Rashmi-chan, Meet the Waldians!

Fate introduces an newer friend to older friends and family! Gao learns something new about gardening, Fate and Rune talk about being new family a little, and Rashmi and Hino geek out over fairytales.

Date: 2018-08-28
Pose Count: 22
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-28 01:28:50 96225
Fate Testarossa had delivered an invite earlier the other day at a party, both to Rashmi and Mikoto while she knew both we're present. It made sense. She explained a little about what was going on with that, but was vague in front of Akari, whom she did not know if she was exposed to magic or not yet. It seemed better to err on the side of caution, as Fate usually does when faced with such a situation.

She did want to talk about it more however. She texted her friends and sister to come join her. She probably got varying answers. She did not seem to take offense if anyone could not make it- though hoped at least one of them world.

She's at least gotten an affirmative response from Hinote Kagari. She'll meet anyone out front and says. "Rashmi-chan's family owns this restaurant. They do curry." she says. "-and other Indian delicacies like that." she offers, as she opens the door. She'll find a seat. Rashmi was made aware they'd be coming. "Rashmi is one of the people that helped me while you guys we're dealing with the emergency. She's a friend." she offers. "-and understands about magic. She's a mage. Like I am." a 'Intelligent Device Mage' that is, she seems to be inferring.
Runealy Waldia 2018-08-28 01:37:41 96226
Rune is going to look out of place, given she shows up in royal attire and has a limo drop her off outside the Korma Chameleon, joining Fate's gathering afterward and following to where they'll be talking. "Indian? ...Oh! I remember that from class, or at least where it is on the map." 'India', after all, is a novel concept to Rune.

"A pleasure to meet you," she then adds to Rashmi. "If you helped Fate, then... thank you!" Rune takes on a very pleased smile. "That means a lot to me, knowing she was in good hands."
Rashmi Terios 2018-08-28 01:44:20 96228
And at the moment, the Mage in question has occupied a corner booth, with a full pitcher of lassi, a cup of tea at her elbow, and a plate of assorted spiced fritters and dipping sauces at the center of the table. Those looking very closely at the bespectacled, red-haired girl could easily see that she's trying very hard to keep from vibrating with pure excitement.

When one is a high-fantasy fangirl, after all, one's eyes gain extra stars upon hearing that a real magical possibly-European princess will be in attendance.

And then Runealy enters looking the part, and a sound not unlike a heated kettle escapes her throat. Hurriedly she scoots out from the booth, bowing deeply in greeting. "It's so nice to meet you, Waldia-sama, thank you so much." For a moment, she seems to completely miss what Runealy actually said... but then the shojo-bubbles clear from her mind, and her cheeks flush red. "Really it wasn't any problem at all, and I was hardly the one who helped the most. But Fate-chan means a lot to a lot of us, y'know? ....Um. Anyway! I've ordered some snacks in case you've never had Indian food before, please, everyone, sit..."

Oh gosh oh gosh Rashmi do not mess up this is going to be Fate-chan's royal sister make a good impression...
Hinote Kagari 2018-08-28 01:46:23 96230
Hinote Kagari went and got on one of the outfits he acquired while over in Waldia. It's a little fancy, a little frilly has a cape. Is a little ridiculous. (Probably no more so as Runealy's royal attire in the grand scheme of things.) WHEN one meets honored friends, however, one gets dressed for the occasion even if that occasion is a relatively low key restaurant. "Huh... was this here before we left....?" he asks scratching the side of his head. "I can't remember." he says. It has been nearly two years. He figures even if it was, there's probably SOME memory gaps for him after that long.

He looks down at Fate with a smile though. "After you, Princesses." he says motioning the two through the door before he himself enters, as he looks back to presumably Gao-- and past him at the area, before looking around the main area of the eatery. Alright. Safe enough.

He'll bow to Rashmi as well. "As Runealy has said, thank you for helping our friend. I am Hinote Kagari." he offers.

"Been a while since I had Indian food." he says pursing his lips a moment. He does notice Rashmi's star struck a little. This makes him grin a little crookedly.
Gaofele Doiru 2018-08-28 01:53:24 96234
While court-formal attire isn't exactly Gao's favorite thing to wear, it still works quite well for Important Parties. So, following Rune's lead, the forester is dressed up in the Waldian style. "Can't say I previously paid much attention to which restaurants were where," he remarks to Hinote when the other knight muses on memory.

