Congratulations, Fate T. Waldia!

With the Waldians, Fate celebrates the officialization of her adoption as Fate T. Waldia with her new sister, Extended Waldian friends, Nanoha, Rashmi, Hoshi and Mikoto!

Date: 2018-09-02
Pose Count: 33
Runealy Waldia 2018-09-02 23:14:22 96901
Rune had spoken with Fate about a lot of things lately. For one, all adoption paperwork had been taken care of yesterday... everything is now formally set! This meant there would be parties to celebrate the occasion, of course!

One of them would be impossible to attend; the portal had shrunken down far enough that people currently can't get through, so gifts were sent across instead in Fate's honor; those at least could fit through with some work, so they had been retrieved and brought back to the team's home in Tokyo.

However, that same home was to be host to an Earth-side party for the same purpose. Rune had asked Fate what sort of party might be best, and eventually the elder princess proposed making a fairly big spectacle of the occasion for her new sister!

Everything was ready. A huge cake, easily several feet tall, had been brought in and it even featured a little figurine of Fate in royal dress atop it. It's chocolate, with generous amounts of white frosting. A few silver shield emblems with pink hearts in the center have also been placed around parts of the cake, but they're limited in both size and quantity so they don't encroach on the overall design.

Tables have been set up both inside the team's living room and outside in the front yard, full of a variety of food and drink; baked goods, punch, water, soda, a mix of dishes from local diners, and so on. Triumphant classical-style music has also been set up, though it's on speakers rather than from a live band; Rune thought it prudent to avoid going too extravagant and having too large a crowd on hand while she's gauging how Fate reacts to those sort of things. Despite this substitution, it is otherwise a well-catered, high-production party.

Guests even had the option of being picked up and brought here in limos if they so desired, though Rune did not lay out any specific expectation of dress code for Fate's party. The elder princess is in her usual royal dress however, and finally seems ready as she joins Fate in the living room. "Everything's good to go, Fate! Your friends should be here really soon, the food's here, we have the gifts picked up..." She silently thinks back on where her own gifts for Fate have been set, realizing they'll be needed eventually.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-09-02 23:34:01 96904
Fate Testarossa Waldia was a little skittish about the party. She'd gotten better at people the past couple of months but this was still going to be a big crowd. This was also helped by the fact she was expecting Nanoha to come. Nanoha was a calming, collected prescene for her, just like Runealy was. Surely, having both in the same room will help her from escaping to a corner and hiding for what is supposed to be a joyus occasion.

Infact, the whole legal recourse had been completely finished yesterday! Meaning that- what had been unoffical up until now was in fact, offical on both sides of the portal as it we're. Lindy had made sure of the things on this side (King Raydel Waldia was made out to be some wealthy, Europeon person for mundane cover reasons, Earth side.) and the King had taken care of the Waldian side of it.

This felt really new now- different feeling. To have a father that-- while in another world would not whip her for the smallest of failures, and a sister that cares for her and that she cares for.

Despite this all, she'd been provided with some finery from Waldia- she had asked politely for a few dresses- she got back basically a huge trunk full of various clothes and gifts from well wishers and those wishing to gift the princess their wares.

She'd chosen to wear a dress that looked similar to Rune's regal wear though not the same. In red with black trip. She did not know proper greeting ettiqute for such an occasion. So she chose to wait near the door. But not directly in front of it. She was nervous, yes.
Rashmi Terios 2018-09-02 23:36:47 96905
When one is invited to join a party, and asked to help cater, one would have no recourse but to be in attendance. When the subject of the party is a friend, attendance is assured. When the party is thrown by an actual Princess from another world, well...

Her own contributions to the party's spread consist of a trio of platters, piled high with exotic-looking bite-size sweets; Glistening ovals of kneaded cheese soaked in flavored syrup, folded and glazed pastries pinned shut with a single clove, and cubes of sweet soft cheese, fried and dipped in a syrupy rose-flavored glaze.

For herself, Rashmi is just super excited to be attending Fate's party; enough that she'd managed to sweep Hoshi up in her wake on the way here. "Fate-chan I'm so excited for you," she witters as she sets up the desserts. "Also this is my friend Kogane Hoshi, she's saved my life more than once, and she's really good people."
Hinote Kagari 2018-09-02 23:43:21 96906
This is his element. This is Hinote Kagari's element. A FANCY PARTY. It's also being held in the Waldian's Home so that's both a plus and a minus. The plus is he can be here as long as the party runs because if he's exhausted he can just trounce upstairs to his room. The negative is that someone has to clean this up when it's all over.

