Seed of Sunrise: Rising Crash

Rising Crash, a dangerous Lost Logia, crashes to Earth. Can it be contained, and what mysterious message does it contain?

Date: 2015-08-29
Pose Count: 46
Catastrophic Crunch 2015-08-29 21:00:21 8841
    It's early morning- the sun is just beginning to rise over the buildings of Tokyo. Most people are still in bed, alarms having yet to sound, moms having yet to burst in demanding people get up for school. The streets are quiet, only a few cars, headlights still on, driving to and fro. It's probably better that way.

    Streaking across the sky comes a line of fire, trailing a long tail of burning smoke. In the local radar stations and weather tracking facilities, alarms begin to go off. Another meteor! It's strange for them to be spaced out so much, but this is far from the first time in recent weeks that something like this has happened.

    It's headed straight for North Clover Street in Pikarigaoka, luckily an area of parks and open boulevards, and not so many buildings. Even so, as the small fireball streaks lower through the sky, there's bound to be some damage.

    Indeed, it clips the edge of a building as it begins to dip below the level of the skycrapers, taking a chunk of concrete out of the structure, debris raining onto the empty street below with a crash. The impact seems to send the missile off-track, and it swirls crazily for a moment before taking a sharp downward angle.

    It lands right in the middle of a street between a public park and a small restaurant with a deafening boom, a small shockwave making the nearby trees waver, and car alarms begin to blare from all over. There's a crater in the middle of the street about the size of a small car. In the middle of it sits a small item- cylindrical, it has almost no visible markings or lights, other than a single small LED near one end. This begins blinking red.

    A TSAB emergency signal begins to broadcast on all local frequencies.
Hinote Kagari 2015-08-29 21:09:25 8842
Hinote was walking away from Seiyou--- Drama Club meeting there getting ready to use Seiyou's spacious auditorium for a show due to a deal Seishou worked out with them- and didn't particularly think today was going to be eventful. He figured the strangeness peaked during the other night when everything was black and also rained feathers.

Of course, now there's a fireball falling out of the sky overhead as he blinks. There's a loud explosion in the distance and various alarms. What was that!? It looked like something Runealy described recently...

"To protect justice, I am Guardian Hino!" he calls out in an alleyway, before transforming into a Guardian Knight, then he begins to make a mad dash down the road towards the explosion. He'd also send Gao/Rune/Sol/Raine all texts about it quick. No doubt they were all busy on thier own things however!

He hopes this isn't like. A space alien.

It better not be a space alien.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-08-29 21:20:24 8843
As it happens, Gaofele had been over at King Penguin Park, spending some time relaxing in one of the trees. The light from the fireball caught his attention, and he was climbing out of the tree when Hinote's text came through.

"To protect the lands, I am Guardian Gao!" he calls out while obscured by some bushes, then he uses plantbursts under his feet to speed him towards the explosion, leaping from tree to tree along the route.
Fate T. Waldia 2015-08-29 21:22:02 8844
Fate Testarossa and Arf are eating in said nearby restaurant, across from each other at a table. Fate is quietly eating her food, and Arf is... not paying attention to anything, looking out the window.

The meteor crashes nearby, shaking the restaurant and causing Fate's food to fly off the table. She immediately turns to look outside, as Bardiche pings. The device feeds information into Fate's mind. Another TSAB distress signal. Another Lost Logia, probably.

Fate henshins and walks away from her table, not caring if anyone sees her change into her barrier jacket. "We need a barrier," she tells Arf.

Arf doesn't respond, looking out the window, blankly, as if nothing just happened.

Fate looks back at her Familiar. How odd. Maybe she just didn't hear. Fate does it herself, putting up a barrier that expands around the area and pushes out all non-magical interference. The sky darkens and colors become muted as the barrier spreads to encompass a few city blocks.

Fate walks outside the restaurant, and towards the Lost Logia. Arf doesn't follow.

How strange. It doesn't seem to be doing anything... yet.

Other magical forces are coming, and Fate knows it. They wont have any trouble getting into her barrier, but she's at much less of an advantage without help from Eclipse.
Minako Aino 2015-08-29 21:27:20 8845
Any initial treasure-seekers, artifact finders, or just people looking to hop out of their vehicles and stroll down the street to collect space debris are interrupted by the arrival of a local police officer.

