Fall of the White Flower I: Blumenacht

A new power arrives in Tokyo and delivers an ultimatum to its magical defenders.

Date: 2015-10-30
Pose Count: 65
Catastrophic Crunch 2015-10-31 00:00:39 12831
    It happens exactly at the stroke of midnight.

    A feeling washes over Tokyo- dread. Fear. Anyone who has fought Witches will recognize it, but it's an especially familiar feeling to Puella. It's the feel of a Witch Labyrinth, only many times stronger; not in the sense that it will overwhelm anyone with terror, but in the sense that it simply seems to be coming from everywhere at once.

     Reality shimmers. Everything takes on a vaguely 'unreal' feeling. Again, it's the same sort of sense you'd normally get entering a Witch's barrier, but nothing has physically changed- the buildings, the cars, the streetlights, it's all still there, but it's as if everything is a shadow of itself, as if some realm of half-shadow has overtaken the whole of Tokyo.

    And the people are gone. Like a regular Witch Labyrinth, all the non-magical people have simply vanished. Unlike a regular Witch Labyrinth, the city still seems normal otherwise, aside from the strange dreamlike feeling- oh, and the huge flower in the sky.

    It spreads from horizon to horizon, a giant white flower which overlays the stars, ethereal and ghostlike. Its wide, pointed, overlapping petals surround a circular center which seems to hover over a random skyscraper at the center of the city.

    I should also mention the monsters. Any magical person, witnessing this bizarre transformation of reality, upon exiting their homes or place of business or wherever they happen to be, will notice them at once. For the most part, this is because they will start attacking anyone they see.

    Witches. Generally, Witches only appear within Labyrinths, safely outside reality. But maybe this isn't reality anymore- it's hard to tell. And there are Witches of all description, flying, crawling, stomping around town, hunting anyone unfortunate enough to be spotted by them. But not just Witches. Other kinds of Monsters are present as well- Youma of varying description, roaming the streets as if having appeared out of thin air, just like that giant flower hovering in the sky.

    None of them are particularly powerful individually. They are more than mere minions, but on their own none would pose a life-threatening risk to a magical warrior of skill. Yet they seem to be everywhere, all over the city.

    Whatever is happening, it seems to be centered on that skyscraper in the center of the city, directly under the center of the flower. Anyone with magical sense can tell that is the location this... whatever this is is emanating from. If there's going to be any way to stop it, it will be there.
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-10-31 00:09:37 12834
Corvus 'huhs' a moment and looks to the window, as he turns from the screen of Haruna's laptop. He was playing some sort of strange online browser game when everything seemed 'off. He pressed his beak to the large, full wall window of the Infinity dorm room before he zipped over to Haruna... "Haruna...wake up...."

Mppggffbbghhh "Just five more minutes...I dun't wanna go to the first classes---is...boring...mufggfb..." mumbled Haruna as she tugged the blanket up over her head. "Haruna it's like twelve at night and something horrible is happening."

Haruna flipped the blanket over her head. "Ugh...fine. Lemme...get dressed quick and--- grab my PreChan Mirror...."

One zipping seafoam green beam of light later and with a flash Cure Gull appears overhead on her wings as she looks down and around. "What..are these things. I don't see any people. Maybe we should just stay up here if... no one needs saving-----"

Corvus looks up ahead. "I think that's where we wanna go..." he says, pointing to the skyscraper.

"Yeah..." she says. Something happening.... in a high place? That's familar. ugh.

"What's happening tonight? What is this?" she asks herself.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-10-31 00:13:59 12836
When you come from a clan of foresters tasked with guarding a forest against intruders, one of the things you learn is hit-and-run tactics and other methods of fighting against superior numbers. Add in some magic, and you can strike and be gone before the enemy knows you're there.

Thus it is with Guardian Gao -- as he plantsprings through the pseudo-abandoned city, the first sign that most youma note of his presence are the green arrows of energy striking them. Clusters of extra-weak monsters might get pincushioned with a Nettle Barrage, but for the most part there is nothing special about his attacks. Just emerald shafts lancing through the creatures of darkness, followed by small eruptions of plants, sending the forester Knight further along, closer to where the Flower is.

"This is not good," he says aloud to himself during a lull in the youma. "I am glad that ordinary people don't seem to be threatened... but this isn't good."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-10-31 00:15:18 12838
Hannah was just about to fall asleep to the soothing sensationalist youtube news of Pretty Cure Weekly when suddenly that wave of fear has her tossing and rolling to the floor! She transforms, clutching Raging Tempest as she gasps and pants, utterly on the defensive.

But there's nothing in her room at least. Grabbing and downing last morning's coffee, she steps outside, already phoning her employees.

"Heeey, guys! Any of you get some readings? Kiseke? Iwata? ...Bob? Oh come on, answer me you idiots!"

Huffing, she puts up the phone, only to come face to face with a bunch of Familiars and Witches at her doorstep. Peeeer.

And she just woke up too! Several wind-bursts and bombs later, and there's a destroyed car (she never liked that jerk professor anyway) and lots of dead Familiars and Witches. Dusting her Barrier Jacket off, she pockets a Grief Seed or two.

Then she's phoning Homura.

"Come on, come on....pick up!"

"Hey, Homura! Any clue what's going on? And is Madoka-chan and Ao-chan safe?"

Regardless, it's off to the center of the city.
Homura Akemi 2015-10-31 00:20:12 12840
Homura Akemi was out witch hunting when it began. The sudden onset of darkness, familiar and yet completely unexpected. It was so large, so completely unexpected, that she began to worry.

Had she ever seen this before? In all of her timelines, she couldn't remember these exact events. She has no idea what it means. Could it be, that even with all of the horrible things she already knew, there were still yet more horrible secrets that Kyubey was hiding from them?!

As she watches the Labyrinth encompass the whole city, or at least sees something very much akin to a city-wide Labyrinth, it's only then that Homura truly begins to feel fear.

She speaks to no one in particular. "This couldn't be... I haven't seen a Witch of this scale since Walpurgisnacht, but this definently isn't the same thing."

"Are there other Witches that horrendously powerful?!"

That giant flower in the sky... is that it? Is that the enemy? Homura wonders.