He's wearing his finer Waldian wear- ridiculous cape and all, as he tsks, as he walks over to Rashmi. "Ohhhh." he says. "I can't recognize a single one of these! So that's good." he says. "It's always you know, tiny hots dogs in batter or something at usual parties." he says with a wry smirk.

He looks over between Fate and Rune as he looks down to Hoshi a moment with a nod. "Welcome!" he says.
Gaofele Doiru 2018-09-02 23:51:59 96909
Gaofele Doiru is likewise in Waldian finery, although he's definitely expecting this party to be much less formal than some of the courtly gatherings he attended in Waldia. When you're formally celebrating a princess, you dress to acknowledge the formality of the host... and given Rune, that means 'formal but relaxed' is the relevant mode.

He gives Hoshi a welcoming nod. "Always good to meet the friend of a friend," the forester remarks.
Hoshi Kogane 2018-09-02 23:52:21 96910
Hoshi has chosen not to come in henshin, but in between getting invited and showing up she's taken a quick detour and called some staff to get her a change of clothes. So now she's wearing a custom made tailored to fit and distinctly yellow formal dress, and a platinum tiara with topaz stars to match. It's modern formal with a few royal touches.

She offers a formal curtsy as she enters. "As mentioned, I am Hoshi Kogane. A Princess of the Colour Kingdom." Because the one recent exposure she's had to this crowd has informed her that this is something they may like to know up-front. If they don't care, no harm done. "Before I make the rounds, I've brought a gift for her Most Serene Highness to celebrate the occasion, where should I leave it?" She glances towards her yellow purse to emphasize the point.
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-09-02 23:57:10 96911
Nanoha Takamachi is not late. She has gotten on a dress. It is not particularly fancy, but it's the dress she uses when she's helping the family cater- so it's fairly new and pretty enough. She chose to fly here and drop down into a nearby alley, stepping in and going wide eyed. Woah! This is some big fancy party. Even fancier than some her the ones her family had catered.

She has a wrapped box as she looks around and her eyes actually glaze by Fate a few times because... she's never. Ever. Seen Fate in a dress that looked like /that/.

"" she says with just a hint of blush on her cheeks as she walks on over. "Fate you...." look pretty. "Um... Hi!" she says instead in a stammer as she gently hands Fate the box. "H--here!" she says. She looks over to Hoshi and Gaofelle and Rashmi and Rune and gives a wave. "Hello everyone!" she says with a wide smile.
Runealy Waldia 2018-09-02 23:59:29 96912
Rune has opted to wait beside the door as well, though said door is wide open; it's expected that guests will come and go. So she waits with Fate, delighted as people begin to show up! "Fate, you weren't kidding when you said you had made some friends in the meantime!" She gives a soft wave to Rashmi, and to Hoshi as well -- the latter isn't someone Rune knows, but it's apparently not a problem to the elder princess. "Thank you for being here, and helping out with the catering as well!"

She nods to Hinote as he mentions other kinds of food, "We have those too. I wanted to make sure we had something for everyone, so there's a good variety. You're looking nice, by the way!"

She has similar praise for Gaofele, "And you as well! Glad you were able to make it, and thanks for working on 'that project' from the other day." She's keeping things vague, confident Gaofele will know what 'that' is.

Then she returns Hoshi's curtsy with a surprised "Ah?", and smiling. "You are? I had no idea you'd be attending! I am Princess Runealy of Waldia, and I welcome you to our home. Gifts may be placed on the table over there..." She gestures to one set up near a side wall of the living room. "And thank you!"

Then Nanoha arrives. Rune has only met her a few times, usually briefly, but at least basically knows Nanoha's significance in being here and that's enough to net a return-wave and smile. "Thank you for joining us!"
Fate T. Waldia 2018-09-03 00:15:19 96914
Fate Testarossa gives Runealy a light smile. "Of course I didn't." she says softly. She looks back to the room. She watches Nanoha. Does... does Nanoha just glance by her? Oh there we go. She sees her now. Good. That's good. She walks on over and takes the gift with a bow. "Thank you, Nanoha!" she says as she walks it to the table with the others.

"Thank you all, for coming. I know some of you would be hee anyways..." she says looking to Runealy and the knights. "But thank you for coming regardless." she says quietly. "I'm not... good at speechs. Or talking. So. I hope that's enough to. Express my gratitude." she says softly.

