Trouble in the Barrier Garden!

Runealy, Gaofele, Akari, Jiaying, and Tyrfing go to investigate a garden! They encounter The Thorn and learn some information before they're forced to flee! ... Except for Jiaying and Akari... what will be their fate?!

Date: 2018-11-03
Pose Count: 35
Pyrne Mikhael 2018-11-03 23:07:57 99723
     Rumors are a wonderful thing. They spread information, regardless of if it's the truth or not, and rumor was something that Pyrne was relying on tonight. Rumors of her garden that she'd created, from the simple to the wild and outrageous. Rumors that it was a great place for a nap, that there were strange plants that seemed like they were from another place. Some said that they were real, others said they were fake. Others still say that they're real but painted to look like they are! The mind of those trying to ignore magic creates all sorts of excuses, after all.

     Regardless, descriptions of the plants in the garden spread almost as easily, some real, some wrong... but most importantly, enough that it would likely grab the attention of anyone from Waldia, as several of the plants sounded... familiar. Also magical. Really anyone might be interested in the magical aspect.

     So be it due to sensing the magic, or following rumors... the Barrier Garden awaits.
Gaofele Doiru 2018-11-03 23:37:54 99729
Talking about gardens is a good way to get Gaofele's attention. Even if he doesn't join the conversation, he'll listen in on the descriptions of the plants, the layout of the components, and the location of the garden itself.

Describing plants that sound oddly similar to Waldian plants will get him to join the conversation, where he'll use questions such as "is that the one with...?" and other phrasings that hint at curiosity to get more details. He'll even ask if a particular plant has a trait that he knows it doesn't have, just to figure out if he accidentally led the person with the previous questions.

Finding out that there are Waldian plants in a garden in Tokyo will definitely get him to show up.

"I'm not sure why there's Waldian plants here, and other than secondhand descriptions I'm not even sure if they are Waldian plants," Gao explains to Rune as they approach the garden's location. "But I need to check it out for myself, and I wouldn't be surprised if there's something going on, so... better to have backup and not need it than the other way around, right?"
Runealy Waldia 2018-11-03 23:42:25 99730
Rune often misses out on important news... but she pays attention when friends bring it to her. Gaofele's accounts alarmed her at the time, though she quickly agreed to go with him. Her thoughts were fairly collected by then, as she noted: "Even if it's what others told you, I'm guessing there were far too many details lining up to dismiss it as coincidence, right?"

Now she's following behind him as they go through the park. "It's been quite some time since I was here, but... I don't remember this 'pressure' from just being here. I think you were right to look into this." Her gaze drifts from side to side, taking in details.
Koji Silvia 2018-11-03 23:51:47 99732
As the pair of Waldians pass into the garden, there's a shimmer in the air behind them as another individual coming to check out the strangeness of the new Garden. When the pair move out of view of him, the Geistmodus is ended by one Koji Silvia, sometimes even remembered by his Device's name. Unity Knight Tyrfing.

'Y'know boss... we could have let them know we're here.' Comes the gruff, felinely growlish tones of Tyrfing.

Hand movements from Koji cause two of the six Bits under his control to touch tips, open, and create a monitor screen before him, while the other four sprout leg-like spines as he changes them from Combat to Sensor Mode, "Any signs of a dimension disturbance, Tyr-san?"

'You're being oddly formal today, Koji. Whaaaat's up?'

"This is the first time we've done anything like this, let alone solo, Tyrfing." Koji replies with a sigh, "If this is a threat, we'll need as much data as we can to take back to Virtue."

'Yeah yeah, whatever... jeez... if yer gonna turn Captain Silvia on me FINE... deploying Spion Zwei through Sechs.'

Koji doesn't really reply to that as the four Bits cloak and float up over the Garden to begin a thorough magical scan of the area.
Akari Hayabusa 2018-11-03 23:54:57 99733
"Oh, hi, yes," says Nightbell's voice from a little ways off the path, in that higher and less gruff tone Gao might recognize from after Sakura hugged her out of her little moment. "Rubindorn's picking up corrupted energy in those plants."

... except that instead of a purple-haired nearly-seven-foot-tall Belkan woman with glowing red cat-eyes and eldritch-looking tattoos, there's a blue-haired nearly-six-foot-tall Belkan girl with brown eyes, looking perfectly human and dressed in a blue tracksuit that looks very new. Holding onto Rubindorn's pendant-form as it hangs around her neck.