Witches and Familiars of many kinds spot Homura standing alone and come in for an attack. She no longer has time to sit and ponder, quickly going into motion. Bullets of all kinds fly from every direction, seemingly having no source at all. Explosions appear out of nowhere, destroying several Witches only to have more Witches take their place.

Homura runs, vanishing occasionally and reappearing a bit further on, heading towards the skyscraper as familiars appear and try to tackle her, only to be shotgunned or exploded for their trouble.

This isn't right. None of this is right.

.oO(What horrible truth are we going to find out now, Kyubey?)

Homura is quick to place blame on the white rat, but to be fair it's an educated guess.

Her phone rings. It's a Very Special Ring associated with her direct employer. She picks up in mid-run. "What's up?"


"I have no idea what's going on... but the last time I saw a Witch of this scale, it was powerful enough to kill thousands all at once. I don't think anyone can really be 'safe' from something like that. If you have any big guns, now is the time to bring them out."
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-10-31 00:20:38 12841
Midnight finds Mikoto at her desk, in her dorms at Infinity, the laptop screen shining into her face as she works on a paper. Bored with sitting around staring at it, she gets up and paces the room, dictating the paper to Carnwennan and having the Device upload it to the laptop. It's so much easier than typing. She might even get it done in time to get a few hours' sleep before she has to turn it in.

Or not. A wave of insane magic washes across the city, and she jags to a halt in mid-sentence. <<The barrier is extremely strong, Master,>> the Device informs her, adding a measurement of its field strength in a piece of technical jargon that's been obsolete since before the Egyptians decided pyramids were cool. A triangle of Belkan runes appears around them, projected on the floor, as Mikoto's Barrier Jacket goes up and she hurries over to the window.

"Plot me a course for the center of the field, and let's be about it." The window slides open - on such a tall building she has little worry about thieves (besides, it's nicely warded, any thief is in for a -rude- surprise) - and she takes to the skies, almost immediately pausing to blast a quartet of youma with a quick volley of Flicker Shots.

The only other human in sight, however, is Ms White, also in flight and taking out monsters, so Tessen swoops over towards her. Another volley of Flicker Shots toasts a batch of Familiars that were sneaking up behind the other girl (or trying to, at least), and she calls out as she gets closer.

"Hey! Any idea what's going on?"
Catastrophic Crunch 2015-10-31 00:27:48 12843
    There's nothing particularly special about the skyscraper which seems to be at the center of this phenomenon, other than the fact that it is quite tall and near the center of the city. All over the city various magical fighters are combatting Witches, Youma, and other monsters of greater or lesser strength- only a handful of them seem to have either the will or the ability to head towards that center point.

    What they find when they arrive is that the building is guarded by many of the monsters. The concentration of them seems to grow thicker the closer to it that people draw. The building sits in the middle of a wide plaza, and at least half a dozen Youma stand sentry here- one like a giant spider of some sort, another with four angel's wings and the head of a dragon. There's something which looks almost technological, an array of metallic limbs centered on a glowing ball- it's not a Witch. Perhaps some kind of Device or Lost Logia? It's hard to tell. A creature like a giant skeletal buzzard circles the tower, and another flies in the opposite direction, patrolling, this one like a bat with two heads and one leg.

    One thing is certain- they seem to want to stop anyone getting near the top of the tower. All the way there, any Youma who spot a magical fighter will attack them. Here, near the center, they are even more aggressive, chasing down anyone who gets too close.
Kyubey 2015-10-31 00:31:00 12844
Kyubey is there, too - calmly standing on a lightpost that's flickering on and off. The general horrors of tonight seem to be ignoring him.

It's Hannah Sharpe who passes by him first, and his tail swooshes behind him as he says calmly. "Didn't I warn you something was coming? Something big? Something you'd need Madoka's firepower for? You can only hope your selfish desires to help your employee don't cost Tokyo too many lives today, Hannah Sharpe." he says, turning to look at that massive flower descending atop the tower.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-10-31 00:33:18 12845
"Oh come on, I was hoping we wouldn't have to face Miss Apoclypse any time soon, and now you're telling me there's TWO of them!? Bah, fine! We'll just have to make do, all my soldiers are back at HQ so they're worthless, but I'll put them on cleanup duty. I'll head to the source, see you there!"

Click! Off the phone she goes, and then it's Tessan! blowing away some extra sneaky youma!

"Hey, thanks! No clue. All I know is that there's some massive Witch up at that skyscraper! Come on, I think we'll need everyone we can get for this one."

And it'll take them both to deal with the ever-increasing hordes of Witches, Familiars, and Youma. Finally arriving at the square, punching out a few more of the various evil creatures, Hannah's Device pings up that mechanical creature. Could it be a Lost Logia in action? She's not the type to let opportunity go.

But there's Kyubey peeking down from the lamp-post. She pauses and smirks.

"Do you know that old saying about counting chickens before they hatch? Have a little /faith/ Kyubey! Don't go worrying your little rat head over this, huh?" Taunts the girl spitefully, before heading on. A quick leap, and she'll kick a ball of explosive wind towards that odd blowing ball.

Hopefully she got the trajectory right, and some of that debris will start pelting Kyubey's perch. The jerk.
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-10-31 00:36:53 12846
Cure Gull thinks she can just fly at this thing and not be bothered by anything and then a four winged angel dragon monstrosity is suddenly coming at her from the side the closer she gets to the tower. her eyes go wide. "Ah!? That /DEFINITY/ isn't a Terribad but it is also terribad!" she screams as she suddenly begins racing backwards.

She sort of weaves in between buildings and it flys past. Cure Gull pops back up and then raises her hand- after spinning the wheel on her Lovely PreBrace--- "Gull Windy Burst!" she calls out- sending a wave of wind at this creature- trying to hit it's back.

She turns and looks down. Oh. there's people down there!---

She's in the air. She can take care of these air jerks maybe then.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-10-31 00:42:05 12848
Guardian Gao lands on one of the buildings near the edge of the plaza, looking out at the youma guarding the building. He frowns, both at the apparent might of the monsters on guard and the ferocity of the last few batches he encountered. Having backup would be good, but the other Waldians are having to stay back at the apartment. Looks like he'll have to rely on others who happen to be nearby...

