Riventon turns an elementary-schooler into a youma. Sailor Moon objects so hard that Luna bends time and space to give her her new item. Introducing: Asclepius!

Date: 2015-10-28
Pose Count: 29
Mamoru Chiba 2015-10-28 23:37:51 12588
After school, Infinity University.

It's been raining all day. It's not a thunderstorm, it's not a downpour, it's not a pretty misting thing-- it's just overcast skies and deciduous trees deciduating and a constant, pervasive drizzle-to-rain, dampening everything, even the things under umbrellas. In the right mindset, it's lovely. Most people with busy lives, mood issues, and/or pocket electronics are not in the right mindset.

Mamoru Chiba's partially in the right mindset -- if it's raining, all his devices go in plastic bags. But lately he's been moody as hell, and his busy life has been somewhat cramped by necessity of being under active protection... and it's not even something he can argue with.

He practically volunteered for it.

Right now, he's standing on the sidewalk by the brick posts at the end of the drive, bookbag held to his chest and umbrella overhead, irritated because his raincoat's at home and he still hasn't been back. His glasses are fogged up, and he's grumpily reading an ebook through the dripped-on plastic his reader's in.
Sailor Moon 2015-10-28 23:48:17 12589
Usagi is skipping, all but dragging Daisuke along with her. After all, of the two, he's the only one with an umbrella.

"Thanks for coming with me! And for the snack..." Some people would say she conned him out of baked goods. She disagrees. All she did was have large, sad, puppy eyes because she's broke.

They'd had to leave Ami when Usagi realized the time. After all, she wants to walk Mamoru home!

"He said he'd wait for me, because, ah, um, project! Yes. He's helping. With mine. It's...about...aardvarks. And bears. And a guitar." She really should not make up cover stories!

"And now I can introduce you, and he can have more friends! And you, too!" Friends that aren't girls! Which totally doesn't make her jealous (it does).

They turn the corner and she sees him. She forgets that there's safety under the umbrella and sprints forward, not exactly being discrete on her approach.

There may even be a giggle.

By the time she's under the umbrella with Mamoru, clinging at his arm (for warmth the rain is cold no other reason!), the shirt she's wearing went from damp to soaked.

"Whatchya reading?"
Daisuke Hansuke 2015-10-29 00:11:44 12590
Daisuke Hansuke has the Umbrella, yes. Also, Luna is on his shoulder for some strange reason. Maybe she's watching this guy. Or maybe he knows he's some sort veternerian in training. Regardless, he follows along happily. "Eh. Pastry is cheap." he insists. "Mizuno-san seemed nice. Neat she's getting into actual medicine. Not my calling really, though." he says. He's drunken enough coffee to chase off the drowsiness from earlier- he's a little more with it.

He looks on ahead onto the Infinity campus. He's been here before. He visits all the schools usually- for various reasons- school bussiness or otherwise. He looks up ahead and Usagi moves on ahead a moment, as he head tilts---eh...? He's been having pangs of Deja Vu all day- really- but this one's just a little bit stronger than the rest. Less of a subtle feeling- more like a punch to the gut.


There's a brooding figure under a tree. Asclepius has a pretty good guess what's gone on- but if he does, he doesn't mention it. What instead- he does offer- is some sort of old-style chalice of wine. "You know." he says. "My dad used to say sometimes this was the best medicine when he was in charge, for this kind of feeling, since we can only do so much in these kind of situations." he insists in that stern, but somewhat joking and kind tone- meant to invoke a good mood.


Daisuke gives a soft bow, shrugging off the feeling of Deja-Vu. "Hello! I'm Daisuke Hansuke. Your friend here dragged me along." he insists. "She says you're working on a project of some kind?" he asks.

Yeah he has no idea what's actually going on at all.
Takashi Agera 2015-10-29 00:14:04 12591
Takashi Agera has been waitign, leaning against a pole, under an overhang outside of Infinity University. The weather hasn't gotten to him at all, in fact, it's only made his plans easier. Sort of. There's not many people around - which is good, because that's less interference. But there's not many people around, which has lowered his targets.

