform is instant as he darts forward.

Mamoru is there, and not crushed, so he can hope he'll take care of himself and Kyouko and focus on the intruder instead. He gathers a ball of white-hot starlight in his hand and sends it streaking toward St. George. "You. Are. Trespassing."
Saburo Yukimura 2018-08-24 01:04:23 95670
Jadeite was in the ECFH, of course, but he was not in Mamoru's apartment, for once. He was in his own, seated in his kitchen and tinkering with yet another toaster, the innards of the poorly-fated appliance gathering in a small pile around him. He was humming to himself, and the scene was peaceful. And then the roof shook with an outrageous boom masquerading as a thump, not quite directly overhead, and the toaster was free to live another day as he hurled himself into Mamoru's apartment. Thumps in Mamoru's apartment never amounted to anything good -

And this one is absolutely no excepton, the shriek of shattered glass and metal joining the cacophany of horrible noises as he bursts onto the scene. A quick glance around reveals the major scope of the problems - Kyouko unconscious with Naru beside her, the top of Homura's head visible over a couch, Mamoru in his civilian form behind Mars, Lamya cowering and Usagi berating the threat - the standard mess, except that it's in their home. Eyes narrowing with tightly controlled anger, he steps forward to stand beside Mars and Usagi, planting his body between the threat and his prince with a scowl.

"This apartment has rules and we don't tolerate trespassers," he snaps and with a quick gesture and a moment of focus, walls of ice rise to provie cover to Lamya's corner and the pile of debris where Naru crouches beside a half-buryied Kyouko. The hand that reaches back to urge Mamoru towards that newly created cover isn't subtle and isn't trying to be.
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-08-24 01:11:11 95671
    Kokoro is still not quite a 'being social' kind of person. But there are ways to lure her out if you want to talk to her. Ways like 'a lot of good and free food'. The kind of girl who's five-foot-eight at 14 years old is the kind who needs quite a bit of that. But as she's coming up the street from the nearest subway station-

    Well, even from street level it's obvious something is happening.

    It doesn't take her long at all to find a tucked-away place to transform, and only slightly more than that to make her way upward via the Superstrength Elevator. There might be a boot-shaped pothole in the side of a nearby building or two. But the tradeoff for that is a tower of lightning magical girl landing with a thud on the balcony next to Kunzite, just as things are getting a bit insane.


    ...Lacrima is upset. And pleading. And that's her bother.

    Kokoro grits her teeth. "Oi. Kunzite. Little crowded in here for a brawl. Got a plan?"
Ryo Okana 2018-08-24 01:27:46 95672
The first thing he's faced with is a wave of fire. Waves of fire is something that Saint George, dragon hunter is used to enough that he generally knows how to defend against this primarily by raising his arm and a glimmering white-gold shield forming into existence. He withstands this assault. There is suddenly a voice behind him and he turns his head to face Homura... who isn't there by the time he finishes.

He hears Nephrite and Usagi and Jadeite. "I would not go to the wedding of anyone who harbors such things. Tresspassing into a den of of a monster sanctuary is not wrong for the just. Your rules mean nothing to me." he says as the wave of starlight comes for him. He moves quickly to the right as that shield stays alight. "I see you all have plenty to say..." he says.

His eyes look to Lacrima. "Aha....!" he says "There it is...". He begins moving across the room. He hears and turns to Lamya in the process- and. Well that's anger on his face.

"I see you cheat death once again, Dragon." he says then turns back towards Lacrima and Usagi.

"Well. All I have to say. To all of you....." he says. Voice cool, despite the danger present in the room. "Is...." he says with a deep breath.

"BE A GOOD DRAGON AND HURT ALL OF THESE OTHERs!" he bellows out. Well. That's not a good thing he just said is it?
Mamoru Chiba 2018-08-24 01:38:54 95673
Tuxedo Kamen takes the hint, takes the hint; he, from the floor, finishes henshining under cover of Mars and Jadeite mostly, and ignores everything else for a moment to get to Kyouko and haul the doorframe off her, biting off his gloves. "Hyalite," he says, voice thin and tight as he places his hand on Kyouko's bloody head, then waits for some of the yelling to let him be slightly more audible, "I can get her out of danger but I can't get her back in the fight. I can teleport her home, or you can help me drag her to Jadeite's bathroom, whichever you'd prefer--"

There's a golden glow from his hand as he already starts making sure that 'enormous metal doorframe wound to head and possibly neck' doesn't actually mean 'brain injury' or 'spinal injury', and also stopping the bleeding. He ducks down a little further behind Jadeite's ice shield and glances back at the fight, grimacing. "I don't know why we didn't actually handle the balcony door. What were we thinking?"

Then Saint McPuppykick kicks a puppy really loudly, and Mamoru's eyes widen, glancing back. "Kuso--"
Dragon Lamya 2018-08-24 01:51:41 95676
Even though it doesn't seem possible, Lamya's eyes grow even wider at St. George's command. She quickly throws her hands up to her ears and mutters, "Nonononononononono.." hoping to drown out his voice so she can hear him but it doesn't seem to matter. The command has been given and she must obey.

She turns towards the mass of mahou and just roars her form expanding far beyond the capacity of the room to take, causing the walls of ice to crumble about her and the walls to buckle a bit giving her a little more room, as her back end gets trapped in the kitchen. She bellows a deafening roar again, whehter in anger or frustration or hatred it's too hard too tell, and she lowers her muzzle to point at Tuxedo Kamen, opens her mouth, and lets go a blast of superheated acid at the man.
Takashi Agera 2018-08-24 01:52:05 95677
The area of reality JUST outside the wards shudders and shakes for a moment before Riventon steps out of the Dusk Zone into the reality he shares with everyone else - stepping into the air as casually as walking out of a door. "Huh. Nice balcony. ANYWAYS I'd ask to come inside and help but since there's a huge hole where your door used to be that seems like it's a bit of a formality?" Riventon takes his steps out onto the balcony.