"They also immediately started trying to drain the magical energy of the spell," she says, and then pauses. "My real name is Akari Hayabusa, by the way. That, um ..." She grimaces. "W-well, a few days after the tollbooth incident, I realized that this is my 'real' self, not ... 'Nightbell.'" She actually sounds uncomfortable just saying the name. "So, um ... I'd prefer if you ... just ... used my real name."
Jiaying Maki 2018-11-03 23:56:41 99734
Saturday night, loud music, she's left her hiding place. Not that Jiaying has anything she has to hide from persay, more that lately she's found comfort in spending time at a strange little shrine. It's why she didn't immediately poke her face straight into the rumors of a garden, instead chasing rumors down to see what kind of strange it slots in as. #r #r There's a moment of hesitation, outside of that gate. There's people there though. She slips through the gate, hopping it instead of opening it if possible. A quiet look around, left to right, then she starts to make her way over to the others. A wave goes out, but she doesn't say anything right away.

She's dressed simply enough, a light jacket with a string of patches along the arms and back, a black band t-shirt and a fitted pair of jeans.
Pyrne Mikhael 2018-11-04 00:04:43 99735
     As they approach the garden, a sense of corruption and dread begins to suffuse those who are magical. In fact, there's a strong sense that it's an awful idea to enter the garden, yet at the same time it's the most enticing idea in the world. When the group enters the garden, there is an almost immediate, mild, draining feeling. To someone mundane they'd probably just take it as a sense of peace and awe from entering the hauntingly beautiful garden.

     But to those magical, the corruption lingering in the air makes that sense of peace and awe become less ... pleasant. A sense of discomfort. And... are... the flowers glowing a little brighter upon the entrance of the heroes? It's hard to tell, maybe it's just a trick of the eye?

     Koji's magical probing finds... very little in the way of dimensional disturbances, this place /should/ be here, it was all grown ... moderately... naturally. Clearly by magic, but not through teleportation. The other thing of note is that the moment the magical scan begins, the energy of the spell is being drained at, which might cause some of the readings to be a bit wonky, but otherwise it's pretty successful. Every plant has been suffused with corrupted magic, and the strongest source of it is the tree in the middle of the garden.

     Akari, obviously, finds about the same as the Koji, in that the area is corrupted and the biggest source of energy is that tree, and that sense of oppression isn't going away any time soon.

     It's not long after Jiaying steps into the garden, that... the magic in the garden seems to surge, and brambles erupt from the edge of the garden, forming a massive dome with all of the heroes inside! What little light there was is cut off, leaving only the light of those glowing plants, which seem to beat with a pulse that runs down them to the tree at the heart. That sense of dread grows, and a hoarse, rattling voice can be heard rumbling through the area. "RRRRRUUUUUUUNNNNNEEEEEEEAAAAALLLLYYYYYYYYYYYY."

     The source of the voice isn't immediately obvious, but being on guard is likely a good idea, as the grasses and vines in the grasses suddenly lash out, attempting to enwrap everyone there! And then... the 'ghost' of the Barrier Garden is visible, stepping out from the center of the ashen-barked tree, which cracks for her exit. The Thorn is here. And she does not look like she intends to have a pleasant chat.
Gaofele Doiru 2018-11-04 00:22:39 99737
Gaofele Doiru nods towards Akari. "Energy-draining plants? That's not good," he frowns. "Although that does explain why people were saying that this was a good place to take a nap..."

The frown turns into a grimace as he looks at the actual plants. "The details matched, and they're accurate -- these are Waldian plants," the forester adds to Rune. "And something is definitely up here."

He rests his arm in front of his chest, ready to grab the bracer but not yet reaching for it. Koji and Jiaying get nods of acknowledgement, but Gao's focus is on the garden and the surroundings, awaiting trouble... a sudden cage and lunging plants.

"To protect the lands, I am Guardian Gao!" he shouts, quickly snagging his bracer and sliding it onto his left arm. There's a glow of green and a tuft of non-corrupted plants launching him upward, and then Guardian Gao is in the air, slowly drifting downwards as oversized maple seed slow his descent.

The forester-knight's eyes narrow at the 'ghost'. "You know the plants of Waldia, and you know the crown princess' name," he growls, drawing his bow. "Who are you?"
Runealy Waldia 2018-11-04 00:29:49 99738
Rune spares a glance back to Koji, but doesn't seem to immediately understand the significance; she offers a nod and handwave in any case.

Introductions are made with one of their companions in the meantime, and Rune repeats the name: "Akari Hayabusa, then. A pleasure to meet you." She's missing a little context, but has a fairly good idea what's going on with Akari being with them nonetheless.

The princess nonetheless has to wince as they make their way into the garden. "This place feels wrong. I don't like it!" It will unfortunately have to be dealt with, as the area has just become a plant-dome. Rune looks around in every direction, startled...

...And then goes wide-eyed as her name is screamed. "Hnn?!" That's enough to get her moving, and she dives aside from the rising vines. Landing in a heap, Rune starts to pick herself up and stares at the figure that just emerged. Gao has already pointed out all the details she would have, so she lets his statements stand without repeating them.

