Phantom Wind

Sailor Mars, Sailor Mercury, Vespa and Yurei Shisha fight Phantom and stop him from shoving Cure Gull into one of his creepy mirrors.

Date: 2015-09-11
Pose Count: 43
Phantom 2015-09-11 00:20:41 9498
There's a tall building near a shopping strip in Uminati City. There's also a big view to the ocean to the right. It's a nice view. School got out not too long ago, and everyone was probably either headed home, or heading to after school events and clubs and things like that.

On this tall building stood a figure in a white coat, with a wide collar, and a sword, and red hair, looking like some sort of gallant swordsman. That was an entire leap from the truth. He's looking down over the city.

"Friends...." he says. "They're an illusion like happiness." he talks to himself quietly. "But now Pretty Cures are making friends. It is slowing down my efforts." he says. "This is now a threat to Mirage-sama's goals......" he takes his sword out of it's scabbard, a metallic sound scraping along the inside.

"I shall gather my power. I shall overcome this. I shall not be stopped....."

"LET THE FUTURE REFLECTED IN THE MIRROR BECOME TERRIBLE!........" he yells out, holding that glowing white sword over head.

There's a sudden large burst of wind and power that emanates from the tall building as everyone within the block, the arcade, houses, streets all become encased in coffin like mirrors. Magical Types seem unaffected, but they can feel the breeze that emanates from the effect. It feels horrible

A singular, big and red Terribad forms somewhere near the shopping strip plaza. "TERRIBAD!..." it calls out.

Various smaller, Kindabads begin also appearing in the streets, looking like the putty patrol from some sentai cartoon or something. Chaos kind of happens all over this area of Uminari City.
Rei Hino 2015-09-11 00:38:53 9499
Rei Hino is walking through the shopping strip, a large glossy shopping bag hanging from her hands. It's been a week since classes started again, and no one could blame her for picking something up on the way home, right?

That's about when the strange things start happening. A blast of wind hits her suddenly, arm raising to cover her face while her raven black hair whips out behind her. When she lowers her arm, everyone around her is encased in... mirrors?

Well that's not acceptable! Rei glances around to see where the attack came from, but all she sees are Kindabads and a Terribad. She vanishes into the space between buildings.


Moments later, Sailor Mars appears on a rooftop, flinging down balls of fire on the various Kindabads scattered around.
Ami Mizuno 2015-09-11 00:43:57 9500
Out shopping with Rei, in one of her rare times going out, Ami happens to notice everyone but Rei is encased in mirror as well. She turns to Rei who is already changing into her Senshi outfit. This makes Ami bring out her pen as well...

Mercury Power! Make-Up!

And just like that, Sailor Mercury is also raining down bubbles onto the Kindabads with Mars' fireballs.
Yurei Shisha 2015-09-11 00:44:35 9501
    Yurei was out after school, looking for a few things to buy before going on to his other activities. So he was in his normal school outfit and not his traditional outfit, which would clearly be a bad thing on this day of all days. As he's walking he notices the chill breeze blowing and it's bad feelings, he can only do one thing but sigh. Yes he sighs, and thinks 'Not again.. Didn't something like this just happen the other day. Why do these things keep happening for', but now is not the time to really ponder these things.

    He looks around, trying to find something, be it bad, good, or a place to hide. Hiding, is always a good thing and why not considering what things always happen when the bad feelings come out. Though in his searching he finds some of those smaller kindabads and sighs more, yeah it looks like he wasn't gonna get away from this without a fight.
Vespa Rayne 2015-09-11 00:47:10 9502
Just another average day for Vespa. Well average if you like having a fairy sitting on your head.
"Hmm these chocalte snacks are good!", commented the fairy.
Vespa sighed. "Please try not to drop crumbs into my hair and did you steal those?"
"Donesn't matter no one can see anyway!"
"Vespa sighed again. "Well you shoudn't do it! It's not right if you want some snacks I can buy some for you!"
Vespa suddenly felt shiver go down her spine and things changed.
"What the heck?", she said looking around seeing the mirror coffins and the Kindabads appearing everywhere! She has no idea what they are thought.
"Well this is unexpected..", she says looking at the creatures rummaging around. "Well this is a problem.. Run away!", and she does ducking into an alleyway and one henshin later she jumps out of alleyway changed and wielding a huge axe. She charges at the Kindabads cutting them down with her axe.
Phantom 2015-09-11 01:08:11 9503
Kindabads are not very strong. Even someone who's versed in basic martial arts and not even magical can knock them down. Vespa uses her giant axe to begin moping down Kindabads like some sort of arcane weedwacker. This work's fairly well in making them burst into black smoke. They don't seem to particularly restore themselves back to life.