He gives the flustered Rashmi a friendly smile. "I am Gaofele Doiru. I've heard good things about the spices used in Indian cooking; I might have to ask about them later."
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-28 02:00:02 96236
Fate smiles a little wider when Runealy is able to show up at least to meet her. So she knows who Rashmi is for the future. She looks at Hinote and blinks rapidly. She probably won't get used to being called princess for a small bit. It's so strange but exciting, but not for that reason. She nods. "Rashmi-chan. This is Runealy Waldia. My sister. I mean. It hasn't been formalized. But. Well that's formalities at that point I think."

"This is Hinote Kagari and Gaofelle Doiru. They are Guardian Knights of Waldia. We are all friends." she says. "Runealy. Knows a little more than I do. About all this. I'm so new..." she says a little wide eyed and nervously. "...to this."

"There are others, but they had to stay behind in Waldia, I understand." she says.

"I did not get a chance to tell you the truth at the birthday party for Mikoto-chan's friend. So I will elaborate now. We-- I mean. Runealy. The Knights. us..." she says. "Are not from Europe. We are from Waldia. Waldia is another world. Not Earth. A few years back, I helped restore a barrier that kept a demon invasion out over there with the others. Anything else. Runealy or the Knights here could tell you more, once again." she says a little sadly. "I say us. Because. I am one of them. I hope you understand that." she elaborates to the other mage.

"I'm afraid I have much to learn. I should ask... for books." she says looking to Runealy. "Sit by me, Rune." she smiles. Rashmi has probably not seen Fate smile this much within all the time she's known her as much as this entire meeting thus far.
Runealy Waldia 2018-08-28 02:04:57 96238
Rune returns the bow, albeit not as deeply as Rashmi went. "I think Fate means a lot to all of us! She has done so much and come so far, and she's... frankly, incredible!"

Hinote adds something interesting. "Oh? This is from India, then? I'm used to food differing somewhat from region to region, but this is quite the change." She becomes curious, facing Hinote and then Rashmi. "Is this due to India and Tokyo being so far apart?"

Her curiosity is only further aroused when Gaofele speaks of spices. "You know something about this, Gaofele?"

Fate mentions formalities, and Rune is very quick to sit by her new sister. "Mm! At this point it's 'when', not 'if', and the 'when' of it is mostly tending to some legal records and documents. It will all be done soon, so as far as I'm concerned it's reality even if certain pieces of parchment don't yet agree. And..."

...Honestly, Fate's explanation of the different world and situation is a good summary. Rune acknowledges as much: "It's true. She's part of why I'm sitting here today, alive. So are they," a nod to Hinote and Gaofele each, "And we're delighted to have Fate among us!"
Rashmi Terios 2018-08-28 02:18:02 96243
So not European royalty.

Actual fantasy-world royalty.

Welp, there goes Rashmi's ability to process information for awhile.

The other diners might side-eye the latest in Waldian fashion, but it's not as if cosplayers haven't eaten here before... For herself, once Fate explains the situation, Rashmi's hands shoot up to her mouth, and for a moment she just... stares, stars in her eyes, as if someone had emptied an entire box of kittens in her lap and warned her not to wake up a sleeping baby.

It's a little bit before her brain unlocks, and she bows to Gaofele and Hinote in turn, then scoots over an empty chair to sit at the front of the table. Gaofele gets a relieved, grateful smile for giving her a conversational foothold, and Runealy Herself one for widening it. "....Um. It's.... wow, it's seriously good to meet all of you, and.... yeah. Actually it's a completely different country, not a region of Japan. It's where my Mami's from, Papi's from the Osaka region here. It's... yeah, it's a completely different set of flavors to work with there, Mami grows most of the spices in the greenhouse on our roof and mixes them herself. I could explain what goes into each dish if you like," she says, gesturing at the assorted fried things. "These are mostly snacks, something you'd have to eat in casual company."

