The Orphanage Trap

Date: 2015-12-12
Pose Count: 59
Kazuo Takeba 2015-12-12 00:24:23 18200
The orphanage that the Sailor Senshi believe the Dark Kingdom is targeting is an independent building, tucked in its own little walled property. There's not a great deal of space that hasn't been built on, but there's enough room for trees, enough room for wandering outside; it might be almost pretty if the grounds' upkeep hadn't been neglected. The largest space on the ground floor is the dining room, though there's kitchen and other plumbing-heavy areas tucked into the back. Above that, the dormitory spaces, separate for boys and girls and visitors; above that, storage.

The important part is the dining room. Sailor Mercury's plan involved grouping all the children, thirty or so in residence, there - in one place, where they could be most easily protected. Some of them are old enough to help watch the others - a few of them are in their late teens, though the youngest pair are six. There are a couple of staff members with them, and a couple of volunteers. Daisuke, for one, who has ingratiated himself easily with the local staff by virtue of providing Sailor Jupiter's cookies. A fourteen-year-old girl from Usagi's school, absolutely innocent of all of this (and unwittingly adorned with a camera that feeds to Mercury's computer). A university student who's apparently a regular; she picked up on Daisuke's lead and convinced her other job to provide something to go with the cookies for lunch today - which meant double dessert, baked goods *and* ice cream. Between that and the floral decorations brought in to liven up the winter season, it's a cheerful day for the youngest kids, and not a terrible day for the older ones.

Mercury's plan is for Daisuke to arrange an 'arts and crafts' activity to keep them busy, at tables grouped in the center for the occasion and away from the dining hall's windows, while Hannah and Kyouko watch the doors. Outside, Tuxedo Mask and Sailor Jupiter were asked to lurk together, on-site but not near the children. They're the bait. The rest of the senshi are stationed on rooftops, able to see clearly, ready to respond quickly. The moment something happens outside, Mercury will fog the windows of the dining hall, hiding the fight from the children, cuing the trio stationed inside that something's wrong. If anything happens inside, the trio there have Mercury on speed-dial, and her computer will put the message on her visor. And if necessary ... Hannah is inside where she can raise a Barrier.

In short, Mercury is planning on reversing the trap on the Dark Kingdom's generals, on luring them in and taking them down without the children every being involved. It's a good plan. It really is.

She just didn't have all the information. Like that the university student volunteering might look vaguely familiar to Kyouko's dreamlike memories of Apatite, or perhaps Sailor Moon, or Tuxedo Mask; they might have seen her in passing on Halloween, dishing out ice cream at that other job. Like that the ice cream itself might be familiar to Hannah, if she'd had a chance to encounter it.

Whichever of them is the one to realize the plan is about to go off the rails -- everything goes wrong at once.

Not all of the children change; there's a handful who seem either to have skipped the ice cream in favor of more cookies, or managed to resist its effects. The ones that do don't all change the same way. Some of them grow taller and thinner, becoming frosty red-eyed creatures formed out of pure ice. Frozen hearts. Some of them become haunted things, gray-haired and ashen-skinned, sunken and neglected and palpably lonely. One grows hunched and twisted, one hand's fingers growing fountain-pen nibs on the end in lieu of claws, the other arm clutching an endless stack of paperwork. Of the adults, only the university student is affected, shifting into something greedy and twisted and a thousand grabby tendrils, trying to take the respect and reward she feels her drab part-time job denies her. But that's a small blessing, when there's a double-dozen children changing, when the floral d
Kazuo Takeba 2015-12-12 00:25:03 18201
decorations are moving, too.

There's only three of the heroes inside, Daisuke and Hannah and Kyouko. They're outnumbered ten to one.

Outside on Mercury's visor, the first message pops up, direct from Hannah: "Oh Lord not the evil icecream again! Get in here, Bluebie-chan, we've got flora and fauna to water down! Lots of 'em!"

And Mercury calls for that Barrier, and for everyone to head in. And those outside don't have more details till they see - the Barrier's leaves five of the children in stasis, and the girl from Usagi's school, and the staff.

Everyone else inside is magical. Most of them have been corrupted into youma.

The Dark Kingdom isn't gathering energy today. They're burning it with abandon.

Whatever they want out of this, they want it bad.
Silenus 2015-12-12 00:35:49 18202
Silenus was here all along, as the orphanage director! Or headmaster? Or whatever you call those. But the important part is that now, as everything starts going to hell, he emerges through the doorway into the dining room, peeling off his giant fake moustache as his grin does more than enough to compensate for the facial hair's loss. "Welcome, girls! Please, stay seated, the party has only just begun! Bwahahahaha!" And those flowers advance menacingly... one even spookily waggling its leafy 'fingers'. Yeah.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-12-12 00:39:00 18203
Watch the doors to the kitchen. It's a simple assignment, and one that being a public figure gives you one heck of an access to. In theory, 'Kasagami White' is here to invest in a local orphanage out of the purity of her heart and the kindness of her spirit (HAH! Or not!?). There's much door watching going on, what with polite excuses made to those in charge. And a hefty bribe.

Heck yeah WPS and being partially invested in good works.

EVIL ICE CREAM! A callback to what she'd try to steal-and-or-eliminate with a bunch of mages and puella. That call goes out, and in the end, there's corrupted children and rather irritated looking evil-flora trying to beat them all to heck. Cue a Barrier on Ami's command reflexively, and any delay on the other's means little.

No, she's too busy trying to punch that particularly greedy intern-youma in the face. With far less force than normal. Mostly in the chest to knock winds out of the lungs, and then a kick towards a wall. Thank God for non-lethal Device strikes when she wants them.

Even should she succeed, there's a ton more of plants and kids alike! She'll try to hold the line near the doors as best she can!

"Don't kill the humanoid ones! They're all kids! It's because of that ice cream!" She calls out helpfully to others!
Kyouko Sakura 2015-12-12 00:40:17 18204
    Kyouko doesn't believe in plans. She said she would be here to help out because she wants revenge on the Dark Kingdom, and that's all she promised. She was called and told about some plan, but even if it was a good plan, her reaction was essentially 'Plans are for suckers, don't worry, I'll be there', click. (That was her hanging up the phone, she's kind of rude sometimes).

    Needless to say, she /is/ here.. or at least, in the vicinity. See, she's not really interested in protecting the kids. That's not to say she wants the kids to be hurt- of course she doesn't. But the way Kyouko sees it, the kids have /plenty/ of protection with all them other magicals running around in there. She's here for one reason, and one reason only- to confront Kunzite (or any of the other Generals) if they happend to show themselves. Kyouko holds grudges. Just ask Hannah.

    The end result is that rather than being in the Orphanage itself, Kyouko is located atop a nearby building, outside the wall that surrounds the orphanage but still where she can keep an eye on it. In her henshin, she's leaning against the bulk of an air conditioning unit, chomping on a stick of pocky, a pensive expression on her face. She's more than aware when the screams begin, and when that Barrier goes up around the dining hall.

    "Looks like the party's started." She mumbles to herself, pushing off of the AC unit and moving to the edge of the roof. She crouches down, her spear materializing out of thin air in her left hand, held with its butt planted against the roof as she stares at the building, watching the people outside moving inside. "Show yourself, you son of a bitch."
Daisuke Hansuke 2015-12-12 00:41:35 18205
Daisuke Hansuke is a friend to pretty much every chairitable organization in Tokyo. It was insanely easy to get himself here and even easier when he had /all the homebaked cookies ever/. He felt bad, because he wonders if Makoto knew the actual reason for the cookies. He was trying to counteract bad feelings with cookies.

Thusly, He herds kids- and gets help from the older ones into the dining hall with a short smile. Daisuke doesn't herd cats so he needs the help. This happens mooooostly without a hitch. You know. Kids.

Okay. He did what you wanted Ami-chan. He hopes it's enough, he thinks. He keeps his arms crossed as he taps at the far end of the hall. Sometimes he thumbs over his ring in a nervous tick.

Then horrible. Awful. Things happen. Nrg!!!!

Wait, what happened!? Wasn't this supposed to be stopped? Nrg. Did Ami's plan not work? More importantly...

Crap he's /alone/.

