Spooky Scary Skeledreams

Content Warning: There will be skeletons. This scene may be 2spooky4you. Reminder: There is a skeleton inside you right now at this very moment.

Date: 2018-10-30
Pose Count: 41
Ariel Theodore 2018-10-30 23:13:07 99443
    It's the night before halloween... Costumes are prepped. Candy has been bought. Pumpkins have been carved and excitement is running high! Tomorrow there will be parties and sweets, and costumes and trick or treating!
    So going to bed should be easy... Eyes close, sleep comes and...
    And well, waking up is pretty weird because no one sure is in their beds, NOR in their pajamas.
    The house at the top of the hill is old and dilapidated. The wood is rotten, the windows are boarded. The lonely tree nestled beside it is bare of leaves, and a chill mist hangs low to the ground of the graveyard dotting both sides of the path up.
    Ariel is already here, looking BAFFLED. The little unicorn is dressed in an oversized blue t-shirt and khaki pants, with a white baseball cap on her head with the kanji for 'PLATELET' written on it.
    Lucky is with her, the huge shaggy dog's fur has been powdered a snowy white shate and he's wearing a white cap with 'WHITE BLOOD CELL' written on it, with a little target board sticking up from it.
    Funny thing about that. How everyone finds themselves in their costumes, on arrival.
Lacrima 2018-10-30 23:20:33 99444
Castle Duckula, home for many centuries to a dreadful dynasty of vicious vampire ducks: The Counts of Duckula.! Legend has it that these foul beings can be destroyed by a stake through the heart or exposure to sunlight. This does not suffice however, for they may be brought back to life by means of a secret rite that can be performed once a century when the moon is in the Eighth House of Aquarius.

The latest reincarnation did not run according to plan.

The last sentence could sum up Lacrima's entire existence. This cursed necklace was not meant for her. She did not want it. It was meant for someone who wanted power but she was stuck with it and it was horrible.

Rather than introspect on a word in the opening to a Western cartoon her dad introduced to her when she was little-- she decided the best course of action.

Lacrima appears dressed as a vampire duck. This looks about as ridicolous as you expect it too. She blinks once and walks towards Ariel. "Ari-chan?" she asks. "Is this another dream?" she asks looking around quizzically. What's this orange thing she's lo--oh. Oh it's the bill part of her costume. Wait. She doesn't remember getting dressed for Halloween...it isn't even Halloween yet!-- errr.


She blinks. "Reminds me of the state I found the manor in..." she says tapping her chin.
Gaofele Doiru 2018-10-30 23:22:37 99445
Gaofele Doiru had studied up on Halloween during the month, and had decided to actually make a costume for it. The Waldian is wearing an odd shirt/arm-cape hybrid, with fabric cut and sewn to make it look like wings and feathers. An owl mask helps complete the outfit, although it looks surprisingly well-fitting for some reason.

But he sure wasn't expecting to be wearing it already.

He blinks at the unexpected terrain and company, looking around cautiously. "Whoo has any idea of what's going on?" he inquires, blinking again.
Hokuto Minase 2018-10-30 23:22:46 99446
Hokuto's costume plans were... not terribly imaginative. If her family had their way she wouldn't dress up at all - Halloween is typically a busy night for them and her. But there are plenty of mahou about Tokyo these days. Surely a girl's entitled to one night off?

So there she is, 'waking up' there on the hill, dressed in her highly modified miko's outfit. You know the one. Detached sleeves, big red hairbow, all that. A meter-long stick, trailing squares of paper, held loosely in one hand, she looks about, then sighs.

"This is some party, huh? We should come here more often."
Masu Yogoshi 2018-10-30 23:28:02 99447
Masu Yogoshi has been intending to sleep. Had been, the key word there.

Except now she was in her full costume. She was wearing what looked like some kind of space outfit body suit, complete with blaster at her right hip, and five fake golden stars on her neck. And on her left hip, a sword... A laser sword. Cause spaaaaaaace.

She had her arms crossed and was looking rather annoyed. Her eyes kept occasionally twitching and... yeah. She was not happy to be here. She'd ask if it was some kind of eclipse thing but... ECLIPSE!

She, of course, was Commander Orion, captain of the Eclipse and highest ranking member of the human forces in that little war game of hers. Having single handedly saved the Moon-bearer rebellion against the... Well, it was obvious that she was the commander from book three, as she has the scar on her right cheek, but still has both legs.