Like... hm. There's a somewhat familiar face or so. "NETTLE BARRAGE!" the forester Knight shouts, launching a fusilade of narrow shafts at some youma that were closing in on the other magical girls. "Glad to see some others here!" he calls to the other fighters as he steps out from the shadows. "We'll probably have a better chance against them if we work together!"
Homura Akemi 2015-10-31 00:43:29 12850
Homura extends her magic, burning through whatever Grief Seeds she manages to gain nearly as soon as she gets them. In the harbor, off to the distance, several sunken military ships begin to rise out of the sea. Their turrets turn, fueled by magical power, and begin to open fire upon witches or youma that are flying high enough in the air to be above the skyline.

Well, those that aren't directly engaged with Cure Gull anyways. Homura has enough situational awareness to avoid shooting her specifically.

Still on the phone, Homura says, "This is news to me, too. I had no idea there was something like this."

"Right, I'm headed there. I'll see you then."

Her own phone hangs up. She tosses it into her shield without a second thought. If only she knew about this... if only she had time to set up...

Before long, she reaches the plaza underneath the skyscraper. Several youma bar her path, turning on her and attacking. An instant later, she has vanished, reappearing behind the line. There is a lot of plastic explosive attached to several nearby youma. It goes off all at once. Those that turn around to pursue her into the building soon find an inferno going off in their faces.
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-10-31 00:48:40 12853
Tessen slips into formation beside Ms White, and slightly behind her, matching her speed. "I'm with you on this, White. Call me Blue." Another couple of monsters trashed later, they've made it to the center of the area. She swoops to a halt as the other talks with some sort of critter, apparently named 'Kyubey', and just watches patiently, scanning the mechanical -thing- that seems to have caught White's attention.

A barrage of Flicker Shots keeps a few youma off the little group until they're ready to proceed. "Focus, partner," she says, though she keeps it soft.

Her smile widens as others gather closer, and she offers a nod to a familiar face. "We can play with toys later."
Catastrophic Crunch 2015-10-31 00:53:33 12855
    The story is pretty much the same all over the city. Monsters attack, magical warriors respond and overcome. Whether working together or alone, they are destroying Youma all over the city. There may be some casualties, but by and large it seems that even an attack of this scale is no match for Tokyo's numerous magical defenders. Still, it's a problem of numbers- sooner or later, even the most stalwart will begin to tire, begin to make mistakes. Whatever has caused this needs to be addressed before that can happen.

    Those converging on the plaza at the center of the city are, predictably, quick to be focused on by the Youma guarding it. Cure Gull is pursued by the four-winged dragon-monster, which screeches and fires blasts of dark energy at her , until the wave of wind the Cure sends knocks it off-kilter and it careens into the side of the building. The other flying monster, the bat-thing, is closing in on her from the other side, though!

    Hannah's ball of explosive energy causes the mechanical monster to roar, toppling on its side in the aftermath of the explosion, but there's definitely some kind of coordination between these creatures- as it does so, the spider-like creature leaps between Hannah and the flailing device, striking out at her!

    Meanwhile, the skeletal bird-like Witch circles and dives straight for Tessen and Gao where they are standing behind Hannah.

    Homura's barrages do a lot to clear the area of any additional Youma joining those already in the fight. But whatever is up in that skyscraper shows no sign of ending this nightmare yet.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-10-31 00:56:24 12857
Oh, hey! It's Gull-chan, and one of the Princess' Guardians!

"Gull-chan, Lackey-san!" Poor Gao, she never even got his name it seems!

Punch kick, duck, weave!

"Agreed! Too many of the jerks!"

"Blue-chan it is then! Huh. Yeah, you're definitely a better Blue." Freaking precure god-thing.

And then KABOOM.

"Glad you could make it, Homura!" She doesn't even need to scan. She'd know the sound of bullets and high explosives anywhere.

"H...hey! It's not a toy! It's a research specimen!"

And then that spider-creature leaps for her, at just the right moment. Hannah's forced to duck down, taking a grazing blow along the neck. She's bleeding but it's not bad, and she retaliates with a hard kick towards a spidery leg! Then a jab to another, a duck to the side, and more attacks on the creature's legs!

"Gull-chan, Homura-chan! Keep it up! Those fliers could be a problem! Don't hold back people!" She encourages, before leaping back and sending a trio of wind-blasts into the spider and rearing mechani-ball alike! She'll have to trust the others to shore her up where necessary!
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-10-31 00:57:57 12858
Cure Gull aha! She got that thing! Yesssss---oh crap there's a bat thing!

She turns around in time but only enough to throw up a hand that seems to glow a brilliant green.....!

She's ends careen down to the ground and skidding down past Hannah and she blinks.

"White-chan!? Uh.. okay!" she says. She lowers her hand and her wings light back up and she takes back up after the bat thing. She just screams towards it because she's going to karate chop it in the head. Straight down into it's forehead, BAM!
Gaofele Doiru 2015-10-31 01:04:13 12859
"My name's Gao!" the forester Knight replies to Hannah, more amused than annoyed. He fires a few arrows at some of the approaching youma, then spots the flying skeletal Witch. Arrows, even magical ones, might not force a determined flyer away from the group...

But he knows a trick that might.

"TREE!" he bellows, swapping his bow for his quarterstaff and using that to summon a tree from the ground. The tree erupts upward, striking at the Witch like the emboldened offspring of a spear and a caber. At the very least, the Witch will have to dive away from the group to avoid the hit; if not, it will suffer a tree-mendous uppercut.
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-10-31 01:04:50 12860
'Ms Blue' waves cheerily to Gull and Gao, Carnwennan's rapier-form hanging loosely in her other hand. "Welcome to the dance, neighbors." She casts a brief glance at Kyubey, then looks up and about at the monsters closing in on them.

"Better than who?" she has to ask. And, "Research specimen. Right, sure, whatever. So long as I can poke at it myself."

And, hey, monster! Time to get fighty. She twirls around, blade flashing into a series of quick thrusts and withdrawls as she bats away the bird-thing's strikes and slowly falls back towards White and Gao, gathering Flicker Shots around her as she goes, until it's time to unleash a barrage at the monster.
Homura Akemi 2015-10-31 01:06:50 12861
Homura still doesn't know what that large white flower is, but she's pretty sure that she doesn't like it. She evades the youma that chase after her, or at least tries too, ending up taking a solid blast of dark energy to the back because she didn't pay close enough attention. She gnashes her teeth to suppress the pain, before turning around to destroy the youma that dared to harm her. Several rockets should do the trick, Homura supposes.