Instead, she mirrors only one of them: "Who are you?!" Then she adds to it: "Summoning Princess' Tiara!"

The jeweled headwear appears in one hand, a throbbing energy-hum noise coming from it. "The Line of Succession..." It's passed to her other hand, which brings it to her forehead. "Transform!"

A flash of red light follows, then she's in full magical form with wand in hand.
Koji Silvia 2018-11-04 00:37:17 99739
'Well... that escalated quickly.' Comes Tyrfing's voice in Koji's head.

As Koji watches on his monitor, because of the mild magical drain he's seeing, there's flitters and fluctuations on the light-images. In the air, his Spion Bits flicker into existence and then vanish once more, as the magic first drawn from is their cloaking fields. This causes the raven-haired young man to purse his lips in thought, and then says softly, "I wish Rashmi was here... she could Barrier this whole Garden."

'I did say...'

"Okay yes, I could have called."

'But no... you've gotta prove yourself, huh.'

Koji huffs and then just mutters, "Just... watch my back, okay?"

'Don't I always?'

With that short conversation out of the way, he waves his hand in the air, dispersing the screen, but still getting information from those cloaked Bits. He closes his eyes and focuses, a Belkan tri-gram appearing at his feet and slowly turning clockwise, the young Mage focusing to generate more Bits to get ready for what's going to happen inevitably.
Akari Hayabusa 2018-11-04 00:47:51 99740
Akari can't help but smile faintly at how easily Gao and Rune accept her as-is. "By the way, I'll want to talk to you at some point afterward, Your Highness." Her gaze shifts directly to Gao. "I miiiight need to take you up on -- huh!?"

Suddenly, the more immediate problem suddenly becomes much more pressing! "Scheisse!" she exclaims, grabbing her pendant in both hands as the vines start grabbing. "Rubindorn?"

Her pendant pings, and the gem flickers. <<BESTIMMT, HERRIN!>> Certainly, mistress!

And then she's surrounded by a surge of blue glitchy light, which then turns purple with dark energy, and then she's in the demonic-looking form Rune and Gao are more familiar with, and her pendant has transformed into a six-foot longsword with a blood-red blade. She immediately takes off and flies into the air, sword held at the ready.

Ping! <<ZEIT-RAUM-SCHRANKE!>> Time-space barrier! It looks like Koji's getting his wish anyway as a blood-red Belkan trigram appears around Akari's feet, and a barrier forms (albeit slightly more sluggishly than Rashmi's version), filtering any non-magical people out of the battlefield, and shifting everything half a dimension over so that any collateral damage won't stick.
Jiaying Maki 2018-11-04 01:00:23 99741
Jiaying Maki frowns as she takes a moment to sniff at the air. "I think I might call the health services about this place." Though there is that sensation of the place sealing behind her. She turns on her heel, watching it quietly. "So uh." She starts, then stops and looks over her shoulder. "Guess that simplifies things doesn't it." A clap of her hands, and her a sudden bank of mist washes over her. When she reappears wearing a chinese kung fu outfit and with her less-than-human heritage on display.

"It smells funny here and I think it's probably unhealthy to stick around." Brushing herself down, she holds her hand out, summoning the mist into a guandao, complete with a pair of ribbonos trailing. "Uh, I'm a nuwu. I'll uh, help. You guys want to take point? Or should I?" She's trying to do the planning thing. It's weird.
Pyrne Mikhael 2018-11-04 01:08:05 99742
    Guardian Gao. The 'Ghost's' eyes lock on him. "The dead need not names." It's hard to tell if the 'Ghost' is speaking of herself or Gao. However, there is CLEAR hatred in that tone. So she probably means Gao. Especially as lifting into the air seems to trigger the cage -- which sends several of those brambles lashing out towards him and that maple seed, likely making his descent MUCH quicker as they attempt to slam him into the ground! Meanwhile, the plants left behind in Gao's ascent rapidly seem to rot away, as if rapidly going through their life cycle.

     There isn't any really bothered response to Runealy, having already given an answer basically. Instead, while the Princess transforms, there is a sudden wave of thorny vines, carrying the 'ghost' forward, as a large two-handed flail grows out of the ground! On the way towards the Princess, the ghost grabs the flail by the haft, breaking it off of the ground shortly before it lifts, spinning the spiked log-like end towards Runealy's side shortly after she finishes the transformation, possibly before she can even act! And even if she manages to dodge that one, a second swing comes almost as suddenly as the first. It doesn't seem like this 'ghost' -- whoever it is -- intends to give any room to breathe!

     Luckily for Tyrfing, the energy drain isn't enough to disrupt his spells much at all! At least not yet. That said, as he actives that magical circle below him, the plants below react again, those vines that attempted to wrap him before attempting again in earnest! No less than ten medium-sized vines attempting to wrap around him, grab him, dig in thorns, and begin to drain in a much more direct and dramatic fashion!