She glanced over and was about to say something to those talking and... "I have no idea. We've apparently been abducted." She was quiet for a while. "Or this is a very vivid dream." She looked down at her hands and then shook her head. "No. Not a dream. Abduction is the most likely issue at hand. Or a very elaborate prank. However, I do not know any of you, so I would not be surprised to find out we've all been kidnapped at random." She swore if eclipse was behind this... She then glanced to Ariel and...

Actually had to take a step back. O-oh my gosh. She... she was so cute. Oh my gosh. DO NOT PICK HER UP AND HUG HER OH MY GOSH OH MY GOSH EEEEE! Instead she coughed into her hand and nodded. "My name is Masu. Introductions may be in order." She did glance to Lacrima. Well... she knew one of them. But... She hadn't unveileved herself to the woman yet. And she didn't like what this implied...
Narumi Nendai 2018-10-30 23:30:05 99448
Tomorrow is also Narumi's sixteenth birthday! And it's also the first time in three years she hasn't been spending as much of her time in the dream world as she can. She persuaded her mother that she had some catching up to do in the fun department, and the two of them worked on her costume: a near-perfect replica of the Touhou Project character Yukari Yakumo, as depicted in the spinoff Antinomy of Common Flowers. (That's "antinomy", meaning a paradox, not "antimony.")

At this point, she's almost jaded about finding herself in a weird dream that isn't one of her own. She sighs, takes off her blonde wig, and wills her hair to become "naturally" blonde using the power of lucid dreaming! "Well, um, I guess this is my life now!" she mutters. "Oh! Ariel-san! That's ..." She blinks. "... adorable, is what that is." She stares for slightly too long at Countess Duckula. "... um, Manako-chan hasn't shown up yet, by the way -- Oh!" She brightens at the sight of Hokuto's costume. "Is, is that Reimu!?"

She blinks at Masu. "Oh, um, right! I'm Narumi Nendai. No, uh, this actually is a dream. And we're ... somehow in our Halloween costumes. I'm, I guess my favorite video game character? Yukari Yakumo."

Well ... with that attitude, she isn't, but still.
Dragon Lamya 2018-10-30 23:30:59 99449
The immediate area starts to fill with a purple mist until it all contracts around a central point swirling and whirling around a central figure that's suddenly there. Then with an explosive burst of smoke, Lamya steps out of it, dressed in an elegant purple frilled dres in the Gothic Lolita sytle. Her hair has been dyed purple, and in one hand she holds a purple lace parisol.

All in all, not a bad Lacrima costume.

The dragon girl blinks, looking about as surprised as anybody at her entrance. "Curious," she says, examining herself and the other arriving guests. When she sees Ariel, it all comes to her. "Ah! A dream! Of course." She walks up to the unicorn and performs an adequate curtsey, one that she has practiced for just this very event. "Good evening, Ariel."
Makio Ryu 2018-10-30 23:32:19 99450
Makio Ryu had went a bit more macho than his usual fare, but he also went a bit goofier at the same time. The video gaming theme was in place, as it was for as far many years back as he could remember, however. The usual less violent and more ecological swimmer obsessed with sea life was dressed as something a BIT opposite. Decked out in a fake musclely get up with a familiar (to some) set of green armor, Makio was wearing a black wig and his hand looked like it had been in something red. ...but why was he wearing this? He wasn't set to play the Night Train yet. His Choo-choo-cha-boogie wasn't supposed to be prepared. ...somehow this feels a little familiar though...huh... He looks around lostly at all the others, tilting his head. "...dudes?"
Ariel Theodore 2018-10-30 23:57:38 99451
    So this is a thing. This is happening. People are showing up in costume and Ariel turns her head, eyes as wide as saucers as she just STARES at the procession of costumed arrivals. Many of whom she know.
    "Oh no."
    That can mean only one thing.
    "Hi Lacrima. It's a dream. --Nice costume by the way. Is that what you were going to wear tomorrow?"
    Though she purses her lips, tilting her head as Masu displays a herculean effort in not hoisting her up for sudden hugs. And there's Narumi! ... As a Touhou. To match Hokuto's Touhou.
    "Oh! Hello!" She greets the SECOND LACRIMA. "You must be ummmm. Lamya, right? It's nice to finally meet you. ... I'm just sorry it had to happen under these circumstances. Because yes Narumi. This is your life now. Just like how dealing with Weird Dream Crap had been Ariel's life for a long time.
    So when the DOOMGUY seems to be the last to arrive, Ariel holds her hand up for attention.
    "Excuse me everyone! This is a dream! I don't know what kind of dream it is, but it looks like a really spooky one, so we should all stick togther. I think we're supposed to--"
    Annnnd it starts raining. Heavily. A wild downpour of heavy rain and thunder that makes the little unicorn bleat and run for the only source of cover there is. The house. And the doors swing open with a slow creak on their own 'inviting' anyone who wants to get out of the rain inside.
    The foyer is dark... Candles light up by themselves as soon as people enter to reveal a dusty mansion entry, with marble floors that haven't been polished in ages, doors made of rotten wood to the east and west, and a creaking set of stairs leading up. The only problem is...
    As soon as Ariel and Lucky cross the threshold...