Then he addresses St. George."'Saint', you're still after my Employee of the Month? On the one hand you basically just kicked over an anthill yourself but on the other hand I've got a promise to keep about what happens if you don't leave her alone."

The rest of the question is more generally addressed to everyone - as one of Riventon's dark-blue round shields bursts into existence, interposing itself at least momentarily between Mamoru and the acid breath, buying time. "Anybody going to be unable to be neutral with me so we can all deal with this ancient asshat?" Riventon asks.

Behind him, several Dark Energy orbs burst into existence, hovering and ready. "I quite possibly owe Chiba at least one more, and I owe this crazy fanatic like negative fifty."
Rei Hino 2018-08-24 01:58:04 95678
A look of disgust comes to Sailor Mars face as the invader speaks, "Lamya-san's surrounded by some of those most powerful people on *Earth*, you self righteous *creep*, why on earth would she ev-"
    Lamya begins to change. Lamya begins to grow! Rei's head turns towards Lamya, then keeps having to crane UP at Lamya.
    "-errrrrrrrrrRRRRRRRRGETAWAY!" she cries, and THROWS herself towards Usagi, grabbing her and Lacrima andleaping out of the room as fast as she can. Eyes cast about to process after her body's already committed to the action. Oh *god*, Mamoru-kun!
    She lands on top of the with a painful grunt, and props herself up, panting, "Usagi! Transform, *right* now!" She looks away, starts to rise, then rethinks that, "But not in front of him! I'm gonna help Tuxedo Kamen!"
    But when she heads back towards the room... Takashi is there. The anger that burns in her eyes for just a moment is quickly replaced by the frustration of the situation - NO she's not going to pick a fight with him NOW - and then snuffed out in favor of focus, moving towards Tuxedo Kamen to try to help him and Kyouko get to safety while Riventon's holding off Lamya
Homura Akemi 2018-08-24 02:00:48 95680
    The heck? Now this invader is commanding a dragon?

    Oh, that girl in the corner whose crying is the dragon?

    Homura, who likes to have all the answers, now finds herself in a situation with exactly none of the answers.

    The silky haired watches as the dragon lashes out. She knows that Mamo is there, and she feels a need to protect the wounded even if that wounded is Kyouko.

    Riventon shows up to take the hit. Homura immediately scowls. She doesn't say anything to him right now, but the few moments he buys gives her shield enough time to turn and...

    In Riventon's ear there's a very faint whisper. "You still have a punchable face." Homura isn't there if he turns around.

    Then Homura is touching Mamoru with one hand and Hyalite with the other, pulling them both into timestop.

    "Okay, whatever you two are scheming over here, I think we need a time out. No pun intended."

    She's a liar. That pun was intended. Totally intended.

    "I can literally just walk us out of here if someone can carry Kyouko."

    If they do decide to go for that, then well... the four of them will probably just vanish.
Lacrima 2018-08-24 02:10:08 95681
Lacrima eyes go wide. "Wait...wha----" then Lamya is suddenly transforming and OBEYing the command!? What is... she looks down to Lamya's neck. "Oh my god..." she says. What the hell is happening?

"GOD DAMMIT! PLEASE DON'T HURT THE DRAGON TOO BADLY." she is not asking people to not attack the dragon outright. It is kind of spewing acid everywhere and is under some sort of control. It is attacking MAMORU. "SHE'S UNDER SOME GOD DAMN CONTROL GIVE ME A GOD DAMN MINUTE!" she screams out as she stops to think.

Think Lacrima, think. Dammit. All she can do is think and then Sailor Mars is picking her up and leaping away and out of the room, she blinks. Did. Did someone just save her? She blushes for all of a moment at this before she shakes off the feeling before she dashes back into the room. "...Riven-sama?" she blinks.

She looks to the dragon and then darkens her expression. She wonders if that command only works for George. Why should GEORGE be able to use it anyways!? That makes no sense at all!

"LAMYA-CHAN! BE A GOOD DRAGON AND STOP DOING WHAT SAINT GEORGE SAID AND NEVER DO ANYTHING HE SAYS AGAIN!" she cries out. It may not be this simple or work right now but she's going to try it. She's going to try it because it /MIGHT/ work. It MIGHT cause something to happen they can use.

-and worse comes to worse it leaves them no better off, right?
Nephrite 2018-08-24 02:10:58 95683
There is a dragon in the living room. There is a DRAGON in the LIVING ROOM. Dragons are cool, except when they are in your living room.

But what is worse than a dragon in your living room, literally destroying the structure and spitting acid at your prince? Takashi Agera in your living room. Every inch of Nephrite wants to ignore the crazy guy actually threatening them and the actual dragon and launch himself at Agera, and perhaps only the immediate shielding of Mamoru is what holds him back.

"I have every problem," he shouts at Riventon without hesitation. "If you're here to help, fine. If I see one toe out of line, I'm pushing you into acid."
Saburo Yukimura 2018-08-24 02:13:42 95684
Nephrite, Kunzite, and Sailor Mars are all in the room - offense is covered, and Jadeite is focused on defense, dragging up more walls of ice just as the cowering girl in the corner goes from 'threatened civilian' to 'threatening danger'. In a competition of ice walls versus dragon, the dragon wins, and the better part of valor is following in Mars' footsteps to try and guard the threatened royalty. He ducks behind the last surviving ice wall, only to find the job of 'help move the wounded and vulnerable' covered. Right. Well then.

