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Date: 2019-03-01
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Ami Mizuno 2019-03-01 01:53:13 103901
It's quiet in the ECFH for once, and Ami is studying in the living room. She's got tea at hand and her books spread out over one of the coffee tables. A small plate of cookies is about half-full of the treats, and Ami is curled up on a cushion, reading a book on chemistry.
Millie White 2019-03-01 02:10:36 103902
It had been a while since Millie had dropped by the ECFC. The last time had likely been when she had met with Miho, which was quite a while back. With school finished and training completed for the day, it was the perfect opportunity to peek in... and she wouldn't be empty handed.

A polite few knocks sounded on the door of the ECFC before Millie opened it and stepped through, quietly closing the door again behind her. Despite the chill, Millie wore her usual jeans, t-shirt, and overshirt, and held in her arms was a brown paper bag. When she peeked in and saw Ami, a warm lopsided grin appeared on her face.

"Hey there, Mizuno-san. It's nice to see you again." Millie greeted in her low, slow Japanese. The tall Canuck had removed her footwear at the door when she arrived, so she quietly entered the living room and sat on a couch opposite of Ami. "I brought some brownies. Want one?"
Ami Mizuno 2019-03-01 02:13:17 103903
Ami Mizuno smiles at Millie and, for kindness's sake, switches to English--her own halting and slow. "It is wonderful to see you, White-san. Yes, I would love a brownie. Are they home-made?" she asks, smiling again and starting to clear a place in her notes-mess for Millie to set things down and get comfortable. "I bet they are as good as Mako-chan's." And she grins, winking, before leaning back and setting her homework aside.
Millie White 2019-03-01 02:31:02 103904
At the sudden switch in language, Millie blinked in surprise. Sure, she had been speaking English with Akari, Alexis, and even sometimes with Miho... but it was always a warm surprise when someone wanted to speak her native language with her, even if it was only out of courtesy. The Cure beamed when Ami spoke, but at her question, Millie let out a chuckle. The tips of her ears reddened ever so slightly. When she spoke, it was in Japanese.

"It's kind of you to use English, but I'll be alright with Japanese. It's good practice, yeah?" Millie reached up and scratched the back of her head almost sheepishly. "I'm afraid I didn't make these. I picked them up on the way because uh... well, I'm a good cook but a garbage baker." Her tone was joking even if she was being brutally honest about her skill set. Millie took a round container with a lid out of the paper bag, popped the lid, and slid it closer so Ami could grab some.

"Studying?" Millie commented when her emerald gaze roved across the notes and textbooks. From the brief interaction she had had with Ami, studying seemed to be a very Ami thing to do. Millie looked up at the Genius with a smile.
Ami Mizuno 2019-03-01 02:39:29 103906
Ami smiles and switches back to Japanese. "If you're sure, we can speak in Japanese, White-san. But only if you're sure." And then she accepts a brownie, before nodding. "Yes. Chemistry is a favorite of mine." Of course, every subject is Ami's favorite, but Millie doesn't need to know that. She bites into the brownie and makes a contented little noise. "I bet Mako-chan would teach you, you know. If she has time, with training and patrolling and all." But she means it! "Mako is approachable, just... Life doesn't leave much in the way of letting us live." A rueful smile and shrug.
Millie White 2019-03-01 02:55:59 103907
Millie nodded to show that she was honestly truly sure. It was true that her Japanese was getting a bit better over time simply because she was forced to use the language daily. Some claimed it was the best way to learn, and Millie was finding out whether it was true or not. At the mention of Chemistry, Millie grinned.

"Too many numbers for me, I think." She commented about the subject at hand; she was much more comfortable with subjects like, surprise surprise, English and Phys.Ed. At the mention of Mako trying to teach her, Millie actually let out a small rasp of laughter.

"Oh people have tried before; it never ends well." Memories of blackened brownies and structurally unsound cakes came to mind, but she blinked to clear them. A sympathetic expression replaced her smile when she noticed the rueful grin the other girl wore.

"Yeah... our line of work doesn't leave a lot of personal time, does it." It was more a statement than a question as Millie silently reached for a brownie. She knew that Ami was magic in some way, she had summoned a computer out of nowhere... she just wasn't sure what kind of magic, really.
Ami Mizuno 2019-03-01 02:58:22 103908
Ami Mizuno shrugs again, grinning a little and eating her brownie in silence. Mm, delicious chocolate to savor. Once she's done, she smiles over at Millie. "What brings you by? Sharing deliciousness?"
Millie White 2019-03-01 03:04:45 103909
Millie silently finished the brownie... it wasn't the best she'd had, but the chocolate was really hitting the spot. At the question, she responded with a light shrug.

"Haven't been around in a while and I wanted to check in." She said softly. "Make sure things are okay." By the way she was smiling, it appeared she felt that things were going relatively well all things considered. "How've you been, Mizuno-san?"