This particular officer has a megaphone, an oversized name-tag of 'Alexa Murphy', and a ridiculous (definitely non-regulation) head of golden blonde hair. She also wields a long roll of yellow Christmas tree garland currently being unrolled between a sign at the street's entrance and some particularly unlucky fellow's car's side-view mirror.

Her argument with a local civilian wouldn't carry even halfway to the crash site if not for her insistence on speaking through a megaphone.

"CITIZENS! Stay back! I must bag and tag this space rock for my collection. My........... evidence collection. It's a public health hazard. You could catch weird space diseases. Nothing to see here!"
Tadase Hotori 2015-08-29 21:27:50 8846
Tadase is up early - as usual - having just set the fresh flowers in his grandmother's vase like he does every day, and now he's on Clover Street, headed towards the shops when the comet rockets overhead. Kiseki actually notices it before Tadase does, and yanks on his hair to get his attention. "Tadase, look!" he says, pointing to the sky.

Tadase and Kiseki watch the comets path - and when it slams into the building, they're both already rushing to the site. Almost in unison, the two of them comment "Somebody may be hurt!" and the small crown appears on Tadase's head as he vaults small fences and dashes through back roads until he arrives at the artifact's last position.
Junko Fuma 2015-08-29 21:29:30 8847
Despite the fairly early hour, Junko has been up for a bit! Not because she is a naturally perky, cheerful morning person, but because she supplements her allowance with odd jobs, and today she promised a little grandma-owned bakery she'd help with the morning routine, since their grandson is sick and flour is really heavy in bags! Her reward, on her way home, is a small bag of delicious fresh-baked carbs, which she enthusiastically enjoys as she walks back home.

The sudden glow, followed by the shockwave and sound of impact, tip Junko off to something new and interesting arriving into her day. She runs into an empty alley, and seconds later, Tide Captain is leaping up on rooftops towards the sound, eating while she does so. If nothing else, strange objects from the sky are /interesting/. Maybe it's space aliens!

Space aliens would be SOOO cool!
Catastrophic Crunch 2015-08-29 21:32:34 8848
    Fate's barrier springs up, shrouding the area in that off-color hedron that makes all the non-magical people disappear.

    The small cylindar, for it's no bigger than a peanut butter jar, lays at the bottom of its crater, continuing to broadcast the TSAB recovery signal.

    However, the small red LED near one end, which has been blinking at a steady pace, suddenly starts to pick up speed, the blinks coming closer to gether.

    Anyone in the vicinity will suddenly hear a male, computerized voice announce:

    <Energy Reserves Nearing Maximum. Cascade Overload Imminant. Caution.>

    The blinking of the red light continues to increase in speed, the blinks coming closer and closer together.
Hinote Kagari 2015-08-29 21:43:02 8849
Guardian Hino arrives on the scene, eventually.... isn't that the girl from the jewel seed thing? Where the Guardians aquired a cat!? Also, there's now some freaky barrier thing.

There's a police woman barking orders over a megaphone. There's some sort of small boy in a crown. Gao's on his way. Is that a pirate?

That.. that is totally a pirate.

ANYWAYS. Guardian Hino is conflicted. That's a police woman! His mom is a Police Woman!? What.. what does he do? Does he just disobey? It feels so disrespectful.

Nrg. Better risk it. He leaps over the tinsel and the police woman in a high jump. This doesn't put him particularly closer to-----

Did hat thing just say something about a Cascade Overload? Hino doesn't know what that is.

He's pretty sure it isn't anything pleasent though.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-08-29 21:57:56 8850
Guardian Gao lands near Guardian Hino, oversized maple seeds slowing him down for a safe landing. He recognizes the style of barrier and the girl who was present the last time there was a barrier like this, while the others aren't as familiar.

The forester Knight didn't catch all of what the cylinder said, but he did hear 'energy', 'overload', and 'caution'... and that rapidly-blinking red light seems rather ominous...

"FOREST WALL!" Gao shouts, summoning his viney quarterstaff and slamming it into the ground. A thick barricade of plants forms an arc around himself and Hinote, interposed between the cylinder and the Guardian Knights. Whatever a Cascade Overload does, he's pretty sure they don't want to be hit directly by it.