Indeed, she is not good at any of that. So she leaves it at that and walks to the cake. She looks to Nanoha "I let Runealy plan the party. I've never seen such a huge cake! We didn't even make anything like this at Midori-ya the whole time I was there." she says with wide eyes to her.

She does take Nanoha's hand in the meantime and smiles a little lightly to her, and then suddenly blinks. "A..ah! I.. um. Forgot. To invite someone a moment!" she says in rapid worry before she hurries upstairs, letting go of Nanoha's hand. What's that about?
Rashmi Terios 2018-09-03 00:22:25 96915
Rashmi grins at Hinote, chuckling. "At least half of the sweets from where Mami comes from are made with a kind of cheese; it takes maybe a couple hours to make, and it doesn't keep well at all, but you can pretty easily turn it into something almost like dough with a little more effort." Nodding to the golden-brown ovals smelling of sweetness and sharp spice, the redhead chuckles. "That's those; chom chom, they're called, and Papi flavored those with cardamom."

As Hoshi introduces herself properly, Rashmi beams at Rune's reaction. Of course a Princess would take well to a Princess, and the more people she knows that know each other, the better. When the presents table is pointed out, she takes a brief moment to steal over and set a wrapped present among the offerings, and comes back just in time to give Fate's speech her undivided attention. The gratitude tugs a quiet 'awww' from her lips, but as the newly-minted Princess dashes up the stairs, Rashmi throws a puzzled look Nanoha's way. "Um... d'you know what that was, Nano-chan...?"
Hinote Kagari 2018-09-03 00:35:47 96917
Hinote Kagari gives Runealy a wry look. "Those are ever present at parties." he says. He could make another observation about them, but he doesn't less he confuse or put off anyone. Fate's scamper upstairs earns her a scrunched brow, but she's only going upstairs for a moment it sounds like, so he doesn't follow.

He nods to Rashmi. "Huh." he says as he steals a few onto a plate. "I'm gonna need to stop by your place soon by the way." she says.

"Fate said someone mentioned something about a 'Saint George'?" he asks curiously to her. "I mean. That can't be the George I'm thinking about, right?" he asks at her. "I mean you're in a better position to know what's been going on. I'm still. Settling in back on Earth." he admits.
Gaofele Doiru 2018-09-03 00:37:12 96918
Gao gives Hoshi a small bow. "I look forward to hearing more about the Color Kingdom," he nods.

Fate's speech brings a small smile to his face. While the younger princess might not be the best at speeches (and it's not like he's any better at them), it was heartfelt, and that's what's important.

When Fate mentions forgetting to invite someone, his smile widens. He has a hunch as to who it might be...
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-09-03 00:38:46 96919
Nanoha Takamachi smiles when Fate takes her hand. "I'm really happy for you Fate! I'm glad it's all official now. Mom and dad called after Lindy-sama yesterday to make sure everything was good, they wish you well! A gift from momma and poppa are in the box I gave you, along with something else I got. It's.. um. It's a dumb small thing." she says meekly.

"But it's important, okay?" she says. Then.. then Fate is running upstairs. "Maybe she went to get Arf?" she asks curiously. But she does sort of wiggle over to Rashmi a moment and then leans up to whisper something into her ear. She leans back down with a blush as she looks back to the party. "Also that really /is/ a big cake..." she says with wide eyes. "I don't even think Midori-ya has big enough ovens for the bottom layer!" she says. She's resisting the urge to do anything but look and admire it because she so wants to know more about that feat of bakery engineering.
Hoshi Kogane 2018-09-03 00:42:11 96920
"Please forgive me, your royal higness. I was invited on fairly short notice by Terios-san. I know she means well, so I assumed that meant it was fine." Hoshi deposits a small box wrapped in white with a gold-coloured ribbon at the table. It's about an inch thick, six inches wide and nine inches long. She then steps back to greet some of the others who've greeted her.
Runealy Waldia 2018-09-03 00:46:04 96922
Rune stays where she is as Fate steps away to make a 'speech' about this event... and even if it is somewhat clumsy, as far as Rune can tell it's significant progress compared to what she has known of her sister. Thus, when it's over Rune offers some soft applause and a nod to Fate; it was fine!

As for the cake, Rune takes a moment to note for those assembled: "The first slice will go to Fate. Anything on the other tables is open to eat here and now, but we'll wait for Fate before the cake itself is... hmm?"