Her control over the distant warships is difficult to maintain, especially when she's directly engaged with the enemy, but she at least thinks she's making progress. The turrets turn towards the large floating flower in the sky, filling the sky around it with anti-air blasts. Walpurgisnacht shrugged off this attack, but Homura thinks its still worth a try.

"White-san, I'm going up. Follow me when you can."

Going through the building would be too difficult, but this is an emergency situation, and Homura has a few (costly) powers she can pull out for such a fight. Her feet lift off the ground and she begins to fly upwards. Another Grief Seed is placed upon her Soul Gem and then discarded.

With an SMG in one hand and RPG in another, Homura plays the role of a magical girl fighter jet, shooting and blasting to clear a path upwards.

Whatever is up there... it must be the source.

The ships, now that the Youma have caught on to Homura's tricks, are starting to be overwhelmed. Without a magical person around to protect them, those vessels don't stand a chance. It's a good thing Homura didn't need a crew on them.

On a less happy note, this means she can't use them against Walpurgisnacht later, unless she replaces them.
Catastrophic Crunch 2015-10-31 01:17:20 12862
    Although they are more powerful than your standard run-of-the-mill Minions, these Witches and Youma do not seem to be top-tier themselves. Hannah is able to drive off the spider-monster after it swipes at her, and her wind blasts explode the mechanical thing in a fireball that catches the spider on fire, causing it to careen across the plaza leaving a firey trail!

    Meanwhile, Cure Gull is karate-chopping giant bats, which proves surprisingly successful, at least if the way it screeches and retreats dizzily is any indication.

    Speaking of blunt-force trauma, Gao summons a tree which explodes from the ground just as the skeletal buzzard is diving for him and Tessen, catching the monster mid-dive and slamming it back upwards! It ends up pinned in the branches of the tree, struggling weakly but obviously too dazed for the moment to do much more.

    Homura has the warships in the harbor fire at the giant flower in the sky, but this does not seem to have any effect. Either the shells pass right through it, or it's much farther away (and much larger) than it appears, but it's impossible to tell which from down here. Soon after, the monsters overwhelm the ships and their guns fall silent, but Homura is rapidly ascending towards the top of the tower. Is that a figure, standing on the edge of the roof? It looks as though it might be.. a person in white. Although it's still too far to be certain..
Hannah Sharpe 2015-10-31 01:24:04 12864
"Don't die up there! With you in a minute!" She adds to Homura, before thumbs-upping at Gao and laughing at Miss Blue.

"A nice, but pretty useless guy!"

KABOOM! Were those....warships!?

"Homuuurrrraaaaa! You've got some explaining to do later!" Like how do you /hide a warship/!?

But there's more immediate issues, as they don't seem to do much, and then the youma down below are dealt with.

"Let's go kids!" Hannah concentrates, and wind magic whips up in the area, creating a portal up towards the top of the skyscraper!

"Get in, I can't hold this open for long!" Hannah will exit last, of course, after anyone who needs pops through.

To the top of the skyscraper!
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-10-31 01:28:26 12868
Cure Gull karate chops a bat in the head. This is going to be the highlight of Cure Gull's Cure Carrer. Bam! Karate chop in the head! Well. Not the highlight, but it's one she'll probably relate to people when she tells stories.

Oh-hey- a way is open! Neat. She makes up the skyscraper- circling up around it on her green translucent wings.

She doesn't need portals she can fllllly!

Corvus is kinda freaked out on her shoulder. He might be hiding behind her a little.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-10-31 01:30:19 12869
Guardian Gao lifts his staff, no longer maintaining the tree he summoned. The skeletal Witch can undoubtedly fight its way out once it's no longer stunned, but for now it's out of the fight.

The forester Knight looks at the portal, then at Hannah. "Right," he nods, hesitating just a moment before he tightens his grip on his quarterstaff and steps through the portal. They might not be sure what is up there at the top of the skyscraper, but being ready to defend the group is probably a wise move.
Homura Akemi 2015-10-31 01:30:29 12870
Homura has a lot of hiding places, Hannah-chan!

Homura ascends, with a bit more authority and force now that she's not distracted by warship use. She leaves a trail of explosions and small arms fire in her wake, occasionally blipping out of existence only to reappear 20-30 meters higher.

When she sees the figure in white, her eyes narrow. What is this? Who is that? What is she looking at?

It's not Mami, Sayaka, Kyouko or any of Madoka's friends... It's not Orika. It doesn't look like any other magical girl she should know, who has given her trouble in past timelines.

Who is this person?!

Homura races upwards, fueled by desperation and curiousity. She needs to know. She needs to know now.
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-10-31 01:32:36 12871
Tessen - or 'Ms Blue' for tonight - smiles a little, her eyes gleaming as she disengages from the last fight, Gao's tree impaling the creature. She diverts her Flicker Shots to clearing other enemies out of the area, forcing some back, eliminating the weaker ones.

"Looking good, Gull!" she calls out to the karate-chop girl. "Keep it up!"

And then there's a portal. Sure she can fly, but this is more efficient. "I'm with you, White, lead on."
Catastrophic Crunch 2015-10-31 01:48:34 12876
    With most of the guarding Youma put out of comission, either temporarily or for good, Hannah is able to open her portal to the top of the skyscraper. It should be noted that although she is able to do so, it's.. difficult. There's a strain to opening that portal that wouldn't normally be there, as if something in the very fabric of the night is resisting.

    Upon arriving at the top of the skyscraper, those jumping through the portal will find themselves on a large, flat roof area. The flower hangs overhead, closer, like a vast white ceiling. It seems to be slowly revolving, like some sort of giant decorative mobile. Around, the wind whistles and howls, but the roof itself appears to be empty..

    Aside from the solitary figure clad all in white standing at the very edge, some yards away from where the portal opens. She has her back to them, so it is had to tell exactly who, or what, she might be, other than humanoid and feminine.
Madison Perry 2015-10-31 01:51:36 12878
    As Homura rushes upwards through the sky towards the top of the building with Cure Gull in pursuit, she may catch a sudden streak of red out of the corner of her vision. Hopefully she does, because a moment later it resolves into a blonde woman in red and black, grinning madly as she hurtles through the air towards the Puella, wielding what appear to be a pair of long daggers, one in each hand.