The cave-like space formed by the Forest Wall does have some extra room to it, giving the Guardian Knights some maneuvering space, and it is open in the direction pointing away from the cylinder. People might seek cover there as well, if they feel bold enough to come within reach of the two Guardian Knights.
Fate T. Waldia 2015-08-29 21:59:03 8851
Fate glances up to Min-- 'Alexa Murphy' as she speaks through a Megaphone. The sudden wave of noise causes her hair to blow backwards. When Fate recovers, she responds, "Stay away from this. It's none of your business."

The arrival of others gives her pause. She recognizes a few of them. She's really outnumbered here, but there's no reason to believe that these people are all working with eachother, is there? This might quickly devolve into a free for all.

Well, no one is fighting yet.

Fate walks up to the cylindrical Lost Logia, stepping into the crater to look more closely at it. That red blinking is getting faster. What does that even mean?

Cascade Overload? Is it about to break or something?

She reaches out with Bardiche and pokes the artifact with the tip of the axehead. Poke poke poke.
Minako Aino 2015-08-29 22:06:11 8852
Minako Aino, or 'Murphy', stares up in the sky at people jumping over her. She vaguely recognizes him. "Hey, you're the guy who caught me once and got a crush on me, but then later tried to MURDER me," she realizes, far far far too late to express her ire at her expertly crafted road blockage being defeated. Civilians stay back, assuming this is some sort of police code jargon.

She starts to stomp up the street in just about the slowest way possible, shouting back at people to leave via unnecessary megaphone and refusing to heed any advice to stay away from her space rocks.

"Don't lean on the police tape, it's really soft and prickly!"
Tadase Hotori 2015-08-29 22:14:32 8853
Tadase doesn't know what is going on, in the least. He doesn't recognize Sailor V in her current disguise, and he doesn't know what a Cascade Overload is. Fate seems content to touch it, and she seems to know what's going on, based on how she talked to the officer? He's unsure of how to react here, and a lot of people who would otherwise get his attention are either disguised or hidden.

The only thing Tadase is sure of, is that this is no ordinary meteor. And with his scepter gripped firmly in his hand, he's ready to respond should anything strange happen.
Junko Fuma 2015-08-29 22:25:01 8855
Black captain's jacket, trimmed with gold, magnificent and majestic pirate's hat, a scabbard at her side and a devil-may-care attitude: yup, that's a pirate! Junko comes closer, landing on top of Gao's leafy wall. She stops there just long enough to look over her shoulder to the two guardians and give a smile along with a friendly wave, "Hi there! Pardon the intrusion. Don't mind me a bit, okay?" She says, before looking around. Tadase and his crown get a curious look, as does the weird, very blonde police officer, but Junko's eyes return to the interesting crater.

Seeing Fate nearby, she jumps closer, landing just behind the girl. "Hey! I remember you. You were there when the dog was there. So...what's this thing?" She asks, peering over Fate's shoulder. "Should it be doing that?"
Catastrophic Crunch 2015-08-29 22:29:20 8856
    That little red light is still blinking. Faster. Faster. Until it just.. switches on and stays on.

    Then Fate pokes it with Bardiche, just as Junko lands behind her.

    <WARNING. WARNING. Energy Storage Threshold Exeeced. Emergency Release Protocol Initiated. Cascade Overload. Please be advised: Some risk may be incurred to those in close proximity.>

    As soon as this warning is delivered the small cylinder begins to glow a hot orange.

    Those standing close to it have about 10 seconds from this point. After that- an enormous ring of fire erupts from the cylindar, hurling out at roughly ground-level in all directions. The wave of flame is about four feet high, and posesses enough force to flip cars and shatter windows, not to mention roasting or melting anything susceptible to roasting or melting in its path.

    It's a good thing Fate threw up that barrier, as the damage is confined within. Poor Gao's tree barrier may be getting a little toasty, however...

    Once the wave of fire has passed, the cylinder is left dormant again... but that red light starts blinking only seconds later.

    <Energy depleted. Beginning recharge.>
Gaofele Doiru 2015-08-29 22:38:57 8857
Gao's Forest Wall does start burning away, but it lasts long enough to withstand the initial shockwave of fire. He dismisses the remains of his barrier of plants once the fiery wave dissipates, the glowing embers fizzing out as their fuel vanishes.