"If you decide to get out, I can give you cover. At the very least, Kyouko can't be here." On account of her being unconscious and in civilian form. He eyes Usagi, also vulnerable in her civilian form, and goes to her side - because Mamoru is uninjured, on his feet, and with Mars and Homura, but his romcom buddy and eventually-to-be sister-in-law is more or less unguarded.

"Is a block of ice enough cover for your transformation?" Said block is already rising as he asks.
Usagi Tsukino 2018-08-24 02:16:22 95685
Oh boy. This is...not a pillow fight between siblings, is it. (Not that it's felt like that until now! It's just even MORE more, now!) Deep breath, she turns to Lacrima and asks if her brother has...her same allergies. She Knows Saint Bob isn't a nice guy, but he is still Lacrima's brother, and if Shinji were being a brat-faced jerk, she wouldn't want him getting vaporized.

Fortunately in terms of Usagi's power, but unfortunately in terms of this fight, any attempts at purifying Saint Elmo hasn't had any effect. This means Usagi doesn't have to worry about permanently damaging Saint Cloud, Minnesota.

And then, while she's being tackled and everything by soft girl, things change! What is happening! And oh goodness, Usagi can yell louder than that, by golly!!

But, Mars is right. A lot of people who knows who Usagi is is here, but not everyone needs to know. She places her hand on the worried Jadeite's arm, because they need to see how that new wave of romcoms hold up to their meter, and grins at him. "Yes, it will, thanks! And also, Terrified Damsel Number 12!"

And then, "I'll be right back," she hisses to Lacrima, before she stands up and runs screaming from the room. "I don't know what I'm even doing here I just wanted to smooch my boyfriend aieeee!"

This isn't meant for some Super Sayan Senshi. Just the Regular Sayan Senshi.

So, not long later, regular Sailor Moon shows up! At another window! "Hold it right there! You think you can just spit on whoever you want! You think you can scream the loudest! HAH! I have broken glass and...could probably spit, too! And YOU, Saint Catherine, are taking this sibling rivalry too far! Sure, we'd like to noogie our siblings until they tell us we're the most awesomest ever, but saying we're the only ones who get to beat them up in front of bullies is just to save face, and not the truth! For BREAKING that sacred sibling bond, in the name of the moon, I will--"


"YOU!" POINT! "I am going to CRY on you SO HARD later after I moon punish this buttmunch!" Then, a bit more cheerfully. "Don't worry, I'm over wanting to punch you. Platonic heart emojis~!"

Okay, don't hurt the dragon!
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-08-24 02:21:24 95687
    What- what did he just- there was something weird about that command, and now that girl over there is turning into a dragon. She was squealing in terror before, and now she's apparently being forced into an attack. A furious growl slips out of Kokoro, and her hammer crackles as she brings it up; the range of her ability to fling lightning is best described as 'short', but the distance of an apartment, even a spacious one, is just within that limit. So the cacophony within the ECFH is added to with the deafening KRAKBOOM of a thunderbolt, flung straight at Saint George. Then she's tensing to move, because Mamoru's about to get blasted-

    -except that he's being shielded. Oh hey. There's Riventon. Dengeki Shoujo turns to look over her shoulder towards the floating man, violet eyes sizing him up for just a half-second or so - and then she grunts, "Me punchin' you in the face would just be obligation. Ain't gonna do that while you're helpin' us wreck someone who really deserves it." In the time it took her to look around, Mamoru has... disappeared? She's not sure.
Kazuo Takeba 2018-08-24 02:22:29 95688
Kunzite looks aside at Dengeki Shoujo on the one hand. At Riventon on the other. Back at the Girl. "At this point," he says to her, "no plan survives contact with the allies." He waves a hand in St. George's direction. "On the other hand, if we can throw him off the balcony, it might dissuade him temporarily." And leave them ... only the mind-controlled dragon to deal with. Wonderful.

Is he attacking? No. Not yet. Why? Because acid is not something his powers are good at handling, and neither are physical attacks. And because he'd rather Riventon not exhibit any sudden reflex reactions to lightning on this balcony out of the corner of his eye --

Possibly he should've told the Girl about that. Well. Maybe Riventon's recovered.
Ryo Okana 2018-08-24 02:40:35 95690
Saint George has been called lots of names in the lives he can remember. Saint Catherine has never been one of them. He doesn't look amused at it though. Suddenly. Everyone is concentrated on the dragon. It's almost like he planned this. He did not. But the Greater Good IS on his side. Maybe it's divine coincidence.

Everyone is racing after Mamoru to protect him from the thing. This is good, he thinks.

A girl with a hammer flings lightning her way. He only catches it out of the corner of his eye because he's still heading towards his intended target.

It catches him in the side hitting him true and sends him flying against the wall. The brightside, one supposes of unbreakable walls, is that they work bothways. They can't just throw him through a wall to get him out.

".... you remind me of a warrior I once knew..." he says with narrowed eyes at her. "But I don't think you're them." he says as he gets up with a pained grunt. His spear gets hefted to the side and it glows as it... turns into a sword? Yes, a similarly decorated long sword as he moves again towards the vampire. Then some girl scolds her in the name of the moon. "In the name of the... Are you a moon worshiping witch!?" he spits. "Nonsense the group this place provides sanctuary to. Strictly nonsense." he says.

Riventon. "I see you're also in leauge with Warlocks! Not surprising." he says. "I still have a job to do." is said to Riventon.