    "Sorry, mate!" She calls out, in accented Japanese, as she streaks through the air towards the Puella and the Cure. "I can't allow you to go any further!" And she spins in the air, slashing right at Homura with her knives as she draws near, attempting to throw her off her course. She's noticed Gull, but Homura is out in front, so Homura gets her first attention.
Erin Takayama 2015-10-31 01:58:12 12881
Erin trails behind Madison, flying on the back of a large winged Familiar. She's not as fast, but she's trying to keep up.

She reaches out her hands, shouting, "That's far enough! Your foolish venture ends here!"

Suddenly, one after another, swarms and swarms of familiars appear around her. She moves her hands, in sweeping motions, and the familiars follow suit. Some go after the portal party on the roof. Others go after Cure Gull, trying to intercept her flight.

They aren't terribly strong individually... but there are a lot of them, and more are being generated by the second.

"You can't win this fight. You should've run a long time ago."
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-10-31 01:58:54 12882
Cure Gull blinks something red and streaked? Wait is that a girl with daggers!? Eeeeee keep distance, she thinks. "Gull, keep your distance!". Haruna blinks. "Yeah...I know. I don't kinda wanna be stabbed tonight." she says.

Gull stops a moment as she thinks a moment. What can she do?! Well....

She spins the PreBrace's dial again "GULL WINDY SHOOT!" she calls out. A brilliant seafoam green ball of energy-surrounded by spinning wind and leaving a trail of feathers flys up and after that girl that just showed up--Madison.

"HEY! WHATEVER YOU'RE DOING HERE I'M GOING TO PUNCH IT AND KARATE CHOP IT UNTIL IT STOPS!" she says loudly. This is the typical Pretty Cure way of handling things when words fail.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-10-31 02:01:07 12883
Almost as soon as the portal rips them up to the top, Hannah lets her Device scan for that massive Flower, and as soon as she's noticed, that girl in white. Miss White grins, and opens her hands in an almost welcoming gesture.

"Hey there! You the gal in charge of that massive flower up above? Nice to meet you! My name is Miss White! So, why don't we skip the formalities, and you tell me what that thing is, and why you just tossed every Witch, Familiar, youma and other dark creature at we lovely, lovely people? Oh, and a name would be nice too." No punching just yet! Time to engage her fellow potential evil person in white!
Homura Akemi 2015-10-31 02:01:39 12884
Homura nears the top of the skyscraper... only to be intercepted?! Is that a Puella? No... no that's not right. She doesn't see a Soul Gem, but...

Homura barely has time to register and categorize the girl attacking her before Madison's daggers find purchase in her henshin costume. Homura makes a very pained noise as the magical blades dig deep, and instead of ascending she finds herself dropping, a controlled drop meant to avoid and gain distance from Madison.

"Who the heck are you? It's a bit inappropriate to be fighting over Grief Seeds at a time like this! Can't you see what's going on?"

Assuming that Maddy wont be getting out of the way, Homura throws her now-empty gun at her, before pulling out a large rifle and opening fire.

Erin, for the moment, is left alone in favor of the girl who is directly trying to stab her.
Kyubey 2015-10-31 02:02:47 12886
Kyubey is up there at the top, too. Well - not quite at the top. He's sitting on a window overhang about a floor underneath the roof. When Homura and Gull are engaged by Madison, Kyubey just says calmly "You know, I tried to warn you about all of this, Homura Akemi. But you were too blinded by your strange concern for Madoka, and now this is happening, and I don't think you all are strong enough to stop it." he says. It's unclear if this is the 'same' Kyubey as the one down low. Probably not.

Then, to Hannah. "This problem is just starting now, Hannah Sharpe. This is the opening act."
Gaofele Doiru 2015-10-31 02:08:43 12888
With no immediate massive attack waiting to greet the portal party, Gao swaps back to his bow to deal with the approaching swarms of Familiars. If Hannah wants to talk, he'll do his best to make sure that she doesn't get interrupted by a random attack.

Sure are a lot of them, though.

"Nettle Barrage!" he calls out, seeking to drive the attackers back through sheer quantity of arrows. If he can take some of them out, great; if he can box them in so others can fell them in grand sweeps, so much the better.
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-10-31 02:10:42 12889
Tessen steps out of the portal with Ms White, and immediately they discover a person who might just be the one behind it all. She stays quiet while White questions the girl, waiting to see what the answer might be. She might not be evil, but she's most assuredly a pragmatist.

And then Kyubey drops a name she recognizes. A twitch of her lips betrays her surprise, her eyes flicking over at Hannah. Well well well.

She starts forming more and more Flicker Shots, keeping them behind her, away from the lady in white's line of sight. Keeping quiet about it, too.
Madison Perry 2015-10-31 02:13:42 12890
    Madison moves like a snake, feeling her daggers find purchase in Homura, even if only her clothing, and then swatting aside the gun thrown at her while pursuing the dropping Puella with a mad grin stretched across her face. "Grief Seeds? Darlin', you got the wrong idea!" She says, laughing, as she twists nimbly out of the way of the rifle-shot fired at her.

    Half flying, half falling, she dives after Homura, raising one of the knives. "Heartrazor!"

    <<Yes, Mistress?>> The mechanical voice of an Intelligent Device answers her.

    "Let's end this quickly." Madison is about to close again when she notices the swarms of Familiars swooping down past Homura towards Cure Gull. She turns suddenly in mid-air and shouts at Erin, "Erin, get to the roof! Keep them away from the Flower!" Dangerous, turning her back on Homura like that, even if just for a moment.
Erin Takayama 2015-10-31 02:18:07 12893
Erin's wall of familiars meets a storm of arrows. Many of the magical monsters fall from the sky or vanish into puffs of smoke, but there are more where those came from. The rush of familiars against the barrage of arrows carries on like a game of tug-of-war in reverse, each side pushing towards the other.

Erin pulls other Familiars away from Gull to charge at Gao, trying to get to him and shut him down. Even some of the stragglers from the earlier battle have risen to her call, coming up behind the magical warriors to surprise them.

She hears Madison, and responds. "I'll keep them off! They won't get past me!"