    "What?" "Huh?" "Hey!" "What's going-" "Onnnn?"

    There are norw five Ariels. All identical and all dressed as platelets.

    And Lucky is holding a very sharp bowie knife in his teeth.
    And anyone else that crosses the threshold... Well...
Masu Yogoshi 2018-10-31 00:04:33 99453
Masu Yogoshi blinked a few times. "This... is a dream," she said. Then... "Gosh darn bloody... This is another MAGIC thing, isn't it? I go to great lengths to NOT get sucked into these things! I swear if this is a witch or something..." she said, pinching the bridge of her nose as she just festered. This was all VERY annoying.

But oh, then smol!child spoke! And... how could you be mad with that around? She sighed. "I don't really know any of you, though. And I lack any magical powers so... I do not understand why I am here..." She glanced to Lacrima, again. Was it their connection? Was Tarnished supposed to be here? If this was a dream, could she BE tarnished? And then rain! She ran after the child into the house and---

Oh my gosh now there WERE FIVE OF THEM! Screw this, picking one up and holding it. BECAUSE TOO CUTE!

And there was a light tingling and... Actually, her person was human, so... She was more agile, more training, and she now knew how to fence and how to shoot a gun.

But that didn't matter.

Because now she had scooped up an adorable platelet and was hugging it. "Oh my gosh you are so adorable oh my gosh I could just DIE! You're like a massive spontaneous chemical reaction that instead of going boom went d'aww and eeeee!" Hug hug hug SO CUTE!
Gaofele Doiru 2018-10-31 00:04:58 99454
Shelter in a downpour is always a good idea, especially when you can protect yourself against whatever frights might be lurking inside.

Spontaneous multiplication of cute isn't exactly an expected thing, though.

Owlfele looks back at everyone else. "Well, this is odd," he notes...
    ...before realizing that while his head is facing back towards the others, his body isn't.

"...huh," the forester-owl blinks, then shuffles his body around to be lined up with his face again.
Hokuto Minase 2018-10-31 00:10:22 99455
Hokuto pauses at the threshold, taking in the sight of not one but five Ariel's. Okay, that's going to make things interesting. Dream logic, right? Obviously they're all -- hey, wait, someone's gone and huggled one of them. Okay, shrug, here goes everything.


Stepping through the doorway, Reimu smiles lazily and looks over the four-plus-huggedone Ariel's. A flick of her wrist and two spheres, glazed black and white in yin-yang-like shapes, slide from her sleeve into her palm. She tosses them into the air to let them orbit about her head as she waits to see what will happen next.
Narumi Nendai 2018-10-31 00:14:16 99456
Narumi lets out a yelp as the rain begins! She hurries after Ariel, rushing inside, and then she stumbles and falls flat on her face.

She stays there for several seconds. And then a gap in space opens up beneath her, leading to a dark void filled with glowing red eyes! ... and tied off at either end by cute red bows. Narumi falls in, and the slit closes behind her.

Another gap opens up, and she floats out again. But this time she's smiling, and her eyes are golden. No pupils, though, only circular irises. "Well, well, well!" she says. "Credit where it's due. Whoever manipulated the boundary between dreams and reality did so quite masterfully!" She still has the same voice as Narumi, though.