     A barrier wraps the area, as Nightbell so wisely sets one up! The mundane people who had been napping in the area are filtered out, and many of them likely will have woken up and wandered off by the end of the fight, no worse for the wear! Unfortunately, casting seems to get the attention of the bramble dome, and several of those brambles surge out to attempt to grab Nightbell from behind with those thorns! Much like Guardian Gao, those brambles attempt to knock her back down to earth!

     Oddly enough, the vines... don't seem to have much interest in Jiaying, beyond that initial grasp at everyone. They do grab at her Guandao as it's summoned, almost as if they were reflexively reacting to any magic and attempting to drain it.

    As the battle begins, those mushrooms seem to be beginning to sprout and spread over more of the area... perhaps that's where the drained energy is going and being stored?
Gaofele Doiru 2018-11-04 01:25:04 99743
Well, if midair is going to be more immediately dangerous than the ground, then Gao can easily adapt. The remaining oversized maple seeds circling the forester-knight vanish in a swirl of magic as he does a diving roll away from the brambles and fires a quick shot. "Nettle Barrage!" Gao yells, unleashing a volley of needle-like arrow shafts to get between the 'ghost' and Rune -- a painful suppression zone if the 'ghost' wanders into it.

A split second before hitting the ground, Gao is briefly circled once again by the oversized maple seeds, slowing the forester-knight enough for a hard landing instead of a crash. "Somebody try to get rid of those mushrooms; I'll work on keeping this 'ghost' busy!" he calls to the others.
Runealy Waldia 2018-11-04 01:26:57 99744
Rune's gaze rises for a split-second as Akari's barrier forms; she doesn't say anything about it but the princess does recognize what has been done and appreciates it. Especially since the unknown figure is speaking of 'the dead' and that gets Rune's eyes right back on the threat at hand!

It's not hard to notice, since their foe is rushing her headlong and the princess is under attack almost as soon as her transformation finishes! "Ch?!" A startled noise, rather than any articulate word, accompanies Runealy's boot-wings lighting up; a trail of silver sparkles follows as she's launched into the air to avoid the flail as it swishes through where its target had been all of a half-second ago. The follow-up swipe is met with Rune swinging her staff down at it, deflecting the attack... but not cleanly; the impact jars her and knocks the princess off course for her landing. She lands with a stumble, eyes raised high and heart pounding as she realizes just how heavy those swings were!

"You don't look like a demon, and you don't fight quite like one either. What's going on?!" Rune shouts this question with lots of gasps punctuating her words, the inquiry is one of frightened alarm rather than commanding presence demanding an answer.

The question is also followed by pointing her wand at their foe and launching a sparkling orb. The projectile aims to explode into emerald mist on impact, much like smoke from a missile might rise should this blast connect. She does not respond to Gao's request to focus on mushrooms, but she does comment on the needle-field: "...Pretty smart, I see what you're doing. Thank you!"
Koji Silvia 2018-11-04 01:37:42 99745

As the vines wrap and sink into the young Knight-Mage's ankles and calves, he winces, but keeps his position as he says, "I need a count before we can deploy!"

'This is a bad idea! 5...'

Koji winces as the vines grip harder, sliding up almost to his thighs and sinking more of those wicked thorns into him.


The young man's eyes wince tight as he starts to sweat, fighting the drain on him as his Knight Cloth starts to develop small holes in it where the thorns are, blue-white energy from his Device revealing the school uniform pants underneath..

'3... 2...'

The vines haul Koji to his knees with a jerk, causing him to grit his teeth hard and clench his eyes in pain, growling out, "Just... a little... m-more..." And above and around the Garden, the four Spion Bits reappear, their little sensor-legs retracting as they shift back into Combat Form, their red crystals at their bases beginning to glow with an almost grim intent...


From the swordsheathe on Koji's back, a half-dozen small panels open up, and each of them disgorges two more of those same Bits into the air, making the total count 18 of the small things.

The others can hear it as Koji suddenly intones, <<MESSERPFEIL! SIEBEN BIS ACHTZEN!>>

*PING* 'JA WOHL!' The Device roars out.

All of those small Bits flatten and from each an energy plane of azure shaped like a spearhead. Control tri-grams appear in front of both of Unity Knight Tyrfing's hands, and in several slicing motions, they begin to swarm the vines in slashing strikes, cutting him free so he can stand, and attacking any others that come close.

Pushing himself to standing, "Tyrfing, prep Ein through Sechs for Raketenschlag!"

'You got it!'
Akari Hayabusa 2018-11-04 01:45:19 99746
Akari whirls around hurriedly thrusts a gauntleted hand out, and Rubindorn pings. <<PANZERSCHILD!>> Panzer Shield! A red Belkan spell triangle appears, cracking under the strain of the the whipping vines, but they hold strong enough for Akari to fly backward and out of the way.