Erin's ridden Familiar lands upon the rooftop, standing between the mysterious figure in white and the magical heroes on the roof. She locks eyes with each of them in turn, sizing up each of her opponents.
Catastrophic Crunch 2015-10-31 02:20:51 12896
    At first, it doesn't even seem like the woman in white at the edge of the roof hears Hannah calling to her. She just stands there, looking out over the city, swarming with monsters and the magical people combatting them; destroying them. Her long dark hair blows in the breeze. One might almost get the impression she were about to jump- but that clearly isn't the case.

    Familiars swarm in, the girl herself landing between Hana and the rest,but Gao and Tessen keep them mostly at bay while Hannah advances. When she's a few yards away still, close but not too close, the figure suddenly turns around to face those on the roof. Her features are Japanese, and she appears human- aside from one feature which is noticable despite the distance still separating them. Her eyes- her irises swirl with rainbow colors, constantly shifting from one to another, as if someone were turning a kaleidoscope behind them.

    "That's enough." Her voice rings out, quiet, but somehow easily heard by everyone as if transmitted directly to their ears through some unknown means- not only to those on the roof, but to Homura and Cure Gull as well. "Madison. Erin. Will you join me please? Step back, Erin. It is alright."

    She steps down off the edge of the roof, heeled boots clicking slightly as she takes a few steps towards Hannah. "I'm impressed. It seems the rumors about this city were true. The magical warriors here are powerful." Her tone is casual, conversational, her features impassive- neither friendly nor particularly threatening.
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-10-31 02:25:15 12898
Cure Gull has horrible things apparently coming after her now. She's used to fighting horrible things. They don't scare her like they did months ago. She's becoming stronger. She flies into familars and gets into punching them- sometimes drawing back and letting a green, swirling light engulf her fist and blasting forward. She's doing a good job of holding her own but she's tiring out--- though not as fast as if she kept using the PreBrace.

She looks up back up though as the girl seems to be-----regrouping? her people here?


"DAMN RIGHT WE ARE!" she calls back. "DO YOU THINK YOUR THE FIRST TO TRY THIS!?" she calls out.


Corvus frowns. "HEY!"

"HIS OLD PLAYBOOK!" she clarifies.
Homura Akemi 2015-10-31 02:26:50 12899
Homura Akemi's personal dogfight is just getting worse and worse.

"Oh I see. You're a Mage." Well, that explains at least one thing.

Homura's strainging under the direct pressure that Madison is applying, dipping and weaving to avoid the mage's advance. When Madison's attention is called away, Homura takes her chance.

She throws a grenade upwards at Maddy, shouting, "Catch!"

Once the white figure speaks, Homura does slow to a stop. What the heck is going on here?!

Her eyes find and then glower at Kyubey for a moment. "So you did know about this, you despicable creature! You kept it to yourself to force her into a contract, didn't you?!"

Homura is clearly angry at Kyubey, but she can't afford to focus on it. Her eyes quickly go back to Madison, and her ears perk up to hear what the woman in white has to say.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-10-31 02:30:08 12901
The violence stops, and Kyubey is grinding in her head.

Hannah whistles 'innocently, and sends a burst of wind riiiight towards that windowsil that Kyubey is hanging out on! Time to teach the little rat when he's not wanted!

"Get lost you pest!"


Towards Hana, Hannah shrugs as she puts her hands in her pockets oh-so-casually. She scuffles the rooftop.

"Well, that's what happens when you shove just about every conceivable threat into a single city. Only the strongest survive you know? You guys don't seem bad yourself!" False pleasantries done, she shrugs.

"Right. What /are/ you guys after anyway? And what's with the flower?"
Gaofele Doiru 2015-10-31 02:30:53 12902
Guardian Gao keeps firing at the attacking Familiars, driving them back as long as they keep attacking. Once the woman in white calls her forces off, the forester Knight cautiously stops attacking the Familiars. If they wish to talk, then that is fine by him.

If they wish to fight... well, he's ready to continue that, as well.
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-10-31 02:35:13 12903
'Ms Blue' lets her blade dangle at her side while the talking goes on, that little smile flickering across her lips, still. "It's certainly an effective way to filter for the most interesting sorts," she muses.

"If that's what you're looking for," she adds, her eyes taking in Erin and Madison's appearance. She might look relaxed, but with that many Flicker Shots at her back, she's ready for anything even just standing there.

"Me, I like interesting people." They tend to be at the center of things, after all. Which is the best place to find out just what interesting things might be going on.
Madison Perry 2015-10-31 02:36:06 12904
    Madison glances back over her shoulder at Homura.. just as a grenade is flying towards her face. "Oh shi-" The explosion cuts off her words, surrounding her in a cloud of smoke and flame.. but a moment later, she flies out the top of it, a bit singed but looking none the worse for wear. She actually makes a face at Homura as she responds to the summons of the woman in white, streaking up towards the roof.

    She lands just to one side and slightly in front of Hana, her knives still held ready, though she doesn't interfere in the talking.. an amused sneer finding its way onto her face as she peers across the short distance at the others arrayed behind Hannah.
Erin Takayama 2015-10-31 02:37:34 12906
Erin is all too quick to pull the Familiars back. She doesn't need to be told twice. The vast majority of Familiars vanish almost as quickly as Hana commands it, leaving Erin alone on the rooftop, keeping close to Hana.

A quick glance is aimed at Gao, before her eyes flicker bach to Hannah.

She keeps quiet and hangs back while Hannah and Hana speak. She seems... scared, for some unknowable reason.

Her Familiars aren't out, and she doesn't seem to have any other weapon, but she still seems tensed, poised even. She's waiting for the moment when the fighting starts up again.
Catastrophic Crunch 2015-10-31 02:44:51 12909
    Hana's multicolored eyes flick to Madison and Erin as they arrive in response to her summons, but her attention remains mostly focused on those facing her from across the short distance on the roof. Hannah asks the simple question- what is she after? And what's with the flower?

    Hana's eyes flick up towards that huge, ghostly bloom blotting out the stars, and when they return to Hannah, she is smiling. "That flower is my symbol. It is the promise I bring. I am the White Flower. My name is Hana Shiroi."

