Vale's Oath

When Valeria finds her way to Earth, the 'Unknown World', her peers quickly bring her up to date on what's going on... and she makes a powerful choice.

Date: 2015-11-25
Pose Count: 34
Runealy Waldia 2015-11-25 04:33:52 16396
When you're told someone emerged through the portal, Rune ended up having a ton of rapid-fire questions. 'What? Who? When? How? Why? ...Her? I didn't send for her, why is she... we'll be right there!' is roughly how it went. One limo ride to the forest a ways south of Tokyo later, they picked up Valeria and returned to the apartment with her.

"I said we'd figure all this out, answer your questions, get ours answered, all of that, when we got here. Well..." Rune gestures about the living room, which is fairly quiet this evening. The TV is off. She heads for a couch, gesturing at various seats and settling into place before nodding all around. "Gao, thanks for finding her. Hino... I think you're going to learn as much from this as I am, if for different reasons. Valeria...?"

Her gaze stays on the newest arrival. "We're here, so... let's get started? How'd you get here, and why?"
Hinote Kagari 2015-11-25 04:39:23 16398
Hinote Kagari didn't come along for the limo ride. Instead he was staring intently out the back window as he was in some sort of deep contemplation about some events earlier. His hands were in his pockets. He sighs. Various thoughts. Things Homura Akemi said. Hoping Erin would be well on her travels to figure out what she was going to do on her own. Things were still thick in his head. Oh. Then someone new came through the portal and Runealy wasn't actually expecting this one. He turns when the door opens and smiles.

"Hello, my name's Hinote Kagari-- Hino." he says to Valeria as he politely has a seat placing his hands on his lap.

He looks to the Princess and raises a brow at her remark, but otherwise keeps quiet for a moment. He's wondering what's happened here. An accident? Someone coming to warn of something? Runealy isn't freaking out heavily at least it seems and telling them it's time to go- right?
Valeria Barun 2015-11-25 04:58:18 16400
    As she's ushered about Valeria looks like a deer in the headlights. It wasn't Runealy or her Guardian Kights that shocked her. She'd been fairly calm around Gao, right up until the others arrived in their steel carriage and whisked her away with faster than any horse she'd ever known. She might have put this down to some kind of miraculous Royal magic she'd never heard of, right up until the city of Tokyo was visible through the glass windows, at which point her eyes had gone wide and stayed that way.

    Once they're at the apartment she looks to Hinote as he opens the door for her. "Thank you," she offers as she's let inside, dropping into a polite curtsy, lifting the skirt of her (obnoxiously opulent)dress and giving a bow of her head, "And mine name is Valeria Barun. It's a pleasure to meet you, Sir Hino." She smiles as she raises, taking the moment to look around the room and take it all in slowly.

    She quickly turns her to Runealy when she's being spoken to, suddenly remembering why she's here. For now she remains standing and gives a small nod to Runealy, "My family was in the capital on business and when we tried to pay you a visit we were turned away. I'm not quite sure what came over me, but I decided to try and see you myself using the servant passages," an apologetic smile. "I made it to your room, and when it was clear neither you or the Queen was at the castle I was worried and foolishly got it in my head to try and find you at the Barrier Shrine."

    She gives a little shudder, "It looks horrible, Rune. The sky is turning red for miles around, and there are these awful clouds..." A small shake of her head, "When I didn't find you or the Queen at the Shrine I started back towards the city. I stumbled upon some guards and followed them to that portal, and eventually one of them mentioned you were on the other side so... I went through!"

    She lifts a hand and rests it lightly over her heart, "I'm so very pleased to see that you are unhurt, Rune." An assumption. She then looks around a little bit again, seeming to be searching for something before asking, "Is your mother..?"
Runealy Waldia 2015-11-25 05:12:38 16403
"It's just as she said," Rune adds to Hinote after Valeria's introduction. "I didn't send for her, so..." Voice trailing off, the princess listens before looking very surprised with eyes raised. "You did what?! So you've been sneaking around all this time, saw all that, and that's how you..."