Once she's done rambling, she turns a wide-eyed look to Fate, as if to say Seriously? Seriously?! I am so happy for you this is incredible!
Hinote Kagari 2018-08-28 02:29:31 96246
"That is nominally true. I'm actually an Earth native. From here. Waldia is my adopted home however, much as how Fate-chan took it. Just with less royal titles." Hinote says with a little guff giving smile to Fate. "We we're hosting Fate-chan when she managed to get away from her mother in the past. We had an emergency. We didn't exactly intend to be gone for almost two years." he says. "We got stuck. The way we use to travel between worlds became inaccessible, and the emergency itself was smaller than anticipated-- so we had a time of just sitting and waiting until the way opened again." he is vague about the particulars of the way.

"There is. More to that story, we don't hide it." he says a little sadly. "But that can wait for another day. This is about meeting one of Fate's friends."

He looks between Runealy and Rashmi, then Runealy and Gao and then back to Rashmi with another crooked grin. "Waldia is much different from Earth. Think about something like... Medieval-ish England and Europe and you'd probably be hitting in the general idea of life there." he says. "I mean it's much different from what I understand of either history. But if I had to explain it to someone, it'd be like that." he says.

He grins. "But about myself. I used to be Seiyou's star Drama Club member. That'll be a title I need to reclaim obviously, and right now I'm famous for my dad and mom not having killed me when I suddenly appeared after nearly two years!" he says with a lot of smug coyness.
Gaofele Doiru 2018-08-28 02:41:56 96251
"When I was looking into various decorative plants, quite a few of them were herbs and spice plants, and there were several mentions of Indian cuisine," Gao explains. "While none of them fit for the pergola project, I still appreciate plants, especially ones that are both decorative and useful."

He looks up towards the ceiling with a thoughtful expression, then gives Rashmi a grin. "I'm always up for learning about new plants and great craftsmanship!" the forester beams. "As for my history, I'm a longtime friend of Rune's, and I hail from a clan of foresters who help to guard the route between our worlds."
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-28 03:00:40 96258
Fate is aware of what Hinote mentions when he talks about it not being the full story. Another time, yes. She looks to Runealy and continues to smile. "Runealy knows why I had to go back to... help. My mother." she says silently as the smile fades and she looks to Rashmi. But Rashmi is aware of that much of the story at least. "Gao has this lovely pergola he's working on in the house's yard.

She'll move to touch Runealy's hand and place her hand over hers. "Runealy cares a lot about me. At the same time. I'm almost... glad that. They didn't need to deal with... that." she says quietly. "I'm sure that. She, and the Knights here would had gladly moved to help, without even needing to be asked." she says firmly. "But. They deserved better than to dirty their hands with her. Not after all they've done." she says. "Nearly as much, if not more than Nanoha has done for me." she says.

She then eyes how much the Waldians are dressed. She is not dressed as fancy. "I asked... father..." there's almost a weird smile here. It feels so odd to say that, as she speaks to Runealy there. "for some... dresses. Like you wear." she admits with just a minor blush. "When I sent the specifications for the room he wanted from me on the Waldian side of the passage. That... wasn't asking too much. Was it..?" she asks just a little distantly.
Runealy Waldia 2018-08-28 03:05:28 96259
Rune blinks a few times as she realizes that Rashmi is taking all this rather... well? Poorly? Exceptionally well? Apparently it is the last of those. "It's wonderful to meet you as well! Now... growing your own spices is special, isn't it? 'Mass production' seems to provide those for most people from what I've seen?" Notably, Runealy's tone when she speaks of mass production is a bit odd; not hostile, but she's using it clumsily as if the phrase required extra work. "And yes, Fate is for all real purposes one of us. I'm not very worried about the delays in the royal decree and its equivalents here... they're the sort of things that will be settled within days to weeks at the latest."

She opts to fill in a blank in Hinote's introduction too, giving him another soft nod. "One thing he's leaving out is that he encountered a Witch alongside me, and tried to assist as best he could. Hinote discovered a little more, and a little more, and more still, and eventually joined us. He has been a tremendous help as well!"

She then blinks a few times at Gaofele's explanation, eyes raised as she's impressed. "That's just like you, figuring out all those things in some detail before I'd even heard of them!" And just as she did with Hinote, Gaofele's introduction is given a little extra information: "He's my first close friend. I've had friends I knew before him, but none who really bonded with me like he did. Actually... I got lost in the forest his family and their associates watch over for us. He found me and helped until the others caught up!"

