Sorry Taka-sama...!

Sorry Takashi, Lacrima may had told Ami where you're staying currently so she can deliver your Belkan device personally and maybe also give you hugs.

Date: 2018-10-26
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Lacrima 2018-10-26 17:52:47 99273
Lacrima texts Ami Mizuno at some point. She has her number. So she does that.

<TXT from Lacrima> Hey. We need to talk. Important. About Takashi. Something else, too. But also Takashi. Meet me in front of the Donut Shoppe in Four Clover Mall.

Thusly, Lacrima has found herself in the food court in casual clothes, in front of the donut shoppe. (You are not surprised.) with a stack of five donuts in front of her, some sort of frothy flavored milk (strawberry) in a cup from the same shop and she's eating.

There's a box of donuts, a similar flavored milk drink. It's chocolate. Everyone likes chocolate, right?

She's managed to not devour the stack of five donuts. She's holding back.

She may be twitching at this. Desire to... eat... donuts... growinggggggg.
Ami Mizuno 2018-10-26 17:55:38 99274
Ami is not late. She is, in fact, five minutes early. She's dressed in blue--of course. A blue skirt and a blouse in a lighter shade, with a jacket tossed over one arm. She finds Lacrima and sits across from her. "Lacchan," she says in her soft voice, concern writ large over her face. "Is Takashi-kun okay?" Using an honorific; she must still be a little upset.
Lacrima 2018-10-26 18:05:20 99275
The first thing Lacrima does when she sees Ami approach is to shove a donut into her mouth and eat it quickly. Oh, delicious donut, please taste delicious. So so delicious.

By the time Ami's approached she's done with the donut already as she wipes crumbs from her shirt and ask like she didn't just devour a donut.

"No. No he isn't." she says quietly. "He asked me not to tell anyone. Because he's..." she takes a deep breath. "He's afraid." she says.

"Maybe a.. few days before 'Final Judgement'- in which he had to face Sakura Kinomoto-- Sailor Mars, Jupiter and Nephrite somehow... went to Ireland and beat the living bejeebus out of him to send a message in his cottage there while he was researching his family history. I believe this is what's causing his current paranoia on his current issue." she says.

"During the confrontation with Sakura Kinomoto, she won. But also, there was a card in Takashi. Called 'The Dark'." she says.

"Do you know how Takashi could just glower with dark energy? Well that's gone now. Apparently he was getting all this outstanding power from that card, that's been in him as long as he's had his device." she says.
Ami Mizuno 2018-10-26 18:10:40 99276
Breathing slowly, deliberately, Ami stares at Lacrima. "What?" she says softly, her eyes narrowing. "My own friends?" She looks near tears--but not sad tears, no. Tears of rage. Tears of frustration. Tears of betrayal.

"Takashi's dark energy... is he..." She breathes again, taking a moment to collect herself, to calm down. She finds a handkerchief in her bag and dabs at her eyes before staring at Lacchan, stonily. But not upset at the energy vampire, no.

"Is he dead?" she whispers, swallowing. "Or injured? Does he need a healer?"
Lacrima 2018-10-26 18:20:54 99277
Lacrima raises her hand. "Do not be upset at them. They we're upset at the recent Mamoru situation and it was their intention to deliver a message that no more things like that would be acceptable- and that there would be consequences from now on and they would deliver them. Things escalated from a disscussion. They won. They had nothing to do with his current condition- feelings yes but not condition. I'd already spoken to Rei Hino and worked that out--- keyword. Speak. I had to evacuate Takashi from that. So I know who was there."

"As for after the confrontation with Sakura-- Takashi. He's alive. But his connection to the Dusk Zone has been weakened considerably. Initial scans suggest that his body was having a sort of... auto immune response to the dark energy. That seemed to have stabilized. Somewhat."

"Look. This.. stays between you and me. He's gonna be upset maybe if he found out I told you because he doesn't want others to know..." she says.

"He's basically powerless at the moment. Alive. But unable to transform. He's generating juuuust enough dark energy to keep Axion's basic functions online and that's it. He can't dusk step, he can't throw balls of dark energy, he can't mage cast. He can control some shadows but that's it."

"I've tried to steal 'The Dark' back from Sakura but Sakura isn't giving it up. And considering Sakura was unable to transform at the time, too-- I wasn't about to press the issue into an attack on a defenseless person." she deflates.

"Right. His old Belkan device. Do you have it?" she asks. "I'm supposed to get it back for him. Because that one is a standard device- it's possible he can use it- at least for self defense."
Ami Mizuno 2018-10-26 18:23:10 99278
Ami? Looks near tears again at this point. "Y--yeah, maybe. I don't have it with me. It's somewhere safe. But. Yeah." Her voice is miserable, concerned, sad. "I won't tell anyone, but Lacrima--" A beat, pause, whatever, as Ami sniffles and wipes her eyes again. "I don't know what to do."
Lacrima 2018-10-26 18:31:38 99279
Lacrima sighs. "You and me both, Ami-chan." she deflates. "I'm a researcher. Not a scientist." she says. "I don't know how to fix this issue. I can only take readings and make conjecture. Takashi is... I've never seen him so ... mopey. Like even in defeats he'd just regroup and get angry and work harder on the next project. He's basically moping around an Eclipse safehouse right now. Part of me...."