He leaps across the room with firceness at the vampire, sword swung over. "Kyahaha...!" you know he's not a nice person because of the laugh. "That won't work for you!" he calls out with intense confidence. He isn't actually sure of that. But he finds that people believe something if you say it confidently enough.
Dragon Lamya 2018-08-24 02:49:59 95692
Lamya contues to spew superheated acid everywhere as per St. George's command until Lacrima thinks quick and speaks a command at her. Whether it by itself is enough, or wether it just gives her the edge she needed to fight is unclear, but the the fog in her brain lifts, and her eyes clear to their normal blood red reptilian focus. The quickly dart about to assess the situation and, when finding her nemesis, they focus in on him.


The dragon's back end thrashes in the kitchen as she tries to worm her way out, since her midsection is trapped by the bar that seperates the kitchen and the living room. She's focused on finally confronting St. George on equal terms, and for once, not bound to him by any spell. Seeing as she's kinda stuck, she instead opens her mouth and this time, instead of a spray, a stream of her breath weapon, precisely shaped and aimed heads for the Knight's face.
Naru Osaka 2018-08-24 02:53:20 95693
Timestop! A second to breathe. And Homura is here, seconds after Riventon showed up and shielded them from acid and half the room went lunging in his direction; he didn't even have time to finish bringing his cape up. "I need to hug you when this is over," he tells her frankly, looking up, still with his hand on Kyouko, healing her-- which means she's in the timestop too. He glances to Naru. "Her neck is fine and I'm fixing her skull-- it was only cracked so it's not a big deal-- and calming down the inflammation, and stopping the bleeding. She needs to get taken out of here. Given how fast people are getting hurt, I should stay, and just keep staying back behind cover, which I can do. I also need to tell people definitely don't attack Riventon right now, and see if I can't get something done for Lamya. Naru, can you carry Kyouko out with Homura?"

"Yeah, sure," says Homura. "Just do me a favor and stay safe, alright?"

"Will do. Okay, go," says Mamoru, taking his hand back from Kyouko. "She's safe to move now."

Almost before the go ahead to move her, Hyalite was scooping up Kyouko to get her out of the line of fire. She glances back to Homura, to coordinate the movement while out of time with the rest of the group. "Kyouko is going to be some pissed when she wakes up."

It really is no time at all to go, set Kyouko somewhere safe (another apartment sort of safe) and return. The chaos isn't going anywhere, after all.
Takashi Agera 2018-08-24 03:02:17 95695
George goes for Lacrima. There's a dragon, and that's a problem - for other people. Riventon has a specific target. But there's also Nephrite, being all righteously mad. So Riventon steps off. "Ah, I see I'm not welcome even when I bring gifts. I'll just stay outside..."

He's floating just off the balcony - but outside doesn't mean out of the fight, he's a mage. "You're no Saint. You don't even qualify for priest. But I bet you're still alergic to my power..." And with the flick of his fingers, like a conductor, the orbs rocket one by one in different angles to slam into Saint Jerk and disperse their explosive negative energy payloads.

One of the orb's looping arcs travels into Nephrite's personal space; without hitting him, but likely too close for his comfort. Still, George is his target. And there are still shields interposing themselves between the Saint's blade; not strong enough to stop the swing, but enough to give brief moments to dodge its deadly bite as they slightly slow it before bursting.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-08-24 03:02:36 95696
Out of the timestop, Tuxedo Kamen in his black-sashed white tie and tails is abruptly standing on top of one of Jadeite's ice walls, and he yells, "Riventon's never actually technically broken the house rules, and he's never actually even been an irredeemable prick within these walls! You're still safe under hospitality! Thanks for the help!"

And then he's--

--drawing a sword, and his henshin crackles again, and he's suddenly quite damn regal in armor himself. He points his sword at St. George, and he says in an absurdly resonant voice with the kind of presence that seems like it can actually kick mountains over if it feels like it, "This is the home of the Earth Court, and you've...incandescently broken our rules of hospitality -- hospitality that's been held sacred in communities and civilizations millennia older than you can even imagine. I am Endymion, Crown Prince of Earth, and you've now also made the mistake of insulting Serenity, Princess of the Moon and thrice-savior of this our planet."

He's a prince. He's standing up in target-land in the high-ceilinged room. But he has guardians and is a really quick dodge anyway. And he's being FURIOUS. "HALF THE FREAKING COMBATANTS IN THIS ROOM ARE PRINCESSES, YOU MORON. You are SO COMPLETELY OUTRANKED. Get dunked and cry, jackass--"

And his non-sword hand whips out, glowing bright and brighter, and he says in a voice that might actually cause earthquakes if it's mad enough, "Because worst of all, you hunt your family. Tuxedo la Smoking Bomber."

That bright glow explodes forth from his hand in raw concussive force, aimed for George's... feet?

"Get the hell out of my home and don't come back."
Homura Akemi 2018-08-24 03:09:54 95699
    While there are some things that Homura could do to stabilize Kyouko, there really isn't anything she could do that Mamoru couldn't do better and at less expense. Leaving him to do the healing is the obvious choice, as is letting Hyalite carry Kyouko while Homura holds onto her shoulder.

    Homura returns to find that the dragon is now aiming her acid in a more proper direction, and starts to take note of the floor and said acid does to it.

    She comes back to find Mamoru acting all princely, and when she notices him saying that Riventon still hasn't technically broken the rules, she responds with. "Fine, I won't punch his face while he's at the ECFH."

    Very specific wording. She learned that from Kyubey.