She can't help but smile at Gao's needle-screen; here's hoping it fares better than when he tried the same trick on Akari herself! She makes a quick mental note of what appears to be a Belkan Knight with a Unison Device, before turning her attention back on the battle. "Well. Time to find out if this corrupted energy is the kind that's mutually invulnerable to us, Rubindorn!" she says.

Ping! <<KARTUSCHE BEREIT!>> Cartridge ready! A gun-trigger setup sticks out of Rubindorn's hilt. Akari pulls the trigger, and there's a sound like a gunshot and her sword vents black steam, as the blade becomes engulfed in darkness. <<ROSENWIND!>> Akari swings her sword twice at the mushrooms Gao indicated, and each time, it sends out a slash of darkness which seems to deplete the dark energy around the blade.
Jiaying Maki 2018-11-04 02:02:02 99747
Jiaying Maki notes the distinct lack of attacks coming her way and hesitates. "Should... I be offended?" Though she eventually shakes her head and looks towards the ghost. Pointing at it, she hooks her finger, claws on full display as she says, "Come with me little ghost, we'll take you where you belong." Though even as she's trying to take control of it, she steps forward, polearm at the ready before lashing out with the magical construct of mist, magic and water.

She continues her movement, a stagger step back and forth, trying to make her movement erratic. She does note the mushrooms, but doesn't seem fully sure if she should smash them, drown them or both. The spores might be bad, they might be holding on to all the power, they might be nothing...
Pyrne Mikhael 2018-11-04 02:08:31 99748
     Guardian Gao's nettle field goes down! And... The Thorn just... seems to ignore it? It's not that it's ineffective, the 'ghost' just neglects to pay attention to its existence, as the rain of nettles strike along the ghost's form, leaving several marks where they land. "What a terrible place to use plants, Guardian Gao." The Thorn comments towards him. Once more, that decay begins to tear at his plants; not that it stops their effect. But this is clearly a land where (most) plants can't survive. In fact, there are some patches of the garden where even the 'dark' plants are beginning to decay. The Thorn gestures a finger, and as if to return the nettles; several thorns are launched towards the guardian like a rain of needles! While they don't do much damage themselves; they do begin to inject a dark energy into the Guardian. Corruptive and painful.

     "The beginning of your end." The Thorn responds to the Princess and her question. There is active displeasure on the Thorn's face at the fact the princess mostly evaded her attack and even BLOCKED the second one. A displeasure that twists back into anger, seething hatred that is somehow visible in those black eyes as she looks towards the Princess. The Thorn once again, doesn't... seem that intent on dodging the incoming fire from Runealy! Which she immediately regrets, as that burst of emerald mist actually gives her pause, hissing as she swipes away at the air with that flail a few moments to make it disperse.

     The Thorn returns her focus to Runealy after she seems to be satisfied that she's dispersed enough of the mist, black steam seeming to coming off of her body. "Irritating. This is the vaunted princess?" The Thorn growls, one hand subtly gesturing! A vine from the dome flashes down towards Runealy's back, as the Thorn swings from the front, energy suffusing the thorns of that flail! Not attempting to drain this time, but instead inject painful, corruptive energy. "Rot away."

     The attempts of Tyrfing to cut free of the vines are... pretty effective, actually! Though that drain seems to be spreading those mushrooms further and further, covering much of the area they were fighting now, hundreds of small mushrooms just suffusing the land! Could they be a way to regain the lost energy? Or just another trap that will drain one's energy. For now, however, it seems that Tyrfing has bought himself a moment of respite from the vines as they begin to regrow and reseed themselves, letting him prepare without too much issue!

    Rosewind! Akari's spell goes off! And it slashes towards a group of the mushrooms! It's hard to specifically target all of them due to the widespread nature of them. They also don't appear to be immune to dark energy at all! Nope. Though like all energy, some of that dark energy is drained away. But she successfully destroys the mushrooms! ... ... ... There's just one problem.

     A cloud of rotting spores is immediately released from the mushrooms as they're struck, beginning to fill that dome. Dark energy suffuses that cloud, irritating throats, eyes, noses, and making it generally unpleasant to exist while in that cloud. As well, there is a brief flash of dark energy upon immediate contact, a thousand tiny stings that could rapidly wear someone down if they linger!

    Unfortunately for Jiaying, the 'ghost' is not actually a ghost and the Thorn glances just a moment towards her in a 'are you serious?' kind of look. Of course, that magical attack of mist and water comes in towards The Thorn! Which ... actually makes an attempt to soften the blow, continuing her movements after her swing at Runealy to partially meet that oncoming attack and deflect it (slightly), to turn it into a more glancing blow. This has the two-fold effect of giving her the momentum to come back for another swing; which is aimed at Jiaying! It's not a very well-aimed attack and doesn't have proper power though; as Jiaying is at a bad angle for the swipe, having been more towards The Thorn's side.