Oh. Then the floral decorations come alive and then the headmaster came through and revealed himself to be also be horrible---and familar-- all at the same time. Well. That's worse. He closes his eyes, takes a deep breath and does his best to avoid being grabbed as he slides into the kitchen area and holds out his right hand. The Rod of Asclepius forms from the ring with a slight flash- then there's another flash, as he henshins.

He kicks the kitchen door back and raises the staff and then bonks one of these in the head. It's a swing stronger than an untransformed human can bring and there's /some/ finese to it. Daisuke blinks. Wait, can he staff fight?

That's weird.

"Yeah!" he calls out to Hannah across this horribleness. He's doing his best to keep his cool.

This is only partly working. He's still /moving/ but he still looks /nervous as heck/.
Usagi Tsukino 2015-12-12 00:42:41 18206
Sailor Moon hates this. She hates fights involving children. But Ami's plan is a good one. She's got contingencies on her contingencies. Right?

She gets the news sometime later after being stationed on a roof that the attack isn't happening from the outside. It's happening within the walls.

It's probably rash that she dashes ahead, but the girls, sans Jupiter, are right behind her. And children.

(Okay so some of them are her age or older, but still. She has powers, they don't.)

She takes to the air, leaping on a few lampposts to get to a higher window. As the barrier forms, she wiggles her way in, hears about the humanoid ones.

"Kids?! Someone poisoned the ice cream?!" What sort of fiendish mastermind would do such a thing!

She points a finger to the cackling man. "Hold it right there! How dare you use the innocence of ice cream to lure innocents to your dark side?" Truth is, the speech is just to give people time to get there... "As a soldier of love and justice, I, Sailor Moon, will not stand for this! In the name of the moon, I will punish you!"

She hopes. Gulp.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-12-12 00:49:31 18207
Everything goes to hell, and Tuxedo Kamen's eyes widen, and he grabs at Jupiter's arm with a stricken look on his face.

They know these kids.

He grew up there, and he's been doing classes here for the ones interested in academics, and ever since he's been under watch by the Senshi, it's Makoto who's come with him: they know these kids and it's happening inside the dining room. "We have to go in," he says frantically, "we HAVE TO GO IN THERE!"

Proving he's the worst Prince ever with the worst idea of what 'bodyguarding' actually means, he just tugs at Makoto and then runs from the reception area toward the lobby toward the doors into the dining room, and in the windows he sees the nightmares he had before he began having dreams of the Fall. He shoves through the doors just in time to see Sailor Moon justice speeching that dude from the park in the midst of the chaos, and yells out, "HE'S A PLANT GUY, CACKLE GUY DOES PLANTS THEY PROBABLY DRAIN ENERGY!" and immediately moves to punch a youma-kid with pen nibs for fingers away from Sailor Moon. "HANDS OFF, Inky!"
Rei Hino 2015-12-12 00:50:14 18208
Rei Hino had a very terrible feeling today. It wasn't that she distrusted Ami's plans, or that she didn't think they had prepared enough. There were a lot of contingencies, and it was very well thought out. Everything logical told her that everything was fine, but for some reason, she just knew that something was off.

That was why she started heading towards the front door of the orphanage, even though nothing seemed overtly wrong. It was a long walk, so she kept a casual pace, up until the moment she got a signal from Sailor Mercury.

She hates being right sometimes.

One flaming henshin later, and Sailor Mars is following Sailor Moon inside, slipping into the barrier after her. Once the Moon justice speech is delivered, Mars follows up with, "We'll melt your evil ice cream plans! In the name of Mars, I'll chastise you!"
Tadase Hotori 2015-12-12 00:52:10 18209
Tadase Hotori is already here, across the doors from Hannah Sharpe - and once all of the chaos breaks loose, Kiseki pops up from behind Tadase where he's been hiding. "Tadase!" is all the little chara says, and Tadase nods.

"My heart: UNLOCK!" Tadase calls out through the chaos, and there's a flash of light and now he's there, as Platinum Royale!

And the chaos only grows and grows, and now he's trying to beat back the youma and corrupted children (without hurting the latter), using his scepter like a bright heavy mace on any non-humanoid opponents. He calls out to Hannah (who might be able to hear a bit of the small king Kiseki in his voice) "Is this part of the plan? I do not think this was part of the plan!" he says beforee laying into a plant youma hard with the scepter.

"YEAH I NOTICED THE PLANT GUY THANKS!" Platinum Royale calls out across the area as he pulls the scepter out of the creature's face.
Makoto Kino 2015-12-12 00:58:09 18210
"Hey!" Sailor Jupiter protests as Tuxedo Kamen takes off. Not to stop him - she knows these kids, too, and her face when he turned that look toward her was almost as appalled as his - but because he's perilously close to running off without her. "Don't run ahead--!"

She races after him, strides long to make up the distance that's opened between them. Somebody needs another lecture on what bodyguarding is supposed to entail. But that's for later.

For now--


A few steps behind Tuxedo Kamen, Sailor Jupiter spreads her hands to scatter a profusion of multicolored petals into air that suddenly swirls with wind, spring-warm against the winter cold. The Sailor senshi and their allies aren't hampered, might even find themselves buoyed and refreshed by it, but for the youma and the ones controlling them, it's a dizzying barrage of color and fragrance from all sides.
Minako Aino 2015-12-12 01:01:48 18211
Minako Aino/Sailor Venus didn't like the plan or the location but couldn't actually verbalize why as anything other than a vague idea in the back of her mind. So she was sulking, further away and higher up than anybody else under the guise of 'Sailor V spying/observing duties' before getting the call to come in and help.

She's late to the party but makes up time by throwing a shovel through a window. It's not the dramatic action-movie crash she expected but just a wood panel crackling and a single pane breaking out. So she throws herself right on through. It's not very responsible and definitely not healthy but it makes up for lost time.

She immediately realizes the trick with the kids and the closed in location - technically, the Dark Kingdom once did the same thing to her.

"Don't worry. Everybody will be fine! Every kid'll be fine! It's all just an illusion!" she shouts, cool and calm. She's speaking mostly to her own team. "So don't hold back!" she urges, urging speed over caution.
Kazuo Takeba 2015-12-12 01:14:37 18212
'Miss White' is taking on the intern-youma, which seems to be just fine by the intern-youma - the creepy thing is flowing toward her, which takes it right into that punch in the chest. Which would be fine, and in fact does drive the creature's breath out of its lungs. Except that it's no longer human. It's increasingly composed of fine tendrils, rubbery and fine and flexible, and those wrap around Hannah's fist and try to grab hold, to flow up her wrist and her arm, to pull her in for proper consumption. Fortunately, Hannah was already following up with a kick! That gets her her forearm back, and most of her wrist. They're still clinging to her hand, trying to pull in. Trying to dig in to her skin.

Asclepius brings his Rod down on the head of a frozen youma. It was a little boy two minutes ago, but the sound it makes as ice chips fly is already that of a winter wind. It turns toward him, and two of its friends turn with it. One of its hands reaches for its head where the Rod hit: that hurt. But that leaves one for Asclepius, and its friends make four more hands, all dripping snow and frost.

Platinum Royale is a little short on non-humanoid opponents; most of the kids are still human... ish. Sort of. But then, most of the kids are a little shy of attacking him; there's almost an open space around him, circled by gray and pale figures. Plenty of space for flowers to flow into for his mace. And plenty of space for -- "Can we keep him?" asks a gray child-youma. "Why not?" answers another one. ... that open space might not be lasting very long.

Tuxedo Mask punches a youma-kid with pen nibs for fingers away from Sailor Moon. That gets its attention, all right. It whips out paper from the stack; the paper grows as it moves, walling off the area around him. Trying to isolate him in an imposing wall of impenetrable registry entries, full of family names unreadable, unfindable, silent, and still legally binding. It'd be a great plan. Except that Jupiter is only a couple of steps behind him. The petals she summons dizzy the smaller youma in particular, leave them staggering for a moment, before the wall of legalities comes down to fence them in, and the two of them are locked away with the creature that at once sends a spray of ink - not at Tuxedo Mask, who's already blackened enough, but at Jupiter. A dark counter to her flowers.