    The shotgun at some point has been traded out for a large black bow, and as she pulls back the drawstring a large purple magical arrow forms between her fingers. "Good money went into making this place nice and you're messing it up. Get out." She looses the magical arrow, flying straight and true towards St. George and even homing in on him should he try to move.
Saburo Yukimura 2018-08-24 03:10:38 95700
Sailor Moon is in, Kyouko is out, the dragon is now on their side and even more importantly Endymion has joined the battle. It's a terrible day to be an enemy of the Earth Court. With all the major powers now focusing on St. Jackass and no one needing protection, Jadeite moves from defense to - slightly less defense, and a small wall of ice rises at ankle height behind St. George, a perfect tripping hazard for a villain having his feet blasted on one side, dragon acid spit at him on the other, and Homura's magical arow firing at him from yet another.
Rei Hino 2018-08-24 03:13:37 95701
Very suddenly, Mamoru doesn't help. Very suddenly the Crown Prince of Earth is standing very near the wreckage of a kitchenette, and the surreality of the moment only serves to deepen the stunned awe that causes Sailor Mars to hesitate.
    For a moment.
    But then she smiles. No rescue needed. Priorities shifted! "You heard him!" Mars adds, "Consider yourself evicted! Burning Mandal!" Mars puts out her hands, and a ring of fire bursts to life in a widening circle around them forming a circle of red orbs amidst the stream that stop spinning only for a moment, and then burst into rapid fire blasts of concentrated flame aimed towards St. George.
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-08-24 03:15:29 95702
    So the plan is 'we have no plan, play it by ear, because good luck getting this group to throw together something coherent'. The redheaded thunder girl stares at Kunzite for a few seconds, then replies simply, "...sounds about right." Well, if it's manhandling this calls for, that's her cue. So around she turns.

    "No, I ain't whoever it is you're talkin' about," Kokoro grunts, already stomping her way towards Saint George. Her hammer is held low, one-handed, tiny streamers of plasma dancing between the head and the ground as she walks forward. "I'm just a girl with a hammer and a grudge against two-bit thugs." Right now, Lacrima's brother is the center of a storm of fury. She's not the only person here who wants badly to hurt him. But she can work with this. The maelstrom of retribution can work towards getting him safely out of here.

    Just wait for it. Just wait, Kokoro. The right moment will come. They've got Lacrima covered, and-


    Chiba Mamoru shows his full power for the first time in Dengeki Shoujo's presence. She doesn't have time to marvel at it. The instant he unleashes a blast at Saint George's footing, one hundred and seventy-three centimeters of superhuman magical girl lunges for the dragonslayer, right at the same time Jadeite adds to the trip. She means to tackle him while he's offbalance; to bullrush him right out the wrecked wall before he can plant himself again. There's not many people around with a sheer brute strength to match Ryo's... but she might just be one of them.
Usagi Tsukino 2018-08-24 03:22:20 95704
...Did he just...Really now...did he even know..."WITCH?!" Oh, how INSULTING!!!

"EXCUSE YOU!!!!???? The only stereotype I might fall into there is the cat, and she's DARK PURPLE, and NOT black!"

Somewhere, Luna sneezes.


But she isn't! And that isn't fair to those that are!

Oh, she's going to tear up so har---

Mamoru's Tuxedo henshin goes Prince, and so does Sailor Moon's. Golden hair turns silver, a bow lightens, lace pops out.

And then, why stop there, when miles and miles of chiffon can be found!

It's a giddy teenage girl, royalty or no, that smooches Mamoru's cheek. Because Best Boyfriend.

It's Done With Your Shit Princess that looks at Saint George. "You have a thing for crowns? Then HAVE one! TO. THE. FACE. MOON TIARA ACTION!"
Kazuo Takeba 2018-08-24 03:31:25 95707
Lacrima turns into sudden black ichor. Kunzite thus sees an opportunity to do something useful --

-- and blackness spreads over the floor. All the floor. Good luck figuring out which part of it is Lacrima from color alone.

(He manipulates the shield so much as he can: channels the acid away from people's feet, at least to some extent. And drains some of the heat from it as he does; waste not, want not.)
Nephrite 2018-08-24 03:35:30 95708
Riventon staying out on the balcony is a tolerable compromise. Tolerable. Even if Tuxedo Kamen totally overrode his ultimatum just now. "Keep talking, and your gifts will start flying at your face," he informs Riventon, moments before a dark orb drifts past his nose. He shoots Riventon one more warning scowl before building starlight in his hand again. The white energy mingles with gold as Mamoru announces his La Smoking Bomber.
Ryo Okana 2018-08-24 03:51:05 95710
Saint George lands with a wiff of his sword, but by the time that he's ready to follow up things have changed again. The entire floor is black!? Black magic he things. Then The Dragon Lamya has her control back. That is not good-- he actually didn't think what the vampire was trying would work. He raises his shield quickly. This deflects MUCH of the acid but much splashes against his armor and his......face.

There is a screech from him because when one gets acid on one's face it burns. This is not a full douse, but enough to leave something gastly on his face that he'll probably end up in the hospital for after this, alone.

But that attack isn't alone. The grabbing at his face sends him careening backwards and he trips on Jadeite's ice spike, as intended. Losing his footing as he manages to catch himself.

Fire at his face he manages to raise his shield again but his arm is shaking. This is going badly and it's enough some of the heat gets through as it wavers- though not full force.

That thing needs to die. He can still see this through. He just needs to charge forward... reel through the pain. Get to one of his targets--- the dragon afterall, is still there and big, he'll settle for that things death. He's seriously about to try. He's about to seriously TRY--- there is sudden blasts of dark energy from various angles disuade this via severe burning blasting pain, along with the sudden slash of a black arrow into his armor- he grabs his chest where it hits. This stops him from finishing this attempt.