She cuts off as Fate darts off to tend to something. Rune's first impulse is to hurry upstairs, but she realizes that might not be necessary. A missed invitation is not an emergency that requires one's elder sister to hover over and help. So Rune waits, presuming that nothing is terribly wrong. She does however opt to head over to join Rashmi and ask, "Do you have any idea who Fate might be referring to?" A glance over to Gaofele follows, "...Or perhaps you do?"
Hinote Kagari 2018-09-03 00:59:07 96925
Hinote Kagari at some point finds himself wandering to the outdoor area. Probably to get some fresh air. He'll probably find a quiet place to relax and think about things like 'Saint George' and other dumb things there after whatever he hears from Rashmi on the point for better or worse!
Rashmi Terios 2018-09-03 01:04:23 96926
"I'm afraid so," Rashmi sighs, as Hinote brings up one of the latest bugbears on her radar. "The actual saint reborn, and with Ascalon to boot. Except... Everything that's magic is Dark Witchcraft of one flavor or other, and there's only one answer to Dark Witchcraft." Blowing a lock of hair away from her face, she wrinkles her nose. "You can imagine how that, um... takes the shine off... the image I have of Saints."

As Nanoha wiggles her way over to whisper into Rashmi's ear, she blinks sharply, eyes widening, and takes a moment to reply in similar fashion. Than, she straightens to address Runealy. "...Honestly I have no idea, Runealy-sama. I'd have assumed if it was Arf, she'd just join us herself."
Nanoha Takamachi 2018-09-03 01:08:03 96927
Nanoha Takamachi nods at Rashmi. "I'll um. Talk about it with you later? I have an idea but I'll need to ask a favor..." she mutters. She then goes off. To probably find Arf. And talk to Arf about Fate related things. Because if there was any good conspirator for things involving Fate, it's probably Arf!
Fate T. Waldia 2018-09-03 01:14:34 96928
Fate Testarossa Waldia comes back down. Is she talking to someone? "Yes! I know! I forgot and I'm sorry! It's been really busy!" says Fate in an apologetic voice. There's no return. "Rashmi is there though and the others and Nanoha, too!" she says. She walks back down the stairs and then places a tin soldier on the table next to the cake. "See how big it is. I bet that's like Mount Everest to you, Jin!" she says as she resumes looking up at it.

She turns around and bows. "S--sorry about that." she says quietly. "I forgot someone. Arf doesn't like the whole mess of people here right now and--- where did Nanoha go?" she asks looking around. She seems to think a moment. Probably telepathically contacting Bardiche. Who relates something back in her head because she nods once. "Ah. Okay." she says. So she isn't far. She'll catch up later with Nanoha. Everyone wants her here right now, and it's not like Nanoha is going to turn into a pumpkin or anything, right?

"....Um. Should I cut the cake?" she must had caught that about Fate getting the first slice.
Gaofele Doiru 2018-09-03 01:17:36 96930
Gaofele Doiru just grins like he's been taking lessons from Mistpaw. He catches Rune's glance and nods slightly in response.
Runealy Waldia 2018-09-03 01:24:58 96931
"You either? Oh well," Rune accepts Rashmi's lack of knowledge pretty casually. Then Gaofele doesn't speak. This is significant. "Hnn? Wait..." Rune starts to understand what Gaofele is getting at, all of a split-second before Fate returns. "Ohhh...! Right!" A small laugh follows as Jin is brought in, and Fate's apology is dismissed with: "It's fine, in fact it's better if he's here! And, yes."

She walks over to the table, providing Fate with plate and knife and other such things for getting a slice of cake. "This is yours, so you get the first piece."
Rashmi Terios 2018-09-03 01:33:34 96933
While Jin's presence might be an incidental thing to most, Rashmi looks thunderstruck. Her hands fly up to her mouth, and tears begin to stand out behind her spectacles. "Oh, Fate-chan... You kept him? All this time? Oh..." As Fate applies the Royal Knife for the right of First Slice, Rashmi turns to Runealy and the others, sniffling faintly. "Has Fate-chan ever told you Jin-kun's story?"
Fate T. Waldia 2018-09-03 01:58:19 96934
Fate looks to Runealy and takes the knife with a nod and a smile. She looks to Rashmi and blinks. "Of...of course I kept him..." she says, a little ashamed, as if she wouldn't had or people thought she would not. She doesn't blame people for that. She was cold and distant a lot back then, for all the reasons people tend to know about now.

Less so now, of course. She talks. She smiles-- if not very wide for everyone and even still only for specific people. "I talk to him everyday." she says. "If you want to come visit him, you can, Rashmi-chan. I live here in this house. Or I can bring him to the Korma next time I visit." she says.