Physically unhurt, but even months later some emotional wounds have not gone away. Valeria's implying question is met with Runealy's head lowering, eyes lidding half-shut. Tears start almost immediaftely after, and she nods. This is all kept very quiet, but it's there.

"If that's how things are looking, we need to finish up the last few things we're doing here and go home. Very soon. We'll just have to hope the energy we have so far is enough... taking more is out of the question."
Hinote Kagari 2015-11-25 05:17:40 16406
Hinote Kagari smiles. "Sir....?" this gives him a coy smile. He doesn't expound, he gives a short bow before he sits down, then he listens...

Smile turns into a frown fast as he crosses his arms in silence a moment, his eyes tracing to Runealy as Vale asks about the Queen. He knows the story. He frowns as Runealy begins to cry and he places a hand on her shoulder, it's all he can do for comfort right now.

He looks over to Vale. "Things are not going well, yes." he says as he stands up. "How soon do we leave?" he asks Runealy. "You're much better. And you were able to heal me the other night. Right?" he asks conceredly.
Valeria Barun 2015-11-25 05:29:29 16413
    "Only over the last few days," Valeria replies to the sneaking around comment, "I was worried when I learned you weren't at the castle. I tried to calm myself and tell myself you were probably just at the Barrier Shrine but something felt.." she trails off, trying to decide upon a word. She eventually settles for two, "Off; wrong."

    The young lady's expression goes through several changes over the next several moments. First shock at seeing the pain in Runealy's eyes, and the tears starting to flow on her cheeks. Then confusion as she struggles with why her question would have such an affect. And then she realizes it.

    "Queens of old!" she exclaims, visibly paling by several shades and taking a step back, as if struck. For a moment she looks utterly lost, only for her gaze to return to and focus upon Runealy. She's suddenly rushing forward, "I had no idea, I swear it!" She drops to her knees in front of Runealy, mussing up her nice dress a bit but not caring a whit about it for now. "Rune, I thought you must have accompanied her here. You mean to say that you've been suffering without her all this time? How-- When--"

    She stops herself from completing both questions and reaches out, trying to take the Princess' hand. "Runealy," she says in a softer voice, squeezing the hand if she was allowed to take it, "Cousin. I'm so terribly sorry. I can't begin to imagine how much you must be going through. Please, if there's anything I can do to ease your suffering, let me know."

    She casts a gaze to Hinote for a moment as the two talk about returning to Waldia and energy. Obviously she has questions, but given the gravity of what she just realized she isn't voicing them right now.
Runealy Waldia 2015-11-25 05:37:46 16415
"Two weeks at the latest," Rune answers Hino while trying to look up and only partially succeeding. "Our last estimates said we had a month, but I really don't like stretching it out that far. So you've got fourteen days, at most, to do anything you need to, okay?"

Then Valeria pushes a lot of important topics. "Seven months ago!" That's the 'when.' And as with Hino's physical reassurances, Valeria's meet no opposition at all. No tension, no attempt to pull away; Rune just sits somewhat limp. "And you were supposed to think that. That's what we've been telling everyone. 'The Queen and Princess are away, researching a permanent solution to maintaining the Barrier.' But she's not researching anything, she's not here, she's not anywhere!"

Now her gaze snaps back open, staring hard at Valeria. "You've come this far looking for the truth, and here it is: I can't do it. I tried dozens of times and all I was doing was depleting the Barrier's energy even faster each time I failed the Ritual. We had to stop, and we had to find something else... and this, the 'Unknown World', Earth, was it."

"The first Guardian Knights in centuries. Created anew to help me attack people and take their energy... to see if that will be enough to get past that part of why I keep messing up! We're done hurting people, but that's what we've been here for all this time. 'Ease', you say... thank you, but we'll figure that out when the real problem, the one that's going to affect everyone, absolutely everyone, is dealt with!"
Hinote Kagari 2015-11-25 05:48:31 16417
Hinote Kagari nods. "Right." he says with confidence. This isn't something that's crept up on him. He knew this was going to happen. He still gives Runealy's shoulder a squeeze before he steps up and sighs. "We did some bad things Valeria- trying to collect energy to--- repower the barrier. We attacked The protectors of this city and made it harder for them- to solve our problem. We stopped because things go bad and we started causing some almost irreperable harm to others and ourselves." he isn't specific on this.