Fate's hand is taken with a nod-aside and smile; Rune wants to place her other hand over Fate's, and starts that motion, then reconsiders out of an abundance of caution for how comfortable Fate might be. Instead, the elder princess just rubs her held hand around slightly and slowly to show acceptance. "Too much? He talked about that with me the other day, actually... and Fate, you have some of them already going out of their way to fulfill the request. It seems a few got early word of the situation, and tried to start before you even asked!"
Rashmi Terios 2018-08-28 03:21:58 96261
So much new information to process, and the urge to just launch into an all-out question assault is strong. But better manners than that were taught to her young, and instead she busies herself with pouring a glass for each, from the cold pitcher in the middle of the table. "Here... Mango lassi. Yogurt, fruit, honey and a little cardamom. ...Um. Well... I'm Terios Rashmi, obviously you know my family owns this place... um... I go to Seishou Public, I'm in the Debate Club there, and..... Well you probably already know, I'm a Device User like Fate-chan. ...Well. Kind of on enforced break for now, but when Nicomachea's done fixing himself you'll probably see me out a lot."

When Fate's explanation moves to her mother, Rashmi's smile fades, and a bone-deep sadness swins in her eyes. "Yeah... that was..." She shakes her head, drawing in a deep breath. "Honestly more than anything, I'm glad Fate has a family to care for her, now. Like I told her before... she's more than earned her peace, and it's so nice that there's a whole other world interested in seeing she gets it."

Looking around the table, Rashmi decides to start with Runealy's questions, bobbing her head. "Well I mean with as many people who live in some places, mass-production is kind of a thing that needs to be done if you intend to get goods and food and such to everyone. But the climate isn't right for half of the spices we serve here, so that's why Mami's got the greenhouse. It's the only way we could use them without paying a fortune on imports. Actually here..." An older, slightly-battered smartphone is extracted from a pocket, and the redhead taps away, moments later sliding the phone to Gaofele. "Swipe right to look at the other pictures... There's turmeric first, we use the root, and it's bright yellow, The one with the little white flowers is cumin, we toast and grind up the seeds into powder. And there's coriander, cardamom, cinnamon... actually a lot of the spices used where Mami comes from are seeds, now I think of it..."

Shaking her head, she looks to Hinote, and the confirmation of her every nerd wish, and tries not to vibrate in her seat again.... this time with a touch more success. "So... you'll be going back and forth often, then?" Don't ask to visit don't ask to visit don't ask to visit not on the first meeting that'd be horrendously rude....
Hinote Kagari 2018-08-28 03:30:56 96264
Hinote Kagari listens and nods to Fate, a little frown. "Well. If we /were/ here. I can assure you that given what I understand right now, I don't think I would have given her much quarter unless the Princess specifically asked me to pull it back." he says gravely. He looks to Rashmi and does become a little bashful.

"I uh. I grew up on fairy tales. Still my favorite stories- and the Grand stories my dad acted in. He's the actor, Kinzo Kagari." he says. "So I was a little. Star struck? I guess you could say when I found out who Runealy was for the first time." he says with a little smirk, not commenting on Rashmi's own he can read from her face.

He nods. "Fate's going to be a princess. That means she gets to boss me and Gao around if she really wanted to. Not that she'd need to." he grins. "We're friends after all." he winks to Fate.

"Speaking of." he says. "Runealy, me and Fate-chan ran into Akashimaru the other day when a Nightmare showed up. Something about A Prince of Nightmares. I told her to drop by sometimes to catch up." he says. "Fate did the lighting thing into the Nightmare, drove it right off."

He looks to Rashmi. "Actually, the passage way is unstable. It shrinks and expands often. Sometimes it's big enough to travel through, sometimes only big enough to slide a rolled up note through." he says. "I'm going to defer anymore specifics to the Princesses here for safety reasons." he offers. "But basically I think the idea is /not/ to get stuck back in Waldia again and it's a travel from the exit side to the capital."
Gaofele Doiru 2018-08-28 03:44:33 96265
Gaofele Doiru takes a drink of the mango lassi, then nods in appreciation. "Fresh and affordable is always a good combination," he notes, then starts flicking through the picture album. Hmm, that one looks interesting, so does that one; huh, this one looks vaguely like a Waldian plant, might be a distant relative...