Fire and Bubbles rain down on Kindabads from rooftops as Mars and Mercury aim to take out large groups.

The mirrors that people are trapped him seem resiliant to fire so there's no need to be particularly careful about movements here.

The Terribad throws it's arms out to either side and begin glowing red as it waves them about. Purple crystals begin forming all over, along with the ground slowly becoming a purple wasteland.

Phantom remains on the large building, his arms out as he channels energy into the terribad.

Something flashy and seafoam green passes directly in front of Sailor Mars and Sailor Mercury as it dips down and throws itself into a bunch of kindabads. It then suddenly stops. "Gull Wind Hurricane...!" Cure Gull yells out as she just sends a bunch of Kindabads flying off into the air and into the surrounding landscape as gull feathers flutter down from the attack.

"Aha---!? No wonder why you felt that from so far awaym Corvus-chan...." she says to the silver raven on her shoulder. She looks off into the distance at the Terribad. But she also blinks. Oh!

She waves at Sailor Mars and Mercury over there on the rooftop. "Hi!" she beams with a smile.

"... did that attract you guys too?" Gull/Haruna asks sheepishly. She blinks and turns around.

" that a big axe...?" she asks, watching Kindabads flying off in the distance thanks to Vespa. She also sports Yurei and frowns a bit. ... he isn't in trouble, right!?
Hannah Sharpe 2015-09-11 01:21:04 9504
Phantom's not the only one lurking atop buildings. On another such building right above a donut shop, Miss White leans against the stairwell wall, Device in one of her hands. Her eyes closed, she listens to the chaos below, as her Familiar stands nearby.

"Is seeming like big jerk. Would like to twist little man into pretzel!" Boris mutters to Hannah.

"Time for pleasure later, Boris. For now..."

She activates a Wide Area Search, magic passing over the battlefield as she observes: thus far, the girl hasn't intervened on anyone's side.
Rei Hino 2015-09-11 01:23:02 9505
Mars looks up at the Terribad in the distance as the purple crystals form. The area becomes a wasteland. "That large one... That must be the main bad guy, right? We should take that down. If we could just reach it..."

Mars starts flinging out larger waves of flame to clear out the crowds of Kindabads. She holds her fire (no pun intended, though she is literally holding a ball of fire at the moment) when a familiar blur appears in front of her. She smiles as Cure Gull shows herself and waves in greeting. "Well we just happened to be in the area when this started happening. I don't think I've seen this kind of youma before!"

Glancing between Gull and Mercury, she adds, "Alright, I'm going for the big one!"

She jumps from the rooftop, and her red highheels hit the ground. She rushes through the crowds of Kindabads, sending firey punches and flaming kicks at any of them who get too close. She's blazing her own trail. It might be easy to follow her.
Ami Mizuno 2015-09-11 01:25:13 9506
    Mercury definitely follows Mars through the kindabads. "I haven't seen this sort of thing before either, Mars. This is really strange." Mercury says as she puts out a few guided bubbles to add to Mars' fire. She smiles when Cure Gull shows up. "Come on. We could definitely use the help."
Yurei Shisha 2015-09-11 01:25:38 9507
    Yurei, in trouble? Well, yes he is in more then one way, but this isn't really all that bad. He reaches into his pocket and yanks out an Ofuda and glares at one of the small monsters, "You know, I was enjoying my day. In fact, I was going shopping. In fact, I was rather glad it was normal. Now you have to come ruin it, why?" then he throws the Ofuda at the monster whild giving a small chant, causing the Ofuda to burst into flames as it hits the small monster. He was having such a nice day as well, and now it's not so nice.