Then Tuxedo Kamen becomes Endymion and announces who he is an his intentons. Prince. Of Earth!? Such poposterous claims! Even after all this he'll insist that this is wrong. It's wrong. It's FALSE. What isn't false is the wave of golden energy rushing into him, downwards- joined by white starlight, throwing him into the air.

The combined tackle and Princess Serenity's tiara knock him square in the chest and sends him FLYING out the window. He does try to make a grab for the side of the door he'd crashed into just earlier. He fails.

He goes OVER the edge. He does not immediatly return. What he does do is dissapear some point between that and potentially hitting the ground. If anything, he moves fast enough even when injured to get away it seems.
Dragon Lamya 2018-08-24 04:03:33 95713
Lamya watches in satisfaction as her attack hits. And then Riventon's attack hits. And then... everybody's attacks hit! Her head lifts up and bellows in laughter. "Ahahahahahah! See how it feels to be hunted, 'knight'? Ahahahaha!" She then, twists a little bit, sending pots in the kitchen crashing to the ground. Wiggle wiggle wiggle. Frown.

"Um." she says, her voice more normal sounding in tone and volume. "I seem to be stuck...."
Takashi Agera 2018-08-24 04:09:39 95714
Rivention 'tch'es at Lamya's comment. "The hunting is only starting now..." he notes as he gives a command through his Device and somewhere a small group of Retriever dogs and some of his Faceless youma begin their search looking to find out where the Saint went. If Lacrima couldn't rest, why should Saint George?

But after that; Riventon just floats there because now it's all awkward with no one to blast.
Usagi Tsukino 2018-08-24 04:11:24 95715
The princess skips over to the poor stuck dragon. "Really?" She tries to help for a moment, lifting here, trying to get that out of the way there.

And then a hug! "Oh, it's okay if you're stuck for awhile! I was stuck like this for a thousand days once! Okay, it was more like two, but it felt like a long time!"
Mamoru Chiba 2018-08-24 04:11:31 95716
In his armor, Endymion slides down the ice-wall and clumps to the floor, then stalks over toward the balcony to look out and down. No Georgy Porgy. He looks up at Riventon and gives him a lopsided smile. "Thanks. I meant it, but you probably only want to come around if you need to hide from something awful that wants to get in your pants. People who aren't me are really good at holding grudges, and they live here too. Can you hide Lacrima?"

He holds up a finger, then ducks his head inside again. "Can someone check on Kyouko? She should be mostly okay but passed out, she's in Jadeite's apartment. And is everyone else okay? Aside from being stuck?"
Homura Akemi 2018-08-24 04:13:20 95717
    Homura's bow fades from her hands, and she walks out to the balcony, placing her arm and elbow on the railing to prop her hand up, glaring up at Riventon.

    Then Mamo is close by. When he mentions grudges she just smiles up at Riventon. It's a creepy smile.
Kokoro Akakuma 2018-08-24 04:14:57 95718
    Thump thump thump thump. Kokoro's bootfalls really are heavy when she's transformed. She ends up right next to Endymion looking over the edge, scowling faintly. "Sorry I didn't punch him harder before he was a magical jerk..." Grunt. She steps back from the edge and turns around, facing Endymion... and looking him up and down, appraising. "You're more than a weirdo with roses after all, huh. That's... that's somethin'." Coming from her, that's high praise.
Kazuo Takeba 2018-08-24 04:17:17 95719
"Can't go," Kunzite notes to Endymion. "Keeping the leftover acid in check." The kitchen does not stock a Lamya's worth of baking soda to neutralize it with.
Saburo Yukimura 2018-08-24 04:17:33 95720
"I think we might have done well on injuries," Jadeite says, looking over the room - there aren't many obvious wounds, because when a single enemy showed up to one of the most well-defended places in Tokyo, that enemy is bound to be the one sent packing. His relieved smile fades a little as he takes in all the damage though, and he sighs a little.

"My place is probably going to be Mahou Central while we fix this place up, huh?" He doesn't address this to anyone particular, mostly lamenting the fact that his projects need to be put away. He does give Riventon a look thoug - and it's nicer than the one Homura offers, but not by much. "Thanks. For helping and not breaking more of the walls than needed while you did it."

Because someone should probably back up Mamoru's efforts to reduce all the tenssion.
Rei Hino 2018-08-24 04:18:21 95721
Sailor Mars sighs heavily and puts a hand over her pounding heart. "And stay out." She says flatly. She walks towards the balcony, passing by Usagi and adding "It's true. We had to move a TV over to her." as she passes, and then looks outside next to Endymion. "... Of *course* he got away." She scowls riefly, then turns to Mamoru. "You all right- uh..." It's WEIRD to call him Mamoru when he's all princely, and she had to physically swallow the impulse to call him Endymion-sama. She settles on, just, "Are you okay? I didn't see what hit you back there."
Lacrima 2018-08-24 04:19:36 95722
Lacrima hears things suddenly stop. She doesn't sense George anymore. She slips out from under the couch and forms back up and looks around. She frowns and seems to suddenly slack a bit and closes her eyes and takes a deep breath. "I'm sorry, everyone." she finally says. "Thank you for protecting me." she says.

She shifts. "Lamya-chan. Are you okay? I didn't even know you we're here..." she says. She looks to Riventon. "Thank you for risking to come here, Riven-sama. Um..." she fidgets. "Can everyone let Riventon-sama leave fine when he chooses to? Just. This time?" she asks. A polite request of 'please don't punch his face in, /this time/.'.