     And it turns out that Jiaying was right! The spores are bad. Very bad. Also probably holding a lot of power. But mostly just very bad.
Gaofele Doiru 2018-11-04 02:26:44 99751
Guardian Gao rolls to the side, trying to avoid the worst of the thorn volley even as he swaps his bow for his staff. It more or less works, although the dark energy of the thorns that do connect still hurt like crazy. Plucking them off individually would take quite a while, and that's not even taking into account whatever the thorns might do if grasped.

Maybe it'd be easier to scrape them all off at once?

Gao shoves the end of his staff into the ground and lightly covers his nostrils with a thumb and a knuckle. "Forest Wall!" he calls out, quickly shutting his mouth and closing his eyes as plants erupt around him like a surprisingly solid (and rough) geyser. After a quick moment, the plants fall away as the forester-knight ceases focus on them, and Gao steps forward -- rather mussed up, but no longer pricked by the dark thorns.

"Plants aren't a good idea, huh?" he muses, watching Pyrne warily as he holds his staff in a defensive posture. "Then I'll just have to grow past that."
Runealy Waldia 2018-11-04 02:32:29 99754
Rune spares a quick glance at the plant-rot. She wouldn't have been surprised by it from their attacker's plants, but to see Gao's wither so quickly draws a quick gasp. "What do you mean, 'the end'? Wait...!" This isn't a request for their attacker to stop; it's the princess voicing the moment of realization as two things dawn on her.

First, a direct hit appeared to only deal modest damage to their foe. She has seen this happen a few other times, but it tells her that this isn't a common enemy.

The second realization is spoken aloud: "You're out to kill u-- ah?!" She pivots away from the vine, the gems on Rune's tiara lighting up to spray a quick stream of energy at it in the hopes of driving it off.

The problem with this plan is the Thorn is following up on the vine assault. Runealy starts to notice this, head turning to face this new threat. The tiara blast is redirected, boot-wings glow as she starts to leap away, and...

...It is too late. The flail swing connects almost dead-center with the princess! If not for the attempted evasion, it would have been a direct -- and likely fatal -- blow.

It is nonetheless crushingly powerful, and sends Rune flying with a drawn out shriek! She's airborne, just not quite the way she intended. Sailing at an arc, Rune comes near Akari before losing altitude...

...And she is heading straight for the ground in a flat-spin. Her boot wings dim, no longer emitting the energy Rune normally uses to direct her movement.
Akari Hayabusa 2018-11-04 02:37:03 99755
Akari's eyes go wide. "... Uhhhhh ... crap!" Especially in this form, she's largely immune to the effects of dark energy, but that is not good in general ...

Suddenly, a princess is sent flying towards her! "Scheisse!" she exclaims, and she hurriedly swoops in towards Runealy, putting Rubindorn on her back where it stays with a click, right before she throws her arms around Rune.

She slows down to a gentle stop, then rights herself, arms still wrapped around Rune. "Are you all right!?" she says, worry clearly visible in her glowing cat-eyes.
Jiaying Maki 2018-11-04 02:41:04 99757
Jiaying Maki seems to stagger, her guandao twisting away. Standing up straight, she then almost falls backwards, steps to the side on her back foot then lashes out in a wide sweep with the guandao. Using that same momentum, she lunges forward, left hand extended outward to try and dig her claws in.

"Come on, that's not very nice, here we are trying to enjoy a nice garden and you've gone and made it all dark and corrupted. Not even the fun kind with ghosts and monsters. We have such fun parties at those!"

She pauses and adds quietly, "Uh, not that we're bad or anything. We like fun too." Of course, there's a flying magical girl that catches her attention and she follows up with a quick strike with the base of the polearm, trying to put as much pressure the angry one.
Koji Silvia 2018-11-04 02:45:48 99759
With a leap that is boosted by the effect of the Knight Cloth, Koji leaps over a hedge row to where the female Belkan Knight and the Princess are, saying in a rather calm tone, "Change of plans. <<Autonome Schild! Ein bis Sechs!>>

*PING* 'Ja Wohl!' The Device that sits on his back in it's lesser Sword Form intones as the six Bits that were readying themselves to launch like missiles at the mushrooms form up into more Tri-grams, and each manifest Belkan-formulae shields.

Those triangles of energy spin outwards of their own accords as the Unison Device takes control of them and begins to play blocker for the larger vines coming down from the ceiling.

As he lands, Koji still has the small tri-grams in front of each hand, showing a surprising amount of delicate control with the dozen magic blades that he sends flying around them like a conductor. Some of them get caught and sucked up into the vines, their energy depleted, and he eventually draws the now straight-blade Wakizashi-styled sword off his back, fighting in a reverse grip to keep Akari and Runealy safe as he says, "Whatever you're going to do, do it fast! I can't keep this up forever!"