    He looks around, noticing others, and by others magical girls. THough, clearly the one drawing the most attention is the giant axe wielding one pruning the monsters like it was just a normal day on the lawn. Hmm, yeah gonna have to watch out for that one, that could hurt being hit from that thing. Hopefully with luck, the axe one can take care of this and whatever else is going on and he won't have to do anything drastic in the least.

    Oh look, there's a red high-heeled blur up ahead. He sure hopes she's not one of the not-good guys, cause she looks rather dangerous with all that fire slinging, course she should also becareful, flinging fire everywhere isn't always a very good thing to do.
Vespa Rayne 2015-09-11 01:27:39 9508
Vespa keeps plowing her way thought the Kindbads, they are not hard to defeat but there sure is alot of them! Sunbeam holds onto Vespa hair look a bit scared. "Beat them up they made me drop my snacks! They must pay!"
"That's what you are worried about??", Vespa comments cutting another one down. "Someone, or something must be controlling them.", Vespa hopes that she beat enough up there boss will show up. She does notice some fire and water coming down from a rooftop in the distance. She start making her way over there taking care of any Kinbads that get in her way. "Good to see I'm not the only one stuck in this wierdness. I hope they are freindly."
Phantom 2015-09-11 01:39:57 9509
Phantom is keeping up his empowerment, but drops when a seafoam green light sparkles nearby. Phantom knows Precure. He's paying attention. He hasn't jumped or moved from his location yet though. He knows this because the Seafoam green speck is also close with a red and a blue speck. The Terribad slams it's foot down as it seems to challenge the magical girls to attack it.

Cure Gull keeps those seafoam green wings on as she huffs. "It's.. a Terribad. Someone's turned all the happiness in the area into that thing. Um. It also probably means theres a Phantom Empire General nearby. I should probably kick them in the face." she asides. "But. Um. We're gonna need to stop the Terribad to free the people."

"Gull...I don't like how this feels." says Corvus silently. Gull gives a soft look of concern. "Yeah. It feels like I'm forgetting something..." she says as she swereves around a large appearing purple crystal.

Vespas might axe hands kindabads. She can probably easily cut a path towards the bigger threat. Yurei seems to be doing fine with his Ofuda. Hopefully he doesn't run out anytime soon!
Rei Hino 2015-09-11 01:48:18 9510
Challenge Accepted.

As Mars draws closer to the Terribad, at least close enough to be in firing distance, she clasps her hands together, makes a fingergun, and shouts "Fire Soul!"

Flames gather around the tips of her finger and compress into a ball, which fires from the 'barrel' of her fingergun at the large Terribad.

Hearing Gull, Mars adds, "A Terribad, huh? And there's an enemy General nearby? So how could we find him?" Mars is all in favor of punching generals in the face.

Corvus shows concern. Forgetting something? Mars is a little worried about hearing that. "Forgetting something? Like what?"

That's actually probably not a very helpful question.
Ami Mizuno 2015-09-11 01:53:38 9511
    "Perhaps I should scan for the general, Mars." Mercury says as she taps her earring and she fights like that....letting the active scan take place while she's fighting, like throwing bubbles towards the Terribad. "There might be something specific that she might be forgetting. Cure Gull......think about it, not directly, but what makes you think there's something missing?" More bubbles thrown....and they explode....
Yurei Shisha 2015-09-11 01:54:10 9512
    Yurei continues to work his... magic so to speak, with his chants and Ofudas, he as well hopes he has enough. He wasn't really expecting a fight on a nice day like today, so kept most of them at home. Now thinking on that, it was clearly a bad idea and he should always remember to bring a few hundred every day cause who knows when monsters will attack. Oh well, he had what he had, and if he ran out, he had his patented kick the monster in the face till it broke or he ran away.