"I'm going to do my best, but that's all I can do the help the Princess and Waldia"

He pauses. "Yes, I'm from Earth. I apologize. There was a time when I thought I wasn't coming back, so I just... adopted, Waldia as my home- but. We're not sure that'll be the case now-- we owe a debt to the others here that helped us and forgave us- But that hasn't changed my viewpoint on the matter." he says.

"I've never seen it, or visited. But I'll save it so I can." he says.

He's trying to take some weight off Runealy by being specific.
Valeria Barun 2015-11-25 06:02:58 16420
    "Seven months," Valeria whispers. She sits back on her legs, head shaking from side to side. "I can hardly believe it, and yet here I am." The tears on Runealy's face tell her all she needs to know about how much, or how little, the Princess has been able to cope in the half a year since then. "If only I'd known, I'd-" she'd what? Come here sooner? Write her a sympathetic letter? She is quiet for a moment as she realizes how little there is she can actually do.

    Then Runealy tells her there's something very important that she can't do. "So that's why you came here," she comments.

    Then she hears part of the actual plan for coming here and, to her disgrace, Valeria momentarily recoils, leaning ever so slightly away from the Crown Princess of Waldia. It's a lucky thing she had already gone pale upon hearing about the Queen, or it would make the reaction even more obvious. But even as she leans away, she maintains a solid grip on her cousins hand. Using the powers of the Royal Line and the ancient heroic Guardian Knights to attack unknowing, innocent neutral parties? Utterly repugnant, and almost unthinkable. Almost.

    After a moment she swallows and gives Runealy a sympathetic smile, "You did all that for us. You were willing to go so far... I don't think I could have been near strong enough for that were I in your position, Rune."

    From what she can tell of the operational talk they might have found a solution. "I hope all the effort you've put in and all the pain you've been through will lead to success," she offers, looking between everyone present. "I want to thank you. Thank you for being there for the Princess when she needed it most. I wish I could say the same for myself."

    She looks over to Hinote specifically then and offers a small smile, "An adopted a home to which you've never been? That requires much bravery- and dedication too."
Runealy Waldia 2015-11-25 06:07:39 16422
"Don't praise me." Rune snaps, quick to criticize herself. "We're here because I'm /not/ strong enough, but almost anything is an option to make up for that and make sure our world lives. If you want someone to admire," she sweeps a hand around the room, pointing to Hino and then Gao.

"Try them. They're the ones who took an Oath to help. They're the ones who have been there so many times when I slipped up in a fight, or when I did something stupid that should have been the end of me. They're the ones who said 'no, try something different' when I would have dug my heels in and kept making the same mistakes. They're why I'm even sitting here alive right now, and if Hinote wants to see a new world that much?" She nods over to him. "You're going to get it."
Hinote Kagari 2015-11-25 06:15:17 16425
Hinote Kagari manages a small half smile at Runealy, he looks over to Valeria, before getting to a more serious tone and expression. "I could make some smary comment about admiring me but I won't right now." he says. "But that's the truth of the matter- but mistakes were made by everyone." he says as he crosses his arms a bit and closes his eyes.

"But the Princess is also being too hard on herself. Please forgive her." he murmurs.

"I'm going to make tea. Runealy.... um. What are we going to do about your Cousin here then?" he asks. He walks into the kitchen to begin making some quick tea. Water doesn't take forever to heat up.
Valeria Barun 2015-11-25 06:36:46 16429
    Valeria winces a little and looks down, not sure what to say in the face of that kind of self admonishment; she's not accustomed to it at all. Luckily Hinote is there to temper those harsh words with his own. "They are very admirable, Rune. And he is right, you know. You are being too hard on yourself. As it stands... you're Waldia's only hope. Even once you've used what you've gained here to restore the Barrier's energy that will still be true. If you don't think you're worthy of praise now I can't help but think you will be when this ordeal is over."