The forester Knight sizes up the others present, looking to see how well they weathered that blast. He glances back towards the cylinder as it speaks again. "Recharge? It's trying to do that again?" Gao says, a worried expression on his face. It's a powerful item, but burning down the store and/or the other Waldians would be a very bad idea.
Hinote Kagari 2015-08-29 22:52:05 8858
Guardian Hino eyes go wide... what the...!?

A wave of fire comes over Gao's dome as he grits his teeth. Wood against fire probably isn't going to fare very well--- and Hino isn't exactly a barrier or shield user. Luckily, the onslaught stops before it gets /too warm/. Hino is wondering if he could counter that with stronger fire next time.

Probably not. At least, not from this thing.

"Is everyone else alright? No one on fire? .... or dead. Dead and on fire? No. Okay. Good!" he says.

He goes against the better part of discretion and makes a move forward towards this thing. This thing seems to be powerful.

"Recharging. Well. That is. Not very encouraging." he says.

Hino has an idea. It's not a very good idea.

He unpockets one of the blue energy draining crystals and tenativly touches it..

"Transfer..?" he asks.
Fate T. Waldia 2015-08-29 22:54:14 8859
Fate looks behind her and up at Junko, saying, "Well... I'm not sure?"

The Lost Logia speaks its warning, and Bardiche immediately puts up a semi-spherical shell around Fate. The magical shield is large enough to encompass Junko if she continues standing that close to Fate.

The firey wave smashes against her shield, and Fate pours more and more energy into keep it up. The shield survives, but just barely. Once the wave passes, Fate's shield vanishes.

Now understanding what the thing does, Fate flies up into the air to get further away from it.
Minako Aino 2015-08-29 23:00:16 8860
Minako Aino has an absolute perfect memory of the Guardian Knights's fighting capabilities and it doesn't take her too long to put two and two together - fires being set down the street and the appearance of knight who sets fires and his friend. Random street arson!

She blows her whistle a few times and considers whether to dash up the street as a police officer or a Sailor V. But mostly she hangs back and tries to puzzle out why the two knights are trying to set some girl on fire who strangely seems perfectly calm with it... and also flies away. That's unusual.
Tadase Hotori 2015-08-29 23:10:14 8861
Tadase watches Fate carefully. And then the item glows orange-red... and then there's a massive burst of fire that erupts from it!

"HOLY CROWN!" he shouts, and a huge burst of golden-white magical energy erupts out of his scepter, pushing against the field of fire and protecting Tadase from it.

The crown's energy fades away about with then fire does. Then he hears it announce what he can gather is a preparation to do that again? "Everybody stay back! Unless you know how to make it stop that! It's dangerous, we can't just let it keep going off!" He levels his scepter at it again. He wonders if his chara-change powers will even work on... whatever this is? But seeing Gurdian Hino move in, he doesn't begin yet. He's also trying to remember exactly where he's heard a description of someone like him from...
Junko Fuma 2015-08-29 23:18:16 8862
"Uwaaah!" The sudden burst of fire has Tide taking a step back, raising her arms defensively-- but thankfully, Fate and Bardiche are there with their shield! Tide Captain shamelessly hides behind Fate, looking around at the inferno they briefly find themselves in-- and then it's over, and Fate is leaping away while the guy in silver armor is approaching. Tide has no problem switching from standing behind Fate to standing behind Hinote and his armor, hands clasped behind her. And still peeking over his shoulder. "Hey, kid." Despite Guardian Hino being the same age-- and probably looking older than Tide Captain-- "You sure you're not going to make it explode again?"

Just in case, she taps the medallion around her neck, and a streak of light goes from medallion to hand, forming a gold sword she keeps pointed down at her side. But mainly? If there's a boy in armor making silly decisions, he's probably a good shield!

Pirates. So honorable.
Catastrophic Crunch 2015-08-29 23:25:01 8863
    The cylinder down in that crater continues to sit there, inert, and looking rather harmless. However, that little red light continues to blink. And it's getting faster again.