"I told her the story. She understands." she nods as she looks back to the cake and lifts the knife as she cuts a piece from the highest point she can reach on it. Plating the cake. She'll start cutting slices for everyone here though. The cake looks delicious, and is most certainly not a lie.
Gaofele Doiru 2018-09-03 02:08:27 96935
"Mistpaw has a similar story," Gao mentions to Rashmi. "In Mistpaw's case, the turnaround time to a happy ending was quicker, but it was a familiar tale when Fae told us the story of Jin."

Upstairs, there's a small feline sneeze, unheard by the party below.
Runealy Waldia 2018-09-03 02:09:29 96936
"I know a little something of him, at least. I would not mind knowing more," Rune comments to Rashmi, "But I've heard enough to understand he's important and quite welcome here!"

Rune then walks away from the table once Fate has gotten into the cake, heading toward the table where presents have been stockpiled. The elder princess fishes around in the pile, and retrieves a red gift-wrapped box a little smaller than a basketball. Along the way, she nods over to Gaofele, "Thank you again for working on this... it's perfect! You'll see, in just a moment."

Then she returns to Fate's side, deciding to accept a plate and cake-slice with a "Thank you," setting it aside for just a moment to offer the wrapped box to her sister. "Here... you know about a lot of the other gifts I picked up for you already," Furniture, clothes, a few possible ways to store Bardiche if so desired (Rune was definitely guessing on that one), "But this..."

A single, slow nod, "This is something I couldn't pick up in stores, and you'll see why when you open it."
Rashmi Terios 2018-09-03 02:21:57 96938
"I wasn't doubting you Fate, just..." Rashmi starts to hurriedly clarify, then trails off, shaking her head. "...I missed him, y'know? And it's nice to see he's still with you. I'll... definitely come around to check up on him, if that's okay." Sniffong, she dabs the threatening tears away, and draws in a long breath as the cake is cut, and distributed, and when her turn comes around she takes her piece with a grateful bow.

"...He was her friend when no one else could be, Runealy-sama," she murmurs. "I hope whatever was in him to make the wish, sees where she is now."

And then, the distribution of presents banishes all maudlin feelings. Because who doesn't like to watch presents being opened?
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-09-03 02:34:37 96939
And then the doorbell rings!

Looks like someone is fashionably late. Or at least, well, late. "Sorry, terribly sorry," Mikoto announces herself once someone lets her in. "Got held up... youma at the mall in Shinjuku." The sort of thing that any mahou would put aside personal matters to deal with.

She slips in with a somewhat timid smile, hoping her timing isn't held against her. She's dressed up nicely for the occasion, crisply-pressed slacks in her favored dark blue with a matching coat over a white blouse. Perched on her shoulder, incongruously enough, is a small silver-furred kitten, with the dark grey markings of a snow leopard. Those who've encountered her before will probably recognize Hikari, her Familiar.

"Glad I could finally make it..." Then she notices Rashmi's tone and appearance. Not quite recognizing anything, she just trails off, falling silent as she looks between Rashmi and Fate.
Fate T. Waldia 2018-09-03 02:46:46 96940
Fate Testarossa Waldia looks at the box and blinks as she takes it from Runealy and places it down on the table and begins to open it. She blinks and it takes her to realize what the item is, as she smiles and pulls out a bed, made of maple wood and handcrafted carefully, with a red covers and a white, stuffed pillow. "This is... wonderful Rune!" she says as she moves to give Runealy a big hug. A rarity from her-- at least with other people. She turns back and gently picks up Jin carefully. "Look... you have a bed, too now." she says. "Instead of needing to stand up all night." she says. She'll place him next to the bed carefully.

"....Yeah." she finally says to back up Rashmi's words. "And..." she says to Rashmi. "I know he can." she says softly. This is said with confidence.

She looks up and smiles. "Hello Mikoto-chan!" she says. "Late is okay!"

She nods to Runealy. "A friend." she says. "Mikoto Nakajima. That's Hikari, her familiar." gentle quiet. "Like Arf." she says "Is to me."

She looks to the box Nanoha left and she makes a lift for that next. It's small, but she opens it. There are two items in there. One is a key on a keychain with Midori-ya's bussiness logo on it, and a key. Fate 'ohs!' it takes her a moment, again to realize the meaning of the gift, but she smiles without elaborating and places it back into the box. She knows that's the gift from Nanoha's parents. Inside is... a locker tag. Probably engraced at some shop in town, with Fate's full new name on it, and a little heart stamped at the bottom right. Fancy. Permenant. Something she can take from school to school... "Oh... Nanoha...." she looks up. Right. She's off.... somewhere with Arf. Why is she feeling conspiratorial vibes suddenly? She nods a moment and closes the box carefully, placing it next to Jin's bed.