    She gives Rune's hand another squeeze before finally letting it go, for the moment remaining seated, pointedly, at the Princess' feet in front of the couch. She watches Hinote go off to make tea, considering her position. She thinks for a little while, and then turns her eyes back up to Runealy's. "You're not well, Rune. I don't blame you for it, but it's the truth. I know you have to put everything else before your own well being... but I don't like it. I don't like seeing you like this."

    She isn't even entirely sure what she's saying herself at first, but she keeps speaking from the heart anyway. "Seeing you hurting, and knowing you must have been hurting for so long... it hurts me too. Waldia is in danger. You're in danger... I want to help. I want to help keep Waldia safe, and to help keep you safe, Rune."
Runealy Waldia 2015-11-25 06:41:42 16430
Rune doesn't say much about Hinote's defense of her current situation and choices. She focuses on his question, instead. "That's up to her."

She nods to Valeria. "It's your choice. I'm not going to demand you do one thing or another. If you want to stay here until it's time to go home, you can. If you want a ride back to the portal so you can return as soon as it opens up enough to let you..."

She cuts off as Valeria has insights to share, and a decisive thought. "I'm not the 'only one', you know. The others are how I got this far. But after everything you just said," the squeeze seems to be enough to keep Rune's gaze properly lifted now, "I can't just tell you 'go home' in that case. You can stay here if you want, you can fight like them if you want... it's your choice. However you want to do this."
Hinote Kagari 2015-11-26 04:38:27 16606
Hinote Kagari returns after those few moments of discussion with a tray of tea. There's some cookies on there, too- they appear to be chocolate chip. He begins pouring cups and offering them. He sets out four cups and pours. It's a mass market tea. That means hot water. Dip. Done.

Sits back down and closes his eyes a he takes a deep breath as he sips his tea a moment as he peeks over to Vale. "Is she going to need clothes and some things?-- or think she can get away with wearing that dress?" he asks to Runealy.

"I can make it a point to gather some things tonight if it'll help." he says when he can as Vale and Runealy talk.
Valeria Barun 2015-11-26 04:54:13 16610
    As Valeria's future is discussed she looks between Runealy and Hinote, accepting the tea graciously and taking a sip, "Thank you." She seems to be following the conversation well enough, though when Runealy mentions fighting with them she smiles lightly and looks down. "I don't have the talent required for anything like that, Rune. Magic isn't one of the strengths of the Barun family, unlike yours, and I've never trained for bow, spear, or sword."

    She doesn't have any idea how Guardian Knights work; she knows of them as Heroes of the past that swore Oaths to the Queens of their time, but nothing about where their strength and magic actually comes from.

    She then blinks a little and looks down at her dress, holding her arms out a little to get a better look at herself, "Is this not adequate? I see Rune is wearing one her usual dresses." In the world of Waldian fashionistas it would be a crime not to know nearly the entire wardrobe of the Queen and Crown Princess.

    She gives Hinote and Runealy a quizzical look, momentarily distracted from the other topic, "What sorts of clothes and 'things' would I need?"
Runealy Waldia 2015-11-26 05:13:46 16612
"Thank you," Rune looks up to the provided food and tea from Hinote, going to it with modest interest; it helps calm her down. "As far as I'm concerned, she can wear whatever she wants. She snuck through the castle, then the forest and shrine, then found her way here. So if she wants to stick with that dress after going through all that, who am I to say 'no'?"

"Up until several months ago, Gaofele and Hinote didn't have 'talent' for it either. Nothing that could manifest, at least. It was there, but just sitting dormant. But they both felt so strongly about this, that they took an Oath to me and now they fight just as well as any of this world's heroes, from Sailor Senshi to Puella Magi and so many others. Hino,"

She indicates him with a palm between drinks of tea, "Fights with sword and fire. Gaofele," That same hand sweeps in his direction, "uses arrows and plants. Sometimes, the plants /are/ his arrows. Both of them are already on my level, or perhaps beyond it, in mere months. And they continue to look at new ways to apply themselves... Gao, could you tell us a little about that? You are, after all, the most experienced Knight."
Hinote Kagari 2015-11-26 05:24:45 16614
Hinote Kagari gently gives a soft shrug. "It depends. Normal people here do not wear ostentaious dresses unless it's a special function or they are very rich or have high postions. Runealy seems to have gotten away with it for a long time." he gives a slight smile. "I think we've been trying to keep a low profile. I don't know if that matters now." he says. "I mean, I don't dress too fancily even though I could probably get away it." he smiles coyishly.