She sits on the gap she came out of like a hammock, and rides it over to Hokuto-Reimu. "So ... it looks like this is another Incident for us to resolve, hmmm?" Okay, now she's laying it on a little thick there ...
Makio Ryu 2018-10-31 00:15:28 99457
"Ahh, I thought this seemed like that time I was some kinda metal pirate dude," Makio replies to Ariel's announcement of this being a dream. With Ariel bleeting and running off, Makio furrows a brow and moves after, assuming that something might be up if SHE'S running off somewhere in a dream. Have to help the person who's hot some kinda of idea what's going on here, right? Thus he enters the place and blinks somewhat. ...why's he suddenly feel like the energizer bunny of beat downs? ...and wasn't Ariel older that one time he saw her in person instead of in dream town?

As Owlfele looks at them excercist style he startles slightly. "Thaaaaat doesn't look comfortable dude, you might wanna get your neck checked out..." He doesn't note anything out of place about Masu just yet, but hey, floating yin-yans around Hokuto! ...so waaait, does this mean he's going to go berserk or that he just has stupidly high destructive capabilities and tankiness while he's in here? Hopefully he's NOT actually berserking out, THAT could be baaaaaaad. He feels like he's still sane...but do you KNOW when you are insane? At least it looks like there are some Touhos around...
Lacrima 2018-10-31 00:23:18 99458
Lacrima enters past the thresold and---now has all the powers of a cartoon vegetarian vampire duck. This means teleportation and she can't see herself in mirrors. And also the ability to be outstandingly bad at the harmonica. She does not have that.

She blinks a little at the interior and huhs. She is non-pulsed by spooky places. She dreams of one regularly. She lives in one. But it's the effects that catch her off guard.

F...five Ariels? And Lucky has a knife? Why does lucky have a knife. Regardless, when Masu picks up one of the Ariels she blinks and points. "H--hey! Put my girlfriend down!" she says. "Er! Girlfriends! Look! Just.. just do it!" she says frustratingly. "This isn't the time for hugs anyways...." she huffs.

There's a bolt of lightning that seems associated with this. She looks around shiftingly.


She eyes Hokuto. And frowns. Then Narumi. And frowns more. "I see..." she says. ".....I have all the powers of a cartoon vegetarian duck. Great. That's //lovely//." lightning flash.

"Yeah that's going to keep happening when I'm annoyed and/or upset." she says angrily.

Lighting... flash.

She actually has no idea who Masu is. She's an unknown.

"Either someone really likes Halloween or this is a Nightmare's way of screwing with us." she says, as she meanders towards Ariel(s). "This is confusing now. We need to figure stuff out fast before something creeps up on us."
Ariel Theodore 2018-10-31 00:39:08 99459
    Yes this is exactly like the time you were a pirate metal dude, Makio.
    Though now it's a lot more halloween spirited. The five Ariels huddle amongst themselves for a beat trying to figure out what to do now that everyone is inside.
    "Okay first off we need to decide who's going to lead us..."
    "Oh! I know! Ariel should!"
    "Oh yes that's a great idea, I nominate Ariel!"
    "Me too! Ariel's a fine leader!
    "Mm! Mm! It should be Ariel!"
    With that decided, the five Ariels have chosen their squad leader, and she designates her new position by spinning her hat backwards, "Okay everyone, I thi--" Bleat!
    That is the sound of a unicorn getting suddenly hoisted and hugged. It's a little chirrup of surprise, but she largely does not seem to mind it. Masu even gets hugged back!
    Funny thing about that though. Ariel's hug seems to make everything feel better.
    But this is a sidnote, as everyone starts figuring out their new perks.
    The other four Ariels are giggling- though the lightning strikes get a sudden collective series of bleats from the squad.
    "Okay um."
    "So we should probably..."
    "Start explori--"
    That's when a door is kicked open.
    By a skeleton.
    And it's followed by another. And another. And another-- and soon enough a flood of jangling bones come rushing into the room, cackling and rattling, and pulling bones off themselves and throwing them around at the dreamers like boney projectiles.
Hokuto Minase 2018-10-31 00:45:09 99460
The Hokurei Miko pauses, and turns her head, and takes in the sight of 'Yakumo'. (Yakurumi? Yukami? Eh, whatever.) "So, you're claiming you had nothing to do with it, oh ancient and wonderful gap youkai?"

She shrugs. "Fine, I'll believe you. For now. But you watch it! Or I'll purify you right back to Makai!" (She rather carefully steps aside to make sure she's out of the way of potential conflict between the Ariel-hugger and Lacrima.)

And then there are skeletons. And a sighing miko. "There you are! I was waiting for the other shoe to drop!"