The petals buy Venus a moment, keeping the youma too confused to orient on her.

And Kyouko, perfectly safe, cannot yet see her target.
Kyouko Sakura 2015-12-12 01:17:10 18214
    Kyouko sits right where she is, on the edge of her building, and watches. Her eyes are narrowed, and she shifts the Pocky in her mouth from side to side. She wants to know what's going on in there- she's changed enough that, knowing Tuxedo Mask is in there, along with Hannah and some people she doesn't particularly hate, makes her worry.

    But she doesn't want to endanger her chance. The way she sees it, she's the ace in the hole- even if her own 'teammates' don't know she's there. Her best chance to succeed, to strike at the /cause/ of all this instead of just the symptom, is to be patient. So she waits, fingers clutching her spear, sharp little fangs biting down with a *crack* into that stick of pocky. She waits.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-12-12 01:18:21 18215
Daisuke isn't without encouragement!

"Swing that staff like a pro, uh...what's your name kiddo? Call me Miss White! Keep those moves up and maybe we won't both die here." Winning, blatantly corporate smile, and then she's back to defense! She hates defense. She punches all the time!

Oh hey, it's Hat-guy! And Crown-guy!

"I'll spare you the quote about contact and enemies, but NO! We're off the rails, Crown-guy! Just...just improvise! And don't die!" What sage advice.

And then petals on wind of amazing. Hannah takes a break from punching to duck near Jupiter, pull both hands back, and then thrusts them forward.

"Wind Burst!" Wind flows upon wind and petals, adding strength to strength and making the spell all that much more powerful!

A Category 2 Flower Hurricane!

But her opponent still has much to offer her! Like various vine-bits that are ripping into her arm despite various shields. Her hand definitely gets cut up, but she soon starts to batter at her wrist that starts to get pulled towards the being! She swats, and even tries to bite through some of the vines despite her Device's advice!

Someone should the weeding, it seems.
Silenus 2015-12-12 01:23:18 18216
    The false orphanage director, now revealed to be SILENUS, DARK GENERAL OF PARTYING AND PLANTS, catches a brief glimpse of that strange masked man in the fabulous cape from the park! Once again, that strange tingly feeling nags at the back of his mind, but he doesn't have time to ponder the meaning before the JUSTICE SPEECH prompts him to dramatically turn and face SAILOR MOON, PRINCESS OF... well, the moon. And accompanying her is SAILOR MARS, also the princess of her namesake! "Go ahead and try, ladies, but you're not gonna get anywhere just standing there and /talking/!"

And sure enough, even as the plant monsters take a surprisingly easy beating from TADASE, PRINCE WHO WILL ONE DAY BE KING OF THE WORLD, some of them break off to slither and shamble toward the two Sailor Senshi challenging their master. "Go, my lovelies! Turn them into fertilizer, bwahahaha!" Silenus encourages the flowery youma, who snake their viney appendages at Usagi and Rei... until they're suddenly hit by a barrage of COLOR and WIND! The youma and their master, disoriented, quickly cover their faces to mitigate the effects of the Flower Hurricane, leaving them open!
Usagi Tsukino 2015-12-12 01:24:57 18217
Of course, she's Sailor Moon. And of course she has so many hearts for Mamo-chan that if she didn't release them at timed intervals, she would explode. So they pulse in her eyes, the hearts do. "Tuxedo Kamen-sama~!"

She's pretty sure that annoys him now. Muahaha!

Heart release done for the next few rounds, she winces and looks at the youma he just punched for her. She whispers to him. "I think that's one of your students. The humanoids are"

But then he's being drowned by red tape! Oh no!

All around her is chaos, and soon it's bother Tuxedo Kamen and Jupiter ensnared in enough paperwork to delay the decisions of the court for years to come!

She dives toward the youma, but twists in the air to face the 'orphanage director.' His words are still in the air when he's distracted. She fwips off her tiara and sends it his way. "MOON TIARA ACTION!"

And then she finishes her tackle of the youma/kid with the scary paperwork! "Fortunately for my friends, I've appealed your decision!"
Daisuke Hansuke 2015-12-12 01:25:17 18218
Asclepius connects with a POWERFUL STRIKE, and -- um. Gives the youma that was once a kid and mild headache! Yes... okay. Maybe he isn't THAT good at this. He retracts his staff as he begins to get cornered in by /more/.

Luckily, getting out of this is simple enough. He flashes away into a purple teleport behind the others- then he goes with what he /knows/ works because he did it to that one Puella Magi from before. He raises the Rod, and thinks hard for a moment---

Then a burst of energy surges out like a wide circular cone. It's aiming to fling the creatures into the wall where he was standing just a moment ago! This strike isn't powerful and it's main compoenent seems to rely on it shoving them into the walls--other wise. It just might be like someone shoved them a few feet. Asclepius is not much of a warrior- and he's doing all he can.

Wait, huh.

"Um. Thank you. Miss White. I am... Asclepius. Let's go with that." he says in a VERY hard stammer while he's trying to concentrate.

Also he's feeling /horrible/ beating up kids turned into youma. He'll worry about the implications later in his dorm room and mope about it.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-12-12 01:30:10 18219
"No-- no no NO!" says Tuxedo Kamen, voice getting louder with every repetition; he knows those forms, he hates those forms, he hates what they do to these kids, and he's anxious and furious, FURIOUS, but he won't be trapped by these, he wasn't trapped by them even if everyone else he knew was, he WON'T BE TRAPPED BY THEM--

He can only pray Usagi's all right, is holding her own, he knows she can but if he's already getting this fucked up by this he has no idea anymore. "Stop it!" he pleads with the youma, "you'll get out, I promise you'll get out, but not like this, NOT LIKE THIS!"

And then it's shooting at Jupiter and god knows what kind of stuff that ink does but they have to get out of this, they have to get out of this trap, it's going to close in on them and it's going to get them, he can't let them hold Makoto, not in any way; he pulls out his cane with the sharpness and strength of a sword, he starts slashing frantically at the forms, trying to shred them, to get them out of this, out of here-- and then he hears Usagi, hears her reminding him what he already knows, and he's wearing a mask and that means no one can see him crying.

Somehow his voice is steady. "The kittens weren't hurt," he says, his breath catching, "after they got punched. They got turned into youma. It's the kids but we can't-- we can't NOT fight them-- Venus said it's all illusion anyway--!"
Rei Hino 2015-12-12 01:31:37 18220
Sailor Mars considers her options quickly. She has a fire attack, and she has punches. Using something as uncontrolled as fire in this tight space would be a terrible idea. Maybe one day Sailor Mars can focus her magic enough to not worry about friendly... well... fire, but that is not this day.

Punches are okay. They're better than nothing, but it's kindof doing it the hard way.

... Oh, right, and she also has ofuda. Wonderful, wonderful ofuda. Her one true friend. After the senshi. And Tuxedo Kamen counts. And maybe a few others.

"Evil Spirits... DISPERSE!"

Mars has a lot of ofudas. People are going to learn this today. She runs among the youma'd children, trying to place an ofuda on as many as she can. For the moment, she can't attack Silenus, because as she said yesterday she'd rather protect the innocent first.

And the best way to do that is take them out of the fight. She hopes this works at least partially.
Tadase Hotori 2015-12-12 01:33:51 18221
There's a torrent of flowers in his sight, and Platinum Royale uses that time to make good use of the space awarded to him - he nimbly jumps out of the area and towards Miss White. Who's having a lot of problems, it seems.

"This plan seems extra off-the-rails." he adds, before watching as she tries to tear into the monster attacking her. Not wanting to risk hurting a kid, he levels his scepter at it and tries to help Hannah out.

"ROYAL SEAL!" he shouts, and ribbons of golden energy erupt from the scepter, wrapping around the monster and trying to lock it in place!
Makoto Kino 2015-12-12 01:42:21 18222
She sees the torrent of dark coming at her, but Sailor Jupiter doesn't shy away. Instead she turns to meet it, throwing out a hand; threads of brilliant energy crackle from her fingers, racing to meet the jet of black ink before it hits her. The air is immediately filled with a hiss of steam and the odor of burning ink. It probably doesn't smell very good.