She'll look towards Rashmi's next, moving to open that next.
Gaofele Doiru 2018-09-03 02:55:00 96941
Gaofele Doiru smiles proudly. It hadn't been easy to keep that small project a secret, but it had been worth it to see Fate's reaction.

He nods a silent greeting to Mikoto, but mostly he's watching Fate open her presents.
Rashmi Terios 2018-09-03 02:56:31 96942
Rashmi's gift is fairly simple, as gifts go; a boxed-set of books by an author named Lloyd Alexander, translated to Japanese. "The fourth book was always my favorite," Rashmi says, now trying to hold back her happy-sad tears at the sight of Jin's new bed. "The main character was a child for the other three, and it's the fourth one where he really starts growing up and figuring out who he is... Not just trying to act like people he idolized."

With a shaky smile, she turns and blinks, the sight of Mikoto bringing the redhead genuine happiness. "Mikoto-chan, hi! Oh..." hurriedly she clears her throat. "Don't worry, just... Was remembering something kinda sad, is all. I'll tell you the story when it's not Fate-chan's party."
Runealy Waldia 2018-09-03 02:57:19 96943
Runealy Waldia says, "'Could' be," Rune repeats Rashmi's words. "That makes Jin even more wonderful, then." Then it's time to observe as Fate opens the box, and Rune's smile grows all the more as Fate immediately figures it out. "Yes!" Rune returns the embrace immediately while explaining, "Everyone else had some kind of furniture brought in, but I couldn't find anything for Jin that was even close to acceptable... so I asked around, got the diagrams for something much better, and Gaofele," She nods over to him, "Was able to make it a reality!"

Then she pulls back when Fate does, and nods over to Mikoto. Fate's introduction is plenty to go on. "Oh? A friend, then. Welcome!" A small nod to Hikari as well, "And the same for you!" Rune sweeps a palm around the area, indicating a few tables with food, "You're welcome to enjoy what we have prepared." There is, after all, a lot of food to go through."
Mikoto Nakajima 2018-09-03 03:08:05 96944
Mikoto smiles and stands back patiently as the presents-opening continues. Looks like she arrived just in time. She offers Rashmi a quick nod and makes a note to ask about it later.

She turns, then to offer a brief but respectful bow to Runealy. "Thank you, Waldia-ojousama. And thank you for being the friend Fate needed so badly."

Atop her shoulder, Hikari nods, and makes to hop down before Mikoto catches her by the scruff of the neck. "Wait patiently, imouto. You can eat when this is done."

The cat thus restrained from rushing off to take advantage of Runealy's offer of Food(tm), Mikoto turns her attention back to where it should be tonight - Fate. "Congratulations, Fate-san, and it's very good to see you where I'm sure you'll do well." She offers a small, book-sized box, wrapped in black with gold ribbons (after the clothes she's most often seen the girl in). It proves to contain a card good for unlimited admission (for the bearer and one companion) at one of the larger and best-regarded water parks in Tokyo. Through the end of 2020. (Mikoto's usual resort to social situations she can't instinctively grasp: throw money at the problem.)
Fate T. Waldia 2018-09-03 05:13:48 96945
Fate looks at the book set and she understands why Rashmi-chan would give her books about this subject. She smiles. "Thank you, Rashmi-chan." she says gently, with a smile. "I'll be sure to read them."

She looks over to Mikoto and beams. "Not just a friend. She's my sister!" She bows. "Thank you." she says as she recieves Mikoto's gift. She takes the box and unwraps it. Oh... a waterpark season pass of some sort good through 2020. She wonders what she would do with a thing, but she reads the card more closely when it says it's also good for her and a friend!

Her and Rune can have a sister's outing with this-- a few of them, and she can take Nanoha, too on other days! "Thank you, Miko-chan!" she says with a nod.

She looks down. "Thank you for all the kind gifts." she says. "-and words." she says. "In case. None of you know." she says. "My adoption was officalized yesterday." she says with a smile. "But that doesn't mean much, in the long run. Because even if Lindy-sama didn't approve. Or R--- my father. My new father..." she corrects herself. "Rejected me, I'd still consider Runealy my sister." she says with a confident nod. She is sure of that much, about Fate. That Runealy is her sister.