    She steps forward again, a little bit closer. She has an.. odd presence. Although she appears to be human, scans would indicate she isn't, or at least not exactly. She gives off powerful magical energy, similar to that a Witch might give off, but much more.. focused. She certainly doesn't match the supernatural profile of any previously encountered Witch or Youma, and she isn't a Puella or a Mage.

    One thing is for sure- the reality-warping effect which seems to have swallowed the city seems to be even stronger in her direct presence. It manifests in little things- movement out of the corner of the eye which turns out to be nothing. Shadows seeming to dance until you look directly at them. Small items seeming to be in one place, then another. Like being in a dreamworld.

    "As for what I want? That, my dear, is simple. I want to protect myself."

    She turns, and gestures with one delicate hand out over the city, and the battles still going on in other parts between Youma and magical defenders. "You have killed my people. You have /murdered/ my kind." Those color-shifting eyes are hard when they turn back to Hannah, skipping over the others present as well. "I have come to exact vengeance, and to ensure that it stops."

    "Very simply- I am here to destroy all of you."
Homura Akemi 2015-10-31 02:52:04 12911
Without Madison to stop her, Homura reaches the top of the skyscraper, looking down at Hana Shiori and listening to what she has to say...

That can't be... is that a Witch?! Homura knows something of how Witches are created, a secret she keeps to herself and Kyubey, but seeing this woman...

If someone were to make the connection between Witches and Puella...

"'Your kind'?" says Homura, with no small amount of coldness. "You have a lot of nerve calling us murderers when you associate with creatures like them."

Homura still has no idea what's going on, but if what this woman is saying is true...

Then there is no way this is going to end well.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-10-31 02:54:05 12914
"Your...people, you say?" Her head tilts, and she scoffs.

"Well. I can't exactly deny you have a good enough reason for all of this. But did you happen to ever see what your 'people' got up to? Half-starved, insane creatures that devour others without regard to anything? If a single one of them could have stopped trying to kill us long enough to talk it out, guess what? They wouldn't be dead. So they brought that on themselves. They're not people. They're rabit animals."

Then there's a little laugh.

"But that won't matter to you, will it? I'd advise you to go home. It'll be better for you, trust me."
Kyubey 2015-10-31 02:54:26 12915
Kyubey is blown back by the force of Hannah's wind, only managing to stay on the overhang by a single paw. While he's dangling, he responds to Homura. "That's a very untrue assumption, you know. I very speciifcally warned someone very close to you. She just choose to ignore my warnings. And I'd have tried to get Kyouko involved, but it appears she is currently rather indisposed. I did say, though, that there was a large threat coming - a threat that would need amazingly powerful opposition..." he looks to Miss White, still hanging on that ledge by one paw "...didn't I?"
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-10-31 02:55:30 12916
Corvus has to squint at Hana when she begins speaking of her kind and stuff. He then flutters his eyes. That is... a really bizzare reading. It doesn't feel much of anything. Even Terribads feel like they belong in a grouping of 'other things' to him.

Gull goes to say something witty and Corvus stops her. "Gull I think this is a serious problem. Please do say anything else stupid." he says serious face. Gull blinks and looks over to Corvus and then back up. She grits her teeth and tightens her fists a bit.

She blinks though----he eyes are drawn to Kyubey- and this is the first time she's actually seen this thing. What---what is that?

She just looks back up, quiet, because the only thing she can think to say right now is 'You're a big jerk!'.
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-10-31 03:00:05 12917
"I have to agree," Tessen muses. "We'd have been happy to talk, to negotiate, to find a way to get along without violence." It's true, too. She's always happier to settle a problem without a fight.

"If all you wanted was to coexist, you could start by actually -talking- instead of threatening and attacking." More Flicker Shots form, just in case, though they're oriented down at the building below them, rather than at the Flower or any of the opposition.

"But if you want a fight, you'll find more opposition than you expect."
Gaofele Doiru 2015-10-31 03:05:22 12920
"Attacking ordinary people is a good way of drawing the ire of magical defenders," Gao remarks, his eyes narrowing at Hana. "They have minimal protection of their own against the darkness; that is why we stand and fight against youma and others that would do them harm."

His hand adjusts its grip on the bow; he's not drawing an arrow, but he is readying for trouble. "Do not complain when you are allied with those who caused the inital harm. If there is no threat, then there is no retort."
Madison Perry 2015-10-31 03:06:06 12921
    Madison, standing just to the side and in front of Hana while she speaks, laughs out loud at Hannah and Gao's response. "Yeah, yer right, ya know? Animals, all of us. It's the law of the jungle. The bigger, badder animals chew up the smaller, weaker ones. Use 'em for food."

    She raises one of her daggers, using it to point across the way at the others. "So the way I see it, ya gotta pick the side that makes you the eater, and not the eatee. You can't beat the Flower, hun. Maybe you outta listen to some of your own advice before you go sayin' something you'll regret."
Erin Takayama 2015-10-31 03:12:01 12922
Unlike her companions, Erin isn't so bold. She looks down at the ground, hearing what's been said, and the responses given. She keeps glancing off over the horizon, anxiously. She doesn't want to be here.

When she finally does speak, she says, "We've defeated many magical defenders just like you. You're arrogant if you think yourselves any different. Besides... are you really going to say that we started it and hide behind that kind of logic?"

Erin shakes her head, "Words wont save you. Not against us. Not against the Whtie Flower."
Catastrophic Crunch 2015-10-31 03:14:41 12923
    Hana looks back at Hannah, Cure Gull, Gao, Mikoto. They speak their pieces, pointing out the damage that the monsters cause, the harm they bring to ordinary people. The Flower seems unimpressed. Her expression remains neutral, neither angry nor amused. "Do you destroy the wolves because they hunt the deer?" She finally asks, in response. "Do you drive the sharks to extinction because they eat the fish?"

    She tilts her head back, looking down her nose at those arrayed against her. "Every creature must eat. You consume the meat of animals, you eat the fruit of trees. It is the same. We would never wish for the extermination of mankind. We need you to survive. We need to eat you."

    "On the other hand, if you could, you would destroy us. Every last one. You would erase us from creations."

    "I refuse to allow it." Her swirling, multicolored eyes narrow. "It is my purpose. It is the mission to which I bend my will. I will destroy those who threaten us simply for existing. At all costs, I pursue.. survival."