The entire time as he looks out to the gloomy sky, and watches students pass, he's been playing with a small, jet black orb the size of a golfball. Rolling it up his arm, playing dexterity games with it absentmindedly. It's only now that he noticed that his little tricks have earned him a set of watching eyes.

For some reason, a young boy, wearing Infinity University's elemetary uniform, has come up behind him and is watching with wide-eyed interest as he absentmindedly toys with the small orb.

Well, he's certainly not getting any experimentation done being so picky, Takashi thinks to himself. He turns to the boy and offers a warm smile. "Oh! Hello there." The boy, shy and quiet, just smiles back wordlessly. "Here, do you want it?" Takashi asks, holding the orb out to the boy with an open palm. The boy nods, and takes it grinning. He holds it up - it's such a pretty, black thing - so black it seems to draw the light in around it...

Not too long after, the magically inclined nearby can feel a surge of dark power coming from one of the distant corners outside of Infinity University. Should they ivestigate, they will find a small youma - a boy made up seemingly of shadows wearing a uniform suspiciously similar to Infinity's elemtary offerings (complete with adorable hat) - only everything is black or at best a light shade of grey, and there's a wicked sneer on the face of the boy. A keen eyed observer might notice Riventon sitting on the edge of an overhang in the area, seemingly nonplussed by the rain, watching with interest as the small youma begins to blast dark energy around the area somewhat haphazardly.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-10-29 00:29:50 12592
He's not so engrossed in his book that he doesn't feel a familiar presence approaching and brace for impact accordingly -- and Mamoru is not disappointed. His mood instantly lightens considerably as soon as the soaking wet blonde's attached to his arm, and he pockets his e-reader with a laugh. "A really dull Greek philosopher who thought he was witty. Thank you for rescuing me-- oh, what?"

The upperclassman glances up and pauses for a second, brow furrowing as he looks at the approaching Daisuke as if trying to place him, but he manages to slide a mask on almost instantly, pleasant and noncommittal, friendly enough.


He bows in return as best as he can with a soggy Usagi clinging to his arm. "Pleased to meet you, Hansuke-san. Some sort of project, yes-- Usako hasn't given me the details yet, but I did promise to help. Have you--?"

Whatever Mamoru was going to ask gets tossed away into the unwritten pages of history, because that's when the darkness hits like a sledgehammer. He glances around the brick post, up the drive to the steps, and sees the little monster--

--and then looks down at Usagi, expression already set. He nods firmly to the unspoken question in her worried eyes, glances toward Daisuke and back at her as if to confirm, then starts hustling her toward Daisuke -- and his bookbag arm is also out, indicating he's going to start hustling Daisuke too. "Run. It's time to run now, Hansuke, we don't want to get caught up in this--"
Sailor Moon 2015-10-29 00:43:18 12593
This is not good.

"Luna." It's panted, and the cat leaps from Daisuke's shoulder to her own.

There's a noise, a loud one, and though the 'eep!' is real, the sudden dash she usually reserves for late mornings is not.

She rounds a corner, and her hand flies up as she does.

"Moon Prism Power, Make-up!"

For all anyone could guess, Usagi's run all the way home by now and is shaking under her blankets.

Sailor Moon, however, has no such luxury.

She jumps up to the top of the brick wall, running along the edge back to where she came.

So far, it looks like she's alone.

"Hold it right there!"

Even as she's posing on top of the pillar, that blanket bit sounds more and more good right about now.

Well, at least Mamo-chan's safe. And Daisuke.
Daisuke Hansuke 2015-10-29 00:46:29 12594
Daisuke Hansuke isn't used to weird spikes of darkness. In fact. He's never felt one in his life- and he's only been magically active maybe less than or a little longer than a week. This is a weird 'hair on edge' feeling he isn't used to- but more important... others here seem to react to it too.

If Daisuke knew the story between Usagi and Mamoru- he probably would had politely declined following Usagi along. But Usagi seemed nice and friendly- so he is here now- and he is making Mamoru /jealous/ and he is not meaning to. that a tiny darkness infused school boy?

