My Fair Princess

Arina finally finds her princess and learns her fate.

Date: 2018-08-31
Pose Count: 24
Arina Rehylde 2018-08-31 01:33:04 96645
    When Arina had at last been directed to the residence where Princes Runealy was to be found, she had set off immediately in her traveling clothes without waiting to say goodbye, though she felt a touch rude for doing so. It was imperative, though, that she find her way to the princess as soon as she can. She heads out across Tokyo at a good clip and evening finds her in front of the house that was, she was told, the residence of the Princess here on Earth. Now that's actually in front of it, Arina feels nervous. What if the Princess sends her home? What if the Princess is /angry/? it's a chance she shall have to take, though. It's why she came all this way across the space beteen worlds for, isn't it? Reaching out, Arina raps firmly against the door and stands back, waiting to see who might answer, if anyone does.
Hinote Kagari 2018-08-31 01:43:19 96647
Hinote Kagari was not doing anything of particular note. Fate had related something to him in texts yesterday about 'Saint George' and he messed up Chiba's place? Thusly, he's been reading, and re-reading and old storybook that features a dragon fighting a knight on the cover and seems to be called 'Saint George and the Dragon'. He's sitting on the couch in the main living room reading when he hears the door knock. He blinks, and looks around.

"Door knocking." he calls out as he walks to the door and opens it carefully, but not ultra cautiously. "Hello?" he asks as he looks down at Arina. This isn't someone he knows.
Gaofele Doiru 2018-08-31 01:59:05 96650
Gaofele Doiru is up in his room, working on various designs and sketches. With having multiple projects going on, he occasionally swaps among them -- garden and pergola planning when he's in a thinking mood, and woodcarving when he wants to do something a bit more tangible.

He sticks his head out into the hallway when there's a knocking at the front door, then nods when Hinote calls out. "Probably not the delivery guys; they said they'd send a message before they came by," he calls back.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-31 02:00:57 96651
Fate Testarossa was arranging her room. Arf was in her puppy form, on the bed, napping. It was an unexciting evening. She blushed occasionally at last night's conversation with Nanoha- thinking on it. Then there was a door knock. She peeked out of the room, and walked down the stairs, as she stood, looking down into the living room area on a small landing there.

Hopefully it was nothing bad. Demons don't 'knock', do they? Arf eventually padded down after and looked adorably out to the living room too. "I don't smell nothing untoward." says the tiny puppy. Wag wag wag wag.
Runealy Waldia 2018-08-31 02:04:08 96652
Rune was by the stairs, on the upper floor, when the commotion began. It's a relatively quiet commotion; nobody appears to be freaking out as far as the elder princess can tell. Fate passes by, and this gets Rune very curious since she can hear lots of talk already ruling out a lot of possibilities. It's not a furniture delivery, it's not a demon attack (or if it is, it's a subtle one).

Arf passes her by too, and Rune begins walking down the stairs. Unfortunately, with this many people here Rune can't see who's at the door. She settles for asking: "Hmm? Who's there? Is it someone we know?"
Arina Rehylde 2018-08-31 02:05:23 96653
    Arina peers up at Hinote. She's a tall girl dressed in the Waldian style--loose trousers tucked into boots, leather jerking or maybe a bodice. It's meant for traveling, in any case. She blinks once or twice at him. "...I prithee, I seek the Princess Runealy Waldia. Might this be where she dwells on Earth? I am Arina Rehylde, late of Waldia and I have come to serve her in any way I can." She hesitates for a moment, then adds quietly:

    "Sir, mine eyes may decieve me but art thou that noble knight, Guardian Hino of the Earth? Methinks I doth recall thee from thy time in Waldia."
Hinote Kagari 2018-08-31 02:15:48 96657
Hinote Kagari blinks once at the girl. The clothing style is familiar enough he can place it was olden. Cosplayer? History buff that followed some of the more fancily dressed people here? Then the girl mentions Runealy and a look of more familiarity crosses his face. Oh. She's from Waldia! Wait.

Runealy didn't mention anyone coming. Even with all the hubub of the adoption and construction surely she wouldn't had forgotten something like that he thinks.

"Yes, Yes I am." he says politely. "Come on in. Um. Runealy?" he asks as he looks upwards-- oh. There's Fate and the others. He nods at Gaofelle. "Not delivery person. Um. Runealy-- we're we expecting anyone from Waldia?" he asks as he looks back at the girl to make sure she enters, and make sure the door is closed behind her.