    Though he is also keeping an eye on the others, seeing what they are doing, and how they are doing. For all hew knows, they could be potentional enemies just as well. Just because they are fighting these monsters, doesn't mean they are good, it could simply be that the monsters are in their way of getting whatever it is they want. He'll have to remember to keep a good kick ready just in case anyone tries anything later, kicks are always a good way to distract before having to run for your life.
Vespa Rayne 2015-09-11 01:59:43 9513
Vespa get closer to the center of the action and spots the very large Terribad. "That looks like the boss monster. Okay!", she grips her axe tight bringing her arms back and shouts. "Incoming!", and throws it at the Terribad! She just hopes it hits.
Phantom 2015-09-11 02:15:48 9514
Hannah watching Phantom is boring. Phantom does nothing there but glow with a strange red aura. He seems to be feeding the Terribad his strength. This may change in a few moments anyways.

Mars firesouls into the Terribad and knocks off kilter-- and Ami's bubbles knock it back. It's strong, and manages to not fall down.

It raises it's arms and it deflects the giant axe sending it flying off nearby into the ground.

Cure Gull stops as she lets Mars and Mercury attack it... she pauses...

"Terribads don't exist unless they're summoned... but Kami-sama said....."

Suddenly a barrage of red energy orbs just kind of takes up the place Gull was, sending up smoke and dust into the air.

Phantom lands nearby. His sword is back in it's seath. It isn't particularly clear yet if Gull is okay or not. Phantom seems to be waiting for the dust to clear. The tunnel vision on Cure Gull is very apparent, he isn't particularly paying attention to the Terribad at the moment, even!
Rei Hino 2015-09-11 02:32:47 9515
Mars gets ready to strike at the Terribad again, but then something awful happens. She turns around behind her, concern filling her eyes, as she shouts, "Cure Gull!"

Suddenly Phantom makes his presence known, and Mars shifts all blame on him. "You jerk! You think you can just do that?"

"I wont allow you to hurt our friend! If you try to crush our hopes and dreams, then in the name of Mars..."

"I'll chastise you!"

She stops in the middle of combat to do the pose and everything. Look, ceremony is important okay?

Immediately afterwards Mars is charging at Phantom (probably from the side) getting ready to punch him in the face. She clearly has no idea how bad of an idea this is.
Ami Mizuno 2015-09-11 02:40:03 9516
As soon as Mars starts to charge Phantom, Mercury launches an Aqua Spray attack, bending it around Mars to try and disorient Phantom as Mars gets there. Perhaps driving him into Mars' attacks. "What'd Kami-sama say Cure Gull?" She says as she backs it up with a bubble attack....while still scanning the youma....
Yurei Shisha 2015-09-11 02:41:10 9517
    Through all his own dancing, and fighting he wasn't unable to not see that what just happened. In fact, he's not sure what happened. All he saw was some blurs, then redness and some smoke and things. He knows better then this, he knows he shouldn't rush that way, but darnit he just can't help it. Bad things are happening and he has to help with it, like it or not, so off he goes still fightning but running towards the area where the others are.

    He was gonna have to give himself a talking when this was over for certain, though not entirely his fault he was drawn none the less to really dangerous area. He doesn't speak, but simply watches as he makes his way there, weary of what is around other then the small ones and that large one. Something else is there, and it's something on a whole nother level then just mindless monsters attacking and being meanies.

    Breathing hard from the workout, but staying clear of the exploding smoke and debris, his own mind begins laughing at him, 'Yurei... Yurei.. You can't hold out forever... Soon.. soon you will have too... Soon you will have no choice..' .. he growls and audible yells at himself, though not a loud yell but enough to be heard, "No! I will not give in. I have a choice, and I will use it!" Clearly, the fighting is messing with his head, that or he's just crazy.
Vespa Rayne 2015-09-11 02:42:44 9518
"Return.", Vespa says and her axe returns to her hand! How handy! She lifs her huge axe over her shoulder walking towards Phantom, looking down at where Cure Gull is. "I guess your the one causing all these problems huh? I'll make you pay for all the problems you caused! ..and for making my freind drop all there snacks too!", Sunbeam still sitting on her head nods in agreement at the last part. She watches Mars and mercury attack Phantom. She hope at least Phantom is distraced a bit by Vespa arrival.
Phantom 2015-09-11 02:58:02 9519
The dust doesn't die down. Though it does get faster-----and eventually blown away as some sort of windy barrier breaks and sends out a giant puff of blackened seagull feathers. Gull looks extremly tired all of a sudden, but she is standing. " only.. only... this many people at once! Phantom....!" she calls out. "Nrg...purple crystals...I should had run away...." she says meekly to herself.