"We'll save them!" she declares, in a voice that resounds with determination. "We've done it before!" And with these bold words she lunges into motion, closing the space between the pen-fingered youma fist-first.
Kazuo Takeba 2015-12-12 02:12:05 18223
The petals lingering in the air flare wildly rather than dispersing, given new life by White's Wind Burst; they confuse the situation, make it hard for everyone to see clearly what's happening. But Jupiter's magic is still half of what's happening; they're much worse for the youma than for the heroes. It evens the odds a little more.

Mars is also evening the odds. She flings paper; a little girl reverts from ice to flesh and blood, and blinks up at her dazedly for an instant before the Barrier takes her gently away into stasis. She manages two more before three of the gray youma form a triangle around her and lift hands, palms facing each other -- and so far as Mars can see, the rest of the dining hall's population drops away. She's standing by herself, with overturned tables and vases, knocked-over chairs, a broken window, an inexplicable shovel. There's a scattering of dust, a dim light, spiderwebs in the corners. And something one never hears in Tokyo - total silence, not even traffic moving. As far as she can tell, she is absolutely, utterly alone.

As far as everyone else can see, Sailor Mars simply stops moving, stationary between those three youma, inside a quiet gray bubble that forms around them.

Those children Mars rescues are not the only ones visible. In among all the henshins and the youma, the petals and the wind, there's a glimpse of a wide-eyed, terrified seventeen-year-old. He hasn't been changed. The barrier hasn't taken him. He isn't showing any powers, or at least not any he knows how to use. What he is doing is crawling under a table and hiding. It's probably smart.

Back with White, the creature she's fighting isn't entirely one of the plants. Those are Silenus's babies. Vinelike, definitely, but plasticky, impersonal. Still trying to sink bits into her, as if to implant wires, to take remote control like a thousand nitpicky rules binding a low-wage worker. Or maybe just to eat her alive, also like a low-wage worker. On the other hand? Biting. Biting works surprisingly' well. The intern-youma yelps, pulling back in startlement - and Platinum Royale's seal-ribbons wrap around it, momentarily confining those tendrils. It's already writhing, trying to find a way around them, between them, to cheat the rules. "I didn't agree to work for you!" it protests. Its voice is still human.

One of those gray, lonely children comes up behind Platinum Royale, and tugs almost politely at his cape. "Will you come home with us?" it asks, at the same time as its cohort behind it asks, chorusing just as politely, "Can we come home with you?"

There is a long history of stories that children tell in which questions are asked that have
no good answers.

Across the hall, Asclepius is finding his own answers. He teleports behind the trio of ice-youma, and the Rod
shoves them. Ice is brittle, and the three had five out of six hands outstretched. Fingers chip.'' The three wail in unison, winds crying louder -- and then they turn around, and the fractured-off bits of ice with their sharp edges are scooped up by the winds of their cries and go flying at Asclepius. It's a lower-grade attack than some of them in here, but it matches the ones he's been dealing out.

Where Moon and Mask and Jupiter are tangled -- Sailor Moon leaps at the youma that had momentarily entrapped the other two. It goes down in a flail of too-long limbs and of spilling papers, of lives lost in the cracks; but this close, it can try to take vengeance. In the moments before Jupiter closes the distance, it rakes at her face with its metal-clawed hand. Papers whip up around Jupiter, trying to slow her approach, but for once the petals are still in the wind, and they blunt the edges of a few, and Tuxedo Kamen's cane shreds the rest before they can hamper her, and Moon's weight is on the youma so that it can't escape, and --

-- and there's an impact; and there's an instant in which an unconscious, bookish eleven-year-old, one of Mamoru's most attentive pupils, is half-visible before the Barrier takes him out of the
Kazuo Takeba 2015-12-12 02:13:14 18224

And in the instant after that, there is a sound from White's device. It might be something like: "Barrier Field control disrupted by outside magical forces, Mistress. Integrity maintained. Local conditions in flux. Attempting to reestablish."

Off behind Silenus, to one side, something happens. Shadows gather in; a space darkens. A white-haired figure dressed in grays fades into being in that space, both gloved hands half-lifted, controlling the cold, pale violet energy that crackles around the edges of his defending darkness. expression is one of absent, alert concentration, as he pours that energy into contending with the Device for control of the space they stand in. Space he obviously took control of -- because nothing is supposed to be able to teleport into or out of a Barrier without breaking it, at least locally, first. His eyes never stop moving, tracking each and every combatant in the room.

And outside the room -- Kyouko can't see him, from her angle. But she can see the reflections of that shade of energy. And she's seen it before.
Kyouko Sakura 2015-12-12 02:18:42 18225
    It's like a faint prickle at her senses. The little hairs on her neck stand on end. Kyouko's blood-red eyes narrow. She can /feel/ the Dark Energy- perhaps some form of remaining sensitivity, left over when she was purged. It's not a sense, so much as a vague reaction. But she notices it.

    Her fangs bare, and she chomps down the last bit of her Pocky with relish. /Someone/ is here. She doesn't know if its Kunzite, or someone else, but she recognizes that feeling. It's time to hunt.

    Smoothly, though with a growing tension in her body, the redhead leaps down from the building, landing atop the wall of the orphanage, then drops down into the interior. Passing through the Barrier is no trouble for her- she's not meant to be kept out. Holding her spear ready in one hand, she runs along the interior wall towards the building, silently. And halfway there, she vanishes from visible sight, her body shimmering and then fading into a slight distortion, still noticable.. but only if you're looking for it.
Minako Aino 2015-12-12 02:18:53 18226
Minako Aino/Sailor Venus reiterates her earlier words, encouraging everybody not to worry and stressing that everyone will be fine. With a bit of frustration, she repeats the 'don't hold back' part.

"Take it up a notch. We don't have time! We need to end this now," she insists, dancing forward to take a position next to Sailor Moon. She roughly shoulders her way through enemies, whether they be vascular or angiosperm. Some of them are met with point-blank nightlight beams.

Silenus gets a few beams, almost as an afterthought. But once she's with Sailor Moon and once Kunzite cracks open the shields, she levels her bandaged arm in his direction so he can be properly welcomed to the fight.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-12-12 02:26:02 18229
/SMILE/! The first part of any sleazy corporate negotiation. Hannah knows them well.

"Great, Asclepius-kun! ...I'll call you Staff-guy from now on." Yet another trite nickname. Poor Daisuke!

Mars' attack gets a brief whistle from Hannah, between pure focus and efficiency, but then she's distracted by Tadase saving her butt with Royal Seal!

Never let it be said that Miss White doesn't forget an opportunity. When you're encouraging evil plants to attack her even sometimes-allies, it's more than enough to get her attention. She backs off, and lets any brambles fall off thanks to Tadase's pure holy power.

But the intern-youma is still daring challenge her, and like any CEO, she cowls.

"Kid. You don't have the qualifications just yet. Try back in a year, and maybe you can do my mail!" And then she's gone, as her Device teleports her right behind the Dark General Silenus, and promptly attempts to grip him on the back of the neck. There's no justice speech, no declaration of purity, there's only the fear for her allies and a vulnerable target for someone targeting an /orphanage/ of all things.

Even she has limits, and Hannah isn't allowing kids into this.

Thus, there's a sudden burst of wind behind Selenus, followed by her entire body trying to physically slam him to the ground as she pummels all four of his limbs with wind-enhanced strikes. She's not aiming to kill, mind. There's not enough gunk in her soul for that. But she's aiming to crack and shatter all four of the rotund old man's limbs in multiple ways that speak to pure anger.

She saves the anti-justice speech for /after/ her strikes.

"Are you really that weak!? Targeting /ORPHANS/!? WHERE'S YOUR PRIDE AND STANDARDS, HUH!? Or are you just some thoughtless DOG!?"

But there's a sudden break in her strikes, as Hannah leaps back when her Device speaks up. Silenus is nothing before the sudden disurption of her Barrier, and her sightless eyes turn immediately to the figure that busts on in!

Hannah can't help but smirk.

"...Not bad, pale and gray-kun! HEY, CROWN-KUN, HAT-GUY! Punch-chan! Take over for me!"