"What is your name?" he asks as he turns around to face the girl, politely.
Gaofele Doiru 2018-08-31 02:27:38 96659
Gaofele Doiru nods at the confirmation that it's not a delivery person, then closes the door to his room.

A couple moments later, he opens the door again and briskly steps into the hall, now with a surprised expression on his face. "Whoo?" he asks, the vowel inadvertently draw out slightly. "And... ''why?!'"
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-31 02:33:30 96660
Fate looks to Rune and gives her a smile, looking down to Arf and leaning down to pick the puppy up and walks down the stairs to get out of Runealy's way. "I don't think we we're expecting anyone?" she asks to her. She reaches the ground floor and pets Arf's head a little.

"Hello." she says to the tall girl. Fate was not as a visible figure when the world was saved way back. She was not a part of the recent emergency trip. Arf is thumping against her arm with her tail. "Did you end up here by accident...?" she asks. She's not ruling out a weird... stray portal? Perhaps if she is from home.
Runealy Waldia 2018-08-31 02:35:40 96662
Even without being able to see Arina, Rune can hear her... and the dialect is somewhat familiar. It's rather 'flowery' even by Rune's standards (though there are some people back home who speak in that precise style!), but the accent and word choice are enough to narrow down a lot of possibilities.

Then just a few words later, Arina narrows it down to just two things. "Wait..." The older princess' eyes go wide as she finds herself asking somewhat blankly, "What?" Fortunately, she's behind enough people and there's enough noise going on that this might be 'lost in the background.'

She recovers moments later, walking to join the gathering and looking straight to Hinote. "No, not at all. The guards are under orders to turn away anyone who gets close to the portal, finding it would require tracking one of the few people who know where it is, and the rest of the Knights are staying on guard back around the capital. There shouldn't be anyone here!"

She finally manages to get around enough of the crowd to see who's here... and now that Rune is closer, and thus able to better 'filter out' the noise of surrounding voices... she recognizes who this is. "Arina?!" That would explain some things; Runealy quickly realizes that Arina could easily have been in a position to do said 'tracking', or at least notice patterns and deduce the portal's location.

"Arina... why are you here?" Rune's tone is soft; there is no anger or confrontation, but plenty of confusion as she nods over to Gaofele. "You don't know 'why' either, I take it? That means none of us do."

Realizing that might sound bad, Rune offers a very quick clarification and nods to Fate in particular in case her new sister is worried by the unfamiliar arrival: "I know her, so it's okay. Arina, please come in. I think we've got a lot to talk about..."
Arina Rehylde 2018-08-31 02:45:51 96664
    Arina dips her head in a slight bow. "Forgive me sir, I pray. I am Arina Rehylde. I should have introduced myself at once, but thy presence overawed me." Yes, she's a bit flowery but she has reasons for it, okay? She blinks at Fate and gives her a small nod in return, greeting her.

    "Hello," she murmurs. And then... then there's Runealy. Arina's eyes go rather wide and she immediately drops to one knee, her head bowed as she waits for sentence to be passed on her treacherous he--wait. She's inviting Arina inside? She blinks, then slowwwwly rises and steps across the threshhold before immediately dropping to one knee before Runealy again, her eyes downcast.

    "Your Majesty, forgive me. I came through the portal without permission nor knowledge. I so badly wished to be of use to you in your fight, I could not but help myself!" She winces a little, uncertain of how her lady will react. At least, for now, she doesn't seem angry?

    "I wish to prove myself!" She adds in a final blurt. "I could not sit at home and wait while you endangered yourself!"
Hinote Kagari 2018-08-31 02:52:51 96665
Hinote looks to Runealy. "Oh! You know her!" he says with a smile. "Even if not expected." he says. "I'll go get some tea on then." he says as he walks to the kitchen to start the hot water and gather the good tea service up. This won't take terribly long.

He looks back and gently raises a hand as if to wave off Arina's worry. "No worries." he says. He was in Waldia for long enough to understand the parlance and accents by now. "Just relax. No anger here." he offers before doing the tea thing.

He'll stand by the door off into the kitchen to watch the going ons though, staying out of the way between Princesses and subjects for the moment.
Gaofele Doiru 2018-08-31 03:03:33 96668
Gao's eyes widen when he sees who it is. "Well... I can't say I was expecting this, but given who it is, I can't say I'm completely surprised by it, either," he muses. "I think I recall hearing during my visits to the castle about how much you enjoy stories of grand heroics."
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-31 03:07:05 96669
Arf starts squirming and Fate puts her down. Arf goes over and starts to sniff around Arina's feet, before plopping down in front of her. "Hi!" says the puppy. "You sound nice!".