The Terribad rampages towards Mars and Mercury was they change targets. Phantom ignoring it doesn't mean it dissapeared it seems. It tires to jump down on them.

Phantom raises his red bracer and take's Mars hit. It richochests off the bracer with a flash of red light. He jumps backwards as bubbles fill the air----and the giant axe girl doesn't seem to be on his radar. Though this approaching boy does. He hrmmmmmms a bit.

Phantom looks towards Gull, and past her friends. "My name is Phantom. I hunt Pretty Cure."

Gull kind of takes a step back. She's now kind of regretting coming here.

Phantom turns to Yurei. He's the only one here not flinging fire or water or big axes at either him or his Terribad.

"What are you hoping to accomplish here?" he asks him. Phantom finds him odd because he's not in a mirror.
Rei Hino 2015-09-11 03:12:22 9520
Mars bounces off of Phantom's bracer like a tennis ball hitting a wall. She falls to one knee when she lands, and the Terribad comes crashing down on top of her, leaving her sprawled on the ground with a part of her leg underneath the Terribad's foot. With some pulling and grunting she manages to get her leg free... though it's clearly scratched up and bruised.

Mars tries to shake off the hit, but she can't quite hide the fact that she's favoring her leg.

So... this guy hunts Pretty Cures? Who is this guy? "Cure Gull! Watch out!"

For the moment she's torn. She has to defeat the Terribad, but at the same time this Phantom guy has to be stopped, too! Also, Cure Gull mentioned those purple crystals... Those are clearly important, too.

Well, first things first. Focusing down the Terribad would give the rest of them time to focus on Phantom... but that kindof hinges on the hope that Phantom doesn't complete his objective before the Terribad is defeated.

Mars takes a couple of steps back, still favoring her leg. She lifts her hand and assaults the Terribad with a volley of fireballs, each one exploding into smoke on impact.
Vespa Rayne 2015-09-11 03:14:33 9521
Phantom doesn't seem to be paying attnetion to Vespa. His mistake. She runs a towards him and jumps up and does for a downward strike trying to strike Phantom! "Take this!", she shouts! Vepsa should try and think of better attack names.
Ami Mizuno 2015-09-11 03:15:47 9522
    "That's Phantom, Sailor Mars! I've faced him before!" Sailor Mercury yells before she sees a shadow behind her. She leaps out of the way of the charging Youma and rolls to her feet.....not gracefully. She crosses her arms in front of her and unleashes a torrent of bubbles that flies all around the Youma before they all streak towards it to explode near it, if possible.
Yurei Shisha 2015-09-11 03:16:43 9523
    Yurei looks at up at this Phantom and cocks an eye, "What anyone wants? I came here to shop, to buy some things. Those plans have been ruined, no thanks to you and your monsters. That wasn't very nice you know, someone could have gotten hurt. Perhaps, you should leave now, before things get bad." he nods, clearly in his mind that was good enough right? Tell the big bad to just go away, cause it works all the time right?

    He then looks around, "Oh, you mean why am I not like the innocent people you've captured here? We are not all what we appear to be Sir. You are, clearly a hunter of what ever a pretty cure is. I am, but a simple humble priest, trying to protect those you are harming. Is, that no different then what anyone else does?" Talking to the enemy, he already sounds like some kind of dogooder or some such. He then takes a deep breath and lowers his face, "That, or perhaps something told me I should be here. Perhaps we shall never known, yes?" Some what cryptic in answer, yet somehow simple.