She shouts out, only as her teeth grit and she offers every single bit of her mana into controlling the Barrier. By now, it's more about pride than anything. She'll fall unconscious before she lets this guy rip out control of her Device, and to a lesser extent, her Barrier!

She has to kneel down and bleed both her emerald energy, and then, her own darker gunk laid in her soul by grief seed abuse to stand still. This guy is /good/.

She kicks a single strike of emerald-magic in a kick at him out of pure spite.

"Can't hold onto this long, guys! That guys isn't weak!" She admits to the others, wind and dark magic vieing for control and creating a torrent of oppositional magic!
Silenus 2015-12-12 02:26:54 18230
    Everything is going HORRIBLY WRONG! By which I mean horribly right, because this is /exactly what the Dark Kingdom wanted/. Probably. Silenus, regardless, finds himself faced with assaults from all directions! Beams, tiaras, and flying magical girls with wind punches all converge on him, and it's Hannah who wins out, just /barely/ saving the small, portly man from getting hit by the worst of the other two. The tiara still clips him on the head, though, knocking him senseless while his limbs are trounced on. "Ooogh, ow, agh!" he cries out with each blow, though through all the pain, he does seem to catch a glimpse, something on the edge of his memory, of a kingdom of gold... "M-mercy for an old man..."
Usagi Tsukino 2015-12-12 02:27:51 18231
She can hear him behind the paperwork, panicking, and there's not much all she can do about it. And then there's an unconscious kid under her, and she gulps, because he's about the same age as her brother. She shuffles off him before the barrier takes hold.

She stands and brushes herself off, and when the tiara lands hard in her palm, she lets out a curse word she's picked up from Mamo-chan. (He's a bad influence on her!)

Speaking of, he's probably very shaky and mad and sad and all those things she doesn't want for him, so she ignores the fight for a moment and gives him a very sweet kiss. "It'll be okay." This she tells him, just as sweetly.

And then she's back in the fight! She hops to a table, the reminder that the children will more or less be okay, and tiara still in hand, she dives toward Silenus.


And hey! With Hannah's teachings of Usagi, she doesn't over extend!

(She doesn't hear his plea for mercy. Which is good for her punch.)
Tadase Hotori 2015-12-12 02:30:31 18232
Hannah's off to hunt Dark Generals - and by now Tadase is with her that they have some punches coming to them - but there's still a huge swarm of youma coming. And Platinum Royale is not usually set for fighting like this - singular X-Eggs give him enough trouble, but this? This is chaos.

Platinum Royale turns around to the children. Questions with no easy answers, indeed. And the would-be King has no good answers. It's got him more than a little concerned. "You need to stay safe until this is all over." he says. He smiles, trying to reassure them that somehow there's a safe place in all of this for him, and an all over for them.

It's got him effectively removed from the fight for the moment, because even though the children are distinctly strange - Tadase wants to help them if he can. This might be a huge mistake.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-12-12 02:42:20 18234
Venus is here, Jupiter is here, Moon is here, and yeah-- yeah. That was his best student. That was his best student and Tuxedo Kamen just stops, staring, then stares at the space where the bookish eleven-year-old was a moment before, and something is burning in his chest and his eyes and he can't find his way out, he can't find his way out of the hurt, out of the desperate loneliness--

--he couldn't not come. He shouldn't have come. He couldn't not come. And Kunzite knew it.

The cane in his hand glimmers, glitters with the unmistakeable shine of beautiful and angry Damascus steel; it's a sword in his hand, and his mind is a riot of lack of cope, and he has to hang on but he can't hang on and his gloved hand clenches tight around the hilt...

And then Sailor Moon kisses him, right in the midst of the chaos.

He's pulled back from breaking from helpless rage at the last second, with the warm silver glimmer of moonlight and love and memory, and he remembers who he is now, and not who he was even three years ago. He's not alone now. And these children won't be alone. He'll make sure of it.

Tuxedo Kamen straightens up and looks down at Sailor Moon and gives her a faint smile, one that she knows is all the world.

Then he looks up, just in time to see @*#$in' Kunzite right up god damned there, and the sword that was in his hand a second ago vanishes.

One bright-white gloved hand lifts, and all the anger and the echoes of loneliness, the misery and suffering around him which are bombarding his empathy, are channelled with all his strength into that hand.

It glows. Bright and brighter, gold, the gold of that lost kingdom, the gold of the fire in his heart. And then he lets it all out in a tremendous burst of burning kinetic energy.

Rei Hino 2015-12-12 02:42:52 18235
Mars tries her best, but the numbers are not in her favor. Soon, she is surrounded by three youma, and then... Nothing? Where is she? When is she? Did she miss the entire battle? What's going on?

It's not hard to imagine what the strategy here is. Mars was a threat who left herself too open, and now she's out of the fight. Dammit, and one of her friends tried to warn her just yesterday.

She's supposed to be the impeccable one, so why does she feel like she's still got so much to learn?

Mars wanders around the illusory room in her mind, trying to find some way out, or some clue as to what happened, or what's going on.

As far as the outside world can see, Mars doesn't move at all. Whatever's going on with her, she's not going to be very useful for the moment.
Daisuke Hansuke 2015-12-12 02:44:35 18236
Asclepius is not really have a good time fighting these kids. He's not powerful. He can't force them down to the ground, and his healing magic doesn't.... reverse whatever the junk is that does this to kids. He wishes it could though. So instead....

Well he disengages and teleports away from the children.

He instead teleports to the top of a table where he might have a height advantage (of about three feet.) and wondering---what the hell can he /do/.

Then a blast of gold energy rockets past him and he turns around to see where the hell /that/ came from-- and---

Tuxedo Kamen can do /that/!?

He turns back around though to it's target.

"....!?" Yeah he doesn't respond to being called 'Staff-boy' at the moment.

Which he'd object to otherwise. Time for him to pay attention.
Makoto Kino 2015-12-12 03:12:19 18237
There's so much happening, this whole thing has gone so very far off the rails - but for the space of a few precious heartbeats as the shadows gather and the Dark General appears, Sailor Jupiter stands transfixed, recognition a shock like static electricity down her spine, because she's seen this man before, and not while she was awake.

Something presses close in on her from the other side, like a half-remembered dream, and her body moves on its own. Her hand lifts, two fingers extended, sparking with lightning--

--a sweep of her arm draws a rough circle of quicksilver energy that shivers in the air; two quick slashes draw lines through it, one vertical, one horizontal. It doesn't last long, but for just a few seconds the symbol blazes in the air, the circle-and-cross symbol of earth.

A voice that is and isn't hers echoes in her head: Have you forgotten the shape of your loyalty?

Another voice that isn't hers at all: --perhaps a simpler man than you expected--

--a simpler man--

Realization kicks in seconds too late as suddenly Makoto remembers the sight of a perfectly ordinary teenaged boy crawling for cover; distracted by Kunzite, she's lost track of him in the chaos and moves on instinct to put herself between Tuxedo Kamen and the direction she saw the guy moving, green eyes wide with furious alarm. "--We're looking the WRONG WAY!"
Kazuo Takeba 2015-12-12 03:17:58 18238
The little gray children look up at Platinum Royale; they blink in unison. "What's safe?" asks one of them. The other, in that chorus, "Are you safe?" And then both together: "Can we stay with you?" United in something, at least. In saying that, and in drifting forward to reach up tentatively for his hands. Shy monsters. Polite monsters. And momentarily completely absorbed in the vision in white that's actually talking to them.

Passing through the Barrier is indeed no trouble for Kyouko. But the moment that she enters it -- it's not as if she can see it. It's not as if anyone else will know what it means. But there's a faint flicker of Kunzite's eyelids, as he notes the arrival of another guest to the party. Even if he can't see her.

Venus's Crescent Beam welcoming gift to Kunzite snaps his attention to her; he shifts a hand, and his shadows swallow it, but there's a physical shock at the impact. Showing more strength than he did the last time he did that to her -- and his eyes are narrowing, recognition that hits as hard and rather colder than the attack did. Hannah's emerald magic is absorbed, too, the shadows swallowing it; they're not a special effect, they're a power all their own. The green flavors the lightning that touches them for an instant. There's less visible effect from that attack, but Hannah can feel it in other ways. The Crescent Beam, her own attack -- both of them divert some of Kunzite's power from fighting her for control of the Barrier, and let her regain a little ground.