"I might have to look into these in more detail later," he finally remarks as he slides the smartphone back over to Rashmi after reaching the end of the picture album. "Some of them are pretty enough to be worth a project of their own!"
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-28 03:47:19 96267
Fate enjoys the contact with Runealy there. She doesn't feel odd or awkward about it. One of the few people on that short list, along with the other Waldians and Nanoha and her family. Her eyes go wide. "R..really?" she says. "Wow!" she says. "I can't wait! I mean. I can wait. I'm just excited." she relates.

She nods to Rashmi. "Hinote is right about the passage. I stepped through to speak to father not too long ago, but I only traveled a few feet from it and Bardiche was watching it like a hawk for me." she says.

She nods to Runealy. "Rashmi is a mage like I am." she does eye Rashmi. "Did something happen to Nico...?" she asks her.

She looks at Hinote and does blush. "I don't think I'm going to be ordering you guys a bunch. I mean I do a lot of stuff for myself and it's not like I can't defened myself or need someone escorting me around all the time." she smiles at him.

"Besides I have Arf for that, too.". She pauses a moment.

"....when I fought-- met-- Nanoha for the first time ever. There was a giant cat, and Runealy and Gao and Hinote we're there too." she says. "The cat was a Jewel Seed victim. Anyways. They adopted the cat after. I'm wondering how Mistpaw and Arf are gonna get along. I hope friendly together!" she says.

She pauses. "That seems like it was so long ago... but when I think about it, it's only been three years or so..hasn't it?" she asks as she looks to the others. She doesn't seem sad when she says this, just introspective.

She smiles to Runealy. "-but it'd been the first time I met you too, wouldn't it had been?" she asks. "I think maybe I owe that cat a little more than I think." she asides.
Runealy Waldia 2018-08-28 03:52:11 96268
"Earned it many times over," Rune is quick to agree with Rashmi's opinion of Fate, "And most of us adore her! Some of the children where we come from even pretend to be Fate when playing... even if they have to guess at the true extent of her abilities. Unfortunately..."

"Hinote has the right of it. We will not be crossing over very often." Her voice lowers, realizing that this would sound like an odd topic in public. "The portal between our worlds is erratic, and can shrink to such a minute size that you cannot see or hear through it. It takes hours to do this, but 'hours' count when you're far enough away that some of your travel times can be measured in days. That's how we wound up unable to help her the first time." Rune shakes her head a few times, "I am hesitant to risk that happening again while the people of Earth need our help. There might be occasional visits, but they will not stray far from the portal and only if we have a compelling reason. Otherwise... speaking through the portal, and sending correspondence, will generally have to suffice."

She takes a moment to catch her thoughts and breath, though a raised eye shows that Hinote's other remarks are on her mind. "A 'Prince of Nightmares'... that sounds like it could be trouble. Thank you for telling me... yes, we'll have to speak with Akashimaru soon. I'm glad all of you could chase it away though."

Fate's concerns prompt Rune to wonder about Rashmi's situation as well. "Yes, an 'enforced vacation' sounds... a little dire? I do hope everything will be well enough in the end?"

Then to Fate, "'Only' three years... that's a long time to me, probably feels a bit longer to you... though when you mention it, Mistpaw does seem to be a common thread here. I'm glad Mistpaw's still with us!"

Finally, Gaofele's comments draw a curious and raised eye. "A project... as in a garden of sorts? That could be wonderful, if your idea is what I think it is!"
Rashmi Terios 2018-08-28 04:14:49 96270
Hinote was star-struck? Rashmi gives the older boy a self-deprecating smile, the secret handshake of the fantasy turbo-nerd. "Yeah I don't blame yo-- wait I've seen that movie that was your dad? Woooow....."