    He holds up an Ofuda, takes a deep breath, "We all must do, what we must do. I do not wish to do anything, but simply be. I do not know these others, I do not share in their compassion. But, I also cannot allow you to harm others. So please, I ask you to leave, to leave these innocents be. Undo your damage to them, and I will leave you be." He remains motionless, waiting for the reply, of which he is sure will not be the answer he wishes to hear.
Phantom 2015-09-11 03:36:29 9524
Phantom seems to regard Yurei for a long time. A priest...? An Ofuda?... these cause a conflict of emotions for a moment and it's evident in his eyes. It's enough to cause Cure Gull to blink. "Huh..?" she weakly says.

Phantom speaks. "You might have the will to resist falling into despair....but if you continue, I'll make sure you dissapear." he says frankly.

Luckily, suddenly Phantom is hit by a big axe, causing him to get flung to the right. He's able to flip around to his feet however.

Mars and Mercury go for the Terribad and begin to weaken it. The onslaught forcing it back.

"Gull...forget about Phantom for now.... that Axe girl has him busy for a moment...!" he says.

She blinks and looks towards the Terribad. "Ah!? You're right!"

She raises her right arm, the Love PreBrace shines for a moment. "Wings of Hope, turn into a sacred power....!" she calls out. "Lovely PreBrace.....!" she says as the device glows in soft seafoam green. "Pretty Cure....!" she then claps the PreBrace, causing it to spark. "Hopeful Feather Shoot!" she calls out as she begins spinning her hands around one another, causing some sort of feather-shaped wing set to form above her, in her primarily sea-green color schemed.

Then she punches it at the Terribad, "Go!....."

It collides with the Terribad, causing it to be shot back for a moment, while it's engulfed by the Seagreen color.

"Wings of Hope, return to the heavens....!" she calls out!

Then there's a giant explosion where the Terribad was---- purifying it, and causing it to dissapate as seafoam green energy gets shot upwards. She of course, couldn't even get this far if it wasn't for the help of Sailor Mars and Mercury.... they weakened it. They did most of the work. She just got rid of the thing faster in her own way.

Mirrors begin fading around the block as people are released. They all blink confusedly, but are otherwise unharmed.

Though Phantom still persists, as does the purple crystals in the area.

Phantom suddenly does not particularly look too pleased at Vespa.
Rei Hino 2015-09-11 03:45:34 9525
The Terribad goes away, but Mars looks around to see that the purple crystals are still here. "What's with those things?" she asks out loud.

Well, regardless, Phantom is still here and he still needs to be dealt with. While Phantom is dealing with Vespa, Mars pulls out an ofuda of her own. She holds it up to her face, held between her index and middle fingers, and begins to chant as ancient power sinks into the talisman.

"Rin. Pyou. Tou. Sha. Kai. Jin. Retsu. Zai. Zen!"

Once charged, she throws the ofuda at Phantom, shouting, "Akuryo TAISAN!"

Her ofuda isn't specifically damaging, but it has a way of sealing evil spirits and immobilizing evil people. She has no idea if it would even work on someone like Phantom.
Vespa Rayne 2015-09-11 03:45:54 9526
Vespa smiles at Phantom. "Would you like another love tap?", she says keep her eyes on him. "Looks like you have lost this one! The power of freinship wins again!", Vespa can't belive she just said that. Oh well seemed like the right thing to say.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-09-11 03:46:44 9527
Miss White sighs a little bit, watching as mirrors dissappear and Gull and the others finally finish off the Terribad! The girl smirks, then walks over to the edge of the roof, slapping Boris on the shoulders.

"...So that's Phantom, huh? Looks like little Gull-chan and Pidgeon-kun got better. Great. And those mirrors. Heh, we have plenty of data now. Come on. We need to get a plan together." With that, the pair leap off, and into the night.
Ami Mizuno 2015-09-11 03:48:05 9528
    As mars begins going after Phanton with her Ofuda, Mercury begins to scan Phantom actively....even tugging out her computer to do so. Mars has Phantom least for the moment, Mercury thinks.
Yurei Shisha 2015-09-11 03:48:29 9529
    A simple head shake is all Yurei gives, it wasn't the answer he wanted, but it was a good distraction as Vespa's axe says hi to Phantom. He then does a bit of a shuffle wobble over as there is a massive explosion that rips through, well that's good, least the monster is gone.