Fate gives just a little smile at this. She looks up to Runealy and nods. "I am Fate Testarossa Waldia. I'm sorry. I have not been... in my new home for as long as the others. I'm sorry I haven't met you yet, because of that. But it's nice to meet you." she says quietly, and a soft bow as greetings.

She's assuming she'd have some vague idea of who this person was otherwise. Gao seems to know. Rune seems to know. She'd know.

"That is Arf. She is my currently overexcited familiar. She has a whole house now to poke around and a feline friend to bother, rather than just a room."
Runealy Waldia 2018-08-31 03:21:33 96670
"'Our' fight," Rune corrects Arina pointedly. "I'm not the only one fighting, so please always remember that. If I had done this alone as I originally thought to do..." It was something Rune was talked out of very quickly, "...I would not be standing here now."

She then nods over to Hinote, "Thank you. Tea will be wonderful!" A glance to Gaofele follows, "That would explain a lot of it, yes."

Next, Fate and Arf introduce themselves; this prompts Rune to smile, deciding none of it needs further elaboration just yet... so Rune's gaze returns to Arina. "That... is very bold of you. I'm not upset, but I am going to note your being here and seeing these things puts us in an odd position. Waldia, as a whole, is simply not ready to learn of electricity or cell phones or automobiles or any such things. So... I am going to give you one of two choices."

She paces around a little, eyes firmly on Arina the whole time while speaking. "Either you can swear an oath to reveal absolutely nothing about your time on Earth, not even so much as saying you were here to anyone and return home. Or..."

"...Or you can stay here, and send a letter back to your family letting them know you are well and will be staying with friends for a time. So long as you do not mention what you have found on Earth, I have absolutely no problem with you maintaining correspondence with them."
Arina Rehylde 2018-08-31 03:30:50 96674
    "Our fight. Of course, Your Majesty," Arina replies, looking thoroughly mortified. That moment passes, though, as Arf plops down to introduce herself. She blinks down at the puppy. "Ah. My thanks." And then Arf's mistress. She smiles at Fate as she slowly rises to her feet and adjusts her weight a little self-consciously.

    "Well met, Princess. I am honored to meet thee--I hope you find Waldia a welcome home for you. I am sure all of our people will love to have you and welcome you as you deserve." So many faces--so many /noble/ faces, too. It takes a moment for her to find her feet as she listens to Runealy speak.

    "I...I would like to stay, Your Majesty. I would like to fight alongside you." She takes a breath and instead of a stoic knight, she is a young girl who wants nothing more than to aid her beloved monarch and to prove that she belongs in this esteemed company. "I will stay. I will swear on my life never to speak of what I have seen here to those who remain in Waldia. I... Thank you." Her head lowers.

    "I thought you would be angry with me, Your Majesty."
Hinote Kagari 2018-08-31 03:33:43 96676
Hinote Kagari gives a short smile to the talk and looks back into the kitchen and walks into it, before returning with a silver tray, with a silver kettle, and some china teacups. He watches Rune pace. This usually means serious time, so he keeps quiet and his thoughts to himself for later.

He is looking around. They haven't exactly started construction yet, so it's not like they still can't change things to put in another room right?

He'll start pouring hot water into the cups wherein teabags are already placed.

"I can get some bedding prepared then if she'll be staying." he asks as he looks between the two. "At this point, I may go invest in some air mattresses." he says wryly, when he's able to interject politely.
Gaofele Doiru 2018-08-31 03:42:55 96677
"Probably time for Tokyo 101 lessons," Gao chuckles once Arina promises to keep Earth's technology a secret. "And if she's going to be here long-term, getting her enrolled at school would probably be wise."
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-31 03:50:44 96679
Fate gently pats her lap and Arf comes back to her. She scoops the puppy back up. "I know I will." she says, still wearing the small smile- in regards to how she will find Waldia. She does listen to Arina's plea. To wish to help. She... is not quite sure how to help with that. She doesn't quite understand the process by which Guardian Knights are 'made'.