"Part of me thinks that-- he's had dark energy all his life. Now he doesn't have a whole lot of it anymore. That.. maybe this is 'Takashi minus enough Dark Energy' and he doesn't know what that is?" she asks. "-but like I said. Conjecture."

She sighs. "Please don't cry Ami-chan. Takashi is alive. He's ambulatory. He's just confused and upset and mopey." she says. "-and scared because he's afraid he's gonna peek his head out and get punched and be able to do jack about it, now." she says.
Ami Mizuno 2018-10-26 18:33:07 99280
Sniffling, Ami nods, and--ever prepared--hands Lacrima another, clean handkerchief, just in case. And then she thinks. "The Device is at my home," she says softly, so only Lacchan can hear. "I can meet you tomorrow before cram school, if you want?"
Lacrima 2018-10-26 18:39:16 99281
Lacrima nods. "I can pick it up then. If you want but..." she narrows her eyes and leans back. "...Here... Takashi can be found at ### ****** Drive." she says, offering a unit number and address in Mitakihara. "Maybe you can deliver in person? I really. REALLY think he could use your company right now. And if you're not upset at him- he could really really use it doubly. Just. Keep that to yourself." she says as she leans back. "Regardless, I'm still willing to pick it up."

Lacrima shifts a little. "There is... another issue." she says gently. "Another complication of my own that- I wish to speak to you about. If you're willing to listen. And potentially help." she offers.
Ami Mizuno 2018-10-26 18:40:44 99282
Ami nods. "I'll visit," she promises. "And I'm not mad. I'm worried." She gives a tiny smile, before her gaze snap back to Lacrima's face. "How can I help?" she says, eager now.
Lacrima 2018-10-26 18:57:17 99283
Lacrima nods. "I think he could benefit from your company then- and please do not... be upset at your friends. I think it was just their intention to lean into his face, state something in a place where he thinks they could not reach- and leave but well... things escalated." she says. "-and that has nothing to do with his current unpowered state. That's Sakura Kinomoto's fault." she says a little annoyed.

She sighs and rubs her forehead. "My problem..." she says.

"There is a girl named Akari Hayabusa. She's also known as 'Nightbell'." she says. "She's a... Belkan computer program with a solid form. Anyways she was found, mostly in some ruins in the Dusk Zone and had been there for basically a good few thousand years or so since Belka hasn't been around in thousands of years." she says. "So she'd been corrupted by dark energy in the meantime there. I think it was... forty percent corruption? Anyways."

"She'd spent time getting to know people and has decided she doesn't wish to do what she's doing anymore. I'm Vice Director of the subgroup of Eclipse she's a part of-- that is Takashi's divison. UMBRA. I, nominally. Have no issue with this. If she has no wish to 'do bad things' and doesn't want to work for us or Eclipse anymore- it's inefficient to try to keep her around. It's my choice that- she should be allowed to leave. This keeps a good relationship and the opportunity to maybe hire freelance later for work they might not find unsavory." she offers.

"...My higher ups disagree." she says with a sigh. "They see her as a 'thing' to be taken into a tech shop and 'reprogrammed'." she says, narrowing her eyes a little. "I don't particularly like this idea. But. They also tasked me with getting her into position to do that." she offers.

She sighs and sulks. "Ami-chan. I can't... not do this. I have to... try or at least, very convincingly try to do that." she offers.

"So what I'm doing. Is trying to get people who may be willing to.. to..."

"Ugh this sounds so dumb..." she sulks.

"Willing to protect her from me. Get in my way. So I can fail and shake my fist and go 'I would had made it if wasn't for you meddling kids!'" and run away or something. "At least until her girlfriend and sister can figure out something long term." she says. "Both of whom I need to speak to about this, too."
Ami Mizuno 2018-10-26 18:59:30 99284
Ami Mizuno listens, twisting her hankie in her hands. Her silence after Lacchan finishes is deep, but brief. "Your problem is profound, Lacchan. But I can protect her, yes. I'd be happy to, actually." A small smile. "A favor for the favor of giving me Takashi's location, hm?"
Lacrima 2018-10-26 19:06:08 99285
Lacrima makes a face. "You have no idea." she says. "I really don't want to do this, but Eclipse is the best to handle my... what I am..." she says. "Rashmi-chan..." she snorts. "Tried to offer me a spot in Virtue before. No offense. But considering I need to, you know. Eat energy to survive it puts me at odds with everyone there-- lots of that group is dedicated to punching my face because of it."

"Besides. Takashi-sama still needs me around. I can't let him down. If he ever quits, I'll consider then maybe, seriously." she offers. "But I doubt that'll ever happen." she says gently.

"Alright. Thank you then Ami-chan. I don't know where she's staying currently and I think that's for the best- but I'll speak to her girlfriend and sister and have them coordinate and maybe clue people in without cluing me in."

She says. "Heh. It's weird. Setting myself up for failure?" she asks. "But Akari can be 'uncorrupted' and if she wants to.. not be a part of anything like Eclipse. Should have the chance." she nods.

She pushes the box of donuts towards Ami. "Those are for you." she says. "By the way."
Ami Mizuno 2018-10-26 19:14:46 99286
Ami accepts the donuts, and smiles gently. "I like you, Lacchan. And I'd offer to protect you, too," she adds with a wry grin, "but you're perfectly able to protect yourself, no doubt." She stands, holding the box of donuts. "I'll keep an eye out for her." She nods and grabs her purse. "Text me her description, please." And then she smiles, waves, and heads out.