    He looks around, seeing the mirrors dissolve, he but smiles and lowers his hand and the Ofuda with it. Taking a deep breath and replies to Phantoms words, even though surely Phantom can't hear them as he's not happy and he doesn't really say them all to loud, "If only it was that simple. Not everything can dissapear, simply because you wish it." But, while Phantom did not directly do what was asked it was still done and his reasons to put a hurting on Phantom are now gone as the people are becoming freed.

    So, a partial victory on his part, yay. He looks around at the others, the Cure and the two senshi and then over to Vespa. Pretty confident that Vespa is about to be on the recieving end of something very uncomfortable soon. He'll do what he can, but she is far more stronger then him. So he does the only thing he can, he runs towards her, perhaps if anything really bad happens he can intercept, or in some way do something to help.
Phantom 2015-09-11 04:08:14 9530
Mars attempts to slap an ofuda on Phantom. This causes Phantom to start sparking red---and appear in pain for a good few moments. What it doesn't do.... is stop him of struggling to get his hand up, and rip it off---which he actually accomplishes. Mars has probably never seen any particularly normal youma do such a thing. It may or may not be unnerving. Things are now a little uneven. Phantom could stay- but he doesn't think that these people here are going to give him the clear path he wants to the local seafoam green Pretty Cure.

Oh he desperatly wants to try. But instead. He faces towards Vespa- who as far as he's concerned, is why everything got ruined by distacting him with the giant axe.

"You will not be forgiven." is all he says to him, as a strong burst of wind ignites from his area--- taking him along with it as he teleports back to--- wherever he came from. When this happens, all the crystals... and the purpling of the ground stops and begins to receeded.

"Woah. We did it." says Corvus.

Cure Gull looks down... "So that's the guy that took Aki...." she says softly.

"...and she faced him alone!? Nrg...." she closes her eyes.

She looks towards Vespa and Yurei appreciativly. "T..thank you. Two. For your help..." she says. "I don't think That. I could had taken that on alone...." she says. "I'm. Cure Gull. This is my friend...Corvus." she says motioning to the silver raven on her shoulder.

She looks towards Mars and Mercury. "Thank you two, Mars and Mercury." she says with a wider smile. "It felt really good to help you....instead of...." she doesn't really finish that sentence, but she knows that Mars and Mercury will get what she's trying to say!.

She bows appreciativly, regardless.

"Is.. everyone okay?" she asks suddenly peeking around awkwardly. "Oh...! I feel the power of a regal crown...!" says Corvus non-sensically. Then Two Precards appear in the air above him and float. Gull blinks and takes them. "Oh. That was... a Terribad....right!" she says. "..Dress PreCards...?" she asks looking down at the cards for a moment with a boink.
Ami Mizuno 2015-09-11 04:13:14 9531
    Mercury doesn't hesitate to give Cure Gull a hug....nor does she ask. "It's fine, Cure Gull. I'm glad you were able to help." Of course, she doesn't let go of the hug for a couple of minutes....
Vespa Rayne 2015-09-11 04:16:12 9532
Vespa watches Phantom disapear. She hms thinking she has made a enemy here.. She looks around at everyone and nods to Cure Gull and Corvus. "It was no trouble at all. It was a team effort really.", she pauses. "Thought were not really a team, well you get what I mean.",she nods to Gull. "I didn't get hurt thanfully."
Rei Hino 2015-09-11 04:18:11 9533
With a warm smile, Mars responds with, "Of course, Cure Gull! I'm glad we could fight together like this."

With the villain and his minions gone, Mars holds her arm. It's a bit sore. "That guy... he seemed pretty tough. Most people can't just rip off one of my ofuda like that."

Or deflect her punch like that, either.

Mars's watch beeps, and she looks down at it. "Ah! I have to go!" She moves forward to give Gull and Mercury a quick hug. "I'll see you around!"