When Smoking Bomber hits, flaring terrifyingly brilliant against those shadows, forcing Kunzite to shield his face and his eyes with his cape just from the light and stagger back from the power -- she regains a lot of ground.

His face is showing more expression when he lifts his head again, a calm, controlled anger. He starts to orient on a target, on Venus, with clear intent --

Lightning draws a shape in the air. It's not an attack. It makes him recoil again all the same. And he turns away from the woman he was about to strike out against, flinging out a hand. Gold burns through the air, bright as that lost kingdom, power stolen from its rightful owner; and White finds herself facing down the impact of the attack Tuxedo Mask meant for Kunzite.


This is not a skill she probably wanted more experience in.

Jupiter finds the pattern at the last instant. Something hidden in plain sight, something bright and innocent, something deadly the moment eyes are taken off of it. Roses. Kittens. Children. And there shouldn't be any normal children left inside the Barrier.

The youma transforms as it lunges, and it is fire and poison and hate, the jealousy felt by a seventeen-year-old boy left inside for the one who got out. If Mars were seeing it quite then -- that fire would be hers. But she's lost for an instant in the silence, and it's the wrong instant. The youma collides with Jupiter. And wherever it touches her, it burns.
Silenus 2015-12-12 03:22:47 18239
    Silenus reaches his hand out toward that fuzzy vision of a brilliant golden kingdom, with its beautiful gardens full of roses... Except it then turns into Sailor Moon, using her tiara as a set of knuckles, and with eyes widened in panic, the portly man quickly rolls to the side, hopping up to his feet.

"Uwaaagh! N-not this time!" he cries out, then his eyes turn toward Kunzite, a grin forming on his face... only for it to disappear as a moment later, his gaze is drawn toward Sailor Jupiter, that symbol she draws in the air.

For a moment, everything goes /silent/ as that image burns itself into Silenus's retinas. What strange effects these people are having on him...

But another moment passes, and the chaos resumes. "Tcheh, I need a drink." the short, bald man grumps, massaging his arms and legs where Hannah was punching them earlier. Man, that smarts.
Kyouko Sakura 2015-12-12 03:27:08 18240
    It's absolute chaos inside the dining hall. Attacks are flying everywhere, many of them focused towards Kunzite. But that all works just fine for Kyouko- it means she's less likely to be noticed even as she passes through one of the side doors like a shadow. She doesn't know Kunzite was able to sense her approach- hopefully the fact that he knows she's coming doesn't mean he actually knows exactly when or how.

    Beams and lightning and fire and youma are everywhere, but her eyes fix at once on Kunzite. Breath hisses through bared fangs.

    Suddenly- she's there. Kyouko, walking right towards Kunzite from across the dining hall, amidst all the chaos as if not even noticing it. "Nii-chan!" She calls, her voice earnest, her eyes open wide, her pace picking up slightly. "Nii-chan, I'm so glad I was able to meet you again!" As if she doesn't notice all the violence around her. "Please, talk to me!"

    Kyouko hopes that it takes Kunzite a moment to realize that this imouto isn't real. She's an insubstantial illusion. The real Kyouko is dashing at him from behind, still half-invisible, snarling as she stabs her spear, the tip glowing with blood-red power, straight for the center of his back.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-12-12 03:30:31 18241
The only mercy from Hannah is leaping away to contend with the mysterious teleporting figure! There's a glance to Moon though. What good form!

She smirks.

"Keep that up, kiddo! You might match ten years!" A 'helpful' taunt and a wink to Moon. Because that's how Hannah rolls. Also, magic identies.

Those very same sightless eyes are drawn to Tuxedo Kamen, as he unleashes everthing his has. That powerful burst of radiant energy she knows so well! There's a smirk, and then, a grin!

"Don't hold back, Hat-guy!" She calls out encouragingly!

And then Tuxedo Kamen unleashes his rage, only for it to rebounded upon one who has already earned it. The pure, fiery light slams into Miss White, the young woman grinning as the Senshi seem to be avoided. She puts all of her magic into the counter strike. It's not nearly enough, and then she offers her body.

Miss White goes flying, with one weak, vindictive, barely a breeze to Kunzite, but it's still a metaphysical middle finger to the man. And a promise. She isn't done!

And yet, as she curls up mid-air from the pure power erupting into her body, she spits out a torrent a blood, and nigh-on blacks out.

"...Heh. Too strong for your own good, Hat-kun. Am I really this weak!?" She laments, before her battered body lands in a heap, already burning from the deflected impact, just like last time.

And yet, someone will have to take the rest of it.

Hopefully, this might involve Kyouko taking advantage of Hannah's near-death here!
Tadase Hotori 2015-12-12 03:31:48 18242
Platinum Royale is still looking up at all of the utter chaos around him. But... there are still children here. Wether they're youma children or real childre, twisted or true. They're talking back to them, and they're entranced.

If they're real kids, they need his help to be calm. If they're monsters in disguise, at least they're not attacking anyone else; not adding to the chaos.

"You can stay with me." he says, quietly. He still looks around at the chaos... he wants to help, too.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-12-12 03:32:12 18243
Mamoru sees the beam redirect and kicks himself for not remembering that STUPID AGGRAVATING THING KUNZITE CAN DO; he can only hope it-- okay, it hits Hannah, he'll apologize later, but at least he knows from experience she can tank it and not actually die. On the other hand, Jupiter just stepped in front of him, and she's yelling something-- yelling--

--oh no; it parses as the transforming kid-- his old roommate, dammit, god DAMNIT-- impacts with Jupiter in front of him, and he's knocked back into her. Reflexively, one dress-shod foot snaps out to kick the kid away, but there are burns everywhere, she's /still burning/; he doesn't care if she's screaming or stoicking or kicking and struggling, he grabs hold of her with one arm and bites off the glove of the other hand, then scrambles back away toward the door to the lobby, his bare hand firmly on her face. "I've got her, I've got her--" he gasps out to reassure Venus and Moon. "She'll be okay keep fighting--"

He's at least getting out of sight of Kunzite, right? He's getting out of sight of Kunzite, and he'll get Jupiter back up in fighting form, or at least back to being able to watch his back--

And he drags her out into the lobby, then turns into the side office, already healing, already stopping the horrible burning, focusing all his attention on the Soldier of Thunder and Courage. "Jupiter you're so brave-- I'm so sorry-- I'm so sorry!"
Usagi Tsukino 2015-12-12 03:34:48 18244
Her punch may not be over extended, but her target is fast!

She catches sight of Tuxedo Kamen's blast, recognizes it, and has a moment of 'THAT'S what it's called!'

Then things happen all at once. Jupiter is hit, she screams. Hannah is hit, she screams again. She's torn, but Kamen has Jupiter, and he wouldn't lie to her about this, right?

After a moment of internal agony, she leaps to Hannah's defence, hovering over her and kicking and punching at whoever makes a move first. Whoever doesn't, she's cautious against, but really, why hit someone who doesn't hit first?

Sailor Moon is the epitome of a crappy offence.
Minako Aino 2015-12-12 03:40:27 18245
Minako Aino/Sailor Venus moves with Sailor Moon like a shadow, stoic and impassive to her friends and allies dropping or weirdly disappearing. While Sailor Moon hesitates, she does not - anybody who doesn't hit at her first she strikes out at, with beams or punches.

"Moon, forget them. Hit him. Like a house of dominoes, if you knock him down, they all go with him!" she shouts.

To punctuate her words, she points at Kunzite (and almost-but-not-quite his soon-to-be stabby friend sneaking up on him) and unleashes a series of Crescent Beams at him, all at full power.

None of them actually are going to hit him, though. They're all near misses, right at the shoulder, leg, waist, and eyes. Especially the eyes.
Daisuke Hansuke 2015-12-12 03:41:39 18246
Asclepius watches as Kunzite RETURNS that blast directly into that mage who is calling him Staff-boy! Wait, staff boy!? Ughhh. Well. It's better than.. Snake Staff. So He teleports over quickly and leans down and places a hand on Hannah's shoulder. "Relax. I'm going to get you out of here because that probably almost maybe hurt a whole lot..."