Okay. So like.. Daisuke was ready to accept that tiny cat boys that hover around bigger versions of themseles was a thing. He was ready to accept that Usagi seemed to be very sure that Luna could talk and worry about her---maybe some sort of weird sci-fi/magic link or something. But that is something like a tiny demon and theres this weird darkness tingly feeling that's screaming at him to bring out the staff because /danger/ and he is working super hard to ignore this because he doesn't want to explain himself to these two people he just met because he can't even explain it to himself yet.

So he goes along.."Right...let's----" nrg--- well that was fast. Usagi ran? Is she going to be okay? Where did she go?

"Hope she's going to be okay." he murmurs under his breath. He'll travel along with Mamoru.

God this week as been so screwed up. It's like his world is a snowglobe and the kid holding it doesn't wanna stop shaking it.

"Gotta be some way to help..." he mutters.
Takashi Agera 2015-10-29 00:58:41 12595
Riventon, for all of his dark glory, waves at the arriving Sailor Senshi. She probably recognizes him from the fight where he tried to erase Tuxedo Kamen from the map with negative energy. But he seems almost lazy, calmly leaning on the edge and watching the small terror. It's just there, generally trying to destroy as much of - well, mostly the ground - as possible. It seems to be somewhat haphazard.

"Aren't you supposed to give a speech, or something?" Riventon asks, that ever present sneer even in his voice as well as his face. "Are you waiting for the others to get here? I mean, I'm just an observer right now so maybe I shouldn't get involved. Throwing off the experiment with undu variables." At the word 'experiment' he gestures to the small Youma in the school uniform. It doesn't seem to have noticed Sailor Moon yet. It does notice a tree, which it knocks down (away from the school, luckily!) with a blast of dark energy roaring forth from its mouth.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-10-29 01:07:24 12596
"She'll be fine," Mamoru tells Daisuke as they run, ducking between people; he sounds completely confident in this fact. "But I'm going to check on her anyway. You go on ahead, I'm sure we'll see you soon--"

And this time it's the black-haired upperclassman who veers down an alleyway, apparently taking a shortcut. He's not a former track star for nothing: kid's gone, out the other side in seconds.


Back at Infinity, Tuxedo Kamen alights soundlessly behind a building, right in the right spot to be able to see the little boy, Riventon, and Sailor Moon; he silently sends encouragement and belief in the direction of that bright, bright light that's Usagi's heart in the darkness, and he watches and waits. He'll follow her lead. They don't need Riventon getting rid of him -- and thus her -- again.
Sailor Moon 2015-10-29 01:26:44 12599
"I'm not alone, I brought my cat! She's my Adult Supervision!"

Luna hisses. "Don't point me out! And I'm younger than you!"

Ug, Speeches. Well, if he asked for one.

There was now a dead tree. And this gave her her speech material.

And any fear that may want to sneak in is squished a little down for the time being because of warm fuzzies. She recognizes those!

"Well, then. Who am I to disappoint?"

She clears her throat.

(While she does this, Luna hops off her shoulder to study the young youma, eyes puzzled as she opens a link.)

"Since the Middle Ages, high schoolers have enjoying having their lunch beneath that tree! Love has been found and lost beneath those branches, and many naps have been claimed in the leaves of autumn! That you have destroyed a long aged silent witness to all of this, I, Sailor Moon, cannot forgive you! In the name of the moon, I will punish you!"

She sends a glare at Riventon. "Happy, now? And I don't care about your variables! If you hadn't made that cheap shot last time, you'd have a seriously bruised backside!"
Daisuke Hansuke 2015-10-29 01:31:48 12600
Eh!? Wait is Mamo running away by himself!? Why does he feel like this is a bad idea. Oh right. That. Back there clearly. He's alone in an alley. Ugh---if only he was alone so---oh. He's alone. In an alley. Okay this actually works out now!?