She starts running off back to the shrine, but not before ducking into an alleyway and retrieving her shopping bag!
Yurei Shisha 2015-09-11 04:18:47 9534
    Yurei comes to a halt and watches as Phantom leaves, taking a big sighed breath grateful that it's over and he doesn't have to resort to anything dangerous to stop that person. Also glad that Vespa is ok, and that he didn't have to become the target of some horrible villain attack.

    Yurei bows to the Cure, "I am Yurei. It is nice to meet you both. You are most welcome for the help I gave. I could not simply sit by and watch as those people got injured, or drained of their energy. It would not have been nice, and their day is already ruined from this experience."

    As she asks if everyone is ok, he looks around. Well, the street is still there, buildings are still in one piece, no destroyed cars. "Yes, I believe I am ok. I cannot speak for others, but I am good." He nods, and is very thankful he's ok. But, he's gonna have cramped hands tommorow after he replenishes his Ofuda. But, that is simply something someone must do in their continued profession of ensuring bad things don't hurt good people.
Phantom 2015-09-11 04:27:31 9535
Cure Gull gives Yurei a little blush. He sounds well spoken. She is not used to speaking to people in general, let alone well spoken boys who also happen to come to her aid. Also. Mercury is giving her a super hug! And she's getting one back with smiles!

"Ah.. Mercury..." she says sheepishly. "We soon. I mean. When I can stop being. Um. Cure Gull..." she says softly. She manages to slip out of the hug and gives Vespa another bow....

"...I don't think Phantom is going to go for you unless Pretty Cure are nearby. He seems.... kind of. Obsessed? With hunting them." she says sheepishly. She pauses as Mars takes off...

"Um. I can probably. Carry one of you. Somewhere...if this whole thing made you late." she says.
Ami Mizuno 2015-09-11 04:29:56 9536
    "All right, Cure Gull. We'll talk soon." Mercury says with a bright smile and lets her out of the hug. "it's good to see friends again." She says with a smile.
Vespa Rayne 2015-09-11 04:31:35 9537
Vepsa smiles. "Thanks for the tip and the ride but I get to where i'm going with no trouble at all!" ,she ohs! "I'm Arcane Hero number six, The Axe Knight! And it was nice to meet you Cure Gull I'm sure we will run into each other again!", and with that she dases off!
Yurei Shisha 2015-09-11 04:32:53 9538
    Yurei looks around, he would like to know more about these Cure's and this Phantom, but there is always time to learn, he shakes his head, "I am fine thank you. I am in no hurry to go anywhere. Though, the others might need it." That, and he feels he still maybe need here. Who knows when someone might just suddenly freak out, and being a Priest it's is job to ensure he can help calm someone down, or to offer up prayers.

    "Though, I do hope that Phantom does not attack again for some time. I am a bit ill prepared at the moment for any more fighting of that nature. Those smaller creatures, are a large hazard without some kind of large area attack. Perhaps, I should return home and figure one out." He gives himself a nod. Yes, perhaps an AOE Ofuka attack, and pondering if such a thing could even be pulled off.
Phantom 2015-09-11 04:41:49 9540
There's always time later! But she does speak to Yurei..."That... that man is the Precure Hunter. He took my sister somewhere." she says quietly. She looks down. "You're very brave..." she says with another blush. Oh god... boys.. and.. this guys a priest!? then why is she even blushing!? Awkward girls are just always going to continue to be awkward!

Her wings reform from the bow on the back of her outfit. "I hope I can help you again if you need it..." she smiles.

Then she hops off into the air and takes off--wings acting more like a magical jet pack than flapping her around.
Yurei Shisha 2015-09-11 04:51:55 9541
    Ponders what she says, a precure hunter. Well, clearly he's like the others then, trying to destroy someone or something for their own purposes, that he could not stand for, "Some people are brave, because they must be. Others are brave, because they simply have no choice. When one does not appreciate the foul air, one must do what they can to clean that air. Even if it means, they must fight things greater then them with their own hands."

    He gives her a bow, "Be well, and I hope that in the journey that you are on ends well. Becareful, it would not be well for this Phantom to take you as well. Then we would lack another to stop the pain and suffering he causes." He watches her fly off. Yes, he would have to learn much it seems, far more then he thought he would.