He nods to Vale. "Also, you'll need a device called a Cell Phone that lets you talk to people great distances here on Earth." he says. "It can let us know if you're in trouble, need help, or just----want to talk! I don't know if Runealy explained that to you."

He let's Gao explain as he sips his tea. "I really didn't even know magic existed until I met The Princess and Gaofele." he smiles, and adds.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-11-26 05:26:14 16615
Gaofele Doiru places down his cup of tea. "Well, most of the plants that I based my magic on were ones that I was already familiar with: trees, brambles, dandelions, nettles," he explains. "But this world has such a wide range of terrains and climates that there are many, many more plants out there which might be helpful in their nature. And even existing magics can find more uses -- a tree that serves as part of a protective wall can also be used as a skyward ram, if you focus and time it right."

The forester takes another drink of tea. "Also, some of the technologies of this world might find a use back in Waldia, albeit in a form more fitting for our home," he continues. "Again, sometimes it's just a matter of taking what you have and applying it in a way you haven't thought of before."

He chuckles for a moment. "Of course, certain things only work here on Earth, because of the gap in technology, but there's still things we can learn."
Valeria Barun 2015-11-26 05:55:56 16621
    Valeria seems to be somewhat pleased when her dress is called ostentatious, smiling graciously while getting a certain prideful glint in her eyes. "The Princess wears her finery well as is befitting a lady of her quality," she responds to the mention of Runealy having worn her expensive Waldian dress for a so long.

    She's then caught rather off guard once more when she learns Hinote and Gaofele had little usable magic talent before they met Runealy and swore their Oaths. "Truly? As you praised them so highly I had assumed they had years of training." A few rapid blinks, "To think that the uninitiated could become the peer of The Princess in so short a time." Valeria knows very well just how much time Runealy has spent practicing magic and tactics with her mother, just going by how much of that she witnessed herself on her rare visits to the Castle.

    She listens to Gaofele as he talks about using his magic in new and inventive ways and ends up coming away with a slightly different message. "There are new plants here? This land truly is filled with wonders. Just on the ride here I've seen more new things than I had in the year before it." And that is a gross understatement. The talk of a Cell Phone has her attention as well, "That would be magnificent. I think I would like one very much."

    If she wasn't looking too keen on leaving quickly before she surely isn't now and with all the information she's been given she thinks to herself for several moments, closing her eyes while sipping quietly upon her tea. When she finally opens them back up she raises back up from her slightly undignified sitting position to kneel before Runealy again, as she did when she threw herself at the Princess' feet upon realizing the fate of her mother.

    "Rune. Cousin. Princess. If I haven't misunderstood you, then would you allow me to swear my own Oath to you? I can't bear the thought of you struggling through this hardship alone." An apologetic look to each Hinote and Gaofele in turn, "I do not mean to diminish any of your accomplishments. From what Runealy has told me she couldn't have survived without you. Both of you." Her eyes turn back to Runealy and she smiles, "But if I can stand with you by your side and protect you even a little in your struggles, I would be honored. You are my Cousin and my Princess, and I will forever be devoted to you regardless. If you would have me as your friend as well I will follow you to the gates of the Abyss."
Runealy Waldia 2015-11-26 06:02:59 16622
"You might have to explain it to her," Rune notes to Hinote. "We're being very careful about what we bring home, though. We're not ready for things like cell phones back home," of any variety, whether the correct ones or every other Earth invention Rune decides is a 'cell phone.' "But that's how it is. Whether you're being straightforward about it," a nod to Hinote, "or creative," a nod to Gaofele, "you can make it work. Neither of them had 'talent' for it, but look at just how much he had to say with not even half the training I did."