Or if just anyone can become one, for that matter. Maybe it's like when a device chooses it's master, she thinks. She looks to Runealy to see how she'll reply to that. She's watching how her sister handles a situation like this. Mainly because she wouldn't know how to herself.
Runealy Waldia 2018-08-31 04:01:24 96683
"I'm alarmed," Rune admits to Arina, no longer walking around. "But alarmed isn't the same thing as angry. Arina... I'm only going to grant half of that right now. You can stay," A nod to Arina, then to Hinote, "Please do. And the air mattresses might be a good idea as well."

Then she finishes her thought to Arina, "That said, I'm not going to bring you into this fight here and now. I appreciate that you want to help, and being here says volumes about how much you mean that! But I want you to have time to think on it, to understand all of this. To understand that fighting is scary, one of the scariest things there is. If you see what we're up against, and truly decide you are okay with facing it... then... then I will grant that request. And if you decide against it?"

Rune takes a short breath before adding: "Then there's no shame in that. You could even remain here and help us in other ways. Regardless, you're going to think it over, and talk with Hinote, and Gaofele to learn about it from their perspective. Fate too, if she wants to share her thoughts on fighting demons. Then, and only then..."

Another breath before Rune partially relents. "...If you still want it, then we'll see if you're able to take on the Oath." The Oath of a Guardian Knight, one might infer.

"For now though, you'll be free to stay here and we'll help you learn about Tokyo as best we can. Tomorrow, we can prepare a letter so your family won't worry." She takes on a slight smile. "Will that be okay?"
Arina Rehylde 2018-08-31 04:16:29 96685
    That Rune is going to let her stay is enough for Arina. She hadn't even hoped to be allowed to take the Oath. This was already beyond her wildest dreams! She clasps her hands together and suppresses the urge to let out a giddy little squeal. Instead she tenses in her shoulds for a moment and then lets the tension go, her whole face lit up with joy.

    "Thank you, Your Majesty! Thank you! You won't regret this, I promise! And I will learn, I will learn everything!" She shivers again and then turns to beam and at Hinote and Gaofele, her face still shining. "It is an honor to be with you all. Truly, truly. I can't wait to--" The full realization of what Rune has just said hits her about then and she sways on her feet for a moment, eyes wide, then flops down onto one of the couches, clutching her cheeks in both hands.

    "Wait? The Oath? /The/ Oath? I--I will strive to be worthy of it." She looks back to the others, her face still shining and shocked. "I--You have all been so kind when I arrived. Thank you." She's losing a bit of her formality in the shock of the moment. Hopefully it will be permanent.

    "I will learn. I promise. And I will do my best to settle in here among these fascinating castles and towers. And I can sleep on the floor, truly, I need no special treatment..." She's a bit overwhelmed. Give her a minute.
Hinote Kagari 2018-08-31 04:21:02 96686
Hinote Kagari. "I'd be happy to share any of my stories or views on things of course." he says. "-and I'll get some bedding together, and I'll head out momentarily to pick up some air mattresses, aswell as to make sure we're stocked for the extra company." he says.

"...not that we're hurting on food. But I would rather be able to provide than provide not." he says. He picks up two saucers of tea now that they've had time to steep and offers one to the Princess first, then Arina. "Tea." he says. He looks to Fate a moment, and purses his lips before walking back to the table he put the tea service on. He reaches back down to the book he was reading earlier and walks to put it back on the shelf.

He nods at Arina. "Don't worry, I and Gao are pretty used to Earth here. Obvious I am, but well." he nods. "You'll learn fast enough."
Gaofele Doiru 2018-08-31 04:31:58 96687
Mistpaw wanders by, investigating why her people are standing around. After giving Arf a headrub-hello, the gray cat walks over and sniffs at Arina, then rubs against the girl's ankles.

"Looks like Mistpaw approves of you, Arina," Gao chuckles.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-08-31 04:37:48 96688
Arf enjoys the feline, so Mistpaw gets a lick along her head. Fate looks from this to Arina. Her amazement is infectious to some degree, but she keeps it to herself. She kneels down and taps the ground, trying to get Mistpaw to come over for pets.

"It's.... nice..." her speech is a little stilted. This sometimes happen, the rest of the group will know, 'just because'. She isn't used to talking so much! " have you here with us, Arina." she says. "It'd be nice to hear of your experiences, too. I only know so much of home." she says. "But later."

"I have to finish unpacking- and find Arf's food bowls." she says softly. Arf shoots to look up. "Food!" goes Arf. Arf starts bouncing upstairs.

"Oh dear." she says as she begins following the pup.