She looks at everyone else and looks tired. She sits down on the couch and just wraps her arms around herself, then looks up at Kunzite. She looks over to Riventon. "Riventon-sama. Are you able to do something to handle the acid right now at least?" she asks. Maybe he has a spell or something for that. "I'd offer to take it to the Dusk Zone but I don't want to risk Kunzite absorbing any of my energy like that." she says quietly.
Nephrite 2018-08-24 04:21:05 95723
There is an actual dragon stuck in the apartment. There is a hurt sister to check on. There is a lot of damage to assess. Nephrite attends to none of these things. He stands back against the far wall opposite from the balcony, leans back with arms crossed, and waits for Riventon to leave. He stays far enough out of range not to interfere with whatever cooperative thing Mamoru is saying. He won't stop him from helping. But he makes it clear from his body language and his intent gaze that he's watching Riventon like a hawk.

"We could open up my place, but you guys always complain that you don't like how I decorate," he tells Jadeite without glancing his way.
Takashi Agera 2018-08-24 04:23:48 95724
Riventon looks at Lacrima and makes a sort of pained shrug. "If I had anywhere better, I'd have offered. If he's dumb enough to attack here, especially AFTER this, he'd be dumb enough to walk into Sunset Tower, too. Which might be fine from a solutions perspective... but Lacrima doesn't want him dead, and Eclipse is not going to take that request under advisement if he starts stuff in our Headquarters."

"Mmm. My energy really isn't any different in terms of composition, and I'm not sure Kunzite wants to collect any of it or he might start throwing bluenettes off buildings again." A joke, or hostility? It's notably harder to tell when he's in henshin, when he's Riventon, when he's letting the Dark Energy in more.

"What I can say, is I think the best way to handle George of the Idiot Jungle, is to keep the pressure on him. Act on offense. Don't let him collect himself. Find him, harry him. Then he won't be in shape to hunt our friends. That's what I intend to do, anyways."
Dragon Lamya 2018-08-24 04:25:02 95725
Dragon Lamya gets pushed here... then there... then OH GOD NOT THERE THAT TICKLES! And then hugs. From a confirmed Princess. Have you ever seen a dragon blush? Well, now you have. When the acid is mentioned the dragon sort of mumbles (as much as a dragon as big as an elephant can mumble) "Sorry about that. That was the second time he took advantage of me." She turns helpless eyes to Lacrima. "I'm stuck Lacrima. I've tried to shift out of this form back to something... something that fits and it's not working."

She heaves a sigh big enough to blow stray papers about the room. "St. George... your brother... he ambushed me a couple of days ago... (I think?) He found out that the collar was still active and knew what to say to activate it. He.." she pauses and looks around to see who's there to hear but considering her situation she doesn't think any of them will abuse this knowledge. ".. He commanded me to stop. Before I could do anything to defend myself. And he took his spear and plunged it all the way through me. Then he commanded me to finde somewhere to die."

She gestures with a huge paw, "So I found here. Life Mahou Joy managed to break the command and heal me but I was all out of energy so I was unconscious until he crashed into the place."
Homura Akemi 2018-08-24 04:25:13 95726
    "She seemed okay when I left her, but I can go take a look if no one else can," says Homura, pushing off of the balcony and ignoring Riventon for the moment. This is probably the only time she will ever be able to turn her back to him.

    To Lacrima, she frowns slightly. "While it's tempting to punch him the moment he leaves, I think most of us understand that violates the spirit of the rules here."

    Homura walks further into the apartment, leaving this mess behind her to go draw pictures on Kyouko's face--- ER I MEAN go check up on Kyouko and see if she's doing okay.

    ... And also draw on her face.
Lacrima 2018-08-24 04:29:19 95727
Lacrima looks back up to Kunzite. She sighs at Riventon's words. "Kunzite. Are you willing to let me try?" she asks. "I'm not sure if you can... 'not absorb' things if I we're to basically shove my hand into there and start sucking it up like a shop vac." she says softly.

She looks to Homura and her frown. She must not like Riventon either. She looks back to Lamya and nods. "Um. Oh."

"Um... 'Be a Good Dragon and Turn Back Into a Human Girl.'" she tries to say, to see if this will work. "...Did that work?" she asks quietly after. "...Is that the phrase, Lamya-chan? We should... try to find a way to handle that." she says grimly. "If anyone can say that and that happens..." she sighs.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-08-24 04:29:41 95728
Homura is RIGHT THERE. And Endymion warned her. He slings an arm around her shoulders and squeezes with a sidelong smile, then half-turns back to Riventon, but there's Kokoro, and Kunzite answering, and Jadeite's-- and Mars-- and he laughs. "Yeah, Dengeki. I'm a med student." He looks over at Kunzite and nods, then glances-- and sees Naru heading that way after Homura. "It's okay, taken care of," he says. Then he shrugs at Mars with a half-smile. "Nothing actually ended up hitting me because everyone here is amazing." A beat. "Endy. I also literally always answer to Endy, too." Did he just--

Once more he looks back, squinting into the mess of the apartment. "I think it's mostly the kitchen. We needed a new couch anyway, we just need to remember not to get it from Darkea." Another beat. "It's fine, Lac-chan, I told you it'd be fine. Just need to finish getting Kyouko back up to speed-- oh!" Sudden blink at Lamya. "THAT'S where you came from! Wow, glad Joy was on point, and glad you came here."

He looks back at Riventon, finally, and just nods. "Right. And I haven't forgotten what you said about the other problem. Let us know."