    <Recharge complete in 15 seconds.>

    Clearly there isn't much time before it unleashes another wave of fire on the surrounding area. Those standing around had better figure something out quickly, or it looks like that explosive expellation of fire will occur again. And likely again.

    Basically, it's going to keep exploding until somebody stops it.

    <Turbo-charge protocols have been enabled. Increasing maximum energy storage by 10 percent.>

    Well, that can't be good.
Fate T. Waldia 2015-08-29 23:43:40 8864
Fate looks down at the cylinder, and those gathering around it. She frowns. From her aerial position, she can't do much.

Then Arf bursts out of the restaurant shouting, "Hey! That's ours now!"

Arf holds a small cube in her hands, the Lost Logia from the other incident. "Labyrinth Architect, do it!"

A large cylindrical barrier forms around the Lost Logia itself, trying to seperate Hino from the artifact. The cylindrical barrier, notably, doesn't have a top, but it is about seven feet tall. It starts tight, and then expands outwards.

Arf turns to the others, holding her fists up as if she intends to fight. "Back off! We're taking this for UMBRA's sake."

"You don't have to tell them that," protests Fate. Arf shrugs.

Fate Testarossa still flying high above, aims Bardiche downwards. <Sealing Mode> The axehead spins 180 degrees, becoming a two pronged device. Yellow wings sprout from the neck of the device, and Fate starts charging up a lot of energy.

It's going to take her a while to charge up enough, but that Familiar is in the way now.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-08-29 23:53:35 8865
Guardian Gao frowns worriedly. The cylinder is still charging, and it's building up /more/ energy? The previous blast nearly got through the previous Forest Wall, and unlike Rune it's not easy for Gao to keep these kinds of barriers up. No, it would be hazardous to try to get into a strength fight against these erupting waves of fire...

Then another barrier appears around the cylinder, forming a cone open to the sky. The forester Knight steps forward, pressing his quarterstaff to the ground near the base of the new barrier. "FOREST WALL!" he calls out again, and this time the barrier of plants erupts around the cone barrier, forming a cylinder around it. The top of the plants don't quite reach the opening of the cone, but otherwise it's solid plants all the way to the cone barrier.

"I hope that holds," he mutters to Guardian Hino. If everything goes well, the flames will erupt to the sky. If not... well, it should buy them a few seconds to react, and hopefully it will be enough.
Hinote Kagari 2015-08-29 23:53:54 8866
Guardian Hino waits a few moments. Nothing happens. He withdraws the gem and frowns. "Okay so I can't steal energy off this thing so I can't stem it off." he says as he jumps back-- espicially when some sort of barrier gets erected---- and almost crashes into the pirate behind him. "Woah--- hey. Yeah. But like. I can't stem this thing off." he says.

He grabs the hilt of his sword and draws it. He holds it out in front of him as he leaps back over to Gao.

"Gao, get another one of those things up if you can. I think this one's going to suck more."

He does wonder if that barrier there is going to help this not suck. He still holds his sword out in front of himself. Waiting.
Tadase Hotori 2015-08-29 23:58:19 8867
Tadase sees that Guardian Hino's energy draining ins't having an affect. He guesses then, that it's his turn - he levels his scepter at it.

"ROYAL SEAL!" he calls out, and another burst of energy erupts from his scepter. Only this time, rather than mere energy, it's a sort of sealing magic - sometimes it can hold X-chara's captive in their egg, so maybe it'll work out for this thing, too!

As the sealing magic is bursting forward, trying to lock down the item, it hits him. He knows where he's heard about Hinote now.

"Are you working with a girl who calls herself The Princess?" he asks, over the roar of his magic, glaring across the scorched battlefield at Hino.
Junko Fuma 2015-08-30 00:06:37 8868
As everyone starts throwing down shields and protections and calling on their various organizations, Tide Captain jumps backwards, flipping so she's atop one of the rocked, singed vehicles. She crouches there, resting an elbow on her knee and head in her hand, "Umbra? Do they make raincoats?" She asks, tapping her chin. "Ah, no, rain stuff is Umbrella." And then Tadase is adding his two cents, and Captain blinks in his direction. "The Princess?" She peers back at the guardians. "Princess huh... and she wants this thing in the ground?"