She gives her gohei a twirl and casts a series of ofuda into the path of the skeletons, forming a temporary wall. "That ought to hold them for a minute or so, but not much more! Anyone who isn't able to fight them, get yourselves clear!"
Masu Yogoshi 2018-10-31 00:49:21 99461
Masu Yogoshi glanced over to Lacrima and... Stared. "Wait, your girlfriend? This... small adorable child? I... see. V-very well, then." Oh dear heavens. It was worse than she thought. She pushed small child to the other woman. "Ahhh... h-here," she said. She looked shaken.

Oh gosh this was the tiny child who she had... Who Lacrima had promised to introduce her to. Oh my gosh that meant she was the sparkling unicorn, the one who was the basis for her dark sparkles she created in order to fight joy. Oh my gosh oh my gosh oh my gosh. So. Cute. Oh my gosh. She wondered if she could set her up with a play date with her little brother, it would be--

NO! Business! SEPARATE! From personal! "R-right. Dream. And... huh. So people have powers. Now. Cool. Err, f-focus on that." She quickly turned away from the bastion of adorable. And saw the other four. Oh gosh. Today was goiung to be rough.

And then... Bones! She blinked. "Skeletons? Really?" she asked. "Isn't that a bit--" One of the bones hit her... and bounced off, a force field appearing around her body. "Oh, right, the VF73. I forgot about that. Wait, I wonder..." She drew the gun and... Blasted one of the skeletons in the face! A blast of plasma shooting through the air and...

She blinked. Stared. Glanced to her gun... Then gave out a low, ominious, almost evil laughter. "Hee hee hee hee. This is gonna be a fun dream..."
Narumi Nendai 2018-10-31 00:55:02 99462
'Yukarumi' smiles, and whips a paper fan out of her sleeve. With a wave, she sends a series of brilliant beams of light into the mass of skeletons. "I'm afraid I haven't come from Makai, my dear Reimu-san," she says, in a cheerful lilt which ... doesn't sound remotely smug, but which nevertheless manages to come across as incredibly smug nonetheless.

She lifts her skirt, and a huge gap-claw reaches out and smashes skeletons in melee-range. "Perhaps you might say you shall blast me into next century? I'm certain you'd feel much more merry with that conclusion."

She pauses, and then breaks character for a moment. "Actually, um, sorry, I didn't catch your name?" A thrown bone hits her upside the head, and she staggers back. "OW!"
Lacrima 2018-10-31 01:01:48 99463
Lacrima obtains an Ariel. She huffs and places Ariel down on her feet. She knows being close to Ariel always makes one feel better. She sighs a bit and mutters something unintelligible to herself. She blinks a little and erfs..! "Um..." she grabs Ariel's hand. Well. The one she's with right now. Which she hopes is the real Ariel. Maybe they're all the real Ariel.

Why? Skeletons. "This is bad and I don't think Duckula had any fighty powers so I'm not sure I do." she says.


She lets go of Ariel's hands and begins to pat herself down and removes...

A comically large, for duckbills, Harmonica. "Okay." she says.

She begins playing.

Badly. Really. Really badly. Ear screeching badly. Like it was her secret power- a cacophony of harmonica.

She's hoping to maybe distract the skeletons long enough for people to vamoose to a different room in the moment and maybe barricade doors or something.
Makio Ryu 2018-10-31 01:11:58 99464
Makio Ryu gives another slight startle as the bones come flying. "The heck," he wonders as a bone seemingly just harmlessly bounces off of his head. He flails to catch it before it falls to the ground and waves it at the skeletons in a 'tuttut' kind of gesture. "I've got a bone to pick with you mooks, it ain't polite to show your selves to the ladies, yanno."
Gaofele Doiru 2018-10-31 01:12:07 99465
Owlfele snorts at Doomkio's comment. "It's physically comfortable enough, the forester remarks. As the skeletons barge in, he leaps into the air with a flap, gracefully landing on the railing of the stairs. "Okay, time for a fight," he notes as he narrows his eyes and reaches for his transformation bracer.

It was at this moment that Gao realizes two things about owls:
    1.) They don't have hands.
    2.) They don't really have arms, either.

Gao blinks a time or two, then eyes his feet speculatively. "Well, if I have wings instead of arms, and my neck has that kind of rotation available... then maybe these work like the real thing, too," he muses.