Shaking her head a bit to get back on track, Rashmi loses her smile again at the talk of the Nightmare Prince. "Yeah... I remember when he tried to invade Tokyo, that was a nightmare. ...Um. Pun not intended, but anyway. If someone working for him's back, I need to tell Ariel-chan." Pause. Blink. "...Right. So um, Akashimaru-san and her friends aren't the only ones guarding the Dream World. There's a friend of mine who was born there, a, um..... well basically a unicorn, who's currently dating a vampire I know... Huh." Settling back, Rashmi's eyes unfocus for a bit. "Unicorn, good vampire, dragon, princess..... Yeah okay, it's official all I need to do is trip over a gryphon and I'll be able to cross off every fantasy about other worlds I've ever had... Anyway."

Sipping at her tea to regain her focus, Rashmi nods at Fate. "Yeah, Nico got... damaged pretty hard, a couple of days ago. A friend of mine comes from a family that, um... Well... Y'know how your mom was mostly mad with grief? Well... his parents're worse in some ways, because they don't have an excuse. They're just evil, powerful, rich, and wanted to turn their son into just their enforcer. And his mom tried to assassinate me for being basically a bad influence." Just another Mahou Tuesday... "Anyway he's still recovering, so I'm kind of out of action until he's okay."

Grinning at Gaofele, Rashmi tucks the phone back into her pocket. "If you're serious, I'll see if I can convince Mami to part with some cuttings and instructions of how to care for them. Since you're probably not planning on opening up a competing restaurant, I doubt it'll be a problem."
Hinote Kagari 2018-08-28 04:32:18 96271
Hinote looks at Rashmi. "It's important. We stay here.... we have a debt to Earth, and the people that helped us. If one of us doesn't tell you the story, there's other people that can. Do you know a Tuxed Kamen?" he asks. "He knows the story well." he offers. He looks to Fate and grins. "Heh. Yeah, you're right." he says.

He'll take the lassi up and takes a long sip "Oh wow, that's great." he says putting it down. "Did you know..." he says looking to Rashmi. "After giving some of my friends here some guff about modern things like phones and TVs.. after living two years in Waldia I come back and it takes me half a minute to remember what a 'light switch' is." he says with a wry smile.

Hinote does frown at the news Rashmi lays out. "I'm glad my dad's the type that sees how fortunate he is and tries to pass it down, and my mom is a police sergeant." he mutters. "-and yeah that was him. He's a little eccentric, about the only reason my mom didn't clock me one. Said he did the same when I was his age. I think he meant abscond into thin air for a few years-- not you know. Travel to another world and all that."

"If you want an autograph I can tell my dad to drop by. He'd probably be happy to if I ask him nicely." he smiles.

"...Provided he's home and not abroad. He's home enough, but travels often too. He wasn't exactly an absentee parent." he says.

He blinks and leans forward. "A unicorn!?" he says with wide eyes. "A real one!? AND A DRAGON!?" he says but then has to back himself off. "You should uh. Introduce me. Sometimes. Yes." he says as he smooths out the front of his clothes. Cough, proper, prim, yes.
Gaofele Doiru 2018-08-28 04:49:21 96274
"I'll want to have the greenhouse built before I ask for any cuttings, but it's definitely something I'll look into," Gao nods.

He frowns a bit at the description of the family of Rashmi's friend. "That's definitely a threat worth noting," the forester muses. "Might have to meet this friend of yours someday, and find out if there's anything we can do to help."
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-28 04:49:43 96275
Fate nods some. "I guess it has been a long time." she smiles to Runealy. She does look at Hinote's enthaisum though. "I've seen the collection he keeps. It's a huge storybook collection. He's probably just overly excitied now about the prospect of meeting new people and things from them." she says.

She looks to Runealy. "Thanks for coming to meet Rashmi-chan." she says softly to her. "I wanna go someplace else now. But just the two of us now." she smiles. She looks to the others and says more loudly.

"Me and Runealy are going to go out and do some other things now." she announces. "Thank you, Rashmi-chan." she says. "Um..." she fish into her pocket for a wallet, to offer payment, laying down yen notes for the lassi and anything else that came along.

"There. Hino and Gao?~ We'll be fine. You two should take a night off. That's an order." she says curtly with a single nod.

Before the two Princesses are most likely off somewhere on a girls night out somewhere. Probably!
Hinote Kagari 2018-08-28 05:01:23 96278
"Yes, Princess~" he says smugly to Fate as she orders them to take a night off. "You two be careful. Remember to call if danger does show up anywaysssss." because Knights don't actually have nights off, silly, it's in the name!