Tide Captain rises to her feet, grinning, "Okay!" She says, and points the sword towards the top of the cone. "Well, might as well join in, then. If nothing else, princesses are more likely to have the kind of treasure I'm looking for." Grinning, she calls out "Weigh anchor!" And a small, glowing anchor forms right above the cylander of shield and vines. "Lookout below!" She calls out, slicing downward. And the anchor starts falling...if no one knocks it aside, it's probably small enough to fall right into the hole!
Catastrophic Crunch 2015-08-30 00:12:38 8870
    <Warning. Capacity Exceeded. Purging Storage: Cascade Overload.>

    Fate's barrier goes up. Then Gao's barrier goes up around /her/ barrier. Just in time.

    The fire erupts from the device again, exploding outwards with a roar to crash into Labyrinth Architect's barrier, the one that the other Lost Logia had thrown up. It does seem like the explosion is more powerful this time, the fire raging in its confines, then exploding upwards out of the top of the cylindar.

    Poor Fate better move, because without being able to expand outwards, the fire has nowhere to go but up, shooting into the sky in a huge column that will force her to interrupt her charging in order to move, or else get roasted.

    Then it's over again. The barrier created by Labyrinth Architect is intact- but several large cracks show in it, under Gao's leafy barrier. It may not be able to withstand another hit like that.

    <Energy reserves depleted. Beginning recharge.>

    Tadase's attempt to seal the Lost Logia is admirable, but considering there are now two barriers in the way, the sealing magic strikes the outermost, Gao's, without effect. If he wants to try that again, he'll have to get a clear shot!
Fate T. Waldia 2015-08-30 00:21:42 8871
Lucky for Fate, she is one of the fastest mages around. As the column of fire rises up and bursts into the air, she backs away quickly, rolling backwards through the air to avoid the blast. The heat of the flames still manages to put a strain her Barrier Jacket, and some of the flames lick at her feet, but she's avoided the majority of the blast.

By the time the fire disperses, Fate has had time to charge up enough magic for her next move. She aims her Bardiche downward, at the hole she left in the barrier.



A huge beam fires from the tip of Bardiche and down into the hole. The powerful sealing magic attempts to put a stop to the Lost Logia's firey antics.

Arf, meanwhile, looks up, startled, at the falling anchor. "What the-? Hey, don't you try anything funny."
Hinote Kagari 2015-08-30 00:25:14 8872
Guardian Hino grits his teeth preparing for the worst! and----oh! It worked! At least. For the moment....

Then that little king guy out there starts calling him out. He frowns. "I am." he says. "Is it your intention to attack me today?" he asks, as he lowers his sword to the ground, for the moment.

He blinks back at the Pirate girl.

"My name is Guardian Hino. Who are you?" he asks to the odd pirate girl, who... just used an anchor.

"No. We don't want this. Too dangerous." he says flatly.

He looks over to Gao.

"Gao can you renew that barrier again right now before it charges again?" he asks.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-08-30 00:33:17 8873
"I'll shore it up," Gao nods to Hinote. The plants generally last until destroyed or dismissed, so the existing Forest Wall is still present, thanks to the Labyrinth Architect's barrier. Still, making it thicker should help it withstand any blasts that get through.

The forester Knight takes a few steps backward, keeping his quarterstaff touching the ground. More plants erupt from the ground as he moves, making the combined barriers resemble a volcano. If someone really wanted to, they might be able to scramble up the sloped sides to get closer to the cylinder. As for Gao, he's busy focusing on maintaining the strength of the Forest Wall.
Tadase Hotori 2015-08-30 00:50:37 8874
Tadase looks across the scorched field. There's no real way for him to get another clear shot in now, so he's just looking at Guardian Hino. "If you serve the Princess, you must be trouble like her." he says, firmly. "I will not attack you if you don't attempt to harm anyone else, but if you show your colors and act aggressive like she did, I will not hesitate to fight you." he adds.

But there's not much time as the Lost Logia begins to charge again. He's going to be ready to protect himsrlf from it - or from the Guardians.
Junko Fuma 2015-08-30 01:02:56 8875
Tide Captain, quite maturely, sticks her tongue out at Arf! A snap of her fingers, and the anchor readjusts its trajectory, landing heavily on the ground /right next/ to Arf with a loud thump. But Tide doesn't watch it land, instead turning to Guardian Hino and giving a grin and a wink. "I'm Tide Captain. Feel free to just call me Tide-sama, though, I'm not picky." She says, and readjusts her grip on her sword, turning her gaze back on the pillar and its explosive surprise-inside.