He turns his palm out and the ring flashes and turns into a metal staff with an orante snake with jeweled eyes in his hand. Ugh. Okay. Think a moment... purpe flash--weird costume... check.... He points the rod upwards and in a sudden weird flash brings him to the rooftops. Okay. This should be easy. Walk to the edge. Leap. Miss jump. Teleport out of sudden panic. Hit roof hard due to carried momentum and fall flat on face.

This isn't easy. He pushes himself up and he just teleports. These short distances seem safe anyways---and he's able to do it fast enough? At this short a way. Maybe he should test limits soon. Testing it in this kinda enviroment is dangerous, right?

He arrives at a rooftop. He peeeeeeeks up over the top- not standing tall.

He's not doing a very good job of hiding- but he can hear now what's going on here.

Wait. Was that a speech about trees?

Wait what?

Sailor Moon? Huh.

He doesn't make a big glaring target of himself. But he is there. He can't see Usagi or Mamoru though. Good. So they're not here and in danger then. He feels a bit better.
Takashi Agera 2015-10-29 01:41:53 12603
Riventon nods. "That's better. More like the plan. Don't worry about me - I'm just observing. Worry about the little schoolboy. And be careful - there's still a kid in there. Wouldn't want to hurt him."

The speech, the announcement, the firey passion of Sailor Moon seems to have gotten the small schoolboy youma's attention, and he stops destroying the area in a madhouse fashion - and turns to her, charging at her, his hands ending in shadowy claws, eyes glowing hot and red like burning coals, as he makes a mad series of swipes at the Sailor Senshi of the Moon!
Sailor Moon 2015-10-29 02:05:55 12608
Sailor Moon shrieks as the kid comes at her, running (away) along the top of the fence before jumping down to run along the grass, scary claws and scary eyes and this is an actual kid?!

(Part of her wishes she can just take a picture and shoe her mom next time Ikuko says she's acting like a demon child.)

"L-Luna! What do I do?!"

At this point, Luna has spotted Asclepius.

Not knowing him, she leaps at him, hissing, claws out.

"Who are you and what are you doing here?"

"LUNA STOP FLIRTING AND HELP ME! I can't tiara him, what do I DO?!"
Mamoru Chiba 2015-10-29 02:18:58 12614
'What do I do'.

Tuxedo Kamen takes a chance.

He doesn't dart out, he leaps: up through the air, swift like wind, and down to catch up Sailor Moon in his arms and bound away again, a bare instant before the shadow-possessed child levies another blast at her--

--it kills the earth beneath it--

--and then they're up on the rooftop with Luna and Asclepius. He grips her hands. "You need to drive the darkness out. Moon Twilight Flash won't work: even if the sun's not visible, it's still daytime. But you drove the darkness from me, Sailor Moon. When Riventon felled me with this energy, you did something. I could still see your light, shining brighter than anything in the world, and somehow you found me in there and you pulled me out, you shattered the dark. Whatever it is you did, you have to try to do it now."

His words are urgent, telling her she can do this, telling her it's something she's done before and she can do again, and the power of his belief in her is like the strength of a mountain lifting her up, offering its steadiness as shield.
Daisuke Hansuke 2015-10-29 02:22:00 12615
Asclepius looks down at Sailor Moon. There is.. Luna up here? Wasn't she was supposed to be with Usagi!? If Luna is Usagi around here too? He looks around frantically a moment. Oh. The cat talked....oh- THE CAT TALKED!?

Oh god it actually talks and not mind talks and Daisuke/Asclepius finds this really weird.

Who is he....? He doens't have a name he can give Luna. So he avoids answering that one first. "I....there were...people. They needed help...right..? I....I really. Don't know my name. I'm sorry." He answers honestly. He doesn't know this dude's name. Calling himself Daisuke is too telling. "I'm not here to hurt anyone. I promise..." is all he can say. He has the tone of someone who is nervous, maybe a little scared. But sincere.

Sailor Moon is screaming at the cat?

"I.. um. Does she need your help?" he asks.

Oh. A. Uh. Guy. In a Tuxedo. Is up here. With Sailor Moon now. And they have some hand holding going on and words of encouragement.