He turns his head to Sailor Moon. "Sailor Moon! If that guy tries target you, punch him twice in the mouth and tell him to call you in the morning, Doctor Moon's orders." he says, trying to inject SOME sort of hope here---if not as humorusly as he's hoping.

Then he teleports off with Hannah off to the nearest empty room he can find that's safe--- there was a Dry storage nearby right? Let's go there for now.

He'll begin trying to do his healy thing, holding his staff down at 'Miss White'.

"Hold still. Healing now." he says raspily.
Rei Hino 2015-12-12 03:46:17 18247
Mars is starting to notice some very big problems here. There are some serious inconsistencies between what she knows to be fact and what she's seeing before her.

For one, the battle appears to be over... but if that's the case then that means one side won and the other side lost. And if that's the case, then either her friends should be here waiting for her... or her enemies should be waiting here for her. There's no point in singling her out if they aren't going to finish her off.

Secondly, there are no mundanes here. She highly doubts that the orphans were the real target... but even if they were all spirited away by the Dark Kingdom, then there would be a crime investigation scene here. Police tape, chalked outlines, the works.

There are a lot of things that should be here that aren't.

Plus, something is nagging her in the back of her mind. A part of her knows that she never really left the battle. No, this fight is still going on. How could she let herself be tricked by it? Her eyes say it's over, but her heart knows...

Three sources of evil surround her. Probably Youma. Probably kids. If she tried to use an ofuda, she wouldn't know where to put it... besides... that's assuming that her body could move... and for some reason she doesn't really feel like it can. Her mind sees her hands move, but her heart doesn't feel it.

No, she needs something stronger, something that works on a deeper level, something that doesn't require physical movement or miko training. Something unique to her, welling up from deep in her Soul.

She closes her eyes. Fire surrounds her. Illusory fire, at first, but slowly she feels a building heat in her chest, her real chest, and spreading out all over her as her own ancient power struggles against the illusions of the youma.

She's just going to have to trust what Sailor V said, and trust that the kids will be alright. Because right now, in the real world, Sailor Mars is surrounded in raging rings of flame, as a pillar of fire bursts upwards, and a blazing shell radiates from her, surging outwards to hit the three youma. Regardless of whether or not the youma fall to this, Mars has broken free.

"So... you're using my power are you? You know what they say about playing with fire!"

Surrounded in raging flames, raven hair rising from the magical wind, Mars sends a burning flare at the kid-turned-Youma that just attacked Jupiter.
Kazuo Takeba 2015-12-12 04:05:06 18248
The Barrier is Kunzite's, now. But his plan is probably in as many tatters as Ami's was. Certainly he's distracted enough that he doesn't try to manipulate the subspace to interfere with Asclepius' teleport -- the evacuation is inside the Barrier, it would take changing the place's rules to deal with it, and Venus is making sure that Kunzite doesn't have time or attention for that. Bright crescents shred just at the edges of his shadows, not close enough for him to absorb them, not close enough to increase his power. A wild distraction, instead, damaging his concentration. And Kyouko's utterly out-of-place wide-eyed cheerfulness absorbs more of it --

He's seen this before. On the bridge. Apatite mocking one opponent, and then appearing behind another -- behind White, in fact --

He turns, calling up the first Crescent Beam that Venus threw at him, the one that his shields swallowed; it's still tangled with White's emerald strike, and the two effects mingled lash out behind him. Not at Kyouko herself. At her spear.

It's an artifact of her magic in itself. Magic won't break magic. But it deflects it. Which is good for him, because on some subconscious level, his shields, those shadows around him, weren't barring her.

The point tears across his side, skids across his back to tangle for an instant in his cape, and it's impossible to tell how bad the wound is, how deep it went, because the white cloth covers it again as he lifts a hand and leeches power from the Barrier itself to shove Kyouko away.

"I watched the fight the foxgirl picked," he hisses at her. "I could have killed her. I stayed out instead Not again."

His shields won't let her pass again, either. Bleeding freely, he lifts his hands, and cold energy begins to halo them --

And Mars breaks free, in fire, and it seems as if fire is everywhere.

One glance at her and Kunzite is pushing himself away from Kyouko, reaching for Silenus, pulling the pair of them out of the Barrier entirely in a wash of shadow and unholy lightning. Taking them both elsewhere. The Barrier begins to collapse behind him --

But the only youma left are the ones that Mars is purifying. In her own particular way. Burning clean with fire and rage. The one that went after Jupiter has just enough time to recoil; no more than that.

Those, and the two that are cautiously taking hold of Platinum Royale's hands.

The problem with creating youma from people is that they are, fundamentally, people; the worst aspects of them given a terrible life, yes. But if those worst aspects are calmed --

-- the brother and sister holding the will-be-King's hands aren't gray anymore. They're only dazed.
Hannah Sharpe 2015-12-12 04:11:21 18250
Hannah offers an agonized grunt, trying to play tough, but eventually is swallowed in flame once again. This time, it's less deserving, and her sightless eyes glare vindictively at the surrogate source of power. No, she wan't dare be annoyed at Hat-guy for this. Kunzite has her absolute rage.

A rage that's dipping in and out of consciousness as she's put down. Sailor Moon protects her, and there's a brief moment of her clenching the other girl's skirts.

A smirk. "...Heh. I underestimated you. Keep that punch hard, kiddo! And no matter what, keep the guy in the hat alive, please!" It's a rare thing for Hannah to beg, but she's on the verge of it!

And then Staff-kun is on her side! There's a brief, pained squint at the young man, but with gritted teeth, the front-line warrior realized her situation and coughs out at the others!

"YOU ALL HAD BETER NOT DIE, GOT ME!?" She howls, before she's teleported away!


They land at another bed in the orphanage, and though she struggles, pure exhaustion finally pins her down. Hannah's eyes close, even as Asclepius' healing effects her, she weeps.

"...Damnit...Why don't I have the strength to see to those I care for!?" It's a lament the poor healer might have heard before, but she's no less earnest than any other, hero or villain! She's completely oblivious to Kunzite's escape!
Kyouko Sakura 2015-12-12 04:14:14 18252
    Kyouko hisses out a curse as Kunzite figures out her ploy and turns to deflect her strike at the last second.. the magic not aimed at her at all, but at her spear, knocking it to the side so that the killing blow becomes merely wounding instead. She reacts on instinct, as is her way, in that split second of feeling her spear knocked aside, it shatters into pieces, short shafts connected by glowing red chains, attempting to curl the spear like a snake around Kunzite before he can get away..

    Unsuccessfully, of course, because Kunzite is already pushing her away with magical force, after hissing those words at her. She skids back on her toes, driven away though only a few feet, her spear snapping back together into a whole piece in an instant. "You let her get hurt." She snaps in response, lip curled to bare one tiny fang. "There's blood between us now, nii-chan, and blood must be paid with blood!" She all but spits these final words, but it seems, mostly to empty air as Kunzite is grabbing Silenus and fleeing in a wash of Dark Energy.

    Kyouko stands there in the middle of the floor, straightening up, uninjured but unsatisfied. She glances around, noting that the youma are all either destroyed or under control. Then she spits on the floor. "Dammit. /Dammit./" So close. She pulls out a box of Pocky and shakes out a stick, pulling it out with her teeth like it was a cigarette.
Daisuke Hansuke 2015-12-12 04:18:30 18253
Asclepius is holding his staff out and forward. Hannah gets engulfed by a purple light. She begins to feel better. It still hurts. But she should actually be up and at em again by tommrow at least? He's concentrating, until he doesn't have to concentrate- eventually--- his magic reaches the limit of what it's able to heal and he stops- since just shoving more in is a waste of energy at this point.

"That's all I can do for you right now, I'm sorry." he says.

He frowns, actually, Daisuke hasn't been in a lot of situations like this. "You did your best. In the end- that's all anyone could ever ask, right?" he asks softly.

"You're a lot stronger than I am at least. I can't even fight." he says with a wry smirk. "Did you see me? I was kinda like a wet fish flopping around- what's that called in that game?" he asks as he thinks.