Then the conversation returns to very serious matters. Rune blinks, staring down at Valeria. "That's... well..." This is not the first time someone has made a sudden offer, and it remains every bit as surprising now as it has in the past. "That's very bold, and I have no reason to doubt you mean it... but I want you to think that through and be certain. You're offering to fight monsters. Demons and more. Witches and Terribads and creatures that can target your dreams at night, and Generals of armies claiming worlds and lives as their due. Some of them can kill people in a single blow. You've come this far, but you're under no obligation to join... so think that through. If you're absolutely certain, then I'll want to hear it one more time now that you know all this."
Hinote Kagari 2015-11-26 06:11:57 16624
Hinote Kagari lets the conversation get serious as he nods to Runealy's question. He places his cup down as he begins taking bites from a cookie. He taps it against his lips a little in thought. "These things are dangerous. I've been hurt a lot of times." he says softly. "Even with armor and magic." he says softly.

"..but I will admit." he says softly.

"It feels good to help people, Valeria. At least. For me." he says. "But I already knew that." he grins a bit.

"But--yes I'll teach her how to use a cell phone and all the various devices here if you want. I'm used to it by now." he grins. Oh boy is he ever.
Valeria Barun 2015-11-26 06:32:19 16628
    Home might not be ready for things like cell phones, but Valeria seems as if she is as they are brought up again and again. "I would be privileged if you would teach me of cell phones and other 'technological' devices here on Earth, Sir Hinote," she tells the brown haired boy, trying out the name of the world she's found herself in for the first time.

    Things then get serious again as she considers Runealy's words. She really does consider them, too. It takes her a few minutes of turning things over in her head, trying to think on her situation, Runealy's, and Waldia's from different angles and viewpoints.

    Eventually she shakes her head, "I can't. I can't walk away from you, and from this, now that I've learned of it. The Demons, Witches, and Terribads; those are all things you've had to face yourself are they not? And they also will be things that you must continue to face. With my presence or without it." She shakes her head lightly a second time, "I won't leave you to meet such challenges without me. Not if I, as you say, might have dormant within me the strength to assist you. I have always been willing to support you, Rune, but I had never thought you would ever have such a pressing need. You might say that you are not strong, but I can see how you are giving every bit of strength you have for Waldia. I want to help in any way that I can, both Waldia and you. If that means fighting against monsters and Demons then I will fight monsters and demons."
Runealy Waldia 2015-11-26 06:40:32 16630
"Thank you. I'll be counting on that, for you to show her new ideas we never even considered... just as you did with the water and electricity in our 'home." Rune offers a tiny smile to Hinote. It's subdued; she's pleased by his efforts there, but the trash-furnished store they lived in was not a happy place or time, nor are most of the memories of it.

Then she regards Valeria's words. "You just might. It's not raw strength or training that directly let them take the Oath, after all. It was their desires that allowed this, and you're sounding a lot like Gaofele and Hinote. So... thank you. We'll try it. Hinote, Gaofele, you may stay here and answer her questions if you wish. I will remain out of sight once I lay out the relics for her to consider... and you may call me back when one of them feels right."

Rune rises from the couch, finishing her tea. Then she goes down the hallway, into one of the bedrooms. A minute later, she returns with a backpack and begins carefully laying out items from it on the couches and table in the living room. Jewels, gloves, pendants, and many other items of metal and gems and fine cloth are placed in Valeria's view... then she makes one nod. "Find one that suits you."

Then Runealy steps out of the living room once more. This part of the Oath process is not for her. It is solely for Valeria and her potential peers.
Gaofele Doiru 2015-11-26 06:47:25 16631
Gaofele Doiru nods to Rune, then places his cup of tea down and watches Valeria intently. He keeps his eyes off of the relics; that is for the would-be Knight to decide which is right, and by not watching them he can refrain from unconsciously reacting to Valeria's choice until after the choice has been made.
Hinote Kagari 2015-11-26 06:49:26 16632
Hinote Kagari remembers how this went for him, so he begins to stand up. " keep calling me Sir...." he says with a little smile. "That's not a title on Earth." he says. "--but still I am flattered!" he says.