Around him, the tempest of blades and shields continues on, until he sweeps his arm upwards, "Tyrfing!" <<LEERE LANZE! SIEBEN BIS ZWOLF!>>

A fresh *PING* comes from the sheathe, and two thirds of the blade-Bits peels off from their formations and lock together, reshaping and interlocking, then firing beams of blue-white energy up into the canopy at the base of the vines, attempting to sever them with laser-like energy!

All of this, and somehow the boy maintains this utter, reassuring calm.
Pyrne Mikhael 2018-11-04 02:54:29 99761
     Luckily for Guardian Gao, beyond that he's pulling out thorns, removing them doesn't seem to have any particular side-effects! In fact the use of the trees on himself probably is worse than removing the thorns, really. "Ah. Humor. Yes, that is how people cope with bad situations, isn't it." Pyrne comments. Yes. She is acknowledging the pun. Still, it seems she's pretty focused right now, in fact, almost singularly focused as her attacks FINALLY impact Runealy rather effectively.

     And she continues her advance, even as the princess falls. "Good guess, princess." An advance that continues towards Akari as she scoops her up to stop her from just hitting the ground. Of course, this just makes Nightbell a target for The Thorn, but she's stopped in this advance!

     Halted; or at least delayed by Jiaying and her attempt to put pressure on the Thorn. "What, you don't like naps?" Pyrne responds to the fox, as she makes an effort to keep her balance after the strike from the guandao. Aaaand then there's claws digging into her. Black begins to ooze around Jiaying's claws, as the Thorn abandons her weapon with an angered growl. Instead, one of those spidery, skeletal hands reaches straight for Jiaying's face, attempting to grab it and TEAR her away from her, seeming to not care much about the damage that it causes to herself. If she manages to get hold of the fox, she throws her with surprising strength! "ENOUGH! I WILL NOT BE ROBBED!"

     And then, both hands are brought together and SLAMMED into the ground, just in time for that shield to appear! A wave of brambles ripples out through the area, centered on The Thorn, attempting to throw everyone! This draws from the brambles making up the dome, however, creating several holes where people could either be flung out, or escape through! Meanwhile, Tyrfing's shield does just what it is meant to do, keeping those vines at bay, cutting and creating a hole in the wave!

     The rest of those mushrooms appear to have popped. Those spores spreading once more. It's probably a good idea to get out of the area quickly, since there's an opening. Luckily; that barrier is keeping those spores from escaping to affect the outside world.
Runealy Waldia 2018-11-04 02:56:34 99763
While Rune is fairly easy to catch, she is not easy to converse with. All she really does is dangle limp in Akari's hold, head low and eyes glassy. The princess is breathing, and still has hold on her wand, but... that is about all Rune appears to be doing. She is conscious, but not coherent.
Gaofele Doiru 2018-11-04 03:19:41 99768
"Humor and truth," Gao shrugs. He relaxes a small fraction when Rune is caught, but he's still sizing up Pyrne. How best to fight this foe?

Well, in this case, quite possibly by retreating for now. "TREE!" the forester-knight bellows as he strikes the staff into the ground beneath his feet. This time, a mighty tree erupts with gao standing on the upper branches, elevating him above the whipping brambles and sickening spores and bringing him through one of the gaps in the dome. Before the tree collapses from the corrupt ground, a burst of plants from under Gao's feet sends the forester leaping sideways, another ring of oversized maple seeds helping to prolong the jump by slowing his fall, but not slowing his horizontal movement much.
Akari Hayabusa 2018-11-04 03:27:44 99770
Akari looks around, still holding Rune. "Crap crap crap crap ..." She flies straight up into the air to avoid the attack, and then takes a few deep breaths. Panic is not good in this form, and Gao knows why. Besides, she's probably not the ranking officer with the princess incapacitated, but someone needs to make a decision, and she's the one currently carrying Runealy.

"Okay!" she says. "I should probably stay here and keep the barrier up while these damn spores are in the air, but someone needs to move the princess out of here!" She looks at the others present. "The barrier itself is permeable, there's nothing holding anyone here in, it's just to avoid civilian casualties and collateral damage."
Koji Silvia 2018-11-04 03:34:37 99774
Koji says from where he is on the ground, after Akari leaps away to head for the temporary hole cut into the canopy, "Got it!"