He really can't add to this.

Though he looks back down. If they're all up here now then----

What's that thing going to target? Up here?
Takashi Agera 2015-10-29 02:27:39 12618
Riventon actually claps his hands a little bit - he's enjoying the difficulty his new experiment is putting the currently arrayed heroes through - and smiles. But he doesn't say anything. He's just watching, intently. He's very set on trying to keep this experiment running in a sanitized way.

Meanwhile, the 'subject' - the schoolboy youma - missed Sailor Moon by moments, aided by the man in the Tuxedo. And for a moment, he's glaring around. But those red eyes spot the group of them up there - and, much as Asclepius feared, chooses them as a further target of destruction, roaring loudly and another massive beam of dark energy - particularly large given the size of the originator - bursts out at them up there.

Riventon watches everything with the same dispassionate look someone might stare at a presentation on modern english literature - if that person was Usagi and not Ami - though he /is/ paying clear attention.
Sailor Moon 2015-10-29 02:42:05 12624
Luna eyes the nameless guy. Another one with amnesia! Great. It's like it's a pandemic. "I'll keep an eye on you, Snake Staff."

It's not an assurance to keep him safe, it's more like a threat. And then they have company.

Sailor Moon is momentarily confused. Not at her sudden change in locale, but by the cause of it. It takes her a moment to realize it's not because she hasn't seen Tuxedo Kamen since that night, but because she'd thought the Warm Fuzzies had come from Mamoru.

He is telling her something she did. Her eyebrows knit in confusion. "I don't remember doing that. All I did was kind of doze off."

Luna, momentarily taking her eye off Snake Staff, mulls over the new information. It can't be. Sailor Moon doesn't have that ability, right?

But there's no time to lose over an internal debate.

Jumping high in the air, arcing her back in a somersault, and lands with the grace born to cats.

When she lands, a pink wand topped with a large, offcenter crescent moon is beneath her paw. She picks it up in her mouth and tosses it to Sailor Moon. Surprisingly, it's caught.

"Aim at the Youma. Shout 'Moon healing escalation.' Okay?"

Sailor Moon raises an eyebrow. "Moon Healing Escalation?"

The wand sputters out a few pathetic sparks, and they cause her to jump. If that's all that came out...

"Well, looks like I'm going to have to...what does Bass-chan say? Crank it to eleven?"

Before she could even aim, let alone crank it, dark energy is being screamed at them.

With a shriek, she jumps back, fists on the two guys, and she yanks, hard, back.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-10-29 02:56:16 12631
Watching the kid as Luna talks to Usagi and the new guy's getting hissed at, Tuxedo Kamen is ready to dive them all out of range when the kid fires.

Problem is, Sailor Moon is getting better at not deer-in-headlightsing--

--actually normally that wouldn't be a problem--

--and moves first. With a 'hrrk' and his white gloved hands flying up to the collar of his shirt, he's jerked back and loses his balance a little, almost stepping on Luna's tail as he tries to regain it. ALMOST. Not quite. "Ku-SO!" he croaks out, steadying himself.

Then he crouches. "Okay maybe try that again but without making yourself super visible. Sniper Moon. Cranked to eleven. Asclepius, just-- keep down, too. Luna, get up on my shoulder, I think I can jump us all away in a hurry if you don't move around a lot."
Daisuke Hansuke 2015-10-29 03:11:41 12635
Asclepius is tugged back suddenly---and Luna says that she's watching him!? He doesn't understand....he doesn't understand at all. He is a little shamed. Did he do something shady? He guesses not knowing anything to call yourself is pretty terrible. But he does as the Tuxedo'd gentleman says and keeps down when he's tugged back. Let Sailor Moon do her thing- seems to the be mode of operation. Yes ... this w---wait what?

"What did... you just call me?" he asks softly.

He bites his lip regardless.

"If...we need to get out of here....just. Grab my side or something. And lemme know. I can uh. Just take us. Somewhere else. Nearby." he says.