With a mighty flap of his silent wings, Owlfele takes to the air, divebombing the skeletons and crushing a pair of skulls with his powerful talons before flying out of melee reach of them.
Ariel Theodore 2018-10-31 01:14:56 99466
    There are skeletons. There are many skeletons. Somehow Lucky barks even with his mouth full around that knife before he lunges in and starts taking slashes at the skeletal invaders. And then it's just chaos.
    Ariel is handed off, the little platelet dangling in the pass from Commander Orion to Countess Duckula. But indeed, the other shoe has dropped. In an instant, the foyer is utter chaos as the legion of chattering dead rush in, only to be shot, ofuda'd, clawed-- one actually explodes into dust' from how bad that harmonica playing is. And as soon as Larima lets go of her, the Ariel returns to the Ariel Collective, which begins to huddle and whisper among themselves.
    "Okay! Do you have your fibrin?"
    "Don't forget the coagulation factor!"
    "Attach them together!"
    "Yep!" "Yes!" "Mhm!"
    The Ariels... Are beginning to work on something.
    Though while the skeletons are being fended off, getting bowled into by a divebombing Owlfele, the door to the other side of the room smashes open.
    That is a big skeleton.
    No seriously it's like fifteen feet tall. And it's panited up like it's on Dia de los Muertos-- which has
nothing to do with halloween at all''. How it manages to fit in the room is... Dream logic, really.
Masu Yogoshi 2018-10-31 01:23:29 99467
Masu Yogoshi reallllly regretted not dressing up as someone with psionic abilities now. Or one of those big mecha suits. Granted, she imagined she was lucky she didn't turn into an owl or something. She'd be feeling feathers for weeks.

And then oh my gosh there were puns. She couldn't help giggling a bit as she kept shooting. this was actually kind of fun, nothing major, just a bunch of skeletons, a couple of people. Oh my gosh adorable platelets oh my gosh she had to stop for a few moments due to sheer adorableness.

And then boom. She turned and... The color drained slightly. Realllllllly wished she'd chosen someone with one of the massive mechs. Instead... She drew a space grenade and chucked it at the creature! Yay! Unfortunately, well... It was a space, sci fi grenade... So... how effective exploding plasma would be was anyone's guess. But at least shrapnel wouldn't rain down on them. "Might I suggest we fall back?" she offered as she tried to move to the nearest doorway NOT currently dominated by the 'refuse to stay down' gang.
Hokuto Minase 2018-10-31 01:33:47 99468
'Hokurei' grins as she watches her ofuda plow through the crowd of skeletons. "Hah! I got more than you this time, Yakumo!" She's focusing on them, not on Plateletriel, so she doesn't notice the little conspiracy of cuteness going on in the corner.

All in all, she is rather merry. "See! One more for me!" Except for the harmonica of evil doomitydoom hate. The more skeletons fall, the more she can hear it.

"Y - yakumo... Yakumo-chan... for all the things I've ever done for you..." Yes, she's throwing herself thoroughly into her role, here. "Please, for the love of all the kami, put about a thousand miles between that sound and my ears? Please?"

Saved. Saved not by her impassioned plea for Yukari's aid, but by the arrival of Skeleboss. And an exploding grenade. Good, more noise. Less antimusic.

A wave of her gohei, that stick with the trailing paper ribbons, and her yin-yang orbs fly off to circle about the big skeleton, repeatedly pounding on it as they fly directly into it again and again.

"Huggy girl is right, let's clear out!"
Lacrima 2018-10-31 01:34:56 99469
Lacrima eyes as her playing destroys skeletons, she looks down at the harmonica, and back up at the skeletons and makes a face. "It isn't that bad. Is it?" she asks. She scrunches her nose, which makes the beak hikes up a bit as she watches the Ariels begin to work on something...

"Um..." she says.

"What are you doing Ariel... um. Ariels. Um..." What's the word for a group of Ariels? A cute. Yes It's a Cute of Ariels.


"Oh that's a big giant skeleton. Um... if someone has-- something to handle that..." she says.

"Ariel come on, we have to go..!" she says. "Unless that can help us!" she says hurriedly.
Gaofele Doiru 2018-10-31 01:45:24 99470
Owlfele circles around up near the ceiling, planning his next attack on the skeletal horde. Watch the attacks, time the gaps, size up the boneheads for a likely cluster of targets to maul...

...dodge out of the way of the debris kicked up by the big skeletons' entrance...