Then he walks back in through the wrecked door, dehenshining as he goes. "Okay everybody!" he claps his hands.

"Missions: Buy all the baking soda, and all the olive oil I guess? And we'll get Lamya unstuck and take care of the acid."
Mamoru Chiba 2018-08-24 04:32:45 95729
"...or Lacrima can give it a try if Kunzite says it's fine," Mamoru adds uncertainly.
Homura Akemi 2018-08-24 04:33:29 95730
Homura oofs as she's hugged, then smiles and holds Mamoru for a brief moment, before patting him on the back and going off to deal with things.
Usagi Tsukino 2018-08-24 04:35:15 95731
The suddenly de-princessed princess ran and tackle-pounced the suddenly de-princed prince. "Mama has a bunch of that stuff, I think. She uses both to make food."
Takashi Agera 2018-08-24 04:35:57 95732
It took a lot of self control for Takashi not to mention he'd seen that Slasher Smile on Homura - ANOTHER Homura - in the past, but this wasn't the time to bring that up. Nobody needed a more prescient reminder of the things he did right now.

But he does point his finger upwards. "The whacky weather lately? One of the missing cards is the Storm. I'm just trying to find it first. But I suspect she has help finding them. Just so you know, though... it's not far off now."
Saburo Yukimura 2018-08-24 04:37:37 95733
"Hm... no, it's fine," Jadeite declines after a moment of serious consideration. "The worst my toasters could do is shock someone a little." A small shock is infinitely better than Nephrite's decorating sense, of this he cannot be dissuaded. With a variety of people watching, he isn't worried about what Riventon or anyone else will do. Instead, pondering it, he says, "I might have something that could help with the acid. It's not baking soda, but we could try that before we empty out a grocery store - or a mom."

He's prettyyyyyy sure that some of the stuff he uses for his clay should probably counteract a bit of that acid. And though he notes what Riventon says about the Storm, he doesn't respond before he too heads away, off to find the clay products that will probably, maybe, hopefully stop acid from eating through their floor.
Rei Hino 2018-08-24 04:38:10 95734
Sailor Mars blinks once with surprise at Mamoru's... insight, and then smiles softly with understanding. Theeennn she snickers a little and leans back against the patio with her arms on the railing, noting, merrily, "That's so lame~"
    Still, she watches Usagi pounce Mamoru with a smile on her face, and notes. "Doooon't steal your mom's stuff, Usagiiii...!" With mild exasperation. She feels pretty good about how this went, all things considered!
    Then Riventon ruins it by reminding her he exists. "Thanks for the heads up." She says tersely through gritted teeth. "You can leave any time."
Kazuo Takeba 2018-08-24 04:38:29 95735
"I can," Kunzite says to Lacrima. It's the same technique that he uses to make reflective shields. And there's a purifier right over there if the side effects get out of control; they can clean up after Lacrima and Riventon are gone. "But let's see what Jadeite has, first."

Then he glances over at the mentioned Riventon, his eyebrows lifting. Just a little. "Finally," he mutters, possibly insufficiently under his breath.

He may be the only person in the room sounding like he wants to punch someone who isn't Riventon.
Dragon Lamya 2018-08-24 04:40:40 95736
Dragon Lamya looks hopeful as Lacrima gives her a command and..... nothing. "I think it's very confused," she surmises. "Many different commands all at once? Maybe?" She struggles a little bit more because maybe hopefully this time....?

"I wish I could take a look at the magic of this thing," she grumbles irritably. "Then I could figure out what rules it abides by. I need... somebody with one of those devices like Rashmi has. One that can do all the complicated equations. They could take a look at it and figure out what is going on with it."

She turns her attention to Mamoru. "I am really sorry about what I did to your place. Let me know what I can do to help repair it."
Mamoru Chiba 2018-08-24 04:43:29 95737
"Oh *good*," Mamoru calls back over his shoulder to Riventon, catching Usagi in a hug, then swinging her around. "Thanks, Jadeite!" he calls across the apartment; his eyes travel toward Nephrite, and he gives him an apologetic look, then indicates Lacrima with a quick turn and inclination of his head, by way of explanation. Suddenly Lamya's addressing him, and he blinks up at the dragon. "Oh this isn't nearly the worst the place has seen, don't worry about it. Why don't you talk to Rashmi about the issue with the collar, then?"
Nephrite 2018-08-24 04:45:06 95738
"We could lay down some blankets," Nephrite tells the super cool dragon he is totally missing out on admiring right now, "once we get the floor cleaned up. Make you a dragon nest. You could be the guardian of the Earth Court Frat House."
Saburo Yukimura 2018-08-24 04:49:47 95739
It doesn't take long for Jadeite to come back, a sack of dusty powder used for some of his projects in his arms. The floor is a mess, but that only makes it easier to see the acid, and he offers a quick warning before he dumps the stuff - "I don't actually know if this will work by the way."

Luckily for everyone involved, the dumping doesn't make anything worse at least, and actually does seem to be helping, or at least not eaten away entirely. He's distracted enough with the mess of dust and acid he's making on the floor that at first Nephrite's suggestion doesn't penetrate.

Then an absolutely delighted expression crosses his face, and he shoots Kunzite a hopeful stare. "If she wants to stay, can she be our guardian dragon?" Because this is the kind of thing you should probably ask Kunzite.
Mamoru Chiba 2018-08-24 04:52:08 95740
"I like having a kitchen Mako likes cooking in," Mamoru says firmly. "So no. We'll get it sorted."

He looks at the mess Jadeite is making and his shoulders droop a little. "Somehow."