"I think?" he asks. Ugh. This being new stuff sucks so hard. He feels that's right but he hasn't /tested/ it yet.
Takashi Agera 2015-10-29 03:22:52 12641
Riventon watches with more interest as the Crescent Wand comes out, but true to his word he continues to not interfere - at least, non verbally. "You'll need more than a few sparks and dodging, I think." So far his little project is doing well.

There's a glint in the creatures' red eyes as it jumps up, those claws glinting in the rain, as it tries to bring them down on the nearest person as it vaults up the massive height - that person being Asclepius!
Sailor Moon 2015-10-29 03:28:57 12645
Sailor Moon nods at Tuxedo Kamen. "Right." She can do so! And she can because he says she could.

She edges forward a bit. "Luna, be nice to Snake Staff. I get huggable vibes from him."

Huggable vibes are totally legit.

Luna sighs. "Sorry, Snake Staff." Still. Half an eye. Just in case.

She calls down to Riventon. "Sparks can turn into fire!"

And the boy is attacking again! This time, instead of dodging, Sailor Moon actually stands. Aims. Snipes.


Wow, that is a lot more than a spark. But she's only at eight. She focuses.

Ten, now. Just a little more...

Oops, all the way to twelve. At least that's how it feels, because it's as though she ran all the mornings in the span of five seconds.

Just a little longer...
Daisuke Hansuke 2015-10-29 03:47:07 12648
Asclepius watches as Sailor Moon does something awesome and---is also giving huggable vibes. What!? Also why did that just make him blush really hard!? Regardless, he turns his attention back to -- oh no, this thing is trying to rend down on him--- his eyes go wide and everything slows down and his heart is beating a mile a minute and then----- there's a soft puff of purple smoke and then he appears somewhere on the otherside of the rooftop NOT where the hit was coming down- where he was a moment ago. It was sort of like an instinctual reflex that one. It's very weird.

"W-oah!? Ah! Watch out!" he calls out finally.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-10-29 03:56:14 12652
There are claws and horrible cutty things of dark darkness heading the purple guy's way, and Tuxedo Kamen almost yells out, but the guy's got it covered. So his attention flickers back to Sailor Moon, and he sees her getting a little weavy from the energy output.

"That's it," he says, in a quiet voice that cuts through everything.

He comes up behind her and puts his hands at her elbows, helping hold her steady; he stays behind her, providing solid physical support, ready to catch her if she falls. And

Tuxedo Kamen lends his own strength

warm and golden and achingly familiar

to buffer her own power and give her something to hold onto, to keep from getting lost.

"That's exactly right, Sailor Moon. You can do this. You can save him. Just like you saved me."
Takashi Agera 2015-10-29 04:13:48 12655
Riventon actually stands up from his perch and looks far more interested, as the Snake Staff boy /shifts/ away from the small youma, and, with it missing the attack, it's left wide open for...


There's a bright flash of light, and it engulfs the youma! There's a howl as the two peices are forcibly seperated - the guiltless young boy, and the shadowy creature of darkness which took on his shape. As they're seperated, the boy is unharmed... but the youma faires less well, being forced back like a flaming burst of shadow into the golf-ball sized black orb it erupted from - which turns from dark black to a dull grey, before shattering into a fine dust.

Riventon stands up and claps slowly. "Well, that wasn't exactly an expected result, but it was a useful experiment none the less! Thanks for your participation, I suppose." he adds. He takes a step back - and that step back takes him into a strange portal of shadows and darkness, and Riventon is gone.

The boy, meanwhile, is currently unconscious - though for how long is up in the air - and on a roof. He won't remember meeting Takashi or what caused him to become a youma, thankfully - but he also won't remember the darkness that took up residence in his heart.
Sailor Moon 2015-10-29 04:21:47 12656
Luna bounces over to Snake Staff. "Are you okay? What was that?"

Yes, Luna's not really keeping her eyes on him anymore. Sailor Moon's hugdar is strong. (Questionable when it comes to Mamoru, though. To Luna, he seems to find hugging humans as pleasurable as hugging cacti.)