The young Knight sheathes his sword once more and then claps his hands together, dispelling the formula on his hand, but then spreads it out and brings it up over his head, <<UBERTRAGUNGSLEISTUNG.>>

All the remaining Bits swarm back to their core, but instead of going away, the attach to Koji's legs, arms, and torso, attaching at the joints and seeming to attach threads of mana to each other. Once the final one seals over the breastplate of his light Knight Cloth, he leaps into the air... Device-boosted Strength and speed being applied now so he flies up past Nightbell, fielding the Princess like a a fireman over his shoulder, going right for where Gao is, saying aloud, "Here! Get her clear!"
Jiaying Maki 2018-11-04 03:45:17 99776
Jiaying Maki finds herself grabbed by the face, pulling her hand free, she quickly tries to wrap both hands around the other girl's arm, then she suddenly jumps up and tries to plant her feet against her side to pull both of them to the ground. "Get off!" she shouts, though with that kind of maneuver, if she's definitely not in a position to stop herself from being thrown away if she's not successful.

Either way, she did try to twist, pull and claw her way to some kind of offbalance, pain in the side problem of a fox until she's tossed! Or if at least.
Pyrne Mikhael 2018-11-04 03:53:14 99777
     Hmm. Looks like Gao isn't going to be the dead. If Pyrne wasn't so utterly ticked off right now, she'd probably give him some vague form of respect for escaping or something!!! Like perhaps that she's called Thorn! But unfortunately she is too livid that she was THIS CLOSE and Runealy is about to escape her grasp.

     It sounded like Akari was going to hang back, and Tyrfing was flying off to toss Runealy to Gao, who had already gotten out. (And his plants outside the dome are quite happy and growing normally!) And there was still a fox attached to her arm. As angry as she was, Pyrne knew that this situation wouldn't let her easily get after Runealy.

     Speaking of the fox, the fox she had attempted to throw is now... attached to her arm. There are a few moments of The Thorn just shaking her arm around wildly attempting to knock the fox off. Her other arm lifted to quickly smack at her a few times. "You first, fox." Meanwhile, the opening to escape is beginning to close again rapidly... anyone who doesn't escape /now/ is going to lose their chance!

    (OOC note: Anyone who remains will be welcomed to a resume scene tomorrow around the same time for their escape.)
Koji Silvia 2018-11-04 03:59:41 99779
When Unity Knight Tyrfing clears the dimensional barrier, there's almost a sigh of relief from him as he is going to pass off the Princess to Gao... except he's not there. So really he has no choice... he turns to take the incoming impact on the ground, and boosts as much magic into the back-part of the chained Bits acting like an exoskeleton to cushion.

The pair land hard into a bush across the street... leaving Runealy tastefully sprawled atop it to be found by her companions, and Koji in a tangle of bush branches, limbs, and hair.

'Well, that was really graceful.'

"Oh shut up..."

'Do I get to tell your boyfriend you got beaten by a bush?'

"SHUT. UP. Tyrfing."
Akari Hayabusa 2018-11-04 04:11:39 99780
Akari exhales, relieved that the Princess is now home free. She makes no effort to escape. "Well," she says, squaring off against the Thorn, "looks like it's just the three of us now!"

Ping! <<MENSCHENMENGEFORM!>> Crowd Form. In a transformation that is as mechanical as it is magical, the sword becomes a nine-foot double-ended spontoon spear. The gun-trigger setup is sticking out of the midway point on the shaft.

"I've got five more cartridges, by the way," she adds. "The last two people I whacked with this polearm while it was powered up by a cartridge ..." She grins, but it's a nervous grin. "Well, I'm not actually proud of either case, but let's just say it put 'em out of the fight."

She pulls the trigger, and there's a thunderclap as the polearm begins buzzing with power. "Whaddaya say we find out if you can take it?"
Jiaying Maki 2018-11-04 04:33:37 99781
Jiaying Maki is rattled and shaken. She tenses up, then tries to use momentum to twist and try again to drag Pyrne to the ground, hoping to get some leverage, something to throw her off balance. To the others, she calls out, "Leave, I can get out on my own." All with the up and down shaking and problems that would cause trying to communicate.

She's flung free finally, landing in a crumpled heap, but she rolls, twists and hops to her feet quickly enough and takes a defensive stance, swaying back and forth, moving around and in general trying to be unpredictable, the tennents of a lot of fun martial arts!
Pyrne Mikhael 2018-11-04 04:36:51 99782
     The Thorn gives a slow exhale as she listens to Akari's words. "The annoying fly that cost me my goal buzzes." Black eyes look up towards Akari. "I really don't care what you've done to people in the past. I will break you with your own spear if need be."

     As Jiaying was finally off of her, The Thorn reached out, grabbing the rapidly regrown flail, she turns towards her two foes, a look of grim determination on her face. Or at least that's the look she was trying to show. But no, she's absolutely livid, and it shows. To the point she's even shaking. "Rejoice. The two of you will be fodder for the sake of another."

     It doesn't sound like a good thing with the tone she speaks it in.

            TO BE CONTINUED.