He watches Runealy get up and return with the familar backpack and starts spreading out the artifacts. He steps away and turns to face Vale. "Here..." he says as he reaches into his suit and pulls out his bracelt, he slips it onto his wrist. "This is my relic. This is what called out to me before I did the Oath." he says. "I find it helps to clear your head and think about what's important to you..." he says softly as he closes his eyes.

He also refrains from staring too intently at any of these but he does keeps his face forward.

"There's no pressure. Just... relax." he offers.
Valeria Barun 2015-11-26 07:10:59 16636
    "My desires?" Valeria repeats, considering that for a moment. Are her desires a momentary, fleeting thing, or do they have breadth and depth? She thinks she knows the answer to that question, but how can she be sure? She's never dealt with things that could have such a lasting impact on her life in such an immediate way like this. Her siblings? Yes, certainly. But not Valeria herself.

    When the artifacts are brought before her she looks down at them curiously, looking for a few moments to the Guardians in her presence that preceded her. To Hinote she smiles slightly, "You are a Guardian Knight of Waldia, and befitting of a title. At least for now your station is above mine. You will forever be my senior and have my gratitude for helping Runealy when she needed it most." Another smile is given to the quieter of the pair, "And you as well, Sir Gaofele."

    Her eyes return down to the relics and she looks over them one at a time, touching several of them lightly with her fingers before moving on. She pauses a few times for even longer on a select few of the relics, but seems to be keeping her thoughts close.

    Eventually she comes upon something that gives her even greater pause, picking it up lightly in her hand and considering it for a moment before looking up to the others, "I believe this is the one." It's an old signet ring with the seal of some ancient Waldian Queen, beautiful in it's craftsmanship but worn slightly from considerable use.
Runealy Waldia 2015-11-26 07:18:11 16639
Rune waits quietly in another room. It's a good chance to let Valeria focus, and to help Runealy calm herself down the rest of the way. Deep breaths. Think it through. Let Valeria share a few moments with those who could very well be her fellow Knights.

And then it's time. Valeria has spoken. "Summoning Princess' Tiara! The Line of Succession... Transform!" A flash of red light can be seen from Rune's room, and when she emerges she is in full magical garb, wand stowed behind-back.

She walks toward the living room, standing on one side of the table and taking the ring that has been chosen. This isn't the Shrine, it's not the throne room... it's not even her room back home, all of which would be more formal places for this. The table will have to do as a symbolic, temporary separation of knight-aspirant and princess.

She looks to Gao, then Hino, then... Valeria, and uses the ritual words: "You are here because you are extraordinary. Because something in your heart and mind speaks so strongly, that you would see that which you cherish be preserved. To be kept safe. Speak of them. Tell us who and what you treasure!"
Hinote Kagari 2015-11-26 07:22:46 16641
Hinote Kagari smiles a little at the praise but says nothing. He's had enough schmoozing for the night considering the seriousness of what's gone on tonight. He does however cross his arms as he closes his eyes and opens them finally when Valeria picks out her relic.

He smiles. "If that's what speaks to you, then it looks perfect!" he says.

He steps aside now because the Princess is coming out. To be fair--- his Oath was done in a trashy convience store so this is like ten steps above anything like that.

He patiently waits to see what Valerie will say with a unjuding, pleasent and encouring look.
Valeria Barun 2015-11-26 07:35:14 16642
    Valeria's head turns as the words for Runealy's magic is invoked and the flash of red light streams out from her room. She's seen her in this form before, of course, but usually it's been from a large distance, observing the Princess' training from afar. Her eyes follow Rune as she walks over and takes the ring she picked out, suddenly a bit more tense than she was just a moment ago. The magic of the Royal Line is almost sacred to her, in a way, and seeing her cousin transformed and speaking to her has the effect of added gravitas.