As he touches her elbows and she feels his warmth, Sailor Moon could feel a tug and pull, as though more power is coming forward--

But then the flow of power cuts off as the boy is back to normal.

She is tired, even with Tuxedo Kamen's support. A bit dazed, she hugs the wand to her chest. "I'mma call you George. Why? I can't say Silverster, George. Hah. See what I did..."

And then she's pitching forward, because she just literally fell asleep on her feet.
Daisuke Hansuke 2015-10-29 04:28:00 12658
Asclepius blinks at Riventon. He can hear it this time. "An...experiment!?" this causes his hands to clasp around the staff tighter. "AN EXPERIMENT!?" he yells...he is about to go into a tirade---but. He's gone. Through some sort of foul portal- and that tug of danger inside him begins to fade a little. He looks down at Luna...."Nrg....I-- please don't call me that...." he murmurs to himself. "Um--well. Maybe. That'll work for now." he says a little glumly. He's feeling a bit dizzy himself. "I guess I can teleport? I don't really know. I only really did the healing thing the past week and----this wasn't a thing before that." he admits.

He looks back up.

"Woah!? Hey!...." he tries to move quickly forward- though no doubt Kamen is right there and will get her first. He also looks at him. "Is she going to be okay?.... Is she hurt? I can... help with that- at least." he offers. "Or is she just wore out...?" he asks.

Something is tugging at him that suggests more 'wore out' than hurt at least, too.

"I dunno...what that name you called me was...." he says to Tuxedo Kamen. " Who are you two? I um. Like I said. No name..I guess." he admits, biting his teeth a bit.

"Do either of you need help? Are you all going to be okay?"

He kinda looks like he's about to tip over himself. Maybe he should be worrying about himself first.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-10-29 04:38:08 12661
True to form -- and prepared for it, no less -- Tuxedo Kamen catches Sailor Moon as she pitches forward, arms already in place to do just that. He smiles down at her with endless affection, and scoops her up in his arms. "She'll be fine. She's just tired, yeah." He shifts his stance slightly. "I'll take care of her. If you're all right yourself, and you can help with people who are hurt, I'd appreciate it if you could make sure the boy's okay and get him off the roof."

He glances across at the boy, then back at the new magical boy. "I'm sorry, I called you Asclepius. It seemed right. You're carrying his staff, after all. I'm Tuxedo Kamen, this is Sailor Moon, that's Luna-- and if you need to get in touch with any of us, you should look up Tadase Hotori at Seiyou; he can get you connected with the Virtue organization. The jerkoff on the other roof was Riventon; he's seriously bad news, don't mess with him alone. I'm afraid I can't stay -- I need to get Sailor Moon someplace safe so she can sleep it off."

Without so much as a by-your-leave to Luna, the caped and masked youth just leaps up into the air, coasting off into the grey and drizzling sky.
Daisuke Hansuke 2015-10-29 04:44:06 12664
Asclepius looks down at the staff. Well. Rod, and he looks back up. "I guess...that makes sense...." he says. Maybe he'll use that name. Something feels 'right' about it at least. Not like..... 'Snake Staff'. ugh. He looks down at the boy and gives a nod. "I'll... be okay. I'll make sure he's okay." he's lying about him being okay. He's going to probably collapse in a alley after he does this last task.

He raises his staff---it hovers in front of him a moment----and he gives the boy a quick surge of purple energy. This is a healing attempt. It'll probably help? Then he teleports the boy down to a bench, before he then teleports away.

Then unhenshins. Then collapses in the alley.

Someone'll probably find him. He's at least not hiding anywhere and is in the middle of said alley. He'll probably only be out for a short term anyways.

Hopefully no one steals his wallet.
Sailor Moon 2015-10-29 04:49:28 12665
Luna is furious. Absolutely. And then she's alone.

She's reduced to hissing and spitting, which is basically just extremely annoyed grumbling. She's going to claw that mask right off his face!

As she's walking in the alley to sit next to Snake Staff (Asclepius, fine, sheesh) until he woke up, she sighs.

On the bright side, at least it hadn't been Mamoru taking her away.