Tadase's words, however, grab her attention, and she glances in his direction briefly, "Hey, kid with the crown. You don't like their princess? Why not?" She asks, as her sword starts glowing. If the explosion gets out of hand this time around, she's going to fight fire with water!
Hinote Kagari 2015-08-30 01:03:58 8876
Guardian Hino almost immediatly. "I am not calling you Tide-sama." he says bluntly out of the blue.
Catastrophic Crunch 2015-08-30 01:08:37 8877
    All that shoring up of barriers and preparing may not be needed- Since she had enough time to charge up and fire off the sealing shot, Fate's magic spears down into the combined barriers, striking the cylinder.

    Enveloped in that beam for a moment, the Lost Logia seems to glow.. and then when the magic fades, the red light on the cylinder slowly fades.

    <Sealing Confirmed. Powering down.>

    That might be the end of it... but it isn't. Something about the sealing triggers some sort of automated message.

    Inside the dual-barriers, a holographic image appears. It's a woman, wearing a TSAB uniform, although anyone in-the-know would recognize it as severely outdated, on the order of several centuries. After a moment, she speaks, and although only those with a vantage point may be able to see her, the recording is loud enough that even those outside of the barriers can hear what she says.

    "I dont know what you think youre doing, but the Seed of Sunrise is not something you wish to find. It was once a tool meant for a peaceful, humanitarian purpose, but it has been corrupted to become a weapon of mass destruction. If you find it, you will not find power, only your doom. I beg you to reconsider your course of action."

    Once that message is delivered, the hologram vanishes. The Logia now appears to be inert, all signs of life gone from it.
Fate T. Waldia 2015-08-30 01:18:24 8878
"Oh boo. Another TSAB jerk," complains Arf loudly.

"Why are you acting so weird?" asks Fate. Arf doesn't answer.

Labyrinth Architect's barrier fades, but that does nothing to get rid of Gao's barrier. Fate doesn't want to to actually dive into an enemy's forest wall, which is probably why she remains flying overhead.

Bardiche pings to get Fate's attention. <Scan complete>. More information is put into her head through the device.

"What? So it's a mana battery? ... what are the side effects?"


Fate frowns.

The anchor lands next to Arf, and Arf yelps. "Why you... Chain Bind!"

A large magical circle appears in front of Arf, and yellow magical chains rush from the circle and towards Tide Captain, trying to wrap around her. If they land, they tie pretty tight.

Fate looks down to Gao and Hino. "If you don't remove your wall, we can't get to the Lost Logia."
Gaofele Doiru 2015-08-30 01:29:31 8879
Guardian Gao lifts up his quarterstaff and shrinks it back down into its compact form, pulling some of the magic out of the Forest Wall. The plants recede into the ground, making for a clear path to the Lost Logia.

The forester Knight doesn't take any steps towards or away from the Lost Logia; instead, he's keeping an eye on everyone else. There's the kid that apparently fought Hinote before, and there's the pirate that seems to be intent on starting something. In contrast, the girl that sealed the Lost Logia appears to be the most reasonable one here.
Hinote Kagari 2015-08-30 01:32:10 8880
Guardian Hino frowns. "Do it Gao. I don't particuarly want this thing anywhere near that's precious to us." he says with a nod.

He looks back to Tadase and frowns some more. "My colors?" he asks. He tsks. "And what colors would those be?" he asks curiously.
Tadase Hotori 2015-08-30 01:35:48 8881
Tadase glares at Hinote. "The colors of someone who would work with a princess who would pretend to be an ally, and then turn and backstab a young girl who was only trying to protect the dreams of others!" There's anger, vile, and venom in his voice. There might not have been any specifically insulting or foul language, but the tone makes it clear it's designed to be.