    She glances at Madison as the blonde woman speaks, but does not comment. After a moment, she simply turns, putting her back to the group, facing out over the city. "Talking is pointless. I know this from past experience. Know this, though. You have impressed me. In other cities, this would have been enough. Here it was merely a prelude. For now, I will withdraw. But know this- I will not stop until I have secured my goal. I leave you a promise.. in the sky. Madison, Erin. Come."

    And suddenly, a tear opens in the air in front of where she stands. It looks remarkably like the entrance to a Witch's Labyrinth, a spinning, disorienting hole in reality. She steps through, and one Madison and Erin have followed her it snaps shut again.

    As it does, the world returns to normal. That feeling of dream-like unreality fades.. and the sounds of the city below resume. A look will find all the monsters gone, as if they had never been, and the normal people returned, none the wiser.

    But in the sky, the White Flower remains. It is fainter now, like a pale afterimage, but it's still there, the outline of a vast white flower slowly revolving in front of the stars. Only magical people can see it, and only at night. But it remains.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-10-31 03:18:04 12924
"/Do/ forgive me for not believing someone as shifty as you!"

There's an apologetic look to Homura, briefly, but there's bigger problems at work.

"That's a shame. Going home really would have been better for you guys. Well, I guess we'll see, won't we? You're right. Words aren't going to save anyone here. The only thing that will matter is strength."

Hannah closes an eye.

Hannah's own gaze fills with hatred. These 'people'...they're all monsters!

"Well I'm glad to hear the feeling's mutual. I can't /wait/ to do just that." She hisses at Hana, full of venom, remembering all too clearly what it was like to see her beloved Ao-chan brought low by a youma.

And then they're gone.

"Homura. We'll need to get a team of specialists out here. We need to know everything we can about that thing." Comes the girl with a scowl.
Homura Akemi 2015-10-31 03:20:43 12925
"We need to eat, too," says Homura Akemi, without a second thought. "We need to feed, too. Don't think that motivation is yours and yours alone."

Homura Akemi recognizes that line of thinking. It's the way she started to think once she realized that she was no longer human.

"... but you're right about one thing. If I had my way, every single one of you monsters would be wiped off the face of the Earth."

Homura lifts her gun. She doesn't fire right away... now isn't the time, but she's clearly making herself look threatening.

However, she doesn't really get a chance to start another fight. They're gone, and now it's time for WPS business.

Miss White has her attention now. "Right. The sooner we get information on this the better. Whatever they're planning, it wont be good for us."
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-10-31 03:25:25 12927
Tessen lets her smile widen, slowly, grimly. "I'm afraid Ms White is correct. It's a shame, really."

She lifts her blade, straightening it into almost a salute, like a fencer before a match. And then Hana decides it's time to go. "I'm sure we'll meet again," she promises, then slides the blade into its sheathe. She looks over to Hannah and Homura. "So... I take it you have a plan?"
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-10-31 03:28:24 12930
Cure Gull blinks... they just left? Corvus looks concerned. This feels. wrong. Somethings wrong. What is this? What is that? To her...

It feels like a promise.

She flicks her hand and summons her Cure Line...."Kami-sama...."

No answer....


No answer...


The phone pings but no one. She closes her eyes and lets something settle in. No. 'God' isn't in danger. Okay. So. Something has him occupied that's more important than this is all. She can bug him later. She'll write a letter and leave it by her Dorm's vanity mirror like she does. She puts the Cure Line away and flats over to Hannah and towards Homura.

"This is probably going to be against my better judgement...." she says quietly...

"Hannah-chan I've been meaning to talk to you about something anyways..." she says softly.

"I....." she pauses. "I'll talk to you about it later. Just. Things..." she murmurs quietly, looking at the other girls.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-10-31 03:29:21 12931
Guardian Gao remains wary until Hana and her cohorts depart, then dismisses his bow. "Ever see a mother animal defending her young, or a herd protecting its members?" he growls towards the afterimage. "/That/ would be a more accurate comparison -- a part of humanity, not apart from it."

He shakes his head and looks towards the others. "At the very least, we should make sure as many magical folk as possible know what's going on. Awareness is our best protection against surprise."
Madison Perry 2015-10-31 03:31:38 12933
    Madison doesn't comment further as Hana delivers her closing arguments. When the portal opens, she turns without hesitation to follow through it.. although she flips the opposition the bird before she does so. Then she leaps through the gap in the air, and is gone.
Erin Takayama 2015-10-31 03:32:47 12934
Erin watches the portal open, blushes furiously as she sees Madison's obscene gesture, and then quickly follows her in. "Don't leave me behind!"

She is more than glad to have this over and done with.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-10-31 03:33:28 12936

"Right now? Gather data, find out the weak points of that thing and our enemies, learn how to counteract their abilities, then hit them hard and fast while we inform everybody interested in keeping this world in one piece. At least that's how I'd do it." Comes Hannah to Blue-san.

A thumbs-up to Homura, and then it's over to Gull-chan.

There's a weak little smile.

"Hey, anything you want Gull-chan. Better to do it soon anyway, things are going to get...busy it looks like." She walks over, wraps an arm around the seafoam green girl, and offers a tight hug!

"Better get in top shape, boys and girls, I have a feeling we'll need it."
Kyubey 2015-10-31 03:36:41 12938
A small, fuzzy, adorable white creature with beady red eyes scrabbles up the side of the rooftop here, and turns to look at Homura and Miss White, in particular. It's Kyubey. Again. He either didn't fall all the way down, or another one him made his way up there.

"You know I could help with that information seeking, if you were actually willing to listen to me for once. But if I'm not welcome, I can leave."
Haruna Kurosawa 2015-10-31 03:37:29 12939
Cure Gull clears her throat. blush. hug.

"Yeah.. I'll. Speak to Kami-sama and see if he can't tell me anything. He isn't picking up the Cure Line right now but..." she sighs a bit and turns around and waves. "I'll keep in touch...."

She then turns to the white thing...

"...who are you anyways?" she asks to Kyubey.
Mikoto Nakajima 2015-10-31 03:41:46 12941
Mikoto looks over at Kyubey, briefly, and smiles a thin little smile. "Indeed... who /are/ you, little one? And what have you to do with these ... people?" Except that he's done. Ah, well.