The forester-owl glides for a moment as he stares at the new arrival. "...nnnope," he hoots before redoubling his diveboming talon strikes on the main skeletal mob..
Narumi Nendai 2018-10-31 01:46:29 99471
Narukari winces at the sound. "Okay!" she says. "Time to see what level of bullcrap my powers are on." She gestures dramatically with the paper fan. "Boundary between Harmony and Dissonance!"

... nothing happens. "Okay, closer to canon," she mutters.

And then the Huge Skeleton appears. For a second, she stares at it like a deer caught in the headlights. But then she shakes her head, and quickly gets back into character. "... Fascinating!" she says. "Uh. An excellent plan, Yogoshi-san!" She slips into the hammock-gap, and immediately pops out of another one in the next room. "I ... believe I should be able to handle whatever form of barricade we desire," she says. "I should be able to do something with the Boundary between Inside and Outside ..."
Makio Ryu 2018-10-31 01:50:42 99473
Makio Ryu winces some at the harmonica playing as done by Countess Duckrima. However, the news that Owlfele's neck doesn't hurt gets a nod. As the large skeleton appears, 'Doomkio' can't help smirking. Hey, it's skeletons! No harm in hurting skeletons! ...That isn't racist, is it? Well, in any case...

"Hey, did you know that you're huge," Makio calls up at the 'baws' skeleton before looking to the others, "You dudes do what you need to, yeah..." He'd toss the others a thumbs up and then he's off to punch a giant collection of bones.
Ariel Theodore 2018-10-31 02:08:46 99474
    That big skeleton IS something to nope away from. Though unfortunately it doesn't have any guts for Makio to tear into, but that's not going to stop the Doomguy from going to town on it, is it?
    Still, now might be a good time to bail, and while 'huggy girl' suggests falling back, the only path is up the stairs.
    "This can help!" One of the Ariels replies to Duckrima, as they finish working on a large pink net... And once people start heading up the stairs, the Ariels spread it across the banisters-- catching a few skeletons that try to follow; though Narumi might be even more helpful there.
    "Phew..." "Well done~." "Yay~." "Good work everyone~."
    That just leaves the big door at the top of the stairs.
    An Ariel cracks it open and takes a peek inside. Another Ariel peeks in beneath her- and another climbs over to peek, too.
    "Okay new plan, guys." "It's really spooky in there."
    Uh oh. What could be behind that door?
Masu Yogoshi 2018-10-31 02:16:30 99476
Masu Yogoshi had to stop. Just for a second, to glance at Lacrima. "It is the single worst sound i have ever heard. Fortunately, whatever other... advancements these powers gave me allowed me to filter it out. Advanced science is awesome. I wonder if I could mimic any of... No. Dream. Probably runs on gumdrops and happy feelings or something. At least my empathy doesn't seem to do anything here..." That, or she was tuning it out better. DREAMS!

They retreated up the stairs and she shot some more covering fire... not that it likely did much, but well. Might as well! Of course... once they were upstairs...

The Cute of Ariel's proceed to, well, cute it up. Her heart pounded a bit and she BARELY resisted picking up all three and hugging them soooo much. "I don't think we have much choice. So... ready your... ummm. Things. And let's go in. Cause it's that, or the bone golem downstairs. And I don't think we did much damage to it with our attacks. So how bad could it be?"

And then she cringed. "Crud. I said it. In a dream. WHY?"
Lacrima 2018-10-31 02:33:17 99477
Countess Duckcrima is running when Ariel does finally. She isn't leaving anyone behind, mind- but she most certainly isn't leaving Ariel behind. She frowns back to Masu. "....I don't think I know you..." she says quietly. "You new to this?..." she asks curiously. She looks back to the 'Cute of Ariels' and gently sighs.

She'll peek into the door to see just how spooky. Really. How spooky could it be? She can handle it right? She's a horrid vampire vegetarian duck, right?

Gaofele Doiru 2018-10-31 02:36:19 99478
Well, the small skeletons are contained, and the large one is stuck in the middle of a brawl. Owlfele circles around up near the ceiling, keeping an eye on the door that Duckrima and the Cute of Ariels are peeking through, ready to divebomb any monster that might bust out and threaten the group.
Hokuto Minase 2018-10-31 02:42:38 99479
Hokureimu shakes her head. "Spooky or not, we know what's downstairs." The race up the stairs doesn't even leave her out of breath. Cheaty onmyou. She looks over at Yakumo, as if to see what she'll say about it but doesn't even bother to ask. She just tosses a wall of ofuda up to reinforce the net holding back the skeletons.