He turns to look at Fate. "Can you keep that thing from harming innocent civilians?" he asks, because that's where his other concern in. "I'm worried about it going crazy and spraying flame everywhere again."
Junko Fuma 2015-08-30 01:45:44 8882
"Then you can just address me as Captain!" Is Tide Captain's retort to Guardian Hino-- and that takes all the time she has before suddenly there are magical yellow chains heading towards her. "Eh?!" Hastily Tide leaps away from the chains, barely managing to dodge, "Hey, no fair! You were actually trying to /hit/ me! What'd I ever do to you?" She shouts at Arf. "It was nowhere near you!"

She hmphs before starting to actually listen, looking from Tadase to the Guardians. "Woooooow. Sounds like you guys are about as nice as Ms. Can't-Take-A-Joke over there." She tells the guardians, while pointing at Arf. Sighing, she sheathes her weapon. "But, that Seed of Sunlight thing isn't the kind of thing I'm looking for. So I'll be taking my leave." She grins, tilting her head as she looks towards Arf, "Unless you have a problem with that?"
Catastrophic Crunch 2015-08-30 01:48:50 8883
    The Lost Logia just sits there, inert, now that is has been sealed.

    It's up for grabs! Incredible cosmic power can be yours!

    Just.. don't press the on button unless you really mean it.
Fate T. Waldia 2015-08-30 01:54:34 8884
"Oh sure. You can always trust Eclipse to not hurt civillians. More than necessary," says Arf, with no lack of snark.

Fate hesitates significantly before responding to Tadase. "I don't know. It was probably broken. I don't think its supposed to do that. It looks like it's just meant to take in magic and then unleash it."

Fate looks down at the Lost Logia, lowering towards it. "It's probably fine as it is. It might've just used fire because it didn't have any other spell to cast."

Arf cautiously watches as Fate approaches the Lost Logia. She grumbles. "Hey! You know that last Lost Logia was trouble, right? Why even bother getting this one? No one else wants it!"

Fate frowns at Arf. "We need more power sources. Besides, I bet Riventon-sama or White-san would want to see it."

"But Labyrinth Architect made you act weird!" protests Arf.

"You're the one acting weird..." says Fate.

"Yeah well I... Ugh! I'm so not arguing with you!"

Arf rushes at the small Lost Logia on the ground, lifts her leg back and attempts to punt it into a drain. If noone stops her, the Lost Logia might end up in the sewers and start mutating giant crocodiles or something!

Fate looks at Arf with a concerned frown. Arf turns away from her and pouts.
Hinote Kagari 2015-08-30 02:01:40 8885
Guardian Hino was kind of hoping that this mystery girl was going to take it. But it seems that... her. Her dog girl?

Doesn't want her to have it. He blinks. OH jeeze--- he can't just...let this thing be kicked into a drain. He dashes forward and scoops it up before it makes it into the storm drain. This is a bad decision. He can feel this is a /really/ bad decision.

But he really doesn't want this thing endangering Tokyo like a year from now when it starts belching fire like a dragon in a tube, either.

Even if he won't be here for that, potentially.

He jumps backwards from the rest of the group and seethes--- yeah. He's not... sticking around now for words.

He begins to make a run for it, not saying a thing.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-08-30 02:05:54 8886
Guardian Gao frowns slightly as Arf kicks the Lost Logia towards the sewers, then summons his bow as Hinote scoops it up. "Looks like we're leaving," he remarks to the others as he follows the other Guardian Knight. The forester Knight doesn't have his bow drawn, but it looks like he's willing to draw if anyone tries to pursue.
Tadase Hotori 2015-08-30 02:21:19 8890
Tadase watches the two Guardians leave. On the one hand, he doesn't want them to have the item - it seems dangerous to let anyone have them. On the other hand, he doesn't want them to hurt anyone today, and they haven't made any aggressive movements - it looks like they want to leave, so he's going to let them. But that doesn't mean he'll forgive their princess; on the contrary, he wouldn't terribly mind if that magical toy lit her up.
Junko Fuma 2015-08-30 02:27:50 8891
Tide Captain grins, and raises an arm to give an enthusiastic wave towards the retreating guardians, "Goodbyyyyye! Try not to destroy the world, okay?" She says, then turns back to the others and gives a little wave, "This was interesting, and I'm glad I learned something new now. Don't trust princesses." And with a laugh she leaps into a tree, then to the rooftops, leaving the scene.