    She doesn't know what to say when she's asked what she treasures; not intellectually. So she instead says what comes to her lips from her heart, "I treasure Waldia, our home and it's people. I treasure the heart that lies within the shield, the happiness and joy that can emerge from within a protected soul. And I..." she pauses for a moment, worried her words might sound flattering and disingenuous, "I treasure you, my cousin, my Princess, my future Queen, who has forsaken her own Safety in favor of her peoples."
Runealy Waldia 2015-11-26 07:47:37 16644
The last time she did this, Rune was able to respond to Hinote's words immediately. Now, there's a pause as she considers Valeria's statements. "I'm... not sure I've forsaken it. Some day, I want both of those elements in my life again. Some people are trying really hard to provide both. Or if they can only provide one, then that one..." It's at this point she makes an odd nod aside to... a cat, Mistpaw, that is wandering nearby. Obviously Mistpaw will not be offering protection in most circumstances, but perhaps happiness is plausible. One out of two isn't bad with that considered.

Then she returns to the Oath at hand. "Regardless... that is the legacy you wish to create? Then, Valeria Barun!" Melodrama runs high in Rune's voice now. "Come take this ring, and call out your Oath for all of us to hear!"

The ring is held up for Valeria to see, for everyone else to see, and for the knight-applicant to take in hand.
Valeria Barun 2015-11-26 08:08:44 16647
    Is it proper to respond to Runealy's words? Valeria decides that now is not the time, figuring that there will be plenty of opportunity for it later. Instead she turns her eyes to the cat as it wanders into her view, understanding Runealy when the kitty brings a smile to her face.

    She lifts herself back to her feet, for the first time in a fair while now and walks over to take the ring from Runealy. She takes a moment to look around at the three around her while running her finger over the surface of the ring. She holds it aloft, "To protect our future, I am Guardian Vale!"

    A bright flash of light fills the room, bringing with it a brief sense of well-being, and when it fades Valeria is wearing a white and purple dress overlaid in part with pieces of armor, a shield strapped to her left arm and a long broadsword ready to be drawn. After taking several moments to look herself over she sends the Princess a bright smile, "Rune! I really am Guardian Vale!"
Runealy Waldia 2015-11-26 08:17:34 16649
The Oath is an almost instantaneous thing. The magic link established between princess and knight does not take hours to screen its applicant and make a decision; either Valeria truly means all these bold words, or they are just talk, and it knows immediately which is the case.

Valeria's Oath has been presented in good faith. She has been told what it means, and what she will face, with no curious omissions. In turn, the promise has been made in good faith.

All of this is evident as the light fills the room, and Valeria now stands as Vale. "So that's what was inside you! Yes... yes, you are, and it looks wonderful!" The smile is met in kind, as Rune tones down the formality some. "Thank you. With you here, things are looking that much better! We'll get all of this figured out one bit at a time, but for right now?"

Runealy's tiara is removed, and she fades back to normal with one nod. "You've had a long day. Let's get you settled in with a meal, answers, and a bed!"
Hinote Kagari 2015-11-26 08:20:00 16650
Hinote Kagari listens to the /melodrama/ in Rune's voice. Yessss... /Theatrics/ even if ritual get his blood pumping---and then Vale calls out her Oath and he smiles. Yes. That's a good one. He beams and clasps his hands together. "Wonderful!" he says. He nods.

"Right...I'll cook!" he says as he rubs his hands together. "I got the stuff to make pizza homemade and that won't take very long!" he says. "And I can talk while I'll eat and can answer any Earth questions while we wait for it to cook." he says as he begins making his way to the kitchen.
Valeria Barun 2015-11-26 08:29:43 16653
    Guardian Vale does a good job of hiding how disoriented she is as the magical connection between herself and Runealy establishes itself. She may not be an actor like Hinote, but she has a lot of practice presenting herself properly around peers. Hinote and Gaofele know what to look for though, and can probably spot how gingerly she's moving in her armored boots. "I can hardly believe it myself. I hope I can be as much a help as those that came before me," she replies to Runealy happily.

    She manages a curtsy to Hinote as he applauds for her, only to let out a soft sigh. "A meal would be a true delight." She hasn't eaten real food in much longer than she'd like to admit. She gives Hinote a warm smile, "I will have a great many questions for you, but I'm afraid my first one will have nothing to do with Earth." She looks over to the now dehenshined Rune, and then down at herself before laughing softly, "How do I turn this back off?"