"Right, downstairs is definitely out. We are not going there. So get that door open."
Narumi Nendai 2018-10-31 02:47:09 99480
Narumi just ... smiles back at Hokuto, staying in-character and not saying anything in response. "You know, I could probably tear them all asunder with a single Spell Card," she remarks cheerfully. "We have several options for defending ourselves, really. I see no reason not to simply open it up."

And then she stops. "I mean ... I can't ... really see anything wrong with just doing that, so, uh ... yeah."
Ariel Theodore 2018-10-31 02:56:37 99481
    So what could be behind that door? What could be so absolutely spooky to spook the cute squad? Well, the Ariels turn about, each pursing their lips into a little moue of thought. This is it, then. It looks like the only choice is through the door. And once everyone says they're ready, one Ariel grabs a knob. Another Ariel grabs the other knob
    "All..." "Right..." "Don't say" "We didn't..." "Warn youuuuu."
    The room beyond is... Brightly lit. There are tables set, decorated with pumpkins and candy and pie and treats. There's a skeleton in a party hat in every seat, and heads turn towards the group of the living.
    One skeleton makes a sound somewhere between rattling bones and cackling laughter.
    "It turns out." Ariel says. "That this isn't a nightmare. It's a Halloween dream-" "And it just wanted-" "to spook us a bit."
    "That one says the skeletons inside us-" "Are even invited to the party."
Masu Yogoshi 2018-10-31 03:02:06 99482
Masu Yogoshi sighed and glanced to Lacrima. "I'm..." How to explain this? Tell Lacrima the truth? They were.... friends... right? But... work/personal life separation. "Yes. I don't have magical powers or... any of that. Though I have found myself drawn into more than my fair share of... these things of late. The only magical ability I have is an empathic detection. Magic enough, I suppose, to suddenly lure in all the..." She chose her next words slowly. "Magically gifted. I don't know why I was drawn into this. Luck, I suppose. I couldn't say if it was good, or bad..." She then glanced to the Cute of Ariel. "Good, I think."

It opens. And... Masu... Face. Palms. Just face palms. "I don't even... This is... This is all so silly. I wonder if this actually is a dream and I just had too much pie..." she mumbled as she sheathed her gun and walked inside. Then... "Am i becoming too indifferent towards all of this? I wonder..." She stopped by one of the Ariels.

And idly began petting her on the head, ruffling her ears. Too. Cute.
Gaofele Doiru 2018-10-31 03:07:45 99483
Owlfele just... facefaults into a controlled crash in front of the door. He carefully stands up, brushing his feathers back into position, then glances at the living group. "Well, it's... unconventional hospitality, but hospitality nonetheless," he shrugs. "It'd be rude to turn down the invitation at this point."

And with that, he strides into the party room with as much dignity as a 5' 8" owl can muster. "Say, I don't suppose you have any lemon-flavored pastries, do you...?"
Hokuto Minase 2018-10-31 03:11:08 99484
Hokureimu looks through the door. Looks back to the Cute of Ariel. Looks over at Narukari. "..." she says, astutely. Then she gathers herself and looks back at her fellow Touhou.

"This is all your fault, you know," she assures the Gap Youkai. "But at least it looks like they know how to throw a party. Now, if we could've gotten in a proper spell-card battle...."
Lacrima 2018-10-31 03:12:01 99485
Duckcrima makes a face and just sighs and grabs Ariels(s) by the hand and pulls them into the party. "If this is a spooky skeleton party then we're gonna have a party and enjoy it and I am going to feed you pie." she says frustratedly, lightning crashing in the background again. She isn't that angry, but still!

She's gonna spend the rest of the evening feeding pies to Ariel(s). This is probably the best she can hope for.
Narumi Nendai 2018-10-31 03:17:39 99486
Narumi blinks in surprise. Then she lets out an un-Yukari-like giggle. "Okay, I'm fine with this!" she says.

She snickers at Hokuto's insistence on Reimu-ness, and grins at her. "You know, this would probably be more effective if I was actually taller than you," she says. She reaches into a miniature gap, and snags a slice of pie from the table. "But, I mean, we could definitely arrange a Spell Card duel, if the rain lets up before the sun comes up." She grins. "Now I kinda want to meet you in the waking world, 'Reimu' ..."