"Eh." he shakes his head and sighs. "You're not going to go back in there I hope?" he asks. Not even knowing if that was all still going on even.
Rei Hino 2015-12-12 04:20:31 18254
Mars's flames aren't difficult to unleash. That's just like opening a faucet. Draining, sure, but she could quickly cover a room in fire if she wanted. The problem comes in control, in making sure her fire, her anger, doesn't turn against the wrong people. Fire has a way of getting everywhere. It needs to be held on a leash, and Mars is the only one who can hold that leash.

The combined act of pouring out yet reigning in is... taxing, both mentally and magically. It's rough on her. When the last of the youma turn back to normal... she's worn out.

She falls to her knees, not really registering what Kunzite said until the General is long gone.

"Did he mean that foxgirl? ... does that mean... Kunzite saw me fight that girl?"

The thought that Kunzite saw an opening, the fact that he had that opening, unsettles Mars on a deep level. The fact that he didn't take it doesn't change the fact that he could've. With Sayaka there, could she really have fought, or even fled?

It only makes sense that if the Senshi felt like Infinity was worth investigating, then so would the Dark Kingdom.

Mars's arms wrap around her stomach. She aches. She stands, sees some of her friends here, and some of her friends gone. What's more, the enemies aren't here anymore. "Someone's gonna have to tell me what happened when I was out..."
Hannah Sharpe 2015-12-12 04:22:37 18255
Hannah grits her teeth in frustration even as she's healed! She definitely won't die, or ottherwise won't be out for days! But she's still be hit by one heck of a spell, and she passes out.

But not without a thumbs up and a grin to Asclepius!

"...Hey. You weren't a front line guy, right, I?"

'You're not going to go back in there I hope?'

Hannah well looks like she's about to, but then her body gives out as she's crawling away from the bed the man found.

"...Tch! If I was just stronger then I'd...I'd take three more...of those!" She scowls and spits out, before finally passing out.
Mamoru Chiba 2015-12-12 04:23:48 18256
Triage happens in the side office, but as it turns out, triage isn't always gentle. Tense moments pass at the edge of the battle and then there's this horrible sound that happens, thunder raging around inside of a bottle. It doesn't last long, but it lasts long enough, which is to say it happens at all. It's possible under all of that noise of the air splitting itself apart and rushing back together, there's a scream.

Tuxedo Kamen comes stumbling back out of the door of the side office after the fury of the storm has passed, looking, well, not too great. 'Totally done' is appropriate. 'Battered' would probably be a compliment. He's singed at the edges, soot smeared and clinging to the tear tracks on his face where the mask doesn't cover, and expression tight and distant. He kind of looks like a building fell on his heart, and maybe a little like the rest of him got caught in it too. "She's-- she's going to be okay. She'll be okay," he gulps, and the frantic need to leave is visible in the blue eyes behind the mask. "But I need to--"

He needs to go. Moon can recognise that lack of cope. "I'm sorry."

Mamoru retreats. After all-- he knows like this he'd be even more of a liability than usual; they all know how he thinks.
Tadase Hotori 2015-12-12 04:24:51 18257
Platinum Royale leans down to the two children. They're dazed now, which means he can let them go. He knows that there's been a lot going on - it was a very dangerous time, and he wasn't the most active one there. But... he sets the two kids down into chairs (after righting them).

All he has to do is look down at them, and look around at the inhabitants, to know that he helped here. But something about it does all seem off to him, and Kiseki confirms something seems odd, too.
Kyouko Sakura 2015-12-12 04:29:05 18258
    Kyouko stands in the middle of the room, glancing around. After a moment, she walks over and pats Mars on the shoulder just lightly, before turning and leaving.. catching sight of Tuxedo Kamen just briefly before he leaves. She pulls a cellphone out of her pocket, sends off a quick message, and then strides out the door.

    Before she leaves she visits Hannah briefly. She leaves a half-boxo of Pocky on the girl's unconscious form before leaping out the window and vanishing into the city.
Usagi Tsukino 2015-12-12 04:29:05 18259
Sailor Moon blinks, and her hand strokes in hopefully reassuring (and not condescending) motions through Hannah's hair. "Of course, Hannah-chan. He's my most important person."

Then Hannah is teleported away, and now her focus is on the remaining youma. The remaining children.

Mars has a good handle on things, but a little back up won't hurt, right?

A certain wand comes into her hand, and there's spins and such. Mostly, she just wants to arc around.


Fortunately for her energy reserves, Mars got a very good, solid chunk of the purification done. Right now, Sailor Moon is basically just clean up, because GO MARS!

And then she's by her fiery friend (haha get it!) and hugging her.

Mamoru pokes his head in, and she's been feeling a miriade of different things from him since he's left. She's relieved to see him, and though part of her wants to chase after him and hug, she's also beginning to think she has a handle on this whole introvert thing.

And she is so, so happy Jupiter will be okay!

Now that children are children again, Moon raises her arms. "If you want hugs, raise your hands, because I do, and all hugs welcome! Gimme hugs or in the name of the Moon, I will...totally respect your boundaries!"

See? She's totally growing as a person!
Rei Hino 2015-12-12 04:41:11 18260
Between the pat on her shoulder from Kyouko, and the hug she gets from Moon, Sailor Mars is starting to feel better. At least emotionally. Things turned out okay. The orphanage is safe. Whatever Mars, Tadase, and the others didn't purify, Moon has finished off. It is Moon's specialty, after all.

Shakey arms reach around Moon to hug her tightly before she pulls away.

Before the Puella leaves, Mars says, "Take care of yourself, Kyouko-san."

Kamen is given a brief wave and then nothing else because that's about as much as Mars can manage in the short time he takes to communicate that he needs Tuxedo Kamen time and leave.

Mars herself starts looking around the room. Well, at least the barrier would've protected most of the place from collateral damage, right?

"I'm going to find that ice cream and destroy it. Then maybe we should go out and get real ice cream that wont turn us evil."
Usagi Tsukino 2015-12-12 04:45:12 18261
Sailor Moon looks up at Mars, eyes widening at the prospect of Real Ice Cream.

Then she sobers a moment.

"Can we go in a bit? I just...I need to make sure they're okay. And give them hugs. And tell them it's okay."

This is Sailor Moon's Serious Face.

After all, she's postponing ice cream for this.
Minako Aino 2015-12-12 04:46:54 18262
Minako Aino/Sailor Venus doesn't eat the ice cream, but might have been tempted to take a lick until she heard Mars' words right there.

She didn't take a single hit in this fight, but jumping through windows and shattering glass gave her a few cuts that highlight her flesh in a particular shade of red Mars might appreciate if it were only dabbed sparingly on Venus' lips.

She sounds pretty chipper when she responds. "Yeah. I could go for some ice cream. Good idea!" she says, strolling around the place as if examining the children for signs of evil.

She's mostly looking for any more Generals hanging about, heart rate still elevated, eyes still flickering about.
Rei Hino 2015-12-12 04:53:07 18263
"Yeah sure," says Mars, on the way towards the ice cream. Let's see... the best place to melt this would be... the sink? Or should she just put it in a garbage bag and then Fire Soul the garbage? It's magical, after all.

"If it's that important to you, Moon-chan, we can wait around."

Venus seems to be on board with the idea of ice cream, too. Real ice cream. "How does the Crown sound?" asks Mars, before looking at the Senshi of Love. When she sees how cut up she is, she adds, "Well... we could also just go back to my place again."
Usagi Tsukino 2015-12-12 04:58:22 18264
Sailor Moon takes her time. The kids who are awake, she hugs tightly if allowed, checking them over for booboos, and for the younger ones, kisses scraped knees. Then she does assure them, if they even seem remotely guilty, that this was in no way their doing. And if they remain unconvinced, she threatens, in the name of the moon, to punish whoever put such thoughts in their head.

By the end, most kids have woken up, and her heart is both full and broken. Sigh.

But still. So many hugs. She even giggles when she has repeat huggers and squishes them twice as long!

Some students she settles for a handshake, hugging them in her miiiiiind. (And telling them, too!)

She really wishes her parents had like, fifty spare rooms.

She leans against Mars when she's done, sighing a little.